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Director’s Privilege

Lift Me Up Basic Pack Enriched with active plant cell from Sequoia, Blue Lotus and Argan plant extracts to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Tightens and firm up your skin in seconds! Retail Price : RM 822.00 Member Price : RM 740.00 Privilege Price : RM PV: 300


Light Me Up Basic Pack Luminous and radiant glow needs some encouragement. Say goodbye to your dark spot, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Welcome a brighter and more glowing you! Retail Price : RM 809.00 Member Price : RM 728.00 Privilege Price : RM PV: 300


Clear Me Out Basic Pack Sooth troubled skin by correcting sebum production, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacteria proliferation. Say hello to a clearer, smoother and calmer complexion! Retail Price : RM 818.00 Member Price : RM 736.00 Privilege Price : RM PV: 300


Soak Me In Basic Pack This regime awakens parched skin by restoring water balance and locking in moisture at the core of skin cells. Your skin is instantly revived and plumped up on the outside and strengthened from within Retail Price : RM 818.00 Member Price : RM 736.00 Privilege Price : RM PV: 300


Top up with only RM600 (300PV) for Premium pamper yourself from head to toe! Pay RM

1288 (600PV) to choose a Basic Pack

Pack today,



up to

RM30 0

1 Glamorous Makeup Pack Retail Price: RM 792.00

Spendid 6 Brush Set RP: RM166 MP: RM148

Member Price : RM 702.00

HD Mineral Magic Loose Powder

Eye Essential Quad

RP: RM177 MP: RM158

RP: RM88 MP: RM78

Nourishing Lipcolor SPF18

Nutriwonder Mascara

Royal Shine Lipgloss

RP: RM55 MP: RM58

RP: RM65 MP: RM58

RP: RM55 MP: RM48

Velvety Blush Duo RP: RM76 MP: RM68

Liquid Waterproof Extra Precise Eyeliner Waterproof Browliner RP: RM55 MP: RM48

RP: RM55 MP: RM48

or 2 Luxurious Pamper Pack Retail Price: RM 707.00

Member Price : RM 623.00

Soak Me In Serum

Wake Me Up Serum

Sun Block Me SPF 60 Pa+++

Body Care (a set of 3)

Hair Care (a set of 3)

RP: RM188 MP: RM168

RP: RM166 MP: RM148

RP: RM99 MP: RM88

RP: RM119 MP: RM105

RP: RM135 MP: RM114

We leverage the power of nature by using active botanicals, natural extracts and potent vitamins to meet real needs with effective solutions. Let the gifts of Mother Nature fulfill your beauty routine today!

Unlock your future! Do it now! We lead you to desired success! We journey and support you every step of the way. You have the privilege of working anytime and anywhere, for yourself but never by yourself. At the same time, you will be able to plug in to a wide range of tools, resources and training to futurise your business:

Starter Kit 7ml Lift Me Up Serum • Business Quickguide • 4GB Pendrive with Business Manual, Forms, Corporate Profile, Products Catalogue and Video. •

Director’s Privilege (with purchase of 600PV) • • • • •

10 x Products Catalogue 10 x Company Profile 10 x FREE Timeless Beauty by Mother Nature Ticket (Enuca Beauty and Makeover Workshop) 20 x Invitation card and location map of Enuca White House 10 x Summary & Overview of Affiliate Referrer Campaign

Get started with smarter choice! Experience lifestyle at its best! ENUCA SDN BHD (795769-V

AJL 931896)

No. 26, Jalan 6/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Batu 31/2, Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia T +603.9282.0888 • F +603.9282.0999 • E • W


Director's Privilege  

Introduction of Enuca

Director's Privilege  

Introduction of Enuca