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2018 SECURITY INSIGHTS As the breaches continue to roll on, Cyber Sentinels, in its last issue for this year takes a look back at the 2018 security market, the most damaging breaches and the defensive measures. Read on...

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reaches, breaches and more breaches! Every time I write on the security market, I have a new breach to talk about. Data breaches have affected many lives on multiple levels â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from social apps to retail stores to companies we have trusted to keep our personal information safe like Equifax. Last month, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif lost $60 million worth of company and user funds. The company discovered the hack on September 17th and confirmed it a day later when it reached out to authorities and reported the incident. According to Zaif, the hack took place


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Cyber Sentinels October 2018  

Aligning the right forces

Cyber Sentinels October 2018  

Aligning the right forces