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Script on  US  and  UK  Film  Industry     Throughout  the  time  of  film  America  and  British  films  have  had  there   differences,  American  films  have  always  been  profitable  then  the  BFI.  The  big  six   are  a  big  part  of  why  American  film  industry  is  so  successful.  The  use  of   horizontal  intergration  allows  them  to  advertise  to  a  bigger  audience  because   they  have  ownership  of  their  own  distribution  companies  and  productions.       School  for  Scoulders  is  a  remake  of  the  British  film,  which  later  on  turned  into  an   American  film.  The  British  film  was  made  in  1960  and  directed  by  Robert  Hamer.   Its  genre  is  comedy  and  about  a  man  who  goes  to  a  school  for  lifemanship  skills   and  ends  up  meeting  a  women  and  tries  to  get  with  her  but  ends  up  fighting  with   this  other  man  who  also  wants  her.  The  school  is  supposed  to  teach  him  life  goals   about  personalities  and  looks.  The  comedy  in  the  British  film  is  very  much  easily   thought  about,  like  tripping  on  a  banana  skin  comedy,  which  back  in  those  days   the  audiences,  loved.       In  the  American  remake  which  was  a  47  year  gap  between  films  so  when   watching  the  2006  remake  it  was  very  much  different.  Firstly  using  different   ethnical  cultures,  some  characters  were  black  and  some  were  white.  However  in   the  60  film  it  was  somewhat  wrong  If  a  black  person  was  in  a  British  Film.   However  what  did  stay  same  was  the  storyline  of  playing  tennis,  talking  to  girls   and  helping  friends  out  also  two  men  fighting  over  a  woman.  Also  uses  of  the   same  name  for  example  Mr  Potter.  The  comedy  of  it  was  much  more  modern  and   well  thought  out  and  witty,  the  comedy  were  things  like  taking  the  mick  out  of   someone  and  just  modern  ‘banter’  that  men  would  have  with  each  other.  Use  of   violence  and  guns  to  try  and  win  the  girl  over  however  in  the  6o  film  they  had  a   game  of  tennis  to  try  and  impress  the  women.       Also  in  the  American  one  they  used  well  -­‐    known  actors/actresses  because  they   know  now  in  society  people  go  see  a  film  because  of  the  actors/actresses.  A  big   advantage  on  the  American  remake  was  that  they  and  big  distributions   Dimensions  films.  For  the  British  film  they  had  Pathe  and  Warner  Bros.  When  the   American  remake  come  out  the  box  office  made  ¢23,497,685  which  is  10x  better   then  the  British  which  only  made  30,000.              

Script on US and Uk Film Industry  

Us and Uk script

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