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MAGAZINE October 2016

Structural defects insurance experts CRL and Wayne Hemingway are on a mission to get more people to build their own homes. Find out why in our exclusive interview on pages 12 & 13.

RINNAI GOES SOLO FOR CONTINUOUS FLOW WITH A STORE…. Rinnai’s latest innovation in the energy efficient fast delivery of instantly useable hot water is the Infinity Solo Re-Circulator water heater.

The Rinnai Infinity Solo condensing and low NOX water heater is the first of its kind for the UK to combine the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder, all in one compact footprint. The design parameters of this product empowers specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not previously possible. For instance, the Infinity Solo will have both 35kW and 54kW sized appliances, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can readily use this technology. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to gas fired storage appliances that exist in today’s market. The cylinder is stainless steel and this reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, and it makes transportation and installation a lot easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), so the user pays less to maintain the heat within the tank. One other benefit of the Infinity Solo using a stainless steel cylinder is that the life expectancy of the material is far greater than that of a glass-lined equivalent as glass suffers from thermal shock causing it to crack after a period of time. The Infinity Solo range is also renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature. Rinnai manufactures the energy efficient Infinity range of gas fired continuous flow water heaters and space heaters. The Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing water heaters on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:


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New Affordable Floating Homes for Students Completed in Copenhagen When you’re a student on a tight budget with little income and struggling with debt finding an apartment in a crowded city can be tricky. Across the globe students are struggling with spiralling rents and severe housing shortages. In Denmark alone, it’s estimated that 40,000 new beds are needed to satisfy demand. However a company called Urban Riggers has come up with an unconventional architectural solution. Build low-cost modular dorms using shipping containers that can float in urban harbours, bringing students into the city centre without the exorbitant rents, and recruit Copenhagen’s own architectural star, Bjarke Ingels, to design them. “My oldest son needed a place to live when he was going to university,” says Kim Loudrup, cofounder of the Copenhagen housing startup Urban Rigger. “When we went online to see the availability for student housing in Copenhagen, it dawned on us that it was a nightmare.” According to the web site fastcodesign, Loudrup and Ingels think the student housing shortage could have far-ranging implications for cities, since it makes it difficult for students to attend schools in urban areas where they could contribute to knowledge-based economies. “The education of our youth is one of the best investments any society can make,” Ingels says. “To make it possible to find someplace to live that is enjoyable and will enable them to become better students. In that sense, not investing in our future is simply the worst place to cut corners.”

Urban Rigger, which Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) owns a 10% stake in, recently completed its first project in Copenhagen, a series of floating dorms priced at $600 per month to rent, a decent rate for a private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and shared living areas. The startup envisions replicating their model in other cities that are trying to deal with housing shortages—and rising sea levels. As many of the developed world’s ports are suffering some degree of industrial decline Urban Rigger, Ingels and Loudrup have hit upon the idea of turning these ports—which have a reputation for being messy and dirty—into residential areas. This idea is catching on in other European cities too with Hamburg and Malmo adopting similar schemes. Each modular shipping container that forms one housing unit can house up to 12 students. Photovolatic cells are used to provide power and an aerogel developed by NASA insulates the interiors. “What we tried to do with this first one is use a lot of very well-known established [sustainable] technologies,” Ingels says. “Even though we’re trying to make very affordable super-efficient units, we can also include some of these elements that are more high-end.” Indeed the units can be as luxurious or as simple as budgets will allow. The floating dorms are put together at a shipyard in Poland which can produce 100 units a year at $700-800 per sq ft with the first development completing in Copenhagen harbour this week. “The first Urban Rigger that arrived is a proof of concept,” Ingels says. “Based on the experience with this one, we’re going to make a 1.1, a 1.2, and eventually a 2.0.”



Architect survey identifies the future trends in housing Industry professionals agree that sustainability is high on the agenda for the houses of tomorrow Industry professionals have shared their predictions for the future of residential architecture in a national survey from Reynaers at Home. The majority of respondents said that sustainability was high on the agenda for the houses of tomorrow and architects agreed that energy efficiency is still a critical consideration when designing a project, with 48% of respondents citing it as the most popular trend. When asked “What does the future hold for housing design?” almost half said more affordable homes for the younger population. More than one in ten also said that tech-based solutions for smaller spaces will be a prominent future trend. Architects predicted that there will be more properties built to meet energy demands and budgets for all ages, with a focus on flexibility and functionality supported by innovative design and quality. One architect said: “The future in housing design needs more affordable housing for all ages, but there’s not the political will to make this happen. Too many people are heavily invested in the inflated housing market.” Maximising space and light were mentioned as key trends for the future, as well as amenities and space planning, cost-effective repetitive grid facades and floating corners with bifold or sliding doors below. Rebecca Cope, marketing manager at Reynaers, said: “It’s fantastic to see that as an industry we are looking towards the future. Architects care about the people using their buildings, as well as the world around them.

Sheppard Robson moves ahead in Manchester The £185m mixed-use New Victoria scheme achieves planning permission in Manchester, UK The redevelopment of Manchester city centre is gathering pace as the UK’s ‘northern powerhouse’ continues to grow. As part of this trend architectural practice Sheppard Robson has achieved planning consent for the £185m mixed-used development in New Victoria, Manchester, for client Muse Developments in partnership with Network Rail. The masterplan includes three new buildings that sit adjacent to Manchester Victoria Station, which was transformed through a £44m refurbishment programme last year. Sheppard Robson’s design includes a 150,000 ft office block and two residential towers of 20 and 25 storeys comprising 520 one, two and three bed apartments.

The architects have used contrasting architectural languages to clearly delineate between the office and two residential buildings. The eight-storey, 150,000 sq ft office building – occupying a gateway position into New Victoria – is characterised by high-performance glass, taking crystal-like form. The lively, multifaceted facades break down the mass of the structure whilst animating the building with reflections of the varied local context. The two taller residential structures are more solid in appearance, with the depth and quality of the façades taking their cues from the surrounding historic listed estate along Corporation Street and the façades profiled panels run at regular intervals from top to bottom giving the buildings a clear vertical expression. The panels extend and wrap around the top of the buildings, providing shelter for the rooftops terraces. Tony O’Brien, Partner at Sheppard Robson’s 70-strong Manchester office, said: “On a prominent site, that forms a gateway into the city, we wanted our design to broadcast the ambition and quality of the development. We are delighted that our plans for this unique site have been approved and look forward to seeing how this significant investment in the area will have a positive impact on the city centre.” The bases of the buildings activate the development at street- level, delivering 7,000 sq ft of space for retail and leisure uses, whilst also redefining the Corporation Street edge to reanimate and transform it into a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly space fronting the buildings. The masterplan will facilitate the phased delivery of the new buildings, which when built, will further contribute to the reinvigoration of this strategically important gateway in to the city.



Plans Unveiled for 37 Storey Birmingham Apartment Block Plans have been revealed for a 37 storey apartment block in the middle of Birmingham for the private rented sector. Apache Capital Partners and Moda Living announced that they intend to develop and transform a 3,000 m2 site on Birmingham’s Broad Street into a £145 million purpose built rental development through their private rented sector (PRS). The site has been bought from Bloomcrest, in a joint venture between Cordwell Property Group and Richardson Capital LLP. Glenn Howells Architects’ initial designs show that the tower will have 450 apartments and around 3,250 m2 of additional leisure, office and retail space. The project will be delivered by developer Moda Living, an operator of private rented housing, and fully funded by Apache Capital, the London and Gulf based private real estate investment management company. Apache Capital and Moda Living intend to retain ownership of the property and operate it themselves. Through their JV partnership, Apache Capital and Moda Living have a PRS development pipeline of more than 5,000

apartments with an end gross development value of £1 billion. The JV recently secured planning permission for the £128m 466-apartment Angel Gardens development in Manchester that Apache Capital has funded. Richard Jackson, co-founder and managing director of Apache Capital Partners, said: “This prime site is perfectly placed in the heart of central Birmingham and will deliver a completely new standard of residence and lifestyle for the city centre rental market whilst also becoming part of the local community and supporting the city’s continued strong growth. “Funding support from our institutional investors remains strong for our secured premium PRS development pipeline that we will own and operate for the long term.” Meanwhile, more than 900 apartments look set to be created across three highrise schemes in Liverpool city centre, including 304 private rented sector homes in a new landmark £80m tower on the waterfront.

NHBC Foundation Issues New Guidance on Underfloor Heating The NHBC Foundation has issued new guidance outlining the best practice for the installation of underfloor heating. In recent years, the number of new homes with underfloor heating has increased because it helps to free up wall space and can have energy efficiency advantages. Underfloor heating can also be particularly well suited to retirement housing where there is a requirement to maintain constant warm temperatures. However, this is a relatively unfamiliar technology with many potential risks. For example, the pipework is concealed, therefore there is a risk of damage from subsequent building work or drilling into the floor should the builder not possess accurate information on the layout of the system.


Furthermore, installation is often undertaken before the residents’ final furniture layout and preferences for carpets or rugs, have been decided, which may result in restricted heat transfer. ‘Underfloor heating: a guide for housebuilders’ set out several recommendations to ensure that the underfloor heating is as effective as possible. These range from ensuring the pipework distribution is planned properly to maintain an even temperature throughout each room, to recommend that installation takes place after external doors and windows have been fitted and once the home is watertight to mitigate the risk of frost damage.

Head of Research and Innovation at NHBC, Neil Smith, commented: “Underfloor heating systems offer many advantages in new homes, including improved aesthetics and comfort levels. It also has a part to play in improving energy efficiency, provided the system is correctly designed and installed and set to operate properly. “This best practice guidance is aimed at helping smaller companies in particular to get things right and ensure that systems deliver all of their advantages in practice whilst avoiding potential problems.” He added that they are grateful to the building services industry experts at BSRIA for their support in developing the guide.


Inspired by the dynamic beauty of the winged Greek sculpture Nike of Samothrace (also known as the the Winged Victory of Samothrace) on display in the Louvre in Paris, this minimalist sofa incorporates movement through streamlined curves and sparing cutouts. Created by London-based Hungarian architect and designer Ákos Huber, the Wing Sofa embodies the marble sculpture’s sense of lightness.

Object of the Moment:

Wing Sofa by Ákos Huber Made from a single sheet of bent beech plywood, the sofa is braced by climbing rope that is 6 millimeters (about 0.23 inches) in diameter. The meticulously aligned rope holds up the backrest and front part of the sofa through tension, and is tied in a marine knot on the other side, to allow flexibility. The Wing Sofa can accommodate two people and is stack-able for easy storage and transportation.

UK BIM alliance to launch at Digital Construction Week The UK BIM alliance will be officially launched in October at the Digital Construction Week’s exclusive Westminster Reception, aiming to drive the adoption of BIM level 2 across the wider industry over the next four years, setting the foundations for a shift to BIM level 3 by 2025. The industry alliance will be running a full two-day seminar programme at the Digital Construction Week this year within the ‘BIM Village’, and will feature guest presentations from the BIM Task Group’s Head of BIM, David Philip, the Chair of the UKBA, Anne Kemp, and the Cabinet Office’s Head of Construction, David Hancock. The alliance will be building on the work of the UK BIM Task Group from the last four years, and will focus on making BIM level 2 a regular part of the whole construction industry, rather than just a part of centrally procured public sector projects.

Anne Kemp, in speaking on behalf of the transition team, said, “Upon its launch in October, the UK BIM Alliance will provide clear, guiding leadership for industry on BIM Level 2 which makes the true benefits – the cost and waste reductions; the increased productivity and competitiveness – easily understandable and obtainable for all. This will build on, and remain aligned with the Government’s programme for publicly procured projects.” BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a process which allows everyone working on a building to understand it, through the use of a digital model. It allows all aspects of the construction industry to input at each stage, making the final building a cohesive whole, in theory without any miscommunications.


Editor's CHoice


rizebox has designed a parcel delivery box requiring minimum courier intervention that keeps parcels totally secure and continues to receive items until full. As well as being user friendly the Brizebox is also ‘kerb friendly’ and comes in a selection of sizes and colours. Brian Willcox, the brains behind this simple yet effective design: said, “I am passionate about engineering as well as being a regular on-line shopper. My experience of parcels being idly left outside my home, awkward Post Office collection hours and grumpy neighbours got me thinking about the problems faced today by on-line consumers and couriers alike.”

Brizebox – Solving Problems For On-Line Shoppers A start-up company called Brizebox is giving on-line shoppers peace of mind by providing secure package delivery when they’re not at home. No corners have been cut in the manufacturing of the Brizebox and it is made to a very high standard. All products are made of zinc-coated sheet metal and for strength and durability, lever mechanisms, locks and hinges are made of stainless steel. To prevent water ingress rubber seals are used on the drawer and door.

Every Brizebox comes with shock absorbing foam in the base to help provide a soft landing for more delicate parcels. To take care of very fragile items, such as a case of wine, the innovative ‘Soft-Drop’ floating base is supplied with large models. Ideal for apartments, the Brizebox modular design can be stacked and bolted together in communal areas or built into walls of new-builds. “With regards to looks, this was also quite challenging” Brian says, “But we’re pleased to have come up with a design that’s got visual appeal and something you’d want outside your house, not tucked around the corner.

Additionally, whilst not claiming to be eco-friendly tree huggers, we think Brizebox has very green credentials. The co2 footprint created by an undeliverable parcel going backwards and forwards between its final destination and the parcel depot, is incalculable. It is reassuring to know that by using a Brizebox your parcel is delivered first time, every time, and contributing to saving the planet.” Brizebox is a unique invention and has hit the ground running with products currently available in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Plans are also underway to expand to Australia and New Zealand.


SketchUp 2016 is here!

Connected, refreshed and best of all....still SketchUp.

SketchUp, Connected Reference, sync, comment, report, and share: SketchUp 2016 is more connected than ever to the projects, information, and people you work with.

Simple, intuitive, just right Every day, we obsess over making SketchUp seamless and efficient. Here’s what our obsession yielded in SketchUp 2016. • • • •

Enhanced inferencing and tool improvements Customiseable Utility Trays on Windows Refreshed Textures LayOut Layers

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2016 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750


James Latham

Opens ‘Single Source’ Specification Showroom James Latham, the UK’s biggest independent panel and timber products distributor, has opened a new showroom in the heart of London’s architectural and design community.


howcasing an enormous range of Latham’s exclusive and semi-exclusive materials, the 60m2 product specification showroom - which is located at Suite 301 of the Business Design Centre in Islington - has been created to inspire architects and designers, provide expert advice and enable them to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in surface solutions. James Latham’s impressive product portfolio includes some of the most recognised panel and timber brands in the world and the new facility is the perfect platform to showcase the sheer breadth of its offering, all from a single source. Products on show include; Accoya, Decospan, Egger, Flamebreak, HI-MACS, Kronospan, KYDEX, Medite Tricoya Extreme, Moralt, SmartPly, Teknos Coatings, UPM ProFi, Valchromat, Losan Realwood Veneer, Lumin plywood from Weyerhaeuser, WISA Birch Plywood and XyloCleaf. Chris Sutton, Chairman and Managing Director of Lathams Limited said, “This latest move clearly sets us apart from our

competition by offering a bespoke and unique service to both existing and prospective customers. “Our portfolio includes the most innovative surface solutions available in the market and as well as investing heavily in the design and fit-out of this new facility to present our products in an extremely creative and customer friendly way, we are also making a significant investment in developing, training and building our own dedicated A&D team which will focus on servicing this sector.” The fit-out has been cleverly designed to incorporate a number of James Latham’s focus products and as well as a showroom, the space will also be utilised for networking events, presentations, demonstrations, meetings, training and CPD seminars. Please visit James Latham’s website for updates on forthcoming events and follow them on twitter and facebook or why not drop in and take a look around - James Latham, Unit 301, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH


Wayne Hemingway on people building their “By going through the process of building your own home, you learn so much about life, yourself and your family.” That’s the view of Wayne Hemingway MBE who is on a mission to get more people to go through that ‘life enhancing’ process. The Lancashireborn designer and regeneration expert shared his views on self-building ahead of the launch of a pioneering new web series which he will host.


The first episode of Venturous Builds will go live this Autumn on structural defects insurance specialist CRL’s YouTube channel. Wayne, 55, who founded Hemingway Design with wife Gerardine, said: “Anything that encourages people to build their own homes and then share it with other people, is great in my view.

“It’s like when you eat your own vegetables that you’ve grown in your garden – they taste better. When you catch your own fish, it always tastes better. There’s just something about doing something for yourself. “But we absolutely need more people doing it, as so much of what is built for people is not good enough.” Morecambe-born Wayne, who is the keynote speaker at next month’s Manchester Evening News Property Lunch, said building your own home doesn’t have to be done ‘the Grand Designs way’.

“We built our own house and the concept of that is an amazing thing to do, it’s life enhancing,” said Wayne. “But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you don’t have to go over budget – Grand Designs is just a television program. “There are many ways to build a home that can be just as cost effective or more cost effective than buying it from a housebuilder, because you are cutting out all the profit. “You have to learn things though and get stuck in. Barriers do have to be broken


down in two ways. One is the ‘Grand Designs’ way of doing things – it doesn’t have to be like that. The second barrier is a presumption that you have to have every single DIY skill in the book to do build your own home. It’s just not true at all.

He said: “When you do something like this you are not always going to work perfectly in unison with your partner, husband or wife. But as mature adults you have to deal with that. Building your own home is never going to be the smoothest ride – it never is.

“Myself and Gerardine built our own house, but it was other people who did the plumbing and electrics, and we just did bits as and when, which allowed us to focus more on the design.”

“The process for us has always been to design things that we would like. When we had Red or Dead we were designing stuff for us and trusting our taste. We’ve never ever thought about the end result as money.

Wayne, who founded, built and sold the iconic brand Red or Dead with Gerardine, said ‘you aren’t always going to see eye-toeye’ when going through the whole process of home building.

“It’s the same when we do property and regeneration. We wouldn’t take on a property and design something that we didn’t like ourselves. We can appreciate other people doing things but we have to

a mission to get more own homes

feel that we are giving ourselves and our tastes to it.

Wayne is also a believer in ‘personal taste is personal taste’.

“And that applies to whatever you design for people. We are very lucky because we do very well and are able to choose projects that are to our taste, or designing for people who we like to design for.”

“If we all had the same taste life would be boring,” he said. “Designing and building your own home is about doing it and getting something you want, rather than getting something that someone else has designed for you. Lots of people do know what they want when it comes to their home, so ending up with something bespoke is a good thing.

When it comes to specific tips Wayne said: “Number one is that you’ve got to study and read up about it. It’s got to be something you’re really interested in. There’s no point doing it if you are just thinking about making money.

“There are plenty of fantastic self-built homes in the country and around the world. But I always say that it’s not just “You have to have that desire to want to do about the design, it’s about the spirit of it and if you have that burning desire you getting on and doing it. The fact there’s then study and learn and get on with it. a wide choice when it comes to design is great. But people shouldn’t worry “We are always doing new projects and about entering CRL’s Venturous Builds moving around with lots of new ideas so competition just purely based on style. It’s I’m really looking forward to seeing the about the philosophy and the people and Venturous Builds winning projects in person. the love of what you achieve at the end of “The Hemingway Design office is in London the process.” but we work all over the country. We do a wide variety of things from regeneration through to uniforms and organising big events.”

About Wayne: Other than his BSc degrees in Geography and Town Planning, Wayne is on the Design Council Trustee Board and having been with CABE for a decade since its inception (as Chair of Building For Life) is now on the Design Council CABE Committee. He got an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list of 2006, is a professor in The Built Environment Department of Northumbria University, a Doctor of Design at Wolverhampton, Lancaster and Stafford, and a Fellow of Blackburn College and Regents University. A writer for architectural and housing publications and a TV design commentator, Wayne also judges international design competitions, including the regeneration of Byker in Newcastle and Salford in Greater Manchester, the The Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize and Europan. For more information about Venturous Builds or CRL please either visit or call 0800 772 3200 / +44(0) 20 7127 5198.


The ultimate guide to garden rooms and why they are so popular As the popularity of working from home continues, so does the need for a separate working environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Garden rooms have been filling this niche for some time, but now these truly habitable spaces are becoming a popular choice for home owners who want to extend their living space for a multitude of uses including hobby rooms, home studios or even relaxing areas to unwind in their spare time. •14•


hy are garden rooms so popular and what are the benefits of owning one? Here garden room specialists Oeco Garden Rooms talk us through some of the advantages of choosing a garden room instead of the traditional house extension or loft conversion when adding space to your property.

Why choose a garden room? More space – Garden rooms create additional space without taking up any more room within the home or having to build a lengthy and expensive extension. Multiple uses – A garden room can be used for a multitude of things including as an office, hobby or games room, music studio or just a place to relax and unwind away from the distractions of the main house. No planning permission – In the majority of cases, garden rooms do not need planning permission to be built, but it is always important to check with your local authority before starting work. Minimal ground work needed - Specially designed concrete pads and heavy duty steel feet mean that a garden room can be installed just about anywhere in the garden with a minimal amount of ground

work, saving money and time during the project. Bespoke customisation – A garden room can be customised to your specific needs and come complete with a comprehensive electrics package and lighting as standard. Some of the customised options include installing sound proofing, adding additional internal walls and doors, or fitting a toilet, sink or shower into the room. You can even choose where external windows and doors are located. Cheaper than the alternatives – Garden rooms can be a lot cheaper than an extension or loft conversion, and because it is situated in the garden, the disruption to the main home is greatly reduced. Quick to build – Even with a range of optional extras, garden rooms can be built in a matter of days compared to loft extensions and conservatories which can

take weeks to complete. Use all year round – Superior insulation means that the garden room can be used all year round, staying warm in the winter and cool during the summer months. On-site installation – Due to the modular nature on garden rooms they can be installed just about anywhere without the need for specialised machinery. Garden rooms can also be installed in areas with limited access as all of the building components will fit through a standard door frame. Garden rooms are a great choice for those who want to add more living space to their property without the hassle of having to get planning permission and the expense and disruption of building an extension or loft conversion. •15•

The only product with BBA and NHBC approval to guarantee clean, mortar and moisture-free 25mm clear cavities!

SureCav25 helps drive down U-Values A design feature of SureCav25 in maintaining a perfectly consistent, clean and moisture-free clear cavity, gives rise to the situation where a brick outer leaf can be specified. Ordinarily, it would not be possible to keep the cavity clean with just a 25mm gap. But now, with SureCav25, the wall can be built with full confidence. What is more, where a 100mm overall cavity is specified, U-Values of just 0.18 W/m2K can be achieved by installing 75mm of insulation. Now drive down U-Values with the help of SureCav25! SureCav25 allows for more room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the thermal performance of the wall. SureCav25 will release an additional 25mm space in the cavity that can be used for extra insulation. All the properties of SureCav50 you’ve come to rely on - but now just 25mm deep - with a guaranteed 25mm clean and moisture free clear cavity.

Insulation Options using SureCav25 Brick or stone outer leaf - lightweight block inner leaf (0.15) plus 3mm skim on 12mm plasterboard

Overall cavity (mm)

Insulation (mm)

Clear cavity with SureCav25 (mm)


















Building cavity walls with confidence!


25mm protected cavities in action!

Example: 100mm overall cavity width 75mm insulation 25mm SureCav25 “U” value as low as 0.18 W/m2K 75mm insulation SureCav25 25mm cavity board Natural stone or other masonry with no backing block! SureCav25 shown with block inner leaf

NHBC Approved product SureCav25 with 100mm insulation on solid timber-frame Tel: 01963 34660


NOW - Build 25mm cavities with confidence!


New product design!

Forms a 25mm clear cavity Space for extra insulation Helps to lower U-Values

Semi-dry stone walling on SureCav® cavity spacer system.

The “wall” of plastic, formed by the SureCav25 panels shields the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress. The unique shape of the pods directs any moisture to the outer leaf, thus protecting the fabric of the building. SureCav25 is proving to be an essential construction element in all exposure zones, including severe.

Example: 100mm overall cavity width 75mm insulation 25mm SureCav25 (clear cavity) U-Value as low as 0.18 W/m2K

SureCav25 25mm cavity board

The SureCav25 Cavity Protection System is currently being used successfully throughout the entire country and is designed to maximise the integrity of the cavity environment whilst providing the best spacer system available on which to construct the outer masonry leaf, be it brick, stone, slate or flint. Testimonial: David Lees, Director, Lees Munday Architects “Brilliant idea you had! All the semi-dry stone walling is on SureCav. The stone is Cotswold Stone, 150mm on bed, laid semi dry to conceal the mortar. We wanted it to look like random walling without regular, level, coursing. The walling craftsmen were able to achieve this random effect with SureCav”.

CAVITY WALL PROTECTION …BY DESIGN! SureCav® is a registered trademark of SureCav Limited

Building design Lees Munday, Architects

75mm insulation Brick or other masonry

25mm clear cavity SureCav25 Suitable for block inner leaf, timberframe and SIPS

Suitable for all masonry finishes

Award-Winning Modern Design Meets Nature In These

STUNNING RENTAL HOMES Holiday rental experts HomeAway, today reveal their top five properties which marry striking design, luxurious facilities and exceptional breathtaking settings.


he following five properties from across the world have been created by famous architects and designers, who built them with the careful balance of nature and cutting-edge design in mind. From a brutalist style house built into a canyon in Santa Monica, to a one of a kind spa retreat in Cape Town, these properties have been designed to challenge architectural standards, featuring spaces that merge the inside with the outside.

HomeAway lists over 1 million properties to rent worldwide including through a bespoke site - Luxury Rentals from HomeAway – which is dedicated to high-end, exclusive and architecturally-wowing properties as well as on the regular HomeAway UK site –


Santa Monica, California, USA - Brutalist style house set in a canyon Sleeps 8 £1,717avg/night This property is uniquely set on the side of Santa Monica canyon and was designed by well-known architects Rob Hussey and Melinda Gray of AIA Graymatter Architecture. The property was designed to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience accentuated by six 10ft sliding glass doors to the patios, gardens and pool. The brutalist-style house has featured as The New York Times cover page in the past and was the magazine cover of Home + Design CA.


Table Cape, Tasmania, Australia The dramatic winged house Sleeps 6 £222 avg/per night Resembling the wing of a jet plane, the Winged House in Tasmania is a dramatic display of architectural charm and was designed by the award-winning architect Richard Goodwin. The house is just next door to World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain’s sub-Antarctic rainforests, Dismal Swamp and The Rocky Cape National Park. Major prizes for the house include: The Helen Lempriere Award 2004, the Blackett Award for Architecture in 2004, and the Wynne Prize from the Art Gallery of NSW 2011.


South Walton, Florida, USA Luxurious beach house Sleeps 8 £810 avg/per night Prize-winning architect Walter Chatham originally from Rome, Italy, built this remarkable beach home in Florida. The property is centred around a 40-ft tower which has outdoor terraces, beds and sitting areas to relax and enjoy the sea-views. It brings the calm of the sea inside with water features such as a hot tub with a view on the second floor and heated pool with fountains dotted around the property. The house has been featured on the cover of Architectural Record as ‘House of the Year’ in the past and was awarded the prestigious ‘Award of Excellence’ by the National American Institute of Architects.


Rio Negro, Argentina Seasonal lake house Sleeps 10 Enquire for price This award-winning property was designed and decorated by the renowned Buenos Aires architectural team of Alric Galindez from Argentina. The spacious modern building blends into its spectacular landscape of mountains and features five baths, a service room, sauna, Jacuzzi and exercise room.


Cape Town, South Africa - Water retreat in arid landscape Sleeps 6 £913 avg/night This sleek ultra-modern property has previously won the Modern CIA Awards for Architecture for its striking design. The glass-fronted property, which sleeps six, provides spectacular views of the rugged Cape Peninsula Mountain Ranges from all angles. The arid and rural landscape is juxtaposed by a large outside pool complete with underground viewing spaces so that friends and family can free dive as if in the ocean itself.


Ellen van Loon, OMA to keynote at

ArchitEx in Liverpool

The organisers of ArchitEx, have announced Ellen van Loon, partner at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) will be flying over to the UK to present a keynote speech on 15th November at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool.


Ellen’s speech will focus on The Factory, Manchester’s new arts and culture complex, and how the team are creating a cultural anchor for the city as part of a conference session looking at Innovations in Building Design. The free-to-attend conference session (for relevant professionals), will explore a number of other examples where technical and creative developments are pushing the boundaries in the built environment and will also include speakers Professor Bob Sheil, director of the Bartlett School of Architecture and Martin Watson, partner and director of operations at Brock Carmichael Architects. Other conference sessions on day one include the Development Landscape in the North West and the Future of Housing. Followed by day two (16th November) which will look at case studies and expert advice sessions on Practice Essentials, Understanding What Clients Want and Design and Delivery. The full conference programme has now been released and can be viewed online at The conference will be certified by the CPD certification service for all attendees.

Exhibition stands and a range of workshops also available The Chartered Institute of Building and Local Authority Building Control, amongst others, will be running free-to-attend workshops throughout the event and a drinks reception sponsored by the Planning Portal will give attendees an idea opportunity to network. If you are a supplier to this industry and are looking to develop further business within the North West there are limited exhibition spaces and workshop slots available. Please contact event director Jo Tyler / 01737 855012 for further details.

Visit the website to apply for your pass now –


The UK Architecture & Building Design Exhibition and Conference

Exhibition Centre Liverpool

FREE-TO-ATTEND CONFERENCE FOR ARCHITECTS, DEVELOPERS, CONTRACTORS & SPECIFIERS • 8 inspiring conference sessions • 25 expert speakers • 2 days of networking • 1 drinks reception • 100s of new ideas, products and services

CONFERENCE SESSIONS INCLUDE: • Innovations in Architecture – exploring the technical and creative developments that are pushing the boundaries in the built environment. • Place making and design for the Northern Powerhouse – the latest thinking and practice in urban design and strategies for creating success in the North West • Development landscape in the North West – hear from developers from both the private and public sector, presenting their plans and pipeline for the next five years.

• Future of housing – the latest on housing design and sustainability, plus updates from local authorities on planning for new homes in the region and issues around the emerging PRS market • Design & delivery – hear from leading architects on how they go about delivering their vision, creating good client relations and tips for delivering on time and on budget • A how to guide on practice essentials – hear from experts on achieving sustained success in your practice, including marketing, contractual advice, efficient working and improving client relations

EXHIBITION & SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR SUPPLIERS Please contact our team for more information: • Andrew Clark - / 0151 722 8600 Paul Fitzgerald – / 07917 324 995 • Jo Tyler – / 07881 585 974 Supported by:

Apply for your free pass now online at

Lifts, Stairs & Balustrades

Stunning Amphitheatre gets an External Platform lift. The disused central dry dock in Hull has undergone a spectacular transformation into a major outdoor amphitheatre taking centre stage in Hull’s revitalised cultural quarter.


he 350 seat outdoor venue required a platform lift to enable wheelchair access from the upper to lower levels before Hull’s reign as UK City of Culture 2017.

Working with the main contractor, Hobson Porter, Invalifts supplied and installed their InvaEuro external platform lift, as the larger platform size of 1600mm x 1000mm allowed additional flexibility. The lift was supplied with an open-through configuration and a glazed shaft to complement the open air feel of the site. The lift shaft was finished in a goose grey colour to match with general colour scheme of balustrade. This is one of many lifts that Invalifts have installed in commercial locations throughout the UK including lifts at the BBC, Next, Aldi and Wickes. To find out more about the InvaEuro platform lift, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts or visit


Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:

How to Make a Home Accessible Without Compromising on Style Accessibility of the home is an important consideration in any building project. A home lift provides an easy and stylish solution for those who struggle with the stairs. our typical self-build client will invest their heart and soul in their project to realise their dream home, so accessibility should be a major consideration to ensure the lifetime value of the project. Design criteria such as Lifetime Homes are growing in importance, helping to ensure that homes are fit for the less mobile. There are many considerations; from access into the house, the layout inside, the width of the hallways and doorways and of course, the stairs.


Finding the right home lift for your client’s needs Incorporating a home lift into the original plans will give your clients the means to future proof their dream home, allowing them to stay put well into retirement and add value to their property. But how do you choose the perfect home lift for your project and your client’s needs? Space is an important consideration, and so is the design of the lift and its safety features. The Terry Lifestyle Home Lift is a spacesaving, unobtrusive option which provides first-class safety features. Independently tested and certificated by a Fire Research Centre, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the same fire integrity the house had before the aperture is cut – whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs. Designed and manufactured in Britain to the requirements of BS5900:2012, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the best of comforts in living and is a design element your customer will be proud of. For more information on Terry Lifts’ full range of home lifts, call 0333 241 3093, e-mail or visit the website

Terry Lifts are No.1 Terry Lifts are independently certificated to the British Standard 5900:2012 and the EU Machinery Directive for a lift travel above 3 metres covering ‘Through the floor fully enclosed Home Lifts’

Contact us today for more information: | 0333 241 3093


A space-saving lift with a remarkably small footprint for a lift that can carry 2 people with a 250kg capacity


Practical & affordable alternative to moving house if the stairs become too much


Stylish & elegant with customisable features and finishes to suit your needs


Can be fitted neatly into a corner or against the wall


No lift shaft required so easy installation with minimal building work


30 minute fire and smoke protection between floors whether the lift is in the up or down position - an essential safety feature for a through floor lift


Manufactured in Knutsford, Cheshire, meaning short lead times and reliable national service and spares support

Cubbyhole is the UK’s newest online property website which entered the marketplace in May with a fresh and innovative idea for the housing market – to provide all the tools you need to buy or sell a property locally or nationally from just £60 (inc. VAT) per week. With marketing campaigns taking place across the UK through several media platforms Cubbyhole is sure to get your property noticed! As the UK market battles the ever-growing pressures on first-time buyers, interest rates and Stamp Duty, everyone is looking for ways to save money. On a typical house sale, could save people thousands, by not having to pay the traditional estate agency fees you can control your move and control your costs. is one of the first consumer property portal where buyers and sellers can connect and communicate online – without an actual estate agent. The new property portal allows sellers to upload their images, input their own details and most importantly, describe and showcase their home in their own words. In turn, the portal then allows potential buyers to browse the market by location and have direct contact with the seller prior to viewing the property. The portal also features “Useful Tips” and “How To Guides” as well as a “Find a Pro” section which lists services and trades in local areas helping people with every aspect of the purchase or sale. Cubbyhole has entered the market with an introductory offer where sellers can receive 30 days of advertising for just £1! For further information email or call 01304 614631.

Buying and Selling property has moved on A new and innovative nationwide property portal designed to make moving affordable.

Sell your property from just ÂŁ60 inc. VAT

Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

JIS Europe Adds the New Midhurst Side Rail to the Sussex Range of Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Inspired by the traditional Japanese wall screen, the rail has been designed to offer a unique and unusual twist on the traditional rail, standing away from the wall partitioning and screening the bathroom. This elegant rail would ideally suit the larger bathroom, offering quite the style statement whilst being highly functional. As always, the rail is manufactured from 100% stainless steel and measures 1765mm high x 500mm wide with a further 50mm for the feet and has a total projection of 560mm from the wall. •28•

It is available in both a highly polished and satin finish and is available in all 3 formats: electric only, central heating plumbed in and dual fuel. The Midhurst rail has a recommended retail price of £698 + VAT (please add 30% for satin finish) and as always comes with a 25 year guarantee. Please visit for further details or call 01444 831200

Kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms

NEW BUILD OR REFURBISHMENT CHOOSE demista™ and Cosyfloor™ House builders, developers, the self build sector, and the public are looking forward to 2017 with a great deal of optimism. The property market appears to be well on the move, and one item is proving to be of great interest to those building or refurbishing houses and apartments. Added value at minimal cost to any new or refurbished bathroom must the be the inclusion of a demista™ heated mirror pad. This pad is easy to install, and will ensure a steam free mirror at all times, no matter how steamed up the bathroom. The heated mirror pads are available in a variety of sizes, to suit most mirrors and in the case of a particularly large surface,


they can be used in multiples. Running costs are minimal and ideally, once wired in to the lighting system, they will gently warm the mirror when the bathroom is in use. The pads can also be fitted in bathroom cabinets. The range of underfloor heating products, Cosyfloor™, Ecofloor and Ecomat are designed for specific areas of the home. Both Cosyfloor™ and Ecofloor can be used in every room in the house, including areas where the floor may get wet, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and conservatories. Ecomat can be used in hallways, bedrooms and living areas. Underfloor heating means

no unsightly radiators, adding valuable space to smaller rooms, no hot surfaces for toddlers to touch especially in the nursery or playroom. The added space, especially wall space, enhances the aesthetic appearance of your reception and living areas. Whether under timber floors, tiles, slate, marble, vinyl or carpet, underfloor heating is safe, reliable, and offers gentle, comfort heating levels whenever and wherever it is needed. Temperature can be easily controlled via room thermostats to produce the most cost effective and efficient heating. The system is easy to install and maintenance free.

Made in UK



Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order

A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E.

Novellini UK is the British branch of Novellini Group The most important shower enclosure manufactured in Italy. A vast range, extremely high quality and probably the most versatile in the market – anything is possible in terms of scale and design. Throughout the world Novellini creates inspiring bathrooms that appeal to individuals at home, via our merchant partners. Working alongside architects and designers, we create beautiful and functional bathrooms that complement the home, helping to create tranquil spaces promoting Well-being within the living environment. Based in the beautiful market town of St Albans, Hertfordshire, we have a small but well stocked Showroom with multiple displays of enclosures, trays, baths and steam cabins. In order not to be disappointed please book in advance of your visit making sure we have the product you require on display. Supported by vast stocks at our warehouse in Birmingham and serviced by experienced staff ready to support your needs. All our products are maintained by our qualified service engineers and supported by parts readily available from stock. Our products are: available nationwide through our merchant partners and retailers. Please use our store locator link on our website to find your nearest dealer or call us directly for more information on: 01727 229922



Novellini UK offers a full range of bathroom products including bespoke shower enclosures, wetrooms, steam rooms, whirlpools and much more. Visit our website for more details.

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms


hower enclosure specialist, Lakes Bathrooms, has launched PureVueHD, an optically superior, low-iron glass that appears entirely clear. This new high quality glass is being offered as standard on shower enclosures, doors and bath screens in both its Classic and Coastline Collection, so no incremental charge will be made for this high-end, ultraclear look.

PureVueHD has minimal iron content, meaning that the glass appears clear, rather than having the green tinge that is visible in standard glass. This is because very high transmission levels, of around 90 per cent, enable as much light as possible to pass through PureVueHD glass, making everything viewed through it appear lighter and brighter. With standard glass the iron content reduces light transmission, which creates the green hue that tints everything viewed through it and is particularly noticeable on the edges of the shower enclosure, door or bath screen. This dramatically clearer glass allows the bathroom’s colour palette to be viewed with untainted accuracy. The difference in colours, sharpness and enhanced clarity that PureVueHD makes in the bathroom is like the vivid quality brought to the living room by high definition TV. Whilst low-iron glass can cost as much as 50 per cent more due to the higher grade of silica that it demands, Lakes Bathrooms is supplying it as standard; without adding to its prices. So this visual luxury is now part of all products in its Classic and Coastline collections (excluding only the Mirror range).

Lakes Bathrooms launches ultra-clear PureVueHD glass without charge


The choice of PureVueHD products includes shower enclosures, shower doors and bath screens, with over 40 styles. The latest walk-in ranges are included, plus heavier thickness glass, which shows even more strongly the contrast between standard ‘green’ and this new ultra-clear glass. PureVueHD products start from £145.00 plus VAT and are detailed in the latest catalogue from Lakes Bathrooms. For more information or to find the nearest stockist visit

Green is so last year

Standard glass has a green tinge

PureVueHD glass is optically superior and ultra-clear

Standard glass always has a green tinge that’s particularly apparent when you view the edge of the glass. PureVueHD by comparison is dramatically clearer. Its reduced iron content reduces the greenish hue to zero levels, so the glass almost disappears and the natural beauty of anything seen through it truly shines. From anybody else this dramatic advance would carry a significant premium. From Lakes Bathrooms, where superior comes as standard, this extra clarity comes with no extra cost. Your local Lakes representative will be pleased to show you a side by side comparison and explain more about the brilliance and immediate availability of PureVueHD enclosures, walk-ins and bath screens.

Call your representative or discover more at LakesBathrooms


Imagery has been retouched to accurately portray the colour difference between 10mm PureVueHD glass and standard float glass under daylight conditions.

Kitchens, bedrooms & batherooms

Introducing The All New JURA WE8 JURA is a significant innovator in luxury Swiss, beanto-cup technology. Each coffee machine offers the ideal coffee solution for organisations looking to give their customer’s a luxurious bean-to-cup experience. JURA coffee machines are compact and chic, capable of producing volume and quality coffee and make a real impact in any establishment. JURA coffee machines provide customers with that choice of taste, strength and roast with every serve – producing premium coffee that complements changing trends.

Joining the renowned GIGA and IMPRESSA Lines, JURA launches the WE8 machine this summer. The WE8 is compact, powerful and elegant – it makes a stylish statement with effortless operation. Providing the ultimate solution for the workplace or boutique offering, this automatic coffee machine is capable of producing up to thirty delicious coffees, at the touch of a button and offers a choice of twelve different specialities – from latte macchiato to flat white. This automatic, customisable, new coffee machine has a six-level G3 grinder to ensure that the coffee is optimally ground. It also features a Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©), which optimises extraction time to guarantee a supreme serve. Heated water is teased through finely ground coffee beans at short intervals to produce a full flavoured aroma. Fitted with a TFT display and buttons on the front of the machine, the WE8 makes operation incredibly simple. This machine is just as easy to care for with its Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) which automatically detects the filter. The CLARIS water filter also provides optimum water quality and protects the fluid system against limescale. The WE8 will be compatible with JURA’s new ‘Smart Connect’ device. Available on IOS or Android, the JURA Coffee App works wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to operate routine tasks, cleaning maintenance and measure product performance. Smart Connect technology optimises convenience – improving speed, ease and delivering increased productivity.


Innovative communication Some people like their coffee hot and strong, others mild and milky. The new JURA Coffee App* allows you to easily transfer your personal coffee preferences to your tablet and benefit from numerous setting and programming options on your coffee machine via Bluetooth®. Customise your start screen, give your favourite specialities new names or an image of your choice and program your specialities just as you like them. Simply touch the tablet and your favourite speciality flows into the cup. Available for both iOS and Android.

Revolutionising the enjoyment of coffee Innovative technologies in the new JURA E line such as the One-Touch Cappuccino function creates trend specialities such as cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

TFT display Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) Programmable temperatures Milk system cleaning function Wireless ready for JURA Coffee App Energy save mode

JURA Products Ltd Vivary Mill, Vivary Way Colne, Lancashire BB8 9NW Tel: 01282 868266 / Fax: 01282 863411 *Compatible with: GIGA 5, Z6, E8, E6

E8 Chrome

kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms Vanity units that incorporate under sink storage and integrated basins are also popular and although many people are happy to try some DIY themselves, our experience is that they want a fuss-free way to maximise their space. That’s why Croydex introduced a range of quick-fix bathroom furniture which can be put together in less than 20 minutes. The Click ‘N’ Lock range simply clicks together to create tough, durable vanity units without the use of drills, screws or glue. Croydex offer a variety of other stylish vanity units with a combination of contemporary and classic designs. The collection includes the Danby Vanity Unit, available in both white and grey. The perfect storage solution for those with small bathrooms, the two door unit features four door shelves, two top door trays and two inner storage compartments. Danby Beauty Stations are also available to compliment this collection.


Sturdy yet stylish accessories that hook over the bathroom door, such as Croydex’s Hook Over Three Tier Basket, offer quick and easy fixes for updating the bathroom and adding storage. Also within its range, Croydex has a variety of wireware storage styles, providing you with the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories specialist, Croydex continues to provide space saving solutions for small bathrooms. As the average bathroom is still small, the demand for clever storage ideas and multifunctional designs, such as those that combine mirrors, lighting and storage continues to grow. Croydex meets this demand with a whole spectrum of different storage solutions. Options include the aluminium Halton Double Door Bi-View Cabinet, which features five adjustable glass shelves and also benefits from increased accessibility due to its 165 degree sprung hinges. This product also comes with Croydex’s patented Hang ‘N’ Lock system which ends the struggle of measuring distances and marking screw holes in one hand whilst trying to support a heavy bathroom cabinet in the other. Simply attach the bracket to the wall without the need for accurate drilling or alignment, adjust using the built-in spirit level, hang the product and lock securely in place.

For more ways to make the most of the space in your bathroom or to request a catalogue, call Croydex on 01264 365881 or visit


For Inspiring Bathrooms Tel: +44 (0) 1264 365881

QFD presents: Neolith, Extraordinary Surface 2016 Innovations.


Island, Counter, Backsplash: ESTATUARIO Polished.

distributed by


Extraordinary Surface. Interior and exterior applications: Countertops, Cladding, Flooring, Furniture, Facades. Resistant to stains, scratches, chemicals, extreme temperatures and UV rays exposure. Large format, different thickness material. More than 50 different surfaces and models available. Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability. Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH +44 (0) 203 457 4949

Shower Walls: CALACATTA Polished.

British entrepreneur brings Taj Mahal to London for

British Entrepreneur Chris Gilbert of Fox Marble is supplying in Chelsea and the rest of the UK with rare and highly sought his typical eye for opportunity, Chris Gilbert and his team secure

For luxury interiors, fine marble is a must-have component. Very often, it’s a pure and white stone that discerning high-end developers and homebuyers want; think palatial bathrooms reminiscent of bygone Maharajas. Fox produces a rare marble that’s whiter than the stone of the world famous Taj Mahal. The Company’s stone, including the White Sivec and the popular Grigio Argento, is already being used in luxury developments in the UK such as London’s exclusive Chelsea Creek, being developed by Berkeley Homes, where apartments are demanding prices of £17m. White Sivec is of such a high class and cystallinity that Hindu temple builders are carving religious statues from it in India, and it is extremely popular in the middle east. What’s even more unusual is all this perfect white marble is being cut from quarries in Kosovo and Macedonia. It’s not going to run out either, Fox Marble has the rights to a Euro 16.5bn resource out there. It’s a unique story of humble beginnings to the homes of London’s elite. Fox starts work in Kosovo, where the Company is a major local employer, cuts the silk-like stone from its quarries, puts it through gang saws and finally it starts its life as a luxury bathroom in Chelsea.

Chris Gilbert, Fox Marble CEO, commented: “Our marble is world class and the perfect complement to any luxury apartment or home interior fittings, which is why the Chelsea and wider UK market is so attracted to it. Our range offers options to suit all manner of styles and design requirements, whether you’re looking for a sleek, Mediteranean or Arabian image, or something striking, unusual and interesting. “We’re really looking forward to seeing our stone in the homes of the future and we are sure our customers will find as much pleasure in its class and quality as we do.” The prestigious and exclusive Chelsea Creek interiors can be seen on their website.

a marble whiter than the luxury ÂŁ17m Chelsea homes

some of London’s most elite and newest housing developments after luxury, pure white Sivec and high crystalline marbles. With ed the rights to sought after resources in Kosovo and Macedonia.

JANUARY FURNITURE SHOW ACCOMMODATES THE BEST OF THE BEST Showcasing everything from cabinet furniture, upholstery and beds to soft furnishings, flooring and giftware, the next show will see Hall 5 as the major destination hall offering its strongest line up of commercial big hitters for years. Hall 4 boasts leading UK and international cabinet brands while Hall 3 will be the place to visit for furnishing accessories. Hall 2 will be the centre for top end international contemporary furniture, while Hall 1 remains a destination hall for high end exclusive ranges. Here’s a taster of who you can expect to see at this year’s show.

If you want to see the best of the best in furniture and furnishings, then the January Furniture Show is the place to be. Taking place at the Birmingham NEC (Sunday 22 - Wednesday 25 January 2017), the four day trade exhibition is where anyone who is anyone in the furniture and furnishing industry gets together. Some of the UK’s top furniture brands – specialising in the hotel, restaurant and contract markets – will be exhibiting their designs, products and innovations for commercial buyers and specifiers who are interested in sourcing furniture for the contract and interior design markets. Continuing support for the show comes from right across the furnishings industry, which prompted organisers to expand stand space across the five halls for 2017. So far, there are over 280 confirmed exhibitors including Alstons, Baker Furniture, Bentley Designs, Collins & Hayes, Culinary Concepts, Ekornes, Greenapple, Lebus, Mindy Brownes Interiors, Pacific Lifestyle, Rauch and Tom Schneider.


Collins & Hayes was proud to be a runner up and highly commended for its Brooke sofa range in the Furniture Awards 2016 Upper Level category at last year’s show. For 2017 it will be introducing brand new innovative designs with huge emphasis on comfort and a natural fibre fabric collection. Visitors to the Dar Lighting stand will, once again, see some of the company’s

broad spectrum of designs from traditional chandeliers and large statement pieces to a full range of table and floor lamps, wall lights, exterior lights, decorative lighting, easy-fit pendants and lampshades. British furniture designer ercol, has been designing quality furniture for 95 years, and for 2017 will bring products that are synonymous with quality and offering timeless, pared down design combined with excellent functionality. A comprehensive range of modern lounge and dining room furniture designed to satisfy any requirements for modern furniture will feature on the Skovby stand - known throughout the world for its unique designs, high quality and craftsmanship. Debuting new collections, TCS, will also showcase its best sellers across its upholstery, dining and bedroom ranges as well as the exclusive Royal Coil mattress collection. For more information and to pre-register visit

the home of furniture NEC SUN 22 - WEDS 25 2017


Doors, Windows & architectural hardware

The Telguard range of telephone, GSM, and soon to be released, SIP based intercom systems are suitable for new build or retro fit. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK since 1992 we have provided entry solutions for thousands of projects nationally and overseas. The telephone based system plugs in to a standard analogue telephone socket or phone system extension and the GSM system requires a SIM card. The SIP product requires a Broadband connection and a link to the LAN or local Wi-Fi. The only other requirement is for local power and the intercom can be installed. Installation is not disruptive as the installation takes place at the entrance to be controlled and there is no need to put handsets into flats or houses as they are already in place – their own telephone or mobile. The telephone numbers of the apartments/ houses/businesses are programmed into the intercom system with any access codes required and the system is ready for use. A visitor enters the flat or house number into the intercom via the keypad and then presses the ‘CALL’ button. The receiver of the call picks the telephone and can speak to the visitor and allow access by pressing a digit on their telephone keypad. This sends a signal to the intercom that activates the door lock or entrance gate and the visitor is able to gain access. If the receiver of the call does not want to grant access they simply put their phone down to end the call. If the resident is out, the system is able to divert the call to up to 8 follow on numbers. This could be to a mobile phone or even a Call Centre where access may be granted from. Telguard benefits from an internal battery backed time clock which enables timed access PINs, timed number divert, disable the system to prevent unsociable calls, timed trade access via a ‘Trade’ button or PIN and a number of other timed features. This facility also updates from BST to GMT as required, again removing the need for a site visit. Any alterations required to telephone numbers or PIN codes can be actioned by the system installer and can be carried out remotely reducing the need for on-site attendance.


The Activity Logs provide a record of every function that the system performs backed up with accurate time and date information. The Logs also provide a ‘Dashboard’ to the installer providing operational information ie. Voltage, temperature. The Telguard system is not only quick to install compared with hard-wired systems but also extremely flexible. Calls can be answered on cordless telephones making it possible for users to answer entrance requests while going about day to day business or it is possible for a mobile phone to be called for access requests. We are able to provide systems with backlit keypads and buttons, integrated proximity access and video. The video picture can go to a dedicated monitor or into the communal TV aerial for viewing on any television in the premise. DDA systems are available with large halo illuminated Braille buttons with big letter, easy to read displays and audio and visual call progress indication. Bespoke applications are also undertaken making it possible to provide almost any style or shape of system. It may be that we have to provide a system to replace an existing installation so we are able to manufacture our panel to fit the aperture of an old, non functional system. We are able to manufacture systems in different finishes and colour schemes, we powder coat stainless steel so as to not impact on the vandal resistance of the panel.. As advances in technology arrive in to the public domain, we are always in a prime position to make the most of these advances thanks to our in-house development team. We are also able to engineer modifications to software and hardware should a specific requirement be requested. Our systems carry a 2 year return to manufacturer warranty which can also be extended.


Tel : + 44(0)1306 710120 F ax : + 44(0)1306 713769 E m ai l : s al es @t el guard. c o. uk

Telephone based entry systems using your existing phone. .

www. doorent ry . c o. uk

The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site and remotely to 7 different colours! It looks contemporary and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits you best! This product benefits from all of the standard features – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You can even receive a text from the Telguard to inform you that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night! (GSM Only) This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in the your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.

S ui t e 2 , S t anl e y Ho us e , K e l v i n W ay , C r awl e y , W . S us s e x R H1 0 9 S E

doors, windows & Architectural hardware

River Street Mews, Islington

Combining Georgian heritage with contemporary design

Unique roof terrace space for entertainment

Architects Tasou Associates have recently designed six elaborate, modern townhouses in a highclass gated mews development. Situated in the New River Conservation Area in Islington, the location offers a familyfriendly neighbourhood where heritage and contemporary design come together.

Creating access to a roof terrace was an integral part of the property’s design, to both maximise outdoor space and create a unique quality to each individual townhouse. Floating staircases lead to decked terraces that provide a charming view of the conservation area, with a range of planting used throughout to offer colour and vibrancy to each property.

Each house has been created with a unique sense of style and character. The first floor is comprised of open-plan living spaces with south-facing views, allowing light to flood into central areas of the property. Aside from their spectacular interior design, the attention to detail externally is also evident; the stunning brickwork beautifully complements the houses grade II listed Georgian surroundings.

Glazing Vision’s three-wall box rooflights were specified to allow direct access from the stairwell to the breath-taking outdoor space, whilst filling the stairwell below with natural daylight. These three-wall glass box rooflights were specified

Images: Matthew Weinreb Photography


in different sizes to further contribute to the unique feel of each house. Designed to be fixed within the walls of the building, with one section sliding over one fixed, an approximate 50% clear opening is created, meaning no need for additional balustrades. Glazing Vision’s skylights have helped Tasou Associates to make the most of space and light, creating a suitable area for home owners to both relax and entertain. In addition, the main benefit of the three-wall wall box rooflight in comparison with a manual hatch product is that significant headroom is easily achieved, meeting Building Regulation approved document K requirements. Safety-assured manual over-rides and cut off drive mechanisms have also been installed to provide additional reassurance for each property-owner.

Achievements from the Islington project Tasou Associates have created a luxurious, modern project by placing a true emphasis upon attention-to-detail, space and light quality. Glazing Vision’s three-wall boxed rooflights, whilst offering functionality and ease of access, also offer a clean, contemporary design with minimal framework. The unique roof terraces as a whole highlight the type of modern living space that the architects were committed to achieving. For more information on three-wall boxed rooflights call the technical team on 01379 658 300, or request a CPD. Products Used: Three Wall Box Rooflight Architect:Tasou Associates Applications: Residential

For more information please view our Part K and rooflights whitepaper, book a CPD, or view the new box rooflight range. •49•

doors, windows & architectural hardware

RECORD-BREAKING GLAZING SH Express Bi-folding Doors opens ‘The Home Space’. New premises showcases offering of recently-launched Express for Trade New and innovative products on display from industry leaders. A record-breaking showroom has opened in Yorkshire, featuring the crème de la crème of home improvements. ‘The Home Space’ by Express Bi-folding Doors features full-size show houses inspired by the company’s finest projects, and at 27,000 square feet is the largest-of-itskind in Europe. A grand opening weekend from 16th - 17th September was attended by senior members of fellow industryleaders and showroom partners, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele and AEG, as well as TV’s Phil Spencer. Two years in the making, the £3.5m manufacturing facility and showroom investment is the latest phase in growth for Express Bi-folding Doors and sister company Express in the Home, covering a total 130,000 square feet.


Championing the importance of seeing products in the flesh, Express set about planning the experiential premises in 2014 to facilitate fully-informed decisions, and as such has showcased everything from simple windows and bi-folding doors to full-sized homes akin to those seen on Grand Designs. An industry-first, Express hopes the showroom will not only appeal to sell-builders, but also re-invigorate the trade market by offering a unique experiential location for tradesmen. With new glazing products boasting unique capabilities, Express hopes The Home Space will enhance its recently -launched venture ‘Express for Trade’ which is aimed

doors, windows & architectural hardware

HOWROOM NOW OPEN IN LEEDS at glazing companies, builders, contractors, architects and specifiers. New introductions in The Home Space include the 35PD Curtain Walling which has a 35mm sightline, one of the slimmest curtain walling types in the market place. New high performance SageGlass within one of the roof lantern displays - a Saint-Gobain innovation - boasts unique remote-controlled capabilities allowing full control of both solar reflective properties and tint. Steve Bromberg of Express explained their push for securing trade partnerships, “We want The Home Space to be a destination for both consumers and the trade to gather inspiration for their build. We’re confident that Express for Trade will grow as a result of tradespeople visiting the showroom, with The Home Space representing the best of what the market has to offer. By forging excellent trade partnerships across the UK we’re hoping to raise the industry standard even further, offering designated partners exclusive benefits.”

For more information, visit or call 0800 121 4809. For more information on becoming a trade partner, visit


doors, windows & architectural hardware


Good acoustics, like high quality thermal insulation, is one of the most important considerations for house builders and architects. This is because of high density living and, in particular, the popularity of sold floors. For example, one of the latest trends are polished concrete floors in variety of different colours. The problem is further exacerbated by the desire for large areas of glass and the absence of soft furnishings, such as curtains and carpets. The result of all this is that absorption of sound is difficult and reverberated sound can create an unpleasant environment. One increasingly popular solution is to line the ceilings with cost effective and high performance Troldtekt acoustic panels. Widely used throughout Europe, the panels instantly create an attractive surface, pleasant acoustics and a feeling of well-being throughout the house. Apart from a calm and cohesive surface, the ceiling offers a flexible choice of


design, including different colours, surface structures, edge profiles and suspension systems. In addition it is possible to integrate surface mounted or concealed light fittings as well as sound speakers. The Troldtekt speaker is an acoustic panel with a specially developed flat unit, built in and concealed on the back of the panel. The sound waves pass through the panel and are distributed evenly throughout the room, covering a larger area than a traditional speaker. Danish manufactured Troldtekt acoustic panels are specified throughout the UK. Made with 100% natural wood fibres, their benefits are high sound absorption, high

durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level. Apart from housing, they are used to improve acoustics in many different projects, such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in three grades from ultrafine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour. For samples and comprehensive technical information tel 01978 664255 or visit




Tel: 01454 620500 I Fax: 01454 620660

Unit 1155 Aztec West I Almondsbury I Bristol I BS32 4TF I UK

Doors, windows & architectural hardware

SureCav25 for a protected 25mm residual cavity! Designed to allow for more insulation in brick-built dwellings A special feature of SureCav25 is that it allows for an additional 25mm of insulation in a 100mm overall cavity that helps to drive down U-Values. So now, 75mm of insulation in a 100mm overall cavity can achieve 0.18 W/m2K and still maintain that all important 25mm residual air-gap! Additionally, this ‘wall of plastic’ prevents moisture from penetrating the outer leaf, thus protecting the envelope of the building from wind-driven rain in all exposure zones (BBA 04/4154). This is because SureCav25 has a unique groove that is designed to direct away any moisture that, in the unlikely event of breaching the cavity, will be channeled back to the outer face and drained through weep vents. By removing need for a backing-block you will have already saved up to 5% floor space in a 2 storey house, when using the original external dimensions. Now save an extra 1.25% floor space by using SureCav25. That’s equivalent to adding one extra house on an 80 house site!

Now, you can ensure a consistent 25mm clear-cavity air-gap! The cavity residual air-gap has been an essential feature of buildings for decades and has proved its worth in helping to protect the fabric of the building. SureCav25 upholds this proven ‘clear-cavity’ approach. SureCav25 forms the cavity, removing the need for a concreteblock backing wall when building with stone or flint. With SureCav25, the cavity now becomes a protected environment, in that moisture and mortar are absolutely prevented from contaminating the cavity. Yes, this completely removes the risk from mortar dropping on to the wall-ties and the dangers of moisture bridging the cavity. Furthermore, the SureCav25 panels are an eco-friendly, lightweight alternative to blocks that are easy to transport and move around the site and will give you a cheaper, quicker build.


Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

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Wetrooms made easy

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems • Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design


With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today!

• No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience

16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, 01629 815500

picture hanging systems ltd




YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35


Tel: 01825 764737 • Fax: 01825 768330 Website: Email:


We Build It Ltd are based in the heart of some of Shropshire's most outstanding countryside. As one of the UK's largest manufacturers of domestic sewage treatment plants, we focus on high quality, affordable products. All of our sewage treatment plants are based on the successful and simple extended aeration method. We design, manufacture, install and service the BioPure sewage treatment plant for single houses, small developments up to 55 pe and larger off mains FlowPath treatment plants for rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, barn conversions and commercial applications. Our products can also be used after an existing septic tank to enable the effluent to be discharged directly to a water causeway, if your existing soakaway has failed. We offer straight forward, easy to follow advice for your

Our BioPure Range of Sewage Treatment Plant 1-55 pe

sewage treatment needs. All of our sewage treatment plants come with easy to follow installation and service manuals, as well as free telephone assistance by specialist installers. We can also offer full or assisted installations at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP products on the market backed up by proper good old-fashioned customer service - (dial straight through and speak to our specialists, no automated service or queuing system) buying a sewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, which plant is best for my situation?? What are the regulations?? What about the Environment agency?? Etc. but be assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the right solution designed around your requirements. You deal direct with the manufacturer, with over 25 years waste water experience, 24-7-365 days of the year

125 PE Treatment Plant, up to 300 PE available as standard other sizes available on request.

We also offer service agreements, our service agreements not only provide excellent maintenance for our systems, but we also service a variety of our competitor’s treatment plants.

For more information contact us at or Or Email us at Telephone 01746 781782 or 0800 7319421 •57•

Sun Screens For a Circular Landmark SCA complex, Göteborg Company complex, Sweden SCA’s new office complex has qualified as a ‘Green Building’ due to its environmentally friendly technical standards. The circular shape of the building means that many workstations can be placed by the windows. Perforated metals panels from RMIG have been used to make sun screens, thereby providing a good working environment for those in the offices, and at the same time, reducing energy consumption Technical characteristics Raw material: Aluminium 1050 Pattern: R60U90 Thickness: 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm Surface treatment: Painting

Perforated metal facade blends Väla Gård, Helsingborg Green Office Building, Sweden Architects: Tengbom Arkitekter A rural building has been converted into an attractive energy efficient and modern work place and at the same time retained the architectural style and character of the existing farm buildings. RMIG has manufactured and supplied the perforated sheets used for the facades at the short ends of the buildings. The use of corten steel and the tree motif created using RMIG ImagePerf, help the buildings blend into the surrounding forest area.


into rural surroundings

Technical characteristics Raw material: Corten Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 2.0 mm Finishing operation: Bending

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal. In addition to exterior cladding, the company also supplies products for a large number of construction applications such as car park and security screening, acoustic wall linings, ceilings, lighting, street furniture, balustrades and walkways. Tel: 01925 839600


coatings, paints & sealAnts

Polyseam will be launching three new innovative products at the Build Show 2016. Polyseam, the company behind the GRAFT brand of premium sealants, adhesives, fillers and passive fire protection products will be introducing three dynamic new products to the UK market at The Build Show 2016 (stand number B3/110). Each of these products have gone through months of development and testing and is now accredited and ready for release.

The products being launched at the show are; GRAFT INTERIOR PAINT FR-1, this is a premium acrylic paint for walls and ceilings with excellent coverage and a fire resistant properties. This decorating product not only helps to beautify your home but will also help protect it in the event of a fire. GRAFT FR GRAPHITE PLATE for electrical socket boxes, this is an intumescent plate for upgrading the fire integrity of standard electrical wall boxes. This product is tested and approved for use on multiple electrical socket boxes and is quick and easy to install. GRAFT MULTI SEALANT & ADHESIVE, this is the only sealant in the world that is free from volatile organic compounds. It replaces conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic-based products, conforms to EC1PLUS and has a 25 year mould free guarantee. Marketing manager, Olando Salina, said; “We are delighted to be at The Build Show, this will be our first time at this exhibition and we believe it is a great platform to launch our new products and showcase our premium range. GRAFT® is the game changer, a range of premium quality products available in a market that is flooded with products of mediocre quality. GRAFT® is here to provide contractors, trade professional and DIYers a range of products that they can rely on.” The GRAFT® sales team will conduct a number of live demonstrations at the show including the new MULTI SEALANT & ADHESIVE and a few other innovative products. To find out more about Polyseam visit or follow them on |

For more information about GRAFT visit •60•



GRAFT® consists of a comprehensive range of PREMIUM BUILDING PRODUCTS developed for the Trade, Proffesional and DIY markets PART OF


ARE YOU THE GRAFTER? 01484 421036 | |

/polyseam |


Coatings, paints & sealants

Mighton Move into Paints The UK’s oldest established supplier of products to the sash window manufacturing industry, Mighton Products, have recently added a range of paints to their extensive offer. Set up in 1983 to sell nylon sash pulleys to the window joinery industry the company now boast over 2000 ‘high quality’ sash, casement and door products in their catalogue and online. Their aim has always been “to stay close to joiners and provide them with what they want”. Today the company has many thousands of customers Worldwide. The latest addition is the Drywood range of interior and exterior primers and wood finishes specially developed for Joinery use. Drywood Coatings are manufactured by Dutch company G.B. Holst who began developing water-based timber finishes in 1963, long before the industry began to switch to such coatings for environmental reasons. Today they offer a complete range of paint products with extremely long life cycles which have been assessed by independent test institutes for durability, adhesion, moisture permeability etc. The products have been used in a wide range of climates, from the freezing cold of Norway, to the often wet climate of Ireland and the heat of Southern Italy. Mighton are the sole UK distributor and say that because of the product’s durability, they offer a 10 year guarantee when applied using the Drywood system. Next day delivery, volume discounts and the ability to match any existing colour at their premises in Hinxton Cambs all come as standard. Mighton also stock other Drywood products such as Optijoint, a gap filling, moisture resistant adhesive which can be coated over in 15 minutes, clear and white end grain sealers (Optisealer) and Optifinish TR an exterior semi-gloss translucent self-priming coating. There are also two topcoats available, OptifinishG40 (semi-gloss) and G70 (full gloss).


The Drywood range also includes quick drying exterior wood stains, water based spray coatings as well as brush applied gap-filling white and coloured paints for sash restoration work. In particular, the factory applied paints have secured rave reviews amongst Mighton’s customer base with their ease of spray application, durability, close matchingstandards and 10 year guarantees all playing their part. Tel: 0800 056 0471



HUMI-BLOCK DAMPROOF FILLER FOR WET MASONRY STOPS DAMPNESS KEEPS THE SUBSTRATE WATER VAPOUR PERMEABLE • Levels damp and wet raw surfaces • Ideal for cellars and basements • Moisture vapour permeable • Brush or trowel application

TX®110 RAPID DRYING FILLER THE ULTIMATE FILLER • Exceptional adherence • Excellent shaping qualities • No need to spot prime • Will not flash or grin • Can be painted in 3 HRS


TOUPRELITH® F Enduits de peinture - NF 446

MASONRY REPAIR FILLER EASY TO SHAPE • Fill and repair without formwork • Adheres on damp masonry • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required** • Grey

TOUPRELEX EXTERIOR FAST DRYING LIGHTWEIGHT FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT • Light grey in colour • One coat fill • Rich in resin • Will not flash or grin • No stabilising solution or PVA required

MULTIPURPOSE FILLER FILL, JOINT AND FACE FILLER UK’S FINEST JOINT FILLER • Adheres to painted surfaces • Excellent coverage rate • Will not flash or grin • Taping and jointing plasterboards • Great value • Easy to sand

TOUPRET UK: 25 North Row, London W1K 6DJ Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6747 Sales & Customer Service Phone: (+44) 020 3691 6750 Accounts Fax: (+44) 020 3691 6751 Email: Please visit our website : WWW.TOUPRET.CO.UK

ALL SUBSTRATES REPAIR FILLER ROCK HARD • Exceptional adherence to all substrates • Will not flash or grin • White in colour • Paint in 24 HRS • No stabilising solution or PVA required* • White

FINE SURFACE FILLER EXTRA FINE SURFACER READY TO USE • Adheres on paint work • Enhances paint finish • No need to spot prime • No need to sand • Exceptional smooth finish

FIBACRYL® FLEXIBLE FILLER FOR CRACKS LONG LASTING FLEXIBILITY • Moves with the substrate • Will not crack • Adheres to paint work • No need to spot prime • Will not flash or grin

Floors & Underfloor Heating

The Tigers at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park Receive a New Underfloor Heating System Sheffield-based underfloor heating specialists UK Underfloor Heating announce that they have helped to provide a new heating system for tigers housed at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, as part of their recent new enclosure installation. The new underfloor heating system is a bespoke design installed and overseen by engineers with the firm that will allow for the Park’s tigers to benefit from radiant heating technology during colder months, in the hope that it will prove to offer them much comfort to the animals during the approaching winter months. The system was installed and tiger-proofed over a series of days in close conjunction with the Park’s representatives, with UK Underfloor Heating’s James Priestley acting on behalf of the firm to survey what the installation would require. The installation required unique pipework and the efforts of several team members, overseen by expert installer Daniel Knight from UK Underfloor Heating who was happy to work with Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for such a unique cause. “We jumped at the opportunity to design and install our system into these enclosures,” advises James and Daniel, “And as it was for a very good cause, we decided to design, supply and install this free of charge.”


Engineers fitted and tested the system for potential pressure flaws and water flow, and as a result a fully-functional underfloor heating system is now in place for tigers at the Park - one which can be operated and overridden manually by Park staff and will also activate based upon a remote floor sensor and thermostat which turns the underfloor heating loops on and brings on the brand new boiler system. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park are pleased with the results of the consultation and hope that the system will provide their tigers with much-needed warmth during the colder months ahead. UK Underfloor Heating were extremely grateful for the hospitality shown by the Park for their work, and were treated to free refreshments during their consultation. The Park showed the team immense positive hospitality during their visit, helping the engineers to feel at home while setting up the new system.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park are pleased with the results of the consultation and hope that the system will provide their tigers with much-needed warmth during the colder months ahead. UK Underfloor Heating were delighted to have been able to meet the tigers that were to be moving into the enclosures - and they even had the chance to feed the animals ahead of enjoying their new, bespoke heating system. Sheffield Born CEO Mr. Steve Nichols said:

“After contacting UK Underfloor Heating for advice on getting new underfloor heating systems, we are delighted with the free consultation and installation services they provided for our ‘state of the art’ world of tiger houses. I do have to say a massive Thank You to all the guys who worked relentlessly.”

Floors & Underfloor Heating

Don’t allow Subfloor Moisture to Delay Occupation with F. Ball’s Range of High Performance Waterproof Surface Membranes! As the UK’s premier flooring product specialist, F. Ball has developed a specialist market leading range of high performance products, providing a wide range of tried and tested subfloor moisture control solutions. The technical experts at F. Ball know that the way to ensure the lasting performance of a new floorcovering installation is to deal with any damp or moisture problems from the outset. If not dealt with successfully, not only will the appearance of the new floorcovering be ruined, but the very fabric of its construction and ultimately the integrity of the installation, will be compromised too. Every specifier and contractor knows the old maxim ‘time is money’, so when there are products that can deliver better economy, are easier to apply, and provide time-saving solutions guaranteed to perform perfectly, they’re bound to attract a lot of attention. Accurate moisture testing in accordance with the British Codes of Practice BS


8203, BS 5325 and BS 8201 is essential to determine the Relative Humidity (RH) level within a subfloor. F. Ball recommend moisture levels be checked accurately by use of their approved Digital Hygrometers. An indication of the presence of moisture can be quickly determined using the Protimeter Aquant or Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS). If the relative humidity is below 75% it is safe to proceed with a fitting. Where the RH is above 75%, the installation should not proceed, as excess moisture in the floor could result in blistering of the floorcovering or complete failure of the flooring installation. This may result in expensive and lengthy remedial work, including the possibility of a costly ‘rip out’. Visual inspection is insufficient as a surface can appear dry while excess moisture is still present. Once levels have been accurately measured and confirmed, you then need to apply the best Waterproof Surface Membrane available. If the RH measurement is above 75% and up to 92%, F. Ball recommend to use one

coat of Stopgap F76 or Stopgap Isolator Membrane. If the RH is above 92%, F. Ball recommend to use Stopgap F77, F78 or Stopgap Isolator Membrane. (Wood floor installations should be a maximum of 65% RH, consult the wood floor manufacturer) The treatment of subfloor moisture problems is very serious to consider before beginning any major flooring project. For further information on the complete F. Ball range of Waterproof Surface Membranes, moisture control and moisture measurement please visit the F. Ball website or tweet us on the dedicated Twitter support profile @ ASKFBall

Bound with Excellence since 1997

400m² of 10mm Norwegian Pearl laid outside the new Lyde Green Primary School in Emersons Green, Bristol

Whether your project is a refurbishment or new-build and the design modern or traditional, SureSet will transform the appearance of: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Access roads and car parks Tree pits and cycle shelters Schools and hotels Housing developments Shopping centres and public realm

0800 612 2083

Your premier source for landscaping and building granite


Product information GlassTech Europes stock distressed antique mirror is generally 4, 5 & 6mm thick & the sheet sizes are 2440mm x 1830mm & 2400mm x 1200mm Our mirrors can be supplied as full sheets or cut to size & processed with polished edges, bevelled edges, drilled holes, cut outs & safety backing.

Stockists & suppliers of antique & distressed sheet mirror.

A packaging & transportation service is also available for UK, EU & Worldwide deliveries. If you would like to discuss your project requirements please email or Tel +44 (0) 1298 25338.

Interior design

The Versatile Strength Training Solution for

Small Spaces

Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based multiple strength training station which is the ideal solution for hotels and residential environments.


erfect for rooms with limited space, Plurima is a highly versatile product making it possible to carry out full body strength training within a minimal footprint from just 3.8m². The modules can be configured in a variety of ways to fit the space you have available. The full three modules in the wall configuration offer 18 strength machines including leg curl, leg extension, chest press and low pull in one solution of just 6.5m². The range of 150 exercise possibilities, ease of use and sleek design make Plurima a truly unique and highly effective training solution. To provide user guidance during training, a diagram of the muscle groups involved in specific exercises is featured on each module, along with a QR code. Once scanned, a user can access a whole library of exercises, including videos showing how to perform each exercise correctly, meaning that users can train without the need for supervision. Plurima stands out thanks to its contemporary design. Its ergonomic lines and premium quality materials make working out an easier, more comfortable experience, while guaranteeing efficient performance and adding a touch of design sophistication to the space. Like all Technogym products, Plurima is the result of thorough, detailed research and development to ensure that it meets the ergonomic and functional needs of a wide range of users. Extensive testing at Technogym’s Research & Design Centre at its HQ in Cesena, Italy, is carried out in order to design equipment that provides the most effective range of motion to effectively work and target specific muscles. Compact, modular and versatile, Plurima is the ideal solution for those wanting to provide a variety of strength training within a smaller space.


No space for a gym? Think again.




Plurima is the versatile, compact, cable-based multiple strength training station which perfectly complements any cardio range. Compact and modular Plurima has a footprint starting from just 3.8m² to make the most of small spaces.

User-friendly Plurima is easy to use thanks to visual settings and exercise suggestions available via QR codes.

Stylish lines Plurima’s contemporary design, ergonomic lines and premium materials add sophistication to any wellness environment.

Discover Plurima. Book an appointment with one of our wellness consultants by calling free phone 0800 316 2496 or email

Silk Blooms LUXURY ARTIFICIAL FLORAL DISPLAYS Brighten up any room with some of our fresh touch, ultra-realistic, everlasting owers in absolutely any style.

WWW.SILKBLOOMS.CO.UK Bespoke and custom made ower displays, designed to suit your room and colour.

Home Designer & Architect - October 2016  
Home Designer & Architect - October 2016