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Powerhouse Profits: Marketing and Promotional Strategies for Pilates Professionals An Exclusive* 7-Hour Workshop at The Empire State Building Plus an Entire MONTH of One-on-One Professional Follow-Up Consulting & Coaching *[Limited to Just 9 Participants]

“Your Pilates Business Is a Like a Vault Locking Away Overlooked and Untapped Riches!”

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From: Jim Murray A Service of EmersonThoreau, LLC

Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 9:17 am

Dear Pilates Professional... If You Are FRUSTRATED and BEWILDERED by the Mystery and Unreliability of Traditional Marketing. Then...

“Start Using These Unconventional Marketing and Promotional Strategies to Tap into Multiple Streams of Recurring Income for your Pilates Business... in as Little as 27 Days... without Paying for Expensive and Wasteful Advertising.” A QUICK QUESTION: “Which is the Better Investment in Your Future?”

One Troy Ounce of Gold Currently selling for approximately $1294 per ounce.

The Exclusive, 7-Hour Powerhouse Profits Training Workshop for Pilates Professionals at the Empire State Building (Thursday, May 15th)


rue. Gold has been a remarkably good investment during the past decade, growing in value from $274.50 per ounce in 2000, up to more than $1400 in 2010 before settling down to its current price of about $1295 per ounce.

So Should You Buy an Ounce? Sure. Why not? (Although there's not much you could do with it to grow your business.) Yes, it'll make a beautiful paperweight. Otherwise, you could hold on to it and watch, helplessly, as its value unexpectedly skyrockets or plummets. You see, the value of gold is volatile – highly dependent on world affairs and the price of competing investments.. So hopefully, your ounce of gold would turn out to be a good investment but you have no control over its value. It's a commodity. The marketplace decides what it's worth. However, as a Pilates Professional, what if, instead, you took about the same amount of money and invested it in hiring a Professional Marketing-and-Promotional-Strategies Consultant to Coach You – one-on-one – over an entire month to help you grow your Pilates Studio or your Personal Training business?

And what if you could spend a 7-hour day in a private conference room at The Empire State Building – with just 8 other Pilates Professionals – discovering exactly how to sidestep the pitfalls of traditional marketing and coming away with a solid understanding of what marketing really is and feeling confident about how you can use it to generate greater profits for your business? And what if you then took action and put into place creative, unconventional marketing strategies that would make you feel more in control of the direction of your business?

And what if you could use those same strategies over and over for the rest of your life? How valuable could that be? In that case, which investment would be better for you? And which investment would give you a greater sense of control over your future?



Promotional Strategies?

OK. There are countless places in New York City where you can buy an ounce of gold. And gold is (usually) a terrific passive, investment – an exquisitely-beautiful, “highdensity” form of wealth. I own some myself and love just holding and looking at it. It never tarnishes; never loses its beauty. It's solid and heavy and makes you feel secure. You can easily understand why it has been cherished by cultures for thousands of years. Gold is also rare and that's what makes it so expensive. If there were an unlimited supply, it would lose its value. "Jim Murray presents marketing workshops and consultations that clearly come from someone who is excited about the potential a business or professional person can develop through sound marketing ideas, organized planning and creative strategy. “He carefully listens to the goals and concerns of his clients and brings to the table a wealth of inventive, cost-effective, and personally tailored ideas. “From public relations and market research and development to artistic and eye-catching resume construction, Jim inspires business owners, entrepreneurs and job-seeking professionals to expand their thinking on how to grow their business, establish a new business or market themselves in unique ways. "When I need fresh ideas for bringing my Pilates practice to the community I enlist Jim to assist in brainstorming and planning how to grow. “More businesses and professionals need to experience his creative marketing strategies to realize what a tremendous asset his marketing workshops are to the community!" Marina Walchli Pilates Fitness Trainer

This Exclusive Workshop Is Limited to Just 9 Pilates Professionals


here is only one place where you can discover these specific marketing and promotional secrets for Pilates Professionals and that's at the Powerhouse Profits Workshop being held on the 59th floor of The Empire State Building on Thursday, May 15th (9:30 am – 4:30 pm.) It's limited by the size of the conference room.

Choose Your Seat – Quickly! (There are only 9 available)

If, instead of that ounce of beautiful gold, you choose to invest in the Powerhouse Profits Course – and you put some of its strategies into action – then perhaps within 27 days, just maybe you'll be able to buy several ounces of gold out of the newly-created profits you generate from your Pilates business. Applying these ideas can create money! This, by the way, is a principle called “Leverage.”


hile owning an ounce of gold doesn't give you much leverage (power) to grow your business, this all-day workshop – and the month of follow-up coaching – will give you ideas, inspiration, strategies, and practical-advice that you can leverage again and again to increase your profits. Remember, you can use these same principles – shaping, adjusting, honing, and refining them over the coming months and years – to generate profits for the rest of your life, even if you decide to pick-up, move across the country, and start-over someplace else. Best of all, you will begin to develop a solid confidence about your marketing skills which will begin to radiate throughout your business. It will help you to become more decisive about marketing opportunities because with your new mindset, you will be able to evaluate them more easily to see if they fit into the framework of your goals.

"My experience with Jim Murray has helped me to clarify the marketing needs of my business. “Jim gave a great deal of thought to my particular situation and was able to offer insightful suggestions. He conveyed a lot of information clearly, in fairly short periods of time. “He was knowledgeable and creative in his approach, offering lots of innovative marketing ideas that would suit my business needs and still consider my time constraints. "No problem was insurmountable. I came away from sessions feeling charged and inspired to act. “Knowing Jim has also been great because he has been available for questions via email or phone. I never felt that Jim was just doing his job: he was sincerely interested in helping me improve my business. Jim's marketing ideas and support have provided incentive to help me move forward." Kim Gregg The Dotty Baker

When Investing in ANY “TOOLS” for Your Business... Look for the Ones that Offer You the Most LEVERAGE – the Ones that Can Multiply Their Value by Lifting Up Your Profits.


or example: a photocopy machine can offer you leverage. You might use it to transform plain pieces of paper into high-value Gift Certificates or high-value membership cards (which is almost like legally “printing money.”)

Leverage: Creating Wealth. Hey, Guess what! You already own several of these handy devices.

Or, your computer printer could transform plain pieces of paper into sales letters, or into a staff training manual, or copies of your promotional fliers. Leverage. Your printer could also create FAQ Sheets or instructions or tips for various exercises. That would save your staff from having to answer the same questions over and over and help establish a “consistent quality” for the answers. And having a “tip sheet” can help your clients better-understand the techniques of a particular exercise so that they get faster results (which creates greater value for the price they're paying for a session.) "Jim Murray's marketing class is a wonderful source for any business owner or manager looking for a way to boost their business. “Jim teaches marketing strategies and gives you insights on how to get results! “He incorporates essential marketing principles with techniques on how to apply them. These were money-saving ideas that I was able to successfully put to good use! I highly recommend this class." Diane Spezza Realtor® Classic Gold Real Estate

A video camera could be leveraged to create video tutorials which could be posted on YouTube (for promotional purposes) or on your own website (for instructional purposes.) Leverage. Of course, those video tutorials could then be incorporated into a Smart Phone App or into your email newsletter to provide additional leverage – all without wasting trees (which should be left growing so that they can can breathe in some of the carbon from our atmosphere – which is why this workshop will be mostly “paperless.”) Leverage: It's a Great Concept. Understand It. Put It into Practice. Profit. By sprinkling throughout this letter, testimonials from a few of my clients, I'm leveraging their comments – getting more mileage out of them – to help reduce your “uncertainy” about the quality of the information you are going to get from this course. You see, both you and I are offering “services” – intangibles which are difficult for others to evaluate until they have actually experienced them. Testimonials can reduce the fears of prospective clients and help them feel more comfortable in making a decision.

"Jim, You are not only a highly creative and talented marketer, you are a warm, friendly and concerned teacher and human being. "You made me feel as if I could do a good job, and could be a success, and you gave me tools to do so. And you did this very same thing for the other participants as well. “You created a safe, congenial and relaxed atmosphere, void of stuffy, dry jargon. That's what a great teacher does, though. You distill information and then communicate it effectively. "You spoke MY language, not the language of a text book. Watching your brain make connections that I hadn't ever even considered, jarred my brain out of the box, even if for just an afternoon." (CLICK HERE to read entire testimonial). Barbara Campagnola Marketing, Stirling Technology, Inc. Creator and former-owner of 7 Sauces Restaurant

The point here is good investments can be used to generate more money than they cost. Some investments give you more control over how you use them. Some investments have a longer lifespan than others. Your testimonials may last forever.

This single day at The Empire State Building may become one of those high-leverage, life-changing investments that pays for itself over and over for as long as you care to use it. Unlike your computer printer, which will eventually wear out and have to be recycled, the concepts, strategies, ideas and inspiration from this workshop can serve you – again and again – for as long as you choose to use them.

Here Are Just a Few of the Benefits You'll Get from This 7-Hour Workshop and Month of One-on-One Follow-Up Training:

You Will... ► Discover Exactly “What Marketing Is” and How to Use It to Build Your Business. ► Discover Where to Find “Endless Streams of Potential New Clients” ► Discover “The One Thing that Prevents Most Prospective Clients from Taking Advantage of Your Services” ALSO, You Will... ► Discover Ways to Captivate the News Media ► Discover Which of the “Social Media” and “New Technologies” You May Want to Explore (and which you may want to ignore) ► Discover Clever Ways to Increase Your Profits without bringing in new clients without raising your prices, and without increasing the number of hours you work with each client

PLUS... the Primary, Overriding Benefit You Will Undoubtedly Experience Is This: You Will Build a Rock-Solid Marketing-Confidence Which Makes You Feel Far More In Control of Your Pilates Business and Your Profits.

“After [Jim's] advice we always feel like, Yes, we can do this! We can help these children! We can carry on! “Jim recharges our confidence, our belief in good cause, and the necessity to keep going. “I highly recommend Jim to any organization, business, non-profit, school, or a company. You will work with a professional and expert in his field and as a bonus you will meet a warm, friendly, and concerned individual you can count on.” Domi Adamova, M.A., M.Ed. Founder/Former Director Appalachian Progressive Education Center Assistant Professor, Hocking College

So What Are You Getting After You Register? ►A Pre-Workshop Telephone Call: We'll chat about ways I can make the upcoming workshop and coaching experience most valuable to you. You can share the concerns you have about problems you'd like to solve or frustrations you've had with traditional marketing.

► The Exclusive 7-Hour Workshop for just 9 Pilates Professionals at The Empire State Building:

► An Entire Month of Follow-Up Coaching and Consulting: Including... 4 weekly, one-on-one phone calls...

Together, we can brainstorm ideas specific to your business and set out to solve your marketing problems. We can hammer out a sales letter together, or figure out how to implement some of the more-profitable strategies from the workshop. PLUS... during that month, you'll gain access to additional Videos, PDFs and Resources covering 3 more topics we didn't have time to cover in the workshop.

So click here or the image below to read details about the Follow-Up month of mentoring and “hand-holding” which can get you over the rough spots when it comes to implementing some of the principles from the workshop. [So that I can send you a link to theses resources, you'll need to give me your name and email.] "Jim was very positive and practical in all of his marketing suggestions. He really seemed to care about the work that I was currently doing as well as being invested in helping me to see all of the future possibilities! “I have already implemented a number of his ideas, which have already had amazing results." Kris Kumfer Certified Pilates Instructor Athens, Ohio

Please take a little time to go through the SYLLABUS and make sure this is for you. If you haven't already done so, watch this 27-minute video I made just for you which will give you some strategies for separating your Pilates business from the herd in the increasingly-crowded fitness marketplace.

If you're still uncertain, please read at least a few of the testimonials on the website.

While a few my testimonials are from Certified Pilates Instructors, most are from all kinds of small businesses and non-profits I've worked with over the years. With only slight modifications, these marketing principles work for any business! So if you ever decide to go into another profession, you can take these principles with you to help grow your your profits there.

OK. What's This Going to Cost? (That's what you really need to know.)

It has to be expensive because this is such a long letter, right?

First, to give you an idea of the value you're getting... The price (per person) for my workshops is now $2500. My one-on-one coaching costs $5000 to $7500 per month. The rate for a single hour of consulting (four hour minimum) is $1000/hour. Even nonprofits are billed at $500/hour. Yet everyone seems to feel that the money is well spent. Astounding? Maybe. But you have to understand that I hand-pick most all of my clients and some of them are “big players” which means that, in a single hour, I can give them several ideas that can – sometimes very quickly – generate a quarter-million-dollars or more in new profits. Actually, in our Pilates workshop, I'll be sharing with you at least one idea that any certified Pilates instructor could implement to make more than a million dollars. So this workshop/coaching pages has a real-world value of approximately $7500.

(Don't panic!) You won't pay anywhere near $7500, even though the benefits of the workshop and coaching are worth far more than that – especially to studio owners. After all, depending on how much you charge for your private sessions, bringing in only 5 new clients over the next year can mean an increase of $7500 or more in new profits.

Why Am I Offering this Course for Less?


hile most of the material in the workshop has been presented to other clients (non-profits, federal agencies, financial planners, restaurants), some of this will be new stuff I'm working on and that I'm trying out for the first time.

This is the first time I've put this particular “package” together for Pilates Professionals. It's also one of my first efforts to package the workshop with a month of follow-up coaching (which, so far, is working out great!) You see, I found that even though my marketing workshops were a great success, sometimes people lost their enthusiasm (because life got in the way) or they never had enough confidence to implement some of the ideas on their own. So, in the end, if they didn't put the information to good use, it was a waste of money. That's why I decided to offer this “hand-holding” service for a month after the workshop to help each individual maintain their enthusiasm, stay on track, and put some of the principles into action.

It's Part of What I Call “Comfort Marketing.”

Of course, working one-on-one with each participant for the next month is timeconsuming and therefore limits the number of people I can allow into the workshop. So I deliberately booked a smaller conference room that seats only 9 people.

Unlike coaching 9 individuals from completely different industries – which would overwhelm me – because all of you will be Pilates Professionals, I can wrap my mind around a single topic which is far less fatiguing and time-consuming for me. So I can offer the package at a lower price. While I may charge $3500 for this Pilates workshop-coaching package in the future, this is my first one and I want it to be a success. Also, since you're getting in at an “introductory price,” I'm hoping you'll overlook any minor “bugs” or inconveniences we may suffer and that – if you're pleased with the results – you will write me a short testimonial that I can use in my future marketing. So I've decided to price it at $1700 which means you're getting a $7500 value at a 77% discount.

But Wait! For Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Members, Certified Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners, I'm Offering an Additional $323 Discount. If You Qualify, Your Price Is Approximately the Cost of an Ounce of Gold...

And... as an extra incentive to act quickly, until Wednesday, April 30th you may register for just...


ctually, do not get on this rocket ship just yet. Before registering, please spend some time with the videos and other materials on the website to make sure this is, indeed, right for you because it is a commitment of both time and money.

Hopefully, this Workshop | Coaching package will become an important catalyst for increasing the success of your already successful business. While this course qualifies for PMA Continuing Education Credits (CECs), I'm hoping that you will sign-up primarily because you value the information and the opportunity to grow your business – not simply because you need some CEC credits. Although, I assure you that you will have earned those credits if you need them, I really want to work only with highly-motivated individuals who sincerely want to use this information to take action, increase their profits, and develop a rock-solid marketing-confidence along the way.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed


nfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will increase your profits simply by registering for the course. I don't know how motivated you are, how well you follow-though on things or what market you are trying to cultivate.

To harvest success from this package you will, of course, need to take action and implement some of what you learn – and that is where the month of follow-up coaching becomes especially valuable. During those 4 weeks, we can increase your chances of success by refining your strategies before you implement them. That may save you some money from making an obvious mistake here and there. And I can help keep you inspired and motivated (just as you do with your own clients.) Then, too, no one can predict how the marketplace will respond to your promotions and to what it is you’re offering – the marketplace is a strange “beast.” However, through trial and error we can make corrections to your messages and eventually get it just right. (Which means bigger profits.) And, finally – even if I wanted to – the Federal Trade Commission (one of my former clients) would prevent me from promising you any sort of results. So at my website, read a few of the testimonials of satisfied clients who have used my strategies to achieve the results they hoped for.


What I can do is GUARANTEE that by the end of the morning session, when we break for our “working lunch,” you will feel that the workshop is already worth far more than what you paid for it.


s I've explained, because – like you – I’m offering a service, it’s difficult for you to know if it’s right for you until you’ve actually tried it. (Perhaps you offer a free mat class to your prospective new clients for the same reason.)

I've tried to build some sample ideas into this letter and into the videos on my website to give you a better idea – before you sign up – of what kind of information you'll be getting. So, if it seems right for you, then go ahead and sign up for the workshop and if, by the time we break for lunch, you don’t feel that you’ve already discovered practical new ways to increase your profits by far more than the cost of the workshop, you may let me know and quietly leave and get a full refund.

But actually, if, for any reason you are dissatisfied, you will receive a full refund. I'm hopeful that you will have learned enough in our few hours together to feel compensated for giving up your morning.


f course, if you choose to leave, I hope you'll let me know if there is something I can do to make the workshop more valuable to you. If so, I will do my best to make you happy.

Please register as quickly as you can – but only after you have checked out the information at the website and the testimonials so that you'll know it's right for you.

P.S. If you attend this first workshop, I will give you a SPECIAL BONUS. I can't tell you what it is right now (because I don't know.) However, it will be something just for you and your Pilates business. (I think you'll like it.)

Jim, “Thank you for all your help in providing marketing strategies for my company. “I have never thought of myself as a salesperson. In fact, the concept of selling was always repulsive to me. “Yet you have helped me see marketing as a desirable skill and I have been able to take your suggestions, learn from them, and make money from them. “Now people ask me for marketing advice! “What makes you unique as a teacher and consultant is your positive attitude that rubs off on people who meet you. “All of a sudden, we can see a clearer, brighter picture of the future, as we learn how to make ‘possibilities’ realities. “The results are fantastic!”

Margaret Carbonell Smith Rosewood Financial Consulting, LLC Tualatin, Oregon

“Not enough can be said regarding Jim Murray’s abilities as a marketing consultant. “His ease of skill is outstanding, but more important to me is the way he describes his marketing theories and ideas in a way that is easy for me to digest and to understand. “Better yet, sessions with Jim produce immediate results. He literally spells out ideas that I can put to work right away, that always either increase my business’ profits or reduce expenses, or both! “Jim has guided me through the quagmire of developing business plans, marketing budgets, food labels, human resource issues, idea generation, Internet commerce applications, staff training and more. “There is literally nothing in your business that Jim cannot be of some type of assistance. “I cannot say enough about how Jim Murray is one of our area’s true treasures, as well as being one heck of a nice guy. “I stand behind my remarks so firmly, that I invite you to contact me if you need more of a specific recommendation.” Roman Warmke, Owner Eden Marketing I can be reached at by email at:

“If you’ve read the other testimonials and evaluations by now, you should know that Jim Murray has amassed a long list of very satisfied customers, as he never fails to promise a lot, and deliver more than he promised. “I have nothing but praise for the classes and workshops I’ve taken from Jim, but would like to specifically mention two reasons why I’d encourage anyone with the opportunity to take a class from Jim: 1) His quick and creative mind: Jim astounds me with his amazing ability to answer students’ questions or requests for ideas – instantly offering not just one suggestion, but two or three – and usually NONE of them are things you had considered. Pick any product — “day-old bread,” for example, and within 5 minutes Jim will rattle off so many potential markets that you’ll be convinced there isn’t enough day-old bread in the state to meet all the demand. Jim’s mind is quite simply a rapid-fire machine of information. 2) His ability to motivate: You do not leave Jim’s class thinking, “that was very interesting. I really learned a lot.” You walk out of his programs not only knowing HOW to attain your goal, but more importantly, BELIEVING YOU CAN DO SO. I think Jim considers “information” to be the primary product he markets, but to me, the added value he provides, the unadvertised self-confidence he instills in his students, is worth every dollar of the program fee. “Jim Murray is a uniquely-talented individual. “After completing an entrepreneurial course from him, I was able to market a collection of items donated from the trash of local carry-outs, and make a quick $2000!” Steve Orth Riggerson’s Collectibles Athens, Ohio

Powerhouse Profits for Pilates Professionals SPECIAL REPORT  
Powerhouse Profits for Pilates Professionals SPECIAL REPORT  

Insider Secrets and an Overview of the Exclusive Workshop | Coaching Package offered only to Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners to help t...