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Carolina Beach

is always teeming with regulars. Even if you’re brand new to the turf, you know you’re stepping into a well-worn stomping ground. Pleasure Island is bustling with tourists in the summertime, noses slathered in excess sunscreen, out on their way to enjoy the surf or on their way from the surf to eat. The tourists usually pick what’s close, but the locals know where to go to get the real food. This edition’s Food Porn was a blast to curate because the restaurant owners around Carolina Beach are truly unforgettable people. The more time you spend on the island, the more conversations you’ll hear that will place you squarely in a capital “S” Southern beach town. The exchanges between the restaurant staff and the regulars sound more like small family reunions, the interiors are lived in and impeccably well cared for, and the food—the food is fantastic. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

photography by Em Wilson

HopLite Irish Pub and Restaurant

Charlie Graingers

REUBEN SANDWICH: House made corned beef, Swiss cheese, and 24 sauerkraut, DEVOUR | SUMMER-FALL 2017Thousand Island, served with homemade potato chips.

THE BRISKET CHARLIE PLATE: Mouthwatering beef brisket and housemade molasses, BBQ sauce served with brisket baked beans, slaw, cornbread and fountain drink.

720 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach (910) 458-4745

1401 N Lake Park Blvd #28, Carolina Beach (910) 707-0285

Devour Summer/Fall 2017  
Devour Summer/Fall 2017  

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