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A fond farewell

Hi and welcome to another edition of the CSS F.A.T. MAG and thanks for taking the time to have a look through our flagship publication. Maybe this is your first interaction with our MAG or hopefully you are a returning reader but either way, we hope you get some enjoyment and value from what we have put together here.

This edition is a little bittersweet for me as I have decided that the time is right to retire and move into the next stage of my life. I have enjoyed every minute associated with CSS, its Members and Suppliers and have some wonderful memories that undoubtedly will be turned into some (embellished) great stories going forward. What is that saying – ‘The older I am, the better I was.”

The last twenty years have flown by, and it has been a pleasure being a part of, what I call, The CSS Alliance. The Group, its fully independently owned and operated members and key suppliers make up this alliance and work together to ensure small businesses – like the one whose name appears on the front of this magazine – are well represented and supported and can continue you to provide you with everything you want.

Obviously, I had known for a while that this day would come but the speed at which it got here, after I formally informed the Board of my decision, was quite simply - ridiculous. Still, it is all done, down and dusted now and CSS is about to go through an evolutionary change that will provide its members and their customers (you I guess) with even more

sales, marketing and administrative benefits.

Just under 21 years ago, CSS took on the challenge of bringing together independently owned and operated industrial supply companies with the aim of providing them all with the type of benefits being directed towards the established and emerging large corporate organisations. You know, some of those companies were actually competitors back then but are today teammates, working together and maximising inputs and outputs. In October we celebrated our 20th year in operation with a gala dinner with most of the people that make up the CSS Alliance, and they all contributed to raising $95,0000 as a donation to our chosen charity – Canteen Australia. What a way to finish up! This was a record amount for us and will do a lot of good, that is for sure. Have a look at the Canteen Robot program at www.canteen.com.au and learn about their magnificent work they do to help young people suffering with cancer.

As at today’s date, CSS is 76 members strong and boasts over 110 supply outlets

A new beginning

Thank you for the kind words Jeff. I am extremely excited with the opportunity to be taking up the reins of the CSS Group, these are extremely big shoes to fill, and I look forward to trying my best to fill them as best I can. First and foremost, I would like to thank Jeff for his tireless efforts, not only for the CSS Group but also the entire independent channel! He has done an amazing job.

The key focus for the team here at CSS Group will be to continue to provide the best possible outcomes for our members, suppliers and you the customer. We will do this by continuing our commitment to the key pillars that form the basis of any successful independent buying group. The strength of the CSS Group is the all-round commitment from each and

providing sales and support services that can only come from companies that are run by people ‘with skin in the game’ and supported by some of Australia’s best known wholesale product suppliers.

The helm has already been handed over to a much younger, seriously more tech savvy, very capable, industry known individual in Ryan Wiggins and he is already making the job his own.

Handing over the helm to Ryan was a no brainer for me as he has a welldeveloped understanding of what ‘groups’ are all about and how developing and maintaining relationships is of paramount importance. He was a surprise ‘popup candidate’ for us that fitted every aspect of what CSS needs to maintain its upward trajectory. I certainly wish him the very best of luck going forward in this challenging but rewarding role.

It has been a privilege and an honour for me to have been so closely entwined with everyone associated with CSS (past and present) and the wholesale suppliers that support them in so very many ways. Peter Corstorphin (ex Kencor Sales) had the initial idea and vision and how fortunate was I to have listened to him and then dreamed the dream along the way.

All that needs to be said right now is “thank you all” and please continue to support independent operators, like the company whose name appears on the front of this magazine. They really are the lifeblood of this country and they all have a desire to be great at what they do. 

every member to not only our customers and suppliers but to each other. With this commitment you can rest assured each member of the CSS Group is best placed to continue to provide you with above and beyond customer service, knowledge, and commitment to help assist you through any job from start to finish. 

All that remains to be said now is “thank you all” and please continue to support independent operators, like the one named on the cover.
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Productivity key to stabilising economy

The latest National Accounts highlight the need for governments to not be complacent and allow industry to ramp up investment and productivity gains to shield against global economic instability according to Master Builders CEO Denita Wawn. “Gross domestic product grew by 0.6 per cent in the September quarter to be 5.9 per cent higher through the year driven by household spending and consumption,” she said recently.

“These figures are showing a return to pre-pandemic levels and have helped offset some global challenges, but signs of economic weakening are starting to emerge. We must not be complacent in addressing some of the systemic challenges on the supply-side which continue to ripple through the economy and will have realised impacts over the coming months.”

Ms Wawn said that while there are signs of easing in some materials and

labour constraints that have increased the cost of goods and services for consumers, more can be done to put downward pressure on costs and improve productivity.

“The large economic footprint of the

building and construction sector means that better productivity in our industry will flow to many corners of the whole economy. The Government needs to work constructively with industry to build resilience and drive productivity.” 

Less workplace injury and illness would create a wealthier Australia

Safe Work Australia commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to explore the cost of work-related injury and illness in Australia and estimate how much value could be created within the Australian economy by removing work-related injury and illness.

Using an innovative modelling approach, Safer, healthier, wealthier: The economic value of reducing work-related injuries and illnesses, shows that Australia’s economy would be $28.6 billion larger each year and 185,500 additional full time equivalent

jobs would be created in the absence of work-related injuries and illnesses. In this scenario, workers across all occupations and skill levels would also benefit from a wage rise of 1.3% on average each year.

Safe Work Australia Branch Manager, Evidence, Communications and Strategic Policy, Meredith Bryant said “the findings clearly illustrate the economic and productivity benefits to our wider community of investing in work health and safety.”

New Workplace laws

The Federal Government has delivered on the next step of its plan to lift wages, improve job security and start closing the gender pay gap. The Government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill passed at the beginning of December last year, offering workers ‘a better deal and a better future’.

“By modernising the bargaining system

we will see more workplace agreements, delivering better productivity and flexibility for employers and better pay and conditions for workers,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.

The new laws also reform the Better Off Overall Test so it’s simple, flexible and fair; put gender pay equity at the heart of the

“Creating workplaces that are safe and free of injury and illness provides broad economic benefits for all Australians, including more jobs and better pay.”

“We know that the devastating effects of injury and illness at work go beyond the effect on the individual and their workplace. Our communities feel the impacts of these injuries and illnesses including through costs associated with loss of productivity, reduced work participation and increased healthcare.” 

Fair Work Act; ban pay secrecy clauses; expand access to flexible rostering arrangements; limit the use of fixed term contracts; ban job ads that advertise below minimum rates of pay; terminate WorkChoices “zombie” agreements; and give the Fair Work Commission more powers to arbitrate industrial disputes. 

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It’s 10 years since Tom Drane first began competing on the motorcycle circuit, which is an impressive feat considering the champion rider hasn’t even turned 17 yet.

Drane was four when he first climbed onto a motorbike, but had to wait until he was seven before he could take part in competition rounds. Ever since, Drane has been cutting an impressive figure in racing circles, taking out

23 NSW titles and 16 national titles, including the prized Australian Super Bike Championship.

But in the last few years, Drane’s racing career has shifted into top gear, with the world taking notice of the young

Tom Drane is a rider the racing world is watching closely, as the teenager from rural NSW gets ready to launch his career into high gear in the year ahead. By John Burfitt
“Mum and dad want me to have a trade under my belt in case racing doesn’t work out in the future, so I always have a skill. I would hate to find myself later having to start from scratch all over again in life.”
Tom Drane, motorbike champion

talent, who is partially sponsored by CSS and CSS Group Supplier ICCONS. Drane has taken on the world’s best in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, including winning three American Motorcyclist Association Flat Track Grand National Championships by the age of 14.

In recent times, the game has significantly changed for the teenager from Forbes in central western NSW, after Drane’s impressive debut in August at the American Flat Track Lima Half-Mile in Ohio where he achieved the runner-up position and took the Dash for Cash honours.

Drane, who is known among the racing fraternity by his nickname ‘Bomber’, is now considered by international commentators as the




young racer to watch. Drane describes what happened in the US as his greatest success.

“It was good to go to America and I did my best and was able to come second,” he says. “I was able to compete with the best riders, and get straight to the front and battle it out with them. I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen, but I was happy to get runner-up. That was pretty cool.”

In doing so, Drane, riding his KTM 450 SX-F, also snatched the Dash for Cash honours from the overall winner Kody Kopp, earning notice as the first rider to overtake Kopp in months.

“That was a real highlight to take that,” Drane says. “I had watched him all day, saw what he was doing and tried my best when we had to race

each other to try to beat him.”

Competing at such a level also proved to be a game changer in terms of how Drane regards his own skills as he sets goals for his future in the races ahead.

“It helps your confidence heaps by just having that kind of experience, and coming out of it knowing I am just as good as everyone else and feeling like I can win in future,” he says.

“The most important thing I took from being over there with everyone was learning heaps about how everything is run and how very different it is to what we have here.

In Australia we have different tyres, different programs and even the format of a race meeting is heaps different.”

“It was good to go to America and I did my best and was able to come
I was able to compete with the best riders, and get straight to the front and battle it out with
too sure what was going to happen, but I was happy to get runner-up.”was pretty cool.”

As a result, Drane has made significant changes to his training, which is overseen by his father Matt, a former motorcycle racer in his own right. He often trains with his younger brother Sam, 11, who is also making his own mark, scoring impressive results at the AMA Flat Track Championship and the bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup.

“You need to have a lot of endurance to be able to do the longer races, and I’ve had to learn to ride a different style because the wheels they have over there are not like the ones here when you can be a lot more aggressive on the track and still have a lot of grip,” he explains.

“Over there, the way they race is a bit smoother and you have to really think

about what you’re going to do and not just try to make it happen straight away because that doesn’t work. Learning that has helped my riding heaps.”

The plan for this year is to return to the US to compete across the full season, having signed with Estenson Racing to be a part of the new Yamaha Monster Energy team.

“We have done it hard in the past as we had to take a lot of our own equipment with us and often we didn’t even have the tools we needed, but we made it work,” Drane says. “Being part of this new team will make it easier and allow us to focus on the race.”

Since leaving school last year, all his training and competition racing are being fitted in around Drane’s new commitment as an apprentice


“It’s a family business and I’m working with dad, but I am learning heaps,” he says. “Mum and dad want me to have a trade under my belt in case racing doesn’t work out in the future, so I always have a skill. I would hate to find myself later having to start from scratch all over again in life.”

Not that racing will be taking a back seat anytime soon. Whether it’s competing on racing tracks overseas, or riding for fun on the family property, Drane admits racing will always be a part of his life.

“It’s always been fun and just one of my favourite things to do,” he says. “Being on a bike is where I find I am always happy, so it’s something I will keep doing.” 

Tom Drane is considered by many international commentators as the young racer to watch.

Do no harm

CRC Industries is successfully anticipating market demand for sustainable products and providing greener and safer solutions.

For more than 50 years, CRC has positioned itself as a market leader in the manufacture of cleaners, lubricants and anti-corrosion products for the maintenance and repair operations industry. Since 1969, the company has been providing these specialty products across a wide array of Australian industries including automotive, industrial, mining, food and beverage, utilities and defence.

Ongoing legislative changes to environmental standards, as well as occupational health and safety regulations, has driven CRC Industries

to develop a safer and more sustainable range of products.

“Our future is all about sustainability,” says David Bailey, CRC’s Trans-Tasman business development manager.

“At CRC, we are proactive, moving forwards before forced compliance by regulations. We take the lead, embrace initiatives and manufacture effective products that people want. CRC is not a business that ever plays catch-up.”

Continuous innovation

Through extensive research and development, CRC is providing an ecoproduct range to meet the demands

of a more environmentally aware market. This new range is backed by the expert advice of health, safety and environmental managers who work closely with customers to create products people want and need.

“CRC’s mission is to supply sustainable products that makes our customers’ jobs faster, easier and safer,” says Bailey. “It’s wonderful to be involved with a company that can utilise science and technology to create products that don’t damage the environment.” Whether it’s adapting existing products or developing new cutting-edge solutions, CRC is committed to making a positive

CRC Industries prioritises the health and safety of the customer and the environment in their product development.

environmental impact.

Sustainability is key

While the CRC product lines were traditionally solvent-based, advances in technology have seen the company embrace sustainable practices with gusto. Some of the new products almost seem like science fiction.

Brakleen Water Based is an ecofriendly addition to CRC’s family of brake and parts cleaners. Originally developed in 1971, it remains CRC’s flagship product today. Brakleen Water Based penetrates and dissolves tough grease, oil, brake fluid, transmission

fluid, hardened deposits and other contaminants but with a positive clean safety profile.

It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, pH balanced, and water soluble. This powerful cleaner is also non-corrosive, solvent free and has no volatile organic vapours, making it ideal for use in confined spaces.

Brakleen Water Based is used in a wide variety of applications, especially where there are regulations or restrictions concerning the products that can be safely used or allowed onto specific sites.

Around the world

CRC exports its products to China, South-east Asia and the Pacific Islands. It also has manufacturing hubs in New Zealand, Europe, the UK and the USA. One of the most popular products in all these markets is the Bio Degreaser range.

“The science and technology around degreasers has advanced so dramatically that water-based degreasers are now as efficient and effective as solvents,” says Bailey.

“Products such as our SmartWasher range work like a dream and don’t harm the environment. For users, the added benefit is that it’s non-caustic so there’s no skin irritation.”

SmartWasher was CRC’s first foray into developing eco-friendly products that utilised sustainable technologies. The health and safety of the customer and the environment is always at the forefront of any product development. It uses bioremediation, a treatment that contains naturally occurring microorganisms to consume and break down undesirable substances. The process creates nothing but harmless by-products.

“This same technology has been used in clean-up efforts following major oil spills and other environmental

disasters,” explains Bailey.

All the products in the Bio Degreaser range use high-performance cleaning technology that’s easy on the planet. It was designed to be effective across the industrial, automotive and service industry sectors. There’s also a food grade range of Bio Degreasers. This product is so gentle on the environment, it doesn’t even require an Environmental Health & Safety warning on the label.

Make it easy

The stand-out quality of CRC products is how easy they are to use. Evaporative degreasers disappear, cleaners are sprayed on and left to do their work, residues and contaminants are broken down to their component parts with no effort.

One product that eliminates the need for elbow grease is Evapo-Rust. This completely non-toxic product removes rust with no scrubbing or sanding. It’s an easy and efficient way to clean rusty tools, hardware, automotive parts, household items, antiques or any rusted equipment.

Wide applications

From agriculture, automotive and defence to mining, transport and marine, CRC Industries products are used to keep businesses operating and the wheels of commerce turning. Whether you’re a home handyman or maintaining heavy machinery, it has a high-quality product that’s going to make your life easier.

“We have reps and business development managers in every state and every region,” says Bailey. “As so many of our products cross over into different markets, it opens up multiple opportunities. The core end users are professionals such as mechanics, machinists and welders. Supplying sustainable products that makes their jobs easier is very satisfying work.” 

“Products such as our SmartWasher range work like a dream and don’t harm the environment. For users, the added benefit is that it’s noncaustic so there’s no skin irritation.”
David Bailey, CRC Industries


There is something almost noble about the building industry—creating a structure where one didn’t exist before and building shelter for people to help them make a home for themselves.

That’s how Vadim Jefremkov of Probuilt sees it. “You create something from nothing and it’s just really satisfying,” he says.

Born in Latvia and arriving in Australia at the age of 19, it took Jefremkov a while to figure out that building and construction would be his chosen vocation. He started working in information technology, then business management, but it was a short roofing job working with a friend in construction that really sparked his interest and opened up a new world for him.

Inspired, Jefremkov started as a carpentry apprentice to a builder he describes as an “old-school one-man band”, which he says was valuable because it enabled him to learn everything about building homes, from beginning to completion.

“It was great because I was watching and participating in every aspect of building,” he says. “It was a good starting point for me to get into the

game because carpentry is such a big aspect of construction. You can do the formwork, you can do the finished carpentry, you can do the roofing. You just participate in every part of it.”

After working with various builders, including a large company where he branched out into project management, Jefremkov established Probuilt in 2011. The company specialises in premium custom-built homes, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and to a lesser extent, the North Shore. Jefremkov says that their customers are usually highly educated professionals with an eye for detail, which can make them demanding, but rewarding, to work for.

“They know what they want,” he says. “And you need to be able to deliver it. From our side there’s no problem because that’s our specialty.”

A member of the Master Builders Association, Probuilt has won a swag of industry awards, including Young Builder of the Year in 2017 and Master Builder of the Year in 2021. Winning the awards has helped to raise the company’s profile and brought a lot of business his way, he says.

Most of their work comes from word of mouth, or through architects, but the awards have reinforced the fact that

they produce quality work, he says.

The last couple of years have been a challenging time for the building industry and Jefremkov says that it has made him even more superorganised when planning work because of the lack of tradies. He says that his company has continued to produce

After a few false starts before deciding the building and construction industry was where he wanted to work, Probuilt founder Vadim Jefremkov hasn’t looked back. By Lynne Testoni
“I have a good team of tradesmen who have worked with me for a long time, and they know what I’m expecting from them—and I know that I can trust them.”
Vadim Jefremkov, founder, Probuilt
Probuilt has won a swag of awards for its custombuilt homes.

quality work because he spent years building up a solid team who trust him.

“Tradesmen have tried to catch up all this lost time by working more and organising them has been hard,” he explains. “You need to plan ahead and give them more notice. I used to give them three weeks’ notice, but

now they need more like a month or even two months, whether it is for roof carpenters, bricklayers, or concreters— because everyone’s fully booked.”

“I have a good team of tradesmen who have worked with me for a long time, and they know what I’m expecting from them—and I know that I can

trust them.”

The other way to maintain quality is to ensure that communication is clear, he says. The Probuilt team works hard to make new builds and renovations stress-free for their clients.

“Once we get the job, we try to make the job very easy for clients, so they


don’t have to stress,” says Jefremkov. “We look after everything from start to finish. If they want to be involved, they can tell us what they prefer in terms of the finished details. Otherwise, we can organise it on their behalf. We can work with interior designers, or a team of architects and give them the

whole package.”

The building industry is always growing, innovating and finding more efficient solutions to construction challenges, and that’s one of the things Jefremkov enjoys about his job.

“I just look forward to more challenges and new projects and try

to make improvements each time,” he says. “Every job is not the same and has a different challenge and different approaches. When you work with custom-built homes, every house is unique. We try to learn something on every job, to improve and deliver better quality service to our clients.” 

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Winning so many awards has helped raise the profile of Probuilt and generate a lot of business for the company.

On the air

COVID-19 has put indoor air quality (IAQ)—once treated as an afterthought by some in the construction sector— clearly on the radar.

An understanding that the SARSCoV-2 virus spreads through airborne transmission has heightened awareness of the importance of IAQ, prompting calls for better rules and regulations around ventilation in buildings such as hospitals, schools and hospitality venues.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has embarked on a review and update of its Indoor Air Quality Handbook, with a consultation period ending in September 2022. First created in 2016, the handbook is designed to help practitioners with the design, construction and certification of new buildings when using the IAQ verification methods. As a result of COVID-19, the ABCB has agreed to the handbook update.

Geoff Hanmer, managing director of architectural company ARINA and adjunct professor of architecture at the University of Adelaide, hopes lessons from the pandemic will inform a revised handbook that better reflects the latest scientific evidence on IAQ.

“Everywhere I go around Australia people are now very conscious of keeping doors and windows open, which they weren’t before, so there’s certainly an increased awareness of IAQ,” he says.

The key now is to turn that awareness into change.

Code concerns

The National Construction Code

(NCC), which the ABCB updates and maintains, is an important element in setting mandatory performance requirements for ventilation in buildings.

COVID-19 has driven home why this is so critical, with the virus having claimed between 17 million and 25 million lives worldwide, according to The Economist. Most transmission has occurred indoors, and Hanmer says better ventilation and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration could have prevented many of those deaths.

He has expressed concerns about what he sees as anomalies with the NCC, noting that nightclubs and schools, for example, can cater for hundreds of people without having any requirements for appropriate ventilation. Under ‘deemed to satisfy’ air-quality requirements, the NCC calls for buildings to either provide ‘natural ventilation’ using openable windows measuring five per cent of the floor area, or ‘mechanical ventilation’ such as air-conditioning that complies with Australian Standard 1668.2. However, Hanmer points out that no law or regulation prevents the construction of a naturally ventilated building that is operated with its windows shut.

“People confuse moving air with ventilation and, of course, the two things aren’t the same. So, you can feel comfortable in an air-conditioned room, but you can actually be in a soup of people’s exhaled air which can be full of pathogens.”

He is also critical of the fact that, in mechanically ventilated hospitals designed in accordance with AS 1668.2, nothing prevents the air that

A review of Australia’s key guide to indoor air quality in buildings represents a long overdue chance to address a problem area that is putting people’s lives at risk. By Cameron Cooper

is supplied to patient rooms returning to air handling units via corridors, potentially exposing patients, healthcare workers and the public to “airborne effluent”.

Such scenarios are a far cry from the start of the 20th century and before World War II, according to Hanmer, when people “took seriously” the need for ventilation in buildings for health

reasons. At the time, there was a growing sense that tuberculosis was spread via inhalation of small particle aerosols, a theory that later proved to be correct.

“That focus on ventilation was strong until about the time of World War II. After that, with the advent of penicillin and the use of antibiotics to control infections, including TB, some of this dropped away. But we’ve been brought back to reality with a bump, which is that most respiratory and some other diseases are airborne.” This includes measles and COVID-19.

What should change Hanmer has a number of recommendations that he believes the handbook, in tandem with the NCC, should address, including: l establishing a national set of standards for IAQ. He notes that under the NCC, if someone constructs a deemed-to-satisfy mechanically ventilated building, there is a requirement to control pathogens. “But in the

handbook, it says there are no standards to do this and no way of measuring pathogens. So, they just give up.”

l insisting on provisions that would ensure indoor air is free from particulates, carcinogenic gases such as nitrogen oxide and benzine, pathogens such as bacteria, mould and fungal spores; or viruses such as COVID-19. These provisions should progressively apply to all buildings accessed by the public.

l ensuring ventilation is sufficient for gaseous contaminants generated by building contents and indoor activities to stay at safe levels.

l addressing waterproofing issues in buildings. Hanmer says Section F of the NCC does not adequately control waterproofing, resulting in many buildings from Sydney through to northern Queensland supporting biological growth, including black mould. “Black mould spores are really bad for you, and again the code doesn’t do anything about it.”

l setting requirements to ventilate

“Everywhere I go around Australia people are now very conscious of keeping doors and windows open, which they weren’t before, so there’s certainly an increased awareness of indoor air quality.”
A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR TEMPORARY HAND RAILS Safety Boot A re-usable, cost effective base for constructing free-standing temporary guardrails. - Complies with requirements of AS/NZ4994.1:2009 and AS1657-2013 - Easy set up and take down - Can be used on most base materials Scan the QR code to watch video
Geoff Hanmer, managing director, ARINA

common spaces. In Class 2 buildings, common spaces including foyers, corridors and stairways are not required to be ventilated under the current NCC. Hanmer says this has caused clusters of COVID-19 infections as residents pass through compromised common spaces. l encouraging the display of CO2 levels in buildings such as restaurants and pubs. The use of wall-mounted measuring devices for air quality could inform patrons of poor air quality. “It would keep people aware that they’re safe, if they’re safe, and it would keep the cafe owners on their toes with regard to getting ventilation right.”

A chance to get it right

In addition to hospital and healthcare facilities, Hanmer is especially worried that most state and low-fee schools operate in buildings in which heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems simply recirculate air, or pollute it. Teachers and students deserve better.

He says the update of the Indoor Air Quality Handbook is an opportunity for the ABCB to start reforming the NCC and ensure that it takes health issues into proper account.

“The handbook is flawed on a

number of levels, but in my view some of the recommendations of the handbook should be straight out incorporated in the NCC. There’s no doubt that it’s beyond time that we had a national set of standards for IAQ.” 


Expect to see all-electric utes on Australian worksites soon.

Electric utes are soon to make an appearance at a worksite near you. From the new LDV eT60 to the sleek Rivian R1T, here’s what we reckon you should be putting on your wish list.

By Shane Conroy

Drive time

There’s little wonder why we Australians love our utes. They’re kind of like the reverse mullet of the car world—business in the back and party in the front. And you really can’t do without one on any worksite worth its salt.

But as Australia marches into our like-it-or-lump-it electric vehicle (EV) future, the iconic Aussie ute is being overlooked. As soccer-mum SUVs, hot hatches and family sedans all get the electric treatment, the good old ute has been left out in the cold.

Until now. LDV’s eT60 is the first allelectric ute available in Australia, and it’s set to be followed by a handful of other electrified tray-backs. Here’s a rundown of the EV utes you can expect to see on a worksite soon—and a few worth dreaming about.


LDV claims to be leading the charge towards an electric future with Australia’s first pure electric dual-cab ute. That will be in the form of the dualcab eT60, but specifics have been a little thin on the ground.

Originally slated for a November 2022 Australian launch, LDV was still only taking expressions of interest in early November, and no official announcement had yet been made about a firm release date. Still, you should expect to start seeing it on Aussie worksites very soon.

And that’s good news, because it looks to be plenty capable with

a 88.5kWH lithium-ion battery that delivers a driving range of around 330km. Payload capacity is 980kg, which makes it a pretty decent workhorse. A fast-charger will get it juiced up from 20 to 80 per cent battery capacity in around 45 minutes.


Perhaps the most interesting EV ute set to hit the market is the Australianmanufactured Ace Yewt. With a 150km to 200km drive range at partial load, a 500kg payload and a 100km/h max speed, it looks more suited to light commercial use.

But starting at a very reasonable $25,995 (before on-road costs), it will likely be the cheapest EV ute on the Australian market for some time. Unfortunately, its styling is a little on the questionable side, and it probably won’t be winning any beauty pageants—at least those we’re judging.

Ace has yet to confirm a release date, but they are expected to drop some time in 2023.


Chinese EV-maker BYD has big plans for Australia. The company wants to sell 9000 electric cars to Aussie buyers every month, and one may be a hotly anticipated EV ute—eventually.

BYD is prioritising an electric SUV (the Atto 3), hatchback (the Dolphin) and sedan (the Seal). After that, the company says it plans to release a larger SUV and—finally—an EV ute.

But BYD’s EV ute remains shrouded


in mystery for now. Considering the company’s Atto 3 made headlines as Australia’s cheapest full-electric vehicle on its launch, it makes sense to assume the eventual BYD EV ute will offer at or near entry-level value.


It looks like we won’t see a Rivian R1T on Australian roads until 2024, but it could be worth the wait. The R1T EV ute is a goer with a claimed 0-100km/h time of just 3.3 seconds. It’s also a go-anywhere vehicle with eight drive modes that can be set to tackle a range of conditions.

The R1T also features more than 37cm of ground clearance, can wade through about one metre of water, and rock crawl at a 100 per cent grade. Tradies will also love the smart side gear tunnel with opening side doors that double as a step-up platform you can stand on to access roof racks.

But expect to pay through the nose for the Rivian R1T—early Australian

pricing estimates are around the $100,000 mark.


Americans are set to get an all-electric version of the popular Chevrolet Silverado in mid-2023. However, General Motors is yet to make an official announcement about its Australian availability, so Aussie tradies will need to sit tight and hope for the best for now.

And hope you should because it looks to be a winner. It’s set to make a splash in the US market with an entrylevel ‘Work Truck’ and higher-spec ‘RST’ variants available at launch.

General Motors is claiming a driving range up to 644km, and the most powerful models will serve up 495kE and 1065Nm from dual, axlemounted electric motors. Adaptive air suspension should make for a pretty comfy ride; you’ll get a front boot and 10 outlets in the ute tray will provide up

to 10.2kW to charge your tools.


The Ford F-150 is an American classic, and the EV Lightning version is taking the legend into the 21st century. The bad news is that it has not yet been scheduled for an Australian release. Still, there’s a glimmer of hope. Reports have surfaced that Ford has filed a trademark for the F-150 Lightning in Australia.


While Tesla head honcho Elon Musk’s cyberpunk EV dream (or is it a nightmare?) was originally expected to come to Australia, he later shattered Tesla’s legion of down under superfans with an announcement that it won’t be sold outside the US. Rumours are circulating that Tesla may be developing a smaller cybertruck version for the international market, but don’t hold your breath. 

An all-electric version of the popular American Chevrolet Silverado is set to make a splash in the US market in mid-2023.


Get the right finish by enhancing your stock, rust removal, cleaning and detailing processes with Norton’s next generation Blaze.

Blaze, which has become synonymous with stainless steel fabrication now introduces Blaze X F970X fibre discs. These discs have been developed specifically for carbon steel and other soft-to-grind materials, to provide cool cuts and long life thanks to its non-supersized design.

A new and improved ceramic grain composition featuring micro-fracturing constantly exposes sharper grain edges. This innovation significantly increases cut rate and life, for fast and smooth cutting on carbon steel and other soft-to-grind metals. The heavy-duty fibre backing has additional

strength in tough applications and resists tears while providing better face to surface grinding.

Available in 115, 125 & 180mm, with a comprehensive grit range of 36 - 80 grit to suit your angle grinder application needs. Recommended for Industrial, Metal Fabrication and Maintenance and Repair Markets.

Use in conjunction with Norton’s Air-Cooled Turbo Back-up Pad, with a slotted hub design and curved ribs to draw heat away from the grinding zone, reduce disc loading and increase life.

All back-up pads have a M14-2.0 threaded female hub for mounting. KEY APPLICATIONS

STOCK REMOVAL | DEBURRING | BEVELING | BLENDING | CLEANING & DETAIL FINISHING  FIBRE BACKING RESISTS TEARS WHILE PROVIDING BETTER FACE to suit your requirements. Impact-A Wheelbarrows are The Tradie’s Mate. You can bet your load on it. ► 150kg or 200kg load capacity with the Pro Series model. ► Plastic or Metal Tub. ► Fat 4 Ply Pneumatic Tyres to navigate all terrains, or select a Puncture proof option. ► Optional Timber Handles. ► High Quality Bearings for less push resistance. PRO SERIES

PowerSoft™ Foam Technology is a proprietary polyurethane foam formulation that results in ear plugs with optimally-sized cell structures that expand gently and evenly inside the ear canal. This translates to allday comfort with excellent attenuation.


Come in various shapes, sizes and materials, some being design advancements and others simply marketing gimmicks. Older style earplugs were made from PVC Foam materials. These plugs had a porous surface which tended to become dirty from finger contact or a dusty environment. More recent versions of earplugs are made from Polyurethane which has a smoother sealed surface restricting the adhesion of dirt or body oils from handling.

Disposable earplugs require rolling down to insert properly (to attain the earplugs’ tested attenuation protection) into the ear canal. Importantly, if you can see more than a quarter of the earplug sticking out of the wearer’s ear, then the plug is not inserted correctly. Incorrect fitting means that the earplug does not ‘seat down’ the required distance into the ear canal, therefore not reducing the noise level entering the ear drum by the intended (attenuation) amount.

A poorly inserted 23dB SLC80 rated earplug could be providing a diminished protection attenuation as low as 8 to 12dB due to incorrect insertion. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem among earplug users. An ageing

workforce can pose challenges with gaining the correct earplug insertion as the ear canal changes shape over time. (Ear Canal diameter can become smaller, also can twist or bend, as well as become difficult to enter due to increased hair growth or wax build-up).

You can conduct a quick earplug fit test once they have been inserted and had enough time to create a contact seal inside the ear canal. By cupping your hand over each ear, make sure to gain as tight of a seal as possible. If fitted correctly, the noise level should not vary noticeably between the cupped hands over the ears or without.


are a more recent innovation and by design help with the fitting challenges noted above. The addition of an insertion stem in the centre of the Polyurethane Foam plug assists with ease of correct fitment. Most styles are designed to not require any pre insertion roll down, thus eliminating the potential of contact on the earplug surface with soiled fingertips.

Another major advantage of the Hybrid Ear Pod is the ability to insert the protector deep into the ear canal, gaining the most suitable fitment for maximum attenuation benefit. This fitting advantage over traditional roll down earplugs almost guarantees the wearer will be achieving the full SLC80 attenuation rating as tested for the Ear Pod protector. As the Ear Pods are made from grime resistant Polyurethane and are not required to be touched by fingers, they can be reused with a visual check on each insertion until becoming soiled or damaged.


All workers want: protection, comfort and easy fit. The key to achieving optimal protection is making sure your earplugs are fitted correctly into the ear canal.

PowerSoft™ T-Fit earplugs are designed for easy handling, fit and long-term wear.

PowerSoft™ EZ-Twist Hybrid earplugs combine comfort with convenience, hygiene and ease-of use. Try them for yourself! To request a sample pack of PowerSoft™ T-Fit and EZ-Twist earplugs, contact your local CSS member store.



Injury statistics for tradies at work.

Working as a tradie is very physical and the possibility of being injured is all so real. Stats from Safe Work Australia confirm that tradies, labourers, machinery operators and drivers are at a higher risk of incurring a serious injury and making a claim, making up 50% of serious claims.

Furthermore, trade workers and technicians were among the occupation groups with the highest rates of workrelated injuries and illnesses (72 out of

1000 employees). Drivers, labourers and machinery operators take the third spot with 57 per 1000 employees affected.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the most common causes of injury or illness are lifting, pushing, pulling or bending (24.2%), being hit or cut by an object or vehicle (18.2%) and slips and falls (15.5%). 60% of these people had time off as a result of their injury or illness

with only 27% of them receiving workers compensation for the injury or illness.


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellness (AIHW) in 20192020, average time spend in hospital due to falls was 6.9 days, for thermal causes 5.2 days & transport accidents 4.7 days. Days in hospital don’t include rehab time at home or reduced capacity at work once you return and gradually get back to your pre-existing level or work pace.

Interestingly, despite being injured at work, most tradies (84%) stay on at the job where they were injured or fell ill (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics). Only 7% of tradies who were injured at work changed their jobs.


These statistics highlight the higher risks for injury as a tradie, therefore you should consider the importance of insurance cover. The types of insurance cover include personal accident and illness insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance and health cover.


Personal accident and illness insurance pays a weekly amount to you, if you are accidentally injured or suffer a covered illness* and you can’t work for a temporary time. Check for policies that insure you 24/7 so you can have extra peace of mind while kicking a footy over the weekend.

Life insurance cover pays a sum at death or a permanent plan provides peace of mind for the rest of your life.

Income protection insurance pays an agreed amount to assist you make payments while you are unable to work.

Health insurance covers vary on policy selected, so it’s good to check you have enough cover. (*Note not all illnesses are covered- refer to Product Disclosure Statement for details of coverage)

In summary, working as a tradie is physically demanding and according to the statistics tradies are at a higher risk of injury than most occupations. If you are injured in the workplace, insurance will minimise your risk and help you to pay for the hospitalisation, treatment or claims for loss of income. ●

For more information on tradie's insurance, visit imar.com.au/blog



Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. is excited to announce the arrival of our new and improved range of Hand Trolleys.

Ideal for high frequency usage in any environments such as couriers, warehouses, hospitals, retail stores and general materials handling.

There’s nothing these rugged, precision engineered Hand Trolleys can’t do for your business!


Enhanced frame construction for more stability and longevity, giving you greater confidence for years to come.

Better performing wheels will ensure your Hand Trolleys withstand all surfaces, with smooth performance and puncture proof toughness.

Improved toe plate design makes the loading and unloading of your goods easier and faster than ever before.


Our Platform Trolleys are popular for a reason! Lightweight, super reliable and easy-to-use, they include Safe Working Loads up to 500kg.

l The latest Dual Purpose Pneumatic Hand Trolley and Dual Purpose Puncture Proof Hand Trolley now include a fullywelded upright for increased strength,

durability and load bearing.

l The new Carton Hand Trolleys will quickly become your ‘go to’ transport equipment, with a lightweight, compact design, including an ergonomic Twin Handle option. 

Choose Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. for Australia’s highest quality, most reliable and affordable Hand Trolleys!



Chemical splashes can cause serious injury to the eyes and skin. Emergency eyewash and facewash units deliver essential first aid in the event of an emergency wherever chemicals, oils and fuels are stored, used and handled.

Our range of emergency showers and decontamination eyewash units are designed so that businesses are prepared if or when personnel are exposed to dangerous chemicals and particles on the skin or in the eyes.

Why is a portable eyewash so important?

Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that has commenced within a few seconds can minimise eye damage and prevent long term injury.

Access to a portable eyewash on remote sites is critical to prevent significant damage to the eyes by flushing hazardous substances and irritants from the eyes and face. Portable units are designed to provide uninterrupted eye washing for 15 minutes at a flow of 1.5 litres per minute, which is vital in order to reduce the risk of significant eye damage before medical attention is available.

Our new portable gravity fed eyewash is lightweight, compact and portable so it can be used on remote sites or on building and construction sites where there is limited access to plumbed water.

The eyewash unit has a high visibility yellow fold-down arm that activates the flow when lowered, leaving hands free to enable the user to hold eyelids open for an effective flush. The eyewash unit arm folds up after use to protect the spray outlets from dust, grime and damage when not in use.

Emergency shower and eyewash units should be installed in an area that is easily accessible by all personnel, free from obstructions or trip hazards and should be clearly identified with green emergency signage that is visible and lit in the event of an emergency so that staff can easily navigate their way to the emergency station.

Each unit is supplied with a 250mL bottle of bacteriostatic preservative to help prevent the growth of harmful bacterial in the tank, keeping the tank water clean and suitable for use.

Our range of shower and eyewash units have been manufactured to meet the relevant Australian Standards.

Detailed directions for use, installation and maintenance instructions, including how to fill the eyewash unit with bacteriostatic preservative are included on the eyewash instruction card.

Our range of emergency deluge showers, HAZCHEM decontamination, combination or portable units deliver the latest technologies and are designed to suit any site, workplace or budget.

Choose from plumbed hand/foot operated units for permanent installation, or a portable, pressurised option for ease of transportation. Our range includes eyewash and safety shower products – a broader variety of sizes and styles are available on request. 

Global Spill’s new portable gravity fed eyewash.


For too long, applicators have put up with messy, stringing polyurethane sealants. But it doesn’t have to be that way: sealant technology has moved on with Fosroc’s polyurethane hybrid sealants, Nitoseal MS250 and MS400.

Nitoseal MS: the best of polyurethanes and silicones combined Nitoseal MS sealants are based on silyl modified polymers, also known as hybrid polyurethanes or MS polymers. Embracing Fosroc ANZ’s proven Duraflex technology, our Nitoseal MS250 and MS400 sealants combine the benefits of polyurethanes and silicones. They offer the weathering and adhesion performance of silicones, with the toughness of polyurethanes. Unlike polyurethanes, MS sealants do not contain isocyanate.

Nitoseal MS250 is our general construction sealant while Nitoseal

MS400 is for trafficable joints.

“Nitoseal MS sealants combine a polyurethane backbone with silicone functional groups,” explains Martin Venn, Fosroc ANZ’s Technical Support Manager. “They are moisture tolerant and won’t gas or bubble from excessive moisture in the environment, which is a big advantage compared to polyurethanes. They also offer better long-term UV stability and are easier to apply.”

The future of sealants in colour Fosroc ANZ is backing Nitoseal MS as the new go-to sealant for the construction industry. That’s why we are manufacturing Nitoseal MS250 in 11 Australian Standard colours and offering colour matching for both products.

Colin Picton, our Product Segment Specialist for Waterproofing & Sealants, explains: “Polyurethane sealants are considered the ‘standard’ in Australia,

almost out of habit. But in Europe, for example, hybrids really drive the market. This is based on performance but also because the industry is concerned about the health impacts of isocyanate, including skin and eye irritations and occupational asthma.

“Fosroc ANZ offers PU-only sealants but we believe the real value is in the MS hybrid range. You are getting the best performance but also a quicker, easier and safer sealing experience for the applicator.”  Find out more at fosroc.com.au



The Delta Point drill bit is completely unlike traditional chisel point and split point drill bits. Delta Point drills have a multi-faceted cutting tip. The protruding centre tip acts like a pilot drill significantly increasing drill bit efficiency, especially on curved surfaces. The overall length of the cutting edge significantly exceeds that of conventional drills. Drilling times for a range of split point and Delta Point drills consistently showed that Delta Point bits were nearly twice as fast in mild steel.


Split point is self centering and reduces the need for end thrust. Friction at workpiece is reduced. 118º point angles are ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron. The 118º point creates easily controlled chips which are wide and thin. Bright finish tools have no surface treatment and are supplied in the as-ground condition. These tools are suitable for general purpose use, particularly for non-ferrous applications. Black finish tools are generally recommended for ferrous applications where the oxide layer aids chip flow and heat dissipation.


The 135º point provides superior performance in harder steel materials especially in deep hole applications. In these situations it will produce thicker chips minimising work hardening of the cavity. Cobalt drills are extremely hard and provide superior performance and increased tool life especially in stainless and high tensile steel.



Nitoseal® Flamex® ®

Fosroc’s high performance range of sealants have been developed by experts in joint design and sealant technology for all civil and general construction project needs.

• Gun grade sealants – suitable for use in vertical and horizontal joints, including potable water storage

• Fire rated, fuel resistant, chemical resistant and biodegradation resistant sealants

• Pouring grade sealants – designed exclusively for horizontal joints

Fosroc. Future Proof.

*Fosroc and the Fosroc logo are trade marks of Fosroc International Limited, used under license.


carbide Drill
proof of quality, flute is stamped with the test mark of the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association.
a wear mark indicating if the diameter of the hole is still in tolerance for metal anchor setting. The solid carbide four head cutting design allows for a neat true hole. Sharp pyramid shaped centring tip, provides stability at the start of drilling. Flutes have been designed for effective dust removal. SDS PLUS –SC4 DRILL BITS SIZES RANGE FROM 5 x 110 mm to 25 x 450 mm Extremely Long Life High Precision of Drilled Hole Extremely Heavy Duty For more information contact your local member store.


With industry looking to reduce workplace injury on worksites, companies are looking for innovative products to help employees remain safe at work.

A product that has caused many injuries on various worksites in the past, is the 19mm Metal Strapping, which is primarily used to strap bundles of large items/products in place. It may be useful to hold a bundle together, but when tensioned and cut, that strapping unleashes its fury on those around it.

The disposal of used strapping also puts the handler at risk of injury. It’s a dangerous task, wrestling with lengths of sharp-edged strapping while you try and fold it into a small disposable bundle. This exercise itself is fought with danger.

CSS, owners of the Impact-A range of products, have been selling a safer alternative to the dreaded steel strapping for many years now. The Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping System is rapidly becoming the safe, secure, and easy to

use replacement. The 20mm Strapping and Buckle combination, is rated to 1100kg breaking strain, and provides a perfect foil against cuts and scratches that are sometimes associated with the use of the metal strapping.

Poly Woven strapping when cut under load, does not have the recoil of metal strapping, it is easily disposed of, is reusable, and doesn’t have sharp edges to cut you. The material used in your seat belt is a similar product to the Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping, and we know how strong and safe that is to use.

There are hundreds of applications, across a broad range of industry segments, where the product can be used with great confidence, when performance and safety are required (Transport, Construction, Distribution, Mining, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural and Infrastructure for example).

In some industry segments, they have banned metal strapping citing the dangers of handling and disposal for their reasoning. Poly Woven Strapping does not kink like steel strapping, which creates weak spots in the material, doesn’t rust, and is safe to use. The buckles and strapping system is rated to 1100kg breaking strain, when installed correctly, and if dismantled correctly after use, can be reused again.

Get yourself started with an Impact-A Starter Kit, which includes 62mtrs of strapping, tensioning tools and 100 buckles, all stored in a sturdy toolbox.

Larger 250mtr and 500mtr rolls, as well as buckles are also available to purchase separately. Impact-A Poly Woven Strapping is the industry’s safer alternative to steel strapping. Click on the QR code below for a demo and more information. 

POLY WOVEN Strapping the safer alternative to steel strapping IT’s Safer IT’s Stronger It lasts longer • Rolls are up to 1/4 the weight of Steel Strapping • No sharp edges to cut your hands on • Tested and rated to 1100kg breaking strain (steel rates at only 904kg) • Buckles and Strapping won’t rust • Strapping is usable even if folded or tied in a knot !Get started with an Impact-A starter kit Strapping is easily lifting 550kg Won’t cut hands, and is easily disposed of Rated to 1100kg breaking strain Scan the QR code to watch this video
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Nocturnal bird
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Filthiest DOWN
Fuss, ... & cry
Supplements in food
Starchy tubers
Gallows halter
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Droplets on lawn
Stopping for gas
Jordan/Kuwait region
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Building design
Pressed (clothes)
Huddles closely
Throughout the world
Every second year
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Business ventures
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SOLUTIONS M O V A B L E A A V I S U A L I S I N G P M E L A S T I C A E U I R O N E D I H N N N I O V E R D O S U H H U E F R T A N N I E X V H O B O S G N T S A O O R E F U E L L I N G C A S I N I N E E S P A C E S H I P S R G E T E E E R I E R O T R O S T E R O O L U A D D I T I V E S G I E U S E I U I P U L L O V E R S N N L S A D I S R E S P E C T F U L M O L O E Y A M S I B E E T G E X A O R I E M U S A I P O D S E S T R A N G E M E N T P E T A L A S P I R A T I O N A L W C H A T T Y I O B O S L O U L O U T O L G D W E L L S O R E C L U S T E R S S L I A U C K L A N D A I A N O O S E R P Y I R E B A T E S N N U U R A B B I S M I D E A S T R F L U E E E A R C S I R A B I D L Y N O R A L S G L O B A L L Y A M E N D E D E P I G R A M S S L A N T L L A N E C D S A I D A H B T L A S T I R B I E N N I A L I G N E O U S P I C T U R E S M I A M I T H E E D I N G I S O L E G P T H A N I O R I G A M I N I N U R E R G S O S P O U S E S P N M T T E R S E O M F D I S C E R N S O K L A N A G R A M S R E S N A P L E S R L A E D I T U A N D Y S O A F O I S T S L A R C H I T E C T U R E A L L O T E A R S P L I T T I N G I H A W N A S A F E R C T E E L I E L M S G L I E D E K R G L A C K N O W L E D G I N G R E L O I A D V A N C I N G L L O H E M L H U L A T E C O M E R T I E E A B S O R B O P A B A T E S D A I T E E M B R O I D E R Y L L I E D O W N D G E R A L D F O R D I D E W R D X R A I S E V W C R I E R Y A P A C E U E E D E V I T O V S E E E O E N A M E L E I S P A R A D E S T N E N T E R P R I S E S T N E X C E R P T Crossword Brought to you by TOP WORDS 1204 © Lovatts Puzzles Top Words Sudoku  Sudoku  38 CSS F.A.T. MAG BE THE ENVY OF YOUR NEIGHBOURS Australian Made & available now from your local CSS Member store. DECK ENVY OUTDOOR TIMBER PREP/CLEANER Rejuvenates, cleans, and restores natural timber, and is perfect for preparing your deck before applying the topcoat.
RRP $799 each The FIRST 5 valid entries drawn will each WIN A M18 FUEL 8 PIECE KIT M18FPP8B2-503B The NEXT 5 (11th – 15th) valid entries drawn will each WIN A M18 FUEL™ 2 PIECE KIT RRP $2,739 each 3RD PRIZE BACK TO WORK WIN MILWAUKEE KITS $24,435 OF PRIZES TO BE WON 5 TO WIN 5 TO WIN M18FPP2A2-502C RRP $1,349 each The NEXT 5 (6th – 10th) valid entries drawn will each WIN A M18 FUEL™ 4 PIECE KIT 2ND PRIZE 5 TO WIN M18FPP4P2-602B TERMS & CONDITIONS Starts 8:00 AM AEDST 01/02/2023. Ends 11:59 PM AEDST 31/03/2023. Open to AUST residents 16+ who fulfil the entry/eligibility requirements. Prizes: 5 x 8 piece Milwaukee Kits M18FPP8B2-503B (RRP $2739.00 ea), 5 x 4 Piece Milwaukee kits M18FPP4P2-602B (RRP $1,349.00 ea), 5 x 2 Piece Milwaukee Kits M18FPP2A2-502C (RRP $799.00 ea) Total Prize Pool $24,435 inc. GST. Prize draw 3:00 PM AEDT on 5/4/2023 at 272 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, 3207. Winners notified via email and published at www.constructionsupply.com.au 7/4/2023. Promoter is Construction Supply Specialists Pty. Ltd. ABN 67 100 073 087. 17 Lakeside Drive, Broadmeadows VIC 3047. Authorised under NSW NTP/05357, SA Licence. T22/1843, ACT. TP 22/02225. For full terms and conditions refer to www.constructionsupply.com.au HOW TO ENTER To enter, entrants must during the Promotion Period: Spend $250+ GST on any Milwaukee Branded product on one invoice from any CSS member store to qualify for one entry. Register your purchase at www.constructionsupply.com.au 1ST PRIZE


CSS member stores are recognised by their ‘Proud Member of CSS sign’ displayed on their building. Be rest assured that the business displaying the sign is a trusted distributor of quality products that are backed by exceptional knowledge, service and support. These stores might all be independent traders, but due to their alliance with the CSS group, they work as a collective and can offer a national distribution opportunity for customers who require it.

If you need a national supply arrangement for your business, contact your nearest CSS member store.

Visit Us At: constructionsupply.com.au WESTERN

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