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Providing CAD solutions for the Automotive industry

POWERFUL SOLUTIONS FROM MURRELEKTRONIK A diverse product range, innovative design, in house test centre and quick delivery – all the elements you would expect from one of the world’s leading manufacturers in electrical equipment for machines and system installations. But with Murrelektronik you get so much more.



Our UK based sales and technical team can help with the smallest query through to fully customised system solutions. Plus, with industry experts in Food & Beverage, Processing & Packaging and Automotive, we have specialist global industry knowledge at our fingertips. Altogether, powerful solutions that help you optimise your electrical machine and system installations.



















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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led Automation&Update is an engaging, editorially publication directory giving the reader newsled and publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry. Progressing industry. This Digital only branch off from our parent publication This Digital only branch off from our parent publication Engineering Update provides an in-depth look at the Engineering Update provides an in-depth look at Automation side of engineering we distribute thethe Automation engineering distribute the magazine to side overof 23,000 readerswe monthly. magazine to over 23,000 readers monthly. With Automation being ever present for the Industrial With Automation ever present for the Industrial Engineering Sectorbeing we provide the latest news and Engineering Sectorthroughout we providethe theUK’s latestmarket news and unbiased opinions place. unbiased opinions throughout the UK’s market place.

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ACOUSTIC ANALYSIS: This model simulates the acoustics inside a sedan and includes sound sources at the typical loudspeaker locations.

Multiphysics tools let you build simulations that accurately replicate the important characteristics of your designs. The key is the ability to include all physical effects that exist in the real world. To learn more about COMSOL Multiphysics, visit

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– a practical approach

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INTELLIGENT POWER CONTROL – MICO Safeguarding machine up-time The power supply is the heart of every control cabinet. Advanced power supply systems have to be protected in a consistent and targeted manner

MICO monitors currents: Select a maximum individual current value for each channel and MICO will monitor this value. When the value is within the appropriate range the LED will be solid green. MICO indicates when current is approaching the maximum load: When 90% of the selected current load is reached the LED will flash green.

MICO detects overload: In case of short circuits, or if the load current exceeds the selected value, MICO switches off the affected channel and the LED will flash red.

MICO provides flexibility: Every channel can be manually switched on or off by pressing the button. When this happens the LED will be red.


Safe and Reliable Murrele k

tronik best-sell ing prod ’s uct in 2013! 2 channel version

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind.Estate, Swinton, Manchester, GB M27 4FG

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4 channel version

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As the exclusive UK distributor for Novotechnik, the German sensor and sensor systems specialist, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on the new multiple section potentiometers. Conductive plastic potentiometers for position sensing are commonly used for automotive engineering and many industrial applications. They are inexpensive and offer great precision. And with more than 50 to 100 million wiper movements, the life expectancy of higher-end versions is suitable for even intense mechanical requirements. But the potentiometer technology is continuously advancing, as evidenced, for example, by the new, highly durable Multiple Section Potentiometers. With multiple channels, they are especially well-suited for applications requiring redundancy. section version of the proven precision potentiometer P2500, featuring up to six channnels concern. The combination of plastic resistive track and multi-pronged precious metal wiper, a sturdy full-metal housing, and the durable 6mm stainless steel shaft provide for a long service life free of contact issues. This potentiometer is offered with rotation angles of 120, 240, or 345 degrees and allows continuous mechanical rotation. And it is very accurate, featuring a resolution degree of 0.01 and a linearity of +/-0.3 %. Additionally, the channels are calibrated to be well synchronized with each other. The fact that the shaft is running on multiple ball bearings allows for high bearing loads; ambient temperatures of -40 to 100° C are acceptable. The maximum operating speed is 2000 rpm. These features make the new multiple section potentiometers the practical solution for a broad spectrum of different applications, such as steering systems for maritime vessels, weighing systems, or controls for special engineering. About Novotechnik a leader in the development of measurement technologies for over 65 years. Today, more than 200 employees are constantly striving for excellence in Germany alone. Its products – powerful position transducers and rotary sensors - are essential for production, control, and measurement as well as automotive applications, worldwide. The comprehensive assortment of product technologies includes position transducers and rotary sensors based on different functional principles, specialized solutions for the automotive industry as well as signal conditioners and measuring devices. The range covers virtually any conceivable application, while specialized demands are met with customized solutions.

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Calibrating Crimp Tools, Torque Wrenches and Weighing Scales All instruments and measurement tools drift over time requiring calibration. Standards and traceability are closely related. The latter refers to procedures and records demonstrating accuracy of calibrated measurments explains Ibrahim Ibrahim and Eddy Jones of To claim traceability, a calibration laboratory must document measurement procedures and calibration reports to provide evidence of traceability.

Crimp tools Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment are regulated by IEC TC 48, and UL486A. Crimping tools used within critical manufacturing processes must be calibrated in accordance with these standards. It pays to ensure the tool and dies are calibrated and maintained in a serviceable condition. Calibration should occurr annually or every 10,000 crimps. The tool should pass a pull test in accordance with BS EN60352.

Weighing scales Weighing scales may lose accuracy for a variety of reasons: wear and tear of mechanical components, and environmental factors. Typical scale calibration involves weighing various standard weights as shown in image 2 in separate repeatability, eccentricity and weighing indication error tests. A key test for centre of gravity, the eccentricity test, involves placing the object being weighed in the middle of the load the shape of the object to be weighed. The test determines how much this affects the indication on the scale by placement position. Beamex has a useful white paper on the subject of weighing instrument calibration.

Motorised testers are an improvement on manual testing with controlled speed, and avoid overstressing of the load cell. The UltraTest Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge AFG 500N motorised test system (image 1) performs tensile and compression testing up to 500 N. Consistent test speeds ensure repeatability.

1. UltraTest Mecmesin AFG 500N

2.Standard Weights and Scale

Torque Wrenches

Calibrating the calibrators

Torque wrenches are used where bolts must be tightened

A calibration tool may itself need calibration. For example, the Norbar torque wrench analyser is regularly subjected to manufacturer tests with different known torques generated by applying masses calibrated to produce forces at the known radius of an unsupported length calibrated beam.

equipment. where component failure could cause a serious accident, such as in vehicles or gas stations. the manufacturer. If the torque is lower than the nominated value, leakages or even disconnections may occur. If it is of a higher value, shear damage to the thread on fasteners of critical equipment may occur, leading to industrial accidents and injuries. The only sure way that proper torque is applied is to have the torque wrench calibrated.

Calibration is best left to experts, whether in-house or outsourced. In the former case, manual or non-automated testers may be the only option allowed by budgetary constraints to offset the cost of skilled operators. However, outsourcing takes a company’s calibration activity off the balance sheet. - 0845 365 3944 Automation Update - 7 October 2014

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British Engineering Experts Provide Ultra-Marathon Tests For Aircraft Parts An aerospace componentry dynamometer test rig that can run continuously for 3,000 hours and longer has been built by Automated Technologies Ltd, to its philosophy of using as many British-made components as possible. Among the key components are a TorqSense transducer, made by Sensor Technology and a variable speed drive made by Invertek. Automated Technologies is a design and engineering company which develops novel automated solutions, innovative product designs, prototyping programmes and solutions for process problems. Over its many years’ experience developing

new technologies for demanding clients in all the major sectors of industry, it has come to rely on UK manufacturing, as Chief Engineer Chris Baxter explains: “Building bespoke machinery and developing prototypes, as we do, is a very collaborative process. Quite often we need considerable support from our suppliers as we work through a knotty problem or two; sometimes this means an intense hour long engineer-to-engineer phone call, or a visit to their premises. It is hardly surprising that this is easier with local companies.”

in a closed loop control system and the TorqSense provides feedback by measuring its performance in terms of torque and speed. Variations in the performance data over time indicate the level of wear and tear the component is experiencing, and from be developed.

The basic design is that a motor drives the test piece against a load

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Non-Contact Digital Technology High Resolution High Accuracy High Reliability Integral Electronics Voltage & Current Outputs USB, RS232 & CANbus Outputs Suitable for OEM applications

Wireless, easy to install/remove Transmits data up to a distance of 100m Transmits data up to 10 times a second Internal Memory for up to 280 hours data 11 to 28V external supply chargeable Connect to PC via USB Flexible automatic shutdown to conserve battery Dual ruggedised internal antennas FCC Part 15


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High Precision, Low-Cost, 6-DOF MEMS IMU From Silicon Sensing DMU10 is an all-new high precision, lowcost, 6-DOF MEMS IMU from Silicon Sensing incorporating three MEMS single-axis rate and dual-axis acceleration Combi-Sensors. DMU10 is PCBA-only for OEM customers or discrete module form for chassis mounting, with outputs either raw uncalibrated, room temperature calibrated or thermally calibrated across the operating temperature range (-40째C to +85째C). This optimised solutions. DMU10 is designed for customers with requirements for a high accuracy (<10째/ hr, <0.05mg) Inertial Measurement Unit in a compact (<20cm3), robust and affordable format. DMU10 is suitable for a wide range of applications including antenna and camera platform stabilisation, precision agriculture, UAV/ ROV guidance and navigation, vehicle attitude and heading sensing, GPS-aiding, etc.

temperature. DMU10 processing architecture includes scope for future hosting of custom embedded code for handling non-IMU application possibility for higher levels of integration. Established in 1999 Silicon Sensing has produced approaching 30,000,000 MEMS inertial sensor products. It has embarked on a major engineering program of investment in new high-performance MEMS inertial sensor and IMU product product to emerge and other higher precision MEMS IMUs targeted at competing directly with FOG and RLG-based IMUs are in the pipeline for 2015.

Each of the three orthogonal Combi-Sensors in PZT resonating ring MEMS gyroscope, Silicon-onGlass dual-axis capacitive MEMS accelerometer, control ASIC, and package. The MEMS sensors and ASIC are assembled in a hermetically sealed partial vacuum, this form of package avoids the moisture sensitivity issues associated with sensors in plastic packages. Outputs from dual back-to-back accelerometers on each axis are averaged in the DMU10 microprocessor to improve precision and reduce uncorrelated noise. Initially released with an industry standard RS422 interface protocol for ease of integration DMU10 has been purposely designed for easy future adaption to alternative protocols applications. Messages are output at 200Hz and include delta-theta and delta-velocity information, built-in test results and IMU Automation Update - 9 October 2014

Gill R&D Demonstrate Specialist Technologies At The Engineering Design Show Gill Research & Development Limited (Gill R&D) will be demonstrating their technology capabilities at The Engineering Design Show in Coventry, between the 22 -23 October 2014.

As UK specialists in product design and development projects, Gill will showcase, on stand E85, their patented technologies with a range of demonstrations revealing how their Capacitive, Inductive and Ultrasonic technologies can be utilised in a range of industry products. Gill R&D combines advanced technology with sophisticated software algorithms, electronics design and a range of engineering disciplines to provide the complete end-to-end product design and development service. Throughout the show a team of Gillâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highly knowledgeable engineers will be on the stand to answer any technology, product development and general engineering questions. In addition, visitors and exhibitors can also submit their questions to Gill via Twitter @GillRDLTD, using the hastag #AskGill, for live question and answer sessions. To request a live demonstration of Gillâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proven technology at The Engineering Design Show please contact or 01590 613400 or visit stand E85.

One supplier, infinite opportunities

With three core product groups, FANUC is the only company in its sector which develops and manufactures all major components in-house. Every detail, both hardware and software, is kept under control in an optimised chain. The results are superior functionality, reliability and the trust of satisfied customers all over the world. The colour of automation.

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OBJECT DETECTION BOS 5K Laser The BOS 5K product line includes a family of mini laser sensors, diffuse with background suppression, retro-reflective and through-beam. This high-performance, cost-effective sensor has a class 1 laser that does not require any protective measures. Its fine laser beam is clearly visible over long distances, easy to align and enables these extended sensing ranges to be achieved with a high function reserve. A compact housing makes it ideal for fitting in restricted tight spaces, perfect for its main application area of detecting small parts in fast processes.

Scientific & Research Aerospace & Defence Medical & Pharmaceutical Energy & Nuclear Process & Packaging Other Applications

compact design 31.5 x 19.5 x 10.8mm

To arrange a visit and meet the team call:

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Visible Class 1 laser light, no protection needed Precise switching - detects the smallest objects 2 kHz 250Âľs response time N.O./N.C. selectable with rotary switch IP67 protection Small - rugged - economical

LG Motion Limited

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Innovative New Product 1-Trak From Hepcomotion Shortlisted For British Engineering Excellence Award A new break through and innovative technology from track design possibilities and this has been recognised by linear solution from HepcoMotion速 has been shortlisted in the Mechanical Product of the Year category. Now in their sixth year, the BEEAs are designed to celebrate those UK companies and individuals that have demonstrated the skills, invention and dedication not only to compete, but to succeed on an international stage. Part of the highly successful PRT2 family of products, the new and patent pending 1-Trak product allows track systems to be manufactured in almost any conceivable 2D shape and from one single piece of material. The single piece track system construction virtually eliminates the assembly process making installation quick, easy and simple. recognised include: Curves of any radius and tracks of any widths can be chosen, which means the possibilities for track design become almost limitless.... The 3-bearing carriage design offers the designer pinion drive and roller bearings to suit There is improved running quality, friction, life and ease-of-installation

of i2O Water. The Awards will be presented at a lunch event, being held at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London on 9 October.

12 - Automation Update October 2014

About HepcoMotion HepcoMotion速 is the worldwide identity and trading name for Hepco Slide Systems Limited. With global recognition for innovation, HepcoMotion速 focuses on manufacturing advanced linear solutions that deliver quality and precision. With branches and distributors

capability. For more information contact Clare Berry: Tel: 01884 243400 Email:

The full choice of cable carriers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; covers all of your applications / (%!""#'"!&'"&('+"(% %$(% !'&.&+(&'" , '"+"(%&#-'"! /&'&'&'!&&&' !+% '%& / )! *'!% !'& /)%)%!'& !&'!#&' '% /'!%*'&%"   '" / %" &!!!&'"%!&& && &(&!"(%"*!    %!"&.%+"%!&''"! /('&'!!$('+!%'+ Proven technology used worldwide


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Connecting With Your Robot More and more it seems that the only way to remain competitive in the UK manufacturing industry is to include robotics in the production process. Manufacturers are increasingly looking for leaner manufacturing solutions whilst consumers are demanding higher quality goods at lower prices. This is particularly evident in the food industry where household food budgets are still feeling the impact of the recession and the resulting lower incomes. Robots are - it seems - the perfect solution to the problem, allowing manufacturers to streamline their processes, whilst remaining competitive. Obvious advantages are the consistently without needing to stop for a break. This allows for increased productivity, reduction in costs and increased using robots is that they provide better quality parts resulting in dramatically reduced reworking times. However itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no good having a robot within the manufacturing process without a reliable connectivity solution. As franchised distributors for Lumberg Automation and Amphenol Industrial, Electroustic offers multiple connectivity solutions for robotics. Lumberg Automation offers a wide range of exceptionally reliable robotic connectors for industrial applications that include an extensive variety of moulded torsionresistant control cables, individual lengths of cable and a wide assortment of robust M12 connectors. These connectors have been designed to ensure total reliability and superior quality, allowing for better tolerance even under intense mechanical stress, outstanding levels of resistance to lubricants, welding sparks and chemicals in addition to IP67 rated, M8 and M12 industrial connectors. Amphenol Industrial offers solutions for signal and power transmission even for harsh environments. The multiple faceted offering of Amphenol Industrial means it can supply a 14 - Automation Update October 2014

diverse range of connectivity solutions from multi-pole ruggedized MIL Spec connectors to RJ45, USB, M8 & M12 and rectangular connectors. If you are looking to increase your productivity through the use of robotics and automation, Electroustic can help you design, spec and supply the right connectivity solution for your application. With a background in manufacturing, Electroustic has the knowledge and ability to understand your application and provide the most suitable solution. Since Electroustic is a franchised distributor you have the security of knowing you are dealing with a trusted supplier.

Breakthrough Motor Cures Reliability Challenges For Synseal


double glazing product applications is using ABBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor to cut the

The SynRM replaced ageing servo motors, ensuring high Because the rotor runs cooler than other technologies, the bearings also run much cooler, making the motor much Synseal Extrusions Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire, is one

technologies that enable utility and industry customers

16 - Automation Update October 2014

Professional test and measurement technology From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain from HBM The requirements placed on sensors, electronics and software in terms of operation, acquisition and analysis are continuously increasing. Optimal matching of all components in the entire measuring chain is crucial. We at HBM place special emphasis on this aspect. Worldwide, in all branches of industry: Automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, weighing technology and many more. For maximum quality and precision. Strain gauges Load cells, mounting aids and accessories Force, pressure, torque and displacement transducers Amplifier systems for test and process measurement technology Precision measuring instruments Software for acquisition, analysis and prediction Further information:

HBM United Kingdom Ltd HBM Test and Measurement


at nd D96 how a t s n o BM ing S Visit H gineer n E o r Ae

Tel. 0208 515 6000 Tel. + 49 6151 803-0 Fax +49 6151 803-9100

Latest high-speed DAQ device designed for test bench applications HBM has launched the Genesis Highspeed GEN3t data acquisition device as portable or control cabinet versions aimed primarily at test bench applications. The GEN3t has been developed to meet the increased demand for small, easily mounted systems for test bench applications such as electric motors, inverters and generators. 96 channels at a rate of 50 MS/s continuous data transfer to a suitable control PC. enables data rates of up to 100 MS/s.

saving and visualizing millions of measurement data items per second. With 21 different data acquisition cards available – including a 1000V direct input voltage or sampling rates of 100 MS/s – the Genesis HighSpeed GEN3i data recorder material testing.

HBM Founded in Germany in 1950, HBM is today of test and measurement. HBM’s product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities

equipment and is ready for immediate use. The touchscreen interface features intuitive,

Automation Update - 17 October 2014

Herga Launch Footswitch Range Featuring Bluetooth® Smart Closed Network Herga Technology, the medical footswitch and hand control specialist, has launched a new range of single and multipedal footswitches that utilise the intelligent and power friendly Bluetooth® Smart closed network. Available as a wireless switch technology across a wide selection of Herga’s popular footswitch models that are widely used in medical applications, the

With a 10 m range and typical latency of less than 100 milliseconds, the footswitch and receiver system can be used with up to two transmitting switching devices, each with up to eight switch functions. A simple LED assisted pairing procedure allows straightforward set-up whilst the LED display also provides battery status indication. Furthermore, Herga’s Bluetooth Smart range features a user-selectable sleep function that allows a choice of 15 or 60 minutes timeout for further battery conservation - with ‘auto-wake from sleep’ reconnection on the press of the pedal. The separate receiver PCB requires 0 – 5V DC at 100mA and has active low output switching. The footswitches meet the low-voltage directive, REACH, ROHS and WEEE approvals and have been designed to the latest European and USA radio type

battery powered switch and separate remote receiver provides a safe and economic standards-based low-power remote switching solution that is up to comparative manufacturers offerings. Also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy, the new range medical equipment applications.

18 - Automation Update October 2014

covers all aspects of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC including effective use of frequency and EMC, for medical electrical equipment compliance to IEC 60601-1-2. All footswitches have an IP67 rating as standard in ergonomic designs that have been well proven over many years in both electric and pneumatic switch versions. The new Bluetooth footswitches are available in a wide range of standard colours with customer logos as an option.

champions of profile assemblies fast. versatile. simple.

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Automation Update - October 2014  

Automation Update - October 2014