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e: What would you suggest the city do better to prepare for hurricanes? PL: Council took an important step toward better preparation for future hurricanes. We created a new position for a city emergency services planner in this year’s budget. That will go a long way toward helping the city prepare for emergencies and, most importantly, understand all the different ways that a hurricane affects Wilmington residents. e: What are your thoughts on the current noise-ordinance regulations the council is trying to rewrite?

e: Do you have new ideas in approaching our water crisis and other environmental concerns our residents face? PL: We need cleaner water. I offered the first anti-Genx/PFAS resolution and the resolution opposing lowering the

We also need to worry about the quantity of water available. Pender County had a scare on a hot day when its water reserves ran very low. We need connectivity for emergencies and a better understanding of how much water is needed when the system is stressed. e: Any ideas on how the city should help combat climate change in our coastal town? PL: Wilmington is particularly susceptible to sea-level rise, as much of the city is just a few feet above sea level and its highest areas are only 35-to-40-feet above sea level. New construction near the water needs to consider elevating the land in anticipation of higher water levels and the indirect effects, such as more storm surges. We need Washington to act. e: Act how exactly? PL: Global warming, climate change, sea level rise—whatever you want to call it—is real. Washington needs to recognize this and identify policies that will help. Locally, we can look at the fuels in city vehicles, strategies to reduce time sitting

in traffic and other practices that will re- council know when you see a problem, duce our local impact on warming. Part email all seven with council@wilmingof the solution will involve removing car- bon that’s already emitted. The university should consider whether it has opporHave follow-up questions for Paul tunities in the research area. Lawler? Be sure to leave a comment on e: Where do you stand on tax incen- the online article, and we will see that tives, say, for historic property renova- Mrs. Spader receives and answers them tion? for you. Her responses will be posted bePL: I support the state’s historic tax low the article until election day, Tuescredits. The historic areas add tremen- day, November 5. dously to the charm of the city and serve One-stop voting for the municipal as a point of appeal for tourism. elections begins on Wednesday, October We also need to bring back the film 16, and will conclude on Friday, Novemcredits. Film supports a large number of ber 1. middle class jobs, as well as adding to the area’s charm. e: How do you plan to represent all the citizens in Wilmington? How, for example, will you connect with people who do not live and work in your comfort zone/ neighborhood? PL: Wilmingtonians benefit by being represented by all six council members and their mayor. They can, and do, call on all of us with their concerns. That means council members have to pay attention to the needs of all parts of the city. Social media is a great help here. I learn about a great variety of concerns that way. Let


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PL: The rewrite makes the existing law much clearer. The sound levels remain the same, generally a 75 decibel level in business areas and 65 decibel level in residential areas. The quieter time remains the same, from midnight to 7 a.m., noisy cars are clearly covered and the police have more direction. The law hasn’t changed much; it is just easier to follow and enforce.

Cape Fear River to a "swampwater" classification, both of which council adopted unanimously.

Buyers save, businesses soar!

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encore September 11 - September 17, 2019  

Your alternative weekly voice in Wilmington, NC for 35 years.

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