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A Touch of Torrit Grey

Meet Kristina Havens—a Woodstock artist with a heart for bettering our community.
Nathan Fowler, photographer

Unless you’re an oil painter, you may not know that on Earth Day each year Gamblin Oil Paints releases a limited-edition paint color by the name of Torrit Grey. Intriguingly the company makes the unique oil paint color from the actual dust particles collected in the filters at its manufacturing plant after a year of production.

Torrit Grey happens to be a favorite paint color of gifted Cherokee County artist Kristina Laurendi Havens. Kristina often uses that color choice to tone down a common feature of her art—bright color. The gritty grey color takes the edge off bright hues a little like dust does to a rug. “The addition of Torrit Grey turns out to be the perfect foil to one of the characteristics of my painting,” explains the artist. “I love color—maybe too much at times.” Havens is personally much like her art; vibrant and upbeat with shades of strength and grit.