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THE 4 PIONEERS lemiere brothers EMILY HALES

Lemiere brothers The Lemiere brothers (Augueste & Louis) were two French brothers who were among the earliest of filmmakers and inventors. They were pioneer manufacturers of photographic equipment as they worked in their fathers photographic factory. They were influenced firstly when they went to Paris in 1894 and experienced seeing Edison’s Kinescope that’s when they decided to design there own camera. That coming February they had produced a working model of their very own cine camera which they called a cinematographe. This master piece was not just a camera but it could be used together with magic lantern so that they film could be projected. They important because it was the start of viewing motion pictures and the start to modern cinema, its impact now days is that hundred thousand of people around the world today come daily to admire the of their favorite actors and directors. The impact of the new invention lead to be successful and they made other films.


Lemiere Brothers  
Lemiere Brothers  

Lemiere brothers