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Chris Goggin of Rinnai UK looks at the state of play of new fuels in the mass marketplace.

March 2021

Some of the Realities of De-Carbonising the UK Energy Market and Gas Appliance Conversion for the Housing Stock…… Chris Goggin of Rinnai UK looks at the state of play of new fuels in the mass marketplace.


national roll-out converting the UK’s energy resources is needed for the UK to be completely decarbonized by the year 2050. For this to be made possible a vast amount of work needs to be planned, undertaken and completed in a national effort which lacks living experience in this unfamiliar process. A report carried out for the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy - Appraisal of Domestic Hydrogen Appliances, Frazer Nash Consultancy - has underscored this colossal task. The work to be carried out in modifying the UK’s roads constitutes a concerted effort. Roadside powering stations have to be installed on all major routes in, around, and out of all major cities, as well as smaller towns and villages for cars to be able to refuel. This is a major task of organization and logistics that will, once completed, decrease the 26,000 early deaths a year caused by pollution emanating from fossil fuels. Alongside this task, homes across the UK must also transition to hydrogen expanding the amount of work exponentially. The transitional phase for UK domestic houses is far more complicated and intricate than selecting installation points and modifying petrol pumps. Initial approaches being considered have outlined a three-step structure for the domestic conversion process. These three steps are an initial survey, preconversion preparation work, and the conversion itself. The first step – the survey, offers no real challenges. The survey will involve an assessment on all pipework and gas appliances lasting between one and two hours each property. There are no concerns other than selecting and training a competent work force to carry out this preliminary phase. The pre-conversion preparation work is where turbulence is first encountered. Anticipated complications focus on the accessibility of the copper pipe work. Some pipe work is certain to be secreted

behind concrete and disappear down into ducts that minimize convenience. Copper pipes used in UK domestic housing also pose safety issues. It is believed that all pipe work infrastructure is ready-to-use, however, there are still safety checks to be carried out in several areas such as ventilation and dispersion. Soldered copper pipes are thought to be sufficient in transporting Hydrogen but have yet to be ratified by Gas certification standards. Material degradation of copper pipes and surrounding areas are another anticipated area of difficulty. If large sections are too damaged to continue functioning, it will have to be fully substituted adding more time and effort. Because of this, further surveys focusing on condition, age, and type of house could follow to approve which homes are more compatible with the Hydrogen transition process. The third step is the conversion itself. The difficulties each domestic conversion encounters will directly correlate to the problems each dwelling presents during the preparation work, such as concreted or hidden pipes. Replacing a boiler will take no more than a day; Hobbs, fires and ovens, half a day each. Two and a half days of labour has to be carried out in each house across the UK to refit appliances that certified gas engineers are not yet trained to complete. Taking into consideration that the conversion itself is reliant on favourable property preparations, current estimations on time per-property may change or fluctuate depending on each individual domicile and the safety standards of its existing infrastructure. Issues regarding the work force to carry out the energy transition process are still being discussed. There are 23 million domestic houses across the UK currently powered by gas, a major source of the UK’s harmful emissions. To service 23 million consumers, there are currently 130,000 individual engineers spread across 74,000 employers all of whom are Gas Safe registered. 80% of these engineers hold a domestic core qualification. Engineers will have to undertake and pass an additional qualification to assist in the conversion effort.

March 2021 A further work force of 100,000 will be required to support the engineers. This work force is yet to be assembled and when subsequently amassed, training needs to be provided. If the conversion process is to rely solely on current gas engineers, it is estimated that the energy transition roll-out could take 16 years to complete, still well within the 2050 decarbonisation time limit set by the UK government. Factoring in the 100,000 extra work force, it is projected the conversion process could be carried out in as soon as four years. Delegating this work highlights further trepidations. If the work force is accelerated too quickly, there are concerns of employment post-conversion resulting in financial hardships for either investor or employee. The conversion process is reliant in two areas: Primarily, the conversion is dependent on what is found in the completed preparation work in each individual property. The secondary area of dependence rests on the availability of trained engineers and support staff to complete the work. The national roll-out will spread out regionally. This enables engineers to be concentrated and trained on site, as the region being worked in continues its conversion. A large number of support workers will also accompany the engineers. A further effort is required in directing a mass media blanket of information that informs the public to the benefits of Hydrogen energy consumption; possibly before, during, and shortly after the conversion process; the content of this effort must be written, edited, rewritten, printed and distributed across multiple media platforms containing consistent information. This too can be considered a task meriting considerable thought and effort. However, in between 1967 and 1977 the UK adapted from “town gas” to natural gas. 40 million appliances belonging to 14 million people where converted. Yet this was completed by engineers operating in a time where knowledge and general expertise was not as advanced when compared to current day trade standards; empirically demonstrating that the national roll-out of Hydrogen is entirely feasible and possible.

Current plans have specified several problems that are anticipated to impact in every stage of the national energy transition process, notwithstanding the initial survey. A vast measure of work is to be organized, authorized and executed before the year 2050. The size of the task is substantial and will involve hundreds and thousands of people across multiple sectors, both public and private, working in unison to deliver a national energy conversion. The task is huge, the work force yet to be discovered and the science and preparations that support the energy conversion are still not 100% fully focused into one definitively shared direction of action. Once these issues are confronted and simplified the national rollout of energy conversion can begin, turning the idea into operational reality for home owners across the UK. Chris Goggin is Operations director of Rinnai UK. Rinnai is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems - it makes and sells 2 million units each year. The range of units can be manifolded to supply, limitless hot water to any site of any size. This means fast, efficient, temperature-controlled water on demand at the point of delivery – kitchens, showers, accommodation blocks, bathrooms, washrooms. It also means far less space spent on plant rooms and no or little maintenance as all units are proven to be robust with a long, long working life. Contact the company direct in gaining access to the supply of units Call 01928 531 870 or email – or alternatively use the smart online contact points “Help Me Choose” or “Ask Us a Question”, all held on the website homepage at FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.RINNAIUK.COM

Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

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Construction Update March 2021





March 2021




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March 2021

MULTIPANEL MAKE IT BRITISH What did companies that saw significant growth during and after the previous recessions have in common?



March 2021

n these challenging times, we need to look at those IPG suppliers who are not just flying their ‘open for business as usual’ flag but are continuing to innovate and introduce new and exciting products to the marketplace. Multipanel, the UK’s leading brand of waterproof wall panels for bathrooms, recently announced the launch of the Neutrals Collection, an exciting addition to their plywood collections which offers consumers greater flexibility in bathroom design and full room application. Comprising five subtle colours: Creamy White, Parchment, Clay, Dove Grey and Pebble Grey, these contemporary decors are reminiscent of painted walls with a stunning eggshell finish and have been hand-picked to complement the best sellers from the existing Linda Barker, Classic and Heritage Collections. The Neutrals Collection comes with all the same great benefits of the existing marine grade plywood collections. They are 100% waterproof with no need for grout, fast and easy to install thanks to Multipanel’s unique Hydrolock ® installation system ensuring a virtually seamless connection. Made using FSC certified materials, the collection is 100% recyclable, easy to clean and maintain and comes with a 15-year warranty. And, importantly in the current climate, it is made in Britain. John Mortimer, Sales Director, at Multipanel said: “By introducing the Neutrals Collection we are offering consumers even more choice and flexibility in bathroom design. We are confident that our ‘perfect pairing’ solution will inspire consumers to become more adventurous in their choice of bathroom décor.” The launch is being supported by a complete brochure redesign featuring a step-by-step style guide and designer recommendations. Customers and Installers now have access to new digital assets via the Multipanel website (registration required) to support the launch. David Cairns, IPGs Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy said: This is a good news story, its reassuring to see that in times of chaotic change, a British manufacturer is investing in products and marketing.” During the infamous credit crisis in 2008, research revealed that companies that started to invest more in marketing during this time showed to perform better in the post-crisis period and experienced an average growth in market share of 1.3%. New products that are launched during recessions tend to have a greater and longerlasting impact during these times than during others. Companies that saw significant growth during and after the previous recessions had the following factors in common; they acted early, they had a long-term vision and they focused on growth, instead of cost savings. Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG said: “For any organisation in times like these, it is especially crucial to focus on good marketing and Multipanel have done just that. The British consumer may now appreciate the value of products made in the UK.”

For more information please visit:


March 2021

Hitting the humidity ‘sweet spot’ Simply increasing ventilation rates to reduce indoor transmission of airborne viruses may not deliver the right result, according to Josh Emerson*.


he Covid-19 crisis has thrust the work of building services engineers into the public eye and placed the effectiveness of ventilation systems, in particular, under close scrutiny. However, while the general public may now have a better idea of why controlled, mechanical ventilation is important to maintain healthy indoor conditions, the focus on increasing air change rates has rather over-simplified the message.


Faced with rising rates of indoor transmission, the government and most industry bodies issued advice focused primarily on increasing ventilation rates to achieve minimum air changes of eight litres per second per person. Keeping CO2 concentrations below 800 parts per million was also recommended as an indicator of ventilation effectiveness.

However, the importance of controlling relative humidity (RH) was somewhat overlooked despite it having been recognised as a key factor in achieving healthy indoor environments for many years. Fortunately, several leading healthcare experts have now started speaking up about this oversight. Dr Stephanie Taylor from Harvard Medical School believes control of RH is key to tackling Covid-19 and in preparing buildings for future health challenges. She told last year’s BESA National Conference that managing the indoor environment was “the best medicine for treatment and prevention” and building professionals were, therefore, the “physicians of the future”. The ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer said numerous studies

had identified an RH ‘sweet spot’ between 40% and 60% adding that air which was too dry would allow viruses to thrive and be more active.

Balance She added that RH should not be sacrificed to reduce energy use. “We need to get that balance right.” The body of scientists advising the UK government during the pandemic has also made the link between RH and the welfare of building occupants. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said mitigating the risk of viral transmission through the air is not simply a case of increasing ventilation rates. Cath Noakes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the University

March 2021 of Leeds, one of two engineer members of SAGE, confirmed that studies had shown the risk was higher indoors when ventilation provided less than 3 l/s per person and that household transmission was a particular concern. However, she also said the virus thrived in “cool, dry and dark conditions”. However, current building standards still focus on a simple linear relationship between the outdoor temperature and indoor comfort temperature and there is no mandatory legal requirement to control RH. One positive outcome from the current crisis would be a long overdue change in this area because recommending high ventilation rates without counterbalancing that with RH control can lead to very dry indoor environments, which could have the perverse effect of creating conditions that actually help viruses thrive. In the cold, dry winters of northern Europe, indoor RH-levels can drop to 5-15% for extended periods, which is great for viruses, but not so good for people. If the

humidity is too low, small particles are also more likely to be inhaled deep into lungs and infectious particles survive longer. If the RH remains below 30%, the skin becomes dry leading to itching, cracking and chapping. On the other hand if the humidity is too high, it encourages mould growth and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems and/ or allergic reactions, including increasing the risk of asthma attacks. Very moist air will make people feel chilled in cold weather and hot and sticky in summer. Humidity also affects the performance of buildings, the durability of building envelope materials and the longevity of equipment. Basically, we need to control humidity so levels are not too low, and not too high. The moisture holding capacity of air increases dramatically with increases in temperature so, counter-intuitive though it might sound, it is often more economic to raise the air temperature because the increased moisture transport

capacity will outweigh the increased energy consumption. We should also start to consider humidity as an asset and recover it in the same way we do thermal energy to help maintain healthy conditions without paying an energy penalty. Achieving the right RH for each space will depend on finding a balance that brings together all aspects of HVAC systems – including passive and active ventilation – to deliver healthy air change rates alongside the right temperature balance. It is a complex area, but today’s system designers have all the tools at their disposal – they just have to make the right calculations. *Josh Emerson is head of marketing at Swegon UK. For an in-depth analysis of the humidity issues related to buildings and ways to deliver ideal RH download Swegon’s humidity white paper at:


Diamik Glass the alternative and sustainable luxury surface Diamik Glass have created two environmentally friendly products Ecorok® and Decorok®, both products are made from recycling waste glass. Both are durable, strong, beautiful and have commendable environmental credentials. Years of development and trials have resulted in two products that offer a creditable alternative to imported, mined products. Ecorok® is perfect as worktops for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Made from a minimum of 85% recycled glass and the remainder a mixture of resin and pigment which makes them non-porous, scratch resistant, smooth to the touch and beautiful to the eye. As Ecorok® is non-porous it makes it highly resilient to stains and marks. Cleaning for the eco-warriors amongst us can be as simple as mild soapy water, but if you need to give it a deep clean you can use scouring pads and bleach sprays without damaging the surface.

Decorok is made using 100% glass and as the name suggests is targeted as a more decorative material. Its translucent appearance featuring crushed glass design provides that something special in key environments. Just like Ecorok ™ Decorok ™ can be fully recycled at the end of its life to produce new surfaces with no waste. Diamik harvests only local glass destined for landfill, then processes this waste, using craftsmanship into perfect sheet sizes for every customer. This is supported using modern technology to create these two innovative and versatile products. Their latest digital templating technology also allows for millimetre perfect measuring and cutting to create shapes – they even offer to video the procedure as a keep sake for the customer or to use as a promotional tool. Diamik’s products can now be found in all parts of the UK and Europe which is testament to how quickly people are moving towards a more sustainable future. Customers have been looking for something new, something fresh a new design with ecological street credibility. Ecorok comes in over fifty standard designs with new ones being created every month. The Diamik Bespoke option will create your very own unique special surface. The only limit is the customers imagination!

If you would like to find out more about these unique products contact Diamik Glass on 0113 249 7001 E: or visit their website

Eco friendly, luxury surfaces Our glass surfaces are manufactured using waste glass destined for landfill. A combination of craftsmanship and high-tech processes produce beautiful, hard wearing surfaces. Ecorok is scratch resistant, non porous and smooth to the touch making them easy to clean with just warm soapy water. We offer our customers a full service package including digital measuring, delivery and installation.

Kitchen worktops Splashbacks Bathroom vanity units Wall panels Tiles - various sizes Bar tops Reception areas Serving stations Tea points Retails counters

We work with architects, designers and developers in addition to our rapidly expanding personal customer network. Our work can be found in homes and commercial buildings around the whole of the UK.


Our sustainable clients include, HMRC, Diageo, Kellogg’s, Breeam, Dorrington PLC, Fortnum and Mason, Leeds Building Society, and MasterCard.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how Ecorok ™ recycled glass surfaces can help you to become more sustainable in the future.

Diamik Glass on 0113 249 7001 email

March 2021

Snickers Workwear

High-Performance Jackets Workwear – Protectivewear - Performancewear – Leisurewear.


ith streetsmart designs for men and women, all Snickers Workwear jackets include must-have features that focus on fit and freedom of movement as well as using innovative fabrics that deliver long lasting protection and stretch comfort. Whatever you need – if it’s for work, play or protection against hazards – Snickers Workwear has Jackets that will work on site, are ideal for leisure, always ensuring optimal performance, comfort, good looks and visibility. ALLROUNDWork Jackets are just what the name suggests, delivering a great all-round performance. There’s also FLEXIWork Jackets that provide superb comfort and weather-proofing if you’re always on the move and LITEWork Jackets that keep you feeling cool and looking good whatever you’re doing in warm weather.

So check out the performance, comfort and protection features of Snickers Workwear Jackets, there will be one to suit you - wherever you are, whatever you need, whatever you’re doing.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear jackets range is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue or email





High performance safety eyewear always on hand

EVO®VISTA™ is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on JSP’s proven Evolution® head protection technology. The helmet incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec. Easy to deploy, adjust and maintain, ensuring protection is on hand whenever it is required.

Individual wearers prescription eyewear compatible Safety cell protects wearer from ricocheting debris SAFETY CELL

The safety cell concept prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and impacting the scalp.

Conforms to EN397 & EN166




UV 2C-1.2





EN50365 ELECTRICAL INSULATION AC 1000V or DC 1500V Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050

KM 579403 BS EN 397

March 2021

Magply Puts in Strong Performance at Bat and Ball Community Centre A comprehensive refurbishment project, addressing a community centre belonging to Sevenoaks District Council, is featuring the benefits of Magply boards as the substrate for a through-coloured render system that will be exposed to rugged use, as well as the worst of the Kent weather.



he work on the Bat and Ball WCommunity Centre in Maidstone is being led by main contractor, the BJF Group with Theis + Khan Architects responsible for the design work. Epsom based Surrey Screed & Renders Ltd., meanwhile, is the specialist sub-contractor applying a K-Rend system across the Magply boards as well as an area of insulation panels.

With the roof extending to 23 m in length, the total parapet is some 160m2 in area, with another 40m2 of the 12mm Magply boards having been rendered to create a bin store at the rear of the building, all supplied by EWI Store in Chessington, the UK’s largest stockist of render systems and materials. The K-Rend system itself comprises a base coat into which a mesh is set, followed by a primer and then the top coat finish.

The Site Agent for the BJF Group, David Murray, commented: “The final design for the refurbishment of the centre included creating a steel framed structure around the existing low pitched roof, in the form of a parapet. There is insulation over the old corrugated roof to improve energy performance, and a new single ply membrane running into internal gutters. Then a membrane was fitted across the outside of the steel framework, along with four by two (100 x 50 mm) timbers, to which our dry liner fixed the Magply boards ready for the rendering. I can’t speak highly enough of the work done by Surrey Screed & Renders who we’ve used before on other jobs. The completed areas look really good”.

The Managing Director of Surrey Screed and Renders, Matt Wray, confirmed: “As a specialist company we work right across the South-East from Milton Keynes down to the South coast and are an approved applicator for Weber systems as well as K-Rend which the architects specified here. Magply is a product we use a lot of as it works hand in hand with K-Rend: not only meeting all the performance criteria as a substrate, but being remarkably reasonably priced as well.” Despite offering good adhesion for the decorative render system, Magply boards are far more moisture stable than rival products thanks to their modified MgO

formulation that also represents an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB sheets. The production process keeps the chlorine content to just 0.01%, enhancing long-term durability, while Magply boards carry a variety of internationally recognised accreditations. Speaking at the time of work beginning on the project, a spokesman for Theis + Khan said: “The new Bat & Ball Centre will now be a redevelopment of the existing community building. The existing structure is to be retained, but the building’s external envelope will be overclad and insulated with all doors and windows replaced. Internally, the building will be replanned and rationalised to reflect the latest brief and to meet or exceed current Building Regulations requirements. The interior will be completely refurbished throughout and the landscaping around the existing building will be refreshed.”

March 2021

Marmox Multiboards Carry Marble-Mosaics Across Cinque Port Self-Build A strikingly modern residential property in one of Kent’s most famous coastal towns is making articulate use of Marmox Multiboards as part of its cladding solution, around both the inside of an elevated balcony terrace, as well as across the main entrance elevation.


he 3600 sq. ft. fourbedroom self-build on Cliff Road in Hythe – one of the country’s historic Cinque Ports – has been constructed for Gerald Glover using a high performance SIP system to create a series of rectangular elements, stepping down the steeply sloping site; with natural, Multicolour Slate Split Face slips, other cladding materials surrounding the runs of triple glazing. Following an initial on-line search and consultations with the Marmox technical sales team, he

opted to use 35 of their 12.5mm thick boards direct from the manufacturer, together with Marmox 360 adhesive, jointing tape and special metal washers which combine with the fixing screws. Gerald commented: “We originally gained planning permission for the house in 2015 and then spent a lengthy period in consultation with our engineer, specialist piling company GeMech and Mather & Smith Steelworks in regards to the topography of the site, it’s stability and the best and most economical way to achieve a supporting above

ground structure of the OSB faced SIPS panels to work off. Completion is set for early 2021. We didn’t want the building to look ultra modern in the setting so have gone for a mix of exterior finishes, including multi-coloured stone slips from Marble Mosaics and the dark coloured Rockpanel Uni cladding panels which surround the main balcony. With the guidance of our consultant, OSG Architecture, we started searching for a cement particle or other suitable substrate board, before coming across Marmox Multiboard on the internet.” “Given the elevated coastal position the boards had to be fully waterproof, while we also needed them to comply with fire regulations for exterior cladding use, but the lightness of Multiboard – enabling you to install large sections without difficulty – as well as the ease of cutting and fixing, were all additional attractions. We are now planning to use up the boards we have left over for fitting out the four en-suites, wherever there are areas of tiling or wet room situations. Multiboard is a very versatile product.” Externally the Multiboards are being fixed over a breathable membrane and timber battens at 300 mm centres with the use of the special Marmox sealant, jointing tape and washers ensuring the creation of a watertight surface. Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene or XPS encapsulated in reinforced polymer concrete, in a range of thicknesses up to 60mm and offer a variety of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to sustain substantial loadings if required, such as for flooring applications. They further offer good thermal insulation performance, helping to cut condensation risk.


March 2021

OMNIE’s MVHR Systems at Heart of Sustainable Cotswold Development The timeless appeal of the Cotswolds’ honey coloured stone has been redefined by a bespoke development creating two new homes in the beautiful village of Long Compton, where OMNIE has provided building services packages featuring heat recovery ventilation and renewable heating. The brace of luxury four-bedroom properties has been developed by locally based DG Carpenter on land adjoining an existing bungalow, using a stock of reclaimed Cotswold stone that the building company had stockpiled over a period of years: giving the project an authentic appearance not possible with reconstituted masonry products. However, while period properties in the area can be hugely costly to heat, the highly insulated cavity wall construction has just passed the mandatory air leakage tests with flying colours . This means that air source heat pumps will supply the domestic hot water and feed warmth to the OMNIE underfloor heating circuits . Simon Carpenter, who runs the family firm their father established, with his brother Andy, reflects on the success of the project: “We bought the former gardens and tennis court, along with the old bungalow, from the owners who had already gained planning permission for two large homes. It was our decision, though, to go for a high specification and make use of the local stone we had available, as the outer elevation to a cavity wall build, featuring


insulating blockwork and 75mm interlocking foam batts which still leaves a clear cavity of 25 to 75 mm, depending on how long the tail is to each stone as we cut them. “ “We’ve managed to carry on building, despite some disruption to supplies due to the pandemic, with the full services package coming via Jewson’s branch in Chipping Norton, while AJS Plumbing did all the installation work. OMNIE’s own engineer undertook the final commissioning in early August and we were also very pleased that the air leakage test gave us a score of 4 which is comfortably within the requirements of the Building Regulations. The OMNIE heat recovery systems will make sure the occupants benefit from fresh air supply while also saving energy.”

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q heat recovery units offer industry leading performance figures yet fit neatly within a utility cupboard, while 90mm ductwork ensures ample air flow drawing warm moist air from the kitchen, utility and bathrooms, enabling them to supply tempered fresh air to the bedrooms and living areas. Within the past year OMNIE has also revised its range of Smart controls, which include room thermostats and a phone app. offering occupants whole-house control for optimum energy saving and comfort. For further information on OMNIE’s range of MVHR systems, heat pumps, intelligent controls and underfloor heating solutions please visit

March 2021

CT1- The UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive British Technology, British Design, British Made. • CT1 – The Snag List Eliminator- has been widely considered and voted on numerous times, as the UK’s Number 1 Sealant and Adhesive. • CT1 has lead the way in technology in the building industry for over 18 years, and continues to develop and introduce ground breaking technology. A research and development department that clearly never sleeps. • CT1- who were the first to introduce the Hybrid Polymer to the market 18 years ago, introduced a product, revolutionary to the building trade where every trade person could use this sealant an adhesive, in just one tube.


ll trades, Electricians, Joiners, Plumbers, Roofers, Tilers, maintenance and repair workmen would now only need 1 product. CT1. This was unheard of, a product that replaces several products in 1 tube, could also be used under water!. The technology is truly ground breaking. CT1 replaces mastic, wood and P.U adhesives, silicone, sanitary, acrylic and butyl rubber sealants in just 1 tube. With no solvents or isocyanates, it also makes CT1 the healthiest choice for your home. CT1 which boasts over 25 accreditations, makes CT1 the most eco friendly and safest product to use. CT1 is the only product globally to achieve a NAAF accreditation. The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy association are the highest authority globally, that test or award products, that either increase asthma or reduce asthma attacks in the home. CT1 being the most eco complaint product on the market, NAAF wanted to test CT1 to see how well it performed against allergies. CT1 under vigour testing for 3 months, proved that in fact CT1 would reduce the risk asthma and allergy attacks in the home. This is a huge unique added benefit using CT1. Using CT1 in new builds, for repair and maintenance and upkeep of aged care facilities, Schools, Hospitals and all facilities that care of the vulnerable you know CT1 is the heathiest choice to use. Reducing asthma and allergy risk with the lowest indoor emissions possible, also adoring the EC1 plus green certificate.

During these times, not only creating a healthy clean environment, but also keeping local jobs, and community thriving, purchasing CT1 being made in Britain, you are also helping keep British jobs safe. As we know Buying British over other counterpart products manufactured outside the UK, has become more prevalent as we need to keep jobs safe. But not only for general consumers also highly important for the building trade. A recent survey undertook by, looked at 1,012 tradespeople, across the UK who work with bathroom fixtures and fittings for a true unbiased opinion. The results mirrored that of Made in Britain and several other leading reports that buying British products is paramount in their decision making process. 47% agreeing that British Made Products are superior, with the majority of fitter’s option to buy from UK Manufactures when they can. Questions such as this were asked : • “Do you regularly purchase British made bathroom fittings?” With 67% answering ‘yes’ to this. When asked why, reliability was the most common reason with 57% explaining that British made products tended to have better longevity. 35% also cited that support was much better, as any problems with UK items could be easily fixed. 24% even said they simply preferred the “design and style” of the home products!

So Buying CT1 would in fact be the preferred sealant of choice, with majority of competitor sealants being manufactured outside the UK. Often technical helplines, onsite visits, live demonstrations unavailable. Concerns over the environment also features as an important motivator with 7/10 brits buy British as they can help the nation combat climate change. CT1 also reduces carbon footprint, as landfills are filled with 1000’s of empty cartridges, from building sites, using numerous sealants for many jobs. Now you only need 1 tube, CT1

Buy British Buy CT1.


March 2021

Ravatherm XPS X used for The Peninsula London, a prestigious new hotel project for This is the subtitle and it goes somewhere near the heading like this The Hongkong and Shangai Hotels, Limited, managed by Prime Development The quality of Ravago Building Solution products has been recognised by the UK’s leading specialist building envelope contractor Prater, who utilised Ravatherm XPS X 300 SL and MK for Prime Development’s new luxury London hotel and apartment project. Set to open in 2022, the exclusive Belgravia development has been insulated with an impressive 2000m2 of high-performance Ravatherm products.


aunched in 2016, Ravatherm XPS 300 SL is Ravago’s next generation XPS thermal insulation for inverted flat roof applications. With a declared lambda of 0.030 or 0.031 and a coveted BRE Green Guide Rating A+, the shiplapped edged boards are the superior choice for exceptionally stable, energy efficient insulation. The Ravatherm XPS X MK filter/water-flow-reducing layer further improves thermal performance, by minimising heat loss and thus reducing the volume of insulation required.


Chris Gimson, Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Ravago Building Solutions, said: “Prime Development have ensured that the prestigious new Peninsula Hotel uses only the very best products in its construction, right down to the insulation. It’s wonderful to know that Ravatherm XPS X insulation will take pride of place

in such a spectacular flagship hotel overlooking Buckingham Palace Garden.” A spokesperson from Prime Development said: “As specialists in standard-setting premium development, all of our projects are completed to the highest specification. Ravago, having a 60-year legacy as market-leading manufacturers of insulation, fit our vision for the prestigious Peninsula London development perfectly.

Ravatherm XPS X from Ravago Building Solutions, Europe’s largest extruded polystyrene insulation manufacturer, offers architects and building specifiers market-leading XPS insulation for roofs and floors.

For technical support and to learn more about our products please contact:

March 2021

Braving the Storms With Winter fast approaching the weather has undoubtedly already taken a turn for the worse. After basking in days of sunshine we are now heading for wet and rainy days as the British weather sets in, and issues will, no doubt, start to arise with poorly maintained roofs.


eather conditions can be harsh on exterior structures, and changes from hot to cold temperatures make their mark on coatings and coverings exposed to the climates and UV radiation throughout the year. Cracking, peeling, blistering, thermal stress, surface erosion of protective roofing membranes are all common problems related to weathering which ultimately results in installation failures and subsequent expensive leaks and structural damages to repair or put right.

Available in an array of sizes the Roofing portfolio encompasses waterproofing compounds, high performance solar reflective solutions, all weather roof compounds, primers, felt adhesive, selfadhesive flashing tapes, DPC, chipping solution, and tanking membranes. All high quality, UK manufactured products with tried and tested formulations that have been used in the industry for nearly 2 decades. All ready to use from the tins and requiring no heavy heating equipment to apply, the range is simple but effective.

Ideally it is best to prevent these problems arising by first considering the design of the roof and choice of materials. The roof membrane or compounds chosen should reflect the characteristics and purpose of the building and ultimately avoid the roof to fail prematurely through wrongly specified products.

In addition to the bitumen products, Sealacryl, our fibre-reinforced acrylic waterproofing roof coating, is designed to prevent the ingress of water. For renovation of all types of roof structure it provides instant waterproof protection of flat and pitched roofs. Available in 3 colours, it bridges small gaps and cracks, has superb solar reflectivity, and remains fully flexible. Primerless adhesion for the repair and refurbishment of industrial and domestic roofs. It can also be applied in wet conditions so it doesn’t mean rain stops play!

Using materials that are not intended for application on specific roof types can also result in permanent damage to the roof. In fact, you can make a small problem worse through an improper repair with the wrong choice of product. At Bond It, we have tried to make choosing the right product a simple process. We offer a wide range of roofing products to cover all aspects of roofing from combating leaks to improving efficiency. Under our Bitubond brand we have put together everything you need as a Professional Roofer for new build and maintenance projects which provide immediate and safe waterproofing solutions. Products that have been designed and manufactured for the job in hand.


Patination Oil is also one of our roofing stable mates. A white spirit based liquid that can be used to coat newly laid or cleaned lead. A layer of oil helps protect the lead from the elements and prevents carbonate formation (white staining) on the surface and surrounding brickwork. Once treated it leaves the newly laid lead with a professional, clean, metallic finish. Used in conjunction with our Flash-Mate Lead Sealant we’ve got it covered from all angles!

March 2021

Continuous research and development enables us to extend the diverse portfolio of products manufactured at our West Yorkshire base. As on going development identifies new and improved formulations we have also now launched the next generation 100% waterproofing barrier. Seal It Liquid Membrane one coat roof seal is an easy to apply barrier offering a modern alternative to traditional GRP, PU, and bitumen roof coatings. Highly reflective, solvent-free and non-flammable it is formulated for professional roofing installations without the need for special application training. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with a primer, reinforcement mat and edging and trimming sealer in more demanding situations. Altogether the system delivers a high performance, watertight, and extremely durable barrier coating for all existing roof substrates which is guaranteed for 25 years. Creating an impermeable seal to repel water damage and provide resistance to degradation from natural weathering like rain, snow and sunlight. This product

remains permanently flexible once cured and will not harden or soften even under extremes of weather, temperature, UV radiation and external chemical attack and will not crack or tear through thermal expansion of the structure it is covering. It also has excellent resistance to ageing, ultra-violet attack and discolouration. Supplied in 5 and 20L tins and available in grey and white. Launching this month, we have developed Seal It Accelerator which means roofing work can still carry on even when the weather is against you. A gel-like additive, that once mixed with the Seal It Liquid Membrane, accelerates the curing process allowing for installations to be carried out at temperatures below 5oC and permits work to be performed down to an impressive minus 20oC. The gel is simply added into the membrane and, once mixed, helps to facilitate full cure at normal speed, on average 1mm per 24hrs. Supplied in 1L plastic bottles for easy dosing, the additive requires no special applicators. This is a simple system in every way that is a costeffective alternative to traditional roof coverings. For more information contact our Sales Team on 01422 315300 or visit our website


March 2021

Banking on Gilberts to help achieve excellence


leekness is the over-riding theme of 100 Embankment, a 15,000ft2 premium Grade A office development over nine floors in the heart of Manchester. BAM Construct UK commissioned A & B Engineering to design and install the M&E services for the project, which blends an existing Grade II listed viaduct with the steel and glass building above. A & B chose Gilberts Blackpool for the supply of more than 500 ventilators to air the internal spaces. Gilberts’ PG perforated face ventilation diffusers, complimented by its GSFA circular swirl diffusers, ensure excellent distribution of fresh air throughout the internal space and mirror the smooth, angular interior design. “Gilberts’ diffusers were the ideal choice to balance the design aesthetics with the practicalities of installation,” explained A & B Engineering Contracts Director Ian Buxton. “The main office areas have exposed services. By using side entry plenum boxes to connect the flexible ductwork to the diffusers, we were able to easily connect the services, then secure the diffusers through using concealed fixings. In this way we were able to achieve the continuity of eyeline and aesthetic whilst delivering on the draught-free ventilation targets. “We know from experience that Gilberts can be relied upon to deliver what we need, within the timeframes, with the capability to design and engineer solutions that achieve the objectives.” The PG perforated diffusers were specified as a combination of some solely supply and some


Even the choice of ventilation diffusers has played a part the architectural aesthetics in a landmark office development precited to achieve a BREEAM excellent rating.

solely extract, whilst the GSFA swirl diffusers provide predominantly supply air as they enable rapid entrainment and intermixing of high volumes of air into the conditioned space. Gilberts GX air valves provide extraction of stale air in the toilet areas throughout 100 Embankment. Gilberts’ grilles and diffusers are proven to help achieve exemplar aesthetics and sustainability, with an established catalogue of BREEAM excellent-rated projects. The company has a reputation for excellence, not just in its products but its service, in-house design, manufacturing and test capability, and after-sales support. It continues to invest in its services, most recently with state-of-the-art fabrication machinery, new powder paint lines, and extended warehousing facilities, to meet the growing demand for its solutions as Britain opens for business. Find out more @



he so-called Testbed 80 was recently turned on at the Derby, UK site. Prior, RSS was asked to provide lifting, rigging, and load monitoring expertise. The site’s prime contractor is MDS Aero Support Corporation. RSS accepted a scope of work to proof load test the T-bolt system underneath the thrust measurement system (TMS) and lift platform. Following Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which evaluates equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications, RSS delivered the required third-party thorough examinations. Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, explained that the load tests were completed in four configurations: forward, starboard; forward, port; aft, starboard; and aft, port. The safe working load (SWL) of the system is 25t, but a proof load test to 31.25t was conducted, with the load split in four points: 15,233kg, 11,089kg, 2,852kg and 2,076kg (total 31,250kg). Hutin added: “We then rotated clockwise covering the four points, so we effectively tested it four times.” Much of the rigging gear was readily available or provided by site-based contractors, while PP Engineering supplied test weights, cradles, chain slings and a mobile crane. RSS sourced two 20t capacity and two 3t capacity hand chain blocks that combined with a fleet of load monitoring equipment, including four Crosby | Straightpoint 25t capacity Loadlink plus load cells, a 12t capacity Accuway and a 6.5t capacity Dynafor load monitoring system. Readings were taken wirelessly and recorded for the client. Offsite, RSS conducted a further 32t tensile test on a 16t SWL hoist engine mount. Hutin alluded to the high profile of the sight, pointing out that, at the time of going to press, Testbed 80 had successfully completed its first engine run. Larger than a football

Rope and Sling Completes Load Tests at Rolls-Royce Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has completed proof load tests on Rolls-Royce’s new testbed for the Trent family of engines. pitch, the testbed conducted its first run on a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine. The project has been under construction for almost three years. Hutin said: “I read an article recently saying the Derby site represents the world’s largest and smartest aerospace engine test rig. But more notable, it seems that Testbed 80 is built with changing the future of

aerospace in mind, principally in terms of decarbonisation. To play a part, even as a third-party testing company, in such a landmark project is hugely rewarding. Utilisation of state-of-the-art load monitoring technology is a pre-requisite to working at such sites.” Testbed 80 will be officially opened within months.


March 2021


March 2021

Examinetics Announces Strategic Investment In Kenzen Smart PPE to help clients stay safe and avoid workplace injury Examinetics, the nation’s leading provider of workplace safety compliance services, today announced a strategic investment in Kenzen, innovator of a wearable device to reduce workplace injuries by providing continuous temperature monitoring of workers. Examinetics is a portfolio company of Freedom 3 Capital. new and emerging solutions that we believe advance their employee health and safety goals. With over 3,000 clients nationwide, we have the reach and access to health and safety executives in substantially every industrial sector,” said Fenaroli.


xaminetics President and CEO Paul Fenaroli stated: “Examinetics is committed to working with our clients to keep America’s workers safe, healthy and productive. As the nation’s leading provider of occupational health solutions, we see wearable technologies as the next phase of protection for employees. Kenzen has developed and tested an elegant solution for real-time employee safety through the detection of heat stresses to the body. This is the first of what we expect will be several investments in the wearable technologies space in the upcoming years.” In addition to the investment, the companies have entered into a marketing agreement under which Examinetics will introduce Kenzen technologies to its clients. “As a leader in the field, we have a responsibility to bring our clients

Kenzen Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Heidi Lehmann added: “The Kenzen solution is gaining momentum. This alliance with Examinetics will broaden the team of safety experts who can work closely with clients to train teams and onboard employees to the technology before work heats up this summer.”

As climates get more extreme, heat stresses to workers – which can lead to serious injury – are on the rise. Heat affects the worker’s health and productivity and a company’s safety and financial results. Safety professionals increasingly want real data to predict and prevent heat issues, while protecting workers’ personal health privacy; the Kenzen solution is designed to provide both.

About Examinetics Examinetics is the nation’s leading provider of occupational health solutions through mobile, onsite, and technology platforms. Our comprehensive suite of occupational health services delivers strategic value to more than 3,000 clients in over 15,000 locations annually. Leading companies partner with Examinetics to achieve regulatory compliance, minimize productivity loss, and acquire vital data required for optimal health outcomes. We call this “Insight x Onsite.”

About Freedom 3 Capital Freedom 3 Capital (F3C) is a private investment firm, providing capital to nonsponsored middle market companies. Headquartered in New York City, F3C opened its Kansas City office in 2019 to better serve Midwesternbased family and entrepreneur owned businesses needing capital investment for strategic acquisitions, expansion or to refinance existing capital structures. For more information visit

About Kenzen Founded in 2016, Kenzen is the premier physiological monitoring platform to keep industrial workforces safe from heat, over exertion and illness on the job. For more information about heat stress and how to integrate the system into a safety plan, visit


March 2021

The Crosby Group Launches Global Vaccine Support Program Program Allows for Team Members to Take Time Away From Work to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Without Impacting Their Paychecks

The Crosby Group, a global leader in lifting, rigging, and load securement hardware, announced its Vaccine Support Program to facilitate the ability of its team members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Available to all employees globally, the program provides team members with four additional hours of sick leave, paid time off, or equivalent to offset any work time missed after completion of the COVID-19 vaccine. Local site leadership will also work with team members to accommodate and support individuals experiencing postvaccine side-effects that may impact their ability to safely come to work. Robert Desel, CEO of The Crosby Group, said: “Safety is core to who we are, and we don’t want our employees choosing between getting the vaccine and earning a full paycheck. Our Vaccine Support Program removes that barrier and supports our team of essential workers. Throughout the pandemic, we have been committed to our core value of Safety, both for our employees and our customers. This program is the next logical step in doing our part to keep our team members, their families, and the communities in which we operate safe.”


At the onset of the pandemic, The Crosby Group formed a Pandemic Safety Council with internal leadership and outside medical experts to monitor and advise on best practices. This led to a multifaceted safety program to stop the spread of COVID-19 including: work from home, travel restrictions and guidelines, site health screening procedures, social distancing policies, increased cleaning protocols, virtual customer support and training, modified and flexible work schedules, and other mitigation measures consistent with the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). “A safe and healthy team is critical to our mission of supplying lifting, rigging, and securement products that are used in manufacturing, defense, and infrastructure development,” continued Desel. “As an essential business, we are proud to support the safety of our team, communities, and customers.”

March 2021

Gallagher Premiership Rugby Club Wasps have appointed Warwickshire-based construction firm Wigley Building & Development to create its new high performance centre. Wasps have bought a former sports and leisure centre in Henley-in-Arden, after choosing it as the site for a state-of-the-art training base. The construction firm, part of The Wigley Group based in Stockton, will carry out all the building, renovation and improvement works including upgrading an artificial pitch into an RFU compliant 3G+ surface, converting an existing area into a new training pitch, and the transformation of a former storage area into a new full size training pitch. Internal works on the site on Stratford Road will include the creation of a purpose-built gym, offices for coaching and administration staff, media centre and medical complex. The £2m construction contract will also see extensive renovations of the 13-acre site. When finished, it will be the first permanent training ground for the club which has been based at Broadstreet Rugby Club in Coventry since moving to the region in December 2014. Wasps men’s team play their home games at Ricoh Arena, also in Coventry. Charlie Brooks, Construction Director at Wigley Building & Development said: “This is a major project for the future of Wasps, for the region and also for our company. “We are delighted to have been selected not only as it is a prestigious contract for us to undertake, but also because, as a group, we are big supporters of Wasps and it is great to see them put down more roots in our area. “The work will create a state-of-the art complex which is designed to help the club move forward to even greater heights on the field. The club is a major asset to our region and we are thrilled to be working with it in further increasing their presence.”

Work on the pitches will be completed in the summer with completion due for the start of the next season. Stephen Vaughan, Wasps Group Chief Executive, said: “We are really excited to see The Wigley Group starting work on a home for our men’s first team and academy. “It has been the missing part of the jigsaw for us and we believe it will help accelerate our plans to build a team which is consistently pushing for honours at the top end of the game. “When completed, it will be one of the finest training complexes in English rugby and we are very much looking forward to this new chapter. “Our move to Coventry and Warwickshire was a massive step for the club. In a relatively short space of time we have established ourselves in the area, attracting some of the largest attendances in English rugby, have established a successful Wasps Netball side and an award-winning community programme, which we are keen to develop in our new location. “We have been really grateful to Broadstreet for hosting us for the past six years and naturally we have formed a very close bond with the club, but all the players are very excited about moving to a permanent and cutting-edge training centre which we can call home.” The Wigley Group was founded in 1964 and Wigley Building & Development was established when it merged with main contractor Ciexbe four years ago. James Davies, Managing Director of The Wigley Group, added: “This is a very exciting project which gets 2021 off to a very good start for the company, and we are looking forward to creating not only a fantastic facility, but one that will also help Wasps continue their success which has been so good for our region.”


March 2021

Kier record 82% reduction in repeat visits thanks to UltraCrete Tough Patch® Leading UK construction and infrastructure services company, Kier, had received concerns from repair crews across a number of different depots, that there was an inconsistency in both their approach to pothole repairs and how long the repairs lasted in each area. After working closely with market-leading highway specialists, UltraCrete, Kier have recorded a massive 82% reduction in repeat visits to the same pothole repair site.

Background Kier reviewed all data from pothole repairs between April 2019 and January 2020 to get a clear picture on the problems they faced. The data collected showed that, during this period, there were 98 instances, split across 17 routes, where a repeat visit had been made to repair a pothole.

The Challenge


When trying to find an explanation for this worrying data, Kier discovered that there were a number of discrepancies

in the way repairs were being carried out, meaning that some repairs didn’t last as long as anticipated. It was, therefore, of the utmost importance that Kier could find a way to address these inconsistencies in order to minimise the number of interventions on the network.

The Solution Market-leading highway specialists, UltraCrete worked alongside Kier to review their processes to help find a solution.

March 2021

Dave Youell, Strategic Account Manager, and Nick Holmes, Technical Training and Support Manager at UltraCrete, held remote discussions with Kier and recommended Tough Patch® as the ideal solution for their problems. Tough Patch® is a PTS PAS approved, cold lay surface material for road repairs, which utilises a reactive binder that rapidly cures to create a first time, permanent repair that will accept traffic immediately after installation. By utilising Tough Patch®, the amount of time needed for closures on a highway can be reduced, resulting in a significantly safer working environment for the Keir operatives carrying out the work. Quick and easy to apply, Tough Patch can be used to repair defects in pavements, driveways, car parks and on high speed roads – it even provides ®

a first time permanent repair in wheel turning locations such as junctions, traffic lights and roundabouts. As part their partnership, both Nick and Dave visited a number of Kier’s pothole crews to discuss any questions or issues the operatives had, and finally, to demonstrate the best way to apply and use Tough Patch® to maximise the effectiveness of the material.

The Results Having one superior pothole repair material and standardising the process of repairing potholes has resulted in a huge reduction of interventions. Of the original 98 instances identified where a repeat visit was required, after using Tough Patch® between February and April 2020, only 21 sites were revisited, resulting in an 82% reduction on repeat visits.

For more information on Tough Patch® and how UltraCrete can help you reduce the number of repeat visits to site, please contact their team of highway specialists by emailing or calling +44 (0) 1827 254402. You can also arrange an appointment by contacting UltraCrete on any of their social media platforms.


March 2021

Alcumus Recognised as a Leader in Independent Review of Global EHS Software Vendors Alcumus, a leading provider of technology-led risk management solutions, has been recognised by independent research and advisory firm Verdantix as a Leader in its 2021 EHS Software Green Quadrant for its market-leading capabilities in chemicals management​, quality management and contractor safety management​ . This achievement is based on 22 vendors evaluated in the report and improves on its previous placement as a Challenger in the 2019 benchmark.


he Verdantix EHS Software Green Quadrant is globally renowned for its expert insights of the most prominent EHS software vendors in the market. Based on a proprietary methodology, the independent review focuses on live product demonstrations, vendor responses to a 383-point questionnaire and findings from a global survey of 301 EHS decision-makers across 25 industries and 31 countries. Dedicated to helping over 40,000 customers take care of their people, customers and the environment, Alcumus is one of only a few vendors to score strongly across the full solution spectrum laid out in the research.


Since its first inclusion in the 2019 report, Alcumus has grown its business and customer portfolio, launching a range of market-leading product offerings and making strategic acquisitions in core geographic markets. In August 2019, Alcumus acquired Toronto-based SaaS cloud EHS software provider eCompliance and in 2020, continued its expansion in the UK and North America with two new acquisitions, Banyard Solutions and ContractorCheck.

The acquisitions further add to the proven portfolio of risk management products, which includes SafeContractor, Info Exchange and Sypol, providing an even more tailored service offering and expertise to match client needs. Alcumus’s integrated software platform enables effective management of operational risk through digitisation of processes often siloed, such as health and safety, environmental, supply chain management, and workplace access. Helen Jones, Chief Operating Officer Enterprise at Alcumus said: “We’re delighted to be recognised as a Leader in the 2021 Verdantix EHS Software Green Quadrant. This report sets the tone and describes the changing dynamics for a sector that Alcumus will lead through our focus on innovation and integration. This is further validation of our vision to create better workplaces, keep people safe, reduce risks and simplify processes.”

March 2021

Alcumus Welcomes Government Action to Strengthen Modern Slavery Act and Prevent Human Rights Violations The UK Government has announced new measures that place stricter requirements on British organisations involved in exporting or sourcing goods from China’s Xinjiang region, strengthening the rules around modern slavery in the supply chain. In response to allegations of forced labour, companies found to be complicit in or profiting from human rights violations will be subject to significant financial penalties and excluded by UK public bodies, with details to be set out at a later date.


sure there is no slavery in their supply chains. That will now be backed up by the threat of heavy fines for companies that fail to comply. Helen Jones, Chief Operating Officer Enterprise at Alcumus said: “Exposure to exploitation and Modern Slavery through international supply chains has been a growing risk for UK businesses in a globalised environment. The new measures are a much needed and welcome step forward that reinforces the need for UK businesses to take action to protect victims and make sure companies actively audit, investigate and reduce exploitation within their supply chains.

he new measures extend the reporting obligations under the Modern Slavery Act to include public sector bodies such as government departments and agencies, and aim to exclude from public procurement any companies which are found to have forced labour from Xinjiang in their supply chains.

With supply chains now able to stretch the globe with relative ease, this brings a heightened risk of awareness of working conditions and compliance gaps, making it more likely that unethical practices can go undetected. The effort required to maintain an awareness of the operations within supply chains is a substantial commitment without specialist support.”

In an address to the Commons, the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, announced new financial and civil penalties for organisations that fail to comply and future guidance on how to carry out due diligence checks.

To be able to accurately manage, record and compare data across large networks, organisations can realise significant benefits from digital compliance solutions that embed responsible practices, management oversight and help to avoid inadvertently allowing forced labour in their supply chains.

A Private Members Bill – the Public Contracts (Modern Slavery) Bill – introduced in the House of Lords in 2020, is also seeking to create a positive duty in public sector procurement to “avoid the commission of services from economic operators engaged in modern slavery.” “We welcome the Government’s position to take a stronger lead in guiding companies to meaningful compliance and ethical practices to eradicate unacceptable human rights violations in all forms” says Alyn Franklin, CEO of Alcumus, the UK’s leading provider of risk management solutions which help support 40,000 UK businesses to identify and mitigate Modern Slavery risks across their supply chains. The International Labour Organization currently estimates that there are 24.9 million victims of modern-day slavery or forced labour globally[1], with key drivers being globalization, supply chain complexity, informal employment practices and government ambivalence. Under the Modern Slavery Act, firms with a turnover of more than £36 million must publish statements setting out what action they have taken to make

Gemma Archibald, Chief Operating Officer SME at Alcumus said: “Ultimately, the best way to stop Modern Slavery across supply chains is through the adoption of enhanced and reliable awareness and accountability. Businesses, large and small, need to take the necessary steps and due diligence to adopt meaningful checks and take remedial action, which will go a long way to pushing modern slavery out of legitimate supply chains.” Labour%20Organization%20(ILO,more%20on%20the%20 Resources%20page). [1]


March 2021

Health And Safety Expert, Arco Advises On Weathering The Storm This Winter UK Safety Expert gives guidance on getting the job done no matter the weather



ith shorter days and bad weather, workers are spending more of their day working in dangerous conditions. Freezing temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds can hamper decision-making and performance, causing irrational and unsafe behaviour that aggravates the risk of existing hazards. Arco, the UK’s leading health and safety expert, wants individuals and business owners to understand how worker safety can be compromised and more importantly - restored. Studies show that accidents may increase by up to 35% when people experience excessive cold while working.1 Thermal comfort is key to worker productivity and maintaining a consistent body temperature is essential. Wearing three layers, a base layer, mid-layer and outer layer, is the perfect way to ensure outdoor clothing is suitable for the winter. • These layers should include: • A breathable base layer that sits next to the skin and wicks away moisture, keeping the body warm and dry • The mid layer, known as the ‘insulating layer’ should provide warmth. This layer should be fitted to allow minimum air movement, which ensures that maximum heat is retained, while still letting perspiration escape from the base layer • An outer layer to shield against wind, rain and abrasion

People who spend time working outdoors should be prepared to not only ensure that they are warm in winter, but that they can be seen as well. Ill-equipped employees are at a highly increased risk of being victim to a workplace injury if they are not noticeable. Every year there are over 2,500 RIDDOR incidents involving transport in the workplace and being struck by a vehicle is one of the most common causes of fatal workplace accidents.2

March 2021

Hi-vis clothing attracts the attention of vehicle operators, gives them more time to react and reduces the risk of people being hit. It is therefore essential that employers ensure workers are supplied with EN compliant* and role-suitable hi-visibility clothing. The higher risk the environment, the more hi-vis clothing is required. Hi-vis should be suitable for the job, comfortable for the wearer and it shouldn’t interfere with other PPE. Genuine hi-vis has two features which aid discernibility: fluorescent material providing day-time visibility, and retroreflective tape which reflects light directly back toward light sources. Whilst dark conditions seem the most natural time to wear hi-vis, it should be worn in all light conditions to ensure workers are protected. The EN standard for hi-vis clothing is EN 20471, which sets the minimum standards of visual performance and durability needed for high visibility clothing worn in the workplace. The standard is based on a series of tests including colour fastness, colour measurement, dimensional stability, reflective tape testing and garment assessment, all of which affect whether hi-vis offers the highest possible level of protection (class 3), or low level protection (class 1). Arco also warns that it’s crucial to review the condition of hi-vis clothing regularly, to ensure it remains fit for purpose. Arco has released an Expert Guide to help employers get the best results from their garments because thoroughly waterproof clothing means less downtime, less sick leave and the job gets done no matter what the weather. For more information and to download Arco’s free resources visit:


It’s good to stand out from the rest

Introducing the new

Titon Ultimate™ dMEV The new high performing Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is an ultra quiet low profile fan, which is specifically designed for new build or refurbishment projects. One fan fits all and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility room applications. With adjustable continuous and boost speed settings available, the Titon Ultimate™ dMEV utilises an efficient DC motor and incorporates a uniquely designed impeller/guide vane combination to produce high flow rates and pressure. • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The best dMEV performing fan on the market Low specific fan power down to 0.11 W/l/s 3 configurable speed options (Trickle, Boost and High Boost) Constant flow to guarantee ventilation performance Meets stringent 20 Pa back pressure requirement Quiet running, only 10 dB(A) at 3m, low speed Low profile aesthetic circular design 4 button and LED display to allow for simple control Quick and easy commissioning and set up Extremely low running costs High performance brushless DC motor Unique high performance impeller and guide vane design PCDB listed for inclusion within SAP

The Ultimate choice

March 2021

Titon develops the Ultimate dMEV Fan Titon are pleased to announce the release of a new revolutionary dMEV that ticks all the right boxes. The new Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is a constant flow fan that has been specifically designed to exceed ventilation demands, but meets current and proposed legislation. The high performing Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is an ultra quiet low profile fan, which is suitable for new build or refurbishment

projects. It has a one fan fits all solution and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility room applications. With adjustable continuous and boost speed settings available, the Titon Ultimate™ dMEV utilises an efficient DC motor and incorporates a uniquely designed impeller/guide

vane combination to produce high flow rates and pressure. The humidity version is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to make sure that mould and condensation are not a constant problem. The Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is easy to maintain, simple to monitor using its unique relative humidity data logging facility and can be commissioned in minutes. Lee Caulfield – UK Ventilation Systems Sales Director commented; “The development of the Titon Ultimate™ dMEV was a result of listening to our customers’ requirements and needs, whilst looking at current and proposed legislation. With ventilation at the forefront more than ever, it was important to make sure that Titon could offer a high quality product that is reliable and efficient going forward.” The Titon Ultimate™ dMEV has exceptionally low specific fan power down to 0.11 W/l/s and offers outstanding sounds levels of 10 dB(A), whilst meeting stringent newly proposed 20 Pa back pressure requirements. Available in three versions; standard, humidity and humidity control with data logging, the Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is perfect at fighting condensation and mould issues within a home. Available in the UK and Europe, the new Titon Ultimate™ dMEV is effective at reducing pollutants in the home and improving indoor air quality (IAQ), helping to combat the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.


100% Stainless Steel Towel Rails 25 Year Guarantee 01825 722988

March 2021

Managing Director, JIS Europe, Richard Thelwell, discusses their policy of stockholding and how it is even more relevant today “Currently, we are answering calls from customers on a daily basis, asking if we have stock to fulfill their orders, the simple answer is ‘yes, we do’ ” ‘We are able to maintain the chain of supply quite simply due to our longstanding policy of stockholding providing further financial stability to ourselves but as importantly to our customers whose projects do not need to see any further delays” The Sussex Range is manufactured from 100% stainless steel including our recently introduced Black Edition of powder coated rails “We have recently seen an increase in demand for our powder coated black rails, and also our satin finish rails. More and more people are coming round to the durability and sustainability of stainless steel” “My customers don’t want to go to the expense and disruption of fitting out their bathroom to then 2 years down

the line find an inferior mild steel rail rusts, leaks and they then need a complete re-tile when the replacement isn’t dimensionally identical to the original” Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It does not rust, flake or corrode. It is the sustainable, durable choice.

We have a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails, on our website do have a look and should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01825 722988 or

We source our rails ethically and take our social responsibility seriously, from our sourcing to our manufacture to our charity initiatives. We offer 3 formats of rail throughout the range: Electric, dual fuel and central heating only and we offer both a polished and satin finish as well as the Black Edition Range. “The cornerstones of our business are quite simply quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand”


March 2021

Voyage by VitrA leads the way in the bathroom transformation Bathroom design is evolving, and VitrA’s expansive Voyage collection points us towards the look and feel of tomorrow. Gone are the days when the bathroom was a practical affair, a room only to dash in and out of. In recent years the space’s functionality has melded with tactile materials, sensuous shapes and considered use of colour as it moves further and further from existing purely for cleanliness, to somewhere to enjoy, retreat to, and luxuriate in. The design of the bathroom and the objects within it have adapted accordingly, in a trend that first saw freestanding baths take on ever more experimental shapes, and slowly trickled through into furniture, brassware and ceramics. As things get increasingly progressive, leading the way is Voyage by VitrA, a 130-piece range by renown Israeli creative Arik Levy, characterised by flowing, sculptural sanitaryware and adaptable wooden storage. ‘VitrA’s Voyage collection breaks bathroom boundaries with its unique

interpretation of ceramicware, and forward-thinking approach to space saving and flexibility’ says Graeme Borchard, Managing Director at ‘The range is a glimpse into the future, showing us that contemporary spaces will be imaginative, impactful and approached differently to today.’

Voyage basins blur the boundaries of the wet and the dry, with the tray surrounding the bowl creating a mid-point between the two and initiating a new dialogue between countertop and bowl. Will this extra area be used for product storage, to catch water, or in ways we are yet to discover?

Serene ceramics

Total flexibility

The collection clearly plays into the bathroom’s new role as a room for relaxation. Sanitaryware is modern and elegant, circular or oval basins merged with roundcornered rectangular trays, which invoke a deeply calming feel, thanks to the smoothness of the shapes and the clear craft involved in combining the forms. These pieces speak of poetry, artistry and a soothing softness.

Voyage is entirely wall hung, an innovation which makes it incredibly versatile and entirely customisable to specific spaces and needs. Storage focuses on simple timber boxes – inspired by the time designer Arik Levy spent living in Japan – units and wall panels that can be placed horizontally or vertically, in five natural tones including light and dark oak as well as white, grey and forest green.

Wet or dry? In a further challenge to the bathroom norm,

Signalling a change in bathroom design, Voyage works in rooms big and small, crucially embracing individual needs and preferences, and inviting the user on a journey to build their own personal space to unwind in.


Roman has been designing and manufacturing showering solutions for over 35 years, and is home to the UK’s largest manufacturing plant. All Roman products are designed and created in Britain, offering the ultimate in quality, precision and craftsmanship ▪ UK Manufacturer

▪ Solid Surface Fabrication

▪ Dedicated In-House Design Team

▪ Products Exceed all Compliance Standards

▪ Supplier to Major International Hotel Groups

▪ Global Manufacturer to over 60 International Markets

▪ Bespoke Product Capability

▪ Promotes Sustainability and Circular Economy

▪ Experienced in Large Project Work

INTRODUCING ROMAN’S MONDRIAN INSPIRED DESIGN Roman’s stunning black Mondrian inspired design consists of a shower enclosure with clear glass and a toilet enclosure with frosted glass; a black and white wall unit with drawers; a solid surface basin with industrial style black steel frame and black chrome fittings throughout; and features Roman’s large square black grid mirror. The shower enclosure doors are suitable for inward and outward opening to suit every style and shape bathroom. The printed black grid style is bathroom design led and encapsulates industrial chic with an elegant twist. It features a silicone free matt black wall profile and the ceramic printed glass leads the current industrial look trend in bathroom design, making it an infinitely flexible product for any project with a clean and durable finish.

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March 2021

VENTILATION DESIGN STRIKES THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN THE NEW AND THE OLD A range of diffusers and grilles from leading manufacturer of air management solutions, Waterloo Air Products, has helped Peterborough City Council create a modern workplace in a development that has combined the restoration and change of use of a redundant rail shed with a new build extension. Offering high air volume capacity, Waterloo’s Vane Swirl Diffusers were also specified within the new-build office building and required a tegular drop face to match the ceiling tiles. These products are designed for rapid mixing of air in rooms where heights range from 2.6m to 4m. The company also supplied fixed blade grilles, adjustable blade grilles and exhaust valves to satisfy exhaust requirements in offices and washrooms. The diffusers and grills, fitted throughout the two buildings, were finished in RAL 9010 matt with 20% gloss white to meet the client’s specific aesthetic requirement.


n doing so, the company has demonstrated how its innovative products can blend into both new and old environments, whilst ensuring optimum performance.

industrial look. This necessitated a ventilation system that would complement the period styling and saw the integration of Waterloo’s MC Small Format Circular Diffusers.

Set to transform the riverfront south of Peterborough city centre, the Fletton Quay development features commercial offices, residential, hotel, leisure and retail offerings, a gin distillery, and restaurants. An unused site for more than 30 years, the development’s anchor tenant is the city council which is occupying a transformed Grade-II listed Victorian rail shed and an adjacent three-storey new building.

Commenting on the specification, Andy Wardle, Sales Director of Waterloo Air Products said: “Within the remodelled and converted rail shed, our MC Small Format Circular Diffusers were left exposed and fitted at the end of the twin-wall pre-insulated galvanised ductwork, level with the old beams. They are a fundamental part of this listed building’s new interior and chosen to provide both long term performance as well as complementing the impressive interior.”

As part of the building services fit out, Waterloo worked with Derry Building Services on the ventilation design to ensure the specification met both buildings’ aesthetic requirements whilst ensuring efficient airflow and a comfortable environment throughout the interiors.


A distinctive feature of the old rail shed is the exposed beams and brickwork which were retained in the remodelled design to create a stripped-down

Waterloo also supplied Airline Linear Grilles and Linear Slot Diffusers to satisfy both the air diffusion requirements and architectural aesthetics of the new-build office. Integrated within the acoustic tile ceiling system, Waterloo’s aluminium linear slot diffusers are highly suited to variable volume applications due to the excellent low flow rate, air diffusion characteristics and high air handling capacity.

“This was a complex project requiring specific attention to detail to ensure the finished products met the requirements of the two contrasting buildings,” added Andy Wardle. “Our team were able to deliver a comprehensive range of air terminal devices which met the client’s ventilation and architectural requirements and demonstrate our ability to meet even the most challenging of brief.” With the remainder of this major city centre development on track for completion in 2022, Waterloo Air Products are delighted to have worked with the city council on a project which repurposes existing listed buildings alongside new-builds and help create part of a new future for Peterborough. Waterloo was founded in 1961 and employs 130 people. Its head office is in Aylesford, Kent and revenue in 2019 was £12m. It became part of the Swegon Group in March this year. Swegon is part of the Swedish Latour group and is a market leader in energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate products and systems. It employs 2,400 staff and has a turnover of approximately EURO500 million worldwide – over £54m of which is in the UK. For more information please contact Rachel Roots:

March 2021

Schöck Combar improves sonar test tank performance Schöck Combar glass fibre reinforcement is fast becoming the preferred choice over traditional steel rebar for a variety of new projects in unusual and demanding environments.


ombar (composite rebar) is a ribbed reinforcing bar made of corrosion resistant glass fibres that are bound by a vinyl ester resin. The high quality components and the unique manufacturing process result in an outstanding mate rial. One of the latest applications is for a sonar test tank facility for assessing detection apparatus performance. There were two main considerations in the selection process. Primarily Combar was chosen for its nonmagnetic properties, as the product offers no risk of any electromagnetic interference with the test results. Hydroacoustic devices are measured over a range of frequencies and tests are highly diverse, ranging from the acoustic characteristics of a transducer, to the reflective characteristics of acoustic materials. So electromagnetic sensitivity is a critical issue and normal steel rebar would interfere with the results due to its magnetic properties – and even stainless steel would also compromise the test results. The secondary issue involved the ability to overcome loading issues within the structure itself. The tensile strength of Schöck Combar is far better than that of reinforcing steel and there is also the ability to design the product to different shaped bar types. The ‘Z’ bar within the wall structure on this project is a very unusual bar shape and also radiused.

A special two-part manufacturing process It is the two-part manufacturing process that enables the ribbed GRP bars to meet the reinforcement requirements. First, in the pultrusion process, densely bundled high-strength glass fibres are pulled through a closed chamber and impregnated with a synthetic resin. The parallel alignment of the fibres results in optimum strength of the material. The ribs are then cut into hardened bars and given a final coating. As the vinyl ester resin is diffusion tight and every glass fibre is embedded in resin, the result is a durability of up to 100 years in concrete.

salt – is unrivalled when building bridge, marine and harbour constructions. For Combar enquiries, in the first instance visit; contact: or tel: 01865 290 890

Exceptional versatility Schöck Combar application examples include taking advantage of its easy machinability in tunnel construction, whereby boring machines used in shaft walls of tunnels, cannot drill through steel reinforced walls. With Combar the machine can cut directly through the head wall. In high voltage transformers and power plant reactors, inductive currents are generated within the reinforcing steel. The heat will affect the rebar strength if too close to the coils, but Combar remains unaffected. And its corrosion resistance – even from


March 2021

Call for Restaurants to keep doors and windows open to minimise Covid transfer risk Restaurants and pubs across the UK are being asked to keep doors and windows open to allow air to move through their buildings to reduce airborne transmission of Covid.



t is reported that 91% of all Covid-19 patients are infected indoors, so the latest advice from experts is to keep air flowing through buildings where people congregate to mitigate transfer risks.

Open Windows & Doors for 20 minutes per hour

“Those of us in the air conditioning business have been banging this home for years, fresh circulated air is healthier air – you don’t need a fancy system to do this, just keep a steady flow of fresh air by opening doors and windows”, explains Libby Jones from Air Conditioning installer

In a pub or restaurant this can be tricky, but the concept is clear – the more air you extract and replace with fresh, the healthier the air. This is a habit we all need to be better at, because even in post-Covid years ahead (yes, they do exist) we can all help by sticking to a clean air regime.

Regular “shock ventilation” is recommended to change out air in rooms. This means opening windows and doors on a very regular basis to allow stale air to be changed for fresh.

There are some simple things we can do to reduce risk of transmission within any building – and it all comes down to common sense. The usual washing hands, wearing a mask and keeping distance – but where air is not being exchanged in congested areas it raises the risks of an infected person’s cough being recirculated around a room.

“The Germans are going big time into education about ventilation – they call it Stosslüften meaning “shock ventilation” and its effects on transmission rates of the virus indoors are incredibly positive. If you think about it this Winter, that’s the danger zone, we will be spending more time inside at home, in restaurants, in offices, and we need to wise up to simple ventilation habits” explains Libby Jones from Air Conditioning installer

It is all about being aware that stale air can carry airborne particles of Covid-19. Changing habits can reduce the risk massively.

If everyone can reduce their ability to transmit the virus just a little bit, we can all help bring down the changes of passing it around.

March 2021

Sheffield Primary School opens eco-classroom to serve pupils MAC Construction Consultants oversee completion of new modular build classroom


radfield Dungworth Primary School has opened the doors to its latest £50,000 eco-classroom facility after parents in the community successfully raised funds to support the project. Forming part of Peak Edge Trusts’ wider estates management plan, it will be a multipurpose facility for use as a classroom, breakout space and library space. Its sustainable features also mean it is environmentally friendly. The new building is located on the existing school site and is intended to replace a building which was no longer fit for purpose, and was demolished in 2019. MAC Construction Consultants were appointed on the four-week project to provide specialist Cost Management, Quantity Survey and Safety, Health and Environmental services; working alongside main construction contractor Bridge Timber which ensured there were no disturbances to the wider school site.

Paul Booth, Building Surveyor at MAC Construction Consultants said: “We’re delighted to have been involved in this project that will deliver much needed resources and facilities for the pupils in the local area, and help to ensure the long term sustainability of the school building. “The team at MAC has a wide range of experience when it comes to the education sector and can support education providers in all aspects of effectively managing estates. “We are looking forward to working more closely with this Trust to deliver much needed condition improvement funded projects at several of its other sites in the coming months.” Bradfield Dungworth Primary School forms part of Peak Edge Trust a multi-academy trust established in 2019 located in North West Sheffield.


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