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Much Wenlock is a beautiful historic town in Shropshire, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of the modern Olympics. Full of gorgeous period properties and with space at a premium, when an opportunity arose for Sandra and Mike to build on a plot in the centre of the town, they leapt at the chance to create their very own dream cottage from scratch. The site was relatively tight and, with a narrow drive as the only means of access, building on the site was potentially challenging. To avoid the noise and disruption of a constant stream of lorries delivering heavy building materials, the couple opted for a timber framed construction, to be built and customised offsite by Hereford-based manufacturer, Taylor Lane. Keen that the property should blend in as much as possible, they chose Lime Green products for the surface render and, whilst consulting us on what products to use, the couple discovered that our highly effective wall insulation system – WarmShell – would be perfect for their new build. It offered an important additional benefit on a small plot over a traditional masonry build. For the same heat U value the timber framed construction has a smaller footprint leaving more space for the garden. Consisting of a unique combination of wood fibre boards and special lime render, WarmShell works by enveloping timber frame structures in a complete layer of rigid insulation with minimal air gaps, or ‘thermal bridges’, across which cold can travel inwards. However, because WarmShell’s breathable insulation means that damaging moisture won’t get trapped in the structure and a healthier environment will be created inside. For Taylor Lane who were also responsible for on site installation of the timber frame, using WarmShell was a good solution. The 100mm. woodfibre insulation boards were fitted to the outside of the stud framework and a 10mm. OSB board on the inside, onto which battens with plasterboard were fitted to form a service

As well as enhancing the very attractive design of the property, the inclusion of oak windows throughout, a green oak porch and the use of local stone create a strong link with period properties nearby.

much less than the 10m³ per hour that Building Regulations demand. The heat U value achieved was 0.18 W/(m2K). Not surprisingly, the underfloor heating is only needed a few times in winter, which means that the couple not only have the dream cottage they were looking for, but also a very energy efficient and inexpensive home for their retirement.

Having specified a highly energy efficient home, when tested for air-tightness, Sandra and Mike were delighted to find that their cottage leaked just 3m³ per hour,

For further information on Warmshell & lime render systems visit or call the Lime Green technical advice team on

reinforcing mesh worked into it. The walls were then completed with a top coat of Lime Green mineral silicate paint.

cavity and then finished using Lime Green’s Solo decorative one-coat plaster. The joints between the internal OSB racking boards were taped to effectively create an airtight box within the timber frame. A high level of air-tightness was required as a heat recovery system was being installed. Warmshell also provides excellent insulation for heat and sound. Small holes were then drilled into the OSB boards through which loose cellulose insulation was blown under pressure to completely fill the void and every potential air gap in the wall. The cottage now had, in effect, solid walls of insulation that were both strong and provided excellent ‘U’ values. On the exterior walls, Lime Green’s Prepbond base render was applied to the WarmShell boards, with a glass fibre

The Wall Insulation System for new and existing timber frame properties. • Fitted externally or internally, lets walls breathe while providing exceptional thermal performance. • External system creates warmer more airtight buildings with better acoustics than standard timber frame design. • Virtually eliminates thermal bridging and provides consistent internal temperature. • Manufactured in the UK Call Lime Green on 01952 728611

We We have have thousands thousands of of genuine genuine manufacturers’ manufacturers’ electrical electrical spares spares in in stock. stock. We We take take pride pride in in supplying supplying the the right right part part first first time, time, saving saving you you time time and and money. money.

Call Call or or email email our our friendly friendly team team TODAY... TODAY... or or email email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares @UKSpares Unit Unit 1155, 1155, Aztec Aztec West, West, Almondsbury, Almondsbury, Bristol Bristol BS32 BS32 4TF 4TF


Image: James Latham, Hi-Macs p16

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Product Evolution and a New Cutting–Edge Design Centre

How V4 Wood Flooring is responding to the changing needs of the flooring industry and design professionals. Chris Vincent founded V4 Wood Flooring in 2001, and the company is now one of the leading suppliers of responsibly sourced wood flooring in the UK. In an industry that is constantly evolving, the company has remained at the forefront, developing products and services that meet the growing needs of discerning design professionals. Chris explains the latest steps the company is taking to advance their design-led solutions and customer experiences even further. “Anticipating the needs of professionals such as house builders, architects and specifiers when it comes to flooring is a constant challenge for my industry. As a supplier we endeavour to set trends, but with the changing pace of technology, production methods and materials, it is more important than ever that we tune into our customers’ needs and design processes and embed them intrinsically in how we grow and develop our own company and product ranges. “A major step we are taking next year will be the opening of the first V4 World. V4 World will be a unique, design-led space where visitors will be able to experience our contemporary floor and wall products like never before. “From design and build professionals to homeowners seeking out inspiration, V4 World will bring to life the creative possibilities of our floor and wall solutions and enable us to work much closer with professionals throughout the design process. “It’s a £3m investment for us, but with room sets, virtual technology, large product displays and a café, our aim is for these showrooms to become a design destination. Working more closely with architects, builders and designers will also provide us with hugely valuable insights to enable us to develop new products which align to future trends and respond to their design challenges.


“There is also a wider social positioning for the design centre, as V4 World will host educational events for schools to discuss how best to protect the environment and foster a culture of sustainability in business, along with training days for installers as we continue to champion quality across all aspects of the flooring industry. “In addition to the new design centre we’ve also responded to interior trends and manufacturing advances to create new product ranges that offer a truly versatile spectrum of floor and wall products. “Our collection of wood floors is growing with the introduction of new lines specifically aimed at the specifier and professional market. “This enables us to offer a vast menu of finishes, colours and textures that deliver a comprehensive range of engineered and solid FSC and PEFC certified wood floors, ranging from everything from full length extra wide planks to engineered herringbone blocks. We’re also using advanced production and colouring techniques which is enabling us to pioneer the introduction of new colours and tones in engineered wood flooring. “Concrete has also been added to the collection. Our Concreate floor panels are actually very comparable to our engineered wood floors. They use the same quick and easy tongue and groove installation profile, can be laid over most sub-floors and work with underfloor heating. “The lightweight, precast panels have a polished concrete appearance and come in a range of colours. Working in any interior space, home or commercial, they overcome many of the installation challenges and high costs associated with traditional concrete floors. “We’ve got new wall products too. We launched Panneau earlier this year, which uses reclaimed and recycled wood to create stunning decorative panels suitable for walls, ceilings or clad to any purpose

built structure. Concreate is also available as lightweight wall panels which instantly create striking architectural concrete features. “With surface finishes being so essential in home and commercial design and build, and with the ever increasing choices available, this really is a hugely exciting and positive time for us and the industry as a whole. “We recommend architects and specifiers request one of our up to date specification packs to add to their product libraries, which gives access to all of the floor and wall surface solutions now available from V4.”

LEADING RENDERING COMPANY’S HAT TRICK WIN AT NATIONAL AWARDS Leading render and external wall insulation supplier SPSenvirowall has scooped the prestigious Project of the Year award and two other accolades at the Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) Awards.


he leading render and external wall insulation supplier took home more awards than any other entrant at the national awards ceremony. Winning categories included Project of the Year, New Build and High Rise Refurbishment.

worked hard to deliver these projects with the right specification products to complete the highest quality builds and refurbishments to achieve their individual objectives so we are proud to be collecting a hat trick of awards from INCA this year.”

Its work on Langley Academy Primary School in Berkshire, in conjunction with sub contractor Build-Therm, picked up both the coveted Project of the Year and New Build awards. SPSenvirowall supplied high performance external wall insulation and renders to the project.

INCA Executive Chairman Mitchell Gee said: “We must not lose sight of the energy inefficiencies in our housing stock and continue to strive to work towards warmer, more efficient homes. We provide products that are not only beneficial for society, but are also aspirational for the individual home owner. This has been clearly demonstrated through this year’s’ brilliant INCA Award winners.”

INCA recognised the project’s success in minimising disruption to staff and pupils and delivering great thermal performance and design. SPSenvirowall and EWI installer Rateavon also scooped the High Rise Refurbishment award in recognition of the work carried out on Bristol-based high rise buildings Sedgewick House and Barwick House. The council-owned buildings used SPSenvirowall’s Wall System 2 to improve thermal insulation and its innovative flexible brick slips to create a leafy tree mural on the side of the buildings to improve their appearance. The project resulted in reduced heating bills for the buildings’ residents, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, and extended lifespan of the building. Paul Winwood, Managing Director of SPSenvirowall, said: “Our teams

(L-R) Andy Fletcher, Sales Director at SPSenvirowall, Agron Gjoka from BuildTherm, Martin Corry, former England and British and Irish Lions rugby player who presented the awards, Paul Winwood Managing Director at SPSenvirowall and Paul Turrent from BuildTherm

INCA is the recognised trade association for the EWI industry, representing the major system designers, a nationwide network of specialist installers and the key component suppliers. SPSenvirowall sells in excess of 1 million square metres of external wall insulation per year and has branches in South Wales, West Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Essex and West Lothian, Scotland. The company offers a range of environmentally-friendly external wall insulations and rendering solutions, as well as expert advice, guidance and training to contractors and architects. To find out more about SPSenvirowall, visit or call 01535 661633.


The battle against wind-driven rain

to the rescue!

Experience tells only too well that year on year, the UK is experiencing wetter weather. Heavy, wind-driven rain results in saturated masonry, often allowing moisture transference across the cavity, damaging the structure of the building. Designers and developers – make SureCav part of your armoury!

Lower U-Values and Green credentials

Protecting the envelope of the building should be a high priority at the design stage and the SureCav Cavity Spacer System is a proven, essential element in preventing penetrating moisture from damaging the fabric of the building whilst also ensuring a moisture and mortar-free cavity environment.

New version of SureCav

Designed for use with all masonry – including brick! Improve heat retention by lowering U-Values even further by using SureCav25! How? Being only 25mm deep, SureCav25 allows for extra insulation to be installed in the cavity. For example, in a designed 100mm overall cavity with SureCav25, 75mm insulation can achieve a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K. With even more insulation, SureCav25 still keeps the overall wall width to a minimum.

SureCav25 is a new version of the ground-breaking SureCav50 Cavity Spacer Backing Board. It forms a consistent 25mm clear cavity width in new masonry or timber frame constructed cavity walls of domestic and non-domestic buildings and is fully BBA certified. The SureCav25 panels hold the insulation firmly against the inner leaf, enabling it to work to its full efficiency. This brings an immediate reduction in heat loss, noise levels and energy costs as well as a reduction in condensation and moisture build-up, giving a warmer home.


The concrete block/SureCav weight ratio is 100:1. For a typical three-bedroom house this means that instead of having a 20-tonne concrete block delivery, all your SureCav requirements can be delivered on a single pallet resulting in a saving of transport costs, fuel and road use. Without the need for a backing block, foundations become narrower, resulting in a saving on the excavation and disposal of material and a saving on the concrete volume used in the foundations. SureCav, being light-weight, is much easier to handle on site than concrete blocks reducing the risk of injury to the builder through lifting materials and any expense of fork lift trucks. Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, SureCav will last the lifetime of the building. Win the battle - make SureCav part of your design!

For more information 01963 34660

Frederico Capela (left) and Paul King

Management restructure at Vicaima Limited Following five successful years at Vicaima, including three as Managing Director, Barry Waddell has decided to take early retirement from the company at the end of the year. Arlindo Leite, Vicaima Group CEO thanked Barry for his tireless contribution to Vicaima and wished him every happiness for the future.

As a result of this decision Frederico Capela will assume the position of Managing Director for Vicaima Limited effective 1 December 2017. Frederico has played an active role within the Vicaima Group for over 17 years, including two periods within the UK and four years as Executive Director of our operation in Brazil. Speaking about his appointment Mr Capela said, “I am really excited to take on this new challenge and I look forward to the continued growth of such a successful and well respected manufacturer within the interior joinery market”. He went on to say, “Vicaima have everything it takes to reach even greater heights; committed employees, great products and a real passion for innovation”. The position of Commercial Director, currently held by Frederico, will now pass to Paul King, currently Head of UK Marketing. Paul has been part of the senior management team since joining Vicaima and has played an active role in shaping the strategy. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Vicaima product portfolio and its customers, in addition to which his construction industry knowledge, especially in relation to the doors sector spans more than 35 years. As they look forward to 2018, Vicaima will continue its strategy of constant innovation, exacting performance and superior quality to which this new team are fully committed. For further details telephone 01793 532333 or visit


An Introduction to The Bathroom Switch It is all very well installing subtle mood lighting into a new bathroom but how are you going to control it safely within the bathroom?


es there are pull-cords aplenty, even dimmable ones, but when you are spending good money creating your bathroom heaven, a load of pieces of string hanging from the ceiling somehow detracts from the overall design. Queue The Bathroom Switch. Wired to small Sensor Pads, which can be placed behind most materials such as Ceramic or Stone Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches or dimmers in virtually any shape and situation. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are adhered with silicone allowing access should it be necessary. In Bathrooms, these Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower (zones 1&2) and thus allow safe switching and dimming. These Bathroom Switch controllers can be activated from up to 12 low voltage (5vdc) Sensor Pads, so for example a Dimmer Controller can be operated from a Sensor Pad by the door and then the lights dimmed by touching a tile whilst in the bath. Most types of lighting can be operated by the Bathroom Switch; this includes incandescent bulbs, halogens (mains and low voltage), LEDs and low energy bulbs. The dimmer controller will work with most leading and trailing edge dimming LEDs and because of the method of output wiring, it is even possible to dim lights as well as switch a fan on and off using the same Dimmer Controller. The Bathroom Switch will also switch other devices (to a maximum loading of 500Watts) such as mirror demisters etc.. If a greater load is present, the Bathroom Switch will switch a slave relay or contactor. Bathroom Switch controllers are usually sited outside bathrooms, they should be installed either in the ceiling/loft space or elsewhere


outside any zoned area. Sensor Pads are connected to controllers using thin cable such as “CAT5” or “CAT6”. Operating the Bathroom Switch is simple: Touch your chosen faceplate (tile etc.) and the lights will turn on. Touch again to switch off. The Dimmer variant operation is also easy; touch your chosen faceplate and the lights will turn on at low level, keep touching and the lights will begin to ramp up to full brightness, remove the hand and the lights will stay at the intensity reached. To switch off, touch briefly and the lights will slowly dim back down and switch off. If required, a further touch at this stage will again latch to the intensity reached and the lights can then be ramped up again. In the timer variant, the delay is set within the controller and the lights will remain on and then switch off once the set time is reached

Applications for the Bathroom Switch include (obviously) bathrooms and wet rooms, but they can of course be used elsewhere; Bathroom Switches have been used in various situations including in domestic situations such as where switches are required to be non obtrusive i.e. mounted behind door architraves etc, and in kitchens etc. Commercial applications include vandal proof switching, commercial kitchens, swimming pools and stairwells where wiring for multipoint switching becomes easy with just 2 wires connecting all Sensor Pads to one controller. With mood lighting becoming a desirable option within bathrooms the Bathroom Switch provides an elegant alternative to pull-cord operation. – 01548 511498

Victorian terrace gets complete makeover This fine Victorian terraced house is located in the fashionable Harringey Ladder within the North London Borough of Haringey, and was recently one of the residences open for public viewing as part of the Open House September 2017 tour.


enovated throughout to an exceptional standard by Trevor Brown Architects, the house also boasts a new, contemporary extension, which has been sensitively designed to seamlessly integrate with the more traditional décor of the rest of the ground floor. The extension, which opens out through glazed doors onto an attractive decked terrace and garden, accommodates a state-of-the-art kitchen as well as an eclectically styled diner/ family room. The installation of a Flushglaze fixed rooflight from Glazing Vision was key to


unlocking the natural light in the windowless kitchen area, which shares its exterior wall with the neighbour’s house. Properties on the “rungs”of the Harringay Ladder have much sought-after heritage features: impressive front doors, spacious rooms with high ceilings, and sizeable back gardens. However, without wishing to lose the period charm of the house, the owners at Allison Road were seeking to modernise the interior to suit their young family, as well as to increase the footprint. The rear reception room presented an opportunity

to extend and to create a generously sized, modern kitchen and snug where the family could eat, relax and entertain. Trevor Brown Architects, known for their respectful restoration of such period properties, were appointed to design the required renovation and extension. The original rear room had been fairly narrow, and there had been a rather alley-like path alongside it running from the back door towards the garden. Brown designed the new extension so that it abutted the neighbour’s outer wall, thereby taking advantage of the full width of the client’s property. The large garden allowed for some “land grab” so that the extension could be built to measure a not inconsiderable 8m x 5m.

Maximising the light in a windowless kitchen But the connection to the neighbour’s wall brought a challenge with it – there was no

possibility to incorporate a side window in the designated kitchen area of the extension. To overcome this, Brown looked for a way of bringing the light in from the roof, without adding any unsightly exterior furniture, which might negatively impact on the appearance of the extension. Having already had positive experience of using Glazing Vision’s products on previous projects, the architect specified one of their fixed Flushglaze rooflights for use on the Allison Road extension as it offered a number of benefits. Firstly, it met a very specific requirement – it could be fitted to abut all 3 walls that framed the roof of the extension (2 from the client’s home, one from the neighbour’s house). Its clean, minimalist exterior would raise no concerns from the neighbour, nor ruin the views from the garden towards the house. The lack of any unnecessary bulky capping would mean that the Flushglaze fixed rooflight would not trap dirt or debris, an important consideration given the recessed position of the rooflight and the limited access to it.

enhance the feeling of loft and airiness, whilst its slate grey finish would subtly coordinate with the anthracite kitchen cabinetry below. The rooflight is split into 3 sections and the architect was able to position decorative lights directly beneath the joints in the glass. These lights illuminate the kitchen when the family is cooking in the evening hours, and also help to create a warm ambience in the rest of the extension. Where the dark tones and industrial finishes of the kitchen surfaces, and the moody, eclectic

mix of furniture and materials in the lounge/ diner could have compromised the light quality, this generously-sized Flushglaze fixed rooflight from Glazing Vision has ensured that the natural light absolutely floods in to the extension during the day. It is a bright, welcoming space, and has become the central hub of this family home.

To find out more about design considerations for your next project, contact us on 01379 658 300, or request a CPD.

Secondly, given the need for a bespoke size of rooflight to maximize the amount of daylight entering the extension, Brown sought the precision engineering offered by Glazing Vision’s factory in Norfolk. The resulting Flushglaze rooflight was made in 3 sections, providing a span of 1600mm and a width of 4300mm, with a silicone seal at the join.

Preventing heat loss on a flat roof Additionally, the architect was satisfied that Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze fixed rooflight provided excellent thermal performance, with its combination of low emissivity glass, argon-filled cavities and warm edge spacer bars. The risk of condensation forming on the internal frame, which is caused by “cold bridging”, is also kept to an absolute minimum. The framework is sealed by a gasket, which means there is no need for a thermal break, thus keeping the profile as reduced as possible.

Minimalist framework does not detract from the interior aesthetics In specifying Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze rooflight , Brown ensured that the product would complement the modern aesthetics of the new extension. The minimalist internal framework would


Sky-scraping the Have we reached the Steve Mansour, Chief Executive Officer, CRL Building up is not new. In fact, the race for the tallest building in the world has been with us since humans built structures. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, completed in 2560BC, originally stood at 481.4 feet (147 metres) establishing it as the tallest structure in the world for close to 4,000 years, before being overtaken by the Lincoln Cathedral in the 14th century.


height of silliness? However, it wasn’t until 1885 that a humble home insurance building in Chicago became the world’s first skyscraper, rising to a thenimpressive height of 10 storeys. It increased to 12 in 1890, standing at a mere 42m (138ft), and since then, the era of expanding up has only intensified. Within the space of just a few years in the 1930s, the world’s tallest building was surpassed three times in New York City starting with the 282.5m (926ft) Bank of

Manhattan, to the 381m (1,250ft) Empire State Building in 1931. By today’s standards, these are relatively average, especially considering that Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is now the world’s tallest building with the highest occupied floor in the world, reaching an incredible 828m (2,717ft). In less than two short years, even that is due to be eclipsed by the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, which will reportedly reach 1005m (3,300ft) – almost one kilometre – when complete. The result of this upward trend isn’t just taller buildings but completely new categories: the “supertall” (over 300m (984ft) in height) and the “megatall” (anything over 600m (1,968ft)) [1] . But it’s not just height that’s evolved over the decades. Today’s tallest skyscrapers are new in every respect: new materials and new structures, leading to innovative inventions to cope with the creative plans, all designed and tested with new methods. So why did we start making use of real estate in the sky as opposed to building out? In the mid-1990s, there was an economic shift which was critical in unleashing the supertall revolution, namely consumer demand. While skyscrapers were originally primed as office space, demand soon spread to mixed-use developments, which held many benefits including greater housing variety, more compact developments and reduced distances between housing and businesses. Growing upward is seen as a smarter, more sustainable option than sprawling outward and skyscrapers are increasingly common where land is limited, in particular, urban city centres. Already more 54 per cent of the world’s population live in urban areas; by 2050, this will have risen to 66 per cent.[2] In a world of ever-reducing space, a skyscraper is an efficient way to create properties without too large a footprint, which may explain why people think this is an effective solution to the housing shortage. It is interesting then that a recent survey by Ipsos MORI[3] found only 11 per cent of Londoners believe that going tall will help alleviate the current housing crisis and more than 60 per cent say that skyscrapers will mostly benefit wealthy foreigners. Perhaps then, one of the reasons these megatall buildings are rising in Asia, while Europe trails behind, is simply because we

don’t see them as fit for purpose? Or is it because skyscrapers, in addition to providing extra real estate, give rising powers a symbol of wealth and progress? Since the early 2000s, Asian countries – particularly China– have acquired the capacity, resources and vision to create competitively tall skyscrapers. Now, of the top 20 tallest buildings, four are in the Middle East, four in the US, and the remaining 12 spread across Asia. The buildings don’t just have high price tags, they also incorporate cutting-edge scientific advances. To build structures that comfortably fit into an urban environment and remain stable as they continue to reach dizzying heights, architects rely on new technological applications. Such innovations could give a building illusion of invisibility[4] and engineering innovations which may eventually include magnetically levitating lifts[5]. Buildings like the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower, are often called vertical cities. In Hong Kong, the 484m (1,588ft) International Commerce Centre has its own airport rail link; that, combined with a high-end shopping centre, hotel and office space inside the tower means visitors can fly into the city, spend their time in the building and never take a breath of local air. Whether we like it or not, that’s the promise of the supertall skyscrapers of the future. Will this race ever stop? Not in the foreseeable future at least. Though we assume that a general consensus might agree an upper limit, there are already innovations to take the skyscraper to the next level; including the proposed plan for The Big Bend[6], a 4,000 foot (1.22km) U-shaped skyscraper which is deemed to be the longest building in the world, and a design for a sunken “sidescraper[7]” bordering New York’s Central Park, which won first place in the eVolo Skyscraper Competition last year. With the focus on building more homes to cope with our rising population and changing structure, innovative ideas on how to accommodate homes should be welcomed. But will the outcome of reaching the height of silliness lead to developers finding ways to build length instead of height? Or will we start building down instead of building up? Only time will tell.


Why Compliance and Safety Should Always Come First When it comes to the design and installation of glass balustrades and structural glass, it is paramount that health, safety and compliance are never compromised to save money or time. There have been reports in Australia of externally fitted glass balustrades on apartment blocks exploding spontaneously. Tests have shown they have contained nickel sulphide impurities, which can lead to integrity failure when there are extremes in temperature. Inferior imports, false certification and a lack of safety checks at customs have all been blamed for the problem. It’s a salient lesson for the construction industry in the UK: ensuring that glass balustrades are compliant and meet British Safety Standards has never been so important. Poor quality products, from handrails and balustrades to architectural ironmongery that are not fit for purpose, not only put users at risk, they are also a false economy because replacements are inevitable. Laidlaw has been called upon countless times to rectify some balustrade installations


and bad decision-making by those who have cut corners or simply used the wrong product in the wrong scenario. These include: external handrails with little structural stability that are vulnerable to vandalism; internal stair rails fitted with no corner joints; nylon covered handrails that peel and leave users at risk; and swimming pool rails that corrode in the humidity. When specifying architectural ironmongery and glass balustrades for a building project, it is essential to use a well-established company that has technical expertise and is committed to delivering compliant, quality-assured goods, such as Laidlaw. We use toughened safety glass, which is designed to meet the most demanding line loading requirements of BS 6180.2011 and complies with the guidance of Approved Doc. K. To find out more about Laidlaw’s services or to book an initial consultation, telephone 01902 600400.

Dear Industry Colleagues, May we first and foremost thank all those exhibitors, speakers and delegates who have already confirmed their attendance, and for those companies which have not yet seen this information, may we please introduce you to ArchitEx 2018, the 3rd Annual Exhibition, Conference and Networking Reception for the UK Architecture and Building Design Industry, being held in the breathtaking venue St. George’s Hall in Liverpool this coming April.. We, as the organisers of the event, are absolutely thrilled that so many of the leading names in Architecture and Building Design from around the UK will be joining us once again in Liverpool in April, and will offer something for everyone involved in the industry, whether they be exhibitors, sponsors, speakers or delegates alike.

1. The Exhibition - Click here to enquire about exhibiting For exhibitors, ArchitEx 2018 will once again provide significant sales and business development opportunities during the 2 days. An anticipated 1,500 Architecture & Building Design Industry professionals from all the following sectors will converge on Liverpool, and as such represents a rare opportunity not to be missed. • Architects, Specifiers, Technologists, Building Designers & Building Surveyors • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers • Town, City & County Councils, Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners • Construction Companies, Builders & Contractors • Products & Services Industry Suppliers Exhibition stand sales are already well under way, so for more information about this fabulous sales opportunity or enquire about remaining stand availability, please contact us.

2. The Conference - Click here to register to attend The 2 day, uniquely free-to-attend conference programme, with 24 industry leading speakers, has already become one of the leading forums for the UK Architecture and Building Design Industry. It will bring delegates together with policy experts, real-life case studies and industry award winners, and will address the latest sustainable developments and technology in the design, planning and construction of recent, current and future Architecture and Building Design projects. Availability at this uniquely free-to-attend conference is limited so early delegate registration is highly recommended. To receive further information about how you can take part, or to tell us what you would like to see on the programme, please contact us.

3. The Drinks Reception / Networking Evening As the exhibition & conference finish at the end of the first day on Wednesday 11 April, we move straight into the complimentary 2 hour champagne drinks reception & networking evening, from 5.00pm - 7.00pm, where further opportunities arise to discuss business with hundreds of industry colleagues. ArchitEx 2018 is your opportunity to join the UK’s leading Architecture and Building Design event. The ArchitEx 2018 Team 0845 467 3303


Hi-macs Structura Spa

•16• Hi-macs Structura Facade


ANNOUNCES NEW HI-MACS STRUCTURA® COLLECTION As the exclusive distributor of HI-MACS® solid surface in the UK and Ireland, James Latham has just unveiled the brand-new HI-MACS Structura® collection. Available directly from stock and nationwide through James Latham’s 10-strong network of depots, HI-MACS Structura® can take on virtually any pattern – and do so with the utmost precision.

Hi-macs Structura Air-stream Crafael Kroetz-framed

This new material takes solid surface opportunities to a new level with a variety of standard designs as well as bespoke, custom made creations to suit any project. The next dimension in surface structure, HI-MACS Structura® creates unlimited new possibilities as surfaces can now appear with a stunning 3D texture. The collection is created using a new technology offered by LG Hausys, the manufacturers of HI-MACS® which produces a high performance, premium-quality, textured surface. It comes in a selection of colours and 10 standard surface designs – from the hexagonal print of Hive to the pebble-like feel of Zen or the raised relief detail of Dunes. Rob Goodman, HI-MACS® Group Product Manager, James Latham commented, “We are all really excited about this latest addition to the HI-MACS® portfolio. Customer reaction both in the commercial and residential sectors has been really positive and we are expecting it to be extremely popular, especially for designers and architects looking to add form to their design either indoors or outside.”

Hi-macs Structura Hive Crafael Kroetz-framed

HI-MACS Structura® is different because it provides a textured surface that can take on virtually any pattern, allowing designers and architects to create their own bespoke surface in a simple way, pushing the boundaries of design in a project. Precision made, it can be utilised as wall cladding in bathrooms, en-suites and spas as well as showers and wet-rooms. It can also be used as an exterior cladding or façade with large-scale patterns that create dramatic effect, even from a distance. This innovative textured material can also be used to enhance the finer details of a project with bespoke patterns, drawings, fonts and logos reproduced into its surface. HI-MACS Structura® can also be thermoformed, depending on the pattern and design selected. It creates a better finish and can be more cost-effective than a CNC produced panel. For further information on HI-MACS Structura® please visit the website at, email or phone 0113 387 0857.

Hi-macs Structura Laser Crafael Kroetz-framed


AMIRAN anti-reflective glass


Low in reflection, neutral in colour, nearly invisible SCHOTT AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass for showcases offers crystal clear transparency, even with a significant difference in the amount of light in front of and behind the pane. It reduces reflections to just a fraction of those seen with conventional glass. This makes AMIRAN® antireflective glass the material of choice for showcases. Summary... •

• •


SCHOTT AMIRAN – the invisible glass AMIRAN® is unique due to its unrivalled mechanical and chemical strength and its robustness AMIRAN® is an established and strong premium brand in the market AMIRAN® is outstanding due to its overall performance combined with superior services certain processing options possible best anti-reflective glass for bent applications ®

Images © SCHOTT AG AMIRAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG Firman Glass is an official architectural partner of SCHOTT AG

extremely high transmission – no visible reflection (1%, instead of 8% with float glass) reduction of unwanted reflection to provide perfect view through glass – especially in complex lighting conditions high Colour Rendering Index for crystal clear transparency ability to photograph through SCHOTT AMIRAN®

Quality... • • • •

• • •

best available anti-reflective coating easy handling for processors: highly scratch-resistant easier to clean and easier to temper than sputter-coated products best bendable product on market long durability for end users easy to clean

SCHOTT AMIRAN® – Anti-Reflective Glass Technical Data Sheet Base material: Extra-clear low-iron float glass Processing: Tempered safety glass /heat strengthened glass / laminated safety glass / Curved glass / insulating glass / sun protection glass / sound protecting glass / alarm glass / security glazing / screen printing / drilling of holes / edge processing Max. net dimensions (min.)


Glass substrate

ρvD65 %

inches x inches inches AMIRAN®

148 3∕8 × 69 3∕4

Luminous Luminous Color renUV-transThermal Solar reflectance transmit- dering index transmit- heat gain mittance tance coefficient tance τvD65 %


Ug btu/f2/F

g %

τUV %

∕6 , 1∕4 , 1∕3 , ∕8 , 1∕2

Extra-clear low- 1 iron float glass






∕6 , 1∕4 , 1∕3 , ∕8 , 1∕2

Extra-clear low- 1 iron float glass






1 3

AMIRAN® Tempered safety glass/heat strengthened glass

148 3∕8 × 69 3∕4

AMIRAN® LSG with a PVB film

148 3∕8 × 69 3∕4

Dependant on assembly

Extra-clear low- 1 iron float glass






AMIRAN® Insulating glass optionally as tempered safety glass

148 3∕8 × 69 3∕4 Dependant on the processor

Dependant on assembly

Extra-clear low- 2 iron float glass






AMIRAN® Insulating glass with sun protection, optionally as tempered safety glass AMIRAN® Insulating glass with heat protection, optionally as tempered safety glass

148 3∕8 × 69 3∕4 Dependant on the processor

Dependant on assembly

Extra-clear low- 3 iron float glass






1 3


Conventional glass in comparison Tempered safety glass

Dependant on the manufacturer

approx. 8 Float glass Dependant Extra-clear low- approx. 8 on the manufacturer iron float glass

90 91

98 99

1.02 1.02

86 91

62 84

Insulating glass

Dependant on the manufacturer

approx. 15 Float glass Dependant Extra-clear low- approx. 15 on the manufacturer iron float glass

80 84

97 99

.44 .44

75 83

39 72

Glass pane AMIRAN® anti-reflective coating PVB film Spacer

Space between the panes (filled with air or gas) Solar control coating (Arcon Sunbelt Platin)

Images © SCHOTT AG 1AMIRAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG Firman Glass is an official architectural partner of SCHOTT AG

1. The values refer to a glass thickness of 5/32” for monolithic glasses. The structure selected for laminated safety glass is 5/32” 1/4” 5/32”; for insulating glass units 5/32” 5/8” 5/32” filled with argon gas. 2. The values are calculated based on the standards DIN EN 410 and DIN EN 673.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Fire Sprinkler Valve Systems

Applications Engineering Ltd have developed an innovative, compact and affordable fire sprinkler valve set that covers all the requirements of a modern domestic and residential property fire sprinkler system

Applications Engineering specialises in creating high quality fire sprinkler valves. We have developed innovative, compact and easy to install valves for sprinklers that cover all the relevant requirements for modern domestic and residential properties. Our products are of the highest standard and represent fantastic value for money. If you’re not sure of exactly what you need, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today

+44 (0)1825 764737

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Dual Port Fire Sprinkler Valve Set Applications Engineering Ltd have developed an innovative, compact and affordable re sprinkler valve set that covers all the requirements of a modern domestic and residential property re sprinkler system and offers the following bene ts and features


Top Companies of 2017

Vicaima Launch New Products At World Leading Design Show One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of interior doors and decorative panel products recently made a big splash at London’s 100% Design Event, held at Olympia in September. Vicaima presented no less than two large stands showcasing genuine inspiration with an array of new design trends and performance solutions. With a reputation for design excellence that spans almost 60 years, Vicaima has always prided itself on forward thinking and a passion for innovation. This was very much in evidence at this year’s design show where Vicaima were able to launch a whole host of new products, including their exciting and thought provoking MATCH decorative panels. MATCH was very noticeable throughout both stands, where it could be seen as wall panels, doors, furniture, ornamental pillars and even works of art.


MATCH is a revolutionary decorative panel that uses innovative technology and advanced production processes to create tailor-made graphic solutions directly onto veneered and other base layers. With the ability to re-create natural materials such as stone, textile, metal or unique surfaces. In this way designers can untether their creative flair and remove the boundaries to realising unique concepts.

Of course no Vicaima exhibition would be complete without world class interior doors and door sets and again here Vicaima did not disappoint. With high gloss veneers, unique stained designs and special lacquered faces, all presented, many for the first time ever, with both an aesthetic and performance characteristics in mind, Vicaima had something for residential and commercial applications alike. Examples included their invisible sliding door mechanism, the new Exclusive EX70 door with its chevron pattern and displayed as a flush-to-surround inverse set, or the hotel inspired acoustic and fire performance entrance system incorporating RFID door locks.

For another opportunity to see Vicaima’s trend-setting designs and inspirational approach to interior joinery products, visit the Vicaima websites today at or , alternatively contact 01793 532333 where help and assistance is always on hand.

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Sign of a great builder: they’re tight, airtight Will Kirkman, managing director at Ecomerchant – the innovative and sole distributor of Blowerproof, the BBA-certified, paint-on liquid air-tight sealant – explains why great builders know exactly how to make a building airtight.

Good buildings are weather-proof from the outside and airtight from the inside. That’s what building regulations are all about but we all know how ‘slack Alice’ they are. The true test is preventing unwanted air from entering a building and keeping warm air in. Airtight buildings are increasingly wanted and important because: • Our temperate climate means the heating’s on for two to three out of four seasons • We like our creature comforts – we want our workplaces and homes to get warm quickly and stay warm • Energy’s increasingly expensive • If you save energy, you save money.


Why airtightness is tricky for builders Many new buildings are designed to leak before they make it off the drawing board. All the might of the world’s best insulation and energy-efficient heating systems will be lost quickly if warm air can quickly leak out of a building soon to be replaced with cold, damp air leaking in. By the time they get built, their poor design has left the unfortunate builder with a whole raft of leaks to resolve. The smallest of drafts can be a nuisance as they cause cold spots. Cold spots are bad news as they’re accompanied by condensation from water vapour which then triggers a whole range of problems.

top companies of 2017 • •

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Energy escapes routes from a building • • • • • • • •

Window and door jambs Wall and ceiling joints Wall and floor joints Joist ends Kicker joints Dot and dab Loft hatches Penetrations: pipes, cables or any bridging external and internal walls • Connections: underfloor heating, light fitting switches/sockets • Timber frame • Dot and dab plasterboard.

Once a building is constructed, stemming unwanted air flow can prove difficult and expensive. So what’s the answer? How to stop cold air getting in, warm air getting out Your priority is to stop warm air leaking out of a building which will help stop uncontrolled air moving around. What are the options to remedy leaky buildings? A whole range of strategies are at your disposal but I’d recommend. 1. Have a plan – showing airtightness layers – it says ‘we’re serious about this’. 2. Share it with every trade and get them ‘on the same page’ - ensure every trade knows you’re aiming for airtightness. That may make your electrician punch a hole in a wall differently. 3. Frequently inspect – to check the airproof layer has not been compromised by shoddy workmanship.

4. Beware of dry lining – dot and dab creates corridors for air to move between the blockwork and plasterboard. Plastering is airtight but you still need to ensure all junctions are sealed between floors and skirtings as well as floors and ceilings. 5. Don’t use expanding foam – it shrinks and breaks down over time. 6. Invest in an anemometer - to measure, detect and demonstrate leaks. 7. Here’s a checklist: • Penetrations • Windows (especially dormer) • Door jambs • Cills • Lintels • Heating manifolds (underfloor systems and radiator pipes) • Boiler flues • Water pipes • Gas pipes • Drainage/soil pipes • Electricity cables and meter boxes • Suspended ceilings • Cupboards • Loft hatches • Bath panels • Light fittings particularly downlights, pull cords, switches and sockets.

Help is at hand The good news is that modern materials are now evolving to make airtightness easier and more affordable to achieve. Blowerproof is nothing short of airproofing magic because: • You simply paint it on – whatever your substrate (plaster, steel, masonry,

render, cement, wood, mineral wool, humid surfaces), cables, pipes. Blowerproof creates an uninterrupted membrane which resists puncture. It paints on blue, dries jet black so you can see that a permanent seal has been achieved. There is a white version too that can be used under plaster. It’s a viscous liquid so it seals every nook and cranny no matter how tricky the shape of the gap or hole. You can then plaster, paint or do whatever else you need to over it. Brushes rinse out with water. It’s safe ie VOC free and BAA-certified.

And it costs £50 a tub so quickly justifies both its product and labour costs. So, the lesson is, seal all those small cracks and holes and your customers will remember you well for many years after as they revel in the warm comfort and low energy bills only an airtight building affords. See how to create airtight membranes quickly and easily: Building Regulations (for England & Wales) set a mandatory requirement for airtightness. All buildings must meet ‘reasonable standards’ and newly built dwellings undergo a pressure test. They must achieve air leakage of less than 10m3/ hm2. That is the air leakage rate per hour, per square metre of envelope area. The m3/hm2 figure is the headline ‘pass or fail’ number produced by the air testing engineer and demonstrates how much air (typically by depressurising) is being sucked into the building through ‘leakage’ when the fan is operating at 50 Pascals. The test measures uncontrolled air leakage from gaps and cracks in the fabric of the building ie not air escaping from trickle vents, extract fans or ventilation systems which are sealed prior to testing. Ideal or the ‘maximum’ air tightness you want to achieve is: 4-5m3/hm2 in a naturally vented building – ie using extract fans, trickle vents and windows. Any tighter than that and you’ll need forced ventilation ie a mechanical ventilation system with or without a heat recovery function (MVHR) which extracts and recycles heat from exiting air to warm the incoming fresh air.


Let the Experts Take Care of your Let the Experts TakeProblems Care of your Domestic Domestic Waste Water Waste Water Problems

When it comes to off mains sewage many people can be blown away by all the information and differing products internet, Google “domestic sewage plant” andthe the consumer regulations?? Whatisabout the When it available comes toon offthe mains sewage many people can betreatment blown away Environment agency?? Etc. but be bombarded by plants of all shapes and sizes . by all the information and differing products available on the internet,

assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you Google “domestic sewage treatment plant” the consumer is products on the This is why dealing with a specialist What can go into and the plant? backed up by proper havemarket the right solution designed manufacturer, installer servicerof of all shapes What happens to the good old- fashioned customer service - (dial bombarded byand plants and sizes . waste? around your requirements. You treatment plants like We Build It Ltd can give Do I need planning permission? straight through speak ourmanufacturer, specialists, no dealand direct withtothe the consumer piece of mind and Do I need to inform the or architect wants to knowautomated service or queuing buying a with over 25 yearssystem) waste water his is why dealing with a confidence soak away has failed. is that they arespecialist getting the right information, the Environment agency? the product will work withsewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, experience, 24-7-365 days of the manufacturer, the right solution and the right system. long will it last? plant isyear best for my situation?? What are installer and servicer of We often getHow asked; minimum effort from themwhich during DOES IT SMELL!!!!!????? the life of the plant. the regulations?? What about the Environment treatment plants like We Build It We It Ltdthe areconsumer based in the heart ofHow somedoes it work? What does it agency?? Etc.For butthe beself-builder assured we the will right be with LtdBuild can give piece of most outstanding All of these questions can We be answered We straight you every step of the way, making suretoyou treatment plant is simple install of Shropshire’s mind and confidence they arecountryside. cost? Build It Ltdbyoffer As one ofthe theright UK’s largest manufacturers of it use electric? Build It experts who knowforward, their products havefor the rightproviding solution they designed have around taken the getting information, Does easy toinside follow advice domestic plants, we And focushow much? out; ask a middle man withyour no knowledge of your requirements. You dealadvice, direct with the manufacturers be aware the right sewage solutiontreatment and the right sewage treatment needs. on high quality, affordable products. AllDo of I have to the industry, these questions manufacturer,some withplants over 25 years waste water need complete system. maintain it? product or process All of our sewage treatment our sewage treatment plants are based How on do I install andit? the customer is often plants baffledcome by terms experience, 24-7-365 of the yearcan add concretedays backfill which with easy to follow the extended aeration do they really need manuals, as to install costs, a well-constructed We successful Build It Ltdand are simple based in the How big is it?such as BOD, COD, NH4, but installation and service method. We can manufacture, knowit? this? All the homeowner, builder or For the self-builder the right plant plant such as thetreatment BioPure can beis heart of some ofdesign, Shropshire’s most install Do I need to to empty well as free telephone assistance and service sewage treatment plant singlecan goarchitect that the product to install providing taken the backfilled withthey peahave gravel. outstanding countryside. As one of forWhat into the wants plant?to know isby specialist installers. We simple can also houses, developments, rural willto work the minimum effort from them installations manufacturers advice, be aware some plants the UK’ssmall largest manufacturers of industrial What happens the with waste? offer full or assisted units, campsites, hotels,plants, offices, barn during the life of the very competitive rates. We need complete concrete backfill whichnot can add Consider whole life costs, domestic sewagepubs, treatment Do I need planning permission? conversions applications. install costs, a well-constructed plant such as just the cost of the treatment we focus on and highcommercial quality, affordable Do Our I need to inform the pride ourselves on offeringtothe We Build It Ltd offer straight forward, easy to products besewage used after an existing the BioPure can be factor backfilled with costs, pea gravel. plant, in install products.can All also of our Environment agency? best GRP products on the market follow advice for your sewage treatment needs. septic tank to enable the effluent to be power consumption, servicing, treatment plants are based on the How long will it last? backed up by proper good oldConsider whole life costs, not just the cost discharged directly to aextended water causeway,DOES if your consumable spare parts, product successful and simple IT SMELL!!!!!????? fashioned customer service - (dial All of our sewage treatment plants come of the treatment plant, factor in install costs, existing soak away has failed. life cycle (guarantee) and emptying aeration method. We can design, straight through and speak to our with easy to follow installation and service power consumption, servicing, consumable charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 manufacture, install and service All of these questions be as free telephone specialists, no automated service manuals,can as well assistance spare parts, product life cycle (guarantee) and We often get asked; year guarantee on the treatment sewage treatment plant for single answered by by Wespecialist Build It experts or queuing system) buying a installers. We can also offer full or emptying charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 year plant and 2 Years on the air pump. houses, small developments, products inside at very sewage treatment plant can be How does it work? What doesrural it cost? who know their assisted installations competitive rates. guarantee on the treatment plant and 2 Years on industrial campsites, pubs, out; ask a middle man with no on offering quite the daunting, which plant is Does it useunits, electric? We pride ourselves best GRP the air pump. hotels, offices, barn conversions knowledge of the industry, product best for my situation?? What are And how much? andI commercial applications. Our or process these questions and Do have to maintain it? We can design, install and service sewage treatment plant for products can also the customer is often baffled by manufacture, How do I install it?be used after an We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage single small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, existing terms such as BOD, COD,houses, NH4, How bigseptic is it? tank to enable the treatment plant for single houses, small developments, effluent toto beempty discharged need tobarn knowconversions and commercial applications. Do I need it? directly to but do they reallyoffices, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, a water causeway, if your existing this? All the homeowner, builder


barn conversions and commercial applications.

The solution sewage system The Bio-Pure Bio-PureSimple Simple solution sewage system Any plant up to 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to Any plant upthis to gives 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to EN12566-3, the consumer confidence they are getting the right EN12566-3,plant this for gives theapplication, consumer confidence getting the right treatment their but always they ask toare see the certificate treatment plantas forthese theircan application, but always see the and test results be manipulated andask nottoshow the certificate true and test results these can be manipulated and not show the true outcome of the as test. outcome of the test. Model

Bio-Pure 1

Bio-Pure 2

Bio-Pure 3

Sizing the plant for a single house is simple its number of bedrooms plus Sizing plantbedroom for a single house number of bedrooms plus two, sothe a three house is ais5simple personitstreatment plant, for multiple two, so a three is a 5 plant person treatment for multiple dwellings usingbedroom the samehouse treatment speak to the plant, manufacturer for dwellings the same plantrange speakare to in theincrements manufacturer the correctusing size unit, mosttreatment manufactures 1-5, for 1-7, the unit, most (See manufactures areRight). in increments 1-5, 1-7, 5-13correct etc. upsize to 50 person. Our Rangerange To The 5-13 etc. up to 50 person. (See Our Range To The Right).

Bio-Pure 4

Bio-Pure 5

Bio-Pure 6

Bio-Pure 7

Bio-Pure 8

Bio-Pure 9

Bio-Pure 10




No. of persons

1 to 5

1 to 7

5 to 13

10 to 16

14 to 22

20 to 27

25 to 32

30 to 36

35 to 42

40 to 55

Max. average daily flow

750 ltr

1050 ltr

1800 ltr

2400 ltr

3300 ltr

4050 ltr

4800 ltr

5400 ltr

6000 ltr

8250 ltr

Max. BOD/day

300 g

420 g

780 g

960 g

1320 g

1620 g

1820 g

2160 g

2520 g

3300 g

In ground depth

2.25 m

2.25 m

2.44 m

2.74 m

2.74 m

2.98 m

2.98 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.98

Outside Diameter

1.85 m

1.85 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.55 m


2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.53

Inlet invert

570 mm

570 mm

700 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

820 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

Outlet invert

670 mm

670 mm

800 mm

800 mm

800 mm

920 mm

920 mm

900 mm

900 mm

1020 mm

Weight empty

125 kgs

125 kgs

200 kgs

230 kgs

230 kgs

350 kgs

350 kgs

460 kgs

460 kgs

800 kgs

Total Capacity

2270 ltr

2270 ltr

3000 ltr

3975 ltr

3975 ltr

5610 ltr

6000 ltr

7950 ltr

7950 ltr

11220 ltr

E Range

27 w

42 w

65 w

84 w

130 w

130 w

210 w

230 w

280 w

280 w


top companies of 2017 The treatment plant you choose should be around 95% efficient thus allowing long intervals before de-sludge is required. The waste water must be cleaned to a standard meeting the usual discharge level requirement. You must apply for either an exemption certificate or permit before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, watercourse or soakaway. Thethe treatment plant you choose As system breaks down and aerates the solids, the should be around 95% efficient items such as wipes, sanitary introduction of non-degradable thus allowing long intervals products etc. should be avoided at all times in any treatment beforeThis de-sludge required. The and increase the need to plant. will clogisup the system waste water must be cleaned to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will a standard meeting be around 3-5 years,the it isusual also recommended no medicines, or discharge level requirement, you harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and must apply for either an exemption stagger washing throughout the week. certificate or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, Simple solution sewage watercourse or soakaway.

The FlowPath

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant


We Build it hasbreaks developed range of package As the system downitsand sewage treatment plants utilising proven SAF aerates the solids, the introduction (submerged aerateditems filter)such technology for of non-degradable maximum performance andetc. reliability, need using to theempty the unit, follow this as wipes, sanitary products most reliable energy blowers should be avoided atefficient all timesaeration in instruction and typical emptying with a prolonged integral FlowPath to around 3-5 years, it is also any treatment plant, this will clog system will be maximise effluent up the system andquality. increase the recommended no medicines, or

harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and stagger washing throughout the week.

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant A BioPure Treatment Plant



All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Simple Water Code of solution sewage system Practice for flows and loads, this range can be designed to meet your population and We Buildrequirements, it has developed consent our standard range its range of package can accommodate upsewage to 300 pe. This range treatment utilising of productsplants can be designed for larger scale proven SAF (submerged commercial applications aerated such as camping sites, filter) technology for maximum ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT FlowPath System • One service visit where all necessary leisure facilities, schools, hotels, offices and performance and reliability, using checks are carried out. This includes industrial applications. the most reliable energy efficient assessing the aeration pattern, sludge • The service agreement lasts for 12 aeration blowers with And a prolonged Maintenance, Spares Servicing levels and effluent quality. months and will also help you meet integral FlowPath system to your Environment Agency obligations maximise effluent quality. The consumer needs easy to follow advice for • All labour expenses for servicing and call regarding your Consent to Discharge. All our Flowpath treatment plants their sewage treatment needs especially when outs are covered so there are no hidden This includes keeping records of service, are designed accordance servicing theirinplant, maintaining any sewage costs. de-sludging and maintenance work for a ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT with the British Water Code of A simple Schematic of a BioPure • Emergency breakdown coverminimum treatment plant, is a very important partneeds of especially when servicing of 5 years. Treatment Plant Practice for and loads, • The cost will beIffree their plant, maintaining anyof all serviceable for parts 12 months. you have any ensuring theflows efficiency of thethis system and that BOTTOM LEFT A simple Schematic of a BioPure range can be to meet charge. rebuilding theyour air unit,Our sewage treatmentof plant, is a This very includesproblem with call Other us you adhere todesigned any operating and maintenance Treatment Plant Products include Mini SAF’s (for your population andservicing. consent pump, replacing the diaphragms alsoout and important part of ensuring the and we willand come fix it and outbuildings up to 4 persons) manual and annual offices requirements, our standard range the airand filters. efficiency of the system that free of charge. meet your Pump Stations you (standard and Environment bespoke) Septic canstrongly accommodate to 300 the pe. systemyou We advise up servicing on adhere to any operating and • One service visit where Tank all Conversion Agency regarding Units obligations (used as secondary Sludge out as required. This rangebasis of products an annual and thiscan will take on average maintenance• manual and return annualis carriednecessary checks are carried your Consent to Discharge. treatment for underperforming septic tanks) This is the removal of settled sludge fromassessing the be designed for larger scale It will also less than an hour to complete. help servicing. out. This includes This includes keeping records the outer scum ring back into the centre sludgeFor commercial such as you to meet applications your legal requirements with the aeration pattern, levels a full rangeof ofservice, our products and servicing de-sludging and be re digested treated camping sites,Agency. leisure facilities, Environment We strongly advisechamber servicingtothe andand effluent quality. visit maintenance work for a again. This helps to keep emptying schools, hotels, offices and system on an annual basis and • Allthe labour expenses for servicing or5 years. minimum of We Build Itapplications. Ltd Service Contracts periodless low. industrial this will take on average and call outs are covered so(01746 781782). call than an hour to complete. It will there are no hidden costs. Our Other Products include Emergency breakdown cover for 12 months. If you• to meet Emptying is NOT included theof all serviceable parts Maintanance, Spares And also help your legal • Theincost Mini SAF’s (for offices and you have any problem with your unit, call us and as the Bio-Pure notof charge. This Servicing requirements withagreement the Environment will does be free we will come out and fix it free of charge. require emptying for 3-5 years. Agency. includes rebuilding the air pump, outbuildings up to 4 persons) Pump Stations (standard and The consumer needs easy to follow replacing the diaphragms and advice for their sewage treatment bespoke) We Build It Ltd Service Contracts also the air filters. • Sludge return is carried out as Septic Tank Units Visit usConversion at required. This is the removal of (used as secondary treatment settled sludge from the outer for underperforming septic scum ring back into the centre tanks) chamber to be re digested and For a full range of our treated again. This helps to keep products and servicing visit the emptying period low. Stand Number • Emptying is NOT included in E217 the agreement as the Bio-Pure does not require emptying for or call (01746 781782). 3-5 years. • The service agreement lasts for 12 months and will also help

The FlowPath

Homebuilding & Renovating Show


top companies of 2017

Neolith —

An Extraordinary Surface Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands. The sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme high-pressure and temperature, giving birth to a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and hightemperatures, as well as colours that do no change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W


Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design.

Distributed by:


QFD presents: Neolith, Extraordinary Surface 2017 Innovations. Indoors and Outdoors applications: Countertops, Flooring, Cladding, Furniture. Resistant to stains, scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV rays exposure. Maximum format, minimum thickness, different finishes. More than 40 available models and 4 different finishes.

Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability.

0203 457 4949 | | www. Unit 128, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

Top Companies of 2017

Rinnai: Space Heater

Trouble Free Long Life Rinnai have added to its range of Energysaver gas fired space heaters which are designed specifically for use in schools, community centres, libraries, conservatories, churches and other large indoor spaces. The range has seen many thousands of installations over the past several years - trouble-free, easy to install and cost effective and efficient operation and performance.

The recent additions to the range are the Rinnai Energysaver 559FT and a new streamlined look to the popular Energysaver 309FT. Sporting very sleek casing, the heaters simply blend into the background in line with the need of modern interior aesthetics while offering exceptionally high efficiencies in operation and subsequently reduced running costs. Changes to the Energysaver 559T have been made to the operation board which is now an easy to use touch-control pad sited conveniently and discreetly on top of the appliance, (rather than on the front with a flip up cover). The unit is also supplied with a child lock to eliminate any problem of small hands tampering with the controls. Add to these advantages are the timer function and eco mode combined with the new unit’s ability to heat big spaces very fast. The 559FT has an input of 6.4kW and output of 5.2kW. The streamlined unit measures 554mm x 750mm x 250mm. The Rinnai Energysaver 309FT, like the 559FT, sports a similar sleek casing and turns in net efficiencies of 88%. It has an input of 3.4kW and output of 2.92kW. The unit measures 695mm x 465mm x 257mm. Natural Gas usage has been pegged at 0.31m3 while LPG consumption is 0.26kg/hr. Also available is the Energysaver 1004T with its impressive input of 11.6kW and outputs 10.23kW. Its measurements are 670mm x 930mm x 315mm and it has energy efficiencies of 96% under the guidance of Part L 2014. This puts it in the top rank of space heaters in its class.


Like the Energy Saver 559FT and 309FT, the 1004T heater is also suitable for central timer control. This feature allows the building manager to run any number of Rinnai space heaters off a central time clock providing heat to the largest of spaces. The Energysaver Multi controller is not limited to single Energysavers as the flexibility of the system guarantees units can be mixed and matched to satisfy even the most unique of buildings. Rinnai Energysaver units are very easy to install as they do not need expensive and extensive ductwork, nor do they involve the necessity to run domestic heating circuits for radiators or pipework to boilers. This drastically cuts down on cost and time at the point of installation. Rinnai’s Energysaver range delivers energyefficient and consistent warm air powered by Natural Gas and LPG options. The units feature fully modulating burners so heat output and energy input is reduced as the space warms up. The Rinnai Energysaver range comprises fanned convection-powered flue models that exceed seasonal thermal heating guidance under Building Regs Part L. In a building with high vaulted ceilings, with conventional convector heaters, the heat will immediately rise to the ceiling. With the Energysaver range Rinnai has successfully come up with a solution that heats from the floor up and by modulating gas usage in relation to room temperature, provides unparalleled levels of comfort combined with efficiency. For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

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Platform lift pair for Innovative Sixth Form College When a firm of architects in Oxford contacted Invalifts for information about their range of lifts, they started on a path that led to the installation of not one, but two different platform lifts for d’Overbroeck’s Sixth Form college. d’Overbroeck’s is a co-educational independent school in Oxford who had recently opened an impressive new teaching site for sixth form students with state of the art teaching and boarding facilities. After Invalifts met with the architects in Oxford, they specified two of Invalift’s platform lifts for the site, and following the securing of the project by Kingerlee Limited, Invalifts were duly given the order for both lifts. The first lift was an MC2000 self contained platform lift with shaft, serving two floors with a vertical travel of just over 3 metres. This lift was specified in the standard colour, and upgraded with 1 hour fire doors in an open through arrangement. An optional intercom system was also fitted as means of communication as there was a manned control area. As the lift requires just a 60mm pit, disruption and building works were kept to a minimum. The second lift chosen was the Invalow, a low rise wheelchair platform lift to deal with a small change in floor levels of 460mm. This open platform lift was supplied in it’s standard colour of blue, and used glass infill gate panels to give the lift a light and uncluttered appearance. Both lifts were installed on site within just 3 days. To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, or the Invalow, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.


Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:

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Novellini UK offers a full range of shower products including bespoke shower enclosures, wetrooms, steam rooms and much more, why not visit our website for more details.

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SmartTapTM is capable of delivering either filtered mains water or the worlds purest drinking water with their optional RODI purifier. The Pureh2o Company are the innovators behind these recent product launches and have lead the market with integrated pure water systems since 1991. Whether specified with filtered or pure water, the Quatreau SmartTap’sTM sub-sink Hydrocell® 551 system offers a modular choice of boiling, chilled and sparkling as well as ambient water. The Hydrocell® unit incorporates easy to install and maintain quick fit filters and CO2 cartridges as standard, and multimedia filters to reduce impurities found in mains fed water. Recently installed pre-launch at the Eurostar Paris Business Lounge, the compact tap system delivers 20 litres of water per hour, whichever option is selected. LED lit buttons ensure ease of use, the consistently safe, clean efficient flow and optional safety lock for boiling offers peace of mind. The optional sink drainer with integral drain turns the tap in to a stand-alone counter top drinks station. Infinite

Pureh2o are pleased to announce the launch of Quatreau SmartTapTM, the second tap launch in the Quatreau range benefiting from 7 years R&D, using WRAS approved materials and the only multi-function tap system to be manufactured in the UK. Quatreau SmartTapTM, the new compact drinks point delivering a modular choice of boiling, sparkling, chilled and / or ambient water. Several finishes, a modular approach to water options and upgrades including countertop drainer are offered, for full customisation in all settings domestic and commercial. The Quatreau SmartTapTM, is the latest in the company’s range of multifunction taps, following the success of Quatreau, their 5 function kitchen tap with touchscreen control panel. Like Quatreau, the all-new Quatreau

expansion of the boiling capacity is ideal for high-density environments. Designed to robustly withstand the demands of high use areas, the Quatreau SmartTapTM is manufactured in Great Britain, within 10 miles of the company’s base in Woking, Surrey, with WRAS approved materials including solid 316 stainless steel chosen for strength, longevity and low environmental impact. With energy efficiency in mind, the boiling function uses 33% less energy than other hot water taps and advanced state insulation also made in England. Installed with the optional Pureh2o RODI water purifier, the Quatreau SmartTapTM delivers 99.99% pure water; purer by far than all bottled water brands, obviating the negative environmental impact of plastic bottled water and free from the myriad of impurities found in tap water. The RODI water purifier can also connect to steam ovens, coffee machines, ice makers and fridges for exceptional clarity and purity of taste and appearance, making it an ideal system for restaurants and hotels, as used at Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxford and Great Fosters, Surrey. For further information and to order the Quatreau SmartTapTM and optional water purification system, visit or call 01483 617 000







Introducing the Quatreau SmartTap™ from the Pureh2o Company, the compact modular drinking water station for all environments delivering boiling, sparkling, chilled and filtered or pure ambient water*. • • • • • • •

Instant boiling, safe clean flow, 20ltrs per hour 20ltrs chilled and sparkling water per hour Integrated filtration and CO2 bottle as standard The only system to integrate with pure water LED lit buttons for ease of use Choice of models and finishes plus optional drainer and safety lock From the manufacturer of the Quatreau™ Tap; the only multifunction touchscreen tap • WRAS approved materials

Call 01483 617000 to book an installation or find out more at Find Pureh2o SmartTap on

 and follow us on  @PureH2OUK

* RODI pure water is purer (by far) than all bottled water brands, guaranteed, removing 99.99% of tap water impurities including pesticides, medications, hormones and petrochemicals. Filtered tap water also available.

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Flexi-Fix by Croydex ™

If you have existing holes simply ‘Re-Fix’ into the same position using the ‘X’ plate and then attach your new accessory. This option is perfect for those who may live in rented accommodation or who do not have a suitable surface to create holes into. You can also use the same fixing method but whilst creating new holes to ‘Screw-Fix’ the bracket into place. Finally, if you do not have the option to create holes or screw into the wall then simply adhere the ‘X’ plate bracket to the wall using the ‘Glue-Fix’ method. Once the ‘X’ plate has been fixed the product can be easily attached and is then ready for use. Another major benefit of the fixing plate is that items can be interchanged and moved into alternate locations in a fuss-free manor making each item an investment piece. The integration of the Flexi-Fix fixing method means incorporating wall mounted accessories into any bathroom is fully achievable. Available from the Flexi-Fix collection is an expansive selection of accessories ranging from toilet roll holders and towel rails to robe hooks and glass shelves. Adding simple touches in the form of wall mounted accessories will not only add a stylish finish but increase the usability of any bathroom. Incorporating coordinated accessories is a great way of adding personality and creating a polished finish to the bathroom. Available from Croydex are a wide range of styles and finishes meaning there is something for any décor. For a touch of vintage glamour the 1919 range pays homage to Croydex’s upcoming centenary with a trendy vintage logo, soft edges and a luxury high-end chrome plated finish. Alternatively if you want to make a really style statement the Grosvenor Gold collection, with its solid brass and antique gold finish, is ideal. Contemporary touches can be added with the Cheadle collection which features a fashionable cubist look and bright chrome plate finish. To take a look at the rest of the Flexi-Fix products you can head over or request a copy of their latest catalogue by contacting or +44 (0) 1264 365881.

Flexi-Fix™ is an IP accredited fixing solution from bathrooms accessories specialist Croydex. The innovative installation process, utilising the pioneering ‘X’ plate bracket, allows three methods of fixing ensuring that the products can be added to any bathroom quickly and stress-free.


FOR INSPIRING BATHROOMS Tel: +44 (0) 1264 365881

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New for Winter 2017/18 is the Fletching Floor to Wall Towel Rail, further adding to the family of Fletching towel rails with their ball joints and traditional styling. We at JIS are finding increasing demand for the more traditional rails which stand happily alongside our more modern classic rails. Due to this increase in demand we decided to add to the Fletching range with a floor to wall model, which does exactly as it says and is mounted from floor to wall this creates a slightly different feel to the original wall mounted Fletching whilst maintaining traditional styling.

The floor to wall Fletching is available in both a highly polished and a satin stainless steel finish. All rails are manufactured from 100% stainless steel and are available in central heating, dual fuel and electric only format. The Fletching floor to wall stands at 1200mm high by 520mm wide has a BTU of 1858 and retails at £749.00 exclusive of VAT. The existing family of Fletching rails consists of the following: The Fletching rails measure 520mm wide and come in three different heights; 1185mm, 910mm and 635mm. They are priced as follows: 1185mm x 520mm - £599.95 910mm x 520mm - £499.95 635mm x 520mm - £449.95 The above prices are based on central heating format and a polished finish. The rails are also available in electric only and dual fuel format,


please call the office for further pricing details. The rails are offered in both a highly polished and satin finish; there is an extra 30% charge for satin finish. All rails are available from stock. All towel rails within the Sussex Range by JIS Europe are manufactured from 100% stainless steel meaning they will not rust, flake or corrode. They can be utilised in all systems including open. Small scratches and dents can be polished out. They are a durable and environmentally sound product. The rails themselves are manufactured from over 90% recycled product and are 100% recyclable in themselves. All rails carry a 25 year guarantee. Please do visit our website for further details at or ring our friendly helpful staff on 01444 831200. Thank you for your interest in our product. The team at JIS.

100% Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rails The Sussex Range by JIS Europe Telephone +44 (0) 1444 831200


SBID and BITA PARTNER THE JANUARY FURNITURE SHOW The Fabric Pavilion is being extended and rebranded as the Fabrics and Soft Furnishings Pavilion. Moving from Hall 1 to Hall 2 to give it more space, it will feature a new layout and new exhibitors. There will also be a first-time show partnership with leading textile association, BITA (British Interiors & Textile Association) who will have a stand at the show. Speaking of the partnership, BITA Director Diane Harding said, ”The British Interiors and Textiles Association is delighted to support and promote the JFS Fabric & Soft Furnishings Pavilion to its members and a wider audience in the Furniture Industry.”

Two prestigious interior design associations - SBID (Society of British Interior Design) and BITA (British Interiors & Textile Association) will partner with the January Furniture Show in 2018 which runs from 21st to 24th January at Birmingham’s NEC. The partnerships will strengthen the links between the show and the interior design sector and make it more inclusive to the whole of the UK furniture industry. Over 5000 visitors at the 2017 event put interiors as their main area of interest at the show. Contract buyers from the interior design and hospitality sectors increasingly use the show to source everything from wall art to mattresses and statement upholstery. SBID members will be able to enjoy a hosted coffee lounge in Hall 2 and attending counts towards their CPD accreditation. SBID President-Elect Diana Celella, will again be part of the judging team for the product focused Furniture Awards; which are judged on the opening day of the event.


In the line-up for 2018 will be established fabric houses, distributors and agents including new companies Quantum Textiles and JLS Fabric Designers who will offer soft furnishing services, as well as fabric and textile choices. Canadian based Quantum Textiles specialise in commercial and residential window coverings. JLS Fabric Designers are the UK suppliers of French company Thenvenon’s luxury printed and woven fabrics, as well as creating their own individual trimmings and offering bespoke designs for custom projects. Joining them will be the Mark Wilkins Agency who is the UK supplier of several high-end European fabric producers including Panaz, Guell Lamadrid and Les Creations de la Maison. Commenting on exhibiting at JFS Mark Wilkins said, “We judge the opportunity of directly working alongside the furniture manufacturers who use our fabrics, and then presenting them to the visiting retailers and interior designers as one not to be missed.” For full exhibitor and to register to attend please go to

JFS 2018 logo_venue/dates whiteout

Find all the furniture and interiors you need as 500+ suppliers reveal their new collections. We’ll see you in January. Register now at

If you can’t function without your morning coffee then a modern, quality machine that offers top-tier barista style drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen is the perfect indulgence. As technology evolves and appliances become ever increasingly user-friendly, convenient and intuitive, household coffee machines are an excellent choice for those looking for a speciality machine, that will complement busy lifestyles and fine taste of food and drink, and design. In tune with and wishing to satisfy consumers aspirational desires, JURA is synonymous with luxury and renowned for quality, innovation, precision, reliability and service. If you’re looking to transform your home, a beautiful JURA coffee machine promises the best coffee result, the simplest operation and stunning design. Developed by a dedicated team of specialist Swiss engineers, the E8 has revolutionised the way coffee should be enjoyed. Thanks to its unique Pulse Extraction Process – the only one of its kind in the world – the E8 guarantees the best aroma and flavour possible. With an ultra-modern design, touch screen display and 12 programmable specialities, the E8 is the perfect accompaniment in any coffee lover’s home. For more information, please visit:


Coffee pleasure –

freshly ground, not capsuled.

Roger Federer Inspirational role model, world record holder of Grand Slam wins, greatest tennis player of all time – and coffee lover.

The perfect espresso thanks to P.E.P.®. The E8 from JURA wows even the most discerning coffee lovers like Roger Federer with its choice of coffees. The one-touch automatic coffee machine prepares twelve different specialities to professional barista standard. To create the perfect ristretto and espresso, it features a world first: the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®). A TFT display makes operation intuitive and convenient. All elements are easily accessible from the front, while the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) detects the filter automatically. JURA Products Ltd., Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW, Tel: 01282 868266, Fax: 01282 863411,, JURA – If you love coffee

How Air Conditioning Works Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioning systems use heat pump technology to provide heating, cooling and hot water where required. Our heat pumps require only a small amount of electricity to harvest, upgrade and move heat from one location to another. To achieve this a vapour compression cycle is used, which has the ability to move heat from one space to another. Low temperature heat from the environment can be increased to usable temperatures inside the building in the winter, or waste heat from a building can be moved outside in the summer, or even recovered in to hot water. The efficiency of a heat pump is known as the Coefficient of Performance or CoP (or Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in cooling mode). This is a ratio of the heat delivered to power consumed. The operation of a heat pump is similar to a refrigerator. This process is known as the vapour compression cycle and the following is a more detailed explanation and example of the system delivering heat into a building. Cooling is the same, but the heat is taken from the inside and rejected to the outside.

1. Compression – Refrigerant vapour is raised in pressure and therefore temperature. 2. Condensing – This hot pressurised refrigerant vapour is then passed through a condenser, where it liquefies and gives off useable heat that can be delivered to a building by either air or water. 3. Expansion – Liquid refrigerant is then allowed to expand, which lowers its pressure. 4. Evaporation – The low pressure liquid then expands and absorbs naturally occurring heat from the environment (this can be from the air, water or ground) and in doing so changes back to a vapour, which is then passed to the compressor for the cycle to start again.

Condenser Compressor Expansion Valve Evaporator

Heat Exchanger Vapour Compression Cycle

Growth of manufacturer recognised at national design impact awards Sealant and adhesive manufacturer Polyseam has achieved the ultimate design accolade for the rebrand of its GRAFT product range. Aston Martin; Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros; and renowned entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

The Yorkshire-headquartered company and its branding agency The Engine Room were both presented with a gold design impact trophy at the glittering DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in London. But the GRAFT project also went on to scoop the ultimate recognition of the evening when it was announced as the Grand Prix winner of winners at the end of the night. Since GRAFT’s launch in 2014, annual sales have increased by a staggering 744% and export levels have risen by more than £1million. In fact, this transformational business exercise has played a significant part in Polyseam now building a 50,000sqm factory which is expected to create a further 50 jobs by 2020. It was this bottom line impact that impressed the line-up of high-profile judges, which included Andy Palmer, CEO of


Commenting on the win, Polyseam’s marketing manager Olando Salina said: “The evolving challenges in the manufacturing market mean we must continually innovate to drive growth. We therefore focused on the development of an environmentally friendly, all-in-one adhesive and sealant created using our own in-house expertise. “This high-performance technology was already award-winning in its own right. But it didn’t achieve the traction we sought, which is why we engaged The Engine Room to help clarify our market position, overhaul the branding of this product range, and craft the communication materials we’d need moving forward. The Engine Room team has specific expertise in this field, and we were therefore delighted

when GRAFT was ‘born’. The project success is a testament to the collaboration of these forward-thinking business and design brains.” The Engine Room’s managing director Lesley Gulliver added: “The building, construction and manufacturing sectors are perhaps not renowned for their design prowess. But this project goes to show that strategic creative thinking is about much more than just what looks good. The overhaul of this product range and the development of the GRAFT brand has helped to revolutionise Polyseam’s entire business.” Polyseam has been independently manufacturing first-class brands for the majority of the world’s leading suppliers since 1993. The company manufactures more than 150 different products, and exports to 21 countries globally.

For more details visit

NEW Emission Free, Fire Retardant paint for walls, ceilings and wood.



01484 421036 l l

/GraftSealants l

Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.


Overcoming the tiling challenge of anhydrite screeds Mandy Searle, head of technical services at Norcros Adhesives, looks at the latest solutions for tiling on to anhydrite screeds in time-sensitive tiling installations. Anhydrite screeds, also referred to as calcium sulphate or gypsum-based screeds, are now increasingly popular for larger flooring installations. Their use has grown dramatically in the building industry over the last few years because they offer a number of benefits over sand:cement screeds. The principal advantage is that, anhydrite screeds can be laid more quickly and easily than traditional sand: cement screeds and are more cost-effective especially for larger areas. They will self-level and offer minimal shrinkage, making them especially suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, where they will fully encapsulate all pipework. Up to 2,000m2 of anhydrite screed can be laid in a single day – compared to 100150m2 which is the maximum possible with conventional sand:cement screeds, making them particularly suitable for use on large commercial contracts. However there are a number of disadvantages associated with this type of screed, mainly associated with the extended drying time. Typically sand:cement screeds should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 21 days before they are able to receive a tiled finish as per the recommendations contained within BS5385-3:2003. To achieve the required maximum relative humidity of 75%, the


minimum drying times quoted for anhydrite screeds before tiling can commence are 1 day per mm up to 40mm thickness, with an additional 2 days per mm thickness above 40mm according to BS8204-7:2003. In ideal drying conditions therefore a 40mm thick screed should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 40 days, at 50mm thick the minimum drying time would be 60 days and at 60mm thick a minimum of 80 days drying time would be required before the screed was sufficiently dry to receive a tiled finish. Failure to follow these recommendations and tiling before the screed is sufficiently dry will generally result in adhesion failure at the screed/adhesive interface. In an attempt to reduce the incidence of failures, Norcros Adhesives worked together with a major national house builder and screed manufacturer Gypsol to prepare a generic specification for the industry. Whilst providing a safe method of tiling to anhydrite screeds using cement-based adhesives, it did not improve the drying times required before tiling could commence. Reductions in drying time can be achieved with the use of a gypsumbased adhesive. This eliminates the formation of ettringite, a chemical reaction which occurs between

a wet cementitious adhesive and the gypsum in the screed, causing tiles to loosen and debond. Additionally tiling can be carried out when the screed reaches 85 per cent relative humidity, rather than the 75 per cent RH, required when fixing tiles in cement-based adhesive. A number of tile adhesive manufacturers are now offering a tile to gypsum product. However Norcros’ latest innovation, Pro Gyp Base, is a fasttrack system and a complete game changer in terms of screed drying times. Norcros Pro Gyp Base enables anhydrite screeds with a relative humidity of 95% to be tiled using a cement-based adhesive. This can normally be achieved in just seven days. Norcros Pro Gyp Base can reduce the time required for the overall build-up of the floor surface by at least 53 days

for a 50mm thick screed in ideal drying conditions. This can clearly have a very significant impact on timescales and costs on-site. These latest generation systems work by taking a system approach, comprising all the required elements – a primer, a moisture suppressant and a gritted primer to provide a ‘key’ on to which the ceramic tile adhesive can form a strong bond. The adoption of one of these new systems will allow contractors to derive all the benefits of rapid and easy pouring of an anhydrite screed, without involving delays on the job caused by having to wait for an extended drying period. Norcros Adhesives, Harewood Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., ST6 5JZ Tel: 01782 524140

Innovation in Lifting Keeping up with Building Design Challenging new building designs need new façade construction techniques. That is why innovative equipment supplied by Hird, such as the Winlet glazing and materials handling robot, is in such strong demand.


ini crane, glazing installation and powered access specialist Hird is the authorised UK and Ireland dealer for Winlet glazing robots, which one client has called the biggest step forward in glass installation in 10 years. The Danish glazing robot is compact, light and easy to move. It can lift, carry and place, with absolute precision, glass sheets or any other non-porous panels up to 1,000kg, even overhead. Hird Director John Wilding said: “More than ever before, architects and developers are taking account of advances in construction process, as they seek to minimise development costs by reducing build times, and simplifying construction techniques. “The Winlet increase productivity by 50% on a range of sites, including high-rise towers in London. As well as being faster, it’s safer, and uses smaller installation teams.


“Architects are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in design. Our aim is to provide lifting equipment that allows structural engineers and contractors to keep up.” Other lifting equipment supplied by Hird include pick and carry cranes and spider cranes, both of which are ideal for a range of construction tasks, including glazing and façade erection. Hird is also a UK leader in vacuum lifter hire, for flat or curved sheets, and loads up to 3,500kg – plus a full range of powered access machines, including scissor lifts, cherry pickers and personnel masts. Hird Managing Director Phil Hird said: “We aim to be a one-stopshop for materials handling and lifting, and working at height, anywhere in UK. “Whether our clients need pick and carry cranes, with a range of materials handling attachments, or all-terrain spider cranes, we can meet their needs.” For more information about Hird equipment, call 0203 174 0658 or email Web:

Glass Lifting Applications for domestic & commercial projects Glass Vacuum Lifters Glazing Robots Glass Trolleys & Stillages Mini Cranes AS FEATURED ON

Mini Cranes

Vacuum Lifters

Glazing Robots

Glass Trolleys / Stillages

Northern 01482 227333 Central 01302 341659 Southern 0203 174 0658 Email:

UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... or email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

The Shape of Things to Come ... Introducing a completely new range of contemporary designs to meet the needs of modern lifestyles and tastes.

The affordable solution to maintain your clients independence Design to future proof and add value to your clients home and do it in style. If your clients want to incorporate high quality or the stairs are giving them problems, a Lifestyle Home Lift is the solution. A Terry Lifestyle Home Lift is great value – and, to be honest, it is the ultimate luxury for their home. Your clients can be upstairs in next to no time from the corner of their room or the entrance hall in their home. The Lifestyle Home Lift doesn’t involve weeks of construction, either – it is fitted in a matter of days, and comes with a complete installation package. And, it can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to its minimal footprint, which fits neatly into the space equivalent to a small armchair. It’s also self supporting on guide rails so doesn’t need any major structural alterations.

of mind whether the lift is parked at the upper or lower level.

ST YLISH: The Terry Lifestyle Home Lift can be installed quickly and the bespoke finish will fit in with your clients home’s décor.

There’s full height door, pressuresensitive safety edges that stops the lift gently if there is an obstruction either above or below the lift. There is a battery back-up provided in the event of a power failure. What’s great is that, because the Lifestyle Home Lift doesn’t sit inside a shaft, it can be sent to the other floor when not in use, so your client can reclaim their

valuable living space. Another bonus is that the weight limit is an impressive 39 stone, with room for a second person or essentials such as shopping, the washing or a vacuum cleaner. It is quiet, too, with its powerful hydraulic system operated by a compact unit outside the house. Independently tested and certificated fire and smoke protection barrier provides peace

The Lifestyle Home Lift The affordable & stylish solution to those difficult stairs.

3 Reliable & easy to

operate 3 Tiny footprint – place it almost anywhere 3 No major structural work 3 Customised to your specification 3 Travel standing or seated 3 Moves smoothly and quietly

The Lifestyle Home Lift can be matched to specific requirements, customising the interior and exterior colours and flooring to style with the home décor. Other optional extras include a folding seat, telephone, handrail and stainless steel controls. Where a client has mobility issues they can regain their independence and make full use of their home again in complete safety. If your clients are reaching high for that bit extra, wanting a more comfortable home, a spectacular interior, and more time with the family let the Terry Lifestyle Home Lift improve their quality of life. INFORMATION: Call 01565 650 376 or visit for advice and a free home survey.



O in TWs day



3 Battery back up 3 Award winning product 3 Fire protection complies to Bs5900:2012 – not all lifts on the market comply. Always check. 3 Guaranteed safety – independently tested & certificated 3 2-year warranty 3 Wheelchair lifts available

Call today to request your FREE brochure



2 yEaR

Terry Guaranlifts tee Qua


li solutio ty lift over 45ns with experieyears’ nce


01565 650 376


Press the button or remote control



Travel standing or seated


Lift moves smoothly & quietly

Arrive comfortably


Experience patch with


a purple Vicaima

When it comes to inspiration ideas for interior doors, few companies bring the wealth of fresh design and stand out performance as Vicaima manage to do so every year. Entering a purple phase for their much loved Interior Door Selector (IDS), the 2017/18 edition has surpassed even Vicaima’s high standards, with the introduction of no less than six new ranges and a world of new colour and finish options.

Cover and inside spread from Vicaima Interior Door Selector

Encompassing 80 stimulating pages, this latest edition is their largest IDS yet and is certain to spark creative interest for their many markets; including housing development and hotels, together with numerous public and private sector applications. Available both in printed format and for download via the Vicaima website, the new Interior Door Selector sets out product ranges in a clear and easy to navigate format. Each range includes quality colour imagery to illustrate the products design potential, together with key facts to ensure the chosen model is right for the project. For specifiers with a keen eye on budgets, the IDS also includes a useful Price Indicator Tool, which enables easy price comparison across different ranges, making final door selection so much simpler. Among the many new and exciting ranges making their first appearance in the Vicaima 2017/18 Interior Door Selector are some exciting door ideas, including: M Range, a refined take on the Classic panel door in a wide section of lacquered colours; EX70 and EX20, two new collections that offer striking grain direction and a fusion of face finishes; The Rustic Collection, real quarter cut Ash veneer in a selection of four new stain finishes to give an open grain appearance. These and many more on-trend and visually stunning finishes make up a truly visionary compendium of interior doors for every application.

New Mountain finish from the Vicaima Visual Sensations Range

To download your copy of the new 2017/18 Interior Door Selector, visit and select brochures, alternatively call 01793 532333 to reserve a printed copy or for further information.


Brio runs forward with soft finish New additions to Brio’s Zero Clearance and Single Run systems bring useful 100kg weight bearing capabilities to the ranges as well as a soft close option and a clip stop. Both these features are also available on Single Run 80 and Zero Clearance 80. Zero Clearance and Single Run work with various panel types and provide numerous guide options and cope with panel weights from 80kg to 350kg. The new Zero Clearance 100 and Single Run 100 hangers work with Brio’s existing hardware including the 80CS clip stop and 100SCT soft close for 100kg applications. Brio’s clip stop holds panels in their parked position while the soft close device fits discreetly inside the track and controls the panel’s momentum when closing against the jamb, protecting little fingers from slamming doors.

Single Run is available in a number of weight capacities – 60, 80, 100, 120, 180 and 350KG per panel while Zero Clearance may be obtained in 80, 100,120 180 and 350kg per panel for timber panels and 80KG, 100, 120 and 180 Kg for frameless Glass panels. “We will have other new features to add to our straight sliding range during 2017 and 2018 – so watch this space,” concludes Brio UK’s David Newton, adding that Brio offers an unbeatable 10-year warranty on its hardware.

Brio’s new weight capacity is ideal for commercial or residential living spaces and the fittings are easy to install and operate with the use of precision bearings and the option of stainless steel hardware for exterior applications.

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Collecting, Grading, Promoting and Selling Great British Fleece Wool Since 1950 We established a farmer run organisation in 1950

We collect, grade, sell and promote fleece wool

We are a non-profit making organisation

Operations are carried out across the UK and We receive no financial support. Ireland

British Wool operates a central marketing system for UK fleece wool using a fully computerised auction system, with the aim of achieving the best possible net return for producers (farmers).

We are the only organisation in the world that collects, grades, sells and promotes fleece wool. We are also the only remaining agricultural commodity board in the UK.

We operate commercially, but we are also a non-profit making organisation, returning to producers the market price for their wool.

Day to day operations are run from our headquarters in Bradford. We also have smaller regional offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

British Wool welcomes enquiries from individual producers, or producer groups, who are interested in visiting Wool House. British Wool staff value the opportunity of meeting producers in Bradford and visitors usually find it interesting to learn more about Brtish Wool’s operation. Where possible visits are arranged to co-incide with an auction and also include a visit to see some processing. For further information, please contact your Board Member, Regional Manager or British Wool’s Head Office.


Sorted. In just one day.

• Underpinning made

easy • Fully guaranteed • Used on thousands of properties across the UK • No need to vacate the property

Uretek process is ideal for developers, home owners and designers The super fast process sees Uretek material injected beneath foundations and expand to fill voids and expel water, the expansive force will lift the foundations if necessary to close cracks and provide a stable future for a property. It’s ideal for developers who are renovating and need to put additional loads on foundations, the power of the Uretek material can lift and withstand weights of thousands of tons. Call today see how we can help your project succeed.

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Tansun Infrared Heaters Maximise Outside Dining at the Lighterman The Lighterman at Granary Square, Kings Cross is a new contemporary design of public house and a landmark site in the new Kings Cross development. And Tansun infrared heaters are playing their part by enhancing the exterior space for the warmth and comfort of customers. This new project by Open House Projects, has seen The Lighterman join the group’s two others in London’s Fitzrovia and follows the theme of a modern interpretation of the traditional pub with casual dining, drinking and socialising using modern British menus with European influences. Inspired by the Victorian Lightermen who worked on the flat bottom barges, known as ‘Lighters,’ The Lighterman has a contemporary design over three floors with stunning views across Granary Square and Regents Canal. Tansun infrared heaters were selected by Open House Projects for the outside terrace where Tansun’s Bahama single 1.5kW heaters are discreetly integrated under seven parosols with four heaters per parasol. Hannah Burke, Project Manager for Open House Projects is delighted with the result commenting, “The Tansun heaters really do allow us to take the inside out, making our terrace functional over the cooler months and evenings so generating increased revenue from customers’ outdoor use”. She continued, “We were delighted to find the Tansun heaters as they are very sleek looking units and can be specified in any RAL colour. We chose graphite grey to complement the masts of the parasols and so they are not at all intrusive, and at the same time have low glare and look warm. The heaters have been very successful and we hope to use them on other projects in the future.” The Bahama infrared heaters from Tansun are a flexible design easily fitted onto awnings and parasols to become part of their structure and are IP rated. Available in single 1.5kW or double 3kW appliances, the stylish heaters can cover an area of up to 22 sq.metres and their glare-reducing gold reflectors have a smooth, parabolic finish for powerful heat dispersion. The Bahama heater provides customers with low glare heaters that fit discreetly into many environments in the standard colours of white, grey or black. The design is also available in any RAL colour with Tansun’s bespoke colour service which allows heaters to be powder coated in a wide range of colours with additional corporate branding if required. The Bahama heaters can be made to fit awning or parasol profiles or indoor / outdoor venue colour schemes to suit customers’ needs. The heaters come with a full two year Tansun warranty. All of Tansun’s products are manufactured in the UK and designed using premium components. Tansun has been established for thirtyfive years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters in collaboration with Philips technology. The company offers the largest range of domestic, commercial and industrial infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy heating appliances. Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at .




Home Designer & Architect - December 2017  
Home Designer & Architect - December 2017