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See Inside Daniel Libeskind’s

New Apartment Complex in Milan The architect also unveiled a collection of new products at the Salone del Mobile. Daniel Libeskind is clearly enjoying la dolce vita in Milan. The New York-based architect moved to the city on a part-time basis after winning a 2004 competition for the master plan and development CityLife, a new residential and commercial district just outside of Milan’s historic city center. And at the Salone del Mobile this month, Libeskind introduced seven new products, ranging from a labyrinthine steel clock for Alessi to a Swarovski chess set. “Designing products is exactly the same as designing buildings, but without the headaches,” he says. CityLife, located on the former grounds of Fiera Milano, was designed in conjunction with Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and Arata Isozaki & Associates. Many of both Libeskind and ZHA’s apartments, conceived as a series of “archipelagos” over a 90-acre tract, have been completed, and residents are now beginning to move in. When finished, there will be 20 penthouses—dubbed “Sky Villas”— in the Libeskind buildings, and journalists were invited to tour one of the residences. To say that the décor is over-the-top is an understatement; Milan-based designer Rossana Orlandi selected pieces like a mirrored baroque dining table, cascading crystal chandelier, and loads of one-off furniture and art. The apartment itself, a duplex, includes expansive terraces on both floors that provide breathtaking views of the city. The floor-through residence is completely open with a narrow wooden staircase leading to the bedroom and master bath upstairs. With just once bedroom, these dwellings are clearly for the childless one percent. Prices range from around €6,000 to €11,000 a square meter (about $7,000 to $12,500). Libeskind’s design for CityLife led to yet another new product: a finely textured light grey tile for Casalgrande Padana, which is used to clad the complex’s five buildings. While Libeskind practices architecture in the U.S., he will only do products with Italian companies. “With Italians, it’s never just about getting something to the market,” he says. “It’s the linking of knowledge and tradition. It’s about needing to get to know a person.”



AIA Announces 2016 COTE Top Ten Awards Selected by the AIA’s Committee on the Environment (COTE), this year’s winners demonstrate the program’s 20-year evolution. This year, the AIA Committee on the Environment’s (COTE’s) Top Ten award winners spans geography, building type, and scale. Honorees range from an exquisite, vernacular-inspired pavilion standing in long-grass prairie to a 300,000-square-foot science museum on San Francisco’s historic waterfront. The contrast suggests just how much Top Ten has evolved since its launch 20 years ago, when small rural projects, mostly with programs focused on environmental learning, dominated the submission pool. The Top Ten, announced today, also stands out for energy performance. “The average energy reduction for the new crop of winners is 76 percent below baseline,” observes Lance Hosey, chief sustainability officer of Perkins Eastman. He also points out that this year’s figure beats the average energy reduction of all Top Ten projects by 20 percentage points. As author of Lessons From the Leading Edge, a survey of all Top Ten winners sponsored by the COTE Advisory Group and released earlier this month, Hosey is well positioned to put the class of 2016 in context. The architect says he conceived the report as a counterpoint to the Top Ten’s individual case studies: “If 10 buildings represent the leading edge of sustainable design in a year, then there’s certainly a lot to learn from almost 200 buildings about how the movement has evolved. Lessons demonstrates that Top Ten projects are exemplary performers on a number of fronts. It reveals continual improvement as a class, too, with growing selection of urban multimodal sites, greater reductions in potable water use, and increasing construction waste diversion. This year’s Top Ten appears to extend these and other incremental trends, such as diversification of project types, while showing a step change in others, especially in energy performance. Another significant jump in the 2016 Top Ten is repeat wins. While Lessons confirms the phenomenon, this is the first year that two architects each placed twice in the Top Ten. Lake|Flato won for the Texas-based projects H-E-B at Mueller and the Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion, while Leddy Maytum Stacy (LMS) earned accolades for the UC Berkeley Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and the Rene Cazenave Apartments in San Francisco. The two firms together are now responsible for 18 Top Ten winners over two decades. Meanwhile, the San Francisco science museum, the Exploratorium, by EHDD, is that firm’s sixth win in total.

Link Arkitektur extends Norwegian farmhouse with contemporary gabled structure Link Arkitektur has added a gabled extension to a 19thcentury Norwegian farmhouse, featuring a wooden facade designed to age with the building (+ slideshow). The historic farmstead, which is located beside Norway’s River Glomma, was purchased by a family who wanted to restore as much of the old house as possible, but to also add to it in a way that is sensitive to the context. To achieve this, Link Arkitektur designed a gabled structure, creating a long annex that emulates the form of its neighbour. The Scandinavian firm calls the project Øvre Tomtegate 7. Unlike traditional farm buildings, the structure’s wooden cladding doesn’t extend across the gabled end walls. Instead, these are glazed to offer views of the surrounding gardens. There are also tall, thin windows creating slices along the building’s length, highlighting different areas inside. “The new building design was heavily influenced by the traditional gable roofed farmhouse,” said a statement from Link Arkitektur, which has offices across Norway. “The new build intends to modernise the antiquated aesthetic in a minimalistic manner,” it added. “The beautiful setting was also paramount to the design and inspired the openness of the building’s sides facing the old garden.”

LMS principal William Leddy believes “repeat winners share a topdown commitment to [sustainable] ideals,” adding, “These firms were probably never interested in formal expression alone, but in engaging architecture at its fullest dimension.” Hosey, however, suggests that firm data could be a referendum on the profession. Explaining that a Top Ten building is supposed to wed performance to design excellence, he says, “relatively few firms have figured out how to do that. How do we move beyond that, so that these lessons spill across the entire industry?” Lessons includes tools for disseminating knowledge, as it documents common bioclimatic design strategies regularly used by winners. Hoseys says this summer’s AIA/COTE Research Fellowship, a program, will contribute to this dialogue further, by focusing on repeat winners’ working principles and methodologies.



Anders Berensson Proposes Wooden Skyscraper With Decorative Facade For Stockholm

Bosco Verticale wins International Highrise Award as ‘prototype for cities of tomorrow’ R0

“CLT has great capacity when it comes to building high-rises both in terms of strength but also actually when it comes to fire,” the architect told Dezeen. “Today in Sweden CLT is a rather new technique and is mostly used for low buildings but we wanted to show its potential especially since Sweden has a big wood industry.” Anders Berensson Architects has unveiled conceptual plans for Stockholm’;s tallest building – a 133-metre wooden skyscraper that would be erected on top of a 1960s car park in the city centre. The local studio was commissioned to design the 40-storey skyscraper by Stockholm’;s liberal Center Party, to help cater for the city’;s rapidly growing population. Berensson previously drew up plans for a high-density housing scheme with aerial walkways for the political party with the same idea in mind. “If we want to reduce the amount of cars in the city centre of Stockholm and at the same time make space for more housing without building on green areas, then replacing car parks with housing, shops and restaurants feels obvious,” said the architect. Berensson proposes that the 40-storey structure could be made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), a type of engineered wood made from sections of laminated wood. The material is considerably stronger and more stable than regular timber, allowing architects to propose bigger and taller wooden structures than ever before.


The slender skyscraper named Trätoppen – Swedish for treetop – is designed to stand on top of the Parkaden car park, designed by Swedish architect Hans Asplund in the 1960s. The car park has a distinctive number-covered facade that helps drivers orient themselves within the building – a feature that Berensson intends to continue onto the facades of the skyscraper. “From the outside, one can count the floors by reading the facade and from the inside you will be reminded what floor you are on just like in the parking garage,” said Berensson. “This is a useful feature given that the skyscraper will be the highest in the city centre of Stockholm,” he added. “The facade also has some practical benefits and acts like a sun screen, which keeps the building cool and energy efficient.” The first seven floors, inside the existing car park, would be converted into shops and restaurants, with a public terrace wrapped around the base of the skyscraper on its uppermost level.


Portakabin at Pyrford Primary School for the first phase of the Priority School Building Programme which is investing £2.2 billion to rebuild or refurbish 260 schools in the worst conditions across the country.”

A £5.6 million project to provide a new building for the 480-place Pyrford Primary School near Woking has started on site. The contract awarded to the Portakabin Group is the first scheme in the £28 million Surrey and Kent batch of the Government’s Priority School Building Programme. Four other primary school rebuild projects in this batch are in the final design development stages. An official ground-breaking ceremony was held at Pyrford Primary School to mark the start of construction work to replace its existing dilapidated 1960s school building. The project is one of six schools in the region to be rebuilt by the Portakabin Group under the Government’s Priority School Building Programme (PSBP). Each scheme is being designed to the latest teaching standards and will be delivered using Yorkon advanced off-site construction solutions. Excited children were joined by staff from the school and representatives from the Diocese of Guildford, the Education Funding Agency and the Portakabin Group to celebrate the start of work on site. Pupils and teachers attending Pyrford Primary School will benefit from a completely new school, with high levels of natural light and increased access and space for outdoor play and learning. The two-storey facility will have 16 bright, purpose-designed classrooms for two forms of entry and a multi-purpose hall. Schools Minister Lord Nash said, “Our investment in school buildings across the country is transforming the learning environment for tens of thousands of pupils and their teachers. The start of construction at Pyrford Primary School is a key milestone

“Ensuring all children have access to the best possible schools and facilities is just one part of our commitment to help young people reach their potential regardless of their background. These buildings will provide modern, fit-for-purpose schools for pupils for many years to come.” Kathryn Krynicki, Head Teacher at Pyrford Primary School said, “This is such an important milestone in the project and in the history of the school. Our existing facility is beyond repair so we are delighted to be benefiting from a brand new school which will transform the learning environment for our children for many years to come.” Simon Ambler, Director of the Portakabin Group said, “The opportunity for off-site construction to help the Government improve the standard of school buildings across the UK is huge, as this exciting project in Pyrford will demonstrate.” “Our aim is to deliver outstanding teaching facilities of the very highest design and technical standards – which are affordable, faster to build and that minimise disruption to education during the construction phase. Off-site construction also gives staff, children and parents much greater certainty of completion of each new school on time and on budget.” The structure for the new Pyrford Primary School is now being manufactured off site in York using the latest modular technology and will be craned into position in just seven days during the school holidays. This approach will avoid any interruption to teaching on this constrained rural site that is immediately adjacent to the existing school. The use of off-site construction will halve the programme time for handover ready for the start of the 2016/17 academic year. The original school building will then be demolished. The Portakabin Group is now at the final design stages for four further primary school rebuild projects in the PSBP batch for Surrey and Kent – Riverview Church of England Primary School in West Ewell, St Bede’s Church of England Junior School near COAT Fields Woking, Aylesham Primary School in Canterbury, and Priory Primary School in Dover.



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editor's choice

Are we the last generation to need an office?

This glimpse of the future was crafted by: Phil Hues

The Internet is the most powerful force behind making traditional work practices and ‘the office’ less relevant. High speed connectivity and powerful software have the potential to render bus rides, train crushes and coffee queues in order to arrive at the office a thing of the past. Much of this is happening now. Today’s workforce could be the generation that pioneer ‘bleisure’ – a combination of business and leisure which irrevocably blurs the lines between home and work life, and if that happens, then what happens to the office as we currently know it?


recent report by Jones Lang LaSalle showed that within most organisations, staff desks are utilised just 60% of the time, with the other 40% spent in collaboration spaces or out with clients. In this environment people don’t even get a desk to call their own and companies are benefiting from it from needing less office space. Coupled to this is the fact that millennials don’t want to spend their day in an office if they don’t have to. As they seek to balance life style with work style, the office environment may not be the best place to do that. The ‘office’ of the future could be your home, your coffee shop, a library or a public park; and might be required to function in multiple ways as a touch down space, a collaboration space, a space where things can be built, a meeting place and more. As this new model for work emerges, the technology driving this movement forward is becoming more powerful. Technology will soon make it entirely possible to enter the board room for a conference, face to face, with clients and colleagues from around the globe, while you’re still at home. Virtual Reality (VR) goggles can readily provide this capability. The time, cost and stress of business travel will be eliminated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could take care of most mundane tasks that don’t require emphatic thought processes. Emails will be automatically read and filtered, with only the most important ones being discussed with you. What’s more, your AI device will provide details on each person you meet instantly, informing you of both their personal and professional information. In this world you’ll have the capacity to be more collaborative and innovative than ever before, with the ability to ‘see’ what those in the physical world are doing and communicate with them whenever you need to, including ‘seeing’ what is happening on a project site or in your retail outlet and ‘popping in’ to take care of things without physically being there. You’ll print what you need to work by downloading a design from the cloud and using a 3D printer to manufacture it. Within this scenario, innovating will be more important than ever before. If mundane tasks are taken care of, the challenge to all workers will be to find new ways to add additional value. This will place a greater demand on workers to create more value for customers. Intelligence and innovation will become the


‘natural resource’ that companies must leverage to create competitive advantage. We have seen technology already displace and challenge many blue collar work environments. It would be naïve to think that similar disruption won’t occur to white collar work environments, particularly, when millennials are demanding this new balance. Critically, if we are on the cusp of another workplace revolution, it is important that we contemplate its impact. There is a need for businesses to begin to ponder how the way we work will change; the effects on staff and the need to adjust their resourcing strategies. Uber’isng the office work force is literally just around the corner. Aurecon has launched a new futuristic blog! Called Just Imagine, it provides a glimpse into the future for curious readers, exploring ideas that are probable, possible and for the imagination. This is a copy of a post which originally appeared on Aurecon’s Just Imagine blog. Get access to the latest blog posts as soon as they are published by subscribing to the blog.




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Shining example of contemporary design Leading internal door manufacturer Vicaima has just launched a stunning collection of door models as part of their Dekordor 3D range. Incorporating aluminium inlays in 5 contemporary designs, Vicaima have captured the current vogue for metallic embellishment which is one of the themes of international interior design for 2016. The new inlay models are available in a choice of 5 Dekordor 3D finishes so can provide contrast and scope that is sure to command attention. Dekordor 3D, with its horizontal embossed finish creates an innovative and thoroughly modern door appearance which is ideally suited to a multitude of applications from homes to hotels and from offices to community buildings. The highly tactile surface and visual impact created by Dekordor 3D has proved to be a key reason why it is often selected to make a big impression, especially as an entrance door and frame system to apartments or hotel rooms. Now with the addition of these new metallic inlay models the range offers even greater possibilities. The Dekordor 3D Aluminium Inlay collection is available in a choice of 5 contrasting face finishes including, Grey, Black, Oak, Camel and White and inlay models include both vertical and horizontal designs so present plenty of diversity. All doors are FSC certified for environmental peace of mind and can be supplied with a range of performance specifications comprising fire rated, acoustic and security, which includes Secure by Design to Part Q requirements.

Where a complete theme is desired, Vicaima are also able to supply as part of a matching doorset (door, Frame and architrave) plus wall panels where required. Dekordor 3D with Aluminium Inlay are made on a to-order basis and as such can accommodate a wide selection of configuration possibilities to make specification easy, with pairs, over height dimensions, inverse (flush wall fitting) and pivotal, to ensure that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied. So if you want to set a shining example, specify Dekordor 3D Inlays and see how it stands out for your project. For further details about Vicaima Dekordor 3D inlays visit the Vicaima website, alternatively call 01793 532333 for a copy of the new literature or face samples.


Glazing Excellence

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:


How to save money on your self-build project Self-build projects offer unparalleled freedom to create the home of your dreams. However to ensure you make the most out of your self-build budget it’s essential to learn about where you can make cost savings. In this guide, Steve Mansour from specialist structural defects insurance supplier CRL offers some cost-saving tips for self-builders. Concept The planning stage is vital in determining the overall cost of your budget and for those operating to a tight cost margin, is undoubtedly the most important step. There are numerous factors that’ll serve as multipliers for the cost of your self-build project, including: Location: Unsurprisingly, where you choose to situate your self-build property will have reams of ramifications, ranging from the price of the plot, to the cost of connecting power and arranging infrastructure. Rural locations can come with their own challenges, such as planning constraints, local tree or wildlife protection orders and access to roads. Scope: Similarly, you may have had your eye on converting a dream house, slotting into a plot adjacent to an idyllic village or powering your home almost entirely by renewable means. Overconfidence: Even if you’re a builder in your day job – don’t assume you’ll be able to make all the correct decisions from the get-go. There’s a trade-off between taking the reins on the project and hiring in a specialist manager in terms of both time and cost.

Planning Cost and time overruns will occur on your project and the quicker you resign yourself to that, the better. However, the chances and severity of these can be greatly mitigated by putting in your due diligence during the planning stage of the job. A great deal of money can be saved by comparing materials and services, so before you get started – be sure to break out the spreadsheets and compare a range of quotes. While you may find fancy features or materials desirable, it’s important to shave as much money off the basics, like bricks and roofing, before moving on to the more advanced areas.

Complexity Doing the simple things well will always trump outside-thebox thinking when it comes to self-build. While you may have been inspired by the marvels on TV shows like Grand Designs try and be realistic about what you can achieve with the funds you have.

Every item and issue that adds complexity to your project will translate to more money. For instance, vanity items like chimneys will set you back thousands of pounds, while simultaneously reducing the amount of floor space you’ve got to work with and potentially costing you more in long-term heating costs.

Hidden Extras Don’t forget to think about structural defects insurance before planning your self-build. These kind of costs may be overlooked by a first-timer when initially planning a self-build project. It’s important to consult an expert to go through the ins and outs with you so you get the best possible value from your insurance cover. UK mortgage lenders require structural defects insurance from a recognised provider before they release funds for a property purchase, both when the property is brand new and if it’s less than 10 years old. At the same time a new home is normally the single largest investment in a person’s life. Structural defects are not common, but they can be expensive. A recent study claims it costs £42,000 on average to repair a structural claim so it pays to be properly protected.

More information CRL provide structural insurance to self-builders, to find out more please visit



A BIG IMPRESSION James Latham is seeing the popularity of Xylocleaf - the innovative and highly textured range of premium Thermo Structured Surface (TSS) decors which offers a variety of wood grains, linens and other unique materials – soar within the A&D sector.


nlike anything else on the UK market, XyloCleaf is a highly original and exclusive range of decors which are created using a unique process of thermal fusing in which decorative papers are treated with melamine resins, that under heat and pressure become part of the panel itself, hence the term Thermo Structured Surface. This process provides not only a stunning end result, but also a product that is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant, meaning that as well as looking great, it will stand up to the toughest of challenges when used in high traffic areas. The sensational and inspiring XyloCleaf collection is perfectly suited to premium design schemes within the retail sector and is perfect for furniture, fixtures and wall panelling. In addition, it is also popular for high-end commercial, leisure and hotel specifications.

The deep textures and intricate detail of XyloCleaf makes it difficult to distinguish from the real material it is designed to mimic and the portfolio includes 50 different colours and patterns, all of which come with ABS edging as standard. Plus, it is also available as HPL in 16 decors. Paul Morson, James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine said, ”XyloCleaf represents a new generation of panel product and one which offers extraordinary potential, delivering a complete solution of innovative products to suit all retail decorative tastes, trends and applications and it has quickly become a real success story for Lathams.” XyloCleaf is available nationwide and directly from stock through James Latham and is supplied in panel sizes of 2800 x 2070 x 18mm.

For more information on Latham’s full range of surface materials: phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit


FisherEX Factory Open Day Exhibition

Fisher & Company have announced a 1 day Exhibition and Open Day at their Somerset factory on Wednesday 8th June 2016. This 1 day event will feature a morning and afternoon session for attendees to meet the team behind Fisher and Company, view working demos of their products and to see the new fully Highways Compliant Solar Powered Belisha Beacon.

Fisher & Co have invested more than 2 years of planning, development and rigorous testing to meet all EU guidelines, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), CE marking directives and British Standards testing compliance to ensure that the product is 100% carbon neutral in operation and able to withstand the toughest of environments, providing trouble free service for years to come. Managing Director, Neil Fisher says:- “The new Solar Powered Belisha Beacon utilises our own Through Belisha including our extremely robust Anti-Vandal Gallery and UV Stabilised Polyethylene Amber Globe which allows for mounting at any height along the post or column.” Attendees will also be able to view and handle the complete pedestrian crossing range including LED Illuminated Pedestrian Beacons, Refuge Beacons, Retro-Fit LED Beacons and more. The company’s Stainless Steel Digging Tool range will also be on display. Electrical Safety Tested to BS EN 60900:2012 these quality tools also feature a 12 month guarantee


and is backed up by a comprehensive repair and maintenance service. Fisher & Co.’s upgraded range of Feeder Pillars will be shown from their standard range such as for Hospital MRI use, highways, events etc.. and some bespoke examples. The company’s comprehensive range of Street Lighting and Sign Brackets can be seen on the day and there will be a competition to win £250 towards your next order, 10% off all orders on the day and an additional £25 off all discounted and discontinued stock purchased that day. Morning and afternoon sessions will feature product demonstrations, factory tours and an opportunity to meet the team and ask questions about the manufacturing processes. For further information please contact Neil Fisher at Fisher & Company, 2-4 Cary Court, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6SB. Tel: 0333 666 2122 You can register to attend



Designer brands

Hazel Barry Managing Director, Hazel Barry exports her brand worldwide and is soon to appear in the TV programme with Alex Polizzi “The Hotel Inspector”, having been recommended by various hotels. Establishing the business in Year 2000, her first major order came in 2001, when she won the contract to supply H2k toiletries to the Sir Rocco Forte Hotels. Since then she’s partnered with prestigious brands such as Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, Microsoft, The Al Bustan Palace and most recently Saudi Airlines.

With these Companies on board, Hazel took the leap in 2013 to take H2k retail and opened her first flagship store, now based in the prestigious Montpellier quarter of Harrogate. With shop and retail sales hitting an all-time high, Hazel is now expanding the business creating concessions in Yorkshire farm shops, soon exporting to China. Hazel lives in Harrogate with her husband Mark and 6 year old daughter Iris. She supports St. Michael’s Hospice and Yorkshire Cancer Research

Is there one event/thing that stands out in your career? Gaining the distribution business in Dubai. We were recommended and I jumped through hoops to win this contract. We’ve a strong foot-hold in the Middle East and began selling in Saudi Arabia last year. In March this year, we won the Saudi Airline lounge contract which is really exciting.

Why do people choose H2k over other brands? The Kalahari melon seed oil is our key ingredient and can help to calm the skin. The people of Yorkshire expect a good quality product for a fair price. As such, H2k is a luxurious product, competitively priced and the majority of our ingredients are sourced locally, we have a loyal following.

Who has most inspired you? Many years ago, I was at a trade show and a lady called “Lara Morgan” came onto my stand. Lara had just sold her toiletries business for approximately £18 million. She said at the time “if anyone is going to make it, it will be you, I love your branding”. It really inspired me, as I had a really small stand and felt quite inferior to many of my competitors.

What is your proudest achievement? Being recommended to be filmed in the TV programme “the Hotel Inspector” with Alex Polizzi. Alex chatted with me for quite a while which made me feel at ease for the filming. It was a great experience, I think it is on TV in the Summer.

Where do you like to go on holiday? In the summer we usually go to North Berwick, as we feel it’s rather like a mini-Harrogate by the sea (excluding the hills!). However, I sometimes need to travel to Dubai for business so we may all go next time. Though it will definitely be in the winter as my skin is really sensitive to the heat.

What would be your perfect day out in Yorkshire? If we’re staying local, I love Valley Gardens and Harlow Carr, so walking in either of these and/or having a

picnic there, would be a perfect day out. Subject to the rain obviously. In true Yorkshire form though; we’d probably go anyway! Having said that we’ve some good friends in Masham, so if we’re up that way, we love going for a walk, which usually ends at The White Bear in Masham, as we love their Sunday roast.

What’s the best thing about living and working in Yorkshire? How long have you got? Hazel laughs! We live in Harrogate town and love the convenience of walking everywhere. We are very lucky in Harrogate as we have entertainment with cinema/theatre/sport clubs & shopping centres/a fabulous variety of restaurants/hotels/parks/ historical architecture. We even have the HIC which brings business to the town. On top of that, within a few minutes car-drive you’re in the fabulous scenic Yorkshire dales/ countryside. I’m a Yorkshire girl through and through and couldn’t live anywhere else!


Apprentice winner shares the secrets of his success at

PHEX+ PHEX+ is pleased to announce that winner of The Apprentice, Joseph Valente, will be speaking at PHEX+ on 18 May.

Mr Valente won the popular television show in December 2015, securing a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar to grow his plumbing and heating business Impra Gas. Established in 2012, Impra Gas provides plumbing, heating and electrical services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Joining other leading industry figures in the PHEX+ seminar and Tech Talk programme, Mr Valente will focus on his experience in the industry and the importance of apprenticeships. Having benefited from on the job learning himself, hiring an apprentice was one of the first things Mr Valente did upon starting his business and he recognises the value for both student and teacher. “It was probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” explained Mr Valente. “It was invaluable to have that second pair of hands when I was starting out – for me it was a no brainer.” Visitors to PHEX+ will have the opportunity to put their questions to Mr Valente and snap a selfie with the man himself after his talk. “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Joseph to Alexandra Palace in May,” said show organiser Claire Tilbury. “His enthusiasm for what he does is clear and, as an up-and-coming figure in the industry, he’s well placed to share his experiences and offer advice to fellow SMEs.” For more information and to book your free ticket, visit


The domesTic and commercial Trade exhibiTion

ce a s l r a e r P u t a 016 c r a d f u n n a ay 2 a x m e l g A 19 M n i d a e l e 18ucts ll th

d g o n r i p t See a a t e es h t e a l h t e h f t o e g a r View e v o c d e l l a s t Unritvor n u sco i d sec & s r & e s f r f a o n i w o m h e s S g n i n i a r t s n E o i E t FR onstra dem

For free entry, free parking, free merchant travel and free food register online:

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Take a look at Technogym’s stunning UK showroom Technogym now has a state-of-the-art Wellness Showroom at its UK offices in Bracknell, Berkshire. Designed to reflect the iconic architecture of the Technogym Village in Italy – the company’s global headquarters and the world’s first Wellness Campus – the UK Showroom is set to be a true Wellness hub. It functions as a training centre for staff and customers; a meeting venue; and a showcase of the equipment and technologies across all of Technogym’s premium home and professional lines of equipment. For those customers who would like to set up their own personal gym in their home, Technogym offers a complimentary consultancy service, Wellness Design™. A dedicated Wellness Consultant works closely with the customer to create their ideal Wellness space, offering advice and assistance during the design phase. This includes a consultation with a Technogym Master Trainer, a highly qualified fitness and wellness professional, who evaluates the customer’s fitness needs and motivations in order to recommend the most appropriate equipment for their specific requirements and available space and help with the following factors that are an important part of any gym design: 1. Position of the equipment based on room lighting and the possibility of controlling light sourcesPlanning and development of apparatus and choice of pieces of equipment that complement one another 2. The best materials for the space (flooring, walls etc). 3. Maintaining safety while retaining style (in terms of space between equipment). 4. The ideal colours to fit with the surrounding environment. 5. Any additional furnishings that will further enhance the space. The Wellness Design™ service also includes the creation of a virtual image of the gym so the customer is able to see how the space would look and compare the different available options. Take a look at the images of Technogym’s Showroom below. It is located at Two the Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1WP. Call or email us at +44 (0) 1344 800236 or to make an appointment to visit.


Technogym offers complimentary CPD training in Wellness Design Designed to help professionals in architecture and design to create stunning and effective Wellness spaces for clients; both commercial and private. Whether you’re designing a home gym, hotel spa or installing into a yacht, Technogym’s Wellness Design CPD will give you the grounding you need to understand better your clients’ needs, and deliver a more accurate solution. Technogym’s in house Wellness Design specialists are on hand to help you with more complex projects, particularly where clients have specific fitness goals. We can support with 2D and 3D renders, walkthroughs and share years of experience in overcoming challenges in design and installation.

Book your CPD Training Call us FREE on: 0808 250 1354

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Crest Leather is a multinational producer of high quality finished leather Through our various operations across 4 continents, we use a combination of the latest technology and traditional artisanal techniques to ensure our range of leathers meet even those most demanding of requirements. We currently own and operate tanneries in Brazil, Italy and Thailand and have further operations in London, Manchester and the USA with a total workforce well-over over 800 personnel. Every year Crest Leather processes over 1,000,000 hides, sells over 58,000,000 square feet of finished leather, and moves thousands of containers across 6 continents. And we a growing…


attention to reducing our environmental impact by maintaining strictly regulated procedures to ensure all our operations adhere to the highest level of standards in the industry. CRESTJMT Our facility in Manchester, CrestJMT, offers a wide range of finished leather in stock for order to predominantly UK customers. Currently we hold over 3 million square feet in stock at our warehouse in Rochdale in some 311 different colours across 22 different types of leather. We have recently expanded our range with 62 brand new colours using high quality European pigmented leathers produced at our tannery in Arzignano, Veneto.

QUALITY Maintaining quality is of utmost importance to us, and that is why we tan our leather in an ISO 9001 environment. However, we are very conscious of the fact that quality leather products are only part of what we provide, so we also work hard to make sure that we give the highest levels of customer service.

Our new brochure showcasing these leathers will be available soon and we will gladly send you send a copy upon request; we will also have a pdf version available to be sent over email.

Our sales teams are knowledgeable in all aspects of leather and production, and are always happy and ready to help with any of your professional requirements, however challenging. We are committed to improving our environmental stance, and are continually devoting a lot of

CONTACT For more information please contact us on: Crest Leather Head Office: +44 208 457 7129 CresJMT: +44 170 664 3121

Along with our existing range, we also offer a bespoke option to customers who wish to madeto-order finished leather.

Product information GlassTech Europes stock distressed antique mirror is generally 4, 5 & 6mm thick & the sheet sizes are 2440mm x 1830mm & 2400mm x 1200mm Our mirrors can be supplied as full sheets or cut to size & processed with polished edges, bevelled edges, drilled holes, cut outs & safety backing.

Stockists & suppliers of antique & distressed sheet mirror.

A packaging & transportation service is also available for UK, EU & Worldwide deliveries. If you would like to discuss your project requirements please email or Tel +44 (0) 1298 25338.

APOLLO radiators is one of the leading independent distributors of radiators and towel rails in the UK. At APOLLO radiators the emphasis is on quality, and availability from stock. APOLLO radiators distribute throughout the UK to a wide range of independent merchants, as well as the national merchant groups.

APOLLO roma classic steel column radiators come in a wide range of sizes. Fusion welded sections manufactured in Italy with the latest technology and a 10 year guarantee. Over 150 sizes are available in white within 3 working days and a selection of 46 different colours are available in just 7 working days.

roma classic vertical and horizontal wall mounted and freestanding steel column radiators

APOLLO monza is a modern contemporary design of column radiator available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in europe, in this case Italy. The monza is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underfloor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, and the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza is less than half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems

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THE ART OF BRITISH CERAMICS Producing ceramic art of the very highest quality in the heart of Worcestershire, Chamberlain & Co is a new luxury fine bone china brand, with statement pieces designed to enhance and embellish luxury homes, hotels, and galleries. Championing Worcestershire art and the expert English ceramic skills that have been handed down from generation to generation in the heart of Worcestershire, Chamberlain & Co is committed to creating exclusive and unique ornamental ceramics of the very highest quality.

We believe the end result is a triumph: a collection of classic Chamberlain fine bone china that brings the style of the eighteenth century into the twenty-first century, a celebration of Worcestershire ceramics past, present and future. Any one of these pieces would make a wonderful centrepiece in your home, an heirloom, an investment lasting for eternity.

“In a world where much is mass produced, we believe there is an appreciation of, and demand for, handmade British products of the The handmade nature of our products makes each piece and an highest quality,” says David Leader, Operations Manager. individual work of art, every item signed by the artist. Here we showcase the Heritage Garden collection which was directly inspired by the wonderful ceramics created by Chamberlain and other Worcestershire china manufacturers in the early nineteenth century. The shapes of the four pieces in this timeless collection were specifically selected to blend history with contemporary design perfectly suited to modern tastes and styles. The Chinese influence, filtered through Worcestershire china and chinoiserie, is evident in the style and colour of the flowers of Heritage Garden. The design comprises three main sprays of flowers that weave together around the shape of the vases, Ginger jar and bowl, along with delicate vignettes of flowers and leaves.

“We can only achieve this because our Chamberlain & Co artists are handpicked and we believe them to be the most talented in England, with long and distinguished pedigree’s in Worcestershire ceramics, with skills that have been passed down through the generations,” says David.


“Consequently designs can be customised to suit particular tastes – maximising appeal for a particular customer or market” emphasises David, “the company is perfectly positioned to undertake bespoke commissions, and this has been key to the company’s recent growth”. David adds, “In reality each piece is bespoke so if you want to influence the design, colour or add your own design elements we welcome the enquiry”. “Nothing rivals the beauty of bespoke handmade, hand-painted English fine bone china and those who seek the very best prestige statement pieces should not have to compromise – Chamberlain can make that difference,” concludes David. - 01684 311704

Considerations When Buying Oak Beams For Home Projects Oak beams instantly convey a rustic strength and natural beauty which can transform any living space. Whether you are looking to create a country kitchen or add historic character to a barn conversion, here is some guidance on what you need to do to source the right beams. Timbersource, a timber supplier in Somerset, shares some expert insights. As a building material, oak ticks the box for practical as it is so strong but it is also has an appealing texture. That is why it is highly popular for a range of home projects from mantels on fireplaces to kitchen ceiling beams. It’s important to start on the right foot at the timber yard when selecting these beams for projects. If you make good early decisions about your timber, oak beams really do transform your home spaces and often add value to property. Here’s some advice from the experts.

Make the Grade Dependent on the type of oak beam project you are undertaking, strength of the wood can be key. You need to source the right oak for the job. When the moisture content is deemed correct (20%) strength grading can be conducted via the TH system where quality is determined by criteria such as shape, knots, fissures, slope of grain, bark pockets and such. The grading system range encompasses four standards which are defined by the extent of defects present or not – TH1, TH2 (a minimum thickness of 20 mm) and THA, THB (with a thickness greater than 100mm). TH1 is a higher grade than TH2 and THA is a higher grade than THB. Look for knots in the wood as a high frequency of knots will mean the wood is weaker and possibly more susceptible to warping. For projects like shelves and mantels you would be wise to use air dried or green oak beams. Always be aware that grading is not an exact science – which is why expert opinions from those dealing the wood should be taken, if offered.

Right on Delivery Sometimes the length of wood that is delivered is much larger than you need, leaving you with a headache of disposing of a lot of wood at project’s end, it’s also such as waste. Get the wood in perfect condition for the task prior to order. A little extra work pre-delivery by the supplier can save so much project time. Make sure your supplier can saw the wood to exact dimensions to save you time and guard against potential errors. If the wood is cut extensively it may lose the grade but a qualified grader should be able to re-grade the wood for you prior to delivery.



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Treating the Wood Think about what you want your timber to look like. Oak may be stored indoors or outdoors at the suppliers – the wood that is outdoors is usually darker from weathering. It’s simple enough to add a request to plane. Be aware that naturally air dried oak may contain splits on the surface. Oak beams, if used indoors should really be oil stained as this gives the wood extra strength and protection. You can spray the stain onto the beam or use a cloth to wipe it on. The stain needs to be left to penetrate the beam for around five minutes and after that wipe it off carefully with a soft cloth. If you want a really dark wood effect repeat this process and leave for longer. If you want to add a varnish ensure the beam is allowed to dry properly first – leave it for 72 hours after treatment. Oak beams may need maintenance over time as they can turn grey or the finish clouds or flakes so inspect the beams annually to see if they need a treatment or some TLC. Oak beams are great for interiors and can be the signature style that turns many a house into a home, so take the time to really consider the look you want and be careful to source a supplier that has a proven history in timber supply.


ENHANCED CHOICE OF PANELS FOR SCHUECO’S RANGE OF DOORS Customers of Schueco UK can now choose products from leading German door panel specialist, Adeco, a longtime supplier to Schueco in other European countries. This option now gives UK clients a greatly improved choice of stylish, high-end design options for Schueco entrance doors. Constructed from the highest quality aluminium, Adeco’s comprehensive product portfolio includes modern, contemporary designs as well as more traditional styles, meaning that they can supply an infill door panel to bring visual distinction to any type of property. Adeco offers three panel types – infill, single sided leaf enclosing and double sided leaf enclosing, the latter two providing the most popular and visually attractive versions. These are combined with purpose-designed Schueco profiles in frame depths that range from 65 mm to 90 mm depending upon the configuration that has been chosen. Schueco doors fitted with Adeco panels take all standard Schueco fittings including handles, hinges and locks. The result is a very distinctive door which is both highly insulated and extremely secure.


A wide choice of RAL colours is available and customers have the option of specifying different colours on the outside and the inside of the doors. State-of-the-art NC technology and advanced surface coating systems ensure that the colours and finishes are bright and will be particularly hard-wearing. The depth of the company’s attention to detail is exemplified by the option of special pre-treatment coatings for doors in coastal situations. For more information about Schueco doors and Adeco Door Panels, including ordering details, please email

Banish dark and gloomy interiors with the world’s brightest sun tube system. Guaranteed % Delivers more daylight than either Solatube or Sunpipe* Solarspot daylight tubes are independently tested and proven to deliver more natural light than any other solar tube system. Patented dome lens systems combine with the world’s most reflective tube material to deliver more daylight from roof to room. Our one-piece, leak-proof flashings suit virtually every roof type and our unrivalled range of adjustable angles and and superreflective extensions make installation easy, even in the most complicated roof spaces. Solarspot systems can be employed singularly in windowless internal spaces like bathrooms and corridors or used in multiples to bring natural light into the heart of dark building where the daylight from windows is not enough. Specify Solarspot Daylight Systems for your next project and banish gloomy interiors forever.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) testing. Global Efficiency Figures:

Solarspot D-38 - 57% Sunpipe 450 - 43% Solatube 290 DS - 40% 2.2m systems tested in natural daylight conditions

For more information call 0333 772 0137 or visit



FOUR AREAS OF INNOVATION FEATURED AT VISION THIS JUNE Technology and engineering are evolving at a faster rate than at any other time in history to help the construction industry meet new challenges, presenting new ways of creating homes and other types of buildings quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Vision – the event for architects, specifiers and their clients – will feature several areas of innovation in their Future Materials and Systems seminar stream at London’s Olympia on 7/8 June: Vision takes place on 7/8 June 2016 at Olympia London. To register for your free of charge pass go to


1. Nanoparticles: Nanoparticles added to construction materials,

such as cement, concrete and steel are promising to deliver significant improvements, including greater strength, and are bringing new properties like self-healing and self-cleaning. In his presentation on 7 June, Dr Bojan Boskovic will consider how the use of carbon nanomaterials can open up new possibilities for sustainable design strategies, improve the nature of building structures and provide a new array of functions that can improve interaction between buildings and their occupants. 2. Innovating from nature: Sustainable design approaches have brought us organic forms in architecture and innovation in the use of natural materials, like timber. Some are developing bolder visions, with research exploring how nature could more radically shape our city, and help the built environment to withstand potential environmental challenges in the future. Leading visionaries and future-gazers, Melissa Sterry and Rachel Armstrong, will both be sharing their ideas in presentations at Vision on 7 June. 3. Circular economy: There is a growing focus within industry generally on the circular economy – the principle of using resources wisely by ensuring products and materials are designed at the outset for durability and recycling. On the first day of Vision a team from the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products’ (ASBP) Reusable Buildings Network will give an update on two innovative projects on steel reuse within construction. 4. Robotics: Manpower has been replaced by machine in many areas of construction, and the advance of technology looks set to continue. Robotic fabrication WILL change the way we build, is the title of a technology talk at Vision on 8 June by Sebastian Andraos and Federico Rossi.

7-8 JUNE 2016



ATTEND VISION AND ACCESS: • Exhibition of hundreds of innovative solutions for the built environment • International Meeting Programme • Interactive Show Features • Vision Late Night - join us for our special evening programme and networking drinks on 7 June

• 100+ CPD Accredited seminar sessions covering: - Future Materials & Systems - Building Health & Wellness - Offsite Construction - Technology Talks - Innovation in Architecture & Design - Smart Buildings - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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Opening Hours: 7 June 10.00-21.00, 8 June 09.00-16.30

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Touch Ironmongery LTd 210 Fulham road, chelsea London SW10 9PJ

The PerFecT Touch


stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called “A Touch of Brass”, the firm changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to also reflect the broader range of products and finishes that they sell. In fact today, Touch can supply a wide range of finishes including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list keeps growing. Whatever finish you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the

Ironmongery market, Touch mainly supply to residential premises but hotel and office properties also contribute to their vast clientele. The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry. The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods

which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. Ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an onsite service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit •38•

OLARIA BARCELONA has now come to London Olaria full range is now available from Touch Ironmongery. Olaria are manufacturers based in Barcelona. Est.1934. Suppliers of luxury hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer and Casa Mila of Architect Gaudi, Old Hotel Ritz, Hotel Avenida Palace, Hotel Majestic and many commercial and luxury buildings.

Doors, windows & Architectural hardware

Protect the planet with responsibly sourced doors from Todd Doors With the planet coming under increasing threat from deforestation, resulting in climate change and global warming; Todd Doors has taken steps to ensure that all purchasing procedures are undertaken in the most environmentally responsible way possible and is committed to supporting the European Council’s goals for sustainable development. Todd Doors has sought and qualified for certification under the stringent rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). This shows a dedicated obligation as a business to protect the environment and recognises the concerns of customers. It’s always worth bearing in mind the origin of any timber products you buy. All timber doors at Todd Doors are sourced from sustainable and well managed forests and fully comply with European Union Timber Regulations. Under no circumstances


will Todd Doors purchase products from factories that cannot or will not prove the origin of their timber. Rigorous checks are undertaken and evidence obtained to ensure all parts of the supply chain and movement of timber can be verified. From the growing of trees in forests that must meet with the internationally recognised standard for good forest management; to securing documentary evidence that the timber purchased is precisely what is used in the manufacturing of the doors, you can be wholly confident with the provenance of the doors that you purchase through Todd Doors.

With a great range of timber doors to choose from, original designs in traditional and modern styles and a fully bespoke service available — Todd Doors is sure to have the right door for you. Dedicated door experts are available six days a week to help you choose the best doors to suit your home, style and budget - and with all the door furniture and accessories you will need, Todd Doors really is a one-stop destination. Shop on-line, in store or call 0800 633 5050

Inspirational doors for every home ...

At Todd Doors we put service and value at the heart of everything we do.



0800 987 8667 TODD-DOORS.CO.UK



SINCE 1952

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GEZE UK appoints Phil Mead as area sales manager GEZE UK has demonstrated its commitment to the growth of its manual closers and window technology ranges with the appointment of Phil Mead as area sales manager.


hil will be responsible for managing key accounts and increasing new business across Kent, Surrey and within the M25 and City of London. As well as manual closers and window technology products, his portfolio will encompass automatic operators and glass products. Prior to joining GEZE, Phil worked within the access control, communication and security systems sectors, where he has more than 25 years’ experience, most recently as Specification Manager for Aiphone Products. In this role, he worked on notable projects such as Windsor Castle, Buckingham House and John Radcliffe Hospital.

experience in a complimentary industry so I am looking forward to the challenge with GEZE UK. I am keen to develop new business and support my existing customers as they design and build their projects utilising our extensive range of products.” Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK added: “We are very pleased to be welcoming Phil to the team. GEZE UK is committed to giving our customers the highest level of service; one of the ways that we are doing this is by employing new members of staff that not only bring skills and experience but new ideas from associated industries.”

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic Speaking about his appointment, Phil said: operators, manual door closers and “I have an extensive network of customer window technology products call 01543 contacts, backed up with years of sales 443000 or visit •42•

The real beauty is what you don’t see The quality of a Schueco glazed system isn’t just on the surface. German engineering means sliding doors with concealed frames and narrow central joins. Windows have slender profiles. Façades offer ultraslim mullions and transoms. Entrance doors deliver unbeatable security. Yet all come with insulation that can be up to Passive House levels. If you’re looking for a system that is clearly better, there’s only one name on the frame.

Doors, windows & architectural hardware


The, Award-winning, secret fixing for panels and more…


rom Washrooms and fit-outs to exhibition, furniture and display stands and now even internal signage , this innovative, secret fixing is a must have for fitters, designers and architects alike!

Button-fix is an extra strong, secret fixing

for panels. Now with four different types of Fix to choose from; Type 1 Fix, Type 1 Fix Bonded, Type 1 Fix Flush and Type 2 Fix all of which are compatible with our 2 different Button Types.

As with the original Button-fix, our NEW Fixes have been designed with Fitters in mind, saving companies time and money as well as increasing the accuracy and easy of the fit. Button-fix are easy to align and fit with the Button part of the fixing safely locking home with a ‘click’! Which type of Button or Fix depends on your particular application! To better understand which type is best for your application, please visit, particularly our video and photography page where you’ll see how and where Button-fix has actually been used. The NEW Type 1 Flush is ideal for the ‘no gap’ fixing of panels, popular with furniture and exhibition stands.

NEW Type 1 Bonded is for applications

where screw fixing is not possible and bonding is the preferred option. This is perfectly suited to light weight decorative panels, boat interiors, interior signage, white boards and POS displays. To find out more see our website or contact us. W: E: T: +44(0)20 8150 7190.


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ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE OF THE HIGHEST CALIBRE With a reputation for product innovation, superior craftsmanship and unrivalled service, Strada London is the natural choice for architectural hardware among leading interior designers, architects and building contractors. From heritage ironmongery for Kensington Palace to contemporary hardware for ExCeL London, the Strada team has supplied creative solutions to suit a vast range of interior settings over the past 35 years. Whether renovating a period house or furnishing state-of-the-art offices, property professionals rely on Strada London’s meticulously crafted products to add the ultimate finishing touch. With no less than eight signature collections that encompass both traditional and contemporary designs in a choice of materials, sizes and finishes, the Strada London portfolio is an invaluable source of inspiration.


Uncompromising in their selection of materials and their standards of precision engineering, they take pride in the fact that all Strada London products are a fusion of pleasing design and exceptionally high durability.

Of course, if you cannot find exactly what you desire, they offer a bespoke design service, employing 3D modelling and prototyping techniques to develop pieces that bring your ideas to life. Other Strada London services include comprehensive scheduling and project management to ensure that every item of architectural hardware arrives on site in the correct location and at the right time. Strada also offer a range of high-end security solutions suitable for commercial and government organisations through their Corporate Security Division. From creative concepts to final installation, you can rely on Strada London.

The details are not the details. They make the design. Charles Eames


Unit 2C, Kimberley Business Park, Blackness Lane, Keston, Kent BR2 6HL

Te l : 0 8 0 8 1 7 8 6 0 0 7 w w w. s t r a d a . u k . c o m

A Beginner’s Guide to Loft Conversion Design The challenge of creating a new, fully functional loft room out of a dark, draughty attic is an exciting one that many homeowners consider but not so many follow through to the end. What puts many households off is potential planning headaches and possibility of problems but, as with all things, taking time at the planning stage can not only reduce the risk of problems, it can also inspire you to take up the challenge and create the dream space that will complete your home. So where do you begin?


Think possibilities The first thing to do is to think about all the possible options that are available for your home. These can be easily researched locally by stepping outside of your door to look up the street and identify who’s done what in the roof. If you know one of these neighbours well enough, asking them about their own conversion is a useful starting point. Even if the conversion was already there when they purchased, they may still be happy to show you the layout of the loft room and how it is accessed, to help inform your own ideas in a realistic way. Asking loft conversion specialists who serve your local area is also a good idea. Many offer a portfolio of before and after images so that you can see the potential results and gain a realistic idea about costs before you go too far with your own ideas. Such specialists might include local structural engineers, architects and construction companies, as well as companies which offer all-in loft conversion services, something which will certainly help make the planning stage, as well as the conversion period, a lot easier. Another must is to check out local planning requirements, including regulations, restrictions and covenants. If the property is in a conservation area then there will be additional restrictions and requirements to adhere to in order to gain planning approval, even at the design stage. You can then ask the advice of any of the specialists you are in discussion with, if any planning issues arise, so that these can be taken into account in the design and costing of your project. Think practical Once you gain an idea of the kind of room you might want to create, within any restrictions the planning office has outlined, some practical measurements and realities need to be checked. The main ones to consider are: • Head height - both for accessing the loft space as well as using it. Adequate headspace is a must for safe clearance when accessing the room and to meet planning regulations. • S pace for staircase – both inside the newly created loft space and

on the storey below where the access will be gained. Check that the stairs can be accommodated in a way which maximises space, such as by placing over the existing main staircase or by adding a spiral staircase, but without compromising safety. • M aking the staircase and space safe and user-friendly doesn’t just mean best-fit for space, but also for purpose and people, for example by choosing space-saver staircase (with reduced width left-foot, right-foot risers) can add safety issues for the very young or old, but be ideal for a teenager’s loft room. Think purpose The overall plan of the loft space can be greatly influenced by the purpose it will have. For example, an adult bedroom, study or a children’s playroom will all require storage space. If this can be planned into the design, such as incorporating eaves cupboards or shelves to be built into eaves spaces, then they will form part of the loft conversion, which can save time and money later on. At the designs stage, the extent to which soundproofing will be needed can be greatly influenced by the potential purpose for the room. For sleeping in the new space, it’s important that soundproofing is maximised so that disturbance from downstairs rooms does not encroach on the new rooms. Also consider outside sounds: if local wildlife such as roof-top seagulls, or having a residence is close to an airport flight-path mean sounds are likely to travel in roofwards, this will need to be considered. Even if the room is going to be used for activity, such as a child’s playroom or an indoor gym, the need to soundproof the area to protect the living space below from intrusive sounds should also be considered, especially if the rooms below are bedrooms. Think privacy Privacy isn’t just important for the space you are creating, it’s also important for your neighbours as your new loft window has the potential to be looking straight across into neighbouring homes and gardens. At the design stage, it can certainly pay to make sure the window is designed not just with light in mind, but also privacy.

Think paint Having gone to considerable trouble, not to mention time and expense, to create a whole new, usable space in the loft, many people fail at one of the final design stages – paint, or specifically colour. Getting this wrong can make even a large space seem small and crowded and a light space seem dark and drab. Particularly where window design may have been compromised on (for example by settling for a roof light window instead of a dormer to comply with standard loft conversion regulations) getting the colour right can help to maximise light coming through. This is particularly important because of the sloping nature of many of the ceilings and even walls of a loft room. As a general rule, painting the walls and ceiling in the same colour is essential if the majority of these are sloping. If there’s a wide expanse of slopes, keeping to the same pale colour throughout will give a sense of light and reduce dark, shadowy corners. Think personalisation Once the space is complete, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to personalise the new loft room and make it your own. Whether you want the look to be luxurious or cosy, textiles can be a great way to enhance the overall effect whilst softening any echoing spaces or new noises, for example the sounds of a metal spiral staircase. Similarly, consider natural materials such as wood cladding to walls and ceiling instead of painted plaster if you want to retain an eaves-top ambiance or create a Scandi style. Finally, all the way through the design and planning period, stay switched on to ideas about lighting. From the stairway to the room access, lights aid safety and emphasise space, whilst fit-forpurpose lighting within the loft space can support the purpose of the roof, for example consider natural light, bright lights for reading, creating or playing, dimmed light for recreating a romantic ceiling as you glance up at the stars through the roof light. These are all things it helps to consider right from the start and if you have any doubts or questions, Abbey Lofts are happy to help.



Variety and individual are the buzz words for new ranges and products that will be unveiled at this year’s Manchester Furniture Show, (17-19 July, Manchester Central). Manchester’s increased number of exhibitors will present a myriad of choices from glistening lights to aged leather sofas to cater all looks from country living to modern urban chic. For a gentle country look - be it stately home grandeur or cosy cottage, Manchester’s exhibitors will not disappoint, Westbridge, Wade and Whitemeadow will be showing sofas and chairs that could grace the home of a country squire or cottage dweller in bright florals, rich velvets and soft tweeds. To complement in living and dining Baker, Wood Brothers, Rowico, Corndell and Furniture Origins all have collections to suit a fresh green look, with reclaimed woods, painted finishes and mixed textures. Shankar have dining chairs and carvers to match grand and simple looks, with new designs in velvets and leathers in a huge choice of finishes. If the style you’re after is more urban, then Lebus, Buoyant, Scan Thor, Panacea or Mini Divani will have the perfect choices for the city and it’s pace, with sofas in leather, crisp geometrics and contemporary styling. Living and dining for the sharp city look will be on show from VIDA Living, Exclusive, Nolte, Nathan, Value Mark and Rauch, with bright surfaces, mixed textures and clean design. Value Mark are introducing Lewis in high gloss black and chrome together with new compact marble dining sets. Major German exhibitors, Nolte and Rauch will both introduce new cleverly engineered bedroom collections designed specifically for the UK market. For individual looks see Bluebone, Indian Hub, Gallery Direct, Heartlands, CIMC and Hookes Interiors, are offering new products and ranges in a wide variety of styles from rustic to funky. Bluebone will show additions to their eclectic collections including new pieces for their popular Storm Grey Farmhouse range and their Cottonwood Painted collection.


CIMC will introduce new furniture items to create comprehensive looks with their increasing interior collections, including lamps, mirrors and coordinating decorative accessories. Their stand will be a wonderful array of colour, texture and design. Indian Hub will show a full collection of their Indian rosewood collections. Their unique modern designs which combine wood with metal and have aged finishes are perfect for the industrial or rustic look. In contrast Ancient Mariner from the East Indies use mango wood in their vintage and traditional designs for a more genteel look. Whatever your look of choice to complete it you need a few well chosen accessories. The Manchester Furniture Show again won’t disappoint with a great mix of lighting, mirrors, art, rugs, decorative accessories and soft furnishings. Well known suppliers including DB Mirrors, Flair Rugs, Wire Lamps and Wilde Java will have their latest designs on show ranging from Art Deco to crisp modern so you can add that final flourish. To find all you need for the look you want, make sure you don’t miss the best of the new at The Manchester Furniture Show. For a full list of exhibitors and further information visit:








-19 July 7 1 L A R T N E C R E NCHEST







Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Young Bathscreens Based in Mantova, Italy, Novellini is now the World’s largest independent producer and manufacturer of shower enclosures, trays, wet-rooms, steam cabins, baths, whirlpools and accessories. All of the Novellini products are designed and manufactured with the world renowned Italian flair and passion.



in partnership with some of the World’s leading designers and architects, developed the Young bath screen to be ideally suited to the developer market for residential apartments, all domestic dwellings and hotels. Novellini Young screens include the following specifications: 1500mm high 6mm safety glass treated with Crystal clear Polished chrome profiles, with rise and fall hinges and a 180⁰ pivoting door section Twin seal technology designed by Novellini running the full length of the wall profile Supplied as standard, 2 options of bath to glass seals and optional chrome anti-splash trim, providing a secondary and final barrier against possible water leakage.


All of the above will provide you with and increased water tightness and a bath screen that will not leak. The Young bath screen will save time and money with reduced remedial visits to leaking screens. One less snagging issue to worry about. Novellini Young, a screen you can truly fit and forget whilst maintaining the modern frameless design expected by today’s demanding customer. We supply our products within 72hr nationwide via our merchant partners; please visit our website for more details: for brochures and advice email:


New YOUNG bath screen collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young bath screens are fitted with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Available nation wide.


QFD presents: QUARTZFORMS The Evolution of Stone into a Perfect Surface

QF DISTRIBUTION LIMITED QUARTZFORMS engineered stone goes one step further than natural stone. QUARTZFORMS versatility, resistance, aesthetic appearance, hygienic qualities, and easy maintenance has won the trust of architects and designers worldwide. QUARTZFORMS made in Germany with precison engineering, innovation and quality, enables their customers to benefit from the SCRATCH, HEAT and STAIN RESISTANCE that comes with every QUARTZFORMS product. London Showroom: Unit 128 Business Design Centre, +44 (0)1245 243929 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH

Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms

SHOWER ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ FROM MX MX Group continues to build its reputation for providing all things shower related – from its leading range of shower trays, to its popular electric and thermostatic shower ranges, its wide range of shower enclosures and screens, its new ranges of brassware and its huge range of shower accessories. MX Group’s impressive ‘one stop shop’ range of shower and bathroom products continues to be welcomed by social housing providers looking for high quality, reliable products for their homes and new developments up and down the country. The response to the new products added in the past twelve months has been phenomenal with current and new customers keen to find out more about the extended offering that features in the new ‘MX Collection’ catalogue, available in printed form or online by visiting the MX web site – at The MX Thermostatic Care QI and Care 2 QI electric shower ranges are fully BEAB Care and RNIB Approved making them ideal for people who require more showering assistance and who have additional safety requirements. Ideal for care and nursing homes, sheltered housing schemes and general needs housing where older and younger people live – they provide an extra level of safety in the shower. They are stylishly designed, with high contrasting controls. They have many benefits and features including minimal touch buttons, large easy to read illuminated temperature display maximum temperature lock for added safety audible user feedback on push button commands and a double bleep indicator when the shower reaches maximum temperature. The Thermostatic Care shower is available with a 1 metre riser rail and a 2 metre hose and Care 2 has a more family friendly adjustable riser rail to ensure everyone can enjoy their showering experience. Both come complete with a multi-mode shower head and wall mounted bracket which is ideal for use with a shower seat or wheelchair. These showers are available in 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW with a two year manufacturers guarantee as well as being BEAB approved, RNIB, CE and WRAS approved. MX remains the leading shower tray manufacturer in the UK, manufacturing 100s of different tray sizes, in 6 main product types, meaning that it can cater for the specific needs of customers around the UK. It continues to be a growing influence in the Electric Shower marketplace too. Its wider QI – Quick installation – range of electric showers sets new standards for simple installation. It’s grown with the addition of a number of exciting new models to its electric shower range in recent months. Featuring eight entry points for water and electric – these showers offer the simplest shower installation available. Call 01684 293311 or go to the website at for a catalogue or for information.


Specified & fitted by hotels & developments worldwide for new build & refurbishment.

• demista The Innovator of Steam Free Mirrors • Proven with a faultless track record of over 23years • Universally accepted by Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers as The Number 1 Mirror Defogger. • Internationally Approved • Simple to Fit • Low Energy Consumption • 100% Efficient and Maintenance Free Various Sizes and Voltages • Bespoke to Order • • 10 Year Warranty • Manufactured in the UK TM

Manufactured in the UK

Simple to install Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Ind Estate, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF Tel: +44 (0) 1932 866600 • Fax: +44 (0) 1932 866688 Email: sales

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

JIS Europe Ltd much marries practicability with the more minimalistic styling favoured within design today, a thoroughly modern classic. The Rye range of towel rails is available in three different heating formats: these being electric only, dual fuel and the ability to be utilized solely within the central heating system. The rails, as always, are suitable for open plumbing systems. JIS Europe Ltd has launched a new offering within its Sussex Range of Heated Towel Rails. The Rye Tilting Rail was inspired by the traditional library ladder, it has been designed to offer a gentle and elegant twist on the classic, leaning casually and lightly against the wall, taking bathroom elegance and comfort to a new level. With larger than normal bar spacing comes the added advantage of further practicability should you favour more than one bath sheet or within a larger family bathroom. In fact this rail very


Measuring 1800mm x 520mm – tapering to 300mm at the top, the JIS element is constructed from 100% stainless steel, with a built in thermostat to prevent the rail from becoming too hot and, of course, to reduce running costs. With a BTU rating of 1878, the rail consumes just 550 Watts; while each one is manufactured with standard 1/2” BSP tappings and is pressure tested to 12 Bar. Offering a choice of either satin or a highly polished steel surface, all Rye towel rails are hand finished by the company’s

craftsmen to ensure the highest quality is maintained; so it is no surprise that JIS is confident enough to offer its usual noquibble 25 year guarantee. All of the towel rails within the Sussex Range are entirely fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel, of which over 90% is from recycled source and the rail itself is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. There are no environmentally harmful chemical plating processes in the manufacture of stainless steel, the very fact that it is not plated ensures the rails will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks can simply be polished out. This makes them a durable, as well as an attractive, environmentallyfriendly choice. The Sussex Range’s latest towel rails have a recommended retail price of just £449.50 + VAT. Please visit for further information or contact our friendly staff on 01444 831200

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Luxury Fitted Kitchens, Bathrooms & Appliances Oxford Kitchens and Bathrooms was established back in 1979 with the same management, in that time we have built up a loyal customer base, some of our past customers who have moved out of the area have still asked us if we would install a kitchen or a bathroom for them, consequently we have travelled up and down the country as far south as the Isle of Purbrick to Harrogate in the north, we have even been over to Portugal! Reccomendations are the strongest form of endorsement and our professionalism and high standards of workmanship are what we are known for. We specialise in contemporary kitchens from German manufacturer Leicht and traditional styles from English manufacturer Stoneham. Both companies are long established an award winners for design and innovation. We use many high quality suppliers such as Hans Grohe, Axor, Villeroy & Boch and more for our



bathrooms enabling us to offer the height of innovation and luxury as well as efficiency and designer features. With our expert team of designers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers we are capable of many bespoke elements to achieve a beautiful result perfect for you.

01865 326009 - 1st Floor, 1b Besselsleigh Road, Wootton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6DN

Luxury fitted kitchens, bathrooms & appliances


01865 326009 1st Floor, 1b Besselsleigh Road, Wootton, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6DN

picture hanging systems ltd




YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35

Lighting control for the Do’s and Don’ts DANLERS new range of PIR occupancy switches with SHORT VISIT MODE and COURTESY EXIT MODE can save even more energy through automatic presence based switching with optional timed manual intervention Manual option for short visits to reduce lights ON time (time lag) Manual option when exiting to reduce lights ON time (time lag) Always returns to standard automatic mode after short visit / exit functions Hence ideal for both those who DO switch lights off AND those who DON’T Adjustable photocell so lights do not come on unneccessarily Made in the UK

DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ U.K. Tel: 01249 443377. E: 2015 Ad designs 2_Layout 1 28/08/2015 15:47 Page 2

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems

Wetrooms made easy

• Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design • No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience

16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Tel: 01825 764737 • Fax: 01825 768330 Website: Email:



With our featured Maxxus Wet Deck Kit (the strongest on the market), easy-to-use tanking kits or membranes, and a wide selection of drains, it’s easy to install a luxurious wetroom anywhere in the home. Add on our designer grids and extensive range of stylish accessories and it’s easy to find the right product for any environment. Ask for our latest Price List today! 01629 815500

Vineyard selects MC2000 Platform Lift It was the vision of farmer Martin Vickers 30 years ago to plant a vineyard that would one day match continental sites. Today, at Halfpenny Green Vineyards, a few miles West of Dudley, 30 acres of vines are managed by Martin, producing award-winning wines crafted by his son Clive. A family business, the acclaimed shop, restaurant, deli and tea room are run by Clive’s wife Lisa, and offer a great day out for visitors. When the Vineyard was thinking of expanding the shop area of the business, Invalifts were called in to offer expert advice on how disabled access could be fully achieved. The main issue was a significant floor level discrepancy between the new area and the older shop area and the new area was also to have an upper floor accessed by new stairs. Invalifts recommended the MC2000 platform lift with an open through configuration. The 1250mm x 1590mm standard sized unit ensured that the platform size was fully compliant to Part M of Building Regulations and the Equality Act. To let as much light pass into the shop they offered a partially glazed shaft and glazed doors. The ground floor door into the existing shop was fitted with a hidden door closer, as there was an existing beam that the client wanted to retain and a standard closer would have fouled the beam. The whole unit was mounted directly on to the concrete floor and a small chequer plate ramp was fitted at the lower ground floor door in lieu of the 60mm pit. The whole installation took just 3 days to complete. The final product blends beautifully with the new overall decoration, helping to bridge the new with the old. The use of glass has let light come into the area and has ensured that older beams are not hidden but rather shown and highlight the architecture of the original building. The new lift is used by the disabled, elderly and parents with push chairs to gain access to all levels of the shop. To see a short video of this lift and installation, or to find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, visit the website at www.invalifts. com/mc2000 and click ‘Watch the Product Video.’ Alternatively, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.


Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:


announce it’s support for Rethink BW: Workplace Experts, has announced its nominated charity for 2016 as Rethink, a charity that provides support and information to thousands of people affected by mental illness and their carers, as well as campaigning to change policy and public attitudes. The construction industry is particularly affected by mental health issues, with a high suicide rate of one person in our sector commits suicide every other day on average. On a wider level, 1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness, and suicide still the single biggest cause of death for men under 45. Sadly, there is still some stigma around this health issue and it is therefore not always openly discussed, meaning many suffer in silence and don’t get the help they need. BW will support Rethink for the coming year, directing all its fundraising and awareness event to this very worthwhile cause. Steve Elliott, CEO of BW comments: “By working with Rethink we hope to raise the issue of mental illness on the agenda for our industry and hope to help alleviate some of the ignorance and stigma around an problem that is so prolific in the construction industry. “ •66•

LOFTZONE STOREFLOOR ACHIEVES BBA ACCREDITATION LoftZone StoreFloor is now the only approved product for boarding a loft above the insulation

See how StoreFloor gives you more storage space AND saves you energy

• 82% of householders use their loft for storage or access • 78% say it’s “more than half full” • Squashing insulation with boxes or boards doubles the U-value and heat lost • The UK wastes a whole power station as a result • LoftZone StoreFloor is the only BBAapproved method to provide storage and safe access above even deep insulation in modern truss-roofed buildings.

For more info on StoreFloor 01483 600304 •67•

Styccobond F46

– The Perfect Fit!

F. Ball’s leading pressure sensitive adhesive Styccobond F46 is the ‘Perfect Fit’ for securing PVC sheet and tile floorcoverings. As the UK’s leading flooring product specialist, F. Ball have developed a market leading range of tried and tested, high performance products. The key to any successful floorcovering project, as every contractor knows, is choosing reliable products which maximize time efficiency. When piecing together the perfect installation, proper subfloor preparation is essential prior to the application of the adhesive. Subfloors must be structurally sound, smooth, dry and free from all surface contaminants which will affect adhesion. F. Ball recommend using their approved Digital Hygrometer to measure the Relative Humidity of the subfloor. Where the RH value is greater


than 75% the appropriate STOPGAP waterproof surface membrane should be applied as excess moisture in the floor could result in blistering of the floorcovering or complete failure of the flooring installation. After the subfloor is prepared, F. Ball’s Styccobond F46 is ready to be deployed! Once applied, the adhesive dries to a permanent tacky film in approximately 40 minutes’ dependent on temperature, humidity and absorbency of the subfloor. It is ideally used to reduce the incidence of trowel

serrations shadowing through thin vinyl flooring and is designed to give strong initial tack and a high bond strength, particularly useful for the installation of intricate, high design vinyl tiles. It is protected against biodegradation and is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations. Dependent on the scale and requirement of the project, it is readily available in both 5L and 15L tub sizes. In order to help ensure perfect results, make sure to choose the perfect ingredients - F46 ensures a high grade, professional finish with exceptional value. For further information on Styccobond F46 and the complete range of F. Ball products please consult the F. Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide or visit the F. Ball website

Sean MacLachlan

Brian Flynn

Julie Burton

Designer Contracts – the UK’s largest flooring contractor – has announced a promotion and two new appointments to support its continued success.


Brian Flynn joined the Thames Valley region last year and now takes on the role of area manager. Previously Brian was employed by Dreams, Britain’s leading bed specialist, starting his career as assistant manager, moving up to divisional manager.

sectors, including Silver Spoon, Center Parcs and M&S Financial Services.

Based at the head office in Chesterfield, Julie Burton joins Designer Contracts as HR and H&S manager. Julie has worked for a number of blue chip organisations in the design engineering, food manufacturing, hospitality and financial services •70•

Joining the company as sales manager for the South Midlands region, Sean MacLachlan has extensive experience in the retirement living market, having previously worked as national sales manager for Allied Contracts and account director for Intu Interiors and Vogue Contracts. Said Designer Contracts md, Peter Kelsey: “We are lucky to have an incredibly loyal and skilled workforce and it’s a pleasure to

be able to promote from within the business as well as take on new staff.” It’s been a hugely successful year for the rapidly expanding company, which saw a 14% increase in turnover to £34 million for the 12 months to the end of October 2015, compared to the same period in the previous year. Designer Contracts has fully staffed offices and warehousing in 12 regions across the UK. As well as flooring, the company supplies curtain, blind, furniture and lighting packs and has a full show home interior design service.

Specialising Exclusively in Resin Bound Paving

SureSet uniquely combines outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability. Whether your project is a refurbishment or new-build and the design modern or traditional, SureSet will transform the appearance of: Ÿ


Driveways and pathways Access roads and car parks Tree pits and cycle shelters Schools and hotels Housing developments Shopping centres and public realm

Bound with Excellence Since 1997 0800 612 2083


123v Plc we design, manufacture, and install high quality, purposebuilt cantilever and traditional glass verandas for families and commercial companies nationwide. Our products are designed and made in Great Britain. Our fully engineered structures feature quality materials and fittings, to help you ensure structural stability while improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. Maximise the versatility of your outdoor area by tailoring your veranda design specifically to your lifestyle and property. Your preference can be contemporary, Victorian or to match existing wrought iron work. At 123v, our aim is to enhance your outdoor living and functional space with a stylish handcrafted structure that will last for years to come. All our veranda designs, including elegant garden verandas and patio verandas, can be used for an array of purposes including restaurants and hotels. Whether you are entertaining friends, dining outdoors, or require a shaded place for the children to play in summer or on rainy days – the options are endless. Moreover, as a CHAS accredited and Local Authority Building Control Partner, we are experienced in the different aspects of design, manufacture and installation of open-sided structures like carports, verandas, canopies and covered walkways. Verandas were added to our 123v range in 2010. The patented luxury glass verandas from our Ornate Designs range now account for a significant number of the company’s installations. The cantilevered aluminium supports can be finished in any RAL colour, including the glazing bars system securing toughened glass. The unique integrated guttering system makes for an aesthetic appeal complemented by the optional lighting, heating and audio speaker facilities. All our products come with a 10 year guarantee. The beautiful Ornate Designs Glass Veranda range was first shown to the public


To Celebrate Our European Patent Being Granted We Present to You Our Glass Veranda Product! Verandas are versatile structures that can add significant value and style to your property. Adding a veranda to your home can completely transform your living space and the way you use it.

at the BBC Gardeners World Live show at the NECC Birmingham in summer 2011. The presentation was an outstanding success and 123v was awarded the Gold Sundry Award from the show judges. We were then asked to exhibit at the Grand Designs show and many others throughout the UK. Since then, the number of bespoke

veranda installations has grown steadily and these beautiful structures can now be found in many secluded gardens and patios around the UK. Look out for our new development in domestic and commercial energy saving solar panel verandas on

FUTURE Designs launches Design a Light for Sparks competition This year lighting manufacturer FUTURE Designs and Sparks, the children’s medical research charity, will both celebrate their 25 th anniversaries. To mark the milestone the organisations have teamed up to run a competition to ‘Design a Light’ in order to raise funds and awareness for the amazing work that Sparks support.


oignantly many of the children that Sparks seeks to help will not celebrate their 25th birthday.

It is vital that Sparks remains at the forefront for many years to come, so that it may continue its work supporting clinicians and scientists across the UK, who have the skills, passion an innovations to improve children’s lives. FUTURE Designs is calling upon its friends, clients and colleagues in the world of property, construction, architecture, design and lighting to take part and ‘Design a Light’ for Sparks. The competition is open to individuals and teams, with an open brief to design an inspiring, uplifting and fun light. It could be a bedside lamp for a child, or perhaps a feature luminaire for a children’s hospital ward designed to brighten their day.

The esteemed judging panel includes: • Martin Jepson, President and COO UK Office Division, Brookfield Property Partners. • Jon Couret, Managing Director Head of Corporate Real Estate Solutions Barclays • Theresa Dowling, Managing Editor of FX magazine • Sarah Richardson, Editor of Building magazine • Brendan Keely, SLL Secretary, Society of Light and Lighting • Robert Booker, CEO of Sparks • David Clements, Managing Director of FUTURE Designs Martin Jepson President and COO UK Office Division, Brookfield Property Partners: “This is a brilliant way to capitalise on the talent and creative skills of our sector and ensure that the Sparks charity and its outstanding work remains at the forefront of our minds. I have no doubt that the architects, designers, engineers in our marketplace will produce some fantastic entries and I look forward to the judging day” Robert Booker, Sparks CEO says: “2016 is a huge year for Sparks as it is 25 years since we became an independent charity. Amongst our many events lined up this year, the FUTURE Designs partnership is particularly exciting. Beyond the synergy in our names and innovative approach, this design competition for a new light will raise awareness and funds amongst the property and construction industry and we are delighted.” David Clements, FUTURE Designs Managing Director says: “FUTURE Designs is a long term supporter of Sparks and we want to celebrate our joint milestone birthday with this wonderful charity to achieve three key things, raise money, raise awareness and have a little fun in the process”


The deadline for entries is on Thursday 14 th of July. Full details of the entry process can be found at:


The new white Amica oven emits a soft, red light to indicate when the oven is in operation and remains on when switched off until the oven drops below a safe 40c. The light which emits from both the handle and the soft touch controls add a safety dimension as well as stunning design. Amica’s new IN622W oven fits all design requirements from country cottage to minimalist chic apartment for consumers seeking genuine innovation in cooking technology. Available in three colours (white, black & beige) the oven emits a soft, red-toned light from both the handle and soft touch controls for ease of use and added design flare. The large 66 litre capacity oven and integral full-width variable electric grill means it is large enough for medium-sized family cooking and baking. Matching appliances include; extractor hood, glass-fronted fridge freezer and gas hobs. Amica IN 622W features include: • Multifunction oven – provides plenty of ways to cook • Touch sensor control - similar to smart-phone technology • Rapidly preheats - in just 4 minutes • Soft-close door – which feels like a premium car door • Telescopic guides - remove the need to lean in to the oven when lifting baking tins and trays to the kitchen table • The oven door is triple-glazed and remains cool to touch - safety of children and family pets • Programmable timer and control complete with child lock and residual heat indicator • 59.5cm high x 59.5 wide x 57.5cm deep – standard size for a UK single oven and will fit into an existing oven space for a simple replacement or upgrade • Rated ‘A’ for energy use RRP £399 from which includes free delivery on a day chosen to suit the customer and a comprehensive 2 year Amica warranty. Installation is also available from


Blastcool Unveils Prestigious

- New GSP series set to bring luxury refrigeration to Blastcool announces the launch of its GSP series of outdoor drinks coolers which is being unveiled ahead of the summer. With unrivalled cooling performance, these purpose built outdoor showpieces take beverages from room temperature to perfect serve five times faster than a household refrigerator, perfect for even the busiest parties. As the most energy efficient outdoor cooler on the market, Blastcool proves that choosing an environmentally sympathetic model doesn’t mean compromising on style or functionality. For over 30 years, the team behind Blastcool has been designing and building professional refrigeration. Serving some of the world’s top resorts and venues, including Hyatt, Mariott, Sheraton Hotels, the Shard and the Royal Albert Hall in London - this same technology is now available for consumers looking to recreate the five star outdoor entertaining experience at home.


Range Of Outdoor Drinks Coolers

outdoor living spaces across the UK this summer The sleek Blastcool GSP series of refrigerators combine the high quality and durability of a professional grade product with the stylish design intended for the home. Created by expert engineers, the series is made with top quality 304 food grade stainless steel, the same level used in professional kitchens. All models also feature a precision Italian controller to regulate temperature to the perfect degree; adjustable, tailored shelving to accommodate all types of drinks bottles; and an ECO button which reduces energy consumption by 33% when activated. Edward Jonas, Blastcool Managing Director, said: “Perfectly chilled drinks are the mainstay of outdoor entertaining and with this in mind, we created the Blastcool GSP series. “We wanted to offer consumers the same technology and cooling performance of a professional piece of equipment, combined with the stylish design and energy efficiency that you’d want for the home. A Blastcool refrigerator is sure to liven up any outdoor area and is made to stand alone or fit seamlessly into any existing design scheme.”

The Blastcool GSP series features three models: • Blastcool GSP1H - single door which holds 104 bottles - £1,695 • Blastcool GSP2H - double door which holds 169 bottles - £2,220 • Blastcool GSP3H - triple door which holds 260 bottles - £2,895 And come winter, there’s no need to worry about storing your Blastcool refrigerator away if it isn’t being used - the robust design means that it can remain outside all year round. The Blastcool GSP series has been independently rated by TUV of Germany as safe for outdoor use, in driven rain conditions as well as extreme heat. Blastcool refrigerators can be purchased online at or call 01244 321320 for more information.


Reynaers invests in Top Gear Reynaers’ R-Cuisine, a series of exclusive events for •78•


ontinuing on from last year’s R-Cuisine, this year Reynaers is holding six events over the spring and summer.

Each event will see guests taken to the Top Gear race track to take part in the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ experience. This full on day of driving fun is followed by exquisite fine-dining at the Michelin star ‘Matt Gillan at The Pass’ restaurant at the stunning 5* South Lodge Hotel in Sussex. Around 50 guests from 40 companies will be attending the R-Cuisine events, which will see participants battling it out on the race track against industry peers to earn a place on the leader board. Paul Duffy, Sales Director at Reynaers, said: “The R-Cuisine events represent a significant investment for us and last year’s results show our commitment to building lasting relationships with architects. “Our guests hear about the ongoing successes that Reynaers has enjoyed over the past 25 years in the UK and all the steps we are taking in research and innovation – and also delivering some fantastic building solutions in the global arena. “As well as introducing new people to the Reynaers brand, we also improved brand awareness and market presence across the industry. “We are in discussion with high profile architects and contractors on a number of new projects throughout the UK as a direct result of the R-Cuisine events last year.”

day for architects specifiers, has kicked off again this year in spectacular style.

Graham Hinkley, from Century Faҫades, said: “It’s a great idea for Reynaers to arrange events like this – most of our industry is very serious, as is necessary as it’s meeting people’s expectations and delivering complicated products. Days like these give everyone the chance to relax and have fun.” See more from the day here:


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Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

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Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

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Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

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Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

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Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

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Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Home Designer and Architect - May 2016  
Home Designer and Architect - May 2016