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ello fellow engineers! I am Kenneth, Communications Director overseeing the publication of ‘THE FUSE’. We hope you will enjoy the Valentine’s Day edition of our magazine as we bring you brand new sections!

Kenneth Chen Director Vice-Director Chan Jiunn Yuan Soh Yixuan Secretary

Foodies and shopaholics look out in this edition for our featured restaurant, Bliss House at Clarke Quay as well as blog shop, Ruby Rouge! Our team will venture to bring you mood boosters and put together exciting,

Chief Editor Writer Writer Writer Writer Writer Writer

Low Jia Jun Lim Miao Chun Sng Lihui Joanne Han Lee Ling Min Kenneth Ang Lee Jingda

useful material. Expect food reviews, vouchers, promotions, new Faces of Engin and much more in our upcoming issues. Do look forward to our 2nd & 3rd issues come in April & September! Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Chief Designer Designer Designer Designer Designer Photographer

Chua Han Wen Yang Ningxin Jirapa Saiket Ji Eun Jang Samuel Chua Tan Yuan Hong


W hat to wear

Local blog shop Ruby Rouge, presents six instant styles, all under $30. For a day at the beach to a casual date in town or a night of drinks with your man, here’s something to impress.



W hat to wear Throw on some basics for a casual date out to town and you’re good to go Basic knotted tube top in white, $17.90; Flower power skirt, $19.90

Great for a date out at the beach Elaine floral fishtail dress, $23.90

Epitome of romance. For an unforgettable classic candle light dinner date at a restaurant Shermaine off shoulder dress in red, $24.90

Slight bodycon dress with reindeer and cute aztec prints. Perfect for everyday casual wear and accessorizing Winnie printed dress in pink, $19.90

For the sweet look to reminisce your first date with the boy Adeline basic dress in pink, $22.90

For a wild night out for some drinks with your man Pinstriped dress in gold, $21.90


FEATURES faces of engin


ove is in the air! And among our very own budding-engineers too. As Valentine’s Day draws near and couples look for an ideal place to spend this special day with their special one, the FUSE checks out the Blisshouse Theme Restaurant together with our Faces


Ben & Michelle


Blisshouse review

of Engin couples. Situated in the accessible central area, Blisshouse is a refreshing getaway from the surrounding concrete jungle. The surreal, fairy tale-like ambience provides some sort of escape from the worries of life, bringing you into another world, if only for a little

Eric & Lingying


while. Our Faces of Engin couples had a delightful day exploring the place while the editorial team felt like a whole bunch of ‘lightbulbs’ among them. Even then, it was enjoyable watching the couples engage in playful banter as they shared with us their personal stories.

Jiaqi & Yonghui


Food Review

Valentine’s Edition

Faces of Engin


F Benaces of Engin & Michelle

Ben & Michelle


The Playful Soulmates

F Benaces of Engin & Michelle Where/How did you both meet? Benjamin: During ME Camp ’12. We were in the same OG. We got to know each other better through drinking sessions and throughout the camp. Michelle: He reveals his true self when he’s drunk.

Michelle: He likes to go there to watch the planes land. For me, I just like to “nua” at home and watch TV and movies.

Benjamin: No hope lah!! Just kidding. Michelle: Destiny is in your hands. Text/E-mail your crush right NOW!!

What are your pet names for each other? Benjamin: Darling. Michelle: Bee Bee.

Rate from 1-10, how naughty are you guys? 1-not naughty, 10-very naughty. Why? Examples? How long have you both been Any secret hideouts you guys Benjamin: -10. go to in NUS/Engin? together? Michelle: -10. Pure and Benjamin: Just celebrated our Michelle: Central Library 3rd innocent. *puppy eyes* floor. Study area, near the 1 year anniversary. power plugs. *winks* Any cute guys/girls/couples Who courted (“jio”) who in the relationship? How? Where/when/how was the question popped? Was it your ideal/romantic kind of confession? Michelle: Girl “jio” guy. (when sober, not drunk) Aiyah, it’s complicated. I somewhat sent him a picture of the email I wanted to, but never sent him. Benjamin: She made me confess to her!! We got close after all those late night suppers, ice cream, and DRINKING SESSIONS!! Also, there is no such thing as an ideal confession. I simply confessed. Is she more domineering? Benjamin: *nods head* When/Where was your first kiss? Benjamin: When I confessed to her. What is your idea of a romantic date? Benjamin: Nasi lemak at Changi Village.

What do you think of your partner’s dress sense? Benjamin: Fantastic!! BEST IN WHOLE NUS!! Michelle: Same standard! AS FANTASTIC AS ME!! Ever seen anyone else checking out your partner? Did you confront that person? Benjamin: Nah! Michelle: Nah! But on 2nd thought, there is this particular Mr K. who keeps “hitting on” my Bee Bee. *gives threatening look* Do you think the general population of Engin guys/ girls are hot/cute? Benjamin: Huh?!?! Engin got girls meh?? Only got my Darling. She’s the best!! Michelle: No one can ever measure up to my Bee Bee. Any advice for singles out there in Engin/NUS who are looking to get attached? Or to get a date for this Valentines’?

out there in Engin? Benjamin: Got!! Mr K!! Michelle: *gives Ben threatening gaze*

remember  Michelle: Tampines..?  (They both don’t remember) 4. Favourite food Benjamin: Chicken rice / Fried rice  Michelle: Pork Rib Noodles, Alcohol  5. Favourite lecturer in Engin Benjamin: “What goes in, must come out!”  Michelle: “What goes in, must come out!”  6. First movie together Benjamin & Michelle: Jack Frost! (Rise of the Guardian)

 Do your parents know of your 7. Favourite genre of music relationship? Benjamin: Rihanna; Pop  Benjamin: Yes. Michelle: Club music  Michelle: Yeaps. Subway sandwich. Foot long normal or 6-inch double meat, add cheese? Michelle: Foot long, double meat, add cheese, add bacon, add egg mayo, hearty Italian bread!! Yum yum!! RELATIONSHIP TESTER 1. Birthday Benjamin: 17 October  Michelle: 16 January  2. Hobbies Benjamin: Eating and Sleeping  Michelle: Water polo, Whining

 3. First date location Benjamin: Hmm..? Don’t

8. Favourite cartoon character Benjamin: Phineas & Ferb  Michelle: BEN 10!  (South Park) 9. Number of ex(‘s) Benjamin: 5  Michelle: 2  10. Favourite position Benjamin: Sit-on-chair-eating position  Michelle: Cuddling together  (Michelle added that “Any position is good for us.”)


She made me confess to her!!�


F Ericaces of Engin & LingYing

Where and how did both of you meet?

What are your pet names for each other?

How long have you both been together?

Are any of you planning anything for your partner, this coming Valentine’s Day?

Eric & Ling Ying: We met during the preparation period for Orientation Week 2013.

Ling Ying: 3 more days, and it will be 4 months.

Who courted (“jio”) who in the relationship?

Eric: Dear dear. I will not forget. Ling Ying: Dear dear also.

Eric: Got plans, but it is a secret. If everything is said here, then it will not be a surprise on the day itself. Ling Ying: Guys should be the ones planning these kinds of stuff.


Eric: Girls in engineering are not like vase (only look pretty), but they are wife material. Ling Ying: Really? Not bad.

Any advice for singles out there in Engin/NUS who are looking to get attached? Or to get a date for this Valentines’? Eric: Join camps and look for GF!! Ling Ying: Treat MacDonald’s, and be generous.

Eric: I did.

Where/when/how was the question popped? Was it your ideal/romantic kind of confession?

Eric: It was supposed to be a planned confession! However, the initial plan failed and it was spilled out by my friends at the “special place” instead. Therefore I had to go ahead without much preparation. Ling Ying: While doing hall stuff, the confession happened at the “special” place.

What do you like about him/ her?

Eric: She is a sweet and caring girl. She also gives moral support when needed. Ling Ying: He is generous, and often treats me MacDonald’s. He is sweet too.

When/Where was your first kiss? Eric & Ling Ying: That “special” place.

What is your idea of a romantic date?

Eric & Ling Ying: “Atas” place such as bliss house. The environment is very nice!

“It was supposed to be a planned confession!” Any secret hideouts you guys go to in NUS/Engin?

Eric: None in Engin. But in U-Town, there’re Mac commons, PC commons, and Town Plaza seminar rooms.

What do you think of your partner’s dress sense?

Ling Ying: Horrible!! Like a construction worker. Eric: I thought I dress like an engineer? She dresses very sweetly, but occasionally, she dresses very simple.

Rate from 1 – 10, how naughty are you guys? 1 – not naughty, 10 very naughty. Why? Examples? Eric: *thinks quite a while* I would say 3. Our naughty type is like the little kids’ kind of naughtiness. We are very obedient. *winks*

Any cute guys/girls/couples out there in Engin?

Eric & Ling Ying: Justin & Vanessa!! (said in unison)

Ever seen anyone else checking out your partner? Did you confront that person?

Eric: *nods head* I did not confront the person, but used my “eye-power” to send a warning to the person.

Do you think the general population of Engin guys/girls are


F Ericaces of Engin & LingYing Relationship tester: 1) Birthday: Eric: 27 April  Ling Ying: 21 January  2) Hobbies: Eric: Badminton  Ling Ying: Badminton  3) Favourite colour: Eric: Pink  Ling Ying: Blue  4) First date location: Eric: IKEA  Ling Ying: IKEA  5) Favourite food: Eric: I know already! Laksa.  (Kit Kat) Ling Ying: He likes all food. *oink*  (Astons) 6) Favourite lecturer in Engin: Eric: C.C. Ko  (Fred Leung) Ling Ying: I don’t know his lecturers..  7) First movie together: Eric: Conjuring  Ling Ying: Conjuring  8) Weight: Eric: 50 (±3)  Ling Ying: 57---65  9) Favourite musician: Eric: Selena Gomez  Ling Ying: Selena Gomez  (Doesn’t have one) 10) Favourite cartoon character: Eric: Spongebob  Ling Ying: Spongebob 


F Yonghui aces& Jiaqi of Engin

To Have & To Hold

Where and how did the both of you meet?

Yonghui: During ChESS camp. She was a freshie and I was an OGL. Jiaqi: We didn’t know each other well then, and he was attached. We go closer only during an OCIP trip.

How long have you been together? Yonghui: Four months.

Who “jio-ed” (courted) the other in the relationship?

Yonghui: Of course it’s me! Guy “jio” mah!

How did it happen?

Yonghui: Before the OCIP, she sent a mass text asking about newspaper collection. I was the only guy who replied. We started texting each other after the trip, and went out together soon after. The confession was at Gardens by the Bay. It was quite fail because when I confessed halfway, some music started playing. I continued after the music ended though. *laughs*

Was it your ideal type of confession? On a scale of 1 to 10, how romantic do you think it was? Jiaqi: 7. It was romantic but a bit fail *laughs*. But somehow this made it memorable.

What do you like about him/ her?

Jiaqi: I like his eyes and smile. Personality-wise, he’s a very nice guy. He’s really very responsible. Like when I organized the newspaper collection, everybody was very lazy but he went the extra mile. I don’t know if he was trying to impress me.

So were you trying to impress her?

Jiaqi: No no. That’s just me. Yonghui: Appearance-wise, definitely her eyes. Character-wise, she fulfills the three ‘C’s I like about a girl – Communication, Commit-

ment and Compromise. And she’s very understanding. I can tell her everything under the sun.

When/Where was your first kiss?

Yonghui: On the confession day

On a scale of 1-10, how naughty do you think your partner is? 1 being not naughty, 10 being very.

Jiaqi: 7. On the day he confessed to me, before he confessed, when we went to watch a movie, he

Open up the door. Don’t look through the peephole.” What do you think of each other’s dress sense?

Jiaqi: When I first met him, I thought his dress sense was quite bad. He doesn’t know how to match colours. Once, he wore orange with green pants. But I think it’s because he’s thrifty and doesn’t like to spend much on clothes. Yonghui: Her dress sense is very good, very good compared to me.

Have you ever seen anyone checking out your partner?

Yonghui: There was once we went to a bar. This guy came to play darts with us, and tried getting close to her, even exchanging numbers. Jiaqi: He then started texting me, asking some offending questions.

Did you confront him?

Yonghui: No. She stopped me. Jiaqi: One of my juniors liked him during the OCIP period, and she kept asking me whether I liked him too, because a lot of people could sense there was something on between us. Then I felt that he must really be a good guy, that’s why other girls like him too.

Any advice for singles?

Jiaqi: Open up the door. Don’t look through the peephole. Yonghui: Try to mix around more and don’t keep everything to yourself.

already held my hand. Then, Gardens by the Bay, before confessing, we took a photo together and he kissed my forehead. Yonghui: 6. Maybe because I led her astray.

Do your parents know and approve of this relationship/ your partner?

Jiaqi: My parents like him a lot. I think that’s because he’s an “auntie-killer”. We know each other’s family quite well and eat together with them. Yonghui: My mum likes her quite a lot. She will think for my family. She will insist on buying food to add on to the dishes we have. She’s very thoughtful.

Besides each other, which Engin girl/guy do you think is cute? Jiaqi: Dallan Seah and Jason Low Yonghui: Felicia Tham and Maureen Yeoh

What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date? Jiaqi: Someplace with a very nice ambience. I don’t really wish for anything, just being able to be with him is already very nice Yonghui: A romantic place, like Bliss House.


F Yonghui aces& Jiaqi of Engin

Relationship Tester 1) Birthday Yonghui: 20 March a Jiaqi: 27 September a 2) Favourite colour Yonghui: Pink a Jiaqi: Blue a 3) First date location Yonghui & Jiaqi: Irodori a 4) Favourite food Yonghui: Sashimi r (Green Tea Latte) Jiaqi: Chicken rice r (Chicken Drumstick) 5) First movie together Yonghui & Jiaqi: Despicable me 2 a 6) Waist size Yonghui: 28 a (27) Jiaqi: 32 a 7) Favourite genre of music Yonghui: Chinese pop a Jiaqi: Korean pop a 8) Favourite cartoon character Yonghui: Rilakkuma a Jiaqi: I think he doesn’t have one a 9) Pet peeve Yonghui: Styrofoam r (Repeating Questions) Jiaqi: Metal and ceramic scratching sound a 10) How many ex(‘s) Yonghui: 0 a Jiaqi: 1 a


F eatures Food review

a blissful affair Priding itself as a Garden of Eden in the midst of our bustling city, Bliss House does not disappoint. This themed restaurant is dressed elegantly with romantic white furnishing atop a natural wood flooring leading out into a pseudo outdoor garden dining area. Lush carpet grass complete with rose adorned wall trellises and garden arches set the mood for a cosy and personal romantic dining experience.


F eatures Food review

made with love This Valentine’s, Bliss house offers a four-course menu of soup, appetizer, a choice from three mains, and dessert.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, The Central, Singapore 059817 Price: $108++/pax Rating:

The Soup: Wild Mushroom with Truffle Oil Droplets, is the real deal. For those who appreciate a hearty cream packed with genuine mushroom flavour, rest assured; the version at Bliss House tastes nothing like that out of a can. Non-mushroom lovers might find the soup a little on the strong side.

The Appetizer: Valentines Lovers Salad, is a sweet refreshing starter. Honey vinaigrette married a good combination of fresh fruits and vegetables, tossed lightly to perfection. A touch of mango leaves one with a lingering sweetness.

The Dessert: Raspberry Sensation. One first feasts with the eyes. This dessert is a pretty dome of Raspberry goodness and soy cream. With a surprise element of jelly inside, this dessert leaves one craving for more. The perfect blissful ending for a Valentine’s meal.

The 1st Main: A choice of Pan-seared Rib-eye Steak or Bake Crayfish Thermidor. The 200g rib-eye steak sous vide to rare was tender and juicy. A classic combination of beef with a savoury sauce and roasted potatoes was deeply satisfying.

The 1st Main: Flavourful South African Crayfish smeared with Thermidor sauce. The sauce made up of cheese with bacon strips, mushrooms and bechamel sauce is perfect in bringing out the freshness of the tender flesh that melts in the mouth.

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate." -Alan D. Wolfelt The 2nd Main: Exquisite “X.O” tomato sauce fused with Jumbo lump crab and linguine (Entrée size). Highly recommended and guaranteed to make you regret not having more, the sauce is extremely unique and with its tinge of spiciness, it is a perfect blend of flavours.

Valentine Day Mocktail: This bar top drink of cranberry and strawberry purée topped with a tinge of sprite is the perfect drink to go with any of the main courses above and defintely one not to be missed.


F eatures Food review

Seafood Marinara

Orange Duck Confit

Tomato Pesto Oven Baked Cod Fish

Star Bites


Bliss House’s regular menu is as impressive. We recommend four signature dishes that will get your taste buds craving for more. Orange Duck Confit ($28): If the sight of duck meat shredding and falling off the bone at the tease of the fork excites you, this dish is not to be missed. The skin of the duck is nice and crisp with the flesh still moist and tender. The combination of zesty orange sauce keeps the dish from being too rich. Seafood Marinara ($25): This dish is generous with fresh seafood; the prawns springy with shellfish juicy and fresh. The pasta is al-dente with a broth rich with seafood goodness. Tomato Pesto oven Baked Cod Fish ($38): The fish is tender with nice crispy skin. The white sauce is light and adds to the dish without taking away the flavour of the fish. The dish is suitable for those going for a light and hearty meal. Signature Tiramisu ($11): Each meal is more complete with a sweet ending. Bliss house offers their signature tiramisu. The tiramisu offers no resistance to your fork and will definitely fall in love with it on your very first bite. The mixture of Kahlua liquor and the dark chocolate coco powder makes this the perfect light fishing touch to your meal.

Ingredients: • • • • • •

250g Unsalted Butter 200g Caster Sugar 1Teaspoon Vanilla Essence / Vanilla Extract 2 Large Eggs 400g Self-Raising Flour (sifted) + 50g Self-Raising Flour (to dust) 250g Strawberry Jam or Grape Jam

jam drops Makes: 50-60 Jam Drops

Time: 1hr

Difficulty: Easy

Method: 1. Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. Cream butter and sugar together until pale and creamy. Add in vanilla essence, 2 large eggs, and beat until combined. Add in 400g of self-raising flour slowly until mixture becomes a dough form. 2. Lightly flour hands and roll tablespoonfuls of mixture into balls. Place on prepared trays about 3cm apart. Use a lightly floured finger to make an indentation at the centre of each ball. Place a generous serving of Jam into a piping bag or small clear plastic bag and fill each indentation with enough Jam to fill to the top of the hole without spilling over. 3. Bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes or until light golden brown. Remove biscuits from the oven and set the trays aside to cool for 30 minutes. 4.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until all of the mixture is used up.

Want to bake something for your significant other this coming Valentines’ Day? JD’s simple recipes are sure to let you create delicious oven-baked delights, with minimal hassle. Why not give it a shot, and impress your loved ones with your hand-made goodies?


J D can bake

Method: 1. Preheat oven to 175°C. Melt butter and dark cooking chocolate in a dish over a water bath. 2. Lightly whisk the cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, and flour together in a mixing bowl. Add the melted butter and chocolate mix into the mixing bowl and stir/fold well. Add in eggs one at a time, making sure that the mixture is folded well before adding in the next egg. 3. Once the mixture is even, pour the mixture into a 9x13 inch baking pan and place into oven to bake for 35 minutes to 40 minutes. Or when a toothpick comes out clean after poking through the centre of the pan. 4. You can include your variations to this simple recipe by adding roasted assorted nuts such as macadamias or walnuts. You could also place a heart shaped cut-out on top of the brownie and sift icing sugar over the brownie to get a heart-shaped icing for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

fudge brownies Ingredients: • • • • • • • • •

225g Unsalted Butter 200g Hershey’s Dark Cooking Chocolate, Chopped 70g Unsweetened Cocoa Pow- der, Sifted 500g Caster Sugar 4 Large Eggs 450g All-Purpose Plain Flour, Sifted 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence ½ Teaspoon Salt ½ Teaspoon Baking Powder

Makes: 20 Bite-sized Brownies Time: 1.5hrs Difficulty: Easy


W hat to say Pick-up Lines

DUmmy’s guide to success Losing hope? Fret not while we teach you the way to become the Kings and Queens of Dating!

DISCLAIMER - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK THE FUSE assumes no responsibility for any loss or hardship (be it loss of life, property, equipment, bodily injury, money, time or other) incurred directly or indirectly by using any of it’s contents.








Montblanc Wallet ~$100 @ all montblanc outlets

Perfectly Peachy Roses $77 @ html

Racoon! Plushie $28 @ all this&that outlets


W hat to give

John and Kira’s Bee My Lovebugs $53 @ http://www.johnandkiras. com/product/bee_my_lovebug_16pc/valentines_day

Vosges Chocolate Bonbons $17 @ other_truffle_collections

Equal Exchange Chocolate Hearts $5 @ chocolate-minis.html

our memories^

French Stitch Handbound Book @


Purple and black @


W here to go

Where to go on Vday It's Valentine's Day again! Wondering where to bring your special someone? Not sure where to go on your first Valentine's date? Fear not, we have a few exotic and romantic ideas that will make it a memorable day for the both of you.

1 singapore flyer

What's better than enjoying the beautiful night sky while having a romantic dinner on the "Wheel of Love" this Valentine's Day? Go for the Valentine's Day Sky Dining flight (2 rotations, approximately an hour) and indulge in a 4-course menu with a choice of Australian Wagyu Beef with Seasonal Vegetables and Sautéed Potatoes, Pacific Crème Snapper with Ratatouille and Sautéed Potatoes, or Baked Chicken Steak with Seasonal Vegetables and Sautéed Potatoes. A rose and a chocolate gift will also be given to each couple to mark this special day. Available on 12, 13 and 14 Feb 2014, 7pm and 8.30pm $339++ per couple (shared capsule) Out of budget? You can also opt for a cheap All-Day Flight by flashing your student passes ($15 per ticket). Have a panoramic view of Singapore's iconic landmarks 165m above the ground, and spend half an hour reminiscing the places you have been together. *Offer is valid from Monday to Sunday, except public holidays and block-out dates.

2 Raffles marina

Imagine watching seagulls soar through the sky on a warm, lazy afternoon, while listening to the faint sound of waves lapping on the shore. Have a relaxing day at Raffles Marina as you delight in the serene sight of luxurious yachts docked in the harbour. Walk hand in hand with your dear one along the harbour until sunset. Next, end it off with a nice Valentine’s Day meal at the Marina Bistro.

3 night safari

Be awakened as the king of the jungle. Receive warm greetings

from your nocturnal friends, and travel through the 7 animal kingdoms of the world in a fascinating tram ride. Join the Gourmet Safari Express ($199.00++ per person) to complement your ride with a 5-course meal in a romantic candlelit setting with your valentine. There will be free-flow of beverages, wine and beer inclusive. You are also entitled to watch their famous Creature of the Night Show before you wave good bye to these lovely animals. On the other hand, the Cocktail Safari Express ($80.00++ per person) is also highly recommended for people looking for a lighter meal. Spend time together under the starry sky and indulge in delicious finger food with a glass of wine, beer or juice. Do give it a go at the night safari if both of you are animal lovers and don’t mind the mosquito bites. Otherwise, it can just be a unique experience with your date on Valentine’s Day.

4 blisshouse theme restaurant

A picture speaks a thousand words. Have you seen the photos of our Faces of Engin couples in Blisshouse? Envious of them? Then do make a reservation at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant before it is fully packed on Valentine’s Day. If not, you can always bring your loved ones for a blissful meal around this Valentine’s period.






Students’ Engineering Club


Mechanical Engineering Year 2

The President’s role is to set the directions for the club with his Presidential Cell and to oversee the whole club and ensure the smooth running of it. The President also represents the club externally and has the final say in all decision making that concerns the club. Also, the President sits in the NUSSU Council along with two other Council Representatives and together, we vote on the policies that may affect all students in NUS and at the same time, to uphold the welfare of Engineering Students. The President is also responsible for bonding the Management Committee. A more bonded Committee will be able to work better together to serve the student population.

Valerie Seh VICE-PRESIDENT Environmental (INTERNAL) Engineering Year 2

As VP (Internal) of Engin Club, I am the bridge between Engin Club and all sub-clubs / societies, and we aim to work as closely as possible with them to better serve the Engin population. In addition, I will be heading the Freshmen Orientation Central Committee (FOCC) where I supervise all Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) events that enhance the Engin student life. This includes O’Week, Engin Camp and the newly established House system (ENGR). So do come and be part of the FOP team as a councillor, OGL or even a member in the planning committee! It will definitely be an enriching and an unforgettable experience.

39 12

E ngin Club

Raghav Mathur Vice-president (External) Electrical Engineering Year 2 Apart from working together with the Presidential Cell to guide and oversee the club, one of the main roles of the VP (External) is to maintain a good standard of publicity. It is my responsibility to ensure that the faculty is aware of what Engin Club does. I also handle alumni relations, and I will be in charge of elections for the next management committee.

Heeyoun Shim General Secretary Biomedical Engineering Year 2 The General Secretary’s main duties concern the administrative and internal operations of the club. As a member of the Presidential Cell, General Secretary aids in setting directions and handling major decisions of the club. Not only that, my main jobscope includes EnginClub Email Blasting, advisor for Assistant General Secretary, SPC and Logistics, archiving, and maintaining EnginClub room. All these are so as to facilitate a smoother workflow within the club, so that EnginClub can better serve the students.

Tan Weiyuan Financal Secretary Computer Engineering Year 2 The role of the Financial Secretary is to ensure that the club funds remain healthy, and that there is monetary support for club events. My role is basically to ensure that money is spent wisely on events that can benefit the student population in two main areas. Firstly, to better engage the student population, and the second being, to bring about changes to enhance both tangible and intangible student welfare. Furthermore, I also ensure that the money spent is justifiable to the students, and that that there is minimal wastage of resources.

36th MC Engineering Club

Mabel Sim secretary for Student Affairs Electrical Engineering Year 2 As the Secretary for Student Affairs, I work as a communication medium between the students and the offices and to bring up feedbacks as well as new initiatives to the Office of Student Life, and relevant authorities, with the aim of improving the welfare of the student population in Faculty of Engineering. Since every Engin student has access to the IVLE feedback system, if you encounter any issues regarding your academics or faulty facilities and services in Faculty of Engineering, please leave a feedback or suggestion, and let your voices be heard!

Chee Jing Zhen ASSISTANT GENERAL SECRETARY Industrial & Systems Engineering Year 1 Many of you may associate the job scope of the Assistant General Secretary with mundane administrative tasks. You may think that these tasks are boring, but they are of utmost importance! Besides assisting the General Secretary, I take care of the notice boards and lockers around Engin. Furthermore, I am one of the project directors for the Special Projects Committee that organises events such as Engin Day – specially for Engin students!

Roy Zheng Assistant Finance Secretary Chemical Engineering Year 1 As the Assistant Finance Secretary, I assist the Finance Secretary in financial processes such as the submission of reimbursement forms, and the issue and collection of cash cards. The Assistant General Secretary and I also serve as Directors of Special Projects Committee (SPC), which organises events such as Engin Day, to enrich the university life of students in the Faculty of Engineering and to promote the Engin Spirit.


E ngin Club

Boo Jiayan Welfare Director Mechanical Engineering Year 1 As the Welfare Director, it is my duty to take care of the well-being of the Engineering population. Initiatives such as welfare giveaways during special occasions and examination periods will be carried out, in hope to help relieve stress. We are also open to hearing voices from the Engin community, which then after, feedbacks gathered will be used to help formulate improvements to better benefit majority of the Engineering population. After all, the students’ welfare is our main concern, and we have to do all it takes to make them feel happy and appreciated as a part of this Engineering family.

Hon YIH Loong Sports Director Mechanical Engineering Year 1 The role of the Sports Director is to provide opportunities and promote active participation of our students in the annual Inter-Faculty Games (IFG). There is a need to instil an interest in sports by providing an avenue for students to participate in sports despite of their heavy workload. Lastly, to increase awareness of the various sports offered by the campus. Engin Club aims to bring in sports which are not readily available in the campus and combine them with the element of fun before exposing them to the students of Engineering.

Chen Shi’An Kenneth Communications Director Mechanical Engineering Year 2 Communication is the key to which Engin Club can better serve its students. The communications committee serves as a tool to be an effective and efficient publicity channel of Engin Club. We aim to generate awareness of Engin Club activities amongst the student population, via Facebook and the Engin Club website. We are also in-charge of the Engineering magazine, “The Fuse”. Look out for brand new sections such as food reviews and vouchers in the upcoming issues! We will look for great food deals and fashion promotions just for you!

36th MC Engineering Club

Daniel THam Business (Venture) director Chemical Engineering Year 1 The role of the Business Committee is to generate funding for the various events that Engin Club has to offer. The key events managed by the Business Committee include Valentine’s Day, Matriculation Fair and Engin Bash. Also, we take charge of merchandise such as the fashionable Faculty of Engineering T-shirt! We strive to create an identity in the Faculty, through strengthening bonds between friends. This year, we aim to introduce new merchandise and products in our sales and we look forward to your participation and support!

Wong Zhi Kang Business (Marketing) director Chemical Engineering Year 1 The role of the Business Director (Marketing) is to represent Engin Club in the corporate world. Matters pertaining to sponsorship for events would be my bread and butter, and I also serve as the point of contact between the club and potential sponsors. In addition, I have to coordinate the club’s image and marketing efforts across the different sub-committees and also align them with NUSSU’s direction in order to achieve consistency and to be accountable to our corporate sponsors. Together with the Business Director (Venture), we also manage the 36th Business Committee.

Lim Yong Jie SUPPLY COMMAND Director Mechanical Engineering Year 2 Logistics is an integral part of any event organising body. We, as part of the Engin Club Logistics and Supply Command, strive to provide complete and quick, yet efficient logistical support to all Engin Club and sub-club events and project needs. As such, the Engin Club Logistics and Supply Command strives to provide assistance in all aspects towards the smooth running of the events and projects.


36th MC Engineering Club

E ngin Club

Sandy Kwa Engin Camp Director Chemical Engineering Year 1 Engin Camp Committee is in charge of planning the faculty’s Orientation Camp. As the first Faculty Orientation Program, Engin Camp aims to help make a smooth transition into university life, and is definitely not one to be missed. Remember all the unforgettable memories you had with SP nights and those fun, naughty games? Now it’s your chance to be part of it! Engin Camp committee will be bringing all these fun-filled programmes back for EnginCamp’14! Look forward to shirt-ripping, ‘zup-dripping’ and ‘lup-supsteaming’ activities!

Samuel Lum O week Director Chemical Engineering Year 1 The Orientation Week (OWeek) usually is the culmination of a freshie’s orientation experience, preparing one for the learning journey ahead. This coming year however, we are prolonging the FUN! We are delivering a spanking new and unique experience, not just to the freshies, but more importantly, for the Councillors and OGLs alike. Exciting and never-before-used venues are just part of our story! Look out for us & join our carnival as OGLs / Councillors.

Hamzah Aljunied Rag DIRECTOR Industrial & Systems Engineering Year 1 Ever wondered how a bunch of freshies can come together to put up an amazing performance? Most having no prior performance experience, with some never placed on a stage in front of a crowd. With pure hard work, dedication and a ‘thick skin’, they have made it possible all these years. As RAG Director, it is my wonderful pleasure to be heading RAG 2014! Aside from the spectacular performances, pretty costumes and fiery floats, our deeper aim is to form a unique bond made only from the hours spent together. I wish to bring that RAG Spirit to our incoming freshmen and Engin Seniors who are willing to join our committee!


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