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The art-spam project

1 Spam-drawings Compilation of the 08/09 Odp: you need to know. I will send you and some other people one drawing each day from one month. That means you will get in the next 31 days 31 drawings (I do each Day!) via email. It´s a kind of artspam. And just a tryout for me to see what happend. so be surprised Please join the Spamproject in 2010. Send your Email to

o.T. Ι The data mining concept Ι Jung & Billig Ι How deep is the water? Ι o.T. l BPEB l Schlaaaand Ι o.T. Ι o.T. Ι o.T. Ι o.T. Ι Mighty morphine power ranger Ι Study after Francisco de Goya´s "Sitting Giant" Ι Der Tafft Effekt Ι o.T. Ι Straight Geto Ι o.T. Ι o.T. Ι Technik schafft Opfer Ι Drehen und wenden Ι o.T. Ι I like Rauschenberg Ι o.T. Ι Study after Copy Ι Bad Reichenhall Ι Study After Michelangelo´s Pieta Ι Urban Bator Ι Maibaum Ι Mit Lichtschein auf Nazideutschland Ι Alles muss raus Ι o.T. Ι Autoportait Ι

Artspamproject co.1  

ff/enuresk Compilation 08/09

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