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DETAIL OF BUDGET PROGRAMS REQUESTS New Request: Program Coordination and Mileage Adjustment 1. Description of Request: Coordinate Civic Youth Leadership Academy, establish Neighborhood Council Youth Alliance, and administer Welcome to Your Neighborhood program for Neighborhood Councils →→ 1 Project Coordinator ($50,513) →→ Printing and Binding ($5,000) →→ Contractual Services ($15,000) →→ Transportation - ($20,700 for mileage adjustment for existing staff to increase attendance at Neighborhood Council meetings) 2. Justification: →→ Issue / Problem: The Neighborhood Council system currently skews older, retired adults. During the Mayor’s General Manager review last year, Mayor Garcetti requested more youth involvement. The Department worked with the Mayor’s Innovation Team and Public Engagement to create the Civic Youth Leadership Academy this summer, which graduated 40 students. In addition, the Department also worked with the Mayor’s Innovation Team to create a Welcome to the Neighborhood card for Neighborhood Councils to distribute to stakeholders new to the area, which not only introduced City services like myLA311, but also the Neighborhood Council for increased City services outreach.  →→ Impact on Performance Metrics: Recruit and graduate one class of Civic Youth Leadership Academy of 40 students though we will aim for two classes. Set up Welcome to the Neighborhood cards for all Neighborhood Councils.  →→ Operational improvement(s): The extra resources to take on these additional tasks are necessary and recommended in the Mayor’s Innovation Team’s report on Civic Youth Leadership Academy. Without this additional staffing, Field staff would be pulled from their Neighborhood Council meeting support work, which would impact the Department’s other performance metrics of 100% meeting attendance.     

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal