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Common Ingredients: UNCW alums take on the restaurant industry in varied ways BY Shannon Rae Gentry ● Devour assistant editor

This edition’s restaurateurs have a few things in common: All are UNCW graduates—and a couple even majored in business and finance. They all are invested in their alma mater and communities, and they each have palpable passion for their restaurants and products. But that’s about as far as similarities go. Their restaurants and menus are like night and day ... fire and ice ... powdered protein and powdered sugar. Munchies and Clean Eatz are feeding Port City diners on very different spectrums of the indulgence scale. ● Above: Brothers Haroldson talk big teal pride and big sammies as part of their franchise, Munchies, which serves (right page) overstuffed sandwiches/wraps, burgers, dogs, and desserts, including insane milkshake combinations. Photos by Lindsey A. Miller Photography


Devour Summer/Fall 2017  

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