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SAVE THE DATE August 1-31 Get moving however you want. Keep moving all month. Raise money for Envision with every move.



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A peek at what's on the runway and behind the scenes.

Designing Success President and CEO Mark McHugh thanks those who made tonight possible.

Acknowledgement of our models and committee.

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Benefactors Donors who financially contributed to tonight's program.

Lights,Camera, Auction! Items available for bids in our silent auction.

PROGRAM Welcome Karen and Jon Cashen, co-hosts

Creativity is at Our Core A look at Envision Unlimited's 70+ year history of inspiring creative ideas, programs, and big dreams.

The New PPE Exclusive "pandemic-proof ensembles" hit the runway:

Make Masks Fun Again

Goodbye, boring face masks. The Damselfrau mask takeover is here.

Erika Gilchrist

Get Your Kicks! Time to socialize again, so why not step out in shoes fit for fun?

"The Unstoppable Woman" Motivational Speaker, Author, Tonight's Commentator

Dress for the Occasion

Members show us how to dress for workplace success or dress to impress.

The Main Stage: Phoebe's Fashions Curtain up for the debut of innovative creations from our most fashion-conscious member, Phoebe, whose love of style--and purses--inspired this event.

We're Beautiful. We're Beautiful. We've Got It Goin' On! DJ LookOut invites watch parties attendees to join the fun as we end the evening with a dance party! page 2



From Day One, Envision's core mission to support and advocate for those with disabilities so they can fulfill their greatest potential has required commitment, hard work, and imagination. This event is another chapter in our story. It began as Envision's story began-with proactive parents. Karen and Jon Cashen called to offer a solution to the pandemic-related closure of our day programs. Concerned about the potential impact on our members' mental and physical wellbeing, they provided funding to develop creative programs to keep members engaged and happy at home.

President & CEO Envision Unlimited

After collaboratively brainstorming with our staff from our Community Living Services, Community Day and Employment Services, and Mental Health program, several innovative projects emerged. Personally, I think "Fashion Outside the Box" is their most ambitious and exciting. Kudos to the Envision team for moving heaven and Earth to support members' desire to create this spectacular event. Their enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment are great returns on the Cashens' investment. Special thanks to our member and fashionista, Phoebe. You did such a good job. You have made us #EnvisionProud!

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Models Formal Dresses

Escorts Scott C. Wilbur P.

Rachel D. Hattie H. Sharon H. Sermantha H. Victoria H. Lillie S.

Gail A.

Felicia B. Genelle B. Geneva B. Megan C. Michelle D.

Phoebe's Fashions Phoebe P. Barbara T. Jennifer O. Amy R.

MH Customized Sneakers Margaret N. Trennie H. Paula H.

Masks Raven G. Rachel S.

Dress for Success James E.

Event Planning Committee

Patricia L. Arnold Kathleen Doherty Donna Ennis Ashley Farr Susan Gardner Marcos Herrera Kenzie Hunt .

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Dorothy Jakubowski Leah Johnson Marty Kenahan Tiffani May Jolene Neal-White Monika Neuland Kristen Noonan

Lucy Patton Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr Jacqueline Steward Lakeisha Strong Ramonda Wilkins Carly N.Williams

Benefactors "Fashionistas" Karen and Jon Cashen & Phoebe "Runway Experts" Mary Kay Krupka Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr. "Stylists" Beverly Bank Envision Unlimited Executive Team "Trendsetters" Patricia L. Arnold Dan and Nancy Durbin Ryan Green Mark Jak and Jack Halm Larry Kipperman Ed Mullen Dennis and Jennifer O'Malley Sarah and Lou Rassey Carolyn, Eloise, and Robert Redd

"Show Managers" Sheree Bynum Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange Gigi Roberts & Danielle Keenan, Gigi's Closette Erika Gilchrist Joyce Greening

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Our "Fashion Outside the Box" silent auction was designed for those with discriminating tastes! From an in-home fine dining experience where you and your guests will have the full attention of an awardwinning chef to a luxurious spa day, we are excited to offer plenty of bid-worthy options.

Chef Alan Yuen of Chicago's famed Friendship Chinese Restaurant

To bid on your favorite item, visit:

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Treat Guests to Your Private Chef

Bring Real Friendship into Your Home Enjoy an extravagant five-course meal, designed and prepared by the renowned Chef Alan Yuen, owner of the four-star Friendship Chinese restaurant. Impress your guests with his delicious menu items, which include Chilean sea bass and seared ribeye. Value: $1,500 Courtesy of: Chef Alan Yuen Expires: 6/18/2022

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Google It! Need a new phone? Bid on this new Google Pixel 5, a spectacular smartphone with amazing battery life, front and rear cameras, and stereo speakers with noise cancellation technology. The package includes a black phone case to protect your new phone. Value: $750 Courtesy of: Maiysha Simpson

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"Pearls are always appropriate."

Jackie Kennedy

Pearls have been a staple in every well-dressed woman's jewelry collection for centuries. And the flexibility of these three 32"-33” strands of 5-7 mm rosy fresh-water pearls assures that you will be appropriate for any occasion. Bid on this one-of-a-kind set created by designer Agatha Prokscha, who studied jewelry-making in Japan. Layer the strands, wear them separately or combine and twist them to create a glamorous necklace, choker, or bracelet. Others will admire your exquisite taste! Value: $600 Courtesy of Agatha Prokscha Jewelry

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Drinks? Sure!

You provide the venue, a wine glass for each guest, water, a "dump bucket," and pens. Your sommelier will bring all the wine and expertise you need. This package includes an eightbottle wine tasting for up to 12 adults.

Summer is right around the corner, and we have the perfect starter pack. Show off your Tito's merch: a retro Tito’s Igloo cooler, snapback hats, cocktail shaker with a pint glass, 1.75liter bottle of Tito's, and more!

This is an entertaining two-hour event, and you get to keep the wine after the tasting! If you and your guests discover a favorite pour, you can also purchase wine by the case (approx. $25 per bottle).

Whether you are preparing for game day, a nice day at the park, or a backyard party, these accessories will provide all the essentials. Must be 21+ to redeem this package.

Value: $600 Courtesy of: PRP Wine International Expires: 6/18/2022

Value: $200 Courtesy of: Tito's Vodka

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Tugboat Touring

Anyone can say they cruised Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. But how many can boast that their cruise was on a tugboat where they also enjoyed a scrumptious gourmet meal? Be one of the few who are able to make that claim. This unique adventure awaits you aboard "Bigfoot Dreams," on the Lake Michigan waterfront and/or the Chicago River. The two- to four-hour afternoon or evening excursion for up to four adults (no children, please) departs from DuSable Harbor during the 2021 boating season (May through October). Value: $500 Courtesy of Joyce and Tim Greening Expires: 10/31/2021

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Get Your Kicks Knock everyone off their feet when you enter the room wearing these custom-made, hand-painted shoes by artist Jacob Kofi. Choose your style of Van's shoes, which are perfect for painting. Jacob can transform a photo of your pets, your favorite flowers, or even your child's career aspirations into a fashion statement.*

Value: $350 per pair Courtesy of Jacob Kofi *Samples above are provided to inspire your creativity. The artist cannot create work-for-hire that infringes on other artists' copyrights.

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Freeze a Moment in Time Capture lasting memories with a beautiful portrait from Classic Kids Photography for up to two subjects in an 8" x 10" fine art print. (Additional subjects can be added for a fee.) Sitting must be scheduled Monday through Friday. Saturday upcharges apply. There may be blackout dates October-December. This offer is not transferable. Value: $465 Courtesy of: Classic Kids Photography Expires: June 18, 2022

Who deserves to be pampered by a skilled grooming team? You know who. Afterward, take your very relaxed best friend to sit for an 8" x 10" fine art print at Classic Kids Furry Friend Photography. Value: $465 Courtesy of: Classic Kids Furry Friend Photography Expires June 18, 2022

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Tea Time & Towels

For illustrative purposes only

Relax with up to 20 friends in the beautiful garden setting at Westtown Center while hospitable chefs, trained in Envision's culinary program, transform an ordinary summer day into a memorable high tea experience. Savor the traditional teatime delicacies, sip your favorite tea, and remember how good it feels to socialize again. After tea, enjoy a tour of the historic Weaving Mill and admire the creative items made in Envision's robust weaving program. Value: $600 Courtesy of: Envision Westtown Center Expires: June 18, 2023

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Own this set of handmade casual placemats and towels, complete with a handy tote for storage--plus a handwoven scarf. These one-of-a-kind items were created by Envision members in the West Town Education for Textiles (W.E.F.T.) program operated by our partner, The Weaving Mill. The W.E.F.T. program teaches adults with I/DD the art of hand-weaving. W.E.F.T. artists work in groups to create the fabrics they later use to make lovely items such as these. Value: $175 Courtesy of: The Weaving Mill and Envision members

Relax and Rejuvenate

Discover why customers rave about Spavia! Enjoy a luxurious spa treatment and experience deep, restorative relaxation--just what you need to release months of pandemic stress from your tight shoulders. This package includes a spa robe, sandals, a candle, and $200 Spavia gift certificate!

Value: $300 Courtesy of: Spavia Expires: June 18, 2022

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The Allure of

Brilliant Butterfly

Frollicking Fish

Welcome to color and joy! Artists at Envision Unlimited’s Rose Center hand-colored and hand-dyed these 100% silk scarves just for you. Hand-rolled and stitched hems reflect your exquisite taste. No two are alike! Busy Bees Value: $60 ea. Courtesy of: Envision Members page 16

Hand-Painted Silk

Flowers Love Butterflies

Let's be Batty

These handmade silk scarves are perfect as bridesmaid gifts. With the right amount of lead time, we can create custom designs to make your favorite color and pattern dreams come true! Crabs and Shells Value: $60 ea. Courtesy of: Envision Members

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You Could Be a Star! ...if only you had a professionally produced music video. Well, get that storyboard rocking because this could be your lucky day.

Basic Music Video Package One song, up to 5 minutes in length One location One camera 4-hour shooting day Basic lighting Basic editing Standard graphics HD video in MP4 format Imagine the possibilities. Check out other videos this company has produced. Value: $2,000 Courtesy of: Darque Syde of D'Lyte Productions, Inc. Expires: June 18, 2022

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The Aroma of Good Friends

Ahhhh, the yummy scent of invention! That's what you'll find at Alyssa Poniatowski's Lily's Shadow shop on Etsy. Here, she has assembled hot sellers that give a hat-tip to the popular and timeless TV series, "Friends." Great gift for a fan of the show or someone who simply loves warm fragrances filling their living space. Value: $150 Courtesy of: Alyssa Poniatowski

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Board of Directors Directors

Officers Dan Durbin, Chair Julie M. Dreixler, Vice Chair Mark Jak, Vice Chair Brittany Scott Nanry Treasurer Heather Nornes. Immediate Past Chair Chrisonia Butler Director of Board Affairs Mark McHugh President and CEO

Jonathan S. Bilton Kate Caldwell, Ph.D. Becky Carroll Ryan C. Green L. Justin Harris Mark Jackson Robert Kenniel Lawrence Kipperman Niamh Kristufek Mary Kay Krupka Ashvin Lad John Lemker

Robert Lewandowski Lori Marin Ed Mullen Dennis O’Malley Dorothy O’Malley Vaibhavi Patel Dan Proft Sarah C. Rassey Zernul R. Shackelford, Jr. Brian Snell Mohib Yousufani

Associate Board Katherine Bagnowski, co-chair Lars Skarford, co-chair Keirstin McCambridge Sarah Morse

Alyssa Poniatowski Colleen Raleigh Melissa Sweeney Sylvia Wtorkowski

Kenzie Hunt, staff liaison

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We Are Grateful for Our Sponsors

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Fashion Outside the Box Program Book  

Program Book and Silent Auction Guide for Envision Unlimited's "Fashion Outside the Box" fundraiser.

Fashion Outside the Box Program Book  

Program Book and Silent Auction Guide for Envision Unlimited's "Fashion Outside the Box" fundraiser.

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