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The Adventure towards Enlightenment Begins! See Beyond the Impossible!

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Amrita 2021

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The Adventure towards Enlightenment Begins! ࡙नੇͺᄊढ़᤭Ἷ


Amrita 2021

Amrita 2021


See Beyond the Impossible! Tashi Delek! On this joyous occasion of celebraƟng 20 years of Togetherness, on behalf of Thekchen Choling Singapore, I would like to extend my hearƞelt greeƟngs to you! I am humbled to be able to share this moment with you. The temple was sƟll in Bukit Timah when I first joined. The first aspiraƟon I had when embarking on this spiritual journey was to understand the truth of this universe and to learn what it means to love uncondiƟonally. When I was sƟll a volunteer, our Guru, Singha Rinpoche, once said that this temple is for the people whom nobody wants to save. This touched me deeply and I feel that, as disciples of our Guru, we should play a part to bring happiness and hope to those who have lost hope. We should be the light of Dharma to help dissipate the darkness of suffering for all beings. Over the last 20 years, we have evolved and grown. Together we overcame SARS, the economic downturns, poliƟcal unrest in other countries, and a myriad of uncertainƟes. Since 2020, we have also witnessed the wave of uncertainƟes and anxieƟes which COVID-19 has brought to the world.

g n A e n i Emmel


Amrita 2021

In reality, much suffering comes from the unwillingness to see beyond the impossible and to change. When our mindset remains fixed, are we sƟll able to see the countless possibiliƟes present, even when the opportunity is right in front of us? Any suffering which is presented to us will definitely bring fear and

ᡔᡕþˀԻᑟÿᄊϜਇἿ discomfort to us. But it is also the best Ɵme for us to culƟvate the teachings of the Buddha on impermanence and the courage to go beyond the impossible.



⧫抜㷥ㅉ㓓䶎 ✫ㄷℎ椈֑㓔廫↦ 嬫㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽⛔㍫咷↨嬺㊆䥇 梱⋜ֆ

This pandemic is slowly evolving into an endemic. Many people are anxious about the rising numbers of COVID cases but for some, life has to go on, whether there is COVID or not.

㓔㉋嘦ㄻ叀⃑㍫␴⛏岄庄抜♉⚵㋪ 䥇⃃⓾Ϗ ㈖㓔㧃ⓠ╣␨㢹֑㓔↯ 䥇⺽椥㣲⃃㔃∐⅑㸩⛌䪨洯䥇⻒∞ ⫅Ϗ ㈖㓔惒⃍抜㹸⊱嬏ℎ㢈㢹֑㓔 䥇ⓠ㊆⻴㣲屄♾ⅉ岦抜⃭⹊⹜䥇䧢 ⹡䦻֑ㄹ∖㍢㢣㨤↹䥇䓴䴹䶢㏒✶ 䨃ↃℋϏ

↍⛑֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽⻉↨⚏撐䥇㈥㇒㨨 択嬏㇛㾘㿾╫Ϗ 㓔↯⻉Ⓣ棹㹸⧳㇃ 㠁⺽椥֑幬⊤⇚┐㨨䯿∞֑∉⃑㸧 ⛏㢹֑冂⃍㿾╫←䏹冪冰℁嬏Ϗ 乃 ☘㨨康֑㓔↯ハ㧞叀⧫ⅵ咭岄⓳㍫ 䥇㈖␂֑™冪冰冷侾㓔↯⃑⭆⯙䰁 剧䥇㾘凛Ϗ

Moving forward, Thekchen Choling will be adopƟng a hybrid approach towards our Dharma acƟviƟes. We will be slowly opening up the temple for our devotees to come, but we will also conƟnue with our online acƟviƟes. We hope to see you in person while staying connected with our crossborder communiƟes online. One of my favourite quotes by His Holiness the Dalai Lama is, “When we meet real tragedy, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope or falling into self-destrucƟve habits, or find our inner strength through the challenge.” We sincerely pray that this COVID situaƟon will be over soon and may the world enjoy peace and abundance. Wishing all a blissful 2022 and may we have many more exciƟng and memorable years as one Thekchen Family. May all be auspicious!

With love and prayers, Emmeline Ang Sangyum Namdrol Lhamo

㈖㓔抛㣲⃃⛐㊚エ㢹֑㓔↯䥇⃍ニ 朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ㧁康把֑抜ㅪ⺽椥㣲⃽ 捦⅞㽤ⅽ㎶屄㖲㠔䥇ⅽ↯勏庁䶎 䥇Ϗ 抜䂴䂴岩╫ⅉ㓔֑㓔岌㉚慮⃽ ⃍ニ䥇㇢⸓֑㓔↯ㅗ庨ヱ╬捦⅞冠 㧞䥇ⅽ↯撐⺾㊮ℓώ䍼䒆ハ㧞Ϗ 㓔 ↯ㅗ嵖㐂㓓⃽∞㾘ℎ␌֑䐪䫷⃃Ⓤ ⇚䟢䥇䢞喩㢣㣑Ϗ ⧫把♾䥇 ㄷ撏֑㓔↯⃐㡰嗄⮱㓓 桂Ϗ 㓔↯⃃怺␎㧐ⅉ模␻ώ冒䀑☴ 㧽ώ⛇⧀䥇㠂㽾╫嘤⚍㢣㠳䥇㧭䪨 ㌓㎪Ϗ 咭 ㄷ↨㨨֑㓔↯™岄 庄ⅉ㡳④䡮㎈农⃙䠏ラ㨨䥇䏩夔⃑ 抺嗮Ϗ ⧫䙳⹡֑⃰幻⯝䢞喩⨊㨨咭歀ㇽ⦽ 㔪ȾȾ⃐㐂㏒恈恍Ɇ⃐⚲叀ɇ䥇⌊㎶ ⼃椓ㄹ⌝Ⓗ↾∘㟼⚛Ϗ ㈖㓔↯䥇㋠ 冷⚛㉚ⱅ㸧ⓝㇽ㢹֑☶≂㢣椓䥇㧽 挊㜉⧫㓔↯䧿┐֑㓔↯㣲⛩叀⯢䧎 岄֤

㓔䔼⓮⡟㷥⻍勈抁怙㾘䙎䥇⃃⚨ 庠֑Ɇ㈖㓔↯挊⓳䧢㸦䥇㍵┪㢹֑ 㓔↯⚲↨㧌⃧䲐⚐ㅗ֟拌㖬椺␨冠 㧞֑㽌䅽⅑咭㓔㺄䌰䥇㌹℣֠㕔㓙 墌䟴䧿┐䥇㗔㓛⺾⦡⑈⧫╞撒Ϗ ɇ 㓔↯䟴嬺䰋㐂֑抜⧽㡳④䡮㎈⼀㊮ 冖㨢֑幬⃙䠏Ⅾ㧌❏ㄶ⃑⺏ℓϏ 䰠㐂⛇∐ ㄷㄻ䱒䆤所֑™㐂㓔 ↯䥇⯪ℛ⹹ㅰ⧫㧭㨨䥇幻⯝ㄷ撏֑ ←⧫⃃怺␴⛏ㅩ把幻⯝↧ⅽ㗲Ⰾ䥇 榁㊛㢹␌Ϗ 㐂⃃Ⓤ⛌䰨ֆ

咷䓴⃑䰋㐂֑ 㿭庚㏒ 㬔榐☚揀㖌ⲉ

↾∘✋䙳⧫㓔↯樥┐䥇喩榁֑㊈⹝ ⇝农㓔↯ラ㨨㌓㎪⃑⃐担Ϗ 䏹勏֑ 抜™㣲⪼␾∞椃㋠㎶䥇㧃∶㢹㧽֑ 幬㓔↯㋠冷㢣・ώ恈恍Ɇ⃐⚲叀ɇ䥇 ⼃椓֑♾㙥俥䲐䲐䥇⚲叀㋪Ϗ 抜⧽䡮㎈サ拓䃓䇗⚛㓓⃃䲐䀄嬏 䢈֑℆咶⃃䲐䟢㿾・㋄Ϗ ㉋⯝ⅽ揀 ⺼⃐㡰⭡╣䥇㡳④䢈≎㏢⓳⃐⹌Ϗ ∉⺼⃃⅞ⅽ㨨康֑⃐乤㧌㽤㧌㡳④

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Singapore’s Wish-fulĮlling Thousand-Armed Chenrezig What gold-gilded treasure was craŌed from copper in Tibetan style and stands 2.3m tall in the main hall of Thekchen Choling Singapore? It is the rupa of bodhisaƩva Chenrezig! With one thousand arms and an eye on each hand along with eleven heads, Chenrezig is ready to reach out and help those in need. Chenrezig represents all the Buddhas and their boundless compassion. This treasure was offered by a pracƟƟoner who experienced a strong spiritual connecƟon with Thousand-Armed Chenrezig. She was deeply moved by her experience and sold her jewellery to raise the funds needed to create the rupa. It was subsequently consecrated at the temple through the generosity of Sangyum Namdrol Lhamo.

㡳╣⨤䆤㐂☆㔎岅檶 ⯪ℛ䱈⺽⯪㺂⑈㧌⻍ 伶涛䥇兲枟晒撔墒㇒㾘⹠ Ƚ 䗟 䗟㣲➭⃃⻍֤丗⺼ⅉ֑捦㣲⃃⻍☆㔎岅檶撔慮ֆ☆㔎岅檶 榉庻∞嚬囫䥇ㅂ⯪㐋㍵⅑⃃慮֑㈥弤⃽☆㔎ϯ⃃樥֑⅑☆ 㔎䥇㙏㊆⛇䟢㧌⃃䧿֑∟岉⺢␰挖ώ㉭⮳㠔喩䥇㈥弤Ϗ 㸧㹍⧦㾘䦻㣲⃽⃃∐ⰶ⼈⮮㉚岅檶嚬囫㏢ㅗ勏⚔㊆≞␾ ⅑㧯⺽䥇Ϗ⦣䂴⚚嚬囫㐋㍵㏢╫֑ⰼ⻉㟹墒⯝ㄷ䥇㔎氳 䚣⹠☙㙌֑↨丼㉚㔖拣∞⎒䥇㸁欼Ϗ撔慮枻㓓⛑֑䟴㬔榐 ☚揀㖌ⲉ庺⎪℁嬏㇃␌↭㇒Ϗ


Amrita 2021

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Relics of Lineage Gurus Displayed in the main hall are sacred relic treasures of our lineage gurus. These include relics of the Buddha Shakyamuni; relics of the Buddha’s closest disciples Ananda, Upali, Shariputra and Mahamaudgalyayana; hair of the 13th Dalai Lama; relics of the 3rd and 16th Karmapa; relics of the great Tibetan saint Geshe Lama Konchog; and relics from numerous other Buddhist masters. Besides blessing all those who view and venerate them, these Buddhist relics also serve as physical proof to inspire all of us to aspire towards enlightenment.

⇣㕂䰙ニ⧦哐⓬ ⺽ㅜ⯪㺂⑈椋ⓚ䨃㓔↯♉↦⇣㕂⃍ニ㇨恶䚐忸䥇⧦哐 ⓬Ϗ

Ji Gong BodhisaƩva Statue When Thekchen Choling Singapore moved into its current premises, one of the sacred objects inherited from the previous custodians of the Jigong temple was this 200-yearold anƟque Jigong statue.

␹⃰◈㖯ⅉ㢣⃍⻍忸撍╣䔢⻿∞椃䥇⧦哐⓬֠∞椃㧃ⅵ 抔䥇㇢⸓椂榁⻍勈ώ⇛ⴉ䱾⻍勈ώ哐⓬㇚⻍勈↨⚍㜬庆 䦱䕐抡⻍勈䥇⧦哐⓬֠䷯ϯ⃌⃙抁怙⡊⣞⻍勈䥇⚔哐 ⓬֠䷯⃌⃙⃑䷯ϯ␰⃙⯪⹠㾘䙎⤹䙞シ䥇⧦哐⓬֠层墒 ⯪⧦㫿层⡊⣞䆝☷䥇⧦哐⓬֠↨⚍⯝∐∞㠜⯪㉺䥇⧦哐 ⓬Ϗ 椧ⅉ╣㗄⃃Ⓤ岄梾䯿㖟䥇⊤⇚֑∞㠜⧦哐⓬抛叀⯢怺⓳ ⹡䔬庄㣑䥇∟䟫֑䊃⚔㓔↯⊱嬏㓓⻴֑庄㍢∞㩟Ϗ

Jigong BodhisaƩva is well-known in Chinese folk culture and is venerated by Taoists and Buddhists. Born during the Southern Song Dynasty, he was known for his eccentric personality and “crazy wisdom”, yet always demonstrated his compassion. Despite his taƩered clothing, he is highly realised, and reminds us not to judge a book by its cover.

ၧ獍ၚ֡ᰂ蛪 ⯪ℛ䱈⺽䙳⨃䥇┐慮㣲⃃ㅪ⛐⃽Ɇ䀑␯⫅ɇ䥇ㅜ⹊Ϗ㈖Ɇ䀑 ␯⫅ɇ䥇−㗄⻉Ⅺ⃝戯Ⅷ⅋⯪ℛ䱈⺽㢹֑㓔↯™⛏㢹冪 㕂ⅉ抜⻍兩㧌⃧䥁ㄷ♉⚵䥇㡊䔬兪䀑␯∞⎒Ϗ 䀑␯㿾∞㣲⃰⧀㻔梷㡊◙⃰ㅂ⃽ⅽ䪨䥇ⅽ䔬֑⛏㢹⚚⓳ 挖㠜㉕⃑∞㠜㉕䥇⿊㠯ϏⒽ䟢⅑⃰⧀☚⹎䥇䀑␯֑彏⇿ 䡲䤮ώ㋪㎈⚧㋭֑☷⚋担㢹⧳䯽䙳ⅉ嚬囫㠔ㅩ⇚䟢䥇嬏 押Ϗ 嬦嬮寷寞䥇㈥弤厏⛑֑⹡⃽䰡拝ㅂ⯪䥇㉚挖涛⎪֑抜㸦 㣲⧫㚓摕㓔↯⃐屄↨彏⚙ⅽ✃Ϗ Amrita 2021


Taking on Quests towards Enlightenment: BeneÀtting Others through Our Actions

ξᛡ᥋ʽᄊරጊ ̿ᛡүᤵሉ̵̡ As aspiring BodhisaƩvas on the journey to Enlightenment, we strive to serve and benefit others as much as possible. Thekchen Choling Singapore is always looking for ways to benefit various communiƟes and sectors, to reach out to as many people as possible no maƩer how challenging the quest might be. In this secƟon, discover how the temple has benefiƩed others in 2021 through four means: CreaƟve Endeavours, Environmental IniƟaƟves, Service to the Community, and the Power of Prayer.


Amrita 2021

∟⃽㓓∞ℎ挖⃍䥇嚬囫嬏勈֑㓔↯䶰⼀㔃叀 ⧳Ⰼ䗱ㄹ⓬䦍↙ⅽϏ㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽䲲㩄⧳ ⻉㚷╬ℎ㔎⇻⛔⛇⃭䰁剧⚍㧽㩇Ϗ⼀乤抜㹸 ㉄拗⿑⽙⃐ㄶ֑㓔↯←⨝㗄↨╞㔃叀⚍䥇㡼 ㇒♾♾⓬䦍㦷⯝䥇ⅽϏ ⧫㧯䶣啅֑⃰㍫⚲ⅉ岦㧯⺽ⱅ∘⧫ ㄷ拝 把⦞䲐㡼㇒拣䱒↙ⅽ֟㙫╫ⓞ㏒ώ⊠卵䟢 ㋄ώⰌ䗱䰁剧❏匝㊆䰋㐂Ϗ

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Eight Medicine Buddha Mandala with Sun Moon Bodhisattvas and Twelve Yakshas The Medicine Buddha - Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine Master and King of Lapis Lazuli Light) - is the Buddha of healing and medicine, a doctor who cures suffering through the medicine of his teachings. As stated within his sutra, a completed Medicine Buddha shrine brings boundless merits to many. Hence, this wondrous treasure stands in the temple’s main hall. Centred within the shrine space is the main Medicine Buddha rupa with the other seven Medicine Buddhas in front of him. To his leŌ and right respecƟvely stand the Sun BodhisaƩva and the Moon BodhisaƩva, the two main disciples of the Medicine Buddha in his pure land. This sacred mandala gives us the precious chance to pracƟse as according to the sutra - to culƟvate, purify, heal and bring forth immense merit. 12

Amrita 2021

យ趂獌֡犌෭์‫ط‬苄៣现‫܈‬ԫយ环य़贻ԏࣚउ 嘲ニⱅ㨨Ⅹ䲳Ɇ嘲ニ䛌䝆␌ⱅ㨨ɇ֑㣲拝把∞㾘䡚㏋⇚䟢 喩榁䥇⯪◾䙎∞Ϗ ϖ嘲ニ冒ϗ⃰㠜⺿֑㠯庁嘲ニⱅ㨨⨞⪑⺼⇚䟢⯪㧌宫 䦍֑⦣勏⧫⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇⯪㺂⃖庁ⅉ㧌䨃抜ㅪ㩄⃽剑ⱜώ ⹏㠷䥇嘲ニ㺂Ϗ 嘲ニ㺂撏֑↨嘲ニⱅ㨨䥇撔慮⹌ㅪ⅑⃰⯱֑ㅪ┐≠㷤⹌ Ⰼ␹↙⃆⻍嘲ニⱅ㨨Ϗ勏⧫嘲∞䥇⃧⯪≐勈֑㢨␌嚬囫 ⃑㧋␌嚬囫䥇撔慮֑ⓜ㣲Ⓣ⓮⹌Ⰼ⧫␹ォ⚶⃧㢄Ϗ 抜ㅪㅇ⃨㹍原䥇⨞⪑农㓔↯㚓≞ⅉ㩄∶䥇⊱嬏㧽⇝֑幬 㓔↯䲲䱒ώ⒃楟ώ䁋䍁ㆹ⻂ώㅂ∟∞ⅎϏ

Our Creative Endeavours


Amrita 2021


Dahlia’s Special Prayer ᝵ᓺ‫ي‬ᄊᇯਝ஡


Here’s an iniƟaƟve by a kind-hearted child, Dahlia, who composed a big-hearted wish for the well-being of everyone in the world. She even recites this prayer daily. How wonderful for the Dharma Junior kids to see themselves as part of something larger – part of a class, community and even the world. We are proud of Dahlia and all our children at the temple!

∞㾘␂䶨䚰䥇幻啠⣌⺼㡳④䡮㎈㧌㔃㏢岩֑拓勏㝳⑜䰋 㐂㡊䰠䱒⃙䠏⃍䥇㺒⃃⃭ⅽ揀叀⹌ㅺϏ⸚撏嬏梷֑㢣挚 ⼘槵ⅉⰼ⺼⇚䟢䥇⯪䓴Ϗ椧㸧֑ⰼ㺒㢨抛䲲㩄夗㊆㊸庸 ㄹ⦡⛔Ϗ抜∐∞㾘␂䶨䚰䥇⛏⸩֑⧫⻒⻒ㄷ片撏サ㏒庉 ⓳⻒㓔❏⯪㓔䥇␶侾⃑⦣凛ȾȾ䟴䚰兪֑ㆹ⇻咶䰁⇝֑ ⑐㔬⯪咶␫⃙䠏Ϗ㓔↯⃽啠⣌❏∞⸩䚰䥇⹠忠↯㏢⓳浇 ⍵❏㷦㐳ֆ

Dahlia’s daily prayer:


I dedicate this prayer to all senƟent beings to be free from suffering. May all the animals that have been eaten or killed be reborn as a perfect human and never be reborn as animals again. May all the people suffering from COVID-19 and other illnesses have swiŌ recovery and may all my family members, relaƟves, friends and their families have good health and may all be auspicious.

౯ᐖ眭ࢧ‫ݻ‬ಅ磪ռኞ᮷ ᐶዳ舚牐 眭ಅ磪ᤩਵ ౲౮ԅ觬ᇔጱۖᇔ牧 ᮷酄஑ะჿՈኞ牧犋ٚኞԅۖᇔ牐 眭碝٢የఋᘏ޾ٌ犢綧የఋᘏ ෱෭皐瓰牐 眭౯ጱ疑Ո牏谛‫ݱ޾݋‬ᛔ疑ସ 蛪ஞ؋皐牐 眭Ӟ獥‫ݴ‬ᐣই఺牐

Amrita 2021

Composing a Guru Rinpoche Song Vision, creaƟvity, teamwork, and a lot of sparkling brilliance enabled a one-of-a-kind offering to be made during this year’s Guru Bumtsog Ceremony (GBC). Four dedicated Dharma brothers and sisters put their heads and hearts together and composed a lyrical and ethereal song for the Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche. This band of talented musicians made Ɵme despite their busy schedules to brainstorm, jam, and create a song and music video as an offering for Guru Rinpoche during GBC 2021. The music video was also beauƟfully shot by our talented arƟsƟc director, Allan Ng from Samyana Pictures. Gelen Yong, the organizer and the fluƟst, said the musicians did not really know each other before working together. She had to seek them out and was delighted to discover many “hidden gems” in our Thekchen Choling community. AŌer a successful collaboraƟon, the musical foursome has bigger plans for the future. We look forward to discovering more hidden gems in our TCCL community!

Amrita 2021




㎶弤╞ώⓞ拣╞ώ剧丙剧╞╣⃍⃃ 岩☶⚔䥇䌸㏢֑⒠匝㓓↍ㄷ䥇Ɇ噵ニ ϯ⃊嘢≞⯪㾘⇝ɇ֑⃰㔃✋䙳䥇℁⃙ 㢣⚏䥇≞␾Ϗ

㦵❏檶ℓ岉歔Ϗ檶ℓ岉歔™䟴㓔↯ 㔐☑㿎䅥䥇䥇唽㧲㋾䦔֑6DPD\D 3LFWXUHV 䥇 熇䰽⬁ $OODQ 1J 侁㊆㖐 㜇Ϗ

⦞∐䆤㋃夗庝䥇⛏⊱爓㊆☒╞֑⃽ ϖ噵ニ⃆⚨䰋庺㡊ϗ廴⑜ⅉ⃃汙㕕 ㎈勏䴽䌸䥇㸏㦵Ϗ⼀乤↙↯䥇㢨䳎 億㊜֑抜㟲㔐☑㳭䅥䥇檶ℓ⦥棢抛 㣲㖫Ⓗ㢹梷択嬏叔╞䊃嘤ώ☒⠉幫 幽֑ㄹ⃽ ㄷㅩ噵ニ㾘⇝㈘⓹㸏

檶ℓ⦥棢䥇冇冊勈␿桂䷞䇗Ⱂ勈㨫 㐪䙵康 檶ℓ⹹⧫⛋∟ℎ┐㈿㸧⃐⯭ 䑢冟֑∉⃽ⅉ抜㷤䥇檶ℓ⓹∟֑↙ ⃐㉚⃐Ɇ㖞␸ℳ洯ɇϏⰼ㉋涛␷叀⧫ 㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇⯪⹹ㅰ⃰⚔䙳ⅉ 幻⯝Ɇ楓墒䥇䜳⹠ɇϏ

Amrita 2021

冒把ⅉ抜㷤䥇㓓╢⛋∟֑檶ℓ⦞ⅽ 冇⺼㧭㨨㧌ⅉ㦷抟⯪䥇幤ⓕϏ 㓔↯㧢㉈⧫⯪ℛ䱈⺽撏⚔㙛㦷⯝䥇 楓墒䜳⹠ֆ

Nurturing Creativity in the Next Generation 2021 was another fresh adventure for the Dharma Junior and Youth teams. With the fluid Covid-19 situaƟon, many changes had to be made – from being able to have face-to-face lessons but with measures in place to shiŌing back to online – but the teachers and facilitators conƟnued to innovate to bring out the creaƟvity in the children and youth!

Part 1: Dharma Junior (DJ) The teachers conƟnued the mission to inspire, nurture and empower the DJ kids. DJ teachers came up with creaƟve ways to discover more about Buddhism - virtual globe-troƫng, hands-on acƟviƟes, games, story-telling, art-making, and fun quizzes. The kids really look forward to the acƟviƟes and the company of their teachers and friends.

Elliot Class (4–6y): LiƩle Trees Story Telling and Sharing – a lesson on Courage

mother, Queen Mayadevi, held the branch of a tree with her right hand. The children also meditated with Teacher Bee Lai while they thought of the beauƟful and peaceful lands of Lumbini.

The liƩle tots are the cutest! Young as they are, it is the start of nurturing a future of happy, kind and courageous leaders to benefit the world.

Another desƟnaƟon was Bodhgaya, where Gautama Siddharta aƩained full enlightenment under the great Bodhi Tree.

In one of the lessons in July, the children began with a game called freeze dance, took refuge in the Triple Gem, and listened to a story-telling session by the teacher called LiƩle Trees. The liƩle budding hearts of Elliot class also shared about their feelings of being afraid and being brave. Nurturing courage starts from young!

Not only was there a virtual journey, there was also a super game and quiz. What a fun way to learn and to be inspired by the life story of Shakyamuni Buddha!

Here’s a snapshot of a class from Elliot, Manny, Risa and Buddhi.

Risa Class (9-10y): Water bowl oīerings – a lesson on focus and merit-making In April, Risa class had a special guest! They invited our venerable Sangha member Ani Dechen to explain the significance of water bowl offerings and guided them on how to make water bowl offerings.

Manny Class (7-8y): Virtual travel to the 4 holy sites – Lesson on the Buddha’s life story In one of the lessons, the Manny class followed the footsteps of Shakyamuni Buddha to the 4 Holy Sites of Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Deer Park and Kushinagar. The first stop was Lumbini where Prince Siddharta was born while his

Amrita 2021


The children were excited and curious, asking Ani Dechen many quesƟons. There was also a hands-on session in which the class was split into various small groups to pracƟse doing the water bowl offerings. They helped each other to mix saffron nectar into the jug, purified the bowls with incense, and poured the water into the bowls. It was a very meaningful and meditaƟve experience that the children enjoyed.

Buddhi (11-12y): Be a Good Friend to Yourself – evoluƟon and friendships In Part I of a class, the teachers and children spent some Ɵme talking and exploring about what it means to be a good friend to themselves. How a child feels about themself forms the basis for how they will treat other people too. In Part II, the children were guided to do reflecƟons and write down the


Amrita 2021

posiƟve qualiƟes that they see in themselves and their friends so as to culƟvate a heart that praises and encourages others. It is important to the teachers that all of the children in the class feel loved and accepted!

There is a saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The Dharma Youth did just that so let’s congratulate them by raising our glasses of lemonades! Keep up the good work, guys!

༏ԧѹਓழˇ̽ ㄷ⃽∞㾘␂䶨䚰⚍∞㾘樕ㄷ䚰㇃⛲ⅉ␫㡳䥇㢈䳎Ϗ䟴⅑④䢈㨤≎䥇⯝㷤 㦷╫֑幻⯝⹌㙕™槃屄⌝Ⓗ䦻ㅗ䥇廆㠷Ϗ≎ⱅ֑↑ㄷⓠ䥇⹡∖廁⹧㠜⸩戯⃽ 冂⃍ㄶ⚳㠜⸩Ϗ⼀乤ⱅ㸧֑⺿ニ❏╬㠜↯揀⃐㒋⅑䵄䫷ⓞ㡳֑⃽㓔↯䥇␂䶨 䚰⃑樕ㄷ䚰䊃⚔㢣椓ⓞ㏒ֆ

䷯⃃掫Ⓣ֟∞㾘␂䶨䚰 ⺿ニ⦥棢⃽␂䶨䚰庁幤䥇廁䳎֑㢫⧫⅑䊃⚔ώ⪼␾ㄹ怎⅋⸬⸓↯⛇欼叀╞Ϗ ␹⃰⃃⅞䟢╫㧌恦䥇⸩℣㿾╫◈㖯֟夝㖢⃙䠏䃻ώ㔎∟㿾╫ώ䃻㓒ώ幵㠈 ⅎώ剑㧲⚍䶡丗㺗怞Ϗ抜⅞侁㈬䥇㿾╫⃑ニ䟢⅕╫֑揀幬㓔↯䥇⹠忠↯⛔㉃ 㺒⃃⫅廁䥇⓳㨨Ϗ

䧎䧎㓔↯㿾㾿⚲䓴䥇(OOLRW ≠䯿

ώ0DQQ\ 㦿⻿ ώ5LVD 㢨囫 ❏ %XGKL 嚬㚓 䚰兪䥇廁⫅┭㈴ֆ

≠䯿䚰֍⦞咶␰⽄֎֟ⓉⅮ⻒ 㫔喚㓓桂䥇㠈ⅎ⺖㏒Ⱦ▊㻗 抜㣲㓔↯ㄷ片㧃⻒™㣲㧃⚲䓴䥇⃃ 䚰ֆ 䧎䨃⻒⚲䓴↯䙳⧫䥇⯬䧢䎅 䇮֑㓔↯模・㑪㑯↙↯桂⯪⛑֑叀 㓓⃽␺⯊ↄ▊ℓ䥇⧀⹹㫎㭄Ϗ䙳⧫ 㸦㣲↙↯⪼␾▊㻗䥇⛲坜䍼ֆ ⧫⃆㧋⇀䥇廁䳎֑⃰拝把⛇䲐䃻㓒 㿾╫ώ 䥋≠⃌⹠ώ抛㧌匉⛯֍⺿ニ ⓉⅮ֎⻒㫔喚䥇㓓桂㠈ⅎ֑⻒⚲䓴 ↯⸩℣ⅉ嬫抁⹶㋘䥇㏢⚚❏ⱅ∘燖 怺▊㻗⧳ㅗ⺼⛇䲐䟢㿾㎈⑸Ϗ㣨殑 ◙榫֑㐂㓔↯䥇∞喚↯㇃⛲㓓⃽⯪ ▊勈Ϗ

Amrita 2021


㦿⻿䚰 ֍⃆咶␮⽄֎֟∞㠜⦞ ⧦⧳刔⃍䃻岋 Ƚ ∞椃䟢ㄶ⛲䯽 抜㣲㓔↯ㄷ片㧃⻒™㣲㧃⚲䓴䥇⃃ 㦿⻿䚰拝把刔⃍䃻岋䲔㕃֑拀惭ⅉ ∞椃⃃䟢䥇撏䳎䭔ℎ⦞⯪⧦⧳Ⱦ庡 䟢⧦⧳֍垠㺚⻿啴⦰֎ώ㇃㍢⧦⧳ ֍嚬㚓∀勹֎ώⓠ戯㾘戱⧦⧳֍煂 撑喔֎⚍䁈㲆⧦⧳֍㖛⻻捦抩⪑֎ Ϗ ⹠忠↯㧠㖟䥇䷯⃃⃭⧦⧳㣲垠㺚⻿ 啴⦰ ㈖㢹∞椃㺐ⅵ㜬勹⯮ⅽ⚶㔎 㔹䨃⃃㫼㫔㩠֑庡⃎㍌抁⯝⯭⸓֍ ∞椃㓓∞┐䥇⛐⸚֎Ϗ䃻岋⛑֑⹠ 忠↯™⇿㳤⇿㫺⧳悢䨃剑㨨⺿ニ䦛 呂䱈⨓֑岅㎶䨃挨抟䰨❏䥇垠㺚⻿ 啴⦰֑㏢⚚䨃❮⻽䥇⹄樜Ϗ 椧㸧֑⹠忠↯™㧠㖟ⅉ℗抁㜬㍌抁 ⯝⧫嚬㚓㫔⃎岌㍢㓓∞䥇䙳↍嚬㚓


Amrita 2021

∀勹⺽⚍嚬㚓㫔Ϗ抜欼冖⛋ⅉ∞椃 䟢ㄶ㠈ⅎ䥇㏒ℌ⚍⓮Ⓗ㊆宄䥇㙋廁 㡼㇒⚍䶡丗㺗怞ώ䃻㓒丌֑幬⯪⹹ 䙬㉚⃐ⅩℓℑϏ

㢨囫䚰 ֍℠咶ϯ⽄֎֟∞┐≞ 㻷 Ƚ ⚲⪼␾㾫㏒╞֍䱈⹝⪽ 䬃֎⃑䲐⃎㢣撒䱒㉺䟳 ⧫⧫⦞㧋⇀撏֑㢨囫䚰捃庺ⅉ䔼⓮ 㨨⺁Ⱦ㧯⺽䥇㾘⡟㾘ニ幵岦↨㻷≞ ␾∞䥇䂴抟㏒ℌ❏ⅵ咭㗊⺿㻷≞䥇 㸨浧Ϗ歂㢹֑⹠忠↯⺼抜䲐⊱㾘㏢ ⓳模・䥇ⱀⰊ֑抛歔歔⚔梱Ϗ⓳ⅉ ⻒冇円℣≞㻷㢹֑⹠忠↯爓㊆⛋╞ ⧳␋⻉墒入啴堍╣␨㻷֑⃰⑐䟫汜 㕍䭚塳⒃ 㧃⛑㔐幧䧢⧳⻉㻷⋕␨ 䭚⑈Ϗ⧫⺿ニ↯䥇廉廉㠜⺿⃎֑㠷 ⃭⸩℣把䳎☶㏌㊮ώ㧌㏒ℌ⚋叀⪼ ␾⹠忠↯䥇䱈⹝⪽䬃֑䧢㣲䟫㊆唲 喩⠍Ϗ

嚬㚓䚰 ֍ϯ⃃咶ϯ⅏⽄֎֟㓓 ⃽咭ゴ䥇ⱀ㧎⚎ Ƚ ⊆択㓓桂⃑ ⚎廍 ⻒㧎⚎↯拝・⇝⃐䪨⃐岌⧳㕍咭慮 ㏢⚚䟫⅑⺼㉈↙ⅽϏ咭䪨勈㣑֑㧌 ⅉ咭㓔幧庉 㔐叀㒅㉚㉈ⅽ⯇ⅎℎ 挖Ϗ⧫䷯⃃⫅廁撏֑⃽ⅉ㚓涛⹠忠 ↯䥇咭㓔幧庉叀╞֑⺿ニ㇘䟫ⅉㄶ 㣖抔ⅽ֍戾㩁֎䥇庠歛ϖⱅ∘㓓⃽ 咭ゴ䥇ⱀ㧎⚎ϗ⌝㇃⧽䥀֑燖╴↙ ↯嬫抁⺼咭ゴ䥇㏢⚚Ϗ⧫䷯⅏⫅廁 撏֑⹠忠↯⸩⇝ⅉ咭㓔⚐䧄֑㕍咭 ゴ❏㧎⚎䥇⇛䍼 㸦樥䔼快 平⃎ 㨨Ϗ椧ⅉ燖╴↙↯䚐㎟ώ怡㔯❏▌ ╴␹↙ⅽ֑⧫抜㠷⃭⸩℣把䳎֑⃰ ⹠忠↯™㏢⚚⓳⺿ニ↯⺼↙↯䥇㙨 其❏䆤䆤䥇␶䓴Ϗ

Part 2: Dharma Youth


The past year has presented many challenges to the world. Each of us had to learn to overcome our fears, adapt and make the most of a new normal.

把♾䥇⃃ㄷ ␫⃙䠏樥⃷ⅉ幻⯝㗔㓛Ϗ㓔↯㺒⃭ⅽ揀㊈款 ⸩⇝␎㧐㌓㎪֑ㄹ担ㅗ⃑␈Ⓣ⓬䟫㡳・㋄Ϗ

The Dharma Youths have done an exemplary job of thriving in these difficult condiƟons, demonstraƟng that inner strength can create a posiƟve outlook and give hope and light to those around. They did so by conƟnuing their lessons on Zoom, staying connected with the temple and parƟcipaƟng in fun, creaƟve acƟviƟes such as designing their ideal Youth logo using Canva, a food hunt, and filming a video to share why Vesak Day is significant to them. As part of the second level of the S.A.I.L Programme, the Senior Youths came together to plan for a community project. They brainstormed, researched, and discussed which community they wanted to reach out to and what the best possible way was. Even though the fluid COVID-19 situaƟon meant that this plan had to be shelved for now, the “heart” work put in by our youths has definitely not gone to waste. Their growth into capable, open-hearted individuals is demonstraƟve of their larger potenƟal to accomplish great things!

樕ㄷ∞⸩䚰䥇⛏⸩↯⧫㈖┐唳榁䥇䙲⭆⃰嬫䙳Ⓗ唵֑↙ ↯⼘䯽ⅉ⑈⧫╞撒㣲⚲↨ⓞ拣䲲㩄䥇┐㤲֑ㄹ农✫⦷䥇 ⅽラ㨨ハ㧞⃑␌㣑Ϗ ↙↯拝把 =RRPㄶ⚳冪冰⃍廁֑⃑⺽椥⊠㗄北侾ㄹ⚅⃑ 㧌恦ώ⺏ⓞ㏒䥇⛇欼㿾╫֑≎ⱅ֟⓬䟫 &DQYD庁幤樕ㄷ 䚰㫊㊚ώ剑殢⺾⹠⚍拝把㜇⓹䪰䔊㨨ⓉⅮ☮⬡啅⺼↙↯ 䥇㏒ℌϏ ∟⃽ 6 $ , / 幤ⓕ䥇䷯⅏兪⚅⃑⸩䟢֑⸩桂↯匝榉⧫⃃ 怺丙ⓕ⃃欼䰁◽欼䦱Ϗ↙↯榉㋠ㅂ䦍֑䫗䴹ㄹ幫幽⯪ ⹹㎶屄㙨岩䥇䰁◽֑↨⚍㧃㌳㈖䥇択嬏㡼㾘Ϗ⼀乤䦱┐ &29,' ④䢈䡮㎈╫嘤⃐⹝䥇⼃▂֑㏒✶䨃㸦⧫丙ⓕ䥇 欼䦱㊈款㥅㢹㛄刱֑∉⛏⸩↯㔃㕘␨䥇Ɇ㊆㋠ɇ冠⺼㽤㧌 䥀忼Ϗ↙↯㔃⼘䙳Ⓗ䥇⃭ⅽ叀╞⃑䎰庝֑庄㣑ⅉ↙↯䈟 ⇒䨃カ⯪䥇䈟╞㓓⻴⇢⯪ⅎ⃝ֆ 㧌⚨廝庰֑Ɇ㈖䟢㿾农∣㪣㵯㢹֑⻴㕍⹆⓹㓓㪣㵯㻷 Ϗɇ 樕ㄷ∞⸩䚰䥇⛏⸩↯㸦㣲抜㫺⌝䥇֑幬㓔↯℁怺抜㨲㪣 㵯㻷䰠忽↙↯ֆ冪冰╭╞֑⇜⇷↯ֆ

There is a saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The Dharma Youth did just that so let’s congratulate them by raising our glasses of lemonades! Keep up the good work, guys!

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Green Tara Enshrined in front of the main hall is a magnificent emeraldhued Green Tara rupa offered to Singha Rinpoche on his lunar birthday in 2021. This treasure was handcraŌed in Nepal, and made possible through the generosity of many people. Singha Rinpoche and Geshe Nyima consecrated the rupa in April 2021 through a CiƩamani Tara puja that also purifies the causes of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has requested all to recite Tara’s ten-syllable mantra to help pacify the effects of the pandemic. Her mantra is as follows: Om Tare TuƩare Ture Soha


Buddha King of Nagas According to the tradiƟon of Lama Tsongkhapa, Buddha Nageshvara Raja - also known as Nagaraja of King of Nagas is considered one of the 35 Buddhas of Confession. It is said that the pracƟce of reciƟng the name and mantra of this buddha 21 Ɵmes purifies the heavy negaƟve karmas and experiences in this life. With a white face and blue body, he is especially invoked during naga pujas, and is parƟcularly known for alleviaƟng harm caused by a class of serpentlike spirits known as nagas. This could include skin diseases like leprosy and eczema, and illnesses such as cancer. It is said that even paralysis can be cured by reciƟng his mantra 100,000 Ɵmes. The pracƟce also provides protecƟon in many ways, for example against harm from landlord spirits, dangerous sicknesses, and even burglary or theŌ. It could possibly bestow great wealth too. His mantra is as follows: Tayatha Om Tathagata Bhagavan Naga Randze Shora Adhishthana AdhishƟte Soha

牜⻍䙎∞ ≠㘱㫿潄䀁⹚⡃シ⯪ニ䥇⇣㕂֑牜⻍䙎∞㣲⃌ϯ⅗∞㊒ ㍗㡊⃰䥇⃃⻍䥀樥垠慮∞֑㊸庸∞⛐❏㊆❕⅏ϯ⃃挐叀 ⒃◙㸧䟢䥇⃃Ⓤ㌹⃝撐刭Ϗ㺒㈖℁嬏牜≞㾘⇝㢹֑喨⛔ 牜䙎⻍∞㊒㍗֑叀廆岦㓔↯⦣⑕䕲牜㢒勏挰咷䥇䢈楟Ϗ 抜◈㖯䁋椧䥱卧䢊䕹ⱅ煾殑䢈ώ䅂䡼丌℆咶䤏䢊丌㌹ 䢊Ϗ椧㸧֑夗㊆㊸庸牜䙎⻍∞䥇㊆❕ϯ⃊挐֑䟝咶叀㽾 䣮䢭䢈Ϗ⊱嬏㸧㾘梫֑椧ⅉ叀捂␐⚚⓳⧳䰚ώ歀䢁ώ℆ 咶䦚忿丌⇧⹶❏╮榁֑™叀䰋㼅牜⻍䙎∞椐怓⺏氹Ϗ ❕庰֟ 抁榈↙ ⢤ 抁丗⣑↙ シ⣑⃊ 捦⣑ ㎼╣㡲➊⠩ 椂 ㅘ㡲抁捦 椂ㅘ㡲㭲忷 Ⳕ庆 22

Amrita 2021

⅑ ㄷ拥朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ庡扳֑㇢⸓⊤⇚夗㊆䗱⃍⃃⻍䟴 ⻿㾍⻗エ◣オ㔎侁㊆㔖拣䥇凂ㅩ㺐⎒Ϗ⧫朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ⃑ ⹄䙞㫿层ラ歉⃎֑㧯⺽⅑ ㄷ 㧋℁嬏ⅉ凂ㅩ㺐㇃␌ ↭㇒㥫ⱅ㏒䚣ㅩ㺐㾘⇝Ϗ㸧㾘⇝™㣲⃽ⅉ⒃椧䡮㎈䥇⃝ 㩟勏䔼⓮℁╡䥇Ϗ⧫㸧֑燖╴⯪⹹➐ㅗ⻍勈抁怙⡊⣞䥇 ✿⛄֑⯝⯝㗄庸凂ㅩ㺐䥇ϯ⸚㊆❕֑䰋㐂ㄶ㌲␫䛆䥇䡮 ㎈☴㧽Ϗ ㊆❕֟⢤ 抁ⓚ 揀抁ⓚ 揀ⓚ 㭰➋

Environmental Initiatives


Amrita 2021


Planting Trees for Mother Earth ܸ‫˨ڡ‬ඇೲ፯ਓ

This year, the Vaiduyra Healing FesƟval donated part of its proceeds to the Singapore Garden City Fund’s “PlantA-Tree Programme” in support of NParks’ goal to plant 1 million trees. Keeping our natural environment healthy and thriving is important as we need Mother Nature to survive. Without the abundance of nature, there would be no food, water, or even a clean environment for us to live in. Our coming together as one contributes to the healing of Mother Earth and all beings through our hearƞelt prayers and generous donaƟons. Together, we also sow the seeds to heal the Earth and our hearts for the sake of the future generaƟon, creaƟng a more loving and compassionate society for all to live in! ↍ㄷ֑嘲ニ原⇝⻉掫Ⓣ䥇㿾╫▢榉 ⡇㸁㘓怣⅋㡳╣⨤啴⦰⪑ヅ⪽撔䥇Ɇ 㯐㫔幤ⓕɇ֑㟲㗄⧀⹹␯⦰⼃䲐㯐 ⃊㮸㫔䥇䦱㫊Ϗ⊠㕧咭䏹䟢㋄䙲 ⭆䥇⌨ㅺ⃑垯▆䟢㧽㣲㉋撐屄䥇֑ ⦣⃽㓔↯槃屄⃑⯪咭䏹⅕䦻≠⸛ώ ␴䟢␴嘦Ϗ喨㽤㧌怇䅓⺏氹䥇⯪咭 䏹֑⻴㽤㧌殢䔬ώ㻷֑䟝咶㽤㧌ㄵ ⒃䥇䙲⭆≞㓔↯⼈−Ϗ ⦣勏֑㓔↯咷╞拝把夗庝䰋㐂⃑㐺 㐫Ⰼ䗱֑㨨⃽⯪⧳ℎ㺐⚍⃃Ⓤ⇚䟢 ラ㨨㽾㏋Ϗ㐂㓔↯䟴㸧㝰⃎⑈⯙䰨 ❏䥇䲐⸓֑⃽⸓⸜⛑↦ⓞ拣⃃⃭㦷 ␺䓴㊆⃑㐋㍵㊆䥇◈⹼䰁⇝ֆ


Amrita 2021

Supporting the Planting of Coral Reefs

For Vesak Prayer FesƟval 2021, Thekchen Choling chose to do something different from the usual animal liberaƟon! Realising that animal liberaƟon actually disrupts our ecosystem, we decided to do something that can benefit the environment instead – planƟng corals in the sea! A part of the fee from each sign up for our Vesak event was donated to the Garden City Fund for the Plant-A-Coral/Seed-A-Reef programme under NParks. Why did we choose to plant corals? Coral planƟng is actually important to replace corals that are dying as corals are “the rainforest of our ocean”. It is an important home for the fishes and helps to ensure the cleanliness of our oceans. It also contributes to marine biodiversity and protecƟon. We also collaborated with the organisaƟon “Just Keep Thinking” to produce a fun and educaƟonal video with bubbly Biogirl MJ as the host. Thanks to the amazing contribuƟon of all our donors, we managed to raise S$10,000! This will allow NParks to plant 50 coral plants in the southern waters of Singapore.

Scan the QR codes to watch the videos produced by “Just Keep Thinking”!

Is Mercy Release Really Good Karma?

How Singapore ScienƟsts Are Saving Our Reefs: Amrita 2021



↍ㄷ⯪ℛ☮⬡啅⃾屄⹦⺿⑈⹼ℎ ⃃֑㣲Ɇ㕧䟢↦㧂㠁䟢ɇ䥇㱅㊸ֆ⧫ ㏒庉⓳㠁䟢㿾╫⹡椈⃍㔳ℴⅉ㓔↯ 䥇咭䏹䟢㋄侾冢֑㓔↯⑶⹝⌝⃃⅞ 㧌⓬⅑䟢㋄䥇㿾╫ Ƚ ⧫䀺ㅘ䲐㯐䚍 䜝ֆ⃽㸧֑㓔↯㕍掫Ⓣ☮⬡㾘⇝䥇 ⡇㸁㘓怣⅋啴⦰⪑ヅ⪽撔֑怇╬⧀ ⹹␯⦰⼃䥇Ɇ㯐䜝⃑卵䯄幤ⓕɇϏ ⃽Ↄℋ㓔↯拌㖬䲐㯐䚍䜝֤䲐㯐䚍 䜝䥇䦱䥇㣲⃽ⅉ⚙↦⌟㸥䟢桂㓙㸾 Ⅴ䥇䚍䜝֑↨⊠㕧抜䔊Ɇ䀺㿎⃰䥇䎰 ラ榫㩚ɇϏ⦣⃽֑幻⯝䀺㿎䟢䔬ⱅ漿 伾֑⡟㷥⺇⼈ώ䟢㿾⧫䚍䜝䯄撏֑ 勏⃗䚍䜝™㧌╬⅑䀺㻷䥇㿄⒃Ϗ⚲ 岄֑䲐㯐䚍䜝㣲冷㗄䀺㿎䟢㋄⯝ 㫺㋪⚍⊠㕧䀺㿎䙲⭆▂⧫㊈嬏䥇㙭 㢀Ϗ 椧㸧ℎ⯙֑㓔↯™⃑刔冟ⵕ∖ Ɇ-XVW .HHS 7KLQNLQJɇ ⛋∟֑⓹∟ⅉ⃧榉 䟴㿾㾿䥇%LRJLUO 0-⃾㗄䥇恦✶㠜卵 岉歔Ϗ㓔↯䟴嬺䥇㏢廥㐺㐫㘓䗱䥇 ⡇㊆ⅽ⮮֑幬㓔↯丼榉⓳ 㡳 ␆䥇㸁欼ֆ抜䷗⡇㸁叀⯢幬⧀⹹␯ ⦰⼃⧫㡳╣⨤䥇☚掫㻷⪢䲐㯐 㫭 䚍䜝Ϗ

㔮䫄岅䧎 -XVW .HHS 7KLQNLQJ 䥇岉歔ֆ

Ɇ㠁䟢ɇ䧢䥇叀⯢俲䲲 ⡇⃝⛚֤ 26

Amrita 2021

䧎㓔⧀䲔⸩⹹ⱅ∘⊠卵 䚍䜝䯄

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka Thekchen Choling is home to a beauƟful treasure that is unveiled annually on the special occasion of Vesak day! The four-storey tall Wish-fulfilling Shakyamuni Buddha thangka is an enormous appliqué thangka depicƟng Shakyamuni Buddha serenely seated in the full lotus posiƟon on a throne, aƩended to by his two chief disciples Shariputra and Maudgalyayana. A thangka can be described as a Tibetan Buddhist cloth painƟng or tapestry. In this case, it is enƟrely hand-sewn from silk brocade, beads and sequins. It is also the largest Shakyamuni Buddha thangka in Southeast Asia. The annual unveiling event has been featured in the local media and aƩracts devotees from around the region. It is believed that simply gazing upon the image of Shakyamuni Buddha brings countless blessings and auspicious condiƟons for those who sincerely pay homage to him.

撍抩䔢⻿∞⟓☤ Maitreya Buddha An anƟque wooden Maitreya rupa - esƟmated to be about 200 years old - was offered by a devotee to Singha Rinpoche, and subsequently refurbished in gold. This rupa was created in the style of Budai, a monk who lived in 10th century Imperial China and venerated by many as an incarnaƟon of Maitreya - the name is a derivaƟve of Maitri which means “loving kindness” in Sanskrit.

⧫㺒ㄷ䦞⯪䥇☮⬡啅ㅉ␻⃍֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽揀⇝⼘䯽⃃ㄈ涛 抁⦞⼅㰿䥇カ⩎忷啴⟓☤ֆ⟓☤㚒军ⅉ撍抩䔢⻿∞䥇㓓 挖䦻֑䰨❏⧳⅑䖱⸓ㅪ⃍冖悒恽⨓֑㾘ㅪ㢄ⓜ㣲哐⓬㇚ ❏䦱䕐抡⃧∐⯪㇢⸓Ϗ⟓☤㣲墒㢒䔼㧌䥇⹚㠜唽㧲֑勏Ɇ 忷啴⟓☤ɇⓜ㣲㗊䟫冻凑ώⅱ䔊ώ冉䚣丌⃃杋⃃冂几⓹ 守宴勏㓓䥇∞㠜☺户䟾Ϗ抜ㄈ⟓☤֑サ孮嵌⃽㣲⃟☚⅝ 㧃⯪䥇撍抩䔢⻿∞⟓☤Ϗ ⯪ℛ䱈⺽㺒ㄷ⅑☮⬡啅℁嬏䥇㤕∞↭㇒֑⨊⚚⛇㡼ⵕ ∖䦻䶡撊庂֑⛻㇘幻⯝⊤⇚┐㨨岅䯿Ϗ⡇⊤喨叀夗㊆ 䩾↳֑⛔撍抩䔢⻿∞㠯䯿֑㊈叀坜⚚㢣⼀╣㗄⃑⛌䰨⡇ 凛Ϗ

Arya Maitreya is prophesised to be the next Buddha who will be born on Earth, manifest achieving complete enlightenment, and teach the Buddhadharma just as Shakyamuni Buddha did.

㇨▕⻍∞ 抜⻍䏘⚔䀖♝⚧檸䥇㇨▕⻍∞㧫榘撔慮֑⇳幤㣲⃃⻍サ 㧌⃧䥁∜ㄷ♉⚵䥇㡊䔬兪⹠䔬Ϗ㸧⎒䟴⃃∐⡇⊤㠯䗱⅋ 朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ⛑֑䟴␫⺽⊤⇚忷撔≞␾Ϗ 抜⻍拣⎒␹⹡㣲↨⃰⧀⅗↦㢹⛑㭄涛⎪Ⱄ㸧❏⻝⃽♢ ⩎ϏⰔ㸧❏⻝ℓ⡇ⱀ㢀֑⦣勏孮ⅽ↯䲳⃽Ɇテ孎❏⻝ɇ֑ ⛑⚋孮幧⹝⃽㣲㇨▕䥇◙慮ϏɆ㇨▕ɇ℆㣲㭸㡊檶应֑㧯 ℌ⃽Ɇ㐋㻒ɇ֑☶㐋䓴⇚䟢勈Ϗ ㇨▕⚚↾⃽撍抩䔢⻿∞䥇冪↾勈֑㧭㨨⻉Ⓗ䟢⅑Ⳕⴉ⃙ 䠏֑䯽䙳岌嬏⧉䆤⛑֑冪勏↨⹦幵∞㾘⓬䦍⇚䟢֑ⱅ⛏ ⃙⻍Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Service to the Community



Amrita 2021

Helping India with Their Covid Relief Efforts ଭҰӿएઈႯৱ

The devastaƟng news of the heartless pandemic causing great havoc on the Indian subconƟnent was more than enough to unlock the hearts of those who heard the news, including the dharma family in Thekchen Choling.

෫眐ጱ&29,' ٢ᇫየྰᙀ葾獊純牧ᘒ螗蝽ዖ眐य़粁 ‫ݎ‬ጱ玢ଶๅᤩ୵਻ԅʼnՈᳵᅫሄŊ牐鉖࣋輗ᵙ犋Ր౮ԅԧ 獊Ӯኴጱᆌᅩ牧ๅ窼窼瑿薼ۖԧय़犔ᐮ疢‫מ‬ռጱ眈఑ԏ ஞ牐

Witnessing the great suffering that India was going through while baƩling COVID-19, Thekchen Choling collaborated with the Singapore Red Cross Society to support their efforts in helping India’s COVID situaƟon. Due to our devotees’ generosity and kindness in donaƟng Tsog offerings for our Guru Bumtsog Ceremony 2021, a grand total of S$10,000 was raised to support the efforts of the SRC. We sincerely pray for India’s wellbeing and recovery from COVID-19.

ፓᎃԧ玢ଶ犌٢የዖ眐矸෎ጱᜊ蜢牧य़犔ᐮ疢豙ਧඪ瞱 碝‫࣠ے‬ᕁ‫ਁ܈‬տࣁ玢ଶ疻୏ጱಯዖᤈۖ牐ኧԭ‫מ‬ռࣁឰ 趂ဩտ๗ᳵ睄眼镔瞱ដ‫׀‬ဩ觬牧౯ժӞ‫و‬ᓉ褸ԧ 碝‫ز‬ඪ瞱ᕁ‫ਁ܈‬տ੒玢ଶጱಯዖൔۗ牐౯ժ፥ᦻԅ玢ଶ ᐖᐰ ᐖ眭玢ଶԈࢵӤӥ࿆ռਞ皐牧ଚ蜫蝧՗ዖ眐Ӿ ؋瓰ᝁ牐

Amrita 2021


Supporting Various Communities Financially ᠫҰՊᇫ͘Ꮖʹ

Thekchen Choling has been benefiƫng others through financial support and donaƟons this year. S$6500 was donated to Sera Jey Tsawa Khangtsen to support the 250 Sangha members in their monthly payment of electricity bills. Thanks to the hard work and coordinaƟon of our staff, especially in the handling of the logisƟcs, we also managed to deliver 5600 reusable masks to Kopan Monastery in Nepal for 857 Sangha members! Giving out food and Hong Baos during Chinese New Year was also a key highlight for this year. A total of S$8540 was given to the residents to aid their daily living and necessiƟes. The Educare Fund is given out yearly to support our devotees and their children in their studies. A total of S$4300 was granted to six students, ranging from primary to university level. Under our Annual EducaƟonal Bursary, a sum of S$12,400 was also given to 19 primary school, 22 secondary school and five terƟary school students. We wish the students all the best in the pursuit of their dreams!

y r e t s a n o M Kopan


Amrita 2021

ࣁᜊᵙ෸๗牧य़犔ᐮ疢眭辐ᖍ菥ԏ‫ێ‬牧蝢鉑ᩒۗ౲ᩪᇔ ጱොୗ๶ۗ‫ݱ‬ӻᗭ֛ଶ鉑ᵙ‫ى‬牐犡ଙ牧๜疢೟‫ ڊ‬碝 ‫ز‬ᩒۗᜋ೉磼֡਍ᴺ硄絮皐๮ጱ Ո‫ࢫأ‬ᗈԻྯ์ጱ ኪᩇ牐‫ݚ‬क़牧ࣁ๜疢ᘳާጱ蜢۪犌ۘ‫ێ‬ӥ牧౯ժࣁ覍ଉ ෸๗౮‫ۑ‬瑿ਞ矎ԧᇔ窕霙ᬌ牧ᶲ‫ڥ‬瑿贻 ӻ‫ݢ‬᯿瓰ֵ አጱ‫ݗ‬ᗛ蝑Ԩ ࣁ疴ဤਫ਼ິ禥疢ጱ ֖‫أ‬ռ牦 ١ܲ碝ଙ๗ᳵ牧‫ݎ‬窔遬觬现ᩈଙᕁ۱ጱၚۖ犖ฎ犝ᅩᶱ ፓԏӞ牐౯ժӞ‫و‬窔‫ ݎ‬碝‫ز‬ᕳ‫ݑ‬ణ੷࿆牧犥超ۗ犢 ժଫ՞෭ଉኞၚ现ಅ襑牐 犡ଙ牧๜疢犖獤‫ݎ‬硽胍ᬀۗᰂᕳ๜疢ጱ‫מ‬盆޾犢ժጱৼ 穇牧֢ԅ硽胍ᤑᩂ牐౯ժӞ‫و‬獤‫ ݎ‬碝‫ز‬ᕳ ‫ݷ‬ੜ਍ ᛗय़਍ጱࣁ罕਍ኞ牐種क़牧౯ժ犖ᶹ‫ݎ‬ԧ௛᷐ 碝 ‫ز‬ጱଙଶۗ਍ᰂᕳ ‫ݷ‬ੜ਍ኞ牏 ‫ݷ‬Ӿ਍ኞ޾ ‫ݷ‬य़ӫ ਍ኞ牐ᐞ眭鉖犚芋芋਍ৼ਍磪ಅ౮牏Ფᕽ獮纷牦


a Khangtsen


r o f o a B g n o H s t n e d i s e r the

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Jowo Sambhogakaya Buddha This treasure – the main hall’s centrepiece - greets all visitors. This Sambhogakaya representaƟon of Shakyamuni Buddha is styled aŌer the venerated Jowo Buddha at the sacred Jokhang Temple in Tibet. Sambhogakaya means ‘enjoyment body’ - conveyed through the rupa’s ornate adornments made of all kinds of precious materials. Since the Buddharupa’s arrival to Thekchen Choling in 2003, it has touched the lives of many people, and conƟnues to do so across the world. Can you idenƟfy the decoraƟve moƟfs from the Vajrayana, Mahayana and Theravada tradiƟons?

撍抩䔢⻿∞ 抜⻍㇨恶䚐忸䥇∞⎒⹌Ⰼ⅑⯪㺂䥇㸦⃰⯱֑抑㙨䨃㺒∐ ⓳㨨䥇庂⹥Ϗ抜⻍撍抩䔢⻿∞⎒㠋⇂ⅉ♉⚵⃍㧃⃽䚐忸 㹍原䥇层墒⯪㣰⺽岌㽆∞֑㣲㫼㘱∞椃㈖ㄷ䥇䧢⹼⬔㓓 䥇Ϗ㕨慮䦻☶Ɇ⧉䆤䱒㕨⹏␫㤁䙳ɇ䥇㏒㋠ȾȾ拒把↨⛇ 䲐䚐忸⹠䪶⃽∞⎒㔃⓹㓓䥇☑℀守氳⇣抁ⅉ抜⃃䍼Ϗ咭 ㄷ֑抜⻍∞慮サ㏢◙ⅉ㢣㠳⇚䟢™冪冰抑㙨㨨咭⃙ 䠏⛇⧳䥇⊤⇚Ϗ↗冉岅⺢⃃⃎֑䧎㉚Ⓗ㸧⎒冖⛋ⅉ➭⅞ 撔ⓝℛώ⯪ℛ⃑⻒ℛ∞㠜䥇䔼䍼⛚֤

Guru Rinpoche Thangka Picture a treasure that stands at the height of seven storeys, and requires more than 20 men to carry it when folded up. For the long life of the gurus, Thekchen Choling commissioned a treasure, in 2010, the largest thangka of Guru Rinpoche (also known as Padmasambhava, “the Lotus Born”) in Southeast Asia. Created in Nepal, this appliqué thangka depicts Guru Rinpoche accompanied by Shakyamuni Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa, and his two key spiritual consorts Princess Mandarava and Lady Yeshe Tsogyal.

噵啴䟢⯪⮮⟓☤ ㎶弤⃃⃭䚐⹠㧌⃆⼅㰿涛֑㕛⚣怺㨨槃屄⅏ϯ⯝∐⯪㼌 㔐叀⯢㛯抓Ϗ ⃽䰋㼅庻∐⃍ニ㾘∖桂⻂⹌ㅺ֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽⧫ ㄷ幥⓹ ⅉ⃃↹⹠䔬֑⻴㣲⃟☚⅝㧃⯪䥇Ɇ噵啴䟢⯪⮮ɇ֍Ⅹ䲳Ɇ噵 啴䟢ɇ֎⟓☤䟾Ϗ抜ㄈ噵ニ忷啴䥇カ⩎⟓☤ⓞ⓹⅑⻿㾍 ⻗֑㚒军ⅉ噵ニ⃑⛏楒䥇撍抩䔢⻿∞椃ώ⹚⡃シ⯪ニώ ⚍␹⃧∐⃾屄㣑ⱆ㦿抁㖌Ⳇ␯⃾⃑∞㺐⇍⡟㙭⣌Ϗ 32

Amrita 2021

The Power of Prayer


Amrita 2021


The Four Mandala Ritual to Cittamani Tara Puja ‫ݠ‬ਓဩएඇ‫پ‬డ᣺ΙЩข͘

CiƩamani Tara is the highest yoga tantra manifestaƟon of Tara, the mother of all Buddhas and the female embodiment of the enlightened mind. She is known to provide swiŌ assistance in various worldly and spiritual maƩers such as health, relaƟonships, career, and spiritual obstacles. In Ɵmes of fear and catastrophe, the invocaƟon of Mother Tara brings about rapid wisdom, resembling a mother responding to her child in distress. This puja is performed as The Four Mandala Ritual to CiƩamani Tara, where we make our offerings and give praises to her. In these turbulent Ɵmes of the pandemic, we pray to Mother Tara and wish for her to alleviate all beings from their difficulƟes!


Amrita 2021

ⱅ㏒䚣ㅩ㺐⼡⅑㢣⃍䜟∀㾘㔃䙳◙䥇ㅩ㺐֑㣲庻∞ℎ 㺐֑™㣲ⰶ㋪庄㍢勈䥇↦嬫Ϗㅩ㺐㧃⃽圚䲳䥇֑㣲叀农 ⇚䟢椐怓䢁拢䥇╣㗄֑⊆択⌨ㅺώⅽ椈␶侾⚍ⅎ⃝䥇⚔ ⼘֑ㄹ䁋椧⊱嬏挖⃍䥇楟䭐֑↧⊱嬏勈⒤㧌㔃㼅揀叀抈 拢ⱅ㐂Ϗ ㈖樥⃷㌓㎪㓙䍁榁㢹֑㓔↯⛔ㅩ㺐䰋㼅拢㉚㤽㐪֑㐂ㅩ 㺐ⱅ㺐ⅵ⊠㕧⸬⸓哯㕧㗄㓔↯ㅩ叴⦳喩❏㋙䠒ℎ㊆Ϗ㸧 㾘⇝⻉↨⦞㦿抁䗱≞⅋ⱅ㏒䚣ㅩ㺐֑ㄹ㊸庸ㅩ㺐怡Ϗ⧫ 抜悏⹘怺⇒䥇䡮㎈㢹㧢֑㓔↯⛔ㅩ㺐夗庝䰋㼅֑㎢㐂⧦ 㠔ㅩ㺐⯪㠁㐋␌֑↧⃃Ⓤ⇚䟢䱾喩㉚ℓֆ

Offering of Naga Vases ࿹Ιᴝဍࠃၫ

Due to their irritable emoƟons, Nagas are easily offended, especially when one pollutes their habitats. This may lead one to suffer from afflicƟve emoƟons, skin-related issues as well as cancer. The Naga Puja is performed by the preparaƟon and blessing of various medicinal substances contained in Naga Vases, which are subsequently offered to the Nagas as a pracƟce of compassion and charity. ᰎ޾Ռူ獥ࣁ֡ဩ୏纈෸൉‫ک‬牧鞍碢ռኞ獮Ӯܻ๜ฎ 狕ᤈՈ牧‫ݸ‬๶ಭኞԅ賳ԭॠᐟ޾ኻኞ螇ԏᳵጱռኞ牐 ኧԭྋᨮӱ‫ێ‬ጱ窾‫ݳ‬ᔴᑌ牧鞍碢ጱӤ܎蛪ࢩ珿ᖭᖀ 瞚ԧॠᐟ膢ጱ਻ᨩ牧ӥ܎蛪‫ࢩܩ‬Ꮘ౰ᘒ౮֖ᢐ୵牐

As explained by Singha Rinpoche, Nagas are beings who dwell in between the deva and animal realms and were Dharma pracƟƟoners in their previous lives. The accumulaƟon of a mixture of posiƟve and negaƟve karma has resulted in their inheritance of a godlike appearance in the upper half of their bodies while having a serpenƟne lower half due to the breaking of their vows.

ኧԭᅸ蛓ฃ盨ጱ眐ᖃ牧鞍碢盄਻ฃᤩ薼ᇨ牧疪ٌฎ୮磪Ո ࿱礕ԧ犢ժጱ໇௳瑿牐鉖‫ݢ‬胼ฎ੕膌Ո遞礓犚綧የጱ蚏 ࢩ牧ֺই眐ᖃӤ牏ጼ郌綧የ犥现ጣዩ缛؋皐ᇫ‫٭‬牐犡ଙԈ ‫ې‬ጱ鞍‫׀‬ဩտ牧Ԇᥝ贻珀磪ࣀᇔ现យአᇔᨶጱ鞍ሴਪ絵辐 ‫׀‬Ԩ鞍碢ռኞ牧珿‫מ‬萞種ဩտ狕瞱౅眈犌૲碞牐

Amrita 2021


Guru Bumtsog Ceremony Our Annual Grand Guru Bumstog Ceremony was held as a two day (June 19-20) online retreat this year with 368 parƟcipants from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, Bhutan, UK, USA Colombia, Canada, MauriƟus, Hong Kong SAR (China), New Zealand, France, Brazil, Nepal, and so on. We are heartened to see so many parƟcipants from all over the world come together to accumulate merits and invoke blessings from Guru Rinpoche. We rejoice in everyone’s merits! The annual Grand Guru Bumtsog is regarded as one of the prime prayer ceremonies to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) for the transformaƟon of our minds as well as our environment. The definiƟon of the words, “bum” and “tsog” are 100,000 offerings respecƟvely. This ceremony is performed to purify negaƟve thoughts, emoƟons, and life-threatening obstacles. Guru Rinpoche - who went to Tibet from India in the 8th century to help establish a pure lineage that is sƟll pracƟced by all four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism around the world - is arguably the most revered enlightened being in all of Tibetan Buddhism. Due to the pandemic, we had our second consecuƟve online GBC retreat which took place over a weekend and quickly achieved our goal of accumulaƟng 100,000 offerings due to the incredible dedicaƟon and effort from parƟcipants all over the globe.


Amrita 2021

ᖉ࣎ӡʺᕣΙܸข͘ ⅑↍ㄷ 㧋 㢨咶 㢨㧢梷֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽℁╡ⅉ⃃ㄷ⃃ ㅩ䥇Ɇ噵ニϯ⃊嘢≞⯪㾘⇝ɇϏ␴㧌 ⛐⊤⇚㨨咭㡳╣ ⨤ώ洯㨨层⅝ώ䉶⯪⓬⅝ώ☳ㅩώ⃐⃼ώ喴⧀ώ剑⧀ώ ➨⇩㺗⅝ώ╣㗂⯪ώ㺞撏㼅㡲ώ⃰⧀汜䃲ώ㡳层␳ώ㾘 ⧀ώシ层ώ⻿㾍⻗丌⧳֑⚲廖䵄䫷⧳⪢⃑㢹梷䥇⼃椓֑ 匝榉Ɇ⃃⫅ɇ֑婐␨ϯ⃊╢㉺䀺֑䰋庺噵ニ怓╣㗄Ϗ㓔↯ 楒⡟⯪⹹䥇╢㉺䱒䟳ֆ 噵ニ嘢≞⯪㾘⇝㣲㧯⺽⃃欼撐屄䰋䱒㿾╫֑㢫⧫⅑⛔噵 啴䟢⯪⮮䰋㼅╣㗄֑ヱ╬㓔↯㓓䑢㊆㤽ώ䟢怺岌⚚֑⅑ ⅗䀍㌹⃙抈拢岦叴㓓∞Ϗ⧫墒庰֑⃰ɆEXPɇ⃑ɆWVRJɇ抜

⃭⃧庐䥇⹝ℌⓉ⓮㣲Ɇϯ⃊ɇ❏Ɇ≞␾ɇϏ抜欼≞␾↭㇒叀 ⒃椧䁋㩄㋠㎶ώ忢樥㎈冭֑℆咶☴⚍⓳䟢❀䥇䲐䲐楟 䭐Ϗ 噵啴䟢⯪⮮⧫␯␆␮⃙六↑☳ㅩ┐㉃层墒㇛㾘֑ヱ╬ㆽ 䶎咶↍←⃽⃙䠏⦞⯪墒⇣∞㠜⹚䀁㔃⊱℣䥇㢣⃍⺉ℛ⇣ 㕂֑⚲康㣲㔃㧌墒⇣∞㠜⃰㧃⚚⻍⿊䥇庄㍢勈Ϗ ⦣④䢈䡮㎈֑㓔↯抡冰⃧ㄷ揀⧫✫㧮℁嬏冂⃍噵ニ㾘 ⇝Ϗ㨨咭⃙䠏⛇⧳䥇⚅⃑勈匝榉⃃⫅֑⧫⯪⹹䥇爓㊆☒ ╞ώ⅕䦻㔹㗄⃎֑㓔↯⧫䪰㢹梷⑈サ⹡䙳ⅉ俲䲲ϯ⃊嘢 ≞䥇䦱㫊Ϗ

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

White Mahakala Palace The white Mahakala Palace stands at the protector shrine behind a veil, a secret treasure that benefits beings even when concealed. Did you know that white Mahakala - with his wrathful appearance - is actually a manifestaƟon of Lord Chenrezig? He manifests the triple roles of a fully accomplished Buddha, a dharma protector and a wealth deity. He blesses believers with the ability to accumulate merit and great wealth, and to purify obstacles easily.

䥀䙞➋⣑㖌⹮㺂 䥀䙞➋⣑㖌⹮㺂⹌Ⰼ⅑㕧㾘䰡㺂䥇ヺㄘ⛑樥֑㣲㕧㗄⃑ ⓬䦍⇚䟢䥇䲛⺉⧦䔬Ϗ㍫⚲䪨挖䥀䙞➋⣑㖌㔃䙳◙䥇㋂ ㋕䦻֑⹡椈⃍㣲岅⃙檶嚬囫䥇◙慮⛚֤↙㤁䙳ⅉ⧉䆤∞ 椃ώ㕧㾘䰡⃑忥䰡䥇⃌∐⃃∖֑ㄹ␺恶抜⃌勈䥇╢㉺ⅎ ⃝Ϗ↙叀╣㗄⊤⇚抈拢俲䲲╢㉺⃑カ⯪忥⺏֑ㄹ抈拢⒃ 椧楟䭐Ϗ

Golden Drum As visitors enter the main hall, they oŌen spot this treasure—the very large and beauƟful drum by the main entrance. It was made in 2012. Suspended on an ornately carved wooden stand, and containing many mantras inside, this drum provides sacred music during our pujas.

撔␌㣑燖 ㈖庂⹥択␨⺽椥⯪㺂㢹֑↙↯冒・⇝⧫㸦梫⯇䧎⓳抜ㅡ ⯪䥇䚐⹠ȾȾ㓔↯⯪㻗榇⇢䥇撔␌㣑燖Ϗ抜樥 ㄷ幥 ⓹䥇撔␌㣑燖֑⻴㩹⧫榘⓾☑℀侁冉䥇㧫㬉⃍֑燖慮撏 守㧌幻⯝❕庰Ϗ⯪⇚㢹・⇝⧫㾘⇝ώㅉ␻⃍⛯⓳㸧燖䥇 剑ⱜ➐⮳Ϗ


Amrita 2021

Grand SanctiÀcation Ceremony of Chundi తᑈюଢՍᇼੇࡃข͘

Lhamo Chundi is especially dear to us for she is regarded as Thekchen Choling’s patron deity. This parƟcular manifestaƟon of Lhamo Chundi - three faces with 26 arms - is a special lineage that has been passed down to us by Jhado Rinpoche, who is one of Singha Rinpoche’s main Gurus. She is the embodiment of the 10 direcƟonal Buddhas, the 5 Dhayani Buddhas and the 4 female deiƟes. Her 26 arms that hold various implements symbolise her versaƟlity and power in fulfilling both worldly and spiritual needs of all beings. As 2021 marks Thekchen Choling’s 20th Anniversary, we performed a 3D2N retreat of the Lhamo Chundi sadhana, where the Sangha and devotees were engaged in a relay to ensure conƟnuous recitaƟon of the sadhana. Merits from this special event were dedicated to the long lives of our precious Gurus and for the COVID situaƟon to end quickly.

‫ٵ‬൉֡ྮฎय़犔ᐮ疢ጱਝ镔๜疧牧ࣁ౯ժጱஞӾ‫ܛ‬磪粬 ྛጱ瑿֖牐๜疢ጱ‫ٵ‬൉֡ྮဩᳪኧᰎ޾Ռူ獥ጱԆᥝӤ 趂ńń疧ᩃጱ礚ग़Ռူ獥ńń谛ᛔփദ牐‫ٵ‬൉֡ྮฎ‫܈‬ො ᧘֡牏Բฬই๶现ࢥ֡ྮጱ௛褸牧ٌԫ‫م܈‬腱‫ݱ‬ಗಋ玢౲ ဩ瑊牧虡஄ྛ胦୩य़ጱ‫ے‬瞱‫ێ‬ᰁ牧胼ࢺჿӞ獥ռኞࣁӮᳵ ኞၚ犌狕ᤈොᶎጱ眭穩牧ଚᩞԨ౮疰牐 犡ଙ蝒蝪य़犔ᐮ疢౮缏 珏ଙᕉ盢牧๜疢粬‫ڦ‬Ԉ‫ې‬ԧӞ࣋ 粬‫ڦ‬ጱŊ磧胦‫ٵ‬൉‫ݴ‬ᐣ౮疰ဩտŊ牐ဩտ๗ᳵ牧ኧଉ֘‫أ‬ռ 犌珿‫מ‬ժ᫪窕犋ᳵ踤瑿᧕ᕪ瞱߂牧ፗᛗ‫ۑ‬盓ࢺჿ牐犥種ဩ տ狕ᤈ౮疰ᔴᑌጱ෫ᰁ‫ۑ‬盓牧ᐖ眭ࢧ‫ݻ‬Ӟ獥փ瞚Ӥ趂ᳩ੖ ਞ皐牧٢የዖ眐蜫蝧ଘ௳牐

Amrita 2021


Reciting the Names of 100,000 Buddhas ӡʺឱͺหՐข͘

The recitaƟon of the names of Buddhas is typically performed for the accumulaƟon of merits as well as for the purificaƟon of defilements and eons of negaƟve karma that we have created throughout our lives. This is because, when Buddhas achieve enlightenment, their names are said to contain the powers of all their prayers and aƩainments. Our precious sangha kindly completed the One Hundred Thousand Buddha Names Puja to create the required condiƟons for the flourishing of Buddhadharma over five recitaƟon days. Each of the recitaƟon days was accompanied by a Riwo Sangcho Incense Puja and light offering for all senƟent beings.


Amrita 2021

䲳㊸∞⛐叀䀺匝㢣撒䥇╢㉺䱒䟳֑ㄹ㧌╬⅑⒃◙㓔↯䥇 忭⢗䢷⚍⯝⃙俲䲲䥇㌹⃝Ϗ抜㣲⦣⃽㺒⃃⻍∞䥇⛐⚺֑ 揀榉匝ⅉ庻∞把♾℈抟↨㨨䥇⊱㗄⃑㐂╞Ϗ⦣㸧֑䲳㊸ ∞⛐㧌ⱅ㸧ㇽ⯪䥇╢㉺Ϗ 拝把・−⎪⇚⹏㓓⊱㗄䳃⃙䥇ϖϯ⃊庻∞㿭⛐㾘⇝ϗ 墒 ֑䲐⃎∞㾘␷䦞ℎ⡇⦣凛Ϗ ⅑⅗㢨䥇⊱㾘㧢梷֑㾘 ニ↯™⊱㗄ϖ⼴⒃䎢≞ϗ䰋䱒⚍≞䌲⦡⛔⃃Ⓤ⇚䟢Ϗ

Medicine Buddha Puja ᕲ࣎‫౏ݠ‬ข͘

Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru) is the embodiment of the healing powers of all the enlightened ones. The Medicine Buddha puja is done to purify and heal all areas including physical, mental, spiritual, and even overcome environmental obstacles. Prayers to Medicine Buddha are known to be especially potent due to his vow to benefit senƟent beings and for their prayers to be actualised in these Ɵmes. It is especially effecƟve for beings who are suffering from sickness or for those who have passed on recently. For the 2021 Vaidurya Healing FesƟval, devotees came together on Zoom to conduct weekly group pujas of Medicine Buddha, dedicaƟng the merits to all that have been affected by sickness, in parƟcular to those who have been affected by COVID-19. Many devotees all over the world also came together to accumulate a total of 191,680 Seven Medicine Buddha Mantras and dedicated it to the healing of Mother Earth and all beings. We rejoice in everyone’s efforts and merits!

嘲ニⱅ㨨 㣲岌嬏⧉䆤䥇⧦勈ℎ㽾㏋╞撒䥇㋾榉Ϗ⦣ 㸧֑嘲ニ㾘⇝㧌╬⅑⒃◙⃑䡚㏋⑈㊆❏⯙⧫⃙䠏֑抜◈ 㖯慮㊆䌸֑℆咶䙲⭆⃍䥇棾䭐Ϗ 䟴⅑嘲ニⱅ㨨㉃㣗嬏嚬囫挖㢹֑㧁䶎⃎⹒⯪嵖㐂֑屄⧫ 㧮㾘㢹↦拝把⧉䆤⇚䟢䥇⡇㐂㨨ㅩ◙㧌㎈Ϗ⦣勏֑⃽慮 ㍦䢁䢈㓙ⓝ䱾⃙䥇㧌㎈⇚⛔嘲ニⱅ㨨䰋㼅╣㗄֑㏢ㅗ䔼 ⓮㤁圚Ϗ ⃑ ㄷㅩ嘲ニ䛌䝆␌原⇝֑⎪⇚⚍⊤㉕↯㺒✫⅑ =RRP岉干ㄶ⚳匝⇝␴⊱֑㊸庸Ɇ嘲ニⱅ㨨㾘⇝ɇ↭戫֑ 䰋㐂⦡⛔挰⚚䢈喩֑⻧␹㏢㪖&29,' ④䢈䥇㻔⇚Ϗ幻 ⯝㨨咭⃙䠏⛇⧳䥇⡇⊤™䲲㩄➐ㅗ⃽␫䛆䰋䱒䥇⚺⚯֑ ␴⛏俲䲲ⅉ 挐嘲ニ⃆∞桂❕֑⦡⛔⃙䠏䰨❏֑⇚ 䟢⹌ㅺϏ㓔↯楒⡟⯪⹹䥇侁択⊱㗄⃑╢㉺䱒䟳ֆ Amrita 2021


The Sutra of Great Liberation ‫ܸڙ‬ᝍᑲፃ

The Sutra of Great LiberaƟon is a highly regarded sutra that contains essenƟal instrucƟons such as methods to purify our negaƟviƟes, how to aƩain the realisaƟon of empƟness, as well as how to benefit and liberate senƟent beings. As Lama Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche said, “The world is so full of problems, including contagious diseases, wars, fighƟng, and disasters of the elements such as landslides, typhoons, tornadoes and fires. The Sutra of Great LiberaƟon is exactly what you need at this dangerous Ɵme.” ReciƟng this sutra was one of the main highlights for our Vesak Prayer FesƟval 2021. All merits were dedicated to the swiŌ alleviaƟon of all obstacles, including the Covid-19 pandemic. ϖ⧦⯪岦叴冒ϗ㣲⃃掫咶涛㢣⃍䥇冒␻֑㇃䯽ⅉ幻⯝⊱ 嬏㓓∞䥇屄䍼Ϗ㊸庸㸧冒╢㉺ㅂ⯪֑叀幬㓔↯⃐⫘㌹ 挖֑ㄹ␺恶欽凛⊱⸩∞㾘֑䦷咶⧉㓓∞挖Ϗ ⱅ⛏⡊⣞㭰シↄ㾥Ⓤ⧫㇃䯽㢹㔃㚓⓳֑ Ɇ䙳↍⃙䠏␈䆤 䨃幻⯝梱歛֑抜◈㖯⇣㪖䢈ώ㓛ℴώ㡚⅌֑↨⚍⯬䍁ⱅ ⧢⿬ώ⚳殑ώ牜☺殑⃑䌮䍁丌Ϗ⧫抜⃭␈䆤☴㧽䥇㢹㧢 撏֑㦷槃屄㊸庸ϖ⧦⯪岦叴冒ϗϏɇ ⃽㸧֑怡庸㸧冒␻ 㣲↍ㄷ☮⬡啅䥇㿾╫ⅱ䍼ℎ⃃Ϗ䰋㐂⦡⛔庸冒╢㉺⅑㈖ ┐䥇⃃Ⓤ䍁榁֑↨⚍&RYLG 䡮㎈叀㢬㢨ㄶ㌲Ϗ


Amrita 2021

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Walking Medicine Buddha There is a treasure that we deserve to know more about— the Walking Medicine Buddha rupa. This very rare form of the Medicine Buddha is effecƟve in relieving naga harm. It has been said that praying to this secret form of the Medicine Buddha can help alleviate cancer. Medicine Buddha has made strong vows to benefit all senƟent beings as detailed in the Medicine Buddha Sutra. Through dependent arising, he has manifested this form to beƩer benefit senƟent beings who specially pray for help to purify and heal themselves from naga harm.

យ趂ই๶ྍᤈ猟 ⧫⯪ℛ䱈⺽֑㧌⃃⻍⋿㉚㓔↯㦷䂴␨ⅉ岦䥇䚐⹠ȾȾ捦 ⻴㣲嘲ニⱅ㨨㸨嬏⎒Ϗ 抜⻍模・刘岄䥇嘲ニⱅ㨨拣⎒㧌╬⅑◙岦牜㢒䥇䆎㔳Ϗ 㘱⊤֑⛔抜⻍嘲ニⱅ㨨䰋㼅֑䟝咶叀╣㗄䤏䢊䢈㍦抈拢 ㅺ⯐Ϗ

Stupa of Many Doors Situated near the relic hall, this treasure - the stupa of Lama Konchog - was commissioned aŌer Geshe Lama Konchog manifested passing away, with the hopes that his reincarnaƟon would be swiŌly found.

ⱅϖ嘲ニ冒ϗ⃰庩抳֑嘲ニⱅ㨨㧁⚔㐂屄⓬䦍⃃Ⓤ⇚ 䟢Ϗ↙㸦㣲拝把抜㫺䥇凛怺֑勏䔼⃽挰牜㢒⇧⹶䥇㧌㎈ ⇚䟢䯽䙳㸧䔼㹍㈥弤֑⒃◙⑧⃝ώ⡇╣㽾㏋Ϗ

Stupas are the main holy objects which senƟent beings accumulate merit through. CircumambulaƟng a stupa, especially following the right steps, creates much benefit for the pracƟƟoner. This stupa contains many holy items inside and has many mani wheels installed at arm’s height to allow us to mulƟply great merit not only by circumambulaƟng the stupa, but also by spinning the mani wheels at the same Ɵme. This stupa was first installed at Thekchen Choling’s Bukit Timah premises and was then relocated to its current site when the temple moved to BeaƩy Lane.

⛌䰨⯝梫⬗ 抜ㅪ䱾哐⓬⹠㺂⒣㸨ℎ挨䥇⧦䔬֑㣲⻍忸䥇⡊⣞嬱☷∞ ⬗Ϗ㸧⬗㣲⧫㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷⧉⺅⛑ㆽ拣䥇֑㈖㢹⯪⹹揀 ハ㧞叀墌㸧䰋㐂叀抈拢㕁⓳㫿层䥇戯⃙䌸䶨Ϗ ∞⬗㣲⇚䟢䲲俲╢㉺䥇撐屄⧦䔬Ϗ㉭㸦䬱䥇㸨浧⃑㡼⛔ 㨨㢎冘∞⬗֑叀⃽⊱嬏勈ラ㨨㢣扼⓬䦍Ϗ 抜ㅪ∞⬗⑈掫守墒ⅉ幻⯝䚐忸㾘⹠֑ㄹ⃗␹⯙⦷⅑㔎咅 䥇涛ㅩ⹌守ⅉ幻⯝戯冒戱֑幬㓔↯㢎冘∞⬗ℎ∜֑抛叀 ⛏㢹㢎戯╫冒戱֑俲䲲㢣撒╢㉺Ϗ 抜ㅪ∞⬗㧃ⓠ⹌Ⰼ⅑⯪ℛ䱈⺽㸩⛌䪨洯䥇㢪⨃֑⛑㨨⺽ ㅜ㛯抄֑∞⬗™楒䨃孮㛯抄⓳䙳⨃剑㤽ズϏ Amrita 2021


Our Guiding Lights ੈ̓ᄊА௚ૉळ Just like how the prominent stars are constant in their posiƟon in the sky and used by travellers for thousands of years to guide their journeys from one place to another, Singha Rinpoche has always been our constant guide, the one that leads and ensures we always have him in sight as we journey towards Enlightenment. Despite the difficulƟes that we meet on the way or the Ɵmes that we stray from the path, Singha Rinpoche - as our Guru and Buddha - is our guiding light.


◚㡚⃆㣢㣲⯇⅑⧳户䥇◚䶲 ∐刱Ⲏ冋⊠ 㗄⃐⚛Ϗ㠳☆ㄷ㨨֑䀺椉㢈嬏勈揀㣲樣 ⹆㨨扫⓮㡼⛔Ϗ䕼ⱅ㗊㇘㡼⛔䥇㣢㡚 朮 ❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ㣲⃃歚勃䧿␌啕ώ㇘⺿䨃㓔↯ 抋⛔庄㍢䥇㌕㣢Ϗ ➭㋘㣲㓔↯⧫⊱嬏䥇挖悲⃍挊⓳⦳榁֑ 䟝咶㣲⌒䱾㸦挖㢹֑朮❏ↄ㾥ⓊȾȾ㓔 ↯䥇⃍ニ⃑∞椃ȾȾ⻴㣲㓔↯䥇␌㣑㗊 ㇘֑⻉㓔↯㇘⦡㸦拗Ϗ

Together with the ordained sangha in Thekchen Choling, they are our Big Dipper – seven stars in the night sky – that are consistent in their efforts and are examples for us to remember our pracƟce.

ↄ㾥Ⓤ⃑⯪ℛ䱈⺽⛏⧫䥇・−⎪∀⇚֑ 㣲㓔↯䥇◚㡚⃆㣢ȾȾ⯟䴽⃰䥇⃆歚㣑 㣢ȾȾ↙↯Ⲏ冋ⱅ⃃⧳䐪勃䨃֑㣲㓔↯ ⊱⸩∞㾘䥇㱟㫺Ϗ

In this secƟon, we unveil the stories behind the treasure that make up our Big Dipper!

⧫㧯䶣啅֑⃰㓔↯⻉㚰㇃㓔↯◚㡚⃆㣢 䥇⹠墒厏⛑֑潟⃽ⅽ䪨䥇㠈ⅎֆ

Amrita 2021

Singha Rinpoche

Geshe Nyima

Lama Phuntsok

Ani Chodron

Ani Dechen Ani Chokyi

Ani Kunsang

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

य़祋ॠ疧犌ଂ᯽ॠ疧 ⯪㭸⯬⻍⃑ム撍⯬⻍䥇悭Ⳃ⎒֑⻴㢄≐⧫㧯⺽⯪㺂䥇∞ 椃㕨慮䦻ㅪ⃎⃧≪Ϗ典岅㡳╣⨤㢣㠳䥇∞㠜⺽椥֑抜㫺 䥇冇⛋ⱅ㩟⃐㣲冠㢣ↈ㧌֑™㣲㩄⃽刘岄䥇Ϗ ㍫䪨挖⯪㭸⯬⻍⃑ム撍⯬⻍⧫∞㠜⚵⃰㔃㖈↾䥇撐屄岕 唵⛚֤ ∞椃⧫嚬㚓∀勹䥇嚬㚓㫔⃎㍢挖㓓∞⛑֑㧌ⱀ⒣⃭㣢㧢 揀⊠㗄䨃㽌熛䥇䕹㋄Ϗ↙䥇歁夔㣲֟䧢䛉䟝䂴֑㢣↑⇣ 㙋Ϗ ⛑㨨֑⯪㭸⯬⻍⃑ム撍⯬⻍䙳慮֑Ⓣ⓮㔎㗄撔唵㾘戱❏ 䥀唵䀺婽֑庺㼅∞椃⹦康㸦㾘Ϗ 抜㢹֑∞椃㔐㇃Ⲏ⧫煂撑喔∟䷯⃃㷤䥇㇃䯽֑䲳⃽Ɇⓠ戯 㾘戱ɇϏ

Lord Brahma and Indra The rupas of kneeling Brahma and Indra are seated in front of the main altar. Two rare treasures in a Buddhist temple in Singapore, they frame the Jowo Buddharupa in full symbolic display. Did you know that the gods Brahma and Indra played significant roles in the propagaƟon of the Buddhadharma? AŌer having reached enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, the Buddha remained silent for many weeks, considering that the truth that he had found was too deep to be taught. Soon aŌer, Brahma and Indra appeared, bearing a golden dharmachakra wheel and a white conch respecƟvely, and made sincere requests for the Buddha to set in moƟon the “Wheel of Dharma”. It was only then that the Buddha gave his first discourse in Deer Park in Benares, known as ‘the first turning of the wheel of dharma’.


Amrita 2021

The Seven Stars of Thekchen Choling Singapore


Amrita 2021


Expressing 0ur Gratitude to Our Guiding Lights ਖেੈ̓ᄊૉ᡹௚༥

e h c o p n i R Singha Special Thanks to Singha Rinpoche We would like to express our hearƞelt graƟtude and appreciaƟon to our most beloved and precious Guru, Singha Rinpoche. Over the past 20 years, our dearest Rinpoche has not only shared with us his wisdom through precious Dharma teachings, but has also helped us through our difficult Ɵmes by being there for us whenever we need love and guidance. He is a beacon of light in the darkness of our samsaric problems and spiritual obstacles, paƟently teaching us the Dharma in a way that we can understand. Through providing us with various avenues to consult him for his advice, his love and compassion for us is steadfast and allencompassing. Despite our shortcomings and difficulƟes as disciples, Rinpoche has always believed in us – even when someƟmes we don’t believe in ourselves. He is constantly thinking of 48

Amrita 2021

ways to connect with us and enlighten us. He is kind and forgiving, always praying for all of us to be well and for all of our suffering to be swiŌly removed. Thank you, our precious Guru, for your generosity, care, and kindness. We are eternally grateful for your warmth and loving guidance in being there for us on our path to enlightenment. We sincerely pray and request for our Guru to live a long and stable life. May you be healthy, and may there always be auspicious condiƟons for you to turn the wheel of Dharma for all senƟent beings in this life and all future lives. May we never ever be separated from you in all of our lives, always remaining close to you in mind and in heart.

㏢廥朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ 廫㸧֑⛔㓔↯㧃㠯䓴֑㧃䚐忸䥇⃍ニȾȾ朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ ȾȾ嬫䯽䟴嬺䥇㏢㌬⃑㏢䊃Ϗ ⧫把♾䥇 ㄷ撏֑㓔↯㠯䓴䥇ↄ㾥Ⓤ⃐ↈ拝把䚐忸䥇∞ 㾘㇃䯽⃑㓔↯ⓉⅮ↙䥇㤽㐪֑™⧫㓔↯槃屄␶䓴❏㗊㇘ 㢹֑ヱ╬㓔↯ㅩ把榁␶Ϗ↙㣲⃃ㅪ␌㣑䥇䌲⬗֑䐪䫷ⅉ 㓔↯⧫戱⦡喩䀺⃰䥇䎩㌿⃑⊱嬏楟䭐֑↨䂴␨䀈Ⓗ䥇㡼 ㇒勓㊆⧳㠜⺿㓔↯∞㾘Ϗ↙⃽㓔↯㚓≞⛇䲐䃣挖㨨⛔↙ 㼅㠜֑ㄹ农⅋㓔↯⨝⹝⃑◈⹼䥇䓴⃑㐋㍵Ϗ 典≂慮⃽㇢⸓䥇㓔↯֑榁␐⇝㧌⛇䲐函䍼⚍榁廆䥇℣ 㻗֠典≂㧌㢹抡㓔↯咭慮揀⃐㐂㏒䦻⊤咭ゴ֑ↄ㾥Ⓤ← 䏹⨝⊤⅑㓔↯Ϗ↙・↨⛇䲐㡼㇒北侾㓔↯ώ䍼摕㓔↯Ϗ ↄ㐋⺀♝䥇↙֑㋾㣲䰋㐂㓔↯㔃㧌䥇ⅽ揀⹌ㅺ֑㓔↯㔃 㧌䥇䢞喩揀抈拢䁋椧Ϗ ㏢廥㍫֑㓔↯䚐忸䥇⃍ニ֑㏢廥㍫㐺㐫㢣䲄⧳农⅋㓔↯ ␶㋃⃑ↄ㐋Ϗ 㓔↯㻻抟㏢䊃㍫⧫㓔↯⊱嬏悲⃍农⅋䥇䃬㥙֑䓴⃑⛲ 抭Ϗ 㓔↯夗庝䰋㐂⃍ニ㾘∖⹌ㅺώ桂℈−⃙ώ㌕㢹⛌䰨ώ欽 凛⭡桂֑冪冰⃽↍䟢㨨⃙䥇⃃Ⓤ㧌㎈⇚䟢・戯㾘戱Ϗ 䰋ニ⃑㓔丌䟢⃙⃐䱾֑㐂䚐忸㾘凛・⧫㊆梷Ϗ

Special Thanks to Our Resident Sanghas Despite having fewer volunteers than usual due to the Covid-19 restricƟons, our temple has remained opened and well-maintained for visitors thanks to our Sangha. Not only that, there have been an increasing number of requests from people overseas for memorial services to be performed for their family members who have passed away. These requests come from countries such as Vietnam, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Our Anilas diligently prepare offerings, perform prayers, and connect to people via live video streams or share a pre-recorded video for the family of the deceased. Sadly, Covid lockdowns have also prevented families from being able to be at the side of their loved one who passed on. Despite Covid difficulƟes, our Anilas conƟnue to abide by social distancing rules to perform prayers for on-site funerals in Singapore, showing love, concern and care for grieving families, providing much needed emoƟonal support for them.

special sutra readings and prayers conƟnue to be performed for the deceased’s journey to the next life. These cultural pracƟces also help families to express their grief and graƟtude, providing an opportunity for them to give a good farewell to their loved ones. Our Sanghas also play a big role in fesƟvals such as the Chinese New Year celebraƟons, Qing Ming FesƟval, Vesak Prayer FesƟval, Grand Guru Bumtsog Ceremony, Ullambana FesƟval, Vaidurya Healing FesƟval and the Stop.Breathe.Live Retreat. We would like to sincerely thank our Sanghas for their significant contribuƟon and dedicaƟon to our temple and all senƟent beings.

㏢廥・−⎪⇚ 㧌╶⅑㓔↯䥇⎪⇚֑⺽椥☶≂⧫棵䡮㙭㢀⼃椓⚍ℌエⅽ 㠳⒒⻔䥇㎈⑸⃎֑←㇃㠁幬ⅽ択汜䯿∞֑ㄹ⊠㗄㠷㿄ㅇ ⃨䥇䙲⭆Ϗ ⧫抜㹸唳榁䥇㢨⸓撏֑⃐⻔䀺⯙⊤⇚兺兺㚓Ⓗ庺㼅֑㐂 ⃽↙↯把⃙䥇ⅵⅽ℁嬏恈ㅩ∞ⅎ↭㇒Ϗ抜⅞庺㼅㨨咭恍 ☚ώ⃰⧀ώ洯㨨层⅝⚍☳⻿丌⧀Ϗ樥⺼⃐㡰⭡╣䥇ⅎ ╤֑㓔↯䥇⎪⇚←㣲▧▧㌶㌶⧳⒉⯊䰰➄ώ℁嬏庸冒֑ ㄹ⃑㉃䟢勈⹹⼡岉干抡冂㓙⚔拄岉歔Ϗ ④䢈㨤≎䥇椓⓹֑≂⃃⅞⹹⼡㢣㾘椭⛏サ拠䥇ⅵⅽ怳⹏ ⅽ䟢䥇㧃⛑⃃㹸悲֑抜䨃⹡↧ⅽ㏢⓳挚㒁Ϗ䏹勏֑㓔↯ 䥇⎪⇚↯悫恍䲐䲐⦳榁֑⧫挸⹋䰁Ⅷ悠䱾㙭㢀䥇㎈⑸ ⃎֑冪冰⃽⧫㧯⧳℁嬏䥇⛇⧽⃪䯿⹌㙕䙳⧽庸冒∞ⅎϏ 墌㸧⛔㍵㌻䥇⃪⹹嬫抁␶䓴֑ㄹ㚓≞侁䰡⃍䥇㟲㗄Ϗ 抜⅞⃪䯿㧐╤◈㖯歇⯊⛇䲐䰰➄֑ⱅ汜ώ啴ώ䌲ώ俣殢 丌丌֑↨⚍↭㇒⃰㔃≂䟫䥇⛇欼㾘⤫Ϗ⧫㧯⺽䥇哐⓬㺂 撏֑椧ⅉ⛔拠勈䗱⃍抡冰⦞ϯ℠⯬䥇㺒㢨≞➄֑™㗄冰 ⃽拠勈℁╡䔼⹝䥇庸冒↭㇒䰋㼅㉃䟢Ϗ抜⅞㡊◙䯿↭֑ ™㧌╬⅑ⅵ⼡↯⹌㕝⇧䢞ώ嬫䯽㏢䊃֑⛔㗝䓴䥇サ拠勈 ⼀㧃⹏䆤䥇拄⓮Ϗ 㓔↯䥇⎪⇚↯™⧫⛇⯪・ㄷ啅ㅉ⃰㔱䇗䨃撐屄䥇岕唵֑ ⱅ⑟♉㡳ㄷ㷥ㅉ⇝ώ䃈㣑㾘⇝ώ☮⬡㾘⇝ώ噵ニ㾘⇝ώ 䦅␳䦞⇝ώ嘲ニ原⇝丌丌Ϗ咶㸧֑㓔↯䟴嬺㏢廥⎪⇚↯ ⺼⺽椥⚍㔃㧌⇚䟢䥇㢣䲄Ⰼ䗱⃑⼀㊣匏⹋Ϗ

These on-site funeral services involve seƫng up various offerings such as light, flowers, vegetarian food and incense offerings, along with ritual implements for their prayers. At the relic hall, offerings are maintained for 49 days, and

Amrita 2021


Getting to Know Our Guiding Lights ข࣎ᡚ֊᝻េ

Geshe Tenzin Nyima: Geshela, our dearest Tibetan chanƟng master, has been a monk for about 35 years and has spent around 15 to 20 years studying to become a Geshela. As such, he is oŌen likened to a walking Dharma dicƟonary who is very wise and rare. We are blessed to have him in our temple to guide us through our spiritual journey. During his free Ɵme, he enjoys listening to teachings, catching up on news, connecƟng with others on Facebook, cycling, and walking. His advice to everyone during this pandemic is to understand what karmic connecƟon is and how the impermanence of life is manifested through Covid-19. He reiterates the importance of pracƟsing the Dharma and taking refuge in the Guru, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

㫿层⯬㿨⹄䙞 㫿层㖌㣲㓔↯㠯䓴䥇冷捦ニ֍㾘⇝⃰䥇歉庸勈֎֑Ⓗ⹹ サ⃌ϯ⅗ㄷⅉϏ↙⧫∞⸩㡼樥䫗庾ⅉϯ⅗咶⅏ϯㄷℎ℈ 㧃冋勆噺ⅉ㫿层⸩∐Ϗ ⦣㸧֑↙冒・孮㺗⡾⃽⃃㧯嬏怳 䥇∞㾘庐␻֑㣲⃐⚲⯝㉚䥇䩂㤽勈Ϗ 㓔↯ㅉㄻ֑⧫㧯⺽ 叀⯢㧌㫿层㖌∟⃽㓔↯⊱嬏挖⃍䥇㗊㇘╬⇷Ϗ 梵㥊㢹֑↙⡟㷥匉⛯∞㾘㇃䯽֑␶㾫㡳梾怇干֑⃍樥塇 ⃑↙ⅽ北侾֑浔叝惒戩⚍㠦㸨Ϗ

Geshe Tenzin Nyima


Amrita 2021

䡮㎈㈖┐֑↙农⯪⹹䥇ㆽ峃㣲֟㋠冷䛉岦⃝㩟ℎ梷䥇␶ 侾֑↨⚍㢣・㣲ⱅ∘拒把㡳④䡮㎈䥇䙳弤勏㤁䙳Ⓗ㨨 䥇Ϗ康⓳抜撏֑↙⃐㊛⚱❞㓔↯␶⅑⊱⸩∞㾘䥇撐屄 ㋪֑⚍䥋≠⃍ニώ∞椃ώ∞㾘⃑⎪∀䥇撐屄㋪Ϗ

Lama Tenzin Phuntsok: Lama Phuntsok is well known for his posiƟvity and incredibly stable and calm nature. An interesƟng fact about Lama Phuntsok is that he came from the same mountainous area where Milarepa had meditated. He has been a monk for almost 40 years since 1983 and can speak 5 languages (Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi, Mandarin and English). This allows Lamala to be able to communicate and thus, teach and help many people. During his free Ɵme, he completes his spiritual homework, listens to teachings, connects with others on Facebook, and goes for walks and cycling trips with Geshela. He has also been quietly taking the Ɵme and effort to sincerely pray for all of us every day, using his own resources to do the incense puja* each day. His generosity and care for all beings is indeed inspiring. He prays for auspicious condiƟons and dedicates merits to everyone in this world who has been affected by the pandemic, and wishes for the pandemic to end.

⡊⣞⯬㿨㧎㙭 ⇚㔃✫䪨֑⡊⣞㧎㙭⯇ⅎ㸦樥䲲㩄勏⚋㽌䳶⑺樜Ϗ㧌恦 䥇㣲֑⡊⣞㧎㙭䥇Ⓗ䟢⧳⃑⺉⃑▕㢨シ㧁冒械␶䱈⊱䥇 ⧳䍼⛏⼡⃃⃭⼴◽Ϗ

Lama Tenzin Phuntsok

⡊⣞咭 ㄷⒽ⹹咶↍֑サ㧌⦞ϯㄷℎ℈֑拝㤖⅗䲐庰 峃 ֍墒庰ώ⻿㾍⻗庰ώ☳ㅩ庰ώ☑庰❏喴庰֎Ϗ 抜幬 ㈰㙭⡊⣞叀⯢⃑㨨咭⛇⧳䥇ⅽⅧ䀄֑↑勏㠜⺿ㄹヱ╬ⅉ 幻⯝ⅽϏ 椧ⅉ℁嬏⺽椥⹌㙕䥇↭戫֑⡊⣞™⇝⧫⃭ⅽ㢹 梷撏∟咭ゴ䥇⊱㗄֑㓙⛯梾∞㾘㇃䯽Ϗ梵㥊㢹֑↙抛⇝ ⃍樥塇⃑↙ⅽ北侾֑ㄹ⃑㫿层⹄䙞⃃⛏㠦㸨㓙浔叝惒戩 Ⓗ䃻✥ֆ ↙™⃃䦷熛熛䥇⃽⇚ⅽ䰋䱒֑↛Ⓗ⃭ⅽ䥇㢹梷⃑怇䅓㨨 ⌝㺒㢨汜≞↭戫Ϗ↙⺼㔃㧌⇚䟢䥇㐺㐫⃑␶㋃䥇䬱⛲⚔ ⅽ㊆Ϗ ↙⃽⃙䠏䰋㼅⛌䰨⡇凛֑ㄹ⻉╢㉺⦡⛔农⃙⃍㺒 ⃭⚚④䢈㈴➐䥇ⅽ֑㐂④䢈䡮㎈㢬㢨冖㨢Ϗ

*Incense puja is a special puja done by Tibetan Buddhists using high quality herbs, medicinal substances and pure natural ingredients. These ingredients are offered into the wre, creating a fragrant smoke that is blessed with divine mantra and intention that is then offered to the Three Jewels. This creates positive energy and clears obstacles, and is also a generous offering to spirits. 汜≞↭戫㣲墒⇣∞㠜䥇⃃䲐⊱㾘↭㇒֑≂䟫⃍ⱜ䥇⯬䏹汜㡜ώ嘌嘲丌∟⃽⪽䬃㨓 㡜֑搐⛋㊸庸䰋庺㡊㢹䒆䎪Ϗ⧫❕㐂╞䥇╣㗄⃎֑␹Ⅺ䟢䥇汜㻗⻉◙⃽㹍原䥇ⱜ汜 ⅔䀺֑≞␾⃌⹠֑㤱䑒⇚䟢Ϗ㸧⊱㾘㢫⧫⅑⭡桂⛌䰨⡇凛֑䁋椧䍁楟䎩㌿Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Ani Chodron: The Dharma Light and cymbal like the Sun, adorned with a treasure of ritual knowledge! Courageous, Virtuous and Selfless. Ani Chodron is Dharma Light! She shines like the sun, radiaƟng the energy of love to all senƟent beings. She is energeƟc and sociable, reaching out to many people of all ages and all walks of life. She charms babies, brats, princesses, teenage rebels, middle-aged visitors, aunƟes, uncles, bosses, locals, easterners, westerners, young folks, old folks, and even animals too. Ani Chodron loves making friends and connecƟng with others, both in person and via social media. She provides people with encouragement and support and would someƟmes even visit devotees just to reconnect with them during her free Ɵme. Her moƟvaƟon is to constantly benefit others, even if the acƟon is as small as giving someone a smile. Ani Chodron’s popular morning pujas are a source of hope for the community. She not only shares the meaning behind the prayers and makes dedicaƟons for everyone, but she also gives out pracƟcal advice for people when asked. She is also proacƟve in helping to offer lights on behalf of devotees who are ill.

Ani Chodron 㾘ⅱ㾘ニ֟ ∞㾘ℎ␌ⱅ⯭棶֑∞㾘ℎⅱⱅ㾘杼֑∞㠜↭戫䪨 庉䃍☝ֆ▊㠥ώ⡇唲ώ㢣䲄Ⰼ䗱Ϗ 㾘ⅱ㾘ニ㣲∞㾘ℎ␌ֆⰼ⎒⯭棶哯⧳梭勃֑⛔㔃㧌⇚䟢 㠦⚔䨃䓴䥇叀撒Ϗ ⰼ侁╞␈㽞֑⡇⅑Ⅷ椈֑⃑⛇ㄷ片 ⼅֑⛇嬏⛇⃝䥇ⅽ⮮揀叀㔖㓓⃃䔊Ϗ➭㋘㣲ⴷ␂ώ䂛㻗 ⻒⸬ώ⻒␯⃾ώ⚞拉⻔ㄷώ⃰ㄷ庂⹥ώ椂ⲫώ⚗⚗ώ勄 㩂֑㧯⧳ⅽ֑⃟㡼ⅽ֑层㡼ⅽ֑ㄷ戾ⅽ֑ℓ片ⅽ⮮֑䟝 咶╫䔬ȾȾ㾘ⅱ㾘ニ揀叀↨ⰼ䖯䔼䥇㡼㇒⃑⇚䟢䦻ㅗϏ 㢣幽㣲樥⺼樥抛㣲拝把䰁Ⅷⵕ∖֑ 㾘ⅱ㾘ニ⡟㷥ㅂ冖⡇ 凛⃑↙ⅽ北侾Ϗ ⰼ㢹・燖╴ㄹ㟲㗄↙ⅽ֑㧌㢹䟝咶⇝㖫Ⓗ咭ゴ䥇㢹梷♾ 㖟庂℈抠䥇⊤⇚֑⃑↙↯⊠㗄北侾Ϗ㾘ⅱ㾘ニ㢹㢹⓾⓾ 揀⧫䲲㩄⧳⓬ℓ↙ⅽ֑☶⊂农⅋↙ⅽ⃃⃭㉱䷔֑™㣲ⰼ ⃐冒㏒䥇⻒⻒⡇℁Ϗ 52

Amrita 2021

She is also much more than her charming bubbly dimpled smile. As a disciplined nun, she is detail-oriented and holds vast knowledge of the rituals and meanings of both Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist tradiƟons. As a representaƟve of the Sangha community, she is commiƩed to upholding the nobility, grace and moral ethics of being a Sangha member to the highest level. Every day, she aspires to be a beƩer version of herself and hopes to inspire others who are also culƟvaƟng the Dharma. A piece of advice she has for young adults is to invest their money and energy well, to take the Ɵme to learn new things, to avoid vices, enjoy life, and most importantly, to maintain good family Ɵes. 㾘ⅱ㾘ニㅂ⚚㷥抑䥇ɂ⯪ℛ㢬㤫䰋䱒䦷㝰Ƀ㿾╫֑㣲⯪⹹䥇 ハ㧞ℎ䅓Ϗ ⰼ⃐ↈⓉⅮⅉ⛇䰋庺㡊厏⛑䥇⛮ℌ֑⃽⯪⹹ ∟╢㉺⦡⛔֑™⛔庥梱䥇⊤⇚㚓≞⹡椈⚲嬏䥇ㆽ幱Ϗ椧 㸧֑ⰼ™冒・咭⚔⧳㧂㍦䢈䥇⊤⇚䍼䌲䰋䱒Ϗ ⧫ⰼ捦㿾㾿ラ搕䵠䥇䷔⹼ㅘ⃎֑ⰼ⹡⃽㗄㓕⃨廫䥇Ⓗ⹹ ⅽϏⰼ㾫撐冉啅֑⺼墒⇣⃑㼌⇣∞㠜䥇㾘⇝↭戫⚍㏒ℌ 揀叀≆≆勏廋Ϗ∟⃽⎪⦥↦嬫֑ⰼ咷╞⅑冷㕧咭慮∟⃽ ⎪∀䥇嬏㗄ώㅇ⃨⃑䃈⒃㓕㉺Ϗⰼ㺒⯬揀䶎㊚㓓⃽㦷ⱀ 䥇咭ゴ֑™ハ㧞↨㸧䊃╴␹↙⛏⊱䲲㩄⛔⃍Ϗ ⰼ农ㄷ戾ⅽ䥇ㆽ幱㣲֟⡇䟫咭ゴ䥇撔杴⃑侁╞֑㕘␨㢹 梷⸩℣㡳ⅎ䔬֑抟䱾⛇䲐֑Ⅾ⚚䟢㿾֑㦷撐屄䥇㣲֑冷 侾唲ⱀ䥇⹹ㅰ␶侾Ϗ

Ani Dechen: The ScienƟst and Scholar, with a Melodious voice represenƟng the words from the Buddhas. Before becoming a nun, Ani Dechen was a microbiologist who studied molecular geneƟcs in Australia. She is a keen learner and being a nun gives her more Ɵme and focus to study the Buddha’s teachings, to look into the human mind through observaƟon. She is well versed in many aspects of Buddhist pracƟces, especially the Sutras. She also enjoys meeƟng people from all walks of life which allows her to be exposed to different beliefs, giving her opportuniƟes to gain a beƩer understanding of both samsara and the self. Ani Dechen is also the clear and melodious voice for our Chinese and English prayer recitaƟons. She upholds, soothes and inspires us with her beauƟful voice and noble demeanor. Her advice to people who are facing obstacles or having dull days is to stop thinking, to drop everything and rest. Clarity will come.

㾘ℓ㾘ニ 䲔⸩⹹␿⸩勈֑⡇↨㍩勶ⱜ檶֑㤱⹦∞椃ⱜ㾘Ϗ ⧫Ⓗ⹹ℎ┐֑㾘ℓ㾘ニ㣲⃃⛐㉱䟢䔬⸩⹹֑⧫䉶㿵松䫗 Ⓣ⸓挚⇣⸩Ϗ

Ani Dechen

㾘ℓ㾘ニ▧⅑⸩℣֑Ⓗ⹹⃽⎪幬ⰼ㧌㦷⯝䥇㢹梷⃑侁╞ 㨨⊱⸩∞㾘֑㿡⺢⇚䟢䥇㋠冷Ϗ ⰼ䪨庉䃍☝֑⺼⅑∞ 㠜⊱嬏䥇幻⯝㡼㡼樥樥揀㧌䂴ㅩ䥇ⅉ岦֑⻧␹㣲∞㠜冒 ␻Ϗ 㸧⯙֑ⰼ™⡟㷥⃑⛇嬏⛇⃝䥇ⅽⅧ䀄֑ㄹ↑⃰㙨岩 ␹↙ⅽ䥇⊤↳⚍㋠㎶֑幬ⰼ叀㦷䂴⓾⧳㋠冷咭㓔⃑戱⦡ 䥇♢䛉Ϗ 㾘ℓ㾘ニ™㣲㓔↯⧫⃰喴㡊㾘⇝㢹֑冒・⛯⓳䥇捦㕍䃈 ⅱ㍩勶䥇⮳檶Ϗⰼ㸦㣲↨ㅇ⃨䥇⢖檶⃑嬏㗄֑㕝㐳㓔 ↯ώ⛲⚔㓔↯֑ㄹ⟧怺㓔↯⺼⃌⹠䥇夗㠯Ϗ ⰼ农⅋ㄷ戾ⅽ䥇ㆽ幱㣲֟挊⓳棾䆡㓙㏢⓳㽱⃪㢹֑⚲㥅 ⌟㋠勆֑㠁⃎⃃Ⓤ֑ⱀⱀ⇔㌲Ϗ㉈慮㊆䌸㌥⯐⛑֑⃃Ⓤ ☶⇝㣑㧚◙Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Ani Chokyi: Mother Tara of the Kitchen! Power-lah, swiŌ and ever pracƟcal. Few words, full acƟon! Apart from her regular duƟes as a nun, Ani Chokyi also spends Ɵme cooking for devotees and the general public. She is selfless and puts in lots of love and effort into her cooking. Provide her with a pan, any ingredient , and Ani Chokyi will be able to spontaneously come up with a hearty and yummy dish! Everyone loves Ani Chokyi’s cooking. She is also very acƟon oriented, and gets things done fast like Mother Tara! This year, Ani Chokyi has teamed up with volunteer chef Desmond to do exquisite food plaƟng for offerings to the Buddhas during events such as Vesak, Qingming, and the Ullambana fesƟval. Despite the Covid restricƟons and the lack of a physical kitchen, the team has improvised to cater the food to accomplish their goals. With creaƟvity and loving hearts, they arrange the food on beauƟful plates with a balanced combinaƟon of textures and flavours, using ingredients such as sliced garnishes and edible flowers.

㾘⡟㾘ニ 汜䲲♫⃰凂ㅩ㺐ֆ恈兪⯢╞ώ⌝ⅎ⓬俥ώ撐⅑⹡ 悸䥇䥇⻔峃嬏╫䀁ֆ

Ani Chokyi

㾘⡟㾘ニㄶ㢹椧ⅉ⯇䛉⎪⇚䥇㢨・匏忦֑™⡟㷥⃽⊤⇚ ⚍庂⹥䎼廆剑殢∶卷Ϗⰼ䥇㢣椓䓴㊆㉃㉃⧫ⰼ⃎♫㢹⼘ 槵㢣挚Ϗ 农ⰼ⃃⚦构柈֑╣⃍↾∘殢㨓֑㾘⡟㾘ニ揀叀 ☶␷⚔㗨֑⌝Ⓗ⃃挖挖⃳唵汜✶⊴␫䥇嚟卷ֆ㾘⡟㾘ニ 䥇♫唽䥇ⅽⅽ⯻怡䥇Ϗ∟⃽幵㼅⹡椈䥇嬏╫䀁֑㾘ニ∖ 䙳䥇㸦㣲凂ㅩ㺐抈拢⧉䆤㓓⻴䥇╢㉺ⅎ⃝ֆ 㾘⡟㾘ニ↍ㄷ™⃑㊚エ♫ニ'HVPRQGɆ⯪∯ɇ⛋∟֑⧫☮ ⬡啅ώ䃈㣑啅❏䦅␳䦞⇝丌㿾╫㧢梷֑⃽⃍≞∞嚬囫䥇 ≞➄⓹∟侁剑䥇嚟卷㜉䦛Ϗ⧫䡮㎈椓⓹ㄹ函⻔⹏⡇♫㔂 䥇㎈⑸⃎֑↙↯⒰⋢ⓞ㏒❏䓴㊆֑↨搐嚟⚍⚲殢䟫啴☌ ∟㜉䦛֑幬快㏢⃑✶挖䦻⅕嬯㔛֑✋䙳Ⓗ侁剑䥇㜉䦛唽 㧲⧉䆤⃍≞Ϗ


Amrita 2021

Ani Kunsang: Gentle one, with healing powers who connects with others with ease. Ani Kunsang is humble, unassuming, and helpful. She provides great support and gently gives advice to people when asked. Whenever someone needs to be comforted, be it someone who is new to the temple or who is an “old bird”, she will be there for you. Ani Kunsang is also a cerƟfied Reiki healer with much pracƟcal experience. Before she was ordained, she used to spend a lot of Ɵme at the temple volunteering her Reiki healing services to many in need. She is also knowledgeable in many areas of Tibetan Buddhism. With a calm and serene soul, she enjoys being present in the moment and during her free Ɵme, she would go on walks as she enjoys being surrounded by nature. She hopes that everyone can enjoy what they do, to remain present, to be calm, and most importantly, to smile.

㾘忧㾘ニ֟ 廆㪗䥇㽾㏋勈֑↨ㄶ㣖抔ⅽ䥇Ⳃ㋄ㅂ冖⡇凛Ϗ 㾘忧㾘ニ⃽ⅽ廩拍ώℓ⅑╬ⅽϏ㈖㧌ⅽ⺾㼅ⰼヱ╬㢹֑ ⰼ⇝㋾⇝农⅋㔹㗄ώ⡇オ╠康Ϗ 㺒㈖㧌ⅽ槃屄⹌㐳㢹֑ 㢣幽㣲㡳勄㧎⚎ώ㢪榫㡳䪨֑ⰼ揀⃃岉⛏ↄ֑⃐䱾⃐ ㇆Ϗ

Ani Kunsang

㾘忧㾘ニ™㣲⃃∐⚚幧庄䥇䌸㻗㽾䡚ニ֑⧫⹡悸䡚㏋㡼 樥俲䲲ⅉ⃳⺏䥇冒浏Ϗ ⧫Ⓗ⹹ℎ┐֑ⰼ㧁冒㣲㧯⺽䥇 ・派㽾䡚ニ֑⃽幻⯝㧌槃屄䥇ⅽ㚓≞䌸㻗㽾䡚㧐╤Ϗ椧 㸧֑ⰼ™⺼墒⇣∞㠜䥇幻⯝䪨庉䍼㧌䨃ㅂ㾞䥇ⅉ岦Ϗ ⡟ⱀ⹄樜ώ㉈ⅽ❏埿䥇㾘ニ֑咷╞⅑㿾⧫㈖⃎㨨⊠㗄慮 ㊆咭⧫Ϗ⇔梵㢹֑ⰼ⇝㖫Ⓗ㢹梷㠦㸨֑ㄹ㽌䀻⅑⯪咭䏹 ⃰Ϗ ⰼハ㧞㺒⃭ⅽ揀叀Ⅾ⚚咭ゴ㔃⌝䥇ⅎ㎈֑ㄹ⃗㿾⧫ ㈖⃎ώ⑈㊆⨩䏹֑㦷撐屄䥇㣲ȾȾ⊠㗄㉱䷔Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Discovering New Lands



Amrita 2021

Amrita 2021


Becoming an OfÀcially Registered Charity ൤रฌвੇ˞ਞؓ‫ʹڄ‬

In addiƟon to celebraƟng our 20th Anniversary, Thekchen Choling Singapore would also like to celebrate becoming a fully registered charity in 2021 with the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth (MCCY). By becoming a formal charity organisaƟon, it will allow us to obtain benefits such as tax savings, potenƟal access to addiƟonal donaƟons, and to parƟcipate in programmes supporƟng charitable causes.

↍ㄷ֑⧫㷥ㅉ㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽㓓䶎 ✫ㄷℎ椈֑㓔↯ ™⃊Ⓣ楒⡟⧳⹦テ㧯⺽サ⚚㡳╣⨤㡊◙ώ䰁◽⚍樕ㄷ掫 0&&< 㔼⒉֑㸦㇒㾫⑏⃽㐋⡇⦥∖Ϗ抜㫊㊚䨃֑㧯⺽⻉ 噺㉚䳑㟹⇛㎣֑㔬⯪㘓㸁㨨䅓֑ㄹ叀⯢⚅⃑㔹╬㐋⡇㧽 㩇䥇⛇欼㿾╫Ϗ 㸧⃽㡳╣⨤㡊◙ώ䰁◽⚍樕ㄷ掫咷㧯⺽䥇拝䪨℩֟

Here is the official leƩer from MCCY about our official charity status:

Other Important Information

Our Reference: 202005191K/PLC 26 Jul 2021

Telephone: 6977 9026 Facsimile: 6837 8090 Email:

Thekchen Choling Singapore Ltd 2 Beatty Lane Singapore 209945 Attention:


If the charity is appealing for funds for any foreign charitable purposes, the governing board members have to apply for a permit from the COC.


The governing board members are required to provide any interested person with a copy of the charity’s most recent accounts within 2 months of the request.


The Office of the COC has issued a Guidance titled “Protecting your Charity against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing” to help charities familiarise themselves with measures to protect against potential abuse related to terrorist financing, terrorist activities or money laundering. The Guidance provides examples of good practices that charities can adopt to reduce and manage their exposure to such risks, as well as what charities should do if they spot any suspicious transactions. A copy of the Guidance is available on the Charity Portal under “Publications”. The governing board members should also refer to the Charity Portal for more information relating to anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.


With effect from financial periods beginning on or after 1 January 2016, charities will be required to disclose via the Online Financial Summary (“OFS”) their overseas remittance of funds as agents, as well as their total expenditure and capital outlay that are spent in, or to benefit, locations outside Singapore. This will be applicable to charities that are required to have their financial statements audited. These charities will need to furnish geographical details of where they applied their resources outside Singapore during the financial period and the corresponding amount for each country that the beneficiaries and partners are located in, as part of your annual regulatory submission when you complete the OFS. For more information, please refer to the Charity Portal under “Publications”.


Ms Hau Siang Kee Chairman

Dear Mdm, NOTIFICATION OF REGISTRATION AS A CHARITY Unique Entity Number: 202005191K

Effective Date of Registration: 26 Jul 2021

We are pleased to inform you that Thekchen Choling Singapore Ltd has been registered as a charity under the Charities Act. 2

Please note that the governing board members of the charity must ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with the charity’s objectives and funds are used for the purposes set out in the governing instrument. Under the Charities Act, the governing board members are also required to: (a)



Prepare an annual report and statement of accounts of the charity for each financial year and submit them to the Commissioner of Charities (“the COC”) within 6 months from the end of the financial year. The accounts of your charity must be audited by an approved external auditor if the gross income or total expenditure in a financial year exceeds $500,000.


Seek approval from the COC for any amendment to the governing instrument.


Notify the COC if the charity ceases to exist or if there is any change in the charity’s particulars, and to furnish the COC with particulars of any such change, within 7 days after such cessation or change.

We would also require the governing board members to provide information on the activities that are implemented and usage of funds for the first 6 months after being registered as a charity. Please see the attached template (Annex A) to be submitted via the Charity Portal by 26 Jan 2022.

Amrita 2021

5 For information on the key requirements, regulations and the relevant sections on the Charity Portal (, you may refer to the ‘Starter Kit for Newly Registered Charities’ attached. Yours sincerely, OH O H LAY YC HIN (MS) POH CHIN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (SECTOR REGULATION) for COMMISSIONER OF CHARITIES MINISTRY OF CULTURE, COMMUNITY AND YOUTH Encl.

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Statue of Geshe Lama Konchog Geshe Lama Konchog was the root guru of Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche, the Spiritual Director of this temple. It was Geshe Lama Konchog who instructed Singha Rinpoche to start a Dharma centre in Singapore that would cater to both monasƟc and lay pracƟƟoners and even bestowed the name “Thekchen Choling” – a great honour as it bears the same name as the Dalai Lama’s temple. Geshe Lama Konchog - a highly realized pracƟƟoner who led a most remarkable life - manifested passing away in 2001, and leŌ behind innumerable wondrous relics. He is reincarnated as His Eminence Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche who is currently receiving his training at Kopan Monastery. The statue of Lama Konchog was commissioned aŌer his passing, demonstraƟng Thekchen Choling’s strong connecƟon to him, while bringing great inspiraƟon and benefit to devotees.

㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷撔慮 ⻍忸䥇㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷㣲㧯⺽䥇−㗄⃍ニ朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ䥇㫼 㧯⃍ニϏ 朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ≠㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷㗊䯽֑⧫㡳╣⨤ⓞ╡⃃㔃㚓 ≞Ⓗ⹹⇚⃑⧫⹹⇚⊱嬏䥇⺽椥Ϗ 㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷㌬怓Ɇ⯪ℛ䱈⺽ɇ⃽⺽⛐Ϗ模・嘦ㄻ䥇㣲֑ 墒庰䥇Ɇ⯪ℛ䱈⺽ɇ⃃庐㌳ⱀ⃑抁怙⡊⣞⻍勈䥇⺽椥⛏ ⛐Ϗ 㫿层⡊⣞嬱☷㣲⃃∐䧢⊱⹡庄⊱嬏勈֑⃃䟢咷╞⅑㇛ 㾘⓬䟢֠㈖↙⧫ ㄷ䯽䙳⧉⺅⛑֑䠜⃎ⅉ㢣㠳䥇⧦哐 ⓬Ϗ 䦱┐֑↙サ戯⃙⃽⻍忸䥇⧁⚧⯬㿨㈰㙭ↄ㾥Ⓤ֑⧫㪲㲆 ⺽㙨⚚∞㾘㠜卵Ϗ 抜⻍⡊⣞嬱☷䥇⬔⎒㣲⧫↙⧉⺅⛑䔼⓮枻拣䥇֑↨六㊸ ↙⃑⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇䂴♝㾘凛Ϗ抜⻍撔慮䥇⸛⧫֑农㧯⺽⊤ ⇚ラ㨨ⅉ㩄⯪䥇⛲⚔⃑⓬䦍Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Message from the Chairwoman of TCSL Tashi Delek and greeƟngs to all! 2021 has been another wonderful year for many of us for it is the year Thekchen Choling Singapore celebrates 20 Years of Togetherness with every single one of you. We have reached an amazing milestone, journeying through and holding true to our purpose of serving and being there for all senƟent beings regardless of causes and condiƟons. We thank you for walking the journey with us, sharing the same purpose, and living our lives touching every person we meet in a meaningful way with our own individual capability, style, love, and care. Personally, I feel that everyone around me (including me), the devotees, volunteers, Dharma family, siblings, friends, collaboraƟon partners, colleagues etc., have evolved to understand one another beƩer and grow to have bigger hearts. Thekchen Choling is like home to me and I’m sure to many of us as well. It is the vessel where everyone finds their light and goes forward to inspire another’s light. It is a safe haven for all ages, where we find warmth and care, thus enabling everyone to take the brave step to change and grow - transforming our mind through Dharma teachings and pracƟces led by Singha Rinpoche.

u a H e n n a Jo 60

Amrita 2021

ܸ˲ሇࠬ˟ࣞ࿹ឈ Thekchen Choling also believes in giving back to society, which we have done so through our secular acƟviƟes and partnership with insƟtuƟons like Jalan Besar Community Center, Red Cross and NParks, just to name a few. Team Thekchen - led by our CEO Emmeline Ang - has worked Ɵrelessly to make it happen, for we are commiƩed to carry out Thekchen Choling’s mission; Empowering All to Have a Meaningful Life! The world around us will conƟnue to evolve, with ever-changing causes and condiƟons being the only “permanent” constant. New Ɵmes and needs will moƟvate us to conƟnue striving to stay relevant for all beings for generaƟons to come, to build a sustainable foundaƟon for everyone. Through this growth, Thekchen Choling will remain the place where we can all come to rest our busy minds, to pause and re-chart our course towards new possibiliƟes, to learn, to transform, and eventually, to awaken. It is the home where all are welcome to stay and travel through. A new day begins every day by taking one step at a Ɵme. And as we walk, our lights within will get brighter with each step we take.

㔑层㉺▕ֆ⛔⯪⹹梱ⱀֆ ㄷ⺼㓔↯㨨康֑㣲剑ⱀ䥇⃃ ㄷ֑⦣⃽↍ㄷ㣲㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽⃑ ∣㓔⃃⛏㷥ㅉ ㄷ㓓桂♉䳎⃃ㄷϏ 䥇䬱֑㓔↯サ㨨⓳ⅉ⃃⃭⋿㉚ㅉ䰠 䥇撏䳎䭔Ϗ⼀乤℁㸨冷唳֑㢣幽⛇ 䲐⦣凛⭆挊֑㓔↯揀⃐㒋⃗⨝㗄⧳ ⹡䙳ⅉ⓬ℓ⃃Ⓤ㎈⇚䟢䥇⹚㢫Ϗ ㏢廥㍫⃃悲椭⇷֑⃑㓔↯⃃怺惒⃍ 抜㹸㓓桂♉䳎֑抋⛔㈿㸧␴⛏䥇䦱 㫊Ϗ㓔↯䶰⼀㔃叀⧳⛔㓔↯拗⃰㔃 挊⓳䥇㺒⃃⃭ⅽ农⅋␶䓴ώⓞ拣㏒ ℌϏ⧫㓔⃭ⅽ勏峃֑㓔岌㉚㓔✫⦷ 䥇㺒⃃⃭ⅽ ◈㖯㓔咭ゴ ώ㢣幽㣲 ⊤⇚ώ㊚エώ⛏⊱ώ␇㇢ⲓⱼώ㧎 ⚎ώ⛋∟⇜⇷֑⛏ⅎ丌֑揀⧫抜⃭ 把䳎⃰㉚⓳ⅉ⃃⹝䳎ㅩ䥇㚓☊֑↨ 咷叀㦷ⱀ⧳ⅉ岦㈿㸧֑ㄹ㖨㧌㦷ㇽ ⯪䥇㊆Ϗ ⯪ℛ䱈⺽⺼㓔㨨康⻴⎒㣲㓔䥇⹹⃃ 㫺Ϗ䦻⊤㓔抜㫺康֑幻⯝ⅽ揀叀⯢ ㏢⛏慮⚚Ϗ⺽椥⻴⎒⃃⃭捂殑䃲֑ 叀幬㺒⃭ⅽ撐⺾咭ゴ䥇␌㣑֑ㄹ⃐ 㡰䊃╴↙ⅽ⺾㕁⑈㊆␌㣑䥇捂殑 䃲Ϗ⧫抜撏֑㓔↯⃐Ⓣ勄❏ㄿ֑揀 叀⯢㉚⓳䃬㥙❏␶㋃֑↑勏≂㺒⃭ ⅽ揀叀▊㠥⧳抋Ⓗ姘⚛㓓桂䥇䷯⃃ 㸨ȾȾ拝把朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ㠜⺿䥇∞㾘 ⃑⊱㗄㨨戯◙㓔↯䥇㊆Ϗ

⦡汋䰁⇝㣲⯪ℛ䱈⺽⛔㨨䥇⨝㗄Ϗ ⧫汙ヰ㔪嬏⹛㿭庚㏒ⰶ⮮䥇ラ歉⃑ ⯝㡼Ⱇ怳⃎֑㓔↯⃑㎼␳◂⓼㻔⇚ ⊴ℓ掫ώ入ϯ⸚⇝ώ⧀⹹␯⦰⼃丌 䰁⇝⦥∖䦻⅕⛋∟֑╭╞⹡䙳⯪ℛ 䱈⺽䥇≂❀֟㛽㔎ⓞ拣㧌㏒ℌ䥇ⅽ 䟢ֆ 㓔↯✫扼䥇⧀⹹⻉冪冰姘⚛䇗択֑ ⟲⃃⃐⚛䥇֑㣲⛇䲐䙲⭆㨤↹⚛ㄾ 噮䀎䥇㋪快Ϗ㡳㢹↦֑㡳槃㼅֑揀 ⻉䊃╴㓔↯冪冰⃽拣䱒⃎⃃↦勏⨝ 㗄⃑㢹ㄹ択֑⃽⛑⃙⸓⸜Ⱓ⹝⃃⃭ ⚲㗄冰⚔⼘䥇唲ⱀ⪽䬃Ϗ冒把抜㫺 䥇㓓桂֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽∟⃽㊆䌸⹹⦰䥇 岕唵⻉㢨℈㇨㡳֑幬ⅽ↯㊜䭏䥇⯷ 叔㉚⓳⇔㌲֑派恶岇ⓕ㧭㨨㡼⛔֑ 㗄冰⸩℣֑㉚⓳☊☑℆咶㉚⓳㺘䶢 岌㍢Ϗ➭㋘㣲␨−勈㓙派恶勈֑㓔 ↯㢣幽㷥抑ֆ 㡳䥇⃃⯬֑↑⃃㸨⃃叝☳㇃ⲎϏ楒 䨃㓔↯㺒惒Ⓗ䥇㺒⃃㸨֑㓔↯⑈㊆ 䥇␌㣑⻉㏋⚔㣑勃梭ⅱϏ ⧫㸧֑㏢廥⯪⹹⊆㓓ⅉ ㄷ侁㈬ 兺✋֑㐂⯪⹹ラ䨃䆤䆤䥇㷦⡟⃑㷥 ℓ抋␨ ㄷ 㔑层㉺▕ ≲䄛䛭 㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽⃾ヰ

Here’s to thanking everyone for an amazing 2021, and wishing everyone great fun and much joy as we cross over to 2022. Tashi Delek! Joanne Hau Chairwoman of Thekchen Choling Singapore

Amrita 2021


Updates on the Mandala Expansion Plan డ᣺ઢੱЍழүՔ

Our Mandala Expansion Plans started with the moving of our temple staff and Sangha lodgings to the new building located at 147A TyrwhiƩ Road. However, due to Covid-19 restricƟons and safety measures, there were delays in officially starƟng the first phase of our Mandala Expansion Plan. We will provide updates as and when there is progress. In the meanƟme, we hope you will conƟnue to support the Mandala Expansion Plan by donaƟng to our Vajraland fundraising efforts! It is a cause that aims to improve, upgrade and enhance everyone’s overall experience, and it will definitely bring great benefit for us as well as many generaƟons in the future. To find out more about the Mandala Expansion Plan that Thekchen Choling Singapore wishes to carry out, you can go to: hƩps:// Please join us in being a part of this meaningful journey! It will be an immensely fulfilling project that will make a posiƟve difference to many people’s lives!

㧯⺽サ㇃Ⲏ⹡嬏㓔↯䥇㦿抁㖌㔬␈幤ⓕϏ汙␋֑㓔↯サ 㕍╡␯⹧⃑エ∟ⅽ✛ώ⎪∀⇚⃑␹−⺂丌֑⃃⃃䥇㛯抄 ⃑⹌歂咶㡳⧳⨃ $㼣㎣䔼悲Ϗ 䏹勏֑攷⅑䦱┐④䢈䡮 ㎈䥇椓⓹⃑⹌␫㙭㢀䥇㈴➐֑㔬␈幤ⓕ䷯⃃棹㹸䥇エ䳎 ⻉⚚⓳ㆹ庲Ϗ喨エ䳎㡼樥㙨⃎㨨㧌↾∘䥇択⼘֑㓔↯㊈ ⻉㦷㡳㧃㡳䁋㌲Ϗ ⃑㸧⛏㢹֑㓔↯ハ㧞㍫冪冰㕧㗄㦿抁㖌㔬␈幤ⓕ֑㘓╬ ⺽椥䥇撔ⓝ挖⧽⪽撔ֆ抜㣲⃃欼㢫⧫㟼⡇ώ㚓☊⃑⇛◙ 㺒⃃⃭⊤⇚⃑庂⹥㠷∖∖浏䥇⋤幱֑⹆㊈⻉⃽㓔↯℆咶 ⛑⃙⸓⸜ラ㨨カ⯪䥇⓬䦍Ϗ 㷵䪨ⅉ岦㦷⯝␶⅑㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽㔃㇃⼘䥇㦿抁㖌㔬␈ 幤ⓕ䥇⑈⹼֑㍫⚲䀒岋֟ hƩps:// 庺㍫╣␨抜恢㩄␺㏒ℌ䥇㢈䳎 ⃑㓔↯㛽㔎⹡䙳抜欼㓓㩟 ⃳䬘䥇幤ⓕֆ㓔↯⨝⊤叀⃽幻⯝ⅽ䥇䟢❀ラ㨨㸦樥䲲㩄 䥇㈴➐֑䶎⃎拣䱒ⅽ剧䥇☆䲎⯪⃝ֆ 㧌㏒㘓怣撔ⓝ挖⧽⪽撔勈֑⚲䍼Ⓘ㸧柁㙨֟ hƩps://

For donaƟons towards the Vajraland Fundraising Efforts, you may view this link here: hƩps://

Or scan this QR code 㓙⧫㸧⯇㔮㚒 45 ⅏冷䫄 62

Amrita 2021

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Mig Chenrezig Thekchen Choling’s Mig Chenrezig rupa is the only one in Singapore. It was specially commissioned in accordance with the temple’s aim to be a sanctuary of healing, as Mig Chenrezig’s main acƟvity is healing, especially eye ailments. The pracƟce of Mig Chenrezig focuses on both the Great Compassion and the Great Wisdom of all the Buddhas. It is a form of Chenrezig found only in Vajrayana Buddhism, and is a rarity even within the tradiƟon. LiƩle about Mig Chenrezig is documented in texts as informaƟon is passed down orally.


Manjushri Rupa with Consort

抜⻍㓔⧀冠㢣ↈ㧌䥇䧿㣑岅檶⎒㣲䟴㧯⺽幥拣䥇Ϗ䟴⅑ 䧿㣑岅檶䥇㐂嬏㣲㽾㏋䢁䢈֑⻧␹䧿䢁֑↙侁䰡㣲㧯⺽ 㔃屄㚓⋤䥇Ϗ䧿㣑岅檶䥇⊱㗄㾘䨃撐⅑⻉⃃Ⓤ庻∞䥇㍵ ㊆⃑㤽㐪冖⛋⚏抓Ϗ䧿㣑岅檶㣲墒⇣∞㠜䔼㧌䥇岅檶㈥ 弤֑∉㸧岅檶䥇拣⎒☶⊂㣲⧫层墒⧳◽™䦻㈖刘岄Ϗ㧌 ␶䧿㣑岅檶䥇㡊⸚平所ㄹ⃐⯝֑勏䧿㣑岅檶䥇⊱㗄㾘ⓜ 㣲拝把⚦勶䦻⇣冪㕂咶↍Ϗ

Within the main hall sits an anƟque treasure behind a veil that stands for the realisaƟon of transcendent wisdom which cuts through ignorance and duality. For the most part, Vajrayana Buddhists recognise Manjushri the BodhisaƩva - in actuality already a Buddha - in his solitary form as a princely youth wielding a flaming sword in his right hand. Yet Manjushri manifests in many forms, especially to aid Vajrayana pracƟƟoners on their courageous path towards enlightenment. One of those forms is Manjushri with his consort, whose tremendously skilful pracƟce is more suited for advanced Vajrayana disciples with the right knowledge as well as a stable foundaƟon to comprehend it. Thus, it is more beneficial to conceal this form from the general public.

㡊㹍嚬囫⚏⊱⎒ ⧫⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇ヺㄘ⛑樥⨓䨃⃃⻍榉庻∞㤽㐪⅑⃃慮֑叀㡰 㢣㣑⃑㧌㢣⅏岄䥇㡊䔬兪䚐⹠Ϗ ⯪⯝㠳䥇墒⇣∞㠜㉕岉㡊㹍ニ⓬⃽嚬囫֑␹⹡㡊㹍嚬囫㢬 サ㓓∞֑拣⎒⃃哯⃽䖯▊㾘䙎⸓㈥弤֑⚶㔎㗄䎀䒆⚏Ⓠ └Ϗ 䏹勏֑㡊㹍嚬囫™↨⯝䲐㈥㇒㤁䙳֑䔼⓮㣲ヱ╬撔ⓝℛ⊱ 嬏勈惒⃍⊱庄ℎ悲䥇㈥弤֑勏㡊㹍嚬囫⃑㣑ⱆ䥇⚏⊱⎒⻴ 㣲␹⃃֑㣲㤽㐪⃑㡼⊂⚏抓㾘梫䥇嬫㾘Ϗ␹弤㉄㏒ℌ䥇岦 庾֑⃾屄⇣㙋⅋㖨㧌㸦䬱幧庉⃑䳶⦽⪽䬃䥇怇䂴撔ⓝℛ㇢ ⸓Ϗ ⦣勏֑㸧⎒⃃哯楓堀⹌Ⰼ↨歁⚍⯪⇚䥇⓬䦍Ϗ Amrita 2021


Singha Rinpoche’s Message - Looking Back at 20 Years Dear Dharma Family and Friends, Thekchen Choling Singapore marks its 20th year of existence this year. If the temple were a human being, it would have survived 9 months of gestaƟon, learnt to walk, crawl and run, matured through years of play and educaƟon to stand proudly on the cusp of adulthood. It is an exciƟng Ɵme with much to look forward to. This is also an opportune moment to reflect on the lessons learnt that will set the stage for the future. This temple was born out of my Guru’s vision to benefit beings with the Mahayana way of life. Through our collecƟve efforts, we have brought Dharma to people, literally around the world. With a helpful hand and a listening ear, we have reached out to the community and provided support in various forms – educaƟon, medicine and survival kits to those in need. We have pracƟced compassion to animals and other senƟent beings, brought them close to our hearts and into our prayers. Thekchen Choling is here, only because of you. Through the years, friendships have blossomed and fond memories have been made to build a strong Sangha community. For Dharma to flourish, we need to be each other’s supporƟng network and band together strongly like a bunch of chopsƟcks that is unbreakable.

Singha Rinpoche 64

Amrita 2021

Dharma is medicine. Especially in Ɵmes of a global pandemic, this analogy has never been more apt. The Buddha said in his first lesson on the Four Noble Truths that our existence is impermanent and constantly changing. The reality of samsara

᧧̥֗ฉѭ࿹ឈ ‫ڀ‬మੈ̓ᄊ ࣲ can be seen from the perspecƟve of the Covid-19 virus. It lacks inherent existence by conƟnuously morphing and mutaƟng even in such a short Ɵme. While some people got sick and perished, others have thrived in life and business. Such is the fuƟlity of samsara where everything is dependent arising and nothing quite stays the same. If the Covid-19 virus represents samsara and the vaccine is dharma, then we can also say that it is no use just looking at the vaccine or simply studying it. It needs to be internalised. For all of us culƟvaƟng The Truth, how many steps forward did we take on this path to enlightenment? As we mark 20 years of the temple’s existence, we are also 20 years closer to our next rebirth. Did we become more compassionate, wise and inclusive or did we languish in our anger, aƩachment and self-cherishing? If you’re lucky to wake up tomorrow, make the right choice. Just remember that while the sun will always rise, your tomorrow is not a given. As we celebrate Thekchen Choling for the countless ways that it will conƟnue to benefit all senƟent beings in the decades to come, I pray that the seeds of awakening will grow and flourish in all of us. Even though the lures of samsara are tempƟng, may we conƟnue to culƟvate the virtuous minds and acƟviƟes of all Gurus, Buddhas and BodhisaƩvas that will speed us towards ulƟmate enlightenment. With love Singha Rinpoche

ⅵ䓴䥇㾘ⅵ䧺⼡❏㧎⚎↯֟ 㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽↍ㄷ抑㨨㓓䶎↨㨨 䥇䷯ ⃭ㄷ⯷Ϗⱅ㩟㓔↯䥇⺽椥㣲 ⃭㿾叴叴䥇ⅽ֑捦㏒✶䨃↙サ⧫℠ ⃭㧋䥇ⱍⳣ㧢⃰⸛㿾⃎㨨֑ㄹ拓勏 ⸩⇝怳悲ώ䓯嬏❏悔㸨֑⑐拝把⯝ ㄷ䥇䙬ℓ⃑㠜卵⛑㢨䃓㓓䑢֑咭弭 ⧳䶜⧫㓓ㄷ䥇殑⚦䀭⻙⃍Ϗ抜㣲⃃ ⃭䊃╫ⅽ㊆䥇㢹⓾֑㓔↯㢥㧢㉈㧭 㨨֑☷⚋⃐㉚⃐⌟⃎㨨⚐㋠֑↑把 ㉃䥇冒♉⃰㼵⚙㠜幰֑农咭ゴ㧭㨨 䥇ⅽ䟢枽悲Ϗ 抜ㅪ⺽⹊䥇庡䟢֑⹡Ⓗ⅑㓔⃍ニ䥇 抟㤲֟⹦㔯⯪ℛ㋠㎶֑⓬䦍㢣扼⇚ 䟢Ϗ⧫㓔↯䥇␴⛏╭╞⃎֑㓔↯⻉ ∞㾘ラ农ⅉ⃙䠏⛇⧳䥇ⅽ↯֑㦷㳭 悫⧳䛆⛔ⅽ↯⇻Ⓗ㓔↯䥇㚷╬ℎ 㔎֑⌁⛯↙↯䥇⮳檶Ϗ㓔↯↨⯝䲐 㡼㇒֑农⅋⛇⃭䰁剧␶㋃⃑㚷╬֑ ⻉㠜卵ώ◾嘲⃑俪㋨䔬怇㚓≞农㧌 槃屄䥇ⅽϏ㓔↯™⃐㊛⛔╫䔬❏␹ ↙㧌㎈⇚䟢嬏㐋㍵㊆֑ㄹ⻉⹆↯其 ␨㓔↯䥇㊆⃰℆咶㔃㧌䰋㐂㈖⃰Ϗ ⯪ℛ䱈⺽ℎ㔃↨⸛⧫֑␫揀⦣⃽㧌 ∣Ϗ⯝ㄷ㨨֑䧢㗝䥇⚎廍⃑剑ⱀ䥇 ⦡㊉サ㇃啴冖㩟֑幬㓔↯ㆽ怺ⅉ怺 ㇽ⯪䥇⎪㉕⸩⇚Ϗ⃽ⅉ⹡䙳∞㾘␷ 䦞֑㓔↯㊈款⅕䦻㔹㗄֑☒╞凙冊 㓓㺒⃭㓓✛䥇㟲㚷刔冟֑⎒⃃㘉䔥 䥇为⸓⃃哯俪⺉⧳⦥冖⧫⃃怺֑䔥 ⃐⚲䫷Ϗ ∞㾘㣲唲嘲Ϗ⻧␹㣲␫䛆㡳④䡮㎈ ⯪䀄嬏㢹㧢֑抜䲐㺗⡾↑㧭ⱅ㸧忷 ⓊϏ∞椃⧫幵Ɇ⦞⧦廞ɇ䥇䷯⃃廁康 挖֑㓔↯䥇⸛⧫㣲㢣・䥇❏⃐㡰Ⅺ 䟢⚛◙䥇Ϗⅎ⹡⃍֑↑抜⧽㡳④䡮 ㎈֑⃰⚲↨ⱅ⹡⧳䧎⓳␰挖戱⦡䥇 䧢⹡㧯快Ϗ㡳④䢈㺕☶≂⧫ⱅ㸧䪰 㥅䥇㢹梷⑈֑抛叀⃐㡰⧳⚛䲐❏⚛ ㇅֑恶庄㣑⹆™ㄹ模咭㋪⸛⧫䥇Ϗ 奀䏹㧌⅞ⅽ⧫䡮㎈⃰㪖䢈䟝咶㸾 Ⅴ֑∉™㧌ⅽ䥇䟢㿾❏ⅎ⃝⧫㸧⓾

㉚↨嗄⮱㓓桂Ϗ抜⻴㣲戱⦡⃰㔃⼘ 䙳农㓔↯䥇Ɇ⃃Ⓤ䥉夝ⱇɇϏ㸦㣲⦣ ⃽㔃㧌䙳弤揀㣲⦣凛❏⛋勏㓓䥇֑ ⦣勏⃙⃍㽤㧌↾∘ⅽώⅎώ䔬㣲⹏ ␫⃃㓓⃐⚛䥇Ϗⱅ㩟康㡳④䢈㺕↦ 嬫Ⳕⴉ戱⦡喩֑捦ℋ∞㾘⻴⚲↨ 帯⡾⃽䡮喚Ϗ䟴㸧֑㓔↯™⚲↨㣑 ⅉ֑ↈↈ䧿䧎䡮喚㓙䫗䴹⹆㣲㽤㧌 䟫䥇Ϗ㓔↯槃屄⻉⹆⛻㟹⑈◙Ϗ 抜⅏ϯ所䥇撏䳎䭔֑㫊㊚䨃㓔↯⺽ 椥サ⸛⧫ⅉ ㄷ֑™㫊㊚䨃㓔↯䱾 ⃎㷤䥇撐䟢㦷樣抔ⅉ ㄷϏ⺼⅑ ⃍㼅∞挖㓔↯㨨康֑㓔↯⧫㓓∞ℎ 挖⛔┐抋択ⅉ⯝⻔㸨֤㓔↯㣲⛩╭ ╞⸩℣㐋㍵ώ㤽㐪⚍⺀⹼⯪ㅩ֑勏 ⃐㡰┐択֠㕔㓙↾䟴咭ゴ⢗㋕ώ㔪 䨃⚍咭㓔忭㌎֑勏⌟䆡⃐┐֤ⱅ㩟 㧌ㄻ䥇∣㣑⯬ⱅ・摕㨨֑庺⌝Ⓗ㸦 䬱䥇㕌㖬Ϗ廫平֑⯭棶㺒⯬⃃⹝⇝ ☊怺֑∉∣䥇㣑⯬☷⃐⃃⹝⇝⓳㨨 䥇Ϗ ⯪ℛ䱈⺽㢹⻉⧫㧭㨨䥇㠳ϯ所撏֑ ⻉冪冰↨㢣扼䥇㡼㇒拣䱒⃃Ⓤ㧌 ㎈Ϗ⧫㸧⺽ㅉℎ椈֑㓔䰋㐂岌摕䥇 䲐⸓⧫㓔↯㔃㧌ⅽ䥇㊆֑⃰嗄⮱㓓 桂ώ㏋⚔嗅䦞Ϗ典≂戱⦡⃙䠏䥇ㄾ 弤㧌⯝ℋ庴ⅽ֑∉㐂㓔↯冪冰㠋⇂ 庻∐⃍ニώ庻∞嚬囫֑䥇岌㋪⃑╢ ㉺ⅎ⃝֑抈拢㕸抁⧉䆤㸦岌Ϗ ␶䓴㍫䥇 朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ

Amrita 2021


The Ultimate Treasure of TCCL ܸ˲ሇࠬᒰ࠴ࠃ

“We should all remember to cherish people and use things, not cherish things and use people.” ~ Singha Rinpoche

Ɇ㓔↯揀ㅗ庨廫平㎟ⅽ䟫䔬֑ 勏模㎟䔬䟫ⅽɇ a 朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ


Amrita 2021

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Lhamo Chundi His Eminence Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche, root guru of Singha Rinpoche, is a holder of a rare Vajrayana Buddhist Lhamo Chundi deity lineage and has transmiƩed the lineage for the benefit of Thekchen Choling disciples so they can benefit others. Thus, a specially commissioned Lhamo Chundi rupa was auspiciously consecrated on 10 Mar 2020. This rupa which has three faces and 26 arms, is different from the typical form of one face 18 arms as seen in Chinese Mahayana Buddhist tradiƟons. Lhamo Chundi (meaning Goddess Chundi, whose name is also spelt as Cundi) is an esoteric Buddhist deity who is quite popular amongst East Asian Mahayana Buddhists but less so amongst Vajrayana Buddhists. In the Chundi Dharani Sutra, the Buddha speaks extensively about the various purifying and upliŌing effects and benefits of reciƟng the Chundi Dharani, leading to complete enlightenment.

⒉㚓∞㺐 ⻍忸䰟⃾㪨⯝ↄ㾥Ⓤ㣲朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ䥇㫼㧯⃍ニ֑™㣲㗄 㧌刘岄䥇墒⇣∞㠜⒉㚓∞㺐㧯⻍⊱㾘䥇⇣㕂㗄㧌勈Ϗ㐋 ㍵䥇ニ␯㐋㍵ㅗ␄⻉㸧⒉㚓㾘梫㙋⅋㧯⺽⇚㇢⸓֑↨╬ ⇚㇢⸓叀㓓╡咭⓬⓬↙䥇嚬囫嬏Ϗ 㸧䔼⓮幥⓹䥇⒉㚓∞㺐撔慮⅑ ㄷ 㧋 㢨֑⧫㧯⺽ ⯪㺂⧉䆤㇃␌ώ䰋庺⧦−Ϗ㸧⻍⃌樥⅏ϯ␰咅䥇撔慮֑ 㧌⓮⅑㼌⇣∞㠜⇣冢䥇⃃樥ϯ␮咅䥇㈥弤Ϗ ⒉㚓∞㺐℆⺉㠜㧯⻍֑␹㾘梫⧫⃟⅝⯪ℛ∞㠜㉕ℎ梷ㅂ ⃽䀄⇣֑∉⧫墒⇣∞㠜⃰ⓜ扆⃽刘岄Ϗ ⒉㚓∞㺐䥇⃾屄␻伐㣲ϖ⒉㚓椃刚⻿冒ϗϏ∞椃⧫冒⃰ ㅂ⃽⹦康㊸庸ϖ⒉㚓椃刚⻿冒ϗ⚲䃈⒃㢣扼刭⃝֑⭡䦍 㢣撒䱒䟳֑↧⇚䟢㧃冋⧉䆤∞㩟Ϗ


Amrita 2021

Staff and volunteer contributions


Amrita 2021


Special Thanks to Volunteers Because you have embraced the spirit of Dharma pracƟce, of engaging and doing acƟviƟes that benefit others... Because you have put in the Ɵme and effort to serve the community through planning, parƟcipaƟng - and everything else in between... Because you have taken up the call of being a Dharma warrior... Thekchen Choling Singapore would like to thank you. Without your dedicaƟon, these 20 years would not have been possible! Although we are not able to feature every single volunteer, every single one of you is precious and invaluable to us. Thank you for all that you have done to serve and benefit others!


Amrita 2021

ਖেঃࢺ‫ڄ‬᫳ ⦣⃽㧌㍫֑䲌㗄⹡悸∞㾘䥇侁䰡֑ ⚅⃑⓬ℓ↙ⅽ䥇ⅎ⃝ɍɍ ⦣⃽㧌㍫֑㕘␨⹠忸㢹梷⃑侁╞֑ 㕘慮丙ⓕㄹ㧐╤䰁剧ɍɍ ⦣⃽㧌㍫֑➐ㅗ⚺⚯㓓⃽⃃⛐∞㾘▊⮮ɍɍ 㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽䟴嬺䥇㏢廥㍫䥇㢣䲄忤䗱֑ ⃑㓔↯怳把抜␌扌䥇 ㄷֆ 奀䏹㓔↯㢣㾘⃃⃃⧳↎冐㺒⃃∐㊚エ㧎⚎֑ ∉⺼㓔↯㨨康∣↯揀㣲䚐忸勏㢣↺䥇Ϗ㏢廥 ⯪⹹⃽Ⰼ䗱䰁⇝ώ⓬䦍↙ⅽ㔃⌝ Ⓗ䥇⃃Ⓤֆ

Amrita 2021


Treasured Community Moments: Celebrating 20 Years of Togetherness ᬷʹ‫ॺڀ‬ᕣᖬ὘ൔࣼ ࣲᄊСՏੇ᫂ In these 20 years, we have spent many wonderful moments together as Dharma family members. Uncover the treasure trove of memories generously shared by our Thekchen Choling Singapore family!

⧫抜 ㄷ䥇㓓桂⽄㧋撏֑㓔↯⃑抜⃭∞㾘⯪⹹ㅰ撏䥇⛇ ⃭㓓✛֑␴ㅩⅉ幻⯝剑ⱀ㢹␌Ϗ幬㓔↯㉟㉌⧫抜⦡㊉䥇 ⹠ㅖ撏֑⃃怺⦡歁㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇㾘ⅵ䧺⼡↯㔃ⓉⅮ 䥇䍼䍼䆷䆷ֆ

Voluntenernight o appreciati

Th at GurureRe generations inpoche re treat

Dharma O Expo GR R�erings Team at etreat 20 19 72

Amrita 2021


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Amrita 2021


Project Juley at Ladak h India 2010 materialised - TCCL - 5min of snow as requested, Àrst oversea YEP

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Amrita 2021

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lg First Pi

Thank TCCL SGyou Ani Chodron for Tour TCCL SG. Finally visited - Happy!

㡳╣⨤넁 ↑ ֆ ⅉ 낉 ℛ 냒忥䰡䲾 ➨㔖⃄⹟넁 ⓳ 낉 䲾 ⺽ ℛ䱈 ❎抡 抁勹 㖌 ❎ シ 墒 墒 ⢤ 䱈⺽Ϗ 㭰➋

Amrita 2021



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Fro Frien m BFFs to ds VF memogather at t Fs - Virtuo h u rable pilgri e precious a s mage 2019 nd 76

Amrita 2021

db Undeterre

Guru Rinpoche Retreat 2018

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Amrita 2021


Project Besar Rati on after distributionDistribution- Taken in Beach Road

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Om Mani Padme Hung


Amrita 2021

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Amrita 2021


Special Thanks to Staff

2021 has conƟnued to be an evenƞul year for Thekchen Choling, especially the staff who have been constantly kept on their toes with the ever-changing government measures to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being in the midst of the pandemic. Despite the constant changes and decisions that have to be made – for example the decision to open or close the temple’s main hall, the shiŌs to the work from home arrangements – the staff have strived to ensure that disrupƟons to operaƟons are minimised. This ensures that they can conƟnue to serve the devotees and support the community in the best way possible. Amidst all these hecƟc changes, the staff also had to move their enƟre office to their new premises at 147A TyrwhiƩ Road in preparaƟon for the A&A that is to take place in the temple in the coming months. It was a major change that took many weeks to seƩle and the staff conƟnued to work Ɵrelessly to serve devotees and the public despite the big changes that were happening behind the scenes. We would like to say a big thank you to the staff for everything that they have done to ensure minimal disrupƟon to the wonderful Thekchen Choling experience!


Amrita 2021


ㄷ⺼⯪ℛ䱈⺽㨨康֑㣲䦻㈖㊜䭏䥇 ℛ䱈⺽㨨康֑㣲䦻㈖㊜䭏䥇 ㎈棹㹸֑␫∖匏✛ ⃃ㄷϏ⻧␹⧫㈖┐䥇䡮㎈棹㹸֑␫∖匏✛ 㙭㢀⊠㗄帩 㢹・屄⺼⃐㡰廆㠷䥇㾘⹝⹌␫㙭㢀⊠㗄帩 岌֑↨䬱⊠㺒⃭ⅽ䥇⌨ㅺ⃑⹌␫Ϗ ⼀乤㊈款⃐㡰⧳⌝Ⓗ廆㠷ȾȾ≎ⱅ⑶⹝㇃ 㠁㓙␶械⺽椥䥇⯪㺂֑⹌㙕⼈⹹╡␯丌ⅎ ⹟ȾȾ⯪⹹揀⼀撒⅕䦻搐⛋֑ㄹ⊠㗄㸦・ 䥇エ∟䲬ㅒ 㕍⃐㊈屄䥇ㄵ㔳椐⓳㧃ㅘ䍼Ϗ 抜⅞╭╞֑揀㧌╬⅑䬱⊠㠷⃭榉∖⚲↨冪 冰↨㧃∶䕹㋄⃽⊤⇚⚍䰁◽㧐╤Ϗ 椧ⅉㅗ⺼抜⅞㊜䭏⯝⚛䥇エ∟䳎ㅒ֑エ∟ ⅽ✛抛㊈款㕍㠷⃭╡␯⹧㛯抄⓳∐⅑ $ 㼣㎣䔼悲䥇㡳╡␯⧳䍼Ϗ抜㣲⃽ⅉ☶⻉択 嬏䥇⺽ㅜ⊱㠷エ䳎勏∟⒉⯊Ϗ 䐪・䛉㨨䧎֑抜㣲⃭槃屄㠳✫㔐叀岦⑶䥇 撐⯪㟼⚛Ϗ䏹勏֑⧫ㄘ⛑㊜⅑㛯抄ⅎ⹟䥇 ⛏㢹֑␫∖匏✛抛㣲⃐扡╶喩֑冪冰⃽䆤 恶⊤⇚⚍䰁◽䥇⛇䲐槃㼅Ϗ 㓔↯䟴嬺䥇㏢廥㔃㧌䥇エ∟ⅽ✛֑㏢䊃↙ ↯⃽⯪ℛ䱈⺽㔃⌝䥇⃃Ⓤ֑↨╭╞䬱⊠㺒 ⃃∐⺽椥庂⹥揀叀⯢Ⅾ㧌㧃⇛快䥇∖浏ֆ

Amrita 2021


Thekchen Staff Awards 2021 ܸ˲ጚ௡ܸ‫ ݒ‬


This award is for the person who is forward thinking and always willing to learn and develop new skills to help contribute to our organisaƟon. Sandy’s and Wai Foong’s willingness to learn and explore new ways have helped the temple acquire addiƟonal al financial help and media resources during this Covid period. They contributed many great ideas to our temple and are the main change agents for our temple. Our thanks and graƟtude to Sandy and Wai Foong for being open to learning, adapƟng, and developing new ideas and skills that contribute to Thekchen Choling’s ability to benefit others.


dy San

㸧Ⱉ欼㢫⧫⅑幧⚲ㄹ嬫㔯㋠冷恈┐֑咷╞⅑⸩℣ㄹ⚔⼘㡳㕃叀⃽㧽㩇⌝Ⓗ忤䗱䥇 ⛏ↄϏ 椋∶⃑熇⇢柎䎰嬺⸩℣ώ▊⅑ⓞ㡳䥇侁䰡֑ヱ╬⯪ℛ䱈⺽⧫䡮㎈㧢梷㉚⓳ⅉ歠⯙䥇 忥╤㟲㚷⃑ⵕ∖⹦⇣Ϗ↙↯⃽⺽椥㚓≞ⅉ幻⯝㡳潟䍼⸓֑㙫╫ⅉ㧽㩇䥇⚔⼘⃑ⓞ 㡳Ϗ㏢廥椋∶⃑⇢柎↨㇃棗䥇㋠冷㗄冰⸩℣ώ䌸㿾ㅗ⚛֑⚔⼘Ⓗ␫㡳䥇㕃叀⃑岦⑶ 㡼㬋֑☊兪⇛◙㧯⺽拣䱒ⅽ剧䥇叀╞Ϗ




This award is for the person who is oŌen dedicated to support and help out fellow colleagues and devotees. Badhon’s friendly and helpful demeanour brings a spark of joy to all in the temple. Though he is a seconded staff from TNTS, his commitment and service to our temple is commendable. He is ever ready to extend his help to support anyone in the temple. Thus, the Best SupporƟng Staff award goes to him. Thank you Badhon for being part of Team Thekchen!



hon Bad


Amrita 2021

シ㫎ⅵⓊ⚎⡇ώ䎰㊆╬ⅽ䥇䔼快֑≂↙㓓⃽⺽椥撏⯙ⅽ↯⡟梾ℓ岄䥇ⱀ✛エϏ奀䏹 ⹆㣲㨨咭7176␯⚻䥇⋢廆ⅽ✛֑∉↙⺼⅑⺽椥⛇欼ⅎ╤䥇㠯⃝㋄ㅩ⃑㧐╤㋄ㅩ⹡ ⧫⋿㉚嬫㔯Ϗ↙楒㢹⌝ⱀ⒉⯊֑↨抔ℑ☶㢹䥇㠋䙊≂❀㊈抁֑⛔↾∘㼅㠔䥇⛏ↄ㚓 ≞㚷╬Ϗ⃽㸧֑㉚╞忸ⅽⰙ模シ㫎➨噮⼡Ϗ㏢廥シ㫎╣␨⯪ℛ⦥棢ֆ




This award is for the person who oŌen suggests creaƟve and innovaƟve ideas for our organisaƟon. InnovaƟon is the backbone of any successful organisaƟon and Mr Bryan Long has demonstrated this trait superbly. Through Bryan’s creaƟvity, Thekchen Choling was able to navigate and chart new waters, bringing about more technology to increase producƟvity and efficiency. Thank you, Bryan, for all your creaƟve ideas that help bring convenience and benefit to all beings!



an Br y

ⓞ㡳㋠㎶㣲㺒⃭㓓╢㧽㩇䥇⨝ㇽ⛑䧁֑勏牜⊍枰␋䟢⻴㣲㧯㧽㩇㧃∶䥇ⓞ㡳㖈㈖Ϗ ⊍枰䟫↙䥇㢣椓ⓞ㏒֑㇘歉⯪ℛ䱈⺽㙥俥㡳㧽挊֑㇘択㡳䲔㕃↨㚓涛䟢Ⅺ╞⃑㠋 䙊Ϗ㏢廥㍫֑牜➨ֆ㍫䥇ⓞ㏒䍼⸓㊈⻉⓬䦍㡼⊂⃃Ⓤ⇚䟢ֆ


This award is for the person who is inclusive and oŌen collaborates with other teams to bring about beƩer communicaƟon and teamwork. Due to this, he/she can bring people together to eīecƟvely organise projects and acƟviƟes for our organisaƟon. EffecƟve teamwork means great synergy between members of the same team and even across different teams. Thekchen Choling staff would like to thank Sherry for bringing together people to help organise projects and acƟviƟes that benefit the community and all beings! Thank you for being the bridge to connect all of us together!


ry Sher

㸧Ⱉ欼㢫⧫⅑幧⚲ㄹ嬫㔯⊆択⛇⦥棢ℎ梷☒∟␴急֑⅕北㽢拝䥇⛏ↄϏ㧌╶⅑抜 ∐⛏ↄ֑㧯㧽㩇叀㦷ⱀ⧳廆╫⛇㡼ⅽ㔐֑丼⯊ㄹ㙫嬏⛇欼幤ⓕ⃑㿾╫Ϗ 涛㠋䥇⦥棢⛋∟叀╞֑㏒✶䨃⛇⻒冇⑈掫㓓✛ℎ梷℆咶悫⻒冇䥇⛋∟֑揀叀抁⓳ ☒⛏⭡㠋䥇∟䟫Ϗ⯪ℛ䱈⺽␫∖匏✛䔼㸧嬫㈳㩚㐪㐪⛏ↄ֑㏢廥ⰼ咷╞⅑廆␸挦 ⻉֑⻉⛇㡼ⅽ洯匝⛋⧫⃃怺֑丼⯊⛇欼幤ⓕ⃑㿾╫֑㨨拣䱒䰁◽℆咶⃃Ⓤ⇚䟢ֆ ㏢廥㍫㩹怺ⅉⅽ⃑ⅽℎ梷⅕拝⅕⊤䥇㬨㭄ֆ

Amrita 2021



This award is for the person whom you can count on. He/she is reliable and you can always count on him/her to complete the tasks. JJust as Guru Rinpoche and Mother Tara can be relied upon to help all those who call their names with great faith, Elena is the Tara of our temple. Known to the staff as Sailor Moon, n we are grateful to her for being our “safety net”. She is our check and balance and we are w ggrateful to be able to depend on her to help us ensure our administraƟon work is done properly. Thank you, Elena, for always looking out for us and helping us whenever possible! p

磧୩覎ઊॹ物 磧

㸧 㸧Ⱉ欼㢫⧫⅑幧⚲ㄹ嬫㔯㧽㩇⃍⃎⨊⚲䥁哯⊤怙䥇⛏ↄϏ↾∘䥇↾╤⚭屄㔛↛⅑↙֑ ㊈ ㊈叀ⱅ㧢⹏㓓ώ⹏剑✋䙳Ϗ



⚭ ⚭屄␺恶⊤㊆䲳㊸噵ニ⚍ㅩ㺐֑㊈叀↳怙␹⺾⮳㠔喩䥇叀╞֑勏噺㉚㠔ㅩϏ捦ℋ֑㭄 䓴 䓴䙵⚲康㣲㓔↯⺽椥⛏ↄℎ梷֑㧌㼅㊈ㅗ䥇ㅩ㺐ⅉϏ孮嵌⃽Ɇ剑⻔ⰶ㓛⮮ɇ䥇䓴䙵֑㣲㓔 ↯ ↯㏢䊃咶㩄䥇⹌␫刔Ϗⰼ㞈桂Ɇ庘乚ㄶ嬤ɇ䥇エ∟֑勏㓔↯™模・㠁㊆⧳ⲗ㔛ⰼ䥇染⓬⚏ 䧿 䧿֑㨨䬱⊠⃃Ⓤ䥇嬏㠂㔎冰揀⯇䛉ⱨ㈖Ϗ㏢廥㍫֑䓴䙵֑㋾㣲⧫╞㔃叀⚍䥇嗆⦷⑈庁㎶ 庩⼀֑㚓≞☒╬ֆ


This award is for the person who is always resourceful in Įnding resources, be it donaƟon in kind or connecƟng our organisaƟon with helpful benefactors or companies who can support our temple. h TThough peƟte, Yizhen has a big heart. Through her quick acƟons, she is able to connect aand build good relaƟons with many benefactors to help the temple. With the help of our benefactors such as our MP Ms Denise Phua, members of the Jalan Besar GRC and IRCC, b aand our sponsors, we are able to overcome the financial and operaƟonal instability during tthis Covid period. Thank you Yizhen for your efforts to be the bridge to connect the temple with our benefactors and being the anchor to ensure the conƟnued smooth operaƟon of our w ttemple.



ᩒრፑԆॹ物 ᩒ

㸧 㸧Ⱉ欼⧫⅑幧⚲ㄹ嬫㔯⡇⅑⃽㧽㩇㛟刚⛇䲐怇䅓䥇⛏ↄϏ⚭屄㣲⺽椥㔃槃֑➭㋘㣲ⅽ╞ 怇 怇䅓ώ䔬怇㘓怣ώ㓙䎰㊆Ⰼ䗱䥇╢㉺⃾㓙␯⚻⇄⃝֑↨抜∐⛏ↄ䥇ⅽ凛ⅽ双֑⇿ℑ㽤㧌 Ↄℋ㣲⃐叀㜉ㄶ䥇Ϗ Ↄ 熇㏒䚐冉咷幵䴹䥇守㨢֑楓⃐−ⰼ⺀⯪䥇㊆㋃Ϗ拝把ⰼ㠒㘺䥇⯇ⅎ殑㫿֑㋾㣲叀⃽⺽椥 北侾ㄹ冷㗄⃑⛇╢㉺⃾ℎ梷䥇唲ⱀ␶侾Ϗ⧫⚙㉚ⅉ幱✛䈛℀囐ⰶ⮮֑㎼␳◂⓼榉拌◽⚍ 悫䲐㢒⹚㠜⊤↾⦥ ,5&& ⛇㓓✛䥇㩄╞☒╬⃎֑㓔↯㔐㉚↨␎㧐䡮㎈㧢梷䥇喨ㄵ忥╤⚍ 抓∟榁歛Ϗ㏢廥䚐ⲓ㍫䥇⌁㎈Ⰼ䗱֑∟⃽ⅵ⡇⯪≂↦嬫⺽椥怳庂⛇╢㉺⃾֑ㄹ䶰╞冷㕧 ⺽椥䥇欽⓬抓∟Ϗ


Amrita 2021

You have discovered a treasure! ো‫؞‬০࠭ᖍࠃᘩἿ

Giant Mani Wheel This most visible treasure was first installed in 2003 at Thekchen Choling Singapore’s Bukit Timah premise, and was Singapore’s first giant Mani Wheel. Standing at 3 metres and measuring 1.38 metres in diameter, it contains more than two hundred million printed mantras such as Chenrezig’s “Om Mani Padme Hum.” According to Vajrayana Buddhism, anyone who turns a mani wheel in a clockwise direcƟon is blessed. The merit and purificaƟon received from turning it for just one round is equivalent to having recited all the mantras it contains. The Mani Wheel was re-consecrated in November 2007 at the temple’s current locaƟon. Newly printed mantras and precious items, such as brocades and gems, were placed inside the Mani Wheel. With hearƞelt moƟvaƟon, the Mani Wheel was also gold-plated. Its presence serves as a blessing for the area and creates boundless merits for those who turn it faithfully.

癨ࣳ᫨ᕪ᫪ 康⓳㡳╣⨤⯪ℛ䱈⺽㧃㇘ⅽ㾫䦱䥇䚐⹠֑噮把⅑カ⩎戯 冒戱Ϗ㸧戯冒戱㣲⅑ ㄷ汙㷤守刱⧫⯪ℛ䱈⺽䥇㢪⨃ 㸩⛌䪨洯Ϗ㈖㢹֑抜㣲㡳╣⨤䷯⃃ㅪカ⩎䥇戯冒戱Ϗ 涛 伶֑䦷㉇ 伶Ϗ戯冒戱撏守墒䨃恈把⃧ↂ䥇ϖ岅檶 ㊆❕ϗɆ␰⸚⯪㣑❕ɇϏ 㫼㘱墒⇣∞㠜⇣冢֑↾∘ⅽ⚭屄欽㢹杋戯╫戯冒戱☶⚲ ⒃刭榉怇Ϗ㺒戯⃃挐㔃俲䲲䥇╢㉺֑☶⛏丌⅑㊸庸ⅉ冒 戱⑈䥇㔃㧌❕庰䥇╢㉺⓬䦍Ϗ抜ㅪカ⩎戯冒戱⅑ ㄷ 㧋撐㡳㛯抄⹌刱⧫⺽椥䦱┐䥇䙳⨃Ϗ⑈掫™守墒ⅉ㡳 ☳⓹䥇冒㡊⃑⯝↹䚐忸⧦䔬ⱅ柩凑⃑⹠䪶丌Ϗ⛑㨨֑戯 冒戱⧫⊤⇚↯䥇⚔㊆≞␾⃎栃撔⃨氳Ϗ⹆䥇⸛⧫⃐ↈ农 ✫扼⧳◽ラ㨨䰡⧦䥇╣㗄֑™幬夗㊆戯╫冒戱䥇⡇⊤俲 䲲㢣撒╢㉺Ϗ

Amrita 2021


Special Thanks to Board of Directors & Extended Board Committee

We would like to express our thanks to our Board of Directors and Extended Board CommiƩee. Despite their busy schedule, they are like the four lions supporƟng the pillars of this mandala - strong in their support, and unwavering in their devoƟon towards our Dharma propagaƟon efforts. We also greatly appreciate their valuable and professional advice that has helped us to navigate and overcome various obstacles and challenges. Last but not least, we are very thankful for their vision of having an inclusive and open community at Thekchen Choling. We trust that their leadership will steer us towards greater heights!


Amrita 2021


㏢廥㓔↯䥇圦ⅎ⇝⃑圦ⅎⲗ✛⇝֑⧫䥁㊜䥇 㢨䳎ℎ⃰←␶㾫ώ⨝⹋䨃抜ㅪ撔ⓝ挖⧽䥇嗄 ⮱⚔⼘Ϗ㸦ⱅ撔ⓝㅪ⃎⹋㕧䥇榇䖱⃃哯֑棄 ⃎⺼㧯⺽䥇∞㾘ⅎ⃝⨝⹋⃐䃠֑⃽㗲␷∞㾘 农⅋ⅉ燑╞㟲㗄Ϗ 㓔↯™䟴嬺㏢䊃庻∐֑⧫㧯⺽樥⃷⛇欼⦳榁 ⃑㗔㓛㢹֑㚓≞ⅉ⹠忸䥇⃖⃝㏒岄֑ラ歉㓔 ↯㿡⺢㈥▂֑ㅩ把榁␶Ϗ 㧃㧮֑㏢㌬棄⃎㇃ⓞⅉ⃃⃭㇃㣑㇃㠁ώ㠥⃽ ⅽ␋䥇⯪ℛ䱈⺽剧∖Ϗ䦻⊤⧫庻∐䥇㣑㤽歉 ⺿⃎֑⯪ℛ䱈⺽㊈⻉䥁⻽䷂⯷֑⑐㟃涛⾳ֆ

Amrita 2021


Editors’ Notes and Special Thanks to all Writers & Translators The theme for this 20th Anniversary Yearbook – Treasures – was conceived as homage to the 20 treasures that are found within Thekchen Choling Singapore’s premises, all of which are very precious to us. However, as Singha Rinpoche has taught us, the real treasure is our people - “We should all remember to cherish people and use things, not cherish things and use people.” Thus, people are the real treasure, not the objects within the temple. Objects are merely compounded phenomena and do not have Buddha nature. People and students – while all are also compounded phenomena - have Buddha nature that can be culƟvated and grown to benefit others. On this very important note of treasuring our people, we would like to give a very big thank you to all our writers, translators and editorial team. The write-ups for this year’s Amrita Special 20th Anniversary EdiƟon wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the following people who worked Ɵrelessly behind the scenes wriƟng, researching, interviewing people, and translaƟng: Writers: Coco Ho, Dave Ng, Gwen Towell, Leela Satyan, Patrick Chang, Stephanie Tremeaud, and Winnie Ho. Translators: Lim Huey Chin, Kok Pei Kee, Neo Mui Hwa, Tan Hwei Ling, Cai Xinchen, and Zhou MeiƟng Chris. They are indeed the editorial team’s treasure! How else do people understand the word “treasure”? The editorial team would like to share with you our personal interpretaƟons of the word ‘Treasure’. While we were discussing the theme for this year’s


Amrita 2021

yearbook, we arrived at very different interpretaƟons of the word ‘Treasure’ and what it means to us. Hence, we would like to share with you our thoughts on the word, and also invite you to consider what ‘Treasures’ means to you too!

Wong Wai Foong (Editor-in-Chief):

To tell you the truth, I only started to focus on what I really want in life in the later stages of adulthood, and that was when I gradually began to look for my treasure - the value and meaning of life. While gathering and preparing the materials for Amrita 2021, I inadvertently discovered yet another treasure - the power of faith. Faith can moƟvate us to work hard towards important goals, brave all difficulƟes, persevere, and dedicate our lives for the benefit of many more others. So for me, faith is an unparalleled treasure.

Alexandra Pang (Editor): To me, ‘Treasures’ describes something precious that cannot be easily found. The effort of having to work for it is what makes it a treasure. Although I haven’t really gone looking for hidden treasure, whenever I read stories or watch movies about treasure hunƟng (think ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’), the journey of searching for the item seems to be as fun as the thrill of finally discovering the item itself. Leong Jia En (Editor):

People in my life are the treasures in my heart. Through the kindness of my Guru, family, my Dharma brothers and sisters, all the Anilas and Sangha members, and all my friends, I have learnt many lessons of how to be a beƩer person. Without people’s

kindness, generosity, and guidance, I wouldn’t be able to grow. These are all precious experiences and memories that are lasƟng in my heart. People are the meaning in my life!

Felicia Wong (Editor):

Life is like playing a game of treasure hunt. We are always on the lookout to find the treasures that we want. For me, the treasure that I’ve found is someone who emanates deep compassion as the basis of all his acƟons. He is also highly adept at skillful means. This person is my Guru. ReflecƟng deeply on my Guru’s teachings frequently leads to meaningful realisaƟons. This is especially so for the phrase, “Cherish people and use things”. This phrase has become a Ɵmely reminder that I commonly apply to my daily life. AŌer a period of Ɵme, I noƟced that how I relate to people and how I treat my relaƟonships began to change for the beƩer. This is the treasure that I’m deeply grateful for – my Guru, Singha Rinpoche. How about you, friends? Have you found your own treasure in life?

ᎄᏨॷឦఐਖে୩ឋ‫ڄ‬᫳ ↍ㄷ䥇 ✫ㄷ六㊸䔼Ⓧ⦷冘䨃Ɇ⹠ 墒ɇ䥇⃾歛֑␹䌸㏢⸘卵咭⯪ℛ䱈⺽ ㇨恶䚐忸䥇⅏ϯ⯪㹍ⱜ⧦䔬Ϗ 䏹勏֑㸦ⱅ朮❏ↄ㾥Ⓤ㠜⺿㓔↯֑ 䧢㸦䥇⹠墒␹⹡㣲㓔↯ɆⅽɇȾȾɆ㓔 ↯揀ㅗ庨廫平㎟ⅽ䟫䔬֑勏模㎟䔬 䟫ⅽϏɇ⦣㸧֑Ɇⅽɇ㔐㣲䧢㸦䥇⹠ 墒֑勏⃐㣲⺽椥⑈撏䥇䔬➄Ϗ 䔬➄⚭㣲⛇䲐⦣凛❏⛋勏㓓䥇䙳 弤֑㣲㽤㧌∞㋪䥇Ϗⅽ⃑㉕⇚奀䏹 揀™揀㣲⦣凛❏⛋勏㓓֑∉↙↯揀 ␺㧌∞㋪֑⚲↨╣↨⪼␾≂咷㓓桂 ⮱⯪ώ⓬䦍⇚䟢Ϗ ⧫抜㹸↨Ɇ㎟ⅽ⃽㇘䥇䶣啅撏֑㓔↯ 䟴嬺䥇㏢廥㔃㧌⚅⃑Ⓗ䔋㸧℩䥇∟ 勈ώ劾应✛⚍凙扔⦥棢Ϗ 㕂坜⯪⹹䥇⌁㎈⚅֑⃑⧫ㄘ⛑⃐䪨 䡵⋩⧳㝳⑜ώ㪨棈怇㡜ώ⹡⧳撊庂 ↨⚍劾应֑↍ㄷ ✫ㄷ䔼⓮䔋䥇 ϖ㾘槵ϗ㔐㉚↨欽⓬㓓℩֟ ∟勈 厤汫◃ώ熇䄪劗ώ∘④↭ώ/HHOD 6DW\DQώ㇣⮮㪒ώ6WHSKDQLH 7UHPHDXGώ ∘榲ⱱϏ 应勈 㩚㐪⛞ώ掰∬䛭ώ㭄剑☑ώ椋㐪 䙵ώ埤㣘扳ώ✫剑ⴺϏ

↨⃍庻∐䥉㣲㓔↯凙扔冇䥇⹠墒ֆ ⅽ↯㣲ⱅ∘䛉岦Ɇ⹠墒ɇ抜⃭⛐庐 ✥֤凙扔⦥棢㎶⃑㍫ⓉⅮ㓔↯⺼⅑ Ɇ⹠墒ɇ抜⃭⛐庐䥇⃭ⅽ岦撍Ϗ⧫幫 幽␶⅑↍ㄷ䔼Ⓧ䥇⃾歛㢹֑㓔↯⛇ 咭⺼Ɇ⹠墒ɇ揀㧌⃐⛏䥇岦庾֑ㄹ农 ⹆怎⅋ⅉ⃐⛏䥇㏒ℌϏ⧫㸧֑庺␄ 幻㓔↯⃑㍫ⓉⅮ㓔↯⺼Ɇ⹠墒ɇ䥇∖ ㍢֑™捃㍫㋠俥咭ゴ⺼Ɇ⹠墒ɇ䥇岦 庾⃑⹝ℌֆ

熇⇢柎 ⃾凙

康⹡庠֑⓳ⅉ㉋抢䥇㢹⋜֑㓔㔐䧢 㸦䥇㇃Ⲏ␶㾫咭ゴ屄䥇㣲Ↄℋ֑拓 勏㇃Ⲏ⺾㕁咭ゴ䥇⹠墒ȾȾⅽ䟢䥇 ↺⋿⃑㏒ℌϏ↍ㄷ⧫⃽ϖ㾘槵 ϗ㟹榉ώ㠷䛉⛇䲐⧁㡊怇㡜䥇把䳎 ֑⃰幬㓔⚋⃐冒㏒⧳⚔㙛ⅉ⚩⃃⃭ ⹠墒⹠墒ȾȾȾ⊤㊸䥇╞撒Ϗ⊤ ㊸叀⯢幬㓔↯㧠䨃⇢⯪䥇䦱㫊勏╭ ╞֑⃐䠒唳榁֑⨝檪┐嬏֑䟫咭ゴ 䥇䟢❀㨨拣⻴㧃ㅂ⯪䥇⓬䦍Ϗ㔃↨ ⺼㓔㨨康֑⊤㊸㣲⃭㢣⚲㺗㖢䥇⹠ 墒Ϗ

ㅡ唶⒧ 凙扔

⺼㓔勏峃֑Ɇ⹠墒ɇ㚒抳䥇㣲⃃⅞⃐ ⹼㣖⺾噺䥇䚐忸䔬↹Ϗ∣㊈款㣲⃽ ⅉ⹆勏╭╞⧳♾⺾岈֑択勏≂⹆䥇 ↺⋿⃍☊֑㓓⃽⹠墒Ϗ奀䏹֑㓔㧭

㧁䧢㸦⧳⚅⃑⺾⹠֑∉㺒㈖㓔棈庾 㧌␶⺾⹠䥇㠈ⅎ㓙䟸㈴㢹֍ⱅɆ╣▕ 㺗䀺䦚ɇℎ伾֎֑⺾㕁䔬➄䥇把䳎⇿ ℑ⃑㧃冋⚔䙳⹠䔬䥇㢹⓾⃃㫺⓽䊃 㧌恦Ϗ

㭄∶㌬ 凙扔

⧫㓔䟢❀⃰Ⓗ䙳䥇ⅽ֑㣲㓔㊆⃰䥇 ⹠墒Ϗ拝把㓔䥇⃍ニώ⹹ⅽώ㓔䥇 ∞㾘␇㇢ⲓⱼώ㔃㧌䥇⎪∀㓓✛ώ ↨⚍㓔㔃㧌䥇㧎⚎↯䥇ↄ㐋֑幬㓔 㼵⚙ⅉ幻⯝ⅽ䟢㠜幰֑択勏≂㓔㓓 ⃽⃃⃭㦷ⱀ䥇ⅽϏ㽤㧌↙↯䥇㐋 ㊆ώ⺀⹼ώ㠜⺿֑㓔⻉㢣㾘噺㉚㓓 桂Ϗ抜⅞揀㣲枰⓾⧫㓔㊆⃰䥇䚐忸 冒♉⃑⦡㊉Ϗⅽ㣲㓔䟢❀⃰䥇 ㏒ℌֆ

熇噝擄 凙扔

ⅽ䟢䕼ⱅ⧫䙬⺾⹠䃻㓒֑㢹㢹⓾⓾ ⧫⺾㕁咭ゴ屄䥇⹠墒Ϗ勏㓔㔃⺾噺 䥇⹠墒㣲⃃∐䯽䙳㐋㍵⃽㧯ώ㡼⊂ ⃽梫䥇⃍ニϏ ⃍ニ䥇㠜⺿・・幬㓔㧌䂴⓾䥇㏢ ㍢֑⻧␹㣲Ɇ㎟ⅽ䟫䔬ɇ䥇㋠㎶֑㦷 㣲㓓⃽㓔⃐㢹䟫㨨㚓摕咭ゴ䥇帩 ⚨Ϗ把ⅉ⃃㹸㢹㢨֑㓔岅⺢⓳咭ゴ ㉈ⅽ㙨䔬䥇㊆㋄䥇䬱㇃Ⲏ㧌ⅉ㟼 ⚛Ϗ ㏢廥㓔䥇⹠墒ȾȾ㌬ニ朮❏ↄ㾥 ⓊϏ㧎⚎↯֑∣㕁⓳ⅉ咭ゴ䥇⹠墒 ⛚֤

Amrita 2021


You have discovered a bonus treasure! ো‫؞‬০ᝍᩚᬥᘩࠃᘩἿ

Thousand-Armed Chenrezig of the Southern Seas Specially commissioned by Singha Rinpoche through Thekchen Choling Singapore, this magnificent rupa of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig stands at 46 feet and is beauƟfully adorned with pearls, corals, turquoise and dzibeads. This treasure, located in Thekchen Choling (Malaysia), is the largest representaƟon of Avalokitesvara in Tibetan style within Southeast Asia that has been accurately represented and tradiƟonally filled with tsung (holy items) in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradiƟon under the personal guidance of His Eminence the 6th Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche. Within the statue are Dharma texts, precious relics and holy objects granted by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama, His Holiness Sakya Trizin, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, His Eminence the 102nd Ganden Tri Rinpoche, His Eminence the 5th Dagri Rinpoche, His Eminence the 6th Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche, His Eminence Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche, His Eminence Kyabje Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche and many other precious lineage gurus. The construcƟon and consecraƟon of this most holy rupa was auspiciously completed on May 2016 at Thekchen Choling Malaysia (Kota Tinggi).

‫ܖ‬၇‫܉‬ಋᥡᶪሴই๶ ኧᰎ޾Ռူ獥蝢鉑碝‫࣠ے‬य़犔ᐮ疢ᦈ‫ګ‬፽蝨牧鉖疧癟癟ଢ Ӹጱ‫ܖ‬၇‫܉‬ಋᥡᶪሴই๶ᰂ蛪ṛࢥ‫م܈‬疳牧犥ቊቐ牏納 細牏ᖖ礁Ꭺ现ॠቐ缛‫ݱ‬ᜋਪᎪᅩᖗ牐 種ࣀ猟ሿԅӳ‫ܖ‬Ե磧य़ጱ萢ୗᥡӮᶪᰂ蛪牧ԊӸ໒狅ഝᕪ َᘒᱹ蝨ଚᤰ萢牐ࣁ疧揫ᒫ‫م‬ӮᐝԆ礚ग़Ռူ獥ጱ谛ԁ瞲 ੕ӥ牧૪ೲᆙᰂ‫ڟ‬犔ը᫥牧ࣁࣀ猟ٖ蟂ਞॲ֡硽ᕪَ牏֡ 硽ࣀᇔ缛缛牐 鉖犚አ犥ᤰ萢ጱ֡硽ᕪَ牏ቊᩃᛣ‫ڥ‬现֡硽ࣀᇔ๶რ覍ଉ ྛ胦牧ٌӾ۱ೡ疧ᩃጱᒫ‫ࢥ܈‬Ӯ鉏ᩢ࠻琳疧ᘏ牏疧ᩃጱ៣ 蜾ઽၐဩሴ牏疧ᩃጱᒫ‫܈‬犊Ӯय़ਪဩሴࡱ锔瑑ሸ૬ᮑᰂᰭ ‫ڜ‬ग़磼牏疧ᩃጱᒫӞጯ襉ԫ犨ኚԄᩮ૬Ռ疍Ռူ獥牏疧ᩃ ጱᒫԲӮᰂ‫ڟ‬௛瞱ૻ缏Ռူ獥牏疧揫ጱӤੂᴺොӢᒫ‫م‬Ӯ 礚ग़Ռူ獥牏疧揫ጱ౅‫ظ‬纩຋Ռူ獥牏 疧揫ጱ࠻琳祇૬Ռ ူ獥犥现ग़֖疧ᩃጱփ瞚Ӥ趂ಅ௮ᩞጱ牐 牏 鉖疧‫ܖ‬၇‫܉‬ಋᥡᶪሴই๶牧૪ԭ ଙ ์ࣁḘ๶ᥜԵय़ 犔ᐮ疢ҁ珠಑ӟ਩҂缐ૡᤰ萢牧‫ۑ‬盓ࢺჿ牐


Amrita 2021

Special Thanks to Amrita Sponsors ਖ៙ឱҪॴ˟ԧॷઐેǒข᭛Ǔ

our ors: w o s h o s g spon t 廥㏒ e k n i i l 䥇 ld Ⓣ ow wou the foll ↨⃊⅏ e W o ⃾咷 de t u ㉺ t Ɵ ╢ d gra e Lt te) Ltd 庻∐ t P ⛔ ion t (P ֑ olut erchan td 廫㸧 CS

CP per M ) Pte L r a e (S ee P Chem ke Mak B Eng Equit ye Ca lers wel amily h e T J Gin Heng n & F ily Liat m Soo & Fam Thia m hoo Lim May C s Syste Ltd e u Ling mni-Pl ging Pt O ka td Pac lus te L c P w i P up Pac Gro ading g n r i sult rystal T Family n o td & C IC PM achael Huizhi e Pte L R fe g n N ee Cof ore a m p Ry ong L nga isation i S e o L rgan d Sin Toyog an O Pte Lt T ly iam udios ami F t Will S XM g Lisa & n Yoo

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Amrita 2021

Amrita 2021



Amrita 2021

ၴ‫ݓ‬ॉྔࡍ௨ඹಭႼདྷ‫܋‬ය EQUITCHEM (S) PTE LTD Tel: 6365 2622, 6284 0282

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䖍 ᤇ ⻮ ϧ ᰶ 䭽 ‫ ڙ‬थ PACIFIC PACKAGING PTE LTD No. 51 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore 768726 Tel: (65) 6758 0080 (6 Lines), (65) 6759 0060 Fax: (65) 6755 0012 Website: Email: Wholesaler & Distributor for Food Packaging (e.g. Plastic Bowls & Cups, Paper Bowls, Cups & Lunch Boxes, Rubber Bands, Pet Bottles and Biodegradable Products)


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