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Hello, I've just read your job description for a temp Sound Designer, and i believe i have got the skills to achieve the job. I am a creative, open minded individual who loves sound and creating different sounds. I have been a sound designer for 5 years and I've worked on many films, such as WALL-E and Toy Story, working in those types of environments I've learnt a lot. My personal skills are organization, I like to have a structure of my work and to be able to achieve with no stressing and dilemmas. This also comes down to timing and i believe timing is critical in sound design, i am good at managing myself and knowing when things should or can get done. I also volunteer at EarDrum Ltd which is a sound design company I've been volunteering there for 3 years, sorting out fundraising and producing sound with well top equipment. The technology I've used is high tech, i know how to use the technology, i know it from inside out. The skill i use the most is Multi - tasking, with this skill i'm able to work quicker with the same outcome as if i was doing something one at a time. I learnt this well on the job at Toy Story. I am also good under pressure, i dont panic and stop, i carry on and get everything done to my best ability, this is what I've gained for being a sound designer as everything as to be on time, otherwise the whole production could fail. Im also a team player and love to work in groups to produce sound, i take feedback and listen to others when they have something to say, and i take on board what people are saying to me. I am a confident individual and will listen and be told what to do and i will get on with it. I am also confident in the work i do and always proud of what i do. Sincerely, Emily Hales 34 Hardflow Road Greenwich, London se10 1sw Â

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