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Policy & Government Relations

P O L I C Y & G O V T.


Planning, research, development, and implementation of effective Departmental policies to promote civic participation and effective Neighborhood Council practices, which also supporting the work of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners, Congress of Neighborhoods, EmpowerLA Awards Congress event and Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates. This program also supports the Neighborhood Council liaisons, including the Homelessness liaisons pursuant to the Department’s Homelessness Plan.


LIST OF SERVICES 1. Develop policies and procedures in conjunction with Department leadership and Board of Neighborhood Commissioners enhancing the Neighborhood Council system and Department operations (50%); →→ City Charter, Article IX, Section 902 establishes the policy work of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners which must be supported by the Department 2. Monitor Council files for issues relevant to Neighborhood Councils and inform and collaborate with Neighborhood Councils and alliances and empower NC leaders with Community Impact Statement training and tracking info and highlighting Council Files in monthly profile including support of the Homelessness Liaisons (30%); →→ City Charter, Article IV, Section 900 states that the purpose of the Neighborhood Councils is to promote more citizen participation in government and make government more responsive to local needs.   3. Oversee and support the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates for the Mayor’s Budget Day, Regional Budget Day, and also collaborate with Neighborhood Council leaders on the annual Congress of Neighborhoods and EmpowerLA awards reception. (20%).  ALIGNMENT WITH PRIORITY OUTCOME(S) Primary Priority Outcome: Make Los Angeles the best-run big city in America Other Priority Outcomes: Create a more livable and sustainable city Description: Please see below ALIGNMENT WITH STRATEGIC DOCUMENTS

□ Mayor’s Expectations Letter

□ Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

□ Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan

□ Sustainable City pLAn □ Strategic Plan(s)

Strategic Plan - The Department’s 15-16 Strategic Plan includes goals of increasing direct assistance and education for NC Boards, as well as policy development support to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners.  Sustainable City pLAn - Proper delivery of the services indicated above promote a safe, vibrant, well-connected, and healthy neighborhood, that improves the civic life of community members and encourages volunteerism such as the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance.  Mayor’s Expectation Letter - The Mayor outlines the need to develop Civic University representation and participation, which is one of the components of service provided by this program  Comprehensive Homeless Strategy - The Mayor outlined the need to address the homelessness crisis in the City. The Homelessness Liaison will participate and collaborate with the Mayor’s Office and CD 8 on bi-monthly Homelessness Advocate meetings integrating Neighborhood Council board members and advocates into conversations addressing the City’s homelessness crisis that will help provide additional services and opportunities to end homelessness one person at a time. Homelessness liaisons would also be encouraged to provide opportunities and forums on how to address the homelessness crisis and also provide information on the upcoming ballot measure to combat homelessness. Neighborhood Councils also participate in the Annual Homeless Count. 

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal