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Health & Safety Update | DECEMBER 2020

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Oslo housing development co-op company invests in rooftop PV project totalling 1.29MW with

Delta inverters see inside...


Oslo housing development co-op company invests in rooftop PV project totalling 1.29MW with


As part of a pilot project, the largest housing and property co-op in Norway, OBOS Group, invested in PV plants on six of their buildings in Oslo in a partnership with Fortum Oslo Varme AS (formerly registered as Hafslund Varme AS at the project inception), the firm that provided the EPC services for the project.

Rooftop PV plant at Smeltedigelen 1, an office building in Oslo

Green Responsibility OBOS Group is a Norwegian housing co-op association that began operating in 1929 in Oslo to offer housing development at a time when it was difficult to get bank financing for the average worker. Since that time, OBOS has grown to be the largest co-operative building association in the Nordic region. There are over 450,000 co-op members and the company manages circa 220,000 dwellings in Norway. In the past years, the environmental building regulations have been getting stricter and the members of OBOS have growing interest in more environmental solutions, such as lowering carbon emissions, local production of energy, more energy efficiency, etc. As part of what they call green responsibility (#grøntansvar), OBOS is pursuing green initiatives and offering sustainable energy solutions for their customers in order to face the upcoming climate change challenges. “We care about the footprint we put in the environment, and so do our customers. This is a step in the right direction for us as the owner of several commercial properties and shopping malls. One of OBOS’ goals is to become climate neutral by 2021,” says Mr. Nils Bøhler, Executive Vice President for Commercial Property at OBOS.

Valuable Experience One of the objectives for initiating the 1.29MW PV solar pilot project was for OBOS to gain experience with PV rooftop plants and suppliers. The long term goal after gaining

experience with PV was to potentially roll out similar measures on other buildings or housing companies in Norway that wanted to install solar modules on their own roofs. The pilot project was an important part of OBOS’ commitment to green and sustainable energy. Investment in hydro-power as well as PV will help the company become selfsufficient with sustainable energy by 2021. “This is an important part of OBOS’ commitment to green and sustainable energy. We want to pave the way for housing companies to benefit from the experience we do. In the long term, we expect housing companies to install solar cells themselves,” says Ms. Birgitte Molstad, environmental director at OBOS. “The solar cell project is about more than profitability, today there is a long payback period for this type of plant. It is competence building that is important for us as a company to be able to help achieve the climate goals. As a major player in the real estate industry, we have a clear social responsibility, which we are very conscious of,” says Ms. Molstad.

Initial Study Fortum Oslo Varme hired Multiconsult AS an energy consulting company, to plan out the PV project with the goal of 1GWh solar production annually. Multiconsult could decide on the number of modules and inverters needed at each building. As part of the study, the firm compared various string inverters and they convincingly recommended the Delta string inverters to OBOS.


Mr. Per Lindberg, Solar Energy Consultant at Multiconsult AS, reported: “There were several reasons for the choice of Delta inverters. The installers told us it was easy to install them, very installer friendly. Another thing we saw on the specification and confirmed was that the inverters have a very high conversion efficiency. Delta´s strong financial background was also part of the decision.”

PV Project Delivered After the initial study by Multiconsult, Fortum Varme Oslo, delivered and installed OBOS´ installations. The OBOS properties that were outfitted with 7400 square meters of solar modules included 3 shopping centers, 2 office buildings and a hospital. The project was completed by Fortum Oslo Varme as the EPC in the second quarter of 2018. “The OBOS project was Fortum Oslo Varme´s first PV project. An exciting project with a steep learning curve. Delta Electronics delivered as promised and the inverters work according to specification in the Nordic climate,” says Mr. Anders Westin, business developer in Fortum Oslo Varme. In total, the PV project has a goal to produce 1,000,000 kWh of renewable solar power per year and actual production for 2019 will come in close, around 90-92% of the target due to below average months of solar irradiation in the fall and winter. The solar power produced will cover the energy consumption of around 80 average Oslo apartments this year, and will be used locally as much as possible.

Solar Myths Norway may seem to be lacking enough sun by some to generate optimal PV energy. It is true that solar irradiation varies throughout the year here. But by optimizing orientation and angle of inclination of the solar modules, significant energy production is achieved in Norway from March to October. According to solar irradiation studies, the PV generation potential for Southern and Eastern Norway is similar to that of parts of Northern Germany where solar PV use is widespread. The oversizing of the solar array by up to 150% is another way the OBOS solar installations can get more yield from the Delta inverters. When the hours of daylight are decreased in the fall, the oversizing still allows an optimal amount of solar energy to be produced on a daily basis. The Delta inverter electronics are designed to be robust enough to handle this situation. The IP65 enclosure protection makes the inverters completely sealed from moisture intrusion from rain or snow that comes in Norway starting in the fall. The inverters in the Norway plants were installed outside at most of the sites thanks to the climateprotected design.

15 x Delta H5A solar inverters at Tveita Senter in Oslo

Sunny Conclusion In the building industry it is estimated that 40% of CO2 outgassing globally is from the manufacturing of building materials and in the operation of buildings. OBOS has recognized this and as a leader in home building and property management in Norway have taken aggressive steps to become greener and attack the climate change with their own green buildings and clean energy sources while influencing others to do the same. Green buildings are essential to reducing carbon but also have economic benefits. Green buildings show higher energyefficiency levels and the operational expenses will decrease by reducing the unnecessary waste. If solar PV is employed on the rooftop, all of the internal power loads are fed by locally produced renewable energy, reducing operating costs and reducing the carbon footprint. OBOS provides an excellent example for other building sector companies thinking about greening up their building construction practices. According to OBOS Projects manager, Mr. Joakim Larsen, “In Norway there is a move towards greener buildings and construction. Both private and public owners are focused on having more environmentally friendly buildings, with lower CO2 emissions with more production of local energy and solar panels are part of that strategy for both private and public owners in Norway and in Oslo.” Delta was proud to be a supplier of the inverters for the OBOS project and support the distribution of more PV capacity in Norway. It was especially rewarding since we share the same green mission as OBOS.

According to Mr. Andreas Hoischen, Delta Senior Director Business Unit Photovoltaic Inverters, “Delta Electronics had a very good cooperation on the OBOS projects and is expecting to see more growth with Delta inverters in large rooftop applications within all of Europe as this sector is growing due to the trend to build more net-zero buildings.” Together, working smartly with our partners we can find innovative solar energy applications that are environmentally friendly and also economically viable. As OBOS demonstrates, it is possible to be green and remain in solid financial shape as a business. The future of solar energy is looking bright in Norway. Actual OBOS Annual Overview report generated from SolarLog reports from readings on the monitoring systems at the 6 PV sites. Report from OBOS Projects / Joakim Larsen provided on November 15.


Top Quality SAFE Face Protection from Hellberg Safety Hellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced face protection products, noise hazard protection and communication solutions for personal safety and wellbeing on site.

Hellberg’s interoperable face protection products offer helmet and visor solutions to suit a variety of internal and external work situations. With a standard product design across the range, users are able to mix and match visors, carriers, and hearing protectors for complete ‘headband-only’ or ‘safety helmet’ solutions that protect against the hazards faced in differing task environments. Everything single component in the Hellberg Safety PPE range combines the hallmarks of, advanced technology, quality and comfort with superb, practical protection for the hazards you’re likely to face - whatever job you’re doing in high-risk work environments.

For more information on the Hellberg Safety product range, call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website or email

WELCOME December 2020


Health & Safety Update | DECEMBER 2020

Industry News - Safety & Security - PPE - Tools & Equipment

Oslo housing development co-op company invests in rooftop PV project totalling 1.29MW with


Delta inverters see inside...

Engel high-viz workwear helps save the environment


Compact, rugged headlamp for use in ATEX hazardous areas


Dreket Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection...


50 Year old product makes dramatic comeback to help beat the virus When the Melaphone Speech Unit was

the UK have had these screens installed with

at British Rail stations, nobody could have

screens are individually made and every

predicted that half a century later it would

component is of the highest quality, giving a

suddenly be in such high demand.

clean, sleek and professional appearance in any

considerable success and approval. The

health-care environment. The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective

The Melaphone is still available as a stand-

equipment – both for personal use and in the

alone unit for installation into walls, glass or

working environment. This is the reason the

plastic screens, windows or doors. I can easily

Melaphone has come into its own again. Its unique design, with its resonating membrane

requires no special skill to install. The range

and air-sealed constructions, make it the

has been expanded to meet the growing

ideal device to install in any situation where

demand for the units. In addition to the original

face-to-face communication occurs. It not only

brushed aluminium model there is a stainless

offers protection from air-borne viruses and

steel model, a white powder-coated aluminium model and the newest and highly successful Himacs acrylic-resin model, which is at a very

through a screen. Its protective credentials

popular price. is very easy to keep clean and safe with an antiseptic wipe.

All of these models are available from stock and can be purchased from Melaphone VisAudio.

and designers for use in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms or anywhere hygiene is of

The Melaphone has now been built into the

paramount importance. It is a simple but

new Defender Virus Screens produced by the

Even after 50 years, we’re proud to still be

really ingenious invention which requires no

company and numerous doctors’ surgeries,

able to say ‘MADE IN THE UK’ at our London

servicing, wiring or electrical supply. And it

medical centres, clinics and pharmacies in

production facility.



Engel high-viz workw helps save the enviro

wear onment


A brand-new range of high visibility protective safety clothing with 50% of the material made from recycled plastic bottles has been introduced by workwear manufacturer Engel Workwear. Called ‘Safety Light’, each item of clothing can be verified to consist of regenerated polyester fibres ultimately spun from a specific number of plastic bottles to make up 50% of its content. This is combined with 40% cotton and 10% standard polyester (245 g/m2) to produce a cool-to-wear, durable fabric. By using regenerated polyester which is equally as efficient as new, there are also significant consumption savings on energy, water and C02. The Danish firm has worked closely with Unifi, one of the world’s most advanced recycling centres which transforms the recycled bottles into a polyester yarn called ‘REPREVE©’ The smart, mix-and-match range includes boiler suits (containing 37 plastic bottles), work-jackets (20 bottles), trousers (19 bottles) with Cordura kneepad pockets and elasticated waistband, biboveralls (23 bottles) and shorts (14 bottles). All have many practical pockets and comfort-design features. There is also a specific selection especially for women called ‘Ladies Light’, all with the same benefits. Commenting on the initiative, the CEO of Engel Workwear, John Engel said: “We are delighted to be able to make a positive contribution in helping to reduce the impact of the single-use global plastic waste crisis by putting many thousands of otherwise discarded bottles to further practical purpose. By doing so, we are able to not only do our bit to help improve the environment, but also be the first to use this versatile fabric to produce a unique range of lightweight, hardwearing and comfortable highvisibility clothing which will help keep our customers safe”. For more information contact Gareth Bladen – email: Telephone: +44(0) 7759 520034 or visit:


PIXA Z1: the new lighting standard for hazardous areas Compact, rugged headlamp for use in ATEX hazardous areas The PIXA Z1 headlamp meets the requirements of the ATEX zone 1/21 (II 2 GD Ex ib IIB T4 Gb IIIB T135° C Db) certification. Designed to keep the hands free for work in ATEX areas, it is rugged and versatile. The multi-beam makes the PIXA Z1 suitable for any situation: close-range work, movement, and long-range vision. 100 lumens. May be worn on the head with the headband, attached to a helmet with the included mount or with the PIXADAPT (sold separately), or placed on the ground. Several lighting modes adapt to each situation: • for close-range work: uniform flood beam • for movement: mixed beam includes focused lighting for moving around easily • for long-range vision: focused beam Lighting for professionals that is reliable, practical and durable: • storage position helps protect the headlamp lens and prevents inadvertently turning it on • automatically switches to reserve mode when batteries are almost drained (signaled by blinking light and red indicator) • rotating knob that is ergonomic, even with gloves • excellent resistance to falls (2 m), impacts, and crushing (80 kg) • comfortable and washable elastic headband • resistant to chemicals

Multi-beam: multiple lighting modes available for close-range work, for movement or for long-range vision.

Excellent fall, impact and crush resistance.

Knob can be handled with gloves to facilitate use of the headlamp under any conditions.

For more information CLICK HERE

© 2019 - Petzl Distribution - Rémi Flament - SAS Michel Besson

PETZL LIGHTING SOLUTIONS When the specialists from the SAS Michel Besson Company dig underground galleries, they know they can count on Petzl’s advanced headlamp technology to provide lighting that is best adapted to their work.

The Petzl headlamp range covers the full spectrum of professional needs, from intensive to occasional use, and for different work environments that require varying degrees of brightness.


Hydroblast Goggle – Reliable, comfortable sealed eye protection... As experts in the field of protective eyewear we pride ourselves on our range of safety glasses, goggles and face visors, available to all within a competitive price range.


The Hydrobast goggle is the latest addition to our goggle range. Designed and manufactured by MCR Safety, this is a premium product without the premium price tag. It’s a sealed unit eye protector, a form of eye protection which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the industrial sector. The onset of COVID19 has also played its part in highlighting a need for more fortified face coverings.

Functionality and Comfort The Hydroblast® HB3 goggle fits perfectly to your face to give you supreme comfort along with secure and reliable protection. It’s able to do so because of it’s unique, super-soft TPR seal. We use TPR where the safety goggle meets your skin because its soft, supple and extremely resistant to every-day wear and tear. The Goggle features a 7-point ratchet action on the strap fastening so you can adjust it to the optimum fit for you. The indirect vented air flow allows air to circulate reducing clamminess, but still protecting you from splash hazards and larger dust particles. The lens is optically clear and coated with our premium MAX6 Anti-Fog (N) coating to withstand extreme stresses in your working environment, free from unwanted distraction. And if you’re a prescription wearer, a prescription insert can simply be added to the goggle. These carefully considered features teamed with refined ergonomic design ensure that the safety goggle is perfect to wear all-day.

Protection Assurance Hydroblast® HB3 has been tested in accordance with CE EN166, with grade F impact protection. The dielectric construction means there are no metal components and therefore the goggle is a non-conductor, ideal in hot or electrical environments. It’s ability to withstand liquid splash and dust penetration is particularly useful in these times of COVID19 when face covering as a barrier is of utmost importance.

Summary of key CE standards ‘3’ Withstands liquid splash ‘4’ Prevents the penetration of dust over 5 microns ‘9’ Resistant to penetration by hot solids ‘F’ Withstands impact from an object travelling at 45 metres per second ‘1’ Optical Class 1 indicates a high-quality lens for all day use ‘N’ Anti-fog, will not become clouded by condensation

Find out more The Hydroblast goggle is a great piece of safeguarding eye protection for industrial environments spanning a wide cross-section of industry. You can find out more about the Hydroblast® HB3 Goggle by visiting the Product Profile page on our website or you can make enquiries by phone or via email at: +44 (0) 1922 457 421



Range of high performance industrial visors Fully compatible with EVOGuard® Browguard systems Fully compatible with *EVO® helmet models *Not including EVO®Vista™ or EVO®6100 ranges






KM 716350 BS EN 166



EVOGuard® C5 MAX meets the requirements of GS-ET-29, providing eye and face protection against a risk of a fault arc: GS-ET-29 Class 1, 4kA (155KJ/ m² or 3.7 cal/cm²).



Five high performance visors offering up to A rated impact resistance when fitted to a safety helmet and fully compatible with EVOGuard® browguard for medium energy impact protection.


EVOGuard® visors maximise compatibility with JSP half masks, disposable respirators, prescription glasses and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.



The optical class 1 visor offers a panoramic view with minimal distortion, ideal for comfortable all day wear.




Visor filters harmful UV radiation to protect the eyes whilst also offering high light transmission and enhanced colour recognition.


EVOGuard® visors provide comprehensive facial coverage without limiting movement. EVOGuard® MAX visors offer enhanced coverage with an integral chinguard. Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050


Sonis® Compact Ear Defenders

Force8™ Respirator with PressToCheck™




EUROPEAN MANUFACTURER Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050

COVID SECURE Online Ordering for Prescription Protective Eyewear Our fully digital EyeTicket programme is a market leading, online ordering solution. It cuts out face-to-face interaction and the transfer of paper order forms between employees when raising a prescription eyewear order. This will not only reduce any risk of spreading the virus but also allow your organisation to function as normal when employees require their new safety glasses. Whether you’re working from the office or at home, you can issue EyeTickets directly to your employees with the reassurance that their eyesight isn’t being compromised. All you

need is your employee’s name, mobile phone number or email address and postcode (to find their local optician) and within seconds their EyeTicket will be delivered directly to them. In addition, we know we can reduce your administration and save you time managing a corporate safety eyecare program. At the same

time supplying you with a high-quality eye protector which is manufactured in less than 5 days. Benefits • COVID Secure • No exchange of paperwork • No face-to-face interaction • Run programme from home Learn more...

Over 5,000 people die in the UK each year due to asbestos related diseases. It is a legal requirement that all who may come across asbestos in their day to day work have been provided with the relevant asbestos training. Asbestos can be found in many products used in building materials and may also be present in soils and surrounding grounds.

Have you received asbestos training? UK Asbestos Training Association “UKATA” sets standards in asbestos training and ensures that its members meet those standards. Book with a UKATA Approved asbestos training provider using the nationwide directory online at or call 01246 824 437.


INFO@UKATA.ORG.UK UKATA is a not for profit association

Built on hard work since 1960 Celebrating 60 years in business we are proud to supply Safety Footwear, Workwear & PPE to our valued customers from our Sheffield Distribution Centre. Ever since John Topham established the business in 1960 we have remained a Family owned business with third generation family members in the team. We continue to sucessfully hold the JCB Workwear License after 11 years. The Safety Footwear & Workwear range has evolved over the years to encapsulate a hardwearing, style conscious collection.

Area Sales Representatives We have a team of 7 Area Sales Representitives and 1 Telephone Account Manager who cover the UK & Ireland.

Bespoke Branding Service

We have the design capabilities in house to create artwork for bespoke branded clothing, helmet stickers and safety signage. We can brand clothing using our in-house heat seal department or our embroidery service.

Wearer Pack Service Our Wearer Pack service is available to all customers who need to issue clothing and footwear to their employees. We pack the required items for each employee in individual packs.

Mobile Sales Unit Our dedicated mobile sales unit can come to your premises wih a selection of products which is ideal for footwear or uniform issues.

Next Day Delivery From our 45,000 sq ft warehouse in Sheffield we can ship any product anywhere in the UK and guarentee it will be with you the very next day.

Omnichannel Experience Purchases can be made through our excellent customer service team, area sales representitives, online and instore.

Retail Store: Our Sheffield Store is open to the trade and public. We stock a vast amount of Snickers Workwear making us a Snickers Centre of Excellence. Other brands in store include JCB, Dickies, Helly Hansen, Worktough, Dr Martens & more. Our staff in store are on hand to offer help and advice on your workwear needs!

Progressive Safety Ltd 101 Worthing Road Sheffield S9 3JN Call us: 0114 273 8349


FLIR Introduces Elara FR-345-EST for Rapid and Accurate Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Features an Automatic On-Edge Guide to the Inner-Canthus for Improved Temperature Reading Accuracy and People Flow Through Screening Checkpoints

As employees continue returning to the office, travelers start flying again, and fans slowly return to stadiums, technology that focuses on maintaining health and safety in semi-public and private venues remains crucial to slowing the spread of COVID-19. In response, FLIR Systems today announced the FLIR Elara™ FR-345-EST, a fixed-mount radiometric thermal security camera that measures elevated skin temperature (EST) accurately without contact or the need for a reference temperature source. This system provides a safe and effective environment at high-traffic airports, stadiums, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities to quickly asses skin temperature at access control points. The Elara FR-345-EST automatically guides to the part of the body that most closely correlates to core body temperature: the inner-canthus—or the inner eye of a human face—without sacrificing accuracy or the ability to maintain social distancing guidelines. The Elara FR-345-EST camera can serve as a stand-alone system without the need for desktop software or as part of a broader access control program designed to improve people flow for elevated skin temperature screening while simultaneously improving the accuracy of finding the inner-canthus, balancing the needs of personal safety and convenience. It also integrates with a variety of thirdparty video management systems (VMS), including FLIR United VMS, to enable fast integration within the existing security infrastructure to avoid adding risk to network IT security.

Improved Speed and Accuracy Through the use of integrated algorithms and a convolutional neural network (CNN), as individuals pass through the screening process the interactive on-screen


prompts assist with eyewear identification, proper pose, positioning, and head orientation. This enables the camera’s on-edge artificial intelligence to automatically locate and measure the temperature at the inner canthus within an accuracy of +/- 0.5° C (+/- 0.9° F).

a smart monitor with a web browser to view a live user interface. While the camera removes the need for a dedicated operator specific to EST frontline screening**, integrators, customers and their staff can still expect a seamless user experience.

The improved AI capabilities with the on-camera software also improves the screening assessment time to an average of one-second-per-individual (after the subject is in a stationary position in front of the camera and once eyewear has been removed), helping to keep lines of workers, spectators, guests, students, and patients moving and to eliminate any potential crowding at checkpoints*. The self-screening operation provides instant go/no-go feedback and the adaptive alarm threshold feature can be used to minimize false alarms to account for natural body temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

The camera can also be customized to meet specific integrator or customer needs. In addition, FLIR offers extended training and support for customers and users to properly setup, operate and maintain the system.

The Elara FR-345-EST reduces setup time and calibration while improving real-time operator decisionmaking with on-edge analytics. Now the user has the ability to simply self-start by connecting the camera to

**FLIR EST screening solutions should be considered as one component of a broader health and safety screening program. FLIR EST cameras are not medical devices and a second screening by a medical profession is always recommended.

The Elara FR-345-EST is available globally starting today through authorized dealers, with shipments expected to begin in Q4. To learn more please visit *For the most accurate temperature readings, FLIR EST cameras detect heat and do not require any saving personally identifiable information during the screening process.


TWO IN ONE: Leuze presents the GSX, the world's first combined forked sensor With the new GSX combined forked sensor, Leuze is once again presenting a worldwide innovation. The device combines the advantages of light and ultrasonic sensors and is especially suitable for labeling machines used in the packaging industry.

With the introduction of the GSX, the world's first combined forked sensor, Leuze is continuing its decadeslong tradition as an innovator. Leuze invented not only the first label fork with the GS05, but also developed the first ultrasonic forked sensor with the GSU14. With the company's latest innovation, the GSX (various models available), Leuze is rounding off its forked sensor product range by adding a combined model that can do both: light and ultrasonics. It thus combines the advantages of the optical variants with those of the ultrasonic solutions, and it is best suited for the labeling machines used in the packaging industry. With this innovation, Leuze is once again demonstrating their many years of expertise and the application know-how of the Sensor People in this field.

Leuze expands its forked sensor product range

Detection of non-transparent labels on label-carrier combinations of labeling machines.

Affixing labels of various shapes, sizes, and materials on products and packaging by means of a labeling machine is one of the fundamental tasks carried out in the packaging industry. For its precise positioning the label has to be safely and reliably detected – even at high conveyor speeds. This task is performed by forked sensors, which house the transmitter and receiver in a single device and ensure high operational safety. These devices are not only very sensitive, they are also easy to mount and do not require any alignment. Until now, Leuze offered two forked sensor models for this purpose: light and ultrasonics. A new version that combines light and ultrasonics is now available. Leuze


The extensive fork sensor product range with the new GSX14E combined fork sensor

is thus adding another world's first to their product range and rounds off their assortment.

Two in one: world's first GSX14E The GSX fork sensor is the world's first sensor of its kind and combines the two detection methods of ultrasonics and light in a single housing. It brings together the advantages of both principles and can be used very flexibly. It reliably, quickly, and precisely detects a wide range of labels, regardless of their material and surface characteristics. This increases the machine throughput and avoids downtime. Even labels made of inhomogeneous cavitated BOPP material can be reliably detected through the optical operating principle.

among other things. In addition, recipe management facilitates easy format changeovers when replacing rolls. This means that re-teaching is not necessary when changing rolls to a different label format. The format is changed quickly by selecting the appropriate parameter set for the corresponding label format. This parameter selection is directly carried out on the labeling machine via the HMI. It saves not only setup time, but it also increases the production volume and makes the system more economical.

The forked sensor is especially well suited for applications in which various types of labels need to be detected. Until now, this often required several different forked sensors. The user saves not only space, but also additional time and costs of installation. The new forked sensor can be quickly and easily set up via the teach button in order to teach the label-carrier combination. Only one universal mounting position is required for all objects.

IO-Link for easy configuration and recipe management The new GSX forked sensor features an IOLink interface. This serves to easily, quickly, and economically configure the sensor. The interface can be used to enable remote teaching, or to lock the buttons,

Detection of transparent or semi-transparent labels on label-carrier combinations of labeling machines.


Snickers Workwear Sustainable Merino Wool Clothing

Mulesing-free, 100% All-natural and sustainable undergarments. Stay warm or cool in our 100% All-Natural Merino Wool mid- and base-layer clothes that deliver optimal comfort for all kinds of working environments and leisure activities when the weather gets chilly. There are short and long sleeve T-shirts as well as leggings and topwear that combine superior wool warmth with body-mapping designs for the ultimate base- and mid-layer protection in really cold conditions. Designed by nature for excellent ventilation and insulation, Merino wool is extremely soft, and naturally odour-preventive for an all-day fresh feel. It’s also temperature-regulating, repels water, dirt particles. It’s anti-static and Snickers Workwear ensures that the wool

it uses is produced in kind-to-animals, ‘Mulesing-Free’ environments. All in all, Snickers Workwear clothing for autumn and winter give you the kind of warm, dry and fresh working comfort you wouldn’t have thought possible. That’s why Snickers Workwear is the brand of choice for working outside in cold weather. For more information on Snickers Workwear’s Sustainable workwear solutions, call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at


Titon FireSafe® Air Brick

The new Titon FireSafe® Air Brick Range is a unique high flow terminal designed for powered ventilation systems offering low resistance to airflow, but high resistance to fire as set out in Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 1: Dwellings, 2019 edition. Constructed from sheet steel (A1) and polyester powder coated to classification A2-s1, d0. The Titon FireSafe® Air Brick is designed to be built into external wall types during construction. • Material 1.2mm electrogalvanized sheet steel, fire class A1 ‘no contribution to fire’ • Designed for both 204x60 & 220x90 ducting • Bezelled version for use with exterior cladding instead of brickwork • Extensive versatile range for different installation options • Optional lengths available at request

• Polyester powder coating meeting EN13501-1 classification A2-s1,d0 • Performance tested to BS EN13141-2:2010 • Corrosion resistance - salt spray tested to BS EN ISO 9227:2012 • Special paint finishes available depending on quantity • Topic related CIBSE approved CPD available

Titon - the manufacturer you can build a relationship with


Experience the Vicaima heartbeat with new video for tomorrow’s world • Video shows Vicaima’s values and the multitude of product applications set to a rhythm for tomorrow. • A brand in tune with safety, comfort and innovative design for a new world

If music be the food of love, then this new video demonstrates just how deep the love for doors exists and how it plays in perfect harmony with nature. Crafted with sophisticated design and accompanied with a melody that strikes a chord for the future. As one of the largest European players in the design and production of quality interior timber door solutions, technical doorsets, wardrobes, panels and even furniture; this communication reinforces the Vicaima brand values. With its recognizable signature “Unexpected Harmony”, the video embodies aesthetics and emotional inspiration. This modern video reiterates the fundamental pillars of the Vicaima brand, taking the audience through varying scenarios and unusual situations, with beauty, safety, comfort and an unpredictable and bold design, capable of projecting with a universal language. A video with music and imagery that reveals the constant heartbeat of Vicaima. This audio visual content has enor-

mous significance for Vicaima, as it represents a path, where the future approaches the present and is seen in infinite possibilities, representing continuity and hope, the latter symbolized by childhood, nature and sustainability. “It is a great pride to present a work with this visual quality and an author’s music that definitely shows the rhythm and beat of what Vicaima is, a company with a futuristic and avant-garde vision, whose creation of trends is in its genesis. This moment seemed ideal for the launch of this video, which is inspired by such important themes and which register our reality, such as sustainability and concern for well-being and safety anywhere. Our motto “Unexpected Harmony” is also the basis of this creation, because harmony, combined with the surprise element, are the fundamentals that have projected and elevated us over more than 60 years of evolution ”, says Antonio Moutinho, Director at Vicaima Group..

Staying true to its role of inspiring customers and partners around the world, Vicaima once again highlights its leading position in the field of innovation and creating trends. Visit the Vicaima website


In this article, Fulton’s aftercare and business development manager Jeff Byrne takes a look at technical boiler house risk assessments, from their legalities to the potential savings that can be achieved. It is strongly advised that all companies with a steam boiler have a technical risk assessment in place for its boilers and boiler house. It is required by law under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and is necessary to comply with the requirements of SAFed document BG01, HSE INDG 436 and HSE INDG 417 Rev1, under which steam or hot water plant should be operated. Why do you need a Technical Boiler House Risk Assessment? Besides the legal requirement, a faulty steam boiler brings with it the risk of a steam explosion. With significant stored energy, failure of steam (or pressurised hot water boiler plant) can produce a similar level of destruction and/or devastation as a bomb, potentially causing catastrophic damage, serious

injury and possibly multiple fatalities. With around 100 pressure vessel failures and at least one fatality per annum in the UK (HSE RIDDOR 2014), the importance of a technical boiler house risk assessment (TBHRA) cannot be overstated. So, a TBHRA is therefore essential for owners, operators and managers to ensure that staff are aware of the risks and their responsibilities for the safe operation and management of industrial steam and hot water boiler plant. It is also likely to be the first thing a HSE inspector would ask to see in the event of an inspection. A TBHRA is also a vital link in the safety chain to identify risk and develop measures to mitigate those risks, thus

ensuring the safety of all involved with the plant. We simply cannot stress the importance of the TBHRA enough, because non-compliance with the law can result in substantial fines and the likelihood of a custodial sentence in the event of serious injury or a fatality. The Fulton approach to TBHRAs Fulton’s method with the TBHRA requirement is to take a very collaborative approach with its clients; and use only experienced steam boiler and steam system engineers with over 60 years’ knowledge of not just steam boilers, but steam, water and condensate systems. This highly-experienced team will scrutinise and photograph


that should be updated on an ongoing basis when any changes or modifications affecting the operation of a boiler occurs. This can include personnel changes, additional training, physical changes including boiler/burner upgrades, legislation amendments, etc. Fulton can offer support to the customer once the TBHRA has been completed, or during or after the annual review. This support can be provided onsite or via telephone or video conference assistance once the review is completed. every area of risk and will produce a full report proposing and prioritising mitigation measures. This will give owners, operators and managers peace of mind that their plant may be operated safely and that all relevant guidance and legislation is supported once any identified hazards are rectified. What are the typical findings of a TBHRA? Unlike a vehicle MOT, a TBHRA does not pass or fail a steam system, but instead highlights hazards and the potential risk and then proposes measures to rectify any issues. According to INDG 436 “a risk assessment does not need to include excessive detail”, but issues highlighted can include boiler specification, location, operation and condition, poor record keeping, lack of suita-

ble/relevant training or trained operator absence cover, shortage of plant drawings and manuals, control system reliability, ventilation issues, poor/no suitable operational procedures, water quality issues, etc. Beyond the TBHRA? Once its assessment is completed and delivered, there is no commitment by the customer to involve Fulton in any post-assessment remedial works. But the document does highlight areas of the steam system that require attention and will prioritise the risk they pose from high priority (red) to lower priority (green). The assessment must also be made available to the boiler operator and, in the event of the sale of equipment, the new owner/ operator. However, unlike a MOT, a TBHRA is a live document

A TBHRA also offers excellent value for money because it not only highlights areas of potential risk for owners, operators and managers, but can also identify where enhancements to the steam system could lead to improved energy efficiency. For example, the cost to replace an old, inefficient or dangerous burner could easily be offset within a few years by the fuel savings achieved through the upgrade. For further information on Fulton’s technical boiler house risk assessment package, call the office on +44 (0)117 972 3322, email or visit

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