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The 4 pioneers emile reynaud EMILY HALES

EMILIE RAYNAUD Emilie Raynaud was born in 1844 he was a French science teacher he was responsible for the first projected animated cartoon films. He created the Praxinscope in 1877 and the theatre optique in December 1888 and in October 1892 he projected the first animated film in public. This praxinscope which is an instrument that creates optical illusions. He perfected the praxinscope and come up with a large praxinscope which enabled him to project a strip of film. Unfortunately be the 1900, motion pictures soonn became the rage and Raynaud’s invention became unseeable. By 1910, Reynaud was forgotten and destitute. In despair, he tossed his Praxinoscope and many of his films into the Seine. In 1918, the broken and impoverished Reynaud died in an institution.


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Emilie Reynaud  

Emilie Reynaud