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HODGE PODGE Vol. 36/Pub. 11 Sept. 11-17, 2019


MUSIC pg. 17 • By Shannon Rae Gentry Shannon talks with Rare Creatures’ Coleman Sawyer about innovative sounds in their latest music. Courtesy photo

word of the week CLASSHOLE (N) A person of high status or rank who’s a major asshole.

By S hea Car ver

“Trump’s a real classhole."


EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief:

Louie's Hot Dogs will celebrate 30 years in downtown Wilmington on Sept. 18 with a proclomation by Mayor Saffo and an art show at Art in Bloom. "City Dogs" above by David Klinger; cover art work by Debra Bucci

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FILM pg. 22 • By Jeff Oloizia Jeff Oloizia spoke with ‘Sword of Trust’ director Lynn Shelton (above), who also stars in the film. Courtesy of IFC Films

wins of the week Hurricane Dorian caused pause among our comnunity last week, so we're bringing back H2 Turbo as our Deal of the Week. You can scoop them up through September 17. We have concert tickets coming up soon to win, so be sure to follow our IG, FB and Twitter (@ FOOD pgs. 28-29 • By Rosa Bianca encorepub) to find out how !

Rosa Bianca goes gaga over noodles at downtown’s latest ramen and poke palace Fun Bowl. Photo by Tom Dorgan

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encore September 11 - September 17, 2019  

Your alternative weekly voice in Wilmington, NC for 35 years.

encore September 11 - September 17, 2019  

Your alternative weekly voice in Wilmington, NC for 35 years.

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