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JUSTIFICATION →→ Issue / Problem: »» The public finds it hard to have meaningful dialogue with the City because existing forms of civic engagement are geared towards notification, e.g. public postings, emails, newsletters, social media, etc. If there is a public meeting, it is at an inconvenient time, only in English, or so few that meaningful participation is not reached. »» The City speaks Government and not Real People. »» City workers are not educated with successful civic engagement strategies. »» City silos prevent the effective sharing of information not only with the public, but with other City departments. »» City engagement is not actually engaging and fun when it can be. »» The public finds it hard to receive information and weigh in on it from the existing forms of communication. »» Multi-lingual efforts are needed to ensure that a broad array of people are civically involved. Translation of materials is essential. »» Civic engagement opportunities exist across the city, yet they are very siloed, and one would only know of such opportunities if they had an existing relationship to the sponsoring City office or Department. →→ Alignment with strategic documents, check all that apply:

□ Mayor’s Expectations Letter

□ Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

□ Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan »» »» »» »»

□ Sustainable City pLAn □ Strategic Plan(s)

Mayor’s Expectations Letter: “Increase underrepresented populations in the NC system” Comprehensive Homeless Strategy: Designated NC Homelessness liaisons can outreach and provide feedback via the portal. Sustainable City pLAn: Livable Neighborhoods -this proposal creates opportunities for engagement and the formation of strong community bonds. Strategic Plan: Support the operations of a general civic engagement portal for Los Angeles

→→ Impact on Performance Metrics: »» # of Departments meeting social media standards »» # of active users of civic engagement portal »» # of responses/users of surveys, gaming apps  →→ Operational improvement(s): »» By partnering, uniform messaging, and outreach efforts will be maximized and consistent across multiple platforms (portal, apps, surveys, food truck)

PARTNERING WITH RESIDENTS AND CIVIC GROUPS The primary goal of this proposal is to engage the public and teach engagement strategies to city agencies.



Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal