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Italian Exhibitors

ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY The Italian Trade Promotion Agency-ICE is the Government agency that supports the globalization of Italian firms, under the strategies of the Ministry of Economic Development. ICE helps to develop, facilitate and promote Italian economic and trade relations with foreign countries, focusing on the needs of SME, their associations and partnerships. ICE sustains Italian firms in their internationalization processes and promotes worldwide the marketing of Italian goods and services, Italian investments, as well as the image of “Made in Italy” products around the world. Besides, ICE is directly involved in attracting foreign investments from abroad. ICE provides also information, support and consultancy to Italian companies on foreign markets, promoting and fostering export and cooperation in all areas – industry, agricultural and agri-food, services, etc. – with the target of increasing and make more effective their presence on international markets. ICE works closely with the Italian Regions, the network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and other public and private entities. ICE headquarters are in Rome, with a large network of offices around the world and acts as “Trade Promotion Sections” of the Italian Embassies or Consulates. For further information, please visit

Europa Complex FOOD & PERISHABLE section

Italian Exhibitors Pavilion

Europahal - Hall 1 (booths: F-5201 / F-5395)

Park Complex FOOD & PERISHABLE section

Italian Exhibitors Pavilion

Parkhal - Hall 8 (booths: F-8300 / F-8442)

Holland Complex NON FOOD section

Italian Exhibitors Pavilion

Hollandhal - Hall 12 (booths: N-503 / N-640)


Acetaia di Modena srl Acetificio Andrea Milano srl Aceto Balsamico Condimenti Dintorni Agriform sca Alcass spa Alimenta Produzioni srl Alis srl Andriani spa Antaar&s spa Asiago Food spa Attianese spa Bio Organica Italia Birra Castello spa Biscottificio Verona srl Bocon srl Buona Compagnia Gourmet spa Callipo Gelateria srl Campo d’Oro Villa Reale Castelfood srl Citres spa Clas spa Co.ind s.c. Coelsanus Industria Conserve spa Columbus srl Crastan spa Crich Nuova Industria Biscotti spa D’Amico D&D Italia spa D’Autore Food srl Dalla Costa Alimentare srl De Lucia Domenico spa De Matteis Agroalimentare spa Deangelis srl



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F-8440 F-5393 F-8321 F-8424 F-5314 F-5233 F-5308 F-5358 F-5340 F-8337 F-5304 F-5342 F-5395 F-8339 F-5205 F-8416 F-5356 F-5253 F-5334 F-5387 F-5336 F-8410 F-5279 F-5269 F-5285 F-8317 F-8325 F-5338 F-5251 F-5384 F-5324 F-8408



Deco Industrie scpa Devodier Prosciutti srl Dolciaria Gadeschi spa Drogheria e Alimentari spa Farmo spa Fattorie Garofalo soc. coop. agr. Ferrari Giovanni Industria Casearia spa Fiordelisi srl Firma Italia spa Formec Biffi spa Frantoio Venturino Bartolomeo di VV & C snc Fruttagel scpa Furlotti & c. srl G7 srl Gennaro Auricchio spa Grandi Pastai Italiani spa Grissitalia spa Gruppo Milo - Gr.A.M.M. srl Gustibus Alimentari srl HDI Holding Dolciaria Italiana spa Il Pastaio srl - Patarò Industria Alimentare Ferraro srl Intento srl Ital Lemon spa Jomi spa La Linea Verde soc. agr. spa La Via Lattea soc. coop. Laica spa Lameri spa Le Bontà srl Le Famiglie del Gusto Lenti Rugger spa



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F-5350 F-5366 F-5237 F-8305 F-8422 F-5378 F-5390 F-8335 F-5364 F-5291 F-5217 F-5346 F-8420 F-5229 F-5328 F-5211 F-5255 F-5265 F-5318 F-5388 F-8434 F-5281 F-5386 F-5322 F-5392 F-5368 F-8343 F-5300 F-5239 F-8309 F-5372 F-5391



Liotti spa Maranello Wines Medsol srl Medys srl - Mitaly Molino Nicoli Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Toscana spa Montalbano Industria Agroalimentare spa Natura Nuova spa Newlat Food spa Noberasco spa O.P.O.E. agr. p.a. Oleificio Ranieri srl Oranfrizer srl Pastificio Di Martino Gaetano & F.lli spa Pastificio F.lli Cellino srl Pastificio Zaffiri srl Pellini Caffè spa Polenghi Las srl S.I.A. Società Italiana Alimenti spa Salumificio San Carlo spa Saor Italia srl Simens Alimentare srl Sipa International srl Socado srl Steriltom srl Surmont srl Topan srl Valbona srl Valcolatte srl Wal-Cor snc Witor’s spa Zappalà spa Zarotti spa



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F-5241 F-8442 F-5277 F-5273 F-5243 F-5362 F-5332 F-5316 F-5221 F-5267 F-8341 F-5385 F-8323 F-5209 F-8327 F-5389 F-5213 F-5354 F-5376 F-5289 F-8428 F-8436 F-8438 F-5247 F-5380 F-5293 F-8404 F-5259 F-8329 F-5312 F-5225 F-8311 F-5263


Archimede R&D srl BBG Cosmetics srl Biosport Italia srl Blue Pack srl Chemical Flacer srl Comset spa CSC soc. coop. Deco Industrie scpa Eco Pets Italia srl Emmegi Detergents spa Eudorex srl Fintissue srl Flonal spa Fratelli Re spa Gea srl ICC Italy Martini spa Milla srl Milmil76 spa - Gruppo Mirato Natura House spa Omisan Farmaceutici Orlandi spa Papermon srl Peter Pan Plast srl Pi Esse Plastic srl Tissunion Europ surl Turati Idrofilo spa




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N-539 N-612 N-626 N-531 N-634 N-541 N-610 N-521 N-624 N-616 N-638 N-640 N-606 N-636 N-614 N-608 N-515 N-537 N-511 N-620 N-509 N-630 N-525 N-517 N-602 N-535 N-507

FOOD & PERISHABLE Acetaia di Modena srl

F-8440 Production of PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena and production of condiments, both organic and conventional, of different and customized qualities. We hold the following certification: BRC, IFS, CSQA, BIO Certificate.

Acetificio Andrea Milano srl


Wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar of Modena, glazes and dressings. All the range is available conventional and organic CCPB and JAS certified. The company is certified against the international product standard BRC and IFS. Halal certification have been issued on 2011 by the Islamic centre of Milano.

Aceto Balsamico Condimenti Dintorni


Aceto Balsamico Condimenti e Dintorni offers a complete range of high-quality balsamic vinegar of Modena, traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and food dressings. Certifications: ISO 20000, BRC-IFS, ORGANIC products.

Agriform sca

F-8424 Agriform is one of the major producer of Grana, Parmigiano and other PDO cheeses (as Asiago, Piave). With a turnover of â‚Ź 150 million in 2017, aged, packed & distributed 20.000 ton of cheese (51% export to 56 countries) with 30% of private label. Quality is confirmed by BRC & IFS certificates.


Contact Via Montanara, 22/24 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) phone +39 059 535009 fax +39 059 537364 e-mail monica.grasselli@ web

Contact Corso Protopisani, 91 80146 Napoli (NA) phone +39 081 7523888 +39 081 5590623 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Rosalba Carriera, 133 41126 Modena (MO) phone +39 059 654280 +39 059 6327029 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Rezzola, 21 37066 Sommacampagna (VR) phone +39 045 8971800 e-mail web


F-5314 Alcass is a specialist producer in a high quality products with more than 30 years of history with a large gamma of innovative mix of naturalness, flavor and healthy frozen products. Our portfolio includes convenient products such as meat, fish and vegetables. Organic and vegetarian wide range.

Alimenta Produzioni srl


Piadina, piadina-calzone, pizza base, saltimbocca, pita-bread.

Contact Via Caselle, 2 25081 Bedizzole (BS) phone +39 030 626811 +39 030 6872108 fax +39 030 6872101 e-mail web

Contact Via del Progresso, 6 47838 Riccione (RN) phone +39 0541 729427 +39 0541 729864 fax e-mail export@ web

Alis srl

F-5308 Alis is a dynamic, export-oriented company, particularly aware of the need to maintain its market and constantly develop and offer new products. Alis produces balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, seasonings, BiancomodenaÂŽ and other gourmet products above all under Casa Rinaldi brand.

Andriani spa

F-5358 Gluten free pasta made of naturally gluten free ingredients: corn, brown rice, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, lentils, peas, mung beans, chickpeas. Factory and mill 100% gluten free; certifications: BRC, IFS, AIC, SGS, UE ORGANIC, GFCO USA, USDA ORGANIC, NON GMO, OU, EU K, GFCP Canadian, VeganOK.

Contact Via Paletti, 1 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) phone +39 059 537356 +39 059 538888 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Niccolò Copernico - Zona PIP 70024 Gravina in Puglia (BA) phone +39 080 3255801 fax +39 080 3221304 e-mail web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Antaar&s spa

F-5340 Antaar&s is an Italian company specialized in study and production of dehydrated quality meals designed for an easy consumption: we offer ready to cook meals in pouch – even organic – instant meals in cup and organic babyfood. We are BRC, IFC, EU/USDA ORGANIC certified, U.S.FDA registered.

Asiago Food spa

F-8337 Asiago Food spa is specialized in production and sales of all-natural Italian foods for retail, foodservice and industries: frozen and dried mushrooms, frozen berries and vegetables, frozen prepared meals suitable for vegans. Certified BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, KOSHER.

Attianese spa

F-5304 Attianese is a canned food manufacturer and sited in Southern of Italy. We are producer of peeled tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and all kind of legumes in both retail and HORECA size.

Contact Via Aldo Moro, 3 27051 Cava Manara (PV) phone +39 0382 554514 fax +39 0382 554518 e-mail web

Contact Via Santa Maria, 7 35030 Veggiano (PD) phone +39 049 5082260 fax +39 049 5082270 e-mail web

Contact Via Nazionale km 41,850 84015 Nocera Superiore (SA) phone +39 081 5145393 +39 081 5141140 fax e-mail web

Bio Organica Italia

F-5342 Bio Organica Italia is one of the biggest producers of 100% organic and biodynamic olives, sauces and appetisers in Europe. Bio Organica Italia cooperates with the main chains of supermarkets in UE, also under PL. Most important certifications: BRC Level A, Demeter, ORGANIC.


Contact Strada Provinciale 65 71042 Cerignola (FG) phone +39 0885 842793 +39 0885 890282 fax e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Birra Castello spa

F-5395 Birra Castello is the 1 brewing company in Italy that has become Green. It is specialized in the production of important PL, with a wide portfolio, high quality products. Our Certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, OH SAS 18001:2007, Std. IFS v.6, Carbon Footprint. st

Biscottificio Verona srl


Biscottificio Verona is a strong Italian producer of Lady Fingers, Amaretti, puff pastry, Cantuccini and other biscuits. The company has the IFS, BRC and ORGANIC certifications and is selling both under its own brand and PL all over the world.

Bocon srl

F-5205 Bocon is a 30 years’ old company with an evergrowing worldwide customer base that produces frozen ready meals, snacks, and desserts (PL and own-brand) inspired by the Italian tradition, but with an eye to the modern food trends. Certified BRC and IFS since 2009.

Buona Compagnia Gourmet spa


BC Gourmet produces traditional fresh pesto with PDO basil, different sauces and dressings with high quality ingredients, fresh premium potato gnocchi made with real steamed potatoes, delicatessen, vegan gnocchi, gluten free products. We are BRC, IFS, BIO, AIC certified.

Contact Via E. Fermi, 42 33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) phone +39 0431 626811 +39 0431 626868 fax +39 0431 626833 e-mail web

Contact Via Piccinato, 4 37045 Legnago (VR) phone +39 044 2603049 e-mail export@ web

Contact Via Montello, 72 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV) phone +39 0438 980130 +39 0438 980668 fax e-mail web

Contact Via C. CantĂš, 1 20123 Milano (MI) phone +39 0422 470610 fax +39 0422 470639 e-mail elisa.galassi@ web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Callipo Gelateria srl

F-5356 Company produces premium gelato made with high quality fresh Italian milk and cream and with the best raw materials obtained in their lands of origin. Specialties: Tartufi, desserts, cakes and bulk products intended for all the distribution channels.

Campo d’Oro Villa Reale


Campo d’Oro produces in Sicily over 150 products of gourmet specialty, antipasti, olives, tomato sauces, pesto, pates, jam, sweet creams. 100% natural & authentic Italian, under quality system BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 22005, FDA, Kosher.

Castelfood srl

F-5334 Our core business is the production (PL and our brand) of gluten-free rice and corn cakes and snacks. Our products are made with quinoa, buckwheat, chia, and other seeds and pseudocereals. Our range includes also chocolate coated rice cakes. IFS, BRC, ORGANIC, Vegan certified.

Citres spa

F-5387 Quality has no secrets: fresh picked and selected vegetables, oil, vinegar and salt. Artichokes, sundried tomatoes, pesto, olives, peppers, onions in glass and in polypropilene jars. A big range for retail and also for foodservice. IFS, BRC, BIO, FDA certifications.


Contact Via Riviera Prangi, 156 89812 Pizzo (VV) phone +39 0963 9962400 fax +39 0963 9962407 e-mail infogelateria@ web

Contact Contrada Scunchipane 92019 Sciacca (AG) phone +39 0925 80100 +39 0925 80089 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Brose, 9/1 35010 San Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD) phone +39 049 9330355 +39 049 0998124 fax e-mail web

Contact Via del Giglio, 19 37051 Bovolone (VR) phone +39 045 7134799 fax +39 045 7134355 e-mail web


F-5336 It is in the heart of the Ligurian Region where pesto was born that CLAS started production of pesto at the beginning of the 1980s.The company is now an industrial reality known to different national and international market as a producer of pesto, bruschetta, tapenade and sauces.

Co.ind s.c.

F-8410 Italian industrial group, with a turnover of € 220 million, Coind is one of the largest Italian roasting company. Leader in PL coffee production, Coind is the perfect partner for retailers and food services companies. Coind is BRC and IFS certified.

Coelsanus Industria Conserve spa


Family run company founded in 1955 turnover € 56 million located in Sossano close to Venice. Certified: ISO, IFS Higher Level, BRC Grade AA, produces excellent quality of preserved vegetables, pesto and sauces. Leader in the production of grilled antipasti and 3rd largest producer in Italy.

Columbus srl

F-5269 Tomato puree in glass jar, tetra recart and tetra brik; a wide range of tomato sauces and chopped tomatoes in glass jar and tetra recart; organic sauces in tetra recart and glass jars.

Contact Via Monte Pasubio, 37 18027 Chiusanico (IM) phone +39 0183 529027 fax +39 0183 529029 e-mail web

Contact Via Saliceto, 22/h 40013 Castel Maggiore (BO) phone +39 051 6328511 +39 051 701152 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Ca’ Berta, 1 36040 Sossano (VI) phone +39 0444 884600 +39 0444 885789 fax e-mail m.salamon@ web

Contact Strada Barghetto, 9/a 43123 Martorano (PR) phone +39 0521 640711 fax +39 0521 640701 e-mail cristina.martini@ web



F-5285 In Italy Crastan is the biggest producer of soluble coffee substitutes, the PL producer of cappuccino, coffee based beverages, instant barley, effervescent granules, bicarbonate. Technologies: roasting, spray-drying. Packing: capsules, jars, cans, box, sachet. Certification: IFS-ORGANIC.

Crich Nuova Industria Biscotti spa


Our factory counts 7 different production lines: 4 lines for biscuits, 1 for crackers and 2 for wafers. We are certificated to produce ORGANIC food, Gluten free food and Baby food. We have certification also for Kosher and Halal production, HO.RE.CA. and Vegan production.

D’Amico D&D Italia spa


D’Amico D&D Italia with two plants, in the South and North of Italy is manufacturer of antipasti, pickles, pesto and tomato sauces, condiments and dipping, olives, sautéed mushrooms, premium legumes and cereals both conventional and organic. BRC, IFS and UNI EN ISO 22000 certified.

D’Autore Food srl

F-5338 We are producers of Italian charcuterie (prosciutti, salami, coppa, speck, mortadella...) in whole pieces or in sliced packs of any weight (both for catering or retail). We also have an Halal line of charcuterie.


Contact Via Maremmana, 24 56025 Pontedera (PI) phone +39 0587 25921 fax +39 0587 259299 e-mail f.benedettivalentini@ web

Contact Via A. De Gasperi, 11 31050 Zenson di Piave (TV) phone +39 0421 344203 +39 0421 344616 fax e-mail pierantonio.salvel@ web

Contact Via Irno snc 84098 Pontecagnano-Faiano (SA) phone +39 089 2021232 +39 089 3856935 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Aldo Moro, 4/a 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) phone +39 059 536492 e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Dalla Costa Alimentare srl


Durum wheat pasta and pasta for baby food in different shapes & flavours – also organic and kosher certified – made with the finest ingredients, traditional production method (bronze dies), 100% gluten free pasta in several pack options. Also licensed products: Disney and Smiley.

De Lucia Domenico spa


2 depts.: ready meals and dried fruits/nuts; • pre-cooked soups made of pulses and cereals, risotto (flavoured rices), vegetables, chestnuts: all steamed, vacuum-packed and microwavable. • nuts specialities are: nuts in curry, in sesame, in barbecue dates singled packed.

De Matteis Agroalimentare spa


De Matteis is among the top five pasta manufacturers in Italy. The plant combines both mill and pasta factory. The production includes more than 130 different pasta shapes and repices: semolina, organic, wholewheat, rich in fiber, with purees, gluten free and legumes.

Deangelis srl

F-8408 Deangelis is a company specialized in the production of organic spreads: nuts, peanuts and oil seeds spread. In addition to the nuts spread the company produces semi-finished products for industries. We are certified: Bio, Kosher, Fairtrade, Vegan, IFS e BRC.

Contact Via della Fornace, 131 31023 Castelminio di Resana (TV) phone +39 0423 484402 fax +39 0423 484122 e-mail expdept@ web

Contact Via Maddaloni, 3 81027 San Felice a Cancello (CE) phone +39 0823 802511 +39 0823 802515 fax e-mail web

Contact A.S.I. Valle Ufita 83040 Flumeri (AV) phone +39 0825 4212 +39 0825 421238 fax e-mail web

Contact Loc. La Valle snc 01035 Gallese (VT) phone +39 0761 405760 fax +39 0761 1760241 e-mail manueladea@ web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Deco Industrie scpa

F-5350 Deco Industrie operates in the packaged food sector as festive cakes, cookies and bread substitutes, both as co-packer and with its own brands. All main certification awards, BRC food, IFS food, UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001, IGP and ORGANIC.

Devodier Prosciutti srl


Complete premium collection of Italian artisanal charcuterie presliced and laid by hand in MAP tray (including Parma ham, dry cured ham, shoulder ham, culatello, culatta Emilia, salame, coppa, pancetta, gola, bresaola, cooked ham, mortadella and others). Certified BRC, IFS, Ethical Audit.

Dolciaria Gadeschi spa


Specialist manufacturer of typical Italian biscuits such as Amaretti, Amarettini, Cantuccini and Meringues. Dolciaria Gadeschi is one of the leaders in the world of industrial confectionery, supplying some of the largest food production and distribution companies. Certified ISO, IFS, BRC.

Drogheria e Alimentari spa


Production of herbs, spices, specialty salts in grinders and other glass, pet, pouches formats.

Contact Via Caduti del Lavoro, 2 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA) phone +39 0545 935511 fax +39 0545 935600 e-mail fabrizio.raho@ web

Contact Via Ponticella, 4 43037 Mulazzano Ponte (PR) phone +39 0521 861070 +39 0521 861071 fax e-mail devodierprosciutti@ web

Contact Strada Provinciale 26, km 5 26010 Corte de’ Frati (CR) phone +39 0372 93156 +39 0372 93527 fax e-mail web

Contact Viale Nilde Iotti, 23/25 50038 Scarperia e San Piero (FI) phone +39 055 843251 fax +39 055 8432599 e-mail web



F-8422 Varied shapes of pasta and innovative ingredients, mixes for bread, pizza, focaccia, cakes, baked products (cookies, muffins, cakes), salty snacks (breadsticks, crackers). Quality Certifications: BRC grade A, IFS Higher Level, GFCP, GFCO, USDA Organic, Kosher, GMOFree.

Fattorie Garofalo soc. coop. agr.


Fattorie Garofalo is a fully integrated supply chain company producing buffalo mozzarella DOP and ricotta, burrata, butter, mascarpone, mozzarella lactose free: all with fresh buffalo milk, from our 10.000 buffalos in the 6 farms owned by the family Garofalo.

Ferrari Giovanni Industria Casearia spa


Hard and semi-hard Italian cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino romano and other PDO).

Contact Viale E. Mattei, 1 20010 Casorezzo (MI) phone +39 02 9029231 fax +39 02 90296334 e-mail web

Contact Via S. Maria Capua Vetere, 121 81043 Capua (CE) phone +39 0823 1700551 +39 0823 968747 fax e-mail commerciale@ web

Contact Strada Provinciale, 107 26816 Ossago Lodigiano (LO) phone +39 0371 2851 +39 0371 87748 fax e-mail web

Fiordelisi srl

F-8335 Fiordelisi srl is an Italian company leader in production of sun dried and semi dried vegetables. Our core business is the tomato, being a manufacturer of ready antipasti and Italian side dishes. The experience into driying processes allowed us to develop a new range of vegetable crisps.

Contact Sp 88 Stornarella Ascoli Satriano, km 0+600 71048 Stornarella (FG) phone +39 0885 437024 fax +39 0885 437003 e-mail angela.fiordelisi@ web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Firma Italia spa

F-5364 Shelf stable, dry ready to cook meals, Italian & international specialties: pasta with sauce, Italian risotto, sauces, soups, tortellini or gnocchi with sauce, lasagne; flavored mash potatoes, flavored polenta, seasoned rice, flavored cous cous, flavored quinoa; shake & bake seasoning.

Formec Biffi spa

F-5291 Formec Biffi is an Italian society that manufactures, in Italy, sauces, patè and ready to use pasta sauces. It produces both chilled and shelf stable sauces. All gluten free. Company certified BRC, IFS, AIC, IT BIO 007 and vegetarian society approved. Brand: Biffi, Gaia and PL.

Frantoio Venturino Bartolomeo di VV & C snc


Extra virgin olive oil of Italian origin (monocultivar Taggiasca and blend of different cultivar, conventional & organic), Italian olives (Taggiasca & Riviera, conventional and organic), premium pesto with genoese basil PDO, traditional sauces for pasta & bruschetta. IFS certified.

Fruttagel scpa

F-5346 Fruttagel is an agricultural cooperative specialized in the production and distribution of a wide range of conventional and organic products: fruit juices and nectars, vegetable-based drinks, tomato sauce and pulp and frozen vegetables.


Contact Via Pavia, 38/40 20835 Muggiò (MB) phone +39 039 2780485 fax +39 039 2782139 e-mail web

Contact Via Piacenza, 20 26865 San Rocco al Porto (LO) phone +39 0377 45401 fax +39 0377 569331 e-mail antonelladinocera@ web

Contact Via Molini, 1 18013 Diano San Pietro (IM) phone +39 0183 429505 +39 0183 429898 fax e-mail com@ web

Contact Via Nullo Baldini, 26 48011 Alfonsine (RA) phone +39 0544 866511 fax +39 0544 866564 e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Furlotti & c. srl

F-8420 Manufacturer of deli meat products matured or cooked (whole piece, diced or sliced) also PDO, PGI, TSG and ORGANIC. The company is BRC, IFS, ISO22000 certified.

Contact Via Ferdinando Santi, 1 43014 Medesano (PR) phone +39 0525 420720 +39 0525 420067 fax e-mail web

G7 srl

F-5229 Gluten–free and GMO-free traditional Italian gelato, 100% clean-label gelato, organic gelato in an exclusive 100% compostable packaging, lactose-free sorbets, vegan gelato, Halal and Kosher gelato. Our tubs are hand-filled and hand-decorated and available for retail, Ho.Re.Ca., airlines.

Gennaro Auricchio spa


Leader of the Provolone in the Italian market. We produce and sell also the most important Italian traditional cheeses: mozzarella (cow and buffalo), gorgonzola, taleggio, quartirolo, pecorino romano and many sheep’s milk cheeses (aged and fresh), Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, ricotta.

Grandi Pastai Italiani spa


Born in 1961, leader in the Italian and international markets, exporting 60% of our production to over 50 countries. PL is our core business. We are a leading company for the production of fresh pasta and gnocchi focusing on quality, innovation, technology and customer service.

Contact Via Luciano Romagnoli, 19 40010 Bentivoglio (BO) phone +39 051 6640144 +39 051 6640518 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Dante, 27 26100 Cremona (CR) phone +39 0372 403311 +39 0372 403350 fax e-mail web

Contact Via S. Orsola, 2/a 42015 Correggio (RE) phone +39 0522 740311 fax +39 0522 641086 e-mail commerciale@ web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Grissitalia spa

F-5255 Oven product: soft bread, toasted bread, breadsticks.

Contact Via Valle San Bartolomeo, 37 15122 Alessandria (AL) phone +39 0131 59153 fax +39 0131 658603 e-mail commerciale@ web

Gruppo Milo - Gr.A.M.M. srl


We are master manufacturers of high quality pasta and bakery products.

Contact Via Teologo Valente sn 70032 Palombaio (BA) phone +39 080 3735950 e-mail web

Gustibus Alimentari srl


Gustibus Alimentari is a young and dynamic company specialized in Mediterranean crops that applies modern and safe practices to guarantee very high quality standard.

Contact Contrada Milocca, Z.I. Dittaino 94010 Assoro (EN) phone +39 0935 951021 +39 0935 950108 fax e-mail clienti@ web

HDI Holding Dolciaria Italiana spa


Italian chocolate manufacturer: pralines, mini eggs, coins and characters, seasonal chocolates, gift boxes; complying with the highest quality standards such as BRC and IFS certifications.


Contact Via Lanzone, 31 20123 Milano (MI) phone +39 0374 350150 e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Il Pastaio srl - Patarò

F-8434 Since 1983 Il Pastaio produces a wide range of potato gnocchi (dumplings): shelf stable, refrigerated, flavoured, filled, plain. Certifications: BRC, IFS, ,ORGANIC, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, OHSAS 18001.

Industria Alimentare Ferraro srl


Egg pasta, dry, fresh, ambient; frozen filled pasta, ambient, frozen, ready made meals.

Contact Via delle Moie, 56/c 25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS) phone +39 030 611858 fax +39 030 6810742 e-mail web

Contact Via Bonagge, 26/a 36065 Mussolente (VI) phone +39 0424 577117 +39 0424 577188 fax e-mail d.parolin@ web

Intento srl

F-5386 Canned tomatoes, canned legumes, extra virgin olive oil.

Contact S.S. Appia, 13 - km 240 83017 Rotondi (AV) phone +39 0824 835426 +39 0824 835426 fax e-mail anticocasaledeiconti@ web

Ital Lemon spa

F-5322 Ital Lemon is a company specialised in the production and distribution of lemon and lime juices, also organic. Ital Lemon applies all the procedures of international rules in terms of total quality and he has the following certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO:9001, Kosher, ORGANIC.

Contact Via Filippo Turati, 2/4 26845 Codogno (LO) phone +39 0377 436044 fax +39 0377 437139 e-mail commerciale1@ web



F-5392 Jomi has 5 factories in Italy sited in: Langhirano (PR), Sala Baganza (PR), Cascinapiano (PR), Borghetto Lodigiano (LO), Bellizzi (SA). Since 1998, we have adapted our company leadership to quality standards IFS - BRC and we are members of 5 consortiums, including the Prosciutto di Parma.

La Linea Verde soc. agr. spa


With 25 years of experience, La Linea Verde is the leading Italian group in fresh-cut and fresh soups with its brand DimmidisĂŹ and the retailers brands in Europe. High-quality is guaranteed by: UNI EN ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, Integrated pest management, Bio, UNI EN ISO 22005, UNI EN ISO 14001.

La Via Lattea soc. coop.


La Via Lattea produced quality ice cream since 1989 and was the first company to introduce packaged organic ice cream in Italy. The company is certified ORGANIC since 1991 and obtained ISO 9001:2008 and IFS certifications since 2013.

Laica spa

F-5300 Solid & filled chocolate production: coins & medals, pralines, Christmas, Easter & Halloween figures, eggs, hearts, cars, ladybug, etc.; gift boxes; liquor chocolate, bars, etc. BRC, IFS, ISO, UTZ, RSPO certified.


Contact Via dell’Industria, 95 84092 Bellizzi (SA) phone +39 0828 54542 fax +39 0828 351010 e-mail web

Contact Via Artigianale, 49 25025 Manerbio (BS) phone +39 030 9373611 fax +39 030 9373621 e-mail web

Contact Via Roma, 80c 02041 Casperia (RI) phone +39 0765 63731 +39 0765 63578 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Vittorio Veneto, 102 28041 Arona (NO) phone +39 0322 235111 +39 0322 235136 fax e-mail web


F-5239 Lameri is an Italian company specialized in the production of breakfast cereals and semi-finished products for food industry with a complete range of conventional and organic products. The company obtained the standards ISO 9001, IFS, BRC as well as the ORGANIC certification.

Le Bontà srl

F-8309 Organic, conventional and gluten free grains, seeds, mixes and a new range of cooked ready to eat beans. Ready to use Premium pasta sauces: gourmet, conventional, organic/vegan recipes. Customized PL solutions. Our certifications: BRCIFS-ORGANIC-Gluten free.

Le Famiglie del Gusto

F-5372 We are leaders in the production of Italian cured meat. Our vast high-quality product range includes prosciutto crudo, Parma DOP, San Daniele DOP, mortadella, cooked ham, speck ham, bacon and salami, either whole and sliced, able to satisfy the most varied customer needs.

Lenti Rugger spa

F-5391 Since 1935 specialists in “Prosciutto cotto” and roasted beef, pork, turkey and chicken. Premium quality counter products, pre sliced and ready meals all BRC/IFS certified, Gluten free, Lactose and Casein free, GMO ingredients free and with a range of ORGANIC products.

Contact Via D.F. Cattaneo, 28/30 26020 San Bassano (CR) phone +39 0374 3821 +39 0374 382280 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Bruges, 60/h 59100 Prato (PO) phone +39 0574 550379 +39 0574 550425 fax e-mail web

Contact Via G. Di Vittorio, 10 43013 Langhirano (PR) phone +39 0521 857618 +39 0521 858698 fax e-mail info@ web

Contact Via Tetti Giro, 7 10026 Santena (TO) phone +39 011 945633 fax +39 011 9491501 e-mail web



F-5241 Lemon and lime juice; lemon dressing; concentrated fruit juices; topping; single-dose seasonings and sauces: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and barbecue sauce; olive oil, vinegar, dressings, honey, salt, pepper; liqueurs. Certificate: BRC, IFS, Kosher, ORGANIC.

Maranello Wines

F-8442 Maranello Wines is an Italian wine company located in Modena, in Northern Italy. We produce sparkling wines and in particular the most famous are: Lambrusco dell’Emilia, Moscato Spumante and Prosecco Spumante. All our production system is ISO9002, BRC and IFS certified.

Medsol srl

F-5277 Medsol is a leader in the export of extra virgin olive oil under “Luglio” brand as well as other PL. We are one of the biggest packaging companies in PDO Terra di Bari extra virgin olive oil. We are certified IFS, BRC, Kosher and Halal.

Medys srl - Mitaly

F-5273 Coffee & beverage systems. Technologically advanced capsules (barriered and compostable). Integrated vertical system: raw materials selection, production of capsules, roasting and blending, grinding, capsules fill/seal/packaging, multibeverage machines supply chain.


Contact Zona Industriale Passovecchio 88900 Crotone (KR) phone +39 0962 938311 fax +39 0962 938770 e-mail web

Contact Strada Scaglia Est, 134 41126 Modena (MO) phone +39 059 313159 fax +39 059 7231476 e-mail export@ web

Contact Viale Olivetti, 37 zona ASI 70056 Molfetta (BA) phone +39 080 3375629 +39 080 3370567 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Falzarego, 27 20021 Baranzate (MI) phone +39 335 7031923 e-mail web


F-5243 Molino Nicoli is a European leader in the gluten free cereal-based production with 150 years experience in the cereals manufacturing: 1. polenta flours; 2. breakfast cereals; 3. cereal bars (chewy, soft baked and crunchy); 4. baby food snacks; 5. cookies and other oat-based products.

Montalbano Agricola Alimentare Toscana spa


The company is producer of Tuscan PGI extra virgin olive oil and packer of a wide range of high quality olive oils with excellent organoleptic profiles: Italian, Italian organic and EU blend. It collaborates with important supermarket chains making the quality of its products distinctive.

Montalbano Industria Agroalimentare spa


Italian antipastos, vegetables appetizers, pesto sauces, tapenades, bruschetta, olives, sundried tomatoes, grilled vegetables, conventional organic and vegan.

Contact Via Locatelli, 6 24060 Costa di Mezzate (BG) phone +39 035 689811 fax +39 035 689898 e-mail web

Contact Via G. Matteotti, 46 51035 Lamporecchio (PT) phone +39 0571 729131 +39 0571 568143 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Gerbamaggio, 14 51035 Lamporecchio (PT) phone +39 0573 80041 +39 0573 803607 fax e-mail toscana@ web

Natura Nuova spa

F-5316 Natura Nuova is the leader in Italy in the production of fruit and vegetables purèe, improves and adopts, as first in the world, the cold-processing. We are certified by BIOAGRICERT, which guarantees the organic supply-chain and we have also BRC/IFS and Kosher certifications.

Contact Via Bora, 10/12 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA) phone +39 0545 63966 fax +39 0545 935469 e-mail giada.chiarini@ web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Newlat Food spa

F-5221 Newlat Food is one of Italy’s leading producers of: milk and dairy products; pasta and bakery products; gluten-free and protein-free products; baby food. The quality of Newlat Food processes and raw materials used is multi-certified by: BRC Food, IFS Food, ISO 9001, ISO 14001/2004,etc.

Noberasco spa

F-5267 Noberasco is the Italian leader in the dry and dried fruit sector. The expertise of the Noberasco family led to a long entrepreneurial venture, consisting of passion and continuous innovation, with the aim of ensuring the best attention to all qualitative aspects of the productive chain.

O.P.O.E. cons. coop. agr. p.a.


Only 100% Italian tomato, conventional and organic, for our products. Tomato pulp, puree, ready sauces and pizza sauces for retail, food service and industry. We are proud of our quality system and certifications also about environmental and ethical issues.

Oleificio Ranieri srl

F-5385 We are focalised in: flavored extra virgin olive oil, special seed oils, organic extra virgin olive oil, PDO Umbria extra virgin olive oil, functional oils. We are certified BRC, IFS, Organic, ISO9001. We work with 20 of the 100 largest retailers in the world.


Contact Via J.F. Kennedy, 16 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) phone +39 0522 7901 fax +39 0522 790266 e-mail web

Contact Località Paleta, 1 17043 Carcare (SV) phone +39 019 2055001 e-mail web

Contact Via Troilo Cabei, 6 44045 XII Morelli di Cento (FE) phone +39 051 6841311 +39 051 6841535 fax e-mail web

Contact Via E. Vittorini, 7 06012 Città di Castello (PG) phone +39 075 8510039 +39 075 8512543 fax e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Oranfrizer srl

F-8323 Oranfrizer is an Italian leading company for growing and supplying citrus fruits, above all blood oranges. Moreover, the company property of Alba family, produces 100% NFC conventional and organic juices. Oranfrizer exports in UK, Norway, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia.

Pastificio Di Martino Gaetano & F.lli spa


More than 100 years of experience in the production of Gragnano pasta make the Di Martino family the reference point in the world market of Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.). BRC certificate, IFS Food, ISO 9001:2008.

Pastificio F.lli Cellino srl


Pastificio makes 85.000t of pasta/year, available in bronze, teflon, organic, whole wheat, gluten free.

Contact Strada Provinciale 28/I, km 1,300 95048 Scordia (CT) phone +39 095 7937111 fax +39 095 7937190 e-mail web

Contact Via Castellammare, 82 80054 Gragnano (NA) phone +39 081 8012984 +39 081 8012878 fax e-mail francesca.biondi@ web

Contact LocalitĂ Cirras snc 09096 Santa Giusta (OR) phone +39 0783 37621 +39 0783 376238 fax e-mail web

Pastificio Zaffiri srl

F-5389 Pastificio Zaffiri produced durum wheat pasta since 1889. The high-quality products come from the slow, low temperature drying process using pure spring water. Zaffiri offers also a certified BIO pasta made with 100% Italian wheat (Antico Pastificio Zaffiri). It is BRC/IFS certified.

Contact Viale S. Domenico snc 03039 Sora (FR) phone +39 0776 813705 fax +39 0776 813778 e-mail web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Pellini Caffè spa

F-5213 Italian espresso roasted coffee in different sizes and blends, in compatible capsules, in beans and ground packed for moka, espresso and pods, in tins or undervacuum.

Polenghi Las srl

F-5354 Polenghi is the world’s n° 1 lemon juice producer. Polenghi is composed by 4 manufacturing sites in the world. The company supplies the first 20 top retailers in the world and export to over 70 countries. Polenghi’s certifications are: ISO, BRC, IFS, Kosher and ORGANIC.

S.I.A. Società Italiana Alimenti spa


S.I.A. is Italy’s leading private label frozen food producer of Italian pasta and sauce meals, seafood specialities and finger food. Amazing quality, convenient, on trend meals made with simple and real ingredients. We are certified IFS (Higher level), BRC (grade AA), FSSC22000 and ASC/MSC.

Salumificio San Carlo spa


The company is specialized in the traditional products of Italian charcuterie and in the PDO specialties from Piacenza: coppa piacentina, pancetta piacentina, salame piacentino DOP, offered both in bulk and pre-sliced. San Carlo holds the most important certifications: ISO 22000, BRC, IFS.


Contact Via 1° Maggio, 8 37012 Bussolengo (VR) phone +39 045 6763311 e-mail pellinicaffe@ web

Contact Via Giovanni XXIII, 35 26865 San Rocco al Porto (LO) phone +39 0377 569120 fax +39 0377 569433 e-mail web

Contact Via Togliatti, 20 63073 Offida (AP) phone +39 0736 888005 +39 0736 889748 fax e-mail web

Contact Località San Pellegrino, 310-310a 29010 Ziano Piacentino (PC) phone +39 0523 863865 fax +39 0523 864656 e-mail info@ web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Saor Italia srl

F-8428 Saor Italia is a family run business located in Southern Italy with close connections with local farmers. We manufacture pasta sauces, pesto, antipasti, soups & fruit spread according with the Italian tradition. Quality & high production standards are certified by: BRC, IFS, BIO e UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Simens Alimentare srl


Vegetables in oil both in jar and tin. Pasta sauce, pestos, hummus, pate and bruschettas in glass jar.

Contact Contrada Palma snc 89042 Gioiosa Jonica (RC) phone +39 011 9211444 fax +39 011 9210089 e-mail web

Contact Vicolo Baracca, 1 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD) phone +39 049 5952588 +39 049 5953170 fax e-mail info@ web

Sipa International srl

F-8438 Sipa International is the first Italian couscous producer since 1994 and it is a point of reference as copacker in over 80 countries. Martino is specialized in conventional and special couscous production thanks to its high quality. Certifications: BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, DEMETER, Kosher, VeganOK.

Socado srl

F-5247 Socado is a confectionery food company founded in 1975 dedicated to the production of: pralines in gift boxes and bags, chocolate bars, spreads, semi-finished chocolate based products for the confectionery industry, seasonal products and Easter eggs.

Contact Via Ferrari, 72 86100 Campobasso (CB) phone +39 0875 752163 +39 0874 1862040 fax e-mail r.fagnano@ web

Contact Via Spagna, 20 37069 Villafranca (VR) phone +39 045 6330111 fax +39 045 6330100 e-mail web


FOOD & PERISHABLE Steriltom srl

F-5380 Steriltom is the biggest producer of crushed tomatoes for the food service and the industrial channels. It’s certified ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, Kosher, Halal.

Contact Via Provinciale, 90 29010 Casaliggio (PC) phone +39 0523 789811 fax +39 0523 788323 e-mail web

Surmont srl

F-5293 IQF frozen added-value meals producer; authentic Italian regional dishes (soups, risottos, side dishes, complete meals w/chicken); top quality ingredients; custom made recipes with dedicated R&D dept; liquid nitrogen innovative cooking system; clean labels.Certifications: BRC, IFS, ORGANIC, ISO.

Topan srl

F-8404 With more than 40 years of experience in the food industry, Topan is specialized in the production of Italian & international IQF meals, including: risottos, grain salads, superfoods, vegetable medleys, stuffed polenta & desserts.

Valbona srl

F-5259 Since 1962 Valbona is specialized in the production of Italian preserved vegetable items like pickles, grilled vegetables, pestos and bruschetta toppings. In recent years the company entered the world of chilled products with new items as the Veg Flan and Veganette (sliced vegetables).


Contact Via Cal Lusent, 71 31040 Pederobba (TV) phone +39 0423 681981 fax +39 0423 681982 e-mail web

Contact Via del Lavoro, 21 31050 Vedelago (TV) phone +39 0423 401325 +39 0423 709280 fax e-mail web

Contact Via dei Gelsi, 2 35034 Lozzo Atestino (PD) phone +39 0429 645211 +39 0429 94228 fax e-mail web

FOOD & PERISHABLE Valcolatte srl

F-8329 Valcolatte collects only Italian milk from local breeders with full traceability of raw materials. We use 300,000 litres of milk per day for production of: mozzarella, ricotta and smoked scamorza. Staff counts on 149 employees. We are: BRC, IFS and ISO certified.

Wal-Cor snc

F-5312 Wal-Cor is a leading Italian company manufacturing chocolate coins, medallions, flame and small eggs. Certifications: BRC, IFS, UTZ, FAIRTRADE, RAINFOREST, Kosher. Excellent quality/price ratio and production flexibility complete the profile of Wal-Cor, ideal partner for PL products.

Witor’s spa


Contact Via Firenze, 16 29010 Pontenure (PC) phone +39 0523 519043 +39 0523 511821 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Bongiovanni, 165 26010 Pozzaglio ed Uniti (CR) phone +39 0372 555511 +39 0372 55205 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Levata, 2 26010 Corte de’ Frati (CR)

Chocolate products.

phone +39 0372 930350 +39 0372 930359 fax e-mail web

Zappalà spa

F-8311 Zappalà pursues the right balance between craftsmanship and tradition in dairy production and the efficiency and organization regarding the productive process. To support these results, we have obtained several important certifications, such as: BRC Certification and IFS Certification.

Contact Via Ardichetto sn 95019 Zafferana Etnea (CT) phone +39 095 7085316 fax +39 095 7085340 e-mail web



F-5263 Leading company in the fisheries sector, head office and central logistic platform in Parma. Besides selling with its Zarotti brand,the company is equipped to work in close synergy with major retailers to study and supply their PL. BRC and IFS certifications.


Contact Strada Nuova di Coloreto, 15/a 43123 Parma (PR) phone +39 0521 243371 fax +39 0521 243676 e-mail web

NON FOOD Archimede R&D srl

N-539 Dr. Neu is an eco-friendly line of products dedicated to household appliances care/maintenance and domestic/professional cleaning. Dr. Neu combines efficiency and technological innovation, reliability and safety for health, with reduced environmental impact.

BBG Cosmetics srl

N-612 BBG was founded in 1965 by three young chemists, aimed by a great intuition combining R&D and production on behalf of cosmetics brands. The idea drives the company to a successful period, with productions for groups such as L’Oreal, Pikenz, Ciba-Geigy, Colgate, Unilever, Bolton Group.

Biosport Italia srl

N-626 With more than 20 years manufacturing experience: patented instant cold packs with Eurohole, reusable cold/hot gel pads, cold sprays, cosmetics & physiotherapy creams/oils, tapes, bandages, first aid accessories. ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified. Class IIA for instant cold packs and ice sprays.

Blue Pack srl

N-531 Specialized team with experience in the design and production of packaging technologies for the food industry. From flexo packaging throught injection moulding to paper bags and labels our know how and different certifications, BRC and FSC, make us your best industrial partner.

Contact Via della Meccanica, 1 41018 San Cesario sul Panaro (MO) phone +39 059 9775460 fax +39 059 9775461 e-mail web

Contact Via Luigi Galvani, 4 20080 Ozzero (MI) phone +39 02 9407544 +36 02 9407548 fax e-mail agnesebellocchio@ web

Contact Via E. Fermi, 11 35030 Veggiano (PD) phone +39 049 9002680 +39 049 9002681 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Einaudi, 1 35016 Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) phone +39 049 9697801 fax +39 049 9697803 e-mail web


NON FOOD Chemical Flacer srl

N-634 Dishwasher detergent tabs, dishwasher cleaner tabs, laundry detergent tabs, laundry antikalk tabs, dishwasher & laundry powders, ADW rinse aid, ADW liquid cleaner, ADW & laundry liquids complete range.

Comset spa

N-541 Comset is ISO and BRC certified part of the French Sphere Group, is present in the Italian market with FRIO brand products and supplying the PL in the household products field: aluminum foil, cling film, freezer and ice bags, baking and frying paper, aluminum trays, PE and BIO waste bags.

CSC soc. coop.

N-610 Brooms, lints rollers, brushes, products for ironing, products for cleaning coffee machine.

Contact LocalitĂ Bellaria, 31/a 40036 Vado, Monzuno (BO) phone +39 051 6778202 fax +39 051 5063724 e-mail web

Contact Via Pietro Nenni, 15/a 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO) phone +39 011 8003513 fax +39 011 8002219 e-mail web

Contact Via della Meccanica, 1 41018 San Cesario S. P. (MO) phone +39 338 7125376 e-mail n.santangelo@ web

Deco Industrie scpa

N-521 Deco Industrie operates in the home and personal care sectors as fabric cleaners, hard surfaces, bleach, shampoo and shower gel, both as copacker and with its own brands. All main certification awards, BRC, IFS HPC, UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001 and ECOLABEL.


Contact Via Caduti del Lavoro, 2 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA) phone +39 0545 935511 fax +39 0545 935600 e-mail fabrizio.raho@ web

NON FOOD Eco Pets Italia srl

N-624 100% ecological and biodegradable cat litter “Clumping” (Patent # 1427187) composed of absorbent fibers (wood/paper), particles of cereals, and a mixture that allows the control of odors. A patented additive ensures the litter high sanitizing properties, antiseptic and antibacterial.

Emmegi Detergents spa


Emmegi offers a wide range of products such as house detergents, oral care, cosmetics and personal care with its own brands, for private labels & contract manufacturing.

Contact Via Senato, 14/16 20121 Milano (MI) phone +39 348 2628119 +39 054 320032 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Marconi, 5 25030 Trenzano (BS) phone +39 030 97091 +39 030 9977214 fax e-mail web

Eudorex srl

N-638 Non scratch sponge scourer Made in Italy. Two international patents: unique power spheres inside the foam - unique non scratching mesh.

Contact Zona Industriale Acerra 80011 Acerra (NA) phone +39 081 8039722 fax +39 081 8446479 e-mail web

Fintissue srl

N-640 Napkins–1/2/3ply–25x25/33x33/ 38x38 and 40x40–in tissue and in airlaid–white, coloured, dec.up 6 c., PP–1/4 and 1/8 fold–from 20’/pack to 600’/pack. Hankies 3/4ply-in tissue-white, coloured, scented, promotional-from 6x8 to 56x10- standard/compact. We are certified FSC, ISO 9001,14001.

Contact Via H. Ford - Zona Ind. Asi Sud 81025 Marcianise (CE) phone +39 0823 1894813 e-mail web


NON FOOD Flonal spa

N-606 Flonal produces aluminium non-stick cookware since 1985, keeping the production always in Italy. A precise direction born from a history of reliability and trust, built day after day by those who believe in their work and continue to invest in the company.

Fratelli Re spa

N-636 Since 1949 Fratelli Re designs, manufactures and distributes under the brand Apex household and professional tools for cleaning floors and windows, brooms, squeegees , tools for dusting and home organization.

Gea srl

N-614 Gea studies and develops glue based low toxicity urban pest management tools, with high attention to the environment. The manufacturing process and the top-grade materials used guarantee high quality products and full traceability in compliance with all ISO9001:2015 certification standards.

ICC Italy

N-608 The unique nail polish and nail care manufacturer from raw materials in Italy. The production includes suspending bases, coloured bases, nail polish, removers, soak off nail polish and nail care. IFS HPC Certificate - Halal Certificate - formulations Cosmos approved.


Contact Via L. Einaudi, 20 61032 Fano (PU) phone +39 0721 855429 e-mail web

Contact S.S. 33 del Sempione, 51 20017 Rho (MI) phone +39 02 93505455 fax +39 02 93505445 e-mail web

Contact Via Fermi, 10 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI) phone +39 02 33514890 +39 02 00665233 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Beethoven, 20 26817 San Martino in Strada (LO) phone +39 0371 779400 e-mail web

NON FOOD Martini spa

N-515 Martini the answer to the increasingly ECO market trend. Personal & home care accessories made by organic, vegetable, biodegradable raw materials. R&I, creativity and high flexibility in PL development, for the global market, are guaranteed by whole process 100% Made in Italy!

Milla srl


Contact Strada Nuova, 22 43058 Coenzo di Sorbolo (PR) phone +39 0521 669 111 +39 0521 669 169 fax e-mail svernizzi@ web

Contact Contrada Saverino snc 94017 Regalbuto (EN)

Respiratory protective devices.

phone +39 0935 71144 +39 0935 77055 fax e-mail web

Milmil76 spa - Gruppo Mirato


Mirato Group is a leading company in the personal care and cosmetic. Gruppo Mirato produces more than 83 million pcs of aerosol and 76 million pcs of liquid, gel, and lotion. Our experience and technology allow us to satisfy customer’s needs. IFSHPC ISO22716:2008.

Natura House spa

N-620 Natura House is a leading company in the production of natural cosmetic, medical device and food supplement under own brand and PL. Thanks to a long experience and standardized procedures according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and GMP each process is checked to ensure the best quality.

Contact Via Sciarei, 8 28064 Landiona (NO) phone +39 0321 827676 +39 0321 827677 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Fausto Coppi, 5 10043 Orbassano(TO) phone +39 011 02 69 900 fax +39 011 02 69 909 e-mail export.naturahouse@ web


NON FOOD Omisan Farmaceutici

N-509 Omisan is an Italian company operating in the eyecare field for 20 years. Develops, produces and distributes internationally an extensive product range based on natural components and certified in the majority of countries: eye drops, eye spray, eye wash, contact lens care solutions.

Orlandi spa

N-630 Orlandi manifactures and distributes household wipes and system like: multipurpose cloths both microfiber and no-woven, color catcher, dust catcher, abrasives and floor cleaning systems. Orlandi is certified ISO 9001, ISO/TS and A.I.S.E.

Papermon srl

N-525 Papermon is an Italian excellence company specialised in the production of disposable tablecloths and table runners on behalf of third parties and it is a commercial partner of the most important brands in the sector.

Peter Pan Plast srl

N-517 Since 1979 we project and manufacture totally in Italy our polythene and mater-bi bags and sacs for food preservation, for waste collection and for many other uses, with precision, prompt reply to any request and a wide range of high quality products. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 and BRC.


Contact Via Galileo Galilei 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM) phone +39 06 4130370 e-mail web

Contact Via Matteotti, 67 21012 Cassano Magnago (VA) phone +39 0331 759711 e-mail marketing3@ web

Contact Via Marenghi, 52 26022 Castelverde (CR) phone +39 0372 444044 +39 0372 445469 fax e-mail web

Contact Via Stefano Carli, 3 36027 RosĂ (VI) phone +39 0424 581445 +39 0424 581371 fax e-mail peterpan@ web

NON FOOD Pi Esse Plastic srl

N-602 Complete range of home air fresheners – optical wipes – certification: UNI EN ISO 9001/2015.

Contact Strada Valle Bormida, 17 12074 Cortemilia (CN) phone +39 0173 81898 +39 0173 821060 fax e-mail web

Tissunion Europ surl

N-535 Production of handkerchiefs standard/pocket size and facial tissues. Company certified ISO9001, FSC and PEFC.

Contact Via XXV Aprile, 11 55011 Altopascio (LU) phone +39 0583 278600 +39 0583 277017 fax e-mail web

Turati Idrofilo spa

N-507 Hyper innovative dry wipe for make-up removal, water activated. Patented worldwide novelty. 100% natural, no preservatives, alcohol, parabens. Whole range of high quality cotton wool products. All products are available in certified organic cotton. Certificate GOTS 2008-056.

Contact Via 1° maggio, 242 10062 Luserna San Giovanni (TO) phone +39 0121 955501 fax +39 0121 955519 e-mail web


CONSORTIA Consorzio Piacenza Alimentare The Consorzio Piacenza Alimentare sponsors: • Citres spa, • Columbus srl, • Formec Biffi spa, • Polenghi Las srl, • Salumificio San Carlo spa, • Salumificio San Michele spa, • Steriltom srl, • Valcolatte srl.

Consorzio Tuttitalia Food The Consorzio Tuttitalia Food sponsors: • Buona Compagnia Gourmet srl.

Contact Via Cristoforo Colombo, 35 29122 Piacenza (PC) phone +39 0523 305928 fax +39 0523 313854 e-mail info@consorzio web

Contact Via Regina Adelaide, 11 27100 Pavia (PV) phone +39 0382 34326 +39 0382 303850 fax e-mail web








Hollandhal - Hall 12 (booths: N-503 / N-640) Parkhal - Hall 8 (booths: F-8300 / F-8442) Europahal - Hall 1 (booths: F-5201 / F-5395)

HEADQUARTERS Via Liszt, 21 - 00144 Roma (EUR) Tel. +39 06 59921 - Fax. +39 06 89280365 -

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Boer will be remembered for his private label passion Goodbye and good luck to Dick Boer, who will step down as CEO of Ahold Delhaize on 1 July. Boer was named CEO of Ahold Delhaize in 2016 and has overseen the merger of Dutch grocer Ahold and its Belgian rival the Delhaize Group in the last two years. Prior to the merger between Ahold and Delhaize Group, Boer was CEO of Ahold for seven years. There was no reason given for Boer’s departure, although Boer, who turns 61 in August, said in his last meeting with shareholders in April that “there could be no better time to step down.” “We are in great shape. The integration of the company is largely complete. … We are posting outstanding financial results,” Boer said at the outset of the meeting. Despite his retirement, it doesn’t seem that time has passed Boer by, especially when it comes to private label. Boer clearly has been up on own-brand trends and has embraced the challenges that private label has presented. Ahold Delhaize’s private label brands are well-recognized and popular among its 21 banners in 11 countries. “Dick has been a longstanding champion for private brands and the important role private brand products play in meeting the needs of customers and creating better places to shop, work and live,” says Juan De Paoli, senior vice president of Retail Business Services, an Ahold Delhaize company in the U.S. “His vision and support of strong private brands strategies are at the core of the leadership role Ahold Delhaize’s local brands play in the private brands space today.” Boer joined Ahold in 1998 as CEO of Ahold Czech Republic. Five years after joining the company, Ahold endured a fraud scandal, in which Boer was not involved and did not know about. Ahold’s former CEO and chief financial officer were found guilty and fined. Boer was shocked and wondered if Ahold, labeled as “Europe’s Enron,” would survive. But Boer stuck with Ahold, despite the retailer taking a hit to its reputation. He made a name for himself for his operational efficiencies, passion for private label and putting the customer first. He was named CEO of Ahold in 2010. “Dick embodies the customer-first mindset, and that’s critical when it comes to private brands,” De Paoli says. “Private brands have a unique ability to blend value and quality to delight consumers, creating engagement and loyalty. Dick believed this and created the support and space for private brands to grow and thrive within the portfolio. He is a true leader that has made a significant imprint on Ahold Delhaize’s local brands in so many areas, especially with respect to private brands.” Boer grew up in the grocery business. As a teenager, he worked in his father’s store in Axel, a town in southwest Netherlands. Boer embraced the business. He is a self-labeled supermarket “addict” who enjoys going into stores to peruse to their private label assortments. Despite his retirement, something tells me Boer won’t stop doing that. PLI

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PLMA’s Annual Private Label Trade Show just keeps growing larger and larger. More exhibitors. More products. More retailers. The reason, of course, is more consumers than ever are buying store brands. But as the man says “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Store brands are heading for unprecedented growth and PLMA’s 2018 event is adding new categories to keep pace: housewares and kitchenware, natural and organics, and private label wine. Add these to all the food, snacks and beverages, health and beauty, GM and household, and you can see why this year’s show will be the most exciting show PLMA has ever presented. Come and see it all for yourself. Visitor registration is now open. Telephone +1 212 9723131 or online at

11-13 November N • Chicago Presented by the Private Label Manufacturers Association


MARKETBRIEFS OWN-BRAND SALES ON THE RISE IN ITALY Private label sales in Italy grew by 4.6 per cent during 2017 (compared to 2.8

Merger will benefit consumers SAINSBURY, WALMART SAY CONSUMERS WILL ALSO HAVE MORE ‘FLEXIBLE’ WAYS TO SHOP Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart Inc. and London-based J Sainsbury said consumers will benefit from the “combination” of Sainsbury’s and Asda Group Ltd., Walmart’s wholly owned United Kingdom retail subsidiary, which was announced 30 April. Walmart’s selling of its majority share of Asda to Sainsbury will create one of the UK’s leading grocery, general merchandise and clothing retail groups, with combined revenues of 51 billion pounds. The retailers said investment will be made that will benefit customers on product price, quality and range. Both retailers offer an array of private label brands. David Tyler, chairman of Sainsbury’s, said the combination of Sainsbury’s and Asda will create substantial value for the retailers shareholders and will be excellent news for its customers and colleagues. “As one of the largest employers in the country, the combined business will become an even greater contributor to the British economy,” Tyler said in a statement. “The proposal will bring together two of the most experienced and talented management teams in retail at a time when the industry is undergoing rapid change. We welcome Walmart as a significant shareholder and look forward to working closely with them.” In a press release, Walmart stated: “At a time of significant and rapid change in the retail sector, the combination will create one of the UK’s leading grocery, general merchandise and clothing retail groups. Bringing together two distinctive customer propositions will create a more competitive, adaptable and resilient business — better placed to invest in price, quality, range and more flexible ways for customers to shop.” The new business will operate a distinctive dual-brand strategy. Asda will continue to be run from Leeds by its own CEO, Roger Burnley, who would join the Group Operating Board of the combined business, ensur6


per cent total growth for the grocery sector), to account for 18.8 per cent market share, according to European Supermarket Magazine (ESM), citing Nielsen data. Private label growth occurred across all channels and in all product categories, and the increase in assortments and promotions has had a positive impact on consumer demand, according to Nielsen. Private label in Italy still has a small share, however, compared to the UK and Spain, where the share is around 40 per cent, ESM Magazine stated. In Italy, private label has been able to exploit trends relating to the origin of products and to sustainability, Nielsen said.

PRIVATE LABEL FORECASTED TO GROW IN VIETNAM Private label sales are expected to increase in Vietnam as modern retail spreads across the country, according to WARC, an international online news agency. Around 8 per cent of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sales are through modern retail channels, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and mini supermarkets, according to figures from Kantar Worldpanel and Nielsen cited by VietnamNet. Sales are growing more than twice as fast through convenience stores and mini supermarkets (26 per cent ) as through supermarkets and hypermarkets (10 per cent). Japan’s Family Mart, Japan’s 7-Eleven and South Korea’s GS25 are expanding in Vietnam, WARC reported. Kantar Worldpanel research recently reported that 39 per cent of Vietnamese shoppers at modern

n ur ive nd tio Yo lus Bra tina c e s Ex vat De i p Pr hu tc Ke

outlets prefer private label products, with the top 10 including toilet paper, box tissues, table napkins, loose leaf teas, floor cleaners, liquid detergents, frozen foods, dishwashing liquids, detergent powders and cooking oils.

SALES OF GROCERIES UP AT KOREAN C-STORES Sales of groceries at South Korean convenience stores increased sharply in the first quarter of this year from a year earlier, according to The Korea Times. According to data compiled by CU, a 24/7 convenience store chain in South Korea, sales of groceries, including vegetables, grains, eggs, and frozen pork, rose 21.2 per cent in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2017.

LIDL OPENING LARGE WAREHOUSE IN ENGLAND German discount retailer Lidl is opening a massive new warehouse in Luton, England, that will create

up to 1,000 jobs, according to The Independent, a British online news agency. The new warehouse will be around 1 million square feet, making it double the size of any of Lidl’s warehouses in the UK, according to The Independent. The warehouse will manage the supply and distribution of both food and non-food items to Lidl stores in and around the M25, a 188 km motorway that encircles almost all of Greater London. In February, Lidl announced it opened five new London-area stores and now has 700 stores in Great Britain. The new stores in Edinburgh, Stockton, Hull, Polegate and Rosehill (South London), were part of an accelerated period of expansion for Lidl, which saw the supermarket open up to 19 new British stores through April. The chain, which opened the doors to its first British stores in 1994, has created over 700 new jobs with the new openings. “As the UK’s fastest-growing supermarket, surpassing 700 stores is yet further proof of our ambitious rate of expansion across Britain,” said Ingo Fischer, Lidl’s board director for expansion and development in the UK, in a press release. The new stores form part of Lidl UK’s 1.45 billion pound expansion investment in Great Britain across 2017-18, which includes plans to open over 50 new stores and regenerate 30 existing stores in 2018. PLI

Brad Baltzell Cook Deck Operator and Ketchup Expert 30+ Years Experience


EXPERTS! For over 30 years, Brad Baltzell’s experience of mixing and blending high-quality ingredients makes the science of ketchup formulation taste like an art. He, along with the rest of our team, ensures that The Fremont Company continues to provide the very best. Private label ketchup is our focus and homegrown Ketchup Experts like Brad are a big part of what makes us an unmatched teammate for any store brand looking to make their shoppers into lifelong customers.


NET WT 20 OZ (567g) 500mL


Organic | Non GMO | Kosher | Better for You | Export

The Fremont Company • Mike Hackbarth Mike.Hackbarth • 716.627.4369



MARKET REPORT ing Asda retains its heritage and roots. Key benefits of the combination include the following, according to Walmart: • Creating more flexible ways to shop, across Sainsbury’s, Asda and Sainbury-owned Argos. It is expected that value will be passed on to customers through significant price reductions. • Maintaining both the Sainsbury’s and Asda brands and enabling them to sharpen their distinct customer propositions and attract new customers. • Offering more opportunities for more than 330,000 employees at all levels within the larger enterprise. • Combining a complementary network of more than 2,800 Sainsbury’s, Asda and Argos stores and several of the UK’s most visited retail websites to create greater choice for customers through more store formats and channels, with a combined 47 million customer transactions per week. • Generating net synergies, post price investments, across the enlarged group of at least 500 million pounds. These are comprised largely of buying benefits, opening Argos in Asda stores and operational efficiencies. There are no planned Sainsbury’s or Asda store closures as a result of the combination. • A comprehensive range of channels and formats across supercenters, superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores and digital. Under the terms of the combination, which is subject to various approvals, Walmart would hold 42 per cent of the share capital of the combined business. Walmart would receive approximately 2.975 billion pounds in cash, subject to customary closing adjustments, valuing Asda at approximately 7.3 billion pounds on a debt-free, cash-free and pension-free basis. “We believe the combination offers a unique and exciting opportunity that benefits customers and colleagues,” said Doug McMillon, Walmart’s president and CEO, in a statement. “As a company, we’ve benefited from doing business in the UK for many years, and we look forward to working closely with Sainsbury’s to deliver the benefits of the combination.” The transaction, including regulatory approval, could extend into the second half of calendar year 2019. PLI



Tesco planning new discount grocery chain RETAILER ALSO LAUNCHES PRIVATE LABEL VEGAN LINE

Tesco, the United Kingdom’s largest grocery retailer, is planning to develop a new discount grocery chain, according to The Sunday Times, Britain’s national newspaper. “Tesco has called in Boston Consulting Group to help to create a separate brand that would match or beat the German discounters Aldi and Lidl on price,” the article stated, noting that the new format would offer a much more limited assortment of products. The grocery chain “has asked some own-label suppliers to sign non-disclosure agreements before contributing to the project,” the article pointed out. Tesco also recently launched a private label vegan line under the direction of Chef Derek Sarno, the company’s director of plant-based innovation and a former global executive chef for Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market. The Wicked Kitchen line, which debuted Jan. 8 in 600 Tesco stores in the UK, consists of heat-and-eat meals, sandwiches, wraps, salads and pizzas. The ready meals range from Wicked Teriyaki Noodles to Gunpowder Potato Chana Masala, while the wraps include Carrot Pastrami-Spiced, Sweet Potato Pakora and Fiery Tofu & Slaw. “When I first arrived in Britain from America I was hugely surprised at how little choice there was for vegans and those considering a lifestyle change,” said Sarno, who co-founded the Wicked Healthy blog with his brother, Chef Chad Sarno. “For too long, vegans have been overlooked, with many offerings that are available seemingly created to appease rather than truly please. “Wicked Kitchen plans to change all that, and I’m proud to work with Tesco and offer all its customers delicious meals to get them on board with this growing foodie revolution.” PLI



It’s not surprising that the Zurich, Switzerland-based Federation of Migros Cooperatives, which has more than 250 own grocery brands, is such a powerhouse in private label. Migros’ founder, Gottlieb Duttweiler, created the company in 1925 expressly to make food more affordable for Swiss consumers by cutting out the middleman. Building a bridge directly from producer to consumer, the firm originally employed 16 people and focused on six staple products — sugar, coffee, rice, pasta, coconut fat and soap — but the company’s size and product assortment grew rapidly. Today, Migros is not just SwitzerNADINE HESS, land’s largest grocery retailer and bigHEAD OF gest retailer overall; it’s the country’s PRIVATE BRANDS largest private employer, with more AND PACKAGING than 100,000 employees. In addition to its 600 or so supermarkets, Migros is involved in banking, the travel agency business and other industries, but it is still known mostly for groceries. As Nadine Hess, head of private brands and packaging for the Migros federation, explains, Migros’ super-

market business has a cooperative structure. The stores are operated by 10 member-owned regional cooperatives in different parts of Switzerland, while the federation’s headquarters in Zurich supports the cooperatives with strategic planning, marketing, communications, brand and product development, transportation and other services. A large proportion of the private label products sold in Migros supermarkets are manufactured by Migrosowned subsidiaries, which are collectively called M-Industry. While Hess enjoys focusing on the strategic and creative side of the business rather than store operations, she says her job is immensely challenging. “It’s quite difficult because I have 10 bosses,” she says with a laugh. Each of the cooperatives has a CEO, and all weigh in on which private label brands and ranges should be created. “One boss will say, ‘I want you to create a premium brand,’ and the others will have their own opinion,” Hess explains. “The majority have to agree on a concept, and to reach an agreement can be a slow, complicated process.” However, Hess emphasizes the process also helps SPRING 2018 | PRIVATE LABEL INTERNATIONAL


COVER STORY ensure that the private label brands, ranges and products she and her team of approximately 25 people develop will be on-trend, championed at the store level, and popular with Swiss consumers. Migros, where 78 per cent of the products are private label, has both legacy store brands that have been around for decades and newly launched own brands. These brands vary greatly in size. M-Classic, for example, has more than 1,500 products, while Migros Sélection, a premium brand, has over 225 products and Mibébé, an organic baby food label launched last year, has just 20 items so far. Migros supports its largest and newest private labels with robust marketing campaigns, according to Hess. This is especially true of the retailer’s least-expensive and arguably best-known label — the “college brand” M-Budget, easily recognizable by its intense kelly green packaging with “MIGROS” in white lettering repeated in a diagonal striping pattern. “The shelf impact of M-Budget is huge because of the green packaging design,” Hess notes. This brand has a “cult following,” she says, and is so loved by college students that many enjoy wearing assorted M-Budgetlogo gear such as high-top sneakers, T-shirts, sunglasses, mittens and hats. Debuting in 1996, M-Budget quickly captivated young adults and teenagers who were full-time students and, thus, on tight budgets. “Students were fascinated by this brand 20 years ago because they were not used to low-priced products in

1] M-Budget’s green and white packaging makes for cool outdoor gear.

Switzerland,” Hess explains. “They really were so fanatic about the brand that they started to do M-Budget parties.” Once it recognized the huge young fan base for M-Budget, Migros started targeting marketing campaigns toward this demographic, which Hess describes as “students who have no money who need to have basic products, not really high quality.” Today, Migros’ campaigns include sponsoring the MBudget Ski Weekend, priced at 149 Swiss Francs (equivalent to €124.33 or just over U.S. $150), a tremendous bargain, Hess emphasizes. M-Budget also sponsors summer music festivals in different locations in Switzerland, where attendees wear the brand’s green merchandise and the logo is displayed everywhere. “We also have M-Budget trains that are fully green — they go to the festivals from Zurich,” Hess says. “We want

Migros at a glance 1925 Founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler, who sold staples out of lorrybased “shops on wheels.”






First store opened in Zurich.

Company had

Company had

Non-food products added.

Duttweiler dies at the age of 74.

100 45 stores,

mobile shops.

217 77 4,533 stores and

mobile shops and






2] You is Migros’ new wellness-oriented brand. 3] Migros Sélection includes 225-plus SKUs.

to bring young people from their towns to the festivals, and at each touchpoint they see M-Budget.” As a result, the young think “Migros is cool and fun,” she adds.

QUALITY, CONVENIENCE, SUSTAINABILITY Although Swiss students appreciate low-priced products, Switzerland is the world’s wealthiest country, according to the 2017 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, ranking first for median wealth per adult at €188,674. “Swiss customers really focus on high quality because we have high income in Switzerland,” Hess says. The Migros Sélection brand, which resonates with food connoisseurs, includes fine deli meats, olive oils, indulgent chocolates, premium jams and

snacks, and a variety of other gourmet items. Swiss consumers also demand organic, all-natural, sustainably produced products. “The Swiss people focus on natural products, and they take care of the environment,” Hess says. Migros, in turn, concentrates on fresh, clean-label food and takes into consideration the whole life cycle of product and packaging to minimize the company’s carbon footprint — using lighter-weight containers, reducing packaging materials and incorporating recycled material whenever possible. Over-worked and over-scheduled, the Swiss also prioritize convenience. “Swiss people are so stressed; they have no free time in their lives,” Hess says, and that means they don’t have time to prepare and enjoy homecooked meals made from scratch.





Company had

Online shopping debuts.

Launch of M-Budget.

Debut of Migros Sélection premium brand.


stores and


mobile shops and

29,153 employees.

2010 Launch of Migipedia.

2018 Company is largest retailer in Switzerland with about 600 supermarket locations, 10 regional cooperatives, more than 2 million cooperative members, and over 250 private labels at Migros stores.



COVER STORY Migros Daily, a lifestyle brand, focuses on fresh prepared food and ready meals.

Migros has rolled out new private labels that cater to timestrapped, health-conscious shoppers. One new private label, the “lifestyle brand” Migros Daily, includes restaurant-style fresh-prepared ready meals for takeaway as well as some packaged goods such as bottled beverages. Migros also has launched a wellness-oriented brand called You, which consists of clean-label, nutrientdense products such as yoghurt, salads, granola bars and gluten-free pasta. This brand includes SKUs reformulated from the older Lèger brand that no longer met consumers’ needs because they contained artificial additives, Hess notes. It’s interesting that many of the newer Migros brands have English names. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. English is not one of the official languages, but it is required in school as is French, Swiss German and High German, according to Hess. Consequently, English words are widely recognized; and in all but the predominantly Frenchspeaking parts of Switzerland, English has some cachet among internationally minded Swiss consumers, she says. “We are creating lifestyle brands that are really modern,” Hess elaborates. “English is one element of the positioning; it makes the products more cool and trendy.” English is also regarded as more neutral than any of the official languages because it is not associated with specific Swiss cantons. Hess, who is fluent in German, French, Italian and English and can understand Romansh, notes that one of her biggest packaging design hurdles is having to translate nutrient and ingredient information into four languages. “That’s a huge challenge for us, especially on a small product like yoghurts,” she says. “If we don’t have enough space, we can focus on German and French.



People in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland also speak French.”

STAYING COMPETITIVE AND ON-TREND Despite Switzerland’s relative affluence, Migros has to be competitive with its pricing, reflecting the company’s historical mission. Indeed, the name “Migros” comes from the French “mi” (meaning “half ” or “midway”) and “gros” (meaning “wholesale”), which suggests that the pricing is halfway between standard retail and wholesale prices. The company’s business model of producing and selling its own brands helps keep prices down. Migros, however, is feeling pressure from deep discounters Lidl and Aldi, which have expanded their presence in the country and have improved the quality of their products to appease discerning Swiss consumers, according to Hess. While Migros remains the No. 1 brand in Switzerland, its supermarket business cannot take Swiss loyalty for granted, she says, stressing the importance of continuously updating and improving Migros’ private labels and keeping on top of consumer trends. That said, it doesn’t hurt that Migros and its large orange “M” logo (dubbed the “Orange Giant” by the Swiss press) are ubiquitous in Switzerland or that Duttweiler, the company’s passionate and philosophical founder, is considered the second-most influential Swiss citizen ever, behind only Albert Einstein, according to a Swiss newspaper survey. Hess notes that her role consists of market research, identifying trends and brainstorming with her team and the 10 leaders of the regional cooperatives to develop winning brands. Also toward that end, Migros has a crowdsourcing platform called Migipedia that is designed for customers to post product reviews and provide suggestions for new offerings. This feedback is invaluable to Hess. “Anyone can enter this website and give us opinions but also ideas,” she says, noting that Migipedia is especially popular with young consumers. Hess points out that one product created because of a customer’s Migipedia recommendation was MBudget Paprika Wave Chips. These have been very popular with customers, she adds. Migros, moreover, has a strong e-commerce presence and a sophisticated mobile app with a function called Discover that allows consumers to scan a packaging code in store or at home and learn all about the product’s ingredients and nutrients, read customer reviews and even find recipes. Building a close community of consumers, says Hess, is what Migros is all about. PLI

TRENDING By Lawrence Aylward


n Trace One’s recent “Private Label: Different Markets, Different Needs” study of eight countries, trust and food safety emerge as two major reasons for why or why not consumers from these nations purchase private label products. Trace One, an international firm that offers various facets for private label development, surveyed about 2,000 private label consumers in eight nations: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, Canada and the United States. Overall, Trace One found that consumers’ ever-evolving needs and growing influence have forced retailers and manufacturers to adopt a consumer-centric private label strategy to remain relevant and competitive, with trust and food safety playing vital roles. “If I had to pick out one area that surprised me or continues to surprise me is how much consumers really want to know where the products they are buying are coming from,” says Kelly Kell, Trace One’s North American market strategy director. “Consumers want to be able to trust products. It’s a strong message we

are getting from all countries.” According to the study, consumers from the eight nations shared both positive and negative feedback for private label in trust and food safety. For instance, 63 per cent of consumers surveyed say private label products inspire trust. However, 44 per cent of consumers say they do not buy private label products because they trust national brands more. While 83 per cent of survey respondents say private label food is equally as safe as national brand food, only 23 per cent say they completely trust the safety of the private label products they consume. “Trust overall is a really big halo, but how it plays out in each country is very culturally relevant,” Kell says. “Consumers [from each country] see consumer trust as a different thing.” For instance, consumers in Denmark view trust in terms of environmental sustainability, Kell notes, while U.S. consumers view trust more from an origin of ingredients standpoint. Past European food scandals and recalls definitely have something to do with European consumers’ SPRING 2018 | PRIVATE LABEL INTERNATIONAL


TRENDING concerns for trust and food safety, Kell notes. For instance, in 2013 Aldi and other food retailers had to withdraw some frozen ready-to-eat food products for sale because they were tainted with horse meat and not the 100 per cent beef indicated on product labels. “There are lasting effects of that and people don’t necessarily regain their trust quickly,” Kell says of scandals and food recalls. With private label products, which go through the same food-safety testing regimens as national brands, it’s vital to communicate detailed sourcing and product information to consumers through packaging and merchandising so they can trust products and deem them safe to eat, she adds. “If you provide more information about the product, people are more likely to buy it,” Kell points out. “People assume the worst if you are not disclosing information, even if retailers aren’t trying to hide anything.” In its study, Trace One also examined why consumers from the eight nations purchase private label

products. Here’s what Trace One found according to buying reasons: • Loyalty and differentiation — 85 per cent buy private label items more than once per month. • Meet expectations — 80 per cent say private label products meet their expectations. • Deliver on promises — 77 per cent says private label products deliver on their promises. • Good value — 77 per cent say private label brands offer good value. • Good quality — 74 per cent perceive private label product food quality as the same as national brands. • Store traffic — 72 per cent shop at a specific retailer more than once a month because of its private label products. • Lower cost — 71 per cent said lower cost is the reason they buy private label products. Trace One reports in the study that there are areas where consumers would like to see private label improve. For instance, 69 per cent of consumers said they don’t consider private label brands as


Trace One’s “Private Label: Different Markets, Different Needs” new study focuses on private label activity in eight countries. Here’s a snapshot of what is occurring with private label in each country, according to the study, which surveyed about 2,000 consumers from the nations:


Germans are most likely to purchase economytier private label products. Eighty-eight per cent of Germans say that private label products offer a good value compared to a 77 per cent average of the other seven countries. Also, private label products tend to drive more store traffic and loyalty among Germans than other nations, according to the report.



“Germans tend to be a very pragmatic group of people,” says Kelly Kell, Trace One’s North American market strategy director. “That is their cultural identity. They really look toward private label as a good value for cost.” Germans also prefer private label meat products — 55 per cent cited their preference for these items compared to 45 per cent of the other countries’ average, ranking Germans first among all countries in the category. More Germans also shop for private label personal care items (52 per cent) than the other countries’ average (42 per cent), ranking them first for these products.

United Kingdom

Shoppers in the United Kingdom like their private label bread and bakery items. Sixty-nine per cent of

TRENDING more innovative than national brands. Kell says that statistic surprised her, considering there has been an influx of premium and wellness private brands in many of the countries where consumers were surveyed. She says the statistic may have something to do with mistaken identity — that consumers aren’t recognizing premium and wellness private label products as store brands because they believe they are products from small high-end brand suppliers. “Because retailers are adapting a tiered approach to private brands, consumers don’t always recognize that premium brand as being a store brand,” she says. But that could change over time as premium products become more prevalent, and retailers improve their marketing and merchandising strategies to communicate to consumers that they are indeed store brands. “We are really starting to see momentum into that premium space,” Kell says. “[Premium products] are not being viewed in this me-too, knockoff inferior light.” Retailers are also hiring outside design agencies to

prefer these items compared to a 56 per cent average for the other countries, ranking UK shoppers first in the category. Fifty-five per cent of UK shoppers also prefer private label meat products, tying Germany for the top spot in that category. UK shoppers (57 per cent) shop for private label produce more than any the average of the other seven nations (43 per cent).


Fifty-three per cent of Spaniards said that price of private label products was “a driver” to purchase them, but price is much less a motivating factor for them to buy products compared to the average of the other seven countries (71 per cent). Twenty-two per cent of Spaniards said they perceive private label as better quality than national brands, placing the group first among all nations. Combined, 11 per cent of consumers from the eight nations said private label was better quality than national brands.

create premium packaging for such products, a style that many consumers are unaccustomed to seeing with private label products, Kell says. According to the study, 62 per cent of consumers do not think private label brands have more appealing packaging than national brands. Again, the statistic may reflect Kell’s mistaken identity theory. “There are a number of retailers that are still trying to refine their packaging strategies, but the ones that are winning are playing into that premium packaging and design element,” she says. In the U.S., the definition of private label is beginning to expand beyond products, Kell notes. A store’s brand also has to do with its experience, from customer service to consumer education. In other words, store brands have an intangible impact. “It will be interesting to see [how this goes] in Europe,” Kell says. PLI Aylward, editor-in-chief of Private Label International, can be reached at

French consumers prefer premium private label.

Spaniards also use social media to influence others’ purchases — 62 per cent of them take to social media to tout the products they purchased compared to a 49 per cent average for the other seven countries. More Spaniards are also concerned about the environmental impact of private label products (47 per cent) and ethical implications of products (37 per cent) compared to the average (41 per cent and 29 per cent) of the other countries.


French consumers place a preference on premium private label — 52 per cent of them buy such products — more than any other country in the study. Twelve per cent of French consumers said they only purchase premium products, which is double the average of the other countries. Kell says she is not surprised by the French’s affinity for premium products. “The French market has historically accepted private label and cultured it for a long time now,” she says. The most popular category for private




label in France is dry baking goods. French consumers also want more transparency. Fifty-seven per cent said they want information on the product label relating to regions of origin, compared to 41 per cent for the other countries.


Of the eight nations profiled in the survey, Danes are portrayed as lesser fans of private label products than consumers in other nations. Danish consumers are least likely among all nations to buy premium private label products — only 28 per cent purchase them compared to 43 per cent of the other countries combined. Thirty-six per cent of Danes said they prefer to purchase regular tier or mainstream private label products. Overall, Danes seem less impressed with private label than the other countries. Sixty-three per cent of Danes said private label products deliver on their promises compared to 77 per cent for the other countries. Forty-six per cent said private label products inspire trust, compared to a 64 per cent average for the other countries. Thirty-eight per cent of Danes also say private brands don’t offer a good value, nearly 40 per cent lower than the other countries. Forty-seven per cent of Danes said they would recommend private label to their peers, compared to 72 per cent for the other countries.



Italians are big supporters of private label products. Eighty-eight per cent say that private label offer a good value. Italy tied with Germany with the highest percentage in this segment of the study. Forty per cent of Italians also say that private label offers innovation compared to 31 per cent of the other countries’ average. And 55 per cent of Italians say private label offers uniqueness compared to 41 per cent of the remaining countries. In addition, 84 per cent of Italians said they would recommend private label products to others compared to 72 per cent of the other countries. Italians ranked No. 1 in all three segments. Italian consumers are also big on trust when purchasing private label — 35 per cent of Italians said trust is an important purchase driver compared to 26 per cent for the other countries combined. The good news is that many Italians do trust private label — 55 per cent of Italians said they are least likely to trust the safety of private label compared to 69 per cent for the other countries. Italian consumers also purchase more private label beverages and less meat than the other countries’ average for thos products.

United States

Americans prefer regular or mainstream tier private label — 93 per cent of Americans buy such products versus economy or premium products compared to 82 per cent for the other countries’ average. U.S. consumers also purchase more private label paper goods and dry/baking goods than consumers from other nations. They also prefer bread/bakery goods and produce. More U.S. consumers (36 per cent) said they trust the safety of private label products than the average (23 per cent) of other countries. More U.S. consumers also say private label offers a good value and would recommend private label than other countries.


Canadians keep an eye on cost with private label. Eightytwo per cent of Canadians say cost is a major reason they buy private label compared to an average of 71 per cent for the other countries. The least-popular categories of private label products for Canadians are beverages, dairy and personal care. Sixty per cent of Canadians say they buy private label “loyally,” compared to 49 per cent for the other countries. “In Canada, cost is important but Canadians also tend to [purchase] premium brands as well,” Kell says. PLI



asta is losing some luster. Though it remains an extremely popular international meal option, pasta is facing pushback from the growing base of wellness-minded shoppers who are seeking to cut their carbohydrate intake. Indeed, Italian per-capita pasta consumption fell from 37 pounds in 2011 to 33 pounds in 2016, states Mintel, a global market research firm, in a May 2017 report on the worldwide pasta sector. Twenty-three per cent of Italians, and 28 per cent of those 55 and over, say they are limiting the amount of pasta in their diets for health reasons. In addition, 33 per cent of Italians in 2016 said they had eaten gluten-free pasta, up from just 7 per cent in 2015; 63 per cent had used organic pasta versus 13 per cent a year earlier; and 75 per cent had used whole wheat or whole grain pasta, compared to 36 percent in 2015. Despite the purchasing cutbacks, Italy remains the third-largest pasta-buying nation, trailing only Brazil and Russia. “Health concerns over carbohydrate intake continue to

plague sales of pasta, especially in Italy where retail sales have been in constant decline every year since 2009,” notes Jodie Minotto, Mintel global food and drink analyst. “The rising popularity of protein and the resurgence of low-carb diets have made for a challenging environment for pasta, which is being shunned in favor of foods perceived to be healthier or more supportive of weightmanagement efforts.” The move away from carbohydrates is occurring around the globe. Mintel reports that 22 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom say they are limiting their carbohydrate intake for health reasons, and 20 per cent regularly use vegetables in lieu of pasta, rice and noodles. Twenty-four per cent of pasta-buying shoppers in the UK, meanwhile, state they are seeking “better-for-you” choices, while pasta made with ancient grains appeals to 22 per cent of consumers and 30 per cent seek variants with vegetables, Mintel states. Also reducing pasta consumption for health reasons are 19 per cent of consumers in Spain, 16 per cent in Poland, and 15 per cent in both Germany and France, SPRING 2018 | PRIVATE LABEL INTERNATIONAL



Mintel states, noting that the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) for pasta was negative 2 per cent in Italy and the U.K. between 2011 and 2015 and flat in Australia, Canada and France.


In response to the changing shopper attitudes, pasta suppliers and merchandisers are offering more options with health halos. In 2016, 28 per cent of all shelfstable pasta introductions in Europe and the U.S. had an organic label, along with 10 per cent in the Asia-Pacific region, Mintel reports. “Consumers are becoming much more aware of their food intake, and the highest growth is coming from organic,” says Lino Laudiero, president of GHIGI Food Industries LLC, a Manassas, Va.based manufacturer of Italian foods. “We expect that demand to continue and be driven by consumers’ changing food habits.” Along with organic, more consumers in Italy and other parts of Europe are seeking whole-grain and gluten-free pasta, he states, adding that interest in product traceability also is increasing. In addition, pasta with low, no or reduced allergens is becoming more prominent with 22 per cent of new European launches in 2016 featuring the claim, along with 20 per cent of rollouts in the U.S., 13 per cent in the AsiaPacific region and 12 per cent in Latin America, Mintel notes. Twenty per cent of new pasta rollouts in Europe in 2016 were also gluten-free. While private label pasta selections will benefit from such attributes, retailers still face the challenge of offering the most efficient product assortments along with sourcing authentic, quality items that provide added value, Laudiero notes. Claims that can help retailers differentiate their private label brands from the national selections include being made in Italy with 100 per cent Italian wheat and non-GMO, he says.




Lino Laudiero, President, GHIGI Food Industries LLC

The global rice sector, which includes a large base of store brands, also is profiting from the merchandising of healthoriented products, including items that are gluten-free and low in cholesterol and allergens, says Stuart Hoetger, managing partner of The Stogan Group Inc., a Chico, Calif.-based international agricultural and marketing consulting firm. “Those are huge attributes that will especially help increase consumption in the European Union,” he notes. China and India are the two largest riceconsuming nations, with Italy and Spain among the European leaders, Hoetger states, adding that consumption also is high or growing in Central America, North Africa and the Middle East. Rice is less popular in South America, he says, citing the European influence on the region. “Europe is more of a bread than a rice culture and, because many Europeans have moved to South America, bread and pasta are bigger there as well,” he says. Yet, total worldwide demand for rice is increasing each year—particularly because of growing populations—with older shoppers the most prevalent users, Hoetger notes. “Per-capita consumption decreases with age as many younger consumers, including those in Japan, Korea and China, are adopting Westernized diets and are more likely to go to McDonald’s instead of buying rice from their local markets,” he says. Older consumers also are the most frequent purchasers of organic rice, Hoetger states. “Demand for organic rice has been growing for the last five years but we don’t know if that is a fad or trend,” he states. “Millennials say they want organic, farm-grown, feel-good products, but it is their parents that actually do most of the buying.” Store brands, meanwhile, also are likely to remain prominent, Hoetger adds, as retailers spotlight the health benefits of their products and include the country of origin on private label packaging. PLI



he vinegar category has been quite lively over the past decade, with growth happening in both the specialty and generic sectors, says Cesare Mazzetti, president of Acetum S.p.a. in Modena, Italy. Acetum is Italy’s largest and Europe’s third-largest vinegar producer and specializes in private label production. Generic, in other words distilled and wine vinegars, Mazzetti explains, enjoyed volume growth, mainly driven by increased consumer consciousness toward environmental and sustainability issues. Generic vinegar is increasingly used as a substitute for chemical cleaners, as an herbicide and for many other household uses. However, low prices mean that retailer interest in this sector is limited, he adds. The key driver of growth in the specialty vinegar category is Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Mazzetti says. A premium product with an attractive gourmet image, it is ideal for store branding, he adds. “We can see two types of approaches,” Mazzetti says. “One is toward low-priced, high-volume items

to confirm the competitiveness of the specific retailer. This [tends to mean] huge competition among main players, and it surely brings a risk of quality deterioration and a depression of the overall image of this premium product. On the other side, a growing number of retailers are looking for high-quality [gourmet vinegars] — usually even of higher quality than the ones offered by manufacturers’ brands — to increase their image as specialists in the quality food segment.” Mazzetti expects high-end vinegars to spur additional growth in private label. However, he cautions, retailers should pay close attention to on-shelf merchandising. Avoid confusing consumers with overlapping qualities and price positioning, Mazzetti advises.


Global market research firm Mintel’s United Kingdom research on edible oils shows consumers view them positively, as “pure, healthy and flavoursome,” writes Mintel Global Food and Drink Analyst Edward Bergen in a February blog post for the company. This perception offers brands the opportunity to SPRING 2018 | PRIVATE LABEL INTERNATIONAL


CATEGORY UPDATE: OIL AND VINEGAR expand by introducing new flavours to the category, Bergen states. “Oil innovation in Europe and the U.S. in recent years has mainly focused on alternative oils such as coconut, rapeseed or avocado. Launches of flavoured or infused oils, especially garlic and chili oils, has slowed. [However], there is an opportunity to reinvigorate this stagnant part of the category with naturally flavoured varieties of trending alternative oils,” Bergen writes.



Apple cider vinegar is poised for international growth, Mazzetti forecasts, “following the huge trend of this product on the U.S. market.” Once a declining category, apple cider vinegar is literally enjoying an explosion, due to its newly discovered healthy properties, Mazzetti says, adding: “This product is believed to reduce sugar glycemia, control weight, combat skin aging, and it is therefore used as a healthy drink in a daily diet, rather than as a salad dressing or a cooking ingredient. This explains the boom in volumes. There is a quick adoption of private labels for this product; however, brands are still playing a major role here.” There is a growing interest among large social groups, especially millennials, toward the healthy features of vinegars, Mazzetti continues. “Consumption is on the rise. Apple cider vinegar — especially in the organic, cloudy version — is already appearing on retail shelves. We expect that a number of new vinegars — [such as those made from] pomegranates, dates [and other fruits] could soon [capture] the attention of European buyers, and become more popular over the next three to five years.” Because millennials are particularly sensitive to health- and environment/sustainability related issues, manufacturers and retailers have the chance to secure their ongoing loyalty for years, Mazzetti says. Baby boomers in general have more spending power and are more oriented toward the quality and hedonistic [tasteenhancing] aspects of food products, Mazzetti observes. “The range of pre-



mium balsamic is more addressed to this group.” Advertising and public relations with a focus on the history and features of high-end vinegar would speak to this segment of the population, Mazzetti says.


Retailers can market edible oils with their health halo to take advantage of these trends by positioning them as a replacement for prepared cooking sauces, Bergen writes. Mintel’s U.S. research finds that one-fifth of consumers either don’t use or have cut their use of cooking sauces, pasta sauces or marinades because they consider them too processed, Bergen reports. “With health perceptions of oils being more positive in comparison to those in the sauce category, oil brands should look to explore more adventurous sauce-flavoured oils. In recent years, success in the sauce category has been found from ethnic dishes, which flavoured oils could easily replicate,” Bergen writes. Focus on clean labels, but also educate consumers how to best use flavoured oils in cooking and dressing different kinds of dishes, so that they are comfortable using oils in this manner, Bergen counsels.


“Vinegar is a century-old category, ruled by very strict laws (especially the balsamic and wine vinegar segments), and therefore innovation is rather limited,” Mazzetti says. “There was a burst of innovation when the vinegar glazes were launched about 20 years ago, our company being the one who invented this category, and we are still enjoying a worldwide patent for it. Exclusivity is sometimes searched for by retailers, but usually it pertains to certain kinds of packaging, bottles and presentations.” Nevertheless, being able to offer products with particular features such as organic, kosher or halal certifications still gives the manufacturer a potential competitive edge, Mazzetti points out. “Acetum is the first company to have reached the ‘bio-suisse’ certification this year for a range of products, which we granted exclusively to our long-time retail partner there, Coop Suisse.” PLI



here are many and varied reasons to drink tea and coffee, and regardless of whether they happen to be practical or psychological, an uplifting experience is at the crux of them all. New ways to drink those cups of comfort are popping up all over, from different ways to quaff coffee cold to teas that promise to enhance health.


A concern for health — the health of the consumer and the health of the earth — is where the tea business is centered these days, says Holger Lohs, CEO of Häelssen & Lyon North America Corp. in New York. Parent company Hälssen & Lyon GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an international, familyowned company with more than 135 years of experience in the tea business. Wellness teas and assortments that are sustainably grown and packaged are on trend, Lohs says. “Within the wellness herbal and tea category, matcha and detox are still growing, (as are blends) 22


combined with superfruits and convenient pyramid bag packaging for loose leaf products,” he explains. Consumers also want their tea products to be convenient, attractive and less expensive, so private label retailers should meet these requirements in order to capture their loyalty, Lohs advises. Premium products in pleasing packaging presentations make for a winning formula, Lohs adds. “We still believe in the trend of having more quality products in grocery retail; however, every retailer has [his or her]own definition of what quality really means [or] is. I, for sure, see a trend that the price is going to be important. However, quality might be at the forefront in the future,” Lohs explains.


Global market research firm Mintel reports that chilled coffee is making some promising inroads in Australia and France. Though ready-to drink (RTD) coffees claim only a small portion of the Australian market, new launches of RTD coffee grew nearly seven-fold from Septem-

B U Y YO U R S U CC E S S Soluble Coffee · Liquid Coffee · Instant Coffee Drinks Fair Trade / Organic Coffee · Individual Blends • Best quality sources around the world • Highly skilled manufacturing ISO, BRC higher level and IFS higher level certified • Highest flexibility • Tailor-made solutions

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ber 2012 to August 2017, reports Jodie Minotto, research manager of Mintel Food and Drink/Asia Pacific. In a Mintel blog post from January, Minotto writes, “Manufacturers are slowly starting to tap into the growing momentum around cold coffee.” Brand advertising in Australia has branched out from aiming RTD coffees at young males seeking a fast and easy workday caffeine fix to highlighting the ingredients to promote the taste and quality of their beverages, Minotto reports. Meanwhile, a budding interest in chilled coffee among French consumers shows potential, reports Alex Beckett, global food and drink analyst for Mintel. In Europe, “cold coffee remains relatively unestablished compared with the U.S. and South Asia, and the cold-brew phenomenon is yet to properly take off. … however around one-third of French coffee drinkers are keen to try such cold formats, rising to almost half of 16 to 24 year olds,” who are attracted to the taste of milky coffee as well as added spiced and sweet flavorings, Beckett writes in a December Mintel blog post.


Broadening their horizons, 37 per cent of Britons aged 25 to 34 have sampled five to six different types of tea at home or at work in the past month, according to recent Mintel research. This compares to just 3 per cent of the 55-and-up age group in that country, Mintel reports. Not only does this youthful group have an adventurous taste for tea, they report drinking flavoured teas as an alternative to sugary drinks, according to the report. In addition, 12 per cent of all adults and 15 per cent of those aged 35 to 44 who identify as tea and hot drink consumers said they were interested in trying teas tailored for drinking as an




alternative to wine. The research further showed that 40 per cent of Britons aged 16 to 34 who consume tea or other hot drinks say they would like to know more about how to pair tea with savoury food, compared to a United Kingdom average of 28 per cent. Tapping into health trends, some brands in India have launched teas with Ayurvedic ingredients, reports Ranjana Sundaresan, Mintel’s global food and drink analyst based in Mumbai. Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine used in India that employs diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing. Also touted for its health attributes, the traditional South American plant yerba mate, which is drunk as a tea, is gaining popularity in Europe and North America, Mintel Global Food and Drink Analyst Regina Maiseviciute writes in a Mintel blog post from last year. Yerba mate contains polyphenol antioxidants and Vitamins B and C. It is sometimes used as a weight-management ingredient to help increase mental energy, improve mood, benefit the cardiovascular system, for its antiinflammatory properties and to improve allergy symptoms, Maiseviciute writes. Chinese consumers who are eager to delve into the high-end coffee experience now have the biggest Starbucks in the world, which opened in Shanghai at the end of 2017, Mintel research analyst Summer Chen writes in a December Mintel News post. Coffee consumption is growing rapidly in China, according to Chen. China is Starbucks’ fastest-growing market, where there are more than 3,000 stores in 136 cities. Six hundred of those stores are in Shanghai alone. Though most Chinese consumers are unfamiliar with specialty coffee, it finds fans in women aged 20 to 39 who “love the Starbucks’ culture and are willing to try some new and interesting products,” Chen writes. PLI









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rivate label bathroom tissue products continue to record growth globally, according to a Euromonitor report authored by Svetlana Uduslaivaia published last December. That growth is being supported by retailer investment in private label portfolios and the expansion of value, premium and superpremium price segments; as well as manufacturing and tissue mill facility investment and expansion, Uduslaivaia reports. Consumer tissue products have high levels of household penetration in developed regions, especially Western Europe, and are facing major pricing pressures, Uduslaivaia writes in “Overview of the Tissue and Hygiene Market.” Even so, the category grew modestly in 2016, Uduslaivaia states. “Consumer tissue and disposable hygiene industries continue to see a shift in sales toward the developing markets with still significant unmet potential, while developed regions of North America, Western 26


Europe and Australasia struggle with market saturation,” Uduslaivaia writes. Uduslaivaia cautions, however, that there are impediments that could limit sales and profit margins in developing markets, such as a low-income consumer base, financial and political instability, and exchange rate fluctuations.


Global retail sales of tissue and hygiene products, as of consumer goods in general, should continue to expand with double-digit gains across most regions, Uduslaivaia writes. In order to win digital shoppers, especially in developing markets, retailers and manufacturers need to formulate dedicated strategies for ecommerce and m-commerce (for mobile phones), Uduslaivaia states. In addition, retailers and manufacturers should carefully assess consumer preferences and capabilities in specific markets such as the ability to use credit cards versus the need to accommodate cash

CATEGORY UPDATE: PAPER PRODUCTS payments, delivery methods, product selection and consumer communication, Uduslaivaia writes.


The biggest household paper markets in 2018, estimated as of January, are: the United States (€14.6 billion), China (€7.28 billion), Japan (€2.65 billion), Germany (€2.40 billion) and Mexico (€1.82 billion), according to global market research firm Mintel’s February report, “The Future of Household Paper Products: 2018,” authored by Jamie Rosenberg, senior global analyst, household and personal care. Mexico broke into the top five for the first time this year, Rosenberg reports. Two years from now, in 2020, Mintel estimates the top five household paper markets will be:

United States (€14.89 billion), China (€8.69 billion), Japan (€2.90 billion), Germany (€2.65 billion) and Mexico (€1.99 billion). The fastest-growing global retail markets for household paper products by value over the last five years, estimated as of January, were Russia, Turkey, China, Indonesia and India, according to Mintel. The slowest growing, the report found, were the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Australia. Nations with the highest spend per capital on household paper products by country are: the United States (€45), Norway (€36), Canada (€36), Australia (€33) and Switzerland (€32), according to Mintel. The five nations with the lowest spend per capita are: Thailand (€0.13), Vietnam (€0.79), Philippines (€0.91), Indonesia (€2.07) and India (€2.98). PLI

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he market for home-cleaning products is glistening. The amount of dwellings requiring cleaning is expanding as more persons around the globe locate to urban areas, analysts note, while growing incomes are enabling consumers to purchase more and higherpriced selections. Such elements are contributing to growing sector revenues, including a 5 per cent sales increase for home care products in 2016 to €118.24 billion, reports Euromonitor International, a global market research firm, in a June 2017 report on the sector. The category includes products for laundry care, dishwashing, surface care and toilet care, along with chlorine bleach, polishes, air fresheners and insecticides. Larger disposable incomes in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa are enabling international brands to more easily penetrate those fast-growing markets, while government hygiene-awareness campaigns are



making consumers more cognizant of product options, says Ian Bell, a Euromonitor analyst. Merchandisers of store brands are among the beneficiaries of such activity, with many retailers offering selections that are similar or superior in quality to the national brands, he states. “While Western Europe remains the home of private label, the shift toward modern retailing in emerging markets, along with the increasing level of retail concentration, is expected to support the development and expansion of private label home care products,” Bell notes. Private label growth was strongest from 2011 to 2016 in Eastern Europe, which registered a 122 per cent sales increase, followed by Australasia (a 20 per cent gain), and Latin America (a 13 per cent increase), Euromonitor reports.


Along with the greater overall shopper interest


in home-care selections is a push for more options with sensory elements, Bell states. “Fragrance has become a purchasing driver across a wide range of homecare products, and consumers are seeking experiential and sophisticated scents to enhance the indoor living space,” he says. “Consumers already associate fragrance to cleanliness in beauty and personal care. In a similar manner in home care, perceptual cleanliness and hygiene are increasingly correlated to fragrance.” A change in product composition also is underway, including a rapid migration from automatic dishwashing powders to liquids in China, Latin America and developing markets, Bell notes. “The switch in format has become a clear indicator of market development and income growth, and the transition has been pushed by manufacturers to allow more flexibility and ease of use to consumers,” he says. Indeed, the launch of simpler-to-use products is a growing category trend, says a spokesperson for U.S. Nonwovens Corp., a Brentwood, N.Y.-based supplier of private label cleaning supplies, adding that such selections can benefit merchandisers of store brands. Because of “severe competition” in foreign markets, the spokesperson states that it is important that retailers offer distinctive private brands and that they work with suppliers who can offer “solutions to the problems.” The degree of interest in specific home-cleaning products in countries, meanwhile, will vary in accordance with the nations’ economic and cultural elements, says Jim Wisner, president of Wisner Marketing Group Inc., a Libertyville, Ill.-based consulting, research and education firm focusing on the retail, consumer packaged goods and private label sectors. Disposable items, such as paper towels and wipes, for instance, are typically

more popular in areas with higher incomes, while multi-use products, including cloths, are more prevalent with lower-income populations, he states. Persons from regions that are “hot, dry and dusty” also tend to purchase supplies more frequently, Wisner says. “Cleaning products index off the charts in North American Hispanic communities, and Asian cultures also tend to be more fastidious with a higher utilization of cleaning items,” he notes. The global trend of persons moving into larger cities, meanwhile, is resulting in more single-person households and expanding the number of units that need to be cleaned, leading to greater product demand,” he says.


Wisner states that retailers can capitalize on the category’s popularity by merchandising higher-end store brands. “Private label in many cases is going to win the price buyer, but the first consideration is if the product gets the job done,” he says. “Retailers must insure that the customer is getting a positive experience or there will be no repurchase.” Merchandisers also should be willing to charge more for premium private brands, particularly as such products are becoming increasingly affordable because of rising worldwide incomes, Wisner says. “Some retailers are reluctant to invest in the product quality that is needed,” he states. “But there is far more upside than downside for private label as most of the market is underdeveloped. There is great global growth potential.” Products with particularly strong sales prospects include disinfectant wipes, which meet the need for convenience and portability, and selections that are eco-friendly and sustainable, Wisner adds. Marketing innovative private brands also is important as many consumers view home cleaning options as commodity products, states Diana Sheehan, vice president of retail and shopper insights for Kantar Consulting, a Boston-based research and consulting firm. She notes that natural, organic and sustainable selections can be important differentiators, along with products that emphasize convenience. “Because some people still are cleaning less than in the past, it is important for retailers to find ways to make the category more relevant for them,” Sheehan states, “and that means thinking outside the box.” Category revenues, meanwhile, are likely to keep growing as Bell notes that unlike other product categories that will be affected by geopolitical and economic instability, home care will continue performing in developed, developing and emerging markets. PLI




Premium products progressing Premium private labels are growing in appeal across Europe, according to global market research firm Mintel. “Creating differentiation with quality, unique ingredients, sophisticated recipes and flavours is proving a successful strategy,” according to Mintel, which reports that one in 10 private label new product launches are now under a premium private label brand such as Carrefour Selection, Lidl Deluxe or Tesco Finest. According to Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD), here are five international “exciting and inspiring products” released by private labels in 2017:

RETAILER Waitrose, United Kingdom PRODUCT Wood-Fired Antipasti

RETAILER: Planet Organic, United Kingdom PRODUCT: Three Seed Ancient Grain Granola with Quinoa, Teff & Amaranth Ancient grains have been planted and harvested in the same way for thousands of years, and this gives them a reputation for being more natural and less processed than other grains. Chia, quinoa and teff are just some of the common ancient grains used in breakfast cereals.


RETAILER: El Corte Inglés, Spain PRODUCT: Black Garlic Black garlic is high in potassium and zinc, which contributes to normal functioning of the nervous and immune system. During a recent year-long period, only 2 per cent of all seasoning launches in Europe were positioned as functional, which Mintel says suggests a significant untapped opportunity for brands to actively promote the health benefits of spices.


Charcoal Sourdough Pizza Charcoal pizza is the latest food fad, according to Mintel. This version comprises a black, handstretched, wood-fired pizza base with charcoal topped with Italian tomato and fresh basil sauce, mozzarella, red peppers, Porchetta, Napoli salami, marinated artichokes, semi dried tomatoes and olives. RETAILER: Shufersal, Israel PRODUCT: Premium Basil Spray According to the manufacturer, this innovative product preserves the authentic taste of fresh basil leaves, and can be used for cooking as well as for seasoning hot or cold dishes. Four sprays are said to be equivalent to two basil leaves. RETAILER: Lidl, Spain PRODUCT: Chef Select Strawberry and Currant Flavoured Gazpacho Sweet and fruit-infused soups have begun to gain traction in Europe, Mintel states. Some products offer creative fruit-infused twists on traditional gazpachos in portable packaging and drinkable formats. Often served cold in order to encourage consumers to have soups as a snack, they also mitigate the seasonality of hot soups, which are more often consumed in the colder months. PLI

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