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The Golden Hammer Strikes Again The 2019 Golden Hammer Awards recognize innovation, value and shelf appeal By HBSDealer Staff


arly this year, HBSDealer editors made the decision to revive the Golden Hammer Awards. Shortly afterward, the nominations for best home improvement product came flooding in from all corners of the home improvement and home construction business. The product diversity included impulse items that sell for under $5, to garage doors that begin at more than $1,000. Safety, convenience, job-site efficiency and good-old-fashioned human ingenuity are among the themes represented by the Golden Hammer winners seen on the following pages. The year’s best new products have been officially judged by HBSDealer’s editorial staff based on the following criteria: Innovation — features, technology, differentiation and benefits. Value — Including relative price, consumer relevance, and functional practicality Shelf appeal — Clarity of message, and overall desirability of the product within its category. The 2019 contest draws on the rich history of the Golden Hammer Awards, the iconic industry-wide designation for the best-of-the-best of home improvement. The awards have been revamped for 2019, a year in which innovative products, more than ever, are the lifeblood of the home improvement industry. “For decades, the absolute biggest names in the industry and the best brands in retail have celebrated with Golden Hammer Awards,” said Ken Clark, editor in chief of HBS Dealer. “We’re thrilled to revive the program and recognize the best new products of 2019, when innovation can make or break a business.” HBSDealer is proud to congratulate all of the 2019 honorees. And we encourage readers to look for more Golden Hammer coverage at HBSDealer.com.




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