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Satyamev Jayate: Aamir Khan reveals 10 shocking facts about politics

Aamir Khan in a recent episode of his social show “Satyamev Jayate� revealed some shocking facts about the levele of criminalization that has seeped into our country's political system. In the episode Aamir also asked audience to take a oath to not vote for the tainted candidates, no matter how bigger the bribe. Below are 10 shocking facts about the criminalization of politics that were revealed in the show. 1.The candidates with clean image have just 7 percent chances of winning an election while candidates with minor criminal cases have 19 percent chances of winning and shockingly, candidates with very serious cases against them have 25 percent chances of winning elections. 2.Former Chief Election Commissioner of India S Y Quraishi who was a guest on the show revealed that till date no candidate has been acquitted of charges of buying votes. 3.Quraishi further revealed that the water and milk tankers, ambulances, car door cushions and funeral caskets are used for transporting money for distribution to voters before the elections. 4.The number of criminal candidates getting elected to Lok Sabha has gradually increased over the years. In present Lok Sabha, around 30% of sitting MP's have pending criminal cases. 5.People are liable to make anything ranging from cash to mobiles, liquor or saris in exchange of their votes.

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Satyamev jayate: aamir khan reveals 10 shocking facts about politics