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50 Winter essentials

Agyness goes back to her roots

plus Jeni Campbell, Clare Chojnowski, James Steward

The fashion journal The fashion supplement of The Journal

Winter 2010


Fashion Journal

fashion - photography - art - music This is the Fashion Journal… we are a new fashion magazine supplement for The Journal East Yorkshires lifestyle magazine. Dedicated to fashion, art, photography and music, the Fashion Journal was founded in 2010 after the creative’s of East Yorkshire felt they needed to be recognized along side the big names in fashion. The magazine is aimed at new talent from around East Yorkshire whether it’s a new photographer, model, designer, artist or stylist we want you. Giving talented people a chance to feature in a fashion magazine and displayed their amazing talents. East Yorkshire was a home for many talented people in the fashion industry including James Steward, Agyness Deyn and was also home to Zandra Rhodes collections in her factory in Driffield. Here at the Fashion Journal we hope you enjoy and become inspired by these people in the magazine, and be proud that they share your roots. Distributed four times a year winter, spring, summer and autumn every issue has a different look and feel that invities you to explore the creations of many talented people. This winter wrap up warm and make sure your reading the Fashion Journal. [page 4]


Fashion Journal


Welcome page

Welcome to the fashion Journal


Editiors Page

Interview with Editor Emma Plewes



Meet the team behind the Winter issue


Behind every camera lens

Interview with local photographer Jeni Campbell


This season we love

The Fashion Journal shows you what we love this winter


Pink Pixies

Fashion shoot collection by Helen Stewart, styling by Emma Plewes




Back to her roots

We take Agyness back to the start of her modelling career


Space Age

Fashion Shoot.Collection by Amy Hutchinson, styling by Emma Plewes.


Dark Blue Night

Fashion Shoot. Collection by Anna Young, styling by Emma Plewes


Model Behaviour

We meet East Yorkshires newest and biggest models Kellie Parker and Sophie Turnbull


Art Review

Huddersfield graduate Kirby Sleigh talks about her newest collection and what it takes to be a designer

Fashion Journal


Music Review

We catch up with East Yorkshires wannabe rock band Parkmoor


My Favourite

Hull designer James Steward shares with the Fashion Journal his favourite things


The Seasons Favourite

This season find out what we love


The Fashion Quiz

Take our fashion quiz and find out how fashionable you really are.

On the Cover.

Photograph Richard Paul. Hair Jessie Young. Make-up Jessie Young Model.Kellie Parker

Editors letter.

The Fashion Journal

EDITORS LETTER Welcome to winter 2010 at the Fashion Journal. So how are you feeling about your first look at what talents we have in East Yorkshire? The Fashion Journal has worked day and night for the last few months to bring to you the next biggest fashion supplement. The last few months have involved a lot of hard work and elbow grease, but we’re finally ready to show you our creation. Here at the Fashion Journal I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the making of the magazine, whether it was holding clothes for the models or been interviewed. We are very proud to say that it was an East Yorkshire creation. Here’s an interview with local newspaper, the Hull Daily Mail on the Fashion Journal: Interviewer: So, Emma this is East Yorkshire’s first fashion magazine, why did you want to create a fashion magazine for East Yorkshire? EP: Being a fashion student myself I believe a lot of amazing talent goes unnoticed and it’s so hard to get noticed in the fashion industry that I wanted to create a magazine that focused on local talent. Interviewer: Many people would say that East Yorkshire is the least fashionable place what would you say to this? EP: I agree East Yorkshire is no London or New York, but it does have amazing talent that could easily compete with talent coming out of these huge cities. After all James Steward and Agyness Deyn have both lived in Hull and are proud to say that they have. Interviewer: Tell us a bit about the people in the magazine? EP: 80% of the people in the magazine are from the East Riding area. They grew up here, went to school here or moved here. The magazine is all about showcasing this local work and writing about past fashion achievements. Interviewer: Why would somebody want to buy this magazine? EP: I think it will appeal to a wide variety of people as its new, fresh, different and above all focuses on local talent . Interviewer: What have we got to look forward to in the next few issues? EP: Each issue will feature something completely different .If the first editorial featured a band; the next will be a fashion designer. It will have the fashion magazine favourites that will always stay the same, but it’s all about originality and being something new and exciting. Interviewer: Finally can you sum up the magazine in 5 words? EP: Original, unique, talent, inspiring and different. I really hope you all enjoy this brand new, exciting publication. See you in spring!

Emma [Page 7]



Fashion Journal

CONTRIBUTORS EDITOR Emma Plewes is a Northumbria Fashion Communication student in her final year. Emma is hoping to move to a new city and start a fresh after her degree and prepare herself for a job in the fashion industry. Quote- “Live everyday as if it’s your last”

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Flora Firth is a final year student studying fashion communication, her quirky and original style helps to bring unique and different ideas to the magazine. Flora is planning on travelling the world after she graduates maybe even head to the fashion capital that is New York Quote – “Time is so precious”

STYLIST Jane Xiao, Jane is looking forward to graduating and returning home to her beloved family and friends after 3 years apart. She should be very proud of what she has achieved in England and will go on to do great things in the fashion world. Quote- “Love, Peace and Happiness”

ART DIRECTOR Eve Blackett is just moving into the Fashion Industry after studying English at University. Her creative eye has helped transform the magazine. Quote- “Pocket full of dreams”

Kellie Parker. James Steward.Sophie Turnbull.Rachael Warwick.Clare Chojnowski.Sam Douglas.Tom Ramies.Ben Potter.Ben Wilson.Kirby Sleigh.Amy Hutchinson.Anna Young.Helen Stewart [Page 10]


Fashion Journal

Behind every camera lens there is a story... Welcome to photographer

interviews by Emma Plewes. In every issue Emma will be interviewing a photographer, whose work pushes the boundaries of our profession to create images that are emotional, edgy, original and most of all capture a unique moment in time. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned pro, Emma hopes these interviews will inspire you to stamp your own imprint on the landscape of great photography and become the best and most innovative photographer you possibly can be.

[Page 11]


Fashion Journal



Fashion Journal

6 year old Jennifer Anne Campbell is a new, young and exciting photographer from Hull, East Yorkshire. Even at her young age she has memories she would like to leave behind, but maybe this pain is why it’s so easy for her to capture memories that can never be deleted. At the age of 12 Jennifer left school to be homeschooled by her beloved Grandmother after years of bullying. However, this ended suddenly when her Gran developed terminal cancer and tragically died last year meaning that Jennifer has no qualifications at all, not even GSCE’S. This heartache and pain has never held Jennifer back, in fact it has only has made her stronger. She is determined to prove the bullies wrong and be successful. So she is now attending Hull College where she studying a National Diploma in photography and in her spare time is working to build a successful portfolio. Like most young children Jennifer had dreams of becoming an astronaut,

[Page 13]



a chef or an airhostess, but her biggest dream was to become a singer. Still now Jennifer believes if she wasn’t a photographer her dreams would lie with becoming a singer and actress. These plans of becoming a successful singer were put in the background at the age of 12 when Jennifer came across some nature photographs and just wanted to try it herself. Jennifer isn’t just a nature lover, she also has a deep love for animals, especially dogs. Jennifer has a Golden Retriever and a Poodle at the moment , both of whom she is potty about, and she also revealed that if she was to win the lottery she would give half of it to a charity for animal cruelty. So how did this animal loving wannabe singer find herself behind a camera? Using her Gran’s Fujifilm camera Jennifer started capturing moments finding inspiration everyday in almost everything; Jennifer continued to photograph, even bribing her only sister to be her model on several occasions. With her 13th birthday around the corner

Jennifer begged her Gran for her own camera. Eventually her wish came true and Jennifer could start her dream of becoming a professional photographer. She now photographs with a Nikon D40 and her favourite, the Nikon F65 film camera. She told us that she loves to shoot as much film as possible, using different pictorialism techniques instead of overloading images with Photoshop. Moving from her love of nature shoots, Jennifer has now found a new direction in fashion photography, which she finds surprising, as it was an area that never held any interest for her when she first became a photographer. Now she has found her style there is no stopping her. Jennifer believes that she will make it all the way to the top as she is highly motivated, determined and certainly not afraid of hard work. Believing that she needs to learn how to receive compliments Jennifer is continuing to

Interview.The work hard at her collage assignments so that she can one day be a successful as her favourite fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. She continues to market herself through the Internet, as she believes that it is the best way forward for young aspiring photographers. Jennifer’s dream in five years time is to be working for top clients in the fashion industry. I really hope that is young, shy, independent and creatively talent from East Yorkshire can be allowed to show off her amazing photography and prove the bullies ,that made her life so hard wrong. She is definitely a name to watch out for in the near future in the photography world. Q,How long have you been a photographer? A.3 years Q.How would you describe your style? A.Ethereal/colourful/soft Q,What’s your favourite camera to use? A.My Nikon F65! Q.What’s the best part of being a photographer? A.Being able to come up with so many ideas and shoot them. Q.How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh? A.I find inspiration every day, in almost everything. And whenever I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a creative rut, I don’t shoot, and I look for more inspiration! Q.What has been your most memorable assignment and why? A.My shoot with model Scarlet Duggan, because firstly she was such a lovely girl,

and secondly, it was my first studio shoot and it went so much better than I expected it to! Q.If you could shoot a wedding with someone who would it be and why? A.A famous supermodel so I could capture their wedding beautifully! Q.Tell us about a website and/or blog you visit often? A.I visit FashionGoneRogue all of the time. It has the latest editorials and ad campaigns every day. Plus it inspires me! Q.The hardest part of your job? A.Saying no. Q.What advice do you have for photographers just starting out? A.Well I’m still starting out myself! But I think everyone interested in photography shouldn’t take it too seriously, and have fun with it. Be creative! Q.The first photographer that comes to your mind and why? A.Nicephore Niepce, he invented photography! Q.If you could be invisible for one day with your camera? A.I would shoot famous models at home in their own surroundings, while they didn’t know. So that it wasn’t staged. I love photographs that look spontaneously shot. Q.What talent would you most like to have? A.Being able to paint. I can’t really, but I would so love to.

Fashion Journal

Q.If you could have lunch with anyone who is famous who would it be? A.Karl Lagerfeld. Q.Where would we find you on a Friday night at 9 p.m.? A.Sat in with a nice cup of tea Q.Your favourite film of all time? A.Constantine, I will always love that film. Q.First thing you would do if you won the lottery? A.It sounds so cliche but I would give half to an animal cruelty charity, and spend the other half making my family’s lives better. Q.Describe your latest photo shoot and what inspired it? A.My latest shoot was with a close friend, using a range of different props that were handy. Q.And the last question, if you had one wish? A.I’m not saying ‘world peace’, because that’s never really going to happen, not with wishes anyway. I wish that it always rained, everyday. Q.Any other information about yourself/your work that you find interesting? A.Nothing really!

Q.What do you love to indulge in? A,Lots of fashion magazines. I buy way too many for my own good.I always have to have percy pigs from M&S as well to help me read.

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Fashion Journal


[Page 16]

This season we love.The

Fashion Journal

This Season

Take a look at what the Fashi

Online retailer this little gem isn’t as popular as websites such as ASOS and Boohoo but it’s fresh, vibrant and stays on top of all the latest trends. Unlike other online retailer they don’t just sell clothes but they also point you in the right direction giving you helpful and handy fashion tips and advice in their regularly updated blog. If you’re looking for a Christmas dress or maybe a little number for New Year missguided has over 250 to choose from, whether its a sequin dress or a velvet mini, this winter Miss guided should be on your christmas list.

Walking down Old Bond Street in London amongst the creations of Prada, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton the biggest eye catcher were these grinling gibbons gold heeled thighhigh show boot from Alexander McQueen. These £2,825.00 boots dominated the shop window and no wonder! Made from Black stretch leather thigh-high show boot with multiple buckle straps and interior ankle zip closure. Inspired by the work of Grinling Gibbons, the heel is composed from ornate floral carved resin with a black and gold shiny coating and gold painted sole.: heel measure 15cm at back and shoe has a 5cm exterior platform, you would have to be a very lucky girl to have these in your stocking!

Alexander McQueen thigh boots [Page 19]


on Journal loves this winter

This season we love.The

Fashion Journal


With Christmas just around the corner great stocking filler is a charm from the new Pandora collection with over 100 new charms to choose from Christmas has come early for all us Pandora lovers. The Fashion Journal especially loves the Sliver cow charm priced at ÂŁ25 with so much to choose from make sure you create an unforgettable moment this winter. For your nearest Pandora store visit our website at

Our Pandora

If your headings to Oxford Street this Christmas then make sure you check out the amazing Christmas display outside and inside Selfridges. However it’s no wonder the decorations blow you away seen as though they started getting into the Christmas sprit 5 months early. With still 145 days to go till the big day Selfridges stunned customers by starting to sell Christmas decorations. Selfridges really is in the Christmas sprit you need sunglasses on while walking past the store on an evening and the strong smell of oranges and cinnamon follows you down Oxford Street. But relive the child within you and make sure you take a visit.

Selfridges London Christmas grotto [Page 20]


Fashion Journal Jacket-Helen Stewart Top-Helen Stewart Skirt-Helen Stewart Shoes-Topshop ÂŁ40

pink pixies Collection-Helen Stewart Make-up-Rachael Warwick Models-Kellie Parker&Sophie Turnbull

[Page 22]

Fashion.The Fashion Journal Top- Helen Stewart Skirt-Helen Stewart

[Page 23]

Top- Helen Stewart Skirt-Helen Stewart Shoes - Faith ÂŁ35


Fashion Journal

[Page 24]


Fashion Journal

Jacket - Helen Stewart Top - Helen Stewart


Fashion Journal


Fashion Journal

Kellie (Right) Trousers - Helen Stewart Top- Helen Stewart Jacket - Helen Stewart Sophie (Left) Dress-Helen Stewart [Page 27]


Agyness Deyn.The

Fashion Journal

You can take the girl out of the city…but you can’t take the city out of a girl.


upermodel Laura Hollins, also know as Agyness Deyn was born in Manchester in February 1983. She went on to become Britain’s biggest supermodel after Kate Moss, modelling in the pages of some of the world’s most exclusive magazines as well as modelling for the likes of Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs. This young Lancaster gal got everyone’s attention on and off the catwalk. Her very short hair and rathermale-orientated clothing

[Page 29]

style earned her, not only gossip, but awards in the best dresses division as well as having host of copycat young fans across the world. In May 2007, Agyness Deyn featured in Vogue which called her the world’s next “top supermodel” and she then went on to win the 2007 Model of the year title. Since this poignant time in her career, Agyness has gone on to feature on the front covers of many other fashion magazines including Vogue,

Vogue Italia, The Sunday Times supplement, Time Style & Life and many more. This blue-eyed beauty is also the face of many fashion brands including Hugo Boss, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Giorgio Armani. Her quirkiness and eccentric ways are made clear in the brand and are the reasons we love her so much…

Agyness Deyn.The

Fashion Journal


Agyness Deyn.The

Fashion Journal


[Page 31]

Agyness Deyn.The So how did this young girl from Lancaster, who grew up working part time in a ‘chippy’ because one of the world’s biggest supermodels? Agyness who was christened Laura Hollins was born on the 16th of February, 1983 in Failsworth Greater Manchester. She is the second child of nurse Lorraine Hollins. Agyness attended the All Saints RC High school and later the Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar and Sixth form school in Waterfoot, Rossendale. She then decided to move across the country to Hull, East Yorkshire to study Drama and Music at college. Little did Agyness know she would be back in Hull only a few years later when she started dating the Paddington’s guitarist Josh Hubbard. Back at the young age of 16, Agyness was named face of Rossendale ’99 by her local newspaper but with no knowledge of what was to come, Agyness turned down a host of modelling offers so that she could start her college education in Hull. Then in 2004 alongside her

Fashion Journal

‘partner in crime’ best friend Henry Holland, Agyness moved to London and was for weeks living in squalor and surviving on only beans on toast. However, the pair in next to no time became well-known on the London fashion scene, and Henry soon became all the rage with his “House of Holland” slogan tee-shirts. It was with Henry that Agyness was shopping in North London when she was spotted and signed by Select Model management.

Agyness loved New York, riding around on her pashley princess bike, going to the flea markets and the cute vintage stores. It was a million miles away from the life her and boyfriend Josh led at home in Hull and Manchester. Agyness and Josh were frequent visitors to Hull where they held numerous parties for Josh’s band mates and friends, “I love the North everyone is so real, they have a real sense of reality in their life”.

Agyness’s friendship with Henry is still as strong as it was when they first met. What brought them together was their passion to succeed in the fashion business. They were childhood friends from Lancaster and they both inspired and drove each other to success. In 2007, Agyness left Henry to pursue his fashion career in London, and moved to New York alongside her then Hull born and bred boyfriend Josh Hubbard. The pair moved to a swish apartment in Manhattan.

Soon after moving to New York Agyness split from Josh, but continued to have a string of band member boyfriends including, Albert Hammond from the Strokes, Miles Kane from the Last Shadow puppets and Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet. These celebrity partners have never stopped Agyness achieving the best in her modelling and other aspects of her career.

[Page 32]

Agyness was also the lead singer of a band named “Lucky Knitwear” and has taken part in some acting playing a Greek goddess of beauty, love and sex in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans. She has also recently collaborated with her younger sister Emily to create a line of T-shirts and tank tops for high street chainstore Uniqlo. But everyone knows that Agyness true talent will always lie with modelling. The Lancashire girl has never failed to amaze the fashion industry with her modelling talents. Not only has she been the face


[Page 33]

and figure of fashion giants, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Galliano, she has even had a Mulberry handbag named after her ‘Putty coloured Agyness bag”. This comes from Agyness unique and well know trademark of frequently changing the colour of her hair. Deyn is known for being something of a chameleon and constantly changing her looks. Her hair has been blonde, red, brown and black during her modelling career. Although she usually sports a boyish cut, more recently she has been seen with a bob and a bowl cut. In April 2010 she caused headlines when she arrived at the Coachella Music Festival with her head shaved to a “skinhead” style similar to that of Sinead O’Connor in the early 90’s.

Agyness became an overnight supermodel after being discovered in London in 2006. The last four years have changed her life forever. She is now one of the world’s leading supermodels, working alongside some of the world’s greatest designers. It seems that nothing can stop her; everything she sets her eyes on is a success. Who would have thought that when Agyness moved to our city to pursue her education in music and drama that years later she would be where she is today? All we can say at The Fashion Journal is that, East Yorkshire is very proud and that it just goes to show that wherever you are from, with hard work and determination you can make it!


Fashion Journal

space age

Body Suit- Amy Hutchinson Shoe- Faith ÂŁ60

Collection: Amy Hutchinson Hair & Make up- Rachael Warrick Models: Kellie Parker & Sophie Turnbull

[Page 34]


Fashion Journal

Shoes-Faith £60 Tights- New Look £8 Bag- Amy Hutchinson Jacket - Amy Hutchinson [Page 35]


Fashion Journal

Shoes-Faith £60 Tights-New Look £8 Dress- Amy Hutchinson [Page 36]


Fashion Journal

Shoes-Faith ÂŁ60 Top- Amy Hutchinson Trousers-Amy Hutchinson

Dress - Anna Young Gloves - Anna Young

[Page 39]


Fashion Journal

dark blue night

Dress- Anna Young Tights - Topshop ÂŁ16

Collection-Anna Young Hair & Make-up - Racheal Warwick Models - Sophie Turnbull & Kellie Parker

[Page 40]

Playsuit- Anna Young Bra - Anna Young Pants - Anna Yoiung

[Page 41]


Fashion Journal

Dress- Anna Young

[Page 42]

model behaviour Model Behaviour.The

Fashion Journal

Catching up with East Yorkshires newest faces

What made you first become a model?

e i l kel

I started modeling after a paid family photo shoot as a 16th birthday present. The photographer ‘spotted’ something within me and put me forward for a few shoots he had coming up, and helped me build a portfolio as well as helping me get onto sites such as ModelMayhem to get my face seen. (

[Page 43]

Model Behaviour.The

What beauty tips do you swear by?

Fashion Journal


Hmm were do I start, a good moisturiser definitely, quality make up brushes. I always stay away from liquid eyeliner I find it’s too hard and can be really messy, I prefer to use a black power eye shadow put and apply with a slanted eye shadow brush. To get to roots of your eyelashes when applying mascara use a small brush and put a little mascara on it then apply to the roots.

[Page 44]

Art Review.The

Fashion Journal



A range of fabrics have been designed for the Ready to Wear sector of women’s fashion for the season, spring/summer. These fabrics will be showcased at London fashion week alongside work by well known British fashion designers such as; Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson. The collection “Natural Beauty” has been inspired by art forms found in nature and in particular the patterning, detail and texture found on shells and fossils. Inspiration for the colour mood has mainly been drawn from the nude colours found in the forecasting for spring/summer 2010. The subtle earthy tones are feminised with a dusky pink shade. The chosen nude colour palette also sits very well with the theme, Natural Beauty. The end use for the lightweight and textured fabrics will be used to produce the new ‘must have fashion piece’, The Lingerie Dress. The collection pieces are based around the theme of Natural Beauty whilst the actual end use will be in fitting with the style to wear underwear as outerwear. These stylish Ready to Wear pieces will be showcased at London fashion week and will show how lightweight but textured knitwear can be used to produce the delicate Lingerie Dress to the fashion world.

Natural Beauty Collection by Kirby Sleigh [Page 45]

meet me....

My names Kirby, I am 22 years old. I work as the clothing designer for a large work wear company; I currently live in East Yorkshire in a small village called Kelk by the coast with my family after moving home from University. What’s your educational back ground? I took my GCSES and A levels in Art and Design, Textile Design, English and History at Driffield Secondary School. In 2006 and began university in Huddersfield to study Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors, I carried out a years work placement at Arco during my course and in July this year I graduated with a 2:1 BSc Degree In Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors. What are your general interests? My main interests are based around fashion. In my spare time I do freelance fashion illustrations for companies, I also enjoy researching fashion designers collections and fashion forecasts. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends doing the usual shopping and going out to restaurants and to the gym. I also have lots of pets where a live at home and love to spend time with them. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion means a lot to me, not only is it part of my work as a designer, it is also my hobby, my passion and part of my way of life. Fashion is exciting, changing, expressive and influential. I think fashion affects everybody in a different way, for me it influences my work and life as a whole. What was the first article of clothing that you ever designed? My first ever piece was a full length evening gown in emerald green silk with a long fish tail and plunging v neck design. This was part of my A level work for my Textiles Course. How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? It very much depends on the piece. An embellished piece does tend to take a much longer time then a straight forward piece with out beadwork and hand embellishment. To create a cocktail dress not so long ago it took me a week of working several hours a day to complete but it does depend on the detail involved.

Art Review.The

Fashion Journal

Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing? Usually I will see a photo, catwalk image, magazine clipping or piece of art that will spark of an idea in my head for a design. I will then go away and do several drawings until i come up with the final design, choose colour ways and fabric. I would then simplify the design for construction, adapt pattern pieces and cut fabric. The garment can then be constructed and embellished. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? Being able to put on my final degree show at Huddersfield University this year. Being commission to design and make a costume for a dance company and enjoying designing and making my own pieces. Who are some of your favourite designers? My most favourite designer is John Galliano. I love his style; you can tell it belongs to him from a mile away. I also like designers such as Alberta Feretti and Stella McCartney. What are some of your favourite clothing stores/websites? I like to follow fashion blogs, one of my favourite at the moment is My favourite high street fashion stores at the moment would be probably Zara, Mango and Topshop and also TKMAXX. Where do you buy your fabrics and other sewing materials? Usually from local haberdashery shops but sometimes I buy from the internet. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? The design, the standard of craftsmanship and the quality of the fabric and components. If all of which are to a high enough standard then the article should be of a high quality Do you consider yourself an artist? I would like to think so. I think the thought an d creativity that goes into designing a fashion piece is very similar to that which would go into creating a piece of art. [Page 46]

Music Review.The

Fashion Journal

“Slash, Slash and Slash! We have loved his music from his time in guns n roses’ right through to his recent solo album. To have a chance to work with him would be amazing.” PHOTOGRAPH WILLIAM TEMPLE EDITED BY EMMA PLEWES

[Page 47]

Fashion Journal

The Fashion Journal takes 20 minutes with… Local band Parkmoor, we talk to lead singer Sam Douglas on trying to make it in the music industry.


Music Review.The

The band was put together after a long hiatus from previous bands, when all members decided we should get writing together once again. We started off playing quite alternative sounding music but slowly got into our stride creating a blend of classic rock with modern overtones, song writing is usually done as a band but occasionally one of us will have a song almost completely written How did you choose your name? before tweaking it as a group, we are currently playing some support slots for touring bands, and private parties Well we have been in different bands together in one way while we raise funds to record and release a new E.P and or another for a while and coming up with a good band promote our own tour. name is always hard, but we came to the conclusion that the band make the name good not the other way around Sam Douglas – Lead singer/rhythm guitarist, 21 years so we just threw some words around and came up with old loves 80s rock music and hates the rubbish the in- Parkmoor were not entirely sure if we like it but are happy dustry pretend is rock music now. Enjoys experimenting with it unless we think of a really good name in the future. with the musicians in the band and loves how we all know what the other is thinking when we start writing music, likes how we all have different musical backgrounds and How long have you guys been together as a band? tastes and we bring all those influences together to create something which we all enjoy playing and seems to As Parkmoor we have been together for just over 3 years, get the crowd going, also loves scarves! because of university and other commitments we haven’t Ben Potter - Lead guitarist, 21 years old, loves blues been able to take it seriously until recently and it hasn’t music wrestling and 60s rock music, enjoys playing gigs been until this last year that we have been trying to make with the band and entertaining people and spending time any progress in the industry. in the recording studio, dislikes the lack of time the band have to be as creative as they would like to be Ben Wilson – Bass Guitarist, 22 years old, loves the doors, Who have been your biggest musical influences? batman and wrestling, dislikes many things including the lack of practicing we actually get done, enjoys the fact we I would have to say our biggest influences would be in manage to use the time we do have well, and have a new no particular, Hendrix, Pearljam, Guns n Roses and ACDC but we have such an array of influences it does change EP on the way Tom Raimes – Drums, 21 years old, loves most alter- song to song sometimes the influence is clear but other native modern music and anything interesting, is enjoy- times we couldn’t pin point where the influences came ing time in the studio and playing gigs with other great from musically. bands, dislikes having to play private parties and cover What types of music do you all listen too? gigs to raise money for more important projects. Sam – 80s rock grunge and classic rock anything by slash or Chris Cornell is definitely on my iPod. But does have an array of much more modern alternative music incubus and the likes are up there in my favourite band list Ben Potter – Classic rock and blues with a few metal bands thrown in, if it sounds like ACDC or an old blues band then potter knows and loves it [Page 48]

Music Review.The

Fashion Journal

Who have been your biggest musical influences? I would have to say our biggest influences would be in no particular, Hendrix, Pearljam, Guns n Roses and ACDC but we have such an array of influences it does change song to song sometimes the influence is clear but other times we couldn’t pin point where the influences came from musically.

If you could have written any song which one would you choose? There is so many to choose from and I think we all have different opinions on the greatest song ever written, but personally I would have to say Alive by pearljam would def be in my top 3.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? Slash, Slash and Slash! I have loved his music from his time in guns n roses’ right through to his recent solo album. To have a chance to work with him would be amazing.

What’s been your proudest moment musically? Our proudest moment musically was probably when we had industry professionals giving us positive feedback telling us we should continue what we was doing and it was only a matter of time before we was noticed. Any feedback like that is always great to hear but we do know that bands ET feedback like that a lot and it doesn’t mean its going to actually happen.

What’s your best gig and why? Well I think we would agree as a band that one of the best gigs we played was our recent support for the virgin Marys who have toured with the likes of slash and played the download festival in Donnington, it was a great show and we made some important contacts that night. I do think though that some of the best performances we have given have been in local bars just having people inches away from you can really build an amazing atmosphere.

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You obviously at the moment play free shows, what are you opinions on streaming sites such as MySpace and Spotify that allow people to listen to music for free? Well I do think the majority of people who use such sites to listen to music for free do then go on to buy the music they enjoy, although many gigs we currently play are free entry we have played many which are not, and the exposure you can get from free showcases can be invaluable when trying to bring people to paid shows. Although it is true that free downloads and file sharing of music does detract from the profits a band can make from record sales, if people enjoy your music then they will come see you live and if your a touring band with an admission fee then I don’t personally think you lose that much money in the long run. But maybe I would feel differently if I had the global stardom of say Bon Jovi.

What’s in the pipeline for Parkmoor? We are currently in the process of recording our second EP using our own studio equipment, and have been in contact with some A&R people in order to get some interest from record companies. We are looking at setting up a tour next year hopefully things will go pretty well.

Where do you see yourselves in ten years time? God knows 10 years is way to far ahead to think in music id say if things haven’t worked out in the next few years then would probably just be doing lots of the same things we are doing now treating the band more like a laugh than anything else, if things do kick off at some point then would like to think we would be on a world tour but you never know, people show interest in bands every day and nothing ever comes of it so although we are excited about these things we do like to understate them somewhat.

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Favourite designer

I have a few favourite designers, each completely different to one another, and which I admire for different reasons. John Galliano, Viktor and Rolf, Antonio Berardi and the late genius, Alexander McQueen. I think the one thing they have in common that my own style relates to and is inspired by, is their pattern cutting, and creating show-stopping pieces both theatrical and classic.

Favourite RestauranT

There’s a restaurant called ‘Monastero’ in Viterbo, where I used to live. They made the most amazing pizzas and I have never found anywhere else in the world that can compare! Although I don’t get to go there anymore, I will again one day!

Favourite Artist

Again, it’s difficult to narrow it down to one artist, when there are so many that I find fascinating. Picasso during his Guernica and Dora Maar period, Kandinsky for his use of colours and then someone like Da Vinci for his fascinating sketch work rather than his painting.

Favourite Photographer

When I look for inspiration for my photo shoots, I look at so many photographers work. For a high fashion look I love Daniele Cipriani but having used Italian Vogue as a bible for so many years, I would have to opt for Steven Meisel.

Favourite Place

Italy...... After living there for a year, soaking up the culture, making some fantastic friends, and gaining the experience I did at Gattinoni Couture, it is by far my most favourite place. Had I not been there, I doubt very much that I would be who I am today, or even doing what I do.

Favourite item of clothing

Anything Italian. I’ve always loved pasta, ever since I Without a doubt it would have to be a t-shirt. Its a simple was little, and to this day, I eat it probably 5 days a piece of clothing that will never date, comes in so many colours with an infinite choice of print possibilities, can be week, plus of course, pizza! Healthy diet! either dressed up or down, can be worn with absolutely anything, and something that I can design for myself to suit any occasion. My Mum! She’s a complete star! She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, I sometimes think she knows me better than I know myself, and I’d be a very different Without a doubt it would have to be a that classed person without her. as an animal? I use a frog as my logo, it’s been with me for the last 10 years and everybody that knows me associates me with a frog, and I can guarantee every birthday and Tori Amos or Stevie can’t make me Christmas I get one in some form as a gift. I have loads of them. choose!

Favourite person

Favourite animal

Favourite band/singer

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Wrap up and smart with the Fashion Journalslook favourite Coats... With another cold winter on the way The Fashion Journal heads to the high street to find you the best winter coats this season. From Karen Millen to Jane Norman if your budget is high or low this season look your best in our favourite winter coats..

Topshop’s beauty Curly Sheepskin leather Jacket £225

Jane Norman Military Mini Cape £55 [Page 51]

Miss Selfridge Camel Cape £85

Karen Millen Faux fur collar padded parka £350

Oasis Lace faux fur collar coat £150

French Connection Faux Fur hooded jacket £165

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