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Man and Machine Training Academy

Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2014 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • • • • •

AutoCAD Essentials AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals AutoCAD Advanced AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

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October 2014

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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bespoke and stock hinges from the UK’s No 1 specialist manufacturer


See us at the Advanced Engineering Show Stand E6

for every application

C R Onsrud ­ A leading USA manufacturer of 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC routers bespoke hinge design full range of standard hinges presswork and sub-assembly services

visit quality hinges for over 200 years 01827 63391

• Single or twin tables for dual or pendulum process • All steel construc!on provides rigidity and precision combined with the speed and work envelope of a router • Machining non ferrous metals, composites and plas!cs

ATA ENGINEERING PROCESSES Tel 01442 264411 ● Fax 01442 231383 ● Email ●


October 2014

Energy Efficiency – a practical approach





MICO+ protects 24 V DC systems Save energy: switch off all channels with a control signal

I/O ystems

React before the error occurs: a digital signal will go off when 90 % of the set current is reached

Connection Technology

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind. Estate Swinton, Manchester, GB M27 4FG

Connect two loads per channel: with double terminals

Phone 0161 728 3133


October 2014

BOS 5K global with new laser variants

Gill R&D demonstrate specialist technologies at The Engineering Design Show


Editors Choice

October 2014

PROSEAL SYSTEM ELIMINATES PACKING ‘BLUES’ to food industry approved hygiene standards with full wash-down protection. Tool handling is simple, safe and fast thanks to an innovative ‘Free-Lift’ tool loading system, which delivers rapid transfer of pre-heated tool sets to Proseal’s proven Auto Tool Connection. This enables tool changes to be carried out in around three minutes.

Heat sealing specialist Proseal has designed and installed a bespoke packing system for blueberry punnets for leading supplier Berry Gardens that has increased speeds and accuracy, reduced product waste and provided a more ergonomic and userfriendly working environment for operators. The new smart drive technology punnet delivery system works in conjunction with a Proseal GT3 tray sealer to deliver a throughput of 210 packs per minute. round shape which means they can easily jump out of packs during the packing process, particularly if there is frequent stopping and starting during conveying and sealing. The Proseal-designed twin lane conveyor uses a continuous motion chain and peg system to enable the packs to be seamlessly streamed into the GT3 tray sealer, which increases the accuracy of tray placement prior to sealing Trays are grouped into rows of seven for transfer into the GT3, where a reduced distance between the packs and the sealing head helps to ensure that no product is lost during the sealing of the punnets. The feed conveyor is part of a three tier packing system which has been designed to improve working conditions for the packers. Boxes containing unsealed punnets of blueberries are delivered to the packing stations along the top conveyor. These are removed by the operators to a rack next to the middle twin lane conveyor, where the punnets are placed to be sent for sealing. Empty boxes are then moved onto the bottom conveyor for easy removal. The system avoids the need for operators to twist and turn during the packing operation, and keeps the area clean and tidy.


An Internet based secure gateway connection system provides real time data and error condition support, allowing Proseal engineers to remotely access the machine for diagnostic support and compile machine condition running data such as packs per minute, temperature settings, seal time and air pressure, all of which can be exported directly into production monitoring screens. any type of automated system,” explains David Perry of Berry Gardens. “The Proseal system is fast this makes an important contribution to our ability customers.”


October 2014

Innovative new product 1-Trak from HepcoMotion is shortlisted for British Engineering Excellence Award A new break through and innovative technology from track design possibilities and this has been recognised by linear solution from HepcoMotion® has been shortlisted in the Mechanical Product of the Year category. Now in their sixth year, the BEEAs are designed to celebrate those UK companies and individuals that have demonstrated the skills, invention and dedication not only to compete, but to succeed on an international stage. Part of the highly successful PRT2 family of products, the new and patent pending 1-Trak product allows track systems to be manufactured in almost any conceivable 2D shape and from one single piece of material. The single piece track system construction virtually eliminates the assembly process making installation quick, easy and simple. recognised include: Curves of any radius and tracks of any widths can be chosen, which means the possibilities for track design become almost limitless....

pinion drive and roller bearings to suit There is improved running quality, friction, life and ease-of-installation This year’s entries will be judged by an expert panel chaired by Andrew Burrows, Chief Technology at a lunch event, being held at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London on 9 October.


About HepcoMotion HepcoMotion® is the worldwide identity and trading recognition for innovation, HepcoMotion® focuses on manufacturing advanced linear solutions and distributors in over 41 countries, we provide extensive application support through a global trained engineers backed up by a substantial and experienced manufacturing capability. For more information contact Clare Berry: Tel: 01884 243400 Email:

SAFETY is for life.


Safety Solutions for the Oil + Gas Industry REMBE速 GmbH Safety+Control Gallbergweg 21| 59929 Brilon, Germany T +49 2961 7405-0 | |

October 2014

Don’t Slip up on Safety! Accounting for 1.3 million lost working days annually, the HSE estimates Slips and Trips in the workplace cost UK employers £512 million per year - yet the simple act of implementing an drastically reduce the risks, helping to protect both your employees and your business. While many may envisage slip hazards hazards for those entering the area and as exclusively the realm of industrial environments such as oily workshops of Detergent) to supply a controlled mix of or greasy commercial kitchens, in reality over 40% of all workplace accidents more thorough clean than a mop and reported are caused by slips and trips scrubber drier, the BR 30/4, for example, contamination of any sort - from clean is no bigger than a vacuum cleaner and the risk of costly slips and trips – helping water to seemingly innocuous dust - just as agile - yet it achieves ten times higher contact pressure than manual cleaning whilst removing moisture Wet cleaning is generally the preferred suppresses dust and delivers better range, the 30/4 is also available in a often mean they are much more costbattery powered version, meaning the potential trip hazard of trailing cables is creating slip hazards and encouraging the following: Driers provide a safer, more consistent Misuse of detergent is another incorrect ratios may render a detergent it by recovering the washing solution in a single pass – vastly reducing cleaning been neutralised is likely to gather dirt man-hours and crucially preventing slip

Don’t slip up on safety!

Seasonality of major injuries caused by slips and trips

Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work

Cost to industry


Workers suffered serious injury because of a slip or trip

Number of slips and trips by sector




Cost to health service


Slips & trips account for over 1/3 of major workplace injuries


members of the public were killed in slip or trip accidents



With a comprehensive range of size



Figures cover 2012 and partial 2013. Contains public sector information published by the Health and Safety Executive and licensed under the Open Government Licence.


on all compact purchases*

to the safety of your business, please visit

Don’t slip up on safety, clean up with Kärcher! According to the world’s biggest professional health and safety organisation, IOSH, slips and trips are the most common causes of work accidents, accounting for over 40% of major injuries at work. More than 90% of slips occur when floors are wet or contaminated with food product. Kärcher floor cleaning machines are packed full of innovations to ensure maximum safety goes hand in hand with optimum cleaning results. Used in conjunction with the appropriate detergents, a diverse range of disc or roller brush types leaves all floor surfaces spotlessly clean and free from grease, whilst powerful vacuum motors and efficient squeegees ensure floors are left bone-dry in a single pass. What’s more, with battery versions available on many models, the potential trip hazard of trailing cables is eliminated.

To give you a helping hand maintaining a clean, safe working environment, Kärcher is pleased to offer up to £200 cashback on compact scrubber driers purchased between 1st September and 31st December 2014.



For further details and full terms and conditions, please visit

October 2014

WTU 2010 Transfer System The new mk WTU 2010 transfer system provides a modular transfer system for any type the features of mk transfer systems. Equipped with modules and components from the mk modular system for conveyor. The application shown here demonstrates a WTU Transfer System incorporated into the customers automated

quality standards.

Several transfer levels are (100 x 50 mm). Proven mk dualseparation and a maximum load per pallet. Due consideration

chains are used for transfer sections. The transfer system is

to ensure smooth and fault-free transport. as well as stops and lifts. 400 x 400mm to 800 x slots as an option. Pallets can


special requirements; they can

This model shows the transport system variants. mk

sections to suit the application. conditions. or directly driven versions. The the transfer system in virtually any area of the automation desired. Other drive versions are The mk WTU Transfer System provides a customised solution

meet each customer’s individual requirements.


or call (01949) 823751

October 2014

It’s National Distribution …… “But not as we know it” QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

PIX Belts

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings

QCS - Cast, Forged & Machined Bespoke Parts

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

QCS - Cast, Forged & Machined Bespoke Parts

PIX Belts

QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

PIX Belts

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

The Power Transmission & Fluid Power Specialists

+44 (0)1473 744612

If you have a competitors jacket that is up to three years of age, we will make a trade in offer against a new Inditherm System... start saving today! Heated Jackets

5.0 0 * 9 6 £ e v a s a yeCaHreating IB on yo ur s t s ! Co

Inditherm FGS006 – Extra EEF Schutz Style Jacket

Our heated Jackets run at low voltage for ultimate safety. Using the most advanced of technologies we are able to deliver better heat transfer with our jackets at less then half the power of our nearest competitor. Using our patented carbon polymer material we produce high thermal transfer and uniform heating characteristics that mean we deliver unrivalled performance.

kWh usage -

3,888 Units

Unit cost -

14.9 pence

Annual Cost -


Longevity Inditherm heated jackets are constructed using extra thick, high thermally efficient materials. Lasting twice and three times as long as rival manufacturers.

Efficiency Our Jackets come with insulated lids as standard eliminating heat loss and maintaining high efficiency. Our heating elements offer 70% more surface area coverage.

Health & Safety Inditherm Heated Jackets comply with the 17th edition SELV regulations, providing a far superior safety advantage then a high voltage or mains fed equivalent.

A cost comparison over 5 years...

Contact Sales T: E: W:

+44 (0)1709 766609

Nearest Competitors Schutz Style Jacket

kWh usage -

8,554 Units

Unit cost -

14.9 pence

Annual Cost -


Annual Saving of £695.00 a year on Energy


October 2014

Heason Technology adds Gold Twitter to servo drive range The recently announced Gold Twitter servo drive is available from motion systems specialists Heason Technology, Elmo Motion Control’s UK distribution partner. Thought to be the smallest high power servo drive available on the market today, its unprecedented power density delivers up to 4000 qualitative Watts in a package size of 18 grams

single, dual and gantry loop for a wide choice of encoder and sensor types.

Elmo Motion Control is a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of characteristically advanced servo drives and motion control systems that feature industry leading power and intelligence densities. With applications that span servo motion systems in a wide variety motor technologies, power ratings, network choice, and level of intelligence. Heason Technology represents a select number of leading global manufacturing partners, providing a comprehensive complete motion system solutions. 16|

October 2014

For Applications Where Safety Is A Concern: High-

Precision Multiple Section Potentiometer for Industrial Use As the exclusive UK distributor for Novotechnik, the German sensor and sensor systems specialist, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on the new multiple section potentiometers. Conductive plastic potentiometers for position sensing are commonly used for automotive engineering and many industrial applications. great precision. And with more than 50 to 100 million wiper movements, the life expectancy of higherend versions is suitable for even intense mechanical requirements. But the potentiometer technology is continuously advancing, as evidenced, for example, by the new, highly durable Multiple Section Potentiometers. With multiple channels, they are especially wellsuited for applications requiring redundancy.

The proven precision potentiometer model P2500 is now also available in a multiple-section version with up to six channels, making it particularly well-suited for applications where safety is a concern. (Photographic image: Novotechnik)

pronged precious metal wiper, a About Novotechnik sturdy full-metal housing, and the durable 6mm stainless steel shaft Headquartered in Ostfildern, Germany, provide for a long service life free of Novotechnik has been a leader in contact issues. This potentiometer 120, 240, or 345 degrees and allows continuous mechanical rotation.

And it is very accurate, featuring a resolution degree of 0.01 and a linearity of +/-0.3 %. Additionally, the channels are calibrated to be well synchronized with each other. The fact that the shaft is running on multiple ball bearings allows for high bearing loads; ambient temperatures of -40 to 100° C are acceptable. The maximum Sensor technology specialist operating speed is 2000 rpm. These features make the new multiple section potentiometers version of the proven precision the practical solution for a broad potentiometer P2500, featuring up such as steering systems for component is particularly well- maritime vessels, weighing systems, suited for applications where safety or controls for special engineering. is a concern. The combination of plastic resistive track and multi-

the development of measurement technologies for over 65 years. Today, more than 200 employees are constantly striving for excellence in Germany alone. Its products – powerful position transducers and rotary sensors - are essential for production, control, and measurement as well as automotive applications, worldwide. The comprehensive assortment of product technologies includes position transducers and rotary sensors based on different functional principles, specialized solutions for the automotive industry as well as signal conditioners and measuring devices. The range covers virtually any conceivable application, while specialized demands are met with customized solutions. |17


Omega Engineering A Force in Sensor Manufacturing

Omega is a major manufacturer in its own right, making over 80% of the continuously increasing. At a time when “outsourcing� seems to be the theme of many UK manufacturers, Omega Engineering, Ltd., with its European headquarters at the River Bend Technology Centre, Manchester, remains a notable exception.

This facility manufactures an extensive line of temperature-sensing products incorporating both RTD and thermocouple technology. In support of this, Omega also manufactures the majority of the raw materials and component parts used throughout its product ranges. Omega Engineering available on its web site Products ordered before 5 pm are shipped the same day Customer can also chat online and share baskets when searching for a product on the web site. specialising in the manufacture of primary


Sensors temperature sensors including RTD, thermocouple and thermistor assemblies. Highaccuracy, 1/10 DIN RTD probes are manufactured here for use in discrete custom applications, laboratory and industrial process control functions. All probes are available in a wide variety of sheath styles and mechanical measurement conditions. Mineral insulated versions for high temperature and demanding situations are also regularly produced. Speciality products probes and a unique magnet-mounted RTD used to measure the surface temperature of ferrous materials. All critical components and sub-assemblies

not manufactured at River Bend are produced by other Omega facilities, assuring total compatibility and seamless integration. For applications where a standard product will not quite can be utilised to make a custom temperature sensor or probe for a perfect application match. By making the individual components used in its products, Omega can achieve a measure of control not possible when critical parts are supplied by a variety of vendors with a range of reliabilities. quality testing, the uncertainties that can be associated with outside vendors have been eliminated. This is the key to the high esteem Omega enjoys among its customers and its reputation for consistent, top quality products.



October 2014

High Precision Low Cost 6-DOF MEMS IMU From Silicon Sensing DMU10 is an all-new high precision, low-cost, 6-DOF MEMS IMU from Silicon Sensing incorporating three MEMS single-axis rate and dual-axis acceleration Combi-Sensors. or discrete module form for chassis mounting, with outputs either raw uncalibrated, room temperature calibrated or thermally calibrated across the operating temperature range (-40째C designers to achieve optimised solutions. DMU10 is designed for customers with requirements for a high accuracy (<10째/ hr, <0.05mg) Inertial Measurement Unit in

Initially released with an industry interface protocol for ease of integration DMU10 has been purposely designed for easy future adaption to Messages are output at 200Hz and include delta-theta and delta-velocity information, builtin test results and IMU temperature. DMU10 processing architecture includes scope for future hosting of custom embedded code for levels of integration.

format. DMU10 is suitable for a wide range of applications including antenna and camera platform stabilisation, precision agriculture,

Established in 1999 Silicon Sensing has produced approaching 30,000,000 MEMS

Each of the three orthogonal Combi-Sensors

a major engineering program of investment in new high-performance MEMS inertial sensor and IMU product developments. DMU10 is

Silicon-on-Glass dual-axis capacitive MEMS

higher precision MEMS IMUs targeted at competing directly IMUs are in the pipeline for 2015.

issues associated with sensors in plastic accelerometers on each axis are averaged in the DMU10 microprocessor to improve precision and reduce uncorrelated noise.



October 2014

British engineering experts provide ultra-marathon tests for aircraft parts An aerospace componentry dynamometer test rig that can run continuously for 3,000 hours and longer has been built by Automated Technologies Ltd, to its philosophy of using as many British-made components as possible. Among the key components are a TorqSense transducer, made by Sensor Technology and a variable speed drive made by Invertek. Automated Technologies is a design and engineering company which develops novel automated solutions, innovative product designs, prototyping programmes and solutions for process problems. Over its many yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience

developing new technologies for demanding clients in all the major sectors of industry, it has come to rely on UK manufacturing, as Chief Engineer Chris Baxter explains: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Building bespoke machinery and developing prototypes, as we do, is a very collaborative process. Quite often we need considerable support from our suppliers as we work through a knotty problem or two; sometimes this means an intense hour long engineer-toengineer phone call, or a visit to their premises. It is hardly surprising that this is easier with local companies.â&#x20AC;?

The basic design is that a motor drives the test piece against a load in a closed loop control system and the TorqSense provides feedback by measuring its performance in terms of torque and speed. Variations in the performance data over time indicate the level of wear and tear the component is experiencing, and from this safe working lifetime

New compact M12 stainless steel cylindrical safety switches

elobau is introducing the 122MS series of stainless steel cylindrical safety switches as the latest addition to its range of magnetically actuated safety switches. The

spaces that are common in this type of machine. A reliable switching distance of up to 9.5mm can be achieved is reduced due to the compact design, enabling better

for applications in food processing machines used within the packaging and meat processing industry. Furthermore, they are designed in accordance with EN ISO 13849 to provide PLe/SIL 3/Cat 4 level safety when used in conjunction with an elobau safety relay or another suitThe new stainless steel safety switches have been designed having worked closely with customers in order to understand fully the application and the working environment. These new elobau 122MS safety switches can be used in all types of applications in challenging environments where safety is paramount. A robust yet compact M12 stainless steel housing enables the magnetic safety switches to be used within the tight


the switch ensures a secure installation, and also maintains the switch and actuator orientation. The matching actuator/magnet is also available in an M12 stainless steel The units are designed for a switching voltage of 24V DC, and a maximum switching current of 100mA. All electronics, together with the integral four-pin M12 stainless steel connector, are sealed to IP6K9K. This allows cleaning of the process equipment with high pressure, and at high temperature. The operating temperature range is -25 to +80degC.

October 2014

1410 - Engineering Update - Object Detection - BOS5KLaser_96x297.pdf

OBJECT DETECTION BOS 5K Laser The BOS 5K product line includes a family of mini laser sensors, diffuse with background suppression, retro-reflective and through-beam. This high-performance, cost-effective sensor has a class 1 laser that does not require any protective measures. Its fine laser beam is clearly visible over long distances, easy to align and enables these extended sensing ranges to be achieved with a high function reserve. A compact housing makes it ideal for fitting in restricted tight spaces, perfect for its main application area of detecting small parts in fast processes.





Compact M12 l Stainless stee . safety switch Specifically designed for g food processin machines.

up to

IP6K9K Protection class according to DIN EN 60529

elobau UK 3000 Aviator Way Manchester GB - M225TG +44 (0) 161 26 61 18 0


Proud to be a carbon neutral manufacturer since 2010.








ROTARY TORQUE TRANSDUCERS Non-Contact Digital Technology High Resolution High Accuracy High Reliability Integral Electronics Voltage & Current Outputs USB, RS232 & CANbus Outputs Suitable for OEM applications

Torque Speed Power SAWS

compact design 31.5 x 19.5 x 10.8mm


Visible Class 1 laser light, no protection needed Precise switching - detects the smallest objects 2 kHz 250Âľs response time N.O./N.C. selectable with rotary switch IP67 protection Small - rugged - economical See us at the PPMA Exhibition Hall 5, Stand F13

WIRELESS LOAD SENSORS Wireless, easy to install/remove Transmits data up to a distance of 100M Transmits data at up to 10 times a second Internal Memory for up to 280 hours of data 11 to 28V external supply chargeable Connect to PC via USB Flexible automatic shutdown to conserve battery Dual ruggedised internal antennas FCC Part 15

Systems and Service | Industrial Networking and Connectivity | Industrial Identification | Object Detection | Linear Position Sensing and Measurement | Condition Monitoring and Fluid Sensors | Accessories

Phone: 0161 282 4700


Apollo Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, OX15 6AY. Tel: +44 (0)1869 238400 Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401 Email: Web:


October 2014

Bifold Group Announces Acquisition of Orange Instruments

Bifold was founded in 1865 originally manufacturing miner’s lamps for the coal industry. Over the years, Bifold has diversified to become the leading manufacturer of switching instrument valves and accessories, piping valves and pumps for the oil and gas sector. Bifold is now one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers having grown 50% per year since 2002. Bifold Group announces the recent acquisition of the instruments part of Orange Instruments as a new subsidiary. The Orange expertise in process control systems will greatly contribute toward expanding the Bifold product offering. The new acquisition of Orange Instruments will further enhance Bifold’s capabilities to penetrate existing and new markets and will improve business growth to our existing customers. Orange Instruments shares an equally as successful history as Bifold Group. It was established in 1975 designing and manufacturing industrial control and monitoring electronics. During this period Orange Instruments developed an expertise in process control systems, designed for a wide range of industries. During the 1990’s Orange Instruments expanded into the instrument valve and pump control sector building hazardous area systems for the worldwide oil and gas industry. Bifold Group, are dedicated to maintaining the excellence of their products and would like to take the opportunity to thank all their customers for their continued support. More Information Gill Bancroft, Tel. +44 (0) 161 345 4777 Fax. +44 (0) 161 345 4780 Email: Web: www. Bifold Fluidpower Ltd, Bifold Group, Broadgate, Oldham Broadway Business Park, Chadderton, Greater Manchester, OL9 9XA. UK.


Continuous growth and outstanding innovations on highest technical level will be presented at VALVE WORLD EXPO 2014 in Düsseldorf. Valves, the whole range of equipment as well as up- and downstream technologies will take center stage. The VALVE WORLD CONFERENCE as major event of the valve industry Düsseldorf turns it on !

9th Biennial Valve World Conference & Exhibition

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2 – 4 December 2014

Supported by:

Sponsored by: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH P.O. Box 10 10 06 _ 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany Tel. + 49 (0)2 11/45 60-01 _ Fax + 49 (0)2 11/45 60-6 68


Making it easier to find IT solutions You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade your manufacturing management software. You’ll be at your desk working well into the wee hours, copy and pasting data into complicated spreadsheets in an attempt to produce a management report that looks the part. You’ll be constantly frustrated by the fact that your business has moved on but your software functionality hasn’t and you’ll be wasting large sums of money trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. So, you know it’s time to upgrade, but do you assess the answers you get. For

has enough marketing budget to throw at


September 2014



October 2014

October 2014


Training Want to ensure reliable and trouble-free PROFIBUS installation? Then make sure that your engineering team is fully

Who should attend the course?



October 2014

Momentum Builds for Maintec 2015 Those in the maintenance, plant and asset management industry should mark 24-26 March in their diaries, as that’s when Maintec 2015 returns to the NEC. This will be the fortieth year for the show. In the events industry that is a major landmark, and it’s testament to the critical part the show plays in the industry. However, all the signs are that 2015 will be a big year for Maintec in other ways too! Four Shows – One Roof Building on last year’s clever co-location strategy massively, the organisers have lined up three highly relevant events to run alongside Maintec 2015.

Show Floor Entertainment cleaning event. Maintec 2015’s second co-location is Facilities

a selection of free content-rich practical talks full of the latest research, new innovations and case studies

industry outside London. It debuted last year and quickly professionals now also have a wider FM remit. The Health


Industry Leading Exhibitors for this year whilst still on site. As a result it’s a safe bet that visitors to Maintec will be treated to an array whom will be using the show to launch new products or showcase their very latest work. The planned launches won’t be unveiled until nearer the be using Maintec to present its new web-based learning series, iLearnReliability. It is designed to help industrial plants establish sustainable reliability improvement programs, via four training modules aimed at upper management, reliability and engineering managers, condition monitoring technicians and mechanics, and



major industry names. form of show favourite, Lions’ Lair, which will once again their new technologies, innovations and concepts to a voted best of show.

For further information about Maintec 2015 visit

NEC, Birmingham 24 - 26 March 2015

The UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading event for maintenance, plant and asset management







BOOK YOUR STAND TODAY Maintec 2014 achieved the highest attendance in the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 39 year history! Celebrate our 40th year with us at Maintec 2015 and put your company in front of maintenance, plant and asset managers looking to source new products and suppliers. Secure your stand today by contacting or call +44 (0)20 8843 8823 or visit Co-located with

Principal media partner:


October 2014

Content is King at National Electronics Week 2015 Following on from the success of the 2014 expo, National Electronics Week will again be the umbrella brand for 4 key industry sector events – Components & Power, Design & Test, Embedded & Software and Production & EMS. Each sector event will host a range of seminars, workshops and conferences including live demonstrations and training. ECSN (Electronic Components Supply Network) will be building a high level range of seminars which will support the Components & Power Expo. Adam Fletcher, Chairman of ECSN commented ‘We are delighted to work with the team at New Events again for the 2015 edition of National Electronics Week.

automotive electronics space. Both days will have the Embedded Masterclass and the Vehicle Electronics content and will reverse each day. Jayne Foster, co-ordinator of the content commented “With these two high technology conferences and the well established National Electronics Week all in the same place, this has to be a must for engineers who want to theemphasis will be on education, both in the

and cover key industry topics, we want them The Design & Test Expo will have an array of technical content. As in 2014 The PXI Show will return to National Electronics Week have a heavy involvement in the seminar programme and content, there will be a continual stream of product information covering PXI and a host of exhibitors will be on hand to answer any questions. In addition to this Electronics World Magazine will be adding ½ day content in the form of a sponsored Test & Measurement Masterclass. The Embedded & Software Expo will again work with Embedded Masterclass and this year, Masterclass will be joined by an automotive electronics conference run by Vehicle Electronics, the new free monthly magazine for hardware and software electronics engineers working in the


Building on the success of the Production & EMS Expo and seminars The SMART Group and NPL have increased their feature area for 2015, it will include more product and more technical seminars to educate visitors. Adding more value and training Advanced legislations and snapshots of their training programmes. National Electronics Week are now sending out a call for papers across all four industry abstracts. These in turn will be directed to the relevant leaders of each sector for review. If you would like to submit a paper please do so in a word document no longer than 1 page with full contact details and seminar/ presentation length in minutes to Lauren King at Any queries please call 01483 420 229.



SPS_MESSE_ANZ_2014_E_277x190 22.09.14 16:45 Seite 1

October 2014

Electric Automation Systems and Components International Exhibition and Conference Nuremberg, Germany, 25 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 27 November 2014

Answers for automation Europe's leading exhibition for electric automation offers you: %!!!" % # $$ %   %!

et entry tick Your free ps/tickets /s m o ago.c www.mes

More information at +49 711 61946-828 or

Loss Prevention Bulletin s safety case studies The leading source of proces hive of lessons learnt with access to a 40 year arc e resource for from accidents. An invaluabl ety. anybody concerned with saf Company wide licences available to this valuable resource 0951_14

34| 0951_14 LPB_HP.indd


27/06/2014 10:36

October 2014

ESO 10.3x38 – fuse inserter, extractor and cover in one With the ESO 10.3x38, introduces a multifunctional fuse cover for use on printed circuit boards. The ESO 10.3x38 can be used simultaneously as an inserter, extractor and cover for fuses. Designed for use with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips, and the ASO 10.3x38 fuse, the combination provides touch-safe circuit protection up to 1500 VDC. The demand for compact components for use on circuit boards is constantly growing, including in solar applications. SCHURTER meets these requirements with its patented ESO 10.3x38. With the ESO 10.3x38, fuses with the 10.3x38 mm format can be simply and securely attached to clips. Upon inserting the ESO 10.3x38 with captive fuse into the fuse clips, the installation provides a touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications. If the fuse is triggered, then the ESO 10.3x38 can also be used as a fuse removal aid. Additional tools are not required. If the ESO 10.3x38 is used together with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips, and the SCHURTER’s ASO 10.3x38 fuse, then these form a fully compatible, safe and cost-effective combination. In addition to numerous applications in the energy and industrial sectors, the ESO 10.3x38 is particularly suitable for protecting solar applications with rated currents of up to 32 A or rated voltages of up to 1500 VAC/VDC. Specific applications include solar inverters, string fuse boxes and battery charge controllers based on printed circuit boards. Standard terminal markings can also be optionally attached for simple identification of the fuse. When combined with the CSO fuse clip from SCHURTER, the ESO 10.3x38 has cURus certification.



October 2014

Professional test and measurement technology From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain from HBM The requirements placed on sensors, electronics and software in terms of operation, acquisition and analysis are continuously increasing. Optimal matching of all components in the entire measuring chain is crucial. We at HBM place special emphasis on this aspect. Worldwide, in all branches of industry: Automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, weighing technology and many more. For maximum quality and precision. Strain gauges Load cells, mounting aids and accessories Force, pressure, torque and displacement transducers Amplifier systems for test and process measurement technology Precision measuring instruments Software for acquisition, analysis and prediction Further information:

HBM United Kingdom Ltd HBM Test and Measurement


at nd D96 how a t s n o BM ing S Visit H gineer n E o r Ae

Tel. 0208 515 6000 Tel. + 49 6151 803-0 Fax +49 6151 803-9100

Latest high-speed DAQ device designed for test bench applications HBM has launched the Genesis Highspeed GEN3t data acquisition device as portable or control cabinet versions aimed primarily at test bench applications. The GEN3t has been developed to meet the increased demand for small, easily mounted systems for test bench applications such as electric motors, inverters and generators. at a rate of 50 MS/s continuous data transfer to a suitable control PC. The GEN3t can also be MS/s.

in the selection of suitable devices for high-speed data acquisition.

HBM measurement data items per second.

and measurement. HBMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities in Germany, USA and China 36|


October 2014

Fulfil your intrinsically safe instrumentation needs with BSRIA Instrument Solutionsâ&#x20AC;Ś BSRIA Instrument Solutions is one of countries leading suppliers of specialist test instrumentation, providing commercial and industrial companies with the equipment they need for their measurement requirements. Backed by their UKAS and ISO accredited calibration laboratory, to further assist businesses in meeting their measurement requirements BSRIA instrument Solutions has now added a number of new products to their extensive range of instrumentation within their Hire and Sales portfolios. The latest additions to the product ranges come in the form of intrinsically safe (Ex / ATEX rated) instruments suitable for use in hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres typically found across a variety of industries such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and mining. Manufactured by leading suppliers the range comprises of electrical multimeters, digital & infrared pressure indicators, aerosol monitors and dew point hygrometers.

BSRIA Instrument the option to purchase or hire the instruments based on individualâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s requirements and preferences. If you are a low or infrequent user of instruments you may choose to hire. The added up-to-date equipment, keeping expenditures to a minimum compared to an outright purchase, no ongoing maintenance or calibration costs and you will also receive the support and guidance of our expert team when using the equipment should it be required. For more information on the hire options available from BSRIA instrumentation contact the expert team on 01344 459314, or email, or alternatively visit

Hire | Calibration | Sales New intrinsically safe range of instrumentation available to hire or purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions

Instrument Solutions

Range of instruments includes: electrical multimeters digital & infrared thermometers -

digital pressure indicators aerosol monitors | | T: 01344 459 314



October 2014

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced and they have filaments, cathodes and other hardware, all of which may be coated with by-products from the process. Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

With the development of Chell's on-site UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system. CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 which specifically covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made. The development of a technique Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. The Transfer Standards fitted to CalCube are calibrated in the laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration job so that the confidence level of the calibration is the highest possible. CalCube comparing two manufacturer's Capacitance Manometers

Chell's CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge â&#x20AC;&#x153;driftâ&#x20AC;?, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform. This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from specification. The difficulties of calibrating vacuum in-situ Unfortunately, it is very difficult to carry out in-situ vacuum calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor under test. Another is the difficulty of access to many on-plant gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for the effects of contamination. CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

CalCube is constructed within a rugged, wheeled flight-case type enclosure having just a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year's experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube's design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very accurately using a pair of ultrafine Chell CMF valves. Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems - of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for specific applications. Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell's years of experience. These standards, when not fitted to CalCube are housed in another, matching flight-case, ready for convenient return to Chell's calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell's in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily basis by a Spinning Rotor Gauge whose ball-flange assembly is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32â&#x20AC;? Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell's customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration skills of over 40 years and, should they have specific different requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit.

For more information contact: Tel: 01692 500555 | Fax: 01692 500088 E-mail: | Website:

Calibrations under control

Beamex provides the equipment, software and services needed for an efficient calibration process. The calibration process starts from the planning and scheduling of the calibration work and includes performing of calibrations as well as documentation of results. An efficient calibration process saves time, automates procedures, is cost-efficient and assures that the results are reliable. The best-in-class calibration processes are integrated, automated and paperless. Learn more and test how advanced and efficient your existing calibration process is at:


October 2014

Calibrating Crimp Tools, Torque Wrenches and Weighing Scales All instruments and measurement tools drift over time requiring calibration. Standards and traceability are closely related. The latter refers to procedures and records demonstrating accuracy of calibrated measurments explains Ibrahim Ibrahim and Eddy Jones of To claim traceability, a calibration laboratory must document measurement procedures and calibration reports to provide evidence of traceability.

Crimp tools Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment are regulated by IEC TC 48, and UL486A. Crimping tools used within critical manufacturing processes must be calibrated in accordance with these standards. It pays to ensure the tool and dies are calibrated and maintained in a serviceable condition. Calibration should occurr annually or every 10,000 crimps. The tool should pass a pull test in accordance with BS EN60352. Motorised testers are an improvement on manual testing with controlled speed, and avoid overstressing of the load cell. The UltraTest Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge AFG 500N motorised test system (image 1) performs tensile and compression testing up to 500 N. Consistent test speeds ensure repeatability.

Weighing scales Weighing scales may lose accuracy for a variety of reasons: wear and tear of mechanical components, and environmental factors. Typical scale calibration involves weighing various standard weights as shown in image 2 in separate repeatability, eccentricity and weighing indication error tests. A key test for centre of gravity, the eccentricity test, involves placing the object being weighed in the middle may arise due to the shape of the object to be weighed. on the scale by placement position. Beamex has a useful white paper on the subject of weighing instrument calibration.

1. UltraTest Mecmesin AFG 500N

2.Standard Weights and Scale

Torque Wrenches

Calibrating the calibrators

Torque wrenches are used where bolts must be tightened

A calibration tool may itself need calibration. For example, the Norbar torque wrench analyser is regularly subjected

equipment. where component failure could cause a serious accident, such as in vehicles or gas stations. by the manufacturer. If the torque is lower than the nominated value, leakages or even disconnections may occur. If it is of a higher value, shear damage to the thread on fasteners of critical equipment may occur, leading to industrial accidents and injuries. The only sure way that proper torque is applied is to have the torque wrench calibrated.


generated by applying masses calibrated to produce forces at the known radius of an unsupported length calibrated beam. Calibration is best left to experts, whether in-house or outsourced. In the former case, manual or non-automated testers may be the only option allowed by budgetary However, outsourcing takes a companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s calibration - 0845 365 3944

New TC Model t 500 - 2000kg/hr t Touch control screen t Full modulation feature 50-100% firing t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option t Dual fuel option

SC Range t 80 - 2000kg/hr t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range t Compact t 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output t Modulating ouput t Skid mountable t Steam in 3 minutes t Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant t compact t Pre-pied, Pre-Wired t Skid mounted t Fully factory tested t Lightweight t Easily maintained

Containerised Plant t Easily relocated t Self contained plant room t Full lighting and heating t Fast site connection


Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering. mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2· Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane· Kinoulton· Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751· Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 ·

October 2014

Extensive range of Industrial Circular Connectors claims high quality at competitive price The demand for I/O connectors tracks the growth in factory automation, robotics, motion control systems and servomotors. For these applications M8, M12 or 7/8” style IP67 rated, can be screened, and are well suited for wet, moisture-laden process environments. For communications, security and surveillance equipment applications, IP67-rated D-sub, RJ45, USB & Fibre Optic LC Connectors provide increased protection from contamination and moisture in addition to mechanical stability, temperature resistance and vibration immunity.

wires are also available and can be positioned with a lock nut. Flange connectors and adapters for rear length pin contacts for soldering directly on the printed circuit board complete the programme.

Up to 16 initiators can be connected 8 E/A sockets. Overmoulded components are also available for the output connection to the sensor. This and actuators with a cabling system that meets protection class IP67.

M12 connectors moulded to cable sensor and actuator signals need to Over-moulded M12 connectors improve durability and streamline the size of a cable connection. Available with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 contacts, M12 connectors have anti-vibration locking and come in various cable lengths and quality. When it gets really tough: Shielded connectors protect and bypass weak signals. A uniform cable shielding ensures seamless signal transmission. In-built LEDs are available.

connection to their superordinate control systems. The Conec range from In2Connect available from stock or on fast leadtime ~ because they’re built in Europe ~ plus they can be as individual as your ambient conditions, because connectors are what we understand. In2Connect UK Ltd Home Farm

connectors Field attachable M12 connectors to react to the cabling situation on site or to build your own M12 cables. Field-attachable connectors use a simple screwdriver tool to clamp the stripped wires. This facilitates a faster, less complicated installation. This programme comprises 4 or 5 pole connectors, straight or angled. M12 Sockets, PCB or wire Connectors and adapters with 4, 5 and 8 contacts are available with 0.5mm long single wires as well as connection to the device. Front


Ropley Alresford Hampshire SO24 0EF UK Skype Name “In2Connect” Tel: UK 01962 773004

C& I R


mwa TECHNOLOGY MWA offers independent turnkey metering solutions, a wide variety of RHI approved meters, experienced onsite support and a range of AMR & aM&T product services. To take advantage of our metering expertise, please contact our technical team here in Birmingham on 0121 327 7771, or visit us at









October 2014

Connecting with your robot More and more it seems that the only way to remain competitive in the UK manufacturing industry is to include robotics in the production process. Manufacturers are increasingly looking for leaner manufacturing solutions whilst consumers are demanding higher quality goods at lower prices. This is particularly evident in the food industry where household food budgets are still feeling the impact of the recession and the resulting lower incomes. Robots are - it seems - the perfect solution to the problem, allowing manufacturers to streamline their processes, whilst remaining competitive. Obvious advantages are task consistently without needing to stop for a break. This allows for increased productivity, reduction in costs manufacturing using robots is that they provide better quality parts resulting in dramatically reduced reworking times. However itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no good having a robot within the manufacturing process without a reliable connectivity solution. As franchised distributors for Lumberg multiple connectivity solutions for robotics. reliable robotic connectors for industrial applications resistant control cables, individual lengths of cable and a wide assortment of robust M12 connectors. These connectors have been designed to ensure total reliability and superior quality, allowing for better tolerance even under intense mechanical stress, outstanding levels of resistance to lubricants, welding sparks and chemicals in wide range of IP67 rated, M8 and M12 industrial connectors. signal and power transmission even for harsh


Amphenol Industrial means it can supply a diverse range of connectivity solutions from multi-pole ruggedized MIL Spec connectors to RJ45, USB, M8 & M12 and rectangular connectors. If you are looking to increase your productivity through the use of robotics and automation, Electroustic can help you design, spec and supply the right connectivity solution for your application. With a background in manufacturing, Electroustic has the knowledge and ability to understand your application and provide the most suitable solution. Since Electroustic is a franchised distributor you have the security of knowing you are dealing with a trusted supplier.

Quote ELEC04 for free delivery on orders over ÂŁ50, Valid until 30/09/2014

It’s a draw!

Selhurst 2 – Southern 2

The issues of access in any maintenance environment can prove problematic but not unsurmountable when you put a group of engineering minds together.

A: Possession time was 11 weeks and that included snagging. We had a team of four to six on site at any given time. We installed two structures, each 100 metres long and

Essex-based business, Step On Safety has just completed work on what is reportedly the longest and largest GRP Platforms in the UK and possibly the world. The platforms are installed at Southern’s Selhurst depot in greater London and will be used by the Toc for future train maintenance.

stairs, gates, ladders, and landings. We used 9,000 rivets and it took us 11 weeks complete.

The installation of the two permanent access platforms enable rail engineers to safely maintain the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units on top of the 377type carriages, while also allowing the switchgear inside the door wells to be maintained at the same time.

The Challenge

A: We fabricate on site all the time, but something this big needs to be totally fabricated in the workshop. There’s just not enough room to fabricate on site when you are building a structure this big.

The Results When you speak to the team that built it, the sense of pride felt in what they have achieved, is evident and the next big build.

The team at Step On Safety were tasked with designing a GRP double-height walkway platform that has easilyscenario. For the roof access, Step on Safety created a bespoke GRP self-closing safety barrier system that allows the maintenance team to work safely from within an enclosed space while working on the carriage roof.

As for the maintenance engineers that now use it, only time will tell how it adds value to their day. But like most depots; Selhurst maintenance engineers are used to singular portable stairs & platforms that they have to negotiate into position, as they work their way along each carriage. Aside from reducing the hazards and risks, the permanent solid carriages more readily. Phil Somers, Southern Railway

used materials. Two key examples are that the materials are completely non-conductive, meaning that there are no live-rail issues, and that they are lightweight (around 65 per cent lighter than steel), meaning that existing maintenance platform walkways are not overloaded. The company was able to design, supply and install the solution within ten weeks of receiving Southern’s approval. We spoke to Senior Site Supervisor Norman Hyrons.

something of this size. In the past we would have probably used steel for such a large structure but this was a project that required to be completed within a tight timescale and GRP ticked all the boxes. Operationally, it went smoothly and we are impressed with the results and the time it has taken to complete.’

The Build Q: What was the major challenge you faced? Norman Hyrons, Step On Safety says: Due to the scale of the build and the speed, the biggest challenge was getting parts delivered on time. Q: How did you get round this? As a company we carry large quantities of stock so in most cases it’s not a problem. Having said that, this was a mammoth structure and managing the parts was a full time job for the Q: Did you have to do any engineering on the hoof? Yes, the steps were built at our Essex Plant and they were too short! This meant we had to reangle them and rebuild them making the bottom Q: Did this delay the project? is to make slight adjustments, alterations and fabricate on site – it’s what we do and so it’s factored in. Q: How long did this take to build and how big was the team?

Contact: 01206 396446

October 2014

CAD solutions for theUKautomotive industry Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers are under unrelenting pressure to design innovative and alluring vehicles—and bring and manufacture a single automotive product that exudes quality, is pleasing to the eye, and appeals to buyers, hundreds of conceptual design details must be vetted. Automotive designers must then shepherd the winning concept through design review, evaluate it for manufacturability, and plan for production— all to ensure a beautiful, quality vehicle. Manufacturers, meanwhile, are in an endless race to introduce the newest design trends to market as quickly as possible, while avoiding costly design changes. This creates both time and quality pressures in the automotive product development cycle. What if automotive design software had the tools needed to visualise a vehicle from conceptual design through to engineering and production? High-end photorealistic visualizations and virtual prototyping enable better design decisions up front and help speed the best concepts through the product development process. In the automotive design and development process, communication gaps often arise between product development and management, and between design and engineering teams. Even in the earliest stages, designers must communicate and present design intentions to management for approval. But management needs visual aids to understand what the actual vehicle will look like, and to help inform their decision making. The automotive industry also relies heavily on physical prototyping. In early stages, clay or foam models can be created relatively quickly, but still are an expensive way to visualize the form. If needed later in the


an extremely expensive and time-consuming project. single full-scale vehicle doesn’t qualify for economies of scale. Special equipment must be manufactured just to produce parts for the prototype. The end result is only the prototype is only used in one step of the product development process Quality control is another challenge. Any changes made to the vehicle’s design

the model will be to produce. An innovative and powerful software solution for high-end 3D visualisation, Autodesk® VRED™ and now include interactive design exploration and presentation as well as virtual prototyping. VRED enables the automotive industry to create high-quality visualizations for use from conceptual design to design review to engineering. You can make better decisions based on realistic parameters and share one virtual prototype model throughout the automotive visualisation and analysis tools, Autodesk helps you take advantage of today’s global trends and prepare for tomorrow’s demands. consultancy for the automotive industry including VRED software, training and support. For more information call 01844 263700, email marketing@ or visit http://www. automotive-transportation/automotive/.

The specialist for materials and component testing!

Zwick Science Award 2014 Have you published an interesting scientific paper related to materials testing? Zwick rewards the most innovative use of a materials testing machine for ground-breaking research with 8,000 â&#x201A;Ź! More information: Zwick Testing Machines Ltd. Southern Avenue Leominster Herefordshire HR6 OQH United Kingdom Phone: ++44 1568-61 5201 E-Mail:

October 28, 29, 2014 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center



DAY 1 OCT, 28

10.00 am

2.00 pm

Changing perspectives in composites design

From behaviour simulation to product development Performance assessment Product optimization via predictive simulation Analytic decision making

Time gain in composite design Behavior checking and predictions



DAY 2 OCT, 29

9.00 am

1.00 pm

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Aerospace

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Automotive

Reducing fuel consumption by light-weighting Innovative wing designs Next generation jet-engines

Nano-composites Lightweight designs What are the new opportunities of the composite market?

Aerolia / Greene, Boeing, AIP, Convergent, Dassault Systemes, ESI Group, e-Xstream Engineering, General Motors, JEC Composites Magazine, NAFEMS, NIAR, Purdue University, Siemens PLM, TUM, Tweed & Co and more...

Book your seat:

October 2014


INDUSTRIAL FLOORING s0UMADUR 0UMAmORAND0UMATHANE Specialist Resin Flooring Systems s3EALANTSAND#OATINGS s3ELF LEVELLING&LOW!PPLICATIONS Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warrantiesâ&#x20AC;Ś

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!


RESDEV LTD, Pumaflor House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 9JP Tel: 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email:

Specialist Power Screw Products Ex stock power screws & nuts Precision-machined components Self-reversing screws and followers Accredited by Aerospace, Nuclear & Chemical customers Specialist leadscrew & power screw products

Call 01482 325676 Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd, Pennington Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 7LD, UK Fax 01482 216438 Email:



September 2014 T: +44 (0) 1903 700 651 F: +44 (0) 1903 244 307

TM Electronics (UK) Ltd - TME is a family run UK business, run by Tom Sensier with over 20 years experience of thermometry. TME has a range of thermometers ; Thermocouple PT100 PRT and Thermistor offering functional mechanical design together with accuracy and stability. We also have foldout thermocouple fast response Solo thermometer. Recently TM Electronics have developed logging thermometers with an integrated barcode reader and Bluetooth communication MM7000 or logging thermometer with Bluetooth MM7010. TME offer catering thermometers, HVAC temperature kits, food thermometers, catering probes, legionella Choose TMEkits for robust, UK-built temperature monitoring teperature and legionella thermometers with dual equipment – from budget, off-the-shelf pupose immersionand surface probes,solutions general to purpose bespoke designs, tailored to your specification. temperature kits. We offer robust waterproof thermometers as well as easy in to fast-response use food thermometers. thermometer We specialise waterproofOur thermometers, range a PT100 thermometer and a thermistor bench includes and wall mount instruments and an extensive range of fixed or handheldour probes and sensors. thermometer, alongside range of high accuracy thermocouple thermometers. Always at the forefront of technical innovation, TME offers exciting new products designed to transform temperature measurement and recording in all industries. Improve performance - drive down costs – visit our website today. +44 (0)1903 700651

Keighley Laboratories Limited Croft House South Street Keighley West Yorkshire BD21 1EG T: 01535 664211

RPS Health, Safety & Environmental 10 Queen Street, London, W1J 5PF T: 08000 858384

Bio-Bubble Ltd Unit L, Fishers Grove, Barlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1RN T: 023 9220 0669 F: 023 9238 7460

Chemviron Carbon Ltd Britannia has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers & end-users; a Data Loggers Ltd legacyGemini which provides us with a reputation(UK) that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to your kitchen Terminus Road ventilation problem.

Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600


Since its inception, Britannia has built its reputation PO19most 8UJ upon a team of the industry’s experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry & our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the UK’s market leading supplier of Commercial & Institutional Kitchen Hoods.

+44 (0)1243 813000 Our ethos is simple: We provide a range of products of

the highest quality, at very affordable prices, whilst being mindful of the impact their manufacture & use has upon the environment.


Clyde Materials Handling Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600

Electronic Design & Manufacture Corintech Ltd offers a full turnkey solution to all your Electronic Design and Manufacturing requirements. Our design, development and prototype service can turn your idea into a fully designed product ready for production. We benefit from both UK and Far East facilities ensuring customers can take advantage of the ideal blend of lowest possible cost, rapid turnaround with exceptional quality and service.

Introducing the new AMD FirePro™ W9100

The new AMD FirePro™ W9100 professional graphics card is designed for the most demanding workflows and delivers the ultimate 4K experience in next-generation workstations. Professional graphics cards such as AMD FirePro are a good choice for design engineers as they are tested, optimised and certified to work with all leading CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

• 16GB memory • 5.24 TFLOPS single precision • 2.62 TFLOGs of double precision • OpenCL 2.0 ready • Six Mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs

Elmtec is a UK distributor for AMD FirePro professional graphics, contact us today for more information and where to buy.

AMD FirePro™ W9100



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