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MAGAZINE February 2015

Winkleigh Timber

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future proof your home

A lift to

✓ Space-saving with a remarkably

small footprint for a lift that can carry 2 people with a 250kg capacity

✓ Practical & affordable alternative to moving house if the stairs become too much

✓ Stylish & elegant with

customisable features and finishes to suit your needs

✓ Can be fitted neatly into a corner or against the wall

✓ No lift shaft required so easy installation with minimal building work

✓ 30 minute fire protection between

floors whether the lift is in the up or down position - an essential safety feature for a through floor lift

✓ Meets the requirements of

British Standards where applicable

✓ Manufactured in Knutsford, Cheshire, meaning short lead times and reliable national service and spares support

To find out more and request a brochure contact us on:

0800 247 1811

Terry Group Ltd. Longridge Trading Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8PR or visit: email:


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Third of Biggest Housebuilders Don’t Employ Own Architects More than a third of the UK’s biggest housebuilders don’t employ a single ARBregistered architect, research has revealed

well since the crash, delivering less product and making much more money …a dream for any business.’

New figures show that the top 25 housing construction firms ‘directly employ’ a total of just 46 architects, with three firms making up half that list.

He added: ‘It is the system that is broken there is not enough competition in the UK housebuilding market. The system works in favour of starving the market… [so] design becomes less important. The consumer becomes hungry for anything.’

The statistics, compiled by Robert Guy, partner at Bristol practice Arturus, also reveal that nine firms on the list do not have a single ARB architect on their books. Guy told the AJ: ‘[The figures] highlight that housebuilders don’t tend to want to work with architects. Outside of London, developers are happy to build standardised Noddy houses which are unoriginal and regressive in design.’ Designer Wayne Hemingway said housebuilders are not currently incentivised to prioritise design, and called for government action to encourage more competition: ‘I am surprised [housebuilders] employ that many, to be honest. The housebuilding industry has got leaner and meaner, which works as a model for them – so there is no use blaming them for it. Their remit is to get maximum return on the capital they have borrowed to fund development and they have done that very

Hemingway concluded:‘ Governments don’t like to be interventionist but this market needs them to act. Only then will housebuilders have to employ more staff with design skills.’ But David Birkbeck, chief executive of Design for Homes, said that the picture was complex. He said: ‘A lot of the big companies have very good architects and design teams. You can’t paint the industry as monolithic – some take design very seriously, whereas others want to build as cheaply as possible. You would do very well to find an era that didn’t rely on standardisation for mass housebuilding.’ Birkbeck added that there could be some advantages in not employing in-house architects.

‘In business terms it is probably best to get three outside consultants to show you different ideas rather than relying on some guy who has worked for you for 10 years and may be a bit stale.’ Developer Berkeley Group employed more than a quarter of the total number of architects on the list, with 11 ARBregistered architects. Sean Ellis, chairman of St James Group & Berkeley Homes Eastern Counties, said: ‘Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t do standardised products. ‘We use a lot of design firms but find that the qualified architects we have in house are good managing external practices. ‘We are a design-led business and having in-house architects gives us a competitive edge.” Steve Turner at HBF: ‘House builders are totally committed to good design and ensuring their products meet their customers’ requirements. In a market environment, if they weren’t, people would not buy.’

Recommend Project for The Buckminster Fuller Challenge The Buckminster Fuller Institute announces the launch of the 2015 cycle of The Fuller Challenge through the public invitation to recommend a project that demonstrates a design strategy with significant potential to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems. BFI is looking for visionary social and environmental solutions from across the globe for “socially responsible design’s highest award” and a cash prize of $100,000. To recommend a project that demonstrates excellence in comprehensive problem solving and anticipatory design, please enter the project name and contact information via this link: Recommend a project. “The success and impact of The Fuller Challenge is amplified through partnership with our ever-growing international community—their on the ground expertise, their insights into the global system, and their deep alignment with the ethics of Buckminster Fuller and his challenge to ‘make the world work


for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.’ We want to thank this network for their support and participation,” said Fuller Challenge program manager, Sarah Skenazy.


Heijmans Proposes Pop-Up Homes To Solve The Problem Of High Rents

Carl Turner Design Open-Source House That Floats On Floodwater

Dutch construction company Heijmans has developed a prefabricated starter home for young professionals that can be installed on vacant city-centre sites in under 24 hours.

London architect Carl Turner has developed a design for a prefabricated floating house and has made the plans available to download via an open-source architecture website.

Heijmans ONE reacts to the shortage of good affordable rental housing for young, town starters. These, often college graduates, threaten to fall between two stools in the housing market. According to the CBS (Government Statistical Service), this target group will number some 700,000 people in 2050. Moreover, Heijmans ONE offers a proper solution for empty sites in towns thanks to its moveability. As soon as permanent new construction projects have been started, the ONEs can be transported and moved to another location within one day. The houses have been devised and developed by Heijmans. The design is by Moodworks Architecture. Progress With the placement of the first two Heijmans ONE homes on the Zeeburger island, the municipality of Amsterdam sends out a positive signal on the possibilities of this residential concept for the market. The location on Zeeburgereiland has been appointed to Heijmans by the municipality for a period of at least three months, with an option for prolongation. After Carmen’s trial results, Heijmans will start marketing the first Heijmans ONE houses in The Netherlands in 2015.

Described as “part-house and part-boat”, the buoyant residence isn’t designed for any particular site – Carl Turner Architects sees the design as a solution to the problem of flooding that affects many parts of the UK. The design comprises a simple lightweight structure, which the design team says could be constructed on traditional pile foundations, but could also be built over a concrete “tray” that would allow it to float in the event of a flood. It would work in a similar way to the house that Baca Architects is constructing on an island in the middle of the River Thames – which floats on rising floodwater like a ship in its dock. “Flooding is and will be a major national and global problem,” said a statement from Turner’s studio, whose design for a residence in Brixton was named best new house in the UK in 2013. “Protecting the areas at risk with top-down landscaping measures – for example defence walls – is often too expensive. A lot of areas are in danger of flooding and we should think about solutions for this.” Designed to be both carbon-neutral and self-sufficient, the proposal features triple-glazed windows, a wall of photovoltaic panels that could generate plenty of solar energy, and a floating allotment for planting vegetables. There is also a rooftop terrace and crow’s nest that could integrate rainwater harvesting. The plans for the Floating House are available to download from the Paperhouses website, meaning anyone could embark on a DIY project to build their own floating house. The Floating House by Carl Turner ArchitectsConcept diagram – click for larger image “Open sources projects like this afford us the opportunity to make a real contribution to architecture, and to promote learning and understanding through the circulation of knowledge,” Turner told Dezeen. “These platforms now allow architects to engage directly with anyone, anywhere bringing a design lead approach to the world of self-build. It’s all about empowering people.” There are also designs available on the website for houses designed by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao, Japanese architect Florian Busch and Slovenian studio Dekleva Gregoric Architects.



Invest in quality design Fletcher Priest Architects design the interiors of the new London base for a leading investment firm. Occupying the top two floors of a Crown Estate landmark office redevelopment on Regent Street, the firm enjoys beautiful views across the rooftops of central London through timber framed curtain walling that opens out onto roof top terraces and gardens. Rooting the interior concept in 1960s, Los Angeles provided an immediate reference to the company’s global headquarter city and set the tone of the interior design intent. The design illustrates a modern take on the Case Study house interiors - timelessly elegant furniture pieces and contemporary material and colour palettes which enhance the base building. The design of the fit out comprises of a mixture of open plan and cellular accommodation incorporating conference rooms, staff facilities and a reception. In order to reflect the firm’s particular way of working as well as to accommodate future growth, both the space planning and furniture were coordinated with the

need to allow for interchangeability between the different types of offices and occupancies. Fletcher Priest’s approach provides a fresh take on the typically corporate nature of an investment firm by creating a vivid West End working environment reflecting the people focused, collaborative team culture of their client. Architecturally, the biggest challenge, and subsequently the biggest success, was balancing the design between the creative aesthetics of the workplace, the flexibility of the accommodation types and the overall image the office portrayed. Whilst the design of the fit out was aimed at creating an individual company identity, it was equally pertinent for it to

be a sensitive and enhancing addition to the base build. Thus, Fletcher Priest ensured that all finishes and product choices corresponded to the base building aspirations in terms of aesthetics and sustainability. The project achieved BREEAM “Excellent” Fletcher Priest Architects is an award winning practice with studios in London, Koln and Riga with years of experience in urban design, architecture and interiors.

BIRKENSTOCK headquarters redesign brandherm + krumrey interior architecture redesign headquarters of the BIRKENSTOCK Group in Neustadt/Wied | brandherm + krumrey interior architecture have realized extensive concepts over around 11,000 square metres for the interior design of the entire company and group headquarters of BIRKENSTOCK in Neu- stadt/Wied: Since the beginning of 2014, all channels for production, sales and services have come together in the so-called BIRKENSTOCK Campus as the compa- ny’s new headquarters. For the restrained ensemble from steel and glass in the exterior construction, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture found atmos- pheric and subtle answers in the workshops, offices, lounges and exhibition spac- es which are in-keeping with the function of the spaces. The desired result was a consistently subtle, friendly and contemporary design. “As well as wood, the natural materials typical for BIRKENSTOCK such as leather, felt and cork played a prominent role in conveying the high quality for which the company stands,” says Susanne Brandherm, summing up the results. As well as playing with the representations of material, effective accents were set through- out the entire headquarters through intelligent coloring, room-specific floor cov- erings and a sophisticated lighting concept. The design by brandherm + krumrey interior architecture lends the cool-modern architecture a warm, comfortable atmosphere and achieves a close, consistent design connection to the identity of BIRKENSTOCK.


A decisive design requirement was the restructuring of the design workshops. Through targeted intervention in the configuration of the walls, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture opened the space up, developed a new route system and created a bright and ttractive atmosphere. As counterpart to the lounge, the brand exhibition in the foyer is currently being planned – visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the BIRKENSTOCK »foot experience« all their senses here. They are invited to find out everything about the quality and function of BIRKENSTOCK products at interactive stations and emotional and entertaining methods are used to tell them all about the brand values and the history of the company.


The Jellyfish Barge

A floating agricultural greenhouse producing food without consuming land, fresh water or energy. In a world where resources are increasingly scarce, how will we produce the food we need, where will we get fresh water and new areas for cultivation? A multidisciplinary team of architects and botanists offer a revolutionary answer to these questions. The Jellyfish Barge is has been designed for communities vulnerable to water and food scarcity and it is built with simple technologies and with low cost and recycled materials. Jellyfish Barge is a project coordinated by professor Stefano Mancuso (University of Florence), director of the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology and projected by the architects Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto (Studiomobile). The working prototype, produced by LINV (University of Florence) thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and Regione Toscana, has been installed in the Navicelli canal between Pisa and Livorno. Designed by the architects Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto, Jellyfish Barge is a modular greenhouse mounted on a floating base, able to guarantee water and food security without impacting on existing resources. Appropriate strategies to provide access to food and water largely depend on cultural, social and economic conditions of referring communities. Successful, long-term solutions are those able to adapt to evolving situations and flexible to different needs of different areas. Thus, JFB has been conceived as a flexible construction using simple construction technologies and low cost and recycled materials. The structure consists of a wooden base of about 70 square meters, floating on 96 recycled plastic drums, held together by wooden reticular beams running along the perimeter and the radiuses of the octagon. The drums are screwed on the upper deck supporting the structure of the greenhouse and of the solar desalination units. Fresh water is provided by seven solar stills arranged along the perimeter, designed by the environmental scientist Paolo Franceschetti. They can produce up to 150 litres per day of clean fresh water from salt, brackish or polluted water. Solar distillation is a natural phenomenon: in the seas, the sun’s energy evaporates water, which then falls as rain water. In Jellyfish Barge the solar desalination system replicates this phenomenon in small-scale, sucking moist air and forcing it to condense into drums in contact with the cold surface of the sea. The low energy required to power fans and pumps is provided by photovoltaic panels integrated in the structure.

Kebony is innovation winner Kebony, the provider of sustainable wood has won the Architectural Products award for product innovation. The awards honour innovation in the development and refinement of buildings-related products that range from cladding systems to interior finishes. Kebony won in the woods, plastics and composites category, recognised by the judges for the extraordinary innovation in the development of the Kebony technology. Judged by a group of 50 independent industry professionals, the awards program is a mechanism to impartially review products and award those which pose a creative and rational solution to the everyday problems faced by workers in the industry. Kebony is created using furfuryl alcohol, a by-product of farming of sugar cane, to transform sustainable soft woods into durable woods with the performance and aesthetics of the best tropical hardwoods. With the addition of heat stable polymers are permanently grafted into the wood cell wall resulting in greatly improved hardness, durability and dimensional stability. The wood is made strong and resistant to microbiological decay and harsh weather conditions without the need for expensive and environmentally-damaging chemical treatments. The auspicious win for Kebony comes as the company continues to develop its diverse project and product portfolio, most recently in a collaboration with developers Bliss for a contemporary ecohouse at Holt, Norfolk and a minimalist set of designer cutlery produced by Scandinavian company Wahl & Ross. The award will add to Kebony’s growing collection which includes two wins at the Best Business Awards, four inclusions in the Global Cleantech 100, the Ethical Corporation Award and the Tech Pioneer by World Economic Forum. The company continues to go from strength to strength as its progressive technology paves the way for a sustainably timber-clad future.


Editors Choice

Instant Attraction with


The moment they entered the room one look was enough, they could tell that it was love at first glance and that without doubt there was an instant attraction. Your design and build quality is often assessed by first impressions and what better way to set the right note than by your choice of interior door and door assemblies. By choosing Vicaima products, with a reputation for design flair and innovation, it can speak volumes about your own values and specification and demonstrate the passion you have for quality products. Vicaima offers Housing designers, developers and contractors real scope to put their own stamp on things with imaginative options in quality veneered and laminated finishes. Design and performance solutions are constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing market and to inspire fresh ideas that present real differentiation for interior living standards. Two recent examples where Vicaima’s contemporary design ideas has drawn plenty of admiring glances, is in the introduction of the Dekordor 3D and the Naturdor Oak stained ranges. Vicaima’s Dekordor 3D embossed face finished doors have really made a big impression, with their highly tactile yet surprisingly durable face finish. Its striking horizontal embossed surface cries out to be touched and yet it offers excellent abrasion and moisture resistance and is so easy to clean. Used widely in apartments and luxury living accommodation, Dekordor 3D presents a modern door option with real uniformity of colour and texture. Available in 5 popular finishes including Grey and a recently introduced Oak. For specifiers keen to reflect the recent trend for stained Oak floors and kitchens, Vicaima have also developed an exciting selection of real Oak veneered doors with the added charm of staining to bring out the natural beauty of wood in new and less common hues, such as chocolate, hazel and grey, in addition to limed oak, wenge and walnut. The faces, which are available in either a textured or smooth finish, have been enhanced with a matt lacquered stain finish which requires no further treatment once fitted. Truly different, this range will add charm to both modern and traditional homes. No matter which design takes your fancy, it is worth remembering that door and frame go hand in hand. So a completely matching door assembly like the Vicaima Portaro system avoids the need for oddly painted frames and ensures you have perfect harmony. For further details about these and other products from their many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website Alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.


Award For Axor Lamp Shower Axor LampShower takes Silver at the House Beautiful Awards 2014


n Thursday 13th November, The Science Museum in London was the venue for the 11th annual House Beautiful Awards. Hansgrohe, the German bathroom fittings and shower specialist, was awarded the Silver Award for the Axor LampShower designed by Nendo in the category of ‘Best Bathroom Product’. A total of twenty two product categories were recognised for excellence in the homes and interiors market including Best Carpet, Best Lighting, Best Storage, Best Kitchen and Best Bathroom Product. A crystal glass trophy was presented to the Gold and Silver award winners in each category. Awards were presented by celebrity designers throughout the evening including TV gardener David Domoney, TV personality and builder Tommy Walsh, TV presenter and architect Oliver Heath, actress Jane Asher and interior designer Naomi Cleaver.

Editor of House Beautiful, Julia Goodwin, introduced the Awards which were presented inside the IMAX cinema of The Science Museum and for which there were over 1,000 entries from across the homes interiors sector. Famous TV presenter Nick Knowles also attended to collect his award for Favourite Home-Related Celebrity as voted by the readers of House Beautiful magazine. Martin Mongan, Managing Director, Hansgrohe UK comments, “We continue to successfully break new ground and play an active role in the design of the bathroom of the future and are delighted to be recognised for our product innovation by the judges at House Beautiful magazine.” This award for Axor LampShower joins a growing list of international accolades including the 2014 Red Dot Awards for Product Design and the Interior Innovation Award 2014


Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Washrooms

Vogue leading the way in the heating market As the UK’s largest towel warmer manufacturer, Vogue (UK) offers the most comprehensive range of contemporary and traditional towel warmer and radiator designs available on the market in heating, electric or dual fuel options. Manufacturing in-house at its factory in the West Midlands enables Vogue (UK) to be at the forefront of the heating market, as the brand can constantly explore new techniques and experiment with different materials and finishes. Vogue (UK) also offers a bespoke service, where radiators and towel warmers can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer, resulting in truly individual products. Vogue (UK) is pleased to include the latest radiator towel warmer, Harmonique within its ever expanding portfolio. A contemporary double panel radiator designed into a popular multirail towel warmer makes Harmonique perfect for heating and drying. The top half provides plenty of space for hanging and drying towels, whilst the radiator heats the bathroom. Both functions blend into a stunning focal point in any bathroom or kitchen. Harmonique has been manufactured from the highest quality mild steel and comes with a 10 year guarantee, assuring customers that they are purchasing a product that will stand the test of time.


Harmonique is available with its radiator finished in any RAL colour, so it can be tailored to a particular décor. There are also two sizes of radiator to choose from, one with 5 sections in a unit measuring H 1200 mm x W 500 mm x D 93- 113mm and another with 7 measuring H 1200mm x W 600 mm x D 93-113mm, giving 834 watts and 1033 watts respectively. Suitable for closed indirect heating systems, Harmonique is also available in convector radiator options. Neither form nor function has been compromised when it comes to the design of Vogue (UK)’s Aquila and Phoenix towel warmers, which are also new launches for this year. Both provide practical solutions for drying and warming towels, as well as stylish design statements that will create a unique focal point in any contemporary bathroom or kitchen. They can be left or right hand mounted, giving even more design options. Manufactured from the highest quality mild steel, Aquila and Phoenix come with a 10 year guarantee and both models are suitable for closed/indirect heating systems. Aquila boasts a heat output of up to 436 Watts or 1488 Btu/hr and Phoenix achieves an output of 301 Watts or 1029 Btu/ hr. Aquila is available in two sizes measuring H 1200 mm x W 500 mm x D 118 mm or H 1400 mm x W 600 mm x D 118 mm and Phoenix measures H 1200 mm x W 500 mm x D 118 mm.


WITH demistaTM AND


Tired of peering through a steamed up mirror when applying makeup, styling hair or shaving? There is no need to wipe clear, or open windows wide on a frosty morning, when you install a selfadhesive demisaTM pad behind the mirror. Simply wire into the lighting system or use a separate switch to ensure a clear view in the steamiest of bathrooms.

Why step out of the warm bath, or shower, on to a cold floor when you TM can have the luxury of under floor comfort heating. The system is safe to use in wet areas, ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and other areas where water may be split.

Tel: 01932 866 600 Email: Web:

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Washrooms

Ideal’s New Partnership With Villeroy & Boch I

deal Bathrooms is delighted to announce a major new initiative as part of their Premium Brand strategy with the launch of a range of three new suites from Villeroy & Boch, available exclusively from ideal Bathrooms. ‘Essential by Villeroy & Boch’, uniquely offers an upper market entry level collection from the highly prestigious V&B brand to the current V&B dealer network.. “This is a hugely exciting development” says Ideal Bathrooms’ Commercial Director Danielle Lillis. “The three V&B suites are ideal for those seeking the highest quality of design and product at affordable price points, with Ideal Bathrooms a strong partner to facilitate this new product.” The three suites – Tube, Metro and Metro Plus – will all feature in a new “Essential by Villeroy & Boch” brochure which is currently under production.

Metro is the entry level, offering a luxurious suite consisting of a wide range of items including cloakroom basins, semi-recessed, under-counter and inset basins compatible with V&B furniture, full and semi-pedestals and a comprehensive selection of WC’s including wall mounted, close-coupled and fully back-to-wall. Its design style features sleek lines with slim contours. Top of the offering is Metro Plus which reflects similar rounded style to Metro but with a more chunky appeal. Metro and Metro Plus can be mixed and matched as preferred to bring individual style to this luxury bathroom. Between the two Metro ranges is Tube, which reflects current market trends in the fashionable London scene with its clean lines and flat fronted deep fascia basin collection complementing the slim line cistern WC. Tube basins are available for surface or wall mounting and with full or half pedestal, and WC’s also include wall mounted and backto-wall models. Tube is suited for use with all V&B furniture. Another change from V&B’s normal showroom policy will be that “Essential by Villeroy & Boch” suites will be available at two levels of terms; displaying outlets will received the higher level to reflect their support of the product. Premium Brand Sales Director Rob St Barbe says “This is a very exciting development in our Premium Brand strategy. Being able to offer an exclusive range under the prestigious V&B brand widens our portfolio and at price points to capture volume sales at the quality end of the market.” “Essential by V&B”, and all other V&B ranges, are available to V&B contract partners on request through the Ideal Bathrooms Contract Sales Department. 0800 6342600



Timeless Decadence from Bagno Design Reflecting an era of elegance and style in the classically styled bathroom, the newly launched Bloomsbury collection from Bagno Design includes a beautiful range of antiquestyle mirrors. Offering the perfect finishing touch to the sanitaryware, furniture and brassware in the Bloomsbury collection, the mirrors are timelessly decadent and designed to make a striking impression. Emulating the air of elegant London living from the turn of the Century, through the roaring 20s and the classic era of the 1950s, each of the mirrors in the collection are named after a different area of the Capital. The Bloomsbury collection includes eight wall-mounted and one floor-standing mirror, each with its own distinctive styling. From the striking gold finish of Portobello, Sloane and Strand, through to the brushed nickel or chrome finish of Ellington, there is a mirror to suit any situation.

020 7553 6999

Shades Collection Expands Bathroom Mirrors Range

UK furniture manufacturer, Shades, has expanded its collection of bathroom mirrors. With many UK homes having a smaller bathroom, mirrors are a great solution to creating extra space as they reflect the light around the room. The bathroom mirror is becoming more than just an everyday essential and with this in mind the Shades collection includes choices to complement a classic or contemporary style. Which mirror is right for you? Short on time in the mornings… try the new heated mirror with demister pad which doesn’t steam up after a hot bath or shower so there’s no waiting around for it to clear! Or how about some extra storage – the wall mounted rotating mirror comes in two sizes and is great for hiding all those bathroom essentials. In addition, there’s also the touch sensor, halo rectangular, halo circular, mirror with glass shelf and mirror with integrated lighting.

01937 842394 t14t

The Bathroom Switch Feature Bathroom lighting is becoming more desirable, but until now the choices of switching have been severely limited. (Pull-cords, PIRs or outside switching). Sensorbility, has therefore developed the Bathroom Switch controller, with Dimmer and Timer variants; thus allowing bathroom designers far more flexibility when it comes to lighting design and operation within bathrooms; even in Zone 1 areas! The variations of the new controller include simple on/off switching, ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off and time delay switch-off. Wired to our proven Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads, which can be placed behind most materials such as Ceramic or Stone Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches or dimmers in virtually any shape and situation. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are adhered with silicone allowing access should it be necessary. In Bathrooms, these Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower (zones 1&2) and thus allow safe switching and dimming. The new Bathroom Switch controllers can be activated from up to 12 low voltage (5vdc) Sensor Pads, so for example a Dimmer Controller can be operated from a Sensor Pad by the door and then the lights dimmed by touching a tile whilst in the bath. Most types of lighting can be operated by the Bathroom Switch; this includes incandescent bulbs, halogens (mains and low voltage), LEDs and low energy bulbs. The dimmer controller will work with most analogue dimmable LEDs but please check with us first. Because of the method of output wiring, it is even possible to dim lights as well as switch a fan on and off using the same Dimmer Controller. Bathroom Switch controllers are usually sited outside bathrooms, they should be installed either in the ceiling/loft space or elsewhere outside any zoned area. Sensor Pads are connected to controllers using thin cable such as “CAT5” or “CAT6”. Operating the Bathroom Switch is simple: Touch your chosen faceplate (tile etc.) and the lights will turn on. Touch again to switch off. The Dimmer variant operation is also easy; touch your chosen faceplate and the lights will turn on at low level, keep touching and the lights will begin to ramp up to full brightness, remove the hand and the lights will stay at the intensity reached. To switch off, touch briefly and the lights will slowly dim back down and switch off. If required, a further touch at this stage will again latch to the intensity reached and the lights can then be ramped up again. In the timer variant, the delay is set within the controller and the lights will remain on and then switch off once the set time is reached Applications for the Bathroom Switch include (obviously) bathrooms and wet rooms, but they can of course be used elsewhere; Bathroom Switches have been used in various situations including in domestic situations such as where switches are required to be non obtrusive i.e. mounted behind door architraves etc, and in kitchens etc. Commercial applications include vandal proof switching, commercial kitchens, swimming pools and stairwells where wiring for multipoint switching becomes easy with just 2 wires connecting all Sensor Pads to one controller. The Bathroom Switch will also switch other devices (to a maximum loading of 500Watts) such as mirror demisters etc.. If a greater load is present, the Bathroom Switch will switch a slave relay or contactor.

With mood lighting becoming a desirable option within bathrooms the Bathroom Switch provides an elegant alternative to pull-cord operation

Find out - 01548 511498

Awash With Light Use layers of light to create a mood-responsive bathroom that’s both practical and indulgent

From brisk morning showers to relaxed evening wind-down rituals, the modern bathroom goes through myriad moods and the lighting needs to alter accordingly. Just as in the kitchen and bedroom, this means taking a layered approach to combine ambient, task and accent lighting. For general all-over ambient light, downlights are a popular choice, with those designed for use in the bathroom specially sealed to withstand condensation from bath and showers. Opting for tilting rather than fixed models will enable you to direct the light to where it is most needed in the room, or to draw attention to a special feature. However, flush or enclosed light fittings are not your only option for ceiling lights. There are also many pendant fittings, not traditionally associated with bathroom lighting, that are suitable for use in this room. A chandelier or other decorative fitting can be a wonderful way of injecting a decorative element and softening the clinical feel of modern sanitaryware. When it comes to task lighting, the key area is around the mirror. Good lighting here will ensure that activities such as shaving or applying make-up can be done with accuracy and ease. Avoid placing downlights directly above the mirror as light coming down the face will cause shadows and distort features. According to Sally Storey, Design Director of John Cullen Lighting, ‘The most flattering way to light the face is when it is lit evenly from either side.’ There are many bathroom wall lights designed for this purpose to choose from or, for a clean, unfussy look, choose an illuminated mirror, with panels of light integrated into either side. Accent lighting is your chance to be creative, and lift your whole bathroom from a utilitarian space to an indulgent personal sanctuary. Use downlights to highlight architectural features such as alcoves, set LEDs into the floor or along the base of the bath or create a floor wash for a wonderful soft, low-level light. Lights of this sort make ideal night lights and can come on automatically with the use of a PIR sensor (presence detector), removing the need for unsightly light pulls and ensuring you never waste energy by forgetting to turn the light off. Putting your various light layers on different circuits will give you the greatest flexibility, allowing you to easily switch between various moods. Or install a pre-set lighting system to do this for you. If nothing else then ensure your lights are fitted with a dimmer switch, which is the simplest way of making your bathroom responsive to shifts in mood and purpose throughout the day. Just be sure to check their compatibility if you’re using energy-saving bulbs.


The Ultimate Comfort Zone No bed exudes comfort quite like an upholstered one. As the centrepiece of a bedroom it will impart an instant feeling of luxury and ease and set the tone for what this room should be all about: relaxation. Although, generally, upholstered beds and headboards may conjure up images of a traditional country house there are designs to suit every personal style, from contemporary minimalism to decorative designs. ‘French-style beds are going down a storm at the moment due to their timeless appeal,’ says Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf. ‘Studded designs are also popular, offering that lovely boutique hotel feel.’ The fabric does as much to determine the eventual look as the shape. A buttoned headboard in luxurious velvet, for instance, will look completely different when covered in light linen. So when browsing brochures, websites and showrooms don’t dismiss designs just because you don’t like the fabric. Most companies offer a variety, and many others will let you supply your own. When choosing a fabric make sure it is suitable for upholstery (i.e has a minimum rub test of around 15,000) and conforms to the UK’s standards for domestic fire retardancy. Other than that there really are very few constraints. Do bear in mind though that very few upholstered beds or headboards have removable, washable covers so you may want to steer clear of pale colours for practical reasons. Also think about the effect of particular designs on pattern. ‘Don’t put checks or stripes on a buttoned model as it distorts the lines of the fabric,’ advises Euan Kelway-Bamber of The Headboard Workshop. Headboard height can vary enormously, from low minimal styles to tall statement pieces. Your choice on the scale depends on comfort, the proportions of your room and personal taste. Most people want to be able to rest their head when sitting up in bed reading, so if this is the case try a few models out to ensure you can do so comfortably. ‘The minimum height for comfort is around 125 centimetres,’ advises Julia Cussins of Sofas & Stuff. ‘And a headboard should only take up around a third of the height of the room.’ If you’re buying solely the headboard, it will need to be fitted to a divan base. A whole upholstered bed, however, may come with a slated base and feet, which will give more of a sense of space but won’t have the advantage of storage drawers. As with most furniture, it’s worth paying that bit extra for quality materials and good craftsmanship. Cheaper models may have flimsy fixings, meaning the headboard is likely to warp over time, and fabrics and stitching will be of inferior quality. A finely crafted piece, on the other hand, will be like you’re in a luxury hotel every time you curl up under the covers.


est. 1952 Todd Doors is the UK’s leading timber door and ironmongery specialist and boasts the most comprehensive range of internal and external products in the marketplace. Todd Doors expertly sources doors and door furniture direct from Europe and the Far East, which ensures we can provide you with a unique range of original designs to perfectly complement your home.



SINCE 1952

Doors & Windows

Button-fix — the, award-winning, secret fixing for panels and more… From Washrooms and fit-outs to exhibition, furniture and display stands, this innovative, secret fixing is a must have for fitters, designers and architects alike! What is Button-fix and how does it work? The concept is simple: the Button is attached to one surface and the Fix to the other. When the two parts are brought together they fit with a satisfying click. Button-fix is designed to be incredibly strong and has been tested and certified by independent test house ‘Sandberg.’ Easy to fix as well allowing the panels to be removable and reconfigurable at a later date. There are two types of Fix depending on your specific application. The Type 1 Fix can be either surface-mounted or rebated and engages with a vertical or sideways sliding action. This version is ideal for applications where load bearing is paramount. The Type 2 Fix connects panels at 90˚ with a simple push/pull assembly and is ideal for applications where the emphasis is on ease of fit rather than strength. To better understand which type is best for your application, please visit . You will also fine photography, videos and references for real projects where Button-fix has actually been used. The popularity of Button-fix has been such that not only is it being specified by architects and project/fit-out designers but it is being increasingly requested by the fitters chosen to actually do the fit-out and projects. This means the projects are carried out with increased efficiency and cost savings as well keeping everyone involved happy with the materials they are using.


Stylish contemporary kitchen featuring in-set beaded frame with traditional shaker door, The Cupboard Door Company.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Perfect for Painting

Have you ever wished there was a way to break away from the current doors on offer and create something different for your customer – something he or she can’t get elsewhere? Then The Cupboard Door Company is a name you’ll want to note.

bespoke manufacturing processes allow us to be totally responsive to your requirements. Everything is made to order in quality high impact, moisture-resistant MDF, and can be delivered raw, primed or painted according to your specification. No joints, one piece, no cracking… this is what sets our product apart from others.”

To find out how The Cupboard Door Company could help set your product apart, email or call 01323 899944. You can follow The Cupboard Door Company on The Cupboard Door Company makes Twitter @CupboardDoorCo, Pinterest at MDF doors to order and its speciality is, and one-piece construction. Handcrafted interiors directory Houzz raised and fielded panel doors and fronts, Shaker framed doors, inset cupboard-door-company-ltd. frame systems – they’re all made from one piece of MDF and supplied primed, in Keep an eye out for The Cupboard Door’s the raw or top-coated in more or less any new website to be launched soon at The Folkestone shaker door from The Cupboard colour you choose. Through substantial! Door Company featuring an ogee profile investment in CNC technology and some pretty clever adaptation of manufacturing techniques, even traditional five-piece doors and in-frame doors (complete with frame) are made from one solid piece in any size. If your customer’s kitchen is in a painted style, you can be sure every door will be perfectly square for a perfect fit every time and there will be no movement or cracking of the finished door. Says director, Craig Warren: “Our ingenious

The Cupboard Door Company drawer fronts for kitchen designer, Everest Design Ltd.


MDF specialist manufacturer. Solid one-piece traditional cupboard doors for kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms. Bespoke stepped shaker kitchen cabinet doors by The Cupboard Door Company.

No joints, no cracking, warping. Door Company Theno Cupboard

A Leading UK Manufacturer Specialising in Bespoke MDF Kitchens & Components

All doors are made from The Cupboard Door high impact moisture Company resistant board in any size. T: 01323 899944

Established for over 25 years, The Cupboard Door Company Ltd is a specialist UK manufacturer of traditional doors in solid MDF, supplying ranges of lay-on doors and in-frame doors to kitchen and bedroom manufacturers, showrooms, architects and interior designers, across London, Sussex and the UK. Custom kitchen and bedroom doors are manufactured from one solid piece of high impact moisture resistant board (MDF), which means no joints or cracking, and the door ranges are available

F: 01323 899955 W:

Recent investment in an automated production management system enables a smooth production process and that customer deadlines are met. The purchase of a Martin T27 FleX Spindle Moulder

Raw, primed or painted.

Newly-launched products include curved doors and cabinets and impermeable doors suitable for kitchen and bathroom manufactured from Tricoya速 which is perfect for painting and comes with a 50 year guarantee on the core material. MDF specialist manufacturer Solid one-piece traditional cupboard doors for kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms No joints, no cracking, no warping. All doors are made from high impact moisture resistant board in any size.

Email: Website:



new breed of orangery roof design has been unveiled by Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions. The slimmest and one of the strongest mock orangery roof systems in the industry, the ‘Skyroom’ is the latest addition to the Atlas range of aluminium conservatory and lantern roofs. Created to satisfy the current needs of the marketplace, the Atlas Skyroom is a fully aluminium, slim-line, thermally broken system which brings the much sought after contemporary designer style of an orangery at a price that’s affordable for most homeowners. With less visible profile and more glass, thanks to a 70% slimmer ridge and 30% slimmer rafter, it blends design aesthetics, outstanding strength and unrivalled thermal performance – all under one orangery roof. Gareth Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, said: “We are really proud to launch this product, which is a truly exciting advance in orangery/ conservatory design. With all the characteristics of an Atlas roof, the Skyroom is one of the finest contemporary looking products available. Its good looks are by no means at the expense of performance however; the Atlas roof rafter is the most thermally efficient in the UK and it is also one of the strongest glazed roofing systems available. The launch of the Skyroom brings a major step forward for an industry which is ready for a new generation of products that deliver innovation without compromise.” The roof has been created with both internal and external aesthetics in mind. Inside, the Skyroom combines a subtle roof frame and slim 40mm internal ridge and rafter sections with maximum glazing to optimise the sense of light and space. A unique raised ring beam creates the luxurious appearance of a real orangery lantern roof, whilst unique hidden or rafter tie bar supports eliminate the need for unsightly rod tie bars. And unlike many of its rivals, there are no boss or hoods to intrude on the roof’s slim-line ridge. On the outside, low level capping helps to minimise external sightlines and a unique 300mm aluminium cornice adds bold architectural detailing and creates the authentic appearance of an orangery. Bi-folding doors up to a width of 4000mm can be accommodated thanks to the Skyroom’s reinforced ring beam. The Skyroom is available in Edwardian or Hipped Edwardian styles and in any RAL colour. The Skyroom is arguably the best performing roof in the UK, despite its extensive glazing. Independent testing by the BBA verifies that the Atlas roof rafter is the most thermally efficient available. The Atlas roof rafter has a U Value of 1.5 W/m2k which is twice as thermally efficient as its nearest competitor. The rafter is available with double glazing which has a U Value of 0.9 W/m2k. When triple glazed, the roof rafter achieves an impressive U value of 0.95 W/ m2k and 0.6 W/m2k glass U Value. The overall Atlas roof is capable of achieving a U Value as low as 1.0 W/m2k, depending on the size and style of the roof.


Independent tests carried out by the BBA, the Queens University and independent structural engineers also prove the roof to be one of the strongest glazed roofing systems in the UK domestic conservatory market. Gareth adds:“Consumer spending is on the rise and homeowners are set to spend £6 billion on upgrading and improving their homes over the next three years. And with almost 40 per cent planning larger projects like a new conservatory, coupled with a growing demand for aluminium, there is obvious market potential for this exciting new product. I’m looking forward to building on that potential and making the Skyroom a big name in the conservatory roof market.” Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions is part of the £32 million turnover Customade Group. The group, which employs 250 people, also includes PVC-u and aluminium window and door fabricator Customade, the Bi-Fold Shop, Fineline Aluminium, which supplies designer architectural aluminium products with very slim sight lines, and Hourglass Seal, which manufactures glass and sealed units. For further information, please contact Atlas on 02838 327741 or visit

Choose the Complete Package with Frame Fast If you are one of the countless installers spending the first part of the year looking at new supply partners, what are you looking for? A supplier that offers a comprehensive range from bread-andbutter casements to ground-breaking product innovations? A company that delivers exceptional quality and service whether you’re a small local installation firm or a nationwide name? There’s one company that delivers all this and more: Frame Fast (UK). Nigel Leivers, Frame Fast’s Sales Director, says, “We know that what our customers value most is our product portfolio. Because we offer such a wide range of products, they only need one phone number to get what they need. But we also know they value our approach that says you get the same high quality service no matter how big your account is.” The headline-grabbing products in Frame Fast’s portfolio are modus®, the UK’s first fully integrated system that’s a genuine alternative to aluminium and timber products, and Skypod®, the skylight that offers aluminium aesthetics at a PVCu price.

modus® is a 75mm system covering casement windows, reversible windows, tilt & turn windows, entrance doors, french doors and composite doors. It has clean contemporary looks and comes in nine colours, plus over 40 special order options. It’s more energy efficient than its timber or aluminium equivalents and the reversible option is the most energy efficient on the market. In short, it offers everything the market wants: looks, performance, sustainability and value for money and has been an incredible success for Frame Fast. The Skypod® is proving similarly attractive. Alongside the compelling aesthetics there is also the bonus of a U value of just 1.0, eliminating the too hot, too cold problems traditionally associated with conservatory extensions. Available in five exterior colours and four glazing options and suitable for openings up to 2.75m x 7.75m, there is no doubt it is an attractive product for any portfolio. Frame Fast also has a solid range of core products from composite doors to aluminium and PVCu bi-folds, casement windows and curtain walling. Add in conservatories and you’ve got the perfect product portfolio.



Ecobuild Launches First Ever CPD Accredited Seminar Programme For 2015 Show For the first time, visitors to Ecobuild can access formal CPD opportunities by attending any official Ecobuild seminar session at the 2015 event (3rd to 5th March 2015 at London’s ExCeL). Register for your complimentary ticket which gains you access to all the seminars by visiting www. Organiser UBM has worked with the Construction CPD Certification Service to ensure that each of the 80+ seminar sessions are now compatible and applicable with global Continuing Professional Development principles. The programme will be split across seven key themes, including brand new Building Information Modelling (BIM) in association with the NBS and Water sponsored by Wavin. With the hotly anticipated speaker line-up to be announced early in the New Year, UBM can confirm that Ecobuild’s 2015 streams are as follows: — Building Information Modelling (BIM) in association with NBS – NEW for 2015! — Water sponsored by Wavin – NEW for 2015! — Building Performance sponsored by Celotex — Designing Better Buildings in association with Passivhaus Trust — Green Energy sponsored by Innasol — Refurb & Retrofit sponsored by Glow-worm — Solar City in association with SMA Solar Separate to the main conference which is set to stimulate debate around construction’s macro issues, Ecobuild’s seminar programme delivers practical and applied information focusing on the key issues for sustainability professionals. Set to cover a plethora of important topics in an interactive and engaging format, Ecobuild also reveals today a selection of its sessions. Click here to view the full programme. Here is a snapshot of some of the case study-led sessions you’ll want to check out..... — Government Soft Landings implementation –case study on the Ministry of Justice headquarters refurbishment project — A retailer’s perspective on health, productivity and wellbeing from Marks and Spencer — Lighting design for wellbeing - healing environments for short-term and long-term care from Philips Lighting University


Ever popular sessions on the likes of Passivhaus will also feature including an overview from the University of Leicester Centre for Medicine on scaling up Passivhaus to deliver the university’s lowcarbon ambitions. With more than fifty percent of the show floor now dedicated to energy, the Green Energy stream is set to be particularly popular. Head there if you want to earn your CPD hours learning about topics such as energy storage, the ERP, Benefitting from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, community energy and integrating systems to maximise energy efficiencies. There are also some interesting case studies looking at anaerobic digestion in social housing and a retailers approach to onsite renewable from Sainsbury’s. As with many industries, keeping up with CPD whilst working fulltime in the sustainable design, construction and energy sectors, is challenging. However, the constant changes in technologies, legislation and procurement practices; and the complexity and integration of the supply chain now makes CPD vital to this vibrant sector. In a time of austerity, competition in the job market is also fierce, so employers are looking more and more at professional qualifications as well as on-the-job experience. With emerging innovations such as Building Information Modelling hot on the agenda for the entire supply chain, there is no stronger case for keeping up-to-date with personal development. “UBM, our partners, speakers and exhibitors are all committed to raising professional standards across the sustainable design, construction and energy markets.” said Alison Jackson, Group Director of Sustainability & Construction, Ecobuild. She continues: “With so many regulations and legislation to adopt in 2015, construction professionals attending Ecobuild can top up their learning and development for the year in just three days all under one roof. What’s more, it’s completely free to attend!” Much research has been conducted into the effectiveness of CPD in professional networks - collaboration, peer support and use of experts are all high up on the agenda. “For the profession to continue moving forward, construction professionals must keep talking and learning from one another” adds Jackson. For further information or to register for your FREE ticket to Ecobuild 2015, please visit To keep up-to-date on the latest show news, please follow us on Twitter (@Ecobuild_Now) or join our LinkedIn Group (Ecobuild) or Facebook page (Ecobuildnow). If you are a manufacturer, supplier or distributor keen to snap up one of the last few remaining stands at Ecobuild (over 90% now sold!), please contact Sales Director Martin Hurn on or call 020 7560 4072.




The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association Fair returns to the elegant setting of Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th April 2015. Now in its fourth year, the fair takes place in The Orangery overlooking the magnificent Formal Gardens of the Palace. The 24 exhibitors, all members of The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association, can boast to being part of the ‘best of the best fairs’ in having the best specialist dealers in the UK, exhibiting the best stock available in the best stately home with the finest view in England. The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association (CADA) is the pre-eminent of the regional trade associations with many of its 50 members exhibiting at the top London and international fairs. New faces at the fair this year are Delomosne & Son Ltd, antique dealers from Chippenham handling English and Irish 18th & 19th century glass and porcelain. All works are for sale with prices ranging up to £100,000. The charm of the Fair is the unique opportunity to hunt for exceptional and quirky antiques and fine art to be from all corners of the Cotswolds without having to travel the length and breadth of the area. The very best of every discipline is showcased including furniture, pictures, silver, early needlework, antique boxes, sculpture, clocks and barometers, carpets and textiles, jewellery, Oriental and English ceramics, garden ornaments and many other decorative objects. Highlights within the fair include a number of rare needleworks dating from the 17th century from Witney Antiques including a delightful English silk work embroidery of a lady playing the lute beneath a flowering bower surrounded by small insects, animals and birds, c1660. Another is a sampler finished in 1723, just one year after the building of Blenheim Palace had been completed. From David Pickup is an unusual, if not unique, extremely rare late 17th century English brass chandelier dated 1688. Collectors of ceramics will enjoy spotting a very good early Pratt ware large model of a spotted cat, c1800, price £3,750 along with a very good quality 18th century Derby porcelain large figure of Britannia, price £1,250 from Andrew Dando. Chairman of the Association, John Howard, the leading specialist dealer in 18th & 19th century British pottery has sourced a rare English delftware pottery blue charger with the royal portrait of Queen Anne with the initials A R, along with an excellent provenance, the price is £17,500. More art pottery in the form of a Martin Brothers vase is a grotesque character fish from 1899, price £5,500 from Kinghams Art Pottery Ltd. Chinese ceramics are well represented by Catherine Hunt Oriental Ceramics such as a Transitional double gourd bottle vase for £13,500 and a Kangxi Islamic style bottle vase for £4,000. Hall-Bakker Decorative Arts specialises in a wide range of post 1860’s design such as an Art Nouveau Galle cameo vase of seule fleur form, price £1,350 and an Arts & Crafts sea green glass vinaigrette by James Powell & Sons, c1907 for £650


Exhibitions More highlights include antique boxes, which are very collectable items, such as an octagonal tortoiseshell tea caddy, c1820, price £8,750 or an exquisite amboyna silver gilt vanity box, c1854, price £8,500 both from Hampton Antiques who are also bringing a collection of Art Deco Cocktail shakers and 1950s Dunhill lighters; a rare pair of English ship’s decanters engraved with armorial badges with the motto deo juvante, c 1800, price £5,000 from Delomosne & Son Ltd. Decorators are always asked to find antique carpets and textiles and this year’s highlight from Legge Carpets is a Suzani from Uzbekistan from the late 19th century, a silk embroidery on hand woven linen. A quite exceptional early George III period mahogany coffer/box from W R Harvey (Antiques) & Co Ltd, price £2,250 would enhance any Cotswolds manor house. Paintings are well represented in the fair and the Kyffin Gallery are showing an oil on canvas of Polperro, Cornwall by Dutch artist Hendrik Jan Wolter (1873-1952). Born in Holland in 1873 he considered himself a passionate plein-air painter and was inspired by painting water, sea and harbours. By 1910 he had moved to the English coast of Cornwall and Devon and painted views of the harbours in St Ives, Polperro and Lynmouth before moving back to Holland by the First World War. Régate à Henley, an oil on panel painted by Jacques Emile Blanche (1861-1942) in 1920 can be found on Trinity House Paintings Ltd stand. Sarah Colegrave deals in 19th & 20th century pictures and she is bringing ‘Arriving at the Ball’ an oil by Cyrus Cincinnato Cuneo (1879-1916), price £2,500. Cuneo tragically died from blood poisoning at the age of 37 caused by the accidental stab of a hatpin at a dance. Also on her stand is a watercolour of the U K’s very first sex symbol, Frances Day, the golden girl of the 1930s painted by Robert Stewart Sherriffs (1906-1960), price £1,800. Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, specialist print dealer is bringing an original etching from 1898 of Rudyard Kipling by William Strang RA who was an admirer of Kipling and etched his portrait several times, price £850. Amongst the many watercolours with Newman Fine Art is one of interest to local residents of ‘The Town Hall and North & South Bridge Street, Banbury, Oxon’, by William Frederick Austin (1833-1899), signed & dated 1863, price £1,850. Lovers of marine art will enjoy “Frigate Getting Underway” signed and dated 1854 by William Joy (1803-1866) from Stuart Boyd Fine Art. The majority of John Noott Galleries stand is a themed display of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Howards Jewellers of Stratford are taking two stands, one creating a sparkling display of jewellery including a stunning Victorian diamond and enamel serpent bangle, c 1870 and a broad selection of silver on the second. Tobias Birch of Montpellier Clocks has a couple of stunning highlights including a rare and very small English rosewood mantel clock, c1830 and a fine and rare longcase regulator of the best ‘Mudge & Dutton’ quality, c1790. Garden design is well represented by Architectural Heritage who have a huge range of antique statuary such as a pair of decorative wrought iron garden gates, c1900 for £1,800, a late 19th century sundial and a stained and painted glass window from c1860 illustrating the ‘Arms of England’ which are the armorial bearings of Richard I or Coeur de Lion, price £1,800. Notes to Editors: Event: The Cotswolds Art & Antiques’ Dealers Fair at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP Date: 16th -19th April 2015 Hours: 10am - 5.30pm daily Entry: Complimentary invitation available from CADA website ( admits 2 to the fair and the Palace grounds Enquiries: CADA at Heritage, 6 Market Place, Woodstock, OX20 1TA 07831 850544 or 07855 443913 Transport: Jct 9 of M40; Oxford BR, London Oxford Airport (Kidlington) AA signposted; free parking Website: January 2015 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND JPEG IMAGES PLEASE CONTACT: Iona Sale, IONA PR, 01451 832 268, 07721 030 825 or


THE ONLY SHOW IN THE UK TO FOCUS SOLELY ON INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SURFACE MATERIALS Surface Design Show provides the perfect to touch, see and discover the latest surface products for the built environment. Don’t miss the largest selection of materials the industry of inspiring debates, seminars and events. THE SHOW KICKS OFF AT 18.00 Hosted by: ON TUES 10 FEB WITH THE


Come to the entertaining Live Debate hosted by RIBA Journal. The topic of this year’s debate is Breaking the Mould: Are modern techniques bringing back the idea of craftsmanship into modern design?



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COLOUR COLLABORATIONS Global Color Research, creators of colour forecasting publication MIX Magazine will present the 4 most important colour & material trends for 2016.

Trends for 2016: BRINK



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Case Study

Using Rooflights to Make the Most of Natural Light Broombank is a RIBA award winning new build house designed by SOUP architects, situated on the edge of River Alde in Suffolk.


The Balance Between Nature and Architecture The brief, as stated by SOUP, was to ‘create a relaxed contemporary house within a reconsidered, “natural” landscape that blurred the site boundaries to its neighbours and adjoining marshland’. The location therefore remained a strong focal point throughout the entire project, with each aspect of the build designed to accentuate the stunning views of ‘outstanding natural beauty’. As Patrick Walls, from SOUP explains, the central motif was to ‘try and control the sense of arrival and movement through the house by creating an entrance courtyard to the front which didn’t give a direct view through to the River Alde’. He goes on to say that ‘the view is kept and created by the front entrance; you move through into the main living space which then opens out onto the wide landscape’. The property itself has been kept minimalist in style; large open space and concrete floors remain neutral in colour to further highlight the surrounding greenery. The unfolding relationship between nature and architecture is maintained through the property via the carefully positioned rooflights that allow sunlight to pervade the building. Using rooflights to make the most of natural light As part of the architects vision to incorporate as much outdoor space as possible, Glazing Vision were delighted to supply a range of bespoke rooflights to make the most of this natural source of light. The central feature Glazing Vision supplied was a Bespoke ‘Eaves’ Flushglaze

Rooflight [3650mm x 1685mm]. This was positioned within the stairwell, enabling light to flood into a typically dark, enclosed space using both horizontal and vertical sections of glass. Glazing Vision’s ethos of ‘minimal framework’ made them the natural choice when it came to the roof glazing on this building. In order to achieve the goals of the design brief, the avoidance of visible framework was critical to the overall aesthetic. The glass on the central feature rooflight appears to disappear into the building fabric, forming a seamless integration between the glass and building envelope. As communication is essential when dealing with small details, Glazing Vision provided detailed general arrangement drawings. These included recommendations on how internal finishes might be carried out in order to minimise, and in most cases, completely hide any supporting framework. Frameless glass finishes are not always easy to achieve. One of the critical design requirements of glass used in any building project is to resist the loads created by wind pressure and snow, as this can dictate the maximum single pane size permitted before the deflection of the glass exceeds what is considered safe. Glazing Vision calculated the appropriate thickness and type of glass to meet the specified requirements. After initially assessing the unit and the deflection of glass to wind pressure, Glazing Vision felt that there might have been a risk of fracture, due to the sheer size of the horizontal pane.

Refining the design for better performance The rooflight therefore had to be considered with a new specification to deliver the appropriate safety requirements. Glazing Vision’s standard glass specification of 6mm toughened glass was increased to 10mm thickness on the horizontal plane in order to minimize deflection. The eaves unit was designed in house at Glazing Vision by one of their experienced cad designers, before being expertly installed to meet the new specification. Without these revisions, further framework would have been needed to support the horizontal pane of glass; splitting the pane into two sections in order to strengthen the large unit. Ultimately, the overall flow of the glass and minimalist appearance of the property would have been interrupted. The homeowner’s requirement for a haven of peace and tranquillity was fulfilled, primarily due to the carefully planned use of light and space throughout the design build. Installing the bespoke rooflight required a high level of skill and attention to detail. Glazing Vision were able to adapt their designs to deliver the best possible performance, meet safety requirements and to achieve the desired, minimalist aesthetic. Watch the video at:


Home Design

West London Luxury This project sees the substantial refurbishment of an existing Grade II listed building to create an elegant and highly distinctive modern home in which period detailing is balanced by contemporary insertions to exemplary aesthetic effect. Key internal features such as the richly ornamental plasterwork and a fine cantilevered stone staircase have been maintained and restored, while interior spaces are reorganised to create a more flexible living space attuned to the needs of the resident family. The entire lower ground floor has been remodelled to create an expansive and airy sequence of spaces which are fluidly bound together by an inlaid stone floor designed by artist Karim Noureldin. At the heart of the space, a spectacular feature staircase links the ground and lower-ground floor, with its sinuous curves echoing the motif of the stone floor. A full interior design fit-out has been an integral part of the project, with bespoke integrated furniture featured throughout. The design process has been undertaken in close consultation with the relevant conservation authorities and has drawn on the expertise of numerous specialist craftsmen in order to create the striking interior for this imposing residence.


CONTEMPORARY HOME DESIGN Contemporary Home Design began 15 years ago from a small home based office, designing and manufacturing bespoke made kitchens bedrooms and living rooms. As the demand grew in high quality bespoke home furniture, our business grew. At the time we only had an online portfolio, we soon realised our customers wanted to touch and feel our products as well as visualising it, so we decided to open up a showroom. We travelled to Germany every year for 4 years before deciding to introduce the branded side of the business. We chose the leading high quality German brands due to the excellent customer care they provide to us as their retailer and our customers. We are now a well-established lifestyle company, offering our customers all the necessities they require for their desired room. We deal with only the top leading brands in Europe and UK and have the most up to date technology at the best affordable prices. From kitchens, bedrooms and living areas, to flooring, lighting, home automation and central vacuum system; and to complete it with kitchen essentials, mirrors and 3D wall panelling. We have it all here at CHD, come along visit our lifestyle showroom and you will be astonished with what we can do for you!


MADE IN GERMANY We design and manufacture bespoke and custom made kitchens, bedrooms and living interiors. We can make bedrooms ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall to give it a very sleek look. The designer and manufacturer work very close with the customer to come up with creative and original ideas to meet the customers’ needs. High quality German material and accessories are used in the manufacturing of the furniture. We aim to provide 18mm rigid carcasses, in a wide range of colours and wood effect finishes. Every fraction of our portfolio is inspected to guarantee our detail for perfection and to ensure that it has met all of our customers’ wishes. We have cherry picked the most well-known and best manufacturers of kitchens and bedrooms in Europe to give our customers a range of choice from design, style and idea. We keep up to date with the technology in and around Europe to make the desired living space extraordinary. We have an amazing range of German kitchen brands –Schüller, Next125, Ballerina and Beckermann. A Kitchen made in Germany is a kitchen guaranteed for life, from the day you purchase your kitchen, the German manufacturers will give you excellent service for up to 15 years and more ensuring your kitchen works and looks the part. |


home design

Bolton Eco House

Planning consent has been granted for what will be the first zero-carbon property in the North West of England. Billed as ‘a house of the future’, the unique scheme tests the boundaries of current sustainable thinking in terms of design and construction. The client has been heavily involved in the design process from the outset and is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of this area. The four-bedroom, singlestorey family home is deliberately embedded into the contours of the Pennine hillside to minimise the impact on the surrounding moorland. The roof is covered in flora and meadow grasses which flow seamlessly over the property and into the landscape. The eco-house will generate its’ own on-site renewable energy through a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine, and will consume less energy than it generates. The positioning and orientation of the property were carefully considered and it will be built using locally sourced building materials and traditional construction methods. The proposed scheme has already been identified as an exemplar project within the Government’s ‘Planning Performance Agreements for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Schemes’ programme.


home design


Home Design

The Icynene Insulation System T

he Icynene Insulation System is a soft, flexible, breathable, foam insulation and air barrier system. Sprayed as a liquid Icynene expands to 100 times its initial volume in seconds filling every nook, cranny and penetration into walls, ceilings and floors. Icynene’s unique formulation sets it apart from other insulation products offering many advantages over traditional insulation materials and more modern alternatives. While all materials of equal thermal resistance perform identically under laboratory conditions the same is not true in real life; some insulation materials off-gas which, over time, diminishes their effectiveness, others allow the passage of air through gaps between them and other building components. Installing Icynene ensures no loss of performance and it will remain the same over the lifetime of the building. Minimising air leakage from a building enables the correct design of heating and ventilation systems, saving money on the initial installation and future running costs. Buildings with Icynene installed have easily reached Passivhaus standards for air leakage without the use of membranes and tapes. Needing only a short installation period, Icynene can save you valuable build time and is therefore extremely cost effective compared to other products, not only that but you benefit from insulation and airtightness in one application.


The Icynene Insulation System is 100% water blown containing no toxic chemicals. Icynene doesn’t contain any HFC’s, CFC’s, HFA or HCFC’s and it remains soft and flexible accommodating any normal expansion, contraction or movement within a building. So whether you plan to build, renovate or upgrade the Icynene Insulation System will deliver the performance you can count on for a lifetime of savings and comfort.

Precision Engineering

QUARTZFORMS Absolute White

“Building a brand and establishing trust in your product is never an distributor of QUARTZFORMS.

QUARTZFORMS Veined Michelangelo

to see why QUARTZFORMS designs are proving popular with KBB designers, architects and retailers.


For more information on QUARTZFORMS or to request a sample visit or call 01245 243929.


home design


home design

Oliver Steer Contemporary Case Study A beautiful inherited home needed to be significantly remodelled to respond to the current occupant’s needs whilst respecting the heritage of the cottage. The client required Oliver Steer Interior Design to incorporate their own complex ideas for a modern family home containing multifunctional spaces to live, work, relax, and play, for a family with three children. Each room is distinctive but designed to link with the next. For example, the study was designed to be stylish and practical as a link between the kitchen and the hallway. Bespoke Shaker-style sliding panels hide equipment and office, and a small intimate seating area was configured for reading and relaxation. The large family room, formerly an indoor swimming pool, was naturally lit with muted tones and given low furniture that harmonised with the landscaped exterior and provided views of the new indoor pool. Throughout the house luxurious materials such as leather, walnut, and suede, feature in details to achieve a sophisticated design for contemporary living within this historic home.


Lighting & Electrical

Chelsom Joins UKTI

as 2015 Export Champion In the wake of their double award success at the 2014 Be Inspired Business Awards where they won the prestigious Exporter of the Year accolade, Chelsom have been selected as one of the 2015-16 Export Champions for UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) North West. The UKTI Export Champions programme, now in its third successful year, is unique to the North West and involves recruiting successful international firms to help new companies on their export journey, offering peer to peer support in addition to the wide range of individually tailored professional services available from the UKTI team. The announcement follows what has been a momentous 12 months for Chelsom with the continued expansion of the export division of the business seeing exclusive sales representatives being appointed in Russia and the UAE, a succession of prestigious project wins across the international hospitality and marine sectors including Mondrian London at Sea Containers, Rosewood London, Beekman St NYC, Crystal Symphony, Ritz Carlton Dubai, Sanderson, Movenpick Paris, Sheraton Creek Dubai, Hilton New York, P&O Cruises’ Britannia and Arora along with the incredibly successful launch of their new collection, Edition 24, brand overhaul and completely redesigned website. Export Manager, Jon Shaw says, “Being appointed as 2015 Export Champion for UKTI is undoubtedly a huge honour and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the New Year and continue what has been a fantastic 12 months for Chelsom as a whole and more specifically where the export side of the business is concerned.” “As a company we have put a lot of effort in to bolstering our export division in recent years and have worked closely with UKTI to help maximise our international trading capabilities. Their advice, coupled with the tools they have provided, has been invaluable so this is a great opportunity to give something back and to hopefully inspire non-exporters to get started and encourage new exporters to do more by promoting the benefits of export via our own successes along with sharing our knowledge and experience.”



Create a ‘Smart-Ready’ Business with Hamilton It’s Official: consumer demand for ‘smart’ home technology is on the increase. A recent research study conducted by Honeywell among homeowners revealed some interesting statistics on smart home technology: 47% customers asked said they would be interested in having a *fully connected smart home. 49% of customers asked said they believed ‘cost’ would make it too expensive! Every journey starts with a first step and lighting control is signalled to be the place to set out from: 60% of customers asked stated ‘Lighting’ as their service of choice to be controlled remotely via the installation of ‘smart’ lighting technologies.

Smart Homes Made Simple With Hamilton It is easy for electrical installers to be ‘SmartReady’. Hamilton’s Mercury Control packs are ‘simple’ to install and offer ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions that are both affordable and available from your local Mercury stockists.

Simplicity at its best – no programming, no problem

A Smarter Future

There is nothing stopping you adding value to your project and growing your business by suggesting your customers take the first steps to a ‘Smart Home’ by beginning with a ‘Smarter Home’. The reality is every electrical installer knows virtually all they need to know about smart technology already. With Hamilton, the smart part is done for you. Hamilton’s Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio system is simple to install and wire-up, and most importantly the control packs can be installed and linked together with NO PROGRAMMING.

Looking ahead, additional intelligent control capabilities such as Blind Control, Gate Occupancy sensors, Holiday Mode Function and Remote access, and a variety of other home controls can be added at a later date to make the home even ‘Smarter’: “A connected, controllable and intelligent home where all the systems, including heating and lighting, communicate with one another and can be controlled from anywhere at any time using a single phone, tablet of computer, with the main goal being energy efficiency.” *(Honeywell 2014)

Even remote control via the iOS app can be achieved with NO PROGRAMMING whatsoever! It is also easy on the pocket making it affordable for many customers who are keen to adopt a smarter lifestyle in the home. t43t

Lighting & Electrical

Morpheus Trimless Dolly Switch from ®

Focus SB

Unique to Focus SB®, the Morpheus range is a semiraised plate design that is fitted without screws, giving a sleeker, smoother finish to your electrical accessories.

The range incorporates a full range of British made interiors, including the latest audio visual fittings, along with the more standard rocker switches and sockets. The latest addition is the Trimless Dolly Switch which gives a modern twist to a traditional design and is available in one, two, three and four gang switch plates. All Focus SB plates are hand-finished in their Sussex factory to the highest standards and are available in a large range of finishes. Bespoke solutions are also available to suit a client’s specific requirements. t44t

Free delivery to mainland UK and no minimum order charge. or call 01424 858060


Erco Gallery Make’s first completed interior fit-out project was the refurbishment of Erco Lighting’s London headquarters in Dover Street, Mayfair. The brief was to provide a new reception area and a modern showroom to display the company’s extensive range of architectural lighting products. In response, the new spaces were designed to create a ‘gallery of light’ in a distinctive and modern setting that also respects the heritage of the building and the Mayfair area. The interior is deliberately restrained, allowing the use of light to subtly define the space and create ambiance. The structure and services are concealed behind simple, clean planes which provide a canvas for the various light effects on display. The reception area features bespoke furniture which is constructed using Corian.



Intelligent Lighting Solutions

Over 25-years’ expertise in designing and developing sustainable, costefficient and technologically brilliant LED and solar lighting solutions Zeta’s range of LED and solar powered lighting solutions are helping customers around the world to reduce their energy bills and lower their carbon emissions.

T: +44 (0) 1869 322 500 E: W:

lighting & electrical

Harrogate House This project is a private house, together with a new-build pool/gym complex and a re-designed connecting garden in between. The pool complex is very contemporary, glamorous and under-stated. The connecting garden feels very private and, when subtly lit at night, almost magical. Lighting the Pool and Sculpture

Lighting the Garden, Pool and Gym Complex

The raised platform, driven by the swim machine, could have been a visual distraction. The bookmarked granite walls call for something special to pick out the finish. We used warm Hurricane LED Downlights to bring out the depth and finish of the bookmarked granite walls. The mantle is a wonderful piece we commissiond by David Harber. The raised platform becomes a stunning focal point. It makes the space.

The garden was to be low key, private, zen like. It was important to connect the main house with the pool, so lighting is predominantly low level but with uplighting accents taking your eye through. We used miniature LD51 LED Spotlights delivering 111 lumens light output. Great for lighting beams or garden planting. While miniature LD42 LED Accent Lights provide subtle low level light in the garden.




Reclaimed Wood Flooring Not just a floor – It’s a way of Life Winkleigh Timber has grown into many sectors over the years but Reclaimed Flooring has to be the original and the best seller. As well as the obvious ethical benefits (recycling something old and preventing unnecessary waste going to landfill), this type of wood can create warmth and character to any room in the house. It’s surprising how well rustic old floor boards contrast with the modern style that we like today. What do we do? We salvage reclaimed timbers from old factories, barns, (London’s Docks, old Hospitals and Schools back in the 80’s) and any old derelict or demolished structure going. We source from all over the Uk and source some of our reclaimed oak from abroad. Reclaimed wood has been naturally seasoned and air dried so the longevity and stability of the boards are without question. We have varying thicknesses and widths available – all machined to order in our own yard. If you have a particular criteria – please do not hesitate to ask as we have new stocks coming in all the time. As a natural product, our stock changes regularly and we cannot guarantee the same timbers at any one time therefore – buy when you see it!


Reclaimed Pine Stock: — 4ag\dhX:b_WC\aX³hfhT__lYeb`b_W à bbe\aZbeVX\_\aZUbTeWf³c_TaXWba baXbegjbfheYTVXf9eb`•%'!##"`%

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— 4ag\dhXI\Vgbe\TaC\aXfTjabhgbY$#œ ³$$œUXT`fgbTV[\XiXg[XXkgeTj\WX UbTeW³Ce\VXWJ\g[\a

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Winkleigh Timber is the largest stockist of reclaimed timber in the South West. For more details please call 01837 83573 or visit Look out next month for our External Flooring options including Original Old Yorkstone Slabs. Note: All prices are subject to vat.

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Glass Processing Specialists Firman Glass is a leading specialist glass manufacturer and supplier of glass, with an unrivalled reputation for fast, flexible & high quality glass processing. We offer a wide range of standard and bespoke, decorative and structural glass solutions to all industry sectors with some of the largest glass sizes available.

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit our website Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: In association with

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