Top 100 Leaders in Sustainability 2022

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It is a genuine privilege to assemble the Sustainability Top 100 to recognise some of the most innovative thinkers and doers.

In any area of progress, you need to take stock of all of those achievements that inspire and energise the next generation and provide an opportunity for the world we leave behind.

At our recent Sustainability LIVE event at the Business Design Centre in London it was so exciting to see so much passion and insight into an area of business that has evolved from a ‘nice to do’ to one that has become an integral part of strategic thinking.

The 100 featured in this edition are the tip of the iceberg, and each have extraordinary stories to tell about how they have innovated, disrupted and delivered in the


the world. We celebrate those stories, and look forward to sharing and learning many more to come.

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When assembling a top 100 for sustainability there are almost too many potential individuals to choose between, and too many stories of innovation and creativity to highlight.

With every passing day more businesses and organisations are developing innovative ways to make themselves a more conscientious partner in sustainability and comparing their size and impact is a complicated task. How does one compare a sustainability programme implemented by a significant multi-national, with the exciting idea developed by a start up or other disrupting innovator? No doubt some may be disappointed not to be named on a list such as this, but in no way should it de-value their commitment and imagination to deliver tangible benefits in the field of sustainability.

For every inspirational individual named on this list there are many more who could lay a claim for a place on the list and we look forward to sharing their stories and exploring their projects in the months to come.

There will be some inclusions in the list that will be debated, and the order could be endlessly discussed, but we attempted to keep our methodology as fair and unbiased as possible to include a wide range of stories from different sectors. Some will be from large international organisations, and others from smaller disruptors who are bringing fresh perspectives to the table.

To select our list we applied editorial criteria, applied purpose-built algorithms, adjusted for current events, and analysed multiple influences to deliver the final order. Some exceptional advocates for sustainability will not have made the list, but only so many can be included to share their expertise. The very fact that assembling such a list is so challenging can only suggest positive things for the sector and the future of our planet.

Congratulations to everyone named and we hope their stories add to more sustainability journeys.

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Daniel Vennard

Chief Sustainability Officer Syngenta Group

He’s held sustainability positions across an impressive array of organisations. Daniel Vennard led sustainability activity at Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 2005 and has since worked for Mars, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and even the United Nations. Now the CSO for Syngenta, Vennard brings extensive knowledge in sustainability, commercial applications and strategy.

Chemical Manufacturing Switzerland

Tracey Herald

Chief Sustainability Officer Virgin Media O2

Virgin Media O2’s CSO, Tracey Herald manages the team crafting its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

As a net zero advocate, she fit into the fold as the two companies merged, having previously worked on the O2 side. Herald puts her personal passion and beliefs into her work, which paid off as the company continues to invest in renewables and other sustainability projects.


Adam Muellerweiss

Chief Sustainability Officer Clarios

Clarios has battery technology written in its DNA, but when it comes to responsible development of batteries, Adam Muellerweiss is the man with the plan. As Chief Sustainability Officer he manages activities relating to the company’s climate commitments and has played leading roles in organisations like the Responsible Battery Coalition, the Clarios Foundation, PECP and the United Nations.

Christine Uri

Chief Sustainability Officer ENGIE Impact

With her triple-barrel title, Christine Uri is the Chief Legal Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and a member of the General Counsel at ENGIE Impact.

After leaving her role in a law firm, she began work for the company ensuring compliance with legislation for the global sustainability consulting company, and serves on board of directors, managing risk, privacy and corporate ethics.

6 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Telecommunications United Kingdom
Automotive United States Environmental Services United States

Denise Chen

Chief Sustainability Officer Melco Resorts & Entertainment

The footfall in hospitality is back to sufficient levels. But, as the pandemic wanes, the next concern in the industry is environmental impact. Having worked in investments for CLSA in her previous role, Denise Chen now works as Chief Sustainability Officer at Melco Resorts & Entertainment to action the corporate environmental agenda of the Hong-Kongbased organisation. Hospitality France

Monique Oxender

Chief Sustainability Officer Keurig Dr Pepper

Her two decades of experience leading organisations’ sustainability strategy and policy development, provided Oxender with ample opportunities to advance supply chain sustainability and throughout her career.

Working as the CSO for Keurig Dr Pepper means leading the responsible business practices of the +US$11bn beverage business, including health and wellbeing, ESG reporting and community relations.

Sandy Nessing

Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer American Electric Power

She is a high-performing leader with a proven track record in ESG disclosure and analysis, stakeholder engagement, corporate sustainability strategy, and team building. Nessing’s role at American Electric Power supports the company with planning, direction and the implementation of enterprise sustainably practice. Her commitment...almost 17 years inspiring the company while taking on new challenges.

Utilities United States


Rachel McEwen

Chief Sustainability Officer SSE

McEwen takes great pride in her work and the company that she serves. As the CSO of the business, she drives commercial success alongside social and environmental causes for SSE Plc. Formerly a writer and campaigner, her passion lies with political discussions while spending her free time in the garden, surrounded by the nature that she so wishes to protect.

Utilities United Kingdom


Chief Sustainability Officer Australia Post

Delivering the post is perhaps underrated in the eyes of the consumer, but Mizrahi has a critical role–as does Australia Post–in delivering its consumer services in a sustainable way. She is the first CSO to grace the company’s organisational hierarchy and leads corporate social responsibility as a strategy for business success while also striving to reduce its impacts on the climate.

Mike Faillo

Chief Sustainability Officer

Fifth Third Bank

As the beholder of finances, Fifth Third Bank has a critical role to play in the security of its clients’ incomes. But sustainability is just as important, which is where Faillo’s role as CSO is brought into play to manage ESG strategy and at the bank–a role that he recently moved into following his great work in ESG reporting and analytics.

Eva Axelsson

Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Group Sustainability Saab

Saab has a major role in the defence industry, which provides a tough environment in which to implement sustainable business practices. Nevertheless Axelsson rises to the challenges, working as the company’s CSO and Head of Group Sustainability at Saab AB. Previously she has occupied positions in corporate social responsibility and led sustainability research and analysis.

Defense & Space Sweden

Jyoti Chopra

Chief People, Inclusion & Sustainability Officer MGM Resorts International

Responsible for human resources management at MGM Resorts International, Chopra’s critical role encompasses human and social capital on an international level. Her experience reverts back to her time in communications at Deloitte, DEI at Pearson and she even advises the boards at Schneider and Toyota and Spencer Stuart on diverse and inclusive business practice.

Hospitality United States

8 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Government Administration Australia
Financial Services United States

Duncan Burt

Chief Sustainability Officer National Grid

With a broad understanding of energy and climate change policy, having previously worked for the government and in global supply chain practices at GSK, Burt played critical roles in the COP26 event on behalf of his current employer and continues to hold up his responsibilities for National Grid’s sustainability strategy.


Alex Holt

Chief Sustainability Officer Woolworths Group

Leading a sustainability team across Australia and Asia, Holt has a track record of more than ten years with Woolworths Group. She previously worked for Tesco before making the move to the company and has since managed the merchandise, concept development, quality assurance and overall sustainability of its business, and evangelises collaboration between like-minded businesses.


Thinus Keeve

Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer Coles

He’s not wrong when he says he’s an innovative and experienced C-level executive. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Keeve’s strategic approach to executing transformation has proven beneficial in his two main occupations, including Operations Manager for SABMiller and his current role at Coles, where he oversees sustainability as well as property management and exports.

Lynette Chung

Chief Sustainability Officer Covestro

Her CV spans many European positions. Chung is the dedicated sustainability lead for the materials firm, which is highly conscious of its environmental impact. Advocacy is key for the company and under her watchful eye, Covestro commits to a circular economy that is lucrative for the business and the planet.

Utilities United Kingdom Retail Australia
Retail Australia Chemical Manufacturing Germany

Aileen Tan

Group Chief People & Sustainability Officer Singtel

Aileen Tan shows her commitment to sustainable business through various positions beyond her role at Singtel. As board member to the IHRP, SUSS and Health Sciences Authority, she works closely with leading organisations in Singapore to ensure business-as-usual incorporates a strategic approach to people and CSR, bringing together experience from multiple industries.

Ramon Arratia

Global Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer Ball Corporation

'Radical sustainability’ is a phrase he uses to describe his commitment. Arratia is a leader on a mission to achieve a circular economy through transparency and his disruptive approach to business. To achieve transparency, Arratia is personally invested in satellite monitoring projects that assess GHG emissions and other metrics like methane leakage.


Roger Sharp

Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer Bupa

Coming from an organisation that advocates healthy living, Sharp is in charge of business communications relating to sustainability and ESG, as well as managing the corporate brand and reputation.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, leverages his extensive experience in corporate and governmental public relations to send the right messages to Bupa’s stakeholders.

Hospitals & Healthcare Australia

Sarah Chapman

Global Chief Sustainability Officer Manulife

Holding a PhD in sustainability, Chapman was recognised previously in the Top 100 Women in Sustainability. Her most recent appointments have seen her working alongside professionals at Deloitte, leading sustainability & social impact, and led to her current role in charge of Manulife’s responsible approach as a multinational insurance company.

10 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing United States
Financial Services Canada

In June 2021, Gyllenhammar rejoined Sweco Group and must have been influential in the past as the company returned his CSO title he gave up in 2019. The Swedish leader worked a stint of more than 11 years for the company and returned to the post to oversee the sustainability of its business practices.

Siobhan Toohill

Chief Sustainability Officer Westpac

Since 2005, Siobhan has worked in corporate sustainability among large companies to tailor their approaches to the climate crisis as well as social impacts of their businesses. Her experience comes from working in various positions, incorporating biodiversity, human rights, indigenous affairs, diversity, green building and urban design to name a few.

Katherine Neebe

Chief Sustainability Officer Duke Energy

Neebe is an active face of Duke Energy Corporation and ESG philanthropist. With 25 years of experience leading teams across multiple sectors, she carries a culture of social and environmental stewardship and, through the business, continues to play a leading role in achieving this in the energy sector, applying her previous experiences at WWF, Walmart and The Aspen Institute.

Hannah Harrison

Chief Sustainability Officer WPP

Following her stint at the UK supermarket chain, Tesco, Harrison returned to studying to achieve an Executive MBA at the University of Cambridge. During that time, she continued to provide development support to SABMiller, before going on to work for the Earth Security Group, linking finance to nature. Now with WPP, she is the face of its sustainability message.

Utilities United States

Construction Sweden
Banking Australia
Advertising & Media United Kingdom

Garrett Quinn

Chief Sustainability Officer Smurfit Kappa

Following his entry to the company in 2000 as a Graduate Trainee, Garrett remains at Smurfit Kappa Group 22 years later. Having witnessed all facets of the packaging production line, he is well-placed to meet investor expectations and carry out all sustainability endeavours of the organisation to produce paper and packaging solutions more responsibly.

Cristina Bifulco

Chief Sustainabilty Officer Prysmian Group

Due to the nature of the Prysmian group, it is invested in energy sustainability by default, requiring a dedicated sustainability leader to manage the production of electric cabling. Since 2014, Bifulco has worked on behalf of the group to maintain the responsible image of the company to garner the interest of investors.

Justine Rowe

Chief Sustainability Officer Telstra

An inspirational leader devoted to building diverse teams at Telstra, Rowe builds upon her 19 years at the company and eight role changes, embedding her firmly in the businesses. As CSO, her role is the umbrella for activities relating to people and the environmental implication of global telecoms enterprise.

LeAnn Ridgeway

Chief Sustainability Officer Raytheon Technologies

With a long history of roles, a key theme stands out. Technical. As Ridgeway navigates the technical environment with Raytheon Technologies, she is involved in the sustainability affairs concerning Collins Aerospace in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the CSO, she is passionate about developing diversity within the organisation, building highperformance teams.

Aviation & Aerospace United States

12 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing United Kingdom
Telecommunications Australia

Noel Anderson

Chief Sustainability Officer American Red Cross

Perhaps the epitome of social justice, the Red Cross is a critical organisation for humanitarian work and Anderson oversees sustainability for its American branch. His work is instrumental in allowing the organisation to continue disaster relief and life-saving international services without further detriment to the environment.

Anisa Kamadoli Costa

Chief Sustainability Officer and President & Trustee, Rivian Foundation Rivian

As a critical member of a company in the spotlight, her position at Rivian is critical for retaining the sustainable principles that the electric vehicle industry stands for. Kamadoli Costa is a philanthropist of ESG and other sustainability topics with a track record of environmental business performance. She’s also a crucial member of the WEF Council.


Andrew Boyd

Chief Sustainability Officer Perfetti Van Melle

A professional in corporate strategy, Boyd is tasked with delivering sustainable value to Perfetti Van Melle through extensive ESG reporting and benchmarking. He brings extensive knowledge of the supply chain from his 16 years at Unilever and more at Mondelez International. Prior to CSO he was a sustainability consultant for topics like risk management and circular economy. Food & Beverage United Kingdom

Alice Steenland

Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer Signify

For Steenland, it all started at Stanford University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology. She later studied business and management, before moving into her corporate career. She’s an expert in strategy, sustainability and leadership–critical attributes for her role at Signify, leading market intelligence, government affairs and sustainability communications. Electronic Manufacturing Netherlands

Non-Profit Organisation United States
Automotive United States

Abigail Lovell

Chief Sustainability Officer Experian

From the University of Colorado Boulder to acquiring 25+ years of experience at Experian credit experts. Driven by great leadership, Lovell manages the sustainability of the business as its CSO, based in California, US. She’s also an advocate of diversity, sharing her sentiments towards inclusivity, such as women in business and appointment of all groups in leadership roles.

Nompilo Morafo

Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer MTN

As Africa’s largest mobile network operator, MTN requires Morafo’s strong leadership to ensure compliance throughout the business and to spread the message nationally. In her fourth year at the company, she is in charge of sustainable practices at the telecommunications company, including public affairs, policy and regulations, making ESG achievable for the business. Telecommunications South Africa

Nick Watts

Chief Sustainability Officer NHS

Operating in a fast-paced environment requires strategic development and partnership with the necessary organisations. In order to do this sustainably, NHS employs Watts as its CSO who was previously appointed to its net zero task force in 2019. As a medical doctor himself, he understands how this work affects employees in hospitals as well as its overall achievement.

Julia Gisewite

Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer Turner Construction Company

The construction industry is not only heavily dominated by men, but also experiences many ESG challenges, which is where Gisewhite comes in. At Turner Construction, she played a critical role in business development before moving into the CSO role, responsible for setting and implementing policies, standards and strategies across Turner’s global operations. Construction United States

14 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Services United States
& Healthcare

Renee Morin

Chief Sustainability Officer


Perhaps one of the most satisfying jobs is the CSO of eBay. Morin helps businesses comply with sustainability requirements, by managing their data, which is a critical step to ensure third-party organisations meet the criteria of the online secondhand goods marketplace. This contributes majorly to the global circular economy and is recognised by many organisations.

Isabelle Sultan

Chief Sustainability Officer Parfums Christian Dior

She has some extensive experience with Danone leading up to her current position as the CSO of Dior, in which she is keen to share her knowledge from past work at Danone and drive sustainable improvement in the luxury goods industry. Sultan believes that sustainability is not new, but is facilitating growth and change among teams in the perfume industry.

Marie-Claire Daveu

Chief Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Officer Kering

Kering represents luxury fashion brands, but also strives for the sustainability badge. In charge of achieving this is Marie-Claire Daveu, an advocate of the sustainability agenda who realises the importance of individual participation in wider actions. She is especially passionate about sustainability stewardship through luxury goods, female leaders and animal welfare.

Ellis Jones

VP & Chief Sustainability Officer The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Jones cemented his love for Goodyear, having returned to the company twice during his near 40-year-career. Most recently in sustainability, he continues to accelerate the achievement of the business utilising his Fortune 500 expertise, which is driving down automotive fatalities while reducing the industries carbon contributions.

& IT
Consulting United States
Retail France
Automotive United States

Jeffrey Hogue

He is a seasoned C-suite executive with a history of work in sustainability and ESG, demonstrating a great commitment to sustainable food and agriculture, consumer products, retail and merchandise. Hogue also spent two years at McDonald’s leading its global CSR strategy and sustainability, before shifting his focus to ethical fashion and circular economy.

Ezgi Barcenas Chief Sustainability Officer Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s CSO comes from the company as she entered the business via an internship in 2012. Eight years later, she joined the advisory board of the AB InBev foundation and advised further councils on sustainability topics while working for the company. She shares the CSO passion for the cause with added emphasis on international applications.

Mun Ching Yap

Chief Sustainability Officer AirAsia

She wears two hats for AirAsia. One is the Executive Director and the other the CSO title. This strategically places Mun Ching Yap to action the organisation’s ESG strategy from a top-level position, putting her at the forefront of aviation’s future in Asia. She holds a broad industry knowledge, both aviation and climate action, enabling her to marry them.

Alexis Haass Chief Sustainability Officer Arcadis

Arcadis’ own Alexis Olans Haass leads design and engineering consultancy for the built environment with consideration for carbon emissions. She also heads up the company’s application of the Sciencebased Targets initiative, which is driving the civil engineering firm’s sustainable agenda towards the elusive net-zero emissions target.

16 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Retail United States
Food & Beverage United States
Aviation & Aerospace Malaysia
Construction Germany

Magali Anderson

Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer Holcim

Recognising that partnerships are critical in the realm of sustainability, Anderson is in charge of maintaining stakeholder relationships as Holcim’s Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer. She was also named the Sustainability Leader of 2022 by the Edie Awards, advises MIT and other boards, and is an accomplished speaker in her field.

Halide Alagöz

Chief Product and Sustainability Officer

Ralph Lauren

Based in New York City, Alagöz is tasked with all things relating to Ralph Lauren product and sustainability. She previously worked in procurement and supply chain roles at H&M before transferring her skills to responsible sourcing and production over the past six years, leading to her current role at Ralph Lauren, which began in March 2020.

Chief Sustainability Officer

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)

Dolton’s role at InterContinental Hotels group is ever more critical as the sustainability agenda remains in place. As a global organisation, her leadership of sustainability and corporate responsibility is key to transforming the business, making it efficient and circular. She also oversees the organisation’s charitable actions and the community impact programme.

Lorena Dellagiovanna Group Chief Sustainability Officer


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Dellagiovanna works closely with the team at Hitachi to facilitate its sustainability approach, which applies to Asia, but spans its global operations. Her role is key in reporting against ESG metrics and ensuring compliance as the company develops next-generation automation, mobility, and energy solutions.

Construction Switzerland
Retail United States Catherine Dolton
Hospitality United Kingdom
Electronic Manufacturing Japan

Alexa Dembek

Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Dupont

She is considered an experienced strategic leader who has worked with businesses to implement science-based innovation while enabling business growth. Dembek continues to provide great support to the team at DuPont, as she nears her 15th year at the company–now at the helm of its sustainability agenda and implementing it across the corporation.

Pamela Fletcher

Chief Sustainability Officer Delta Air Lines

Moving directly into the CSO role earlier this year, Fletcher is concentrating on expanding the sustainability efforts of Delta Airlines to tackle climate change and innovation in the industry. She draws on her knowledge from previous roles at GM, leading EV projects and innovation, to decarbonisation the operations of the aviation business.

Anirban Ghosh

Chief Sustainability Officer Mahindra Group

Supporting Mahindra Group’s innovative approach to climate action, Ghosh brings corporate responsibility insights; marketing, sales and strategy experience; and sustainability expertise. He supports the organisation making waves of technical innovation and sustainability change through the electric vehicle industry, racing, and supporting clients to lead with purpose. Real Estate India

Mike Witt

Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Northrop Grumman

Having discovered environmental health and safety at The Dow Chemical Company, Witt entered into the defence and space line of work, incorporating his experience into his role at Northrop Grumman. He is highly engaged in the design and execution of enterprise-wide business activities, including carbon management, and improving resource and material management. Defense & Space United States

18 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing United States
Aviation & Aerospace United States

Jennifer Motles

Chief Sustainability Officer

Philip Morris International

Driving sustainability strategy at Philip Morris International, Motles represents a shift in a traditional mindset. Having worked with the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, and other international trade organisations puts her in a great position to share her knowledge with the company as it aims for sustainable disclosure.

Pierre Alexandre

Chief Sustainability Officer Hermès International

He was a Partner at Ernst & Young prior to his position at Hermès International, where he oversees strategy development across the group and facilitates improvements to production, and rolls out practices across its retail subsidiaries across the globe. Alexander also represents the company at Livelihoods Carbon Fund and other organisations.


Ulrike Sapiro

Chief Sustainability Officer Henkel

Ulrike Sapiro is CSO at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA. She reports to the board and, with her team, develops and oversees corporate sustainability strategy, governance, reporting and engagement. She also leads the company’s ESG data management programme and the company’s employee engagement hub. Prior to joining Henkel, Ulrike spent 13 years working at The Coca-Cola Company.


Bertrand Swiderski

Chief Sustainability Officer Carrefour

With a CSO position at Carrefour, Swiderski heads up the group’s corporate social responsibility, in order to create and maintain business relationships. He shares sustainability insight from his time working for Nestle and Mars and spreads his knowledge beyond the company as the Co-Chair of the Forest Positive Coalition.

Tobacco Switzerland
Retail France

Barry Parkin

Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer


An engineering graduate from the University Cambridge class of 1985, Parkin moved on to a career at Mars, which he has now sustained for almost 38 years. While he became the CSO back in 2013, he has since taken on procurement responsibilities while he oversees the company’s business success in terms of sustainability.

Angela Baker

Chief Sustainability Officer Qualcomm

As Qualcomm’s CSO, she has claimed more than 15 years' experience in strategic planning and programme management, adding her dynamic approach to sustainability. Her expertise led the company to further develop upon ESG reporting capabilities, climate strategy governance and social planning, while supporting the company to integrate them into profitable business.

Elena Valderrábano

Global Chief Sustainability (ESG) Officer


Previously working for Repsol–responsible for marketing and public relations, Valderrábano is an advocate of change, which is one aspect that governs her career choices. Understanding the importance of communication and innovation, she directs change across Telefónica in telecommunications business.

Brune Poirson

Chief Sustainability Officer Accor

Changing the way that hotels operate, Poirson is a Harvard graduate with extensive project experience and brings talent in corporate social responsibility to Accor. She continues to navigate the global hotel operator with a strategic approach to a more sustainable future for emissions, waste management and energy efficiency.

20 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing United States
IT Service & IT Consulting United States
Telecommunications Spain
Hospitality France

Charlotte Wolff-Bye

Chief Sustainability Officer


She graduated from the University of Cambridge and then Harvard Business School in 2018 and, sharing a keenness for sustainable change with the team at PETRONAS, she joined in June 2021. This move follows a near five-year stint with the UN and managing corporate social responsibility at ArcelorMittal, Equinor, and Statoil.

Alexis Rosenblum

Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer BlackRock

As a professional in corporate investment, Rosenblum understands the significance of investment for businesses, but also sustainability for them and the environment. She previously worked for BlackRock, before joining Capital Group in September 2022 to lead sustainability and corporate social responsibility for the firm.


Ewan Andrew

President, Global Supply Chain & Procurement and Chief Sustainability Officer


For the consumer goods industry, it’s all about sustainable supply chain, which is where Andrew focuses his efforts for the beverage company. He has spent more than 20 years at the company, working his way up from management on the production floor to his current role overseeing procurement and supply chain sustainability.

Janelle Meyers

Chief Sustainability Officer Kelloggs

Meyers holds expertise in a multitude of industry roles, including sustainability, procurement, sourcing, supply chain management, negotiations and financial analysis. She wears multiple hats to gain a holistic view of Kellogg Company’s entire supply and preach transparency as its CSO–a position she reached in December 2021 following work at GM and Walmart.

Oil & Gas Malaysia
Financial Services United States
Food & Beverage United Kingdom Manufacturing United States

Douglas Sabo

Chief Sustainability Officer


As an ESG professional and strong leader in corporate social responsibility, Sabo leads the show at Visa as its CSO. He witnesses the projects come together firsthand, which change the face of finance, payments and Visa’s operations in general–aligning the company with a more sustainable, lucrative future.

Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi

Chief Sustainability Officer Majid Al Futtaim

Al-Zu’bi works for the influential organisation in the Middle East, while also a member of the board at the World Green Building Council. He prioritises a net-positive strategy, which forms the basis of the company’s actions both environmentally and economically.

Julie Lagacy

Chief Sustainability and Strategy Officer Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc has undergone various shifts in its operations with Lagacy in charge of sustainable projects as the CSO. She leverages a long history with the company as she shares almost 35 years of services with the construction machinery brand, which is increasingly moving towards electrification.

Sam Israelit

Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer Bain & Company

Bain & Company’s CSO is in his 23rd year of service for the company and is a partner in its San Francisco office. His work focuses primarily on supply chain activities and collaborating with Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies to optimise the manufacturing, distribution and logistics processes, and improve retail execution and profitability.

22 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Financial Services United States
Retail United Arab Emirates
Manufacturing United States
IT Service & IT Consulting United States

Richard Batten

Global Chief Sustainability Officer

Working in real estate also has its own sustainability challenges, but Batten is well-versed in change as he manages global practices for the sixth year as JLL’s CSO. His goal as he leads CSR is to ensure that ethical, responsible, sustainable business becomes a reality, which is achieved through stewardship and strong leadership.

Jenny McColloch

Chief Sustainability Officer McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the biggest-name fast-food chains and, with such a large footprint, requires its dedicated CSO to oversee sourcing and supply chain practices. Meanwhile, McColloch is also a First Mover Fellow at The Aspen Institute sharing her philanthropy with the organisation.


Yumi Otsuka

Chief Sustainability Officer Toyota

Toyota is a model organisation for lean production, but without intervention, its global automotive business would not be on the correct path, as set out by its CSO, Otsuka. He has shared over 30 years with the company, seeing through leaner processes and minimising the company’s impact on the planet.

Kate Wylie

Chief Sustainability Officer CHANEL

As the luxury brand strives for the 1.5-degree climate target, Wylie will maintain its progress along this trajectory as the company leverages Sciencebased Targets to achieve it. Wylie also contributes to the DEFRA Council for Sustainable Business as a member of the board to discuss insights from responsible commerce.

JLL 32
Real Estate United Kingdom
Food & Beverage United States
Japan Retail United Kingdom

Gayle Schueller

Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer 3M

Schueller shares sentiments towards sustainable business as she leads the strategy for 3M. She’s driven by her belief that the best way to address the world’s greatest challenges is through technology, innovation and collaboration. She has a long history with the company, positioning her as a suitable leader in the sustainability field.

Ann Tracy Chief Sustainability Officer Colgate-Palmolive

Also a board member of the UN Global Compact Network USA, McGrath makes Colgate-Palmolive accountable for its business footprint both environmentally and socially. She manages the ESG impact of the business, incorporating health and safety as a key programme for reducing the business’ overall negative impact.

Christine McGrath

As the SVP and Chief Impact & Sustainability Officer, McGrath pays close attention to global trends, but also focuses on wellbeing as a priority. Over the years she held many roles at Kraft Foods and worked her way up to her current role at Mondelez by November 2021 leveraging her marketing expertise and her nose for growth opportunities.

24 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing United States
SVP and Chief Impact & Sustainability Officer Mondelez International
Food &
Beverage United States
000 1 1001 000 1 1001


25 TOP twenty five LEADERS

Morgan Stanley’s own CMO and CSO makes the top 25 for her relentless work and environmental stewardship, which reflects the core values of the financial services organisation.

With more than a decade of experience in sustainable investing–bringing a creative and insightful mentality to the task, she oversees all proceedings at the company relating to global sustainability in capital markets.

Choi brings her experience right from the top of her game with previous experience working as a Foreign Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and management of staff and policy advisory for The White House.

She was the first CSO to grace Wall Street and has played a crucial role in global initiatives, driven by her outlook on the environment alongside industry. “I have long believed in the potential of the capital markets to help bring about positive change with unparalleled speed and scale,” says Choi.

As an emerging trend in the financial sector, Choi manages the firm’s ethical and sustainable investment initiatives, and provides thought leadership and strategic integration to the team.

Her career extends across various facets of the consumer goods industry, from textiles and apparel to working with IKEA and how it can better use sustainability data. Having worked in myriad roles provides Pflug with a diverse skill set for a diverse industry.

Pflug’s current position enables her to flex her confidence in communications and decisionmaking to achieve the best possible outcomes for IKEA, using her proven strategy skills to manage the business, which she has leveraged across other brands in her working career.

Combining her analytical brain with a creative and passionate approach to relationships, Pflug is well-equipped to come up with new ideas for the Swedish home furnishings business, in which she is able to improve raw material usage, design more sustainable products and merchandising solutions.

Beyond her career, she takes to nature as her playground with a passion for adventure racing, cycling and kayaking, which puts her in close proximity to the environment while pushing her body and mind to their limits as she strives to continuously challenge and improve herself.

Retail United Kingdom

26 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 25
Financial Services United States

Thanks to organisations like Starbucks, not only can consumers enjoy coffee practically on demand, but responsibly. As the leader in sustainable change, Kobori devotes his working life to ensuring that the company, and the industry, are compliant with the ESG agenda.

He holds an extensive working history of policy direction and the management of investments in sustainable proceedings. Later he joined Levi Strauss & Co. where he became increasingly invested in projects relating to the Science-based Targets initiative, water conservation, sustainable chemistry, sourcing and programmes advocating worker well-being.

At Starbucks, Kobori shares thought leadership and is instrumental in developing successful strategies and initiatives that support the enterprise on its mission. Much of his role is centred around partner relationships and facilitating activity across Starbucks’ 350,000 partners, while also managing consumer expectations worldwide.

These actions coincide with agriculture as a major part of his role to support sustainable food, feed and fuel production globally.

In a challenging position, Raymond has seen through many challenging moments at Boeing. From the tragic accident involving the 737 MAX to the disruption that COVID-19 poses on the aviation industry, he has been tasked by the company to manage stakeholder relationships, aside from his role as the CSO.

Both go hand-in-hand as he aims to provoke more sustainable change within the organisation, which the company will experience moving forward. Through dedicated ESG strategy and reporting, Raymond is incorporating responsible practice into the growth strategy of the business.

As an associate fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Raymond is part of wider initiatives to clean up the skies. His place is highly valued in the Tomorrow Coalition and the World 50, of which he is a member.

He also works alongside leaders from Dell, MIT and the Sustainability Consortium, representing his 32+ year stake in Boeing as a board member of The Heritage Group.

Food & Beverage United States

At a time of prolonged excitement at General Motors (GM), and innovation in abundance, Siemen is blessed with leading proceedings as its CSO.

As the carmaker diverts much of its attention to more sustainable development through the design and implementation of electric vehicle (EV) platforms, Siemen oversees the integrity of its innovation and ensures that all criteria are accounted for as it electrifies its brands.

"As one of the world’s largest automakers, we aim to set an example of responsible leadership. I am honoured and humbled to have the opportunity to help lead GM in our plan to reach a zero-emissions future and excited for all we plan to accomplish in the coming years," says Siemen.

It’s been a long stint at GM for her, joining the company as a leader in the electrical systems field, before working her way through the ranks to take the reins of its sustainability strategy.

Not only is Siemen recognised for her determination to drive GM forward, but her position in leadership with a background in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

He began his career in a small CRM start-up company, Kiefer & Veittinger, in which he provided consultancy services before money onto business unit management. Before long, Schmid joined SAP in Mannheim to also provide consultancy services in the CRM team. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find him in a leading sustainability role at SAP. As the CSO, Schmind believes in all businesses taking a sustainable stance on growth, transforming the economy into one that prioritises a regenerative approach.

"I am a firm believer that sustainability cannot be an add-on topic. For long-term success, companies need to truly embed sustainability in their business strategy, processes and operations end-to-end," says Schmid. He believes in steering the curve away from the 1.5-degree mark by providing businesses with the tools and knowledge to integrate all aspects of commerce sustainability while creating social value. He does this by leading the charge; walking the walk so that SAP can share first-hand how to manage sustainable performance, ensuring applications of its digital solutions before sharing them with clients.

28 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Automotive United

19Celine Herweijer Group Chief Sustainability Officer HSBC

An ex-PwC Partner, Herweijer led its global commitment to sustainability and innovation, and was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

Her environmentally advocacy has carried her through various gigs, including consultancy to the UN, lecturing at the Columbia University Earth Institute, and has positioned her on governing boards, including that of the Blue Marine Foundation and WE MEAN BUSINESS.

At PwC, Herweijer advised corporations on netzero transformation and enabled them to build business resilience, compliant with sustainable targets. Her work at the consultancy allowed her to develop her approach to managing client goals and providing advisory services that work successfully for clients–also helping them to make use of emerging technology and sustainability solutions that complement their goals.

Now based in London, UK, Herweijer drives sustainable actions through the HSBC platform with a core focus on the bank’s devotion to customer transition and the transformation of society in order for it to thrive as a net-zero population.

The image and reputation of Intel Corporation is managed by Brady as he leads the company’s global public affairs and sustainability compliance across the business.

In charge of state and local government affairs, media and community relations, corporate volunteerism and the sustainability of the company’s footprint, Brady has a critical role to play, ensuring that Intel’s business practices marry to social and environmental demands. Appointed to the position in January 2022, Brady was recognised for his great work in his previous role for the company, which he served for more than 26 years.

He directs Intel’s global initiatives to decarbonise its global operations and allow the company to work smarter to tackle climate, energy and water conservation and green design tasks across the business. Aside from his great work at Intel, Brady authored 20+ papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings on a variety of sustainability topics, and was awarded recognition from the Scientific American as one of the ten outstanding leaders involved in research, advancing science and technology.

Financial Services United Kingdom IT Service & IT Consulting United States

Effective medication is critical, but the ability to research and develop new pharmaceuticals sustainably will promote on a wider scale, beyond the patient bed. Montaner is a veteran in the pharmaceutical industry, with experience working with professionals at Sanofi, leading product quality control and assurance, before firming her place in sustainability as the CSO of Novartis and completing her 30th year in the industry.

Her role is centred around strategy, ensuring effective, efficient managing of people and their compliance along with current processes and enterprise systems. Montaner is well versed in life cycle management, incorporating the use of various technology solutions, such as generics, devices, biologics, cell and gene therapies. Montaner’s experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and management come from an extensive history of education, including her first years at the Universidad de Barcelona. She later continued her studies in 1997 to brush up on business management, people management and leadership at the Cranfield School of Management, followed by Princeton University and Harvard Business School.

Batchelder directs a global team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) focused on driving the business value of sustainability and solving environmental and social challenges alongside the company’s key stakeholders. Guiding the development and management of strategic programmes across the organisation, she collaborates with senior leaders and the Board to ensure the integration of ESG into the company’s business strategy.

Batchelder also serves as President and Executive Director of the HPE Foundation and administers HPE’s Living Progress Steering Committee to drive alignment and advancement of its ESG agenda. Having studied a BA from Boston College, and a Master, Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Sydney, she cemented her passion and commitment to ESG early in her career, before moving into roles at the Republic of Everyone and then PG&E Residential Energy.

Prior to joining HPE, Monica built sustainable business strategies at a boutique consulting firm in Sydney, Australia, advising multinational corporations and NGOs on corporate sustainability, collective impact, and brand purpose.

30 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 17

With an extensive background in corporate sustainability and research, Smith took her environmental science studies from the University of Virginia and put them to practise in her career progressions.

Since graduating, Smith has operated as a professional in the environmental space, having worked with the Peace Corps, The Brainerd Foundation, a policy advisor at the National Audubon Society, and the Houston Advanced Research Centre–all before reaching her current destination, Citi.

As the CSO at Citi, she is responsible for the teams working towards sustainability and ESG practice, upholding the company’s commitments to global sustainability.

The goals of the organisation are driven by collaboration, making this a priority for Smith as she leads Sustainable Progress Strategy and other critical initiatives, including its Sustainable Finance Goal of US$1tn. Disclosure is a major part of her current role, which sees her managing the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in charge of reporting and governance.

She portrays the environmental commitments of Walmart through her entire operations under the Walmart Foundation. McLaughlin upholds her climate commitment both personally and professionally, as an advocate of ESG, and resilience in the agriculture sector.

She graduated from the University of Oxford, where she studied politics, philosophy, economics, providing her strong business and policy-focused acumen.

Prior to this, McLaughlin studied at Boston University when her interests were focused towards electrical engineering, earning her a Bachelor of Science in 1987.

Previously a Director at McKinsey & company, McLaughlin is well-positioned professionally to promote the sustainability of the food sector and foster more efficient supply chain principles across the consumer goods industry, including apparel and merchandise.

She played a pivotal role in supporting the Walmart Foundation’s gifting of US$1.4bn globally, of which US$1bn was supplied in food donations.

Financial Services United States

As PwC Canada’s Chief Sustainability Officer, James leads a team that helps PwC build trust with stakeholders while delivering on the firm’s ESG commitments aligned to the firm’s purpose.

He also shares this expertise with PwC’s clients, supporting them in developing and implementing their complex and strategic ESG initiatives, creating value through a disciplined approach to addressing risks and opportunities to drive sustained outcomes.

His leadership role includes the market facing components of PwC Canada’s US$150mn New world. New skills’ social impact strategy designed to help close the opportunity gap and upskill two million Canadians to bring them into the digital world; leading the firm’s environmental sustainability strategy and progress towards becoming net zero by 2030; and overseeing all ESG reporting and disclosures.

For over 15 years, James has shaped corporate sustainability functions within the financial services, energy and not-for-profit sectors, living his values as a proud and out member of the LGBTQ+ community, and an advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity as well as provoking a sense of belonging.

As the population continues to grow, there is a pressing demand for innovation as it requires food products, medicine and other crop-based items at a larger scale. With more than 100,000 employees under his charge, Werner Baumann leads Bayer Crop Science as the organisation means the needs of tomorrow–its primary occupation is ‘Science for a better Life’.

In line with Bayer’s passion for science, he leads the team as its CEO–for the past six years–in charge of all aspects of the business. As a veteran of the organisation, Baumann joined the company in 1988, taking on a role in Employee Corporate Finance. Since then he worked through various leadership roles within the organisation, spanning its healthcare and pharmaceutical operations as well as business strategy and sustainability.

With critical matters at hand and increasing pressures, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality across the globe, Baumann plays an important role at Bayer to lead the time towards the right kinds of research and innovation, and promote a healthier and happier global population.

32 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
IT Service & IT Consulting Canada

If his role as Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer for the General Electric Company, wasn’t enough. Martella has also co-authored and edited four books on the intersections of climate change law, international environmental law, human rights, and ESG, including Corporate Social Responsibility–Sustainable Business: Environmental, Social and Governance Frameworks for the 21st Century (Wolters Kluwer 2020), and has addressed the United Nations, Congress, and other entities on these topics.

He grew up in Norristown, PA, where his family ran a corner Italian bakery and has since excelled up the chain of command. Martella gained an interest in climate legislation before his working career began. Having graduated from Vanderbilt Law School, he took on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Vanderbilt Law Review, and Cornell University.

His role at GE allows him to venture deeper into the company’s climate strategy as he coordinates its purpose-driven focus on contributing technology and innovation to address the global challenges faced in the event of energy transition and sustainable flight.

Manufacturing United States


10 TOP ten

10Sophia Leonora Mendelsohn

Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG Cognizant

Sophia Leonora Mendelsohn drives profit with executable ESG strategies and creates and executes business models for a resource-constrained world.

As the Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of ESG for Cognizant, Mendelsohn and her Cognizant colleagues are applying ESG solutions to tech and systemic thinking.

Mendelsohn was the first Chief Sustainability Officer at JetBlue Airways, where she

shaped JetBlue and the aviation industry by instigating climate crisis responses. She led ESG conversations with investors and owners, taking back their questions to further protect the intangible brands and traditional financial value.

Prior to JetBlue, Mendelsohn was Head of Sustainability and Emerging Markets, for Haworth, a multinational manufacturer in the corporate real estate industry. Previously, she worked for the

Jane Goodall Institute in Shanghai, establishing environment programmes in offices and schools in China.

Over the course of her career, Mendelsohn has been recognised for her leadership and commitment to corporate citizenship. In 2016, she won the USEnvironmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leadership Award and was named Climate Leader of the Year by Ethical Corporation.

IT Service & IT Consulting United States

Trust, empowerment, and responsibility form the fundament of what makes people and organisations thrive, according to Judith Wiese.

With this belief, the Chief People and Sustainability Officer for Siemens want to drive an inclusive and empowering culture that paves the way for continuous transformation and fosters an environment that is supportive, inclusive and conducive to learning.

Wiese is also passionate about sustainability and believes that it is truly good for business. She is determined to accelerate Siemens’ sustainability ambition to help solve the world’s biggest challenges and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through its products, solutions, responsible business practices, strategic partnerships and targeted community activities.

Prior to this, Wiese held the position of Chief Human

Resources Officer at DSM. The leader is recognised for her skills in talent management and employee engagement. She also worked for Mars, Inc for over five years working in this capacity, supporting talent management and organisational culture roles. Wiese studied at the Universities of Rotterdam, Muenster and Disburg/ Essen where she earnt her Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration, major in Human Resources.

36 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 09
Electronic Manufacturing Germany Judith Wiese Chief People and Sustainability Officer Siemens

With over 25 years of experience in implementing sustainability strategies across energy, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, Velislava Ivanova is perfectly positioned to lead EY’s sustainability initiatives.

In this role, she drives the advancement of EY’s sustainability objectives and initiatives to increase the long-term value of the firm and its clients. Ivanova also leads EY clients in shaping their ESG strategies to address their industry-specific

08and geographical issues and the needs of their internal and external stakeholders.

Ivanova is a leader committed to inclusivity and innovative ESG solutions. Pairing this with her understanding of three languages - Bulgarian, English and Frenchshe is able to foster a collaborative environment to develop diverse talent alongside ESG solutions.

She has a proven track record of working successfully with senior executives in large and complex

organisations to set sustainability ambition and goals and improve business performance.

At EY, Ivanova supports the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy. She also has positively transformed the long-term value strategies of businesses based in the USA, Canada, Bulgaria, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and Belgium.

She has been at EY for over seven years and her previous role to EY Americas Chief Sustainability Officer.

IT Service & IT Consulting United States

Jim Andrew leads PepsiCo’s global Sustainability Office in his role of Chief Sustainability Officer. In this role, Andrew is focused on the growth and transformation strategy of pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) including integrating sustainability across its brands and business, building the capabilities and partnerships, designing the roadmaps, and executing the programmes to transform PepsiCo in the next decade.

He also ensures that sustainability is woven into the operating plans of all Business Units. Prior to this role, he held a variety of operating and functional leadership roles in the company including global head of Strategy and leader of its Beyond the Bottle businesses.

The CSO has been at PepsiCo for over six years where he has held a number of roles including Chief Strategy and Chief Venturing Officer as well as Chief Administration Officer.

Andrew started his career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), leaving as a senior partner after a distinguished 25-year-career. At BCG, he established and led the firm’s Innovation practice for almost a decade, and was the lead author of the highly-acclaimed book Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation. He opened the firm’s offices in Mumbai India and Singapore.

38 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Food & Beverage United States

Bea Perez

As the Chief Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Officer and member of the Executive Committee, Bea Perez leads an integrated team across public affairs and communications, sustainability and partnerships to support the company’s new growth model and path to becoming a total beverage company.

In this role, Perez aligns a diverse portfolio of work against the company’s business objectives to support brands, communities,

consumers and partners worldwide.

Building on a previous role as Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola North America, Perez oversees the company’s sports and entertainment assets including partnerships with Olympics, Special Olympics and FIFA; and leads strategic and operational efforts for the Company’s Retail and Licensing portfolio of assets.

Since 2011, the SVP has served as the company’s first Chief

Sustainability Officer, and continues to develop and lead progress against its comprehensive global sustainability commitments with a focus on water stewardship, environment and women’s economic empowerment.

She is also a strong advocate of community service, serving on a variety of community and national boards of directors with a special focus on helping to strengthen the Hispanic community .

Beverage United States 06SVP and Chief Communications, Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Officer The Coca-Cola Company

With over three decades of experience at Procter & Gamble in Brand Management and Innovation, Virginie Helias has a broad experience across multiple categories and global to local brand management expertise. Helias has worked across several of P&G’s multi-billion dollar brands, including Pantene, Ariel/Tide, and Pampers, and has extensive international experience having been based in France, UK, Switzerland and the United States throughout her career.

Her mission was to embed sustainability into the innovation, brand-building and everyday business practices at P&G. In 2016, she was promoted to Vice President of Global Sustainability, in recognition of the work she has led to making sustainability a core business strategy, an innovation driver and a catalyst for a more resilient organisation.

Even though Helias recommended the creation of this new position, her vision has

always been for the role to become obsolete, with sustainability embedded in everything P&G does as second nature.

Prior to her current position, Virginie was the Western Europe Franchise Leader for Ariel, one of P&G’s largest brands, where she turned Ariel into the leader in sustainability through the launch of the highly successful ‘Cool Clean/ Turn to 30’ campaign. and the most sustainable laundry product (Excel Gel).

40 OCTOBER/22 T100L22
Manufacturing Switzerland

Paulette Frank, Chief Sustainability Officer at Johnson & Johnson, is responsible for developing and leading global environmental sustainability and human rights strategies to strengthen the business and propel it toward a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future.

She is responsible for defining J&J’s strategic direction to accelerate and amplify positive environmental impact and for identifying and supporting solutions

04at the intersection of human and environmental health.

This includes leading the delivery of its ambitious 2025 and 2030 climate goals, integrating sustainability across business segments, empowering employees to lead the way and partnering with global organisations to advance environmental health equity.

Over the past 30 years, Frank has held various positions in the fields of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability that

have taken her from the field to the boardroom. Frank joined Johnson & Johnson in 1997 and previously served as Vice President, Global Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability.

Currently, the CSO co-chairs its Enterprise Governance Council and Supply Chain Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. Frank also serves as an Advisory Board member (and previous co-chair) for the Centre for Business and Environment at Yale (CBEY).

Hospitals & Healthcare United States
42 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 03

As Chief Sustainability Officer for Microsoft, Musidora Jorgensen leads sustainability for the company in the UK. The leader holds the belief that business can be a force for good in the world, and that the key to our collective success is unlocking and supporting the full potential in others.

Prior to working for Microsfot, Jorgensen was VP sales at Salesforce heading up the Energy and Utilities market as well as Oracle heading-up sales into the Telco, Media and Utilities industries for Human Capital Management. Jorgensen also held sales leadership roles in the consulting division of Oracle running both the UK Public and Commercials sectors.

The CSO is the mum of three daughters, and explains this has pushed her to become an Equality and Diversity ally. She is also particularly passionate about supporting more women into the STEM industries.

At Salesforce, she was one of the UK leadership team on the company’s internal working group

focused on more inclusive hiring and was an ally and speaker for the Salesforce Women’s Network.

Jorgensen has also spoken on gender diversity as a keynote speaker at the Women in Sales Conference, at the PwC Women’s Network, and at the House of Commons as part of the Gamechangers Women’s Network. She also volunteers as a mentor to final year STEM students at the University of Greenwich.

In 2018, Jorgensen was honoured to win the Best Sales Mentor at the European Women In Sales Awards and was included amongst the 2020 Yahoo Finance HERoes top 100 Female Future Leaders, as well as one of the 50 Leading Lights for UK Kindness & Leadership 2020.

Throughout her career, Jorgensen has been selling and leading teams within the IT industry for more than 20 years, both within the UK enterprise private and public sectors undertaking leadership roles at some of the world’s biggest tech and telecoms firms including Oracle, Salesforce and HP.

IT Service & IT Consulting
44 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 02

02Rebecca Marmot Chief Sustainability Officer Unilever

Unilever's Chief Sustainability Officer, Rebecca Marmot is responsible for driving through advocacy and partnerships, transformational change on priority areas of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan: climate change and eliminating deforestation; sustainable agriculture and smallholder farmers; water, sanitation and hygiene; opportunities for women; plastics and the circular economy; impact finance; and health and wellbeing.

As Chief Sustainability Officer, a role she has held since 2019, Marmot also leads the next chapter of Unilever’s sustainability journey beyond the USLP.

Prior to this role, Marmot was Global Vice President of Sustainability at Unilever where she led the global advocacy, policy and partnerships team, heading engagement with external stakeholders and building the optimal enabling environment to drive sustainable business.

Marmot heads Unilever’s Global Partnerships & Advocacy function. She is responsible for leading a team that provides

strategic counsel to the business on key advocacy areas and co-creating strategic partnerships that deliver scale and impact to grow the business.

This involves working with commercial organisations as well as key opinion formers such as the UN, NGOs and Governments. It also entails developing new business models that help to embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals, creating a sustainable and enabling environment for our business to continue growing.

Under her leadership, Unilever played a role in major sustainability milestones such as the 2015 Paris Agreement and the creation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – otherwise known as the Global Goals – positioning Unilever at the forefront of sustainable business.

Before joining Unilever, the CSO served as Global External Affairs Director at L’Oréal and in External Affairs at the UK Department for Trade and Industry. Here she was responsible for stakeholder management on UK government projects.

Manufacturing United Kingdom
46 OCTOBER/22 T100L22 01

01Kate Brandt Chief Sustainability Officer Google

Kate Brandt is at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Specialising in business operations and products, she has revolutionised Google's processes to be more in line with new, environmentallyfriendly regulations.

Not only does she lead sustainability at Google, one of the world’s most influential companies, but Brandt has also made history at the government level. In 2014, President Barack Obama appointed Brandt to serve as the Federal Environmental Executive, making Google’s CSO the first Federal Chief Sustainability Officer. In this capacity, she was responsible for promoting sustainability across Federal Government operations including 360,000 buildings, 650,000 vehicles, and US$445bn annually in purchased goods and services.

Prior to the White House, the CSO held several senior roles in the U.S. Federal Government including Senior Advisor at the Department of Energy, Director for Energy and Environment in the White House

Office of Presidential Personnel, and Energy Advisor to the Secretary of the Navy.

For her work, Brandt received the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest award the US Navy can give to a civilian for her work helping the navy to become more environmentally friendly.

In her role at Google, Brandt leads sustainability across Google’s worldwide operations, products and supply chains. In this role, Brandt partners with Google’s data centres, real estate, supply chain, and product teams to ensure the company is capitalising on opportunities to strategically advance sustainability.

As a sustainability speaker, Brandt also expands upon her day-to-day work to inspire other companies, motivating others to embrace a more sustainable future.

Fortune Magazine named Brandt to their 40 Under 40 list in 2021 and Outside Magazine also named her, in honour of the magazine’s 40-year anniversary, as one of 40 women who has made the biggest impact on our world.

IT Service & IT Consulting United States

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