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From the editor Welcome to the first issue of Figure magazine. Here at Figure we are entirely dedicated and creating content for curvy women. All brands, articles, shoots will be focused on women 14+. I beleive there is a huge gap in the current market for a magazine like this and we hope to create a community full of wonderful women wanting to style their fabulous curves....

Emily x

fashion news

Where are the curves?

Plus-size models staged a During protest during London Plus-Size Models Staged a Protest London Fashion WeekFashion


Credit: Lee Publicity

This week saw the start of London signs reading “Love your curves Fashion Week, promising some spectacular shows, new trends and a whole load of fashion faux pas... however no one expected that a group of plus size models would fill the streets to protest in lingerie, with a great message.

LFW” “Where are the Curves?, “Curves shouldn’t mean compromise” and “Fashion rules rewritten.”

In reaction to the protest, Angela Spindler, the chief executive of the parent company that in fact owns Simply Be, spoke to the Evening The protest was in collaboration with plus size fashion retailer Sim- Standard and stated, ‘the point of ply Be, however headed by the out- the protest was to raise awareness to the work that still needs to be spoke body advocate and daughdone to make the fashion industry ter to Baywatch legend, Hayley Hasselhoff. The peaceful protest, more inclusive and diverse [..] we turned semi photoshoot was all in want the fashion industry to change aid to highlight the importance of the way it represents body shapes. This isn’t about ‘skinny shaming,’ celebrating women of all shapes and sizes - and to bring light to the we think that shape should be celebrated irrespective of size, and lack of diversity of bigger models it’s time that the industry became in the designer shows. The emmore diverse - after all fashion is powering gang were built up of for everyone.” Hayley Hasselhoff, bloggers and models such as Callie Thorpe and Megan Crabbe and many more, all The average British woman’s dress showing their support for plus-size size is now between a size 14 to 16, the models and Simply Be are beauty. The ladies were holding

Credit: Callie Thorpe Instagram

calling on the fashion industry to choose models that reflect these statistics that we are faced with here in the UK. Some brands have been more inclusive with thier model sizes such as Marc Jacobs and Levi, however this is still not accepted wider in the fashion industry. Simply Be held a show in which models ranged all the way to size 26. This protest proves there is still work to be done in the industry to give plus size women a chance to shine.

Ashley Graham becomes the first plus-size model to sign a Revlon beauty contract

Credit: Revlon Campaihn

Credit: Revlon Campaihn

Plus size model Ashley Graham has signed along the dotted lines to a massive deal with Revlon Inc, becoming the first big name plus size model in her generation to gain a beauty contract of this magnitude. In a recent statement Graham said, “Historically, curvy girls are not given beauty contacts. It’s kind of groundbreaking, because in my generation of models, this hasn’t happened yet. This is one of those moments where I’m over the moon, I cried a little.” Her campaign is “Live Boldly’, Graham is featuring on this with fellow high profile models Imaan Hammam, Raquel Zimmerman and Adwoa Aboah. Graham stated she resonates with the “Live Boldly” tagline stating that her affirmations are, ‘I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful.” We are over the moon for Ashley, and are looking forward to seeing what she has in store for the near future.

Missguided unveils diverse mannequins that have stretch marks and vitiligo... Fashion brand Missguided has this week unveiled a diverse range of mannequins in their stores in a hope to become more representive of all different types of women in society. The collection of mannequins include female figures of different ethnicities, in addition they are highlighting skin conditions such as stretch marks and vitiligo, which are being more accepted in the fashion industry. Model Winnie Harlow has vitiligo and she has spoken out numerous times on living with the condition

realistic makes me love them even more.” However although this movement is great within the fashion industry, people have been calling out the brand for still only representing one specific body type, “Great to see Missguided have got mannequins with freckles, stretchmarks etc but how about some which aren’t a size 0 now.” Last year, a study from Liverpool Univeristy showed that the ‘average’ female mannequn actually illustrated a severely underweight woman. We do hope that Missguided Many people have been will follow their initial launch praising the brand for the with somemannequins of difnew mannequins, one tweet ferent body types too. Along saying, “The fact that Misswith other online and instore guided make the mannequins retailers.

Credit: Missguided

Boohoo Plus

s d e r e h t f all o SImply Be



Boohoo Plus

Boohoo Plus


Boohoo Plus



exclusive interview

Andrea Da Silva


Brasil Nality

With over 11,000 Instagram follwers, upcoming social media star Andrea Da Silva is a advocate for curves.This month, Andrea is our blogger with a voice, she is explaining what it is really like being a curvy blogger, fashion tips and what she thinks on the term ‘plus size’.

Full interview below


just wanted to share with the world what’s out here and how you can dress as a curvy woman as this was lacking on the market, at least it was when I started”, says Andrea Da Silva when questioned to why and what inspired her to begin her fashion blog. .. How was the initial response to your to your blog? It was great, even better than expected and the more I create for my niche, the more people like it. What is your attitude towards body confidence? No one should be ashamed of who they are if that’s how they choose to be. If want to loose

weight, that’s fine, if you gain 20 pounds and you’re happy with yourself, no one has the right to judge you because being happy means your mental health is great! So, what is you response to the term ‘plus size’ and ‘real women’? I think the terms are misused. What is even a real woman?! We are all real women, we all have our flaws and that’s totally fine! The term plus size is misused because people are considered plus size when they’re a 12/14 or 16 yet plus size only starts at 18. I don’t mind being called plus size because the content I create is for curvy girls/ women who struggle to find the right clothes, if they’re a 12 with big hips or a 22, it doesn’t

matter. I see a lot of people under the hashtag plus size who are not plus size but consider themselves as plus size. I think there's a misunderstanding, plus size is not the same thing as body positive. The curvier fashion industry is blooming more than ever right now, why do you think it’s taken so long for women of bigger sizes to really be recognised? Society goes through different stages and as soon as big bums have become a trend I knew it wouldn’t take long anymore for curvy girls to shine. It’s just a matter introducing people to something new, then they get used to it so they become open for a new stage.

your own style. Traveling helps a lot as well! Inspo from different countries & cultures. What are some tips you can give to women with fab curves on starting their own blog, and what can they expect diving into this industry? I can just recommend, be yourself and don’t force it! People take you for the person you are and if they don’t they get blocked. Simple as that! There’s space for everyone out here who wants to start their own blog, just find your niche and be great! Last but not least, do you have any styling tips that you can share with the readers of Figure? In terms of styling tips, there’s nothing really where I say “oh I can’t wear that”, because I can if I want to. Who told you that you can’t? Society! Don’t let them dictate what you can and can not, you decide if you feel comfortable in something... then if you do, own it! Make sure you give Andrea a follow, @brasilnality.

“Be yourself and don’t force it”

Your style is always fabulous, never seen an outfit I don’t like from you. Where do you get your style inspo from? I get my style inspo on Instagram! All these fabulous influencers I follow, if petite or curvy, you can always take inso away or transform an outfit into

MORE BODY POSITIVE BLOGGERS TO FOLLOW Gabi Gregg has a huge social media following with over 580k followers. Known best to her followers as Gabi Fresh, she runs her own website, collaborated with swimwear brands and is co-founder of plus size range Premme.

With over 160k followers on Instagram, Nicolette Mason is not only a fashionista, but a brilliant business women who features in a Forbes top 10. Nicolette has also helped launch a popular plus size range of clothing.

Voted ‘inStyles’ best curve influencer 2017, Danielle Vanier has a 95.7k Instagram following. “I want to help inspire you to feel confident about your body what ever size/shape you are”, with this ethos what’s not to love about Danielle.

Grace Victory is an award-winning Vlogger and presenter, and social media starlet with her videos attracting over 23 million total views. She has a huge 130k following. Grace shares her story on problems that all young people face, with advice.

Credit: Swimwearforall

Credit: @gabifresh

Whether you have a summer holiday booked, or are searching for a last minute escape to jet away from the February weather, Gabi Fresh has released a new swimwear collection which will cure all of your swimwear worries. Gabi, curvy influencer and body positive activist has teamed up with again to create a sizzling bunch of swimwear for 2018, which we love. The collection is full of different colours, prints and design. The pieces are strong, stylish and sexy. The swimwear utilises all of fashions favourites right now... cut out detailing,

high waisted bottoms to embrace and show off you envious curves. The collection holds host to bikinis and swimsuits, something for everyone. Not only has the range got some killer swimwear, Gabi has added some beach accesories to the new collection including a super cool star print beach dress, mesh maxi and a sheer crop top. But, we can’t not talk about the photoshoot that accompanies this killer campaign. Swimsuitsforall and Gabi have gone to town creating gorgeous imagery and great curvy women promoting the

swimsuits. Speaking to, Gabi’s fresh perspective on preparing for her photoshoot is one we like, “I don’t do any physical preparation because my brand is all about embracing bodies as they are and not giving in to this idea that we have to lose weight to look and feel good in swimwear. I naturally get more and more excited as the date approaches, and I like to go over all of the creative choices being made so that we can make sure each shoot is even better than the last.” Shop the collection at

big is beautiful

Miss British Beauty Curve pageant star

Say hello to the potential queen of the Miss British Beauty Curve pageant, Hollie Jackson. At only 18 years of age Hollie is showing the world that being bigger is beauiful.


ollie is a self confessed dog lover with a taste for tattoos. Located in Portsmouth the retail worker has been venturing into the beauty world by becoming a freelane makeup artist She loves all things to do with fashion and beauty. This will be Hollie’s second year at attempting to take the crown for “Miss British Beauty Curve’ and her first time for “Miss International Curve’. She currently holds two titles of Miss Hampshire and Miss England Curve. With an impressive track record we wanted to find out more about Hollie’s venture into pageants, body confidence and advice... So Hollie, what made you want to take part in the pageants? Before I applied for the pageant I had a look at the previous queens and videos from the pageant and it inspired me to become more confident. Nothing is more powerful than a woman who loves the skin she’s in no matter her size and that’s the woman I wanted to be. I’ve not always been extremely confident which stopped me from doing things and I didn’t want to be that girl anymore. The girl that was scared to eat in public, the girl that wouldn’t of dared worn a bodycon dress or the girl who hid in baggy clothes. The pageant was my way of coming out of my shell and being the glamorous me I always wanted to be. It’s the most empowering feeling, being on a stage in a bikini saying this is my body and

I’m proud of it! And having 60 other women behind you supporting you all the way. Would you say being plus size is becoming more accepted in the fashion/ beauty industry? Yes and no. Yes because more company’s are bringing out plus size clothing and using slightly larger models than a size 8. Size 12 is “plus size” in the modelling industry so it’s nice to see that more company’s are trying to be diverse. Boohoo and asos are the best online places to shop if you’re plus size. Their sizing is true to size and they go up to a 28. Asos have really stepped their game up in terms of the models they use, they’re so diverse and show different body sizes and different coloured women and it’s so amazing to see brands doing more for plus size women! However I think more brands should be using size 16 models as that’s the average size of the woman in the uk! Many mannequins you see displaying clothes aren’t a normal shaped body and you’d have to get surgery to look like it! It’s damaging the minds of young girls and teaching them to aspire to be that size and it’s not healthy. What would you say to someone who wants to take part in these types of pageants? My advice to someone would be to just do it. Just apply don’t have any second thoughts of what people might say

@hollie_rose_ and think! There’s nothing to lose by just applying and the outcome is 100% worth it. Taking part in any pageant is more confidence boosting than what you think! People assume we’re all snapping each others heels to try and win but instead we’re zipping each other into dresses and buckling each other’s shoes! You compete with each other not against. Pageants like “miss British beauty Curve” and “Miss International curve” are such amazing platforms to start on, you become a part of a big family and are instantly treated with respect! You all build each others confidence and boost each other up. You gain not only experience but a second family. What is your main bit of advice on feeling body confident? My advice to any woman or man would be to forget what you’ve been told about yourself. Forget if someone’s called you fat or ugly or made fun of a disability you’ve had, Because you are none of those things. You have one body in your

life and every one deserves to love that body no matter what your shape, size or colour! When I hit my low stage I took all the mirrors out of my bedroom so I couldn’t look at myself before I left the house or just stand in front of it and judge every inch of me and it worked. I stopped caring what people thought and just brushed it off.

Credit: Hollie Jackson


Credit: Chromat Show 2018

Credit: Chromat Show 2018

New York fashion week has finished and it proved to be another jam packed week of fashion. But there was again a lack of diverse body shapes on the cat walks. However, one designer brand embraced the curves, creating a colourful runway showcases their quirky collection.

Chromat have been representing fuller figure women and body/ ethinic diversity for a while, reminding fashion that one size does not fit all and that bigger women are beautiful. Chromat did not dissapoint, they had stunning plus size models strutting that runway, which was refreshing from previous shows that week. The brand also stepped up the diversity by inviting Viktoria Modesta, a music artist who has a prosethic leg to join their reign of power on the catwalk- representing every type of woman. Not only did Modesta join the models, they also casted breast cancer survior Ericka Hart. This season the models took to the runway showcasing the Chromats signature sports luxe inspired garments. Sports luxe has been floating around the highstreet and online for a while now, popper pants and shell suit jackets, it seems as though this trend is here to stay.

Credit: MiLK Models

Back at Paris Fashion week high end designer Alexander McQueen had one huge difference on their runway this season. The floral, floaty catwalk showcased a signature of beautiful clothes and models... a new face from Milk Management’s Curve model graced the catwalk. However, the amount of plus size models used this year has dropped massively in contrast to last years show . According to The Fashion Spot’s diversity report, a record 90 plus-size models walked on runways for the Spring/Summer shows which took place last September. This season saw a major drop, only 26 plus-size models at NYFW. Christian Siriano led the pack with 10 plussize models, followed by Chromat who in fact cast nine. Michael Kors cast two, while Eckhaus Latta and Prabal Gurung only had one each. While the number of models of colour increased since last season by 0.4%, factors such as weight and varied ages have shrunk.


top tips

Are you stuck with what you want to do in your life, where you want to go, or even who you are? Well, get ready to meet the lady who has published a journal sharing her secrets which helped her to find true happiness and self-acceptance.

notes to self

Credit: Wendy O’Beirne

for a happier life

happy mind | happy life

Wendy O’Beirne from was about to hit her milestone birthday and decided it was finally time to change her life. She did not want to sit back anymore, ambling along, wishing things would happen.

“I’d been putting everything on the back burner for one day far too long”. After years of denial, Wendy realised she was suffering with anxiety, struggling with what she was doing and where she was going in life. “Comparison was stealing all of my joy. I was just not happy.” Wendy began her journey of change by starting to spend time every day on herself. “I began to list things l was grateful for. I made an effort to meditate daily. I started a new exercise programme, not to punish myself for eating a cake but in an

effort to love myself a bit more. I made a list. I started remembering what it was I had dreamt of doing and stopped comparing myself to everyone else. I started getting a good night sleep instead of laying with a head full of noise. I realised I had gotten a little bit lost and was running a really negative story about myself through my head every single day. Once I accepted I could change that story if I stopped comparing and started choosing my mindset more, things changed. The more I did it, the more I started to have this passion grow to know I could take on anything. I know it all sounds a bit out there, but I can honestly say spending that time on ME every day changed my life. I was writing my own story and I had a beautiful journal I could look back on and smile. I know when I don’t have time to journal or meditate my days don’t quite go the same. The negative story starts to creep back in. So I know, for me, this time each day works.” Now Wendy from Northampton has recreated and published

the journal ‘notestoself’, in aid to help people going through a similar phase to her and need a little guidance and help in getting to where they want to be. “You are important and the more you give to yourself, the more you can give to others.”

top tips-------------------


Starting to realise what you do have, that most of us all take for granted. That changes the way you feel about your life straight away. Being grateful changes your life.


The headspace app should be on everyones phone! Taking time to meditate really does change your temperament and how you think about almost everything.


This needs to be banned. When you stop comparing yourself to what you think you should be, or an idea of perfect, this changes your happiness straight away.

4.Movement Find something that makes you feel good. Not something to punish yourself. Forget no pain no gain - it’s rubbish. Find something that makes you appreciate your body, makes you feel good and leaves you feel good. Do it for the positive way it changes your mindset, not to beat up your body. Yoga gives you a chance to just be. Recommend every one trys abit, even if its just at home.

Credit: Wendy O’Beirne

5.Self care Literally, everyone seems to think its okay to talk to themselves like shit. In a way they would never speak to a friend or someone they love. You should be your number one fan. You should love yourself as you are right now. You should be kind to yourself and you should be a priority. Anyone putting their own care on the back burner isn’t helping anyone, you will burn out. Look after yourself first, with love and in a voice that you use for your best mate. Change your relationship with you first. You spend all day talking to yourself; make sure what you are saying is kind.

Meet the cover girl

Eve Robson Twentry two year old Eve volunteered to be Figures very first cover girl for this February issue, and doesn’t she look fabulous. With a huge interest in fashion, her favourite brand is Asos curve, ‘it’s affordable and stylish, keeping up with all of the latest fashion trends.” “My style tip is always feel confident and comfortable in whatever you are wearing, whever it be a casual t-shirt and jeans, or a fancy outfit for an event... if you don’t feel yourself in it, then you probably aren’t going to look right in it.” Do you want to be the next cover girl for March? Get in touch, visit our webite to find out more.

Dress:Asos Curve Shoes: Asos Earrings: Primark

s l e e h t o h ’ n i m flam s Boohoo thank

All under ÂŁ20

Credit: all images taken from branding pr or websites



Be confident in your skin...

Before you can even begin to love somebody else, you need to be able to love yourself. Don’t hide your body in your profile pictures, don’t feel ashsamed. You should be confident in yourself, and when this happens you will be able to open doors for new people in your life. Remember, no body is perfect even if they seem it on the outside.

Don’t settle for anythng less...

This is important. Just because someone has started speaking to you first and seem pretty into you, don’t feel like you need to recipricate these feelings if you haven’t got them out of guilt. You deserve somebody that innates your attractions, likewise so does that person. So don’t setlle for something you don’t want. It can hurt both parties.

Don’t give up...

You may have had a few knock backs and heart break, but pick yourself back up and get back into the dating scene. Don’t dwell on the past, because it’s time to look to the future. There 7.442 billion people in the world, and one of those people is for you, it’s just a case of kissing a few frogs before you find the one.

Credit: all images taken from branding pr or websites



Ellesse Granita leggings £30

Only Playlong jacket £50

With brand new clothing lines dedicated to fitness, here are some top buys to make sure you're looking super stylish when breaking a sweat.

Adidas leggings £23

Goddess high impact non wired sports bra £36

Body Sculpture Smart Dumbbells £10

Fitbit Watch £119 SImply Be Sports £14

Tog24 hoodie £30 Dorina Extreme sports bra £18

Reebok trainers £48 Only Playlong sleeve capri £15

BEST PRODUCTS RIGHT NOW our top 3 primers this month







This blend of vitamins A and E, grape seed extract and green tea gives skin a silky soft surface, fully prepared for foundation. Super popular for providing a pore-less complexion.

This primer is a thin super light lotion and has a really pretty pearlescent glow. It is extremly versatile, working on both dry and oily skins giving a lasting effect.


A long lasting primer, that hold’s your makeup on all day. This primer leaves a glow under whatever foundation you use, we love ‘Golden Glow’, which adds a hint of healthy bronze.


Urban Decay’s Naked palette collection keeps getting bigger. The brand will soon be dropping another flame-hued Naked Heat eye-shadow, this month. The brand’s eighth Naked palette, includes six warm and fiery neutrals, a more practical alternative for the usual 12 coloured palettes. The shades are: Inhale (cream), Vibrate (peachy nude), Hot Spell (terracotta), Wild Thing (burnt orange), Heist (cayenne), and Strike (reddish-brown). The eye shadows can be used dry or wet for more intensity. Keep your eyes open for the must have mini pallete!

Credit: all images taken from branding pr or websites


step by step tried and tested by Figure

Figures favourite fake tan of the moment is sure to give you that summer glow to get you through February. Here is the step by step guide on how to achieve the perfect tan. 1) Preparation is key when it comes to DIY tanning. If you are waxing or shaving, make sure you have done this atleast 24 hours before your tanning application... this is just to ensure your skin has calmed down and all little bits of wax have came off. 2) Likewise, remove your old tanning product off your skin if there is anything already applied, you can do this using Bondi Sands self tan eraser. It’s super easy. Apply the tan remover foam to your body, leave for 5-10 minutes then gently exfoliate in the shower and your skin will be completly clear, fresh and ready to tan. 3) Moisture your dry bits. This is key to ensuring an even tan. Make sure all your dry areas are moisturised using an oil free body creamthink elbows, knees and ankles. 4) Use a mitt, this is key. You can buy a tanning mitt from super markets and beauty stores. A mitt provides an even professional finish and means that your palms don’t end up covered in patchy tan. We love the Bondi Sands mitt. 5) To tan your face, simply sweep the remaining product left over on the mitt across your forehead, down your nose and over each cheek before blending it down your neck, towards the chest. You don’t want to over do your face as you are more than likely going to be adding makeup products to your face. Also, remember to tan your ears, evenly. 6) Once you’e all evenly tanned, cover yourself up once its dried 10/15 minutes, with loose clothing. Depending on the tan you have decided to use will depend on how long you leave it on. Some can be an hour, some can be over night. Whatever it is, follow, and avoid getting your skin damp within this processing time. Once it is time to wash the tan, wash gently in the showerr allowing excess tan to slide off. When drying pat your skin down.

flutter those lashes Benefit, ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara is sold every 15 seconds in the UK alone, which says it all really.

Maybelline New York have teamed up with Gigi Hadid to create a lengthy lash.

Tarte’s cool Maneater mascara is fluffiing up and plumping lashes all over the world after their new release.

Too Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara is the best for thick dark voluminous lashes.

10 5 things

you need to know before going p l a t i n u m FROM A HAIRDRESSER

Credit: shutterstock

1. Platinum suits everyone, but it is a huge commitment...

lPatinum hair works with any hair length and texture, as long as it;s healthy and well-maintained. That means more trims that you were used to and colour touch-ups, plus a lot of TLC for your essentially bleached hair,

2. It is a very long process...

Realistically you’ll be in the salon for up to 5 hours when going platinum, depending on your original starting colour.... so don’t book an appointment when you’re in a major rush. There are a lot of things that go into mainting a hair of such colour, especially as mentioned if you’re starting from a darker colour, or hair with a

Credit: shutterstock red tone in it (this is because red is more difficult to get rid of). However, the process is possible, it will be full of bleaching, more bleaching, toning, hair masks and leave in conditioners. But when you get the finish result it is truly worth the hours.

3. Do not attempt yourself...

This is the mistake that everybody makes once in their life, thinking that a box bleach or colour remover will rid their colour and they will suddenly embrace a maine of platinum locks. This is not the case. Those who have attempted to create this colour at home will know that the colour you will be greeted by will be a patchy orange mess which then will make it harder for your hair dresser to attempt to sort out for you. So leave it to the hairdresser.

Credit: shutterstock

4. Silver shampoo

I Now this will be your best friend throughout your platinum days. Silver shampoo your hair a couple of times a week, this is to ensure that all brassy yellow tones don’t come creeping back. There are loads of different types of silver shampoos and toners on the highstreet for all pretty good prices. Your hairdresser may reccomend one which is better suited to your hair.

5. Turn down the heat...

As you know applying heat to your hair for a long amount of time will cause lasting damage. However after going platinum your hair may be feeling slightly weaker so take time out to regular nourise your hair using hair masks and different oils.


Credit: Rudding Park

A sneak peak into some of the most lavish spa retreats in

it is on the pricey size- but very much granted as it the UK, which really do offer the full package, offering state offers out incredible treatment and use of facilties. Coworth Park is in fact one of the most coveted of the art treatments, blissful body treatments as well as hotel addresses in the country, in prime location to fantastic facilites. London (hour and half by car).

Lime Wood, New Forest, Hampshire

A magical, sybaritic, pleasure-seeking treat of a boutique, much adored by all that visit.The retreat offers a whole range of activities and experiences from learning to cook with celeb chefs in the kitchen and find your zen amongst the wild flower gardens surrounding the spa. The desitination is easy to get to, be it my car or train, it is a 20 minute taxi ride from Southampton train station. The activities are this whimsical spa are endless. You book book yourself into fitness classes which are in fact lead outside on the roofop herb garden. The rooftop spa garden also holds host to a steaming hot pool and whirlpool overlooking the vast woodland area. To finish all retreats you get the signature Bramford body scrub which will leave you feeling completly new again. Prices vary.

Coworth Park, Ascot

A chic barn conversion, that shouts billionaire bling. This spa retreat is one to visit for a special occasion as

You can take a dip in the indoor pool with underwater music, then enjoy one of the famous whizzy collagen-boosting facials. The hotel offers a caviar-smeared tasting menu. You can also get the chance to play/ learn polo here, booking a session is an essential so you can gain the real Cotworth Park experience.

Rudding Park Spa, Follifoot, Yorkshire

One of the north’s greatest country spa’s complete with two golf courses, woodland walks and private cinema. In a great location the country manor is easy to get to via all commutes. The spa offer endless treatments aswell as a juniper log sauna and bucket shower.Not only this but the bedrooms have been updated they have their own saunas, steam rooms, and gold-tiled spa baths.


then it is nice to be able to treat your body to something you know is good and completly clean. That’s where the Juice Company in Northamptonshire help. Peysleigh Witham a diet and nutritionist student has started creating clean easy juices to give your body the TLC it needs. “The juice company started when I bought my first juicer and got into juice cleansing but it was very hard to fit in juicing with my working life. I looked for companys that were creating juices to deliver but there was nothing. So me being me, I decided that there was a huge gap in the market for this, and began to create the Juice Company, a local juicing business that delivers to your door step.” Peysleigh explains the benefits to treating your body to a juicing every now and then. “There are endless nutritional benefits with juicing, because you’re drinking rather than eating. You are able to take in more vegetables and subsquently absorbing more nutrients without stuffing yourself too much with a lot of fiber. It allows you to take

in a wider range of veg and allows you to consume more nutrients. It helps fight cancer, lower cholesterol, detoxifysthe body along with clearing up your skin.” The juice company create fantastic flavoured juices full of different nutrients for different things, they then bottle it up and deliver the bottle of goodness to your door step. However you can create similar juices just as good at home, Peysleigh explains, “there are hundreds of amazing combinations and most of them sound completly gross but surprisingly taste fantastic. My personal favourites are my ‘Pink Passion’ which is watermelon, strawberries, mint and cucumber; perfect for the summer. ‘Viva la veggie’ is another great mix, which is apples, carrots, celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, broccoli, beetroot, ginger and courgette. Perfect for the vegtable lovers out there.” Sciene is also proving that a day juicing is good for your body, and will do you no harm. UCLA School of Medicine carried out a study whereby there was a significant positive impact on overall well-being two weeks after the cleanse. Give it ago!

Figure Fashion  
Figure Fashion