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Contents The Mega Sardine Show This story is set in the future. The oceans are polluted and there’s only one sardine left alive in the whole world. A TV show is organising a competition to find it…

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Wheat This plant is used to make flour. Find out how it grows.

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Leah in the trees! Leah is at an adventure park. Help her climb trees, go on zip wires and have lots of fun.

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Map reading course Zak and his class are going on a map reading course in the forest. The Mafiolo twins are sure they will be the best but Zak has got some plans for them…

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By Marie Vaudescal Illustrated by François Maumont

Mega Sardine Show The


BOX N°182

Mega gizmo written by C. Claire


BOX N°183

Help, Whiffy! written by B. Fichou

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Re m



iC ha



dM Voice s: Candice Moore an






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Endangered species

Every afternoon after school, I took the eggcar to Hope Bay*. The sea always looked beautiful there‌ but the truth was that the bay was toxic! Scientists said it was turning into a dead zone. This is a part of the sea which is so polluted that there isn’t enough oxygen left in the water for the fish. * a bay is a curved stretch of coastline.


I usually spent the afternoon on the beach helping my dad. That day, I found him close to the water, working on his ocean rebubbler machine. My dad was an engineer. When he found out that our bay was turning into a dead zone, he made the rebubbler. It’s a machine that puts oxygen back into the sea.


When Dad saw me he asked, “Is school finished already?” “Yes,” I said. “But I promised Gino I would go and see him today. Is that okay Dad?” “Sure. I was about to go home to mend this,” said Dad. He pulled out a piece of the engine. Dad’s machine was not ready to use yet.


My friend Gino lived near the beach. I pushed open the gate and a mini camera told Gino I had arrived. He came downstairs and said, “Hurry up Zane, it’s about to start.” I sighed. “Can’t we do something else for a change?” I asked. “What, and miss the Mega Sardine Show?” said Gino going back upstairs. 8

We sat in front of the holo-telly* and Max Guppy, the presenter of the show came on. “Well, Hello! Hello! It’s the way to go… It’s the MEGA SARDIIIINE SHOW!” Then the screen went blue and a deep voice said, “They have inhabited the oceans since prehistoric times, in giant shoals of thousands of individuals. Today there’s only one left. You are concerned about it, I know. But we will find it for you… It’s the last sardine on the planet!”

* a telly that projects a hologram or a 3D image.


Gino’s eyes were glued to the screen. It was his favourite programme. But I could not wait for it to finish. “They have just picked up the sardine’s signal!” said Gino. Suddenly, on the giant screen, we saw… Hope Bay!


When I didn’t say anything, Gino shouted, “Look, Zane, the last sardine on the planet is here, where we live! The Mega Sardine Show is organising a competition to catch it. They have this amazing high-tech boat and a mini submarine! I wish I could take part!”

I said angrily, “If you are so interested in endangered species, Gino, why don’t you come and help me and my dad get the rebubbler working.” 11

The last sardine is in Hope Bay. A TV show is having a competition to find it. Gino, Zane’s friend wishes he could join in!


The competition


The next day there was no school so I went straight to the beach to help Dad. He and two friends had spent the night repairing the rebubbler engine. They were about to put the machine in the water. I hoped it would work! The machine seemed very small in comparison to the size of the bay. Would it be able to put right all the damage humans had done to the sea? 12

Suddenly the rebubbler spluttered. A wave had washed over it. I said, “What’s going on?” “It’s those fools from the Mega Sardine Show,” muttered Dad. I could see ships out at sea. There was a plane in the sky pulling a banner with the words: Mega Sardine Show Competition. The ships zipped around on the water, looking for the last sardine in the oceans. All at once, I noticed hundreds of small fish swimming around us in a panic.


I said, “I think the fish like the rebubbler.” “They are probably just scared of the boats,” said Dad. Something brushed past my leg. It was a little fish. It seemed to want to get out of the water. I tried to catch it and turn it round but it got away. It swam towards the beach again! I told it, “If you go there, you will die!” I saw an empty jar in the sand. I filled it with sea water and got the fish inside. I said, “At least now you will not end up dried out on the beach!”


I looked at the little fish… and suddenly realised what it was… The size, the colour… It all fitted! The little silver fish in my jar was the last sardine. It was famous! I turned to find my dad. He was busy giving his friends instructions. Dad would tell me to put the fish back in the sea. But I was not sure that was a good idea… So I put the jar in my bike basket and went to Gino’s house. 15


Zane has rescued the last sardine in a jar. He needs to decide what to do so he goes to see his friend Gino…



My plan

Gino stood with his nose up against the bowl. He could not get over it. “I don’t believe it!” he said. “It really is the last sardine… but… how did you manage to catch it?” “I didn’t do anything. It came out of the water all by itself.” Gino grinned and said, “You do know that the Mega Sardine Show is offering a huge reward for this fish?” 17

I said to Gino, “I didn’t know, but if you help me we can share the reward. One rebubbler isn’t enough to save the bay. We can use the reward money to build a second one and even a third. Thanks to this sardine, we will be able to really clean up the sea!” Gino got on his holo-phone* and said, “I’m calling the Mega Sardine Show!” * a phone that projects a hologram or a 3D image of the person you are talking to.


I was not sure that this was the right thing to do. I said, “Gino, wait! Do you think they will treat our sardine well?” With his holo-phone in his hand, Gino laughed. “Are you joking? A week from now, this fish will be a star and we will be so rich that we will never have to go to school again!” He stopped to think and then said, “Hey, you know what? Let’s get tickets to see the show being filmed. We will be in the audience and then, just at the right moment, we will show them the jar.”


Gino managed to get us two tickets for the next Mega Sardine Show. I looked after the sardine for the next week. I felt like I had a very important job. It was the last of its species and I was responsible for it! Every day, after school, I put the jar in my bike basket and took it down to Hope Bay so that it could enjoy the view. I was getting really fond of the little fish.



Zane takes care of his precious sardine while they wait for the next Mega Sardine Show. He starts to get fond of the little fish.


The show


The day of the show arrived. I was not sure if I wanted to hand over the sardine to Max Guppy, the Mega Sardine Show presenter. But Gino was so excited I could not back out. The TV studios were on the other side of town. So we took an egg-tram all the way there. 22

We showed our tickets at the entrance. We passed by the cloakroom but I kept my backpack with me as the fish jar was hidden inside it. Then we went to our seats. When the lights came on, Max Guppy walked onto the stage. “Well, Hello! Hello! It’s the way to go… It’s the MEGA SARDIIIINE SHOW!” 23

Guppy danced around to some deafening music. Everyone clapped in time. I whispered through my backpack to the sardine, “Don’t worry. It will be over soon.”

Guppy shouted, “Where is it? What is it doing? Can it hear me? We are going to try and get in contact with the LAST remaining sardine on the WHOLE planet!” 24

The competition contestants were still in Hope Bay trying to catch the sardine. So in the TV studio, Guppy talked to his guests. There was a scientist who studied fish, the president of our town’s nautical club, the Minister for Fisheries and a rock star.


Guppy asked the president of the nautical club, “Mr President, can you remind us what happened on last week’s show?” “Well…” said the president. “The mini submarine located the sardine in Hope Bay but it managed to get away again.” “That little fish is amazing!” said Guppy. “It seems it’s impossible to catch!” That was when Gino stood up and shouted, “NOT TRUE!”


Everyone turned to look at us. “Look at this!� yelled Gino. Suddenly, a spotlight blinded us. I blinked and held up my jar with trembling hands.


Gino interrupts Max Guppy, the show’s presenter. He tells everyone where the last sardine is!


Star for a day


I stood up in the middle of the shocked audience. People held up their holo-phones to take my picture. Guppy said, “Come here, you little jokers! Come and show us what you have got! Yes, folks! This is the magic of live TV!” Gino and I walked over to Guppy. I put the jar down in front of the guests. The fish scientist leaned over it. After a few seconds, she whispered, “It’s… i-incredible. It really is THE sardine!” 28

Suddenly, a jolly tune began to play over the loudspeakers. Guppy grinned and stuck his microphone under our noses. “What are your names?” “Zane…” “Gino!” “Tell us, children,” said Guppy. “How did you manage it?” I said, “The sardine was trying to get out of the water. It was scared by all the boats. I just put it in this jar and…” Guppy cut me off. “Zane, Gino, you are heroes! Let’s play the WINNER’S song!”


From that moment on, Gino and I were caught in a whirl of activity. People danced around us throwing confetti. They put two horrible crowns on our heads. I didn’t know what to do so I just smiled stupidly. At one point, we were handed the massive reward cheque. Right before the end of the show, Guppy turned to the camera and said, “Zane and Gino caught the sardine… Tune in next week to find out… WHO WILL EAT IT?” That wiped the smile off my face…


Guppy, the Mega Sardine Show presenter, announces on live TV that the last sardine on the planet will be… eaten!



Fighting back

The audience left and Guppy started talking to the TV crew. The sardine seemed to be begging me to help it. Gino was trying to disappear with the cheque. I went up to Guppy and said, “Give it back to me! That sardine was meant to become a star and not end up on a plate!” Guppy grabbed the bowl and screeched, “You should have thought of that before. You got your money, now get lost… Security!” Two huge guys came and threw us out. 31

An egg-tram was just arriving and Gino went towards it. Not me. I turned back to the studios. Gino shouted, “Zane, stop!” He could run, shout or even swallow his holo-phone… But I had to do something, anything, to stop them from eating the last sardine on the planet! I went back inside the studio and hid behind a fake palm tree. I crawled towards the next one and the next. At last I got to a corridor with a sign. I read, “Staff only”.


Suddenly, I heard a plastic plant speak. “Zane, come back!” It was Gino. “You can’t try and get it back! If you do, they will take the cheque away from us. Zane, if you are my friend…” I stopped him. “Gino, if you are my friend, shut up and help me.” For once, Gino did what he was told. I said, “Guppy must have put the sardine in his dressing room. We have to find it.” 33

We trotted down a maze of corridors. We spent a while searching and in the end we found some doors with names on them. Suddenly, we heard Guppy’s voice. It came from one of the dressing rooms! “I want that cook who won Best Chef! The one who does weird special effects with redcurrant jelly.” 34

The door flew open and almost squashed us against the wall. Guppy strode off. This was our chance! We went into the room and looked around. Gino whined, “This room is too big! Let’s just go and keep the cheque…” “No way!” 35

Gino huffed and leaned against the wall. There was a little click. We looked at each other. Gino stood away from the mirror and it began to turn. Then there it was… the last sardine on the planet.

I grabbed the jar and said, “Good to see you, mate!” Just then Guppy appeared at the door. “What’s this?” he growled. “This is Zane and Gino saving the last sardine on the planet,” I said. We ran straight past him. 36

Zane and Gino finally find the sardine in its jar but Guppy comes back and they have to run away…fast!



Run for your life!

At first, only Guppy ran after us. But soon there was a crowd of people chasing us. Suddenly, I fell over and a security man pinned me to the ground. As I fell, I let go of the jar. A hand picked it up. Gino held the jar tightly and backed away towards the exit. Go Gino! But Guppy walked towards him. “Don’t be silly,” he said. “Give me back the sardine or you will not get the money.” He snatched the cheque that was sticking out of Gino’s pocket. 37

Gino looked at Guppy and then at me. “We will buy you the latest holo-phone and all the games for it!” whispered Guppy. He waved the cheque under Gino’s nose.

My heart beat fast as I tried to wriggle away from the security guard. “Come on, young man, it’s all over…” Over? No it was not! Gino winked at me and shouted, “EVACUATE!” 38

We rushed outside and dived into an eggtram. Guppy was right behind us. The tram doors closed, tearing off his collar. He had a quick look around and saw a hover-taxi‌ Gino, the sardine and I changed trams several times. Just when we thought we had lost Guppy, he turned up again. I only started to relax when we got to Hope Bay.


I could see my father and his rebubbler machine in the distance. We ran over to him and waded into the water. “Hey! Slow down!” said Dad. I opened the jar and looked at the sardine one last time. “Yuck,” said Gino. “What are all those little things floating around it?” 40

My father came over and took the jar out of my hands. He immediately realised what it was. “Where did you fish this sardine?” I told him, feeling a bit guilty. “It was the other day, by the rebubbler. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to get the reward from the Mega Sardine Show. I was going to give you the money to build more rebubblers. I’m sorry. Do all those bits floating around mean it’s going to die?”


My father smiled and put his arm around my shoulders. “I don’t need the money, Zane. A group of scientists are already interested in the rebubbler. They think my invention is cool and they have decided to help me build plenty of others. As for your sardine, no, it’s not about to die! Those little things floating around her are her babies.” 42

I stammered, “So does that mean she has had babies? But… wait… I must help her, I must…” My father stopped me. “Zane, let’s put them back in the sea so they can have some peace. The sardine knows how to manage.” Gino and I poured the contents of the jar into the water… SPLOP! The sardine and her babies were back in the sea.


Just then Max Guppy arrived with his glitzy stage costume in a terrible mess. He yelled, “Where’s the sardine?” I pointed at the sea and said, “She has gone home!” Guppy shook his fists at us. “You little fools! You have no idea what a terrible mistake you have just made!” 44

My father stepped between Guppy and us. The rotors on his funny helmet started whistling loudly and letting off steam. Max Guppy was impressed. “Hey, that’s a cool hat! How would you like to come on the show?” Dad burst out laughing. There was no way he would ever go on TV. Guppy gave up and walked away. 45

Gino, Dad and I sat on the sand. Gino said, “I feel we did something small but very important.” I asked, “You don’t mind about the reward, then?” “Well, she was the last sardine,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.


“The last one?” said my dad. “I don’t think so! With all those baby fish in the jar, there must be a Mr Sardine somewhere. That’s a basic scientific fact!” he added. That made Gino and me really happy.

© Bayard Presse - J’aime Lire No.471 - Text: Marie Vaudescal; Illustrations: François Maumont, 2016.




Between the leaves are a couple of tiny flowers or florets that have no petals.

Wheat is a very important plant. We use its seeds to make flour for bread, pasta and cakes‌


Each spikelet has two small leaves that make a sort of pocket.

The ear is made of lots of little spikelets.

The top part of the stem is a spike of tiny flowers, called an ear.


SĂŠbastien Champion/Naturimages

This wheat plant is still green. Do you know what it will look like when it is ripe?

Wheat has narrow, pointed leaves.

The wheat stem grows tall and strong.

When wheat is ripe, it is dry and golden.

Pal Hermansen/

The florets have turned into seeds.

The seeds of wheat (and also rice, maize, oats) are called grains. They can be crushed to make flour.



The inside of the grain is used to make white flour.


This is the actual size of a grain of wheat.

The skin of the grain is called bran. When bran is left in flour, it is called wholemeal flour.

Wheat is a cereal, like rice and maize.

Did you know?

Wheat is planted in winter or in spring. It is harvested (gathered) in summer.

After the harvest, dried wheat stems are used as straw.

Š Bayard Presse - Youpi No.331 - Text: Emmanuel Chanut; Illustration: RÊmi Saillard, 2016.

Rice grows in fields full of water. They are called paddy fields.

Tony Hertz/Agstockusa/Science Photo Library/Biosphoto

Jim Steinberg/BSIP

Maize (or sweet corn) plants grow to be as tall as a person.


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UK: £5.50 / Australia: A$7.99 Issue 213 May 2017 - ISSN 1366-9001

The Mega Sardine Show



Tommy and the
















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availa dio


Illustration: Nicolas Hubesch

Ages 6 to 9

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Leah in the trees! Help Leah find her helmet by following the instructor’s clues.

Your helmet has two colours. It does not have any white on it or stripes but it does have some yellow dots.

Answer: Leah’s helmet is on the ground by the instructor’s foot. It’s pink with two yellow dots.


Colour in Leah’s helmet and then write the words in the grid in the correct places. You will read the instructor’s name in the yellow boxes.










Find the best path and write the letters along it. Leah can only cross the bridges which are not being used.










Answer: VERTIGO, the fear of high places.



Work out the code

to read Leah’s thought bubble.

I htreeavtreee gtreeot treea streeaftreeety rtreeoptreee btreeut I sttreeill ntreeetreeed ttreeo htreeold treeon ttreeight. treeI dtreeon’t wtreeant ttreeo ltreeostreee my ftreeotreeottreeing!

Answer: remove every tree – I have got a safety rope but I still need to hold on tight. I don’t want to lose my footing!


57 Answers: from left to right – 1 little dark green tree missing 2 bird’s pink hair 3 Leah’s helmet 4 extra safety rope 5 extra cog next to red sweet 6 purple bird’s hat 7 blue bird’s extra egg. © Bayard Presse - J’aime Lire No.473 - Game idea: Mathieu Rocher. Illustration: Mauro Mazzari, 2016.

between these two pictures.

Find the 7 differences





Zak s k n i J Map reading course

Remember we are going to the forest to do map reading tomorrow. I bet you will get totally lost, Jinks!



Oh, because you know how to read maps, I suppose?

Er… Yeah! We do survival training every weekend!

You will use a compass and a map to follow a marked trail in the forest.



See you tomorrow, Jinks! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Huh! I bet you look really cute in khaki!

Get ready to eat mud, losers!

We are really good at it. We have all the kit!

Careful, Jinks! You don’t want to make us angry!

Or we will get you tomorrow!

T h ey What are shall we do? horrible!

Don’t worry. I have just had an idea…


Get into pairs. One team starts. T he next leaves 2 minutes later, then the next‌

Angelo and Innocent, here is your compass and a map with the trail marked on it.

I put a map of Australia in it! a! Ha! H ny! n u Too f

We will be right behind you, Jinks!

And we will catch you up fast!

I prepared a trick bag for them.

And I put a magnet inside the compass! T he needle is going crazy!


T here are numbered posts along the trail to help you. Oops! NU



at D id you d o th ? on pu rpose


Don’t be angry! /Here!

Er no‌

T hanks! You can have the one in the mud!


Great, they fell for it!

T ime for the first team to set off! We will go, M is s!

Hey! A lookout tower!

I nicked these from my dad so that we could enjoy the show!

Boys, try to remember that map reading is not a race!

Shall we climb up it?

I can see them! T he Mafiolos have just started!

Cool idea!


Look out! Here they are!

Hee hee!

Right, let’s check the map! Already? We will never catch them up like this!


Why are we zig-zagging all over the place?

T he compass needle keeps moving!

Mpff rr…

Where are we now?

It says it’s the Sand Desert…

T hat’s odd! Can you see any sand?

Er… no…

So where is the first post?

In the middle of the Sacred Kangaroo Territory!

Ha ha! T hey went left!

And we can go and find the posts!

T here are kangaroos here? No way!!

T hey will get sooooo lost!











Don’t worry, the forest is not that big…

… T hey can’t have gone to the other side of the world!


Angelo and Innocent)are still not back and it’s almost dark.





© Bayard Presse - J’Aime Lire No.471 - Text: Anne Didier and Olivier Muller; Illustrations: Clément Devaux, 2016.

Great Barrier Reef… T hat’s a funny name for a motorway!

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Last month’s answers: 1B 2C 3A 4A 5C 6B.


1. Pollution is turning Hope Bay into:

2. The Mega Sardine Show’s presenter is called:

A a red zone

A Guppy Fish

B a dead zombie

B Max Guppy

C a dead zone

C Max Trout

A a long time ago

4. The last sardine on the planet is:

B in the future

A not the last after all

C now

B eaten on the TV show

The Mega Sardine Show

3. This story happens:

C very sad 5. Wheat is used:

A to make flour B to make paint of flowers

A extra homework B housework C survival training

Facts Fun

AdventureBox was great... now I’m ready for


C to make lovely bunches

6. At weekends, the Mafiolio twins do:

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