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Introducing New, Natural, Eye Strain Relief ® Daytime Drops and Nighttime Ointment.

Natural, 24/7 Relief for Digital Eye Strain and Blue Light Exposure. In today’s ever-changing world, the human eye is constantly exposed to high-energy light, also known as ‘blue light’. Sunlight, the strongest contributor of blue light, combined with daily use of digital devices such as computers, smart phones, and tablets, contributes significantly to the development of eye strain symptoms. Eye Strain Relief ® Daytime Drops and Nighttime Ointment help to alleviate symptoms such as dry, tired eyes, blurred or double vision, and eye strain with headache. Eye Strain Relief ® combines a unique blend of active and inactive ingredients to naturally soothe away discomfort and provide 24/7 relief for digital eye strain and blue light exposure. The Relief Products™ is proud to be a family-run business driven by its mission to help you Stay Healthy, Naturally ®. All of The Relief Products™ are made using 100% natural active ingredients and offer no known side effects or interactions with other medications. The Company has received 5 Women’s Choice Awards for 2019, as well as the 2019 DSN Retail Excellence Award in the natural products category. Safe, affordable, award-winning products—from our family to your retail shelves.

Stay Healthy, Naturally.

2014 - 2019

Women’s Choice Award®



Get Relief at: https://www.thereliefproducts.com/where-to-buy | 888-969-6855 The Relief Products™ FDA Disclaimer: Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Automation at the Pharmacy P. 92


women DSN honors women making a difference in health, wellness and beauty

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Women shave differently, their razor should too. Moisture Surround C h t i w artr s e d idg la B e 5-

Because Superior Lubrication Matters. Contact your Edgewell Private Brands Group representative today.

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Vol. 41 No. 11 DrugStoreNews.com

FEATURES 10 Industry News 18 FounderMade Roundup Brands that stood out at a recent product discovery event

20 Selfcare Roadmap Insights Insights into how wound care consumers shop, powered by GMDC | Retail Tomorrow’s and HRG’s Selfcare Roadmap tool

34 Focus On: Sunbeam 36 Products to Watch 38 CBD News 42 Cover Story: DSN Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty DSN recognizes women making a difference in the industry in three categories: Career Achievement, Business Excellence and Rising Stars

102 Private Label’s Surge With demand remaining high, private-label manufacturers innovate around packaging and ingredients

42 COLUMNS 8 Editor’s Note 22 Counter Talk with industry consultant Bruce Kneeland

24 Counter Talk with Pharmacists Planning Services’ Fred Mayer


26 Counter Talk with Cosmetic Promotions’ Joann Marks

28 Counter Talk with Susan B. Levy Consulting’s Susan B. Levy

30 Counter Talk with BDS Analytics’ Kate Senzamici

36 One-On-One


with The International Housewares Association’s Derek Miller


106 Last Word with David Orgel Consulting’s David Orgel

INSIDE BEAUTY 80 Who Run the (Beauty) World? Profiles of women who have seen success with the beauty companies they founded

88 Counter Talk with DSN Beauty Director Laura Fontana

90 Spotlight On: Skin Hydration and Moisturization 91 News


92 Technology and Automation How companies are helping pharmacies rethink tried-andtrue — if not terribly efficient — processes behind the counter

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NEW LO O K From the # 1 Selling Heating Pad Brand* #1 Trusted Heating Pad Brand ** # 1 User Recommended Brand **

FSA/HSA Eligible UL Certified & FDA Registered







Want to learn more on how to grow? Email us: Sunbeampainrelief@newellco.com *Heating pad units sold, based on IRI-MULO 52 weeks ending 10/1/19 **Based on Ipsos Survey in December 2016, 720 users or intenders aged 18-65 © 2019 Sunbeam Products, Inc. All rights reserved. HAH817 CSB-SC0819

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Top Honors DSN applauds the women who stand out in the mass retail industry By Seth Mendelson


f nothing else, paying attention to diversity can be good for business. While that may not be the best reason to do so — one would hope that treating others as equals would be at the top of the ladder — it is becoming clear that retailers and suppliers must address the changing face, interests and demands of the consumer in order to stay in touch with their needs and to keep getting their business. And, at the same time, the industry must pay more attention to who works for them and whether their workforce, Seth Mendelson Editor in Chief/ especially at headquarter levels, mirrors the look of their Associate Publisher shoppers. The good news is that many retailers and suppliers are doing so. The major retail chains, including CVS Health, Walgreens and Rite Aid, plus the likes of Walmart, Target and Costco among others, have taken significant steps in recent years to ensure that they are hiring a more diverse workforce that is in tune with what today’s consumer wants on store shelves. Suppliers are getting more involved, too. Procter & Gamble, for example, began a massive campaign nearly five years ago designed to eliminate certain stereotypes about women and minorities. In the words of Damon Jones, P&G’s vice president of communications and advocacy, the giant supplier reaches more than 5 billion consumers daily with a marketing campaign that stresses diversity and “speaks volumes.” Jones hopes that the P&G campaign will inspire other suppliers, as well as retailers, to initiate their own programs to educate consumers, and the trade, about the need to diversify and educate that ultimately will bring people together. As we have discussed in this space in the recent past, it appears that private industry will have to step up and lead the challenges ahead in terms of treating people better and giving all an equal shot at success and happiness. Drug Store News wants to be part of the solution here. On Nov. 20 and 21, DSN is honoring about 140 women who stand out in the mass retail industry with our first Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty event, which will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. We are getting involved because it is high time that we honor women who have managed to climb the corporate ladder successfully, often overcoming roadblocks and challenges that could have stopped their journey at any point. More importantly, we are shining the spotlight on these women to show others that success can be achieved despite of one’s gender, color, religion or lifestyle choice. Ultimately, inclusion is just about the best business tactic one can utilize. dsn

It is becoming clear that retailers and suppliers must address the changing face of the consumer to stay in touch with their needs.


An EnsembleIQ Publication 8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60631 Senior Vice President, Publisher John Kenlon (516) 650-2064, jkenlon@ensembleiq.com Editor in Chief /Associate Publisher Seth Mendelson (212) 756-5160, smendelson@ensembleiq.com EDITORIAL Managing Editor David Salazar (212) 756-5114, dsalazar@ensembleiq.com Senior Editor Sandra Levy (845) 893-9573, slevy@ensembleiq.com Desk Editor Maria Manliclic (212) 756-5093, mmanliclic@ensembleiq.com Online Editor Gisselle Gaitan (212) 756-5138, ggaitan@ensembleiq.com SALES & BUSINESS Beauty Director Laura Fontana (440) 724-4369, lfontana@ensembleiq.com Northeast Manager Alex Tomas (212) 756-5155, atomas@ensembleiq.com Regional Manager Steven Werner (312) 961-7162 swerner@ensembleiq.com Brand Marketing Manager Mary Ellen Magee (856) 419-8411, mmagee@ensembleiq.com Production Manager Jackie Batson (224) 632-8183, jbatson@ensembleiq.com PROJECT MANAGEMENT/PRODUCTION/ART Vice President Production Derek Estey (877) 687-7321 x 1004, destey@ensembleiq.com Creative Director Colette Magliaro cmagliaro@ensembleiq.com CUSTOMER SERVICE Having a problem with your subscription? Send us full details with the mailing label of the last copy you received, along with your telephone number. Write to: Circulation Fulfillment Director, Drug Store News, P.O. Box 3200 Northbrook, IL 60065-3200; email drugstorenews@omeda.com; or call (847) 564-1468 CIRCULATION LIST MANAGER Elizabeth Jackson MeritDirect (847) 492-1350 x 318. REPRINTS PARS International, LF-Reprints@parsintl.com, (212) 221-9595 x435, tinyurl.com/LF-reprints. Single copy price is $20 for a regular issue and $100 for a statistical issue. PERMISSIONS For permission to reuse material from Drug Store News/DSN (ISSN 0191-7587) please access www.copyright.com or contact the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923, (978) 646-2600, (855) 239-3415. CCC is a not-for-profit organization that provides licenses and registration for a variety of uses.

CORPORATE OFFICERS Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Litterick Chief Financial Officer Dan McCarthy Chief Innovation Officer Tanner Van Dusen Chief Human Resources Officer Ann Jadown Executive Vice President, Events & Conferences Ed Several


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11/7/19 7:01 PM

Evolving with you

Navigating diabetes management. Trust the light. The highly accurate1 and easy-to-use CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter, with its unique smartLIGHT feature, instantly shows if blood glucose is in target range – which helps guide decision making.2,3


My Readings





Your blood Friday, Oct 19sugar is critically low. Eat some sugar and retest dL 7:30 AM 58in 15 mg

Patients can get even more guidance with the CONTOUR®DIABETES app: Improved glucose control.4* Increased engagement with diabetes management.4* Significant decrease in likelihood of hypoglycemic events.4*


minutes. Common recommendations include: mg

12:23 PM

3:20 PM Half a glass of 9:41fruit PM juice




mg dL

Four glucose tablets 92 mgdL

Saturday, Oct 20


10:24 AM


1:33 PM


mg dL

mg dL

Compatible with Apple Health™ Patients should consult with their health care provider prior to making changes to diet, exercise or treatment regimen. * In a data analysis of people in North America using the CONTOUR®DIABETES app (N=5,870 people with diabetes), real world evidence demonstrated that use of the app for more than 180 days resulted in a statistically significant decrease in the estimated risk of experiencing >1 hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic event at using both the less (<70mg/ dL and >180 mg/dL; n=1,253) and more stringent (<50mg/dL and >250 mg/dL; n=654) definitions of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, indicating improved blood glucose control. References: 1. Christiansen, M. et al. A New, Wireless-enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System That Links to a Smart Mobile Device: Accuracy and User Performance Evaluation. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2017, Vol. 11(3) 567-57. 2. Grady M et al. J Diabetes Sci Technol 2015;9:841-848 (Pg. 6, Table 2). 3. Ascensia Diabetes Care, Data on file, SMARTSON market research study of the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES app, June 2017, Sweden. Participants received a free meter and test strips. 4. Stuhr A and Pardo S. Impact of Real-World Use of the CONTOUR®DIABETES App on Glycemic Control and Testing Frequency. Poster presented at the Diabetes Technology Meeting (DTM). November 8-10 2018, North Bethesda, Maryland, USA. © 2019 Ascensia Diabetes Care. All rights reserved. Ascensia, the Ascensia Diabetes Care logo, and Contour are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Ascensia Diabetes Care.

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Cognivue Brings Cognitive Screening Solution to Pharmacies Cognivue has unveiled its cognitive screening offering for retail pharmacies. The Rochester, N.Y.-based company is offering its computerized cognitive function test, which is based on Food and Drug Administration-cleared technology. It can quantitatively and objectively identify changes in cognitive function that might indicate an impairment that could be treated or managed. Executives with the company said it can be used as an added component to health screenings or offered as a stand-alone service. “Pharmacists today offer everything from diabetes screening, A1C test, blood pressure and cholesterol screen/evaluations to basic and comprehensive health screens, hearing and vision evaluations, and sports physicals, but they do not offer any brain health or cognitive function screening” said Tom O’Neill, CEO of Cognivue (pictured). Cognivue’s CogniSystem uses a patented software algorithm that calibrates each individual’s motor and visual abilities, and continuously adapts to the user’s performance to provide a customized screening. The screening, which is designed to eliminate testing variables, consists of a self-administered twominute video and five-minute screening that tests key cognitive domains, delivering a one-page report once completed. O’Neill said that Cognivue’s fourth-generation device will be launching in the first quarter of 2020. The 5-pound device is compact enough to offer in-store screenings with minimal footprint, and be portable for travel to health fairs and other events. Additionally, the company will be offering a free certification program for pharmacists to gain education needed for cognitive testing as part of its introductory program. “We recognize that pharmacists today need to be educated on cognition and how to identify and counsel patients that are showing signs of cognitive decline,” O’Neill said.


California Law Enables Pharmacists to Dispense PrEP and PEP Without a Prescription A newly enacted California law is putting pharmacists on the front lines of HIV prevention California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 159, which authorizes pharmacists to furnish HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, and post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, to patients without a physician prescription. PrEP is a once-daily pill for HIV-negative people that reduces the risk of infection by up to 99%, and PEP is a 28 day preventive course for people who may have been exposed to HIV. The law, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, is the first law in the nation to authorize pharmacists to furnish PrEP and PEP without a physician prescription. Authored by California Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, and Assemblyman Todd Gloria, D-San Diego, the legislation was written as a way to expand access to life-saving HIV prevention medication. “To end new HIV infections, we must dramatically expand access to PrEP and PEP, yet far too many Californians who need these drugs struggle to access them. SB 159 will keep more Californians HIV negative and help us end this epidemic,” Wiener said. “I applaud Governor Newsom for signing this first-in-the-nation legislation to remove barriers to these critical HIV preventatives.” SB 159 is supported by a broad coalition and sponsored by Equality California, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, APLA Health, Los Angeles LGBT Center, the California Pharmacists Association, and California Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Pharmacists already are authorized to furnish emergency contraceptives and the birth control pill without a physician prescription. Regarding PrEP, pharmacists will be able to provide a 60-day supply, after which the patient will need to see a physician to continue. The legislation also prohibits insurance companies from requiring patients to obtain prior authorization before using their insurance benefits to obtain PrEP or PEP.


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11/7/19 7:43 PM


FROM PIPELINE TO PATIENT When one of the world’s largest API manufacturers is your parent company, quality, value and supply are strengths you can trust.

We’re Camber. We deliver peace of mind.



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11/7/19 8:04 PM


MKJ Brands, My Sales Relaunch Modess Feminine Hygiene Brand MKJ Brands and My Sales are relaunching the Modess brand of feminine hygiene products. The brand, which is owned by Retrobrands USA in the United States and Canada, is used under license by MKJ Brands and traces its roots back to the 1920s. “We are excited to have Modess as a part of our family of products,” said Kevin Zhang, general manager of My Sales. “We believe the brand aligns itself with our portfolio of products and allow us to offer a quality opening priced point program that is affordable.” As part of the relaunch, the companies are positioning Modess as a purpose-driven brand, introducing the Modess Cares initiative, which donates menstrual pads to school-aged girls based on unit sales. “Before licensing Modess, we were not aware of the statistics that 1-in-5 school-aged girls miss school because they don’t have or cannot afford proper period protection,” said Mark Stanford, president of MKJ Brands. “Thus, when we decided to relaunch the brand, we created the Modess Cares initiative. Thanks to an initial purchase from Dollar Tree Stores of our Ultra Thin Overnight Pads, we were able to make our first donation to the Hackensack Public School District, New Jersey.” Modess’ product line includes menstrual pads, cleansing wash, body wash, cleansing wipes, freshening sprays, adult briefs, spray wash, diabetics’ body wash and body powder.

THE MYTH: BOOKS ARE PRIMARILY DISCOVERED ONLINE THE FACTS : Store shelves are still the #1 source for book discovery! Only 1 in 4 book buyers consistently plan their purchases in advance! 71% of Children’s book buyers discover new titles by seeing them in a store! PRINT BOOKS are the ONLY physical media category with SALES GROWTH!










AMERICA’S #1 PRINT BOOK DISTRIBUTOR Selling 1 out of every 3 print trade books in the U.S.

Visit www.ReaderLink.com to learn how we can help you grow your business! Sources: Independent studies conducted by Nielsen and by ReaderLink Market Research



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M ss on


Do more with more.

ar Aw ene

Choosing UltiGuard Safe Pack helps your customers—and your pharmacy. The Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack gives your patients a built-in, FDA-cleared sharps disposal system with their pen needles, all for the same copay as pen needles alone—and it gives pharmacies like yours higher margins and higher revenue. With UltiGuard Safe Pack, your pharmacy does well while you do good.

www.ultiguardsafepack.com DSN_Template.indd 1

11/7/19 8:05 PM


Bausch + Lomb Intros PreserVision AREDS 2 Minigels

Pharmacy Solutions

Bausch + Lomb are introducing a new delivery method for its PreserVision AREDS 2 vitamins. The company has launched PreserVision AREDS 2 minigels, which it said would replace the currently offered soft gels with an easierto-swallow vitamin for consumers. The vitamins contain a formula recommended by the National Eye Institute for people with moderate-to-advanced age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. “AMD is a leading cause of vision loss in Americans age 50 and older. For my patients who are diagnosed with moderate to advanced AMD, I typically recommend a plan that includes regular exercise, a healthy diet and PreserVision — a supplement that contains nutrients recommended by the National Eye Institute to help reduce the risk of AMD progression in these patients,” said Rishi Singh, a physician at the Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic. “I am pleased to recommend the new PreserVision AREDS 2 minigels to my patients who have inquired about options that could be easier for them to swallow.” Currently, it is estimated that as many as 16 million people in the United States have age-related macular degeneration. If untreated, it can lead to severe vision loss or blindness. “We are dedicated to providing eye care professionals and their patients with products that help address their needs,” said Chris Marschall, vice president and general manager, U.S. Consumer Health Care, Bausch + Lomb. “The PreserVision AREDS 2 Formula minigel eye vitamins will provide patients with a new easier-to-swallow option that they can incorporate as part of their doctor-recommended plan.” PreserVision AREDS 2 minigel eye vitamins currently are available at major retailers nationwide. They are sold in 120-count bottles with a suggested retail price of $32.99.

FDA Approves Expanded Fiasp Indication

Learn More Here:

bavis.com 14

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new indication for Novo Nordisk’s Fiasp (insulin aspart injection 100 u/mL). The product now can be used in insulin infusion pumps for the improvement of glycemic control in adults with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Fiasp, a rapid-acting insulin, was approved by the FDA in 2017 for use by intravenous infusion under supervision by a healthcare professional or by subcutaneous multiple daily injection, or MDI in adults with diabetes. “People living with diabetes are looking for treatment options that fit into their lifestyles and shifting schedules, and for many, an insulin pump is an important

part of their regimen,” said Todd Hobbs, Novo Nordisk vice president and U.S. chief medical officer. “Since the launch of Fiasp, we’ve heard time and again from the diabetes community about the need to make it available for adult insulin pump users. This label update will now enable adult patients to use Fiasp in their pumps, which is an important part of our ongoing commitment to patient choice and meeting the needs of people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.” Fiasp is the first and only fast-acting mealtime insulin injection that does not have a premeal dosing recommendation. Fiasp is administered at the beginning of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.


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11/7/19 7:45 PM

AlembicAd DSN19.qxp 2/4/19 1:01 PM Page 1

Our Roots Run Deep

Oldest Pharmaceutical Company in India Established in 1907 Vertically Integrated on Over 90% of Our Products Over 45 Product Launches since October 2015 Over 200 SKUs Robust Pipeline of over 100 ANDAs in Various Dosage Forms

750 Route 202 Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA Tel: 908-393-9604 Fax: 908-393-9605


Email: info@alembicusa.com

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Solves Strips Brings Distinct Delivery Method to VMS Products

Coca-Cola Adds Festive Flavors to Coke, Sprite With the holidays on the horizon, Coca-Cola is introducing two limited-time flavors: Coca-Cola Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, currently available nationwide. Coca-Cola Cinnamon previously has been available in the United Kingdom in a zero-sugar version. The flavor, which is hitting American shelves for the first time, combines the classic Coca-Cola taste with cinnamon, and comes in 7.5-oz. and 12-oz. cans, as well as in 20-oz. bottles in select areas. Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry combines Sprite’s lemon-lime flavor with a warm spice blend and tart cranberry. This is the latest in Sprite’s holiday flavors, which were first introduced in 2013 with Sprite Cranberry. The beverage is available in 2-liter bottles, 12-oz. cans and six pack 7.5-oz. cans.

Solves Strips and its line of dissolvable products are looking to breathe new life into VMS through its delivery method. The company recently introduced Solves Strips Revive Energy Strips, which join its lineup of three other wellness-focused strips and its breath freshener product. Revive Energy is an oral thin film that contains 80 mg of caffeine, as well as vitamins B5, B6 and B12 to offer consumers energy without the added sugars, the company said. Solves Strips also offers electrolyte, melatonin and vitamin D dissolvable strips. The melatonin product contains 3 mg of melatonin and features a peppermint flavor; the electrolyte strips are grape flavored and include potassium and sodium; and the vitamin D strips are lemon flavored and contain 125% daily value of vitamin D. Solves Strips Alpine Crisp Dissolvable Strips offer a breath-freshening option in a spearmint flavor. The company said Solves Strips are aimed at consumers who may have difficulty swallowing pills or who prefer an easier method of administering vitamins.

Silk Adds Sugar-Free Option to Oat Yeah Lineup Silk is set to deliver a less sweet oat milk option. The Broomfield, Colo.-based company unveiled a new addition to the Oat Yeah Oatmilk line — The 0g Sugar One. “Silk has the largest unsweetened portfolio of any plant-based beverage brand. In fact, consumer interest in options with 0 g of sugar has doubled in 2019. By introducing an oat milk with 0 grams of sugar, we continue to bring innovative options to meet ever-evolving consumer preferences,” said Travis Hayes, brand manager at Silk. “Oat Yeah The 0g Sugar One combines an ultra-creamy


texture and balanced taste for versatility. It’s delicious when sipped cold on its own, it serves as an excellent dairy milk alternative in recipes, and it can be used to add a tasty dollop of foam to your morning coffee.” Delivering its well-known taste that’s inspired by dairy milk, but without the sweetness, The 0g Sugar One also is free of dairy, soy, cholesterol, artificial colors and flavors, the company said. The product is Non-GMO Project Verified and retails for $3.99.


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11/8/19 10:52 AM











C A L L F O R A F R E E C AT A L O G T O D AY : 8 0 0 . 6 5 4 . 6 9 6 0 C ODE: C S -NOV


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11/7/19 8:06 PM


Making an Impression A recent FounderMade event brought unique products to the fore BY SETH MENDELSON


n airplane hangar in Santa Monica, Calif.? Yes, an airplane hangar in Santa Monica. It was the setting of the semiannual FounderMade exhibition, an event designed to bring retailers and innovative suppliers together to see what might be up and coming in the months ahead. This fall’s event, held in mid-October, did not disappoint attendees. More than 125 exhibitors and an estimated 2,500 visitors crammed the aisles of the hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. “Frankly, I was shocked at the amount of innovation I saw here,” said one attendee, a buyer for a West Coast retailer. “There were a lot of unique products here, which is exactly what I am looking for. We want to be different from the retailer down the street, and events like this can help in a very big way.” Among the products at the show were six SKUs of toothpaste and teeth whiteners from Spotlight Oral Care. The products, which retail between $10 and $50 and will start shipping domestically in February, feature natural ingredients that are clinically proven to work. The products already are available in parts of Europe. “There are a lot of products in the market that say they are natural, but they don’t do what they are intended to do,” said Lisa Creaven, co-founder of the New York-based company. “Our products are natural and do work. We have combined the latest advances in oral care research with the highest quality of ingredients. That is a big difference.” Officials at Scanwell Health said that their urinary tract infection


test kit is the first and only product of its kind, providing users with an at-home kit and same-day treatment options. The three-pack kit, which will be available early next year, sells for $15. “Urinary tract infections are the second most common infections today,” said Candace Kim, marketing director at the Los Angeles-based company. “With our product, a person can find the results in 15 minutes and immediately go to work on getting cured. This will help the consumer avoid costs, and it will drive them back to the retail for a prescription or other medications.” Mikah Coffindaffer, co-founder of Each and Every, also emphasized that being natural necessarily does not mean a product works. Products in the Cincinnati-based company’s line of deodorants are simple — just five ingredients in each, including essential oils — safe and effective. The 24-SKU line has a suggested retail price of $10 for the 1.7-oz. deodorant and $15 for the 2.5-oz. deodorant. “A lot of natural deodorants just don’t work, and consumers have told us that they cannot find a solution for natural products in this category,” Coffindaffer said. “Natural products are very important to our consumers. They want to feel good about what they put on their bodies. We take transparency and being effective very seriously. Every ingredient is listed on the label, and we make sure that our products work.” CV Sciences has added roll-ons to its line of topical CBD products that already include an original balm formula and extra-strength balm. The roll-on, available in 200-mg and extra-strength 500-mg sizes, is designed for consumers who are on the go and need a product that provides relief from joint or muscle pain and itch, or for proper skin health. It is priced at $34.95. “The roll-on offers all the same benefits of our popular balm products, but it allows the user to keep it in her gym bag for easy use,” said an official at the San Diego-based company. “We back our products, and we make it clear to our consumers that these products work.” FounderMade’s next show will be in New York in mid-May. dsn


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11/7/19 7:02 PM

IHAad_Nov2019_DrugStoreNews_PersCare.qxp_Layout 1 9/25/19 11:44 AM Page 1



Today’s consumers want homes that reect their personality, so retailers must inspire lifestyles. Formerly known as the International Home + Housewares Show, The Inspired Home Show 2020 gathers more than 50,000 industry attendees and 2,200 exhibitors around the newest product designs, trends and innovations that spark personal brand and lifestyle aspirations. Visit the wired + well expo to see the latest personal care, home healthcare and household electrics from over 300 exhibitors!

Register Now | TheInspiredHomeShow.com

March 14 - 17, 2020 McCormick Place | Chicago

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11/7/19 8:07 PM



his month, Drug Store News is presenting more insights from the GMDC | Retail Tomorrow Selfcare Roadmap. Developed in partnership with Hamacher Resource Group, the tool identifies opportunities that reveal how next practices can reshape the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, inspire new merchandising and service models and provide impact across all aisles. The tool, which only is available to GMDC | Retail Tomorrow members, demonstrates how to optimize shoppers’ health, beauty and personal care, and wellness experiences, as well as how to drive new avenues for profitability by offering more than 140 insights and infographics that can be sorted by category of self-care occasion. For this month’s category, DSN is previewing insights around wound care taken directly from the Selfcare Roadmap tool. dsn


5% other or none 6% pain relief


6% oral 6% diet/nutrition


Greeting Cards

7% probiotics




6% pain relief



9% vitamins/



Household Products

Gifts & Novelties



23% skin care






Key insight: Three of the top 10 household products are disinfecting sprays. Five of the top 10 household products are facial tissue items.





Key insight: 1-in-4 items are vitamins/supplements, probiotics, or diet/nutrition.


Key insight: Chronic wound patients, expressed in the number above, frequently suffer from diabetes and obesity.



020_DSN_HRGStats_1119v3.indd 20

11/7/19 7:04 PM


“Works way better than other air fresheners.”

TRAPS GUARANTEED ODOR -- GUARANTEED #2 ODOR TRAPS #2 Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray is a pure blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins, so you can leave the porcelain throne smelling better than you found it.

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11/7/19 8:08 PM


‘One for the Money, Two for the Show’ Industry conventions remain valuable if pharmacy operators know which will benefit them most By Bruce Kneeland

W Bruce Kneeland, community pharmacy specialist and industry consultant

ith the closing of the National Community Pharmacists Association Annual Convention in San Diego on Oct. 29, the 2019 show season has about wrapped up. So, it seems like a good time to reflect on the value of these pharmacy shows. While the number and variety of conferences and conventions are many, the basic reasons for attending any pharmacy conference are twofold: to sharpen your professional skills and find ways to run a more successful pharmacy. So much is changing in both the profession and industry that attending a conference or two would appear to be sound advice. Deciding which shows to attend and who to send are critical management decisions. Registration fees, travel and time away from the pharmacy are expensive. Finding ways to weigh the cost and benefits can be tough. Indeed, an email survey conducted by NCPA in 2015 found that less than half of the respondents attended a convention in the past year.

Knowing what your problem areas are can be one factor to consider when deciding which shows to attend. The need or desire to take fuller advantage of your pharmacy dispensing system could be one reason to attend your system’s user meetings. Knowing what your problem areas are can be one factor to consider when deciding which shows to attend. The need or desire to take fuller advantage of your pharmacy dispensing system could be one reason to attend your system’s user meeting. One general manager said that because her pharmacy system vendor’s show was within driving distance, she sent seven people to their pharmacy dispensing system company’s annual users meeting. She said they came back with improved technical skills, and that interacting with so many others at the meeting gave them an increased


sense of pride in the value of the work they do. Many pharmacy group purchasing organizations, or GPOs, host their own shows. Since most GPOs are cooperatively owned, participation in these events not only allows for networking, education and visiting with vendors, but also provides an opportunity to listen and provide feedback to the groups’ professional staff. Making your voice heard is a big reason to attend your GPO’s meeting. Most of the wholesalers, large and small, produce a show. Since the types of products they stock, the services they offer and the buy plans wholesalers provide are similar, the most unique thing they bring to market is their corporate culture. How they treat their customers, vendors and employees is all on display at these events. Attending their show may help you decide if your wholesaler is really a good fit for your long-term goals and values. State pharmacy associations’ shows generally are within driving distance and registration fees are modest. Since each state’s legislature, board of pharmacy and regulators play major roles in setting practice standards and reimbursement rates, active participation in your state’s association provides a good return on investment. Unfortunately, a significant number of pharmacy owners feel these organizations merely are “good old boys’ clubs,” and thus they do not participate. Perhaps the more appropriate action would be to join, get active and help set the agenda. The NCPA Annual Conference and the NACDS Total Store Expo attract thousands of practitioners, vendors, industry leaders and prominent public figures. The excitement one feels at one of these shows is palpable. There is power in numbers, and these organizations provide a vital service to the industry. Participating in one of the large national shows can provide a genuine boost to your attitude and pharmacy’s performance. With so much to gain, perhaps this modified old saying applies: “If ‘it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready,’ and four, go to the shows that are best for you. But go.” dsn


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PrEP Medication for AIDS/HIV Prevention Authorized in California for Dispensing by Pharmacists By Fred Mayer

C Fred Mayer, public health pharmacist and CEO, Pharmacists Planning Services

ontinuing the state’s progressive actions regarding health care, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed SB159, which authorizes California’s retail pharmacists to prescribe and dispense medication as a critical tool in the fight to control the HIV epidemic. Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, medications — which include Truvada — are indicated for people who do not have HIV, but are at high risk of contracting it. By taking PrEP medication every day, a patient significantly reduces the risk of contracting the virus that causes HIV. This represents another step to reduce the costs of healthcare delivery. It also recognizes that with the shortage of general medicine doctors, family practice doctors and other barriers, many patients may be foregoing prevention, thereby costing the state millions of dollars in treatment of HIV infection.

While it is an advantage to be able to provide PrEP drugs to prevent HIV, pharmacists must be aware that patients receiving it often fail to use other safe sex practices. PrEP can help prevent HIV, but it does nothing against other sexually transmitted infections. This new law also presents a critical opportunity for pharmacists — as the most accessible healthcare providers in our communities — to address an increasingly dangerous public health problem. While it is an advantage to be able to provide PrEP drugs to prevent HIV, pharmacists must be aware that patients receiving it often fail to use other safe sex practices, such as condoms and lubricants. PrEP drugs can help prevent HIV, but they do nothing to combat other sexually transmitted diseases. Pharmacists need to understand that the ability to take PrEP often results in patients not using other safer sex practices, and as a result, we are seeing tremendous increases in the rates of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections across the country, according to a Kaiser


Permanente Health Foundation study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes in January 2017. The study found that cumulative incidence rates for any STI among men taking PrEP was 42%. Additionally, within the public health community, there is increasing awareness of the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant strains of STIs, especially in women. Pharmacists must strongly emphasize continued use of condoms and lubricants to reduce comorbidity. Fortunately, the new law requires those seeking PrEP medication to either be tested for HIV or show that they have tested negative within the last seven days. If the person has tested positive, the pharmacist will direct them to a primary care provider and offer a list of nearby clinics. And pharmacists are only allowed to prescribe a 60-day supply, after which patients must obtain a prescription from a credentialed medical prescriber. This new law follows California legislation passed four years ago, which permits pharmacists to dispense naloxone, immunizations, drugs for smoking cessation, meds for foreign travel, birth control pills and injectables, emergency contraception, and behind-the-counter meds that contain pseudoephedrine. Thanks to the California Pharmacists Association, led by CEO Jon Roth, the problem of pharmacist reimbursement for these and other new services is being addressed. When reimbursement is adequately managed, pharmacists can expand the vital frontline public health role we are only beginning to fulfill. For example, in 2018, 42% of the flu shots in the United States were given by pharmacists, saving millions of lives. Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help reduce STIs among patients using PrEP medications. We are the most available, accessible healthcare professionals, and we are second only to registered nurses as the most trusted. We have an unparalleled opportunity to dramatically improve public health — in a growing variety of ways. Let’s make 2020 the year of the public health pharmacist. dsn


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Who Runs the Beauty World? The beauty category is rife with women who have made their mark By Joann Marks

T Joann Marks, founder and CEO, Cosmetic Promotions


he global beauty industry was created by strong, entrepreneurial women. Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder and Helena Rubinstein were the “big three” who invented most of the products still essential to us today. They truly led these companies. It wasn’t just their name on the products; they made all the important decisions, including marketing, distribution and promotion. They toiled in the lab, sold direct to consumers in the stores and ran their empires until the day they died. The beauty industry has changed dramatically since then. Women today are more sophisticated, socially conscious, aware and educated on skin care and style. In addition, the competition in this category is staggering, with dozens of major companies and a bewildering mix of small indie brands. Today’s buyers are not the loyal, life-long buyers of the past. They like to experiment and check out anything that’s new, so it’s even harder today to break into this industry and build a sustainable customer base. Many of today’s top brands were founded by smart, savvy females — all with their own points of difference and appeal to various market segments. Toni Ko, founder of NYX Cosmetics, became interested in cosmetics when she was a teenager. Since she couldn’t afford department store brands, she replicated higher-end looks using drug store brands. She started NYX, pronounced “nix” after the Greek goddess of the night, in 1999. Determined not to sacrifice quality, but keep her prices affordable, she did all the research and development herself. She executed its sale to L’Oréal for an estimated $400 million in July 2014. But within days, she became bored and within a few months started a sunglasses company. In 1993, Lisa Price began creating allnatural hair and body products in her Brooklyn kitchen. Her recipes are made with love, natural ingredients and inspiration from her mom, Carol. The company currently is valued at $27 million and was acquired by L’Oréal in 2014, but Lisa continues to run Carol’s Daughter.

Another L’Oréal asset, Essie, was created by Essie Weingarten. In 1981, she took her life savings of $10,000 and had 12 colors made at a lab to put together little kits to send to salons. Within a year, the Essie brand was in 10,000 U.S. salons, and a year later it distributed internationally. At the time of its acquisition by L’Oréal in 2010, annual sales were $28 million. England’s Queen Elizabeth II wears Essie’s Ballet Slippers polish. “Not bad for a little girl from Queens,” Essie said. Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist and reality TV star. In 2008, her namesake line launched at Sephora, with products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Like Arden, Rubinstein and Lauder, Von D personally tests the formulas and has a direct hand in the packaging design and layouts for the Sephora signage. Amy Risley, founder of SkinFix, comes from a beauty family — her father worked in manufacturing at Estée Lauder. As a kid, she was fascinated with ingredients and what was in each formula. She worked for L’Oréal and Jo Malone before she met the great, great granddaughter of Thomas Dixon, the pharmacist creator of SkinFix healing balm, and later bought the brand. She now works with dermatologists, naturopaths and holistic chemists to develop skin care that is consciously clean and clinically proven to work. K-Beauty is one of the hottest trends to hit the market in the last three years and shows no sign of slowing down. While most beauty consumers have tried or at least heard of K-Beauty products, they probably don’t know that one person — Alicia Yoon — is responsible for bringing most of them to the U.S. market. The CEO of K-Beauty brand Peach & Lily, Yoon also is an esthetician and a leader in the Korean skin care industry. In 2017, the brand was added to Target’s lineup. It’s amazing and inspirational what these women have accomplished with creative innovation and entrepreneurial perseverance. As a female entrepreneur myself, I can’t wait to see who’s next. dsn


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Trends Beyond Hemp What self-care consumers are looking for (other than CBD) By Susan B. Levy


BD seems to be all the rage in consumer health care, even as the frothiness of the market is causing hesitation for some top consumer health-and-wellness companies to enter the category. As self-care continues to evolve, other trends in consumer health care are worth considering, as many will have a long-term impact on the market from strategic and tactical standpoints. Susan B. Levy, founder and principal, Susan B. Levy Consulting

1. Consumer health care is no longer just pills and potions. Consumers are thinking more holistically about self-care, which includes both their overall physical and mental well-being. . In June, CVS Health announced it will encourage employers to cover the cost of the digital app Sleepio as an alternative or supplement to prescription or OTC drugs for insomnia. Medtech is another modality that consumers are using for their self-care, from wearables like Fitbits that help track exercise to devices that treat everything from acne to migraines. Successful consumer healthcare companies and retailers need to evolve to provide a broader range of solutions — from services, apps, information and devices — to meet consumers’ expectations for self-care. This new vision will require investment in a new set of capabilities to holistically deliver well-being beyond the OTC solutions of today. 2. Self-care also includes everything we put into our bodies. Consumers also are becoming more purposeful about what they ingest. Centrum has updated its positioning to “feed your cells” with micronutrients. In April, RB launched the nootropic brain health brand Neuriva. Beyond dietary supplements, probiotics and prebiotics, consumers increasingly are conscious about fuel for their bodies, including protein — once the domain of sports enthusiasts only — and collagen in every form from bars to powders. Awareness also has been growing about the health benefits of hydration beyond exercise, and waters are being alkalinated and infused with antioxidants and electrolytes to


deliver benefits, from skin enhancement to recovery from alcohol overindulgence. 3. Self-care involves increased disintermediation of both the retailer and the doctor. Beyond Amazon and Proactiv, direct-to-consumer products have been on the rise — from personalized vitamin service companies and LOLA feminine care products to quip toothbrushes and Harry’s razors. While this model does not work well for situations requiring acute treatment, these direct-to-consumer players provide special services that traditional retailers do not. Separately, consumers are avoiding the cost and time associated with a trip to the doctor and are able to obtain medication directly from pharmacists in several states, from birth control pills and vaccines to naloxone for opioid overdose and even HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. Other start-ups are enabling consumers to avoid both the doctor and the brick-and-mortar retailer, from Nurx (birth control) to hims (anxiety, hair loss, erectile dysfunction and acne). The results of a secret shopper study, “A Study of Telecontraception,” were highlighted in the September 2019 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, in which the authors concluded that telecontraception “may reduce barriers to contraception because vendors are convenient and reliable,” while generally adhering to prescribing guidelines. These services could demonstrate that consumers adequately can self-diagnose and self-treat certain conditions without the intervention of a learned intermediary. This real-world evidence about consumer behavior could support Rx-to-OTC switches, creating new self-care categories for healthcare companies and retailers to capitalize on as a means to prevent further disintermediation. Given these trends, the future state of the delivery of self-care solutions requires new models. Retailers and manufacturers need to rethink the services and products that they provide — from the perspective of the consumer — to remain relevant. dsn


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CBD, CPG and Pain Management Insights that can guide retailers’ CBD strategies By Kate Senzamici

A Kate Senzamici, account manager, BDS Analytics

s more consumers adopt a proactive selfcare approach to health and wellness, products with hemp-derived CBD and other cannibinoids are a welcome supplement, or alternative, to traditional solutions. CBD and other cannabinoid products that span categories, forms, retail channels and regulatory landscapes create a unique situation for CPG retailers and suppliers aiming to make the most of this new growth opportunity. Across OTC, pharmacy and adjacent categories, there are some key points for CPG players to consider when formulating a CBD strategy: 1. Legal cannabis is growing. BDS Analytics projects a $45 billion U.S. cannabinoid market by 2024, with CBD positioned as a key growth driver. The new market opportunity within CPG virtually is unprecedented: BDS Analytics partner IRI compares the projected $45 billion industry to the entire U.S. snacking market from a dollar sales perspective. Additionally, mainstream acceptance is becoming more widespread: 80% of U.S. adults agree that marijuana should be legal in some form, and more than 60% agree that the plant has medical benefits. 2. Pain management is a top reason for CBD product use, but it’s not the only reason. BDSA Consumer Insights data shows that close to one-third of hemp-derived CBD consumers turn to CBD to treat pain — a far greater percentage than the No. 2 use case, sleep (10%). However, since CBD fits nicely into a holistic approach to health, consumers do report using hemp-derived CBD for a variety of physical and mental wellness purposes. As such products spread across food, drug and mass channels, there are considerable opportunities for cross merchandising within pain management. For example, BDSA data shows that hemp-derived CBD consumers over-index on consumption of organic foods and prefer local and natural brands. When considering placement, it would make sense to plan for adjacencies with natural, better-for-you and local products.


3. The rise of CBD in pain management impacts OTC/Rx shopping behavior and trip frequency. Roughly half of all consumers who use cannabinoid products for pain management report decreased use of OTC and prescription medications (54% and 46%, respectively), and substantial proportions of this consumer segment report using cannabinoid products specifically to avoid OTC and prescription drug use. This shift in behavior can impact traditional OTC and pharmacy trips in several ways, potentially eliminating an entire aisle or threatening the retail pharmacy trip as a source of front store traffic. As demand for CBD products grows and state cannabis markets mature, food, drug and mass channels will face competition for key OTC or pharmacy trips from dispensaries and other channels. 4. The importance of the dispensary channel should not be overlooked. It’s essential for retailers and suppliers in the general market to understand that the dispensary channel is not only about high-THC products. The legal dispensary channel dominates CBD product sales today, and BDSA projects that products containing CBD will make up nearly 20% of channel sales in 2019. In fact, CBD sales within dispensaries are growing at a faster rate than dispensary sales overall. The dispensary channel will continue to be the leading indicator of cannabinoid product trends. Therefore, formulating a winning cannabinoid strategy at general retail requires monitoring product innovation at the dispensary level across delivery systems, dosing, packaging, branding and messaging. 5. There is a lot of room for education. It is necessary for retailers and manufacturers to educate themselves, as well as consumers, about the cannabis plant. Despite CBD’s mega-trend status, more than half of U.S. adults age 21 years old and older don’t know the difference between CBD and THC, nor accurately understand the effects of CBD. Here, there exists opportunity to establish a trusted advisor relationship with customers who are new to, or curious about, CBD products. dsn


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Showing up for Housewares The International Housewares Association’s annual becomes the Inspired Home Show


ince joining the International Housewares Association as its new president nearly a year ago, Derek Miller has worked hard to keep the Chicago-based trade association ahead of the curve. He sat down with Drug Store News to discuss his first year at the helm of the association and what might be coming down the pike in the future. Drug Store News: The International Housewares Association has changed the name of its show to The Inspired Home Show. What is the thinking behind the name change? Derek Miller: There have been several evolutions in the home and housewares space over the last couple of decades. There was a time when low price and functionality won the day. Then, consumers started gravitating toward products that were well designed and aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. These days, the consumer is really looking to build a personal brand and a lifestyle that home and housewares products have to fit into. Many of these consumers are taking their cues from influencers — both retail brand influencers and social media influencers. In order to win the consumer, retailers must recognize this attitude and work toward helping consumers develop that lifestyle that they crave. With this in mind, we have renamed and reimagined the show as the Inspired Home Show to signal a shift in focus from basic product functionality and design to lifestyle development. Consumers are curating their own lifestyles and seeking out products — and retailers — that they feel align with their own personal brand. DSN: How does this benefit retailers in the mass retail market? DM: Mass retailers are absolutely able to capitalize on this shift in consumer buying in multiple ways — from developing product lines with designers and influencers that evoke specific lifestyles, to using in-store and online visual merchandising to inspire


Derek Miller, president, the International Housewares Association

consumers’ personal brand development through home and housewares products, to evolving their marketing to feature more lifestyle imagery and language. For the show to help retailers think in this vein, we have created some new and enhanced show features and experiences. We have reimagined several areas on the show floor to better align with the consumer lifestyle vision. Our IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia) for Product Design and Discover Design displays will move to a more prominent centralized area on the floor and will feature all finalists and winners rather than photos. Our partnership with Pantone continues, and we will move the ColorWatch by Pantone exhibit to a main thoroughfare in order to highlight the on-trend, color-coordinated vignettes of consumer living that are curated for that space. We are also developing trend-driven product areas so that retailers can marry the consumer trend insights from our educational program with the products that fulfill those consumer trends. And retailers can expect to find several enhancements to the ways that the show curates and shines a spotlight on what’s new.

We have dedicated areas throughout the show that make it easy for attendees to quickly and efficiently locate the newest products in each housewares category. In addition, we will hold a keynote session on Sunday morning that will reveal our new annual MarketWatch report — the biggest consumer-driven trends that will impact the home and housewares industry in the next year, along with implications for each individual product category. DSN: How is the show going to work this year in terms of scheduling? Logistics? DM: The show will continue to run over four days — from Saturday, March 14, through Tuesday, March 17. We are in our second year of holding two smaller-scale events on the Friday before the show. The first is what we are calling Independents’ Day, which is an educational and networking event focused on independent retailers’ needs. The second is The Inspired Home Influencer Conference, which is an educational and networking event for home and lifestyle influencers. We are expecting approximately 300 influencers to join us for that conference and then stay for the show as well. dsn


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The Heat is On Sunbeam targets consumers looking for pain relief with its heat therapy options BY SETH MENDELSON


ain, yes pain, is doing wonders for the small but growing heating pad segment, and the result is helping companies like Sunbeam build sales and profits from the category. While heating pads usually are not found at the top of the list when consumers visit a pharmacy, the approximately $200 million category is gaining more and more traction with shoppers looking for both quick relief from pain, as well as a preventive treatment to ward off the effects and impact of aging and exercise. The result, according to IRI data, is a nearly 10% increase in annual dollar sales and a growing interest among retailers to find more ways to build incremental volume from the category. Enter Sunbeam. Not only does the Boca Raton, Fla.-based division of Newell Brands have a large share of this growing $200 million category with its branded products, it also is the leader in the new technologies and formats, driving incremental sales and, by the way, profits. “There is no shortage of people in pain,” said Trish Gomez, the director of sales and marketing for Sunbeam’s wellness category and a 30-year veteran of the company. “And, heating pads can provide the relief that these consumers need. Now, we have to educate them about the unique benefits of heating pads and show them just


how these products can help them.” Sunbeam is aggressively attacking the external analgesics market from various standpoints. On one hand, the company is tackling the important task of educating the market by taking appropriate steps to ensure that the proper information is available to consumers through digital advertising, social media and in-store campaigns with such retailers as Walgreens, Walmart and Target. “We have updated our packaging to make sure that consumers clearly understand the key messages about how heating pads can help them” Gomez said. “We want pain sufferers to know that heat therapy is clinically proven to relieve pain. Heat accelerates tissue healing by increasing blood flow to the area in pain.” Additionally, Sunbeam, which is more than 100 years old and also is well known for its kitchen appliances and other housewares, is getting much more active with product introductions. In fact, the days of the one-size-fits-all heating pad are long gone. Replacing that are pads designed for specific needs that target specific body parts. As the industry leader, Gomez and colleague Aimee Yu, a senior brand manager, said that Sunbeam has taken the lead in offering a wide range of products.


034_035_DSN_FocusOn_1019_V4.indd 34

11/7/19 7:17 PM

Right now, Sunbeam offers more than 30 different heated pain relief products in various sizes and shapes. Price points range from around $13 to just under $100. “There are a lot of trends in pain relief today, and we have to respond to consumer trends in the pain relief segment with products that satisfy specific needs,” said Yu, who joined Sunbeam about five years ago. “First, consumers are looking for more self-care methods across the board, and many see heat therapy as a solution. Second, heating pads can play an important role in reducing muscle tension and stress.” In addition, she said that both aging baby boomers and younger people are experiencing more pain for various reasons and are looking for alternatives to medications to combat their ailments. “The boomers are getting degenerative diseases where pads can make a difference and younger people are very active, which creates more painful situations. Consumers are being more proactive in the ways that they treat their pain,” Yu said. “The fact that more consumers have dependency concerns and are cognizant of what they put into their bodies is causing more of them to consider heating pads as part of their regimen.” Gomez and Yu said that household penetration for heating pads is under 40%, meaning that there are many opportunities for retailers to build sales for the basic products in the category. Yet, they also said

that innovation in the category is helping consumers who already own a heating pad to consider getting a second or even a third product that might target a specific injury or part of the body. Sunbeam is doing its part and more. The company has introduced a number of products to satisfy specific needs. Those include FlexTemp, a corded electric heated wrap that targets the elbow and knee joints and offers a cold therapy option; a heated back wrap that contours to the shape of the back to provide targeted heat therapy for back pain relief; and the FlexFit heated wrap, a long, slim heating pad that can wrap around an arm, elbow, wrist, ankle or lower leg to provide targeted heat therapy. Also, the company is offering GoHeat portable heated patches, which include a pair of 3-in. by 5-in. adhesive portable patches that adhere directly to a targeted area and are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of heat. “And, there are more products coming down the road that will expand this category and bring new users into it,” Yu said. “We are focusing on products that provide targeted pain relief.” Educating retailers and convincing them to give heating pads more visibility and shelf space in their stores is another part of the company’s mission. Sunbeam offers a variety of such point-of-sale materials as off-shelf displays like PDQ trays, side panels and floor stands to make it easier for merchants to merchandise the category throughout their stores and to help explain the specific products, as well as the overall category, to consumers. “We meet with retailers on a regular basis to share our story and help them update their planograms to take full advantage of this growing category,” Gomez said. “We can deliver incremental sales and margin dollars for retailers through innovation and consumer education. Both women said they expect heating pad sales to continue to grow. “The bottom line is that pain is a tough thing to deal with,” Yu said. “Our products can provide both immediate relief and be part of a total solution to help relieve pain and increase blood flow to promote accelerated tissue healing. They will help people have a better life today and a better tomorrow.” dsn


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Promising Products The five up-and-coming products that were launched in October

ast month, Hamacher Resource Group’s new product team assessed 150 products that were introduced. Of those, 14 were OTC offerings, 91 were wellness products and 45 were beauty innovations. From the crowded pack, HRG identified five that piqued interest based on earning potential and novelty. They were:



Huggies Special Delivery Diapers


Theraworx Relief for Joint Discomfort and Inflammation


Head & Shoulders Tea Tree + Mint Complex 2-in-1


Secret with Essential Oils Invisible Solid, Lavender and Eucalyptus


Stretch Patch Scar Patch+ for Normal Skin



Theraworx is expanding its product line from its flagship muscle cramp and spasm relief products. The Avadim Health brand has unveiled Theraworx Relief for Joint Discomfort and Inflammation, a foam product the company said has been clinically proven to relieve arthritic, inflamed, sore or overused joints.

Procter & Gamble’s Secret line is looking to capitalize on consumer interest in essential oils with its new invisible solid antiperspirants, which incorporate essential oils to deliver up to 48 hours of protection. HRG highlighted the lavender and eucalyptus scent, but there are three other fragrances, all of which are dye- and paraben-free.

036_DSN_ProductsToWatch_1119v3.indd 36

Designed as a super-premium option for parents, Huggies Specialty Delivery Diapers are made of plant-based material that is free of parabens. The Kimberly-Clark brand’s latest product, which is free of fragrances and elemental chlorine, also aims to be trendy by featuring stylish designs. Another entry from a P&G brand caught HRG’s attention this month. Head & Shoulders launched a shampoo and conditioner combo infused with tea tree oil and mint meant to help hydrate and cool and relieve scalp discomfort. The product also is designed to moisturize the scalp, while leaving a refreshing scent. SkinGreat’s Stretch Patch is a heat-powered hydrogel patch that is infused with lotion and is meant to help produce collagen and keep skin healthy. The Stretch Patch Scar Patch+ is designed to stay on for up to 10 hours and improve the look of scars, even skin tone and smooth the surface of the area being treated in a messfree way. dsn

11/7/19 7:19 PM

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11/7/19 8:11 PM


CBDMedic Distribution to Include National Pharmacy Chain

Impirica CBD Makes its Debut A new CBD brand is looking to make its mark in the growing category with a focus on quality and transparency. The brand, impirica CBD, is launching with a line of tinctures, capsules, soft gels, topical creams, a roll-on and a transdermal patch. Executives at the company said they are focused on removing consumer skepticism and increasing confidence in the category, given a 2017 study, “Labeling Accuracy of Cannabidiol Extracts Sold Online” by the Journal of the American Medical Association, that found 2-in-3 CBD products did not contain the amount of CBD touted on the label. “There are three reasons why consumers will trust impirica as they try CBD for the first time,” said Michael Law, chief commercial officer of impirica CBD. “First, impirica is made in an FDA-registered manufacturing facility that follows current Good Manufacturing Practices. Second, impirica has a straightforward and direct style of communicating with consumers. And lastly, impirica tests all of its finished goods batches with multiple tests from third-party laboratories to assure consumers that what’s on the label is in the bottle.” Law said that the name of impirica CBD was chosen to connote testing, and it is looking to differentiate itself visually. “It doesn’t use the traditional category colors of browns and greens, and you won’t find a hemp leaf anywhere on the packaging,” Law said. Currently, impirica only is available online through the company’s website. Law said the company is seeking retail partners to expand consumer access.


Abacus Health products, maker of the CBDMedic line of CBD products, is expanding the brand’s distribution. The Toronto-based company announced at the end of October that CBDMedic products would be launching into 1,300 stores of a leading retail pharmacy chain. The products hitting stores include the CBD Medic Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Spray, Arthritis Aches and Pain Relief Ointment and the Back and Neck Pain Relief Ointment. With the latest growth in distribution, CBDMedic’s products are available in 19 retail chains and roughly 4,600 stores nationwide. “The addition of another national chain marks an important milestone in our strategy of securing the largest U.S. retail chains to distribute our CBDMedic line of products,” said Perry Antelman, CEO of Abacus. “The high quality of our products and the investment in brand awareness and support that Abacus continues to make have resulted in CBDMedic being one of the leading CBD brands with consumers. We look forward to working together with our new and existing retail partners to reach our goal of making CBDMedic accessible to all Americans.”


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Social CBD’s Pet Drops Offer Options for Furry Friends

Good Day Chocolate Expands into CBD with New Line Chocolate supplement maker Good Day Chocolate has branched out into the CBD category with its latest line of products, which combine the benefits of the cannabinoid with the taste of its fair-trade chocolate. Good Day Chocolate CBD products contain third-party-tested CBD in the form of 0% THC broadspectrum hemp extract sourced from farms in Oregon and Colorado. The company, which is looking to differentiate itself in the category that BDS Analytics estimates will total more than $20 billion by 2024, said that one key feature of its product is controlled dosing, with each piece of chocolate containing 10 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. The CBD line includes three varieties — Sleep CBD, Calm CBD and Original CBD. Sleep CBD contains 10 mg of CBD and 1 mg of melatonin per piece, while Calm CBD contains 10 mg of CBD and 12.5 mg of L-theanine per piece. “We’ve always strived to make effective, truly functional products that surprise and delight consumers with a delicious taste. This new line of CBD products clearly delivers on


that same promise,” said Simeon Margolis, co-founder and CEO of Good Day Chocolate. “Each of our three products aim to make the CBD experience more delicious than ever before, and offer easily controlled 10-mg dosing versus a tinctured oil dropper. We’re thrilled to take product innovation in the CBD category to the next level, making it more accessible and simply appealing.” The Original CBD bottle retails for $59.99, while Sleep CBD and Calm CBD retail for $64.99 per bottle. One bottle of any variety contains 30 pieces, totaling 300 mg of CBD per bottle. Currently sold on Amazon and Good Day Chocolate’s website, the product will launch into national retailers that sell CBD in early 2020. The product launch comes as Good Day Chocolate continues to grow its team. It recently added Bo Becker as chief growth officer. He joined the company from CBD market leader Charlotte’s Web to lead Good Day Chocolate’s marketing, strategy and innovation.

Social CBD continues to branch out, introducing its Social CBD Pets Broad-Spectrum Drops. The product is meant to help support pets’ overall wellbeing by interacting with their endocannabinoid system, the company said. The drops include broad-spectrum hemp extract, as well as fractionated coconut oil and natural herbs and spices — all with 0% THC, Social CBD said. “When we say Social CBD is for all, we mean it. As we continue on our mission to educate consumers on 21st-century wellness and wellness alternatives, pets become part of the conversation. We understand how important it is for pet owners to see their companions thrive,” said Social CBD President Angelo Lombardi. “Both owner and pet can find comfort in knowing that all Social CBD products, including Social CBD Pets, have 0.0% THC, are third-party lab tested and made with premium all-natural ingredients.” The drops are available in bacon, chicken, peanut butter and an unflavored variety. Each, available in strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg and 750 mg, retail for $30, $50 and $60, respectively.


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Each Original Hemp product was carefully crafted to address your unique needs. Whether that’s waking up energized, falling asleep peacefully, or getting through the day with less stress, Original Hemp was developed to give you a clear mindset, improve your well-being, and bring out the essential qualities within you--your “best self.”


RELIEF CAPSULES Beneets: • Helps relieve joint pain • Supports proper innammatory response • Provides antioxidant protection

SLEEP CAPSULES Beneets: • Helps you stay asleep longer • Improved sleep quality • Aids in falling asleep faster


TINCTURES Doctor formulated with a unique blend of high quality full spectrum hemp extract, natural terpenes, and avors that are designed to promote an overall sense of well being. Available in Fresh Berry, Vanilla Dream and Natural avor from 250mg to 2000mg in a 30mL bottle.

Beneets: • Helps combat anxiety and stress • Boosts antioxidant activity • Reduces fatigue and irritability

ENERGY CAPSULES Beneets: • Supports healthy energy production • Promotes healthy metabolism • Provides antioxidant protection

DAILY DOSES SOOTHING TOPICALS Beneets: • Leaves skin feeling smooth • Multiple cannabinoids • Naturally soothing ingredients

Daily doses guarantee an accurate dosage of our formulas every time. • Available in capsules, tinctures and topicals • Convenient single serve packaging • Perfect for on-the-go usage • Individual packs makes it easy to sample different avors

Available Strenths: 500MG, 1000MG, 2000MG.

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Career achievement awards HH


omen By Nora Caley

Celebrating women in the industry who have made a lasting impact


eing a woman in any industry can be a thankless job. Which is why this month, Drug Store News wants to shine a light on the women who have made an impact in the mass retail industry. The DSN Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards were designed to celebrate the women in the industry who have managed to do great things for their organizations, “backwards and in high heels,” as the saying about Ginger Rogers goes. The more than 140 women whose achievements are listed here — and who will be honored during the two-day Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards on Nov. 20 and 21 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago — are a testament to what can be achieved when a person’s abilities are rewarded regardless of their sex. The awards are divided into four categories — Career Achievement, Business Excellence, Rising Stars and Commitment to Care. Winners are being presented as retailers and suppliers, each sorted by category and listed alphabetically by company name.

Judy Sansone Senior vice president of front-store business and chief merchant, CVS Health During Judy Sansone’s more than 20 years at CVS Health, she shaped the future of how the company — and the industry — approached health care. The chain famously exited the tobacco category, changed its store design, and updated its product assortment to reflect the healthier items that consumers were seeking. She led the modernization of the ExtraCare loyalty program and improved the e-commerce experience. As Sansone gets ready to retire, she leaves not just a chain of 9,600 retail pharmacies, but an integrated model that increases access to quality care, delivers better health outcomes and lowers overall healthcare costs.

Mary Reno CEO, Innovation Technology expertise runs in the family at Innovation. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1996, Mary Reno began working with her father, Joseph “Harry” Boyer, to refocus the family-owned company’s business interests to pharmacy automation in the retail pharmacy space. Mary was CEO and Harry was the chief technology officer and they debuted the pharmacy operations prescription fulfillment product, PharmASSIST, at the NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference in 1997. PharmASSIST now has 12 products and services used by large retail chains, the U.S. Department of Defense and others.


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RETAILER business Excellence awards HH Tami Tollefson Vice president of merchandising for beauty, Albertsons Tami Tollefson has worked for Albertsons and Safeway for 37 years, the last 11 years in general merchandise and health and beauty care. She enjoys the challenge these categories bring. “They are complex, SKU-intensive, have unique shipping with inner cases, and present special merchandising needs in stores,” she said. Albertsons is a supporter of developing women’s network groups, so in addition to her merchandising responsibilities, she participates in both Women’s Network Group and Women’s Inspiration & Inclusive Network employee resource groups.

Naomi Duvall President of consumer health and manufacturer services, Cardinal Health Naomi Duvall has worked in store operations from clerk to store manager, and has managed teams in retail pricing, planograms, marketing, category management and private brands. “I love being on the front lines of the shift to consumer driven health care, and helping to create the solutions and how retail can play in this new era,” she said. At Cardinal Health, she oversees merchandising, marketing, planning, space management and proprietary brand teams, as well as pharmaceutical prescription manufacturer marketing services teams.

Preety Sidhu Vice president of marketing, Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions As leader of the Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions marketing team, Preety Sidhu manages e-commerce, customer experience, new solution development, campaigns, market insights and the brand. Sidhu is a change agent who led innovation, leveraging technology by developing a medical supply e-prescribing tool that simplified the process for patients to receive supplies for chronic conditions. She is one of the most prominent diversity and inclusion champions within the Cardinal Health culture, and sits on the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.


Teresa Thompson Pharmacy OTC buyer, Costco When Teresa Thompson began working at Costco in 1986, warehouse stores and their treasure hunt feel were still emerging concepts. As a buyer in Costco’s pharmacy department, she handles item selection for the warehouses located in the United States, and over the past 17 years, her responsibility has been the vitamin and supplement items within pharmacy. “After 33 years of being in the industry, the fast pace of retail continues to excite me,” she said.

Maly Bernstein Vice president of beauty and personal Care, CVS Health Maly Bernstein is responsible for all beauty and personal care strategies, as well as merchandising and execution for CVS Pharmacy stores across the country. Among the innovations is the newest CVS BeautyIRL concept, which includes an in-store service partnership with Glamsquad; a Wonderwall of small beauty “treats;” new emerging beauty brands; a hair color matching system by e-salon; and holistic inclusion of personal care, hair care, nail care and skin care within the department.

Debbie Krasnow Senior director of managed care, Giant Eagle Thirty years ago, Giant Eagle opened its first pharmacy in its Penn Hills grocery store in Pittsburgh, and Debbie Krasnow was one of the first pharmacists. Today, the chain has more than $1.4 billion in pharmacy sales across 215 pharmacies, and its pharmacistled clinical programs helped the retailer earn recognition as an innovator by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. Krasnow, who is active in the Giant Eagle Women’s Business Resource Group, won the Giant Eagle President’s Award.

Leigh Shirley Director of pharmacy operations, Giant Food Stores The 132 Giant and Martin’s Food Market pharmacy departments that Leigh Shirley oversees do much more than dispense medications. The pharmacies in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland administer thousands of immunizations and provide point-of-care health screening events, and each pharmacy location has a specially trained diabetes care pharmacist. Shirley, who is responsible for compliance with all regulations, encourages the team of 350 pharmacists to provide quality care, accurate prescriptions and professional counseling.


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Tracy Bliss

Lynette Ackley

Business unit director for beauty, H-E-B

Vice president for health, baby and beauty consumables, Meijer

Tracy Bliss considers H-E-B a “retail university.” Over the years, she has worked as the buyer for photo, Texas Backyard, toys and makeup. Each buying desk has been like a business school, with directors mentoring her. Today, Bliss leads the H-E-B beauty procurement team in the development of innovative customer experiences, including store format, promotions, and H-E-B Beauty Advisor Hospitality. Three of her four children are H-E-B employees as well. “It’s a family thing,” she said. “We must like this place.”

Angie Nelson Group vice president of retail pharmacy, Hy-Vee Angie Nelson began her Hy-Vee career in 2001 as a registered pharmacist at a Des Moines, Iowa, Hy-Vee location. She went on to become a pharmacy manager, a store director and pharmacy supervisor. Nelson, who has overseen Hy-Vee’s central fill and managed care pharmacy for an entire Hy-Vee region, currently directs pharmacy operations at Hy-Vee. She has been named a top employee in the industry, as well as internally at Hy-Vee.

Donna Tweeten Executive vice president, chief marketing officer, chief customer officer, Hy-Vee Donna Tweeten oversees advertising, brand image, social media, sports marketing and public relations. She has been counseling companies on how to improve and evolve their brand for most of her 30-plus year career. She joined Hy-Vee in 2006, and in 2016, she became executive vice president, chief marketing officer/chief customer officer. Tweeten has received industry awards for her leadership in enhancing the customer experience — both in the store and online — and for leading adaptive branding, marketing and communications strategies.

Colleen Lindholz President, Kroger Health Colleen Lindholz oversees all of Kroger Health’s pharmacy, clinical, and nutrition operations and services — a team of more than 22,000 healthcare practitioners. She also is the lead architect of the company’s “Food as Medicine” strategy, successfully connecting customers’ grocery experience with their healthcare needs through innovations in recruiting, training and technology. The recipient of Kroger’s Chairman’s Award, Kroger’s Leadership Award, and Progressive Grocer’s Top Women in Grocery Rising Star Award in 2012, Lindholz joined Kroger as a pharmacist in 1995.


Lynette Ackley manages products and people at Meijer. She oversees a $1.7 billion annual business and leads a team of more than 50 members, which manages 25,000 SKUs across four departments and 75 categories. She has mentored and promoted multiple leaders. “I take pride in developing talent and future leaders to set up my team and the company for longer term success,” she said. She serves on the Retail Advisory Board for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.

Summer Kerley Vice president of clinical services and business development, Rite Aid Summer Kerley oversees clinical pharmacy initiatives at Rite Aid, focusing on adherence, immunizations, medication therapy management, or MTM, and diabetes care. With more than 18 years in the industry, she began her career at Winn-Dixie Pharmacy. In 2005, she joined the Eckerd team as a pharmacist, and joined Rite Aid in 2007 through the acquisition of Brooks/Eckerd Pharmacy. Kerley has held a variety of roles, including pharmacy district manager, clinical operations manager and director of clinical operations.

Jocelyn Konrad Chief pharmacy officer, Rite Aid A registered pharmacist and retail pharmacy veteran with more than 25 years of experience, Jocelyn Konrad began her career in 1992 as a pharmacist at Thrift Drug Pharmacy. In 1997, she joined Eckerd Pharmacy as a district manager. In 2007, Rite Aid acquired Eckerd, and since then, Konrad has held a variety of roles. As chief pharmacy officer, she is responsible for pharmacy acquisitions, retail and pharmacy operations, asset protection, RediClinic, government and regulatory affairs, and new pharmacy initiatives.

Stacey Roberts Vice president of merchandising, Rite Aid What people see is important in retail, and Stacey Roberts is responsible for Rite Aid’s visual merchandising. She develops customercentric planograms that create an engaging shopping experience. A Rite Aid veteran with nearly four decades of retail experience, she prides herself on putting customers and store associates first. Roberts is part of the development team for Rite Aid’s innovation center, which enables the company to test new products, store layouts and merchandise setup.


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Laura Shaw

Christina Hennington

Vice president of strategic initiative management and lean engineering, Rite Aid

Senior vice president/general merchandise manager for essentials beauty, hardlines and services, Target

Laura Shaw has been with Rite Aid since 1995. As vice president of strategic initiative management and lean engineering, she oversees Rite Aid’s project management office, which focuses on ongoing strategic initiatives, including existing projects to grow adjusted EBITDA, increasing working capital and driving efficiencies. Shaw is focused on embedding lean methodology, which optimizes people and resources. Shaw led pharmacy operations and served on the Michigan Board of Pharmacy for eight years, including two years as chair.

Karen Staniforth Senior vice president of pharmacy, Rite Aid Karen Staniforth started her career as a pharmacist in Johannesburg, South Africa. She worked at Sandoz, now a part of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, overseeing retail sales operations. She joined Rite Aid after moving to the United States and has been with the chain for two decades. Staniforth led planning efforts and transaction services for Rite Aid’s asset purchase agreement with Walgreens Boots Alliance, and currently oversees Rite Aid’s pharmacy operations, government and regulatory affairs, clinical services, pharmacy initiatives and Health Dialog operations.

Lori Flees Senior vice president/general merchandise manager for health and wellness, Sam’s Club It is a bit easier to buy products online from Walmart, thanks to Lori Flees. She joined Sam’s Club after more than a year on Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce team, where she was responsible for the integration of Jet.com, Shoes.com, Moosejaw, ModCloth and Bonobos. Today, she leads the pharmacy, optical and hearing business within Sam’s Club’s 589 locations in the United States.

Kimberly Frazier Senior associate counsel, Sam’s Club Kimberly Frazier served in the U.S. Army, achieving the rank of captain, prior to attending law school. She provides day-to-day legal counsel to the Sam’s Club health and wellness teams, including pharmacy, OTC, optical, hearing, consumables and Walmart Clinics. In patient safety, she was instrumental in leading research and actions to support the fight against growing opioid addiction. This included implementation of the company’s seven day/100 morphine mg equivalents limit for initial prescriptions, and drafting the corporate guidelines for Narcan dispensed with every prescription.


Christina Hennington is responsible for leading the merchandising strategy for all of Target’s 1,850-plus stores and its digital platforms. She works with key partners to operationalize the strategies across product, presentation, pricing, promotions and in the supply chain. Hennington joined Target in 2003. Since that time, she has held various merchandising and supply chain positions, including senior vice president of the health and beauty business at Target, as well as the end-to-end ownership of Target pharmacy and healthcare clinics.

Kristen Hanson Vice president of merchandising, Tops Markets Kristen Hanson joined Tops Markets in 2016, and since then has played a key role in the chain’s turnaround, especially in its HBC and general merchandise business. Hanson has been credited with building a team and refocusing it for a difficult turnaround, following the chain’s emergence from bankruptcy in 2018. Her leadership has helped to reengage the pharmacy staff, and she has a track record of building profitable sales, developing new products and launching brands, while reducing operating costs.

Lauren Brindley Group vice president and general merchandise manager for beauty and personal care, Walgreens Walgreens has set a goal to become a preferred beauty destination in the United States, and Lauren Brindley is leading this multiyear, multistage transformational strategy. She has extensive global experience, and in 2007, she became country manager of Hong Kong and Taiwan for Boots Retail International. After the formation of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Brindley was promoted to group vice president for beauty and personal care in 2015, based in the United States.


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WHAT IF TOGETHER WE EMPOWERED WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS TO THRIVE? Each purchase of a SheaMoisture product makes it possible for us to invest in providing access to entrepreneurial and

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COMMITMENT TO CARE AWARD HH Janis Levit Director of pharmacy operations for the ACME division, Albertsons With 25 years of retail pharmacy experience, Janis Levit knows how to drive business profitability and patient health and wellness. Levit leads a team of 200 pharmacists in five states for Albertsons’ ACME Division, which includes ACME, Shaw’s and Star Market banners. She hires, develops and manages division personnel, such as pharmacy district managers, patient care service managers, patient care pharmacists and field evaluators. Levit is certified in travel health, medication therapy management and medical cannabis.

Julie Spier Pharmacy director for the southern division, Albertsons The flu does not stand a chance against Julie Spier. Her southern division has the highest number of flu shots provided per store among all Albertsons divisions. The division also earned top scores in inventory management, customer satisfaction and other immunizations. After Hurricane Harvey, Spier arranged for a trailer in the parking lot of a Houston Randalls to dispense medications, while the flooded store was closed. She was elected to the Texas board of pharmacy in 2018.

Tonya Shackelford Vice president of clinical services, Benzer Pharmacy Tonya Shackelford has expanded immunization programs, created cross-training programs for employees, and delivered lectures at the University of Tennessee. At Benzer Pharmacy, she is responsible for developing plans to reduce overall healthcare costs, while optimizing patient outcomes. Her track record of success in disease state management, patient education, medication adherence and clinical vaccination programs gives her great insight to the financial decision-making of the company. Shackelford is a member of the Memphis Area Pharmacists Society, the Tennessee Pharmacist Association and the American Pharmacists Association.


Nicole “Nicci” Harrington Senior director of pharmacy professional services, CVS Health When New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu needed a pharmacy executive to serve on the state’s Board of Pharmacy, he turned to Nicci Harrington. Harrington leads the CVS Safer Communities Program, which is designed to prevent prescription drug abuse. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy, Harrington routinely is called upon to partner with the CVS Health government affairs team to share her expertise with lawmakers. She has represented CVS Health at forums, speaking about the chain’s efforts to thwart prescription drug abuse.

Grace Fisher Regional pharmacy manager, Giant Food Stores The to-do list for Grace Fisher’s day includes recruiting pharmacists, seeing that each pharmacy is fully staffed, and making sure the pharmacies are compliant with their State Boards of Pharmacy and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Fisher has served on committees to help drive the business, increase profitability and improve the ways of working. She works with the Conner M. Holland Foundation, which assists families affected by pediatric cancer. Store teams held two pajama drives that contributed 2,000 pairs of pajamas to the foundation.

Donna Montemayor Senior director of pharmacy professional services, marketing and strategic initiatives, H-E-B Anyone who has ever received a flu shot in a store can thank Donna Montemayor. Twenty years ago, she was instrumental in designing and launching the pharmacy immunization program, providing flu, pneumonia and other critical adult and adolescent immunizations at the local H-E-B Pharmacy. The program became a model for other stores. Now, she provides leadership, strategic direction, expertise and daily management to the eight regional directors of pharmacy and H-E-B’s Pharmacy Operations Support Center.

Mary Wise Pharmacist in charge/owner, Herold’s Pharmacy After a few years working for a large chain of retail pharmacies, Mary Wise opened Herold’s Pharmacy in Charleston, S.C., in 2010 with her husband, Michael. Her dream was to own a place where people can come and feel comfortable talking to their pharmacy staff. Every customer is welcomed in, and the staff strives to provide the best care and coverage for the patient. The Wises also own an online durable medical supply company.


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11/8/19 11:47 AM

Award winner for the Business Excellence Award as one of the Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty!


Vicki Mangus Executive Director, Sales Anda, Inc.

This award is a clear reflection of your loyalty and dedication to the customers you support, the healthcare supply chain industry, and our company. We are all proud of you for this impressive accomplishment and wish you continued success. - Your Anda Family

Proudly servicing pharmacies throughout the nation for over 25 years.

1-800-331-ANDA (2632)

new.andanet.com A01-30604-103119

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11/7/19 8:15 PM


Amanda McIntosh Pharmacy team leader, Store No. 288, Meijer Meijer Store No. 288 opened in 2016, and since then, Amanda McIntosh’s team has increased its pharmacy prescription count 25% to 30% every year and achieved consistently high customer satisfaction scores. The pharmacy serves a mixed urban and rural population of about 59,400 in Owensboro, Ky., providing vaccinations and health information, as well as medication and medical equipment. McIntosh also offers flu and other vaccinations to local state troopers, as well as at Crossroads Food Pantry, the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex and Kentucky State Penitentiary.

Stacia Schaeffer Pharmacy team leader, Store No. 254, Meijer Since store No. 254 opened in 2018 in Hudsonville, Mich., a town of 7,300, Stacia Schaeffer continually has made improvements to processes, resulting in low processing and prescription promise times. Her team has the best prescription promise times in its regional market, the Greater Grand Rapids area. She also has taken on such projects as training pharmacists, assisting other store team leaders, and piloting a new pharmacy software system for Meijer. Schaeffer received the Customer Focus Award in Meijer’s northern region.

Heather Schultz Pharmacy team leader, Store No. 42, Meijer When Meijer rolled out its Consumer Drug Takeback Program, Heather Schultz made appearances on local Detroit TV and radio to educate the public in her region in Saginaw, Mich. As a team leader and a pharmacist, she works as an intermediary between the public, the medical system, and the business interests of the pharmaceutical and retail industries. When she was promoted to team leader in 2018, she created a culture change to improve employee satisfaction scores by over 95%. That same year, her team exceeded its immunization goals by 158%.

Shannon Blair COO of RediClinic, Rite Aid

and New Jersey areas, as well as clinic locations inside H-E-B grocery stores in Texas. With more than 30 years of experience in health care, Blair previously worked in mental health and senior services facilities.

April Hopper Manager of the Drug Information Center, Rite Aid April Hopper is the manager of Rite Aid’s Drug Information Center, which serves as an MTM call center and clinical resource for many cross-functional teams within Rite Aid. Hopper completed a residency in pharmacy practice in 2000 at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. She served as a clinical information specialist at the Drug Information Center at Rite Aid then transitioned to a lead clinical role in the Rite Aid Health Solutions PBM in 2006.

Mary Miller Manager, clinical and pharmacy services, Rite Aid With more than 10 years of experience in community pharmacy, Mary Miller is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of clinical programs that increase the scope of pharmacy practice, including contraceptive prescribing and pointof-care testing. At Rite Aid, she oversees the design and operation of a clinical tool incorporating patient care opportunities within the workflow. She also oversees the operations and execution of the medication therapy management programs, which have addressed gaps in care.

Gayle Shields Vice president of pharmacy and grocery nonfood, Southeastern Grocers Gayle Shields was born in the United Kingdom, grew up in South Africa and relocated to the United States 15 years ago. She joined Southeastern Grocers as vice president of pharmacy in 2017, and in 2018, she led the North Florida total store operations as a regional vice president. She currently leads the pharmacy and grocery nonfood merchandising teams. A licensed pharmacist in California and Nevada, she previously worked at Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Shannon Blair is the COO of RediClinic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rite Aid, where she leads the development of the corporate strategy and key initiatives. She oversees the day-to-day business operations of RediClinic locations and RediClinic Express sites inside Rite Aid pharmacies throughout the greater Philadelphia



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11/8/19 11:47 AM


Kim Garner

Laura Kelly

Liz Picariello

National Account Executive Still Portfolio, Walgreens

National Account Manager CVS Health

Director Customer Solutions Drug Channel

Congratulations to this year’s winners of Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty! Thank you for refreshing the world, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value, and making a difference through your remarkable contributions.

Š2019 The Coca-Cola Company

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11/7/19 8:24 PM


RISING STARS HH Jessica Covaci Director of pharmacy compliance, Albertsons Playing by the rules is important. Jessica Covaci makes sure 1,800 Albertsons pharmacies across the country are compliant with state, federal and company policies. Covaci oversees the chain’s Pharmacy Field Evaluation Program, a team of 30 associates who audit each pharmacy four or more times a year. She improved and standardized the controlled substance management processes, which reduced the risk of controlled substance diversion. She also participates in National Association of Chain Drug Stores committees and working groups.

Nikki Price Pharmacy director for the Denver/intermountain division, Albertsons To grow the pharmacy business and drive traffic, Nikki Price pursued unconventional partners, negotiated for locations within retail stores to occupy clinic/wellness center space adjacent to existing in-store pharmacies, and helped identify four pharmacy acquisitions in the Denver division. She promotes Albertsons and Safeway immunizations on radio and TV interviews, and helps coordinate remote immunization clinics in underserved areas. Price maintains partnerships with pharmacy schools to develop a pool of future pharmacists, and serves as a subject matter expert to the Colorado state legislature.

Erin Shaal Group director of specialty pharmacy, Albertsons The specialty pharmacy team of pharmacists, technicians and clerks that Erin Shaal oversees coordinates care and ensures patients successfully start and maintain their therapy on highly specific biological medications. Shaal worked to help the team achieve full URAC accreditation in 2018. She also made workflow and system changes to deliver efficiencies and improve key performance indicators. As a result, Albertsons Specialty Pharmacy improved scripts per hour processed and customer service scores, as well as reduced turnaround time. Shaal is an active member of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacies.

April Coudriet Senior category manager for consumer products, strategic global sourcing, AmerisourceBergen April Coudriet develops and manages growth-focused strategies for categories within health and beauty, over the counter and home health care. She leads a predominantly female team comprised of both corporate and remote category managers. With more than 15 years of category management experience at Rite Aid and AmerisourceBergen combined, she now is leveraging her expertise to drive growth within the independent pharmacy class of trade. AmerisourceBergen provides pharmaceutical products, value-driving services and business solutions that improve access to care.

Meghann Chilcott Chief technology and marketing officer, Benzer Pharmacy Now, even pharmacy has a podcast. Meghann Chilcott co-hosts a pharmacy podcast, called “Futuredose.tech.” A former pharmacy technician, Chilcott directs store technology optimization, marketing and business analytics at Benzer Pharmacy. She rolled out a new interactive voice response system to all corporate and franchise locations, and implemented a new social media strategy and online sentiment tracking. Chilcott speaks at events highlighting innovation and writes for such major publications as Forbes as a member of its technology council.

Gina Voneye Vice president of marketing, Benzer Pharmacy After working the health beat at NBC, CBS and CNN, Gina Voneye moved to the marketing space, working on product launches on behalf of such clients as Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Kaiser Permanente. Today, she conceives, develops and directs the deployment of marketing strategies and brand messages throughout the broader B-to-B and B-to-C marketplaces. Voneye plays a pivotal role in keeping Benzer’s expansion efforts on an upward trajectory, as the corporation has more than 100 locations across the country.

Jessica Adams Manager of regulatory affairs, Cardinal Health Jessica Adams entered the pharmacy profession as a volunteer at a local hospital. She decided to become certified as a pharmacy technician, and eventually earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In her current role, she is



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11/8/19 11:48 AM

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11/7/19 8:17 PM


a subject matter expert on pharmacy technology and utilization of tools to advance access to pharmacist care services, assisting state boards of pharmacy, pharmacy associations, rural health associations, customers, coworkers, and other groups on regulatory matters.

Becky Dant

Crystal Lennartz

Director of professional services, Costco Wholesale Pharmacy

Vice president of pharmacy performance for Health Mart Atlas, McKesson

Becky Dant launched and expanded the retailer’s pharmacist-prescribed contraception program at Costco. “It is an important way to increase access for women and allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their scope,” she said. Dant has been in the retail pharmacy industry for 15 years, and at Costco, her core responsibilities include developing and expanding clinical pharmacy programs for community pharmacy and overseeing pharmacy quality initiatives. She completed an acute care residency at Stanford Hospital and is board certified in ambulatory care pharmacy.

For Health Mart Atlas, McKesson’s managedcare solution, Crystal Lennartz leads the team responsible for managing a high-performing pharmacy network across 7,100 pharmacies. Previously, she spent six years supporting the Health Mart franchise, most recently on its strategy team as chief pharmacist. For nearly 20 years, Lennartz has worked in and on behalf of community pharmacies. She is passionate about helping community pharmacy teams understand and improve their pharmacy performance and profitability.

Lauren Bowers

Jenn Martin

Senior buyer for home cleaning, Dollar General

Director of OTC health care, Meijer

Since joining Dollar General more than four years ago, Lauren Bowers has been responsible for product selection for oral care, diapers/ wipes, baby HBC, first aid, eye care and foot care. The categories generate annual sales volume of $850 million. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Bower recently became senior buyer of home cleaning. She makes decisions that benefit customers, while also providing benefit to Dollar General, which has more than 15,000 stores in 44 states.

Kristin Frantz Category manager for beauty and baby, Giant Food Stores Keeping up with trends is difficult, but Kristin Frantz and her team know what consumers want. The team has worked to bring new brands to Giant that are driving growth and has expanded Giant’s private-label offering. New programs for 2019 include a cosmetic brand, a hair accessories brand, a private-label product and a beauty marketing program. Also new are promotional strategies that are driving engagement among consumers.

Jenn Martin is responsible for the OTC healthcare business at Meijer. She has been at Meijer for seven years in different merchandising roles for pet, OTC health care and HBC. She also helps to develop team members. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different leaders, many of them women, who have helped to push me and define my leadership style,” she said. “Now, I have the privilege to do the same and make an impact on many people in my organization.”

Katie Petti Director of central and specialty pharmacy, Publix Super Markets Katie Petti’s scope is closed-door specialty pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, central processing facility, central fill facility and mail order at Publix. The retailer’s specialty pharmacy supports all 1,130 stores and is licensed in all 50 states. Petti built a stateof-the-art facility and was able to obtain URAC accreditation. She also has enabled Publix to gain access to several limiteddistribution drugs and several specialty networks, resulting in the specialty business growing year over year.

Emily Steinkamp

Shelly Boyle

Brand manager for health and wellness, Giant Food Stores

Regional vice president, Rite Aid

Among other responsibilities, Emily Steinkamp manages a team of five regional nutritionists and two in-store dietitians. These health ambassadors conduct store tours, classes and community events to empower


customers and the chain’s 32,000 associates to live healthier lives. The wellness program for associates includes discounts on Guiding Star nutritious items, health fairs and regional initiatives. Steinkamp, who helped drive awareness of a new pharmacy app, represents Giant at the Consumer Goods Forum’s One For Good initiative.

Shelly Boyle oversees all Rite Aid pharmacies in the greater Pittsburgh area. She is responsible for profitable prescription and sales growth, while focusing on improving the health and wellness of Rite Aid’s customers. Boyle began her career at Rite Aid more


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11/8/19 11:48 AM

The Fastest Growing OTC Company in the U.S. 1






Soothe® XP

#1 AREDS brand in dollar share and households2

#1 multi-purpose solution brand in dollar sales and households2

Contains Restoryl® mineral oils, clinically shown to increase the eye’s lipid layer3


renu® Advanced Formula


#1 general eye health brand in dollar share and households2

Latest innovation in lens care

Unique formulation, already #1 eye doctor recommended redness reliever eye drop4

Thanks for supporting these great Bausch + Lomb brands. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 1

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IRI, MULO, Data Ending 12/30/18, Based on IRI Syndicated (TSV) Definition of Manufacturers in Healthcare (OTC) with >$500MM in Annual Sales. 2 IRI Data, latest 52 weeks ending 12/30/18. 3 FOGT J. Clinical Ophthalmology 2016; 10: 2237-2243. 4 IQVIA ProVoice Survey April-August 2018. ®/TM are trademarks of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. © 2019 Bausch & Lomb Incorporated. PN09088 MTB.0092.USA.19

11/7/19 8:18 PM


than 14 years ago as a pharmacy intern, ultimately becoming a pharmacy manager and pharmacy district manager. Boyle holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Teri Schanck Vice president of talent management, Rite Aid Teri Schanck has more than 15 years of retail experience and has taken on roles of increasing responsibility since joining Rite Aid as senior manager of curriculum design, and then taking on the role of senior director, talent management and development. Today, she is Rite Aid’s vice president of talent management, leads the talent acquisition and talent development functions, as well as company-wide associate engagement programs. Schanck previously held human resources roles at Highmark and Williams-Sonoma.

Prathibha Rajashekhar Vice president/divisional merchandise manager for baby, OTC and health and beauty aids, Sam’s Club Since becoming the DMM for baby, OTC, and health and beauty aids, Prathibha Rajashekhar has grown the business at Sam’s Club. She is responsible for curating the assortment, which includes sourcing, cost negotiation, price strategy and replenishment. She and her team manage the assortment across the 599 Sam’s Club stores. Rajashekhar was previously responsible for transforming the data and analytics portfolio for Walmart’s global people division, and, before that, helped the company create a next generation supply chain strategy.

Caroline Riogi Director of corporate compliance for health and welnness, Sam’s Club When Caroline Riogi was a Sam’s Club pharmacy manager, her location won the internal Pharmacy of the Year award. Today, she is the primary compliance advisor to the health and wellness senior leadership at Sam’s Club, and is responsible for all compliance matters that impact the Sam’s Club U.S. retail pharmacy, vision and audiology service lines. Riogi is a member of the corporation’s inaugural “Women of Health and Wellness” program, in which four associates presented a strategic plan to senior leadership and worked to implement that plan.

Michelle Roszel Senior manager of clinical services programs, Sam’s Club Health and Wellness Among Michelle Roszel’s accomplishments has been the implementation of comprehensive medical


reviews, which are extended conversations Sam’s Club pharmacists have with patients who have more than one chronic illness and a high number of prescriptions. They discuss prescription management/ adherence, condition management, and other important health needs. In 2018, Roszel’s work on this pilot helped bring Sam’s Club’s CMR completion rate to 82%. Roszel, who started as an intern while pursuing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree also created a specialty-at-retail diabetes program, which now is in 80 locations.

Amy Ellis Manager of pharmacy services, SpartanNash Once a pharmacy technician and now the manager of all customer-facing programs, Amy Ellis has been instrumental in the SpartanNash Care Squared program, which helps manage local employers with several disease states of their associates. She has helped create and promote Timely Meds, a patient packaging service to improve adherence. She also has implemented an embedded pharmacist program in physician practices to push the profession forward as a key member of the healthcare team.

Vallery Huston Director of specialty pharmacy and clinical services, Southeastern Grocers Vallery Huston oversees all clinical services, immunizations, MTM, and Star Rating/ performance metric results at Southeastern Grocers, which operates 290 retail pharmacies and one standalone specialty pharmacy in seven states. In her first two years at Southeastern Grocers, the chain doubled the annual influenza vaccine numbers and drove non-flu vaccine counts by more than 30,000 annually. HIV and hepatitis treatment communities are a large emphasis, and she promotes access to affordable medications for specialty pharmacy patients in rural areas.

Melissa Myles Edwards Divisional merchandise manager, Ulta Beauty Responsible for a team of seven associates, Melissa Myles Edwards has reshaped many of the strategies for the mass skin care, sun care, hair removal, and bath and body departments that she oversees. Her focus on delivering newness and innovation has resonated well with the Ulta Beauty guests, and it shows in her sales results. She leads the ACTS Committee, which plans such fundraising events as golf outings, beauty basket auctions and charity races to raise money for charitable organizations that include the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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11/8/19 11:49 AM

Beyond the strip: Become your community’s hub for diabetes care. ’ shift to value-based care payment models has created a billing opportunity for Medicare-approved DMEPOS providers and/or Medicare participating pharmacies.


Typically, Medicare’s average reimbursement for providing Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) services is $391.44 per patient. However, to bill for this service, CMS requires that participating

providers be successfully accredited by a Medicare-approved accreditation organization. No worries. The Compliance Team’s industry-leading Exemplary Provider® Award accreditation now includes a track for DSMT that can be bundled with our Medicare-approved programs for DMEPOS and community pharmacy; making it easier than ever for you to become a hub for diabetic care.

YEARS 1994-2019

Diabetes hub revenue opportunities DMEPOS/Rx Products & Services: • Diabetes Self-Managment Training • Glucose meters and strips • Diabetic shoes and socks • Insulin pumps • Foot and skin care products • Point of Care testing • Immunizations • Medication Therapy Management For more information: website: TheComplianceTeam.org, email: info@TheComplianceTeam.org call: (215) 654-9110

Medicare billing provider requirements: Must have a Pharmacist, Nurse, Dietitian or certified diabetic educator; Assess community needs for diabetic education and structure of program; Evidence-based Curriculum; Individualized Care Plan; Individual and group training; Must be enrolled as a Medicare provider thru Pharmacy or DME *The Compliance Team, Inc. is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to accredit Part A-Rural Health Clinic, Patient-Centered Medical Home, and Part B-DMEPOS providers.

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11/7/19 8:20 PM


Lauren Adams Healthcare supervisor, Walgreens When there was a hepatitis A outbreak in Kentucky, Lauren Adams reached out to county health departments, city officials, stores, the Walgreens corporate support team and wholesalers to set up immunization clinics at Walgreens stores and provide off-site vaccinations. The effort resulted in the company immunizing thousands of people. Adams, who is responsible for healthcare strategies in Kentucky and southern Indiana, also provides coaching and guidance to empower district managers around pharmacy and healthcare initiatives, which improves employee engagement and increases patient adherence to their prescription regimen.

Sarah Freedman Manager of specialty pharmacy operations, Walgreens Over the 20 years that Sarah Freedman has been with Walgreens, she has worked as a pharmacist, pharmacy manager and


in other leadership roles. She oversees pharmacist training, communications from the support center to the stores, drug access and fulfillment, and more. While the focus is on 320 community-based specialty locations, she also has oversight on the 3,000 Feel More Like You cancer support program locations and any specialty business that occurs at the 9,000 retail locations.

Rina Shah Group vice president of specialty and retail pharmacy operations, Walgreens Rina Shah helped develop a national, standardized and pharmacist-driven immunization program, which helped raise the national immunization rates and improve access to lifesaving vaccines. She also helped lead a specialty program that provided medication and patient assistance to millions of patients with special medication needs, including HIV, transplant, oncology and other disease states. Shah has been recognized as a Walgreens Champion of Champions, and in 2019, was a Crain’s Chicago Business 40 under 40 winner.


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11/8/19 11:49 AM

New Product!

Now in OTC!

EARVANA For Heavenly Ears

The #1 Ear Wash System Used by Doctors for OVER 20 YEARS


About Earvana

·· ··

Unique non-oily, non-greasy ear rinse Soothes dry ear skin itch Great for after swimming Vitamin C Formula

Visit our website at www.EarvanaEars.com

Sterling Price 904-579-4498 sprice@doctor-easy.com

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About Wax-Rx Deluxe

·· ··

Professional grade ear wash system Saves time, money and doctor’s visits National ad campaign on-going WATCH IT WORK at www.WaxRx.video

Visit our website at www.WaxRx.com

Winner of the Retail Excellence Award

11/7/19 8:53 PM


Emily Shafer

Vicki Mangus

Manager of the office of clinical integrity, Walgreens

Executive director of sales, Anda

Emily Shafer knows what’s in everything. Among her responsibilities, she oversees the review of clinical data related to ingredients and products used in Walgreens’ Feel More Like You cancer support program. She also has developed clinical guides for Walgreens immunization services, authored continuing education pieces on Cancer Basics, Beauty for the Cancer Patient, Naloxone Dispensing, and Medicare Star Ratings, as well as developed clinical training for Walgreens pharmacists for naloxone dispensing. She has been recognized as a Walgreens Champion of Champions.

Vicki Mangus began her career in generic manufacturing, and for the past eight years has been with Anda, one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors of generic, brand, specialty and over-the-counter products within the United States. She is responsible for corporate retail and institutional classes of trade. Mangus creates customized programs that address customers’ specific product and distribution needs. “If the business is unbalanced between my company and my customer, the business model itself becomes unsustainable,” she said. “It’s all about creating an overall win-win partnership.”

Megan Mistarz

Claire Lotito Levine

Senior director of payer analytics and operations, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Senior manager of strategic customer marketing, BD Medical

With both Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration degrees, Megan Mistarz has a background in legal, contracting, strategy, and payer analytics and operations. At Walgreens, she leads a division of 80 people with a broad set of responsibilities. The team supports analytics infrastructure, contract compliance, performance monitoring, proposal services, client services, specialty sales and payer operations She also leads the executive contract governance committee and plays a key role in pharmacy strategy.

Claire Levine has worked in the healthcare industry for 39 years, in sales, global and U.S. marketing, training, sales operations and new product development. In her current role, she leads the customer marketing initiatives, working with the BD sales team and customers to address how BD can help meet the needs of patients with diabetes. Levine communicates the value of these new products and service innovations to the market to help improve the care of patients with diabetes.

Liz Picariello Director of customer solutions for the drug channel, Coca-Cola

SUPPLIER BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS HH Amy Estes Divisional vice president, Advantage Consumer Healthcare As divisional vice president at Advantage Consumer Healthcare, leading the CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid sales teams, Amy Estes is responsible for people development, managing a $200 million retail business, and participating in the strategy development of clients. She and her teams manage brands across nearly every category in OTC, personal care, private label and general merchandise. With 30 years of industry experience, Estes said it’s all about the people. “I am proud to be working alongside great leaders in the industry,” she said.


At the Category Management Association Annual Conference in 2018, Liz Picariello presented a keynote speech on how to leverage virtual reality to drive double-digit growth in the beverage category on key beverage items. At Coca-Cola, she has leveraged technology to significantly reduce cost, improve speed to market, identify robust sales and attitudinal data, and eliminate store disruption. Her primary responsibilities include increasing on-shelf availability, launching SAP and implementing supply chain capabilities across several dozen bottling partners.

Laura Kelly National account manager for CVS Pharmacy, Coca-Cola In the beverage category at CVS Pharmacy, Coca-Cola is category captain, providing the retailer with customized shopper, industry and category insights and trends to guide their overall decision making. Laura Kelly leads this effort and has been serving CVS Pharmacy and the drug channel since 2014. She pilots new and emerging tools to better serve Coca-Cola’s customers. Kelly has served on business-unit engagement teams to make Coca-Cola a great place to work, she said.


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11/8/19 11:49 AM

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11/12/19 12:02 PM


Keech Combe Shetty

Marsha Garcia

Co-CEO, Combe

President, Doctor Easy Medical Products

Keech Combe Shetty joined the family business, Combe, in 2006, and led the team to divest brands and reinvigorate the company’s commitment to the Vagisil and Just For Men brands. She is an advocate for women’s health, and appears as the Vagisil brand’s voice in advertising and social media. Shetty started Combe’s annual employee-directed philanthropic program, called The Big Give, and serves on the Personal Care Products Council, an industry trade association.

Sandra Canally Founder and CEO, The Compliance Team Registered nurse Sandra Canally founded The Compliance Team, a for-profit, certified womanowned national healthcare accreditation organization, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The organization has deeming authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, serving the durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies, pharmacy, and primary care sectors in all 50 states. “All programs are focused on what matters most to patients and their families,” Canally said. “We believe it boils down to three things: safety, honesty and caring.”

Doctor Easy Medical Products has been making ear washers and ear care products for more than 20 years. Under Marsha Garcia’s leadership, the woman-owned business has expanded from the medical arena to the retail landscape. She is in charge of strategic initiatives and product development, and runs day-today operations. “Being the president of a small business involves looking after the small details, as well as the larger vision for the company,” she said.

Michele Muhammad Chief sales and marketing officer, DSE Healthcare Solutions Michele Muhammad leads the marketing and sales team at DSE Health Solutions, which offers products that provide solutions for specialty health concerns. Since joining the company in 2016, she has focused on discovering new ways to deliver profitable growth to the portfolio of brands. She leverages her CPG experience, natural curiosity and love of design to shepherd brands to new heights. Muhammad is involved in WE, Empowering Women to Advance Wellness, and was a speaker at the NACDS Total Store Expo 2018.

Emily Comroe

Sue Smith

Walgreens national account manager for CoverGirl, Coty

Partner and business manager, Emerson Group

As a CoverGirl national account manager, Emily Comroe is responsible for driving revenue, profit and market share for the brand and for retailer partner Walgreens. As the commercial innovation leader on CoverGirl, she creates go-to market strategies and plans across all customers. Comroe has worked on beauty initiatives, such as the first-ever trial size program, influencer kits, and the 2015 market activation of the Star Wars Collection. Her work in sales and trade marketing spans more than 15 years.

Just being a partner at the Emerson Group might be enough work for most, but not for Sue Smith. In addition to championing the company’s vision and adhering to the core of the organization, Smith also acts as co-team lead of the Emerson Group’s Walgreens team. This makes her integral to building a team that can do what her company does best. “We collaborate with our business partners to make the best decisions for the brands as we strive to make our people and brands feel at home,” she said.

Kim Shafer

Elyse Dickerson

CEO, Daily Body Restore

CEO and co-founder, Eosera

Kim Shafer founded Daily Body Restore in 2010. She has more than 20 years of experience in the retail and health-and-wellness industries, and she is involved in marketing, research, distribution and developing products. Shafer originally created Daily Body Restore’s Probiotic with Digestive Enzymes Supplements for her family, and her passion to make a difference in the lives of others is a driving force in her life. Being a female CEO, Shafer encourages other women to follow their dreams as she has.


The ear care category saw little innovation until recently, and Elyse Dickerson is driving much of the current growth. In 2015, she launched a biotech company, Eosera, which makes the earwax removal solution EarwaxMD. After self-funding research and development for nine months, she and co-founder Joe Griffin developed the formulation. Dickerson has 18 years of experience leading teams in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and has been a mentor and sounding board for young women, as well as a champion for women’s equality in the workforce.


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11/8/19 11:50 AM












* O N S E L EC T P R O D U C T S **Beiersdorf, Inc., will donate $1 to kindness.org for each NIVEA® product purchased from September 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, up to $200,000. Visit www.NIVEAusa.com/choosesoft for more details. No part of your purchase is tax deductible.

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11/7/19 8:22 PM


Rebecca Brown

Lisa Paley

Vice president of marketing, E.T. Browne

General manager of U.S. and Puerto Rico region, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Rebecca Brown has been in health and beauty marketing for more than 25 years, including the past 21 years at E.T. Browne working on the Palmer’s portfolio of skin and hair care products. She oversees brands, innovation, communications, shopper marketing, digital and social marketing, and events at the family-owned company, which has experienced growth during her tenure. “The leadership, the team, the commitment to quality; these are all elements that make it an exceptional company,” she said.

Laura Fuentes CEO and co-founder, Green Roads Since 2013, licensed compounding pharmacist Laura Baldwin Fuentes has created the proprietary formulations for Green Roads’ product line of CBD oils, gummies, capsules, topicals and beverages. Consumers can see what is in each product because the QR codes on the labels lead to results of third-party lab tests. Fuentes works to keep everything compliant with the FDA’s evolving CBD standards. Green Roads had $45 million in revenue in 2018, and its products are available in 10,000 retail locations.

Deborah Monahan Director of shopper insights and capabilities, GSK Consumer Healthcare Few people want to be a pain expert, but Deborah Monahan once researched pain insight as manager for consumer research at the Excedrin brand. Later, she managed global cough-cold research at Novartis. Now, she leads the shopper insight team in the discovery, development and implementation of insight-led category leadership platforms. Monahan was core to GSK Consumer Healthcare’s shift to a shopper-centric strategy, driven by the Insights to Action model she established for the organization.

Jennifer Nadelson Brand director for Sensodyne and Pronamel, GSK Consumer Healthcare GSK Consumer Healthcare has reasons to smile under Jennifer Nadelson’s watch. Sensodyne delivered innovation with the launch of Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair and Sensodyne Rapid Relief Whitening. Nadelson has driven growth on Sensodyne three times faster than the toothpaste category in 2019. GSK has more than 900 employees who support Sensodyne and Pronamel, and who look to her as a leader. Prior to this, she worked on the Flonase business and its successful prescription-to-OTC switch.


With the close of the joint venture between Pfizer and GSK’s consumer health businesses, which formed the new GSK Consumer Healthcare, Lisa Paley was named general manager of the company’s U.S. and Puerto Rico region. Paley oversees all businesses for the geographic area, which include commercial and customer operations, as well as develops and implements long-term strategies to drive growth. She has 25 years of experience in the CPG industry. When Paley was with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, she developed and built an e-commerce team from the ground up. “To be successful in today’s world, you need to effectively compete in the e-commerce and digital space,” she said.

Dawn Vogelsang President, Hamacher Resource Group Talk about seller’s remorse. After D.P. Hamacher & Associates was sold to a software solutions firm in 2000, the original management team sensed it was drifting from its core mission. The group, led by Dawn Vogelsang, bought the company in 2001 and named it Hamacher Resource Group. Vogelsang, who joined the company in 1986 to establish the IT department, became president and majority owner. The firm works with brands and retailers in health, beauty and wellness, as well as in beer, wine and spirits; natural products; and food and beverage.

Tina Jackse Vice president of sales for beauty care, Henkel At Henkel, Tina Jackse leads the sales team that manages the beauty business at drug, club, value, Kroger and Target. The team develops and executes against winning strategies, and collaborates with retail partners to drive growth. She builds industry engagement and attracts and develops a strong team. Jackse inspires the team to not only drive results, but to build relationships, deliver on commitments, and develop a courageous and empowered culture of passionate leaders as well.

Lisa Lanham Vice president of global regions, i-Health, a division of DSM Lisa Lanham has worked in the supplier community for 32 years, since earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Ohio State University. In her nine years at i-Health, a division of DSM, she has built relationships with retailers, suppliers and teammates. In her current role as vice president of global regions, she runs the teams that do business in China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom and soon Italy, France, Germany and Brazil.


042-078_DSN_CoverStory_1119v5.indd 66

11/8/19 11:50 AM

She’s shining. Congratulations, Katie Petti, for being named a Rising Star, and recognized as one of the 2019 Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty. Publix is proud to call you one of our own, and fortunate to have you on the Publix Pharmacy team. You’re a rising star in the healthcare industry, and at Publix Super Markets.

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11/7/19 8:46 PM


Lari Harding

Brandyn Muegge

Vice president of strategy and marketing, Inmar

Vice president of U.S. sales, MAV Beauty Brands

Lari Harding has spent 30 years building businesses for Inmar, a data-driven, technology -enabled services company. She has been an innovator in every business line and served in sales, operations, marketing and strategy functions, as well as played a role in building the Inmar Healthcare businesses. Inmar began with an organically built pharmacy reconciliation solution and is now the largest provider of pharmacy financial management and pharmaceutical returns in the industry. More than 80% of pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals are Inmar clients.

Brandyn Muegge has been with MAV Beauty Brands since October 2017 as vice president of sales for the United States. In addition to the Marc Anthony brand, she worked on the launch of Cake Beauty and the expansion of Renpure after acquisitions in 2018. Muegge has helped build brand awareness and global distribution through multiple channels, including department stores, specialty beauty, drug and fashion retailers. Her experience in consumer goods dates back to 1993, when she worked with hair care brands.

Carol Carrozza Kelli A Rodriguez U.S. Director of sales and marketing, Kamedis Dermatology Kamedis Dermatology wants its clinically proven botanical OTC dermatology line to be the No. 1 plant-based OTC skin care line in the United States. Kelli Rodriguez is working toward that goal by developing and managing strategic partnerships and executing on short- and longterm sales and marketing objectives. Rodriguez leads and motivates her team and strives to promote from within for key leadership positions. “You need to continuously stretch, motivate and develop your talent pool, as well as support their career development,” she said.

Ann Boyles Director of e-commerce and trade strategy, Kao From breakfast to makeup, Ann Boyles knows sales. She has more than 20 years of experience in sales and sales strategy, and is skilled at translating brand strategies to align with retailer strategies. Before leading the e-commerce and trade strategy teams at Kao, Boyles built a track record of driving L’Oreal, Kellogg, and Church & Dwight brands, such as Jergens, Bioré, Curel, John Frieda, Ban, Arm & Hammer, and others. She also trains and coaches team members, and excels at developing high performance teams.

Courtney Adeleye Founder and CEO, The Mane Choice Courtney Adeleye built her company, The Mane Choice, with $500 and a passion for health and wellness. A former registered nurse, she also had a background in science to document, develop and disseminate her product line, The Mane Choice Hair Solution. In the six years since she started the brand,healthy hair products have become a mainstay on store shelves and on consumers’ bathroom counters around the world, and the company has amassed more than $1 million in sales. Adeleye also is a philanthropist and champion of women.


Marketing manager, Okamoto U.S.A. Many companies want to reach millennials and Generation Z, including Okamoto, the No. 1 brand of condoms in Japan and a newly launched brand in the United States. Carol Carrozza, who has more than 30 years of experience in the health-and-wellness industry in the United States and globally, gleaned insights about these young consumers’ preferences and behaviors toward relationships, dating and personal health. As a result, the launches of new condom and sexual care brands acutely are relevant to young adult audiences that behave differently from previous generations.

Debbie Alsup Vice president of sales for the Walmart team, Paris Presents Paris Presents found a Walmart expert in Debbie Alsup. She has worked on the Walmart team at Schering Plough, launching Claritin from prescription to OTC; at National Retail Services, establishing a team for merchandising services at Walmart; and at Walmart as a cosmetic buyer and apparel regional buyer. Alsup has helped grow the privately held Paris Presents into a leading beauty company, and launched such beauty brands as EcoTools makeup brushes and Real Techniques by Sam & Nic brushes, as well as YouTube tutorials.

Kimberly Vigliante Senior vice president of sales and marketing for the wholesale division, Piping Rock Health Products Since joining Piping Rock in 2015, Kimberly Vigliante has been instrumental in the foundation, development and growth of the Nature’s Truth vitamin and supplement brand, which has grown to $100 million. Working in the industry since 1995, she pioneered the development of patented packaging designs and spearheaded the growth of many top brands. Vigliante has redefined wellness with such products as aromatherapy in the vitamin category and a new women’s wellness brand, Pink, launching this spring.


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11/8/19 11:51 AM

wisdom, heart, and passion produce fresh-thinking leadership. meijer congratulates all of the top women in health, wellness and beauty, including our own.

Commitment to Care Award: Amanda McIntosh, Pharmacy Team Lead (Store #288) Heather Schultz, Pharmacy Team Lead (Store #42) Stacia Schaetter, Pharmacy Team Lead (Store #254)

DSN_Template.indd 1

Business Excellence Award: Lynette Ackley, VP of Beauty, OTC, C&P Rising Stars Award: Jenn Martin, Director of OTC Health Care

11/8/19 12:04 PM


Ruthie Apple

Mariana Eagen

Senior account executive, Procter & Gamble

Senior manager of CVS team analytics and insights, Procter & Gamble

Standing out on Amazon is difficult, but Ruthie Apple excels at it. She helms Procter & Gamble’s strategic Amazon skin care business and consistently over delivers expectations. She also leads the company thinking on all third-party marketplace issues and makes recommendations on how to navigate this new dynamic to P&G’s most senior leaders. This year, she won “New Hire Manager of the Year” for the North America region. Apple leads the women’s network mentorship program and was a board member of the Asian network.

Michelle Battello

Judi Kletz

Director of the CVS team, Procter & Gamble

Managing director of North America industry affairs, Procter & Gamble

Michelle Battello began her career as a college summer intern at P&G on the West Coast. She rose through the ranks quickly, taking on positions of increased responsibility as beauty account executive, omnichannel team leader, and, currently, team leader for the P&G business at CVS. The business is heavily health- and beauty-focused, comprising of skin, hair, oral and cough-cold categories. Battello is the consummate collaborator and team leader, and was awarded the CVS Beauty and Personal Care Vendor of the year.

If there is a legacy that Judi Kletz leaves in her 34-plus year career, it is all about developing about seeing the future of what’s possible and commercializing the work for the present. From her early days in sales, to marketing, communications and now leading North America industry affairs, she has created best-in-class strategic initiatives that have delivered immeasurable value and ROI to P&G and the industry. In her current capacity, she serves a board member for the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation.

Clare Campbell

Stephanie Robertson

Innovation, digital commerce and operations leader, Procter & Gamble

Brand director for Olay, North America, Procter & Gamble

With 25 years of experience in the beauty space, Clare Campbell is considered the omnichannel operation’s thought leader, as well as a health and beauty industry expert. In her current role as the beauty and dot-com leader for the Walgreens team, she has exceeded business growth goals every year. Campbell is a top influencer in the drug beauty space, and has been recognized as a top performer at P&G by company leadership, as well with the mentees she grows and develops.

Some legacy brands struggle in the new retail landscape, but not Olay. For the North America business, Stephanie Robertson leads marketing decisions across in-store customer channels, digital sites and social media channels. She ensures the product supply team is delivering against cost goals so the brand is profitable. Robertson spearheaded the “Face Anything” campaign for Olay, and the first-ever Olay Super Bowl ad. North America Olay over delivered on sales and profit targets, and more millennials are buying the brand.

Keris Clark

Donda Mullis

North America national category sales manager for Olay, Procter & Gamble

Co-founder and chief marketing officer, Raw Sugar Living

As sales leader for Procter & Gamble’s Olay, Keris Clark is responsible for selling in and executing the full Olay skin care line with such customers as Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target and Costco. She delivers skin care solutions that also drive category growth. This year, she and her team delivered a winning shelf design that was executed on short timing in more than 2,500 stores. Clark mentors individuals through P&G’s partnership with Inroads, an organization designed to grow and develop talented, diverse youth.


Data is everything, and Mariana Eagen leads the Procter & Gamble CVS team’s analytics and insights group. She takes complex data, translates it into powerful insights, and effectively influences CVS executives. She has led three breakthrough shelving initiatives, led male and value consumer immersion sessions, and made P&G the vendor of choice. She owns the integration of P&G’s shopper, consumer and shelf data/insights with CVS Pharmacy’s ExtraCare shopper database to unlock unique business opportunities for the team.

Once a semifinalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards, Donda Mullis co-founded natural lifestyle brand Raw Sugar Living in 2014. She oversees brand identity and strategy, designs product packaging, conceives and launches creative marketing campaigns, grows strategic partnerships, and drives retail distribution in the beauty and health-and-wellness sectors. The company, which she co-founded with her partner, Ronnie Shugar, makes plant-based natural soap and personal care products, and donates a bar of soap for every product purchase.


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Nancy Duitch Founder, president and CEO, Sera Labs CBD skin care and CBD wellness are new and innovative spaces, and Nancy Duitch is leading the charge in those areas. With 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader in the consumer products industry, she launched Sera Labs in 2018, and it has generated more than $7 million in sales since. She has a history of creating various skin care lines and directly working alongside chemists to develop proprietary formulas to ensure a quality product that does more than just include CBD.


Alison Castillo

Amanda Sicvol

Head of industry relations and sustainable living, Unilever

Country manager of USA, Alliance Pharma

Alison Castillo oversees Unilever’s work in meeting consumers’ needs today, while influencing sustainable behavior changes for tomorrow. The company partners with retailers on community initiatives that result in 13 million gallons of clean water in Kenya, six urban farms built in New York City, tens of millions of meals donated throughout the United States, and teens impacted through self-esteem workshops around the world. “Partnerships have driven greater impact that we could not do alone,” she said.

COMMITTEMENT TO CARE HH Ann Hamlin Director of training and science, DisposeRx CSI: North Carolina? Ann Hamlin began her career in 1989 as a forensic scientist trainee at the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory. Today, she educates consumers and professionals about the importance of eliminating leftover medications from the home. Hamlin oversees scientific testing of DisposeRx, a proprietary powder blend that, when mixed with water in the medication vial, traps the drugs in a viscous gel and makes the medication unusable so it can be safely thrown away in the trash.

Shannon Buhl Regional business director for integrated delivery networks, hospitals and clinics southwest, Sandoz When Shannon Buhl joined Sandoz, a division of Novartis, in 2017, she galvanized a team


of account managers around a common purpose of bringing quality Sandoz medicines to patients in need. She helped grow sales year over year and also energized the team. She mentors aspiring future leaders, supports career development and acts as a catalyst for diverse talent growth. Buhl conducted extensive qualitative research in 2018 for the Gender Parity Study at Sandoz and made recommendations that were implemented in the United States.

When international healthcare distributor Alliance Pharma needed someone to establish the first U.S. affiliate office, it turned to Amanda Sicvol. As U.S. country manager, she led the setup of operations in North Carolina, recruiting a team that manages the supply chain, finance, and marketing of brands for distribution to retail partners. She began her career at Burt’s Bees. Alliance, which makes Vamousse pesticide-free lice solutions, has sales that have grown in double digits year-over-year.

Emily Majkowski Team lead for Walgreens, Beiersdorf Emily Majkowski started in the field and gained experiences in support roles, regional roles and major account management roles. “Starting at the stores has helped me gain an appreciation for every step in the retail process,” she said. “I’ve learned that everyone has a very important role to play in a business’s success, and I’m grateful to have been able to see a variety of roles in that process.”

Stephanie Trachtenberg Marketing director, Clio Formerly a brand manager at Hasbro, Stephanie Trachtenberg has a background in toys. Today, she is leading a force of change in the sexual wellness industry by developing and marketing an approachable brand for the mainstream audience. Clio makes the plusOne brand of sexual wellness products that is shattering taboos and gaining distribution in mass stores. She plays a leadership role in crafting strategic campaigns, messaging and partnerships to highlight the plusOne brand as accessible, emotionally available, appealing, attractive and inoffensive.


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tio E x n al ec R ut eta ion il

g llin Se er T’s ar t qu ll CO A to

sh ll Fu -Ca o r-t ort de p Or Sup

National Brand Control Brand Store Brand


Brand Strategy and Launch Planning


Wa Tra reho ns us po e a r t a nd tio n

Your Full-Service OTC Healthcare Partner

Consumer Insight and Shopper Marketing

We’re a full-service sales, marketing and supply chain company with a laser focus on OTC healthcare brands. Whether you’re already in the market or looking for the right partner to get you there, we have capabilities you need to succeed. Our innovative solutions have resulted in $600 million in new/incremental volume in a variety of OTC healthcare categories for many cutting-edge companies.

On behalf of our Associates and our Clients, we want to congratulate Amy on her Award. Amy’s contributions to our organization are numerous, she is also an outstanding Leader and Mentor in our organization. With 30 years in the retail industry, she has demonstrated a high level of energy, commitment and success and has a rock-solid reputation for excellence.

Amy, thank you for all that you do for the organization and for the industry. Congratulations again on your award.

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Kim Garner

Anne Iles

National account executive for the still portfolio, Walgreens, Coca-Cola

Director of customer development for beauty and personal care, Johnson & Johnson

Kim Garner helps set the vision for growth and strategic direction for Coca-Cola North America’s total beverage portfolio, while also driving operational excellence for national plans and local segmentation at Walgreens in the United States. She helps Walgreens expand the size and value of its noncarbonated, nonalcoholic beverage category, and has helped to grow Coke’s Happy Hour program over the last five years, supporting this program from both the Walgreen’s side and Coke side of the business.

Elizabeth Karvonen

Stephanie Hillman

CVS co-lead and NSM store brands, Emerson Group

National account manager, Markwins Beauty Products

Elizabeth Karvonen comanages the CVS business for the Emerson Group portfolio of brands and suppliers, including various healthcare and personal care categories. She leads the store brand business, which has grown significantly over the eight years she has been with Emerson. She also leads Emerson Giving, which raised $50,000 for the local Ronald McDonald House in 2018. The Emerson Group staff gift wrapped hundreds of presents for families staying at the house.

Lauren Wittenberg Director of sales, team leader for Target, Emerson Group Lauren Wittenberg partners with her team members at Emerson Group and vendors to deliver innovative and differentiated brand development solutions to Target. The team works with challenger brands, mega brands, and the most influential CPG companies in the world. “When you work for a company with the brand scale of a massive manufacturer, coupled with the ability to act like a start-up, you’re in the sweet spot of CPG retail,” she said.

Miki Stephens Co-founder and COO, Harmony Hemp As co-founder and COO of Harmony Hemp, Miki Stephens’ primary focus is promoting the design and implementation of business operations and product development. She and her team navigate the complexities of the CPG space, and she spends a great deal of time working on regulatory compliance and supply chain management. “My favorite part of what I do is working with the best manufacturers and formulators in the nation to develop quality CBD products consumers can trust,” she said.


Anne Iles helped grow the category and market share of Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena skin care brand at Walgreens through such category-growing initiatives as getting Neutrogena testers in store. At J&J, she oversees a team of customer development managers who are focused on driving mutual growth of the beauty and personal care brands at Walgreens. She manages joint business planning negotiations and multiyear strategy, and identifies opportunities for Walgreens to differentiate through J&J brands.

For the past three years, Stephanie Hillman has managed value, club stores, off-price and drug store retailers for Markwins International. She interfaces with retail partners to offer strategic plans to grow their businesses, and also works with multiple departments to execute all the needs of each retailer. The Markwins brand portfolio includes wet n wild, Lip Smacker, Physicians Formula, Black Radiance and LORAC. “No day is the same, and we have so much opportunity to develop across the various retail channels,” she said.

Brianna McCrae National account manager, Markwins Beauty Brands A former teen runway model, Brianna McCrae always knew that being on the business side of the beauty industry would be a better fit for her. “I wanted to challenge myself and try something new,” she said. After graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, she spent seven years with a designer and distributor of cosmetic bags. McCrae, who has been with Markwins for two years, manages 30 accounts and sells six different brands as national account manager.

Jessica Arman Founder and CEO, My Magic Mud In just six years, Jessica Arman has grown the natural beauty and oral care brand My Magic Mud from a local farmers market to 30,000 stores worldwide. The company makes activated charcoal teeth whitening products, which started a trend in the personal care space. She has since expanded the product line into natural beauty and cosmetics, with a commitment to clean, natural ingredients. Arman’s passion is to inspire women to become successful.


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Chikako Amendola Director of customer strategy, Nature’s Bounty In her nearly five years at Nature’s Bounty, Chikako Amendola has navigated her team through uncertainties and unfamiliar, new ways of working. The result has produced wins with key retailers and high brand growth, as well as an open and safe culture where her team gained new skills and is not afraid to speak their minds. She leads the interactions between marketing and sales in addition to key cross-functional partners to devise and lead the execution of innovative marketing initiatives.

Jamie Connell Senior account executive for hair care on the CVS team, Procter & Gamble The move from beer to hair is never easy, but it was seamless for Jamie Connell. After four years at Anheuser-Busch, she joined Procter & Gamble in 2018 as a hair care category development analyst. Today, she is responsible for all of P&G’s hair care business planning and execution for CVS Pharmacy. Connell has made meaningful contributions to the business and built strong credibility on the team, with the customer and with the category, as well as helped grow the highly competitive hair care category.


Want to congratulate

Kelli A. Rodriguez being named by Drug Store News as Top Women in Health, W

Elisa Eobstel Personal care end-to-end business leader and Native sales leader, Procter & Gamble This year, Elisa Eobstel led the direct to consumer to retail introduction of Native deodorant, a brand Procter & Gamble acquired in 2017. The work included shaping the right go-to market strategy and execution plans to enable a successful rollout to retail and continue its expansion plans. She joined P&G seven years ago after her internship experience. In successive assignments across the beauty, health and grooming businesses, Eobstel has consistently showed strong results, excellent initiative and follow-through, creative problem solving, and operational discipline.

Anna Finke Feminine care category account executive, Procter & Gamble

Kelli’s Leadership Philosophy: “Our responsibility, as leaders, is to leave the business better than we found it...and in more capable hands.”

Anna Finke is responsible for developing Procter & Gamble’s Tampax and Naturals brand, as well as sales go-to market strategies, capabilities and execution plans for the retail trade. She also is the national sales go-to market acquisition, integration and transition leader for This is L, an organic period care brand P&G acquired this year. Finke helps grow current brands and oversees such launches as Always Pure and Tampax Pure, which are free of chlorine bleaching. She also led P&G’s Alternative Forms Learning Lab Test Market for menstrual cups.


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11/8/19 11:59 AM


Amy Alt Director of sales for oral care, Procter & Gamble At Procter & Gamble, adoptive parents and foster parents who get paternity leave can thank Amy Alt. As an active member of the Strategy 3.0 committee, she influenced this and other P&G policy changes, such as financial reimbursement to include adoption of children over the age of 5 years old. Alt is a rising star in the CPG industry and has a long history of delivering strong results for P&G. She also is a trusted mentor and a strong advocate for women.

Nicole Bernabe Consultant for customer service operations, TelePharm, a Cardinal Health company For TelePharm, Cardinal Health’s telepharmacy solution provider, Nicole Bernabe is the pharmacy operations and prescription workflow subject matter expert. She comes from a family of pharmacists and has 21 years of pharmacy experience. She provides a wealth of knowledge for TelePharm product enhancement prioritization, trains technicians and pharmacists, and creates resources to ensure customer compliance and efficient operations. Bernabe has built an inclusive customer support team that actively influences telepharmacy practice across the nation.

Courtney Henecke Senior product manager for product and solutions marketing, TelePharm, a Cardinal Health company

new products that I know will change the feminine care industry for the better,” she said.

Psyche Terry Founder and chief inspiration officer, UI Global Brands As founder of the brand Urban Hydration, Psyche Terry initially spent her days doing everything from designing labels to shipping products to customers. Now her major responsibility is to ensure the brand consistently is making customers and end consumers happy, so she handles relationship management, design, engaging each member of her team, and such philanthropy efforts as raising funds to build two wells in Kenya. The company was named among Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing companies in America in 2019.

Sarah Malinski Director of customer development health and beauty channel, Unilever Building self-esteem is part of the job for Sarah Malinski. She led the Unilever business with Meijer, where she developed and executed the first Dove Self-Esteem program with the retailer. This program brought 60 girls from the local community together for a self-esteem workshop. Today, Malinski oversees the health and beauty channel for Unilever, including the drug store and beauty specialty accounts and independent beauty suppliers/ distributors. She sits on the NACDS Retail Advisory Board and is involved in the mentoring program. dsn

One of the first employees at TelePharm, Courtney Henecke helped to elevate the company to its 2016 acquisition by Cardinal Health. In the midst of this hectic start-up growth phase, she completed her Master of Business Administration degree. Today, she manages human resource matters, negotiates contracts and leads the marketing efforts. Henecke is a thought leader who has given presentations within the larger corporation to help drive innovation that ultimately leads to better care for patients.

Beatrice Dixon Founder and CEO, The Honey Pot In addition to running the team and capital raising for The Honey Pot, Beatrice Dixon also is the product development team. She has been in the retail industry for more than 10 years as a natural food broker and regional sales manager for natural foods brands and brokerage firms. The Honey Pot makes allnatural, plant-based feminine care products. “I love producing



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11/7/19 8:50 PM




The following women also won awards HH Business Excellence

Amy Ellis Manager, Pharmacy Services

We are proud to congratulate Amy for being honored among the Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty. On behalf of SpartanNash and our family of 19,000 associates, we admire and applaud her vision and leadership.


• Ellen Slicklen, senior vice president/general manager of Conair HBA/Allegro, Conair • Kim Wailor, OTC buyer, Costco • Emily Taylor, senior vice president/general merchandise manager of non-consumables and health and beauty care, Dollar General • Tawanna Burnett, global group lead, Facebook • Amy McAnarney, vice president/general manager of key accounts and business development, Hallmark • Kim Sines, senior vice president of sales, Hello • Deborah Levy Abreu, vice president of marketing, Navajo • Monica Arnaudo, senior vice president of merchandising, Ulta Beauty • Helayna Minsk, group vice president of Walgreens retail brands, Walgreens • Jody Pinson, vice president of beauty, Walmart • Latriece Watkins, senior vice president, Walmart • Karen Shadders, vice president of health and beauty care, wellness, home and entertaining, Wegmans

Rising Stars

• Audrey McCarthy, senior category manager, AmerisourceBergen


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We Take CBD Seriously. It’s Time You Did Too. WHITE LABEL PROGRAM


CBD Finished Products Ready for Your Shelves

CBD Finished Products Ready for Your Specs

Products developed with retail pharmacy in mind.

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Women at the Top DSN profiles seven women who are leading beauty supply companies By Seth Mendelson


omen account for 80% of mass-market shoppers, but for many years, it was men calling the shots. That’s all changing. Women executives are ascending the ranks, especially in the beauty industry. Female founders are bringing innovation to the industry, often filling voids in the marketplace. As part of Drug Store News’ celebration of top women executives in retail, we are profiling seven women who either founded or are a top executive at their burgeoning brands. From a pioneer in CBD to one of the first females to launch a cosmetics brand, these are some of the women who are making an impact in mass-market retailing.

Nancy Duitch

Founder, Sera Labs Nancy Duitch is leveraging her experience as a serial entrepreneur to establish a leading brand in the budding CBD industry. Duitch, who founded the Los Angeles-based Sera Labs in 2018, sees parallels to other businesses she’s nurtured. “I have had the good fortune of being involved in the infomercial industry in its infancy, which was an amazing roller coaster, educating the retailers on the power of direct response TV, driving traffic to their stores. Once they had a taste of the high sales velocity


DRTV could generate, the retailers were on board,” Duitch said. “I believe the same is happening with the CBD/hemp category. As time passes and the buyers are more confident in their supplier choices, we will all work together to create products that bring great health and wellness benefits to the consumer.” Her plans include continuing to grow her brand’s targeted problem/solutions selection. “We are rolling out a very aggressive advertising campaign, which will continue to help us move product off the shelf,” Duitch said. “Our goal is to be a brand that sells through and gives the consumer confidence in their choice of Sera Labs.” Duitch acknowledged the confusion swirling around CBD, a challenge she is tackling with education. “This is a very crowded category with a lot of bad actors and only a few great companies. As leaders of an industry, we need to be responsible for consumer education, top quality products and third-party testing, all of which will weed out the bad players and help us all overcome the trust factor,” she said. Accustomed to being a trailblazer as a woman in a male-dominated business world, Duitch said she sees advancement. “I have seen major improvements in the respect men have given to females in the past 20 years,” she said. “Women are better multitaskers and can make better decisions on what the female shopper is looking for, as well as what they will look for in terms of packaging and pricing. Men have

Nancy Duitch finally come around to understanding we are the bosses, so get ready for the next generation of female warriors who will have female mentors and the confidence of the teams they lead.” Personally, Duitch has stepped up to mentor other women. “I have worked tirelessly to mentor young women starting out in the business world, as I have found there was a lack of women in positions who had risen to levels in the business world where they could or would take time to mentor me when I was starting out in the business world in the late 1970’s.” she said. l


080-087_InsideBeauty_Profiles_1119v6.indd 80

11/7/19 7:22 PM






HAIR TYPE 4 LEAF CLOVER Softness and manageability

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN Anti-breakage and repair,


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11/7/19 8:51 PM


brand categories, while keeping with best-inclass retailers, growing social channels and exponentially drive sales, which means more bars of soap donated to those in need.” She cited her mother as one of her biggest mentors. “‘Learn from adversity, it’s part of life,’ she would say,” Mullis said. “‘When you don’t like something, change it, and if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Most of all, if you’re going to do it, do it with love. Own yourself, respect yourself, you are entirely up to you.’ She also instilled the notion that we help ourselves by helping others.” l

Donda Mullis

Donda Mullis

Co-founder and chief marketing officer, Raw Sugar Living Donda Mullis and her partner, Ronnie Shugar, founded Raw Sugar Living, a plantbased lifestyle brand with a mission to promote clean and healthy living through their products, in 2014. Mullis already had amassed 20 years in the business, building big-box brands when she saw the opportunity — ahead of many brands just coming to the market now — to bring natural, premium, vegan and eco-friendly personal care products to a wide audience. “I’m dedicated to the belief that natural and healthy personal care products should be more accessible and affordable to all — it’s that simple,” Mullis said, adding that she also wanted to create a “brand with a heart” that connected consumers with a cause, so she developed the Raw Sugar Initiative. “For every product purchased, we donate a fresh bar of soap to a person in need,” she said. “To date, we’ve donated millions of bars of soap to families and communities


alike. It’s the simplest things in life that make the biggest difference, and for us, it’s one seemingly simple bar of soap at a time because each bar represents a special story.” Raw Sugar products are consciously crafted with plant-derived ingredients, are PETA certified, and are easily recognizable by their packaging, which features bamboo tops and white bottles. They are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, gluten and animal cruelty. “Key differentiators are that we deliver premium clean products affordably. And we process our ingredients through ColdPress Technology, which means preserving more of the whole plant to nourish skin,” she said. Her story is resonating with consumers and retailers alike. The product is now sold at Target, Walgreens, Meijer and Harmon Face Values. “Our future plans include an aggressive growth strategy as we strategically leverage our retail partnerships to identify the white spaces within core natural and deliver with purpose,” she said. “This will help us expand our product line into more lifestyle

Nora Pearson

Founder, Nora Pearson Naturals and Nora Pearson Natural Beauty Nora Pearson brings a special skill set to her two companies, Pearson Naturals and Nora Pearson Natural Beauty. The womenowned company, based in St. Augustine, Fla., is comprised of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with vast experience in pharmaceutical compounding. “We develop, design, formulate and manufacture all of our own products, using only the highest-quality, U.S.-sourced ingredients and supplies,” Pearson said. “We aim


080-087_InsideBeauty_Profiles_1119v6.indd 82

11/7/19 7:23 PM

No H a rm fu l C h e m ica ls

DSN_Template.indd 1

11/7/19 8:52 PM

to provide natural alternatives to protect and nourish the skin, hair and whole body. Our multipurpose products are free of such chemicals as propylene glycol, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.” The natural beauty division offers unique and effective natural cosmetics and personal care products. “We currently offer over 500 stock keeping units to fit every individual, and we bet you can find a perfect product,” she said. The range consists of boutique quality products that people already use, but with a lessened chemical load. “Because we personally develop all of our formulas, it is important to note that everything we create can be further customized to meet the specific needs of your company and customer base.” Pearson worked as a compounding technician for more than 20 years. She married her husband John, a pharmacist with Haggen Pharmacy, in Washington State. In the fall of 2008, they moved to Florida, but within a few months, her husband was diagnosed with an advanced form of melanoma and was forced to stop working. “It became necessary for me to try to creatively help make up for his loss of income,” said Pearson, who already had been making lotions and cosmetics for friends and family as gifts. She tiptoed into the business with an Etsy shop, offering her products, which she carefully researched, to provide natural alternatives to conventional products. “Over the years, my customer base slowly grew and became more and more loyal,” Pearson said. “Many of my customers were also battling chronic illness, were cancer survivors, and suffered from autoimmune disorders and diseases. Everything we produce has multiple health benefits, and because we understand the chemistry behind everything we formulate, we are able to produce a very appealing product. Our products don’t work like, feel like or look like what people sometimes expect from ‘natural.’” Pearson sees tremendous untapped potential in the mass market for her line. “I feel like there are a lot of products being marketed as natural that aren’t actually very natural at all, or natural products that are not effective or


cosmetically elegant,” she said. Her vision is to strategically expand distribution, which also will help bring down production costs. “Too often, these types of products are priced above what many people can comfortably afford. They are expensive because they are expensive to produce when you eliminate the cheap, toxic ingredients and replace them with higher quality and healthier alternatives. Still, we would love to bring down production costs and then pass those savings onto our loyal customer base,” she said. l

Psyche Terry

Owner and founder, UI Global Brands Psyche Terry spent 12 years in corporate America at Whirlpool Appliances, but always had a passion for creating personal care solutions. In fact, she would use items from her kitchen pantry to make her own products, focusing on items that could treat

her own dry skin and hair issues. “I’d try potato flakes in my bath, oatmeal on my face and eggs in my hair — all to naturally build a better, healthier me,” she said. Her pivotal career change was prompted when she was sitting as a board member for a nonprofit that needed help designing personal care items for a fundraiser. “With that, my love for beauty was erected,” she said. “A year later, I found myself pitching what I had later crafted into Urban Hydration to a mass retailer. Today, Urban Hydration is working hard to be the No. 1 natural care brand for dry skin and hair.” Proving to consumers that natural products can be as effective as other products remains one of Terry’s goals. “We are very instinctive in the ingredients we use because we want to create not just fans, but people who LUHV our products,” she said, using her term to incorporate the “UH”

Psyche Terry


080-087_InsideBeauty_Profiles_1119v6.indd 84

11/7/19 7:23 PM


from the brand name. “We want people feeling the way we feel, realizing that natural products are not only as effective as chemical-based products, but they are healthier for you, too.” Building a business has not been without its challenges. While pregnant with her daughter Faith, Terry received orders that required her to ship 75,000 units out the door of a small manufacturing plant within six weeks. “Then, the factory went out of business and left us high and dry with orders to retailers like Target to still be fulfilled,” she said. “I had worked for five years to build my name in the industry, and by God, I wasn’t going to allow any other small business or anyone to take that away from me.” The solution was to open and operate a 40-person sugar scrub manufacturing facility. “I delivered Faith three days after we delivered every pallet,” she said. “I

reeked of lemon extract in the labor and delivery room.” Beyond her commitment to good-foryou ingredients, Terry, who founded the company along with her husband Vontoba Terry, is dedicated to giving back. “Our brand gives back with every product we made,” she said. “We service families, kids and college students around the world.” Raised by her great-aunt and “a lot of community-based groups,” Terry’s humble beginnings taught her to care about the value of a dollar and giving back. “Our most developed endeavor is our clean water drinking well in Kenya, Africa,” she said. “We’ve serviced 300 children that otherwise wouldn’t have clean water. We know that we are in the business of saving lives. It is why I am inspired to get up and give my best every day.” Mentors have been influential in her life, including a Whirlpool colleague, Diana

T H E # 1 N AT U R A L C A R E

Seaman. “She’s been helping me since my first day as an intern with flip flops on and a wig literally turned backwards,” she said. “She’s steered me, guided me and like many other women, she’s taken time to help me realize what my gifts are and how I can continue to develop and share them with the world.” Terry’s devotion to building her brand has paid off. “Four years ago, I realized Urban Hydration was going to have a breakthrough,” she said. “I realized it when it was just me and an assistant on staff almost reaching $1 million in revenue, and that only 2% of women-owned businesses actually ever even reach $1 million in revenue every year — I knew I was on to something. When more and more people would tell me that they ‘love our formula’ and that it worked and helped with various issues they had, I knew we were on to something.” l



PLANET For more information, please contact: Psyche Terry, Brand Representative | psyche@uiglobalbrands.com | (214) 995-0617 URBANHYDRATION.COM




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Kohl’s added her line to its beauty shelves, giving her a jump start. Now Lique is gaining traction at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger and other major mass retailers. Naturally, her father has been a mentor, who she said taught her to “fight for my dreams.” Those in the garment industry also showed her the importance of building a strong and supportive team. Although she doesn’t know him, Richard Branson also had a big influence on her business and personal direction. “I know it seems that most of my influencers in my life are men, but I like taking pointers from influential men and putting a modern twist on it — a female twist,” she said. Standing out in today’s noisy beauty world is a challenge, she said, especially against such powerhouses as Kylie Beauty or megabrands. The Lique team, led by Kristin Bibb, whom O’Rourke calls her voice of reason, is her secret weapon. “They all fight the battle with me every day. I could not do this without them,” she said of her team and the backing of Duncan Enterprises. “We believe in our mission to be the best lip care-to-color solution in the market, all at an approachable and attainable price point. We combine

Ashley O’Rourke

Ashley O’Rourke

Co-founder and creator, Lique Cosmetics (Duncan Enterprises) Raised in South Africa at a time when it was a very male-dominated society, Ashley O’Rourke had a desire to spread her wings. She moved to the United States and worked her way up the ranks in the garment industry, eventually creating her own clothing company that she led for 11 years. After the loss of her brother, she joined her father, Michael O’Rourke, who founded the brand BigSexyHair, and discovered a new passion in the beauty industry. “I realized that beauty was the new fashion,” she said. She launched Lique just two years later. O’Rourke said her competitive edge is offering prestige lip care and color products that give a high quality lip solution at a masstige price. “We made certain that each natural ingredient was vetted, and each component was molded to offer the best possible formula


and product delivery to the consumer at under $14.” The brand will continue to push for innovative formulas, offering prestige solutions at an affordable price. “We began with lips, the fastest-aging area on a woman’s face, but are always focused on the future and providing solutions that make tackling your daily to-do list and truly doing-it-all with an easy and natural lip solution easy and attainable for every beauty enthusiast,” she said. She’s hit upon a sweet spot in the market. “We align with the consumer that is in the height of her career, focused on juggling family and a little time with friends, all while seeking out lifestyle and beauty products that are high quality at a budget friendly price,” she said. “We are also working on a Lique Lip line that is formulated for men.” Emboldened by success in lip care, the Oxnard, Calif.-based company will expand outside the category in the future. Seeing the brand fill a need in the market,

Courtney Adeleye


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our passion for the brand and products, along with our love for each other as a Lique family, to keep pushing for growth and space in the industry.” l

Marsha Martin

Courtney Adeleye

Founder and CEO, The Mane Choice In 2013, Courtney Adeleye was a nurse who had a hair-coloring incident that left her locks brittle. She decided to wean herself off relaxers and allowed her hair to return to its natural texture. The only problem was that she had a hard time finding products she liked, so she began making her own and documenting her solutions on YouTube. As a registered nurse, Adeleye was able to combine her passion for health and wellness with a background in science to document, develop and disseminate her product line. The result was The Mane Choice Hair Solution, and now, six years later, the company’s healthy hair products have become a mainstay on store shelves and bathroom counters around the world. The brand started with $500 and has amassed over $100 million in sales. To say she has taken the industry by storm might be an understatement. She’s continued to build The Mane Choice into a major contender in the mass market, even against the power of multinational players. Social media helped build awareness from loyal consumers, who helped The Mane Choice build traction. “If you start something, you may not be sure where’s it going to go, but if you are authentic about what you do, it makes everything easier,” Adeleye said. “Trust what you have to offer. The only thing big companies can’t do is be you.” Today, Huntsville, Ala.-based The Mane Choice consists of hair vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, treatments and other items sold at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Target, Publix, Kroger and Sally Beauty. In total, more than 100 products across 15 different collections in the hair, body, men’s care, baby and accessories segments exist. It also particularly pays close attention to its booming hair growth vitamin products. “My focus is to keep everything as natural as

I can and incorporate science into everything that I do,” she said. “It’s about making everything that we create a healthy hair product.” Though Adeleye has created a beauty empire, which includes other brands like Foolproof Body that is steadily growing, there is much more to the legacy she will leave. As a philanthropist and champion of women, she said nothing fulfills her more than giving and positioning people to propel forward. That’s why Adeleye launched the BAW$E Conference in 2018. The weekend-long conference enables female go-getters to be among women with similar goals, learn from industry leaders, and make their next big connections. The event, hosted in a different city each year, draws women from all over the world. l

Marsha Martin

Founder, president and CEO, Onyx Brands Marsha Martin always had an eye for beauty and a creative flair. She harnessed her knack for knowing what women desire

into launching Onyx Brands almost 30 years ago, way before the current crop of female entrepreneurs, many of whom point to her as giving them the inspiration to create their own lines. Onyx began by meeting retailers’ needs in the nail care industry, but, following Martin’s intuition, broadened into a resource for everything from LED makeup mirrors to bath bombs. Her goal always has been to keep prices affordable to all. Now, the Little Rock-Ark.-based company’s products are sold at such major retailers as Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta Beauty, H-E-B, London Drugs, Five Below, Fred Meyer and Meijer. Being a female-owned company with a predominately female team has helped Onyx pinpoint emerging categories. For example, Martin noticed women seeking relaxation with baths and launched a luxury collection called Onyx Bathhouse in 2018. The bubble bath, packaged in a champagne bottle, especially resonates with women looking to luxuriate. dsn


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Leading by Example The women DSN is recognizing this month embody the best parts of our industry By Laura Fontana

H Laura Fontana, DSN beauty director

aving the opportunity to be a part of the team that is putting together the first Drug Store News Top Women in Health, Wellness and Beauty program, I am in absolute awe of the people who are being honored this year in Chicago on Nov. 20 and 21. As I learned more about the accomplishments of the honorees, I became more motivated to continue to grow as an individual myself, to look to make a difference in my community and with my family, and inspire our future generations. These women are paving the way. They serve as beacons for the future and will only help young women who follow in their footsteps.

When I read through the stories and achievements of all of our Top Women winners, I cannot help but think of individuals who are near and dear to my heart. These are women who I look up to every day and who inspire me to be a better mom, wife, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to my community and organization. I could not be more proud to be a woman within the mass retail industry and be surrounded by so many supportive and inspiring individuals who inspire me to be better every day. There are numerous examples of women who stand out. One is Jessica Arman, founder of My Magic Mud, who created a new oral care product to help her daughter find an effective toothpaste that also is gentle on her teeth. She started out selling the product at farmers markets and now is in more than 30,000 stores. Arman and My Magic Mud are making a difference in the oral care category. Then there is Psyche Terry, founder of Urban Hydration, who started the company with her husband to bring clean beauty to everyone. Now,


she is giving back to her community, having founded the Psyche Terry Founder Scholarship Products that provides financial assistance to incoming freshman at Western Michigan University. In addition, the company makes a donation for every product it sells, and, in 2018, it dedicated the opening of a clean water drinking well for 300 Kenyan school children. When I read through the stories and achievements of all of our Top Women winners, I cannot help but think of individuals who are near and dear to my heart. These are women who I look up to every day and who inspire me to be a better mom, wife, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to my community and organization. My sister, who is a professor at DePaul University, a mother to my amazing niece and nephew, and wife, can juggle all that life throws at her. I look at my cousin, who made her varsity soccer team as a freshman this year and fearlessly jumped into her first year of high school, making new friendships that will last her a lifetime. She inspires me to not take life so seriously, and that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. I attended the Network for Executive Women’s New Leadership Summit in September, and so many stories still resonate with me that I am in awe of what these women have accomplished and overcome. For example, Valerie Oswalt told her story of how she rose from humble beginnings in a borough of New York City to becoming the CEO of Century Snacks. Tears rolled down my face as I heard Lindsay Roy, Hallmark Greetings’ senior vice president of consumer experience, share her story of how a tragic boating accident shaped her as a mom, wife and individual, and how it does not stop her from moving forward. These are just a few of the more than 140 stories that DSN is helping to bring to light. I could not be more proud to be a woman within the mass retail industry and be surrounded by so many supportive and inspiring individuals, who inspire me to be better each and every day. dsn


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Multi-cultural Hair brand

Natural Baby Brand


Natural Baby SKU


Natural Personal Wash SKU, w/ 2 SKUs in the top 10 Natural SKUs in Personal Wash

# #

Source: IRI U.S. MULO 52 weeks ending 7/14/19 | Numbers based off UNIT sales.

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Colder fall temperatures mean maintaining an extra layer of moisture to keep all parts of the body smooth and hydrated. DSN is highlighting products retailers can stock to help consumers give their skin a little extra attention as winter approaches.

When it comes to facial care, Sonia Kashuk’s Limited Edition Jade Roller aims to ensure skin care products can be absorbed deep into the skin. Featuring a dual-sided jade roller with large and small stones, the product can be used to massage the cheeks, forehead, neck, temples and the under eye area. It retails for $15 at Target.

Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt, which features the sweet scent of vanilla and oats, absorbs quickly onto the skin with a nongreasy feel and locks in moisture for a full 48 hours. It carries a suggested retail price of $7.97.

Keeping up with moisturizing trends, it’s easy to neglect areas covered up by clothes. That’s why Yes To’s Glowing + Retexturized Bootyful Paper Mask aims to give some attention to the booty. The heart-shaped cotton paper mask can be applied in 10 minutes to brighten, tone, balance oils and remove dirt for glowing derriere skin. Two single-use masks carry a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Love Beauty and Planet’s Sun Kissed Glow Turmeric & Tonka Essence body wash aims to give skin a radiant glow, as its name suggests. The body wash, which features sweet and spicy hints of vanilla, is made with plant-based ingredients. It has a suggested retail price of $6.99.


L’Oréal Paris’ Sublime Bronze SelfTanning Water can be applied after moisturizing for an extra glow. The transparent mousse provides a long-lasting, streak-free and sun-kissed glow in just 4-to-8 hours, without the need to sit in the sun. The mousse features a coconut water and vitamin E infused formula, and is sold for $14.99 on Walgreens.com.


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Real multicultural heritage Consumers have trusted Palmer’s® products since 1840

Real natural formulas Products containing the healthy ingredients consumers want and none of the nasties!

Real sales results Sales growth at double the category pace*





www.palmers.com © 2019 E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved. *IRI Total US - Multi Outlet, Latest 52 Weeks Ending 01-27-19, Dollar Sales %Change vs YA

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More Volume, More Problems Automation and technology companies look to ease the burden on pharmacies as script counts and clinical responsibilities increase By Sandra Levy


harmacists have taken their rightful place in the delivery of health care, engaging with patients and making a noticeable improvement in their patients’ health outcomes. As the clinical role of pharmacists has grown, so too has the imperative to fill an ever-increasing number of prescriptions in a day. As a result, pharmacy technology and automation companies are stepping up to the plate to ensure that pharmacists can juggle their role successfully. Solutions in this area range from central-fill automation to small-footprint options that are meant to make filling faster in small operations. Additionally, beyond automation, companies are looking at how software can help improve pharmacy workflows and rethink tried and true — if not particularly efficient — areas of the business like will call.

Speeding up Dispensing

Mountain View, Calif.-based Omnicell is among the companies on the forefront of automation, with its Autonomous Pharmacy vision, which Jim Stevenson, vice president of medication systems strategy, said is a cloudbased approach leveraging automation, predictive intelligence and expert service to automate the entire medication use process. It also supports sharing of information in an efficient manner across different components of the healthcare ecosystem. “The autonomous pharmacy is the ability to automate all of the things in the medication use process that are repetitive,” Stevenson said. “The story is around tying this all together into an ecosystem that interacts and communicates, and allows improvements in efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance, while allowing pharmacists to practice at the top of their license.” Omnicell offers automated dispensing


cabinets and several different types of robots, as well as IV compounding robotic and workflow solutions for hospital and long-term settings. For the outpatient pharmacy setting, it provides medication synchronization software programs, multiple medication adherence packaging, and tools for pharmacists to conduct comprehensive medication reviews. In addition to showing the name and description of the drug, Omnicell’s blister pack includes pictures of the medication. The company’s software tools also enable pharmacists to identify patients who are candidates for medication adherence

packaging and medication synchronization. “As commercial payers begin to pay pharmacists for comprehensive medication reviews, Omnicell has reacted by offering tools to make that process more efficient,” Stevenson said. Compliance packaging and dispensing efficiency also are a focus for Canada-based Synergy Medical. For more than a decade, the company has played an important role in promoting medication adherence with blister packaging, using a robot dubbed SynMed XF. More recently, the company launched SynMed Ultra to cater to retailers


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With over 400 reference sites SynMed® leads blister pack automation

For Pharmacies: • Flexibility to provide optimal packaging to both retail and LTC patients • Peace of mind with proven precision • Unparalleled efficiency with production rates up to 200 bingo cards/hr and 100 multi-dose cards/hr.

synmedrx.com info@synmedrx.com - 1 866 764 7966

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with central fill sites that are dispensing high volumes of prescriptions. Samantha Cockburn, Synergy Medical’s director of marketing, said that the software was built and written internally to interface with all pharmacy and e-mail systems, and it is being upgraded constantly. “It allows us to generate customizable features on the product label. For example, we have a proprietary drug database, so for every drug that is put in the blister pack, there’s a high-resolution color picture of that drug on the label for quick reference by a nurse or patient, or anyone checking the pack,” Cockburn said. SynMed’s blister packaging also promotes medication adherence and improves a pharmacy’s Star Ratings. “Adherence scores account for about 60% of the Star Ratings. The outcomes of patients taking chronic meds for hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes contribute to the measure of the pharmacy and it affects their


reimbursement, and which insurance plans they can be included in,” she said. While the SynMed XF can fill up to 1,000 blister packs a week, SynMed Ultra technology can handle larger volumes for central fill.

Rethinking Processes

One area of the pharmacy-patient relationships that companies see as ripe for reinvention is outreach. Rarely do patients hand in a paper script and walk the aisles until a PA announcement informs them that their prescription is ready. Among the software offerings from Irving, Texas-based PioneerRx is an alert that tells pharmacists to reach out to patients to inquire if their medication regiment has changed, if they have seen their doctor, or if they were recently hospitalized. Effective as this may be, the company also is developing its outreach solutions to keep pace with how patients want to receive information — namely on mobile. Currently, PioneerRx is using two-way

HIPAA secure messaging, and the company is testing machine learning to drive SMS messages back and forth that are designed to feel more personal than a standard robot’s usual messages. “The message would say, ‘Hey Josh, hope you’re doing OK today. We have a prescription ready from your doctor. It costs $10. When do you want to come pick this up?’ The patient can type in 2 p.m. We can use technology and machine learning in the background to say, ‘Great, we’ll see you at 2 today, thank you.’ It’s a much richer conversation than from a weird robot,” Howland said. Once patients know their medication is ready, they have to pick it up, and Mountain View, Calif.-based PerceptiMed has created a way to make will-call pickups more efficient for pharmacy staff — and ultimately patients. CEO Frank Starn said that the company’s first product, ScripClip, provides safety in the prescription packaging process and makes the pharmacy workflow more efficient. ScripClip uses verification processes to prevent inaccurate packaging, and for willcall features, hanging bags with an LED light will blink when the pharmacist or technician scans the bar code on a patient’s driver’s license. “On average, it’s 50% faster than the manual process,” Starn said. The company also provides clips to secure white paper prescription bags that require refrigeration, additional security in a safe, or are located in another area of the pharmacy. Drugs that have not been picked up for a certain number of days also will light up, so technicians and pharmacists can call patients and increase medication adherence, or return the drugs to inventory. Beyond simplifying and speeding up will call, such companies as Bell and Howell, based in Durham, N.C., are looking to reshape the entire pickup process. The company is using its retail expertise to launch an automated consumer pharmacy pickup solution via an app-based system that alerts consumers with an e-mail or text message informing them that their prescription is ready. Christopher Hill, general manager at Bell and Howell’s click-and-collect solutions, said the technology, which allows for autonomous pick up, is similar to an


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Here at Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC, our heritage is generic pharmaceuticals. We and our parent company, Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, have been formulating and manufacturing quality generics for decades.

In keeping with our unwavering commitment to high-quality products and sustainable growth, we’ve recently rolled out a strategic plan to double our on-market offerings. This means our customers can expect a greater number of consistently supplied, quality products supported by our highest level of customer service. As we celebrate our 100-year anniversary, we remain proud of our strong reputation as a trusted partner in the generic marketplace, and we look forward to delivering even more affordable options to patients and healthcare professionals. Visit us at www.upsher-smith.com to learn more.

Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC, 6701 Evenstad Drive, Maple Grove, MN 55369 Š 2019 Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC 113953.01

113953-01-CO-Generics-CENT-DSN-Jan19.indd 1 DSN_Template.indd 1


11/30/18 12:13 PM 11/7/19 7:57 PM


ATM. “Customers are able to come up to our solution and scan a bar code in a fraction of a second,” Hill said. “There may be a signature or ID required, or interaction with the pharmacist, and that is all configurable to our screen. As soon as that is done, the process is completed, the prescription is presented to the consumer, and they can walk away. There’s no retrieval from a willcall bin or need for the pharmacy staff to go grab the prescriptions.” Brian Irish, vice president of marketing at Bell and Howell, said that the automated pickup enables the pharmacist, who is an expensive resource, to focus on patient care, while making the customer’s experience convenient and fast. Bell and Howell’s automated pickup system is innovative in that it has integrated a telepharmacy consultation feature. “We’re providing a solution that improves the customer experience, while helping the pharmacies from an ROI perspective,” Hill said. “The more you can do to build an elegant customer experience, it will definitely have an impact on loyalty.” Irish also said, “It’s about meeting the customer how and where they want to be met to have their transaction take place. We’re leveraging industry-leading solutions and service installations in the traditional retail environment and applying that now to the pharmacy space.” For companies that offer drive-through service as a convenience, Cincinnati-based Bavis Drive-Thru works to elevate all aspects of the experience. Part of this effort is to ensure that the audio in pharmacy drive-throughs enables communication that clearly can be understood. “The industry continues to use analogue audio systems, which rely on the human ear to distinguish between background noise and voice, but today’s digital VOIP (voice over Internet provider) phone systems do not have enough bandwidth to do that,” said Bavis president William Sieber, adding that the company’s BEAM system significantly eliminates background noise and enhances the voice. “There can be dire consequences if a pharmacist says, ‘Take a teaspoon’ and the patient thinks they heard the word tablespoon,” Sieber


Solving Central Fill Challenges Many pharmacy players are operators who have taken the lead in embracing central fulfillment of prescription, and they, too, now have aggressive plans for centralizing technology. This shift has been observed by Doyle Jensen, executive vice president of global business development at Johnson City, N.Y.-based Innovation, a leader in central fill technology. “This continued push to transition pharmacists to practice at the top of their license is one of the big drivers. To make that happen, there needs to be a change in the current scenario to free up the pharmacist,” Jensen said. “Traditionally, technology was in place at the local pharmacy, and this was in use to increase the pharmacist’s availability and time. We’re seeing that shift in that investment from local deployment to centralized deployments.” Jensen cited the ability of chains to leverage technology dollars across more pharmacies as another big driver of this shift. “Instead of buying something that impacts 1 to 3 pharmacies, you can do one spend on technology that can affect hundreds of pharmacies,” he said. “Because you are concentrating it, you are able to further automate the process. The labor costs per script on a centralized basis is much lower than technology that delivers prescriptions on a local basis, by a factor of 3 to 4 times less. Centralized fulfillment also reduces inventory costs, minimizes expiring stock, and gives pharmacy customers options for mail or home delivery of their medications. It also gives pharmacy chains the flexibility of providing prescriptions in a vial or in compliance packaging at a lower cost. The biggest future point of differentiation that goes with central fill will be enabling pharmacists to have time to interact with patients, Jensen said. “As all providers embrace this technology, to the customer, what’s the difference between you getting the product delivered to your door by one chain or another? Differentiation will be the interaction initiated by that pharmacist. In the past, it may have been location or proximity to your home. If everyone delivers to your home, the differentiation will be the service the pharmacy chain provides,” Jensen said. What does the future hold for Innovation? Jensen said he sees the ability of the central fulfillment center to have all forms of packaging integrated, such as pouches and blister cards. “Those technologies can be fully integrated into a high-volume line, and that decreases the cost of the production of the prescription and gives options for chains to offer compliance as a normal option to all their customers,” he said. Innovation is building out its platform to offer even more centralized services, from ordering and receiving to warehouse management. Jensen noted that the company also is adding new technologies in unit of use dispensing. “We’re continuing to add new technologies that further automate the process itself and continue to drive down the labor cost per script,” Jensen said. — Sandra Levy


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Because he’s putting his trust in you

As a pharmacist, you are trusted to guide optimal drug treatment. But the sheer volume of drugs, new therapies and complex patient conditions raise challenging questions as you make vital decisions. Where can you go for reliable, quick answers backed by deep evidence when you need it? With continuous content updates from PharmD experts, Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey will support you in making swift, confident drug decisions for every patient. Start with a free trial or demo at elsevier.com/clinpharm

Your guide to safe and effective drug therapy

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said. “Instead of going through a typical audio system with a microphone and speaker, we decided to go through the phone system. Any phone in the pharmacy can now be a portal to the drive-through.” Bavis’ system can transfer the drive-through audio via the phone system to the desired pharmacy station. The pharmacist can take the call and provide consultation to the patient cost effectively, without having to leave their position in the pharmacy. Bavis also has integrated card processing equipment into its hardware, allowing customers to put their credit card into a chip reader instead of a chute, or give the

One of the key time-saving areas in the pharmacy has to do with administrative tasks, including prior authorization and ensuring that a patient’s medications are covered to save time during pickup. Atlantabased RxBenefit Clarity, a pharmacy benefit inquiry platform that is a joint McKesson collaboration between RelayHealth and CoverMyMeds, focuses on these two tasks. The software acquires real-time patient benefit coverage information and out-of-pocket

costs directly from the pharmacy where patients will fill their prescription. RxBenefit Clarity also eliminates various prescribing barriers that may lead to callbacks from the pharmacy by contacting physicians. “The solution notifies the provider when a prior authorization is needed to fill a prescription, and gives the prescriber the option to proactively initiate an electronic prior authorization,” said Kerry Stanfield, RelayHealth senior manager of product marketing, noting that accurate patient cost share information and formulary restrictions allow the provider to select the most appropriate therapy for the patient.

additional drugs, Cockburn explained. “This could mean a significantly less efficient production process, positioning all those pills by hand, but more importantly, would potentially increase the operator’s exposure to the hazardous drug.” If this category of medication is left within the automation, all Group 2 and 3 HD containers will be clearly identified, and when a replenishment is required, the operator will be alerted and reminded to wear a gown and gloves. “Certainly, if the pharmacist has any concern as to the safety of including a specific molecule inside the automated SynMed system, said medication should be positioned in the patient-specific blister card by hand,” said Cockburn. PioneerRx, based in Dallas, Texas, has had an extensive compounding module built into its pharmacy software system, and in the last few months it has made enhancements to the module. “If the drug is on the NIOSH hazardous drugs list, we have the system pop up an alert that tells you, this is a hazardous drug. It’s in Table 2, which

means that it occasionally carcinogenic and so that way the pharmacy can say, ‘This is a drug I need to use personal protection with,” said Josh Howland, vice president of clinical strategy at PioneerRx. Mountain View Calif.- based Omnicell is using IV robotics to help pharmacies who do non-sterile compounding meet the forthcoming regulations. Jim Stevenson, vice president of medication systems strategy said, “Our hazardous drug handling IV robotics allows the hazardous drug to be prepared and managed inside closed robotic systems. It minimizes the need for a human to actually touch the products and be involved in areas where they potentially could be exposed to any of these hazardous drugs during the preparation.” Finally, Kennesaw, Ga.-based Knapp has an ATD-L1P high speed pill counter, for the fastest moving drugs that are processed in mail order and central fill pharmacies. This technology has the option for a centralized vacuum system that provides an almost dust-free environment. — Sandra Levy

employees their pin number, and have them return the card.

Software and Workflow

Ready for a Change Compounding pharmacies currently are gearing up for a change in USP’s Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings. The updated chapter, which uses the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s criteria and identification of hazardous drugs, becomes official on Dec. 1. Pharmacy technology companies are working to help compounding pharmacies meet these forthcoming standards and navigate the update. Canada-based Synergy Medical uses a patented pick-and-place in their SynMed blister pack automation. Gentle suction removes the oral solid from the medication container and allows it to be gently dropped into the patient-specific blister. Synergy Medical director of marketing Samantha Cockburn said, “With SynMed, no surface other than the FDA grade stainless steel pipette is in contact with the drugs, substantially limiting the risk of cross-contamination. Suction is applied through each pipette, and any pill powder is vacuumed through a series of filters, ending in a HEPA filter.” “Antineoplastic drugs (Group 1 NIOSH hazardous drugs) are already handled differently, manually positioned in the blisters of a specific patient with the help of the SynMed Assist guidance system; they are outside of the automation,” Cockburn said. Further removing all Group 2 and 3 non-antineoplastic NIOSH hazardous drugs from blister pack automation could impact as many as 50



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11/7/19 7:37 PM

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11/7/19 7:56 PM


mail-order pharmacy software, serving pharmacies that dispense as few as 5,000to-10,000 scripts per day, up to 50,000 prescriptions per shift. “We provide everything from the overall KiSoft One pharmacy execution software that controls the pharmacy and the automation that we manufacture, down to the ergonomic work stations that we put in place,” said Brian Sullivan, Knapp senior systems sales manager for healthcare solutions. The company’s KMeD system is a robotic tablet and capsule dispenser that is designed for mid-to-slow moving drugs. Knapp also offers high capacity, 4-liter replenishment canisters that are replenished offline. “We have several hundred of these canisters in one of our central-fill pharmacies that are concurrently dispensing 90-day vials every 45 seconds,” Sullivan said. dsn

When it comes to pharmacy management software, PioneerRx does more than just offer pharmacy outreach solutions. The company, which has made the decision to tailor its pharmacy management system to independent pharmacies, aims to be a one-stop shop, according to Josh Howland, vice president of clinical strategy. He said that PioneerRx’s pharmacy management software supports all of the functions of independent pharmacy, including dispensing, data entry, insurance submission, integrated point-of-sale, e-prescribing, documenting clinical activities, inventory reconciliation and accounting. With independent pharmacies serving large populations of elderly and chronically ill patients, PioneerRx developed an e-care functionality to help pharmacists document their clinical services, including diabetes education, disease state management, A1C testing and medication synchronization. “We are able to submit that data to show the standards they are meeting, and to prove pharmacy’s value in the healthcare system,” Howland said. For pharmacies working with high volumes of prescriptions, Kennesaw, Ga.based Knapp specializes in central-fill and



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11/7/19 7:38 PM



10% thinner than 32G1

eas er. The only pen needle

a built-in remover.

Boost your category sales with Meet the pen needle with a built-in removal chamber, designed to make pen needle removal easier, safer and more convenient2 • • • •

Patient preferred versus standard pen needles2,3 Proven to increase patient compliance by 61%2,4 Universal fit with all major brand injection pens5 Covered under most third party insurance plans6

Make the switch to the only pen needle

a built-in remover.

Pen Needles with a Built-in Remover 1. Comparison of 33G to 32G max outer needle diameter in accordance with ISO 9626:2016 standards. 2. HRW (2014) Impact of Unifine Pentips Plus on pen needle changing behaviour amongst people with diabetes medicating with injectable formats. 3. Unifine Pentips Plus was preferred by 61% of patients to their standard pen needle. 4. Compliance is defined as the changing of pen needle after every injection. 5. Complete compatibility information available on owenmumford.com 6.Independent and chain pharmacy co-pay adjudication (April 2016). Actual coverage and co-pay may vary from setting to setting, and insurer to insurer. Data on file. DSN2019ADVA/OMI/1018/1/US

For more information, visit unifinepentipsplus.com or call 1-800-421-6936

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More Than Just a Name Private-label products continue to be in high demand BY CAROL RADICE


rivate label is hoping to hit the next level. Based on the level of innovation seen in private-label health and beauty care and general merchandise, it is clear that retailers and suppliers are not just striving to meet consumer expectations, but are looking to surpass them. Now, recognizing the value private label adds to their mix, retailers are devoting more money to research and development, launching innovative products, and developing sophisticated marketing programs — all of which are causing consumers to take notice. The result, many said, is a continued acceptance of private-label products as a legitimate and often less costly alternative to national brands. And, that means that sales of store brand products are growing at solid rates in many categories. That is not to say that consumers blindly believe in the benefits of private label. Perceptions of efficacy, safety and overall quality remain inherent vulnerabilities in the category. Matt Wolf, CEO of Contract Pharmacal, based in Hauppauge, N.Y., said private-label suppliers and retailers are addressing these


vulnerabilities in several ways. First, he said that establishing trusted reputations in the marketplace is vital. Second, innovation is vital as is demonstrating transparency with online reviews, clearly stating testing and safety measures on packaging, and educating consumers on such issues that matter to them as the company’s sustainability practices. Research from Daymon supports this. Bob DiNunzio, director of category strategy at the Stamford, Conn.-based company, said that efficacy, not brand, is typically the top driver when making an HBC purchase. He said that while shoppers are looking for effective products that are of value to them, it is important to understand that value is no longer just about price. “Shoppers are willing to pay more for products that deliver what they perceive to be a premium benefit,” DiNunzio said. “Customers are finding that private-label products meet these needs and can deliver much more than just a low-cost alternative to a national brand.” Beyond efficacy, Daymon research found that across health, beauty and personal care categories, shoppers are looking for “clean label” products with ingredients that are natural, safe and easily recognizable.


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PLMA Weighs In According to officials at the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association, or PLMA, roughly 25% of today’s shoppers consider themselves national brand loyalists. They are committed to their favorite brands, and nothing will modify their purchasing preferences. About 30% of shoppers call themselves private-label loyalists and have very firm opinions about prices and products. As PLMA president Brian Sharoff said, that leaves 45% for whom decisions on private label are made category by category, product by product. “When we drill down further, we see consumers may be open to buying private label in one category, but not in another,” he said. “CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and others are using a variety of marketing techniques to overcome consumers’ hang-ups, but winning consumers over still comes down to a category-bycategory approach.” These and other topics will be discussed at PLMA’s annual trade show, which takes place Nov. 17 to 19 in Chicago. This year’s show will present more than 1,500 exhibitors and 2,600 booths. Categories will include fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods; dry grocery; beverages; and nonfood, including health and beauty, cosmetics, household and general merchandise. According to PLMA officials, trending categories will include natural and organics, hemp-derived CBD products, self-care, housewares and kitchenware, and sustainable packaging. —Carol Radice


Given that each consumer has a unique definition of clean label products, DiNunzio said this provides retailers and their own brands with an edge. “We see this trending on shelf with vitamins, minerals and supplements as well,” he said, noting that many private brands have shifted to plant-based, vegan and natural formulas. He added that retailers are calling out the attributes on the label and incorporating these messages in store and online, a trend also seen in body and skin care. “Retailers are creating a free-from list of ingredients that are guaranteed to not be included in any of their personal care products. This makes shopping simpler and more convenient, eliminating the need for customers to research and scrutinize labels,” DiNunzio said. Layered on top of this, Daymon researchers found that consumers are gravitating to brands that support their lifestyle and beliefs. For example, vitamins that support a specific diet plan, hair care products that are designed for one’s natural hair texture, or ingredients that are sustainably harvested are extremely appealing to HBC consumers.

Beyond Ingredients

Private-label innovation does not stop at what is inside the package. Retailers are extending this to delivery options as well. Officials at Unipharma, for example, have been studying consumers for some time and have found that compliance issues often stem from consumers’ inability to swallow OTC and prescription tablets and capsules. Edgar Arrieta, business development manager, said the Tamarac, Fla.-based company has come up with a solution — the unidose, a liquid dosing format that can be used with OTCs, prescriptions and supplements. Arrieta said that single dosing offers ease and convenience with taking a premeasured amount, but said the absorption rate of taking a liquid is greater. “People are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine to live healthier lives, but, at the same time, they also want it to be convenient and easy to take,” he said. “The average baby boomer might take 10 to15 different pills a day between dietary supplements and prescriptions. When people have problems swallowing pills, they do not take them as often as they need to.” Unipharma’s product format appeals to baby boomers, as well as millennials who are looking to incorporate more naturally oriented products in their lives, but want products they also can take on the go. Parents appreciate the single-dose format because they do not have to worry about overdosing or underdosing their children. “With our Dr. Kids

line, parents also do not have to carry around large bottles and a spoon or syringe to dose their children,” Arrieta said, noting that its kids line is sugar-, alcohol- and paraben-free. Private-label packaging is being updated as well. The traditional copycat packaging approach is being replaced with a more evolved appearance. As a recent Daymon report on design trends pointed out, to stand apart from conventional products and be more approachable, more companies are looking to express the unique personality of their brand. CPC has been studying how consumer attitudes and purchasing behaviors are evolving and using that information to develop its packaging. From there, the company develops new private-label categories, distinctive ingredients, forms and formulations, unique fragrances, flavors and educational and relevant packaging that meet consumers’ needs. “Pill pouching is a great example of how innovative packaging can disrupt a conventional category,” Wolf said, explaining that CPC’s Pill Pouch solution combines daily doses of medicines and nutritionals. “We drew our inspiration from consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle and desire for simplicity,” he said. At Ontario, Calif.-based Calico Brands, innovation around packaging is key. For consumers to consider private-label versions of their favorite HBC and general merchandise brands, product packaging must be well designed and deliver on performance. “Bringing innovation and new products is what Calico Brands is all about,” said one marketing department official. “Our new product development team continues to cultivate new items and new features to drive sales in the multipurpose and pocket lighter categories.” dsn


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Solving Big Problems, Inspiring Bold Ideas EnsembleIQ is a premier business intelligence resource that believes in Solving Big Problems and Inspiring Bold Ideas. Our brands work in harmony to inform, connect, and provide predictive analysis for retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and service providers.


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New Retail Imperatives in Battle for Talent How retailers are attracting talent with beefed-up benefits By David Orgel

A David Orgel is an awardwinning business journalist, industry expert and speaker. He is currently the principal of David Orgel Consulting, delivering strategic content and counsel to the food, retail and CPG industries.

merica’s got talent, and retailers want it. However, it’s not so easy to get. Back in May, a cover story in DSN laid out the recruitment and retention challenges retailers face. Things have only become more challenging since that time, with a continued good economy, low unemployment rates and expansion strategies by some retailers. Retailers need to raise their games to attract and retain associates. This isn’t just for full-time employees, but part-timers as well. Retailers have been responding with more incentives, but these can’t be focused on just wages and basic benefits. They need to extend to a wider variety of such offerings as higher-level benefits, innovative training and education opportunities. The food retail channel, for example, is pursuing a range of initiatives, according to the Food Marketing Institute’s annual report, Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2019. In the report, 91% of retailer and wholesaler respondents have been offering higher compensation; 76% focus on training and skills development; 71% provide improved benefits; 59% make available flex time or flexible scheduling; 57% offer bonuses; 48% operate an employee wellness program; and 44% provide education programs or education benefits.

It’s probable that today’s retail offerings will need to be ratcheted up tomorrow as retailers continue to compete for talent. Retailers need to be creative in determining which strategies will be most effective. How is the battle for talent playing out at specific retailers? Limited-assortment retailer Lidl recently announced plans to provide medical benefits for all part-time employees starting next year. This is an effort to support associates at a time when Lidl is moving forward with expansion plans. Food Lion recently said it will offer paid parental leave to full-time associates who have served


continuously for at least a year. This followed a move by Food Lion’s corporate sibling, Hannaford Supermarkets, that offers paid parental leave as well. Both retailers are part of Ahold Delhaize. I particularly admired how the paid leave effort was relayed in a “we feel your pain” manner by Hannaford’s vice president of human resources, Margo Peffer, in an article by DSN sister publication Progressive Grocer. “As a parent, I know firsthand the peace of mind that comes with meaningful support to focus on your loved ones after a key life event,” she said. “I am proud that we are an early leader in being able to offer a benefit that will improve the health and well-being of our associates and their families.” Meanwhile, retailers are leveraging education in a variety of ways to incent employees. In one of the latest examples, New England retailer Big Y introduced an online learning program for its employees that can lead to degrees and certificates. The initiative is a partnership with Champlain College, which offers education for a wide range of careers. Here’s a key point about all this retail activity — the target will keep moving. It’s probable that today’s retailer offerings will need to be ratcheted up tomorrow as retailers continue to compete for talent. This is important not just for hiring, but also to retain employees and move them along in organizations. Retailers need to be creative in determining which strategies will be most effective in appealing to associates. Finally, let’s remember it’s never too early to start attracting the next generation of employees, even if they aren’t of working age yet. The National Grocers Association Foundation, for example, presents annual academic scholarships to students pursuing supermarket industry careers. It most recently awarded scholarships to some 16 students. Even as the retail industry creates new incentives for today’s employees, it’s a great strategy to help ensure tomorrow’s pool of talent as well. dsn


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