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service for our City. Without providing accessible facilities to our constituents, they will be unable to receive information from the City in emergency and non-emergency situations. Reducing Liability (Investigations) »» This Proposal increases efficiency by responding to complaints and by providing the mechanism for quick resolution. →→ Impact on Performance Metrics: Neighborhood Council Training »» # of Board Members in Compliance with mandatory training requirements »» % of Board Members registering for, and taking non-mandatory educational videos Site-Assessment MOA »» DOD contributions will result in the identification of barriers and access deficiencies, measured by weighing initial data intake of conditions against future removal and resolution of deficient quantities as the identified elements are deemed compliant upon completion of repair(s). →→ Operational improvement(s): Neighborhood Council Training »» This proposal aims on improving customer service, reducing time spent by staff troubleshooting these issues to focus on assisting with outreach and more complex challenges faced by the NCs. It ensures critical compliance with mandatory training requirements, reducing liability for the City. Setting up the framework to develop a series of training workshops, not only mandatory training, but also other capacity building training to develop the NCs into more functional, robust, and creative entities Site-Assessment MOA »» This proposal increases efficiency because DOD will assist in writing Neighborhood Empowerment’s Transition Plan and Self-Assessment. Reducing Liability (Investigations) »» This Proposal increases efficiency by responding to complaints and by providing the mechanism for quick resolution.

PARTNERING WITH RESIDENTS AND CIVIC GROUPS Neighborhood Council Training →→ All videos will be available to NC board members, which are active and engaged members of their communities. Site-Assessment MOA →→ DOD and Neighborhood Empowerment will partner with NCs to ensure their sites are ADA compliant and accessible to all stakeholders and members of the community. Reducing Liability (Investigations) →→ Through this Program, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the Personnel Department will partner with neighborhood councils to resolve discrimination complaints. COORDINATION WITH OTHER CITY DEPARTMENTS DOD and EmpowerLA will enter into a 3-year MOA, and will coordinate to ensure this service is implemented in a timely and efficient manner. This coordination will produce more effective or efficient services than if the departments worked separately because DOD is the only department with a certified CASp and ADA Compliance Officer  Personnel Department and EmpowerLA will work together to upload and maintain online training content, and meet regularly to review the status of any pending investigations.  REVENUE N/A

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal