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Entry #1 Women始s Wear Daily- April 3, 2012

This current article in Women始s Wear Daily discusses how Marc Jacobs is in the

planning stage of creating a new makeup line. He has already created a fashion empire, a fragrance line, and is now trying to join the makeup world. He says that he is fascinated with anything that it takes for a person to get dressed. This would include all of the areas that he is a part of. He says that it is all about fashion.

I am so excited to hear that Marc Jacobs is going to expand his brand and come

out with color cosmetics. He is working with Sephora which is a good thing because that means that the price point will not be too high. Marc Jacobs is an amazing designer and has such an eye for color so his use in color in cosmetics will be fantastic I am sure! Entry #2 Chicago Tribune- April 11, 2012

The article in Chicago Tribune talks about how gas prices around the country are

going to be rising in the summer. According to the article, gas prices have gotten a little bit lower lately, but it predicts that in May and June that the average gas price will be $4.01. This is something that we are used to in Chicago already. The author tries to explain that because the price of crude oil is rising and there are refinery closures in the Northeast, that gas prices are rising for these reasons.

The rising gas prices are something that are really hurting our country. With

people having to put more money in their gas tanks, they have less disposable income to buy things like clothing or entertainment. This could be a bad thing for the fashion industry since some consumers wait until they have extra money to go out and buy clothing.

Entry #3 Vogue- April 6, 2012

The trend article that I found is titled “From Night to Day: Lingerie- Inspired

Dressing for Spring”. The article talks about how many new looks in the Spring collections incorporate lingerie looking pieces and sexy silhouettes. They are made to be worn under embellished jackets or alone with brightly colored skirts. Many of these pieces are sexy, but can also be worn to the offices.

I absolutely love this new trend. All of the pieces are fun and do make women

look very sexy. I like that this is not just beach wear anymore, but can be made to look beautiful. I have looked well into the Spring Prada line and those are some of my favorite bustier and short-short pieces that I love. Entry #4 Womenʼs Wear Daily

I used Womenʼs Wear Daily online to look at a few fashion lines from the Spring

2012 season. Some silhouettes and trends that seemed really obvious this season for women is the 1950ʼs housewife dress. By looking at the Prada, Jil Sander, and also Chanel Spring 2012 looks, it seems like classy women is something that is in right now. My observation was based on silhouettes used and how much of the body was covered. A lot of the similarities were the 1950ʼs housewife silhouette like wider sleeves and boatneck necklines. The body seems to be more covered and the skirts are almost knee length. Some of the differences were the prints used. Some of the prints screamed 1950ʼs housewife but others just made the silhouette itʼs own by making it more modern and fun.

Entry #5 Department Store Trends- Macy始s

Bright Colors- This trend was all over the store. It was in clothing, appliances,

and also home goods. It seems like having standout pieces is the big trend.

Prints- Prints such as paisley or floral were very popular. I saw this a lot in

footwear, clothing, and also bedding.

Boxy Silhouette- This is huge in clothing, but also the wedge shoe has the

same shape. Some of the new appliances like toasters and coffee makers had

the same boxy shape.

Organic Materials- This store had so many things that were made of organic

materials. Clothing made of organic cotton, canvas bags from organic materials,

and also soaps and kitchen things from organic materials.

Embellished Details- I saw a lot of clothing that had embellishments on the cuffs

and collars of shirts. There were shoes with little rhinestones or pearl

embellishments, and also pillows had little fringe on the side.

Entry #6- Trends on WGSN

Almost every one of these trends was on WGSN. There are multiple articles on

color and how color, either rich or pastel, is so in right now. They always feature articles on which prints are big and I saw that floral was a little bit later on there, but still on the website. The newest article on silhouette shows that the structured shoulder trench is a big silhouette on the catwalks right now. It seems to be a pretty boxy figure. There are so many articles on sustainable and organic resources just on the home page of WGSN. I did find an article on embellishments on collars of shirts, but the main embellishment right now seems to be around lace.

Entry #7- Fabric Swatches of Current Trends

Blazers were a huge trend when I visited Macy始s. I noticed for this current season that they are mostly made of lightweight wools.

Lightweight knits are a huge trend right now in clothing from Spring dresses to little shawl jackets. This color is for Spring.

There were many woven tops and cute details with silks. This is a cheap imitation, but the organza was used in dresses and lightweight Spring items. The color would be a little bit deeper.

Entry #8 Trend Projections- March 2012 Tokyo, Japan- Pleating is huge in trend right now. It seems like they are using rich colors and two different materials/ colors in a garment. The optical illusion and 3D trend was huge. Paris, France- Body forms are used as a main trend right know. Feminine silhouettes and also androgynous silhouettes were popular. Clean white garments were also very popular. Complementary colors were used to give contrast to garments London, England- Feminine silhouettes were popular with items such as a peplum skirt. Aztec graphics as well as vintage prints and pastel colors were strong looks on T-shirts and shorts. My Trend ProjectionsFeminine Silhouette- The feminine silhouette is going to become huge within the next two seasons. Structured tops and form fitting bottoms are going to give women a curvy shape. Things such as frills and peplums are going to be used as a way to accentuate figures. Deep Colors- With the seasons changing, colors will become richer and deeper. The pastels and bright colors will have to tone down as the next two seasons has severe weather changes. Graphics/ 3D Looks- After seeing some of the Spring 2012 looks it seems like next season may take the graphic trend a step further. I think that designers are going to take this trend into different materials such as lights and structure to create illusions.

Entry #9 Visual Displays Nordstrom This is a window display from Nordstrom that I loved because of the Spring incorporations it used. It used the fun silhouette of the dress and the bring Spring colors in the background. The butterflies also give the Spring feeling. It was simple, but gave the pout that This weather change is bringing out new and exciting clothing. I loved the props that were used in this display. The black chair that the mannequin is sitting on is so elegant. I think that the clothing used in this display is chic and goes with the black wooden form they put on the table. The outfits are all so different, but compliment each other.


This display was absolutely gorgeous. All of the pieces that were incorporated from home goods, to silver wear to the wedding gown just added the extra touch. The ambiance of the display just seemed dreamlike. I like that it was all white because it seemed so clean and crisp.

This display was just so fun. It had the new dresses that were featured, but really showed their customer by incorporating the Vogue books and magazine tear sheets. I think that it was so cute and almost looked like a closet that their customer would have. I was drawn to the setup also because of the face out and side hang.

Entry #10- Titanic This movie came out when I was seven years old, so I never paid attention to the fashion. After seeing it in theaters again in 3D, I think that many of the pre-1920始s silhouettes and dresses may trend on red carpets as a tribute. Like me, since the movie is resurfacing, it is going to create a whole new fan base with noticing trends. Not only do I think that the beaded gowns with lace overlay (Rose始s famous dress) will make an appearance from many designers, but it also might start a jewelry trend with the famous necklace from the movie. I know that suspenders are sometimes in and out of the men始s market, but this movie had many suspenders on the men. The trend may be coming back after college aged men see this movie. Entry #11- Style.Com I used and searched through Spring 2012 collections when I came across this Alexander McQueen collection from Spring 2012. Sarah Burton is the designer of this collection. I think that this garment would only be purchased in a specialty shop or maybe Barney始s New York. I think I really loved the color and texture of this garment. It has beautiful bright color and the lace mixed with feathers give this such a soft and airy feel to the garment. The cutouts really accentuate the figure of the female and the silhouette is interesting and innovative.

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this is just a test.


this is just a test.