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EmeraldIsle Resort–Bangalore’s much admired resort Are you searching for resorts, where you feel wholeness with palatable dishes, with much greenness around, games and much more? This is the place you wished for a long time. We want to express how visitors enjoy being at our resort. We know your curiosity. We have created a place where you feel like connecting with beautiful nature with immense greenness. EmeraldIsle resort has been the place of immenseness. Be it much joy, fun or exhilaration. There are various locations at our resort, where you feel like relaxing in heaven. It may be at Banquet garden or your pleasant stay at the room. Many celebrations have taken place at our resorts. We strengthened the emotional bondage between friends, couples, family and their relatives. Its our pleasure that, we are able meet the requirement of every visitors whether they are a kids, teens, youths or aged people. We have brought much convenience to every people. Come and explore our place. You feel like revisiting again. We have brought newness in everything. Be it dishes, great interiors and much more. This is the place to discover happiness and flow with it. Great memories are built here. We want you to bring great happiness with creativity even. Our creativity can be observed in designs, dish preparations and even relaxing. In each room, we have brought immense convenience for your total relaxation. You can relax with modern amenities, freshness of air blowing at the windows and spaciousness enough to roam around. Our team are trained professionally to serve with ethics. Read on this page. You will certainly know why different people have been keeping up their smile at our resort. People expressed their delightment just being at our resort. We have list of eminent personalities, who have visited our resort and enjoyed much. It’s our pleasure since inception of resort; we have brought much convenience to many people. Our visitor’s numbers are growing every month since we have developed a good rapport by serving them more professionally. We have maintained cleanliness for your greater health and relaxation. We have visitors from different nations and enjoyed our comforts much. It’s a pleasure, we are able to satisfy visitors knowing their needs and expectations. We are also clear that we are able to satisfy completely bringing newness in every season. Celebrate any season with your family or friends and express your gladness to the world for being at out resort. We treat every race of people equally. We express our humble thanks when visitors appreciate any kind of service. Read on more to know about us.

Packages at our resorts in Bangalore EmeraldIsle resort in Bangalore has been the most admirable resort. Many visitors consider this resort as the place of relaxation, memorable dining, affectionate gathering with families, friends or colleagues and tourists people. This is where you experience great times at resorts in Bangalore. Our resort have provided better convenience to many visitors from different nation. Visitors have expressed greatness for our timely service, calm environment, variety of conveniences, delectable dishes and neatest information disclosure. Also, they have felt happy since we listen to their requirements. We change with times. We know that different people are happier, if we introduce newness. It may be interior or exterior decorations, better gardening, landscape, and ideas for togetherness, playing games and much much more at resorts in Bangalore. We have variety of packages for total comforts. Our packages arranged for     

for Corporate residing Outbound Training Conferences Schools Day out package

A better staying arrangement can be made for corporate residing in Corporate residing package. Out outbound training package which helps for imparting knowledge as per the corporate culture. There is a separate space for corporate discussions. We want to bring much gladness in corporate people. We treat every visitor same. We treat with much ethics in whatever service we perform. We have brought much convenience to many people. We maintain better rapport with the every visitor. They may be a corporate people even. We have offered simply better service to employers, who have brought greater convenience to many employers who expected to take training sessions, meetings with clear agendas. Ensure that, we have provided better facilities for a greater convenience. Our expectation is that, corporate people have to enjoy better convenience. It may be during weekends or normal days. We have vast space, where they can conduct tasks without any disturbance. In a single day, you will certainly enjoy better conveniences. This is day out package, where you will feel better with many comforts with yummy dishes. Many great weekends are spent here. We have brought much convenience with better communication with every visitor. People have discovered lost happiness by visiting and enjoying their weekend. They have involved in playing various games both indoor as well as outdoor games, which they consider for recreation. We have created separate space for children’s enjoyment. Different age groups have enjoyed playing swimming in fresh waters.

You will certainly enjoy having a walk at our pleasant environment. There are much greener environment at the welcome area, garden and near pools. You feel like enjoying every moment being at the resort. More people have been engaged at our resorts. Different people have approached us and got the conveniences of their wish. It may be watching your favourite channel in television, trying our new dishes, playing games and much more. Moreover, you can also communicate with us to have more facilities for your conferences or any corporate functions at our resorts in Bangalore. You can check various corporate packages listed in our websites. If you have any queries, you can contact us to know more information.

Luxury resorts around Bangalore Our resort is initiated with better conveniences for every visitor around the world. We are pleased to serve them with better comforts whether it is stay for a day or more. We are the luxury resorts around Bangalore. We understand the customers better knowing their needs and requirements. It may be spacious stay, variety of dishes, better environment, cleanliness and various other requirements. Timeliness of service is required for the satisfaction. We have brought much convenience to many people with better communication. We follow ethics in service. Many people have expressed satisfaction since we serve on time. We want to make your stay more comfortable enough at our resorts around Bangalore. During stay, we enquire with you quite often to know your needs. We maintain hygiene in spacious room. We have brought immense facility in every room. In-room service will be provided. We serve you newest dishes. There is better ventilation arranged in each room. We have also arranged AC in rooms with best television systems. You can relax and view your favourite channels. Any additional conveniences will be provided on time. Telephone system in room can be used for calling in need of any additional conveniences. We have many places for relaxation. It may be relaxing at the garden area enjoying the freshness of air, or relaxing near the swimming pools. We have provided better comforts, which you definitely enjoy experiencing much. If you consider playing games, you can enjoy much engaging in indoor as well as outdoor games. Even, you can engage yourself in swimming pool, which has clean water. Many people come to our resort and they are much engaged in variety of sports. We have many packages, which can be enjoyed more comfortably. We have packages for corporate people even, where they can take pleasure in being at our resorts conducting training sessions. We have much space, where employers can consider for award functions, annual celebrations and many events.

During weekends, you can enjoy in efficiency improvement program. This is where you can be involved in Burma Bridge. Celebrating Special Occasions Many great celebrations held at our resorts. Many visitors in a team enjoy Birthday parties, New Year celebrations or attending Wedding reception. Hence, we have total comforts for many needs. You can approach us and get the best information from us. We have provided greater facilities in easy reach. We serve you for your better comforts at resorts around Bangalore. __________________________________________________________________________________

Supreme day out resorts in Bangalore When you are planning for day out, we have better package for you. Our resort management team have brought greater conveniences for various needs at our day out resorts in Bangalore. You may be searching for a better resorts which provides greater conveniences in the package. You may have not tried better dishes in day out package. We brought better package for your much happiness. We have been approached by many visitors from Bangalore and surrounding cities. They are surprised by our service in every package. Various games are played at our resorts. We have provided better convenience for relaxation. Our facilities are admired much. People who visit our resorts have expressed much happiness at our resorts by engaging in various fun activities. It may be indoor or outdoor games. You can enjoy in splash of water. Every package is brought at reasonable rates. We know what youngsters or any age group of people expect in Day packages. Many visitors have enjoyed coming to our resort, since they are much satisfied. We have brought various packages to different visitors. They may be a housemember, executives or travellers. There are better interiors, which you feel exhilarated just being around. Exterior designs are even brought for your delightment. We feel great when many people visit our resort to enjoy the package offered at our day out resorts in Bangalore. Many admired our dishes we serve in a day. We have seen their togetherness during weekend. It’s nice to see people’s gathering in various fun activities. Be it indoor or outdoor games. Different age group visit our resorts for a unlimited fun. Be it any games. Playing at the designed swimming pool is even more fun. We have maintained cordialness with every members of our organisation and hence with cooperation we have provided better conveniences. Visitors may relax after hard day’s work in their office. Our resorts have been admired for on time services. Many varieties of dishes are served for your pleasant eating. We have vast space for relaxation.

Our pleasant communication with every visitor have helped them to make clear decision with better information provided at the reception or telephonic communication. Many employees even come forward to know about various packages. During weekend they approach us and enjoy various facilities in package at our day out resorts in Bangalore. Many have expressed satisfaction since we respond on time and serve for their greater comforts. You will certainly be glad to know new concepts brought in every package.

Well accepted resorts in Bangalore for team outing Our resort is well known for offering games, delicious dishes, packages and beautiful environment. We have brought immense conveniences in every location of resort. We are well accepted resorts in Bangalore for team outing. If you are planning to have relaxation at the garden. People from different nations have visited us and got much information for their immense enjoyment. We have maintained a strong tradition in offering better convenience to visitors. Many people have enjoyed our comforts offered. Whether in place of relaxation or an enjoyment time. We have brought better packages. Be it a for casual visitor, employer, traveller or any people. We have packages for everyone. If you are in a team, you can surely enjoy playing various games or just relax after dining with your friends. We are adorable resorts in Bangalore for team outing. Day out package can be enjoyed by group of friends. Many have expressed satisfaction for the kind of luxurious facilities provided to each one in a team. We know what brings a team spirit. We have brought new games, which are essential for your recreation. Its pleasure, we have brought much convenience to group of employees, students from various institutions or circle of friends. Various academic institutions have approached us and we have arranged the place for children’s enjoyment at the resort. We have provided them best information for clear decision making process. We have separate package for school or institutions, where they can have children toured at nicest resorts. Many schools have expressed thankfulness for the convenience we have provided. Hence, various age group enjoy team outing. There are both indoor as well outdoor games, which are arranged for a greater relaxation. Many have admired our resorts since we have brought better convenience to people. You can play chess, carrom as part of indoor games or enjoy playing shuttlecock or just enjoy in a pool. We keep in touch with every visitor with various communications in Internet. They would like to know our new dishes, new games and much much more. We provide service on time at their place of relaxation. Our resorts have been the place of immense enjoyment to many visitors.

Teaming up at our resorts from different cities have become a trend. A circle of friends from different locations join hands together to enjoy weekend party. Even, New Year party celebrations are celebrated at our resorts by teaming with their friends. Hence, we are sometimes called as happiness resorts in Bangalore for team outing. We are well accepted for greater enjoyment at our resorts. Visit our website for more information. If you are keen to know more about us please contact here as mentioned below. You can visit and know us better. We are eager to provide much information for your better decision.

EmeraldIsle Resorts NH4, Old Madras Road, Kasba Hobali, Hoskote, Diagonally opposite to MVJ Medical College & Hospital Bangalore Mob: 918105629960 Ph: 080-27904726

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EmeraldIsle resort in Bangalore has been the most admirable resort. Many visitors consider this resort as the place of relaxation, memorable...