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ALIGNMENT WITH PRIORITY OUTCOME(S) Primary Priority Outcome: Make Los Angeles the best-run big city in America. Other Priority Outcomes: Create a more livable and sustainable City Description: This program supports the priority outcomes by ensuring that the City processes involving partnerships with Civic groups are well run. The work this program supports affords NCs the ability to function and engage the community at large, drive projects, fund requests from the general public, leverage funds and efforts by partnering with CBO, businesses, schools, etc. The work that NCs perform also impacts the City’s sustainability by creating more livable and sustainable communities. NCs drive projects that invest in our City Departments such LAPD, LAFD, Rec and Parks, etc. NCs partner with businesses so that they establish a relationship with the community about goods and services high in demand. NCs drive projects such as community gardens; clean up projects; partnerships with street services to identify streets to that need maintenance, etc. They also work with schools and partner to foster dialogues and promote investments in our children’s education.


□ Mayor’s Expectations Letter

□ Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

□ Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan

□ Sustainable City pLAn □ Strategic Plan(s)

Strategic Plan - The Department’s FY17-18 Strategic Plan includes goals of increasing direct assistance and training for NC Boards, as well as providing administrative support. Sustainable City pLAn - Proper delivery of the services indicated above promote a safe, vibrant, well-connected, and healthy neighborhood, that improves the civic life of community members and encourages volunteerism such as the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance. Mayor’s Expectation Letter - A Management Analyst II assigned to this program conducts the work to process contracts and leases timely, which reduces the processing time for funding requests coming from Neighborhood Councils. The Department is also tasked with ownership and continued operations of the Civic Youth Leadership Academy.

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
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