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8 | Make

your fall party shine

Party like a pro with individualized planning tips and hand selected suggestions from our friends at The Knot Shop.

10 | Walt

Disney Family Museum

Explore the life and legacy of the man who had the vision to redefine 20th-century America.

16 | TONY


Get to know the super-sculpted fitness guru in his back yard playground.

22 | Celebrity Style Review Share the shades of autumn and carefree styles of Hollywood’s best and brightest.

24 | DAY IN SAN FRANCISCO More than a big orange bridge. Let us show you a different side of the City by the Bay.

Fairmont Hotel - 27 The TONGA ROOm & HURRICANE BAR - 30 Cable Car Museum - 32 PIER 39 - 34 Ghirardelli Square - 36 Haight AsHbury- 39 Lombard Street - 40 Chinatown Herb Shop - 42 Izzy's Steak & Chops - 46 Forbes Island - 50

From the publisher's desk Thanks to our recently expanded distribution, we suspect our magazine is new to some of you. If that is the case, we are thrilled to meet you. We are a little different from most of the magazines on the newsstand. As one of very few fully integrated national magazines, we offer a mix of media that includes national print, network television and web. Find us at the check stand of your favorite supermarket or the reception area of your health care professional or on the coffee table at leading beauty salons. Be sure to check out our nationally broadcast television show; Patrick Dockry Health Beauty Life, on Women's Entertainment Television (WE tv), Saturdays at 9:30am PST/EST and 8:30am CST. Visit for more information. Scan the QR codes that accompany the articles to experience our television episodes or visit Our fall cover, P90X guru Tony Horton defines us perfectly. By sharing the rewards that come from a life dedicated to nutritional excellence and challenging physical performance, Tony offers realistic ways for everyone to achieve a more healthful life.

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We are overflowing with the best of the best from two of America’s bucket list cities with an insider’s peek at the sights, sounds, dizzying heights and colorful nights of San Francisco, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. For your kitchen, we bring you the latest from the culinary front, offering in-depth and how-to excursions into a tasty mix of the country’s hottest dining spots, nth degree Vegas Buffet decadence, and the warm embrace of some of San Francisco’s most legendary watering holes. As usual, we make your world more beautiful by offering the latest tips and tricks from experts in the world of health & fitness and keeping you on the front side of all things beauty & fashion. Until next time,

…just remember to Enjoy! Patrick Dockry and Tony Horton



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Health Beauty Life Magazine and/or ("HBL") provides the information within these pages or on our website for your personal use "as is." We gather information from different sources and agencies. Information found here shall not be used for making medical, financial, or legal decisions. HBL provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of materials presented anywhere within these pages, HBL expressly disclaims warranties and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, even if HBL is advised of the possibility of damage resulting from such.

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56 58 60 44 | Fall 2013 Marketplace Emerald & Samba by “Color by number” accessories designed to make your fall wardrobe sleek, sexy and warm.

56 | NOBU See it here: Robert De Niro and legendary restaurateur Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s deliciously elegant “hotel within a hotel” at Caesars.

58 | Raincatcher Foundation Healing the world one drop at a time.

60 | Chrisanna Northrup Get to know the empowering (and fit!!) author of The Normal Bar at her California gym.

65 | Time Machine by Dr. Tess Mauricio Turn back the hands of time with America’s Favorite Dermatologist.



Visit the past, indulge in the present and experience the shiny desert playground in a whole new light.

Neon Sign Museum - 68 The El Cortez Hotel and Casino - 70

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage - 73 Bacchanal Buffet - 74 FlightLinez - 76 Fremont Street Experience - 78 Maverick Helicopters - 80 She by Morton’s - 82 Le RÊve - 86

92/94/96 | GET THE LOOK BE SEXY EVERY DAY. Let us show you how. Get your simple, flirty and sophisticated looks here.

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Health Beauty Life “...rediscovered what it meant

to let go.”

Experience Qua Baths & Spa, voted best resort spa in Las Vegas by Condé Nast Traveler —only at The Laurel Collection by Caesars Palace. ®



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Dinner Party


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F Credits: By: Amy Apodaca Photos: The Knot

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sts drink about • If you are serving liquor, most gue 2-3 glasses per hour. have a food allergy. • 15% of individuals believe they , make sure to If serving guests with food allergies a neutral think ahead. Research and choose adjusted to fit or meal that can be easily rendered gies include: aller mon different needs. Some com ers may Oth . nuts and Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy . ons opti ian etar request vegan or veg

10 | Health Beauty Life Magazine


The man behind the mouse

The Walt Disney Family Museum is one of the Bay Area’s newest attractions. Opened in 2009, it beautifully showcases the fascinating and inspiring story of Walt Disney, the beloved creator of Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disneyland and much more. He was a risk-taker who influenced popular culture through animated and live-action films, television programs, theme parks and new technologies and whose artistry, imagination and vision helped define 20th-century America. Located in a brick building, once barracks, on the Main Post of San Francisco’s Presidio, the Museum features 40,000 square feet of the newest technology, historic materials, and artifacts to bring Disney’s achievements to life with ten interactive galleries that include early drawings and animation, movies, music, a 14-foot model of Disneyland and much more. The Museum tells the story of the man behind the myth in Disney’s own voice and in contemporary exhibits that feature state-of-the-art technologies, listening stations, and more than 200 video screens. Visitors can also enjoy the Museum store and the 114-seat Fantasia-themed theater which shows Disney classics six days a week.


The Walt Disney Family Museum located in a former Army barracks on the Main Post in the Presidio of San Francisco.

In 1928 after losing the rights to a character he had helped develop, Walt Disney had to come up with a new creation. His wife, Lillian, recalled, “He was talking about different things, kittens and cats, this and that and the other. He kept talking about a mouse.” Walt later said, “And then the name came. I had Mortimer first and my wife shook her head and then I tried Mickey and she shook her head the other way and that was it.”



addition to its galleries, the Museum presents screenings of a different Disney classic film every month, as well as related lively programs and special events, featuring Disney Legends, actors, animators, musicians, character voices, historians and Disney family members. An open studio, classes and workshops teach animation, illustration, sketching, painting, stop motion cinematography, voice acting and more for all ages. A series of one and two week summer camps encourage children to explore acting onstage, learn the secrets behind special effects, create an animated short, unwrap the magic of illusions, explore the outdoors with a video camera, create a comic book hero and more.


Co-founded by Walt Disney’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller, and namesake grandson, Walter E.D. Miller, the Museum is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Family Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Walt Disney reads a bedtime story to his daughters Sharon (left) and Diane (right).


The Walt Disney Family Museum 104 Montgomery Street The Presidio, San Francisco San Francisco, CA 94129 415.345.6800

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Courtesy Walt Disney Family Foundation and Ric Miller, Jim Smith, Drew Altizer, Cesar Rubio Photography

“My father has one of the most well known names around the world, but as the Disney ‘brand’ has grown, the man has become lost,” said Disney’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller.


We are committed to telling the story of Walt Disney’s life, in his own words and in the words of others who knew him well and worked with him. My father was very open, and in the many conversations and interviews that you will hear in the galleries, you learn the story of his life. It is a wonderful story, and Dad himself loved to tell it. Thanks to the amazing work of many dedicated people, we are fortunate to be able to tell it here using the tools he worked with including art, music, film and technology to present an honest yet affectionate portrait of this amazing artist and man.


Walt and Lillian Disney on board The Rex,1935 ©Disney

2013’s hottest New u.s. hotel – CNN

Dragun, Natasha. “Hottest New Hotels for 2013.” CNN Travel. N.p., 25 Feb. 2013. Web. 04 Apr. 2013. ©2013, Caesars License Company, LLC.

Meet the world’s first


WATCH ARTICLE Credits: By: Greg Root Photos: Allen Carrasco


Succeed 16 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Coming face to face with Tony is a bit daunting. His unusually sculpted physique and larger than life persona have a way of making mere mortals (like me and our film crew) feel a bit…well, underdeveloped, for lack of a better term. Not to worry. Though Tony is an undeniable force of nature, he comes across with a breezy charm and self-deprecating humor that put us immediately at ease. Tony’s commitment to physical health, exercise and nutrition are the stuff of legend. His international success with the P90X brand and an ever growing array of fitness and nutrition products, media appearances, commercial ubiquity and well received books have made him a star.

The Real Deal Tony Horton is a man who undoubtedly “practices what he preaches,” and spending time with him is inspirational. Perched high above his well-manicured grounds and gracious home, Tony’s hilltop gym is a testament to the unique brand of fitness that is the cornerstone of his business and the source of his razor ripped physique. Shaded by lush palms and sweetened by the aroma of native eucalyptus and colorful flowers, the gym is as convenient and comfortable as it is efficient. The gym is built in two parts: One with inside fitness equipment, the other is an outdoor “playground” constructed of handsome redwood posts and beams. Outside, Tony “plays” on slack lines, 16-foot ropes, chin up and parallel bars, rings, a pegboard and a fingertip climbing structure. These tools provide the sort of hyper physical challenges that Tony embraces and endorses; the ones that require and reward explosive movement, agility, balance, graceful strength, speed and flexibility. After moving to Southern California from New England, he found “gyms on every corner” but was uninspired by the typical gym routine that consisted of “doing your chest for about an hour and a half, then 45 minutes on a stationary bike… and that was pretty much your workout.” Fascinated by physical movements of all kinds, the young Tony studied mime under one of Marcel Marceau’s colleagues and grew to appreciate the value of physical fitness, grace and performance that can’t be found in old-school weight lifting routines. Now, an unbelievably youthful 55, Tony’s workouts are designed to maintain a body that stands up to heli-skiing, biking, running, slack line training and the rigors of extensive traveling as part of his nonstop world.


As a kid, I was a “crummy” athlete with two left feet, and the last kid picked for every team, except dodgeball.


Recently, the Health Beauty Life crew got an up close and personal opportunity to spend quality time with Tony Horton, the man behind the best-selling (and arguably most effective) fitness program in America, P90X® at his beautiful, Southern California home.

His workouts focus on speed, agility, flexibility, core strength and stamina, and utilize a mixture of disciplines that include resistance training, isometric, plyometric, and dynamic weight exercises. They draw from yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, and Pilates, employing a technique known as “muscle confusion” where training plateaus are eliminated by muscles “surprised” by ever-changing routines over the course of a typical 90-day training program.



I want to be able to climb ropes, ski really hard, ice climb, mountain bike and kayak. I practice indoor training for the outside world.

Where he was once “a skinny kid with a fat little belly,” he now does hundreds of pushups daily on Swiss balls, pull-ups at the top of a 16-foot rope and slack line training. His metabolism is through the roof, his pain threshold is high and he is the opposite of what he was before.

“It’s about can-do. It’s about speed, balance, and range of motion. It’s about getting better as you get older,” says Tony. His focus is core-based exercise that involve twisting, turning, standing on one leg, using Swiss balls to improve his core and strengthening the areas from “his armpits to his knee caps.” Tony goes on to share, “If the part in the middle is strong, your back problems go away, your six-pack appears and you can function better as a human being whether you are picking up a box or grabbing a rock on a rock climbing route…” Tony’s goal is to get people to reactivate their lives, to work towards a sustainability that will serve them for the long haul and suggests starting with at least 20 minutes per day of high intensity exercise with the P90X Beach Body system. “Don’t be deterred if you only have a short time each day. It’s better to do some exercise than zero exercise. Do what you can, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. It’s about breathing deeply to move blood into your brain and stimulating the norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin” Tony states. “Do you want the last 10, 15 or 20 years of your life to be in a slow decline, or do you want it to go up as you age? It’s about eating well, taking care of yourself and paying attention to the little things that make a big difference and doing some exercise five to seven days per week.”

Tony shares, “It’s about eating 'clean' for breakfast, lunch and dinner, moving forward, and getting on with your life.” As his hero Jack LaLanne often said, “You are what you eat.” “Sometimes it’s okay to not work out. Sometimes, for whatever reason, you NEED comfort food. Sometimes you want a Snickers bar. That’s okay, as long as for the most part, your diet is good and you maintain a schedule where over the course of a month, you get in 22 workouts and eat healthfully 90% of the time.”

"Some folks get up and eat waffles and pancakes with a big blob of butter, drenched in maple syrup. That’s not breakfast. That’s a 'birthday cake! You might as well put a candle on it and blow it out!”



Tony suggests that we all eat like our great, great, grandparents used to eat: No chemicals, processed food, and no fast foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Do your best and forget the rest!

If you can do that, according to Tony, you are going to see rapid and dramatic physical, mental and emotional change. It’s adopting a lifestyle where you have fun, hang out with like-minded people, and stay fit."

Tony Horton Kitchen According to Tony, you have to make the inside as healthy as what is on the outside. his philosophy is: "As long as it’s healthy, heat it up and eat it up." Tony states, "I understand the food thing, but it’s still the hardest part for me. So I partnered with a company that I like a lot. They make amazing food from a great kitchen and they make menu items that are healthy and delicious with lots of super healthy ingredients that include paleolithic, meat based 'flex-itarian,' free range chicken, grass fed beef and buffalo. Of course, we have meals for vegetarians as well." The beauty is they deliver pretty much anywhere in the U.S. for only about $9 per meal for the vegetarian dinners and $12 to $14 for the meat-based meals. They are all delivered to your door fresh, sealed and ready to eat. “Every single bite and every single meal is clean and healthy," Tony continues. "Every single one is going to help your body lose weight and function better because you are only as good as your last meal and as your last workout. Every meal and every workout is an opportunity to move in one of two directions, better or for worse. There are programs for everybody and every situation, and they are especially helpful for people who travel but want to eat right on the road. Our goal is to make delicious healthy meals available to everyone everywhere. Food problem solved.” On the horizon is a second version of P90X that features a workout program that is shorter in duration for those days when you just don’t feel like working out or don’t have the time. “Your worst workouts always lead to better ones, and rest is always necessary. Get your 7 ½ hours of sleep each night. Get up and breathe, meditate and wake up without a lot of coffee.” For Tony, “It’s all about taking care of yourself and getting rid of the things that are clearly not good for you and adding things to your life that are. Try not to rely on things outside of yourself, get in the game, and take a deep breath. Live. Listen to your body and pay attention. Do your best and forget the rest.”



I’m gonna mellow out when I’m a hundred and five.

Never satisfied and gifted with a boundless energy, Tony’s working on a third book. While his first two books were strictly about exercise and diet, the new book, set to publish in early 2014, is motivational in scope. In the still untitled work, Tony talks about ways to approach a more rewarding life where fitness leads to role modeling to bring about positive interactions with our families, coworkers, and in ultimately our world. As Tony puts it, “It’s about having healthier kids, being outside, active, and leading a healthful life. It’s about and being a role model for your kids and your community." To get in shape and stay there, Tony recommends an intense but not impossible workout where you push your body but never overdo it, and focus on variety to keep your muscles “guessing.” He says to “Do the things you are pretty good at and the things you are pretty bad at to create a dramatic physical, mental and emotional change.” Ask yourself, “What is your purpose?” Think about all the benefits of exercising and eating well as compared to the things you don’t get if you make lousy choices. “When you make good choices," Tony mentions in closing "your flexibility improves, your strength improves, as does your cardio vascular system, metabolism, immune system, you enjoy better brain function, and you look better, feel better, and you get to wear those pants you haven’t been able to fit into for a while.” Sounds like all the things we find important at Health Beauty Life. See it all at



Shades of Autumn From strawberry blonde to courageous copper, let's warm up this season with some eye catching color.

Jessica Chastain

Nicole Kidman

Carly Rae Jepsen

Emma Watson Isla Fisher 22 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Owen Wilson Bradley Cooper

Long Hair Don’t Care Let loose and grow out that mane! Hollywood's leading men show off their hunky carefree styles.

Keith Urban

Paul Rudd

Brad Pitt

Photos: Allen Carrasco and courtesy of the San Francisco Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Credits: By: Greg Root, Kelly Taggart, Kerri-Lynn Swanson, Amy Apodaca, and Aaron Brown

24 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

San Francisco is so much more than a breathtakingly beautiful city on the Northern California coast. It is a state of mind, an attitude, and a cultural touch stone. The epitome of sophisticated cool, San Francisco’s effect on the world cannot be minimized. Memorialized in song and romanticized in film, the City by the Bay looms larger than life with an unmistakable aura that touches and colors pop culture, literature, cinema, music, fashion, and cuisine.


The town is known for social tolerance, acceptance of free thinking and all forms of innovation. It is no small coincidence that phrases like Love in, Be in, and Keep On Truckin’ were born there or that tie dye, sideburns and bell bottoms were created by San Franciscans during the catalytic Summer of Love long before they were embraced by Madison Avenue or strutted down the catwalks of Milan, New York and Paris. A hotbed of technology, San Francisco is home to a myriad of tech pioneers who live and play in its eclectic neighborhoods, travel the short distance to their Silicon Valley labs and create products, software and an ever-evolving spectrum of social media tools that connect us to each other and to the world. More than a majestic orange bridge or “where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars,” the city is truly the sum of all of its magnificent parts, colorful history and world bending attitude.


Fairmont Hotel Page 27 The "hotel so grand they built a city around it".

Ghirardelli Square Page 36 Sweet surprises await at the turn of the century landmark.

The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar Page 30 Step inside the Nob Hill Tiki Bar that has delighted visitors since 1945.

Haight Ashbury Page 39 Visit the still thriving district where The Summer of Love began.

The Cable Car Museum Page 32 Discover the 19th century technology that keeps those little cars humming.

Lombard Street Page 40 As crooked as it is beautiful, Lombard Street must be experienced to be appreciated.

PIER 39 Page 34 Wander, shop and dine at the historic waterfront attraction.

Ellision Herb Shop Page 42 Meet the China Town herbalist to discover the century old pharmacy with ancient herbal remedies.

Izzie’s Steak & Chops

Page 46 Find out why S.F.

locals covet this culinary gem. Forbes Island Page 50 Get a port hole view of the one-of-a-kind underwater restaurant.


Fairmont San Francisco For your stay in The City, we recommend the world-renowned Fairmont San Francisco. Known as the “hotel so grand they built a city around it,” the Fairmont is graciously sits high atop Nob Hill at the corner of California and Mason streets, just up the hill from the Cable Car powerhouse. In fact, The Fairmont is the only spot in San Francisco where each of the City's cable car lines intersect.

Known for creating cherished memories for leisure and business travelers alike, the staff at the Fairmont San Francisco pampers visitors with a level of service that will make your stay a memorable one. Since 1907, the hotel has proudly stood as a legendary tourist destination and host to thousands of travelers from across the globe. The rich history of San Francisco and the Fairmont are intertwined with a history that began with the California Gold Rush.

Minutes from the Financial District, Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square, the Grand Hotel is the embodiment of big city luxury and impeccable service, serving as a window to early San Francisco, with a turn-of-thecentury mystique and a regal bearing rarely found in modern accommodations. Opulent but never stuffy, the hotel was recently updated with flat screens, Frette linen ensembles, pillow top beds, and MP3 docking stations to create a perfect balance of old school luxury coupled with up-to-the-minute technology.

Credits: By: Greg Root Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Committed to environmental sustainability, the Fairmont San Francisco's unique offerings include honeybee hives within their 1,000 square foot rooftop garden. In 2010, the hotel’s executive chef, in partnership with Marshall’s Farms, installed the hives to support the bee population and for the production of organic honey. Today, Executive Chef Chad Blunston leads a culinary team that works with the “liquid gold” by harvesting honey to sweeten a number of their creations including pastries, soups, and salad dressings. Additionally, their homegrown honey is used in the hotel’s afternoon tea service and on tap in the delicious Honey Saison beer served in the Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar. Crowning the grand hotel is the unimaginably opulent Penthouse Suite. Newly restored by Champalimaud Design from an original creation by American archeologist and art historian, Arthur Upham Pope, the suite itself is valued at $20 million.

With an interior reminiscent of the roaring '20s, the suite spans 6,000 square feet across the entire eighth floor of the Fairmont’s historic main building. The Penthouse has been visited and enjoyed by a who’s who of international dignitaries and notables including President John F. Kennedy, Prince Charles, Mick Jagger, Tony Bennett and countless others. The rate for a one night stay in the Penthouse Suite is a princely $15,000. The Fairmont is the ultimate basecamp from which to launch your San Francisco adventure. Typical rooms and suites are luxuriantly spacious, beautifully furnished and competitively priced. Many offer breathtaking bay and city views.

Fairmont San Francisco Atop Nob Hill 950 Mason Street San Francisco, CA 94108 415-772-5000


The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar


30 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

ince its opening in 1945, The Tonga Room has been a San Francisco landmark. Originally a closed-terrace swimming pool, the space was re-invented in 1945 by Mel Melvin, a movie set designer. Mr. Melvin converted the pool into a lagoon and gave the restaurant a South Pacific feel. From the decorations to the lighting, The Tonga Room creates an atmosphere that is only enhanced by the tropical rain showers that delight restaurant guests every 30 minutes. Stepping in to The Tonga Room is truly like stepping into another world. As an icon of Tikis in '40s and '50s pop culture, the Tonga Room has seen a resurgence in popularity with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant has recently undergone an extensive restoration, complete with an updated lounge and bar area to accommodate the increasing number of people that come to the Tonga Room to sip on their famous libations like the Mai Tai, the Lava Bowl (which comes in three sizes!) or the Pineapple Royale. If you are lucky enough to be around Wednesday – Friday, a stop by The Tonga Room for Happy Hour is a MUST. This award-winning Happy Hour features a buffet of South Pacific delicacies such as edamame, mini egg rolls, chicken wings and tonga fried rice just to name a few. At only $10 per person, this is definitely one of San Francisco’s best kept Happy Hour secrets. Open five nights a week, the Tonga Room isn’t just a place to grab dinner. The Island Groove Band, housed on a barge floating in the lagoon, keeps people grooving on the dance floor every night with their Top 40 and island music offerings! Patrick Dockry, publisher of Health Beauty Life, was lucky enough to spend some time with JP, The Tonga Room’s Restaurant manager to sample some of the amazing food. Although gluten-free options tend to be scarce at Asian restaurants, JP explains to us that The Tonga Room only uses the freshest ingredients that are wok-fried one order at a time. This allows the kitchen team to prepare dishes to accommodate many food allergies. Since Patrick does not eat gluten, The Tonga Room prepared Mongolian Beef for him using a clean wok, virgin oil and gluten-free soy sauce. He then finished his meal with a gluten-free Tofu Cheesecake with white chocolate tuille, raspberry and lemon curd and a grapefruit suspension. With these and many other south pacific-inspired dishes offered nightly, you are in for a treat with dinner and drinks at The Tonga Room.

Virgin Mai Tai Patrick and JP headed to the famous Hurricane Bar inside the Tonga Room for a quick lesson in tropical mixology with bartender Chen, who turns out hundreds of these cocktails weekly. All recipes below are kid-friendly (no alcohol) but include The Tonga Room’s recommended adult add-ins for each drink!

INGREDIENTS • 1/4 oz almond syrup • 2 oz lime juice • 3 oz pineapple juice

PREPARATION Combine all ingredients in a large glass or empty coconut shell if you are feeling fancy. Stir ingredients, top with crushed ice and garnish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. Adult Mix Ins: The Tonga Room recommends Bacardi 151 and Triple Sec with a Dark Rum Floater.

Virgin Pineapple Royale INGREDIENTS • 3 oz Sweet and Sour mix • 6 oz pineapple juice

PREPARATION Add sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice in a cocktail glass. Top with crushed ice and garnish with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. Adult mix-ins: The Tonga Room recommends Triple Sec, Dark Rum and a splash of Brandy

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar 950 Mason St San Francisco, CA 94108 415-772-5278

Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of the Tonga Room



Cable Car Museum


32 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Courtesy of The Cable Car Museum

Andrew Smith Hallidie tested the first cable car at 4 o'clock in the morning August 2nd, 1873, on Clay Street in San Francisco.

Chronicling from the first run in 1873 to the present, the Cable Car Museum in San Francisco allows visitors to learn about the inventor, builders, technologies, expansion, near loss, and the ongoing efforts to maintain the much-loved cable cars that run up and down the hills of San Francisco. Much of the allure of San Francisco’s surviving cables cars is due to the antique nature of the vehicles and the seemingly mysterious method by which they travel the slopes of the city. It has fascinated locals and tourists alike who marvel at how these little cars seemingly glide on their tracks apparently without any visible means of propulsion. In truth, the system is amazingly simple and has changed little since the first cable car lines appeared in the Victorian San Francisco of the late 19th century. Established in 1974, the Cable Car Museum is operated by the Friends of the Cable Car Museum as a nonprofit educational facility. Located on Nob Hill in the historic Washington-Mason cable car barn and powerhouse, the museum deck overlooks the huge engines and winding wheels that pull the cables for the still operational system. It is the only remaining powerhouse for all currently running cable car lines. Downstairs is a viewing area of the large sheaves and cable line entering the building through the channel under the street.

In addition to explaining how the system works, on display are various mechanical devices such as grips, tracks, cable, brake mechanisms, tools, detailed models, and a large collection of historic photographs. The museum also houses three antique cable cars from the 1870s including the Sutter Street Railway number 46 grip car and number 54 trailer, as well as the only surviving car from the first cable car company, the Clay Street Hill Railroad number 8 grip car. The perfect conclusion to any tour, be sure and visit the museum store, which features a variety of cable car memorabilia, books, clothing, cards, and even genuine cable car bells and used cable pieces.

Cable Car Museum 1201 Mason Street San Francisco, CA 94108 415-474-1887


Pier 39

Known for spectacular views of San Francisco Bay including the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge and Alcatraz, PIER 39 is the third most visited attraction in the United States. Located along the historic San Francisco Waterfront, two blocks east of Fisherman’s Wharf at Beach Street and The Embarcadero, PIER 39 offers two levels of dining, entertainment, shopping and attractions including 14 full-service restaurants and over 90 shops. The sprawling 45-acre gathering area is also home to a 5-acre waterfront park and a picturesque 300-berth marina.

For the young at heart, take a spin on the beautiful San Francisco carousel, which is intricately hand painted with famous San Francisco landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Lombard Street, Alcatraz, and the popular California sea lions at PIER 39.

Part of San Francisco’s cultural fabric, PIER 39 adds to the vibrancy of the city and is the ideal starting point for seeing the sites.

A splendid attraction, experience the magic of San Francisco Bay at Aquarium of the Bay. Located at the water’s edge, 20,000 local sea creatures await your arrival. See eye to eye with a Sevengill shark, be mesmerized by moon jellies, touch a bat ray’s wing, or visit the new River Otter exhibit. Walk through crystal clear tunnels and watch San Francisco Bay’s most amazing animals swim overhead.

Grab a bite at any of the eateries, blast away zombies and robot cowboys at 7D Experience, get lost in Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze, become briefly airborne with Frequent Flyers, rent a bike from Blazing Saddles or simply relax and let PIER 39's caricature artist create your unique cartoon portrait. Marvel as multi-talented street performers entertain visitors and bring laughter and cheer to all.

You can also wander down to K-Dock and visit the famous California sea lions for yourself. Arriving in January 1990 shortly after Loma Prieta earthquake, these adorable marine mammals took up residence and became plentiful numbering 1,701 at one point. These entertaining sea creatures have created quite an allure for many worldwide tourists and continue to thrive on the K-Dock of PIER 39.

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Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Courtesy of Pier 39 & San Francisco Travel Association

Sightseeing ventures include narrated Bay cruises that sail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz Island, past Angel Island State Park, and along San Francisco’s historic waterfront. For those with a craving for more adrenaline and the latest America’s Cup technology, sign up for a ride on ACsailingSF’s 85-foot, 20-passenger USA 76 Challenger from the 2003 America’s Cup. If a leisurely sail is more your speed, consider Adventure Cat Sailing Charters. These legendary sunset sails and relaxing afternoon bay cruises are the perfect way to unwind while taking in the breathtaking sites. If exploring the area by sea is more your style, there are several options all launching from PIER 39 including San Francisco Whale Tours, Wine Tasting on the Bay and the exciting RocketBoat. In addition to regular ferry service departing PIER 39 to surrounding areas, Blue & Gold Fleet offers visitors to the Bay Area an opportunity to see the City’s breathtaking views and surrounding marine beauty.

PIER 39 Beach Street & The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94133 415-705-5500


Ghirardelli Square


Whether it’s happy hour at McCormick and Kuleto’s, late night dining at The Pub or a savory treat at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop, no visit to San Francisco is complete without a trip to Ghirardelli Square. Located on North Point Street at the corner of Beach and Larkin Streets, Ghirardelli Square is on the west side of Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s easily in walking distance just two blocks east of Van Ness Avenue and one block west of the Cable Car turnaround at Beach and Hyde Streets.

Considered the first successful adaptive reuse project in the country, this specialty retail and dining complex, housing many shops and restaurants, was previously a chocolate factory established by Domenico “Domingo” Ghirardelli.

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Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Courtesy of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company & Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

Born in 1817 in Rapallo, Italy, Ghirardelli served as a Genoa confectioner’s apprentice and at a young age developed a strong interest in the business. He left for Uruguay when he was 20 years old, then sailed around Cape Horn to Peru where he became a coffee and chocolate merchant. Ghirardelli left for San Francisco in 1849 and opened a general store supplying mustard, coffee, spices and, of course, chocolate, eventually establishing his own chocolate factory in 1852.

In 1893, Ghirardelli took over the entire city block of the former Pioneer Woolen Mills on North Point Street, the current site of the Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop and Ghirardelli Square. In the early 1960s, the company was bought by the Golden Grain Macaroni Company, which moved the Ghirardelli headquarters off-site and put the square up for sale. To prevent the square from being replaced by apartments, prominent San Franciscans William Matson Roth and his mother bought the property in 1962. As dedicated preservationists, they converted the historic brick structures into an integrated yet picturesque restaurant and retail complex, which eventually became a popular tourist destination. Twenty years later, the complex was granted National Historic Registry status proudly ensuring the preservation of Ghirardelli Square for future generations. Today, Ghirardelli Square delights visitors with its lively retail mix. Stop by to grab a bite, shop for gifts or at least sample the tasty confections that made the Ghirardelli name famous.

Ghirardelli Square 900 North Point Street, Suite E100 San Francisco, CA 94109 Phone: 415-775-5500


Haight-Ashbury The Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco generally encompasses the neighborhood surrounding Haight Street, bounded by Stanyan Street and Golden Gate Park on the west, Oak Street and the Golden Gate Park Panhandle on the north, Baker Street and Buena Vista Park to the east and Frederick Street and Ashbury Heights and Cole Valley neighborhoods to the south.

Known for its tie-dyed, flower power roots in the 1960s, Haight-Ashbury reached its height of notoriety in 1967 during the famous Summer of Love. The neighborhood at that time became a haven for hippies and influential psychedelic rock performers. Though it still maintains a slightly coarse, Bohemian vibe, Haight-Ashbury is now an eclectic mix of boutiques, vintage clothing stores, book and record shops, trendy restaurants and cafes, and beautifully restored Victorian homes.

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Lombard Street

Lombard Street is one of San Francisco's top-rated sights. The "crooked" section of the public road is located between Hyde and Leavenworth, just a few blocks above Ghirardelli Square. Often referred to as the crookedest street in San Francisco, in actuality Lombard Street is neither the most crooked nor the steepest street in the city, let alone the world. Strangely, that fact doesn't discourage the mass of tourists that journey every year to see, let alone experience, this famous stretch of road for themselves. Built with eight switchbacks on a 40-degree slope, the highlight of the Lombard Street experience is watching people drive down the crooked, one-way, one-block section. On a busy day, a seemingly endless stream of cars, scooters and even bicycles cruise down the path, their passengers squealing and swaying at every turn. If you're looking for the premium vantage point for picture taking for this popular landmark while on foot, find a spot at the bottom looking up and snap away.

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Ellision Herb Shop


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Nestled within the 24-square blocks at the heart of San Francisco and boasting the second-largest Chinese community outside of Asia is Chinatown. This area and its captivating people offer a myriad of fascinating finds for any adventurous tourist. Crammed with exotic fish and produce markets, bakeries and herbalists, jumbled alleys hold the most worthwhile stops in the area including the Ellision Herb Shop. In this area for 33 years, this always-busy, family-run business is Chinatown's best-stocked herbal pharmacy where orders are still filled the ancient Chinese way using hand-held scales and abacuses. Neatly labeled drug cases are brimming with a wide variety of dried bark, roots, cicadas, ginseng, a variety of teas and other staples, over 4,000 offerings in total with most originating from China in dried form. Clerks fill prescriptions from practicing Herbalists and offer advice for a variety of common ailments including remedies such as honeysuckle flower to cool the body and help irregularity, ginger for poor circulation or indigestion, chamomile for pain relief, or licorice root to detoxify, to name but a few. Whether you’re mildly curious or simply seeking natural remedies, consider a visit to Chinatown’s esteemed Ellision Herb Shop for a unique experience.

Ellision Herb Shop 738 Washington Street San Francisco, CA 94108 415-982-3886

Credits: By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco


&Samba Vince Camuto

Jade Grained Leather Pyramid Studded Belt

Bluefly Cost: $32.89

Fall 2013 Marketplace Our stylist team linked up with, one of the internet’s most popular sites for contemporary brands and designers such as Rebecca Minkoff and Diane Von Fürstenberg to bring you our favorite accessories this season! We chose sleek emerald and rich samba from the PANTONE® Fall 2013 color report. These vibrant autumn swatches pair nicely with haute accessories for your wardrobe this season. Take a look and see!

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Pour la Victoire

Emerald Suede Platform 'Velerie' Slingbacks Bluefly Cost: $79.97

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PANTONE 17-5641 As one of the rarest stones in the world, Emerald is the color that defines 2013. This fascinating sparkle of radiance brings majestic authority to any wardrobe.

Rebecca Minkoff

Emerald Green Quilted And Studded Leather 'Chance' Convertible Crossbody. Bluefly Cost: $ 395.00

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Black And Red Snake Embossed Leather Colorblock 'Era' Belt

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PANTONE 19-1662 Soulful as a Brazilian beat, this warm, inviting tone brings people together and gets the party started. Perfect for a dinner party or out on the town, Samba embraces the bold side of the season.

Currant Patent Leather Peep Toe Platform Pumps Bluefly Cost: $520.00


Red Crosshatch Leather Continental Wallet Bluefly Cost: $440.00

Credits: By: Amy Apodaca



Izzy’s Steaks & Chops



you are on the lookout for great beef in the Bay Area, look no further than Izzy’s Steaks and Chops. Located on Steiner Street, the restaurant has been serving locals for over 25 years. From their high quality beef to their fresh seafood dishes and classic cocktails like Izzy’s Manhattan, there is something to please everyone.

Mark Epstein Manager

The story, or legend for that matter, of the man behind the restaurant’s name is about as flavorful and unique as the food offered by Mark Epstein and his kitchen crew. Izzy was one of the most notorious saloon keepers in San Francisco prior to prohibition. Located on the Barbary Coast, the bar kept a rough and tumble crowd and even witnessed a shooting or two, which was not common during those times. During the prohibition, Izzy became a moonshine bootlegger, giving locals a steady supply of white lightening until the end of prohibition in 1933. It is believed that Izzy was the city’s first proprietor to apply for, and receive, a liquor license in 1934 and began pedaling his libation legally.

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Not all of the legends surrounding Izzy's are dark in nature. He was famous for feeding people who had no money and would often trade his home-cooked meals for a song and dance or a bit of entertainment. It is in this spirit of community in which the restaurant finds a bond with its namesake. The neighborhood restaurant has been a success in that they opened and have continually filled seats nightly by word of mouth. Any local will tell you that their skirt steak and drunken shrimp are worth the wait. In fact, the skirt steak is actually stuff of tradition with the San Francisco Police Department. Almost every member of the force has come to Izzy’s for the skirt steak at least once. Izzy’s is open nightly and reservations are highly recommended. Even if you do just stop by, the food is certainly worth the wait and you can pass your time people watching while sipping on a hand-crafted Dragonfruit Cosmo or Izzy’s famous Manhattan.

Izzy's Steaks & Chops 3345 Steiner Street San Francisco, CA 94123 415-563-0487

The Health Beauty Life crew was fortunate to go behind the scenes with the father and son duo that keep the food delicious and the grill marks perfect!

Brined & Marinated Pork Chop INGREDIENTS

PREPARATION Bring 8 oz. of water to a boil in a sauce pan over medium-high heat. Add all marinade ingredients to the pan and allow to come to a rapid boil. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Place the marinade in a dish and place one side of the pork chop in the marinade. Place in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Remove chop from freezer and grill over medium high heat to desired temperature. Serve with steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato - ENJOY!

Mixed Greens with Fresh Herb Vinaigrette INGREDIENTS • ½ tbs. rosemary, coarsely chopped • ½ tbs. thyme, coarsely chopped • 1 tbs. shallot, diced • Pinch of salt • Pinch of white pepper • 5 tsp. olive oil • 5 tsp. red wine vinegar • 6 oz mixed greens


Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of Izzy's

• 2 bone-in pork chops, brined for 24 hours • 4-5 juniper seeds • 4-5 coriander seeds • 4-5 cumin seeds • ½ tbs. chopped rosemary • ½ tbs. chopped thyme • ½ tbs. chopped parsley • 1 garlic clove, coarsely chopped • 1 orange, cut into 4 segments

Ceasar Niethel Sr. and Ceasar Niethel Jr.

Add first seven ingredients in a large bowl and mix with a wire whisk until combined. Add mixed green in the bowl and toss until well combined. Serve immediately alongside a beautifully grilled New York strip steak – ENJOY!







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Forbes Island


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Initially designed as a private floating residence by houseboat designer Thor Kiddoo, Forbes Island originally launched December 23, 1980 and immediately became the place to go in San Francisco. The original island featured three private staterooms complete with a waterfall that cascaded into a hot tub and was featured on shows such as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and That’s Incredible. Now featuring a variety of dining rooms, including a wine cellar available for a private dining experience for two, the Forbes Island Restaurant has continued to be one of the most unique landmarks in San Francisco. The views are incredible.The Tahiti Dining Room boasts views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sea Lion Bar and Dining Room has amazing waterfront views of Downtown San Francisco, Coit Tower and Russian Hill. One of the most unique features about the Forbes Island Restaurant is that is an actual island – in fact, it is the only man-made floating island in the United States. Diners take a five minute "voyage" to the restaurant aboard a 27-person ferry that puts diners up close and personal with the famous Pier 39 sea lion and provides beautiful views of the pier and city. As you near the island, you will notice the 40-foot lighthouse and towering palms that make the floating establishment seem natural rather than man-made. The only privately built lighthouse in the United States, it's equipped with an authentic Fresnel Lens on loan from the United States Lighthouse Society.

No matter where you choose to dine, all guests get to sample from the same menu which is as varied and inviting as the island itself. From the Dungeness Crab, Avocado & Bay Scallop Salad to the Avocado Bruschetta with a balsamic glaze, the appetizers are light and perfect for sharing and take advantage of the regional staples from land and sea. The dinner selections are sure to please. From the Denver Cut Steak with a Brandy Mustard Crème Sauce to the Wild Mushroom Risotto finished with a balsamic glaze and the Organic Salmon with a Ginger Lime Crème Sauce, there is definitely something that everyone will be sure to enjoy. Of course, there is always room for dessert! The Crème Brulee is creamy with a smooth vanilla finish that is complemented by a perfectly toasted crunchy sugar crust. But you cannot leave without trying the Berries Napoleon layered with mascarpone crème and hazelnut tuile, this dessert is bright, creamy, sweet, tangy and nutty all at once. So, the next time you are in San Francisco head on over to Forbes Island Restaurant and say Hi! While you are out there stay for some great wine, some amazing food and some of the best views of San Francisco that can be found! Since you have to take a ferry, reservations are necessary, but rest assured, they are easy to make – Visit to make your reservations online, or call (415) 951-4900.

The restaurant features several dining experiences. From large indoor and outdoor spaces to intimate nooks for two, any room that you choose promises to provide a unique atmosphere to enjoy the excellent cuisine and perfectly mixed cocktails. The Sea Lion Bar and Dining Room offers beautiful views of the harbor, while the Tahiti Dining Room is actually a thatched beach hut perfectly positioned under the gently swaying island palms.

If you are looking for an intimate dining experience with a loved one, The Forbes Island Wine Cellar is a private experience for parties of Two. Availability is limited. So plan ahead.

Forbes Island Sea Lion Harbor, "H" Dock Between PIERS 39 & 41 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94133 415-951-4900

Photos: Allen Carrasco

To step into the Salon is to enter another world. Filled with nautical artifacts and designed to feel as if you are in the hull of a wooden galleon ship, the views are through portholes that allow diners to see the underwater world.

Credits: By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson

To really appreciate the Forbes Island experience, you have to check out the restaurant’s underwater dining room, The Main Salon.

I Left My Heart Thanks for coming along as we explored San Francisco in a day. Though you can spend a lifetime exploring “The City,” we hope we provided a glimpse of the kind of experiences you can have in one fast paced day in The City by the Bay. So visit soon and plan to stay for more than a day. San Francisco is a city like no other. Thank you to all of the folks that made our “Day in San Francisco” possible: Disney Family Museum Ellison Herbs Fairmont Hotel Forbes Island Ghirardelli Square Izzy’s Steak & Chops San Francisco Film Commission San Francisco Travel The Cable Car Museum Tonga Room PIER 39

What you hear is true. Austin offers miles of running and biking trails for showing off your athletic prowess. And you’ll never know just who will be in the audience.



Restaurant Open Daily at 5:30pm

Patio Seating Available

Reservations Encouraged

THE SHOPS AT CRYSTALS ARIA LAS VEGAS 3720 Las Vegas Blvd. South Suite 260 Las Vegas, NV 89158 Restaurant (702) 254-2376 SHeLasVegas


Luxury Infused, Celebrity Driven

Make Your Event Unforgettably Special

To make your stay in Las Vegas truly spectacular, we suggest checking out and checking in to the one of a kind “Hotel within a hotel” Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace.

The 18 luxury suites range from one-bedroom, 1,000 square feet, to five-bedroom, 3,500 square feet configurations and are available for guests who seek premium accommodations or a stunning venue for an unforgettable special event.

Located in what was once The Centurion Tower, after a multi-million dollar refurbishment, the highly anticipated boutique hotel opened in February 2013. A masterful collaboration between Caesars Palace, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, two-time Academy Award winner, Robert De Niro, and Hollywood film producer, Meir Teper, Nobu is the first celebrity chef-branded hotel venture in Las Vegas. Another stunning offering from David Rockwell and his firm the Rockwell Group, the unmistakable “Rockwell style” infuses the interior design of the strikingly unique boutique hotel, including 181 rooms, 18 luxury suites and common areas, as well as the adjoining restaurant and lounge. Incorporating his passion for the Nobu brand and drawing from his decades-long Nobu collaboration, Rockwell has created stylish interiors showcasing natural materials fused with Nobu’s signature Japanese elegance that artfully convey the fun and energetic Nobu lifestyle.

Showcasing Nobu’s first-ever, in-room dining menu, exclusive amenities and guest privileges, Nobu Hotel is centrally located within Caesars Palace just steps away from Las Vegas' world-class entertainment, luxury shopping and gaming. Complimentary valet or transportation services are available. Check-In time is 4:00PM and Check-Out time is 11:00AM. Room reservations are available at The NOBU site offers virtual tours of all of the hotel’s rooms, suites and amenities.

Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109 800-727-4923

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Nobu Restaurant Located steps from the entrance to Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, this visual and culinary masterpiece is the latest and largest of the 26 Nobu Restaurants. Spanning over 12,000 square feet and featuring a Sushi Bar, Lounge, and 3 traditional Teppan-Yaki tables, the restaurant comfortably accommodates 327 guests.


Guests are treated to signature Nobu dishes such as yellowtail jalapeño, black cod with miso, and premium Japanese Wagyu beef. The dinner menu is (beyond) impressive and the menus created for the Teppan-Yaki experience are truly unique and reflect the Nobu concept of traditional meets modern.

Bamboo structures that line the exterior restaurant walls are reminiscent of traditional Japanese Ikebana baskets that allow guests to enjoy private dining while they observe other diners as well as passersby. As Nobu Manager Colleen Donolan points out, “That is one of Nobu Restaurant’s themes, to see, and be seen.”

If you want to truly experience the essence of Nobu, skip over all of the hot and cold menus and order the Multi-Course Omakase Menu. The Chef’s Daily Creation Omakase Menu is the best way to experience Nobu the way it was intended, with each dish individually selected for you.

Another theme of the Nobu experience is to incorporate elements that are representative of their local neighborhood or region. Here, hints of bright fabrics and bold shapes are a nod to the colorful and dramatic feel of Las Vegas.

Since opening in February 2013, Nobu has established itself as THE place to dine for locals, tourists and celebrities and reservations are highly suggested. Call for reservations, or visit

Photos: Courtesy of Nobu/Caesars Palace

A lively mix of traditional and modern themes, famed designer David Rockwell integrated traditional Japanese materials to create a private dining experience like no other.

Credits: By: Greg Root & Kerri-Lynn Swanson


In addition to a spectacular Sushi Bar, there are three Teppan-Yaki Tables located throughout the space. In fact, Nobu Caesars Palace is the first Nobu in the United States to feature this traditional Japanese style cuisine.

Working to Solve the Global Water Crisis


Coupling the ancient art of rainwater harvesting with today’s advanced water filtration technology, grants access to affordable, sustainable and safe drinking water to developing countries.

In areas where rain is not abundant, this innovative system can clean and filter even the dirtiest water on the spot including existing contaminated sources. There are no wells required, no pumps, no electricity, and no irrigation systems.

Although 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, almost 800 million people don’t have access to water clean enough to drink. According to this growing non-profit, over 6,000 people perish from the earth every day because of waterborne diseases, 4,500 of which are children under the age of five.

The key to this simple approach is a special filter copied from a design for the medical industry for kidney dialysis. The filter is a hollow membrane consisting of thousands of tiny tubes with ultrafine pinprick holes, each measuring .1 microns in diameter. A cholera molecule, for example, is .5 microns in size and cannot fit through holes so small. These high tech filters connect to an intake funnel and strain out harmful microorganisms from the water. Bacteria infested water goes in and clean, safe, and ready to drink water comes out. And, according to the manufacturer, if maintained properly with regular back flushing, these life-saving filters can last indefinitely.

In less than three minutes, RainCatcher can implement a sure-fire solution by simply catching rain and filtering it. Schools, churches and other existing buildings easily become efficient raincatchers with the addition of gutters, tanks and filters.

58 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Spreading the Word Since 2009, RainCatcher has provided access to clean drinking water to more than 750,000 people in Africa, India and Haiti. They have equipped over 80 schools, hospitals and churches with rainwaterharvesting systems throughout some of the poorest areas and have donated over 14,000 clean water filters to date. RainCatcher also teaches communities in affected areas to pay it forward by educating locals how to install and maintain the filters and holding tanks. Once trained, they are encouraged to share the solution with other villages so even more people will have access to clean water.



There is no shortage of water given by nature only a shortage of water being received efficiently by us. Mark Armfield RainCatcher Founder and Chairman

Solving the Problem

According to, the world water shortage is a solvable problem. Completely supported by private and corporate contributions, a $50 donation can provide 100 people in need with a million gallons of clean drinking water. For more information or to make a donation, visit:


By: Kelly Taggart Photo: Courtesy of RainCatcher

WATCH ARTICLE Health Beauty Life caught up with New York Times best-selling author, as well as fitness, motivational and relationship coach, Chrisanna Northrup, for a quick chat about obtaining and maintaining a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and relationship.

>> Credits: By: Kelly Taggart

Photos: Allen Carrasco

Life Changing Moments With Chrisanna Northrup

60 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

A Turning Point

Finding Normal

Some time ago, Chrisanna realized she didn’t feel good about herself or the way her life was going.

Along the way, Chrisanna penned The Normal Bar: The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples and What they Reveal about Creating a New Normal in your Relationship. An in-depth look at what is considered normal in relationships and what is considered different.

What she didn’t know at the time was that this single decision would ignite a chain of other actions that would literally alter the course of her life. Chrisanna soon realized the challenge was going to take a lot of work, but she remained steadfastly committed.



The neat thing about doing CrossFit is that once you start seeing changes in your body, you just don’t want to stop. When you start feeling better about yourself and your body starts looking better, everything improves…including your relationship.

In addition to her commitment to physical improvement, Chrisanna made a commitment to work on her relationship. To that end, Chrisanna and her husband found the challenges and shared goals of working out together fun and rewarding, which eventually became the saving grace for their marriage.



After some serious self-reflection, she determined that getting into better shape was an important part of the solution and began a strength and conditioning fitness program (known as CrossFit) at a gym a few blocks from her home.

I wrote the book for anyone who is looking at their relationship and wondering if they have realistic or unrealistic goals with it.

What Next?

In addition to launching new products and expanding her brands, Chrisanna is working on another book and is happily negotiating a few television opportunities. For the full interview, please visit

Shape Up the CrossFit Way In addition to being a successful author and managing her motivational brand, Chrisanna Northrup is also co-owner of CrossFit® Del Mar- an always-humming gym on the fringe of San Diego in Southern California.

CrossFit is a fitness program that safely, effectively, and efficiently trains people for life rather than specialize in any one skill. Varied constantly to include movements from Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and endurance sports, CrossFit uses functional movement patterns that are universally applicable and scalable so they apply to everyone regardless of condition or experience.

Let’s join Chrisanna for a sampling of a CrossFit workout…

Reaching the Bar The ultimate for upper body strength, the bar is for pull-ups. Because women tend to have a bit of disadvantage with upper body strength, start with a few push-ups to help build muscle and then introduce chin-ups while standing on a high box. With a little baby jump up to the bar, these aided lift-ups from the box allow the muscles to get used to the action and prepare for eventual full pull-ups. As the exercise becomes easier, use lower boxes and then transition into a kicking or kipping pull up. A kipping pull-up starts with hanging from the bar and you swing your hips and legs to gain momentum so you can pull yourself up and to the bar.

Box Jump The box jump will help with your vertical jump and will work to balance out your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes, which tighten your backside for sexy curves. Start with a baby box. Step up and down with several repetitions and then transition up to jumping up on the box and back down again. From there, move on to a taller box.

Sledge hammer Swing

Swinging a sledgehammer is great for the core and for getting out any aggression. Lift the sledgehammer up and swing it downward while you adjust your hand position for control during impact. Hit the tire several times with all of your might.

Kettlebell Swings Kettlebells are not just for arm workouts; in fact, there are several exercises that use many other muscle groups. Using your hamstrings, your hips and building your core, position your feet outside of your hips, squat down and grab the handle of the kettlebell. Keep your arms straight and then use your hips to thrust helping to propel the kettlebell upward and over your head.

Tire Flipping Flipping tires is a functional movement, which builds strength and your core. Do multiple reps to get your cardio up. Start with your feet outside of your hips, keep the chest up, reach down and get a good grip on the tire. Drive the lift with your heels and use your hamstrings to boost, introducing a knee if needed to help flip the tire over. Start small and work your way up to larger tires.

Sandbag Carries Add interest to sprints by flipping a 50 lb sandbag over your head and onto your shoulders. Dash out 200-400 meters and back again, and then continue to the next exercise.

The key to a CrossFit regiment is to mix things up and to have fun with it. Getting in shape this way also helps in a lot of other areas in your life. Not only will you look and feel better about yourself, you’ll carry that over into everything else that you do, including your relationship…which is always a good thing!

CrossFit Del Mar is a 4,500 square foot CrossFit® facility owned by Kim Bono, Chrisanna Northrup, Mark and Esther Marek. They staff dedicated, world-class trainers to help members achieve fitness and nutrition goals in a fun and positive environment.


Some day, stem cells will change the world. Today, stem cells will change your skin.

Meet the new game changer in skin care It’s human non-embryonic stem cells. Thanks to the natural ability of stem cells to repair damaged tissue, the proteins and growth factors extracted from these stem cells can help produce firmer, tighter, younger-looking skin. Lifeline Skin Care was developed and patented by a leading biotech company focused on developing stem cell-based treatments for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. From day one, Lifeline will begin to: • Help restore youth-boosting collagen and elastin • Reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles • Firm and tighten skin Lifeline is made by International Stem Cell Corporation, a leading biotech firm that specializes in regenerative therapies for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, liver disease, and skin aging.

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The Healing Powers of Regenerative Cell Therapy by Dr. Tess


By: Kelly Taggart Photo: Allen Carrasco

Dr. Tess Mauricio, America’s favorite Dermatologist, and her team at M Beauty by Dr. Tess, in San Diego, California, have found measurable success rejuvenating joint injuries, avoiding surgery and providing pain relief with Regenerative Cell Therapy.

Regenerative Cell Therapy involves harvesting and redistributing regenerative cells to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Used for years as a treatment for a variety of medical issues as well as an alternative to painful cosmetic surgery, Regenerative Cell Therapy uses liposuction, to carefully harvest fat from just under the skin, which contains significant amounts of regenerative cells.


With a goal of mitigating pain and increasing mobility, Dr. Tess used a liposuction and fat harvesting process named Tickle Lipo, (also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture or N.I.L.). Commonly used for body sculpting, N.I.L. uses air pressure to remove fat, and leave surrounding non-fatty tissue undisturbed. The fat cells are then measured to insure that a quantitative amount of the regenerative cells are present, and 5 ml are carefully injected into the injured knee. After a three week rest period to allow the cells to take effect, Patrick was pain free and experienced significantly enhanced mobility, which continues to improve over time.

When Other Treatments Fail

The captured fat cells are processed to isolate regenerative cells, and injected locally or systemically, to ease chronic pain, bolster damaged tissue and stimulate healing.

Auntie Annie, Tess’ Mother’s dearest cousin, suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and the pain in her joints was so severe that she could not walk or even perform simple tasks. Even getting in and out of bed was a major task with excruciating, off-the-scale pain. It was hard to face each day and it made her feel as if she could not continue living.

“I want people who are suffering with pain and feel like there is no hope to know that there is much promise with this therapy,” declares Dr. Tess. “There is no guarantee that it will work for everyone or every ailment, but for those at the end of their rope, it’s at least worth a try.”

For more information about Regenerative Cell Therapy options, please visit:

65 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Recently, Health Beauty Life Publisher, Patrick Dockry met with Dr. Tess and her team for a Regenerative Cell Therapy treatment for relief from a year-old knee injury involving a painful dislocation.

After not responding to many different treatments with her Rheumatologist, Auntie Annie was desperate. She sought the help of her niece, Dr. Tess, who performed Regenerative Cell Therapy. Months later, she is living nearly pain-free, traveling with her husband and finally enjoying life.

66 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Photos: Allen Carrasco and courtesy of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Credits: By: Greg Root, Kelly Taggart, Kerri-Lynn Swanson, Amy Apodaca, and Aaron Brown


ome along as we share a white hot day in Las Vegas, Nevada where we go from the past to the present and from morning to night.

Together, we will step back in time to bask in the golden neon glow of vintage Vegas, circa 1941, to check in at the magnificently refurbished El Cortez Hotel, then wander among the hulking electric signage that greeted visitors to a Vegas of yesteryear at the unimaginably cool Neon Sign Museum and boneyard.


Fast forward to Las Vegas today to spend some time with the dolphins at The Mirage, hit Bacchanal, the spectacularly appointed, super shiny, FOUR star mega buffet at Caesars Palace, and step into NOBU, Robert DeNiro and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s ultra-boutique “hotel within a hotel.” Next we’re gonna zip on over to Glitter Gulch, the still thriving Fremont Street Experience. Then board a chopper to catch a sunset helicopter ride above the glitzy glamour on a spectacular purple desert evening. Hungry? No problem. Let’s drop in at SHe by Morton’s, Eva Longoria’s bad-girl hot spot that redefines the steak house and puts a new spin on the festivities as only SHe can. Finally, we go back stage at Le Rêve – The Dream, undeniably the hottest show in town, to meet the impeccably razor ripped cast and find out how they stay super fit and focused for their twice-nightly aerial reverie. Sound like fun? We thought so! Grab your sunscreen, put on your poker face, and get ready to rock because this…is….Las Vegas…in a day.

Neon Sign Museum • El Cortez • Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage • Bacchanal Buffet Flightlinez • Fremont Street Experience • Maverick Helicopters • SHe by Morton's • Le Rêve


Neon Sign Museum

et's get our day started at the unimaginably cool Neon Sign Museum and Boneyard. Conveniently located in the flourishing Fremont East District, the two-acre campus offers many glorious examples of the majestic neon signage that graced Las Vegas’ most celebrated institutions during the rough and tumble golden years of Sin City.


The Boneyard is a sparkling gallery of the rooftop badges that beckoned visitors to the pleasure palaces and attractions of Las Vegas’ bygone era. Sprinkled along a meandering path, the ever-evolving collection includes original, restored, and soon to be restored examples from Aladdin’s Lamp, the Stardust, the Sahara, Silver Slipper, Binion’s Horseshoe, and many, many others. For lovers of vintage Americana, the first glimpse of the collection will elicit a love at-first-sight response and memories that will last a lifetime.


By: Greg Root Photos: Allen Carrasco Courtesy of Vox Solid Communications LV & The Neon Sign Museum

Neon Sign Museum 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-387-6366 68 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Housed in the faithfully restored lobby of the La Concha Hotel, circa 1961, the curvaceous la Concha Visitor’s Center welcomes visitors to the outdoor resting place of many of the world’s most well known marquees. A stunning example of Mid-Century, Atomic Age architecture, the La Concha was designed by the internationally acclaimed “Architect to the Stars,” Paul Revere Williams. Daytime guided tours are available 7 days per week and reservations are highly recommended. Tour times are 9:00am, 9:30am, and 10:00am. A very limited number of walk-in tickets are available and can be purchased at the museum on the day of your visit. Nighttime Glow Nighttime tours are available from 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Feel the glow.


El Cortez Hotel


he longest continuously running hotel-casino in town, the El Cortez Hotel and Casino seamlessly blends a new Las Vegas attitude with classic Las Vegas swagger. Located downtown in the Fremont East Entertainment District, the El Cortez proudly flaunts a recent multi-million dollar renovation. Guests are invited to enjoy alluring hotel rooms and suites, and indulge in world-class dining, entertainment, and gaming all while honoring the glitz and glamour of vintage Vegas.

El Cortez Hotel & Casino 600 E. Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-385-5200 / 800-634-6703 70 | Health Beauty Life Magazine


By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of El Cortez Hotel & Casino

Dining & Entertainment El Cortez Hotel The Flame, the premiere steakhouse downtown, is proof that fine dining in Vegas is not limited to the Strip. Enjoy world-class prime rib and steaks, along with the freshest seafood flown in daily, and a variety of steak and chicken entrées. A gourmet menu coupled with an extensive variety of fine wines, ambient lighting, and live piano music provide a classic atmosphere that will satisfy the most sophisticated of palates. For those seeking a more casual fare, then Café Cortez is your place. Enjoy a huge menu of food faves for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. However, if you don't want to risk your winning streak just to grab a bite to eat, consider dining game-side with El Cortez Gambling Gourmet –the finest food and beverages delivered for uninterrupted play. For a classic lounge setting, the Parlour Bar offers an elegant atmosphere where you can gather with friends, mingle, and enjoy an unforgettable evening in Downtown Vegas. Enjoy a show by award-winning Elvis Tribute Artist, John Brooks on Friday and Saturday nights and then stick around afterwards for a few fun rounds of Karaoke.



Until someone builds a time machine, this tour is as close as you’ll ever get to reliving the history of Las Vegas (in all its weird, wonderful glory).

If you’re more intrigued by the “darker side” of our past, our after-hours tour gives you a peek into the late night world of this city that never slept.

Book a tour


The Dolphin Habitat


ext stop, the wondrous world of Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Both an educational and research facility, this 2.5-million-gallon dolphin habitat is currently home to a family of 10 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Providing the perfect backdrop for the visit, four connected saltwater pools, an artificial coral reef system and sandy bottom beautifully replicate the dolphins' natural environment. This alluring habitat provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the dolphins while granting an opportunity for visitors to learn about these amazing marine mammals and their environment, including their role in the ecosystem. Ideal for guests of all ages. There are many tours and interactive programs available throughout the day.


By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL™

VIP Tour Learn the secrets of Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat with a special VIP one-hour guided tour. An educational expert will escort you through the facility, providing you with an exclusive look at all the wonders found within. Get an insider’s view of the hard work and dedication that goes into the training and care of the dolphins and gain new insights into the majestic white lions and white tigers of Siegfried and Roy.

Trainer for the Day The "Trainer for a Day" program is a dynamic and active opportunity to get close and personal with one of nature’s most amazing animals. Shadow a dolphin care specialist for the day and work with the dolphins first hand.

Paint with the Dolphins Collaborate with a bottlenose dolphin to create a unique masterpiece of your very own! You will receive your work of art, certificate, and photo of your experience to enjoy.

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 General Information 702-791-7188 73 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Bacchanal Buffet


The buffet redefined Among the myriad of excellent buffets in Las Vegas, the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace stands alone. With a sparkly swagger that is breathtakingly beautiful, yet warm and inviting, this $17 million super kitchen is like no other on the strip, or anywhere else, for that matter.

74 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Unique in every way, Bacchanal is the undisputed world champion of buffets and a treat for all 5 senses. Foodies come away satisfied and inspired, families are thrilled, and casual diners are transported by the impeccable service, wealth of menu items and effervescent vibe.

Additionally, Bacchanal features numerous carving stations including prime rib, brisket, and rotisserie chicken. Seafood selections include fresh East and West Coast oysters, king crab, snow crab, ceviche, mussels and prawns. Of course, desserts at Bacchanal are over the top. Displayed in a twinkling island of jaw-dropping treats, just baked aromas and candy store delights, surrendering to temptation is the best possible option. Bon appétit! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served daily. Brunch served on Saturday and Sunday. Visit to learn more.

Spectacular ambiance aside, it is behind the scenes where the real magic takes place. Executive Chef Scott Greene and his team take full advantage of recent technological advances to generate fine dining on a massive scale while catering to the individual dietary requirements of every single guest. With over 560 items prepared and displayed like glittering jewels, Bacchanal represents the next generation in buffet dining with menu selections that range from traditional, made to order omelets, fresh seafood, roasted meats and prime rib to adventurous comfort foods like breakfast pizzas, red velvet pancakes and dim sum. With an international list of options that includes freshly made enchiladas, tortillas and soufflés, pastas, Baked Lasagna, and antipastos, made-toorder Chinese soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum, fresh sushi, sashimi, cooked fish and American barbeque with house-smoked meats from a wood-burning smoker and seared over a wood-burning grill.


By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson & Greg Root Photos: Courtesy of CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT®

Bacchanal at Caesars Palace 3570 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-731-7928


76 | Health Beauty Life Magazine


ee the lights of Tinsel Town from a whole new vantage point by ziplining over historic Fremont Street. After being safely harnessed in and attached to the line, you’ll launch from the takeoff platform 60 feet off the ground and reach speeds up to 35 mph. The 30 seconds of pure excitement briskly whisks you and your dangling feet over crowds of tourists and under the $70 million light show of Viva Vision, landing safe and sound 800 feet on the other side. “People fly in from all over the world to try this fun activity. In fact, we have a family coming in from Dubai next week just to do this,” says Brina Marcus, Director of Sales and Marketing at Flightlinez. “ When you offer fun things, people want to do it!” Stop by Fremont Street and experience the ride of your life with Flightlinez!

Flightlinez – Fremont Street Experience 425 Fremont Street - Suite 160 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-410-7999

For another aerial adventure... Now that you have experienced the thrill of ziplining and are looking for your next aerial adventure, just outside Las Vegas is one of the most exciting zipline courses in the world! The Bootleg Canyon course includes a 3-hour, fun-filled, adventure that starts atop historic Red Mountain and delivers adrenaline-pumping speeds up to 60 mph. Learn about historic Bootleg Canyon and Boulder City. Enjoy breathtaking scenic views. Breathe in the mountain air as you challenge your hiking skills. Catch a glimpse of Big Horn Sheep, lizards, hawks, and other desert wildlife. Enjoy a new way to experience the outdoors. "Aerial Trails!"


By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Courtesy of FlightLinez

For more information, please visit:

Fremont Street Experience

78 | Health Beauty Life Magazine


n the very street that started it all over 100 years ago, we find the heart of downtown where vintage Las Vegas comes to life. An always-buzzing site where legendary casinos, free entertainment, and old-fashioned gambling hospitality come together, this is the Fremont Street Experience! The world-famous, one-of-a-kind entertainment venue spans five blocks and is home to Viva Vision, the world’s largest video screen. More than 12 million LED lights in the 1,500-foot long Viva Vision canopy and 550,000 watts of concert quality sound pumped out on speakers throughout the venue produce an incredible array of eye-popping imagery and heart-pounding music. Viva Vision shows appear nightly on the hour beginning at dusk and are free and open to the public. The giant LED screen towers 90 feet above a pedestrian mall lined with unique retail shopping kiosks and three permanent performance stages. Ten legendary casinos line Fremont Street Experience with more than 60 restaurants and thousands of loose slots all in walking distance of one another. Free concerts, special events, and nightly bands entertain the nearly 17 million visitors who come to experience the vintage Vegas attraction each year. Come by and live the excitement of the Fremont Street Experience for yourself! Viva la vintage Vegas, baby!

Fremont Street Experience 425 Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV 98101 877-Vegas 4U 702-678-5777


By: Kelly Taggart

Maverick Helicopters A View from Above


80 | Health Beauty Life Magazine


or the perfect Vegas adventure day or night, consider a helicopter tour of the city. By day, enjoy spectacular views of Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and the surrounding mountain ranges as you fly over the Las Vegas Strip in style. Many tours also offer intimate views of the Strip's mega resorts and hotels, exclusive golf courses and world famous pools. For night dwellers, watch the sun set and the city lights turn on to greet you as you hover over the breathtaking light show that is the Las Vegas Strip. Gaze downward at the iconic landmarks such as the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Stratosphere Tower, Luxor, Eiffel Tower and even historic downtown. You might even catch a glimpse of the volcano in action at the Mirage, the dancing water show at the Bellagio and the never-fading light beam of the spectacular Luxor pyramid. Departing from their Las Vegas terminal, Maverick Helicopters offers an impressive menu of unique air excursions for every attraction seeker. Take an awe-inspiring Grand Canyon helicopter tour, fly out to Hoover Dam or soar above the Vegas action in style with their fleet of state-of-the-art ECO-Star helicopters. Passengers fly the skies in comfort with individual leather seats, wraparound glass for outstanding visibility and exceptional noise-reduction features both inside and out. Offering VIP-level service, Maverick Helicopters also boasts the highest level of safety and service in the industry with over 18 years of experience in making travel dreams come true. Choose from any one of their amazing air adventure packages to create a sightseeing memory that will simply last forever.

Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas Terminal 6075 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-261-0007 1-888-261-4414


By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco & Courtesy of Maverick Helicopters


By Morton's

The hottest city in the west just got a bit hotter. The sexiest place on the Vegas Strip isn’t a show or a casino – it's SHe by Morton’s. Located in the Shops at the Crystal just steps away from the Aria Hotel, in CityCenter this steakhouse has broken away from the traditional dark, heavy feel of the traditional steakhouse to create an intimate atmosphere that inspires all of your senses. From the sleek modern furniture to runway fashion shows and impeccable service, this restaurant is as much about the entertainment as it is the food.

SHe By Morton's 3720 Las Vegas Blvd. South Suite 260 Las Vegas, NV 89158 702-254-2376



By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson Photos: Allen Carrasco & Courtesy of She

82 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

Eva Longoria at the opening of SHe.

The brainchild of award-winning actress Eva Longoria and Landry’s Inc., this stylish concept restaurant opened to rave reviews on New Year’s Eve 2012. Touted as a “female-friendly” steakhouse (they even have mirrors on the dessert menus!), the kitchen features portion options for anyone: "She cuts" – small portions of the best cuts of meat for smaller appetites, "we cuts" – for sharing, and "he cuts" – steaks big enough to satisfy any appetite. With a DJ spinning the hottest tunes accompanied by a sultry floor show, the restaurant is much more than a place to get great steaks. It is a beautiful integration of fine dining, fashion and music. Full tables nightly mean that Chef Eric Stetcher and his kitchen team have to stay on their toes to keep up with the demand, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Don't miss it.

The Health Beauty Life crew was lucky enough to hang out in the kitchen with Chef Eric and his sous-chef Damian as they prepare one of their signature dishes for our lucky readers.

Free Range Chicken with Butterscotch Carrot Puree and Brussel Sprouts

INGREDIENTS 2 Jidoori chicken breasts (also known as airline chicken breasts) 3 tbs. olive oil 8oz carrots, peeled and cut on the diagonal in 1in. coins 1 sprig thyme 1 bay leaf 4 tbs. unsalted butter, separated 2 tbs. half & half 4 tbs. cooked applewood smoked bacon, chopped ½ green apple, cored and diced 2 cups blanched brussel sprouts, cut in half

Preparation Preheat oven to 500°F. Heat olive oil in an oven-proof sauté pan over high heat. Place chicken breasts, skin side down in the pan and sear for about 1 minute. Place chicken in oven to finish cooking, about 10-15 minutes or until no longer pink. Meanwhile, bring two cups of water to a boil in a 2 qt saucepan. Add carrots, bay leaf and thyme and cook over medium heat until carrots are fork tender. In a small sauté pan, place 3 tbs. of unsalted butter and heat over high heat until the butter browns and emits a nutty aroma. Drain carrots, add to butter and toss to coat. Using a hand mixer or food processor, puree carrots with half and half until smooth and creamy. To prepare brussel sprouts, add bacon to a sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add diced apples, brussel sprouts and 1tbs. of unsalted butter and cook until apples are crisp-tender and brussel sprouts are heated thoroughly. To serve, re-heat carrot puree and place on the center of the plate. Surround puree with brussel sprouts and top with the chicken breast. ENJOY!

Since 1941, the El Cortez Hotel and Casino has kept the spirit of Vegas alive in historic Downtown, anchoring the popular Fremont East Entertainment District as a paragon of excitement, entertainment, and class. As the longest continuously-running hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the El Cortez has always been a prime example of gaming excellence, continuing the trend as winners of the Review-Journal’s Best Blackjack and Best Keno in 2013. And with the loosest slots for miles around, the El Cortez shows locals and tourists alike what Vegas is all about … winning.

ELCORTEZHOTELCASINO.COM 600 E. Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV 89101 | 800.634.6703 702.385.5200


Le Rêve

The Magic of Le Rêve - The Dream


et your senses take flight as you discover an extraordinary world where dreams swim in the air and dance on water! Dazzling. Romantic. Intimate. Mysterious. Unexpected. These are just a few of the words used to describe Le Rêve – The Dream, a spectacular water ballet performed at Wynn Las Vegas in an intimate aqua theater in the round. Join the Dreamer as she takes you on a journey into a world of romance, action and fantasy. Be ready to expect the unexpected as you experience the powerful emotions and dynamic relationship between strength and beauty. Immerse yourself in a realm of fantasy, danger and reverie as stunning performers and aerial feats of strength and agility literally take your breath away. From a thrilling high dive to an underwater tango, Le Rêve The Dream will mesmerize you from beginning to end.

WATCH ARTICLE 86 | Health Beauty Life Magazine

What it’s About Le Rêve is French for "The Dream" and is inspired by the centerpiece painting by Picasso of the same name, which until recently was owned by hotel proprietor Steve Wynn. Le Rêve - The Dream, was specifically created for Wynn and was produced by Franco Dragone, the director behind many other spectacular shows such as O, La Nouba, Mystère, Alegría, and Quidam for Cirque du Soleil. The stage features a 1.1 million gallon pool built specifically for the show and no seat is more than 40 feet from the stage. So every member of the audience feels like a part of the dream. It’s an intimate setting where guests can witness the diving and feats of strength with spectacular lighting, staging, costuming, and state-of-the-art special effects.

A Peek Behind the Scenes Health Beauty Life was granted backstage access to Le Rêve, undoubtedly one of the hottest shows in Vegas. Publisher Patrick Dockry joined Le Rêve performers Ryan Lyons and Kelly Phelan for an up close look behind the scenes and the huge amount of preparation needed to flawlessly pull off a show of this magnitude.

A trampoline and tumbling expert on the national Cirque du Soleil team in Canada, Ryan was recruited and involved in some of the early creation process for Le Rêve. “Everything was developed by a full artistic team including various coaches and a choreographer to pull everything together,” said Ryan. “Director Franco Dragone developed the characters, which were cast from talent representing 13 different countries. The cast was involved in much of the collaboration and there was an extensive trial and error period, eventually moving here to Vegas to prepare. Months later and after much hard work, it all came together and we had this magnificent show.” To synchronize the show with its intricate lighting, costuming, set movements, and feats of strength and agility, it takes a team to pull it off. And according to Ryan, for the performers it starts at a very, very basic level with a training facility in the back. “We rehearse and introduce all of those elements out back and then bring them on to the stage and slowly start introducing the show elements. Final rehearsals are usually at full show conditions making sure it all comes together later in front of the audience,” Ryan adds. With a strong background in gymnastics, Kelly adapted her skills to include the medium of water, including becoming a certified scuba diver as is required for all performers. While showing Patrick the training facility, she chatted about what it takes to keep in top shape.

“As a performer, every six months you have something called the baseline test to make sure you stay in shape for the show and to help prevent injuries. Everyone must take the test, including the clowns. There’s also a specific test for your part in the show and a swim test to be sure you are in shape and not going down the wrong path as an athlete,” Kelly said. According to both performers, the training is very functional to the show and there’s a whole athletic team that keeps them in shape and a nutritionist to assure that they eat right. They are also required to do a certain amount of workouts per week on premises, which is done in addition to the regular rehearsals.

Dressing the Characters Between exposure to water and chlorine, and constant wear and tear during the performances, the wardrobe for the show is really put through the ringer, so to speak. According to Ronnie Grinie, assistant head of wardrobe, his department uses a lot of water-friendly fabrics such as neoprene and spandex to dress the characters and bring them to life. “There are two sets of costumes for each show night,” says Ronnie. “One for the first performance and another for the second nightly show. There are also rehearsal costumes and show costumes.”

Le Rêve - The Dream Wynn Las Vegas 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 877-924-6385 TICKETS 888-320-7110


By: Kelly Taggart Photos: Allen Carrasco & Courtesy of WYNN LAS VEGAS AND ENCORE

Kelly pipes in, “It’s important that we have the actual costumes we will be using in the show during rehearsal as it can change how we walk, move and perform.” Ronnie continues, “There are a lot of tricks that we’ve learned over the years to make it all work for the wigs, masks and clothing. Some of the items are built here in house, while some are done by outside vendors. Regardless, everything is custom fit to the performer so it all comes together flawlessly.”


hanks for coming along on our Day in Las Vegas. We hope we shared enough to give you a peek at the Vegas experience and how the town has evolved. In many ways, Vegas is still the same sparkly, exhilarating, sleep deprived city that it’s always been, but the Las Vegas of today is a lot more fun. The shows, the stars, the food and sun drenched poolside afternoons make any time a perfect time to visit. Thank you to all of the folks that made our “Day in Las Vegas” possible: Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace Flightlinez Fremont Street Experience Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat Las Vegas Neon Museum and Boneyard Kirvin Doak Communications Le Rêve - The Dream Maverick Helicopters Nobu at Caesars SHe by Morton’s The El Cortez Hotel Wicked Creative

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