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Jackie Visits The uS

Over the past month a-list Ghanaian stars visited the United States for the Face List awards in New York. Nadia Buari, as well as Jackie appiah, leading Ghanaian actresses, were in attendance. Jackie later came to Virginia to spend time with family and friends. For more pictures of the event visit the New Ghanaian webiste:

OIL IS EXHAuSTIBLE alhaji issahaque Salia, Upper west Regional Minister has observed that Ghana's oil and gas find is exhaustible and should therefore be utilised judiciously for the growth of the economy. he advised Ghanaians to concentrate on deriving the maximum benefits from other resources such as gold, agriculture, tourism and telecommunication. alhaji Salia made the observation in a speech read on his behalf at the launch of the Jubilee First Oil Exhibition in Wa



Statistics from internal Medicine Specialists at the Komfo anokye Teaching hospital (KaTh) and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), show disturbing upsurge of cases of hypertension and diabetes in Kumasi and its environs. KaTh has been seeing 120 new cases of hypertension and 30 cases of diabetes every week.

The half assini District Magistrate's Court has remanded Yaw Sarpong, a farmer from Tikobo No. 2 in the Jomoro District of the western Region in prison custody for conspiracy to commit murder and murder. his plea was not taken and would reappear on May 27. Prosecuting, Police inspector Kenneth K. Doe told the court presided over by Mr Cont’d on page 30

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ms. anastasia akuffo-afful, (photo courtesy itake photos est. 1985)



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Editorial Taking a Stand As most people of decent repute would testify to; a good reputation is worth many riches. As a news outlet that has been consistent, through trials and tribulations for the past 10 years, the New Ghanaian newspaper has been committed in serving the community by highlighting the positives and challenging the negative aspects of our Ghanaian/ West African society back home and in the United States. Through the journey thus far, we appreciate the unwavering support of institutions such as the Ghana Embassy, Washington DC., the Council of Ghanaian Associations, the DMV affiliate chapters of the both The New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress amongst other political parties, local businesses, religious leaders, and most importantly, you the reader. We proudly stand by our integrity and are emboldened by the comments of support and even the critiques that help us serve you better. In our last installment, we headlined “Amenooo, Prophet Adonteng Exposed” and we published facts made available to us through weeks of investigation. The article, which is also featured on our website ( received a lot of comments both in support of and in opposition to Mr. Adonteng. We are excited the news informed and fostered a long overdue discussion in the community about religious practices and accountability. We now entreat the church members as well as religious

leaders to hold each other to task to the higher calling they profess embarking on by setting an example of good repute for others to follow. As always, you may forward all questions and concerns to In this edition of the paper, we highlight “Zoom Zoom- The Professor” Azuma Nelson documentary that was showcased at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, DC by Ghana’s very own Sam Kessie. In an age of technological advancement, there is no reason why Ghanaian and African heroes should not be celebrated and held in the same high esteem as their Western counterparts. We also showcase, in pictures, the launch and prayer meeting of the Call of Esther Ministries a women’s movement to empower and enrich the lives of women through quality programming in the community. If it is not already obvious, Media Afrika LLC, publishers of the New Ghanaian and its affiliates such as Sunlight Radio America support community events and a forum sponsored by the West Africa Focus Group, Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services will be held on June 4th at West Potomac High School at 9:30am. More details to come soon. Our website is . You may also find us on facebook by searching: The New Ghanaian, on twitter @tngnews. You may send a messge to to stay connected through weekly updates via email.

HEALTH WATCH Seven Natural Ways To Sleep Better By Lisa Collier Cool

More than one-third of US adults routinely sleep fewer than seven hours a night, jeopardizing their health and concentration, a CDC study released last week shows. Skimping on slumber magnifies the threat of developing cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of Americans, and also boosts risk for diabetes, depression and even obesity, other CDC research shows. What’s behind these troubling trends? Americans are too wired to unwind, the NSF’s 2011 Sleep in America poll survey suggests. Ninety-five percent of those surveyed spend the hour before bedtime staring at some type of screen, from the TV to the computer, video games, or cell phone, at least a few nights a week. What’s more, nearly one in ten teens are awakened nearly every night after going to bed by text messages, emails or cell phone calls. Not surprisingly, in light of these findings, 43 percent of survey respondents say that they rarely or never get a good night’s sleep on weeknights. What’s the solution? “Very simple strategies and changes in your daily habits can powerfully improve your sleep Bask in morning sunshine. Light, especially the sun’s rays, has such a potent effect on your body’s internal clocks that you can actually use it to reset your sleep cycle, research shows. If you tend to be night owl (like me), you may have delayed circadian rhythms. To shift to an earlier schedule, making it easier to fall asleep and wake up on time for work, force yourself to get up early and soak up as much sun as possible between 6 and 8 AM, by sitting in a sunny room or taking a walk after dawn. “Bright light in the morning cues the biology of sleep,” by influencing the timing of the body’s production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, says Harvey. “Even a cloudy day is bright enough to influence your circadian rhythms.” Exercise regularly. Working out several times a week enhances your overall health and improves sleep. Early evening exercise three times a week between 5 to 7 PM appears to make people pleasantly tired, contributing to sounder slumber. It may also aid in relaxing after work and shedding the stresses of the day. However, you should avoid exercising within two to three hours of bedtime, otherwise you may be too revved up to rest well, cautions Harvey. Track your sleep habits with this new app. Limit caffeine, especially in the evening. The NSF poll found that the average American drinks at least three caffeinated beverages a day, a habit that contributes to sleepless nights. And while you may feel that a glass or two of wine will help you nod off, research shows that alcohol actually impairs rest in a variety of ways, including adversely affecting REM sleep, making slumber less refreshing. Go off the grid. One hour before bedtime, dim the lights and sign off from technology use, advises Harvey. The bright light from small and big screens as you surf the Web, watch TV, or check emails stimulates the brain, instead of

allowing it to slow down for shuteye. Also turn off your cell phone—and make sure your kids do so as well—since the NSF poll found that middle of the night texting is triggering electronic insomnia in rising number of kids and young adults. To help you relax, try taking a warm bath before bed. Some studies show that the slight change in body temperature after a bath serves as a natural cue that it’s time to sleep. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep. Your bed should only be used for two things: slumber and sex. Keep your bedroom comfortable cool, which promotes better shuteye than a warm or hot room, and free of any reminders of work, which can make you feel too stressed to relax, explains Harvey. “It’s very important to associate your bed with refreshing sleep, so if you wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep, instead of tossing and turning, get up and go into another room. Read or try another relaxing activity, such as writing in a journal, until you feel tired enough to go back to bed.” Cover your clock. One common mistake is keeping your alarm clock next to the bed. “We did a five-year research project on clock-watching and found it creates anxiety. Often people will wake up briefly, look at the clock, then fall back asleep, only to wake up an hour later and check the time again. They then conclude that they’ve been lying awake for an hour, giving people the impression that their insomnia is worse than it actually is.” Instead, turn the clock’s face to the wall or hide it under the bed. Stick to a regular sleep Cont’d on page 27

PUBLISHER: Joseph “Sonny” Vanderpuye MANAGING EDITOR: Emmanuel A. Gamor SENIOR STAFF WRITER: EDWIN JANNEY CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Muriel Vanderpuye Eddie Ekuban (FASHION) CONTRIBUTORS: Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Jemila Abdulai, Naa Atto Dede, Nii Ayertey Aryeh, Rev. C. John Thompson-Quartey, GRAPHIC DESIGNING: Sonny Vanderpuye The New Ghanaian is a monthly publication of MEDIA AFRIKA, LLC, 5515 CHEROKEE AVENUE SUITE 100, ALEXANDRIA, VA. 22312 To advertise or for more info call: 703.901.4277 | 571.435.4576 or send your emails to:


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Faith & Community

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“Music Rabbi” Ken Appiah at Sunlight Radio Studios in Alexandria, VA.

auntie araba, ken appiah & dr. love

auntie araba, ken appiah & dr. love during an interview

clarence roberts, ken appiah and friends

Living a Six-Figure Lifestyle on a $30,000 Salary Brian c. hopkins Like millions of americans out there, i like the nicer things in life. I have an affinity for highend cars, designer clothing, and name-brand home furnishings. There was a time when i had the six-figure income to afford these things. That was before the crash of what has now become known as the dotcom era. after losing many nice things, i learned that even living at one's means can be a risky proposition. So the challenge became how to continue to live

that lifestyle while spending drastically less than i did before. I wanted to figure out how i could afford these things at a $30,000-a-year salary, just in case i ever had another salary decrease. That planning all paid off when the great recession came. here's how i learned to have a six-figure lifestyle with a $30,000 yearly budget. how to get the Big home This one was all about patience, hard work, and discipline. First: New homes

are out of the question. They're generally overpriced. i almost bid on a couple of for-sale-byowner homes, but just couldn't get the right combination of price and neighborhood. i focused on hUD homes and foreclosures, and learned quickly that banks don't want homes on their books. i found a hUD home in a neighborhood with prices averaging above $200,000. My home was more than 60% Cont’d on page 9


Outdooring & Naming Ceremony of Nadly Abrafi Asamoah

Nadly (in the arms of her grandmother) and her parents - Mr. & Mrs. Kwaku Asamoah

Family & friends at the naming ceremony

Nana and his wife giving advice

Dedication of Nadly to God

Mr. & Mrs. Kwaku Asamoah and their mothers

Family and friends at the outdooring

Mr. & Mrs. Asamoah hitting the dance floor

Clifford, Adama & Fatima

Invited guests

M.C. Kofi Boahene at his best


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The New Ghanaian | 9 | FOCUSING MORE ON THE COMMUNITY Oil is Exhaustible Cont’d from page 1 on Friday. The ceremony was organised to help deepen understanding and transparency about issues surrounding the operations of the oil industry to encourage the people to take advantage of the oppor tunities associated with it. He said the oil industry would inject some financial resources into the economy and other benefits in the form of employment in the banking sector, aviation Cont’d from page 6 Living a Six Figure Lifestyle

less than that. It required a bit of work -- I spent a lot of free time on it as a do-it-yourself project -- but in the end I had my nice home. No one knows that I paid less than $80,000 and that I have a monthly mortgage payment of less than $500. Getting the Car to Match the Lifestyle I'm a sport and luxury car enthusiast. First I wanted a Mustang, and this was the easiest deal of them all to find. I didn't go to dealers for this one. I went to Craigslist and the classified ads. I know many people will say that this is immoral, but I found a desperate seller who was willing to almost give the car to me because his notes were too high. I was happy, and he was happy to be rid of it. A

and real estate. The Regional Minister said dividends to the state would also help push the developmental agenda forward. Alhaji Salia called on Ghanaians to develop active interest in the oil find and be knowledgeable about the quantum of financial resources due the country. He said government was committed to making the operations of the oil find transparent and invest the revenue appropriately into the critical economic sectors to enhance the country's progress. M r Ke n N o o n o o,

Assistant Communication Manager of Tullow Ghana Limited, said the oil find, was a resource belonging to the entire nation and all must be part of it. He said Ghana's oil find was as important as it impact on the people and therefore it was necessary for all to understand what it entails so that realistic demands would be made on government. Mr Noonoo expressed the need for the authorities to whip the interest of students to take advantage of courses related to the oil industry. The Jubilee Oil took three years to sell oil

simple refinancing and I had a car note for less than $150 per month. Not long after that I decided that I wanted a Lexus, and I did go through a dealer to get that one. I got a great deal on a used Lexus (I no longer buy new cars). Here's how I saved about $5,000 on that deal. I Love Movado Watches Anyone who knows me knows that I love Movado watches and will rarely, if ever, wear anything else. At a $30,000-a-year salary, I certainly can't afford to shell out $1,000 or $2,000 on a watch. So I had to find a new source. I began scouring Craigslist, eBay, and pawn shops for good deals on watches. I found three Movado watches that were used and paid less than $500 total for all three of them. I recently sold one of these watches on eBay for $600. I now wear watches valued at

more than $800 each, and I basically paid nothing for them. Got to Have My Designer Clothes I am an avid wearer of brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, Perry Ellis, and Gucci. Jackets for these brands can run from $300 to $3,000 dollars, so there's no way I can afford these on a $30,000 salary. I had to really swallow my pride a n d b e g i n b r ow s i n g through eBay for good deals on used items. A few of you may say there's no way you'd wear used clothing, but I say one trip to the cleaners, and they're as good as new. I found that even better deals can be found at consignment shops and Goodwill stores. At one Goodwill store, I found an Armani jacket for only $15, and I get constant compliments on it.

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and had since lodged 112 million dollars with the Bank of Ghana as revenue for government. At present, the Jubilee Oil was producing 70,000 barrels daily and it was envisaged to increase the production to 120, 000 barrels daily in future with a life span of 35 years. Mr Noonoo said despite all the oppor tunities abound, the oil find was not a panacea to Ghana's development challenges, noting that Nigeria was producing two million

barrels of oil daily and yet it was faced with challenges. "However, the good thing is that we are learning to avoid the mistakes some oil producing countries made," he said. Mr Mark Dagbee, Regional Director of the Centre for National Culture advised Ghanaians not think that the oil wealth was going to solve all their problems. He said it would be better for Ghana to channel both human and

material resources in other fields to complement the gains from the oil find to make the nation a better place for all. Story from GNA

Follow us on Twitter: @tngnews sunlight radio @sunlightradio

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God wants us to live; to live freely “They had been saying to one another, ‘Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?’ When they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had already been rolled back”. [Mark 16: 3-4] The women referenced in the bible passage above were overcome with fear and broken hearts as they made their way to the tomb where Jesus had been buried. A large stone was rolled over the entrance of the tomb as was the custom. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James, and Salome were overcome with grief, for they watched the man they believed to be God being publicly humiliated and killed. Just a few days prior to the crucifixion of Jesus, these women were witnesses to the awesome things that Jesus did to the lives of ordinary people. They counted themselves as the disciples of Jesus, and were among the crowd that waved the palm branches

and spread their garments on the road as Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. They were hoping that with the coming of Jesus, all their troubles were going to be over. Perhaps, like those who followed Jesus along the path to Jerusalem, we also had very high hopes and expectations that everything was going to be alright. Whatever is bothering us and keeping us awake at night is going to be over, because God will take away our troubles. At least, we had hoped that Jesus will show us a way out of those problems, so that we can begin to live life to the fullest, as God intended for us. But alas! Good Friday came, and our lives were turned upside down! Our hopes and dreams of becoming better people were shattered because evil seemed to have won the day on Good Friday. The large stone that was used to seal the tomb of Jesus was very symbolic. The women in

this story saw their hopes and dreams crushed by the large stone. Like them, each of us has had or is having experiences in which we had our hopes and dreams crushed. For many of us, the weight of this large stone is evidenced in our present circumstances. The large stone has pinned us down and we are helpless. Our lives are filled with fear and anxiety. We are worried sick about our lives or the lives of loved ones. We do not know whether we might be able to get through another day; and we feel completely helpless in the face of the challenges we are facing. But the resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s way of saying to us: “RISE UP O CHILD OF GOD, rise up and LIVE! The God who raised Jesus from death is the same God who rolls away the stones in our lives and calls us to live abundantly! On that Easter morning, Jesus burst out of the dark tomb; that place where fear controls every aspect of our lives, and

immobilizes us; preventing us from living the life God meant for us to live. The truth is, for some of us, this is a place we have known for a very long time, and we have become used to living in the cold dark tomb! Giving up the life we know, can be more challenging than we think. But when you think about it, how much did the worrying of the women help? How much did their distress about who will roll away the stone from the tomb help them? They simply had to look up! It is God who rolls away the stones in our lives. We cannot do anything counting on our own efforts. When we think we can do anything by ourselves, we often fail miserably. But when we trust in God to roll away the stones from our lives and lift us up from under the large stones that have crushed us, then Easter takes on a new meaning! Once again, the Easter message is that God wants us

Reverend Father C. John Thompson-Quartey to live; to live freely outside the dark tomb. When we dare to live outside the tomb, we begin to live without fear! God provides us with what we need to live life outside the tomb. That is what God did for Jesus, and that is what God will do for us if we believe. Let us remember that Christ is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed, Alleluia!

A CELEBRATION OF OUR REDEMPTION Easter has its roots in the Jewish Passover ordinance, which was first celebrated a night before the children of Israel left the Egyptian bondage amidst the stubbornness of Pharaoh and the great demonstration of God’s power. The first Passover thus marked a new beginning for the Jews and bound them together as a nation. The timing of Easter corresponds to the New Year on the Jewish Old Testament religious calendar, which begins in the month of Abib, around March-April on our modern day calendar. The children of Israel, on the eve of departure from Egypt, were instructed by the LORD through Moses and Aaron to select a lamb (without a defect) by each family. The lamb so selected was to be slain, roasted and eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs in haste. Before they ate the flesh of the

lamb they were told to sprinkle its blood on the sides and tops of the door frame of their houses. The blood sprinkled was a means of preservation of the Israelites household from the destroying angel who was instructed to pass over any house which had blood on its door post, Exodus 12:5-14. The Passover was instituted by God as a memorial to be commemorated every year from generation to generation in Israel unto the Lord. It was to be celebrated as a reminder to the children of Israel as to how God redeemed them from the bondage of Egypt by slaying their firstborn men and animals, Exodus 12:14. The Passover festival could therefore be viewed, more or less, as the “National Independence Day” of Israel. The Passover lamb was a picture of Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 5:7, and the Lamb of God, John 1:29, who would

come and die to redeem the world from the bondage of Satan and sin. To redeem connotes a business transaction. It means to release from bondage, usually by means of a price paid. Just as the children of Israel celebrated their physical liberation from the oppression of Egypt by observing the Passover, Christians do commemorate Easter as a way of remembering their spiritual independence from the kingdom of darkness and dominion of Satan through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Similarly, the book Psalmist acknowledges and praises God for redeeming his life from sin, danger and death. “Praise the Lord, O my soul; and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion”

Psalm 103:2-4. The Bible records that, the redeemed of the Lord, sang a new song, and celebrated the Lamb of that was slain, Revelation 5:9-10. As Christians observe the Easter season, they are expressing their heart felt appreciation and thankfulness to God for having been freed, forgiven, healed, sanctified and justified through the sacrificial and substitutional death of Jesus Christ on the cross. By celebrating Easter Christians are reminded of the price of their redemption. “ For we know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect” 1 Peter 1:18. Cont’d on page 27

Great Things Come In Small Packages As human beings we tend to look at things at face value. Our decisions are usually based on what our eyes see, we are attracted to that which is beautiful,popular and what seems valuable to us. But there are certain times that we need to look beyond what we see ,or we shall miss the very blessings God has purposed for our lives. Let me take you back to the scriptures, in the book of 2 Kings Chapter 5,where we read about Naaman,the captain of the host of the king of Syria,

an honorable man and a great warrior whom God used to bring deliverance to Syria. Despite his authority, his status and his accomplishments the bible states that ”but Naaman was a leper”. I believe that when we take stock of our lives we too can see all our accomplishments and feel very distinguished ,but like Naaman, there is something in our lives that does not make us complete. There is that particular thing that we have been battling with that we find very difficult to overcome. It might not

necessarily be sickness or some form of disease, but it could be that we are under bondage eg bondage of fear,weakness,curse or probably we are living in habitual sin. Leprosy in those days was not only a disease it was a condition whereby those who were suffering from this deadliy condition were rejected by society. The solution to his problem only started when a little girl who was captured in Israel by the Syrians and had become a slave to Naaman’s wife boldly

proclaimed that v3 there was a prophet in Samaria (Elisha) and if Naaman went there he would be completely healed. What audacity! a little nobody in such a prestigious household instructing her madam and this great leader what to do. Isn’t it surprising they even paid any attention to her let alone obey her instructions. If they had ignored her, Naaman probably would never had been healed. O how great things can come in small packages. Cont’d on page 27

Muriel Vanderpuye Call of Esther Ministries


Hypertension Cont’d from 1

Again, 25 per cent of deaths at the refer ral facility are attributed to the abnormally high blood pressure disease and its related infections. These came to light at a twoday conference on two diseases organized by the Directorate of Medicine, KATH, for more than

200 doctors, nurses and other health professionals drawn from across the country. The goal was to help to create the needed awareness and map out strategies to tackle the growing health menace. According to the experts, the two had become a serious burden on the health care delivery system. Professor Jacob PlangeRhule, a senior lecturer at the

School of Medical Sciences, KNUST, presenting a paper on the hypertension situation, said 28.7 per cent of people in the Kumasi Metropolis and its outlying communities have the disease. It is one of the leading causes of pre-mature deaths and disabilities and also account for 62 per cent of all stroke cases. Prof Plange-Rhule said there "is a huge burden of

hypertension in Ghana and there is the need to device innovative ways to control it". Dr Agyenim Boateng of KATH Diabetic Clinic said diabetes was fast becoming the major cause of blindness in the country and contributing to lower limb amputations and kidney failures. Currently, about 6.4 per cent of people in urban areas have the disease.

Dr Aaron Offei, Ashanti Regional Director of Health Services, stressed the need for knowledge sharing and harmonization of activities among tertiary and other health institutions in the fight to bring down the two diseases. He urged the participants to use the knowledge acquired to improve the management of these diseases. Story from GNA


Weekly Services: Tuesday: Exploring the Kingdom 7pm - 9pm Thursday: Revival Service 7pm - 9pm Sunday: Breaking Through Prayers 9am - 10am Sunday: Worship 10am - 1pm Nightly Prayer line: 9:30pm - 10:30pm Tel.: 218.339.2636 code 777#




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The New GhaNaiaN | 14 | FOCUSiNG MORe ON The COMMUNiTY


Ghana earned $112m from first oil lifting Ghana earned a whooping $112.271,187 from 995,259 barrels of crude oil lifted from the Ghana Jubilee Fields at Cape Three Points in the western Region, according to official figures released exclusively to The Chronicle, from the head Office of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) at Tema. according to the figures, contrary to general speculations that Ghana’s oil might have been sold at a cheap rate on the international market, the first oil lifted by the GNPC was sold above the international market for Brent crude. The Chief Executive Officer of the cor poration, Nana Boakye asafu-adjaye, told The Chronicle that a barrel of the first lifting by the corporation, sold at $112.86 on the international market, at the same time the British Brent crude was doing the rounds at $110 a barrel. “The first company (Tullow Oil) that lifted oil sold it at a discount. Then the price started climbing. it would get to a point that there would be consistency in the premium over Brent. “By that, you can now know the value to give out. The first consignment lifted by GNPC on 9th March, this year, sold at a price of $112.86 per barrel,” Mr. Asafu-Adjaye explained, oozing with exhilaration. according to the Chief E xe c u t ive , t h e G h a n a i a n Government had anticipated a market value of US$110 per barrel, when it first lifted its share of the Jubilee light crude oil on the night of March 9, 2011, but little did she know that the escalating oil prices on the world market was going to be an added advantage. Overa ll, Gha na ea r ned US$112,271,187 from the sale of the oil produce, which was paid into the GNPC’s account on april 8, 2011. For the first lifting of the Jubilee light crude, Tullow Ghana Limited reported that the price obtained was over US$90 per barrel.

Explaining why Ghana still buys oil from the international market at an expensive price, when the state owned oil company, GNPC, which holds 13.75 percent interest in Jubilee Fields, was lifting oil and selling on the international market, Nana asafu-adjaye said the Jubilee light crude oil was a new product on the world market, and like any new product, it needs to be branded in order to carve the right market position internationally. “To get the value that we so much desire, the world must know the product. To get value for the Jubilee light crude, we really have to market it until all refineries in the world are satisfied with the quality,” Nana asafu-adjaye told The Chronicle. Currently, Ghana produces 67,000 barrels per day from five out of the nine wells in the Jubilee Field. Officials of the GNPC further anticipate that by the middle of this year, all the nine wells in the Jubilee Field would be utilised, in order to get a production capacity of 120,000 barrels per day. “We are producing from five wells out of the nine drilled wells. By the middle of this year, around June or July, we will have all the nine wells producing. Currently, we are producing around 67,000 barrels per day. But, around June or July, we will hit close to 120,000 barrels per day,” the CEO said, flanked

by Mr. andrew Badoo, Director of administration, and Mr. Thomas Manu, Director of Exploration, both of GNPC. in November 2010, Ghana started production of oil in commercial quantities, with the first cargo of crude oil from the Jubilee fField lifted in January 2011 by Tullow Ghana Limited (the British company owns 34.7% stake in the Jubilee Field), and eO Group (has 1.5% stake in the Jubilee field). The quantity lifted was 649,064 barrels, which was marketed and sold through their agent, Vitol Sa. S u b s e q u e n t l y, Ko s m o s energy Ghana hC , which owns 23.49% of the field, lifted 989,360 barrels of Jubilee light crude in January 2011, whilst anadarko wCTP Company (23.5% stake) and Sabre Oil and Gas holdings Limited (2.8% stake in the Jubilee field) also jointly lifted 996,708 barrels of Jubilee light crude on February 9, 2011. in terms of pricing, Nana asafo-adjaye said the oil markets are very volatile with spot prices changing daily. however, the GNPC boss said for the country to get optimum value for the Jubilee light crude oil, there ought to be consistency in terms of quality from all the nine wells in the Jubilee Field. This, he said, would build confidence in major refineries across the world, after having access to the Jubilee light crude oil. “Bonny light is an index bench mark crude. Brent is also a bench mark. They have been producing since 1974. we have just started, and it will take us some time. as it is known, and the brand is established, that optimum value in terms of price for the crude oil would be attained,” said Mr. Manu, Director of Exploration at the GNPC. “The more you sell out, the more you are able to achieve for the establishment as a brand,” he added. Story from GNa

GHANA POLICE RAISES ISSuE WITH uS REPORT ON CORRuPTION IN GHANA The acting head of the Police Public affairs Directorate, DSP Cephas arthur, has described a recent US report on corruption in Ghana as not depicting the actual situation on the ground. he says though the Police has not laid hold of the actual report, portions of what the force has seen paint a different picture from the truth. he noted that most of such reports are based on perceptions. DSP arthur questions the

scope of such surveys. he said this in an interview with Radio Ghana in accra. Meanwhile, a member of the Ghana anti Corruption Coalition, Florence Dennis, however says the report is not surprising though frustrating. She says tackling corruption must be done holistically to yield results. She noted that the country has witnessed less prosecution of corruption cases.

She therefore called for quick investigation on allegations of corruption and prompt action taken on findings in order to prune the system.


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The courses we offer include:

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DISH Network: The Leader in

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Wave of youth resistance in Africa spreads to Burkina Faso By Austin Thompson after two successful youthled revolutions in Tunisia and egypt, yet another imperialistbacked african dictatorship is in crisis. Decades of injustice and repression are now being confronted by a courageous and inspiring youth movement in the west african country and former French colony Burkina Faso. The victory of the youth there will have significant consequences for the west african struggle for peoples' democracy and true independence from foreign control. after a Burkinabe student activist was murdered on Feb. 20 in an apparent act of police brutality and the circumstances of his death covered up by the government, the pent-up frustrations of Burkinabe youth er upted into an unquenchable fire for justice. Peaceful demonstrations demanding accountability for the murdered student activist were met with fierce repression from the gover nment, and several deaths ensued. Since then, leaders of student unions have gone missing, and the systematic violent repression of youth protests has reinforced the barbaric nature of the regime. Fr e n c h a n d a m e r i c a n authorities continue to back the Burkinabe government and have so far reiterated their support for President Blaise Compaoré even as their militaries mount a vicious bombing campaign in Libya in the name of ”human rights.” The unpopular president of Burkina Faso, Compaoré came to power in October 1987 in a

counter-revolutionary coup that culminated in the assassination of legendary Burkinabe visionary Thomas Sankara. D e c a d e s l a t e r, C o m p a o r é and a small ruling clique of reactionaries remain in power with western support. Compaoré has been a gobetween for european and american corporations and their war machines. in a continent plagued with weak leaders dependent on the patronage of western powers, Compaoré is one of the african leaders most closely aligned with the grand neocolonial theft of africa's natural resources and its prostration before the feet of foreign companies. Using his connections to the western p ow e r s , r i g ge d e l e c t i o n s , constitutional changes and outright repression, Compaoré has maintained a firm grip on power to the detriment of Burkina Faso's working people

and especially its youth. Burkinabe people suffer an unemployment rate of 77 percent, and about half the population lives below the official poverty line. The high cost of living, including food, electricity and housing, have left young people desperately poor in Burkina Faso even as elites have made fortunes from lucrative contracts with transnational corporations. T he neoliberal refor ms initiated by Compaoré since 1991 eliminated most government support for the population. while in recent year s, governments in poor countries like Bolivia and Nicaragua have seen rapid progress in increasing literacy rates (the ability of adults to read and write), Burkina Faso remains the country with the lowest level of literacy in the world. Cont’d on page 30


Kenyan police seize 1 ton of ivory at airport NaiROBi, Kenya (aP) — authorities have seized the tusks of 58 elephants — totaling one ton of ivory — after sniffer dogs led investigators to containers at the country's main airport that were bound for Nigeria, officials said Friday. Joseph Ngisa, the officer in charge of criminal investigation in the country's airports, said no arrests had been made. it was not immediately clear why the ivory was being transported to the west african nation; the most common destination for smuggled ivory is asia. " we a r e s u s p e c t i n g they could be from here or neighboring countries and we are on their toes. we must get them. They have killed many, many elephants and we cannot allow this," said eunice Kiheko, the deputy police chief in charge of all airports. Patrick Omondi, an expert on

elephants at the Kenya wildlife Service, says ille gal ivor y smuggling in africa increased after the 2007 temporary lifting of a ban by the Convention on inter national Trade in endangered Species. it allowed a one-off sale by countries that had stockpiles of ivory from elephants that had died naturally or problem elephants killed by wildlife officials. in 2007, Kenya lost only 47 elephants to poaching, Omondi said. in 2008 — the year the sale took place— Kenya lost 145 elephants. in 2009, 271 elephants were killed and 187 were killed in 2010. Omondi said Kenya has already lost 87 elephants this year. in a separate incident on Friday, a Vietnamese customs official said 661 pounds (300 kilograms) of smuggled african elephant tusks had been intercepted at a northern port

city. Vu hoang Duong, head of the customs division at hai Phong's port, said the tusks from Tanzania were discovered in a container that had been declared as a rubber shipment. The tusks were sealed in iron boxes and hidden beneath scrap metal. The shipment arrived in April, but Duong said officials d i s c ove r e d t h e t u s k s o n Thursday. it was addressed to a company in northern Quang Ninh province. The company denied knowing the tusks were included in the shipment. Vi e t n a m i s a c o m m o n destination for illegal animal products, including african elephant tusks and rhino horns, which fetch large amounts for their perceived medicinal benefits. Last month, Thailand confiscated two tons of ivory valued at $3.3 million that had been shipped from Kenya

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10th Anniversary 2001 - 2011


NEW GHANAIAN MuSIC DIRECTOR WANTED IMMEDAITELY THE EBENEZER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA A predominantly Ghanaian congregation, is looking for a Music Director with the following qualifications: •A graduate in music from an accredited college or professional music school with at least 3 years of working experience with a church •Demonstrable ability to play the Church organ and one other musical instrument •Must be able to teach the Ghanaian gospel and worship music to the church choir, youth choir and the church band •In addition to English the candidate must be proficient in at least two major Ghanaian languages ( Twi and Ga) and teach music in those languages •Candidate must know and understand the Ghanaian culture and the way it is expressed in worship •Presbyterian membership preferred but not required •Must provide three recommendation letters from former church leadership Very competitive salary with attractive benefits Please call: 703 429 7172 to schedule an appointment with the Session.

Keeping Ghanaians In Touch


Call of Esther Ministries “Break Forth” Conference Call of Esther’s first conference of 2011 held at Springfield Hilton, VA. The theme was “breaking forth” and the guest speakers were; Pastor Emily Buabasah of Christ Family Foundation Church, MD and Pastor Nnenna Oti-Akerele of Mountain of Fire & Miracles, Springfield, VA.

Singing praises to God Almighty at the Call of Esther Ministries “Break Forth” Conference

A time of worship

Muriel Vanderpuye, Founder of Call of Esther

Pastor Nnenna Akerele of MFM, VA speaking

You deserve all the praises Lord

Reciting powerful decrees

Pastor Emily Buabasah, CFCC, MD speaking

Sister Betty giving the vote of thanks

Participants at the event


The Church of Pentecost Easter Convention, Washington Region Turf Valley Resort Hotel, Ellicott City, MD

Pastor Osarfo Akoto and Pastor Seth Asante

Church members

COP kids performing

A skit my the Focus Group

The youth dancing to praises

Church Elders

Pastor John Ofori and Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Owusu

Evangelist Stephen Omane Yeboah

The Focus Group

The swearing of new Elders and Deacons

Deacon Yaw Owusu


The swearing of new Deaconesses

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Sports & Leisure

Ghana On Course To Host African Cup Of Nations The Black Challenge-Ghana’s amputee Football Team getting ready for a match at the world Cup in argentina. Ghana’s preparations to host this year’s amputee Football Federation of africa (aFFa) african Cup of Nations received a major boost with the visit of the federation’s secretary, Madam Barbara Ogunti, to Ghana to inspect facilities for the tournament. Madam Ogunti’s visit, the first in a series, is to afford her, on behalf of the federation, the opportunity to assess Ghana’s preparations towards the hosting of the 3rd african Cup of Nations and to deliberate with Ghanaian officials on plans put in place t o m a ke t h e c o m p e t i t i o n a success. Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Daily Democrat, Madam Barbara Ogunti, expressed her satisfaction at the facilities earmarked for the tournament, indicating that government’s commitment at putting in the necessary resources gives the federation hope that all would be well. She said she was impressed by what she saw in Ghana and would be coming later in this month to finalize arrangements for the tournament to begin in October this year. She was very hopeful amputee football would grow to become well recognized

in africa as it is in the world. Commenting on the future of amputee football in africa, Madam Ogunti, who led the Liberian amputee team to the world Cup in argentina, said the fact that Ghana has produced three professionals currently playing in Turkey is an indication that if the sport is given the necessary support it can become a reliable source of livelihood for amputees. She appealed to corporate bodies and individuals to lend their support to the government and aFFa to ensure that the african Cup of Nations is organized to the envy of all. Ghana is preparing to host the rest of africa in October this year at the 3rd amputee african Cup of Nations as a prelude to the 31st world Cup in Japan. The Black Challenge, Ghana’s amputee National Team, won the first ever African Cup in Sierra Leone in 2007 and placed 6th at the last world Cup in argentina after a historic quarter finals berth, the first by

any african nation in the 60year history of the games. according to Mr. Francis adjetey Sowah, aFFa President, preparations are far advanced for the tournament to take place. he disclosed that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) would be formed and presented to Ghanaians next week, whilst the media launching follows soon. On the technical front, Coaches Benjamin Charles ar mah and ali Jar ra are strategizing to ensure that Ghana hosts and wins the tournament. The african Cup serves as a qualifying exercise for the World Cup. Nations such as Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, angola, Congo DR, among others, have already indicated their readiness to take part in the competition. Ghana has chalked significant successes in amputee football in the world. Besides being the best african country as per its performance in argentina, Ghana stands out as the first and only nation so far that has professional players playing outside its shores. Three players, Richard Opentil, Francis antwi-Darkwah and attah Yeboah, are currently playing in the Turkish amputee league, displaying mesmerizing skills that baffle the Turks. Story from GhanaSoccernet

“Zoom Zoom – The Professor” The stor y of Ghanaian featherweight boxer Azumah Nelson is brought to life with play by play footage of both his most glorious and humbling fights in the documentary Zoom Zoom – The Professor. The film’s producer Sam Kessie came upon the project by chance a few years ago. a fortuitous meeting with a mutual friend opened a door to a partnership between Sam and azumah in documenting his important legacy. The end result is a clear and concise film honoring the great boxer, and a wonderful visual message to young the men who have joined the azumah Foundation in hopes of one day repeating the namesake’s success. Sam Kessie was born in London and raised there until she was eight, her family returned to Ghana thereafter. On the track to study various disciplines of science and math, Sam left Ghana for the United States to attend college in wisconsin, which she recalled with some humor. She initially held a major in computer science then switch

to psychology, but eventually came to terms with her desire to pursue the arts. art wasn’t something that was really encouraged [back in Ghana]. So i went in a completely different path in the beginning. i was on the path of science—physics, chemistry, and math—and started college doing computer science, and then i started to realize that maybe this isn’t something that i really wanted to do. i could study, and pass, and that kind of stuff, but there was no interest in it, I wasn’t really into it. I finally woke up one day and realized that i’d been running away from something for so long. Documenting a Legend Sam has worked in a variety of areas in the film and video industry, covering everything from commercial to narrative features and shorts. and even though she has a background in narrative storytelling, to tell azumah’s story she relied on the more straightforward approach of documentary, partly because that’s what azumah himself wanted. when i got a chance to go

Sam Kessie, film producer back [to Ghana] i met a friend of his and a family friend [of mine]. Then i met him, and after we started talking i found that he had actually been trying to get a documentary done. This is actually the third outcome of a documentary for azumah and it was because he has this foundation he’s been working on. he has a book that he’s doing and he wanted to add a DVD that would add a timeline of his fights to help bring [funds] for this foundation. it kind of ended up being like contract Cont’d on page 27

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The No.1 Ghanaian Radio Station in the uS! To listen go to:

w w w. s u n l i g h t r a d i o . c o m Download Sunlight Radio app from itunes for FREE! or dial 712.432.8013 and listen to Sunlight Radio on any phone. Cont’d from page 10

“ he did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most holy Place once for all by his own blood having obtained eternal redemption” hebrews 9:12. Christians are expected to honor God by living a holy lifestyle because of the price of their redemption. The apostle Paul writes: “You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body” 1 Corinthians 6:20. This also means that spiritually speaking, Christians are expensive. They are pricey, valuable, costly and classy. Christians are therefore precious and special to God. if you are a Christian do not despise yourself. Do not carry your self as a cheap commodity. Carry yourself with confidence because you have been purchased at a great price. additionally, as Christians observe easter, they also celebrate the triumphant resurrection of Jesus Christ, from the grave. This gives the Christian the hope for today and the future, John 11:25-26. The resurrection story assures believers that they worship a living Savior who lives to intercede, protect, heal, provide, bless and prosper them. This easter season, i would like to encourage you to join Christians across the globe as they rejoice and celebrate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by confessing and accepting him as your Lord and Savior. Celebrate your personal spiritual independence this easter by giving your life to Jesus Christ and living for him. By Rev. John Ofori, District Pastor, The Church of Pentecost U.S.A Inc., Northern Virginia District

“Zoom Zoom – the professor”

great things come in small packages Cont’d from page 10

sam kessie and friends Cont’d from page 26

work given to me. This was my very first documentary. and i learned quite a lot from doing this documentary. Because of the contract deal, and the fact that the film is meant to help fund a non-profit, Sam had to complete the documentary on deadline with about seven months to finish it. Drawing mostly from stock footage, but also integrating lively sketches as recreations of events, Sam produced an energetic companion to the azumah Foundation‘s overall promotional package. The task of finding footage wasn’t easy, and she ended up compiling footage from other filmmakers who have attempted an azumah Nelson documentary, along with stock footage from fights. She also got some of her footage from an unusual source. I didn’t get any of the actual fights from Ghana because the broadcasting company at that time had burned down so they lost a lot of the footage from most of his fights. So I got lucky trying to find the footage at a decent cost because i couldn’t afford to go through hBO and all these other places. Luckily i found a guy on YouTube who happened to be a boxing fan and had many boxing matches on VhS tape. So i basically paid for some of his fights and managed to get that on DVD

is there a small voice that keeps speaking to you that you are ignoring? perhaps this is the time to pay attention to that voice. it might sound inconsequential but it is worth paying attention to it. as Naaman gets to the door of elisha’s house elisha sends a messenger to tell Naaman to go wash in the Jordan seven times! wait a minute! First elisha does not have the courtesy to welcome this very important stranger yet he sends him to go bathe in the Jordan seven times. Did he come all the way to receive such bad treatment ? He expected Elisha to lay his hands on him and heal him. Naaman was expecting the prophet Elisha to Call on the name of the Lord ,strike the place with his hand and recover him.he became angry and prideful, after all are there no better rivers than the river Jordan? elisha was only asking him to do what God wanted Naaman to do, the solution for his leprosy. Naaman walked out but by the persuasion of his servants he dipped himself seven times in the Jordan and the bible says his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a child. Naaman confessed to elisha in front of all his companions v15 ‘behold now i know there is no God in all the earth but in israel what a testimony! Probably the solution to our problem could be in that person that we look down upon or that thing that we disregard. it might not come in a glamorous package or let alone with credentials but we need to know the ways of God so we do not miss our blessings. when Jesus Christ came as the

carpenter’s son his own people did not acknowledge his ministry. he was simply the guy next door or some simpleton. how could he possibly be the messiah? John 7:4&5 ‘his own brothers did not believe him” Many missed not only their blessings, but the opportunity to walk with or sit under the feet of the greatest man who walked on earth: Our Saviour and our Lord. God wants all of us to know that he does not honor greatness. God is no respecter of persons and he can use anyone or anything to bring solutions to our problems all we need is humility and obedience. The next time someone speaks to you about an issue do not ignore him or condemn him it might not be a great person or it might not come with all the spiritual frills or flounces. Who knows , great things could be coming in a small packages. seven natural Ways to sleep Better Cont’d from page 4

schedule—even on weekends. it’s tempting to snooze late on the weekends to catch up on the sleep you’ve missed during a hectic week. however, this habit throws the body’s clocks out of sync, points out harvey. “if you normally get up at 6:30 aM on weekdays and sleep in until noon on the weekends, it’s like flying from California to Hawaii once a week, giving you a form of chronic jet lag, which is potentially devastating to health and well-being,” Research shows that consistently arising at about the same time every day is crucial to setting and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

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indonesia on the island of Java and were inspired by local Javanese motifs and batik. The process of creating the Java Print fabrics is quite different from that of the Wax Block Print. The most obvious difference is that no wax is used. This enables the design team to create very fine

and detailed motifs. Choices of a wide range of colour dyes allows designers to create unique and powerful colour ways with beautiful special effects. Today the Java Prints are mostly consumed in indonesia and the africa in areas around Guinea (Conakry) and Congo (Kinshasa).


Originally posted by House Rossil. ORiGiNS Wax-print fabrics that seem so indispensable to West african traditional dress are mostly not from africa. The most coveted, the ones that set the trends, are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. The Dutch have dominated the african print-fabric market since the end of the nineteenth century. In Africa, where Real Dutch Wax carries a well-regarded brand authority, consumers care about the difference between the european quality and the cheap asian imitations and knock-offs that are produced throughout asia given that they are of lower quality fabric and print. House Rossil utilizes true Dutch wax prints. Some of our updated and contemporary designs are custom, gorgeous, colorful, and fun. Currently awareness of these fabrics is spreading throughout the fashion world and we are now finally seeing these prints being used in haute-couture with design houses now showing them as mesmerizing dress fabrics in Paris and New York. DUTCh waX PRiNTS The core element in Wax Print is of course the wax. Using two deep engraved copper rollers, with the mirror image of the design, the two sides of the cotton fabric are printed with a pattern of melted wax, hence the name Wax Print. The fact that the cloth is printed on both sides enables you to wear the product either side. This is the true sign of a quality wax print. Following this, the cloth is immersed in a bath of dye, often indigo, that penetrates into the areas that are not covered with wax. After the wax as been washed off in varying stages, a negative image of the printed pattern remains on the cloth. This intricate wax printing process results in unique effects that makes the product so outstanding. in fact, not one single centimetre of fabric is identical to the other! DUTCh SUPeRwaX PRiNT The finest quality of Wax Print is the famous ‘Superwax’. For this product uses an extra densely woven fine cotton fabric. The designs generally feature three colours; two of them show the natural crackling effect whereas the third one is a solid colour. Many Superwax fabrics are characterised by the use of bright vibrant solid colours. Originally introduced by the Dutch in and around Congo (Kinshasa), these Superwax fabrics have now become popular in the countries such as, ivory Coast, Benin, and Nigeria and are becoming increasingly seen in european and american fashion landscapes. DUTCh waX BLOCK The Wax Block Print is a special print with one or two colours fitted into the Wax Print design, respecting its outlines and adding to the image of the basic print. The range of colours used is extremely wide and increases the unique appeal of the fabrics. each colour combination is an expression of individual taste and personality. Wax Block Prints are consumed in a large region of west & Central africa, from Senegal, through the coastal areas of ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria towards the more Southern african areas like Congo-Brazzaville and Congo (Kinshasa). DUTCh JaVa waX The earliest examples of the Java Print were sold in

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Komla the Odade3 DRIVE TIME SHOW: Week days - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Muriel Vanderpuye THE WORD: Mondays - 11:30am - 12noon

Rev. Mark Asiedu Frimpong TIME WITH THE KING: Thursdays - 11:30am - 12noon

Rev. Kwasi Gyimah HOUR OF DECISION: Tuesdays - 11:30am - 12noon AWARE3 MU NS3M: Mondays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Joe Mainoo AWARE3 MU NS3M: Mondays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm ANADWO NKOMO: Thursdays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm KYER3 W’ADWENE: Fridays - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Stago THE BASEMENT: Saturdays - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Sonny LET’S TALK NOW: Mon - Wed - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Dr. Love LOVE LANE: Mon, Wed & Fri- 9:00pm - 11:00pm

CR GOSPEL MUSIC: Sundays - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Pastor Fiifi Ocran ANADWO NKOMO: Thursdays - 7:00pm - 9:00pm NEW HOPE HOUR: Sundays - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Evangelist Harry Agyemang GOD’S PROMISES: Sundays - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Auntie Araba LOVE LANE: Wed & Fri- 9:00pm - 11:00pm

Pastor Frank Opoku-Amoako YOU CAN DO IT: Saturdays - 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Apostle Ayvel Arnolds HOUR OF ANOINTING: Fridays - 11:00am - 11:30am

Elder Isaac Opoku NEW HOPE HOUR: Sundays - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Rev. Emmanuel Nkrumah WESLEY TIME: Fridays - 11:30am - 12:00noon


Sunlight Radio wishes

Rev. Kwasi Gyimah Head Pastor, The Church of the Living God, Northern Virginia

A Happy 70th Birthday! “...The blessing of the LORD be upon you: we bless you in the name of the LORD.” Psalm 129:8 Vampire farmer in prison custody Cont’d from 1 Henz Kofi Kpogo that at about 1730 hours on April 20, the victim, Manza Blay-Kyie was playing with her friends with a cutlass near a public borehole at the outskirt of the town. The prosecution said an unknown assailant emerged from a nearby bush, snatched the cutlass and inflicted a deep cut on the neck of Manza, killing her instantly. He said the assailant fled into the bush and could not be traced

when people arrived at the scene. The prosecution however, said after the murder, Sarpong appeared at the spot and drank the blood of the girl and used part to wash his face. This led to the arrest of the accused by the Police on suspicion of using the victim for rituals. The body of Manza has since been released to the family for burial after autopsy at the Half Assini Government Hospital while police investigations continue, he said. Story from GNA

Youth resistance in Africa

Cont’d from 22

Life expectancy is at a low of 53 years old. The only reason for these lagging outcomes is that social development is simply not a priority of the neocolonial government in Ouagadougou. Despite the repression and harassment of the authorities, the youth movement took an increasingly militant character as young people burned police stations and r uling par ty office buildings and targeted regional authorities in several cities, including Ouagadougou,

Koupéla, Leo, Dori and Gower. Many youth leaders demand a complete end to the autocratic regime itself, which likely unnerves Western governments that have lent suppor t to the worst dictatorships on the continent when it serves imperialist interests. In order to reduce tensions and avoid an Egyptian- or Tunisian-type revolution, the Compaoré regime established a committee of elders and traditional leaders to meet with student associations and deescalate the growing youth movement.

The Burkinabe youth are still in the streets. The success of their movement rests on whether their fervor for change spreads to other sections of the population and regions of the country. Like their counterparts in North Africa, it is only a matter of time before the Burkinabe youth are victorious against the Western-backed Compaoré dictatorship. The United States must stand with and defend the Burkinabe youth in their struggles and demand an end to the U.S. government's support for reactionary regimes in the African continent.





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