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2. Mayoral Executive Directives and Projects - The Department is supporting seven (7) Mayoral Executive Directives (Great Streets, Emergency Drought Responses, Sustainable City pLAn, Clean Streets Initiative, Vision Zero, El Niño Preparedness Response and Recovery, and Purposeful Aging LA) with existing Field staff, which takes Field staff time away from Neighborhood Council meeting operation services. Ownership of the projects we created and administered with the Mayor’s Innovation and Public Engagement Teams, Civic Youth Leadership Academy and Neighborhood Council Welcome to the Neighborhood cards for stakeholders has now transferred fully to us and is part of our Mayor’s expectations letter.  3. Civic Engagement Services for the City - In addition to supporting Neighborhood Council meeting operations and teaching them how to interact with the City, the Department is also tasked via LAAC 22.801.i and the Mayor’s expectation letter with educating the City on how to work with Neighborhood Councils, which the Department is not currently staffed for in its budget. We do still assist City departments in connecting effectively with Neighborhood Councils though, but more resources are needed to support this function because it also uses Field staff time, which should be going towards Neighborhood Council meeting operations. The Department is folding this function into a multi-departmental budget request to execute the tactical plan for civic engagement developed in the Google Angels Lab, which would raise the standard of public participation for the entire City through staff trainings of effective ways to engage the community, a centralized civic engagement portal, a civic engagement gaming app and the creation of a civic engagement rating standard for departments amongst other projects. 4. Neighborhood Council Education and Enforcement - The accurate tracking of mandatory Neighborhood Council board member trainings requires the transfer of current manual updates to the Personnel Department’s online Cornerstone platform with the development of new training videos. The Department is also committed to bringing all its and Neighborhood Councils’ operations into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to increase access and include stakeholders with disabilities. Staffing is also required to coordinate with the Personnel Department, the Department on Disability (DOD) and the Office of the City Attorney on personnel and ADA complaints. 5. Create a Sustainable Infrastructure for the Department - Existing Department staff has taken on roles that used to be performed by positions that were cut from the Department. These include management level staff, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners staffing and support staff for administrative functions, such as Department accounting and payroll and

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

Neighborhood Council Public Records Act Requests, contracts/leases and inventory. This has led to decreased response time and much frustration from Neighborhood Councils, the Commission and other City staff.

PROGRAM GOALS AND EXPENSE REQUESTS In addition to our current program services, the Department has the following goals and service enhancement requests in FY 20172018: 


Neighborhood Council Field Support and Training - Increase Education and Training Enforcement for Neighborhood Council Boards →→ Transfer and maintain all Neighborhood Council board members onto the Personnel Department’s online Cornerstone platform for mandatory trainings and develop new videos of mandatory topics for the platform with access for people with disabilities and in the following languages: Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Armenian. »» Requires 1 Project Coordinator position with mileage (50% Full Time Employee (FTE)) »» Requires 1 Administrative Clerk support (33% FTE) »» Requires contractual services funding for Cornerstone platform and training videos →→ Make and maintain all Department and Neighborhood Council operations compliant with the ADA, including meeting locations, websites, online videos, agendas, flyers, etc. »» Requires 2 Project Coordinator positions with mileage (1 - 100% FTE, 1 - 25% FTE) »» Requires 1 Administrative Clerk support (33% FTE) »» Requires contractual services funding for ADA compliance upgrades for websites, videos, etc. →→ Coordinate personnel and ADA complaints with the Personnel Department and DOD for a resolution within 60 days.   »» Requires 1 Project Coordinator position with mileage (25% FTE) »» Requires 1 Administrative Clerk support (33% FTE) →→ Coordinate Civic Youth Leadership Academy, establish Neighborhood Council Youth Alliance, and administer Welcome to Your Neighborhood program for Neighborhood Councils »» Requires 1 Project Coordinator position with mileage (100% FTE) »» Requires printing and binding funding »» Requires contractual services funding for costs to administer classes NC Training, ADA Compliance, and Enforcement Service Enhancement Request - Multi-department request with Person-

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal