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3 Questions To Ask Regarding your Internal Communication By engage4more I Pvt Ltd

Understanding the dynamics of internal communication in the organization is of critical importance for leaders. Employees expect and need to know what is going on so they can perform their jobs with awareness, purpose and clarity. No longer just the audience, employees are now participants in the communication process.

Small organizations often take a hit or miss approach to internal communication under the assumption that their size is an advantage. The thinking often goes that everyone is already working together so news and information is naturally being shared.

In large organizations the internal communication program often becomes over-engineered to the point where flow charts are created to outline the process. I saw such a flow chart recently with decision

triggers such as “Is it urgent or time-sensitive? Is it corporate policy or an announcement? Is it an HR matter? Is it fun?” Based upon how one categorized the type, urgency and importance of the message one could then determine the mode/method of disseminating the news. The flow chart also included necessary steps and procedures for submitting drafts for approvals (including which staff member – or their proxy – could approve) and estimated timelines. This particular organization shares information via email blasts, text messaging (to all employees), newsletters, interactive message boards, an electronic

“Daily News” update and an internal TV network. I‘m pretty confident they’re evaluating reach, opens, clicks and similar measurements to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their internal communication. This is certainly an example showing how access to resources, people and technology can serve to strengthen the process. More information :


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Family Day 

Little Wonders @ Work for Ericsson India!

By engage4more™ · Updated on Wednesday · Taken in Delhi, India

An exciting Family Fun Day at Work engaging all family members

conceptualised and delivered by engage4more at multiple locations of Ericsson India in Delhi NCR. Themed as Little Wonders at Work, the program was

loaded with Magic, Masterchef, Fashio Show, Kite Flying, Talent Hunt, Mascots, Gulli Cricket, Puppet show and so much more! 

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Family Day Some Photos

Family Day Some Photos

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Internal communications agencies in india  
Internal communications agencies in india  

Internal communications is a vital medium to target your employees enhance their morale. we assist you in this process through newsletters a...