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→→ Implement Neighborhood Council Policies and Systems Review »» Support the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners in creating and implementing new policies and systems to assist Neighborhood Council Boards with meeting operations, such as funding, grievances, outreach, etc. »» Track and support for Neighborhood Council Community Impact Statements »» Assist Neighborhood Council leaders in the yearly Congress of Neighborhoods and EmpowerLA Awards Congress event and partner with the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates for the Mayor’s Budget Day and during the yearly budget process »» Conduct a review of the Neighborhood Council system per the recommendations of the Neighborhood Council Review Commission and assist with yearly reviews of individual Neighborhood Councils »» Collaborate with City Departments with Neighborhood Council liaison programs to provide operational support »» Administer Neighborhood Council Civic University Program »» Support Neighborhood Council regional and subject matter alliances →→ Provide Neighborhood Council Administrative Support »» Negotiate, prepare and renew Neighborhood Council office leases »» Provide contract development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation for Neighborhood Council »» Supply procurement resources for Neighborhood Council operations, such as shared office facilities, equipment rental and other operational needs »» Respond in a timely manner to all California Public Records Act Requests for Department and Neighborhood Council business »» Review and assist Neighborhood Councils in conducting their community events →→ Operate an Office of Civic Engagement for the City »» Increase awareness of and effective outreach to Neighborhood Councils by City departments through trainings and effective collaborations between the City departments and the Neighborhood Councils »» Administer a ranking system for City departments to raise the level of public participation »» Support the operations of a general civic engagement portal for Los Angeles  The Performance Metrics (on pages 72-73) correspond to the above Program Goals.

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal