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Who is CACTUS? Community Alliance for Career Training and Utility Solutions (CACTUS) is a collaborative of nonprofit organizations focusing on training design, development and delivery of green building, energy efficiency and renewable energy training programs. CACTUS has trained hundreds of individuals across California and the United States, including home performance and weatherization contractors, energy auditors, architects, building officials, inspectors and other individuals in the construction and energy conservation industries. Using a “systems approach” to training, which relies on innovative methods and techniques for development and delivery. CACTUS trains the actual “on-site” worker/installer, because of their ability has a direct impact on whether we save our environment from the harmful effects of global warming. We use a “competency-based approach” to learning, helping all individuals to attain the skills necessary to successfully accomplish their goals. We work exclusively in training for the energy-efficient construction industry. We understand what is required, the challenges and what is needed for the student to succeed in the new green economy. We pride ourselves in meeting your needs by being: - Innovative - Adaptable and flexible - Committed and efficient - Quick to respond to individual needs


What is Our Experience?

CACTUS has experience in all aspects of “green collar� workforce training and has worked with a number of groups in both development and delivery of training programs. From individual contractors, to industry associations, to government agencies and utilities, to community based groups, we have worked with an array of organizations to help meet their training needs. We have developed workshops that are two hours long up to courses that are six months long and have delivered them on time and on budget. We have facilitated several short-term training programs and have professionally managed multiple, longterm training programs throughout California and the United States. We have formed partnerships with a number of delivery agents including vocational-technical schools, community colleges, trade unions and industry associations. We can meet all your needs. If you already have a program, let CACTUS manage it for you. Whether you want to deliver the program yourself or have us deliver it for you, CACTUS can provide you with the assistance you need.

Call one of our representatives today to let us assist you.


Quick Launch - Turnkey Training Systems

CACTUS gives you all the tools you need to offer “green job” training today! As this nation continues to move closer towards energy independence and environmental stewardship, there will be bourgeoning green job opportunities on many fronts. The proposed Cap and Trade legislation and California’s AB-32 are just two examples of measures that will lead to declines in Green House Gas Emissions to curb global warming. Industries and businesses are adapting their processes and practices to be more eco-proactive and less carbon intensive. Within California, there are millions of residential and commercial buildings that will require energy efficiency and retrofit improvements to meet our state and national climate change mandates and goals. There is an ever growing need and demand for renewable energy, building performance and weatherization services. CACTUS endeavors to be a one stop shop for all training needs related to our specialty focus of residential buildings. We offer our training expertise and services in the following areas: - Quick Launch – Turnkey Training Systems - Customized Training Program Development Services - Government Program Funding Services

All of our training systems and courses offer a nationally recognized certification in one or more of the following: - North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certificate demonstrates that the student has passed an industry-designed exam and has achieved basic understanding of photovoltaic solar electric system design and installation. - The Building Performance Institute (BPI). A certification entity focusing on home performance contractors and weatherization contractors. - The Home Energy Ratings Systems (HERS). The national system for calculating and comparing the energy performance of both new and existing houses. - Building Professional Quality Institute (BPQI). A certification entity focusing on installers of Energy Efficient Building Materials.


Quick Launch - Turnkey Training Systems CACTUS offers a choice of either the Quick Launch Turnkey Training Systems, as a series of related training courses, or individual courses, described within our Course Catalog, and all within the Residential Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy disciplines. These training systems and courses are designed to support a wide variety of organizations with their workforce development needs. Each of our training systems and most courses culminate with an administered examination towards attainment of a nationally recognized certification. For each of our training systems and courses, the level, pace and scope of instruction is designed to give students a comprehensive overview and understanding of the most current and relevant aspects of the applicable training systems. If you are interested in finding out more about one of our Turnkey Training Systems or individual courses, please join us for one of our free one hour informative webinars. For the schedule updates and details, you may visit our website at, or send an email to Webinar Dates February 5, 2010, 2 pm PST February 12, 2010, 2 pm PST February 19, 2010, 2 pm PST February 26, 2010, 2 pm PST

March 5, 2010, 2 pm PST March 12, 2010, 2 pm PST March 19, 2010, 2 pm PST March 26, 2010, 2 pm PST

April 2, 2010, 2 pm PST April 9, 2010, 2 pm PST April 16, 2010, 2 pm PST April 23, 2010, 2 pm PST April 30, 2010, 2 pm PST

Renewable Energy Technician Training System

Building Testing and Inspections

- Basic Solar PV - Basic Solar Photovoltaic Installation - Advanced Solar Photovoltaic Installation - Solar Hot Water Design & Installation - Wind Turbine Design & Installation - Electric Power Systems

- Building Analyst Professional - Energy Auditor - Home Energy Rater (HERS)

Green Building Pre-Apprenticeship - Green Construction

Energy Efficient Residential Retrofit/Installer Training System -

Building Science Blower Door Duct Tester Technician Siding and Cladding Windows and Doors Air Leakage and Control Technician Conventional Insulation Installation

With CACTUS you can begin training the future “green collar� workforce fast. 4

Course Catalog Solar Thermal

Commercial Energy Consultant

This course is designed to concentrate on the basics of installing code compliant solar hot water systems. This course will be useful for people who currently work in or plan to be employed in the solar hot water industry. Student technicians will learn practical design criteria, installation guidelines, safety issues, maintenance, and legal considerations of solar hot water heating systems.

This course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach the basics of energy auditing, the economics of energy and how to turn that knowledge into a functioning, profitable business. The student will learn how to read a commercial utility bill, assess the efficiency of an electric motor, identify and retrofit lighting inefficiencies, calculate energy wasted on heating/cooling and water heating.

Greywater Systems Design & Installation

Wind Turbine Installation & Design

This course is designed for individuals with either basic plumbing, landscaping, or permaculture skills who want to learn to design and build simple, lowtech residential greywater systems. The course will cover five common greywater systems, how to determine which is appropriate for the site, and how to install them. It will also cover plants, products, and codes. Participants will be eligible to take an exam and conduct an installation, and be certified as a greywater installer.

Basic Weatherization This course is perfect for individuals wishing to become certified to do weatherization jobs or to supplement residential energy auditing or inspection services. This course is delivered in a blended format online with hands on lab. The online component contains text, audio, videos, images and diagrams. This course involves the student with the learning and makes learning weatherization terminology fast and easy through the use of interactive flashcards, practice quizzes, and other interactive learning tools. Once the student completes the online coursework and exams they will be required to attend one or more of our mobile labs to complete the hands-on component of the training program. 5

This course is intended for the installer. It covers the design and installation of clean green energy wind turbines in sizes up to 20kW. The electrical energy output of such wind turbines at various speeds is covered in this course. Wind turbine size designs for residences, farm use, businesses, schools and other larger facilities are discussed in this course. The student learns safety procedures, basic electricity generation and connections, grounding requirements, sizing formulas, etc. to meet customer energy demands. The course covers the various component parts and functions of wind turbines to help explain how to troubleshoot and repair certain turbines and equipment. The student learns how to perform site evaluations and placement of towers with the proper formulas to gain ultimate energy efficiency from the turbines. Footing foundations, tower and turbine assembly, safety for the various construction and installation types are all discussed in this course.

Solar Photovoltaic Train the Trainer This five day Solar Photovoltaic Train-the-Trainer course prepares participants to teach CACTUS’s five-day basic Solar Photovoltaic training course.

Course Catalog Building Analyst Professional

Solar Photovoltaic

This course is for those who want to understand the basics of building science and whole-house-as-asystem approach to identifying and solving indoor air quality, comfort and air leakage problems in residential buildings. The course prepares the student to conduct a comprehensive inspection and diagnostic analysis of a house using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

This course introduces the student to Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power systems and their installation. Upon successful completion of the course the student will have a rudimentary knowledge of residential and commercial solar systems. The lab will provide hands-on experience with a variety of systems encountered in the industry. Upon successful completion of this basic entry level course, the student will be offered the opportunity to take the North American Board of Energy Practitioner’s (NABCEP) Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge.

Residential Energy Auditor This course is designed to train the future generation of residential energy auditors to inspect and to make small retrofits recommendations in existing homes. This training will also walk the student through the step by step process of how to set up their own business performing residential energy audits. At the end of the classroom and field training the student will be proficient in identifying energy targets, calculating the home energy use, identifying alternatives, and how to professionally install each of the recommended energy conservation measures. The student will also learn how to accurately complete a scope of work, and a comprehensive report.

Electric Power System Fundamentals This course introduces students to the electric power industry. The course includes history, agencies (such as PURPA, NERC, FERC), Energy Policy Act and Rates/Tariffs. Terminology and the fundamental electrical theories, concepts and equipment are presented to give students an understanding of generation, substations, transmission, distribution, protection and utility telecommunications. Basic formulas and components used in electric power are introduced to give the student a complete overview of the fundamentals of electric power systems.

NET ZERO for Green Energy Buildings This course provides the necessary training to analyze a building’s minimum electrical consumption requirements and design a NET ZERO Green Energy solar/wind system to create a true energy independent building. The course teaches the fundamental elements to ultimately produce a construction project package suitable for bid solicitation.

Solar PV for Commercial & Industrial buildings This course provides students with a working knowledge of commercial and industrial size Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The student is first introduced to large scale electric power system fundamentals, including a discussion of the “Grid”, three-phase AC power, wye and delta, industrial electrical equipment and advanced electrical energy consumption analysis methods. This course is geared for PV designers and installers interested in learning how large scale solar PV systems are used for high energy grid tie systems. Various systems are discussed in detail to implement large scale solar PV systems from 1kW to 1MW and higher. 6

Customized Training Development Community Alliance for Career Training and Utility Solutions (CACTUS) is a leader in the design and development of turnkey training programs for the construction and energy conservation industries. Whether it is an eight hour course, or a six month program, CACTUS can provide a full service, “onestop” shopping concept for your training needs.

COURSE DEVELOPMENT As a full service “green collar” workforce training provider, we will meet all your needs in regards to designing and developing training programs. Each training program is customized to your specific needs, whether it is the upgrading of an existing program, or a completely new program designed from scratch. CACTUS also has designed and developed a number of their own training modules. These modules can be tailored to your specific needs. This method can be very cost effective. We offer a long-term vision based on years and years of experience. Our training plans are designed to take a holistic approach to your goals. We look at the long term, and pride ourselves in keeping our clients one step ahead of the game. As we provide these services for a number of trade associations and groups, we are able to offer superior services at a very cost effective means. 7

Course Development Services we offer consist of: Pre-Development - Facilitating industry focus groups to identify training needs - Conducting industry surveys and interpretation of results - Research and exploration into existing curriculum available - Design of industry survey forms - Definition of skill requirements Development - Defining and establishing learning requirements - Research of technical information - Development of Standards and Performance - Designing and developing of instructor guides - Designing and developing of case studies - Designing of student task assignments - Designing of course evaluation forms - Designing and writing of technical students manuals to appropriate grade level - Designing and developing of lesson plans, course schedules, and course administration manuals.

Whether you require one of these, all of them, or are not quite sure, we can help you out. Our business is training. We will bring everything you need to the table. If you are not sure quite what you need or require, we will help facilitate the process and have the ability to “take the ball, and run.”

Customized Training Development

STUDENT MANUAL DEVELOPMENT Have you ever figured out how to program your remote? Are you glad that instructions came on how to do it? This concept holds true when teaching and instructing individuals in construction. A manual, or book of instructions provides a valuable resource for the student. It assists in making a training program run smoothly, provides a resource after training has been completed, and is great for reinforcing the concept. Many times, training programs rely solely on instruction and the retention of the student while in the program. Unfortunately, the student will seldom retain all the information. Having a detailed student manual allows for study prior to the course and reinforcement of the principles being taught. CACTUS has a full service facility for upgrading current manuals, or the production of new, leading edge training manuals. We can provide everything from A-Z to produce a quality, professional, easy to use manual.

Course Development Services we offer consist of: Pre-Development - In-depth research - Survey of industry - Review of industry best practices - Defining proper grade level for writing

Analysis Certification


Development - Manual formatting - CAD Drawings - Photography - Picture Manipulation - Graphic Design and layout - Production of camera ready artwork - Coordination of industry stakeholders for review and commenting Post-Development - Manual Production Capabilities

Implementation Development


Customized Training Development INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT How do I teach this course? How long should each module be? How can we ensure that there is consistency in delivery? How do we offer the training to different target markets? These are all very good questions to ask. By having instructor resources, or materials that provide guidance, many of the questions are answered ahead of time. Basically, instructor resources are a manual of instructions on how to deliver the training program. When looking at implementation on a local or regional level, you must ensure consistent delivery. In construction, good instructors are hard to find in some cases. The instructor is a key component in effective delivery. Giving that individual assistance, guidance, and help will translate into more effective training. We take the guesswork out of course delivery, by providing easy to use and logical step-by-step guidance for the instructor. The instructor resources, while providing the benchmark, provide flexibility and allow for adaptation by each instructor, as each individual will have their own method of delivery. The instructor resources are another step to ensuring the success of your training program.


Course Development Services we offer consist of: Pre-Development - Assessment of instructor pool (if applicable) - Course planning and timelines - Identification of existing teaching aids Development - Technical writing and editing of instructor manuals - Targeted audience lesson plans - Course timetables - Answer keys for student reviews - Course feedback and student review forms - Audio/Visual requirements - Classroom policy and procedures - Instructor policy and procedures - Instructor contracts - Course administration manuals - Tools and materials list and requirements - Student practical assignments and assessment forms

Customized Training Development INTERACTIVE TEACHING AIDS DEVELOPMENT “This course is boring. All the instructor does is read out of a textbook.� Those are words you do not want to see on a course evaluation form. Unfortunately, this is the case with many organizations and groups that view training as one person talking, all others listening. Talking does not teach people, but getting them involved does. Teaching aids can be in the forms of overheads, videos, powerpoint presentations, slides, mock-ups, group discussion papers and so forth. These aids also assist the instructor in his delivery of the program. In any training program, the more interactive and interesting the course is, the more the student will pay attention and retain the information learned. That is where we come in. CACTUS offers a full service teaching aid development resources.

Course Development Services we offer consist of: Pre-Development - Recommendations and plan for cost effective teaching aids - Identification of existing teaching aids Development - Basic PowerPoint Presentations - Advanced PowerPoint Presentations with sound, animation, and video - Photography and transformation into slides or overheads - CAD drawings of mock-up walls, material requirements and take-offs - Videos - basic and advanced - Online Webinars

Both through in-house production and with our network of development providers, we can provide professional teaching aids to enhance any training program. Whether you are interested in a video, powerpoint presentation, or the creation of mock-ups, we can provide the assistance you are looking for.


Customized Training Implementation Now that you have your training course developed, what is the next step? Where do you go from here? The next step is the implementation phase. This is the work required prior to the actual delivery of the training program. The implementation phase consists of a number of steps that must be taken to ensure the success of your training program. Once again, CACTUS can provide all the necessary steps for a successful implementation. TRAIN THE TRAINER SERVICES


Train the trainer programs are designed to provide the instructors with a “hands on” session of how to teach the program, use the instructor resources and teaching aids, adult education principles, classroom control, student assessment and other related items to make the program a success. Typically, the train the trainer programs are 5-12 days in length.

Need to market your course? CACTUS offers a full range of graphic design services in the production of course brochures and booklets. From the design, to camera ready artwork stage, we can produce high quality, professional marketing materials to reach your target market.

CACTUS can help develop the train the trainer course, provide instructors for facilitation and provide all course logistics. The train the trainer program gives the potential instructors a solid foundation to start with and gets them comfortable with the curriculum and delivery methods.


TRAINING IMPLEMENTATION PLANS A complete training plan of action provides you with a detailed plan of attack of how, when and where the training can be delivered. There are many different choices to make that we can help provide assistance with. Based upon your long-term goals, objectives, budget constraints, and scope of delivery, we can formulate a winning plan to successfully implement your program on a local, national, or international level.

The training plan will look at: - Course budgets - Course scheduling - Pilot delivery programs - Marketing avenues - Delivery venues and partners - Identification of target markets - Partnership opportunities with colleges, unions, trade associations, local WIB’s, and utility companies - Plan of action for updating course curriculum - Course quality assurance initiatives

Customized Training Delivery So now you are ready to deliver the training. Everything is set up to go. Well, here is where we really shine. CACTUS can provide professional delivery services that will keep them coming back for more! COURSE MARKETING SERVICES Are you not getting the people to come to the training? Is sending out a mailer or email blast just not working? Being involved in training for many years, our training group has come to realize that sometimes letting people know training is available will not necessarily get them to commit to come. Training typically has a cost associated with it, along with a commitment of time on the part of the individual. Time is very valuable, in a lot of cases even more than the monetary cost of the training. As such, a comprehensive marketing approach must be taken to “sell� the idea to the contractor, installer or student. We have been working with contractors and industry associations for years. We know what is important to them and can communicate the message in a way that will show the benefits of investing in training. Everything from simply coordinating an email campaign to comprehensive marketing plans and direct contact.

TRAINING PROGRAM MANAGEMENT CACTUS can provide you with an experienced team of program managers to oversee and coordinate all aspects of a long-term training program. If it is a one week course, or six month course, we have the experience to ensure the program runs smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the services we can offer are: - Student assessment and selection (if applicable) - Obtaining and organizing training facility - Instructor selection and assessment - Setting up of practical work experience - Liaison with industry and community groups - Course cash flows, financial statements, payroll, and ARRA-government reporting

- Conflict resolution - Course assessments - Course quality control reviews - Overseeing quality of instruction - Progress reporting - Administrative duties

COURSE LOGISTICS AND PLANNING For your short term training programs, we offer a complete planning and logistics package. Simply put, we take care of all the details in setting up and running a training program. Everything from obtaining a training facility, coordination of instructors, course registrations to manual production and AV needs. You will not have to worry about anything. 12

Customized Training Delivery

COURSE DELIVERY SERVICES The key to a successful training program is an effective, quality instructional team. Qualified instructors are the cornerstone to program success and satisfied clients. CACTUS training programs utilize instructors with years of industry experience. Their extensive knowledge of technical and energy conservation issues, and adult education methods, makes our course practical and relevant to today’s workplace. Students receive expert instruction from expert instructors. Our instructors are devoted to sharing new technology and skills to help students improve real-life, practical situations. Instructors for CACTUS’s Energy Efficient Residential Retrofit Training System programs must conform to our stringent Standard of Conduct. The Standard demands that instructors maintain a high level of professionalism in their respective positions, thereby ensuring consistency and quality. Clients know they will receive the best training. In both CACTUS’s direct training or training in conjunction with formal training institutions (post-secondary, community colleges, etc.), the same high level of quality is expected from the instructional team. We have a number of instructors available in a number of different trades. Our instructors possess years of on-site, “real life” experience. This combined with strong teaching and adult education principles use a “competency-based approach” to learning. The instructors do not lecture, but rather involve the students in lively discussion combining both theory and practical training. By doing so the students enjoy the program and their ability to stay focused and retain information greatly increases.


Certification Development WHAT IS CERTIFICATION?


Certification confirms that the student has the knowledge to install the product in accordance with all manufacturer requirements. Certification is a natural outgrowth of verifiable training.

- Review and recommend updates for the technical content of existing curriculum - Review of educational content of existing curriculum - Review or establishment of standards of performance and learning requirements - Design and development of test instruments and answer keys - Design of installer photo identification cards and certificates - Facilitation of industry focus groups and certification committees - Development of re-certification requirements - Development of installer certification agreements - Setting of certification criterion based upon industry recommendations

A third party certification program provides a structured professional objective and review of the student’s abilities and makes declaration as to these abilities. Certification keeps the installer up-to-date with the industry by continuous technology transfer. The installer is kept up-to-date on the technical aspects of the job, along with a mechanism to continue to meet the requirements for certification. Certification is handled at “arm’s length” to the training program, ensuring consistency and accuracy. The certification process and administration is handled by the Building Professional Quality Institute (BPQI). This organization works with CACTUS and has formed a strategic partnership in providing verifiable training. BPQI certification sets the installer ahead of the competition and helps to identify them as one of the industry elite. It is not just a matter of attending a course, but rather the fact the installer has proven they meet a high standard set by the industry. Many products and systems are dependent upon the skills and abilities of the worker in the field. The proper installation will result in satisfied customers, while improper installations will result in negative publicity that will reflect on the industry. The continued growth of the industry is dependent on satisfied customers.


Certification Delivery Now that the certification program has been established, CACTUS can help administer the processes.


Administration of certification test instruments Establishing a database tracking system Installer documentation is reviewed and verified Administering the recertification process Assistance in conflict resolution Grading of certification test instruments or verification of results when corrected by instructor Issuing and production of installer photo ID cards and course certificates Physical and electronic filing and tracking of test results, certification numbers, and other pertinent information

CERTIFICATION BENEFITS FOR THE INSTALLER BPQI produces a quarterly newsletter on new technology, application techniques, case studies, and other pertinent information on installation of construction products. Every certified installer is entitled to many benefits including: -

Manual updates Technical bulletins Access to a technical library Inclusion in a national directory that is promoted to HERS Raters, home performance contractors, and General contractors - Technical support through a 1-800 number and the BPQI web site - Discounts on future training programs


Employment Placement Services The goal of CACTUS is to strengthen the economic base in California by increasing employment opportunities in the green economy and by providing high wage “green jobs” for all residents. We will meet this goal by providing professional consultation and workforce development services to employers, and career opportunity services to people seeking employment. CACTUS assists businesses in hiring and training new employees based on their specific needs. CACTUS provides businesses with diverse tools that they will need to succeed in the new green economy CACTUS has developed numerous relationships with solar installation companies, building contractors, and utilities who typically hire workers with the knowledge and certifications that the students gained through the educational programs that we develop and administer. CACTUS continually invests the time and energy required to create and maintain these relationships. Individuals who take a course offered by CACTUS, and pass the certification process by NABCEP, BPI, HERS, or BPQI, have the option, for a nominal fee, of placement assistance.

CACTUS employment services: -

Employer recruitment presentations Flyer / job description / development Specialized recruitment On line job postings Resume prescreening Email blasts of job openings On the job training Apprenticeship Program Job fairs

OUR PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - Begins with a standard background check of the graduate, so that hiring organizations can be assured their own standards for background information are satisfied before the interview process begins. - Includes interview preparation and practice sessions with human resource professionals, to prepare the student for peak performance during the actual interviews. - Guarantees the newly certified CACTUS graduate a minimum of three fully bona fide interviews with hiring organizations who have current open positions for individuals with certification in the specific area as the graduate. - Offers the graduate the option of “lifetime interview insurance.” This means the graduate will have lifetime placement assistance in the event of a household move, an economic downturn, an upgrade of skills/new additional certification.


ETP Funding Program Implementation

The ETP contract is a pay-for-performance training contract and not a grant. CACTUS promotes the Employment Training Panel (ETP) program to small businesses, colleges, local workforce investment boards and trade associations. We can help evaluate and determine eligibility requirements, and assist you in the application process. CACTUS can assist in the development of a curriculum to meet the needs that comply with ETP funding requirements. CACTUS can help develop, write and submit the ETP application, act as a liaison, and ensure the process goes smoothly. Most California companies qualify for the program, although the regulations do change frequently. It would be too difficult to list all of the qualification regulations here. If you would like to know if your company qualifies, contact us for a preliminary assessment. For many construction and energy conservation service companies, the most important training is that related to its core business practices. Since these practices are customized to your way of doing business, perhaps even proprietary, only customized curriculum development will do.

CACTUS has assisted several companies and organizations in the development, administration and successful training for its employees. CACTUS allows you to concentrate on the training while we coordinate ETP-related administrative activities.


CACTUS will assist with: - Scheduling classes - Providing experienced trainers - Enrolling trainees in the ETP database - Transfer all data to ETP database for invoicing - Invoicing - Manage all ETP meetings, and monitoring visits - Input all training data into a custom database for tracking and filtering - Consulting to streamline your ETP activities including how to use Electronic Training Records - On-site meeting with your company representative to review the program - Assist in assembling and completing all necessary documents - Inform your company of project approval

ETP Funding Program Development

How do you pay for it? Let us handle the final piece of the puzzle for you.

FUNDING DEVELOPMENT SERVICES As an additional Service, CACTUS is dedicated to developing and administering training contracts for companies and organizations who wish to obtain funding from the Employment Training Panel (ETP). CACTUS can provide you with step-by-step assistance to help your organization develop, secure and administer an ETP funded training program. In partnership with Training Funding Partners (TFP), CACTUS can assist your vocational-technical school, college, small business or organization in the procurement of government funding to reimburse you for training.

Through CACTUS, you will have access to an experienced and successful consulting firm, Training Funding Partners, to assist in the ever changing regulations, trends, tracking, administration and bureaucracy. CACTUS offers complete ETP funding program development and administration services. Our ETP consulting service and expertise is comprehensive and minimizes your administrative burden. We provide many specialized services that can be bundled to provide one complete ETP program. Typical services may include a company-wide training needs analysis, ETP development, administration, customized curriculum development and training delivery. Utilizing proprietary administrative software, we can do all of the data entry, tracking, reporting and invoicing. At any time, we can produce a detailed status report of your ongoing training program.

Our Approach - Training Needs Assessments - Curriculum development - Government representation - Training delivery - Comprehensive administration service


Local Service Areas

Executive Director Derrick Chapman em. ph. 818-687-1323

Training Director Wes Wilson em. ph. 360-606-4622

Business Development Jim Stoch em. ph. 408-761-7084

Offices Sacramento | Santa Rosa | San Francisco | San Jose | Fresno | Los Angeles | San Bernardino | San Diego


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