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Swimming & Diving

2009-2010 Media Guide

Mizzou Aquatics Center • Opened in 2005, the Mizzou Aquatics Center provides competitive pools that are surrounded by all-tile decks and seating for over 1,000 spectators. In addition, Missouri’s swimmers and divers have access to new team locker rooms, aquatic conference rooms and an operations center.

• The competition area in the aquatics center features a 50-meter by 25-yard competition pool that is kept between 78 and 80 degrees at all times and took over one million gallons of water to fill. The pool has a top depth of eight-feet, six inches, but can be reduced to any desired level thanks to a hydraulic moveable floor. It is also equipped with six-inch Competitor Gold Medal racing lines and KDI Paragon starting blocks. The facility also boasts two moveable Stark bulkheads, 18-inch flow over drop gutters and an underwater speaker system.

• The 25-yard diving well is stocked with top-of-the-line amenities. Kept at a temperature between 84 and 86 degrees, the diving well in the Mizzou Aquatic Center has two one-meter springboards, two three-meter springboards, and one, three, seven-and-a-half and 10-meter platforms

• A Sparger bubble system is positioned under the three-meter springboard and seven-and-a-half and 10-meter platforms. The area is 14 feet around the perimeter, slowing to a depth of 16 feet, with water agitators positioned beneath each diving surface. Divers exit the water via a set of stairs that are accessed by ladders. Divers also have the option of showering in a set of warm showers behind the towers. On top of all that, the diving well houses its own separate hot tub.

• The Mizzou Aquatics Center was home of the 2006 and 2009 Big 12 Swimming and Diving Championships. • The Missouri Grand Prix, now in its fourth year at the Mizzou Aquatics Center, brings in some of the world’s top talent including Olympians Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, Erik Vendt and Katie Hoff and is committed to hosting through 2012.

Missouri Swimming and Diving

Table of Contents_________________________________________________ 1 Quick Facts ____________________________________________________ 2 Media Information________________________________________________ 3 Men’s Season Preview_ _________________________________________ 4-5 Women’s Season Preview________________________________________ 6-7 The Big 12 Conference____________________________________________ 8

2009-10 COACHING STAFF Head Coach Brian Hoffer_ _____________________________________ 10-11 Associate Head Coach Chris Peters____________________________________12 Diving Coach James Sweeney_ _____________________________________ 13 Assistant Coach Pat Rowan_______________________________________ 14 Assistant Coach Kelli Stein________________________________________ 15 Assistant Coach Thomas Baumann_ ________________________________ 16 Volunteer Coach Phil Garverick_____________________________________ 17 Meghan Anderson (Academic) / Tyler Looney (Strength & Conditioning)_____ 18 Support Staff___________________________________________________ 19 Director of Athletics Mike Alden_____________________________________ 20 Executive Associate Athletics Director Sarah Reesman__________________ 21 Chancellor Brady Deaton_ ________________________________________ 22 2009-10 MIZZOU MEN’S TEAM Men’s Roster___________________________________________________ 24 Matt Burns and Greg DeStephen_ __________________________________ 25 David Dorak and Jordan Hawley____________________________________ 26 Jeff Hendricks and Dante Jones____________________________________ 27 Spenser Lauver and Cameron Sellers_ ______________________________ 28 Adam Abernathy and John Higgins__________________________________ 29 John Hunt and Max Kervick________________________________________ 30 Jan Konarzewski and Michael Lopresti_______________________________ 31 Scott Martin and Ethan Rose_______________________________________ 32 Yaniv Shnaider and Anders Melin___________________________________ 33 Dallas Becerra and Michael Beck___________________________________ 34 Eric Blue and Vito Cammisano_____________________________________ 35 Joe Hladik and John Krause_______________________________________ 36 Colin Livasy and Robert McGugan__________________________________ 37 Ryan Sellers and Blas Yslas_______________________________________ 38 Getting to Know the Men’s Returners_____________________________ 39-42 2009-10 MIZZOU WOMEN’S TEAM Women’s Roster_ _______________________________________________ 44 Molly Bollen and Colleen Gordon___________________________________ 45 Kim Jasmer and Jenny Franzone___________________________________ 46 Melissa Jamerson and Lauren Lavigna_______________________________ 47 Morgan McCleery and Mary Sheahen________________________________ 48 Anastasia Sotiropoulos and Francie Szostak__________________________ 49 Abby Zepeda and Leah Cowperthwaite_ _____________________________ 50 Emy DiBenigno and Kayla Durnil_ __________________________________ 51

Christina Gailey and Jordan Morcom_ _______________________________ 52 Lisa Nathanson and Stephanie Rovig________________________________ 53 Dominique Bouchard and Caitlin Connor_ ____________________________ 54 Cassie Cunningham and Sharon Finn________________________________ 55 Lauren Mason and Amanda Masters_________________________________ 56 Sasha Meny Courey and Ashley Paterson____________________________ 57 Rachel Ripley and Sydney Schaefer_________________________________ 58 Brigette Selbert_________________________________________________ 59 Getting to Know the Women’s Returners_ _________________________ 60-64 2008-09 SEASON REVIEW 2008-09 Men’s Review_ _______________________________________ 66-67 2008-09 Men’s Season Results____________________________________ 68 2008-09 Men’s Top Times_________________________________________ 69 2008-09 Women’s Season Review_______________________________ 70-71 2008-09 Women’s Season Results__________________________________ 72 2008-09 Women’s Top Times_ _____________________________________ 73 2008-09 Championship Results_ ___________________________________ 74 MIZZOU HISTORY AND RECORDS Missouri Men’s Record Book____________________________________ 76-77 Missouri Women’s Record Book_________________________________ 78-79 Mizzou Aquatic Center Records_ ___________________________________ 80 Missouri All-Americans_ __________________________________________ 81 Missouri Conference Champions_ __________________________________ 82 UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI This Is Mizzou_______________________________________________ 84-85 Campus Life_ _______________________________________________ 86-87 Columbia, Missouri___________________________________________ 88-89 Mizzou Athletics______________________________________________ 90-91 Missouri Aquatic Center________________________________________ 92-93 The Sports Park at Mizzou_ ____________________________________ 94-95 Student Rec Center___________________________________________ 96-97 Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine_____________________ 98-99 Missouri Athletic Training Complex and Total Person Program________ 100-101 Mid-Missouri Life___________________________________________ 102-103 Mizzou Traditions___________________________________________ 104-105 Notable Alumni_ ___________________________________________ 106-107 MUTigers.com_________________________________________________ 108 The 2009-10 Missouri Swimming and Diving Media Guide was written, edited and designed by Media Relations Associate Directors Emily G. Murray and Josh Murray, Assistant Director Kate Lakin and student assistants Ted Bryant and Katie Grissom in Adobe InDesign CS 3. Publishing provided by Walsworth Publishing with special assistance from Customer Service Representative Jenny Shoemaker. Covers designed by Big Fish-Creative. Photo credits: Jonathan Brownfield, Joel Kowsky, Jeff Lautenberger, Charles Ludeke, Christa DeMarke and Phil Franzone.

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Missouri Quick Facts

General Information Location:________________________________________ Columbia, Missouri Founded:____________________________________________________ 1839 Enrollment:_ _______________________________________________ 30,200 Arena:_______________________________________ Mizzou Aquatics Center Affiliation:___________________________________________ NCAA Division I Conference:_________________________________________________Big 12 Nickname:__________________________________________________ Tigers Colors:__________________________________________ Old Gold and Black University Personnel President:_ ____________________________________________ Gary Forsee Chancellor:_ _______________________________________ Dr. Brady Deaton Director of Athletics:____________________ Michael F. Alden (Evansville, 1980) Executive Associate AD/SWA:___________________________ Sarah Reesman Executive Associate AD/External Operations:_________________ Whit Babcock Senior Associate AD/Administration:__________________________ Mark Alnutt Senior Associate AD/Compliance:___________________________ Mary Austin Senior Associate AD/Operations:_ _________________________ Tim Hickman Senior Associate AD/Student Services:____________________ Bryan Maggard Coaching Staff Head Coach:__________________________Brian Hoffer (Arizona State, 1986) Overall Record:___________________________________________214-130-1 Record at Missouri (Men’s):_____________________________________ 85-74 Record at Missouri (Women’s):________________________________129-56-1 Office Phone:________________________________________ (573) 882-4669 E-Mail:________________________________________ Associate Head Coach:_____________________ Chris Peters (Missouri, 1999) E-Mail:_______________________________________ Diving Coach:_ ________________________ James Sweeney (Missouri, 2004) E-Mail:_____________________________________ Assistant Coach:____________________ Pat Rowan (Eastern Michigan, 2000) E-Mail:_________________________________________ Assistant Coach:____________________________ Kelli Stein (Michigan, 2004)

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 2

Men’s Team Information 2008-09 Dual Record_ __________________________________________ 2-5 2009 Big 12 Record (Finish)______________________________ 1-0 (Second) 2009 Final Ranking_____________________________________________ NR Letterwinners Returning/Lost____________________________________ 18/10 Newcomers____________________________________________________ 12 Top Returners Jordan Hawley________________Jr._ ____________________ Sprint Free Cameron Sellers_______________Jr._ _____________________Free/Back Greg DeStephen_______________Sr.__________________________Diver Jan Kornazewski______________So._______________________ Back/Fly Scott Martin__________________So._______________________ Free/Fly Key Newcomers Yaniv Schnaider_______________So.________________________Free/IM Anders Melin_ ________________Jr._ _____________ Butterfly/Sprint Free Joe Hladik_ __________________Fr._____________________ Sprint Free Women’s Team Information 2008-09 Dual Record_ __________________________________________ 5-5 2009 Big 12 Record (Finish)________________________________ 3-1 (Third) 2009 Final Ranking_____________________________________________ NR 2009 NCAA Qualifiers Returning/Lost_______________________________ 4/3 Letterwinners Returning/Lost____________________________________ 19/12 Newcomers____________________________________________________ 12 Top Returners Colleen Gordon_______________Sr.____________________ Freestyle/IM Francie Szostak_______________Jr._ ____________________ Sprint Free Kayla Durnil__________________So.______________________ Breast/IM Lisa Nathanson_______________So.__________________________ Free Lauren Lavigna_______________Jr._ _____________________Free/Back Jordan Morcom_______________So.__________________________Diver Key Newcomers Dominique Bouchard___________Fr._______________________ Back/IM Cassie Cunningham___________Fr._____________________ Backstroke Rachel Ripley_ _______________Fr.______________________ Breast/IM

Missouri Media Information

Media Relations Swimming and Diving Contact______________________________Clyde Verdin Cell Phone___________________________________________ 985-518-9452 Office Phone__________________________________________573-882-7826 E-Mail_ _______________________________________ Assistant A.D. for Media Relations_ _________________________ Chad Moller Associate Director______________________________________ Emily Murray Associate Director_______________________________________ Josh Murray Associate Director_______________________________________ Dave Reiter Assistant Director_ _______________________________________ Kate Lakin Graduate Assistant_ ____________________________________ Shawn Davis Office Main Line______________________________________ (573) 882-3241 Athletics Mailing Address_________________ 260 Hearnes Center, Columbia, MO 65211 This publication is intended to serve as a primary information source for members of the media who follow the MU swimming and diving teams. Weekly news releases, statistics, photographs and other materials are available to media outlets covering the team by contacting Clyde Verdin at (573) 882-7826 or by faxing a request to (573) 882-4720. Practice Times: The majority of practices throughout the season will take place from 3-5:30 p.m. (CT) at the Mizzou Aquatic Center, located inside the Student Recreation Complex on campus. Please call Clyde Verdin in the Media Relations office at (573) 8827826 to confirm the practice schedule. Interview Policy: Athletes and coaches are available for interviews throughout the week before and after practices. They will not be available at meets until after the conclusion of competition. All interview requests must be made through the Media Relations Office, preferably with 24 hours notice.

Post-meet Interview Policy: At home meets, all post-meet interviews will be conducted on the pool deck. Requests for student-athlete interviews will be taken at the conclusion of the meet and every effort will be made to ensure that requested athletes and coaches are available. For road meets, contact Clyde Verdin in advance for the post-meet interview policy. Photography: Photographers are allowed to take pictures from the pool deck as long as they do not interfere with practice or meet activity. Flash photography is not permitted for use during meets but can be used during practice with the permission of Head Coach Brian Hoffer. Meet Day Services: Media guides, programs, rosters and updated game notes and statistics will be available at the scorer’s table prior to each meet. Single meet results will be distributed following each meet.

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Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 3

Dante Jones

2009-10 Men’s Preview

The Mizzou men’s swimming and diving team comes into the 2009-10 season with a lot of new talent to go along with a solid class of veterans. The Tigers will return seven letterwinners from last year and will welcome 10 freshmen and one transfer.

“We’re a very young team,” Head Coach Brian Hoffer said. “We graduated over 10 athletes last year, so about 50-percent of our team is new. That includes Yaniv Shnaider, who was here last year but was not able to compete, plus a good class of freshmen. The men’s team is youthful but very talented.” The captains for the 2009-10 season are juniors Jordan Hawley and Cameron Sellers and senior Greg DeStephen. SPRINT FREE Junior Jordan Hawley will be the Tigers’ featured competitor in sprints this year. As a sophomore, Hawley posted Mizzou’s top times for the season in both the 50 and 100 free. Hoffer will look to senior Matt Burns and junior transfer Anders Melin to fill the void left by Gilad Kaufman. Freshmen Joe Hladik and John Krause and sophomore Scott Martin will also be used in the sprints on a regular basis. Hoffer: “I think our sprint free is going to be much improved. Last year, we struggled there a little bit on depth, but I feel like we have been able to get a lot better. Jordan Hawley was a finalist at the Big 12 meet last year and Anders Melin and Scott Martin took big strides. I believe that sprint free is going to be our second-best event this year behind backstroke.” MID-FREE The Tigers return three of their top five swimmers in the 200 free in Cameron Sellers, Hendricks and Burns. The losses of Matt Dahlke and Brad Hubbard to graduation have prompted Hoffer to fill out the rest of his roster in these events by committee. Sellers holds the fastest times ever at Mizzou in the 200 and the second fastest in the 500 free. Hoffer said he will rotate several athletes through the mid-free, including Hendricks, sophomore Ethan Rose and freshman Ryan Sellers. Hoffer: “Cameron Sellers is going to be the man for us, and Jeff Hendricks is developing very nicely and should be able to make much more of an impact this year during the season. There will be various guys we can look at for these events. Sophomore Yaniv Schnaider is an extremely versatile athlete that can race anyone in these events.”

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 4

DISTANCE FREE Mizzou had a noticeable lack of depth last season in the longer freestyle events. Hoffer will count on junior Spenser Lauver, the Tigers’ leader in the 1000 and 1650 free last season, to anchor the distance squad in 2009-10. Hoffer will look to sophomore John Hunt and freshmen Vito Cammisano and Eric Blue to step in and play important roles. Hoffer: “Our distance events are much improved. Spenser is our top guy, and he was very good at the end of last year and had a good summer. Vito and Eric are going to provide some much needed depth for us in the distance free. Cameron Sellers can also jump up into these events if needed. “ FLY Hoffer had planned to count on junior David Dorak to lead Mizzou in the fly, but he fractured his wrist in August and will redshirt this season. To fill the void left by Dorak’s injury and graduation of the school record-holder, Kaufman, the Tigers will look to Melin, who gained substantial experience swimming in competitive national meets at Limestone College in South Carolina. Hoffer: “Dorak would’ve been our top flyer. Anders will have to step up in the relays. He’s a guy that has NCAA experience and knows what it takes in March. After that, it just depends on how we use guys. Lauver and Cameron Sellers are very good in the 200 fly, while Scott Martin and sophomore Max Kerwick will swim the 100.” BREAST Its weakest area in terms of depth and experience, Mizzou will look to develop some of its younger swimmers in the breaststroke. The Tigers lost Ted Harris and school record-holder Martin Cernansky to graduation. Hoffer will count on Martin and sophomore Michael Lopresti for to lead in these events, and may look to Schnaider and incoming freshmen, Joe Hladik and Blas Yslas, and Colin Livasy, for substantial contributions. Hoffer: “The breaststroke is an event that we need to try to improve. We have some good swimmers in that event, but they’re all young. I think by the end of the year they’ll swim pretty fast. Michael and Scott are going to be our top athletes there. Blas Yslas has also shown great potential since he’s come out of high school. Yaniv can also help us in the breaststroke if needed.

Cameron Sellers

2009-10 Men’s Preview BACK The Tigers’ deepest event coming into the season, Mizzou returns a lot of experience in the backstroke. Hoffer sees great potential in the Tigers’ young corps, led by Jan Konarzewski, the school record holder, and sophomore John Higgins. He also will count on sophomore Adam Abernathy and freshman Ryan Sellers to provide depth. Last year, Higgins posted Mizzou’s fourth-best time in the 100 and third-fastest in the 200, while Abernathy was No. 5 in the 200.

DIVING The Tigers have enjoyed success recently in diving. They will look to build this year around a strong core of returning athletes. Mizzou returns two former NCAA qualifiers in senior Greg DeStephen and junior Dante Jones, who obviously rank among the best divers in the nation. These two veterans are joined by newcomers Dallas Becerra and Robert McGugan, who are rapidly improving and look to play major roles for the Tigers in the future.

Hoffer: “This is good. We did lose Jake last year who was very powerful, but Konarzewski has developed very well. I think he will be the guy to beat. John is right there, Adam has improved greatly and I think Ryan can be right there too. I’m pretty confident that our backstroke squad is going to be very good at the end, and they’re all young.”

Diving Coach James Sweeney: “Diving at Missouri has gotten increasingly better over the years, and I’m very excited to see how this season will end up. Greg and Dante are training really hard right now and they’re at a good spot. Our goals here are to make the NCAAs and try to score some points. Dallas and Robert are both athletes we are developing, and I think they are going to do really well within the next couple years. DeStephen and Jones were finalists over the summer at senior nationals and that tells me they’re two of the top divers in the country.”

IM Schnaider will be the Tigers’ star in the individual medley. Hoffer said he believes Schnaider has the potential to place against national competition. Things are less clear after the top spot, and Missouri will look to Martin and other swimmers to fill the void left by the losses of Cernansky, Harris and Bryan Difford to graduation. Hoffer: “Our top guy is Yaniv. We think he’s an NCAA-caliber guy in the IM. After that, you look at Scott, who helped us out last year. Depending on what other direction we go, Lopresti can swim it. This is an event that after Yaniv, we’ll find some other guys to help us out. RELAYS Hoffer is optimistic about the Tigers’ chances in relays, although he has not yet begun to finalize the teams. Mizzou will be strong in the medley, fly and free relays. Like the individual events, Hoffer believes the breaststroke will be the team event with the most uncertainty for Tigers. Hoffer: “I think our medley relay can be pretty good. The breaststroke is the only leg that I’m concerned about, since we lost Martin Cernansky to graduation. We’ll have to see if some of the young guys can step up, but I think we’re pretty set in the fly and free relays. If our guys can improve throughout the year, I think they can be pretty strong. The 800-free relay was good for us last year, and we look to improve on that. We’ve got a lot of good mid-distance guys.”

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 5

Colleen Gordon

2009-10 Women’s Preview

Last season the University of Missouri Swimming and Diving program experienced one of its finest seasons to date, swimming into the national rankings and breaking numerous school records. Head Coach Brian Hoffer and the Tiger women are excited for the 2009-10 campaign as they welcome 12 new faces to the team, the nation’s 11th-ranked recruiting class, after losing 12 seniors to graduation in May. The Tigers have high expectations with goals to send more than last year’s school-record-setting seven to the NCAA Championships, as well as finishing in the top 20 nationally.

“Last year, sending seven to the NCAA’s was very exciting and we want to get more this year. With the freshman that we brought in, plus Kim (Jasmer) and the returnees, we’re going to have a pretty strong team,” Hoffer said. “Our biggest challenge will be getting the young swimmers to believe that they can do it, because I know they can.” The captains for the 2009-10 season are Colleen Gordon, Molly Bollen and Lauren Lavigna. Sprint Free Last season proved to be historical for the Tigers in the 50 freestyle as three Tigers-- Allie Bennett, Lauren Cox and Lisa Nathanson-- turned times that ranked among the top-10 all-time in the event at Missouri. Nathanson will look to lead the Tigers this year, as she sits atop the all-time list with a time of 22.74 in the event. Others to contribute to MU’s sprint freestyle races will be newcomers Sasha Menu Courey and Cassi Cunningham, along with junior Francie Szostak, who is currently second among Mizzou’s fastest 100 freestyle times. Hoffer: “Lisa Nathanson is our top sprint freestyler. She made Olympic trials as a high school senior and came here last year. She was pretty good, but she’s going to be even better this year. We’ll also look to Sasha to have some really good speed. I think our sprint relays are going to be better than we ever have.” Mid-Free Five of the top-10 200-freestyle times and four of the top-10 500-freestyle times were set during the 2008-09 campaign by seven different MU women. While two of those have graduated, the Tigers do return a strong core of swimmers for the mid-free events. Missouri will also expect big contributions from their newcomers, specifically Kim Jasmer who is an All-American transfer from the University of Washington. Hoffer: “It’s a pretty strong event for us. Though we lost two really strong athletes last year with Jill Granger and Lori Halvorson, I feel like we’re just as strong this year with the addition of Kim, and Francie improving, and Rovig getting better. Colleen Gordon is our anchor in these events and I expect her to lead the way for us.”

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 6

Distance Free The Tigers have several options when it comes to choosing swimmers for the distance freestyle events. Rovig, Gordon and Lavigna will return for the Tigers, but Hoffer expects some of the freshman to step up in the longer freestyle events also. Hoffer: “I can mix it up. I don’t have to use the same people every meet. I can move different people in and out of that event. Rovig and freshman Ashley Patterson are women we’ll put there.” Breast Only a sophomore, Kayla Durnil will be expected to make big contributions for the Tigers in the breaststroke events. In her first year swimming for Hoffer, Durnil topped the 100 and 200 breaststroke times at Missouri with 1:02.06 and 2:11.20 marks, respectively. The Columbia, Mo., native was also just the third-ever Big 12 Champion for MU as she took the title in the 200. Morgan McCleery will also help lead a handful of newcomers in the event for the Tigers. Hoffer: “We’ve got five women at or right around Olympic trials. We’ve got a lot of options at this event. Obviously, we’ll look at Kayla and Morgan to help us out after having such a stellar season last year in these events.” Butterfly Last season five Tigers placed themselves on Mizzou’s top-10 list in the 100 butterfly, sitting in consecutive spots. Less than one second separates Carly Sullivan and Melissa Jamerson. Though three mebers of last year’s team were lost to graduation, seniors Gordon and Bollen will return with experience. Hoffer also looks forward to transfer Jasmer to make a splash this season in the butterfly events. Hoffer: “The people I have in there are all seniors. They are all very experienced. If I put those women in there, I feel like I know what I’m going to get. Melissa Jamerson is one of the best 200 flyers in the conference and should really shine”

Lori Halvorson

2009-10 Women’s Preview Back Lavigna looks to lead a highly talented Tiger backstroke group. The junior shaved huge amounts of of her time last season, as she set school records, in the 100 and 200 with marks of 54.74 and 1:57.04, respectively. The returning standout will be accompanied by freshmen Dominique Bouchard from North Bay, Canada, and Cassi Cunningham, a Texas-native. Hoffer: “Our backstroke is probably one of the strongest in the country, with Lauren Lavigna and Dominique Bouchard. These two are one of the best onetwo combinations in the country. Cassi Cunnimgham also has great speed in the 50 and 100 back.” IM Though a few top performers for Missouri in the individual medley graduated in May, there are several options that Hoffer expects to help the Tigers in the event this season. Durnil set the school record in the 200 IM last year with a 2:00.98 mark. She also placed herself second on the all-time 400 IM list with a time of 4:15.41, almost three seconds ahead of third-place in the event. “I think there are going to be some women that are going to be there at the end of the year, but in-season, it’s probably one event we need to get better at. I have a lot of people that can do it, but we’re still pretty young. Sophomore Emy DiBenigio has really come a long way this last year and will be ready to go this season. We will be looking for freshmen Amanda Masters and Dominique Bouchard to develop this season and be competitive at the end of the year.” Diving Receiving the Newcomer of the Year award last season, Jordon Morcom returns to the diving well for the Tigers with high expectations from the Missouri coaches and teammates. The sophomore diver won seven events over the course of last season, capping her freshman campaign with a fifth-place finish on the 3-meter and a sixth-place finish on the 1-meter at the Big 12 Championships. Diving Coach Jamie Sweeney: “I’m really excited about my women this season. We have a very strong team and they are fun to work with. They work very hard. I am very pleased with what I’ve seen so far and I think we’re going to get better as the season goes.”

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 7

The Big 12 Conference

The Big 12 Conference has established a consistent level of national success on the field and in the classroom as it enters its 14th season in 2009-10. Since it began play in 1996-97, the Conference can boast of 34 team crowns and over 400 individual NCAA Championships. The success continued through 2008-09 as Texas A&M captured national titles in men's golf as well as men's and women's outdoor track & field. The league placed two teams in the Bowl Championship Series for the fifth time and had a team play for the BCS National Championship for the sixth season. In addition, two volleyball teams advanced to the semifinals of the NCAA Championship and Oklahoma played in the Women's Final Four. Missouri softball and Texas baseball punched tickets to the College World Series. For the fourth time in its 13-year history a Big 12 student-athlete won the Heisman Trophy. The Big 12 also established a high-water mark, as for the first time in the 74-year history of the Heisman Trophy four of the top five votegetters hailed from the same conference, including award-winner Sam Bradford (Oklahoma). Over the past five seasons a total of 13 NCAA trophies have been hoisted by Big 12 institutions, with at least one national crown won in all but one year for the Conference, including each of the past 12 seasons. The Big 12 leads all conferences with its six appearances in BCS title games. League squads have played for the football national championship six times in the last nine years with berths in 16 BCS games overall, including two each in 2007 and 2008. The Big 12 led all conferences with five teams ranked in the final 2008 BCS Standings. In addition, an all-time high nine league players earned consensus All-America recognition this past season, more than any other conference. In basketball, 10 women's and nine men's teams have advanced to their respective Final Fours in the past eight seasons as the Big 12 continues its place among the elite intercollegiate athletic conferences. The six men's Final Four participants since 2002 are tied for the most of any conference. Numerous national honors have been won by basketball student-athletes during the league's history. The Big 12 had a national player of the year honoree for the third straight year when Blake Griffin (Oklahoma) was the consensus winner in 2008-09. Courtney Paris (Oklahoma) gave the conference a consensus AllAmerica selection in women's basketball for the ninth straight season. The Big 12 and its member institutions are committed to a competitive environment where sportsmanship and fair play take center stage. Whether on the field, in the classroom, or within the community the student-athletes, administrators, coaches and game officials of the Big 12 support the highest ideals in sportsmanship. Big 12 student-athletes also do well in garnering national academic recognition. Sarah Pavan (Nebraska) was named Academic All-America of the Year in volleyball in 2006 and 2007 by ESPN The Magazine and College Sports Information Directors of America with a 4.0 grade-point average in Biochemistry. She also won the national academic honor presented for all sports in 2006-07 and was named recipient of the prestigious 2006-07 Honda-Broderick Award as Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year. She is the first athlete since the Big

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 8

12 was formed to earn the accolade. In its history, the conference has over 330 academic honorees, averaging more than 25 each season. The Big 12 can boast of other stories that combine on and off the field success. Patience Knight (Texas Tech) was the recipient of the Honda Inspiration Award in 2008, given to an outstanding female college athlete who overcomes adversity to excel in her sport. She was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in 2007, but rebounded to win All-America honors at the 2008 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships. Competitive excellence, scholarship and sportsmanship are all equal components of the Big 12 philosophy. All-Big 12 teams and Academic All-Big 12 squads are recognized for each sport at the end of their respective seasons. At the end of each academic year, the Conference honors its top male and female student-athletes with the Big 12 Athlete of the Year and Big 12 Sportsperson of the Year awards. Institutions can also nominate student-athletes for the prestigious Dr. Prentice Gautt Postgraduate Scholarships at the end of each academic year. A total of 225 scholars have received over 1.3 million in postgraduate financial aid through the first 13 years of the program. The Big 12 sponsors 21 sports. Men's squads include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, swimming & diving, tennis and wrestling. Women's teams are fielded in basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and volleyball. The conference is made up of 12 institutions that have shared many traditional rivalries throughout their histories. Member schools include - Baylor University, University of Colorado, Iowa State University, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of Missouri, University of Nebraska, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Texas, Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University. The institutions created a league that encompasses seven states, over 46 million people and television households in 18 of the top 100 markets within its geographic footprint. The conference conducts championships for 20 of its 21 sports. Each championship helps to determine teams and/or individuals that will represent the Conference in national postseason competition. The winner of the Big 12 football championship game earns the league's berth into the prestigious Bowl Championship Series. In the last several years the Big 12 has increased its bowl agreements and expanded television opportunities for all sports through contracts with ABC/ ESPN and FSN. Most recently, the league renewed and expanded its multi-year arrangement with ABC/ESPN, Inc. The new contract began in 2008-09. In its first 13 years, the Conference has distributed more than $1.1 billion to its 12 member institutions. The Big 12 staff administers to over 4,600 student-athletes in its 21 sports. The conference office is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Missouri Coaching Staff :: 2009-10

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Head Coach :: Brian Hoffer 18th Year :: Arizona State, 1986 Entering his 18th season as Head Coach of the nationally recognized Missouri swimming and diving program, Brian Hoffer looks to build on the success of his 2008-09 team and develop his nationally ranked freshman class into some of the country’s top competitors. Hoffer has put together a program that has continued to rewrite Missouri swimming and diving history. During the 2008-09 season alone, 32 records were rewritten in Missouri’s top-10 all-time list, 17 on the men’s side and 15 on the women’s. During Hoffer’s career at Missouri, over 200 school records have been broken. Additionally, last season, Hoffer and his staff coached a program-high seven women to the 2009 NCAA Championships, led the men’s team to its highest ever Big 12 finish, second, and aided in current sophomore Kayla Durnil’s 2009 Big 12 title in the 200 breastroke. For his work, Hoffer was named the Big 12 Meet Men’s Coach of the Year and Women’s Co-Coach of the Year. Over his 17 seasons with the Tigers, Hoffer has a combined dual meet record of 214-130-1 (.622). In dual action, the women are 129-56-1 (.696) overall under Hoffer. This includes a span of 11 straight winning seasons (1997-2008), in which the women have totaled a record of 96-22-1 (.814). The men are 85-74 (.535) combined over the past 16 years, which includes nine winning seasons with Hoffer as head coach. A three-time Conference Coach of the Year, Hoffer was awarded Big 12 honors following the 2004-05 season after guiding the men’s team to a 6-2 record in dual competition. Hoffer was previously named Big Eight Men’s Coach of the Year in 1993 and Big Eight Women’s Coach of the Year in 1994. While Hoffer’s swimmers have proven successful in the collegiate scene, they’ve also excelled in competition outside of Mizzou as well. During the summer of 2009, current junior Lauren Lavignia became Missouri’s first World Championship qualifier in swimming after finishing second in the 200 backstroke at the World Champion Trials in Montreal, Canada. Competing in the World Championships in Rome on July 31, Lavigna set a new Canadian National Record in the 200 backstroke with her time of 2:10.03, a mark she set qualifying for the semi-finals. Teammate Dominique Bouchard, a freshman on this year’s squad, also competed at the World Championship Trials and was named to the Canada B National Team. Recent graduates Lori Halvorson, Jill Granger and Ted Harris, and sophomore Lisa Nathanson all qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials and competed for a chance to make the USA Olympic squad. Senior Colleen Gordon was one of 24 individuals from around the nation invited to the 2008 USA Open Water National Championships. Gordon went on to finish second in the 5K swim. Top performances, state-of-the-art facilities and the opportunity to compete against some of the best swimmers and divers in the nation has helped to

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continually recruit strong Tiger squads. Missouri’s 2009-10 women’s team ranked 11th in the nation, while the men ranked 16th. While Hoffer has recruited numerous top-notch swimmers and divers for the program, he has also recruited student-athletes who have proven successful in the classroom as well. Since Hoffer took over in 1992, 325 of his studentathletes have been named to the league’s All-Academic teams in both the Big Eight Conference and Big 12 Conference. In 2009, 26 student-athletes from the Missouri program were named to the Academic All-Big 12 teams. The women had 12 first team selections and five second team selections, while the men had seven selections for the first team and two for the second team. On the national level, four Tigers have been awarded ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America honors, while eight claimed College Swimming Coaches Association of American (CSCAA) All-American in Academics accolades during the 2008-09 campaign alone. As a school, the University of Missouri continues to lead the Big 12 Conference in the NCAA’s Academic Progress Report, a report that looks at eligibility, retention and graduation rates. In 2008, Missouri had 14 of its 20 programs ranked among the Big 12’s top-two overall, with both the men’s and women’s swimming and diving squads ranked No. 1. Since beginning his career in 1992 as Missouri’s Head Swimming and Diving Coach, Hoffer has guided four Tigers to seven All-American honors. Most recently, 2009 graduate Kendra Melnychuk was awarded her third All-America diving accolade after finishing eighth on the 3-meter. During his time at Missouri, Hoffer’s squads have turned in impressive campaigns, none more so than the 2007-08 season. Both the men’s and women’s teams made history, as each squad moved into the top-20 of the CSCAA Top-25 poll. The women placed as high as 18th, while the men ranked as high as 19th. It marked the first time in Mizzou history that both squads were ranked in the top20 at the same time. Both the men and women finished in the top-25. One year later, the Tiger women opened the year ranked 18th in the nation. Two years ago, 2007-08, the women tied their best dual record of all-time, as they went 13-1 on the season, recording their 11th consecutive winning season. The men recorded the most single-season victories ever by the program, finishing the dual meet season at 11-2. Two divers from the men’s squad competed at the 2008 NCAA National Championships after their performances at the Zone D Diving Championships. DeStephen and freshman Dante Jones qualified for the National Championship meet after DeStephen took gold in 3-meter diving and Jones silver on the platform. At NCAA’s, DeStephen finished in 12th-place in 3-meter diving, becoming the second Tiger of the season to earn All-America honors, while tying the highest ever finish by a Missouri men’s diver at Nationals. The top-notch recruiting, along with the growing success of the men’s and

Hoffer Year-By Year Dual Meet Record

women’s teams and the Mizzou Aquatic Center inside the Student Recreation Complex has helped increase recognition of the Missouri program all over the country. With the new facilities and program accomplishments over the past few years, Missouri has been the host of the Missouri Grand Prix, a large-scale meet that has hosted the likes of Olympians Katie Hoff, Natalie Coughlin, and Michael Phelps. Before taking over at Missouri, Hoffer was an assistant coach for the men’s and women’s swim teams at Arizona State for seven years, serving as the primary recruiter for both squads. During his time at Arizona State, the Sun Devil women placed in the top-10 at the NCAA Championships numerous times, while the men finished in ninth in 1991. Hoffer earned his Bachelor of Science in psychology from Arizona State in 1986 and has also studied education at the graduate level. Hoffer and his wife, Pam, reside in Columbia with their son, Riley, and daughter, Tatum.

Year School Men Women 1992-93_____ Missouri_______ 2-7_ ________________ 4-4 1993-94_____ Missouri_______ 4-6_ ________________ 6-7 1994-95_____ Missouri_______ 6-8_ ________________ 8-7 1995-96_____ Missouri_______ 7-5_ ________________ 7-4 1996-97_____ Missouri_______ 4-8_ ________________ 6-7 1997-98_____ Missouri_______ 5-3_ ________________ 6-2 1998-99_____ Missouri_______ 6-4_ ________________ 8-3 1999-00_____ Missouri_______ 6-2_ ________________ 9-2 2000-01_____ Missouri_______ 6-3_ ________________ 6-4 2001-02_____ Missouri_______ 4-3_ ________________ 9-0 2002-03_____ Missouri_______ 5-5_ _______________ 13-1 2003-04_____ Missouri_______ 1-6_ ________________ 8-3 2004-05_____ Missouri_______ 6-2_ ________________ 7-2 2005-06_____ Missouri_______ 5-3_ _______________ 6-2-1 2006-07_____ Missouri_______ 5-2_ ________________ 8-2 2007-08_____ Missouri_______ 11-2________________ 13-1 2008-09_____ Missouri________ 2-5_________________ 5-5 17-Year Totals______________85-74____________ 129-56-1

Academic All-Conference Selections Under Hoffer Year______ First Team_ _ Second Team Total 1992-93______ 5___________ 4______________________ 9 1993-94______ 6___________ 6_____________________ 12 1994-95______ 7___________ 7_____________________ 14 1995-96______ 12__________ 10____________________ 22 1996-97______ 11__________ 8_____________________ 19 1997-98______ 15__________ 7_____________________ 22 1998-99______ 18__________ 6_____________________ 24 1999-00______ 9___________ 1_____________________ 10 2000-01______ 14__________ 2_____________________ 16 2001-02______ 19__________ 2_____________________ 21 2002-03______ 19__________ 3_____________________ 22 2003-04______ 16__________ 3_____________________ 19 2004-05______ 13__________ 2_____________________ 15 2005-06______ 16__________ 5_____________________ 21 2006-07______ 22__________ 3_____________________ 25 2007-08______ 25__________ 3_____________________ 28 2008-09______ 21__________ 7_____________________ 28 17-Year Totals_227_ ________72_ __________________ 299

Of Note:

The Hoffer Family: Brian, Riley, Tatum and Pam.

• Entering his 18th year as MU Swimming and Diving’s head coach • 2009 Big 12 Meet Men’s Coach and Women’s Co-Coach of the Year • 1999 Missouri Academic Coach of the Year • 1994 Big 8 Women’s Coach of the Year • 1993 Big 8 Men’s Coach of the Year • 214-130-1 (.622) career record at MU

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 11

Assoc. Head Coach: Chris Peters Sixth Year :: Missouri, 1999 Chris Peters is entering his sixth year as a coach and recruiting coordinator at Mizzou, and his second year as associate head coach for the men’s and women’s swimming teams. Peters is primarily responsible for the distance free, IM and backstroke events for the Tigers. His coaching style has proven successful for the swimmers with whom he has worked. Peters has worked with juniors Spenser Lauver and Cameron Sellers, who placed third and fourth, respectively in the 1650 free at the 2009 Big 12 Championships held in Columbia, Mo. Competing in the 400 IM, then-senior Martin Cernasky took third on the men’s side, while 2009 graduate Jill Granger recorded a fourth place finish in a school-best time of 4:13.56. Granger left Missouri with her name at the top of the record books in the 500 free, 1000 free, 1650 free, 400 IM and 800 freestyle relay, all coached by Peters. Other current swimmers seeing success as a result of Peters’ instruction include Colleen Gordon, who stands in the top-two all-time in the 500, 1000 and 1650 free, and was a runner-up at the 2007 USA Open Water National Championships; Lori Halvorson, first all-time in the 100 and 200 backstroke, and a 2008 USA Swimming Olympic Team Trials qualifier, and current junior Lauren Lavigna, owner of the best Missouri time in the 100 backstroke. Lavigna spent her summer competing for Canada in the World Championship Trials, where she took second in the 200 backstroke and qualified for the World Championships. Swimming in Rome at the World Championships, Lavinga finished the meet in 12th place. Her time of 2:10.03, a mark that sent her to the semi-finals, was recorded as a new Canadian National Record. There has been no lack of success with the backstroke swimmers Peters has coached. Since taking over in 2004, the record books have been completely rewritten. Six of the top-10 fastest men’s swimmers of all-time in the 100 back were guided by Peters, along with seven of the top-10 fastest women’s swimmers of all-time. In the 200 back, seven of the men’s top-10 times and five of the women’s all-time swam under the tutelage of Peters. Peters also oversees the 800 freestyle relay teams, who have shattered records since the Tiger coach took over. For the men, eight of the top-10 all-time were coached by Peters, including the seven fastest teams ever at Mizzou. As for the women, six of the top-10 were under Peters’ instruction, including the top-three teams. Last seasons’ relay squad, comprised of Halvorson, Granger, Gordon and Francie Szostak, finished 12th at the NCAA Championships in the school’s second-best time of 7:09.15. With regard to recruiting, Peters’ efforts have paid dividends over his five years at Missouri. In 2009, a program-high seven Tiger women qualified for the NCAA Championships. Additionally, the number of school record-breaking performances has also grown since Peters returned to his alma mater. In 2004-05, only one record was set. A year later, 15 records were smashed during the course of the season and that number jumped to 26 in 2006-07. To top it off, Peters brought in

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 12

top-25 recruiting classes for both the men and the women for the 2007-08 and 2009-10 season. This season, the freshmen women’s class ranked 11th in the nation, while the freshmen men enter at 16th. Peters swam for Missouri from 1995-98 and graduated in 1999 with a degree in English. During his four-year stint at Mizzou, Peters set the school record in the 200 back (1:48.19). Peters was also an eight-time conference finalist in the 100 and 200 back as well as a 2000 Olympic Trials qualifier. Upon graduation, the Eureka, Mo., native worked for ESPN before beginning his coaching career in Phoenix, Ariz. He was the head coach for the Country Day School, where he led several swimmers to the state finals. He also coached multiple Junior Nationals finalists while with the Arizona Marlins Club Team. Peters and his wife, Marianne, have a daughter named Sydney, who turned three in September, and a son, Cole, who was born in June 2008. The family resides in Columbia with their two dogs, Goggle and Ozzie.

Diving Coach :: James Sweeney

Fifth Year :: Missouri 2004 James Sweeney is entering his fifth season as the University of Missouri men’s and women’s diving coach. Under his tutelage, the diving program has seen high levels of success and made its way into the national

spotlight. Since joining the staff in 2005, Sweeney has helped develop several of Missouri’s top divers and has coached three Tigers to All-America accolades. Last season, Kendra Melnychuk became just the third Missouri diver in program history to earn three All-America honors. Her eighth place showing at the 2009 NCAA Championships in College Station, Texas, marked the best finish ever for a Missouri diver. In 2008, two Tigers, Melnychuk and current senior Greg DeStephen were awarded All-America accolades. On the women’s side, Melnychuk managed two top-12 finishes, including an 11th place showing on the 3-meter board and 10th place finish on the 10-meter platform. DeStephen, a two-time NCAA qualifier, received his first All-America nod in 2008 after finishing 10th on the 3-meter board. During the 2006-07 campaign, Melnychuk along with men’s diver’s David Boyko and DeStephen qualified for the 2007 NCAA Championships, marking the first time in Missouri history that three Tigers reached the highest level of competition in collegiate diving in the same year. Boyko and DeStephen’s trip to Nationals also marked the first time that the program sent multiple men’s divers to NCAA’s in the same season. 2006 graduate Evan Watters became the first men’s diving All-American in the program’s 40-year history after placing 12th on the 1-meter board and 13th on the platform at the 2006 NCAA Championships in Atlanta. Sweeney’s diver’s have had success on the international level as well. During the summer of 2009 DeStephen, Jones and sophomore Christina Gailey qualified for USA Diving Senior Nationals. DeStephen made the finals finishing 11th in the 3-meter event, while Gailey advanced to the semi-finals in the 10-meter platform event. DeStephen and Jones together finished third in the 3-meter synchronized diving event. In the summer of 2007, Melnychuk placed eighth at the Canadian World University Game Trials. Sweeney dove for the Tigers from 1999-2003 and graduated from Mizzou in 2004 with a degree in leisure service management. During Sweeney’s collegiate career, he was a four-time Big 12 Diver of the Month and held the program’s 1-meter and 3-meter dual meet and championships records. He also had a second-place finish at the Big 12 Championships. Following graduation, he became the volunteer coach for the Tigers and created the Mizzou Diving Club with former MU diving coach Greg Triefenbach. Within the first six months of the Mizzou Diving Club, Sweeney had a diver place sixth in the country and had three other divers who were national qualifiers. The

club team began with 11 divers and has now blossomed into a team with a total of 45 competitors. Sweeney has also instructed a three-time national champion diver for his age group, aided in the development of a junior national champion on the 3-meter and platform and coached a club diver to a win in the 1-meter event and 3rd on the 3-meter and platform at the 2009 Junior Pan American Games in Calgary, Canada. The Eureka, Mo., native was a 2001 U.S. Senior Olympics National Qualifier and team MVP. Sweeney is married to the former Anna Jackson.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 13

Assistant Coach :: Pat Rowan Third Year :: Eastern Michigan, 2000 Pat Rowan enters his third year as an assistant with the Mizzou Swimming and Diving program. In his two seasons at Missouri, Rowan has directed the sprint group, while also assisting with the middle distance group. In two years, his swimmers have made five NCAA provisional time standards and 20 Big 12 Conference final swims. Since taking over the sprint group, his swimmers have made huge strides, breaking school records in the men’s 50 and 100 freestyle, 100 butterfly, the women’s 50 freestyle and the both the men’s and women’s 200 and 400 freestyle and medley relays. Rowan saw three Tigers, 2009 graduate Ted Harris (100-meter breast), sophomore Lisa Nathanson (50-meter free) and junior Jordan Hawley (50 and 100-meter free) qualify for the 2009 USA Swimming World Championship Trials under his guidance. Since 2007, Rowan has assisted in putting together back-to-back top-25 recruiting class for both the men’s and women’s teams, with this year’s squads both ranked among the nation’s elite. The 2009 women’s class stands 11th in the country while the men enter the year ranked 16th. Upon his arrival to Missouri, Rowan began contributing to the Dry Land strength program and designing specialized In-Water power workouts to increase muscular strength and speed. Prior to beginning his career at Missouri, Rowan served as a volunteer assistant coach at the University of Nebraska. His responsibilities ranged from assisting with coaching and designing workouts to providing instruction on stroke improvements and administrative duties. He also provided a hand in research and recruiting. While at Nebraska, Rowan worked as the head coach of Nebraska Aquatics, a post he gained in 2002. In his capacity as head coach, Rowan worked with both high school and college swimmers. Rowan also had multiple swimmers earn scholarships to NCAA Division I and II universities and a number of his high school students went on to become Nebraska State Champions and record holders under his direction. During his young career, Rowan was named as the Midwestern Coach of the year in 2004-05 and again in 2006-07 before moving to the collegiate coaching ranks. He also served as the age group chairman on the Midwestern Executive Board for four years. Rowan swam competitively for the Eagles of Eastern Michigan University and enjoyed great success during his four years on the team. Rowan was a 12-time Mid-American Conference (MAC) finalist and a member of two MAC championship teams. The Lincoln, Neb., native graduated magna cum laude with a degree in psychology from Eastern Michigan in 2000. In 2009 he graduated with his Masters in Sports Psychology from the University of Missouri and is currently

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 14

working toward his PhD in Educational School and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology and Health Promotion. Rowan lives in Columbia with his wife Miranda.

Assistant Coach :: Kelli Stein

Second Year :: Michigan, 2004 Kelli Stein is entering her second season as an assistant with the Missouri Swimming and Diving program and works with the Tiger’s middle distance and butterfly swimmers. Additionally, Stein is responsible for the entire Dry Land Program for the Tiger swimmers. Her creative and challenging workouts have helped numerous Missouri swimmers set records. Stein brings a wide-range of coaching experience to the Tigers’ squad. After graduating in 2004, Stein returned to her home state of Ohio to serve as an assistant swimming coach for Dublin Scioto High School. There, she assisted with the designing, writing, and running of swim practices, weight training programs and conditioning workouts. During this time, she also assisted with the Scioto Country Club, where she coached over 100 swimmers of all ages and abilities, ranging from novices to high school championship caliber swimmers. From there, she was hired as an assistant coach at Eastern Michigan University in 2006, where she assisted with recruiting, on-deck coaching, conditioning, amongst other duties. In 2007, Stein returned to her alma mater, Michigan, to serve as a graduate assistant, where her main duties included on-deck coaching, recruiting, and administrative assistance of the ninth-place finishers at the 2008 NCAA Championships. During her swimming career, Stein was a two-time Big Ten Conference Champion and earned All America honors in 2004. She was also a College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) Academic All-American, three-time Academic All-Big Ten member, a six-time All-American honorable mention selection, and given the University of Michigan Academic Achievement Award three times. Stein graduated from the University of Michigan in 2004 with a degree in sports management and communication after swimming for three years as a Wolverine. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in health education and promotion at Mizzou.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 15

Assistant Coach :: Thomas Baumann Second Year :: Missouri, 2008 After four successful years as a member of Missouri’s swim team, Thomas Baumann was named an assistant coach with the Tigers during the summer of 2008. Baumann enters his second year working with the distance freestyle and butterfly swimmers and also assists with the Tiger’s Dryland program and alumni relations outreach efforts. A 2008 graduate of Missouri, Baumann received his Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts, earning a minor in art history. Baumann was a four-time member of the Big 12 Commissioner’s honor roll and three-time Academic All-Big 12 standout. Swimming the __, Baumann was a four-time Big 12 Championshp finalist. The Chicago, Ill., native was born in France where he and his family lived for eight years before returning stateside. Baumann’s younger sister, Coralie, also swam for Mizzou, while his younger brother, Matthew, swims for Ohio State. Baumann’s parents are Sylvie and Dominique Baumann.

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Volunteer Coach :: Phil Garverick

Third Year :: Missouri,

Entering his third year with the Missouri swimming and diving program, volunteer assistant coach Phil Garverick works primarily with the middle distance and breaststroke. Garverick also coaches The Senior Group and oversees all aspects of team management, the coaching staff and team programming. After completing his own swimming career with Columbia Swim Club (CSC), Hickman High School and the University of Missouri, Garverick became head coach of CSC in 1999. Under his leadership, the club has quadrupled in size and established national recognition with multiple top-level swimmers. In addition, CSC has hosted prestigious meets such as the Missouri Grand Prix. In his career with CSC, Garverick has coached three Olympic Trial/World Championship Trial Qualifiers and multiple National, Junior National and Top-16 Swimmers. Garverick was the Missouri Valley Senior Coach of the Year in 2003 and 2006 and received the American Swimming Coaches Association Award of Excellence in 2006. A native of Columbia, Mo., Garverick is currently serving in his second year as the Senior Vice-Chair for Missouri Valley Swimming.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 17

Academic Coordinator Strength & Conditioning Meghan Anderson Tyler Looney Third Year :: Nebraska, 2001 Entering her third year as Academic Coordinator for the men’s and women’s swimming and diving team is Meghan Anderson. Anderson is on the Total Person Program staff and assists Tigers with scheduling and tutors, interaction with professors and helping student-athletes stay on track to earn their degrees from the university. Anderson came to Columbia, Mo., in 2006 from Texas State University, where she served as the Student Development Specialist for the Bobcats’ baseball and track and field teams. In this capacity, she advised and mentored studentathletes and assisted with recruiting visits for potential student-athletes as well. A native of Omaha, Neb., Anderson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Recreation and Sports Management from Indiana State. While at Nebraska, Anderson was a four-year starter on the women’s soccer team and still holds the record for most games started at 94.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 18

Second Year :: Kansas State, 2008 Tyler Looney enters his second season as Missouri’s graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach in charge of swimming and diving. In his role, Looney writes and designs lifting and running programs for Missouri’s nationally ranked swimming and diving teams as well as the Tiger gymnastics squad. Additionally, Looney assists with the football team. A native of Salina, Kan., Looney attended Kansas State University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Science. Looney majored in kinesiology while in Manhattan, Kan. The son of Joel and Diana Looney and brother to Courtney, Tyler was a member of the Smoky Valley High School basketball and baseball teams and was awarded all-league honors in 2004 for his work on the diamond. Looney is working toward his Master’s of Education in Health Education and Promotion and is expected to graduate from Missouri in May 2010.

Missouri Support Staff Whit Babcock Executive Associate Athletics Director

Sarah Reesman Executive Associate Athletics Director/SWA

Mark Alnutt Senior Associate AD Administration

Mary Austin Senior Associate AD Compliance

Tim Hickman Senior Associate AD Operations

Bryan Maggard Senior Associate AD Student Services

Mitzi Clayton Assistant AD Compliance

Roger Crumpton Assistant AD Arena Operations

Marty Finn Assistant AD Ticket Operations

Andrew Grinch Assistant AD Marketing

Kevin Hayward Assistant AD Business

Pat Ivey Assistant AD Athletic Performance

Chad Moller Assistant AD Media Relations

Joe Scogin Assistant AD Academic Services

Rex Sharp Assistant AD Sports Medicine

Bob Stanley Assistant AD Facilities

Lori Franz Faculty Athletic Representative

Casey Hairston Athletic Trainer

Betsy Hingeveld Assistant Director of Game Operations

Jana Heitmeyer Director of Sports Nutrition

Kim Martin Director of Life Skills

Blake Whitney Assistant Athletic Trainer

Josie Tran Ryan Vallo Assistant Athletic Assistant Athletic Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 19 Trainer Trainer

Director of Athletics: Mike Alden 12th Year :: Evansville, 1980 Coming off the most successful season in school history, complete with Big 12 titles in men’s basketball, softball and soccer and a second consecutive Big 12 North Division crown in football, Mike Alden enters his 12th year as the Director of Athletics for the University of Missouri. The 2008 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Athletics Director of the Year has developed into one of the nation’s most revered administrators during his time in Columbia. In 2009, Missouri became the first school in the history of the Big 12 Conference to compete in the title games for Football, Men’s Basketball and Baseball in the same academic year and the Tigers’ four Big 12 championships in 2008-09 were the most in school history. The third-longest tenured Athletics Director in Mizzou history behind only Don Faurot and Chester Brewer, Alden took over an athletics department that barely ranked among the Top 100 of Division I athletics programs. In 2008-09, Missouri achieved its highest end-of-the-season ranking in the Learfield Sports Director’s Cup Standings, with a 36th-place finish. Alden has incorporated three core values into the mission of intercollegiate athletics at Missouri. The mission statement of “Preparing Champions for Life through Academic Integrity, Social Responsibility and Competitive Excellence” has guided Missouri in becoming one of America’s most well-regarded athletics programs. Since his arrival at Missouri, the school has routinely led the Big 12 Conference in graduation and Academic Progress Rates, while the overall health of MU’s athletics programs is at an all-time high. The Tigers ranked as the nation’s leader among BCS public institutions in Academic Progress Rate in 2008 and have consistently ranked in the Top 25 nationally, alongside the likes of Harvard, Yale and Stanford for overall APR success among all Division I programs. Mizzou has also led the Big 12 Conference in Academic Progress Rates each of the past four years. Socially, Missouri student-athletes have seen tremendous growth under Alden’s tenure, from coach and student-athlete involvement with Big BrothersBig Sisters and the Central Missouri Humane Society, to local children’s hospitals and Habitat for Humanity. Missouri Athletics not only makes an impact on the playing fields, but in the lives of the community it serves. In addition, Mizzou Athletics is heavily involved in the United Way and prides itself on having 100 percent involvement from its department each fall. Athletically, it’s hard to argue Mizzou’s advancement on a national level. The Tigers saw 16-of-20 sports qualify for postseason competition during the 200809 academic year, highlighted by Big 12 championships in football, basketball, softball and soccer. More than half of those teams (eight) finished in the Top 25 of their respective sports, the most in school history. In fact, Mizzou has enjoyed 57 Top 25 team finishes at NCAA Championships under Alden’s watch

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 20

(an average of 5.2 per year). Prior to his arrival, the most Top 25 finishes for Missouri in a single season was just three. Alden’s legacy will transcend his program’s consistent success in the classroom, socially and in competition. Upon his appointment as Director of Athletics in 1998, Missouri faced an uncertain future as it entered the Big 12 Conference era. Competing with an annual budget of just $13.7 million at the time of his arrival, Alden has grown Missouri’s operating fortunes to a record $50 million and has added state-of-the art facilities and amenities at nearly every venue in the Sports Park at Mizzou. Overall, Alden has helped lead a record $163.2 million facility resurgence for MU athletics since his arrival just 11 years ago. Highly-regarded by his peers, Alden’s success at Missouri has earned him national notoriety amongst the NCAA hierarchy and garnered him the NACDA Athletics Director of the Year Award for the Central Region presented by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics in 2008. A member of numerous NCAA committees, including the NCAA Management Council, NCAA Championship/Competition Cabinet, NCAA Division I Leadership Council, Division I Athletics Directors Board of Directors, National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Executive Committee and NCAA Oversight and Monitoring Group, Alden has helped to drive policy that has not only shaped the current landscape of intercollegiate athletics, but has paved the way for the future growth of college sports as a whole. Alden and his family have also been heavily involved in the Columbia community, working with local figures to help improve the lives area residents through their involvement in the United Way (Board of Directors), Commerce Bank Board of Directors, Salvation Army, Central Missouri Food Bank and as the host of the 15th annual MDA Golf Classic in 2009. Alden holds strong ties to central Missouri. His family tree has been rooted on his family farm in Williamsburg, Mo., some 30 miles east of Columbia. His mother lives in Williamsburg, while his brother (Jack) is a physician in Lamar, Mo. (Barton County). Several relatives reside in and around Columbia and Kansas City, including his nephew (Michael), who will be a freshman at Mizzou this fall. His uncle, Jack, was a pipefitter in the building of the Hearnes Center and his cousin, Todd, was a pipefitter in the construction of both Mizzou Arena and the Devine Pavilion. Alden and his wife, Roxanne (Rockie), have a son, Jake (14) who will enter the ninth grade at West Junior High School in Columbia.

Executive Associate A.D./SWA :: Sarah Reesman

17th Year :: Missouri, 1986 In her 17th year with the University of Missouri’s Department of Athletics is Senior Associate A.D. Sarah Reesman. A native of nearby Boonville, Mo., Reesman was elevated to Senior Associate Director of Athletics in 2006 after eight years as the Associate A.D. for Student Services / Senior Woman Administrator. In her current capacity as Senior Associate A.D., Reesman serves as the administrative liaison for the sports of men’s and women’s basketball, swimming and diving, wrestling and volleyball, while helping to oversee the University’s extensive compliance program. In 2008, Reesman spearheaded the athletics department’s strategic planning process resulting in new goals and objectives to guide the department in the coming years and continues with implementation of the plan. Reesman spent the previous four years as assistant athletic director supervising MU’s student-athlete services before being elevated to associate director of athletics in 1997. She represents Mizzou as the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) in dealings with the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA. Reesman was the chair of the Big 12 Conference SWAs in 1996-97, a role she assumed again in 2008-09, and in 1997, 1998 and 2002 had oversight responsibilities for the organization of MU’s NCAA certification process. She is a founding member and past president of the Women’s Intersport Network for Columbia and currently serves as a mentor for the Mizzou Alumni Association Griffith’s Leadership Society. For her leadership efforts, Reesman was recognized in the Columbia Business Times as one of the Top 40 business leaders in Columbia under the age of 40. Reesman graduated from Mizzou with departmental honors in 1986. As an undergraduate, she chaired MU’s Student Athletic Board for two years and also spent two years as a student member of MU’s Intercollegiate Athletic Committee. She was a member of Mystical Seven and Mortar Board Honor Societies. Following graduation, Reesman attended law school at the University of Minnesota, earning a J.D. degree in 1989. After a year as clerk for former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri Ann K. Covington, Reesman worked as an associate attorney with the firm of Slagle, Bernard and Gorman in Kansas City. She had just been elected vice president of the Tiger Club of Kansas City, after two terms as secretary and member of the board of directors, when she was hired at MU in 1993. She is married to Bill Tackett and they have one daughter, Kelley, who is 11 years old.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 21

Chancellor : Brady Deaton Sixth Year :: Kentucky, 1968 Chancellor Brady J. Deaton became the 21st chief executive officer of the University of Missouri on October 4, 2004. With 15 years of service to MU and 33 years of experience in public higher education, Dr. Deaton brings an international perspective, a record of national leadership, and a strong devotion to Mizzou to his new position. Dr. Deaton began his journey in higher education as a student at the University of Kentucky, where he graduated with a degree in agricultural economics in 1966. Growing up as the second of nine children of a hard-working farm family in Kentucky and furthered by his participation in 4-H, he developed a love of the land and a desire to study agriculture. His dedication deepened during a twoyear tour as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nan, Thailand, from 1962-1964, where he taught vocational agriculture in the Thai language. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Deaton pursued a master of arts in diplomacy and international commerce at the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1968. He went on to the University of Wisconsin where he earned a master of science in 1970 and a doctorate in 1972 in agricultural economics. Moving from the student to the faculty ranks, Dr. Deaton spent the next six years as an assistant and associate professor of agricultural economics and rural sociology at the University of Tennessee. During this time at Tennessee, he was appointed as staff director of the Special Task Force on Food for Peace for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. In 1978, Dr. Deaton took a professorship position at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the Department of Agricultural Economics, where he also served as coordinator of the rural development research and extension program. Dr. Deaton spent 12 years at Virginia Tech, the last four as associate director of the Office for International Development. In March of 1989, he joined the University of Missouri as professor and chair in the Agricultural Economics Department and as Social Science Unit leader. He transitioned from faculty to administration in December 1993, when he was appointed chief of staff in the Office of the Chancellor. He became deputy chancellor in 1997. In January 1998, Dr. Deaton was appointed interim provost and was named to the permanent position in October of that year. His duties were expanded in 2001 when he also became the executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. A strong proponent of the University’s role on the global stage, Dr. Deaton was instrumental as the sponsor of the Big 12 Provosts’ delegation to the European Union. Dr. Deaton holds leadership roles in many university, community and national organizations. He served as chair of the Academic Affairs Council of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) in 2004, participates in advisory roles with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and maintains active membership in the American and International Agricultural Economics Associations. He has authored over 100 articles, presentations and

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 22

book chapters in his career in addition to co-authoring three books. For his contributions to the University, Dr. Deaton has been the recipient of many honors. He has been awarded the Outstanding Commitment to Multiculturalism and Diversity certificate by the Association of Black Graduate and Professional Students, honored as an invited lecturer at the Japan International Agricultural Council and recognized by Gamma Sigma Delta with an Award of Merit for Outstanding Administrator, among many other honors, grants and fellowships. Chancellor Deaton and his wife, Dr. Anne Deaton, are the parents of four grown children, Tony, Brady Jr., Christina and David.

Missouri Men’s Team :: 2009-10

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 23

Name Adam Abernathy Dallas Becerra Michael Beck Eric Blue Matt Burns Vito Cammisano Greg DeStephen David Dorak Jordan Hawley Jeff Hendricks John Higgins Joe Hladik John Hunt Dante Jones Max Kerwick Jan Konarzewski John Krause Spenser Lauver Colin Livasy Michael Lopresti Scott Martin Robert McGugan Anders Melin Ethan Rose Cameron Sellers Ryan Sellers Yaniv Shnaider Blas Yslas

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 24

2009-10 Men’s Roster

Event(s) Back Diver Free Distance Free/Fly Sprint Free/Fly Distance Free Diving Fly Sprint Free Free Back Sprint Free Free Diving Free Back/Fly Sprint Free Fly/Free IM/Breast Breaststroke Free/Fly Diver Butterfly/Sprint Free Free Free/Back Free/Backstroke Free/IM Breast/Sprint Free

Ht. 6-3 6-1 5-10 6-0 6-6 5-9 5-8 6-2 6-3 6-0 5-11 6-1 6-2 6-1 5-11 6-3 5-10 5-10 6-0 5-11 6-2 5-8 6-2 6-2 6-0 5-10 5-10 6-3

Yr - Exp Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Senior-2L Freshman Senior-2L Junior-1L Junior-1L Junior-TR Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Junior-1L Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Junior-1L Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Junior Sophomore RS Junior-1L Freshman Sophomore Freshman

Hometown (High School) Bartlett, Tenn. (Bolton) St. Joseph, Mo. (Central) Kansas City, Mo. (Lee’s Summit) South Niles, Mich. (South Bend Riley) Blue Springs, Mo. (Blue Springs) Kansas City, Mo. (Rockhurst) Columbus, Ohio (Dublin Scioto) Two Rivers, Wis. (Two Rivers) Plano, Texas (Plano West) Southlake, Texas (TCU) St. Charles, Ill. (St. Charles North) Indian Head Park, Ill. (Lyons Township) Plano, Texas (Plano Senior) Columbia, Mo. (Hickman) Austin, Texas (L.C. Anderson) Warszawa, Poland (LO SMS Warszawa) St. Louis, Mo. (Hazelwood Central) Omaha, Neb. (Westside) Kansas City, Mo. (Park Hill South) Westerville, Ohio (Columbus Academy) Columbus, Ohio (St. Charles Prep School) Barrington, Ill. (Barrington) Karlstad, Sweden (Limestone) Parkville, Mo. (Park Hill South) Valley Center, Kan. (Valley Center) Valley Center, Kan. (Valley Center) Ma’ale Adumim, Israel (Dekel Vilnaie) Aurora, Colo. (Regis Jesvit)

Matt Burns

Sprint Free/Fly • 6-6 • Senior Blue Springs, Mo. • Blue Springs

2008-09 (JUNIOR) – Named to the Academic All-Big 12 first team ... finished third in the 50 freestyle at Southern Illinois ... was sixth in 50 free at Louisville ... placed ninth in the 50 freestyle against Indiana and Ohio State ... took seventh in the 100 freestyle (48.07) and eighth in the 50 freestyle (22.05) against Iowa ... best times came at the Big 12 Championships in the 50 free (20.88), 100 free (46.11) and 200 free (1:40.44). 2007-08 (SOPHOMORE) - A first team academic all-conference honoree ... opened up the season finishing in fifth-place in the 50 free (22.32) against Indiana ... came in fourth in the 50 free (22.53) against Villanova ... closed the year with a fifth-place finish in the 200 free (1:46.95) at the Drury dual. 2006-07 (FRESHMAN) - Made his debut as a Tiger with a top-15 performance in the 200 free (1:47.94) at the Show-Me Showdown ... took fifth in the 100 fly (55.04) as the Tigers tamed Truman State. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam at Blue Springs High School under coaches Robert Sturman and Bill Shalley and for the Team Dolphins club team ... earned AllAmerica honors in the 2005 and ‘06 in both the 200 and 400 free relay ... member of the 2006 Missouri state champions in the 200 and 400 free relay ... set a new state record in the 400 free relay en route to winning the ‘06 state title ... also placed second in the 100 free and finaled in the 50 free at the ‘06 state meet ... a Junior National qualifier in ‘05 and ‘06 ... a four-time all-state and 16-time allconference honoree ... named 2006 Examiner Swimmer of the Year ... served as high school team captain as a senior ... member of National Honor Society.

Greg DeStephen Diving • 5-8 • Senior Columbus, Ohio • Dublin Scioto

2008-09 (JUNIOR) – Named to the Academic All-Big 12 first team ... opened the year with a first-place finish in the 3M at the Show-Me Showdown (329.05) ... also took first-place showing against Southern Illinois in both the 1M (320.47) and 3M (377.77) ... finished first in 1M at Louisville (342.67) and in the Mizzou Invitational (329.05) ... also was first in platform at Mizzou Invite (314.18) ... at the Big 12 Championships, took fourth in the 3-meter dive (405.75), fourth in the platform (433.50) and fifth in the 1-meter dive (363.65) ... all three scores set new school records. 2007-08 (SOPHOMORE) - A first team Academic All-Big 12 member ... named Men’s Diver of the Year for the second-straight season ... also named as the Men’s Top NCAA Performer ... earned a 12th-place finish in 3-meter diving at March’s NCAA Championships (350.30), equaling the highest ever finish by a Tiger men’s diver at NCAA’s ... became only the second All-American diver in program history ... took home gold in the threemeter competition (707.90) at Zones, becoming the first diver to capture a Zones title in program history ... also finished in fifth in the 1-meter (594.00) at Zones ... claimed silver in the 1M (341.35) at Big 12s ... ranks second alltime at MU in the one-meter (341.35) and 3-meter dives (377.15) ... finished in first in 17 of 27 regular season duals, including first-place finishes in the 1M (284.92) and 3M (303.98) against Texas A&M ... took first in the 1-meter (305.25) at the Show-Me Showdown, beating the second-place finisher by almost 50 points ... never finished lower than third in dual action ... recognized as the Big 12 Men’s Diver of the Week on Nov. 28, 2007. 2006-07 (FRESHMAN) - Took third in the 1-meter (312.65) and 3-meter (322.80) at Big 12’s ... collected runner-up honors on the 1M (258.60) in his first meet as a Tiger at the Show-Me Showdown ... picked up the win on the platform (315.65) and finished second on the 3M (327.45), helping the Tigers take bronze at the Georgia Fall Invitational.

PERSONAL - Matt Burns is the son of Phil and Linda Burns ... has two older siblings, Angie (29) and Brad (27) … Angie attended Mizzou and Brad swam at Harvard ... majoring in mathematics.

HIGH SCHOOL - Placed ninth at the 2006 Junior Olympic Nationals on the 3-meter springboard competition, and also placed 11th in the same meet on the platform ... finished sixth on the 3-meter and ninth on the 1-meter at the 2005 Spring East Nationals ... dove for US Elite under Drew Johansen.

CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 53.09 50 Free_________________________________________ 20.887 100 Free_________________________________________ 46.11 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:40.44

PERSONAL - Greg DeStephen is the son of Steve and Karen DeStephen ... has an older brother, Chris (23) ... father played soccer at SUNY Canton ... majoring in finance ... plans to attend law school ... career ambition is to become a partner at a law firm. CAREER BEST SCORES 1-Meter__________________________________ 363.65 3-Meter__________________________________ 405.75 Platform_ ________________________________ 433.50

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 25

David Dorak

Fly • 6-2 • Junior Two Rivers, Wis. • Two Rivers

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Had a pair of fifth place finishes at Southern Illinois in the 100 fly (52.60) and 200 fly (1:59.58) ... swam the third fastest 50 freestyle (20.67) and the second fastest 100 butterfly (48.20) at MU in the prelims of the Big 12 Championship ... 200 fly time of 1:48.94 at the Big 12 Championships was fifth best all-time at Missouri. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Qualified for the finals in the 100 fly (49.61) and 200 fly (1:54.32) at the conference championships ... took ninth in the 100 fly (52.98) at the Show-Me Showdown ... swam to a fourth-place finish in the 100 fly (53.01) in the Mizzou Dual Challenge against Drury ... came in fifth in the 100 fly (53.31) at Drury in the regular season finale. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam for coach Dave Anderson of the Schroeder YMCA ... competed at the 2007 Junior Nationals and 2007 Quebec Coup II Grand Prix ... participant at the YMCA Spring and Summer Nationals ... owns the Two Rivers record in the 50 and 100 free, 100 fly, 100 breast, and the 200 free and medley relays ... served as team captain his senior year ... placed third in state in the 50 free and 100 fly his senior season ... finished fourth in those events as a junior ... state runner-up in the 50 free his sophomore year ... a three-time team MVP ... an All-State selection in the 100 fly in 2007 and in the 50 free in 2005 and 2007 ... also a member of his high school’s cross country and track and field teams ... graduated in the top 10 percent of his class ... has achieved Eagle Scout status. PERSONAL - David Dorak is the son of Chris and Deb Dorak ... majoring in fisheries and wildlife ... career ambition is to be a swimmer or a swim coach ... father ran cross country and track at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Free__________________________________________ 20.67 100 Free_________________________________________ 48.34 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 48.20 200 Fly_ _______________________________________ 1:48.94

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 26

Jordan Hawley Sprint Free • 6-3 • Junior Plano, Texas • Plano West

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Named a CSCAA Academic All-American and was a member of the Academic All-Big 12 first team ... took first in 50 freestyle at Texas A&M (21.19) and was second in 100 free (46.59) ... won both the 50 freestyle (21.17) and 100 free (46.65) at Southern Illinois ... finished first in the 50 freestyle (20.08) and the 100 freestyle (44.47) at the Mizzou Invitational ... took first in the 50 freestyle (20.84) against Iowa ... swam to a third-place finish at Iowa in the 100 freestyle with a time of 46.23) ... was fourth at the Big 12 Championships in the 50 freestyle (19.72). 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Voted MU Swimming’s Newcomer of the Year for the men’s squad ... owns the second best 100 free (44.46) time in school history ... ranks third all-time in the 50 free (20.17) ...member of the third-fastest 400 free relay team in school history (3:00.80) ... member of the 400 medley team that took second (3:18.99) at Big 12’s ... came in sixth in the 50 free (20.24), ninth in the 100 free (44.87), and 10th in the 100 fly (52.44) at the conference championships ... finished as the runner-up in his first collegiate race against Indiana in the 50 free (21.15) ... earned first career victory in the 50 free (20.92) against Villanova and Pittsburgh ... took third in the 100 free (46.65) and first in the 50 free (21.13) at the Iowa dual. HIGH SCHOOL - Coached by Steve Mateer and Craig Harris on the City of Plano Swimmers club squad ... a Junior Olympic participant in 2007 ... set school marks in the 50 and 100 free and was a member of the record-breaking 200 free and 200 medley relays while at Plano West ... team captain his junior and senior years ... led the Wolves to their highest ever finish at the Texas State Championships his senior season ... lettered in swimming three years ... also served as the leadership team director for his church’s youth group and took part in numerous mission trips while in high school. PERSONAL - Jordan Hawley is the son of Jamie and Melissa Hawley ... has two younger siblings, Drew (18) and Brooke (15) ... majoring in business ... professional goal is to run a Fortune 500 company. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Free__________________________________________ 19.72 100 Free_________________________________________ 44.01

Jeff Hendricks

Free • 6-0 • Junior Southlake, Texas • TCU

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Took third in the 200 freestyle at Texas A&M (1:43.65) and was second in the 500 free (4;47.83) ... placed third in the 100 freestyle at Southern Illinois (47.37) ... took sixth place at Kentucky in the 100 freestyle with a time of 1:41.35 ... was third in the 200 freestyle at Iowa (1:41.90) ... finished in fourth place in the 100 freestyle and was tenth in the 200 freestyle (1:38.51) at the Big 12 Championships (45.92). 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Swam at TCU before transferring to Missouri. HIGH SCHOOL – Member of the 2007 Texas state champion 400 free relay squad ... state runner-up in the 200 free in 2007 ... holds school records in the 50, 100 and 200 free, 100 back, 200 medley relay and 200 and 400 free relays ... three-time All-American ... swam club for the North Texas Nadadores under Head Coach Bill Christenson. PERSONAL – Jeff Hendricks is the son of John and Colleen Hendricks ... has one sibling, Brook (18) ... majoring in business ... father graduated from the University of Texas. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:38.51 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:28.49

Dante Jones

Diving • 6-1 • Junior Columbia, Mo. • Hickman

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Placed second at Texas A&M in the 1M (326.15) and third in the 3M (301.75) ... at Louisville, took first in the 1M (317.17) and second in the three-meter (290.93) ... was first in the 3M at the Mizzou Invitational (360.55) ... won the 3M dive at Kentucky (338.70) and was second in the 1-meter dive (299.93) ... placed sixth at the Big 12 Championships in the 3-meter dive (356.55) and the `-meter dive (327.30) and was fifth in the platform (339.95) .. finished fifth in the 1M dive (352.00) and sixth in the 3M (707.40) at Zones ... scores at the Zones were career bests. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Earned Men’s Big 12 Diver of the Week honors for the week of Oct. 27, 2007 ... earned top-25 finishes in the 1M (267.75) and platform (240.55) events at the NCAA’s ... came in second at Zones in the platform dive (611.85) ... finished third in the platform (350.85) and fourth in both the 1- (309.4) and 3-meter (347.55) events at Big 12’s ... took home first-place in the 1-meter (312.45) in his first meet as a Tiger in the Indiana dual ... claimed first-place in the 1M (625.80) against Missouri State and Virginia Tech ... completed the dual season by coming in first in the 1-meter (335.18) and second in the 3-meter (343.73) against Drury. HIGH SCHOOL - A standout prep diver who dove for current Mizzou assistant coach Jamie Sweeney of the Mizzou Diving Club ... a 2006 Junior Olympic West National qualifier ... earned the 2007 Junior Olympic Region IV title on the onemeter ... dove to the Missouri State Championship as a senior ... also involved in Japanese Club and Future Business Leaders of America while at Hickman. PERSONAL - Dante Jones is the son of Felicia Lloyd ... has two older sisters, Aneiya (24) and Marla (21) ... plans to major in chemical engineering. CAREER BEST SCORES 1-Meter_________________________________________ 352.00 3-Meter_________________________________________ 388.25 Platform_ _______________________________________ 350.85

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 27

Spenser Lauver Fly/Free • 5-10 • Junior Omaha, Neb. • Westside

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Took first in the 1000 freestyle at Southern Illinois with a career-best time of 9:30.11, which was the sixth fastest in MU history ... finished third in the 1650 freestyle (15:41.07) at the Mizzou Invitational ... took first in the 1000 freestyle (9:33.30) at the Arkansas/Kentucky dual meet ... closed the dual season finishing third in the 1000 freestyle (9:38.76) against Iowa ... at the Big 12 Championships, placed third in the 1650 freestyle, setting a school record (15:20.87) and was sixth in the 500 freestyle (4:28.01) and seventh in the 200 butterfly (1:49.71). 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Took bronze at the Big 12 Championship in the 1650 free (15:42.79) … also came in ninth in the 200 fly (1:55.25) and 11th in the 500 free (4:32.76) … earned his first career first-place finish in the 1000 free (9:41.34) at the Texas A&M dual … beat out Pittsburgh, Maryland and Villanova to claim the top spot in the 1650 free (16:01.81) … raced to first in the 200 fly (1:53.17) against Iowa … closed out the regular season with a runner-up finish in the 1000 free (9:46.73) at Drury. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam club for coach Docker Hartfield of Swim Omaha … a 2006 and 2007 Junior Olympic qualifier … won the 1500 free at the 2006 Speedo Central Section Regional VIII Championships … took second in the race at the 2007 Summer Championships … captained his Westside squad during his senior campaign … helped lead the Warriors to the state title his first three seasons and to second place his senior year … individual state champion in the 100 fly and 200 free his junior and senior seasons … named Midwest Swimming Inc. Conference Senior Boys Swimmer of the Year in 2006 … earned Scholastic AllAmerica honors three years … named an Academic All-American his junior and senior seasons … received the Metro Conference Outstanding Swimmer Award in 2007 … garnered Academic All-State accolades as a senior … also a member of the National Honor Society, Movie Club, Science Club, and Frisbee Club in high school … graduated with honors and commendation from Westside. PERSONAL - Spenser Lauver is the son of Doug and Paula Lauver … has an older brother, Alex (25) … plans to major in mechanical engineering … career ambition is to work for a major aeronautical firm. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:40.98 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:27.27 1000 Free_______________________________________9:30.11 1650 Free_____________________________________ 15:20.87 200 Fly_ _______________________________________ 1:49.71

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 28

Cameron Sellers

Free/Back • 6-0 • Junior Valley Center, Kan. • Valley Center

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) – Took fourth at the Big 12 Championships in the 1650 freestyle (15:44.14) and 13th in the 200 freestyle (1:39.92) ... finished second in the 500 freestyle (4:24.91) and seventh in the 1650 freestyle (15:50.51) at the Mizzou Invitational ... set the Mizzou record in the 200 freestyle (1:38.16) at the Mizzou Invitational ... took first in the 200 freestyle (1:39.96) at the Arlansas/Kentucky Dual meet ... touched first in the 200 free after swimming in 1:40.88, and later won the 500 free, finishing at 4:37.18 against SIU-C ... named Big 12 Conference Swimmer of the Month for October. 2007-08 (RS FRESHMAN) - Awarded Missouri Swimming’s Most Valuable Player Award for the men’s team ... clinched the runner-up spot at the Big 12 Championships in the 1650 free (15:38.50) ... also took seventh in the 200 free (1:40.24) and eighth in the 500 free at Big 12’s ... set the school record in the 200 free (1:38.18) and had the second best time in Mizzou history in the 500 free (4:26.38) ... finished first in the 1000 free (9:34.71) against Iowa ... was runner-up against Drury and Southern Illinois in the 200 free (1:41.04), finishing just .03 seconds behind teammate Matt Dahlke ... came in first in the 500 free (4:36.63) against Virginia Tech ... swept past Pittsburgh, Penn State, Villanova and Maryland in the 200 (1:41.96) and 500 free (4:35.02) ... finished the regular season against Drury by claiming the top spot in the 200 (1:40.96) and 500 free (4:42.35). HIGH SCHOOL - Junior National qualifier and both a Sectional and Region Eight finalist ... 2005 Central Zone champion in the 200 free and 200 back ... named to the Missouri Valley All-Academic team ... swam for the Wichita Swim Club under coach Eric Nelson. PERSONAL - Cameron Sellers is the son of Mark and Shannon Sellers ... has two brothers, Justin and Ryan and sister, Krista ... career ambition is to become an entrepreneur. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:38.00 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:24.91 1650 Free_____________________________________ 15:38.50

Adam Abernathy Back • 6-3 • Sophomore Bartlett, Tenn. • Bolton

John Higgins

Back • 5-11 • Sophomore St. Charles, Ill. • St. Charles North

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Best finish came in the 200 backstroke at Louisville (1:56.66) ... swam a 1:52.19 in the 200 backstroke in the Big 12 Championships prelims ... had a time of 50.98 in the 100 backstroke at the Big 12 Championships.

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Took eighth at the Big 12 Championships in the 200 backstroke (1:48.03) and the 100 backstroke (50.15), and sixth in the 400 IM (4:02.49 ... finished third in the 200 backstroke (1.51.08) at the Mizzou Invitational.

HIGH SCHOOL – Swam at the 2007 Speedo Junior Nationals and the 2008 NCSA Junior Nationals ... named high school team MVP all four years ... swam club for Bartlett Extreme under coach Dick Fadgen ... holds club records in the 50, 100, and 200 free, 100 and 200 back, 100 breast and 200 IM.

HIGH SCHOOL – Appeared at the 2008 Junior Nationals, where he finished eighth in the 200 medley (1:34.40) ... member of the 2008 Illinois state champion 200 medley relay team ... earned All-America honors ... member of school record holding 200 medley relay and 400 free relay teams ... swam for St. Charles Swim Club under coach Tim Lewarchick.

PERSONAL – Adam Abernathy is the son of Bill Abernathy and Susan Shoaf ... has one sister, Erica (15) ... majoring in business ... Grandfather, Ronald Noland, attended Mizzou. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Back_________________________________________ 50.98 200 Back_______________________________________ 1:52.19

PERSONAL – John Higgins is the son of John and Bonnie Higgins ... has one sister, Brittany (21) ... majoring in engineering. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Backstroke____________________________________ 50.15 200 Backstroke__________________________________ 1:48.03

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 29

John Hunt

Free • 6-2 • Sophomore Plano, Texas • Plano Senior

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Finished 19th in the 1650 freestyle (16:32.30) at the Mizzou Invitational ... finished sixth in the 1000 freestyle (9:58.68) at the Arkansas/ Kentucky dual meet ... closed the season finishing sixth in the 1000 freestyle (10:03.25) against Iowa. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam club for the City of Plano Swimmers under head coach Steve Mateer ... at the times was the longest serving member of club team ... 2006-07 USA Swimming Scholastic All-American ... was varsity team captain of his high school squad ... graduated high school with honors ... AP Scholar with Distinction ... named to Who’s Who of Plano Class of 2008. PERSONAL - John Hunt is the son of John and Mary Hunt ... has nine siblings, Mary Kate (21), Patrick (17), Edward (16), Maureen (14), Neil (12), Nina (10), Jacqueline (8), Theresa (6) and Anne (3) ... father played rugby at Santa Clara University ... mother ran cross country at the University of Dallas ... majoring in journalism-print and digital news and business finance ... aspires to be a sports reporter.

CAREER BEST TIMES 500 Freestyle_ __________________________________ 4:39.60 1000 Freestyle_ _________________________________ 9:58.68 1650 Freestyle_ ________________________________ 16:12.46

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 30

Max Kerwick

Free • 5-11 • Sophomore Austin, Texas • L.C. Anderson

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Tied for fifth in the 50 freestyle at Southern Illinois with a time of 22.88 ... took eighth at Louisville in the 50 free (22.70) ... was 24th at Big 12 Championships in the 50-meter freestyle with a 21.45 time. HIGH SCHOOL – Swam in Texas State Championship as apart of the 200 free relay team ... awarded all-state and All-America honors ... swam club under head coach Tim O’Brien for Nitro Swimming ... holds club records in the 50 free and 100 fly ... three-time club Scholastic All-American. PERSONAL – Max Kerwick is the son of Matt Kerwick and Lynne Kammer ... has one brother, Mason (17) ... majoring in journalism ... aspires to work for a professional sports team ... father attended the University of Texas, while mother attended the University of Florida. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Freestyle_ _____________________________________ 21.45 100 Freestyle_ ____________________________________ 46.48 200 Freestyle_ __________________________________ 1:44.21 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 50.99

Jan Konarzewski

Back/Fly • 6-3 • Sophomore Warszawa, Poland • LO SMS Warszawa

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Took fifth place in the 200 backstroke (1:46.11) in the Big 12 Championships, sixth in the 100 backstroke (50.01) ... finished first in the 200 backstroke (1:47.70) and second in the 100 backstroke (50.76) at the Arkansas/ Kentucky dual meet ... took first in the 200 backstroke against Texas A&M (1:50.23), Southern Illinois (1:50.98), Louisville (1:48.15), Kentucky (1:47.70) and Iowa (1:48.73) ... Took second in the 100 backstroke against Kentucky (50.76), and Iowa (50.61) ... finished third at the Polish Senior Nationals and swam at the World University Games. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam club for Polonia Warszawa for Coach Dorota Chylak ... member of the squad that broke the Polish short course record in the 400 medley at the age of 18 ... finished seventh in the 200 backstroke at the 2006 European Junior Championship ... holds the long course Senior Club record in the 200 back ... was twice named the “most famous sportsman in school” at his high school ... has been swimming competitively for 10 years. PERSONAL - Jan Konarzewski is the son of Tytus and Irmina Konarzewski ... majoring in information technology. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Backstroke____________________________________ 49.71 200 Backstroke___________________________________1:46.11 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 49.44

Michael Lopresti

Breast • 5-11 • Sophomore Westerville, Ohio • Columbus Academy

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Finished eighth at the Big 12 Championships in the 200 breaststroke (2:02.82) ... finished fifth in the 100 breaststroke (59.84) in the dual season finale against Iowa ... swam a season-best 56.65 in the 100 breaststroke at the Big 12 Championships ... also competed in the 200 IM at the Big 12 Championships, finaling with a time of 1:52.34. HIGH SCHOOL – Competed at Junior Nationals in 2006 and 2007 ... swam in the 400 medley relay at the 2007 Senior Nationals ... swam in the Ohio State Championships all four years of high school ... holds school records in the 100 breast and 200 IaM ... broke the sectional record in the 100 breast ... holds the conference record in the 100 breast and 200 IM ... two-time district champion ... eight-time sectional champion ... five-time All-American ... two-time Academic All-American ... all-conference and all-state honoree ... named team MVP, team captain, and given the team’s Viking Award for leadership ... member of New Albany Aquatics Club team ... National Age Group Record Holder (17-18) in the 200 medley relay ... swam on same club team as freshman teammate Scott Martin. PERSONAL – Michael Lopresti is the son of Rick and Debbie Lopresti ... majoring in industrial engineering ... mother graduated from Ohio State ... father played college football for Indiana University of Pennsylvania. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Breaststroke___________________________________ 56.65 200 Breaststroke_________________________________ 2:02.82

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 31

Scott Martin

Free/Fly • 6-2 • Sophomore Columbus, Ohio • St. Charles Prep

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Took eighth at the Big 12 Championships in the 100 butterfly (48.56) ... swam the third fastest time in school history in the 200 IM at the Big 12 Championships (1:48.67) ... also swam third fastest 100-fly time in Big 12 prelims (48.49). HIGH SCHOOL – High school team won the 2008 Ohio State Championship team title ... member of school’s state champion 200 and 400 free relay squads ... two-time team MVP ... 13-time high school All-American ... holds the school record in the 100 fly ... swam club for New Albany Aquatics Club under Head Coach Brad Burget … member of the team that broke the national age group record in the 200 medley relay ... swam on same club team as freshman teammate Michael Lopresti. PERSONAL – Scott Martin is the son of Thomas and Roxanne Martin ... both parents graduated from The Ohio State University … has one sister, Katie (16) ... majoring in journalism ... uncle Randy Rosler swam at the University of South Carolina. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 48.49 100 Breaststroke___________________________________ 55.67 200 IM_________________________________________ 1:48.67

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 32

Ethan Rose

Free • 6-2 • Sophomore Parkville, Mo. • Park Hill South

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) – Finished sixth in the 200 freestyle (1:44.44) at the Arkansas/Kentucky dual meet ... closed the season finishing seventh in the 200 freestyle (1:45.94) against Iowa. HIGH SCHOOL – Missouri State champion in the 100 and 200 free in his 2008 senior season ... finished runner-up at state in the 100 fly and 100 back to conclude his junior campaign ... post career bests of 1:41.30 in the 200 free, 4:40.67 in the 500 free, 52.31 in the 100 back, and 51.82 in the 100 fly ... named one of the Kansas City Star’s scholar athletes in 2008 ... swam for coach Tom Klieboeker of the Tsunami Swim Team of Kansas City. PERSONAL – Ethan Rose is the son of Dan and Marlene Rose ... has three siblings, Sarah (25), Jamie (23), and Timothy (16) ... sister, Sarah, also attended MU ... majoring in biology ... grandfather swam and played football at Georgia Tech. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Freestyle_ ____________________________________ 47.51 200 Freestyle_ __________________________________ 1:40.71 500 Freestyle_ __________________________________ 4:39.29

Yaniv Shnaider

Free/IM • 5-10 • Sophomore Ma’ale Adumim, Israel. • Dekel Vilnaie

HIGH SCHOOL – Finished first in the 200 and 400 IM at both the 2006 and 2007 Israeli National Championships ... took 11th at the European Junior Championships in the 200 IM ... swam at the 2006 European Senior Championship i nBudapest ... swam for Greater Jerusalem Swim Club ... holds club records in the 200 and 400 IM (short and long course) and 1500 free ... named squad’s MVP. PERSONAL – Yaniv Shnaider is the son of Chaim and Esther Shnaider ... has two siblings, Shmuel (40) and Ariel (33) ... majoring in information technology.

Anders Melin

Butterfly/Sprint Free • 6-2 • Junior Karlstad, Sweden • Limestone

2007-09 (JUNIOR COLLEGE): Swam at Limestone College, where he was a seven-time NCAA Division II All-American ... was a two-time NCAA Division II National Champion in the 200 freestyle relay. HIGH SCHOOL - Swam for Goran Westerlund of the Karlstad Swim Club ... holds club record in the 50-meter backstroke and the 50-meter butterfly. PERSONAL - Anders Melin is the son of Lennart and Anna-Britta Melin ... has two siblings, Gustav (23) and Karin (15) ... plans to major in international business. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Fly_ __________________________________________ 20.16 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 45.05

Getting to Know Anders Why Mizzou: I wanted Mizzou and Mizzou wanted me Favorite TV show: Prison Break Favorite restaurant in Columbia: The Swedish Kafe Favorite movie: Green Street Hooligans Dream vacation spot: Anywhere with good friends Biggest role model growing up: My big brother, Gustav Something people don’t know about you: Finished second in Swedish Jeopardy at age 12

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 33

Dallas Becerra

Diver • 6-1 • Freshman St. Joseph, Mo. • Central

HIGH SCHOOL – Dove at Central High under coach Marnie Lewis ... named Diver of the Year in his junior and senior years ... competed in the state championships in his final two years of high school ... finished third place at state in senior year. PERSONAL – Dallas Becerra is the son of Butch and Linda Becerra ... has two siblings, Elizabeth (20) and Joseph (16) ... major is undecided.

Michael Beck

Back • 5-10 • Freshman Kansas City, Mo. • Lee’s Summit

HIGH SCHOOL – Has been swimming competitively for 12 years ... was team captain under coach Bruce Holder at Lee’s Summit High School ... named to the all-area team twice ... was all-state in the 200-medley relay in 2007 ... was an all-state honorable mention in four events in 2008 ... went to the state championships in all four years of high school ... participated at NSCA Junior Nationals on relays ... was a USS Academic All-American in 2007-08. PERSONAL – Michael Beck is the son of Bob and Alison Beck … Bob and Alison, as well as Michael’s grandfather and two uncles, attended the University of Missouri ... has two siblings, Billy (18) and Jeffrey (16) ... majoring in civil engineering and plans on working as a structural engineer after graduation.

Getting to Know Dallas

Getting to Know Michael

Why Mizzou: Great Facilities

Why Mizzou: Been a life-long Mizzou fan

Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Shakespeare’s

Favorite TV show: Ultimate Fighter

Hero or villain you would like to be: Hulk

Favorite musician: Michael Jackson

Dream vacation spot: Bahamas

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV Show: Flavor of Love

Hero or villain you would like to be: Spiderman

Biggest role model growing up: Blaine Wilson

Dream vacation spot: Australia

Something people don’t know about you: I’m afraid of squirrels.

Biggest role model growing up: My mom

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 34

Eric Blue

Distance Free/Fly • 6-0 • Freshman South Niles, Mich. • South Bend Riley HIGH SCHOOL – Swam at South Bend Riley High School under coach John Vandriesche and for the Irish Aquatics club team under coach Will Bernhardt ... holds club records in the 15-and-over category in the 200-, 500-, and 1650-free ... was a 10-time first team Northern Indiana Conference selection, a four-time All-American and a four-time All-State selection ... holds the 200 free sectional record (1:41.38) ... competed in the 50, 200, 500 and 1500 free at the 2009 NCSA Junior Nationals competition.

Vito Cammisano Distance Free • 5-9 • Freshman Kansas City, Mo. • Rockhurst

HIGH SCHOOL – Swam for the Kansas City Blazers swim team and for Rockhurst High School ... was named to the 2006 All-Metro second team in the 500 free ... qualified for Junior Nationals in the 800 free, 1500 free/1650 free from 2006-2009. PERSONAL – Vito Cammisana is the son of Jerry and Josephine Cammisana ... has two siblings, Antoinette (23) and Mariann (20) ... major is undecided.

PERSONAL – Eric Blue is the son of Scott and Lynn Blue ... Lynn was a collegiate swimmer at Miami (Ohio) ... has two brothers, Kevin (24) and Tim (21) ... Tim is a swimmer at Indiana University ... undecided on a major at this point.

Getting to Know Eric

Getting to Know Vito

Favorite TV show: Eastbound & Down

Why Mizzou: Team is one giant family

Favorite musician: 311

Something people don’t know about you: I love teeth! I brush, floss, then brush again

Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers Hero or villain you would like to be: Iron man Biggest role model growing up: My grandpa Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Chipotle Most memorable athletic moment: Winning state in my sophomore year in the 200 freestyle relay.

Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Shakespeare’s Favorite movie: Count of Monte Cristo Favorite holiday: Christmas Most memorable athletic moment: My best 1500 swim Biggest role model growing up: My parents

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 35

Joe Hladik

Sprint Free • 6-1 • Freshman Indian Head Park, Ill. • Lyons Township

HIGH SCHOOL – Holds Lyons Swim Club records in the 50 free, 100 breast, 200 breast, 100 back, 200 back, 200 IM, 400 free relay, 400 medley relay and the 800 free relay in the 13-14 and 15-18 age groups ... swam at Lyons Township High School under coach Scott Walker ... won the school’s Charles ‘Chuck’ Bennet award for most outstanding male athlete ... named to the all-area team as well as Swimmer of the Year by the Doings newspaper ... was an eight-time All-American and holds six school records ... swam the 50 free, 100 free, 50 back, 100 back, and 100 breast stroke at Junior Nationals in 2008.

John Krause

Sprint Free • 5-10 • Freshman St. Louis, Mo. • Hazelwood Central

HIGH SCHOOL – Earned All-American honors while swimming at Hazelwood Central High School in St. Louis ... was named Team MVP ... earned the High Point award. PERSONAL – John Krause is the son of Donald and Donna Krause ... has seven siblings (five brothers, two sisters) ... majoring in mechanical engineering.

PERSONAL – Joseph Hladik is the son of Joseph and Sharon Hladik … Sharon was a collegiate volleyball player at Bradley University ... has one sibling, Nicole (15) ... majoring in health science.

Getting to Know Joe

Getting to Know John

Why Mizzou: Great team and awesome facilities

Why Mizzou: Feels like home

Favorite movie: Star Wars

Favorite movie: Boondock Saints

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite musician: Garth Brooks

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Super power you wish you had: Ability to fly

Most restaurant in Columbia: Addison’s

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Dream vacations spot: Hawaii

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii

Something people don’t know about you: I was on the prom court my senior year of high school.

Biggest role model growing up: My brother, Scott

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 36

Colin Livasy

IM/Breast • 6-0 • Freshman Kansas City, Mo. • Park Hill South

HIGH SCHOOL – Holds Tsuami Swim Team records in the 400 medley relay and the 200 LCM breast stroke ... swam at Park Hill South High School under coach Todd Harvey ... was named to the all-conference, all-metro, all-state, and All-America teams ... holds school records in the 200 IM, 500 free, 200 medley, 400 free relay ... holds conference records in the 200 medley, 200 IM, and 100 breast stroke ... competed in the NCSA Junior Nationals and the Speedo LCM Junior Nationals ... named an Academic All-American.

Robert McGugan Diver • 5-8 • Freshman Barrington, Ill. • Barrington

HIGH SCHOOL – Attended Barrington High School in Illinois ... dove for two years at Barrington PERSONAL – Robert McGugan is the son of Buck and Lynn McGugan ... grandfather played baseball and basketball at Florida State ... majoring in communications.

PERSONAL - Colin Livasy is the son of Don and Maria Livasy ... Don was a collegiate track runner at the University of Central Missouri ... majoring in biochemistry.

Getting to Know Colin

Getting to Know Robert

Why Mizzou: Because it’s awesome

Favorite movie: Angels in the Outfield

Favorite TV show: House

Favorite musician: T.I.

Favorite musician: Bob Marley

Favorite holiday: Christmas, especially in Chicago

Favorite restaurant in Columbia: Bambinos

Dream vacation spot: Switzerland

Hero or villain you would like to be: The Blob

Biggest role model growing up: My father

Favorite movie: Fight Club

Hero or villain you would like to be: Batman

Biggest role model growing up: My dad

Most memorable athletic moment: Walking on to the Missouri Diving Team

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 37

Ryan Sellers

Free/Back • 5-10 • Freshman Valley Center, Kan. • Valley Center

HIGH SCHOOL – Has been swimming competitively for 10 years … holds Wichita Swim Club records in the 100 back stroke and 200 backstroke ... took part in Junior Nationals in 2007-2009 ... competed in Short Course Nationals in 2008 ... attended Valley Center High School. PERSONAL – Ryan Sellers is the son of Mark and Shannon Sellers ... has three siblings, Justin (23), Cameron (21) and Krista (15) ... Justin is a former MU swimmer and Cameron is currently on the MU swim team ... major is undecided.

Getting to Know Ryan

Blas Yslas

Breast/Sprint Free • 6-3 • Freshman Aurora, Colo. • Regis Jesvit

HIGH SCHOOL – Swam at Regis Jesuit High School for coach Mike Doherty ... was named a four-time allcity swimmer by the Aurora Sentinel ... received Athlete of the Week honors from the Denver Post ... selected to the all-state team three times and was a seven-time state champion ... won the state championship in the breast stroke back-to-back in his junior and senior year ... was a nine-time All-American ... holds the Colorado state record in the 200 medley relay. PERSONAL – Blas Yslas is the son of Blas and Maritza Yslas ... he has one sibling, a sister named Lexie ... majoring in biology.

Getting to Know Blas

Why Mizzou: Loved the team

Why Mizzou: Feels like home

Favorite TV show: King of Queens

Dream vacation spot: Colorado

Favorite movie: Anchorman

Favorite TV show: South Park

Favorite restaurant in Columbia: The Diner

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Hero or villain you would like to be: Superman

Favorite movie: I have too many!

Something people don’t know about you: I flex in the mirror.

Something people don’t know about you: I used to figure skate

Biggest role model growing up: Brother, Cameron

Biggest role model growing up: My dad

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 38

Favorites Restaurant in Columbia: Buffalo Wings TV Show: Scubs Dream vacation spot: Hawaii Hero or villain you would like to be: Superman Most memorable moment as an athlete: Setting the state record to end high school career. If you could have any superpower what would it be: Ability to fly Something people don’t know about you: I can balance things on my face

Favorites Restaurant in Columbia: Buckingham’s TV Show: Entourage Movie: Enter the Dragon Dream vacation spot: My cabin Biggest role model growing up: My father and grandfather Most memorable moment as an athlete: 2009 Big 12 100 and 200 fly Something people don’t know about you: Took Tae Kwon Do for six years

Matt Burnes

David Dorak

Greg DeStephen

Favorites Why Mizzou: The team and coaches Musician: Snow Patrol Resturant in Columbia: Addison’s TV Show: Glee Biggest role model growing up: My dad Movie: Mean Girls Most memorable moment as an athlete: Earning All-America and 2008 NCAA’s

Jordan Hawley

Favorites Why Mizzou: Sweet pool TV Show: 24 Restaurant in Columbia: Les Bourgeois Movie: Gladiator Musician: Jars of Clay Dream vacation spot: Hawaii Biggest role model growing up: Father Something people don’t know about you: I have crooked feet

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 39

Favorites Restaurant in Columbia: Addison’s Musician: ‘Lil Wayne Movie: Shawshank Redemption TV Show: SportsCenter Superhero: Batman Dream vacation spot: Any beach Biggest role model growing up: Parents Something most people don’t know about you: I speak Hebrew

Jeff Henricks

Spenser Lauver

Favorites Why Mizzou: The people TV Show: House Musician: Dave Matthews Band Restaurant in Columbia: Forge and Vine Superhero: Iron Man Biggest role model growing up: James Bond Something most people don’t know about you: I nearly died from a spider bite. Most memorable athletic moment: Breaking two school records in one event.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 40

Favorites Why Mizzou: The coaches Restaurant in Columbia: Osaka TV Show: Will & Grace Movie: Love and Basketball Something most people don’t know about you: I was born in Hawaii Superhero: Wolverine Most memorable athletic moment: Winning second my junior year at State.

Dante Jones

Cameron Sellers

Favorites Why Mizzou: The people Restaurant in Columbia: China Kitchen Musician: AC/DC Movie: Zombieland TV Show: Family Guy Superhero: Superman Biggest role model growing up: Dad Super power you wish you had: Ability to fly

Adam Abernathy

Favorites Why Mizzou: The team TV Show: South Park Hero or villain you would like to be: Iron Man Movie: Hangover Dream vacation spot: On the beach Restaurant in Columbia: Coldstone If you could have any superpower what would it be: Ability to teleport Something people don’t know about you: I’m afraid of deep water.

Favorites Why Mizzou: The team and Journalism school TV Show: SportsCenter Holiday: Halloween Musician: Brand New Dream vacation spot: California Biggest role model growing up: Lance Armstrong Something people don’t know about you: I don’t like red lights, science class and raisins.

John Hunt

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great facilities and fun team Restaurant in Columbia; CC Broiler TV Show: Family Guy Musician: Dave Matthews Band Movie: Hangover Dream vacation spot: Florida Keys Biggest role model growing up: My dad Most memorable moment as an athlete: Finaling at Big 12 Championships.

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great team and Journalism School Restaurant in Columbia: Flatbranch Movie: Pulp Fiction Holiday: Thanksgiving TV Show: The Unit Dream vacation spot: Scotland Most memorable athletic moment: Medaling at State in high school Something most people don’t know about you: I hate clowns.

John Higgins

Max Kerwick

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 41

Jan Konarzewski

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great swimming program TV Show: How it is Made Movie: 21 Dream vacation spot: Mountains Holiday: Christmas Superpower you wish you had: Ability to teleport Most memorable moment as an athlete: Qualifying for University games and Wold Championships

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great campus and J-School TV Show: The Unit Movie: The Rock Dream vacation spot: Deserted Island Biggest role model growing up: My dad Musician: Dave Matthews Hero or villain you would like to be: Spiderman Something people don’t know about you: I used to play club soccer.

Scott Martin

Yaniv Scnaider

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great team and friends Restaurant in Columbia: Addison’s Movie: Beautiful Mind Dream vacation spot: Dubai Biggest role model growing up: My brother Most memorable athletic moment: Swimming at the European Championships Something people don’t know about you: I play the guitar.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 42

Michael Lopresti

Favorites Why Mizzou: Great facilities and atmosphere Move: Superbad Musician: Dave Matthews TV Show: MTV Cribs Most memorable athletic moment: Setting national age group record in the 200 medley relay.

Favorites Why Mizzou: Loved the campus and swim team TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Musician: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Restaurant in Columbia: Bambino’s Movie: Ocean’s Eleven Holiday: Thanksgiving Most memorable athletic moment: Getting an “A” time in the 100 breast.

Ethan Rose

Missouri Women’s Team :: 2009-10

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 43

Name Molly Bollen Dominique Bouchard Caitlin Connor Leah Cowperthwaite Cassie Cunningham Emy DiBenigno Kayla Durnil Sharon Finn Jenny Franzone Christina Gailey Colleen Gordon Melissa Jamerson Kim Jasmer Lauren Lavigna Lauren Mason Amanda Masters Morgan McCleery Sasha Menu Courey Jordan Morcom Lisa Nathanson Ashley Paterson Rachel Ripley Stephanie Rovig Sydney Schaefer Brigette Selbert Mary Sheahen Anastasia Sotiropoulus Francie Szostak Abby Zepeda

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 44

2009-10 Women’s Roster Event (s) Free/Fly Back/IM

Ht. 5-6 5-9

Free Free Back Breast/IM Breast/IM Diving Diving Diving Free/IM Fly Free/Fly Back/Free Sprint Free IM/Breast Breast Sprint Free Diving Free Distance Free Breast/IM Free Sprint Free Free/Back Breast Breast/IM Sprint Free Diving

5-11 5-6 5-7 5-10 5-11 5-5 5-7 5-4 5-7 5-6 5-9 5-8 6-0 6-0 5-4 5-9 5-5 5-9 5-7 5-8 5-8 6-2 6-0 5-7 5-7 6-2 5-3

Yr - Exp Hometown (High School) Senior - 3L Carrollton, Texas (Newman Smith) Freshman North Bay, Ontario (Ecole Secondaire Catholique Algonquin) Freshman Burr Ridge, Ill. (Hinsdale Central) Sophomore-1L Southlake, Texas (Carroll Senior) Freshman Pflugerville, Texas (Pflugerville) Sophomore-1L Carmel, Ind. (Carmel) Sophomore Columbia, Mo. (Rock Bridge) Freshman San Antonio, Texas (Churchill) Junior - 2L San Antonio, Texas (Reagan) Sophomore-1L Lexington, Ky. (Tates Creek) Senior - 3L Missouri City, Texas (Elkins) Junior - 2L Jacksonville, Fla. (Bolles) Senior North Bend, Ore. (Washington) Junior - 2L Vancouver, Canada (TempletonSecondary) Freshman Marshalltown, Iowa (Marshalltown) Freshman St. Louis, Mo. (Timberland) Junior - 2L Celina, Texas (Celina) Freshman Toronto, Canada (Michale Power St. Joseph) Sophomore-1L Grapevine, Texas (Grapevine) Sophomore-1L West Des Moines, Iowa (Des Moines Valley) Freshman Indian Harbour Beach, Fla. (Satellite) Freshman Tempe, Ariz. (McClintock) Sophomore-1L Houston, Texas (Langham Creek) Freshman Hinsdale, Ill. (Hinsdale Central) Freshman St. Louis, Mo. (Mehlville) Junior - 2L Columbia, Mo. (Hickman) Junior - 2L Buena Park, Calif. (Sunny Hills) Junior - 2L Northbrook, Ill. (Glenbrook North) Junior - 2L Scottsdale, Ariz. (Pinnacle)

Free/Fly • 5-6 • Senior Carrollton, Texas • Newman Smith


Molly Bollen

Colleen Gordon

Free/IM • 5-7 • Senior Missouri City, Texas • Elkins

2008-09 (JUNIOR) - Named to the Academic All-Big 12 first team ... placed first in the 100 fly at the ShowMe Showdown ... took sixth place in the 200 fly at the Mizzou Invite (2:07.54) … member of the 400 medley relay team that recorded the fourth best time of the 2008-09 season (3:53.21) ... currently fourth all-time at Mizzou in the 100 Butterfly (55:55).

2008-09 (JUNIOR) - NCAA QUALIFIER - Selected to the Academic All-Big 12 first team for her success in having a 4.0 GPA … NCAA qualifier in 400 medley relay and 500 free, racing in the1650 free touching at 16:33.01 … finished sixth in Big 12 finals, making it the second best time in school history … set a school record in 400 medley relay at Big 12 … took third in 500 free at Mizzou Invite (4:50.34) … holds the best time in Mizzou history for the 800 free relay (7:03.77) , 200 medley relay (1:40.18) and 400 medley relay (3:40.74) … also holds best times for Mizzou in 2008-09 season in 1000 and 1650 free.

2007-08 (SOPHOMORE) - Selected to the conference’s All-Academic second team … currently holds the 10th-best MU time in the 100 fly (56.56) … posted top20 finishes in the 100 (56.89) and 200 fly (2:05.85) at the Big 12 Championships … swam in the finals in the 100 and 200 fly at the Purdue Invitational … came in third against Missouri State in the 100 fly (58.18) … fastest times of the dual season both came against Nebraska, where she finished third in the 100 fly (57.77) and fifth in the 200 fly (2:08.39).

2007-08 (SOPHOMORE) - A first team Academic All-Big 12 selection … picked as the team’s Most Valuable Player … school-record holder in the 500 free (4:45.78) … tied for the fastest 200 free (1:48.31) time in the history of the program … currently second all-time in the 1650 free (16:28.44) … holds the second-best time in the 1000 free (9:54.61) at MU … third all-time at Mizzou in the 100 fly (55.94), 200 IM (2:03.37) and 400 IM (4:22.23) … member of the record-holding 800 free relay team (7:11.18) that took second at the Big 12 Championships … took fourth in both the 200 (1:48.31) and 500 free (4:45.78) at the conference championships … also added a fifth-place finish in the 1650 free (16.28.44) at Big 12’s … won her first five events to start the 2007-08 campaign, which included three wins at the Show-Me Showdown … was the only competitor to finish with a time under 5:00 in the 500 free (4:57.91) against Texas A&M … won the 1000 free (10:02.30) and 100 fly (56.18) in the Kansas dual … won the 200 free (1:52.12) against Southern Illinois … took first in both the 200 IM (2:03.46) and 1650 free (16:45.60) at the Purdue Invitational … was once again the only swimmer under 5:00 in the 500 free (4:55.72) in the regular season finale against Nebraska … came in first in 27 of the 38 events she competed in during the regular season … only finished lower than third once.

2006-07 (FRESHMAN) - Recorded a top-10 finish in the 200 fly (2:06.03) at the Big 12 Championships … raced to third in the 100 fly (58.84) at the Show-Me Showdown … recorded her first win as a Tiger in the 100 fly (58.23) and took third in the 200 fly (2:07.57) vs. Truman State … captured third in the 100 fly (58.70) against Iowa State. HIGH SCHOOL - Two-time US Open qualifier ... earned a spot at both the Spring and Summer Nationals as a junior ... part of a medley relay squad that took eighth at the summer meet ... achieved All-America status in the 100 fly as a junior and received consideration as a sophomore ... Academic All-American as a junior ... named to the Dallas Morning News All-Area team her junior season ... North Texas representative to Texas Chapter of USA Swimming as a junior ... three-time district swimmer of the year ... holds district records in the 50 free, 100 free and 50 fly ... Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (TISCA) champion in the 100 fly as a junior and senior and in the 50 free her senior year ... team captain as a senior ... swam for the Dallas Mustangs under coach Mook Rhodenbaugh. PERSONAL - Molly Bollen is the daughter of Harmen and Genna Bollen ... has two older sisters, Maggie (27) and Holland (22) ... majoring in communication. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Free__________________________________________ 24.06 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 55.11 200 Fly_ _______________________________________ 2:04.60

2006-07 (FRESHMAN) - Stole the headlines in her Tiger debut with meet records in the 100 (59.55) and 200 IM (2:06.88) at the Show-Me Showdown … swam to second in the 100 fly (57.24) vs. Texas A&M … won the 200 IM (2:04.99) and 200 (1:50.47) and 500 free (4:52.77) vs. Kansas … recorded top-10 finishes in the 100 fly (57.24) and 500 (4:51.36) and 1650 free (16:58.64) at the Georgia Fall Invitational … took second in the 200 (1:51.17) and 500 free (4:55.46) at Indiana. HIGH SCHOOL - Senior National qualifier in the 400 IM ... a 2004 and 2005 Scholastic AllAmerican ... took second in the 200 IM and seventh in the 100 free at state in 2005 ... runner-up in both the 200 IM and 100 fly at the 2004 state meet ... finished third in the 200 and 500 free at state as a freshman ... sectional high point winner ... named regional female swimmer of the year in 2003, 2005 and 2006 ... district female swimmer of the year in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 ... captain of both the Elkins High and Sienna Plantation Aquatic teams ... swam for First Colony Swim Team. PERSONAL - Colleen Gordon is the daughter of Teresa and John Gordon ... has four siblings, John (26), James (25), Greg (23) and Kelly (21) ... majoring in nursing. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free___________________________________________ 1:46.92 500 Free___________________________________________ 4:45.42 1000 Free__________________________________________ 9:41.97 1650 Free_________________________________________ 16:27.80 100 Fly_____________________________________________ 55.60

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 45

Kim Jasmer

Free/Fly • 5-9 • Senior North Bend, Ore. • Washington

2008-09 (JUNIOR AT WASHINGTON) - Won the Pac-10 Conference 500 free title ... holds Washington program records in the 200, 500, 1000 and 1650 free ... helped the Huskies to a 12th place NCAA finish ... team captain as a junior ... competed in the Olympic trials. 2007-08 (SOPHOMORE AT WASHINGTON) - Single-handedly led Huskies to a 35th place national finish ... placed 11th in the 500 free (4:43.71) and 14th in the 1650 free (16:17.03) at NCAA’s to earn All-America honors ... finished 29th in the 200 free (1:48.15) at NCAA’s ... broke the UW school record in the 1650 free (16:14.96) at Pac-10’s, placing second ... placed fourth in the 500 free (4:45.52) and eighth in the 200 free at Pac-10’s ... her preliminary time in the 500 free at the Pac-10’s broke the UW record (4:42.86) ... took first in the 500 free at the Husky Invitational with a time of 4:46.50 ... placed second in the 200 free at the College Cup in a time of 1:52.32. 2006-07 (FRESHMAN AT WASHINGTON) - Posted 20 top-three finishes, including victories in the 500 free against Texas A&M (4:54.75), Washington State (4:53.82), Pacific (4:57.44) and at the Big West Shootout (5:01.70) ... placed second in the 50 free (24.51) against Idaho ... her 200 free time (1:49.10) at the Husky Invitational was fast enough to rank third on the UW all-time list ... ranks seventh on the UW all-time list in the 1000 free (10:08.49) with a fourth place finish at the Husky Invitational ... set the UW record in the 500 free at the Pac-10 Championships with a 4:49.15 to win the consolation final. HIGH SCHOOL - Four-year letterwinner at North Bend High School ... served as team captain for senior year ... helped lead her team to top three finishes her final three years at the state meet ... finished first in the state in the 500 and 200 freestyles as a sophomore, breaking the the state record in the 500 freestyle ... took first in the state in the 100 and 200 freestyles as a junior, breaking the state record in the 100 freestyle ... placed first in state in the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle as a senior, both were state records ... swam for the South Coast Aquatic Team under head coach Chris Richmond ... posted Olympic trial times in the 100, 200 an 400 freestyle ... set four national qualifying times in her final year with the team ... six-time All-American ... three-time Scholastic All-American ... 2005 Oregon State Swimmer of the Year ... high school valedictorian. PERSONAL - Kim Jasmer is the daugher of Debra and Michael Jasmer ... has one sister, Michelle (17) ... majoring in biology. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:45.70 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:41.54 1650 Free_____________________________________ 16:14.96 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 55.59

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 46

Jenny Franzone Diving • 5-7 • Junior San Antonio, Texas • Reagan

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - Currently holds the fourth best score for 1-meter diving in Mizzou history (248.85) … finished the season with the eighth all-time best platform score from five dives (163.76) ... recorded a fifth place finish in the 3-meter at the Show-Me Showdown. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Put herself in the record books three times during her freshman season, a then-10th in the 1-meter (230.11) and 3-meter (249.29) dives, and sixth (now 10th) on the platform (163.75) … took third in the 1-meter (216.90) in her first career dual against Indiana … finished as the runner-up against Southern Illinois and Drury in the 1-meter dive (447.00) … second-place finisher in both the 1- (205.60) and 3-meter (238.60) dives against Missouri State … placed third in the 1-meter (227.10) against Iowa. HIGH SCHOOL - An accomplished diver who dove for coach Craig Nolder on the San Antonio Divers club squad … a seven-time Junior Olympics qualifier … selected as a 2006 USA Amateur Athletic Union All Star … competed internationally in Shanghai, China, at the 2006 China-U.S.-Canada Exchange … a four-year Diving All-American … chosen first team all-state her sophomore and junior seasons … crowned district and regional diving champion as a sophomore … named the San Antonio Express-News All-Area Diver of the Year her sophomore season … runner-up at districts and regionals as a junior and a finalist her senior year … lettered in diving all four years … also a member of the Federation of Christian Athletes, Spanish Club and Health Occupations Students of America while at Reagan. PERSONAL - Jenny Franzone is the daughter of Kelly and Phil Franzone ... has an older sister, Elizabeth (21) … plans to major in nursing. CAREER BEST SCORES 1-Meter_________________________________________ 248.85 3-Meter_________________________________________ 251.35 Platform_ _______________________________________ 163.75

Melissa Jamerson Fly • 5-6 • Junior Jacksonville, Fla. • Bolles

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER (200 FLY) - Honored as a member of the Academic All-Big 12 second team … posted the fifth best time for Mizzou in the 100 Butterfly (56.06) last season … also recorded the second best time in the 200 butterfly for the 2008-09 season (2:01.44) ... finished first in the 200 fly against Iowa and again in a meet with Louisville ... posted a second place finish in the 200 fly against Kansas. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Given the Bell Memorial Award for her commitment and determination throughout the season … broke the school record in the 200 fly (1:59.48) … currently seventh all-time in the 100 fly (56.46) … finished as the runner-up in the 200 fly (1:59.51) at the conference championships … posted a 12th-place finish in the 100 fly (56.46) at Big 12’s … swam to a runner-up spot in the 100 fly (58.20) against Southern Illinois … claimed her first victory in her young collegiate career against Missouri State in the 200 fly (2:03.62) … swam in the finals in the 500 free and 200 fly at the Purdue Invitational … won again in the 200 fly (2:03.19) in the Iowa dual … finished third in the 1000 free (10:31.51) in the second Drury dual of the season. HIGH SCHOOL - Recorded lifetime bests of 57.71 in the 100 fly and 2:02.38 in the 200 fly … swam under Coach Rick Bishop of the Bolles Sharks club squad … member of the bronze-winning Spring Nationals team in 2007 … a US Open and Spring Nationals qualifier in the 200 fly her senior year … finished sixth at the YMCA Nationals in the 200 fly as a sophomore … named Central Virginia Swimmer of the Year her sophomore season … owns the 100 fly and 400 free relay records at Albemarle (Va.), her first high school … transferred to Bolles her junior year, where she helped her Bulldog squad to back-to-back titles … individual finalist in the 100 fly all four years, the 100 free her first two years and the 500 free as a senior … member of the National French and Spanish Honor Societies … was also involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. PERSONAL - Melissa Jamerson is the daughter of Phillip and Terry Jamerson and Tom and Colette Migliozzi … has an older brother, Trevor (24) and Brittney (21) … majoring in journalism … aspires to work for ESPN or a travel magazine … father played football at Virginia Tech … mother and brother swam for the Hokies … sister swims at North Dakota. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 56.06 200 Fly_ _______________________________________ 1:59.48 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:58.00

Lauren Lavigna

Back/Free • 5-8 • Junior Vancouver, Canada • Templeton Secondary

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS QUALIFER - SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER (100 AND 200 BACK) - Selected to the Academic All-Big 12 first team … finished 12th in 200-meter back at World Championships after qualifying for the World semifinals with a time of (2:10.03), which set a Canadian National Record … finished semifinals by touching at (2:10.54) … NCAA qualifier for 400 medley relay and 500 free … holds the school record for the 400 medley relay, earned the Big 12 Championships … currently has the fourth-best time in the 500 free at Mizzou with performance at Big 12 Championships, finishing 12 overall (4:48.82) … claimed the best times for the 100 back (54.74) and 200 back (1:57.04) in the 2008-09 season ... recorded seven first place finishes combined in the 100 and 200 back ... finished fifth in the 200 back and sixth in the 100 back at the Big 12 Championships. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Honored by the Missouri swim team as the squad’s Most Improved Player … swan the then-third-best time in program history in the 200 back (1:59.84) … time of 10:11.40 in the 100 free is the fifth-best at MU … has the sixth-fastest time in the 100 back (56.77) in Mizzou history … 10th all-time on the program’s 500 free (4:55.05) list … claimed fourth-place in the 200 back (1:59.84) and 11th in the 100 back (57.18) at Big 12’s ... started her collegiate career with a bang, winning the 1000 free (10:11.40) and 200 back (2:02.42) in the first dual of the season … took first in the 200 free (1:53.42) at the Show-Me Showdown … won the 200 back (2:03.63) event in the Border Showdown dual against Kansas … swam to a first place finish against Missouri State in the 500 free (5:00.37) … beat out Arkansas and Missouri State with a time of 2:04.20 in the 200 back … raced to first in the 200 IM (2:11.65) against Drury … closed out her freshman campaign with victories in the 100 (57.79) and 200 back (2:04.23) against rival Nebraska. HIGH SCHOOL - Boasts career best times of 51.83 in the 100 free, 1:50.21 in the 200 free, 4:53.64 in the 500 free and 2:02.45 in the 200 back … her 200 free, 500 free and 200 back bests are Mizzou top-five all-time caliber marks … swam club for coaches Derrick Schoof and Claude Yves Bertrand of the University of British Columbia Dolphins … a two-time member of Team British Columbia … was selected to represent the team at the 2005 Canadian Summer Games where she claimed five top-eight finishes … selected to the Canadian Junior National Team in 2005-2006 and competed at the Victorian Championships in Melbourne, Australia as part of the team … won the 800 free and took runner-up honors in the 400 and 1500 free at the 2006 Western Canadian Championships … placed in the top-10 in the 400 free at the 2007 Canadian Pan American Games Trials … took gold in the 200 free relay and bronze in the 100 medley relay at the Canadian Nationals. PERSONAL – Lauren Lavigna is the daughter of John and Carol Lavigna … has a younger sister, Sara (15) … majoring in psychology … aspires to be a sports psychologist. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Free___________________________________________ 1:51.75 500 Free___________________________________________ 4:48.82 1000 Free_________________________________________ 10:11.40 100 Back_ __________________________________________ 54.74 200 Back_ _________________________________________ 1:57.04

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 47

Morgan McCleery Breast • 5-4 • Junior Celina, Texas • Celina

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER (400 MEDLEY RELAY) - A second team Academic-All Big 12 selection … member of the record-holding 400 medley relay team, swam at the Big 12 Championships (3:40.74) … finished sixth in the 100 breast at the Big 12 Championships ... claimed three first place finishes during the year ... also finished second seven times in different events ... currently second all-time in 100 breast (1:02.49) and fourth in 200 breast (2:16.31) … holds best time in 200 medley relay in Mizzou’s history (1:40.18). 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Swam a 2:21.05 in the 200 breast, then the eighthbest time in program history … posted top-15 finishes in both the 100 (1:05.31) and 200 breast (2:21.52) at the conference championships … broke out at the Show-Me Showdown with a third-place finish in the 50 breast (31.37) and a fourth-place showing in the 100 breast (1:06.95) … earned her first collegiate victory in the 50 breast (30.24) against Illinois … posted top-10 finishes in the 100 (1:05.53) and 200 breast (2:21.05) at the Purdue Invitational … runner-up in the 200 breast (2:24.18) against Missouri State … swept through the second dual with victories against Drury in the 100 (1:06.93) and 200 breast (2:23.88). HIGH SCHOOL - Owns career bests of 1:05.48 in the 100 breast and 2:20.61 in the 200 breast … swam for coach Steve Mateer of the City of Plano Swimmers, the same club team as fellow junior Jordan Hawley … a 2007 Junior Nationals qualifier … member of the 400 medley relay squad that won Sectionals … placed seventh in the 100 breast and ninth in the 200 breast at Sectionals as well … holds the Celina record in the 100 breast and 200 IM … took third in the 100 breast and fourth in the 200 IM at state as a senior … an all-state selection in both events her senior season … earned Academic All-America honors in 2007 … a four-year standout cross country and track athlete … qualified for state in cross country all four years … graduated in the top 10 percent of her class ... also involved in Beta Club, Business Professionals of America and served as class vice president while at Celina. PERSONAL – Morgan McCleery is the daughter of Walt and Angela McCleery … father ran track at Defiance College ... majoring in biology. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Breast_ ____________________________________ 1:02.49 200 Breast_ ____________________________________ 2:16.31

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 48

Mary Sheahen Breast • 5-7 • Junior Columbia, Mo. • Hickman

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - Named to the Academic AllBig 12 first team ... finished seventh in the 100 breast and eighth in the 50 breast at the Show-Me Showdown ... posted a seventh place finish against Iowa State in the 200 breast. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Swam to a fourth-place finish in the 50 breast (31.73) in her first career race at the Show-Me Showdown … competed in the finals of the 100 free and 200 breast at the Big 12 Championships … performance in the 100 breast (1:09.15) in the Missouri State dual put her in fifth … best showing of the year came at the Iowa dual in the 200 breast (2:26.40). HIGH SCHOOL - Recorded personal best times of 1:07.47 in the 100 breast, 2:26.44 in the 200 breast and 5:12.13 in the 500 free … swam for coach Phil Garverick of the Columbia Swim Club … established two records during her club career … member of the record-breaking 100 free relay squad while at Hickman … a three-year Academic All-American team and Missouri Valley Academic team selection … earned 10 All-State honors … lettered in swimming three years … also participated in choir in high school. PERSONAL - Mary Sheahen is the daughter of David and Dana Sheahen ... has an older sister, Valerie (22) and younger brother, Michael (18) … majoring in biological engineering ... aspires to be a doctor. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Breast_ ____________________________________ 1:06.63 200 Breast_ ____________________________________ 2:25.34

Anastasia Sotiropoulos Breast/IM • 5-7 • Junior Buena Park, Calif. • Sunny Hills

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - Sits eighth all-time in the 200 fly (2:03.76), the third-best time in 2008-09 … also recorded the fifth-best time in the 400 IM (4:33.68) last season had a fifth place finish in the 400 IM at the Mizzou Invite and a fourth place finish against Iowa State in the 200 fly. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Came in fifth in her first collegiate race, the 200 IM (2:13.84), against Southern Illinois … took fourth in the 200 breast (2:28.69) against Missouri State and the 500 free (5:16.87) against Drury … closed out the year with another fourth-place finish, this time in the 1000 free (10:40.73) in the conference dual versus Nebraska. HIGH SCHOOL - A versatile swimmer who boasts lifetime bests of 4:57.63 in the 500 free, 2:21.56 in the 200 breast, 2:05.39 in the 200 fly, 2:07.99 in the 200 IM and 4:27.62 in the 400 IM … her 200 breast time is of Mizzou top-10 all-time caliber … coached by Jeri Marshburn on the Irvine Nova club squad … a Junior Olympic qualifier in 2000-06 … a Junior Nationals qualifier in each of ther four years … owns individual records in the 100 breast and 200 IM and relay records in the 200 free and 200 medley at Sunny Hills … also holds the league’s 400 free relay record … served as team captain her senior year … led the Lancers to the league championship in 2004 and 2006 … league champion all four years in the 100 breast, 200 IM, 500 free and 200 medley and 400 free relays … chosen league Swimmer of the Year as a senior … selected her team’s Rookie of the Year as a freshman … honored as a scholar-athlete at Sunny Hills in 2004. PERSONAL - Anastasia Sotiropoulos is the daughter of Anastasios and Kathleen Sotiropoulos ... has three older siblings, Akiaterini (27), Athena (25) and Artemis (22) ... majoring in communication ... professional ambition is to own a restaurant and work in real estate. CAREER BEST TIMES 200 Breast_ ____________________________________ 2:21.56 200 IM_________________________________________ 2:07.99 400 IM_________________________________________ 4:27.62 200 Fly_ ____________________________________________ 2:

Francie Szostak

Sprint/Free • 6-2 • Junior Northbrook, Ill. • Glenbrook North

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - NCAA QUALIFIER - Selected to the Academic All-Big 12 second team … NCAA qualifier for 500 free … made the third best mark in Mizzou history during prelims of Big 12 Championships, touching in at (4:48.74) … finished seventh overall at Big 12 Championships in the 500 free … swam the 200 free relay at Mizzou Invite, the third fastest time at Mizzou (1:33.35) … took second in 500 free (4:49.94) at Mizzou Invite, with third best ever time at Mizzou … had seven first place finishes during the year ... currently second all-time at Mizzou in 100 free (50.13) and 200 free (1:46.19) … third all-time at Mizzou in 500 free (4:48.74) … holds top-10 times at Mizzou in the 200,400 and 800 free relays. 2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Named the Missouri Women’s Newcomer of the Year … sat third all-time in the 200 (1:49.10) and 500 free (4:51.19) after the season … currently holds the fourth-fastest time in the 100 free (51.10) in school history … member of the third-fastest 200 free relay (1:33.42) team at MU … anchor for the third-best 200 medley relay (1:43.62) in program history … part of the record-breaking 800 free relay team (7:11.18) who finished in second at the Big 12 Championships … finished in the top-15 in the 100 free (51.1), 200 free (1:49.10), and 500 free (4:53.92) at the Big 12 Championships … swam to a second-place finish against Kansas in the 500 free (5:00.41) … finished in the runner-up slot again in the 200 free (1:52.75) against Virginia Tech … won her first career event against Missouri State in the 500 free (4:57.73) … earned a victory against Iowa in the 200 free (1:49.98) … beat her Drury opponents in the 100 free (53.02) for another win … finished lower than fourth just twice in 23 races during the regular season. HIGH SCHOOL - Has posted career best times of 23.93 in the 50 free, 52.65 in the 100 free, 1:51.12 in the 200 free and 4:57.62 in the 500 free … her 200 free mark stands just outside of the MU all-time top-five … swam for coach Karl Milkereit on the Patriot Aquatics club team … distinguished as an 11-time AllAmerican … captained her Glenbrook North squad as a senior … captured the state title in the 200 free in 2006 … also swam to runner-up honors in the 500 free at state in 2006 … voted 2006 Illinois Swimmer of the Year. PERSONAL - Francie Szostak is the daughter of Marty and Mary Szostak … father played football at Northwestern ... mother ran cross country for the Wildcats ... has a younger sister, Donna (18) and brother, Peter (16) … planning to major in journalism. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Free_________________________________________ 50.13 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:46.19 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:48.74

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 49

Abby Zepeda

Diving • 5-3 • Junior Scottsdale, Ariz. • Pinnacle

Leah Cowperthwaite Free • 5-6 • Sophomore Southlake, Texas • Carroll Senior

2008-09 (SOPHOMORE) - Put her self in the record books three times during her sophomore year … sits seventh in the record book at Mizzou with (176.35) on platform diving with five dives … took 10th in Mizzou history for both 1-meter with six dives, (268.50) and 3-meter with six dives, (270.52).

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Helped record the second best time for the 800 free relay in the 2008-09 season (7:38.16) ... posted personal bests 1:52.73 in the 200 free and 4:58.99 in the prelims of the Big 12 Championships ... finished fifth in the 200 free against Kansas.

2007-08 (FRESHMAN) - Held the fifth-best score in the platform dive (176.35) and sat eighth in the record books in both the 1- (268.50) and 3-meter dives (269.48) at Mizzou after her freshman season … came in 15th in the 3-meter (470.15) at NCAA Zones … came in third in the 3-meter (227.69) in her first collegiate competition against Indiana … placed second in the 1-meter (223.80) against Texas A&M … runner-up in the 3-meter (495.75) against Illinois … took second in the 1-meter (268.50) at Drury … closed out the year with top-five finishes in the 1- (221.78) and 3-meter (226.88) dives against Nebraska.

HIGH SCHOOL - Appeared in the North Carolina State Championships three years and the Texas State Championships her senior year of high school … was district champion … two-time All-American … team’s Swimmer of the Year in 2005-06 and 2006-07 … swam for the North Texas Nadadores club team under Bill Christenson.

HIGH SCHOOL - An accomplished diver who competed for the Clavadistas del Sol club team under coaches Joe Lyons and Josh Rusboldt … qualified for the 2006 Junior Olympic West National Championships … finished first on the onemeter and second on the three-meter at the 2004 Summer Regionals … served as team captain all four years at Pinnacle … captured the state diving title her junior season … runner-up at state her junior and senior years … selected Diver of the Year all four seasons … earned All-America honors in 2005 and 2006 … a four-time letterwinner in high school.

CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Free__________________________________________ 25.10 100 Free_________________________________________ 52.41 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:52.73 500 Free_______________________________________ 4:58.99

PERSONAL - Abby Zepeda is the daughter of Peter and Claire Zepeda … majoring in general studies ... career ambition is to be a nurse. CAREER BEST SCORES 1-Meter_________________________________________ 268.50 3-Meter_________________________________________ 270.52 Platform_ _______________________________________ 176.35

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 50

PERSONAL - Leah Cowperthwaite is the daughter of Daniel and Sherry Cowperthwaite … has two sisters, Marisa (21) and Emily (16).

Emy DiBenigno Breast/IM • 5-10 • Sophomore Carmel, Ind. • Carmel

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Helped record the secondbest time for the 200 free relay in the 2008-09 season (1:33.24) …. third all- time in the 200 medley relay (1:45.46) … member of the 400 medley relay with fifth-best time in 2008-09 season (3:53.21)… posted the fourth-best time in both 100 breaststroke (1:04.29) and 200 breaststroke (2:17.47) last season … also had the fifth-best time in the 200 IM (2:06.72) in 2008-09 ... had two fifth place finishes against both Kansas and Louisville. HIGH SCHOOL - Qualified for the Junior and Senior Nationals … 12-time High School All-American … All-Conference award recipient … conference champion … high school won 22 consecutive state championships … swam club for Head Coach Chris Plumb on the Carmel Swim Club … holds club record in the 200 IM (long course) … named club team’s MVP. PERSONAL - Emy DiBenigno is the daughter of Vince and Ronnie DiBenigno … has one sister, Julia (25), and one brother, Mike (22) … studying human environmental sciences and business. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Breast_ ____________________________________ 1:03.60 200 Breast_ ____________________________________ 2:17.47 100 Fly_ _________________________________________ 57.50 200 IM_________________________________________ 2:04.00

Kayla Durnil

Breast/IM • 5-11 • Sophomore Columbia, Mo. • Rock Bridge

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - BIG 12 CHAMPION - NCAA QUALIFIER- Big 12 Champion in the 200 breast and broke the school record with a time of 2:11.20 ... also set school record in the 200 IM during preliminaries of the Big 12 Championships, eventually finishing seventh in the event ... Mizzou’s third-ever Big 12 Champion …added a sixth place finish in the 400 IM in the conference meet … NCAA qualifier for 400 medley relay … won “Female Highlight of the Year,” awarded for her 200-meter breaststroke victory at the 2009 Big 12 Championships … named women’s top Big 12 performer … broke three school records and a top 10 time during the Big 12 meet …holds the best times in the 100 breast (1:02.06), 200 breast (2:11.20) and 200 IM (2:00.98) in Mizzou history. HIGH SCHOOL - Senior National qualifier in the 200 breast ... Junior National qualifier in the 100 breast, 200 breast, 200 IM and 400 IM … swam for Columbia Swim Club under Head Coach Phil Garverick … holds club records in the women’s open 200 and 400 IM (short and long course) and the 400-meter IM for the 15-16 age group. PERSONAL - Kayla Durnil is the daughter of Terry and Cindy Durnil … has two siblings, Shane (25) and Ashley (23) … sister, Ashley, attended MU … majoring in graphic design. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Breast_ ____________________________________ 1:02.06 200 Breast_ _____________________________________2:11.20 200 IM_________________________________________ 2:00.98 400 IM_________________________________________ 4:15.41

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 51

Christina Gailey Diving • 5-4 • Sophomore Lexington, Ky. • Tates Creek

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Owns the second highest platform score in school history with five dives (234.45) … posted the third best score for both 1-meter (268.70) and 3-meter (280.50) from the 2008-09 season … received the “Female Courage Award,” given for overcoming significant adversity to succeed in all areas as a student athlete. HIGH SCHOOL - National qualifier in 2007 and 2008 … finished 13th on the tower in 2007 at Nationals … 2007 Kentucky State Champion in the 1-meter dive … awarded All-America honors in 2007 and 2008 … named to the all-region and all-state team in 2006, 2007 and 2008 … team MVP in 2006, 2007 and 2008 … dove for the Kentucky Diving Club under coaches Mike Lyden and Taryn Ignacio … placed fifth at the 2007 Senior Nationals in synchronized 10-meter. PERSONAL - Christina Gailey is the daughter of David and Beth Gailey … has one brother, Michael (25), and one sister, Emma (23) … mother graduated from the University of Hawaii … sister, Emma, was a pole vaulter at Bellarmine University … aspires to become a nurse. CAREER BEST SCORES 1 Meter_________________________________________ 268.70 3 Meter_________________________________________ 280.50 Platform_ ______________________________________ 2:34.45

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 52

Jordan Morcom Diving • 5-5 • Sophomore Grapevine, Texas • Grapevine

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Earned the third highest scores ever at Mizzou in both the 1-meter and 3-meter at the Big 12 Championships… finished fifth in the 3-meter and took sixth in the 1-meter (281.35) at the conference meet … scored 295.50 to finish third in the Mizzou invite … recorded seven first place and six second place finishes combined in the 1-meter and 3-meter during the year ... awarded “Female Rookie of the Year.” HIGH SCHOOL - Dove for Coach Jeff Bro of the GC Diving Club ... 2007 Junior Olympic National Finalist on the 1- and 3-meter boards ... 2007 Summer West National Runner-up on both boards ... 2006 Senior National Qualifier in 1- and 3-meter diving competition ... 2006 Junior Olympic National Finalist on both boards … MVP of high school team in 2005, ’06, ’07 and ’08 … holds Grapevine High School records in the 1-meter (six and 11 dives) … Texas state qualifier in 2006 (third), 2007 (second), and 2008 (second) … member of the Spanish Honor Society. PERSONAL - Jordan Morcom is the daughter of Michael and Julie Morcom … has two siblings, Jamie (21) and Rachel (14) … majoring in marketing. CAREER BEST SCORES 1 Meter_________________________________________ 293.10 3 Meter_________________________________________ 327.15

Free • 5-9 • Sophomore WestDesMoines,Iowa•W.DesMoinesValley

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - SCHOOL RECORD HOLDER (50 FREE)- Competed in the Championship heat at the Big 12 Championships, taking sixth place and setting the school record in the 50 free (22.74) … earned the third fastest time at Mizzou in the 200 free relay (1:33.35) at the Mizzou Invite … had five first and second place finishes during the season ... holds best time in 200 free relay (1:31.29), 400 free relay (3:19.61) and 200 medley relay (1:40.18) in Mizzou history … currently holds the all-time best time in 50 free (22.74) and is sixth all-time at Mizzou in 100 free (50.59). HIGH SCHOOL - 2008 Olympic Trials qualifier … swam club for Kelly Nordell of the Des Moines Swim Federation ... boasts lifetime bests of 23.33 in the 50 free, 51.15 in the 100 free and 1:53.98 in the 200 free ... an eight-time state champion ... holds state records in the 100 free, 200 free relay and 400 free relay ... led off the 200 free relay squad that clocked the third fastest time in U.S. female high school history ... took 11th at Junior Nationals in the 50 free ... Senior National qualifier in the 50 free ... National Merit Semifinalist ... member of National Honor Society. PERSONAL - Lisa Nathanson is the daughter of Robert and Barbara Nathanson … has one sister, Rachel (22) ... majoring in business. CAREER BEST TIMES 50 Free__________________________________________ 22.74 100 Free_________________________________________ 50.59 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:50.88


Lisa Nathanson

Stephanie Rovig

Free • 5-8 • Sophomore Houston, Texas • Langham Creek

2008-09 (FRESHMAN) - Swam to a sixth place finish in the 200 free relay (1:36.85) at the 2008 Mizzou Invite … currently sixth all-time at Mizzou in 200 free (1:50.65) … holds the fourth best time in Mizzou history in the 1000 free (10:09.31) and ninth-best in the 1650 free (17:06.84) ... finished first in the 200 free against Iowa State and first in the 1000 free in a meet with Iowa. FRESHMAN - Swam to a sixth place finish in the 200 free relay (1:36.85) at the 2008 Mizzou Invite … currently sixth all-time at Mizzou in the 200 free (1:50.65) … holds the fourth-best time in Mizzou history in the 1000 free (10:09.31) and ninth-best in the 1650 free (17:06.84)

HIGH SCHOOL - Finalist in the 100 and 200 free at the 2007 Junior Nationals … six-time High School All-American ... 2006 and 2007 USA Swimming Academic All-American ... district and regional champion in the 100 and 200 free ... garnered all-state honors her junior and senior seasons ... finished third in state in the 200 free during her junior year … holds school records in the 200 and 500 free and 400 free relay … swam club for Head Coach Clayton Cagle of the Fleet Swim Team … part of club record-breaking 800 free relay squad. PERSONAL - Stephanie Rovig is the daughter of Joe and Margaret Rovig … has one sibling, sister Cassie (13) … majoring in communication … minoring in journalism. CAREER BEST TIMES 100 Free_________________________________________ 51.80 200 Free_______________________________________ 1:50.65

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 53

Dominique Bouchard Back/IM • 5-9 • Freshman

NorthBay,Ont.•EcoleSecondaireCatholiqueAlgonquin HIGH SCHOOL - 2008 finalist at Canadian Olympic trials … competed for Canada’s Senior National team in 2009 … currently ranked second in Canada for 200 back (SCM) and third in 200 back (LCM) silver medalist at the Tri-Nations in the 200 back (LCM) … bronze medalist at the British Grand Prix in the 200 back (SCM) … competed for team Ontario … competed in the 2007 Paul Bergan International and earned the Bronze medal in the 200 back (SCM) … 2008 Charlotte Grand Prix finalist … swam for Cliff Noth of the North Bay Titans … 2009 recipient of the Science Award ... 2008 silver medalist for the second highest grade average. PERSONAL - Dominique Bouchard is the daughter of Yvan and Marise Bouchard … majoring in biology … aspires to go to medical school.

Getting to Know Dominique

Caitlin Connor

Free • 5-11 • Freshman Hinsdale, Ill. • Hinsdale Central

HIGH SCHOOL - Placed third at the 2008 Illinois State Championships in the 200 free, 500 free, 200 free relay and 400 free relay … holds the conference record in the 200 free … Hinsdale Central High School record holder in the 200 free relay and 400 free relay … nine-time All- American … MVP for 2008 and 2009 … captain her senior year … swam for Coach Matt Rowe of the Hinsdale Swim Club … received the West Suburban Conference Academic Award. PERSONAL - Caitlin Connor is the daughter of Scott and Yamina Connor … has one brother, Stephan (25) and one sister, Meghan (22) … majoring in criminology and psychology.

Getting to Know Caitlin

Why Mizzou: The facilities, team, coaches and campus.

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Ingredient

Favorite holiday: Fourth of July

Favorite holiday: Christmas...yum turkey!

Favorite musician: Pink

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Chipotle

Dream vacation spot: Australia or Italy

Dream vacation spot: Greece or the Bahamas

If could have any super power what would it be: Shape shifting so I could do everything

Biggest role model growing up: My mom and dad Most memorable athletic moment: Making the Senior “B” Canadian National Team this past summer

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 54

Most memorable athletic moment: The 400 free relay at state finals my senior year

Cassie Cunningham Back • 5-7 • Freshman Pflugerville, Texas • Pflugerville

Sharon Finn

Diving • 5-5 • Freshman San Antonio, Texas • Churchill

HIGH SCHOOL - Competed at the 2006 Texas State Championships in the 200 medley relay, 400 free relay and 100 back … earned all-state and All-American honors in 2006 … holds the Pflugerville High School record in the 100 back … State Champion in the 200 medley relay in 2006 and 2007 … took fourth place in the 100 back at the 2007 State Championships … swam for Aubrey Knapper of the Texas Gold.

HIGH SCHOOL - Was a diver for Coach Craig Nolder of the San Antonio Divers … finished fifth in the 1-meter at the 2007 Texas State Championship … finished sixth on the 1-meter (nine dives) and finished ninth on the 3-meter (nine dives) at the 2007 AAU Nationals ... member of the National Honor Society … Academic All- American … graduated Summa Cum Laude.

PERSONAL - Cassie Cunningham is the daughter of Rory and Sandra Cunningham … has one brother, Ryan (27) … majoring in hotel management … aspires to own a hotel.

PERSONAL - Sharon Finn is the daughter of Thomas and Gail Finn … has one brother, Brian (20) … majoring in nursing.

Getting to Know Cassie

Getting to Know Sharon

Why Mizzou: The team, coaches and pool. Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving Favorite Columbia Restaurant: El Rancho Something people don’t know about me: I have a blind pug Biggest role model growing up: Lance Armstrong Most memorable athletic moment: Signing with Missouri

Why Mizzou: It has great nursing and diving programs. Favorite TV show: House Favorite holiday: Christmas Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Noodles and Company Dream vacation spot: Ireland Something people don’t know about me: I was born and lived in Hawaii Most memorable athletic moment: Finaling at Senior Nationals

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 55

Lauren Mason

Sprint Free • 6-0 • Freshman Marshalltown, Iowa • Marshalltown

Amanda Masters IM/Breast • 6-0 • Freshman St. Louis, Mo. • Timberland

HIGH SCHOOL - Earned all-state honors as a senior in the 200 IM and the 200 free relay ... all-state selection in the 200 free, 200 free relay and the 400 free relay in 2006 and 2007 ... received All-America consideration in the 200 free relay in 2007 and 2008.

HIGH SCHOOL - Qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials in the the 100 breast ... was a senior national qualifier in the 100 breast, 200 breast and 200 IM ... Missouri State Champion in the 100 breast and 200 IM … swam for Mary Liston of Rockford Swim Club.

PERSONAL - Lauren Mason is the daughter of Mike and Jackie Mason ... has a sister, Allison (28), and a brother, Patrick (23) ... undecided on a major.

PERSONAL - Amanda Masters is the daughter of Frank and Grace Masters ... has one brother, David (16), and one sister, Mary Grace (13) ... father played minor league baseball in the Oakland Athletics organization ... mother played basketball at UM-Saint Louis ... intends to major in graphic design.

Getting to Know Lauren

Getting to Know Amanda

Why Mizzou: I love the school and team

Why Mizzou: To be a Tiger

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite TV show: Tom & Jerry

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Addison’s

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii

Dream vacation spot: Alps of Switzerland

Favorite musician: Rascal Flatts

Favorite musician: Thom Yorke

Biggest role model growing up: My parents have always been my biggest role models

Biggest role model growing up: My mom and sister Most memorable athletic moment: My team getting second in state two years in a row

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 56

If could have any super power what would it be: I wish I could teleport myself anywhere so I would never be late

Sasha Menu Courey Sprint Free • 5-9 • Freshman Toronto, Can. • Michael Power St. Joseph

HIGH SCHOOL - Qualified for the 2008 Canadian Senior National Championships in the 400 free relay, 50 free, 100 free, 100 back, 50 breast and 50 back … placed ninth in the 100 IM during the Canadian Senior National Championships… swam for Coach Brent Aquim of the Etobicoke … received the bilingual diploma in 2008. PERSONAL - Sasha Menu Carey is the daughter of Mike Menu and Lynn Courey … has one sister, Kayla (17) … majoring in Psychology … aspires to become a psychologist and humanitarian aid worker.

Ashley Paterson

Distance Free • 5-7 • Freshman Indian Harbour Beach, Fla. • Satellite

HIGH SCHOOL - Won the state championship in 400 free relay and finished third in the 200 and 500 free in 2007 … 2006 won state in 200 and 500 free … Senior Nationals qualifier in the 200 and 500 yard free … earned All-America honors in the 200 and 500 free all four years … won the Cape Coast Conference 200 and 500 free all four years of high school … named team MVP her freshman, sophomore and junior years … swam for coaches John Hughes and Wes Herald of the Brevard Swim Club … on high school’s dean’s list … Scholastic All-American … member of the National Honor Society. PERSONAL - Ashley Paterson is the daughter of Bob and Nancy Paterson … has one brother, Brent (21) … majoring in nursing … aspires to be a nurse for the U.S. Navy.

Getting to Know Sasha

Getting to Know Ashley

Why Mizzou: Amazing coaches and team and an up and-coming program

Why Mizzou: I loved the coaching staff and felt like they would help me achieve all my goals

Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl, Friends, 90210

Favorite TV show: 24

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Panera

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Addison’s

Dream vacation spot: Any beach

Dream vacation spot: Italy or Australia

Biggest role model growing up: Catherine Lee-Ha (fellow swimmer)

Biggest role model growing up: My older brother Brent

Most memorable athletic moment: Making the Canadian Junior National Team in 2007

Most memorable athletic moment: Winning state in the 200 and 500 free as a freshman and getting my first Senior National Team cut at the same time

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 57

Rachel Ripley

Breast/IM • 5-8 • Freshman Tempe, Ariz. • McClintock

HIGH SCHOOL - Won the Arizona state championship in 100 breast her junior and senior seasons … holds McClintock records in the 50, 100 and 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back, 100 fly, 200 IM and three relay events … earned All-America honors in the 100 breast her sophomore, junior and senior years … named team MVP her sophomore, junior and senior seasons … swam for coach Dave Tait at the Rio Salado Swim Club. PERSONAL - Rachel Ripley is the daughter of Rich and Melissa Ripley … has one brother, Erik (17) … mother swam at Arizona State and is a swimming coach … plans to major in fashion merchandising and product development at MU.

Getting to Know Rachel

Sydney Schaefer Sprint Free • 6-2 • Freshman Hinsdale, Ill. • Hinsdale Central

HIGH SCHOOL - Junior National qualifier in the 50 free, 100 free, 400 free relay, 200 free relay, 800 free relay and 400 medley relay … four time All- American … holds Hinsdale Central High School records in the 200 free relay and 400 free relay … placed third in the 200 free relay and 400 free relay at the Ohio State Championships … swam for Coach Adam Cremieux of the Westmont Swim Club … holds club records in the 400 free relay, 200 free relay and 800 free relay … attended the same high school as teammate Caitlin Connor. PERSONAL - Sydney Schaefer is the daughter of John and Laurie Schaefer … has one brother, John (22) … majoring in education … brother swam for Villanova.

Getting to Know Sydney

Favorite TV show: Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

Why Mizzou: I loved the team, atmosphere and coaches

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite TV show: The Office and Entourage

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Panera

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Dream vacation spot: Dubai

Favorite Columbia Restaurant: Panera

Biggest role model growing up: My mom

Favorite musician: Keith Urban.

Something people don’t know about me: I didn’t know how to pump gas for six months after I got my car

Dream vacation spot: Australia

Most memorable athletic moment: Getting my Olympic Trials cut last summer

Most memorable athletic moment: Finishing second at state in high school

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 58

Biggest role model growing up: My brother

Brigette Selbert Free/Back • 6-0 • Freshman St. Louis, Mo. • Mehlville

HIGH SCHOOL - Took second at the 2009 state championships in the 200 and 500 free … tied to break record in 500 during state prelims … 2008 Junior National Champion in the 400 free relay and placed second in 800 free relay … swam for Coach Nick Rudich of the Parkway Swim Club … National Honor Society Student of the Month. PERSONAL - Brigette Selbert is the daughter of Bill and Barb Selbert … has one sister, Brittnie (23) … father, Bill, played baseball at Missouri State.

Getting to Know Brigette Why Mizzou: The pool, people and coaches Favorite TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Favorite holiday: Christmas Favorite Columbia Restaurant: The Underground Cafe Dream vacation spot: California Biggest role model growing up: My sister, Brittnie Something people don’t know about me: I like the hiccups Most memorable athletic moment: Breaking the 500 free record at state in 2009

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 59

Favorites Movie: Forrest Gump TV Show: Hannah Montana Holiday: Christmas Musician: Carrie Underwood Columbia restaurant: Sparky’s Ice Cream

Molly Bollen

Dream vacation spot: Anywhere there is a beach! Most memorable moment as an athlete: Winning High School State in 100 fly my senior year If you could have any superpower what would it be: Be able to teleport so I could travel anywhere. If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Batman Why did you choose Mizzou: Family atmosphere

Favorites Movie: P.S. I Love You TV Show: CSI Holiday: Christmas Musician: Dave Matthews Band Columbia restaurant: Addison’s

Kim Jasmer

Dream vacation spot: Greece Most memorable moment as an athlete: When I anchored the King Aquatics 4x100 medley relay at 2007 Summer Nationals and we won the event, outtouching Texas and Arizona. If you could have any superpower what would it be: The ability to fly so I could fly to the beach and be back for a workout If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Poison Ivy Why did you choose Mizzou: Mizzou has the potential to be a top-10 team and I wanted to help the program reach its potential

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 60

Favorites Movie: CRASH TV Show: House Holiday: Christmas Musician: Dave Matthew’s Band Columbia restaurant: Murry’s

Colleen Gordon

Most memorable moment as an athlete: Finaling at the US Open If you could have any superpower what would it be: The power to cure all illnesses Name something people don’t know about you: My nickname is grade school was ‘Colleen the Machine’ If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Flash Gordon Why did you choose Mizzou: Team atmosphere

Favorites Movie: Too many to pick one TV Show: One Tree Hill Holiday: Christmas Musician: Jason Aldean Columbia restaurant: D. Rowe’s

Jenny Franzone

Who was your biggest role model growing up? My grandma Why did you choose Mizzou: Diving coach James Sweeny

Melissa Jamerson

Favorites Movie: Ice Age TV Show: Real Housewives of Atlanta Holiday: Christmas Musician: Enrique Iglesias and Frank Sinatra Columbia restaurant: El Rancho

Dream vacation spot: Australia Most memorable moment as an athlete: Getting the school record my freshman year in the 200 fly at Big 12’s If you could have any superpower what would it be: Read minds so I would know when people lie If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Catwoman Why did you choose Mizzou: Journalism school and campus

Morgan McCleery

Favorites Movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days TV Show: The Real Housewives Holiday: Christmas Musician: Jason Aldean Columbia restaurant: El Rancho

Dream vacation spot: Greece If you could have any superpower what would it be: Read minds If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Wonder Woman Something people know know about you: Beating KU at KU! Why did you choose Mizzou: The campus and the team

Lauren Lavigna

Favorites TV Show: Gossip Girl Holiday: Christmas Musician: Keith Urban Columbia restaurant: Addison’s

Dream vacation spot: Anywhere warm with a beach Most memorable moment as an athlete: Placing 12th at Worlds and breaking the Canadian record If you could have any superpower what would it be: Be able to eat whatever I want and not get sick or fat Why did you choose Mizzou: The great team, campus and coaching staff

Favorites Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom TV Show: Bones Holiday: Halloween Musician: Eve 6 Columbia restaurant: El Maguey

Mary Sheahan

Dream vacation spot: China If you could have any superpower what would it be: Never have to sleep so I would never be tired If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Captain Planet Something people know know about you: I used to want to be an astronaut.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 61

Anastasia Sotiropoulos

Favorites Movie: Anything with Robert Downey, Jr. TV Show: Real Housewives of Orange County Holiday: Christmas Musician: Celine Dion Columbia restaurant: Dollar Burgers

Dream vacation spot: Argentina Someting people don’t know about you: I can do the worm If you could have any superpower what would it be: Invisible If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Why did you choose Mizzou: To get a different experience

Favorites Movie: Little Miss Sunshine TV Show: Anything on Bravo Holiday: Fourth of July Musician: Jason Aldean Columbia restaurant: Noodles & Company

Abby Zepeda

Dream vacation spot: Costa Rica Most memorable moment as an athlete: Senior Zones the summer of 2009 with the divers in Minnesota If you could have any superpower what would it be: Invisibility If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Cat Woman Why did you choose Mizzou: Loved campus and the really cool diving coach

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 62

Favorites Movie: Pride and Prejudice TV Show: Golden Girls Holiday: Thanksgiving Musician: Led Zeppelin Columbia restaurant: Cafe Berlin

Francie Szostak

Dream vacation spot: Woodstock during the summer of 1969 Most memorable moment as an athlete: The 800 free relay my freshman year If you could have any superpower what would it be: Be able to eat unlimited amounts of food If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Bellatrix Lestrange Why did you choose Mizzou: I loved the team

Leah Cowperthwaite

Favorites Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo TV Show: Law & Order: CI and SVU Holiday: Halloween Musician: Bob Dylan

Dream vacation spot: The Shire from The Lord of the Rings. Most memorable moment as an athlete: When Stephanie Rovig missed a 50 on the 400 free relay at Kansas and still almost beat the KU “C” relay. If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Lucius Malfoy

Favorites Movie: The Notebook TV Show: Gossip Girl and The Office Holiday: Christmas Musician: Coldplay Columbia restaurant: Loli Cup

Emy DiBenigno

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii Most memorable moment as an athlete: My 200 breaststroke at Big 12’s If you could have any superpower what would it be: To stop time. Then my times would be super fast  because I could stop at each wall until I was ready to keep swimming Who was your biggest role model growing up: My sister, Julia Why did you choose Mizzou: The team, coaches and campus

Favorites TV Show: The Office Holiday: Christmas Musician: Rascal Flatts Columbia restaurant: Ingredient

Christina Gailey

Dream vacation spot: New Zealand Most memorable moment as an athlete: 2007 summer senior zones If you could have any superpower what would it be: Be able to control time Who was your biggest role model growing up: My big sister If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Spiderman Why did you choose Mizzou: The team and facilities

Kayla Durnil

Favorites Movie: Forrest Gump TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants Holiday: Christmas Musician: Carrie Underwood Columbia restaurant: House of Chow

Dream vacation spot: Fiji Most memorable moment as an athlete: Winning Big 12’s as a freshman If you could have any superpower what would it be: Teleport If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Buzz Lightyear Why did you choose Mizzou: The team, pool and it is my hometown

Jordan Morcom

Favorites Movie: Blue Crush TV Show: The City Holiday: Christmas Musician: Jason Aldean Columbia restaurant: D. Rowes and Taqueria

Dream vacation spot: Jamaica Most memorable moment as an athlete: Winning summer nationals my first time If you could have any superpower what would it be: Read peoples minds Name something people don’t know about you: I’m Maltese Why did you choose Mizzou: The facilities and coaches

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 63

Favorites Movie: Finding Nemo TV Show: The Office Columbia location: MizzouRec

Lisa Nathanson

Dream vacation spot: Australia Most memorable moment as an athlete: Competing at the 2008 Olympic Trials If you could have any superpower what would it be: Fly If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Spiderman Something people don’t know about you: When I first joined my swim team my nickname was “Shrimpy Shaky” Why did you choose Mizzou: I loved the team and campus

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 64

Stephanie Rovig

Favorites Movie: Pride and Prejudice TV Show: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Holiday: Christmas Musician: Ghostland Observatory Columbia restaurant: Murry’s

Dream vacation spot: Greece Most memorable moment as an athlete: Singing behind the blocks with my relay team at duel meets. If you could have any superpower what would it be: An endless stomach so I could eat forever If you could be any hero or villain who would it be: Wormtail Why did you choose Mizzou: The girls are SO awesome.

2008-09 Season in Review

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 65

Jeff Hendricks

2008-09 Men’s Review

While the 2007-08 season was the most historic year in terms of the dual record for the Missouri men’s swimming and diving team, it will be the 2008-09 campaign that will live on as arguably the best in the history of the program. Despite just a 2-5 dual record, the Tiger men battled neck-and-neck with some of the country’s best teams, while completely rewriting the record books and posting the program’s first-ever second-place finish at the 2009 Big 12 Championships. The men opened the season with a No. 21 national ranking and welcomed four other teams from across the state to compete in the fourth annual Show-Me Showdown. The Tigers won 12 of the 16 events while putting up 393 points to secure their fourth-straight Show-Me Showdown title. Junior Martin Cernansky recorded his first two victories of the season, while junior Greg DeStephen took first place on the 3-meter springboard. The following week, the Tigers headed to Lawrence, Kan., to face Texas A&M in the team’s first dual meet and to compete in the Big 12 Relays. On Thursday, Mizzou took on the No. 18 Aggies, and pulled off the upset by a 143.5-90.5 total. The next day the Tigers took to the pool with both the Aggies and the Texas Longhorns for the annual Big 12 Relays. For only the second time in program history, the men finished in second place, scoring 92 points. They won three events on the day, including the 150-breast relay, 300-breast relay and the 100-medley relay. DeStephen and Dante Jones teamed up for a relay-style diving event, taking first-place in the 1-meter and second on the 3-meter, respectively. After two weeks off, the men returned to dual action and traveled to Carbondale, Ill., for a battle with Southern Illinois. The Salukis proved to be no contest for the Tigers, who moved up to No. 20 in the rankings. Mizzou won 10 of the first 11 swimming events before exhibitioning the last three. The Tigers swept the diving events and rolled over SIU, 181.5-110.5. The Tigers traveled to Louisville, Ky., the next weekend for a special two-day dual meet with Louisville, where the teams would compete in every standard event. Though Missouri fought hard, it could not overcome a tough Louisville squad, falling, 218-135. The only victories for Missouri during the session came from the diving well, where Jones and DeStephen went 1-2 again, with Jones taking gold on the 1-meter. The men closed out the 2008 portion of their season with the first-ever Mizzou Invite, a three-day event held over the course of the first weekend in December. Five other programs joined Mizzou, who found itself in second after the first day. Over the three days, the men set 22 new top-10 times, which included two school records. After a month-long break, the men returned to the pool for a road dual against No. 24 Kentucky at the University of Arkansas’ pool in Fayetteville, Ark. Though Missouri captured nine victories on the day, the Tigers still fell short by a slim, 152148, margin. No. 25 Missouri then traveled to Bloomington, Ind., the following weekend for a tri-meet against two top-10 teams, Ohio State and Indiana. Indiana defeated Mizzou, 239-61, while the Buckeyes secured a 246-54 victory. Two weeks later, the Tigers made their way to Iowa City, Iowa, to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes in their last dual meet of the season. The men hung close, but Iowa

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 66

had some big swims late to hold off the Tigers, 166-134. Missouri finished the dual season with a 2-5 record. Though the dual season had come to an end, the season was far from over for the Tiger men. While it wasn’t an NCAA event, several Tigers swam in Missouri Grand Prix, held at their home pool in mid-February. After another two-week layoff, the event the Tigers had been preparing for all year was finally here – the 2009 Big 12 Championships, held at Missouri’s home pool. Day one saw the Tigers break school records in both relays and on the men’s 1-meter springboard, kicking off what would be an unbelievable weekend. The 200- medley relay team of Jan Konarzewski, Cernansky, Gilad Kaufman and Jordan Hawley took third place, finishing in 1:27.71. The time was good for an NCAA “B” cut provisional time and broke the old school record of 1:30.06, set back in 1995. Later, the 800-freestyle relay team of Cameron Sellers, sophomore Jeff Hendricks, senior Matt Dahlke and senior Jake Hoffmann broke the record with their second-place finish, racing in 6:31.90. DeStephen also set the school record on the 1-meter with a score of 363.65, breaking the old school record 355.95 and beating out his old personal best by over 22 points. The men set three more school records on the second day of action, along with several all-time top-10 times, including four in the 500 free. Spenser Lauver posted the third-best time in the event during the preliminaries with a time of 4:27.27, then went on to finish sixth in the race during the finals session. Dahlke’s finals time of 4:28.32 gave him a seventh-place finish while recording the fourth-best time in school history. The fifth-fastest time in school history came at the hands of Hendricks, who finished 10th with his time of 4:28.49. Senior Brad Hubbard’s top-10 time came in the preliminaries, touching in 4:30.52. He went on to finish 11th in the finals. In the 50 free, Hawley broke a 16-year-old Missouri record. The Plano, Texas, native earned an impressive fourth-place finish in 19.72, good for an NCAA “B” cut time. Hawley’s time broke the old school mark of 19.93, set by Roger Alvarenga in 1995. Bryan Difford, who previously held the second-best 200 IM time ever at Missouri, posted a new school record in the morning preliminaries. His recordbreaking time of 1:47.17 put him into the finals, where he went on to finish eighth. The men shut the door on day two with the 400-medley relay as two Tiger teams posted a new school record and the second-fastest time in program history to finish off the evening. Konarzewski, Cernansky, Kaufman and Hawley teamed up to set their second record in as many days, while seniors Byron Carlisle, Eric Smith, Ted Harris and Difford posted a time of 3:17.00 for the second-best time in Missouri history during the second heat. After finishing the day 24 points behind second-place Texas A&M, the Tigers significantly closed the gap after day three as they sat just nine points behind the Aggies. Continuing the theme from the previous two days, the Tigers broke five more school records and set 18 new top-10 times. DeStephen set his second school record of the meet, totaling an astonishing 407.55 points on the 3-meter, becoming the first Missouri diver to ever break the 400-point total in the current six-dive setup. Kaufman broke the school record in the 100 fly, while Dahlke did the same in the 200 free. Cernansky broke the school record in the 100 breast, with Harris, Difford and freshman Scott Martin all posting

Spenser Lauver

2008-09 Men’s Review top-10 times in the same event. The fourth and final day of the Big 12 Championships saw the Tigers complete something they had never accomplished before. The men scored major points on the final day of action pulling ahead of Texas A&M and giving Missouri its first-ever second-place finish. The Mizzou men fought hard throughout the day, overcoming an Aggie team that went up by 41 points early into the finals session. Finishes of third, fourth, sixth and seventh in the mile helped the Tigers pull back within 19 going into the 200 breast, the men’s best event. After the 200 breast, led by Cernansky’s record-breaking performance, the Tigers were within just six points. The 200 fly followed, and with Kaufman’s school record and Lauver and Smith’s top-eight finishes, the Tigers took the lead and never looked back. They officially clinched second-place with DeStephen’s record-shattering performance on the platform dive, scoring 443.50 to beat the old record by 62 points. Over the course of the historic weekend, the Tiger men set 40 new top-10 times, broke 16 school records and posted eight NCAA “B” cut times. After a week off, the divers were back in action with the Zones as they looked to qualify for the NCAA’s. Though neither DeStephen or Jones were able to qualify, both posted impressive scores over the course of the three-day event. During the first day, Jones scored a 352.00 on the 1-meter, the third-highest at MU. He followed that up the next day with a 388.25 on the 3-meter, good for the second-best score in Missouri history. DeStephen finished in third on the platform on the final day after posting 342.65 during the prelims and 327.80 during the finals. Though the Tiger men did not send anyone to the NCAA’s, they were extremely close in many instances. More importantly, however, is how the Tigers proved that they are not only a force in the Big 12, but that they can also hang with the best the nation has to offer. With numerous big names returning for the 2009-10 season, along with another solid recruiting class by the coaching staff, the Tigers will be in great shape to continue and improve on the success that they built this past year.

2008-09 Men’s Team Awards

Team MVP____________________________ Gilad Kaufman Diver of the Year______________________Greg DeStephen Most Improved Swimmer________________ Spenser Lauver Newcomer of the Year__________________Jan Konarzewski Top Big 12 Performer___________________Greg DeStephen Michael J. Pohlkamp Enthusiasm Award______ Jake Hoffman Big 12 Swimmer of the Week_ ______Cameron Sellers (Oct.) ___________________________ Martin Cernasky (Feb. 18) Academic All-Big 12 First Team_______________ Matt Burns ___________________________________ Martin Cernasky _______________________________________Matt Dahlke ___________________________________Greg DeStephen ________________________________________ Ted Harris ____________________________________ Jordan Hawley ____________________________________ Jacob Hoffman _____________________________________ Brad Hubbard ____________________________________ Gilad Kaufman Academic All-Big 12 Second Team__________ Byron Carlisle ________________________________________ Eric Smith CSCAA All-American in Academics_________ Jordan Hawley ____________________________________ Gilad Kaufman

Adam Abernathy

2008-09 Men’s Results Date




Oct. 18

Show-Me Showdown

Columbia, Mo.

Oct. 23

Texas A&M

Lawrence, Kan.

1st, 393 pts.

Oct. 24

Big 12 Relays

Lawrence, Kan.

2nd, 92 pts.

Nov. 11

Southern Illinois

Carbondale, Ill.

W, 181.5-110.5

Nov. 14-15


Louisville, Ky.

L, 218-135

Dec. 5-7

Mizzou Invite

Columbia, Mo.

1st, 921 pts.

W, 143.5-90.5

Jan. 10


Fayetteville, Ark.

L, 152-148

Jan. 17


Bloomington, Ind.

L, 239-61

Ohio State

Bloomington, Ind.

Jan. 31


Iowa City, Iowa

L, 166-134

Feb. 25-28

Big 12 Championships

Columbia, Mo.

2nd, 810.5 pts.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 68

L, 246-54

Martin Cernasky

2008-09 Men’s Top Times

50 Freestyle Jordan Hawley___________________ 19.72 (02/26/09) Gilad Kaufman___________________ 20.12 (02/26/09) Dave Dorak_____________________ 20.67 (02/26/09) Jack Dwyer_____________________ 20.67 (12/05/08) Matt Burns______________________ 20.88 (02/26/09)

200 Backstroke Jan Konarzewski________________1:46.11 (02/28/09) Jake Hoffmann_ _______________ 1:46.36 (02/28/09) John Higgins__________________ 1:48.03 (02/28/09) Byron Carlisle_ ________________ 1:50.04 (02/28/09) Adam Abernathy_______________ 1:52.19 (02/28/09)

200 Free Relay Hawley, Martin, Difford, Hoffmann____ 1:20.17 (02/27/09) Kaufmann, Dwyer, Dorak, Burns_____ 1:21.30 (02/27/09) Hawley, Dwyer, Martin, Difford______ 1:21.53 (12/05/08) Hawley, Kaufman, Sellers, Dwyer____ 1:22.95 (01/10/09) Harris, Sellers, Hendricks, Dahlke____ 1:23.25 (12/05/08)

100 Freestyle Jordan Hawley___________________ 44.01 (02/28/09) Bryan Difford____________________ 45.31 (12/07/08) Matt Dahlke_____________________ 45.91 (02/28/09) Jeff Hendricks___________________ 45.92 (02/28/09) Cameron Sellers_________________ 45.94 (02/28/09)

100 Breaststroke Martin Cernansky_ _______________ 54.38 (02/27/09) Ted Harris_ _____________________ 55.42 (02/27/09) Scott Martin_____________________ 55.67 (02/27/09) Bryan Difford____________________ 56.01 (02/27/09) Michael Lopresti_ ________________ 56.65 (02/27/09)

400 Free Relay Hawley, Sellers, Difford, Dahlke_ ____ 2:59.38 (12/07/08) Hawley, Kaufman, Difford, Hoffmann__ 3:00.03 (02/28/09) Hendricks, Dwyer, Martin, Dahlke____ 3:05.31 (12/07/08) Hawley, Dahlke, Sellers, Kaufman_ __ 3:05.72 (11/15/08) Sellers, Hendricks, Hoffmann, Dahlke____ 3:07.90 (10/23/08)

200 Freestyle Matt Dahlke___________________ Cameron Sellers_______________ Jeff Hendricks_________________ Brad Hubbard_ ________________ Matt Burns____________________

1:38.01 (02/27/09) 1:38.16 (12/06/08) 1:38.51 (02/27/09) 1:39.30 (02/27/09) 1:40.44 (02/27/09)

200 Breaststroke Martin Cernansky_ _____________ Ted Harris_ ___________________ Bryan Difford__________________ Michael Lopresti_ ______________ Scott Martin___________________

1:57.69 (02/28/09) 2:01.00 (12/07/08) 2:01.59 (02/28/09) 2:02.82 (02/28/09) 2:06.24 (02/28/09)

800 Free Relay Sellers, Hendricks, Dahlke, Hoffmann____ 6:31.90 (02/25/09) Sellers, Dahlke, Harris, Hendricks____ 6:38.71 (12/06/08) Martin, Hoffmann, Lauver, Hubbard_ _ 6:50.87 (12/06/08) Sellers, Hubbard, Harris, Dahlke_____ 6:53.90 (10/24/08) Rose, Higgins, Burns, Hunt_________ 7:15.61 (10/24/08)

500 Freestyle Cameron Sellers_______________ Spenser Lauver________________ Matt Dahlke___________________ Jeff Hendricks_________________ Brad Hubbard_ ________________

4:24.91 (12/05/08) 4:27.27 (02/26/09) 4:28.32 (02/26/09) 4:28.49 (02/26/09) 4:30.52 (02/26/09)

100 Butterfly Gilad Kaufman___________________ 48.01 (02/27/09) David Dorak_____________________ 48.20 (02/27/09) Scott Martin_____________________ 48.49 (02/27/09) Eric Smith_ _____________________ 48.55 (02/27/09) Jan Konarzewski_________________ 49.44 (02/27/09)

200 Medley Relay Konarzewski, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley___ 1:27.71 (02/25/09) Konarzewski, Difford, Kaufman, Dahlke__ 1:30.93 (12/06/08) Carlisle, Harris, Smith, Burns_ ______ 1:31.01 (02/25/09) Higgins, Lopresti, Martin, Dwyer_____ 1:31.07 (02/25/09) Hoffmann, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley___ 1:31.69 (11/15/08)

1000 Freestyle Spenser Lauver________________ 9:17.70 (02/28/09) Brad Hubbard_ ________________ 9:40.14 (01/31/09) John Hunt_ __________________ 10:01.33 (10/08/08) John Higgins_________________ 10:16.10 (10/08/08) Adam Abernathy______________ 10:46.83 (10/08/08)

200 Butterfly Gilad Kaufman_________________ David Dorak___________________ Cameron Sellers_______________ Spenser Lauver________________ Eric Smith_ ___________________

1650 Freestyle Spenser Lauver_______________ Cameron Sellers______________ Matt Dahlke__________________ Brad Hubbard_ _______________ John Hunt_ __________________

15:20.87 (02/28/09) 15:44.14 (02/28/09) 15:59.45 (02/28/09) 16:06.81 (02/28/09) 16:12.46 (02/28/09)

200 IM Bryan Difford__________________ 1:47.17 (02/26/09) Scott Martin___________________ 1:48.67 (02/26/09) Jake Hoffmann_ _______________ 1:49.49 (12/05/08) Eric Mazcko____________________ 1:51.83 (2/26/09) Ted Harris_ ___________________ 1:52.18 (12/05/08)

100 Backstroke Jake Hoffmann_ _________________ 49.08 (02/27/09) Byron Carlisle_ __________________ 49.44 (02/27/09) Jan Konarzewski_________________ 49.71 (02/27/09) John Higgins____________________ 50.15 (02/27/09) Eric Maczko_____________________ 50.55 (02/27/09)

400 IM Martin Cernansky_ _____________ 3:55.96 (02/27/09) Jake Hoffmann_ _______________ 4:01.60 (02/27/09) Eric Maczko___________________ 4:02.83 (02/27/09) Bryan Difford___________________4:11.06 (11/15/08) Ted Harris_ ____________________4:15.53 (11/15/08)

1:47.03 (02/28/09) 1:48.94 (02/28/09) 1:49.63 (12/07/08) 1:49.71 (02/28/09) 1:50.51 (02/28/09)

400 Medley Relay Konarzewski, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley___ 3:15.33 (02/26/09) Carlisle, Harris, Smith, Difford_______ 3:17.00 (02/26/09) Hoffmann, Harris, Dorak, Hendricks__ 3:23.45 (12/05/08) Hoffmann, Harris, Kaufman, Dahlke__ 3:25.94 (10/18/08) Hoffmann, Harris, Smith, Sellers_____ 3:26.03 (01/10/09) 1-Meter Diving Greg DeStephen_________________ Dante Jones_ ___________________ Ryan Meeker____________________ Jeff Wolfert_ ____________________

433.50 (02/25/09) 339.95 (01/10/09) 278.18 (01/31/09) 272.85 (02/25/09)

3-Meter Diving Greg DeStephen__________________377.77 (11/07/08) Dante Jones_ ___________________ 360.55 (12/06/08) Ryan Meeker____________________ 274.80 (01/31/09) Platform Diving Greg DeStephen_________________ 363.70 (12/07/08) Dante Jones_ ___________________ 310.25 (12/07/08) Ryan Meeker____________________ 218.40 (12/07/08)

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 69

2008-09 Women’s Review

After ascending onto the national scene in 2007-08, the Tigers showed they were a forece to be reckoned with in 2008-09. Though their dual record was only 5-5, they took many nationally-ranked teams down to the wire, broke numerous school records and, most importantly, sent seven competitors to the 2009 NCAA Championships, an all-time high for the program. The Tiger women opened up the 2008-09 campaign with a No. 18 ranking and a dominating first-place finish at the Show-Me Showdown. The team won 14 of the 16 events and finished with 381 points, 36 ahead of second place Drury. The next weekend, the women traveled to Lawrence, Kan., for a dual meet against the Texas A&M Aggies, followed by the annual Big 12 Relays. The Aggies, ranked ninth in the country, handed the Tigers their first loss of the young season, winning, 134-104. The following day, the Tigers tied for third place at the Big 12 Relays, scoring 62 points to put them even with Kansas. The women registered seven top-three finishes on the day, led by the third-place finish in the 1500-free relay by seniors Jill Granger and Carly Sullivan and junior Colleen Gordon. Kendra Melnychuk and Jordan Morcom teamed up for a relay-style diving event and took gold on the 3-meter. The No. 21 Tigers took on the same Jayhawks the following weekend at their home pool and evened up their dual record with an impressive 173.5-121.5 victory over their arch rivals. After a much-needed week off, the Tigers traveled to Louisville, Ky., and took on the Louisville Cardinals for two days of action. The women entered the second day down only five points, but Louisville won some big events down the stretch to take the victory. The Tigers returned to the pool for the Mizzou Invite during the first weekend in December and rolled through the meet, taking first place with 1,279 points while breaking five school records and setting 26 new top-10 times over the three-day event. The 2009 portion of the season opened with a tri-meet against No. 22 Arkansas and Kentucky. The No. 23 women fought tough, but dropped both competitions, losing 159-141, to Arkansas and 154-144, to Kentucky. The following weekend brought another tri-meet, this time in Big Ten country. Missouri battled back-and-forth with No. 14 Indiana, but ultimately fell to the powerhouse by a 161-139 final. However, the Tigers earned their first victory since beating Kansas in early November as they routed the Ohio State Buckeyes, 207-93. Iowa State joined the Tigers at the Mizzou Aquatic Center the following weekend for Missouri’s Senior Day. The Tigers bid farewell to the team’s seniors and to the Cyclones with an impressive 178-117 win. Missouri won 11 events on the day, including victories from freshman Stephanie Rovig, the first of her career, Francie Szostak, sophomore Melissa Jamerson and senior Erin Yeager. Morcom and Melnychuk once again split the springboards, with Morcom winning the 1-meter and Melnychuk taking the top spot on the 3-meter. The next weekend, Mizzou registered its third-straight dual win, defeating Iowa, 188-111, after winning 12 of the 16 events.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 70

To close out the regular season, the Tigers secured a dominating 175.5-124.5 victory at Nebraska for their fourth-straight dual win to improve to 5-5 on the season and 3-1 in the Big 12 Conference. With the dual season over, the Tigers turned their attention to the post season. Though not an NCAA event, many Tigers competed in the third-annual Missouri Grand Prix in preparation for the Big 12 Championships. Two weeks later, the Tigers hit the pool for what they had prepared all season for – the Big 12 Championships, hosted at their own Mizzou Aquatic Center. Competition opened up on Wednesday night with two relays, and the Tigers kicked off their historic weekend by setting school records in both the 200-yard medley relay and 800-yard freestyle relay. Day two saw new school records set in every women’s event, starting with Granger’s time of 4:43.98 in the 500 freestyle. Durnil broke the school record in the 200 IM, while Lisa Nathanson did the same in the 50 free. The third day saw the Tiger women set 20 new top-10 times and five more school records, along with a runner-up finish for Melnychuk on the 3-meter springboard. Granger set the school record in the 400 IM, while five new top-10 times were set in the 200 free. The final day naturally turned out to be the most exciting, capped off by Durnil taking gold in the 200 breaststroke. The Columbia, Mo., native posted an NCAA “B” cut time of 2:11.20 as she took the gold in the 200 breast while breaking the school record in front of her hometown crowd. She became the first Missouri Big 12 swimming champion since Rebecca Wolfe took top honors in the 200 fly in 2003. Melnychuk earned her third medal of the weekend as the 2008 Big 12 Platform Champion. As a team, the Tigers finished in third place, scoring 582 points, the most in school history. The following week, the NCAA announced that six Tigers had qualified for the NCAA Championships, the most Missouri qualifiers ever. Missouri also hosted the 2009 NCAA Zone “D” Diving Championships as top divers from across the region took their shot at qualifying for NCAA’s. For the third time in as many years, Melnychuk did just that as the two-time All-American finished in third-place on the 1-meter with a 12-dive total of 582.95 to earn the bronze medal. Since Melnychuk dove on all three boards during Zones, she qualified for each event at NCAA’s, making her the seventh Tiger to qualify for nationals. Just a few short days after Zones concluded, it was time for the Tigers to compete in the NCAA’s. Day one saw Melnychuk post her highest finish ever in the 1-meter at the NCAA Championships. The three-time NCAA Qualifier posted a score of 266.05 during the preliminary round, putting her in 21st place. Melnychuk missed finishing in the top-16 by only 4.50 points. In the competition pool, the Tigers sent four swimmers out to battle in the 500 free. Gordon and Szostak posted very impressive runs, with both finishing right around their career bests. Gordon finished in 41st with a time of 4:45.76, just .34 off of her personal best. Szostak finished in 52nd and only .18 off her career best, racing in 4:48.92.

Lori Halvorson

2008-09 Women’s Review

Finishing off the day for the Tigers was the 400 medley relay. While Missouri did not qualify in the event, they were allowed to compete since they posted an NCAA “B” cut during the season. Durnil and Lori Halvorson joined Lauren Lavigna and Gordon to post a time of 3:41.77, the second-fastest time in school history. Lavigna started off the relay with a time of 54.94 in the backstroke, just .20 off her school record. The second day saw Melnychuk earn her third-ever All-America honor following her historic performance on the 3-meter. The Canadian, who notched a program-best 10th-place finish at last year’s NCAA’s on the platform, became the highest NCAA finisher in Missouri history after coming in eighth with a finals score of 347.85, setting a new school-record in the 3-meter springboard event. Also scoring on the night was Missouri’s 800 freestyle relay team. Halvorson, Granger, Gordon and Szostak combined to finish in 12th-place, racing in a time of 7:09.15. Later, Halvorson posted an impressive run of 1:46.24, putting her in 24th-place overall in the 200 free, less than .85 of a second out of the top-16. The third and final day saw five individuals and two relay teams in action for the Tigers. Lavigna kicked the day off with a 41st-place finish in the 100 back with a time of 1:57.04. Halvorson competed in the 100 back and swam in 50.65, while Durnil placed 38th place in the 200 breast, touching at 2:13.19. Gordon raced in the 1650 free, swimming in a time of 16:33.01. As a team, the Tigers scored 21 points and finished in 28th out of 48 pointscoring teams, making the weekend a memorable one for the Tigers. With four of their NCAA qualifiers returning for the 2009-10 season, along with an impressive incoming class, the Tigers will surely continue their climb to national prominence.

2008-09 Women’s Team Awards

Team MVP_____________________________Lori Halvorson Diver of the Year____________________ Kendra Melnychuk Most Improved Swimmer_________________Lauren Lavigna Newcomer of the Year___________________Jordan Morcom Top Big 12 Performer_______________________Kayla Kurnil Top NCAA Performer_________________ Kendra Melnychuk Bell Memorial Award for Commitment_________ Aimee Hukill Joe Goldfarg Leadership Award_ ___________Lori Halvorson Big 12 Diver of the Month___________Jordan Morcom (Oct.) Big 12 Swimmer of the Week_ ____ Lauren Lavigna (Feb. 18) Academic All-Big 12 First Team____________ Allison Bennett ______________________________________ Molly Bollen _____________________________________Kayla Bowcutt _______________________________________ Lauren Cox _____________________________________ Kirsten David ___________________________ Colleen Gordon (4.0 GPA) _______________________________________ Jill Granger _____________________________________Lori Halvorson ____________________________________Lauren Lavigna ____________________________________ Mary Sheahen _________________________________ Kendra Melnychuk ______________________________________ Kristen Viger Academic All-Big 12 Second Team_______ Coralie Baumann __________________________________Melissa Jamerson __________________________________ Morgan McCleery ___________________________________ Francie Szostak _______________________________________ Erin Yeager CSCAA All-American in Academics______ Kendra Melnychuk ____________________________________Colleen Gordon ____________________________________ Taye Patterson ____________________________________Lauren Lavigna ______________________________________ Arica Jacinto _______________________________________ Jill Granger

Lauren Lavigna

2008-09 Women’s Results Date



Oct. 18

Show-Me Showdown

Columbia, Mo.

Result 1st, 381 pts.

Oct. 23

Texas A&M

Lawrence, Kan.

L. 135-104

Oct. 24

Big 12 Relays

Lawrence, Kan.

T3rd, 62 pts.

Nov. 1


Columbia, Mo.

Nov. 14-15


Louisville, Ky.

Dec. 5-7

Mizzou Invite

Columbia, Mo.

Jan. 10


Fayetteville, Ark.

W, 173.5-121.5 L, 185-168 1st, 1279 pts. L, 159-141


Fayetteville, Ark.

L, 154-144

Jan. 17


Bloomington, Ind.

L, 161-139

Ohio State

Bloomington, Ind.

Jan. 24

Iowa State

Iowa City, Iowa

W, 207-93 W, 188-111

Feb. 7


Lincoln, Neb.

W, 175.5-124.5

Feb. 25-28

Big 12 Championships

Columbia, Mo.

3rd, 582 pts.

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 72

Jill Granger

2008-09 Women’s Top Times

50 Freestyle Lisa Nathanson__________________ 22.74 (02/26/09) Lauren Cox_____________________ 23.43 (02/26/09) Allie Bennett_ ___________________ 23.44 (02/26/09) Stephanie Rovig_ _________________ 23.94 (2/26/09) Lori Halvorson___________________ 23.99 (11/15/08)

200 Backstroke Lauren Lavigna________________ 1:57.10 (02/28/09) Kirsten David__________________ 2:02.93 (02/28/09) Lauren Cox____________________2:03.87 (11/01/08) Lori Halvorson_________________ 2:04.22 (01/24/09) Amber Molina_ _________________2:04.27 (11/01/08)

200 Free Relay Nathanson, Halvorson, Bennett, Szostak___ 1:31.29 (02/27/09) Rovig, Gordon, Cox, DiBenigno_________ 1:33.24 (02/27/09) Bennett, Halvorson, Nathanson, Szostak___ 1:33.35 (12/05/08) Nathanson, Bennett, Cox, Halvorson_ _ 1:34.34 (01/17/09) Nathanson, Halvorson, Cox, Szostak__ 1:35.08 (11/14/08)

100 Freestyle Lori Halvorson___________________ 49.50 (02/28/09) Francie Szostak__________________ 50.13 (02/28/09) Lauren Cox_____________________ 50.38 (02/28/09) Lisa Nathanson__________________ 50.59 (02/28/09) Allie Bennett_ ___________________ 50.60 (02/28/09)

100 Breaststroke Kayla Durnil___________________ Morgan McCleery_ _____________ Erin Yeager___________________ Emy DiBenigno________________ Kayla Bowcutt_________________

400 Free Relay Halvorson, Nathanson, Cox, Szostak__ 3:19.61 (02/28/09) Halvorson, Cox, Nathanson, Bennett_ _ 3:22.94 (12/07/08) Szostak, Cox, Nathanson, Halvorson__ 3:26.13 (11/01/08) Halvorson, Nathanson, Bennett, Szostak_ _ 3:26.15 (11/15/08) Nathanson, Cox, Gordon, Szostak____ 3:26.24 (01/31/09)

200 Freestyle Lori Halvorson_________________ Francie Szostak________________ Colleen Gordon________________ Stephanie Rovig_ ______________ Lisa Nathanson________________

1:45.05 (02/27/09) 1:46.19 (02/27/09) 1:46.92 (02/27/09) 1:50.65 (02/27/09) 1:50.88 (02/27/09)

200 Breaststroke Kayla Durnil____________________2:11.20 (02/28/09) Erin Yeager___________________ 2:14.01 (02/28/09) Morgan McCleery_ _____________ 2:16.31 (02/28/09) Emy DiBenigno________________ 2:17.47 (02/28/09) Aimee Hukill___________________ 2:21.27 (02/28/09)

500 Freestyle Jill Granger_ __________________ Colleen Gordon________________ Francie Szostak________________ Lauren Lavigna________________ Kirsten David__________________

4:43.98 (02/26/09) 4:45.42 (02/26/09) 4:48.74 (02/26/09) 4:48.82 (02/26/09) 4:56.20 (02/26/09)

100 Butterfly Carly Sullivan____________________ 55.12 (02/27/09) Molly Bollen_____________________ 55.55 (02/27/09) Colleen Gordon__________________ 55.78 (02/27/09) Allie Bennett_ ___________________ 55.81 (02/27/09) Melissa Jamerson________________ 56.06 (02/27/09)

1000 Freestyle Colleen Gordon_______________ Stephanie Rovig_ _____________ Jill Granger_ _________________ Carly Sullivan_________________ Lauren Lavigna_______________

10:05.20 (12/07/08) 10:09.31 (01/10/09) 10:10.44 (10/23/08) 10:17.44 (10/23/08) 10:20.90 (01/24/09)

200 Butterfly Jill Granger_ __________________ Melissa Jamerson______________ Anastasia Sotiropolus___________ Carly Sullivan__________________ Coralie Baumann_______________

1:02.06 (02/27/09) 1:02.49 (02/27/09) 1:03.59 (02/27/09) 1:04.29 (02/27/09) 1:05.40 (02/27/09)

1:59.81 (02/28/09) 2:01.44 (01/17/09) 2:03.76 (02/28/09) 2:04.35 (02/28/09) 2:04.60 (02/28/09)

1650 Freestyle Colleen Gordon_______________ 16:28.94 (02/28/09) Carly Sullivan_________________ 16:50.81 (02/28/09) Stephanie Rovig_ _____________ 17:06.84 (01/17/09) Coralie Baumann______________ 17:10.78 (02/27/09) Jill Granger_ __________________17:15.63 (11/15/08)

200 IM Kayla Durnil___________________ 2:00.98 (02/26/09) Lori Halvorson_________________ 2:01.44 (02/26/09) Jill Granger_ __________________ 2:04.05 (12/05/08) Colleen Gordon_________________2:05.57 (11/14/08) Emy DiBenigno________________ 2:06.72 (12/05/08)

100 Backstroke Lauren Lavigna__________________ 54.74 (02/27/09) Lauren Cox_____________________ 56.04 (02/27/09) Kirsten David____________________ 56.52 (02/27/09) Allie Bennett_ ___________________ 56.83 (02/27/09) Francie Szostak__________________ 57.16 (01/24/09)

400 IM Jill Granger_ __________________ 4:13.56 (02/27/09) Kayla Durnil___________________ 4:15.41 (02/27/09) Colleen Gordon_________________4:25.28 (11/15/08) Coralie Baumann_______________ 4:28.70 (02/27/09) Anastasia Sotiropoulos__________ 4:33.68 (12/06/08)

800 Free Relay Halvorson, Gordon, Szostak, Granger___ 7:03.77 (02/25/09) Rovig, Cox, Cowperthwaite, Lavigna___ 7:38.16 (12/06/08) David, Rovig, Lavigna, Jamerson_____ 7:47.45 (10/24/08) 200 Medley Relay Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Nathanson__ 1:40.18 (02/25/09) Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Halvorson_ _ 1:43.50 (12/06/08) Cox, DiBenigno, Bennett, Nathanson____ 1:45.46 (12/06/08) Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Nathanson__ 1:45.67 (01/24/09) Molina, Bowcutt, Bennett, Nathanson_ __ 1:46.48 (11/01/08) 400 Medley Relay Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Halvorson_ _ 3:40.74 (02/26/09) David, Yeager, Sullivan, Bennett______ 3:46.55 (02/26/09) Lavigna, McCleery, Jamerson, Szostak____ 3:51.50 (10/18/08) Szostak, Yeager, Bollen, Bennett_ ____ 3:52.27 (12/05/08) Molina, DiBenigno, Bollen, Nathanson___ 3:53.21 (11/14/08) 1-Meter Diving Kendra Melnychuk_________________ Jordan Morcom___________________ Christina Gailey___________________ Jenny Franzone___________________ Abby Zepeda_____________________

300.60 (02/26/09) 293.10 (12/06/08) 268.70 (12/06/08) 248.85 (10/15/08) 242.85 (02/26/09)

3-Meter Diving Jordan Morcom___________________ Kendra Melnychuk_________________ Christina Gailey___________________ Abby Zepeda_____________________ Jenny Franzone___________________

327.15 (11/15/08) 324.15 (11/15/08) 280.50 (02/07/09) 270.52 (01/24/09) 251.35 (02/27/09)

Platform Diving Kendra Melnychuk_________________ Christina Gailey___________________ Keely Brooks_____________________ Abby Zepeda_____________________

293.70 (12/07/08) 234.45 (12/07/08) 201.75 (12/07/08) 168.90 (02/28/09)

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 73

2008-09 Championship Results Men’s Team

Show-Me-Showdown :: Oct. 18, 2009 :: Columbia, Mo.

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3

Missouri_ _________________________________________ 393 Drury_____________________________________________ 281 Missouri S&T_ ____________________________________ 268.5 Washington University_ _____________________________ 216.5 Lindenwood_ ______________________________________ 189

Big 12 Relays :: Oct. 24, 2009 :: Lawrence, Kan.

Texas_ ____________________________________________117 Missouri_ __________________________________________ 92 Texas A&M_________________________________________ 79

Mizzou Invite :: Dec. 5-7, 2009 :: Columbia, Mo.

Missouri__________________________________________ 921 Iowa____________________________________________ 880.5 Missouri State______________________________________ 672 Missouri S&T_ _____________________________________ 514 Drury____________________________________________ 393.5 Southern Illinois____________________________________ 378

Big 12 Championships :: Feb. 25-28, 2009 Columbia, Mo.

Texas____________________________________________1114 Missouri_________________________________________ 810.5 Texas A&M_______________________________________ 797.5

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 74

Women’s Team

Show-Me-Showdown :: Oct. 18, 2009 :: Columbia, Mo.

1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 3 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 6

Missouri_ _________________________________________ Drury_____________________________________________ Lindenwood_ ______________________________________ Washington University_ ______________________________ Stephens College___________________________________

381 345 252 233 153

Big 12 Relays :: Oct. 24, 2009 :: Lawrence, Kan.

Texas_ ___________________________________________ 102 Texas A&M_________________________________________ 98 Missouri_ __________________________________________ 62 Kansas____________________________________________ 62 Iowa State__________________________________________ 42 Nebraska_ _________________________________________ 28

Mizzou Invite :: Dec. 5-7, 2009 :: Columbia, Mo.

Missouri_________________________________________ 1279 Iowa_____________________________________________ 927 Drury_____________________________________________ 687 Southern Illinois____________________________________ 388 Arkansas_ ________________________________________ 103 Kansas____________________________________________ 96

Big 12 Championships :: Feb. 25-28, 2009 Columbia, Mo.

Texas____________________________________________ Texas A&M________________________________________ Missouri__________________________________________ Kansas___________________________________________ Iowa State_ _______________________________________ Nebraska_________________________________________

893 831 582 493 332 298

Missouri Records and History :: 2009-10

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 75

Spenser Lauver

Men’s Record Book

50 Freestyle 19.72_______Jordan Hawley______________________ 2009 19.93_______Roger Alvarenga_____________________ 1995 19.94_______Bennett Clark_______________________ 2007 20.12_______Gilad Kaufman______________________ 2009 20.24_______Ted Fischer_________________________ 1994 20.28_______Kevin DeForrest_ ____________________ 1979 20.32_______Aaron Lo___________________________ 2001 20.37_______Chris McCrary_______________________ 2005 20.38_______Lance Bohlman______________________ 1996 20.50_______Clay Hedges________________________ 1995

1650 Freestyle 15:20.87_ ___Spenser Lauver_____________________ 2009 15:30.22____Dylan Lynn_ ________________________ 2007 15:33.50____Josh Boyd__________________________ 2002 15:34.05____Dane Pedersen______________________ 2001 15:38.50_ ___Cameron Sellers____________________ 2008 15:41.88____Peter Willett_________________________ 2005 15:45.84____Craig Koenig________________________ 1996 15:49.20____Randall Glazer______________________ 1982 15:50.05____Stephen Durley______________________ 2001 15:51.48____Brandon Lee________________________ 2007

100 Butterfly 48.01_______Gilad Kaufman______________________ 2009 48.20_______Dave Dorak________________________ 2009 48.49_______Scott Martin________________________ 2009 48.52_______Bennett Clark_______________________ 2007 48.53_______Mike Miller__________________________ 1998 48.54_______Ted Fischer_________________________ 1995 48.55_______Eric Smith__________________________ 2009 48.69_______Radu Miclaus_______________________ 2003 49.06_______Scott Halliburton_____________________ 1982 49.07_______Chris McCrary_______________________ 2005

100 Freestyle 43.58_______Bennett Clark_______________________ 2007 44.01_______Jordan Hawley______________________ 2009 44.72_______Roger Alvarenga_____________________ 1995 44.90_______Tyler Belanger_______________________ 2004 44.91_______Aaron Lo___________________________ 2001 44.93_______Kevin DeForrest_ ____________________ 1979 45.06_______Stuart Vogt_________________________ 1986 45.31_______Bryan Difford________________________ 2008 45.36_______Nathan Fenell_______________________ 1996 45.42_______Brian Pearson_______________________ 1985

100 Backstroke 49.00_______Lance Bohlman______________________ 1995 49.08_______Jake Hoffmann_ _____________________ 2009 49.44_______Byron Carlisle_______________________ 2009 49.60_______Chris Lukas_________________________ 2006 49.60_______Matt Ferrarelli_ ______________________ 2001 49.65_______Chris Peters________________________ 1999 49.71_______Jan Konarzewski____________________ 2009 49.89_______Garrett McCaffrey____________________ 2006 49.97_______Travis Floyd_________________________ 2008 50.08_______Radu Miclaus_______________________ 2002

200 Butterfly 1:47.03_____Gilad Kaufman______________________ 2009 1:47.45_____Radu Miclaus_______________________ 2001 1:48.02_____Scott Halliburton_____________________ 1984 1:48.20_____Alex Zasadny_______________________ 2007 1:48.94_ ____Dave Dorak________________________ 2009 1:49.13_____Mike Miller__________________________ 1996 1:49.17_____Brice Grunert________________________ 2007 1:49.19_____Justin Sellers________________________ 2005 1:49.63_____Cameron Sellers_____________________ 2008 1:49.71_ ____Spenser Lauver_____________________ 2009

200 Freestyle 1:38.00_ ____Cameron Sellers____________________ 2009 1:38.01_____Matt Dahlke_________________________ 2009 1:38.44_____Rusty King__________________________ 1994 1:38.51_ ____Jeff Hendricks______________________ 2009 1:38.94_____Bennett Clark_______________________ 2006 1:39.05_____Mike Cervenka_ _____________________ 2001 1:39.30_____Brad Hubbard_______________________ 2009 1:39.34_____Scott Halliburton_____________________ 1982 1:39.38_____Jason Lyons_ _______________________ 2004 1:39.39_____Matt Ferrarelli_ ______________________ 2003

200 Backstroke 1:46.11_____Jan Konarzewski____________________ 2009 1:46.36_____Jake Hoffmann_ _____________________ 2009 1:46.57_____Matt Ferrarelli_ ______________________ 2001 1:47.21_____Chris Lukas_________________________ 2006 1:48.00_____Garrett McCaffrey____________________ 2005 1:48.03_ ____John Higgins_______________________ 2009 1:48.19_____Chris Peters________________________ 1999 1:49.24_____Travis Floyd_________________________ 2008 1:49.24_____Andy Cole__________________________ 2000 1:49.77_____Joe Wilson__________________________ 2007

200 Individual Medley 1:47.17_____Bryan Difford________________________ 2009 1:47.45_____Matt Ferrarelli_ ______________________ 2001 1:48.67_ ____Scott Martin________________________ 2009 1:49.49_____Jake Hoffmann_ _____________________ 2008 1:50.90_____Ryan Ruddy________________________ 1999 1:51.05_____Mike Cervenka_ _____________________ 2001 1:51.05_____Matt North__________________________ 2005 1:51.37_____Martin Cernansky_ ___________________ 2007 1:51.44_____Brice Grunert________________________ 2007 1:52.18_____Ted Harris__________________________ 2008

500 Freestyle 4:24.78_____Dylan Lynn_ ________________________ 2007 4:24.91_ ____Cameron Sellers____________________ 2008 4:27.27_ ____Spenser Lauver_____________________ 2009 4:28.32_____Matt Dahlke_________________________ 2009 4:28.49_ ____Jeff Hendricks______________________ 2009 4:29.77_____Josh Boyd__________________________ 2002 4:30.52_____Brad Hubbard_______________________ 2009 4:31.16_____Scott Halliburton_____________________ 1984 4:31.71_____Randall Glazer______________________ 1982 4:32.23_____Brandon Lee________________________ 2005

100 Breaststroke 54.38_______Martin Cernansky_ ___________________ 2009 55.23_______Mike Tucker_________________________ 1999 55.38_______Matt North__________________________ 2003 55.42_______Ted Harris__________________________ 2009 55.66_______Chris Musfeldt_______________________ 2004 55.67_______Scott Martin________________________ 2009 55.74_______Bryan Difford________________________ 2009 55.83_______Ryan Ruddy________________________ 1998 55.90_______Aaron Lo___________________________ 1999 56.65_______Michael Lopresti____________________ 2009 56.65_______Nate Zabel__________________________ 2005

400 Individual Medley 3:47.38_____Matt Ferrarelli_ ______________________ 2001 3:55.96_____Martin Cernansky_ ___________________ 2009 3:58.25_____Matt Frentsos_ ______________________ 1984 3:58.53_____Brandon Lee________________________ 2007 3:58.62_____Brice Grunnert_______________________ 2007 3:59.18_____Dylan Lynn_ ________________________ 2007 3:59.21_____David Darmitzel______________________ 2005 4:00.86_____Randy Swift_________________________ 1996 4:01.16_____Peter Willett_________________________ 2005 4:01.41_____Justin Sellers________________________ 2005

1000 Freestyle 9:17.70_ ____Spenser Lauver_____________________ 2009 9:19.17_____Dylan Lynn_ ________________________ 2007 9:20.29_____Josh Boyd__________________________ 2002 9:25.01_____Dane Pedersen______________________ 2001 9:26.57_____Randall Glaser______________________ 1982 9:29.90_____Scott Christie________________________ 1988 9:30.46_____Peter Willett_________________________ 2005 9:32.83_____Craig Koenig________________________ 1995 9:33.61_____Stephen Durley______________________ 2001 9:34.19 _____Brandon Lee________________________ 2007

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 76

200 Breaststroke 1:57.69_____Martin Cernansky_ ___________________ 2009 1:59.85_____Mike Tucker_________________________ 1998 2:00.12_____Matt North__________________________ 2005 2:01.00_____Ted Harris__________________________ 2008 2:01.53_____Chris Musfeldt_______________________ 2004 2:01.59_____Bryan Difford________________________ 2009 2:02.06_____Ryan Ruddy________________________ 1998 2:02.24_____Stephen Darmitzel____________________ 2004 2:02.82_ ____Michael Lopresti____________________ 2009 2:04.16_____Kevin Capps________________________ 2007

*Names in bold are current student-athletes

Jan Konarzweski

Men’s Record Book

Men’s Diving Records

200 Freestyle Relay 1:20.17_____Hawley, Martin, Difford, Hoffmann_________________________________ 1:20.74_____Alvarenga, Fischer, Kearby, Bohlman_______________________________ 1:21.23_____Lo, Smith, Kinsella, Ruddy_ ______________________________________ 1:21.30_____Kaufman, Dwyer, Dorak, Burns___________________________________ 1:21.53_____Hawley, Dwyer, Martin, Difford_ __________________________________ 1:21.74_____Fischer, Bohlman, Burke, Alvarenga________________________________ 1:21.83_____McCrary, Clark, Lukas, McCaffrey__________________________________ 1:22.19_____Lo, Smith, Cervenka, Whildin_____________________________________ 1:22.20_____Alvarenga, Fischer, Bohlman, Kearbey______________________________ 1:22.33_____Clark, Lukas, McCaffrey, Buhr_____________________________________

2009 1995 1999 2009 2008 1994 2005 2000 1999 2006

400 Freestyle Relay 2:59.38_____Hawley, Sellers, Difford, Dahlke___________________________________ 3:00.03_____Hawley, Kaufman, Difford, Hoffmann_______________________________ 3:00.12_____Clark, Kaufman, Lynn, Difford_____________________________________ 3:00.52_____Lo, Cervenka, Belanger, Ferrarelli__________________________________ 3:00.80_____Hawley, Lynn, Kaufman, Floyd____________________________________ 3:00.99_____Clark, McCrary, Lukas, McCaffrey_ ________________________________ 3:01.03_____Alvarenga, Dougher, Hedges, King_________________________________ 3:01.75_____Clark, Lukas, Difford, McCaffrey___________________________________ 3:01.95_____Clark, Kaufman, Floyd, Hubbard___________________________________ 3:02.36_____Burne, Hammergren, Halliburton, Berg______________________________

2008 2009 2007 2001 2008 2005 1993 2006 2006 1982

800 Freestyle Relay 6:31.90_____Sellers, Hendricks, Dahlke, Hoffmann_____________________________ 6:36.40_____Lynn, Clark, Kaufman, Dahlke_____________________________________ 6:36.95_____Dahlke, Lynn, Hubbard, Sellers___________________________________ 6:38.71_____Sellers, Dahlke, Harris, Hendricks_ _______________________________ 6:39.97_____Lynn, Dahlke, Hubbard, Kaufman__________________________________ 6:39.98_____Clark, Kaufman, Hubbard, Dahlke__________________________________ 6:41.40_____Clark, Hubbard, Kaufman, Buhr_ __________________________________ 6:41.76_____Clark, Hubbard, Zasadny, Hoffmann________________________________ 6:42.50_____Hammergren, Rohlfing, Halliburton, Berg____________________________ 6:43.49_____Cervenka, Ferrarelli, Durley, Belanger_ _____________________________

2009 2007 2008 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 1981 2001

200 Medley Relay 1:27.71_____Konarzewski, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley_________________________ 1:30.06_____Bohlman, Snow, Fischer, Alvarenga________________________________ 1:30.14_____Floyd, Cernansky, Zasadny, Clark__________________________________ 1:30.18_____Peters, Ruddy, Miller, Lo_________________________________________ 1:30.40_____Peters, Ruddy, Miller, Smith_ _____________________________________ 1:30.51_____Bohlman, Munhoz, Fischer, Alvarenga______________________________ 1:30.71_____Floyd, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley_______________________________ 1:30.86_____McCaffrey, North, McCrary, Clark__________________________________ 1:30.93_____Konarzewski, Difford, Kaufman, Hawley____________________________ 1:31.00_____Miclaus, Knudson, Whildin, Belanger_______________________________

2009 1995 2007 1999 1998 1994 2008 2005 2008 2002

400 Medley Relay 3:15.33_____Konarzewski, Cernansky, Kaufman, Hawley_________________________ 3:17.00_____Carlisle, Harris, Smith, Difford_____________________________________ 3:17.78_____Floyd, Cernansky, Zasadny, Clark__________________________________ 3:18.61_____Peters, Ruddy, Miller, Smith_ _____________________________________ 3:18.70_____Peters, Ruddy, Miller, Kinsella_____________________________________ 3:18.97_____Ferrarelli, North, Miclaus, Belanger_________________________________ 3:18.99_____Floyd, Harris, Kaufman, Hawley___________________________________ 3:19.26_____Ferrarelli, Lo, Miclaus, Belanger___________________________________ 3:19.47_____Bohlman, Snow, Fischer, Alvarenga________________________________ 3:21.19_____Bohlman Munhoz, Fischer, Alvarenga_______________________________ 3:21.33_____Peters, Tucker, Miller, Smith______________________________________ 3:21.42_____Peters, Miller, Lo, Kinsella________________________________________

2009 2009 2007 1998 1999 2003 2008 2001 1995 1994 1997 1998

1-Meter Diving – 6 Dives 363.65______Greg DeStephen_ _____________________________________________ 355.95______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 352.00______Dante Jones__________________________________________________ 335.25______Jamie Sweeney________________________________________________ 327.90______David Boyko_ _________________________________________________ 318.70______Aaron Wionzek________________________________________________ 312.05______Zac Metcalf___________________________________________________ 284.40______Ryan Meeker__________________________________________________

2009 2003 2009 2003 2006 2003 2003 2006

1-Meter Diving – 11 Dives 576.65______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 529.55______Jeff Wolfert_ __________________________________________________ 521.40______Scott Harmon_ ________________________________________________ 513.05______Aaron Wionzek________________________________________________ 478.55______David Boyko_ _________________________________________________

2005 2005 1981 2005 2005

3-Meter Diving – 6 Dives 405.75______Greg DeStephen_ _____________________________________________ 388.25______Dante Jones__________________________________________________ 385.87______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 368.25______Jamie Sweeney________________________________________________ 334.13______Zac Metcalf___________________________________________________ 330.45______Ryan Meeker__________________________________________________ 320.93______Aaron Wionzek________________________________________________ 307.05______David Boyko_ _________________________________________________

2009 2009 2005 2003 2003 2008 2003 2006

3-Meter Diving – 11 Dives 566.35______Aaron Wionzek________________________________________________ 565.15______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 562.75______Zac Metcalf___________________________________________________ 550.10______Jamie Sweeney________________________________________________ 519.65______Jeff Wolfert_ __________________________________________________

2003 2003 2003 2002 2005

Platform Diving – 6 Dives 433.50______Greg DeStephen_ _____________________________________________ 371.25______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 350.96______Dante Jones__________________________________________________ 272.25______David Boyko_ _________________________________________________ 270.35______Ryan Meeker__________________________________________________

2009 2006 2008 2006 2006

Platform Diving – 10 Dives 591.75______Ryan Day____________________________________________________ 488.15______Zac Metcalf___________________________________________________ 476.15______Evan Watters__________________________________________________ 470.50______Jamie Sweeney________________________________________________ 430.85______Aaron Wionzek________________________________________________

1999 2003 2005 2003 2005

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 77

Lisa Nathanson

Women’s Record Book

50 Freestyle 22.74_______Lisa Nathanson_____________________ 2009 23.07_______Shannon Hogan_ ____________________ 2006 23.16_______Andrea Nigh_ _______________________ 2003 23.28_______Susan Tietjen_ ______________________ 1981 23.43_______Lauren Cox_________________________ 2009 23.44_______Allie Bennett_ _______________________ 2009 23.48_______Jeanna Willi_________________________ 2000 23.51_______Liz Schoborg________________________ 2006 23.54_______Lori Sibbers_________________________ 1997 23.70_______Kim Lambert________________________ 1998

1650 Freestyle 16:24.69____Jill Granger_________________________ 2007 16:28.44_ ___Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2008 16:47.39____Katie Mae Fields_____________________ 1999 16:50.79____Carly Sullivan_ ______________________ 2007 16:55.42____Katy Chandler_______________________ 2001 16:59.79____Alex Kay_ __________________________ 1990 17:00.52____Sarah Stowe________________________ 2002 17:03.26____Molly Vetter_________________________ 1999 17:06.84_ ___Stephanie Rovig_ ___________________ 2009 17:10.78____Coralie Baumann____________________ 2009

100 Butterfly 54.75_______Liz Schoborg________________________ 2006 54.93_______Arica Jacinto________________________ 2008 55.12_______Carly Sullivan_ ______________________ 2009 55.55_______Molly Bollen________________________ 2009 55.78_______Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2009 55.81_______Allie Bennett_ _______________________ 2009 56.06_______Melissa Jamerson___________________ 2009 56.10_______Jeanna Willi_________________________ 2000 56.14_______Becca Dawson_ _____________________ 2001 56.22_______Belinda Wood_ ______________________ 2003

100 Freestyle 49.50_______Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2009 50.13_______Francie Szostak_____________________ 2009 50.20_______Andrea Nigh_ _______________________ 2003 50.37_______Shannon Hogan_ ____________________ 2006 50.38_______Lauren Cox_________________________ 2009 50.59_______Lisa Nathanson_____________________ 2009 50.60_______Allie Bennett_ _______________________ 2009 51.14_______Susan Tietjen_ ______________________ 1982 51.34_______Lindsay Palbykin_____________________ 2005 51.36_______Taye Patterson_ _____________________ 2007

100 Backstroke 54.74_______Lauren Lavigna_____________________ 2009 55.39_______Sarah Lo___________________________ 2003 55.53_______Amanda Morford_____________________ 2002 55.59_______Taye Patterson_ _____________________ 2007 55.84_______Sarah Samuel_______________________ 1997 56.04_______Lauren Cox_________________________ 2009 56.47_______Shannon Hogan_ ____________________ 2006 56.52_______Kirsten David________________________ 2009 56.81_______Rikki Janes_________________________ 1996 56.83_______Allie Bennett_ _______________________ 2009

200 Butterfly 1:59.48_ ____Melissa Jamerson___________________ 2008 1:59.81_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2009 1:59.82_____Rebecca Wolfe_ _____________________ 2003 2:00.84_____Liz Schoborg________________________ 2006 2:01.65_____Julie Effinger________________________ 1979 2:02.40_____Becca Dawson_ _____________________ 2002 2:03.74_____Arica Jacinto________________________ 2008 2:03.76_ ____Anastasia Sotiropoulos_ _____________ 2009 2:04.26_____Belinda Wood_ ______________________ 2004 2:04.35_____Carly Sullivan_ ______________________ 2009

200 Freestyle 1:45.05_____Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2009 1:46.19_ ____Francie Szostak_____________________ 2009 1:46.92_ ____Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2009 1:50.52_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2007 1:50.53_____Molly Vetter_________________________ 1999 1:50.65_ ____Stephanie Rovig_ ___________________ 2009 1:50.82_____Lauren Cox_________________________ 2006 1:50.88_ ____Lisa Nathanson_____________________ 2009 1:51.10_____Katie Mae Fields_____________________ 1999 1:51.14_____Katie Chandler______________________ 2003

200 Backstroke 1:57.04_ ____Lauren Lavigna_____________________ 2009 1:59.40_____Sarah Lo___________________________ 2003 1:59.75_____Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2005 2:01.87_____Rikki Janes_________________________ 1997 2:02.93_____Kirsten David________________________ 2009 2:02.97_____Amy Charley________________________ 2004 2:03.03_____Sarah Menefee______________________ 2005 2:03.48_____Amanda Morford_____________________ 2005 2:03.72_____Chrissy Frieh________________________ 2003 2:03.73_____Becky Dustin________________________ 1996

200 Individual Medley 2:00.98_ ____Kayla Durnil________________________ 2009 2:01.44_____Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2009 2:03.30_____Tawney Larm________________________ 1999 2:03.37_ ____Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2007 2:03.75_____Leslie Hoh__________________________ 2000 2:04.05_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2008 2:04.89_____Sarah Lo___________________________ 2003 2:04.99_____Kara Bramer________________________ 1999 2:05.10_____Megan Morford______________________ 2002 2:05.23_____Jill Bastien__________________________ 2009

500 Freestyle 4:43.98_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2009 4:45.42_ ____Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2009 4:48.74_ ____Francie Szostak_____________________ 2009 4:48.82_ ____Lauren Lavigna_____________________ 2009 4:53.37_____Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2006 4:54.39_____Katie Mae Fields_____________________ 1999 4:54.49_____Carly Sullivan_ ______________________ 2007 4:54.54_____Lizza Igoe__________________________ 2001 4:54.81_____Katie Chandler______________________ 2002 4:54.92_____Rebecca Wolfe ______________________ 2003

100 Breaststroke 1:02.06_ ____Kayla Durnil________________________ 2009 1:02.49_ ____Morgan McCleery_ __________________ 2009 1:02.99_____Tiffany Bohon_ ______________________ 2003 1:03.20_____Mariona Costa_______________________ 2001 1:03.29_____Sarah Lo___________________________ 2003 1:03.59_____Erin Yeager_________________________ 2009 1:03.97_____Jill Bastien__________________________ 2006 1:04.01_____Leslie Hoh__________________________ 2000 1:04.03_____Kayla Bowcutt_______________________ 2007 1:04.29_ ____Emy DiBenigno_____________________ 2009

400 Individual Medley 4:13.56_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2009 4:15.41_ ____Kayla Durnil________________________ 2009 4:18.29_____Leslie Hoh__________________________ 2000 4:22.23_ ____Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2007 4:24.08_____Jill Bastien__________________________ 2007 4:25.06_____Megan Morford______________________ 2002 4:25.42_____Tawney Larm________________________ 2000 4:26.05_____Lori Halvorson_______________________ 2006 4:26.27_____Belinda Wood_ ______________________ 2003 4:26.35_____Amy Charley________________________ 2007

1000 Freestyle 9:51.33_____Jill Granger_________________________ 2007 9:54.61_ ____Colleen Gordon_____________________ 2008 10:08.69____Carly Sullivan_ ______________________ 2006 10:09.31_ ___Stephanie Rovig_ ___________________ 2009 10:09.71____Katie Mae Fields_____________________ 1999 10:11.40____Lauren Lavigna_____________________ 2007 10:14.00____Alex Kay_ __________________________ 1990 10:14.79____Rebecca Wolfe_ _____________________ 2002 10:17.00____Lizza Igoe__________________________ 2001 10:17.03____Jessica Shaw_ ______________________ 2000

200 Breaststroke 2:11.20_____Kayla Durnil________________________ 2009 2:14.01_____Erin Yeager_________________________ 2009 2:16.03_____Mariona Costa_______________________ 2005 2:16.31_____Morgan McCleery_ __________________ 2009 2:17.47_ ____Emy DiBenigno_____________________ 2009 2:18.23_____Jill Bastien__________________________ 2007 2:18.78_____Tiffany Bohon_ ______________________ 2003 2:19.09_____Tawney Larm________________________ 2000 2:19.75_____Leslie Hoh__________________________ 2002 2:20.13_____Kara Bramer________________________ 2001

*Names in bold are current student-athletes

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 78

Morgan McCleery

Women’s Record Book

200 Freestyle Relay 1:31.29______ Nathanson, Halvorson, Bennett, Szostak__________________________ 1:32.93______ Hogan, Schoborg, Gates, Halvorson______________________________ 1:33.24______ Rovig, Gordon, Cox, DiBenigno__________________________________ 1:33.24______ Nigh, Lambert, Cross, Brooks___________________________________ 1:33.35______ Bennett, Halvorson, Nathanson, Szostak__________________________ 1:33.42______ Patterson, Gordon, Szostak, Halvorson___________________________ 1:33.53______ Nigh, Schoborg, Cross, Lo______________________________________ 1:33.65______ Brooks, Cross, Hogan, Schoborg_________________________________ 1:33.75______ Hogan, Gates, Patterson, Halvorson______________________________ 1:34.04______ Hogan, Schoborg, Gates, Palbykin_ ______________________________

2009 2006 2009 2001 2008 2008 2003 2000 2005 2005

400 Freestyle Relay 3:19.61______ Halvorson, Nathanson, Cox, Szostak_____________________________ 3:22.94______ Halvorson, Cox, Nathanson, Bennett_____________________________ 3:23.27______ Hogan, Schoborg, Sullivan, Halvorson_____________________________ 3:23.40______ Nigh, Schoborg, Cross, Palbykin_________________________________ 3:23.83______ Halvorson, Gordon, Szostak, Granger____________________________ 3:24.51______ Cross, Lambert, Bramer, Nigh___________________________________ 3:24.85______ Hogan, Halvorson, Cox, Schoborg________________________________ 3:24.90______ Cox, Patterson, Gordon, Halvorson_ _____________________________ 3:25.29______ Cox, Halvorson, Szostak, Gordon_ ______________________________ 3:25.45______ Nigh, Cross, A. Morford, Brooks__________________________________

1-Meter Diving – 6 Dives 319.73________________ Kendra Melnychuk_ _______________________________ 2008 295.35________________ Meg Dierkes_____________________________________ 1996 293.10________________ Jordan Morcom__________________________________ 2008 281.40________________ Kristy Wanner____________________________________ 2001 273.45________________ Jenny Bird_______________________________________ 1994 272.50________________ Kim Massaro_____________________________________ 2006 270.98________________ Nicole Frazier____________________________________ 2004 268.80________________ Anna Massey_ ___________________________________ 2003 268.70________________ Christina Gailey_ _________________________________ 2008 268.50________________ Abby Zepeda____________________________________ 2008

2009 2008 2006 2003 2009 2001 2005 2007 2008 2002

1-Meter Diving – 11 Dives 470.50________________ Meg Dierkes_____________________________________ 1997 444.75________________ Denise Buchheister________________________________ 1980 441.15________________ Kim Massaro_____________________________________ 2005 437.75________________ Anna Massey_ ___________________________________ 2005 420.00________________ Hilary Barber_____________________________________ 1984 410.50________________ Nicole Frazier____________________________________ 2005 402.60________________ Stephanie McCutcheon_ ___________________________ 1995 377.00________________ Kristy Wanner____________________________________ 2000

800 Freestyle Relay 7:03.77______ Halvorson, Gordon, Szostak, Granger____________________________ 7:09.15______ Halvorson, Granger, Gordon, Szostak____________________________ 7:22.55______ Halvorson, Gordon, Granger, Sullivan_____________________________ 7:23.33______ Halvorson, Cox, Granger, Sullivan________________________________ 7:25.71______ Palbykin, Igoe, Cross, Chandler__________________________________ 7:26.86______ Cox, Granger, Halvorson, Hogan_________________________________ 7:27.09______ Halvorson, Gordon, Granger, Patterson____________________________ 7:27.29______ Vetter, Fields, Souza, Brooks____________________________________ 7:27.49______ Igoe, Palbykin, Kraus, Nigh_ ____________________________________ 7:28.46______ Igoe, Vetter, Chandler, Brooks___________________________________

2009 2009 2007 2006 2003 2005 2006 1999 2004 2002

200 Medley Relay 1:40.18______ Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Nathanson_________________________ 1:42.54______ Lo, Bohon, Schoborg, Nigh_ ____________________________________ 1:42.75______ Lavigna, Durnil, Gordon, Halvorson_____________________________ 1:43.14______ Patterson, Bowcutt, Jacinto, Halvorson____________________________ 1:43.50______ Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Halvorson__________________________ 1:43.62______ Patterson, Bastien, Jacinto, Szostak______________________________ 1:43.67______ Halvorson, Bowcutt, Schoborg, Hogan_ ___________________________ 1:43.76______ A. Morford, Costa, Schoborg, Hogan______________________________ 1:43.82______ Lo, Borgo, Schoborg, Nigh______________________________________ 1:43.85______ A. Morford, Bohon, Dawson, Nigh________________________________

2009 2003 2009 2007 2009 2008 2006 2005 2004 2001

400 Medley Relay 3:40.74______ Lavigna, McCleery, Gordon, Halvorson__________________________ 3:41.77______ Lavigna, Durnil, Gordon, Halvorson_____________________________ 3:43.92______ Patterson, Bastien, Jacinto, Halvorson_ ___________________________ 3:45.34______ Lo, Bohon, Schoborg, Nigh_ ____________________________________ 3:46.49______ Patterson, Bastien, Jacinto, Hogan_ ______________________________ 3:46.52______ A. Morford, Costa, Schoborg, Palbykin_ ___________________________ 3:46.55______ David, Yeager, Sullivan, Bennett_ ________________________________ 3:47.27______ Lo, Costa, Schoborg, Nigh______________________________________ 3:47.47______ Lo, Costa, Dawson, Nigh_______________________________________ 3:47.97______ Patterson, Bastien, Gordon, Halvorson____________________________

2009 2009 2008 2003 2006 2005 2009 2004 2002 2007

Women’s Diving Records

3-Meter Diving – 6 Dives 340.73________________ Kendra Melnychuk_ _______________________________ 2008 327.36________________ Kristy Wanner____________________________________ 2001 327.15________________ Jordan Morcom__________________________________ 2008 293.20________________ Kim Massaro_____________________________________ 2006 289.35________________ Amanda Maret_ __________________________________ 2003 287.78________________ Joanna Lawrence_________________________________ 2002 280.50________________ Christina Gailey_ ________________________________ 2009 271.88________________ Anna Massey_ ___________________________________ 2004 271.05________________ Nicole Frazier____________________________________ 2004 270.52________________ Abby Zepeda____________________________________ 2009 3-Meter Diving – 11 Dives 535.55________________ Meg Dierkes_____________________________________ 1997 492.30________________ Anna Massey_ ___________________________________ 2003 478.35________________ Joanna Lawrence_________________________________ 2003 469.43________________ Denise Buchheister________________________________ 1980 461.95________________ Nicole Frazier____________________________________ 2003 460.55________________ Kim Massaro_____________________________________ 2004 459.40________________ Kristy Wanner____________________________________ 2001 400.45________________ Erin Wilkie_______________________________________ 2002 381.10________________ Amanda Maret_ __________________________________ 2002 330.15________________ Sara Sprigg______________________________________ 2002 Platform Diving – 5 Dives 293.70________________ Kendra Melnychuk_ _______________________________ 2008 234.45________________ Christina Gailey_ ________________________________ 2008 231.95________________ Nicole Frazier____________________________________ 2006 204.45________________ Kim Massaro_____________________________________ 2007 201.75________________ Keely Brooks_____________________________________ 2008 193.45________________ Rachel Witt______________________________________ 2006 176.35________________ Abby Zepeda____________________________________ 2008 163.76________________ Jenny Franzone_ ________________________________ 2008 Platform Diving – 10 Dives 412.35________________ Erin Wilke_______________________________________ 2001 361.70________________ Kendra Melnychuk_ _______________________________ 2005 331.85________________ Rachel Witt______________________________________ 2005 325.95________________ Anna Massey_ ___________________________________ 2003 324.15________________ Kristy Wanner____________________________________ 2001 302.35________________ Amanda Maret_ __________________________________ 2002 296.40________________ Sara Sprigg______________________________________ 2002

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 79

Michael Phelps

Mizzou Aquatic Center Records Women’s Records

men’s Records

50 Meter Freestyle 24.59 Kara Lynn Joyce_____________________________________ 2008

50 Meter Freestyle 22.01 Cesar Cielo_________________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Freestyle 53.95 Natalie Coughlin_____________________________________ 2007

100 Meter Freestyle 48.49 Cesar Cielo_________________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Freestyle 1:56.08 Katie Hoff_ _________________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Freestyle 1:45.71 Michael Phelps______________________________________ 2008

400 Meter Freestyle 4:02.20 Katie Hoff_ _________________________________________ 2008

1500 Meter Freestyle 14:47.59 Erik Vendt__________________________________________ 2008

800 Meter Freestyle 8:27.32 Katie Hoff_ _________________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Backstroke 53.56 Aaron Peirsol_ ______________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Backstroke 59.21 Natalie Coughlin_____________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Backstroke 1:55.85 Aaron Peirsol_ ______________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Backstroke 2:06.39 Kirsty Coventry______________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Breaststroke 1:00.85 Brendan Hansen_____________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Breaststroke 1:06.66 Tara Kirk___________________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Breaststroke 2:10.86 Eric Shanteau_______________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Breaststroke 2:26.98 Caitlin Leverenz_ ____________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Butterfly 51.52 Michael Phelps______________________________________ 2008

100 Meter Butterfly 57.92 Rachel Komisarz_____________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Butterfly 1:53.31 Michael Phelps______________________________________ 2008

200 Meter Butterfly 2:08.22 Kim Vandenberg_____________________________________ 2007

200 Meter Individual Medley 1:59.19 Thiago Pereira_ _____________________________________ 2007

200 Meter Individual Medley 2:10.08 Kirsty Coventry______________________________________ 2008

400 Meter Individual Medley 4:11.30 Michael Phelps______________________________________ 2007

400 Meter Individual Medley 4:34.53 Katie Hoff_ _________________________________________ 2008

400 Meter Freestyle Relay 3:18.25 Tucson Ford Dealers _________________________________ 2008 R. Schoeman, L. Ferns, R. Neethling, M. Grevers

400 Meter Freestyle Relay 3:53.74 Mizzou Swim Team___________________________________ 2006 L. Halvorson, S. Hogan, L. Cox, C. Sullivan 800 Meter Freestyle Relay 8:30.22 Mizzou Swim Team___________________________________ 2006 L. Halvorson, J. Granger, L. Cox, C. Sullivan 400 Meter Medley Relay 4:12.22 King Aquatic Club____________________________________ 2007 A. Kukors, M. Jendrick, H. Brand, S. Karpeeva

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 80

800 Meter Freestyle Relay 7:39.29 Scotland_ __________________________________________ 2008 L. Smith, S. Houston, E. Johnston, R. Renwick 400 Meter Medley Relay 3:52.33 Santa Clara SC______________________________________ 2008

Kendra Melnychuk

Missouri All-Americans Patricia Andrews 1977: 200 Free Relay 1978: 200 Free Relay

Lynne Austin 1977: 200 Free Relay 1978: 200 Free Relay 1979: 200 Free Relay

Jerrilyn Hubsch 1977: 200 Free Relay 1978: 200 Free Relay 1979: 200 Free Relay 1980: 200 Free Relay

Pamela Wright 1977: 200 Free Relay 1978: 200 Free Relay 1979: 200 Free Relay

Julie Effinger 1978: 100 Butterfly 1978: 200 Butterfly 1979: 100 Butterfly 1979: 200 Butterfly 1981: 200 Butterfly

Denise Buchheister 1979: 1-Meter Diving 1981: 3-Meter Diving 1982: 1-Meter Diving

Kevin DeForrest 1979: 50 Freestyle 1979: 100 Freestyle

Susan Tietjen 1979: 200 Free Relay 1980: 50 Freestyle 1980: 200 Free Relay 1981: 50 Freestyle 1981: 200 Free Relay 1982: 50 Freestyle

Mary Grace Bell 1980: 200 Free Relay 1981: 200 Free Relay

Colleen O’Toole 1980: 200 Free Relay 1981: 200 Free Relay

Jill Ehrhardt 1981: 200 Free Relay

Matt Ferrarelli 2003: 400 IM (14th)

Evan Watters 2006: 1-Meter Diving (12th) 2006: 10-Meter Platform (13th)

Greg DeStephen 2008: 3-Meter Diving (10th)

Kendra Melnychuk 2008: 3-Meter Diving (11th) 2008: 10-Meter Platform (10th) 2009: 3-Meter Diving (8th)

LORI Halvorson 2009: 800 Free Relay

Jill Granger 2009: 800 Free Relay

Colleen Gordon 2009: 800 Free Relay

Francie Szostak 2009: 800 Free Relay

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 81

Jacob Thomas, Dustin McKnight, Dane Pederson, Matt Ferrarelli

Conference Champions

Big 12 Conference Mariona Costa (100 Breast)_ ____________________________________ 2002 Matt Ferrarelli (400 IM)_____________________________________ 2001, ‘03 Rebecca Wolfe (200 Fly)________________________________________ 2003 Kendra Melnychuk (3-Meter)_____________________________________ 2008 Kayla Durnil (200 Breast)_ ______________________________________ 2009

Big Eight Conference Roger Alvarenga______________________________________________ 1995 Patricia Andrews_______________________________________ 1976, ‘77, ‘78 Lynne Austin_ ____________________________________________ 1976, ‘78 David Berg_______________________________________________ 1980, ‘82 Lance Bohlman_______________________________________________ 1995 Denise Buchheister__________________________________1979, ‘80, ‘81, ‘82 Doug Buchheister_____________________________________________ 1976 Debbie Burdette_______________________________________________ 1975 Denny Bush______________________________________________ 1970, ‘72 Tracy Classen________________________________________________ 1979 Kevin DeForrest_____________________________________1976, ‘77, ‘78, ‘79 Patty DeForrest_______________________________________________ 1975 Margaret Eberling_____________________________________________ 1981 Julie Effinger__________________________________________ 1978, ‘79, ‘80 Janis Ehrhardt____________________________________________ 1984, ‘86 Robin Faller__________________________________________________ 1981 Ted Fischer______________________________________________ 1994, ‘95 Grace Fritz___________________________________________________ 1979 Matt Frentsos__________________________________________ 1983, ‘84, ‘85 Alice Gaertner________________________________________________ 1976 Scott Halliburton_ ___________________________________1981, ‘82, ‘83, ‘84 Mike Hanley______________________________________________ 1986, ‘87 Julie Harris___________________________________________________ 1976 Steve Harrison____________________________________________ 1969, ‘70 Jerrilyn Hubsch_______________________________________________ 1978 Gerry Jewell__________________________________________________ 1972 Rick Kammerer_______________________________________________ 1978 Ann Kremer__________________________________________________ 1981 Tom Molina_ _________________________________________________ 1977 Jerry Mossoti_____________________________________________ 1969, ‘70 Susan Tietjen_________________________________________________ 1981 Mickey Varner________________________________________________ 1967 Pamela Wright________________________________________________ 1976

2009 Big 12 Champion Kayla Durnill

1995 Big Eight Champion Lance Bohlman

2001, 2003 Big 12 Champion Matt Ferrarelli

Missouri Swimming and Diving :: 82

1984, 1986 Big Eight Champion Janis Ehrhardt

This is Missouri :: 2009-10

This Is Mizzou A Global Tradition

Thomas Jefferson statue on the Francis Quadrangle

The University of Missouri was founded in 1839 as the first public university west of the Mississippi. As one of the only 34 public U.S. Universities, and the only public institution in Missouri selected for membership into the Associaton of American Universities, Missouri provides all of the benefits of two universities in one - it’s a major land-grant institution and Missouri’s largest public research university. MU sends more students to study overseas than any other college or university in Missouri. Currently, MU offers more than 375 study abroad programs in 55 countries. Last year, 848 MU students participated in the program.

Memorial Union The impressive gothic architecture of MU’s Memorial Union makes it one of the most picturesque landmarks on campus. The central portion of the structure, the Tower, was built as a memorial to those University of Missouri alumni and students who lost their lives in World War I. The tower is approximately 140 feet high and bears a Latin inscription which reads “In Sapientia Ambulate, Tempus Rediments.” This translated says, “Walk in Wisdom, Redeeming the Time.” Since the time of its dedication, the memorial stands as a tribute to all of the MU alumni and students lost in U.S. wars and conflicts.

Jesse Hall and the Columns

The Columns

Mizzou Students In fall 2009, MU welcomed a record 31,314 students representing every county in Missouri, every state in the nation and more than 100 countries. This is the eighth year in a row that MU has broken numerous enrollment records. With 23,869 undergraduates, Mizzou is the No. 1 college choice for Missouri high school seniors. The number of graduate students, transfer students and AfricanAmerican and Hispanic students also are at historically high levels. MU attracts more valedictorians, Curators Scholars and almost twice as many of the state’s Bright Flight Scholars than any other college or university in Missouri.

The traditional symbol of the University of Missouri is the row of six Ionic columns. The Columns once supported the portico of Academic Hall, the first building erected on campus. Academic Hall was built between 1840 and 1843 from plans drawn by A. Stephen Hills, designer of the Missouri State Capitol. It consisted of a domed central section of three stories with two wings and housed both educational and administrative facilities. Brick for the building was fired on campus. Limestone for the Columns was obtained from the nearby Hinkson Creek Valley and was hauled to the building by ox-drawn carts. On Jan. 9, 1892, Academic Hall was destroyed by fire and the Columns were all that remained. In August 1893 the Board of Curators voted to remove the Columns, considering them not only unsafe but unsightly. However, supporters of the Columns rallied to their defense, and after inspection showed the foundations were safe, the Board voted to retain them in December 1893. Now the Columns stand as a beloved part of MU’s campus.

A Breathtaking Campus Designated as a botanic garden, MU’s 1,358-acre main campus features more than 5,000 trees and 650 varieties of plants. A number of University buildings also are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tiger Statue on the South Quad

Campus Life

Stankowski Field This multi-use facility opened in 1996 and is named for Anton “Stan� Stankowski, intramural director from 19261965. This facility’s features include: three synthetic turf fields used for flag football and soccer, a 1/3 mile, three lane, walking and running track, and lighted fields.

Residential Life The Department of Residential Life at MU strives to combine living and learning while creating environments that enhance the academic and personal growth of students. Residential Life offers innovative programs such as Freshman Interest Groups (FIGs) and Sponsored Learning Communities, while offering a range of other activities and events that assist students in being academically successful. With over 20 residence halls on campus, all featuring air conditioning and their own specific amenities, students are certain to find one that fits their lifestyle.

Respect and Responsibility Dorms

An Endless Dining Experience

Plaza 900 Dining Hall

Campus Dining Services enhances the student experience by offering a wide variety of quality choices to fit any schedule and please all palates. Campus Dining Services provides top-notch service across campus in inviting facilities. Mizzou Dining Plans simplify and enhance campus life by saving time and money. All-you-can-eat dining and takeout service is offered in six residential locations, along with numerous retail cafes and convenience stores that are scattered along campus.

A Plethora of Amenities Brady Student Commons is often referred to as “the family room of the University of Missouri” because it always seems to be bustling with activity. With the University Bookstore, the Center for Student Involvement, T.A. Brady’s Game Room, Brady Food Court and much more, you don’t have to look too far to find what you need. In April 2005, MU students voted to renovate and expand the existing Brady Commons building. The first phase of the project, Site Utility Expansion, was completed in Summer 2006. The building expansion phase of the project is now underway, and the final phase, renovation, will begin after that, and be completed by Fall 2010.

Quality Health Care The MU Student Health Center was established to provide students with the highest quality health care, focused on keeping individuals healthy, as well as promoting a healthy campus community. Students receive care from licensed physicians, advanced practice nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and health promotion professionals. Students can be assured they’re receiving the same high quality care they would expect from their home health care provider.

Columbia, Missouri

A Columbia Landmark Located in the heart of Columbia across the street from the Mizzou campus, Shakespeare’s Pizza has been dishing out legendary slices of pizza since 1980. Arguably the most-loved pizza place in Columbia, Shakespeare’s is always booming with business.

Discover The District The District, Columbia, Missouri’s bustling and vibrant central city, is nestled between the city’s three colleges. The active, artistic community provides a vibe that wakes up early and stays out late. The District’s lively mix of historic architecture, sidewalk cafes and retail shops provide the perfect setting for a business meeting, lunch with a friend or a night on the town. With 110 unique shops, 70 bars and restaurants, 45 live performances a week, and 5,900 parking spots, you´ll find plenty of things to do.

The Entertainment Capital of Missouri The District boasts over 45 live performances every week in an eclectic mix of venues, from renovated theaters to bluesy bars, aromatic coffee houses to state-of-the-art clubs. It’s no wonder The District is the entertainment center of Columbia.

Festivals Galore Columbia plays host to numerous events throughout the year. Beginning with the annual First Night Festival on New Year’s Eve, the city also gathers people together for the Twilight Festival in June and September and the Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ Festival in October.

The Performances Never Stop While the downtown-area always has an abundance of performers, the University of Missouri campus has held its fair share of high-profile acts through the years as well. Musical acts such as Kanye West (left), Sheryl Crow (bottom), Nelly, Elton John, Kenny Chesney and the Blue Man Group have played at the Hearnes Center or Mizzou Arena. Jesse Auditorium has also been the host of comedic greats such as the late George Carlin and Bob Saget.

Mizzou Athletics Football Missouri football finished the 2008 season 10-4, reaching the 10-win mark for the second-straight season. The Tigers claimed the Big 12 North Division title and advanced to the Big 12 Championship game for the second year in a row. They capped the year by playing in their fourth-consecutive bowl game for only the secod time in school history, claiming an overtime win over Northwestern in the Alamo Bowl. It was the first time since 1978 that Mizzou won back-to-back bowl games. The Tigers have scored at least 30 points in each of their last four bowl appearances and have won three of those four games.

Chase Coffman won the John Mackey Award, which is given to the nation’s top tight end. He also claimed First Team All-America honors, as did Jeremy Maclin. Maclin led the nation in all-purpose yards on the year with 2,833. That mark is fifth best in school history. Chase Daniel set the single season Mizzou record for total offense with 4,616 yards, while Jeff Wolfert closed his career at MU as the most accurate kicker in NCAA history, hitting 243-of-256 career kicks (94.0%), in Maclin (19th pick to Philadelphia) and defensive end Ziggy Hood (32nd pick to Pittsburgh) were both taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, giving the Tigers two first-round picks for just the second time in school history.


Wrestling Mizzou served as co-host for the 2009 NCAA Wrestling Championships, held in St. Louis, Mo. The Tigers finished seventh overall, marking their sixth-straight top-15 finish. Junior Mark Ellis was crowned the heavyweight National Champion and was one of a program-high five Tigers to earn AllAmerica honors.

The Missouri softball team advanced to the Women’s College World Series for the fourth time in program history. The Tigers claimed a Big 12, NCAA Regional and NCAA Super Regional title en route to the WCWS.

Baseball The Mizzou baseball team advanced to its seventhstraight NCAA Regional in 2009, becoming just one of 14 programs in the nation to make the last seven postseasons. Tiger pitcher Kyle Gibson was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the first round of the MLB Draft.

Soccer The 2008 Missouri soccer team claimed the Big 12 Tournament title and advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. During the season, the squad set eight program records, including wins (16), fewest losses (five), shutouts (12), fewest goals allowed (19) and goals against average (0.80).


Men’s Basketball Missouri Basketball enjoyed a record-breaking 31-win season as the club won the school’s firstever Big 12 Tournament title and advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. Head Coach Mike Anderson was named the NABC National Coach of the Year.

For the first time in program history, the Missouri gymnastics team had two different gymnasts earn All-America honors in the same season. Junior Sarah Shire, became just the third Tiger to earn All-America first team honors, which she accomplished on vault. Senior Adrianne Perry concluded her career with All-America honors as well, earned second team status on floor and the all-around.

Mizzou Aquatic Center

Only the Best The competition area in the new aquatics center features a 50-meter by 25-yard competition pool that is kept between 78 and 80 degrees at all times and took over one million gallons of water to fill. The pool has a top depth of eight-feet, six inches, but can be reduced to any desired level thanks to a hydraulic moveable floor. It is also equipped with six-inch Competitor Gold Medal racing lines and KDI Paragon starting blocks. The facility also boasts two moveable Stark bulkheads, 18-inch flow over drop gutters and an underwater speaker system.

Top-Notch Facilities The new competitive pools are surrounded by all-tile decks and seating for over 1,000 spectators. Facilities also offer new team locker rooms, aquatic conference rooms and an operations center. With these new amenities, it is no surprise that The Mizzou Aquatic Center was selected as the site of the 2009 Big 12 Championships for Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving.

State-of the-Art Complex The 25-yard diving well is stocked with top-of-the-line amenities. Kept at a temperature between 84 and 86 degrees, the diving well in the Mizzou Aquatic Center has two one-meter springboards, two three-meter springboards, and one, three, seven-and-a-half and 10-meter platforms A Sparger bubble system is positioned under the three-meter springboard and seven-and-a-half and 10-meter platforms. The area is 14 feet around the perimeter, slowing to a depth of 16 feet, with water agitators positioned beneath each diving surface. Divers exit the water via a set of stairs that are accessed by ladders. Divers also have the option of showering in a set of warm showers behind the towers. On top of all that, the diving well houses its own separate hot tub

Fan Friendly Environment A couple of added features will also make this next season of NCAA Swimming and Diving even more enjoyable. One great new service offered to Mizzou swimming and diving fans at the Mizzou Aquatic Center is the Thirsty Tiger. This concession stand will offer spectators food and beverages during special sporting events.

The Sports Park at Mizzou Mizzou Arena Mizzou Arena, which opened for the 2005-06 season, is the home of the Tiger men’s and women’s basketball teams. The arena is considered one of the nation’s premier on-campus basketball venues and the finest facility in the Big 12.

The Sports Park at Mizzou The Sports Park at Mizzou has evolved into one of the best collegiate sports complexes in the nation. From football and baseball to track and softball, all 20 sports at the University of Missouri have benefitted from a series of new construction projects that began in 1995. With the completion of the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex in 2004, nearly $154 million has been invested in the athletic facilites over the last 10 years. The aesthetics of the Sports Park at Mizzou are both beautiful and consistent. The outside of each and every sports facility recently built is made of red brick.

University Field Since hosting its first home game in 1981, University Field has been the receipient of numerous renovations. Most recently, the scoreboard moved from left field to center field for an enhanced fan-friendly experience. Also, the on-site locker rooms and lounge area were updated

Faurot Field Memorial Stadium has played host to Tiger football games since it first opened in 1926. On Oct. 6, 2007, 70,049 fans were in attendance as Missouri defeated Nebraska, 41-6. The crowd was the largest since the stadium was reconfigured in 1995.

Audrey J. Walton Stadium The Audrey J. Walton Track-Soccer Stadium opened in 1996, and is one of the finest soccer and track facilities in the Midwest. Seating renovations, completed in 1998, brought the complex maximum attendance to 2,500. Walton Stadium has hosted five different Big 12 Conference Championships and three NCAA Tournaments, both first and second rounds.

Green Tennis Center The Green Tennis Center opened in 2002, providing a home for Mizzou in the state-of-the-art facility. The Green Tennis Center currently boasts four indoor courts, along with the four outdoor courts.

Hearnes Center The Hearnes Center plays home to the Missouri gymnastics, wrestling and volleyball squads. The complex has hosted many post-season competitions, including most recently the 2007 Big 12 Gymnastics Championships and the 2007 Big 12 Wrestling Championships.

Taylor Stadium at Simmons Field Taylor Stadium at Simmons Field is home of the Mizzou baseball team. In June 2007, Taylor Stadium was selected to play host for the NCAA Regional. A stadium record 3,481 fans showed up for Missouri’s first game, the first NCAA postseason baseball in Columbia since 1965.

Student Rec Center Best in the Nation In the September 2005 issue of Sports Illustrated On Campus, the brand new Student Rec Center was voted the number one rec center in the country. The $50 million expansion and renovation was completed in the summer of 2005. The upgrades expanded the existing facilities with an additional 115,000 square feet of new space, bringing the total size to nearly 300,000 gross square feet – enough space to make Mizzou’s Rec Center one of the 10 largest higher education facilities in the nation. With aspirations to make the new Student Recreation Complex experience more memorable, 100-years worth of buildings were combined and transformed into one community. Several different leisure neighborhoods give the new Recreation Complex a distinct personality. Inviting and welcoming to all its visitors, the streets of Downtown Brewer mimic the charm of downtown Columbia. The Jungle Gym, Pump Room, 1/6-mile track and the bouldering wall are just a few of the additions that make MizzouRec a great place to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Jungle Gym Seventeen oversized flat screen monitors, a snack bar and great music make for a workout experience, and with over 100 pieces of cardio equipment, you’ll never have to wait to get your workout in. If you are in need of some study time, The Jungle Gym’s attached quiet room offers treadmills, steppers and bikes where you can prop up textbook and study away for upcoming tests. It’s multitasking made easy. Other features of the new cardiovascular center include over 60 plate-loaded and strength training pieces of equipment, two multi-station machines, a stretching area and seating overlooking the new 50 meter swimming pool. Additionally, you’ll workout with confidence knowing that the on-site strengthand-conditioning office has a team of professionals that is always happy to assist you, ensuring that your workout experience is always safe and enjoyable.

Tiger Grotto There is a world of activity at Tiger Grotto. Its Lazy River allows you to float along without any effort while you watch ZouTV on the big screen. Additionally, the new 101° Spa hot tub is big enough to hold you and more than 20 of your friends. In the Vortex, you can swim against the current or let it simply spin you around. And don’t forget: sauna and steam rooms are also available to make your tropical experience as authentic as possible. Amidst palm trees and other tropical flora, the sound of waterfalls and fountains give Tiger Grotto an atmosphere of complete serenity. In addition to its relaxing atmosphere, Tiger Grotto also offers almost a dozen beach-style rocking chairs in its overlooking balcony, making it possible to enjoy the surroundings without ever stepping foot in the water.

Strength and Conditioning New and Improved The newly renovated Yeckel Training Center boasts more than 13,000 square feet of workout space, which ranks among the nation’s largest and most comprehensive strength and conditioning facilities.

Strength and Conditioning Collegiate swimming and diving lasts from October until the end of March, however the conditioning program at the University of Missouri runs year-round, under the guidance of strength and conditioning coach Tyler Looney. The program is designed to develop and enhance each student-athlete’s performance through strength, flexibility, conditioning and nutrition.

Sports Medicine Sports Medicine The mission of the Missouri Sports Medicine Staff since the arrival of Assistant A.D. and Director of Sports Medicine Rex Sharp in 1996, is to provide the best possible health care for all University of Missouri student-athletes, while promoting an atmosphere conducive to the education of student athlete trainers. The Glenn L. McElroy M.D. Sports Medicine Center, the cornerstone of four intercollegiate athletic facilities at Mizzou, enables the sports medicine team to provide the finest health care in the country.

The Total Package

Quality Equipment The Glenn L. McElroy M.D. Sports Medicine Center features state-ofthe-art equipment, including a Swimex therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation pool (above). The Missouri Athletic Training Staff also recently received a “Best Staff in the Big 12 Conference� award for their expertise.

There are 20 custom-made treatment tables with high-tech treatment modalities available for Tiger student-athletes in the Glenn L. McElroy MD Sports Medicine Center. The complex also contains a large therapeutic exercise area that features stairsteppers for conditioning, closed kinetic chain rehabilitation, exercise cycles, upper body ergometers and treadmills.

Mizzou Athletic Training Complex

Mizzou Athletic Training Complex In 2005, the athletic department started a massive $16 million expansion complex, nearly doubling the size of the former Tom Taylor Complex to 101,000 square feet.

Sells Family Dining Hall The Sells Family Dining Hall offers full-service meal catering to all 20 of Missouri’s varsity sports programs and has the ability to prepare restaurant-quality meals for up to 250 Mizzou student-athletes at one time. The dining services staff works with the Missouri strength and conditioning coaches to develop menus that maintain good nutritional value. Nutritional analysis is available for each athlete, allowing for optimal performance in practice, in the weight room and in competition.

Total Person Program

Total Person Program The primary goal of the Department of Athletics at the University of Missouri is to develop the student-athlete as a total person. This commitment begins by ensuring support for all of our studentathletes in their efforts to obtain meaningful degrees. The Total Person Program has been designed to provide a host of services including tutorial services, academic counseling, study halls and professor interaction.

Academic Success Success in the classroom is a point of pride here at Mizzou. While getting results in one’s respective sport is important, Missouri’s swimming and diving staff recognizes that academic success comes first. Mizzou swimming and diving exemplifies this commitment to success. In 2007-08, 28 members of the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams were named to the Academic All-Big 12 Conference team. The 28 swimmers and divers named to this list were the most in Tiger Head Coach Brian Hoffer’s 16-year tenure at the University of Missouri.

The Total Person Program demonstrates the University’s commitment to develop the student-athlete not only physically and intellectually, but also socially and emotionally. Mizzou cares about the pressures and special needs of its student-athletes, and the Total Person Program is there to provide assistance and support.

Mid-Missouri Life

Lake of the Ozarks The Lake of the Ozarks, located in Central Missouri and southwest of Columbia, is a popular getaway location that includes boating, swimming, shopping, golf, fishing, state parks and other recreational activities. It is one of Missouri’s premier vacation destinations.

From Kansas City to St. Louis Columbia is located in the center of the state, just two hours away from both Kansas City and St. Louis and sits just north of Jefferson City, the Missouri state capital. St. Louis (below) and Kansas City (left) were both named one of the “Hippest Cities in the U.S.” by Forbes Magazine. Missouri constantly welcomes politicians, sports figures, and top-ofthe-line musicians and entertainers to the area for concerts, speaking engagements and events, all of which are easily accessible from Columbia.

Professional Sports Missouri is home of six professional sports teams in both Kansas City and St. Louis, including two Major League Baseball and National Football clubs, one National Hockey League franchise and a Major League Soccer team. With Columbia just two hours away from both major cities, seeing the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium (left) or the St. Louis Cardinals at the new Busch Stadium (top) is just a quick ride away.

The State Capital Missouri’s state capital, Jefferson City, is located just 30 miles south of Columbia. Jefferson City features many shopping areas, holds various forms of entertainment and features numerous dining options.

Mizzou Traditions David R. Francis Statue As tribute to former governor of Missouri and a great proponent of the University, David R. Francis, a statue stands just northeast of the entrance to Jesse Hall. It is said that when a student rubs his nose, they’ll get an “A” on their next exam. Due to this tradition’s popularity, the nose has needed replacement a few times over the years.

Engineer’s Shamrock The patio outside Lafferre Hall is home to the stone shamrock symbol of engineering. It is said that you are destined to marry an engineer if you walk across this embedded stone.

Truman the Tiger Soon after Missouri's first football team was formed in 1890, the athletic committee adopted the nickname “Tiger” in official recognition of a group of local Civil War militia called “The Missouri Tigers.” Their fighting spirit is now embodied in MU's official mascot, “Truman the Tiger.” Originally, MU had two tiger mascots, a male and a female, but neither had a specific identity. A contest to name the mascot was held in 1984. The winner, a student, submitted the name Truman (after Missouri-born President Harry S. Truman).

Switzler Hall Built in 1871, Switzler Hall is the oldest classroom building on campus. The bell in its tower used to signal the beginning and end of class periods, but now it only rings on Tap Day or to honor the death of a member of the Mizzou family. The Switzler Hall bell has been the focus of many student pranks through the years including stealing the bell’s clapper and placing a cow in the belfry.

Homecoming The first ever homecoming was born at Mizzou in 1911, when the MU football coach and Director of Athletics, Chester Brewer, invited alumni to "come home" to Columbia for the annual football game against the University of Kansas.

Rock M

While this tradition has spread, Mizzou still boasts the largest student-run Homecoming in the nation. The annual events include a parade, blood drive, talent competition, tailgate and much more.

The ubiquitous stone "M" guarding the north end zone of Faurot Field was actually created as a pre-game stunt by some zealous freshmen following a Tigers win against Kansas State in 1927. In the 1950’s a group of pranksters changed the "M" to an "N" the night before the MissouriNebraska football game. A resourceful groundskeeper rallied some volunteers to help return the "M" to its original state before the game. The "M" still receives its traditional whitewash each year by MU student volunteers.

Tiger Walk/Tiger Prowl Established in 1995, Tiger Walk takes place each August before classes begin. To symbolize its entrance into Mizzou, the freshman class meets and walks through the Columns toward Jesse Hall. Tiger Prowl is the corresponding event for seniors upon their graduation. Though their studies are completed, this walk through the Columns does not symbolize their leaving the university. It symbolizes the enduring connection that they will have as alumni.

Notable Alumni

Ben Askren Brad Pitt Pitt attended Mizzou in the mid-1980’s. He studied journalism and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity before leaving for Hollywood in 1986, just two credits short of graduating.

Christian Cantwell Cantwell, who graduated from Mizzou in 2003, took home a silver medal in the shot put at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He has also claimed gold at the 2004 and 2008 World Indoor Championships

Askren is undoubtedly the most successful wrestler in the history of the Missouri program. The 174-pounder wrestled at Mizzou from 20032007. During this time, he won two National Championships, was a four-time All-America honoree, and ended his career with an 87-match winning streak. In 2008, Askren qualified for and competed in the Olympics in Beijing

Sheryl Crow, musician

Brad Smith, New York Jets

Other Notable Alumni

John Anderson (ESPN anchor) Gary Barnett (former head football coach) Dwayne Blakely (current NFL player) Gerald M. Boyd (former NY Times editor) Mel Carnahan (former Missouri Governor) Russ Carnahan (U.S. Congressman) Lloyd Carr (former Michigan football coach) Sophia Choi (CNN Headline News) Gen. Enoch Crowder (U.S. WWI General) Keyon Dooling (current NBA player) Carl Edwards (current NASCAR driver) Atiyyah Ellison (current NFL player) Don Faurot (legendary MU coach and player) Pat Forde (ESPN columnist) Justin Gage (current NFL player) Thomas Gardner (current NBA player) Linda Godwin (NASA astronaut) Mike Hall (first ESPN “Dream Job” winner) Robert Horner (NBC News President) Tim Kaine (current Virginia Governor) Michael Kim (ESPNEWS host) Ian Kinsler (current MLB player) Linas Kleiza (current NBA player) E. Stanley Kroenke (co-owner St. Louis

Rams) Claire McCaskill (current junior U.S. senator) Russ Mitchell (CBS Evening News anchor) C.J. Mosely (current NFL player) Damian Nash (former NFL player) James O’Shea (Los Angeles Times Editor) Dave Otto (former MLB player) Ken Paulson (USA Today Editor) Anthony Peeler (former NBA player) Richard N. Richards (NASA astronaut) Kareem Rush (current NBA player) Doug Smith (former NBA player) Norm Stewart (former MU basketball coach) Steve Stipanovich (former NBA player) Jon Sunvold (former NBA player) Brian Tucker (former Fulham FC soccer player) Debbye Turner (former Miss America) Mort Walker (cartoonist - Beetle Bailey) Roger Wehrli (NFL Hall of Famer) Tennessee Williams (playwright) Matt Winer (ESPN anchor) Kellen Winslow (NFL Hall of Famer) Phillip J. Yeckel (founder Hidden Valley Ranch)

Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart

Justin Smith, San Francisco 49ers Visit, the official web site for Missouri Athletics, for the latest information on Missouri Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving.

MIZZOU Swimming & Diving

MIZZOU Swimming & Diving Men’s Schedule Date Opponent / Event Location 10/04/09 vs. Saluki Open Water 5K Carbondale, Ill. 10/10/09 Show-Me Showdown Mizzou Aquatics Center 10/23/09 at SW Collegiate Invitational Dallas, Texas 10/24/09 at SW Collegiate Invitational Dallas, Texas 11/14/09 vs. Southern Illinois Mizzou Aquatics Center 12/04/09 Mizzou Invite Mizzou Aquatics Center 12/05/09 Mizzou Invite Mizzou Aquatics Center 12/06/09 Mizzou Invite Mizzou Aquatics Center 01/09/10 vs. Missouri S & T Mizzou Aquatics Center 01/16/10 vs. Minnesota Mizzou Aquatics Center 01/29/10 Shamrock Invite South Bend, Ind. 01/30/10 Shamrock Invite South Bend, Ind. 02/12/10 Missouri Grand Prix Mizzou Aquatics Center 02/13/10 Missouri Grand Prix Mizzou Aquatics Center 02/14/10 Missouri Grand Prix Mizzou Aquatics Center 02/24/10 Big 12 Championships * College Station, Texas 02/25/10 Big 12 Championships * College Station, Texas 02/26/10 Big 12 Championships * College Station, Texas 02/27/10 Big 12 Championships * College Station, Texas 02/28/10 Last Chance Meet College Station, Texas 03/25/10 NCAA Championships Columbus, Ohio 03/26/10 NCAA Championships Columbus, Ohio 03/27/10 NCAA Championships Columbus, Ohio

Womens’ Schedule Date Opponent / Event 10/10/09 Show-Me Showdown 10/15/09 vs. Texas * 10/16/09 Big 12 Relays * 10/17/09 vs. Texas A&M * 10/30/09 at Kansas * 11/14/09 vs. Southern Illinois 12/04/09 Mizzou Invite 12/05/09 Mizzou Invite 12/06/09 Mizzou Invite 01/09/10 vs. Missouri S & T 01/16/10 vs. Arkansas 01/23/10 at Iowa State * 01/29/10 Shamrock Invite 01/30/10 Shamrock Invite 02/06/10 vs. Nebraska * 02/12/10 Missouri Grand Prix 02/13/10 Missouri Grand Prix 02/14/10 Missouri Grand Prix 02/24/10 Big 12 Championships * 02/25/10 Big 12 Championships * 02/26/10 Big 12 Championships * 02/27/10 Big 12 Championships * 02/28/10 Last Chance Meet 03/18/10 NCAA Championships 03/19/10 NCAA Championships 03/20/10 NCAA Championships

2009-2010 Media Guide

Location Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Lawrence, Kan. Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Ames, Iowa South Bend, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center Mizzou Aquatics Center College Station, Texas College Station, Texas College Station, Texas College Station, Texas College Station, Texas West Lafayette, Ind. West Lafayette, Ind. West Lafayette, Ind.

2009-10 Missouri Swimming and Diving Media Guide  

The 2009-10 Missouri Swimming and Diving Media Guide

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