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vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Editor’s letter editor’s Letter



by Lady Ada Chukwudozie


ome people are trapped in their current reality. They’ve lost touch with their dreams and see very little possibility for the future. Responsibilities and obligations and financial constraints have closed down their world, till they feel they have very little room to maneuver. When the “realities” of life close in on us, it’s easy to forget what was once important to us. Our dreams seem impossible, so we push them out of our consciousness. We also absorb tons of negative input from the outside world, the TV. Radio, newspapers or magazines, or Internet and learn that the stock market is in bad shape, that the economy is in recession, that jobs are scarce. Because it’s in the media, we believe it’s true. We buy into statistics and gather even more evidence that our dreams are impossible.


e see the world through the filters of our experiences and these experiences, whether good or bad colour our outlook in life. We get stuck in our past experiences, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, limiting our possibilities and so often dwell on the things that seem impossible rather than the possible ones, we are depressed by what remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done. It is important to live each day with a positive perspective. It is not wise to pretend problems do not exist. Rebellion, Complain & Self-pity, against your handicaps gets you nowhere but no matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see the possibilities entrenched in it, as opportunities for our capacities to be stretched. One must have the adventurous daring spirit, accepting oneself as the Creator’s masterpiece…a bundle of possibilities, for God has endowed us with unlimited potentials to do all things making the most of one’s best, after all it is God that drops the hint of a possibility and activates / nudges us to seek the opportunity it portends, as it may be very dangerous to go into eternity with possibilities which one has by one’s self prevented from becoming realities.


ou can set large and small goals and make plans and move step-by-step, progressively toward their realization. There are no obstacles to what you can accomplish except the obstacles that you create in your mind. Don’t be obsessed with the idea that there is only one possibility. If you think so, there is only one.- Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. The intense anticipation of a positive mind itself transforms possibilities into realities; Oh Yes, see the invisible, feel the intangible, let your imagination release your imprisoned possibilities for without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible with the means u have; and as you proceed in this spirit the way will open for you to do more and suddenly you are doing the impossible. .We only need to believe, without any iota of doubt, after all some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people considered very naïve & not smart enough to know they were impossible. When Goliath came against the Israelites, the soldiers all thought, “He’s so big, we can never kill him.” But David looked at the same giant and thought, “He’s so big, I can’t. miss him.” 

Become a possibilitarian. The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious. Do not allow failures, situations & conditions to dissuade & deter you from seeking to actualize your dream for man is not the sum of what he has already, but rather the sum of what he does not yet have, of what he could have. The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react. What is important is not what someone is but what he is waiting for. Not the events of life but its possibilities. When everything is lost, anything is possible. When nothing is sure, everything is possible. After all the bible says that ALL THINGS are possible to him that believe, for with God NOTHING shall be impossible.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 4. 2009

article of the month



ear readers, it is my joy to usher to you this very delectable and savory edition, as we join to herald the crusade of the brand new Nigeria. The decision to embrace the gospel of looking inwards, seeing and saying something good or making positive pronouncements, call it prophesying if you like about ourselves and our Country was informed by the belief that there is a relationship between Saying and Being. After all, the bible made us to understand that the world came into Being through such pronouncements by God. We may not be all that we ought to be now, but we have some positive sides too , which others should know about. When we project our positive self image, we gain more self confidence, our drive to ‘become’ is heightened , the World sees us that way too. It is true that we have not yet become, but we are in the process and therefore should not put ourselves down or wait until we have become. There are lots of untapped potentials and resources embedded in us, even in our Great Nation Nigeria. If we truly believe, our dreams of a better tomorrow will come true, for even , the bible teaches that no man can receive anything from God if there is any iota of doubt. When we dig deep within ourselves and in the past, we find lost virtues and values. We are truly a beautiful people, even in our diversities and so should not give up on ourselves. This edition is packed full with testimonies of people whose dreams came true and those that make other people’s dreams come true, like Her Excellency Mrs. Yemisi Dooshima Suswam the wife of the Executive Governor of Benue State and Dr. Mrs Asabe Shehu Musa Yar’adua. We also celebrated the Wedding Ceremonies of lovers whose dreams came true, in the families of Idris Gidado between Aisha and Babis. Same happened in the family of Chief Dubem Onyia between XXXX andNnenna. Charly Boy our guest in the entertainment segment was not left out as he gave his lovely wife Lady Di a surprise anniversary party celebrating 30 years of falling mugu for her. Pastors were not left out, our dear eloquent Pastor Kris and beautiful Stephanie Okotie celebrated the privilege and Grace of another chance with members of Household of God church while Dr Annie Nwachukwu, his family ,friends and members of Rhema Church Ministries ,the birth of a Pro –Cathedral, erected within 9 months of gestation period. Chief Tunde Oyelola, the vice chairman of PZ Nigeria Plc in reverence to God for making his wife a glowing beauty even at fifty invited friends and well wishers to rejoice with them. Our designers Vigold and Modela helped to demonstrate more reasons to be proud of our fatherland as Modela show cased his range of beautiful ethnic designs. So what’s new in this edition? From Fred Amata’s Photologue on FESPACO 2009 at Ouagadougou, the rest, I leave you to discover. But as I pen off for this edition, I urge you not to give up on your dreams and our collective dream of a better Country, like our other Pastor Chris will say…..keep saying it….walking it,….and believing it, for Dreams do actually come true. Nigeria! Good People Great Nation


contributing EDITORS HAJIYA RABI MOHAMMED is a graduate of Hocking College Nelsonville, Ohio U.S.A. She is a distiquished Public Relations Consiltant. A two-time treasurer of the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public relations. She is presently a Federal Govt. Representative on the N.I.P.R national body. She is also the presidential award winner for Public Relations Practice in Nigeria. Rabi in her practice manages big time clients such as senate presidents’ and ceo’s of blue chip organisations. She was the Chief Legislative Officer to Senator Ken Nnamani, the immmediate past Senate President and she today seats as the Liason Officer to the serving Senate President, Senator David Mark. She has penchant for reaching out to people and likes living to the fullest with her only lovely daughter. mr kenechukwu umeadi is a graduate of the Great University of Benin.Kene has years of Media experience, acquired both in Nigeria and Abroad. He has edited so many publications for various Government Agencies and Private Corporations. He is the Editor in Chief of Nigerian Home Owner, a magazine which focuses on building and interior decoration. He is one of the most sought - after celebrity interior decorators in the Country. He is happily married & blessed with children.. FARIDAH OHIRI A Jeweler with a difference. She is a graduate of Microbiology from the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, married to Barrister H.K. Ohiri with kids. She own the studio called Ice Beads and Accessories located at 512 Road B Close House 8 Festac Town Lagos. She is also a specialist in African fabrics tie and dye/batik.

Lady Felly Adaeze Chinyelu Ijezie is a graduate of Enugu State University of Science & Technology and a graduate from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, where she studied Banking and Finance and acquired skills in contemporary writing bordering around issues such as politics, fashion, lifestyle, e.t.c. She has working experiences that span over fifteen years. A sociable woman that loves reading, writing, singing, cooking and rendering services to humanity, she is happily married to a wonderful man, Chief Ijezie and they have three sons. JENNIFER anyanwu is a Makeup Artist and owner of Face Craft Makeup Studio located at 321 Road A Close House 3 Festac Town Lagos. She also specialise in skin care and facials and she is married with kids.

fred amata was born into a legacy of creativity. A scion of the legendary Amata dynasty. He is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Jos. An outstanding pioneer of the Nollywood phenomenon, his contributions inspires a trail of protegee, who traverse the industry as Trojans in the wide spectrum of creative expressions. His award winning works as Actor/ Director...'Moral Inheritance', 'The Amazing Grace', 'Letters to a Stranger' and 'Freedom in Chains' are trend setters in the evolving Nigerian film industry. Fred sits on the board of several organizations including NCP, Counsultants to UNFPA. He is currently president of Amata movies. An enthusiast of life's adventures, Fred has a passion for playing soccer, chess, scrabble, writing, networking and travelling, his sojourn brings refreshingly robust reflections as a source to a highly active social and family life. He is married with children.

T eam

Editor-in-Chief/CEO: Lady Ada Chukwudozie Fashion Correspondent: Chi Iloegbunam,Ebere ,Judith Agwunobi PA to Publisher: Okey Adiele Admin: Nonye Udeozor Marketing: Uzo Igwilo, Okey Onyeanu Photography/Imagery: Debbin Studios Editors: Kenechukwu Umeadi Art Direction/ Design Consultants: Cypress Hill Communcations Vogue Afrique is published bi-monthly by Torah Media Limited Nigeria: Plot 1709, Olugbosi Street, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tel: +234-1-2621093. USA: 3518 Washington Rd, East Point, GA 30344. Atlanta-Georgia, USA. Tel: 404 761 6488, Fax: 404 762 8375 All rights resrved. © Copyright 2008 by Torah Media Limited. Email: Web Site:

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




he three most widely-recognized non-diamond gemstones, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, typically have some mineral traces or inclusions. You’ll have a hard time finding rare (and very expensive) slightly-included or flawless gems. But you shouldn’t worry too much; the jewelry industry considers even moderately-included gems “desirable.”

Oil & Resin Gemstone Treatments: Gemstones, like emeralds and rubies, are frequently treated with oils and resins. Time and excessive heat can cause this filler to break down, requiring the gems to be professionally repaired. Gemstone Heat Treatment: Sapphires and rubies frequently are treated with heat. This process permanently enhances color without changing the stone’s structure. Chemical or “Diffusion Treatment” for Gemstones: On a less frequent basis, gems can be treated with cobalt, beryllium or other elements to enhance apparent color. However, this only changes the surface of the stone. A scratch can reveal the lighter hue underneath. Evaluate Gemstone Color: When shopping for gemstones pay close attention to color. Unlike diamonds, different gemstones have different densities, rendering carat weight useless as an accurate measurement of size (to determine size, look at diameter, length, and width measured in millimeters). In other words, a lighter weight gem with even color may be more valuable than a heavier gem. Also, the color of good stones can mask inclusions more than in diamonds. You should look for three aspects of color: Hue: Hue is the unique color of the gemstone. While almost all stones have some shades of other colors, the most valuable stones present the purest hue: red rubies, green emeralds and either blue or pink sapphires. Tone: Tone is the depth of a gemstone color, from colorless to black. Tone is described on a scale that ranges from light to medium to dark.The most valuable stones range from medium-light to medium-dark. Saturation: Saturation is the purity of the color throughout the gemstone. A gem that is free of gray or brown hues is said to be strongly saturated and is more valuable than a stone with lower saturation. Saturation often determines the cut of a gemstone. A highquality gem cut delivers an even color throughout the stone and exposes the fewest inclusions. 10

Stones with a deep, saturated color look best and are most valuable with a shallow cut that allows consistent, bright color. A stone with less color saturation should be cut more deeply to let more light into the stone for sparkle. Symmetry (the balance of the gem’s facets) and polish (the surface smoothness of a gem) also affect the sparkle of the gem and can enhance or detract from its value. Maintain Your Gemstones Make sure your gemstones stay in tip-top shape with a few simple steps. Jewels need space to remain free of chips. Store gems individually in soft cloth pouches and prevent jewels from bumping against one another. Clean your gemstones Dust, skin oil and other unclean substances can cause your diamond or gems to lose their sparkle. Clean your gems from time to time in soap and water. Air dry and polish with a soft cloth. Occasional brushing with a worn, soft-bristled toothbrush can help remove dirt from between crevices. Remember to treat metal settings gently; gold can scratch. For more resistant blemishes, use a weak solution of ammonia and water (about one part to four parts) and a soft brush. Take your gemstones to the jeweler Annual checkups with a jeweler help keep your gemstones clean and properly situated in their settings. A jeweler can clean gems with steam or ultrasound, though ultrasound can make internal fissures or flaws worse. Although four-prong, six-prong, and low-profile channel or bezel settings offer your gemstone more protection than other settings, you should ask your jeweler to make sure your gemstones are still sitting tight in their settings to help prevent stones from falling out. Sapphires Sapphires represent September birthdays a well as 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Hue ranges from blue-green to blue-purple, but sapphires also come in many other colors including colorless, white, yellow, orange, pink, brown, and black. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires usually undergo treatments to enhance color and fill cracks. The jewelry industry considers treatment of these three gemstones standard practice.

HAIR GROW penetrates hair quickly, to help combat dryness, prevent breakage, causes shining hair, silky softness, nourishes hair without weighing hair down.

t e m Gar






Emeralds Emerald hues range from yellowgreen to blue-green. The most valuable stones are pure green. Considered the birthstone of the month of May, emeralds are also the anniversary gemstone of the 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage. Emeralds lend themselves to elaborate carving and inscription because of their composition. vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




Rubies Traditionally considered the most valuable gemstone, rubies are the birthstone for the month of July and traditional 15th and 40th year anniversary presents. Ruby hues range between orange-red and purple-red.


Necklaces in Turquoise

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


beauty tips

How to apply

Lipstick &Lip Liner Lipstick adds the final touch to any makeup application. Lining the lips creates subtle definition and perfects the shape of the lips.


ne woman can ingest up to 4 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. Synthetic dyes derived from aluminum (“lakes colors”) and coal tar can be absorbed into our bodies and stored in our organs and fatty tissues. For the sensitive individual, the use of coal tar colors is said to cause such symptoms as nausea, headaches, skin problems, fatigue, mood swings, or other allergic symptoms. Coal tar dyes have produced cancer in laboratory animals. Certain types of artificial dyes, lanolin, and added fragrances in lipstick can cause drying and cracking of the lips. A condition called cheilitis, dermatitis of the lips, can occur due to an allergic reaction to lip products since the skin of the lips is quite thin. Some believe that BHA, a commonly used preservative in lipsticks, is carcinogenic and should be avoided. The cosmetic industry will not tell you that some of the ingredients used in its products are health hazards. But this is 14

no reason to be uninformed. No one wants to be at risk for allergic reactions, irritations, dermatitis, and cancer. Products from lipsticks are going to be absorbed into your body as you moisten your lips throughout the day, and especially when you eat. The bottom line is to pay attention to what the ingredients are on any cosmetic label. Buy those of a natural origin. Lipstick Dos and Don’ts ■ DO NOT buy lipsticks containing these ingredients: BHA, Coal Tar Dyes ( i.e.: Quinoline, D&C Yellow #10 and #11,to name a few), Colors with the word “Lakes” after them, FD&C colors, lanolin, fragrances, petroleum products (mineral oil, petrolatum). ■ DO buy lipsticks of a natural origin. Because they may be softer and moister than commercial types, they should not be left in a hot car or in direct sunlight. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

beauty tips Things you’ll need:

■ Mirrors ■ Facial Tissues ■ Lip Balm ■ Lip Brush ■ Lip Liners ■ Lipstick


Consider your lipstick colour and finish. You’ll do well with colours that match the natural shade of your lips, opting for darker tones that complement your overall colouring. Matte lipsticks offer a muted finish complementary to workday makeup, while satin and gloss finishes offer appealing evening looks.


Apply all other makeup before putting on lipstick and lip liner.


Begin by dabbing on a very small amount of lip balm or petroleum jelly to give your lips a little moisture.


Draw a thin line along the edge of your lips with a lip liner whose colour is one shade darker than your lipstick. Start at the center of the upper lip and work outward. Hug the very outer edges to open up thin lips, and line well within the edges to downplay excessively full lips.


Apply lipstick from the tube or by using a firm, small lipstick brush. Coat the lips evenly. Pay special attention to staying within the lips’ edges.


Blot to remove any excess colour and to even out the texture.


Remember to touch lips up after a meal, as lipstick easily transfers onto coffee cups, water bottles and soda cans.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Tips & Warnings For longer-lasting lip colour, shade both lips with lip liner after defining them. As lipstick fades throughout the day, the liner offers a hint of colour before you have a chance to reapply. Balance heavy eye makeup with a soft lip colour. Wear a rich and boldly coloured lipstick to complement soft eye makeup. Give the illusion of a thicker top lip by lining its outermost edges and foregoing liner on the bottom lip. Chill lip liner for easier sharpening. Forego lipstick if you have a cold sore. Opt instead for a camphor-based lip balm to aid in heal-


beauty tips

Make Up M

ake up is the art of playing with colours beautifully on the body especially the face to achieve one or more of these three basics of make up.

They are:-

1. Enhancement 2. Concealment 3. Feigning 1. Enhancement: This has to do with highlighting your strength i.e. your beautiful features. E.g. If you have beautiful eye balls and you want to showcase them to the world, all you need to do is to highlight it round with a dark eye pencil or liner. 2. Concealment: This has to do with hiding your flaws. e.g. If you have froggy eyes and you want to hide it, all you need do is to line the inner lids with dark liners. It will make the eyes appear smaller. 3. Feigning: This has to do with giving yourself a feature you admire so much on people which you do not have. E.g. If you have small eyes and you want them to appear bigger, you will need to apply liner on the upper lid half way out. I am sure you will agree that if you know how to use your make up well, you will have a perfect you. Now that we know the essence of Make up, what are these items that we will use to achieve our aim? 1. Foundation Prima 2. Foundation 3. Powder 4. Eye shadow prima 5. Eye shadows 6. Liquid eye liner 7. Eye and lip pencil 8. Mascara 9. Lip Prima 10. Lip colours 11. Lip gloss 12. Blush 13. Bronzer 16

Note: Primas are applied as a base before the lip colours or eye shadows. We have different products, some are made having the women of colour in mind while some are not to be used by women of colour. This brings us to the question Who is a Woman of Colour? A woman of colour is an African woman. That is a woman with a dark skin colour. oman of colour: Products for the w 1. Black up 2. Black radiance 3. Black opal 4. Mary Kay 5. Sleek 6. Iman 7. Fashion fair a) 8. Orekelewa (Tar 9. B. M. Pro 10. Lise 11. Wen 12. Posner

■ Often times, I am being faced with the question what make up item that one can not do without? ■ Well, I think it is an individual thing. What ‘A’ cannot do without may not be paramount to ‘B’. ■ My days in school, I had a friend who powders her face every second even when a lecturer stood in front of us. Powder, she could not do without. ■ My sister cannot move an inch out of the house without making her lips dazzling. For my sister, Lipstick is it. My mum, it is Mascara. She enjoys it whenever she is being asked if those lashes are for real. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

beauty tips

Invest or Impulse EditorsPICKof the Season ■ While I cannot do without my Dark brow pencil, I call it my day saver because with it I am well made up. It serves as my Brow filler and that is what people appreciate most on my made up face. It also serves as my Lip liner making my lips look dark and lovely. I also use it to line my eyes round flaunting the fact that I have got them beautiful. So why don’t you look inwards and lets have one thing that accentuates your beauty. While you are at it, I will list the must have for your regular beauty pouch. 1. Powder 2. Small Pallet of eye shadows 3. Small Pallet of lip colours 4. One lip and eye liner REMEMBER, LESS IS MORE!

Miss Olayinka Ayo of Alluring Looks Health, Beauty & Skin Studio, is a beautician and skin therapist though trained as a Lawyer. Studio: 23 Road, Q Close, Opposite Mason College, Festac Town Tel: 08023388321, 07072127818

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009





Sides of

Henry was usually jovial and positive. Last night, however, he came late to our church meeting and didn’t have much to say. “I’ll never understand women,” he told me after the meeting. “My wife thinks we need more intimacy. She says we aren’t as close as we used to be. I don’t know what she’s talking about. I thought we had a good marriage.” All-encompassing There’s something about our psychological, spiritual, and physical makeup that cries out for intimacy with another. That’s because God designed marriage to be the most intimate of all human relationships, in which we share life intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Are you and your spouse intimate in these ways? Intellectual intimacy This isn’t about discussing highly intellectual ideas. The important thing is discussing your thoughts. They may be thoughts about food, finances, health, crime, work, politics. They reveal something of what’s gone on in your mind throughout the day. Social intimacy This has to do with spending time around the events of life. Some of these events we experience together; others happen while we’re apart and are shared through open communication. Much of life involves doing. When we do things together, we not only develop a sense of teamwork, we also enhance our sense of intimacy. Emotional intimacy Feelings are our spontaneous, emotional responses to what we encounter through the five senses. I see the fire truck racing down the road and I feel troubled. You touch my hand and I feel loved. When we share emotions, we build emotional intimacy. 18

Spiritual intimacy Often the least excavated of all the foundations of marital intimacy, yet this has a significant impact on the others. It doesn’t require agreement of belief on every detail. Instead, we seek to tell each other what’s going on in our inner self. It’s discussing our thoughts about spiritual realities. The purpose isn’t agreement, but understanding. Physical intimacy Because men and women are different (long live their differences!), we often come at sexual intimacy in different ways. The husband’s emphasis is often on the physical aspects—the seeing, touching, and climax are the focus of his attention. The wife, though, comes to sexual intimacy with more interest in the relationship. To feel loved, appreciated, and treated tenderly brings her great joy. Sexual intimacy requires understanding and responding to these differences. Practicing intimacy An essential ingredient of intimacy is allowing your spouse to be himself without striving to conform him to your ideals. In intimacy, we try to grow closer together, not to eliminate the “otherness,” but to enjoy it. Men and women are different and we must not, even with good intentions, seek to destroy those differences.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Confectioneries Dress Shopping Tips

Shop only with people whose opinions you trust. Limit the shopping party to four including you. ■

Feel free to shop on your own for the first couple of appointments, inviting mothers and maids once you have a shortlist. ■

Wear supportive lingerie and take along a strapless bra and a pair of shoes with roughly the heel height you think you’ll be wearing on the day. ■

Keep your budget in mind and don’t try on dresses out of your price range. ■

Try on a variety of styles. Many have little hanger-appeal but look great on. ■

Even if you spend a long time in one shop, don’t feel you have to buy. ■

If one dress is not quite right, ask if the same designer has a similar style, perhaps with a different neckline or sleeves that you may like better. ■

Shops won’t stock every style but they may be able to get something for you. ■

Take advice from the sales person - but don’t be bullied. ■

If you don’t like something, it’s thanks but no thanks! ■

Don’t buy on your first shopping trip. You can always go back if you have been lucky enough to have found ‘the one’ first time out! ■


■ Cakes ■ Decorations ■ Event Planning


38E, 1st Cooper Road, Railway Compound, Ebute-Metta, Lagos. Tel: 01-8706082, 08037220804

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Wedding Gown Shapes & Silhouttes It’s a good idea to learn a little about the various styles of wedding dresses before you start shopping, so you know what that sales person is talking about. Dress shapes A-line: The most flattering style so it’s no surprise that this is the most popular shape of wedding gown. The dress gently flares out from the shoulders and suits most figure shapes and heights. Ballgown: The ultimate fairytale dress with a narrow fitted waistline and a full, flowing skirt. It’s a ‘big’ dress so tends to suit taller girls. Empire: Cut a bit like a maternity dress with a high waistline that starts just below the bust. The skirt is usually slim and flowing. Avoid this shape if you have a very full bust; you don’t want to look pregnant. Princess: Another popular shape that suits most figure types. Vertical panels of fabric follow the natural contours of the body to give a flattering outline. Sheath: Simple and elegant, this style of dress follows the natural curves from shoulder to hem. They are usually in fabrics that tend to cling so don’t really suit either very slender or very curvy figures. Length options Asymmetric: This style of skirt features one side longer than the other. It’s a dramatic look and suits a contemporary wedding. Ballerina: A ballerina skirt finishes just above your ankles and is wide and full. It is a pretty, traditional style that demands great shoes! Cocktail: This style of skirt finishes just below the knee. It’s an informal look that is best suited to a register office or a second wedding. Floor-length: The classic length for a wedding dress, which finishes about 3cm / 1¼ in from the floor. Mini: If you are thinking about changing after the formal part of the day is over, a thigh-skimming dress is great for a party, providing you have good legs.


■ Cakes ■ Decorations ■

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Effrei sent. Oti, confect elicerfica; inte, ente coendit ad sa iptemuliur que molut L. Seris fitusulibus, et; Cupios iam


Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Nwandos Signature: 08053449519 / 08060000519,

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


celebrity interview


Her Excellency,

Yemisi Dooshima


he exudes an unmistaken aura of amiable disposition that is engaging and evident. When I first met her under the auspices of the UNFPA, a screening of ‘Freedom In Chains’ (a movie on gender violence, I co-directed) had been scheduled during the Sev –Av foundation week in Benue State. Her response shattered the roof of my expectations; hers was easily the most incisive appraisal of the movie I had yet observed. So it was with a certain blend of awe and admiration we arrived her Abuja Residence with the Vogue Afrique team for this interview. She had gone off to attend a meeting, but soon arrived in the simplicity of a black SUV that bespoke class and style rather than affluence. She invited us in and revealed another one of her virtues… a table had been laid out of pounded yam, Semo and a blend of soups from Benue and Ekiti states, and on her dining table together with the team and a couple of her assistants we all sat to savor… Yes All, Debin the official photographer of Miss World, the makeup artist, bad boy and his wife who just yearned to be in the presence of the first lady... in a display of humility many would imagine alien to the High and mighty, we ate. From one table one pot one heart, and though there were times when you could tell she was tired from the exhaustion of this and several other engagements, she would continue with a dogged resolve through the photo shoot that lasted till late eve, but the next day will draw us into her world as Mother, wife first lady and why the appreciating people of Benue state elected among her many virtues to name her Dooshima.. GOOD HEART Enjoy….

The Queen of Hearts Wife of the


Executive Governor of Benue State

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celebrity interview VA: Your Excellency, first let us express our profound gratitude for giving us this opportunity, thank you. We will like to start by asking you to tell us about the wonderful impact your pet project SEAV foundation is making in the lives of the people of Benue state especially the women, youth and children. Thank you very much, Fred. I will say that it is indeed a privileged to serve in that direction, as the Executive governor’s wife, I felt I should contribute my own quota to the success of his government by taking care of the under privileged ones, especially the women, the youth and the children. I just cannot sit back & limit my assistance to my husband who toils continually for the good of his people, I had to think of a way to help the suffering masses the best i can. So I started out by establishing a foundation to address this. You know, there are very pathetic cases of widows, who are so overwhelmed by their conditions, most of them, dependant housewives turned beggars at the demise of their husbands. There are also many school drop outs in the state due to poverty. SEAV was founded to address some these social problems, and to capture the youth in this category early, directing, guiding and training them in various skills, providing them with tools on graduation so as to start them off. In fact giving their lives a new beginning, so that they don’t involve themselves in social vices like prostitution and armed robbery which will further embarrass the society. VA: What does SEAV stand for? Well, SEAV is a Tiv compound word that means breaking of a new dawn, so you can actually say ‘The Dawn of a New Ambition’ VA: How would you rate its activities and performance so far? SEAV was registered about a year ago , it was officially launched by the wife of the President last year January and since then we have been able to train quite a number of people ,with many Skills Acquisition Centers, 3 now fully operational, infact we have matriculated and just graduated the first set of students, like you do in tertiary institutions. They cover areas like, computer science, tailoring, fashion designing, beads making, crafts, carpentry, ie wood works, metal works and even electroplating these metals and so on. VA: So essentially it is creating job for the people? Yes, SEAV tries to empower them to be self sufficient and reliant. We also use the same channel to enlighten them about HIV- AIDS and all other debilitating and poverty related ailments.The serious minded ones always succeed. So if we have graduated 60 youths in different skills you can find atleast 10% success rate and it goes a long way. VA: Your Excellency, as an architect one would have expected that SEAV should have preferred building decent and affordable houses for these indigent people. You see, my profession has nothing to do with this social work. It is more like a ministry to me. You can’t go into capital projects vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


like building houses without providing the basic immediate needs of the people. What we are doing is to develop people, so that they can carter for themselves. VA: Ok in your experience in Benue State what would you say is the greatest problem facing your people. The greatest problem facing our people is poverty, we noticed it early and started giving scholarships to youths especially under graduates even before we even came into office. If you economi cally empower a mother, you have empowered a family, as she will be able to support her husband raise a family. VA: Your Excellency, you have a Yoruba name Yemisi and a Tiv name Dooshima, as we’ve learnt that you are from Ekiti State but married to a Tiv man and the Executive Governor of Benue State, how easy has it been to relate, integrate and work with the rural Benue indigenes especially the women. Any language or cultural barriers? Whatever challenge you face in marriage or social service, is conquered by love. It is the heart that matters, if you love people or love what you are doing and show genuine concerns they know. I ignore the tribal difference most times and show love because everyone understands the language of love.I have learnt quite a lot of their language and speak well the 30

little I do. The people don’t mind nor bother at all, they are so excited and quite appreciative of my efforts. VA: Let’s talk about your Tiv name, Dooshima, what does it mean? Well, Dooshima, literally means good heart, Doo is good, Shima means heart. VA: You have been described as a patriot, social crusader, courageous democrat, business woman, philanthropist and different brands and cultured. Well, thank you very much. I want to appreciate whoever has described me so, but basically I know that I love people, that’s all i can say about myself but other people can say it better. I know that I found myself in the democratic stardom by the virtue of my husband’s position and I have so much come to embrace it because of my role in his life as a supportive soul mate, I may not understand the game, but I try very hard to fit in and make all the noise with him. Anything I find myself doing , i make sure that I make the best of it and I am fulfilled doing so. VA: So, is he supporting the foundation? Of course he is.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

celebrity interview

Truthfully, a leader should set goals and then map out strategies to achieve them because if you allow distractions here and there you will lose focus of your goal and the mandate that God has given to you. VA: I just want to take you to Ekiti state, what can you say on the political crisis currently rocking your home state. My home state is Benue State and it is not rocking. VA: Ok your birth state? Now if you talk of Ekiti, what is going on in Ekiti is political and I know that the Federal government of Nigeria is on top of the situation. All the machineries have been put to use. The police force, the INEC people, the political genius are all there and so I believe that peace is crucial, is central to everything. I want to use this medium to appeal to the various parties to allow peace to reign in Ekiti State that’s all I can say. VA: In our part of the world, architecture is a course usually pursued by men, what inspired your love for the course? I went into this field unconsciously. In my time, once you excel in science subjects, your parents will start grooming you to be a medical doctor. But in the early stage of my university education, I discovered that I was not psychologically prepared for it, I couldn’t stand the animals, sight of blood etc. The next alterna tive was Architecture as I was very good in maths, infact, I was the best student in Mathematics and technical drawing and I did enjoy it, being a creative person. VA: Looking back to your school days, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was then, that prepared you for the position you are occupying now. That’s a very good question, I think that it may have to do with the intensive nature of the training, in my secondary school as the school prefect, hard work was the watch word in our department in the university, I thank God for these trainings otherwise there is no way one can cope with the pressure of activities that have confronted one in this life. VA: Is it true, that you use to be an athlete or a sports person then? Oh well, yes I was an athlete in my school days. I was good in field events, track events. I use to do hundred meters, long jump, high jump and I played football too. But basically, I was very good on the track, I use to take the last leg of relay races, like 4 x 100, 4 x 400 and I did even 1500 and you could hardly catch up with me and I did represent vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


VA: Did you receive other awards? Several, the EMSC award held in Paris last December, which is an African Award for Leadership, given to only four of us, all Africans, three men and myself by some Europeans (whose focus is on Africa and Leadership). The other recepients came from Cameroon, Dakar and South Africa I believe. There was another peace award in Texas, United States. I was also given an award alongside with my husband as peace ambassadors amongst others.

my school in other areas, Federal Government Girls College, in some field event. VA: So you have been prepared to be a leader for quite a while? (all laugh) the answer is Yes. VA: So would you describe the office of the first lady as a dash or as a marathon? (She laughs) as a marathon, because you keep going, even if you are tired, you must strive to meet with your daily obligations which does not really have a closing time. VA: People have role models, looking at you and all you do, I wonder who your role model is, people like Hillary Clinton, (Cuts in) Hillary Clinton is my role model, a woman of substance, she supported and played very good roles, complimenting her hus band when he was in office ,covering his weaknesses and all that. Those are the virtues of a woman of substance, and I believe we share some common values, that’s all I can say and she is my role model. VA: We also learnt that at one time you were awarded the queen of the heart medal by certain group in the North central of Nigeria. How did it feel? Queen of the heart award was given to me by African Independent Television in conjunction with one foreign organization from U.K. I was called to Kaduna from Benue State,( in the heat of our activities in some interior villages in zone B ) to receive that award.I was pleasantly surprised. The mere fact that people out there noticed and appreciated our work, touched my heart and really humbled me infact it motivated me too.


VA: We also see that you are very active in the forum of the nineteen Northern governors wives forum, could you please throw a little light on it? Yes, the nineteen Northern Governor’s wives forum is a forum where the wives of the governors in the north meet, to share their views and profer solutions to their problems which are similar in nature, in so doing,provide support to our husbands, in their bid to take the northern part of this country to a greater height, and we are trying to have these meetings quarterly alongside our husbands who also do similar meetings,though our meetings are kind of epileptic. We met twice last year and the two meetings were both quite intensive and extensive. because professionals are brought in to address issues like child- trafficking, early marriages, HIV- AIDS , eradication of“ALMAJEER1’ that is street begging of children, drug abuse and even prevention of blindness, many people are blind in the north today as a result of ouncosychiasis attack which is the same as river blindness. VA: This is very interesting, I‘ve noticed that nowadays, our first ladies seem to have evolved from a mere decorative arm of government to a more functional status. How relevant would you say the office of the first lady is to Nigerians? Well. I am quick to say that the office is not a funded one, as it was expunged from the constitution. But believe me sincerely the cry out there to the office of the governor’s wife is unprecedented. We are a developing country, at the stage of Nigeria today, you cannot eliminate that office because people cannot easily reach the government, it is hard to reach even some state commissioners, but the wife of a governor is a mother to all. If you come to my office you will see requests, people’s demand for assistance, the file is huge, and we keep filing it, we send it to the social development dept and the files keep coming back to us as these needs are not fundable , you are in a dilemma, you can’t ignore them, you must satisfy and touch these lives and satisfy their needs. So you cannot totally overlook our office, ours is on the social front, we bridge the gap between the government and the governed ,to ensure that people are happy and comfortable with the leadership of our husbands. VA: Ok still talking about the status of the first lady, how has the demand affected your relationship with your family for instance, children, siblings, uncles aunts? The only thing you don’t have any more is time, you are now a public servant with many people to attend to and carter for.Your vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

time is so devoted to the public that your family may suffer some neglect, not even for yourself. For example, I used to talk to my mother everyday, but for one or two months now, I have not spoken to her. Imagine me asking another person how my mum is doing? VA: It is a sacrifice. It is a big sacrifice indeed and I must tell you that when you occupy this position, the expectation is that you should be able to solve all the problems given your vantage position. The truth is that you are now saddled with a bigger family which encompasses all, in the state, you understand? So these issues compound and are attended to, bit by bit. We try to touch every one as much as you can, it is true that you may not touch all, but you do the little you can VA: Yes, in one of your workshops, I noticed how people long to wait for you. How do you relate to traditional rulers and every other traditional head in the state? Well, leadership at this level, at the executive height requires that you carry everybody along, you are leading the old, the young, the able the disable,the privileged, the underprivileged, the rich the poor, you know? You are leading everybody, the broken hearted ones; you are responsible for them all (Cuts in). VA: The wicked hearted ones. You must enlarge your heart to contain everybody. You must make sure that when you meet the real rural people to come down to their level and make sure that you dance with them, eat with them. When it comes to the traditional rulers, you give honour to whom it is due, they are our fathers traditionally, they are the custodians of the cultures of the land, so we give them due respect, and we don’t joke with them as we need them to disseminate information to their subjects, and so it’s a symbiotic relationship. Our open door system has helped us carry most of them along. VA: You expressed very strong opinions, during the photo shoot why we should marry early? Could you please elaborate on this, marrying early. I am a believer of the word of God in the Bible. The Bible says that “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from God”. So if you are a 25, 30 years old man and have been looking for job for the rest of your life you have not gotten, why don’t you try this recipe from the Bible? Take yourself a woman you like that come rain come shine you will stick to her. Enter into this Marriage and start a life because you did not come to this world to look for money, you came here to fulfill God’s plan. VA: To go into the world and multiply. You see, I don’t want you to make it a controversial statement. What I am advocating for is that when you marry early you start your family early, you have your children early and then you grow up with them. You will be able to devote time to them and we have quality children in the society. Ok? This is the fundamental that I am driving at . The logistics of your marrying early and what the early marriage we are taking about is where you are not vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

getting it right, and I am not saying an underage person should marry graduates, I know how many I have pushed to marry. By way of counseling, by way of testing, I know how many of my husband’s friends that are even 40 something that I still have to counsel today, to say pick up life, get life going, you don’t need all the millions in the world. You will make even healthier millions with your spouse. VA: Tell us what side of His Excellency that we might never get to see for instance, if you have a frown on your face, what would you do or could he do to get you smile again? I think the man is too busy in the office to see a frown on my face (laugh) he is quite busy, he goes round the clock, My husband closes late in the night and by then everybody is worn out, so early hour of the morning the frown on the face would have disappeared into my sleep before he wakes up (all laugh) these are the challenges of the office but he is a very loving and caring husband inspite of his tight schedules. VA: Do you have a signature style of dressing? Like I told you earlier, I love creativity and I don’t really want to be known for a particular thing, because one is always appearing before the public eye and scrutiny, so I consciously make my selections, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, as variety they say is the spice of life. VA: Yes, we noticed that you have beautiful print outfits (cuts in) Ok well if you talk about formal outings when I go to my office in the morning I normally wear African prints, like Atampa,that’s what they call it, well tailored either as a skirt and blouse, or as a wrapper and blouse and then I wear it with the normal scarf. On ceremonial basis, I beef it up with a more ceremonial headgear, the Ikpile which makes me a complete African woman. VA: Thank you very much your Excellency you are a complete African woman. But finally, could you really tell us greatest lesson you have learnt as first lady of Benue State. (Laughs) Ah! one of the things I have learnt is that public office is not about you, but of God and about the people. I have learnt that whatever we see, we can only see it on the surface, we need to get to the bottom of it. And then, I have also learnt that trying to please people is an impossible task, Truthfully, a leader should set goals and then map out strategies to achieve them because if you allow distractions here and there you will lose focusof your goal and the mandate that God has given to you. So amnot saying you should ignore people, by all means you have to tolerate people, accommodate people, embrace people, show them love but focus on the mandate that God has given you because leadership is of God and we are accountable to him’ VA: Thank you very much for giving us your time despite your very busy scheduled and we also pray that God continue to bless you and give you the grace to excel in pour position. Amen, Thank you and God bless you


emotional intelligence

Marriage The Challenge & Bliss of

Kenechukwu Umeadi


(Part 2)

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emotional intelligence


uch depends on how adjustments go during the early days of marriage, for this is the time when the foundations of a successful marriage are laid. Many unsuccessful marriages spring from ignorance and misinformation. Some young married people have been so misinformed that they develop a deep sense of guilt whenever they think of the other sex. This colors their whole attitude toward life and creates strong inhibitions which may bring on an attitude of coldness and lack of understanding for the marital partner. Such people often assume hypocritical attitudes, with the result that even the marriage itself may be doomed. The only solution to such problems lies in gaining a new appreciation for the true facts of life. Although it is true that some married people live together without a well-balanced attitude toward sex, they are rare exceptions. The great majority of marital failures seem to break down at this point. Doctors are continually reminded of this, for so many of the nervous illnesses seem to arise from this source. A thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology will help in solving some of these problems that arise between husbands and wives. Each must realize that sex is one of the normal functions of life, just like breathing, eating or sleeping. Within their proper sphere none of these should cause embarrassment to anyone, but any of them, if carried to excess, may result in weakness and ill-health. Marriage is a merger of two different individuals. These differences are perfectly natural, some of them arising from powerful substances produced in the human body. The presence of these chemicals bring on profound changes in form and behavior, especially in the female, while in the male there may be little change from day to day. The woman is never quite the same from one day to the next. Every month she passes through what is known as her menstrual cycle. This is brought about by the ebb and flow of vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

“...If husbands and wives are going to be happy together, they must be willing to make allowances for each other’s needs and feelings.˝ the chemical hormones in her blood stream. This results in a wide variation of feelings towards herself, her husband and even those around her. These changes are often difficult for most men to understand. They are baffled by the almost unpredictable swings of mood, for which the lady herself is really not responsible. In fact, she is often as perplexed over these changes as her husband, but there may be little she can do except learn to live with them as best as she can. All of this has much to do with a woman’s happiness during her married life. There are times when she has an enormous amount of energy, and other times when she may feel that the tide has gone out completely. These changes are brought on by the rise and fall of the hormones or chemicals which are produced by her endocrine glands. These powerful little “factories” are sometimes called “ductless glands” because they pour their chemicals directly into the blood stream, and by this means they are carried to every organ and tissue in the body. The same thing occurs in both sexes, but in the male there is little change from day to day. In the female things are vastly different. From one week to the next throughout most of her adult life there is a constant fluctuation in the level of certain hormones. Internal chemistry thus has a profound effect upon her outlook on life, including her attitude towards her husband. It is therefore important for a husband to understand what is taking place in his wife, enabling him to make allowances for her frequent changes of mood. These mood variations are something like the weather. If you don’t like it, wait awhile. This explains why there are times when a woman may be very affectionate and other times when she may feel quite indifferent. She cannot help these feelings, since they are part of her nature. If husbands and wives are going to be happy together, they must be willing to make allowances for each other’s needs and feelings. A woman was never meant to become the slave of a man, nor a man of a woman. It was the plan of the creator that they should work together as a team in the training of their children and in the building of their home. They were to grow together, live together, and understand each other more completely as the years go by. And through this closest and most beautiful of all human relationships they were to find the supreme joy of creating a truly happy home. 35

mom-ceo series

Organize your Home


emember that organizing reduces stress. Reduced stress means more joy and peace in your life.

First, walk through your house and determine what room should be organized first, second, and so on. Make a list of these rooms and promise yourself you will give each room one week. It may not take this long, but by giving yourself a week, you make a commitment to get it done thoroughly. As you go through your house room by room, consider which of these four things you will do with every item in that room: 36

■ Keep it if you use it. ■ Give it away if you don’t. ■ Sell it in a garage sale or to a friend. ■ Throw it away! We have too much stuff cluttering our homes. The more we have, the more we are responsible for. As you go from room to room, list how you could organize, decorate or clean that room better. Organizing isn’t just putting in order. It’s also developing your house into your particular style of home. If you have a budget for it, ask a home decorator to visit your home and help with ideas. Many furniture stores offer this vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

mom-ceo series The goal is taking small steps in different areas that result in the large step of becoming more organized. One area might be taking the time to clean your home better. Other areas could be reducing clutter, managing your time and home, or just making the effort every morning in getting the house in shape service for free. List smaller areas, such as closets or the laundry room, that need reorganizing. Try scheduling one a week until they are all finished. Determine to stay on top of rooms that continue to get disorganized. Concentrate most of your time on these rooms. For me, the kitchen and the master bathroom are the hardest areas to keep orderly and clean. I have had to adjust my expectations and just clean them as consistently as I can. When organizing your kitchen, you might want to clean out the cabinets and drawers, clean the shelves and add fresh shelf paper. Perhaps you need to rearrange some cabinets. Periodically, I clean out my cabinets and pantry, removing unused, outdated foods. When you move into a new home use these tips: With paper and pen, walk through each room of the house and decide which room should be unpacked first. Leave the boxes in the other rooms and don’t worry about them. ■ If you have to sleep in the new house the first night, pack one box with sheets for the beds, the coffee pot, and towels and tissue for the bathroom so the necessities can be unpacked first. ■ Unpack, the kitchen first, bathrooms next, then bedrooms. ■ List which rooms need shelves, drapes, blinds, and so on. By placing these needs and wants on a list, you can decide what should be done first, and you won’t be overwhelmed.

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Clean Effectively There are hundreds of books on cleaning. The best tip I can give you is that cleaning a house can be simple and does not need to take all day. But it does take organization! Staying organized will keep your home cleaner and in order day by day. Decide on a weekly cleaning plan. I have a two-story house. Once a week, I clean the downstairs at night (vacuum, mop kitchen floor, dust, and clean the half-bath). The next morning, I do the upstairs and am usually finished by noon. My family helps, so I can’t take all the credit. When my husband is in town, he vacuums. The girls help dust and clean their bathrooms. Devise a quick way to do necessary daily cleaning. I straighten the downstairs before I go to bed at night (unload the dishwasher, take out the newspaper, adjust pillows on the sofa). The next morning I straighten the upstairs (wipe down bathroom counters, make beds, take trash and dirty clothes downstairs). I call this morning routine my “five-minute quick clean.” I recommend one every morning. If a house is quick-cleaned daily, then the once-a-week heavy cleaning won’t take nearly as long. Your own quick-clean may sometimes take longer than five minutes, but it will still be a big help to you. 37

mom-ceo series under each sink so everyone can help with cleaning counters. To keep the showers clean, keep a spray bottle of cleaner (I use Clean Shower) in the shower. Whoever uses the shower sprays the walls, doors and floor upon exiting. Schedule your major cleaning for the same day each week. Your house will stay neat with consistency. This is how women cleaned many years ago. Each day of the week was designated for one particular task: Monday was usually wash day, Tuesday was baking day, etc. Use the old fashioned “spring cleaning”for big jobs in your house such as windows, carpets, and washing blankets. If you know you will have a specific time each year to do these harder jobs, you won’t worry about them the rest of the year. If your children won’t pick up their shoes or toys, each day throw them into a plastic bin or box and charge them twenty-Jive cents to get items back. This teaches children their clutter is their responsibility, not yours.

To quick-clean simply means to quickly put your house in order daily. Wipe kitchen and bathroom counters, take down dirty towels and add fresh ones, empty trash cans, empty dirty clothes hampers, and make beds. Check children’s rooms for dirty clothes, and for curling irons, lights, and radios left on. Begin a load of laundry, sweep the kitchen floor, and load the dishwasher. In less than fortyfive minutes, your house is set for the day. (I have a cordless telephone, so to save time I work while talking on the phone. In fact, I usually do something around the house while on the phone.) Remember that clutter is what makes a house look messy. In fact, 40 percent of cleaning a house is getting rid of clutter. Clutter causes stress. Remove as much clutter as you can before you begin to clean. You will be able to clean much faster. And don’t be afraid to throw out or give this stuff away. Sweep once a day, either after breakfast or after you have done the dinner dishes. This will keep the rest of the house cleaner because crumbs and dirt won’t get tracked through the house. Every day, clean your counters in the kitchen and bathroom with a specific product for that purpose. It only takes a few seconds, but they will look wonderful and will be germ free. Use rubber gloves when you clean. You won’t mind cleaning nearly as much. Have cleaning supplies in every bathroom, or put your cleaning supplies in a bucket and carry it with you to all the bathrooms. Keep a roll of paper towels and a spray cleaner 38

Put a folded towel or rug by the doors leading to the outside and make everyone wipe their feet each time they come into the house. I have discovered that this is the best way to keep shoes clean and the rest of your house free from dirt and dust. You will also be protecting your carpets and helping them last longer. Eat meals and snacks in your kitchen or dining room. This will keep your sofas, chairs, and carpets much cleaner and save you hours of cleaning time and money. For the television room, keep popcorn on hand. Air-popped popcorn isn’t messy and is great when watching movies. Measure how much time a particular job takes to do. For example, I don’t like to fold clothes. So, I timed it once and discovered one large load of white clothes took ten minutes to fold. That isn’t very long. Now that I know that, I don’t mind folding clothes as much. Give yourself time limits for each job, with a prize at the end. For example, if I can clean my upstairs by eleven, I stop and take my walk or read the newspaper. I find I always work better and faster if there is something I want to do when I am finished. As you begin to organize your home, remember what the goal is. The goal is taking small steps in different areas that result in the large step of becoming more organized. One area might be taking the time to clean your home better. Other areas could be reducing clutter, managing your time and home, or just making the effort every morning in getting the house in shape. It does take work to have a home well managed but the end result is less stress and more time for you and the family you love. With God’s help, you can do it.

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Medi Care


Fabulous array

Beads of

Faridah Ohiri


Can any woman have too much jewellery?.. I ask myself every morning when I pull open the shallow drawers in my dresser to choose the day’s finery. ‘NO, I assure myself as oysters keep making pearls, the earth compresses minerals into gemstones and artist craft magnificent metals and glass beads, there can never be such a thing as too much jewellery’. Beading had come into his own as an art form and the irresistible hobby for women and men from all cultures and walks of life. In this edition, we choose designs that run the gamut from classical and always in style, through ethnic, casual, glitzy and timely fashions.

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Faida Jewelleries

fashion & style


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fashion & style

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fashion & style


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fashion & style

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fashion & style


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fashion & style

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social etiquette

Maxims for a polite


Politeness maxims According to Geoffrey Leech, there is a politeness principle with conversational maxims similar to those formulated by Paul Grice. He lists six maxims: tact, generosity, approbation, modesty, agreement, and sympathy. The first and second form a pair, as do the third and the fourth. These maxims vary from culture to culture: what may be considered polite in one culture may be strange or downright rude in another. The Tact maxim The tact maxim states: ‘Minimize the expression of beliefs which imply cost to other; maximize the expression of beliefs which imply benefit to other.’ The first part of this maxim fits in with Brown and Levinson’s negative politeness strategy of minimising the imposition, and the second part reflects the positive politeness strategy of attending to the hearer’s interests, wants, and needs: 48

Could I interrupt you for a second? If I could just clarify this then. The Generosity maxim Leech’s Generosity maxim states: ‘Minimize the expression of benefit to self; maximize the expression of cost to self.’ Unlike the tact maxim, the maxim of generosity focuses on the speaker, and says that others should be put first instead of the self. You relax and let me do the dishes. You must come and have dinner with us. The Approbation maxim The Approbation maxim states: ‘Minimize the expression of beliefs which express dispraise of other; maximize the expression of beliefs which express approval of other.’ The operavogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

social etiquette tion of this maxim is fairly obvious: all things being equal, we prefer to praise others and if we cannot do so, to sidestep the issue, to give some sort of minimal response (possibly through the use of euphemisms), or to remain silent. The first part of the maxim avoids disagreement; the second part intends to make other people feel good by showing solidarity. I heard you singing at the karaoke last night. It was, um... different. John, I know you’re a genius - would you know how to solve this math problem here? The Modesty maxim The Modesty maxim states: ‘Minimize the expression of praise of self; maximize the expression of dispraise of self.’ Oh, I’m so stupid - I didn’t make a note of our lecture! Did you? The Agreement maxim The Agreement maxim runs as follows: ‘Minimize the expression of disagreement between self and other; maximize the expression of agreement between self and other.’ It is in line with Brown and Levinson’s positive politeness strategies of ‘seek agreement’ and ‘avoid disagreement,’ to which they attach great importance. However, it is not being claimed that people totally avoid disagreement. It is simply observed that they are much more direct in expressing agreement, rather than disagreement. A: I don’t want my daughter to do this, I want her to do that. B: Yes, but ma’am, I thought we resolved this already on your last visit. The Sympathy maxim The sympathy maxim states: ‘minimize antipathy between self and other; maximize sympathy between self and other.’ This includes a small group of speech acts such as congratulation, commiseration, and expressing condolences - all of which is in accordance with Brown and Levinson’s positive politeness strategy of attending to the hearer’s interests, wants, and needs. I was sorry to hear about your father. Gricean maxims The philosopher Paul Grice proposed four conversational maxims that arise from the pragmatics of natural language. Grice’s Maxims Maxim of Quality Be Truthful Do not say what you believe to be false. Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence. Maxim of Quantity Quantity of Information Make your contribution as informative as is required for the vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

current purposes of the exchange. Do not make your contribution more informative than is required. Maxim of Relevance Relevance Be relevant. Maxim of Manner Be Clear Avoid obscurity of expression. (“Eschew obfuscation”) Avoid ambiguity. (“Espouse elucidation”) Be brief. (“Avoid unnecessary prolixity”) Be orderly. Explanation These maxims may be better understood as describing the assumptions listeners normally make about the way speakers will talk, rather than prescriptions for how one ought to talk. Philosopher Kent Bach writes: [W]e need first to get clear on the character of Grice’s maxims. They are not sociological generalizations about speech, nor they are moral prescriptions or proscriptions on what to say or communicate. Although Grice presented them in the form of guidelines for how to communicate successfully, I think they are better construed as presumptions about utterances, presumptions that we as listeners rely on and as speakers exploit. (Bach 2005). If the overt, surface meaning of a sentence does not seem to be consistent with the Gricean maxims, and yet the circumstances lead us to think that the speaker is nonetheless obeying the cooperative principle, we tend to look for other meanings that could be implicated by the sentence. Grice did not, however, assume that all people should constantly follow these maxims. Instead, he found it interesting when these were “flouted” or “violated” (either purposefully or unintentionally breaking the maxims) by speakers, which would imply some other, hidden meaning. The importance was in what was not said. For example: “It’s raining” is in violation of quality and quantity of spoken language; however, in context (e.g. when someone has suggested a game of tennis) the reasoning behind this ‘fragment’ sentence becomes clear. 49

social etiquette

Practical ways to make a polite

CONVERSATIONS Step 6 Read newspapers and magazines; watch new and different television programs; attend more plays, lectures or even classes. Step 7 Jot down what you find interesting about what you learn, people you meet and what you’ve read. Practice talking about those topics. Step 8 Learn some opening lines that will lead to discussions and memorize them until they come out naturally: “You know, the other day I noticed how many people wear (glasses) (all black) (the same outfits) (bad ties) ....” Or, “Did you happen to see Mark Morris’ latest ballet?”

Step 1 Relax. Step 2 Learn to overcome the obstacles between you and great conversations. Shyness, insecurity, language or speech problems, and nerves can be minimized through study, training or therapy. Step 3 Enrich your store of conversational topics. Current events, movies and books, food and restaurants, music, psychology, and hobbies are all rich sources. Step 4 Practice the art of conversation with people you trust. Try out a new topic, a new manner of speaking, a new interest or improved storytelling on them. Step 5 Accept their criticisms - or praise - and use that, too.


Step 9 Realize that everyone else is looking for a good topic too, and they may feel as uncomfortable as you. Step 10 Ask questions of the other guests that will lead to a lively discussion. For example, “Is it true that lawyers hate to be on juries?” “Do you think Oprah’s book club is silly?” Step 11 Open your eyes, ears and mind and be thrilled, shocked and delighted at the outcome. Step 12 Be outrageous, but never obnoxious. Tips & Warnings Try hard to read people - are they interested, grouchy, curious, smart? Use those clues to make the conversation deeper and richer. Though this is a generalization, many people like to talk about pets, stocks, food, houses and movie stars. Most won’t really love to discuss salaries, politics, religion or computers. Learn body language. Looking people in the eye invites conversation. Try not to be too personal, unconventional, silent or dismissive. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


FUSE WITH fred amata

Pelted with Stones


rtiste, actors especially carry a stigma, born of the very nature of their trade.. To Act is to Lie… to pretend at best, that a truth that once existed…. Still exists! So they borrow from life’s other experiences drawing inspiration from people, places and prejudices to create… or should I say re-create a slice of life…. Actors are liars! They lie just to make you laugh, cry, fear cringe or any thing they have connived with the, writer director and a horde of others, just to hoodwink you. The better the liar, the truer the lie. Yet they are adorable… endearing engaging, charming, magical and mystical exotic and even erotic…. Oh by the way that is another lie, “accepted by all as film trick”, but that is not the thrust of this piece… It is the other side the down side, when the lie has become so true, that on the streets because of that tangibly true lie… the actor is pelted with stones. Pelted with the stones of a society’s conscience, pelted with stones from probing, prying paparazzi, pelted with the stones of dissatisfied enthusiast, venting frustrated chagrin on quality style and the very make up of Nollywood. Pelted with lofty notions of what a film work should be, compared ruthlessly with the best of Hollywood.. ah that touching subject when the expectations of a N5m naira movie made in Nigeria must compete if not exceed the expectations of a $17million dollar movie like Hotel Rwanda, but lest we derail actors are liars pelted with stones. Oh yes physically in the market place Patience Ozukwor was once attacked for being so evil; Personally I have been 52

called a pastor and pelted with Prayer Request. Because Kelechi is born again…. (Not even the pastor) in Heavens’ Gate. The TV series brought to you by The City of David Parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Oh but that really is the lesser pelting … The stigmatizations of actors are by far more reaching, Bordering even on finer virtues! Actors are promiscuous, actors lack integrity, actors are fake, you can’t do business or do romance for that matter with an Actor, can you ever tell when they stop? If they ever stop acting. When she sheds a tear for love, it is oh! “Your tears be like Kate Henshaw own for “when The Sun Sets” Or if he says to her, “I can see the moonlight in your eyes”… He is rehearsing his lines from “Full Moon”. This stigmatization was so bad, when we started Inside Out in 1997; one of the main topics was to do with artiste: WOULD YOU MARRY AN ARTISTE. An episode that attempted to drive the silent point that actors like doctors, lawyers, soldiers, teachers etc. all are professionals working with their sectoral challenges, occupational hazards and sundry. That heated debate more than ten years now is still bane for the Actor. Majorly it was taken out on the female Actors… and the masculine view was stoid….. “I WILL NEVER allow my wife kiss on T.V… for what! The notion was strong, and popular amongst the audience… the Panel, had Jennifer Ossai of blessed memory, her husband my friend since childhood Emeka Ossai sat in the Audience... Zack Orji – represented the artiste. His argument was a heart warmer for me… it was rhetoric… “Who is the more evil professional …? The lawyer who takes the case of a killer and uses the law to declare him innocent? The gynecologist who must probe the privates of his female patients? The soldier who must take a life? Or the Actress who has to Kiss your husband and vice versa… The arguments are never going to end, nor will the stigmatization so a friend was saying only recently to his seventy (70) Year Old uncle, Papa… I am going to marry an actress…. To which the blind old man cocked his head and bringing his many years now seventy and the visions of his vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

FUSE WITH fred amata sightless eyes… Mouthed two words … “ALARM BELLS” Aha, dare we challenge the wisdom of the elders for I trust as you all read this … it is with total agreement to the blind old man. For after all actors are expressive, trained to interpret, internalize and deliver believably several wide ranges of emotions … While Shooting “Before the Sunrise” in Cameroon 2004, (one of my directorial sojourns within the continent). Dakore Egbuson, playing Zack Ojis’s daughter was kicked out of home in an emotion wracking scene; when the scene was done, the crew was stupefied at the depth of delivery, and I barely could whisper Cut! But she still stood there, her body wracking the tears were no longer of an artiste no longer calculated to manipulate, no more positioned for the best angle of the camera, no, the tears had consumed her trans ported her into a sacred place. She wept! We waited hours and could not shoot any further … But that’s rare … you will hear stories like that, but more usually as the Director says cut, the artiste takes a few min utes to re-adjust and go back to their usual bubbly jolly self. Even worse sometimes, the director cuts in the middle of the take and only in Nolllywood would he immediately say “oya take two”! And, as convincingly as possible to the actress. “Give us more tears” In this area Nollywood has been known to excel, Omo tola, Stella, Genevieve, Kate Stephanie, Eucharia, Bimbo … the list is endless will deliver again and again in those stringent conditions. So would you wonder then at the old man’s words, when the artiste can in a moment switch emotions …! Stop to think … haba! And when you remember for instance the age old wiles of a woman, nor be petrol you pour for fire?… and so the notion like D’banj’s Ogbono Felefele is hot … until yet another friend threw a cog in the wheel. De Actor wey no be Actor Wey nobody know say be actor Na the Actor wey act Pass Actor.

Whose thespian qualities indeed can compete with Obasanjo, whose wit and humour can give the great Baba Sala a run? But even, all these do not qualify as ‘best actors’ in my friend’s ideology. He insinuates that actor who has transcended the acting levels of film, stage, television and cinema, has transcended the new levels of acting in reality shows like Big Brother, Next Movie Star and Amstel Box office … Could there be that actor whose life in itself is a lie? Who conceals one identity in the crevices of his unsuspecting agenda, and reveals another to mesmerize the world. Have we not heard tales of people leading double lives, bearing different names to two different families, wife, kids’ et al? That lover who has not revealed his true self, that employee warming close to your heart wining your confidence towards a set target... That colleague, smiling at you in the office, and sending evil reports to destroy you. … “The actor wey nobody know sey be actor” Those are the actors that should be pelted; those are the actors living every day normal nefarious lives, away from the probing paparazzi sometimes even in open glare, convincing the world that what is is not. But then we will never know them, we discover them much too late … when the gatemen for instance has killed madam and buried her in the soak away pit … that happened. In Lagos a few years ago, or the House wife who sees her God Fearing Church Going Husband on TV paraded with his gang of robbers. His lie had lasted years! Aha, the world is a stage and the players are not only those you see on TV. so we will remain bearing the brunt of our thespian calling, savoring the spoils for indeed they abound, yet remember hence forth when you point your finger at your neighbor, you could just be pointing back at yourself. For those who live in Glass Theatres should not be Pelted With Stones

“And suddenly brings to mind that, thegreat William Shakespeare did say … All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, Aha so everybody is an actor … everyone. The preachers, the pastors, the doctor, the politician who mounts the stage, and uses our tools … “his body” his voice to communicate … who could be a better actor than Pastor Chris who mesmerizes you with Oratory powers of verbalism, who is a greater actor than Obama, that would waltz at the Presidential Dinner, when he could be dancing break dance? Who is a greater actor than, Rolnado Maradona, Drogba, Kanu … oh! Kanu that lanky Thespian in the opponents’ 18 yard box. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

by Fred Amata Nollywood Artiste 53

FUSE WITH fred amata

FESPACO 2009: The OUAGADOUGOU Experience -

Self appointed Mascot of the Festival – He was ever ready to pose for photographs for tourists, Cinema enthusiast, journalist and the like. The official Mascot of the Festival is a Bronze piece with man on horse back

Pictures I felt you must not miss as we did, oh in all the confusion, could not get accreditation, until way after the opening ceremony, but these pictures I found on the Net captures the exotic Festivities of the opening ceremony of the 20th edition of But most instructively is the libation ceremony, a highlight of the Festival itself. Libations are poured in a ceremony to the ancestors a reflection I believe to infuse the notion that our traditions are still relevant in today’s evolving societies


A Fred Amata Photologue for the Renowned FESPACO Film Festival

On board Air Burkina, the pilot displays a very friendly mien and allows his picture to be taken in the cockpit

The drive from Seme into Cotonou Airport was mostly uneventful … we had barely spent 2 hours and had crossed the notorious Seme check points. Our driver turned out to be quite an “Albany’ Hardley Chase’s man with ears to the ground. He was called simply AJEGUNLE, his name belying the simplicity – Ajegunle was ….ex this …ex that he knew his way around, becoming not just driver but escort. For“get that guy …..!” He barked when having crossed out of Nigeria, we needed to change Naira to CFRA. Ajegunle took us confidently to phone sellers shed …… And there in public glare, masked only by the faltering “GLO Umbrella” we changed Naira.

It’s a blessing to Nigeria …. consumed lavishly as if with a zest to confirm the abun dance of natures bounteous gifts, commodity of many stories of hardship, strikes and long queues. Fuel is a scarce commodity in Cotonou, it hits you immediately, Cotonou’s Petrol sold in Bottles 20, 10 and 5 litre bottles I got very curious about these Fuel Pumps, virtually sitting inside the living rooms of the Vendors. “Did it not speak of danger”. Curiosity got me playing dying cat with these fuel pumps …. Maybe it was culture shock but look closely, those pumps are virtually smog in the living rooms of their houses…. Una go see food wey una fit chop”… He was right… Chez Maman Benin would be the closest meal we ate to Nigeria food, in the course of the journey.


FUSE WITH fred amatA Ever bustling with activities their faces speak volumes of the travails of border crossing, overloaded buses, cars etc. One driver in a Golf GTI boasted to me from across my window…. ‘I carry 40 cartons of turkey inside this small car. A fall out perhaps of development; Ouagadougou is sprawling with Cycles – Bicycles, Motor cycles Scooters are a major means of transport. Motorcycles cost between N70,000 and N120,000 Naira, the equivalent in CFA… A ‘pay’ as you go’ system allows owners to pay as little as N300 (Three Hundred Naira) towards completing payment for the Bikes

Bronze Statue Stylized West African figures are cast in bronze. The lost wax process is one of the earliest known methods to work with molten metal. The artisan models the form in beeswax, then packs clay around the form to make a mold. The mold is baked, and the melted wax poured from the form. Molten bronze is poured in to form the final statue.

Centre International De Conferences De Cotonou


Farouk Lasisi’s film “Changing faces” was in selection at FESPACO shot on Video, ‘Changing Faces’ like Tunde Kelani’s ‘Arugba’ and where the movie was shown is an Open Pews facing a 6 feet white washed cement wall that served as screen.

The Air Burkina flight to Ouagadougou was at two o’clock. We drove into Cotonou about 11.30 …. starving. Again it was Ajegunle to the rescue. CHEZ MAMAN BENIN!, he quipped…

Easily the most popular two some on the continent Chinedu and Osita pose with J. Martyns – Nigeria musician who perform in Ouagadougou at the ‘AMAA’ dinner.

Icon of Nollywood , and foremost Cinematographer, Tunde Kelani brimming here with toothy smile was completely dissatisfied with the organization this year. Out of the festival, his movie, ‘Arugba’ was in selection.

Age cannot battle the film maker young and old, we mingled freely bonding with wisdom, beauty and the charged atmosphere of cinema.

Two screenings of Freedom in Chains, Liberlie encharleé were held at the Festival – the first at the Mica (Market) in SIAO – The arts and Culture Centre

Mahmoud Ali – Balogun, feisty speaker, documentary film maker one of the pioneers of independent T.V production in Nigeria and therefore Nollywood, if you understand that Nollywood evolved from T.V soaps through T.V movies, to T.V movies made for home consumption well to now 57


Charly Boy

30th Marriage Anniversary with Lady Di

Mr. Charles Oputa accept our congratulations on marking your 30 years marriage anniversary! He is a family person taking good care of his children. It is commonly assumed that celebrity marriages do not last, many Nigerians are surprised that he has been in a regular marriage relationship with his delectable and amiable wife, Diane, this past 30 years. 58

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

ENTERTAINMENT VA: What is the relationship between your wife and the children from your previous marriage like? Would you say she’s playing her role as step mother to these children effectively? Boy meets girl Kinda thing. It was in Boston Massachusetts, in a high profile hair salon where I went for some grooming. There she was, with her braided hair down to her ankle and with a behind that almost knocked me out of my seat. My shyness never let me talk to her at first. When I got back home, I called the owner of the place and begged him to arrange a date for the two of us. On the said date, when I landed, everyone thought I was some kinds prince from Africa, here I was with my white driver in my limousine, yes those where the days I was living large. My Shakara at the time was too much, na so the bebe fall, no look back. Later I was to discover that her internal beauty was the thing that was finally going to arrest me for life, because at the time, she really didn’t care too much for all my razzmatazz. Today I have gladly become her Mugu for life, a whole me. But I like it, I must not lie. It wasn’t love at first sight and all that rubbish, I just wanted to own her for a while, but not knowing that she was planning to own me forever. You see how foolish men are, until they realize that women are actually smarter they will remain foolish. VA: How did your parents react when you brought her home as their daughter-in-law? My parents already met her before she came back to Naija. At the time they thought she was different from all the numerous women they knew me with. There was something about this one. I think they feel in love with her too but never saw marriage in the picture, they figured that I will still make a final attempt to find a Naija wife, I believed that too. One morning Lady D woke me up and asked me to marry her or she leaves for good. That very day was the day we got married after about two years of living in sin and enjoying it. That very day we found ourselves at the registry and kpakpakpa we got married. Am glad she asked me to. VA: For so long, people have associated the image of a Charly Boy with unconventionality, weirdness, somewhat twisted and what have you. Can you please tell us about the real man behind the mask? Anything anybody says or thinks about Charly boy is probably right, if you think he’s a gangster, yes he is, if he has an area boy mentality that’s because he is also wired like that. If they think he is weird an twisted an unconventional he can be that too. Charly boy is both good and bad, whatever you bring to the table is what you get back two folds. That image VA: The media is flushed with pictures of you wearing different types of rings on your ten fingers that one wonders if there’s any space for your wedding band. What is your take on this? From the past 30 yrs my ring has always been on my finger, the only time it came off was when I transferred it from the left hand to the right hand. Now I wear all the voodoo rings only on the left hand, that is my black devil finger, and on my right hand, I wear vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

only my wedding ring. That’s the way I like it now. Thank You VA: As an African American, our readers would like to know how your wife reacted when Obama was sworn in as the first black president in US history? Humm! We partied till dawn, just the two of us. I really don’t drink, never picked up the habit, but that night we drank champagne till dawn, I was totally Fucked up. He said the things he said reconfigured a lot of my approach on how I wanted to move now. Obama has inspired the world, he has reinforced my belief that all is possible. America is blessed with this man , now we are waiting for our own Obama not all this yeye monkeys wey just fuck up here, God go soon punish all of them Banza VA: A lot of celebrity marriages crash in this country. What do you think is responsible for this? When people no get understanding , when they marry for all the wrong reasons, when husband and wife are not friends, when they don’t talk, when the man has no respect for his women, when men feel they can get away with anything, that the women should just sit there and take shit from men. Men forget that women run things, and when it comes to sleeping around that, they don’t beat all the yeye husbands to their game. So how will it work when two people play wayo on each other. Two people must be determined to work at it. VA: A few words of advice to your fellow celebrities on how to make their marriages endure like yours? Make your wife your friend ,your fantasy, your junkie, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, respect your women and she will give you her all. VA: For curiosity sake, why did you choose to refer to yourself as “Area-Father”? I’m a Father millions of youths in the country who look up to me for hope and inspiration. My word to them is gospel. Any areas I find myself in I colonize it. All Area’s in the country is my home. I know what God has put me on this planet for, thank God for some time I have been living my life on purpose, it’s a divine mission am here for. The youths of this country gave me that title. I HAVE MANY CHILDREN who all look up to me, and it’s my children the exceptional ones who are going to rescue this country, you watch. To HELL with all these yahoo yahoo leaders, our pound of flesh will soon come. 59


There is time for everything. For me however, my family comes first before anything, my family is my rock


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



My dream for


Foundation Hajiya Asabe Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, Founder/National Co-ordinator, Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation (ASYARF)


ajiya Asabe Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the wife of the late Alhaji Shehu Musa Yar’Adua is the Founder and the National Co-ordinator of Asabe Shehu Yar’Adua Foundation (ASYARF).SHE was born in Kano, on the 6th of June 1956, attended the Royal College of Arts, London where she obtained her first and second degrees in Art and thereafter proceeded to the Elizabeth Arden’s Finishing School Switzerland, Zurich. ajiya Asabe Shehu Musa Yar’Adua is a woman of substance, apart from ASYARF as she is also the COFOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF PEACE AFRIQUE ASSOCIATION; MATRON OF NIGERIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION, Vice President, Twilight International Character Reformation Club. he spoke with Vogue on her life mission and her intention to keep the dream of her late husband alive, championing the cause for the under-privileged in the society through her NGO (ASYSARF), which has earned her so many titles and awards, both locally and internationally, notable amongst them are: The most Valuable NGO supporting Youth Empowerment/Corporate Social Responsibility “CRS” Award 2008 from Citinet and George Kerry Life Foundation. frican Golden Award on Humanitarian service from TODAY’S PEOPLE INTERNATIONAL (GHANA) e.t.c. As a bridge builder, she has been honoured with several chieftaincy titles across the Federation, she was given the ODIUKONAMBA NDI-IGBO Chieftaincy title by the Igbo community. She has also been honoured with Doctorate Degree on PUBLIC POLICY by NOVENA University, Delta. Below is an excerpt of her interview with Vogue Afrique Magazine.




VA: What informed the founding of the Foundation? A: It’s the compelling need of the less-privileged, the downtrodden, the indigent and persons with disability that inspired me to found the organization. The urge to float the Foundation became more expedient because of the virtues, values and principles my late husband stood for and espoused. It’s disheartening that a vast majority of mankind still go about in chain despite of the fact that we were all born free. I do not mean physical shackles or chain. Every where you go, you find many incapacitated by one inhibition or another. In spite of the abundant natural and human endowment, there is still an army of deprived and oppressed persons in the society. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to alleviate the pains and suffering of such categories of people. We have decided to bring hope to them and ensure a sense of belonging among them. We feel sad that the majority do not have access to the basic things of life. This is partly responsible for some frictions in the society. The situation is not peculiar to any country, race, tribe or creed. It is not peculiar to any continent, though the challenge varies from one society to the other owing to so many variables. We are concerned that the gab between the rich and the poor has continued to widen despite the abundant opportunities opened to mankind. We are worried that the less privileged, persons with disabilities and the downtrodden still do not have access to health care, food and shelter cou pled with gainful employment. So, we have consistently and courageously initiated and executed projects aimed at giving up to such categories of citizens and accelerated the process of fully integrating them in the society. In other words, we have been succeeding in engendering a true sense of belong ing among them because it requires a collective effort to build a nation. VA: Why didn’t you try your hand on other areas? I couldn’t have ventured into any other field outside humani tarian service because of what I find in the larger society. I cannot pretend that all is well just because a few percentage of the society have access to the basic things of life at the expense of the majority. There is no way I will fold my arms and walk along the streets, where persons with varying disabilities are marooned in deplorable conditions. I cannot be comfortable in a society where the majority is still being ravaged by poverty, want and penury. There is no way I will be happy if the down trodden do not have access to educa tion and health care. We strongly belief that a lot still needs to be done in order to create a more equitable, just and conscientious system. There is no way we can achieve that if we do not take pragmatic, decisive and meaningful steps to address the need, desire and dream of the less-privileged in the society. VA: What is the impact of your organization in terms of its set goal and objectives, because the programmes of some NGOs are often felt more in the cities and on the pages of newspapers? vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


I do not want sound immodest about the Foundation. Suffice to say that most our activities have been carried out at the grassroots. As non-political, non-governmental and not-for-profit making organization, we ensure that all our programmes and projects are designed in such a way that our primary targets derive maximum benefit. The records are there for verification. A few instances will suffice. We have facilitated the provision of electricity in some rural communities in Imo State. We have encouraged the parents of indigent students to have access to formal education through the provision educational materials. We have continued to identify with the physically-challenged by donation food items, clothing and medicare. The fact that we have structures in virtually all the 36 states in Nigeria attest to the fact that our activities are designed to benefit the grassroots dwellers, who have suffered neglect and abandonment in the past. And the fact that various international organizations and government and its agencies partner with or collaborate with us is a confirmation of the impact of our programmes, the credibility and status of the organization and the seriousness it attaches to its set goal and objectives. VA: But why are its activities limited to Nigeria? That’s not true. But if you are still in doubt, I will suggest you visit our website and make further enquiries if you need be. Since its inception, the Foundation has been able to establish a global network, which has resulted in its rating as one of the fast growing and influential NGOs. We have been able to achieve the feat because of the humanitarian activities we have initiated, promoted and executed at different times. We are fully registered in the United States, Europe and other parts of Africa, to be specific, Ghana. We are registered in Germany and that is a measure of commitment to serving humanity because the German system is known for its thoroughness, transparency and due process. But let me emphasise that the Foundation has continued to receive accolades, applause and patronage from different quarters because of its mission to add value to the condition and welfare of the less-privileged. You find such persons in every part of the world but with varying challenges.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

VA: What are the challenges your organization has had to contend with since inception? Like every human endeavor, our activities have also been faced with a lot challenges. But these had to do with the deplorable condition of the categories of individuals and groups our Foundation has identified as the most vulnerable in the society. We are able to establish that a lot of people in the country are suffering serious deprivation because of structural defects in the system. What will the children of the less-privileged become if they do not have access to education and gainful employment? How can you eradicate some killer-diseases and communicable diseases when grassroots dwellers do not have access to potable water and modern health? Isn’t it embarrassing that people should be seen on the roads begging for arms as a few privileged persons continue to exploit the system to enjoy the commonwealth of the people? These are critical issues that should engage every right-thinking person regardless of the race, creed or continent. We are always touched to see a person with disability try to eke a living sometimes with his children in gridlocks in our cities. Isn’t it sad? Can’t something be done to give that man hope that there is ability in a disability? How long shall man continue to pretend that an injury inflicted on the part of a body will not in turn, affect the whole? There is also the challenge of resources needed to actualize most of our programmes. We have the technical expertise in various fields, but we are still constrained by funding. None63

interview built around the philosophy of service to humanity, coupled with equity and justice for all.

theless, I’m happy to say that we have not allowed such constraints to serve as encumbrances in our avowed commitment to serving humanity. We also appreciate the fact that the various collaborative efforts have contributed in giving fillip to or acted as catalyst for the cause of the Foundation, which is to promote the cause of the less-privileged, the indigent and the down-trodden. VA: What are your major regrets? Regrets? That sounds odd. I can’t readily think of any because since I laid my hand on the plow, I have never looked back. Perhaps, what you mean by regrets are challenges of engaging in humanitarian service. It is a call to service and because I was not motivated by any material gain other than to serve humanity, I have remained a happier person. The Foundation is not about me; neither is it about any other living soul. It is all about preserving the legacy of my late husband, who believed in sharing with the poor, the less-privileged as well as promoting unity in diversity. The Foundation is about evolving a society where no animal will be seen as being superior and more equal than others. Perhaps, if I have any regret at all, it will be that the pace of achieving the overall goal of the Foundation is not commensurate with the energy and synergy from the driving force. But my joy and pride is that the organization is focused on its aim and objectives. I am also overwhelmed by the undisguised commitment of the patrons, members and admirers of the Foundation, who believe that every comfortable citizen needs to give back something to the society for giving them opportunities to be different. VA: What is the future of the Foundation? Hummmm. What an interesting question! I belief in building enduring institutions that will not only stand the test of time but also remain the pride of the human race. I believe in investing in people because they are veritable pillars for development. If we must develop the society, we cannot afford to ignore any category of the citizenry in the quest to usher in a new dawn. To do otherwise will be catastrophic because we will be giving room for some individuals to become liabilities for the society in the future. If you establish a body around yourself, it is likely to go with the wind once you are no longer there, especially if it did not espouse the common good of the people. Therefore, the Foundation is 64

VA: What do you think are some of the fundamental factors responsible for the despicable state of destitute, etc? We all know the critical causative factors, but regrettably we usually shy away from addressing them. Many of the causes are avoidable. For example, arms conflicts in some countries have aggravated the problem of destitution. The situation is often compounded by poverty and ignorance arising from the lack of access by the people to education, health care and economic empowerment. There is also the factor of perverted values among the elite. The weird thinking is that govern ment must do or provide everything, without the privileged few thinking that they owe the society any good. On the whole, all of us have a very critical role to play in order to create a new workable and enduring order. Good governance, rule of law, due process, transparency and piety are among virtues we must all guarantee towards achieving the goal. We must do away with all excesses that are only peculiar to an animal kingdom. VA: But the society you have chosen to serve appears not to appreciate you? What precisely do you mean? Are you saying the overwhelming public acceptability and solidarity with the Foundation is not a sufficient appreciation? The fact that the people have continued to identify with its programmes and other initiatives is an l evidence that people appreciate us, what we stand for and put into practice. A lot of organizations have also given commemorative awards to the Foundation. I have equally been privileged to be honoured by traditional rulers and Nigerian higher institutions because of the outstanding achievements of the Foundation. This is just a few instances to show how the human race appreciates the Foundation.

Mohammed Bunu Ahmed,


Co-ordinator, Asabe Shehu Yar’adua Foundation, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja


ohammed Bunu Ahmed is a Practising Resource Development Consultant, a member of The Development Executive Group NW Washington, Member Nigerian Institute of Management, and Member Institute of Management Consultant of Nigeria. A graduate of the Kaduna Polytechnic, Bunu Helds from Pindiga in Akko Local Government Area of Gombe State. He has been involved in General Imports & Exports, Oil & Gas Exports and Sales, Telecommunications facility Management, Water Engineering

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vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



What is



romatherapy is the practice of using essential oils from herbs, trees, and plants for therapeutic purposes. The technique has been around for thousands of years, but the term wasn’t coined until 1928, when French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse first used it after noticing the curative effects of essential oils during his work treating the wounded in World War I. Usually practitioners mix a pure form of a scent with oil, such as vegetable oil, and massage it into the client’s body. The scents can also be added to bathwater or inhaled. Though everyone reacts individually to smells, aromatherapists link scents to specific effects: Frankincense gets us breathing more deeply, they say, while lavender and chamomile leave us relaxed. The essential oils are thought to alter the autonomic nervous system, which controls automatic responses such as breathing and circulation. But only unadulterated oils are therapeutic: Perfumes, shampoos, and other nice-smelling concoctions don’t do the trick.


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Applications of Aromatherapy Bathing Bathing is a form of aromatherapy in which essential oils are added to a bath to allow them to seep into the skin. Aromatherapy bathing combines the regenerative effects of a warm bath with the medical benefits of aromatherapy, allowing the patient to achieve a state of pleasurable relaxation, eliminating stress and depression as well as soothing pain and energizing the body.

Direct Application Direct application is a form of aromatherapy in which essential oils are placed directly on the surface of the skin to promote maximum absorption. Direct application often takes place in the form of massage, in which concentrated essential oils are added to massage lotion or oil and worked into the skin. Some oils are known for their therapeutic effects on specific parts of the body - rosemary oil, for instance, is useful in relieving joint and muscle pain.

Inhalation Inhalation is a form of aromatherapy that’s helpful in treating respiratory infection or congestion, in which essential oils are inhaled directly. Inhalation therapy can be used to relieve congestion due to colds, flu, or chronic sinus and bronchitis problems. Practitioners can add essential oils to boiling water so that patients can inhale the therapeutic steam, or they may place oils beneath the patient’s nose so that he or she can inhale plant essences

How Can Aromatherapy Help Me? There is no scientific evidence that aromatherapy has curative abilities as a treatment on its own, but it has been shown to provide therapeutic benefits when coupled with other forms of medical treatment. For example, a study found that patients who had undergone heart surgery while receiving a foot massage with orange-scented oil were less anxious than those who had received the massage with unscented oil. Some experts believe that lemon, for example, may reduce the urge to smoke, while peppermint can trigger a sense of fullness after meals. Memory researchers have found that sniffing scents that were present when students learned information helps them do better taking exams. The point being is that our sense of smell is connected to our brain’s memory and vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

emotional centers in ways scientists are still mapping out. Aromatherapists can recommend personally tailored scents for your specific ailments such as aches and pains, a lack of energy, or plain old stress. But there are many types of aromatherapy for many types of ailments. Are you stressed? Needing a mood boost? Chronic pain? Aromatherapy massage, for example, is the most common method to address many of these ailments. A practitioner of this combined specialization must be well versed in massage and understand the varied properties of oils. For this reason, extensive training is necessary. Other methods include cosmetic aromatherapy, which is the use of essential oils in hair and skin creams, and psycho-aromatherapy, where oils bring about certain emotional states and moods. 67

page reflections marker

The Caged


Your life has been grossly reduced. The real you seeks for expression. Doman but alive. You want to fly but the wings are broken. And since you can’t fly you crawl. But you aren’t designed for that. You should fly but there you are crawling. Crawling with your gifts. Crawling with your potentials. You feel so limited and unfulfilled. The pains are quiet but real. The voice within wants to talk. 68

The life within wants to act. Your passion disagrees with your realities. See her! The daughter of greatness living in grief. The princess in prison. The Champion in hand cuffs. The caged dreamer. This isn’t her. She wasn’t always like this. Rewind slowly and see her yesterday: Large hopes surrounded her large dreams. Passion flowed via her veins. Purpose and power captured her mind. Her smiles were active as her face flowed. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

page reflections marker She had both a plan and a dream. Full of life and love. Her wings could fly. Her dream could soar. Her purpose could leap. This is beside the expectations others had of her. Family. Friends. Heaven. There was great expectation. ‘She will be great’ one commended. ‘She will be unique’ the other concluded. They had expectation; she had hopes. But all that seems to have change. Time and people have changed her. And here lies the real pains unfulfilled woman have to deal with. That her hopes defied expectations. This is a scorch and a tragedy. The clue from her yesterday reveals the contradictions in her today. This is serious emotional crisis. Stars should shine but, some don’t Women should glow but, some don’t Maybe you can relate to her. You weren’t always like this. Take a good look at you. You had hopes but look at you now. Life experiences have sucked passion out of you. The choices you made and the relationship you made have marred you. This isn’t you! You know it. Before he met you, you had great dreams/ Before he showed up your spirit was up. But look at you now. What a difference. Who squashed your dreams? What drained you? The dreams. The passion. The purpose. All in a state of stillness. Look at you. Your life has been grossly reduced. Had you maximized your purpose maybe the world would have been a thousand mile better by now. Had your spirit soared, who can tell how many faces would be smiling today. But here you are broken and there they are waiting. Waiting for your expression and release. The keys to their freedom God deposited in your destiny. They destitute are connected to your destiny. And while they wait you wail! Isn’t that the irony? The caged dreamer. The chained Princess. The confused ‘answer’. Something tells you, you are greater than you now. The whisper is strong ‘The isn’t you’. When beauty doesn’t blend with purpose it produces thorns. That explains you and you struggles. You had everything working until he came. You know the ‘him’, don’t you? Your dreams he caged Your passion he killed Your purpose he punctured. Now, you feel grossly reduced. Broken wings are birds nightmare Dry rivers are fishes plight. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

And selfish men are women’s dark nights. In reality, only few men bear the dreams of women on their shoulders. Very few indeed give strategic support to the destinies of women. For such men I applaud. You are rare gems. Angels chorus your names and eternity ticks them. In three words I salute: God bless you. But for the multitude of unfulfilled women whose dreams selfish men have turned dreads, I admonish. It might be tough but I dare say to you: Dream Again. Let the hopes flow again. Release your caged dreams to the God of freedom. He is an expert. His hands are too good. Like a sculptor he knows the act of framing and reframing. The dreams men caged he can free and fix. I can’t explain the process but can define the products. When God is done with your broken dreams, two words you will experience: ‘Very Good’. And then your life will grossly expand. It isn’t too late. Trust me. Broken people or caged dreams aren’t his puzzle. The dreams men caged God can free. You have a part to play: Handover your caged dreams to Him. He will play his part: Change you into another woman. Ladies Corner 1. Don’t allow time intimidate you, conquer it and maxi mize your gifts. 2. Great dreams are first caged before the world benefits from them





Golden Rules of



o matter which healthy meal plan you choose, there are some golden rules that everybody needs to follow to drop those extra pounds and keep them off for good. If you are finally ready to make yoyo dieting a thing of the past, adopt this list of tips as your personal 10 commandments: 70

Make a Lifestyle Change Contrary to what you might think, dieting is not a temporary solution. If you only diet to lose weight, those extra pounds will return as soon as you go back to your old eating patterns. “The primary definition of the word ‘diet’ is what you usually eat,” nutritionist Susan Burke says. “If you usually eat nutritious foods in the right portion size for you to stay at your desired weight, then you’re on the right diet for you.” Exercise If you want to lose weight, you have to get moving. Regular exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Ideally, your fitness regimen should include a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training. If it has been a while since you last exerted yourself, you may want to work with a personal trainer. Also, remember to consult your personal physician before beginning any new exercise program. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

HEALTH & FITNESS Drink Plenty of Water Although you get water from foods and other fluids, experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses (8 ounces each) of water every single day. You should also be sure to drink water before, during and after each exercise session so you don’t get dehydrated. “Cool, clear water helps keep you regular, is good for your complexion and takes the edge off your appetite,” Burke says. “Keep a half-liter bottle at your desk and one in the refrigerator.”

Lose the Junk Food The best way to avoid the temptation to eat junk food is to go through your cupboards and do some cleaning. Get the junk food out of your house. Also, when you have a dinner party, send your friends home with the leftovers. “If you’re used to snacking on chips and dips, you need to prepare to succeed with some new and tasty snacks,” Burke says. “Sugar-free Fudgesicles, ice milk and frozen fruit bars are good choices instead of full-fat ice cream. If you’re wedded to chips and dips, try baby carrots and cut-up veggies with salsa instead. Make a tasty but healthy dip by mixing a cup of half nonfat yogurt/half low-fat sour cream and onion soup mix.”

Monitor Your Portion Sizes Don’t let yourself become the next victim of portion distortion. Remember that bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to the amount of food on your plate. Even healthful foods can provide excess calories if you eat too much of them. Learn how much food is right for you and don’t feel the need to clean your plate every time you eat out. Don’t be afraid to ask for a doggie bag. “Your eDiets meal plan shows you the portion sizes that are right for you,” Burke says. “For example, a 3-ounce portion of meat, chicken or fish looks like a deck of cards; a cup of cottage cheese or yogurt looks like a tennis ball; an ounce of cheese looks like a pair of dice; and a tablespoon of fat looks like the tip of your thumb.”

Modify Your Favorite Recipes Following a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you will never be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. If you adopt an attitude of deprivation, it is unlikely that you will stick to your diet. Instead of depriving yourself, give your favorite recipes a healthy makeover. “Frying adds fat to food, which adds calories,” Burke says. “Some favorite fried foods can be baked instead. Chicken and French fries are two favorite fried foods that are better when made in the oven than on the stove.”

Keep a Food Journal

When you are trying to lose weight, a food journal can be an invaluable resource. It is important to keep track of everything you eat so that you learn to avoid mindless eating in the future. “Keeping a journal is one way to stop the vicious cycle of overeating and over-gaining,” psychologist Susan Mendelssohn says. The act of writing in and of itself, will prevent you from grabbing for the goodies in the kitchen, office or convenience store.” Don’t Skip Meals Some people think they will be able to lose weight faster if they skip meals, but this isn’t the case. Eating regular meals is an important way to keep your metabolism regular. In fact, you may even want to divide your meals into smaller portions and eat more often throughout the day. “If you’re not succeeding on your weight-loss plan this week, try breaking your meals into mini-meals and eat every 2-3 hours to maintain your energy and to avoid hunger,” Burke says.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Manage Your Stress Though a certain amount of stress is normal, too much stress can be unhealthy for your body. Anxiety and tension also commonly drive people to skip meals, eat the wrong kinds of foods or snack compulsively. Finding healthy ways to manage your stress will make it easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle. “Life is tough, and most of us lack certain coping tools,” says psychologist Matthew Anderson. “We then are driven to food as a comfort and denial mechanism.” Develop A Support Network The road to healthier living doesn’t have to be a lonely one. If you are trying to drop those extra pounds and keep them off, your best bet is to follow the advice of the Beatles and “get by with a little help from your friends.” Research continues to demonstrate that support is one of the most critical ingredients in achieving successful weight loss. People are more likely to reach their weight-loss goals with the help of a support network. Members of a group can also be more successful together than any of them would have been on their own.




The Golden Virtue “Having dismissed the multitude, He went into a mountain alone to pray.” - Matthew 14:23


o preserve recollection of spirit or the constant union of the soul with God, three things are necessary: solitude, silence and the recollection of the presence of God. In other words: seek solitude, practice silence, and rest in God by keeping the thought of His presence ever before you. Souls that love God feel a strong attraction for solitude, for they know that God converses familiarly with those who shun the noise and distractions of the world!” God does not speak in those places where time is squandered in loud laughter and idle talk.


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“Solitude is the place where man finds God. In solitude, virtue is easily preserved; in intercourse with the world it is easily lost.” In the midst of the weightiest affairs of state, King David knew how to find solitude: “Behold I fled away and dwelt in solitude.” (Ps. 54:8). SOLITUDE OF THE SPIRIT Of what benefit is it, to live in a desert if the soul clings to the things of this earth? “A soul that is free from earthly attachments, finds solitude even on the streets and in public places.” Of what advantage is it to remain quiet at home or in church if our heart is centered on the things of the world, and the noise of these worldly things prevents us from hearing the voice of God? Solitude of the heart consists of banishing from the heart all desires and inclinations that are not for God, and in performing our actions simply with God’s good pleasure in view. The Psalmist expresses this truth in the following words: “What have I in Heaven but Thee, and besides Thee what do I desire upon earth? Thou art the God of my heart and the God that is my portion forever.” (Ps. 72:25-26). In one word, the solitude of the heart consists in being able to say: “My God, Thee alone do I desire and nothing else.” HOW TO FIND GOD Many complain that they are unable to find God, but to such we say “Tear your heart away from everything else; then seek God and you will surely find Him.” If a crystal vase is filled with earth, the rays of the sun cannot penetrate it. The light of God cannot illumine a heart that is full of attachments for the joys, the pleasures and the honors of this world. “When thou shalt pray,” says Our Lord, “enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret.” (Matt. 6:6). In other words, to be united to God in prayer, man must enter into his own heart which is the chamber mentioned by Our Lord --- and shut out all earthly attachments and inclinations. It is not to be supposed that solitude and retirement are synonymous with idleness. Many live in retirement, but it is an inactive, idle and useless retirement of which they shall have to render an account. THE VALUES OF SILENCE Silence is one of the principal means to attain the spirit of prayer and to fit oneself for uninterrupted relationship with God. It is hard to find a truly pious person who talks much. Silence promotes recollection and awakens good thoughts in the heart, Silence preserves us from many sins by removing the occasion of uncharitable talk, rancor and curiosity; It aids us in the attainment of many virtues. For example: What an excellent opportunity we have to practice humility by modestly keeping silent while others speak! How well we may practice mortification by refraining from relating something we very much desire to tell! vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

What a splendid chance to exercise meekness by not replying to unjust accusations and insults! Unrestrained and immoderate talking has many disastrous consequences. If devotion is preserved by silence, it is certainly lost by much talking. A person may be ever so recollected at meditation; if afterwards he does not restrain his tongue, he will be as distracted as if he had made no meditation at all, “there shall not want sin, but he that refraineth his lips is most wise.” (Prov. 10:19). St. James says that “the tongue is a world of iniquity” (James 3:6), very many sins are occasioned by talking or listening to the talk of others. Ah, how many souls will be lost on judgment day because they have not watched over their tongue! “The man full of tongue,” says the Psalmist, “shall wander about without a guide” (Ps. 139), and go into a thousand and one byways with no hope of returning. “He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his soul,” says the Wise Man, “but he that hath no guard on his speech shall meet with evils.” (Prov. 13:3). And St. James writes: “If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man.” (James 3:2 of the pleasures of the world. The virtue of silence does not consist in never speaking, but in keeping silent when there is no good reason to speak. Solomon says: “There is a time to keep silence and a time to speak.” (Eccles. 3:7). The time to keep silence is mentioned first, because by silence we learn the art of speaking well.” When therefore should a Christian, who desires to become holy, be silent, and when should he speak? He should be silent when it is not necessary to speak and he should speak when necessity or charity requires it. We often regretted having spoken, but never, having kept silence. Speak much with God but little with men. If in your presence unbecoming and sinful language is used, leave the company if it is possible to do so. At least cast down your eyes and remain silent, or lead the conversation to some other topic, thus making a silent protest against such unsavory talk. Be not over eager to hear the news; curiosity leads to many faults. He who would hold his tongue in check, must close his ears by suppressing the desire to hear the news. And when you do speak, weigh well what you intend to say. Put your words in the balance. To avoid faults in speech we must have the lips buttoned together, so that while unbuttoning them we may think of what we are going to say. THE PRESENCE OF GOD “If we keep ourselves in the presence of God we shall neither think nor say nor do what is wrong, convinced as we are that God is the witness of all our thoughts and words and actions “Know you not,” says St. Paul, “that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” (1 Cor. 3:16). And our Divine Saviour Himself has said: “If anyone love Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him.” (John 14:23).


health & fitness

Diabetes D

iabetes mellitus (DM) is a set of related diseases in which the body cannot regulate the amount of sugar (specifically, glucose) in the blood. Glucose in the blood gives you energy to perform daily activities, walk briskly, run for a bus, ride your bike, take an aerobic exercise class, and perform your day-to-day chores. ■ From the foods you eat, glucose in the blood is produced by the liver (an organ on the right side of the abdomen near your stomach). ■ In a healthy person, the blood glucose level is regulated by several hormones, including insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas, a small organ between the stomach and liver. The pancreas secretes other important enzymes that help to digest food. ■ Insulin allows glucose to move from the blood into liver, muscle, and fat cells, where it is used for fuel. ■ People with diabetes either do not produce enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or cannot use insulin properly (type 2 diabetes), or both (which occurs with several forms of diabetes). ■ In diabetes, glucose in the blood cannot move into cells, so it stays in the blood. This not only harms the cells that need the glucose for fuel, but also harms certain organs and tissues exposed to the high glucose levels.


Part 1

Type 1 Diabetes The body stops producing insulin or produces too little insulin to regulate blood glucose level. ■ Type 1 diabetes comprises about 10% of total cases of diabetes in the United States. ■ Type 1 diabetes is typically recognized in childhood or adolescence. It used to be known as juvenile-onset diabetes or insulindependent diabetes mellitus. ■ Type 1 diabetes can occur in an older individual due to destruction of pancreas by alcohol, disease, or removal by surgery. It also results from progressive failure of the pancreatic beta cells, which produce insulin. ■ People with type 1 diabetes require daily insulin treatment to sustain life. Type 2 Diabetes The pancreas secretes insulin, but the body is partially or completely unable to use the insulin. This is sometimes referred to as insulin resistance. The body tries to overcome this resistance by secreting more and more insulin. People with insulin resistance develop type 2 diabetes when they do not continue to secrete enough insulin to cope with the higher demands. ■ At least 90% of patients with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. ■ Type 2 diabetes is typically recognized in adulthood, usually after age 45 years. It used to be called adult-onset diabetes mellitus, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. These names are no vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

health & fitness longer used because type 2 diabetes does occur in younger people, and some people with type 2 diabetes need to use insulin. ■ Type 2 diabetes is usually controlled with diet, weight loss, exercise, and oral medications. More than half of all people with type 2 diabetes require insulin to control their blood sugar levels at some point in the course of their illness. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that occurs during the second half of pregnancy. ■ Although gestational diabetes typically goes away after delivery of the baby. Women who have gestational diabetes are more likely than other women to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. ■ Women with gestational diabetes are more likely to have large babies. Metabolic syndrome (also referred to as syndrome X) is a set of abnormalities in which insulin-resistant diabetes (type 2 diabetes) is almost always present along with hypertension, high fat levels in the blood (increased serum lipids, predominant elevation of LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol, and elevated triglycerides), central obesity, and abnormalities in blood clotting and inflammatory responses. A high rate of cardiovascular disease is associated with the metabolic syndrome. Pre-diabetes is a common condition related to diabetes. In people with pre-diabetes, the blood sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough to be considered diabetic. ■ Pre-diabetes increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and of heart disease or stroke. ■ Pre-diabetes can typically be reversed without insulin or medication by losing a modest amount of weight and increasing your physical activity. This weight loss can prevent, or at least delay, the onset of type 2 diabetes. ■ An international expert committee of the American Diabetes Association redefined the criteria for pre-diabetes, lowering the blood sugar level cut-off point for pre-diabetes. Approximately 20% more adults are now believed to have this condition and may develop diabetes within 10 years if they do not exercise or maintain a healthy weight. ■ About 17 million Americans (6.2% of adults in North America) are believed to have diabetes. About one third of diabetic adults do not know they have diabetes. ■ About 1 million new cases occur each year, and diabetes is the direct or indirect cause of at least 200,000 deaths each year. The incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly. This increase is due to many factors, but the most significant are the increasing incidence of obesity and the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles.

vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Complications of diabetes Both forms of diabetes ultimately lead to high blood sugar levels, a condition called hyperglycemia. Over a long period of time, hyperglycemia damages the retina of the eye, the kidneys, the nerves, and the blood vessels. ■ Damage to the retina from diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) is a leading cause of blindness. ■ Damage to the kidneys from diabetes (diabetic nephropathy) is a leading cause of kidney failure. ■ Damage to the nerves from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy) is a leading cause of foot wounds and ulcers, which frequently lead to foot and leg amputations. ■ Damage to the nerves in the autonomic nervous system can lead to paralysis of the stomach (gastroparesis), chronic diarrhea, and an inability to control heart rate and blood pressure during postural changes. ■ Diabetes predisposes people to high blood pressure and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These conditions independently and together with hyperglycemia increase the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and other blood vessel complications. In the short run, diabetes can contribute to a number of acute (short-lived) medical problems. ■ Many infections are associated with diabetes, and infections are frequently more dangerous in someone with diabetes because the body’s normal ability to fight infections is impaired. To compound the problem, infections may worsen glucose control, which further delays recovery from infection. ■ Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, occurs from time to time in most people with diabetes. It results from taking too much diabetes medication or insulin (sometimes called an insulin reaction), missing a meal, doing more exercise than usual, drinking too much alcohol, or taking certain medications for other conditions. It is very important to recognize hypoglycemia and be prepared to treat it at all times. Headache, feeling dizzy, poor concentration, tremors of hands, and sweating are common symptoms of hypoglycemia. You can faint or have a seizure if blood sugar level gets too low. ■ Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious condition in which uncontrolled hyperglycemia (usually due to complete lack of insulin or a relative deficiency of insulin) over time creates a buildup in the blood of acidic waste products called ketones. High levels of ketones can be very harmful. This typically happens to people with type 1 diabetes who do not have good blood glucose control. Diabetic ketoacidosis can be precipitated by infection, stress, trauma, missing medications like insulin, or medical emergencies like stroke and heart attack. ■ Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome is a serious condition in which the blood sugar level gets very high. The body tries to get rid of the excess blood sugar by eliminating it in the urine. This increases the amount of urine significantly and often leads to dehydration so severe that it can cause seizures, coma, and even death. This syndrome typically occurs in people with type 2 diabetes who are not controlling their blood sugar levels, who have become dehydrated, or who have stress, injury, stroke, or are taking certain medications, like steroids. 75

HEALTH & fitness

10 Power Foods for Diabetes



Apples As it turns out, an apple a day might be just the thing you need to keep the doctor away. When it comes to beating diabetes, there is nothing forbidden about this particular fruit. Because they are grown in temperate zones around the world, apples come in thousands of different varieties. But regardless of which type you choose, you’ll get the maximum health benefits by including the peel in your healthy snack. Apple peels contain quercetin, a flavonoid that has been found to reduce diabetes due to its antioxidant effect.


Nuts Even though they have been cultivated for more than 12,000 years, nuts are still one of nature’s richest foods for diabetes. Because they are packed with minerals and healthy fats, incorporating healthy portions of nuts into your meal plan can help protect your heart and balance your blood sugar.


Oranges You will be glad to know that the world’s most popular citrus fruit has a low rating on the Glycemic Index. Oranges are also a source of many other phytonutrients that can help you fight diabetes, including flavonoids, carotenoids, terpines, pectins and glutathione.


Asparagus Though it is a member of the lily family, the edible part of the asparagus plant is actually a sprout or shoot that appears underground. Asparagus makes the list of foods for diabetes because it is an excellent source of glutathione, an antioxidant compound that can help keep your blood sugar stable.


Beans Not only are they good for the heart, but these members of the legume family also contain many different phytonutrients that can help you manage your battle against diabetes. Though dried beans are the healthiest choice, you must soak them in water for several hours before cooking.


Broccoli Broccoli is an excellent source of quercetin. These days, most broccoli is green, but purple, red, cream and brown varieties were also popular at one time.



Carrots As it turns out, Bugs Bunny is smarter than you might think. His favorite snack is full of carotenoids, antioxidant compounds that can help protect the heart and balance your insulin levels.


Fish Even if you’re not hooked on the taste of fish, perhaps the health benefits will help reel you in. Not only can these sea creatures help protect your heart, but the omega-3 fatty acids can also help balance your blood sugar.

hen you are trying to balance your blood sugar, it is important to eat plenty of healing foods for diabetes. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how many of them you can find in the aisles of your local grocery store.


Soybeans Not only are these members of the legume family a complete source of protein, but soybeans also provide phytoestrogens, isoflavones and saponins that can help balance your blood sugar.


Tea Tea time may be the healthiest time of the day. Whether you have two for tea or you drink this healthy substance by yourself, tea has phytonutrients such as catechins and tannins that can help balance your blood sugar.

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HEALTH & fitness

Diabetes & Sex

How to Maintain Your Sex Drive


iabetes can affect sexual health due to neuropathy, chronic infections and other diabetic-related conditions. Sexuality is an important part of human health, and regular sexual activity provides many health-promoting benefits from increased blood circulation to enhanced emotional well-being. Unfortunately, diabetics commonly experience problems with sexual health. Sexual Health Problems for Diabetics ■ Frequent vaginal and urinary tract infections. Excess sugar that spills into the urine provides a ready food source for yeast and bacteria that causes chronic infections. ■ Incontinence. Nerve damage to the bladder leads to weak muscle control and leakage of urine. ■ Vaginal dryness. Low blood flow to vagina can cause a reduction in the production of natural vagina fluids. ■ Inability to sustain an erection or reach orgasm. Neuropathy (nerve damage) as well as low blood flow in genital area blocks the neural impulses needed to achieve both. ■ Low sexual desire. Many medicines have sexual side effects from suppressing the libido to impeding performance. ■ Inhibitions from equipment complications. An insulin pump can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing during sex. ■ Emotional issues. Diabetes management can be emotionally overwhelming and spur depression which lowers sexual desire. Ways to Improve Sex Life with Diabetes Maintaining good control over blood sugar levels is the first step in reducing sexual side effects from diabetes. When blood glucose stays within acceptable ranges, there is less chance of both physical and emotional issues. Moodiness, irritability, nerve damage and infections decrease. Here are steps to take to improve sexual health when you have diabetes: ■ Keep blood sugar levels within acceptable range. ■ Take medication as prescribed. Unstable medication dosing exacerbates the negative effects of diabetes. ■ Exercise daily. Physical movement burns off unused glucose in the blood while flooding the brain with endorphins and other mood-lifting hormones that increase sexual desire. Exercise also improves blood circulation to all areas of the body vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

which can reduce nerve damage. ■ Drink plenty of water. Dehydration not only puts excess strain on the kidneys but causes fatigue, cloudy thinking and irritability. ■ Avoid sugar and refined wheat products. Sugar causes mood swings, elevated blood glucose and weight gain, all of which are libido-suppressing. ■ Eat nutritional foods. Try including cactus and bitter melon juices in the daily diet. Both have proven hypoglycemic effects for diabetics. ■ Lose weight for better glucose control, improved general health and stronger self image. Obesity, and even minor weight gain, weakens sexual energy. ■ Seek medical help to adjust medication that have known sexual side effects. There are other alternatives that do not suppress the sex drive or performance. ■ Use both over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed vaginal ointments to reduce vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. ■ Keep the groin and vaginal areas clean. After every evacuation, rinse the organs with fresh water or use a saline cleansing pad to reduce the presence of sugar-laced urine. Even tiny amounts in fleshy folds will grow bacteria and yeast very quickly. ■ Have sex frequently and regularly. Even if desire wanes, jump start the libido by having sex and achieving orgasm anyway. Use it or lose it. Sexual frequency matters. ■ Ask your physician about treatment options for sexual dysfunction. There are medications that enhance performance with or without the use of testosterone. Some men resort to using penile pumps with good results. ■ Talk to a doctor or counselor about unresolved feelings regarding having diabetes. Depression is another condition that requires treatment.

Sex is Good for Diabetics Sex is a good physical activity with added psychological and emotional benefits for everyone. Diabetics who experience sexual side effects should not relinquish a healthy sex life. Remember to manage blood sugar levels, exercise, use extra clean hygiene practices, and talk to a doctor about medication side effects. Not only will diabetics be able to enjoy better sex, but better sex will have positive effects on their diabetes management, too.


brides maid


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brides maid

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fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


fashion & style


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

fashion & style

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



Grace 2008 A milestone for Okotie, Karis Winners

GRACE, the biggest annual event in the Household of God events calendar, was held last Decembe r with the usual pomp. It attracted a record attendance perhaps due to the fact that it was the first GRACE program me, host Pastor, Rev. Chris Okotie held after his marriag e earlier in the year to Stephanie Henshaw, his delectable swe etheart. Well wishers watched as Rev. Okotie walked down the aisle, a red carpeted land out for the distinguished guests, into the newly air-conditioned auditorium which was renovated at a whooping #60 mill ion naira. The KARIS award, launched in 1996, is now subs umed in the GRACE programme and has been given to disti nguished Nigerians who have contributed immensely to the country. Among past winners were, Gen. Murtala Moh ammed, Tai Solarin, D/G Chris Omeben, Hajia Gambo Saw aba, Aminu Kano e.t.c Rev. Okotie, speaking at the colourful occa sion, said he decided to celebrate these Nigerians beca use, “Greatness does not consist in being great, but in the ability to make others great”. This has been the guiding philosophy of Rev. Okotie, founder of the glamorous chur ch, which clocks 21, this year. The 51-year old pastor has led the trendy church through various storms and survived. This philosophy of recognizing greatness inspired the KAR IS Award. At the occasion to represent his late father, Chie f T.A. Osigheme the 2008 recipient, was Pascal Osigheme, his first son, who expressed appreciation for the award, give n Post-humously to the late Edo College Principal. Okotie, is an alumni of the school, based in Benin , Edo state. The colle ge has produced several distinguished Nigerians, among them, is Thisday Newspapers Publisher, Nduka Obaigbe na. The special guest of honour of the nigh t, Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, coul d not attend, due sadly, to the death on the eve of the event, of one of his aides, in ghastly motor accident . However , this tragedy did not take the shine off the night as pop ular entertainers thrilled the packed auditorium. AVM Joe Ehigie, chairman of the Edo Colle ge Old Boys Association, chaired the event. He joine d top celebrities who presented cheques to the awardee s. The main KARIS awardee got one million naira, while othe rs like the Pacelli School of the Blind, Strong Tower Miss ion, Spinal Cord Injuries Association, and the Sunshine Foun dation, Traditionally got their donations of #500,000.00 naira each.


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 4. 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



The Glorious 50th Birthday Celebration of Mrs Stella Oyelola On Friday 27th February 2009,


rs. Stella Oyelola celebrates her 50th Birthday at the grandiose event which started with a church service at Shepherd Hill Baptist Church (Sanctuary of Grace and Glory) Obanikoro and reception at Mutipurpose Hall, Akerele Road, Surulere. The celebrant’s husband and children were there to celebrate with her and well-wishers. There was plenty of rejoicing as well as much to eat and drink during the celebration in Lagos.

L-R: Tola, Bukky, Tunde, Stella, Tunde & Moyo


Mr. & Mrs. Tunde Oyelola at the Cake

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Mrs Folu Oke (Choir)

Shepherd Hall

Deaconess Mary Okpomo

Prof. Idowu Sobowale

Shepherd Choir giving ministration

Rev. Dr. Bosun Ayinde

Mr. & Mrs. Tunde Oyelola

Mrs. Stella


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



Tunde Snr.




Mr. Gbade Alabi


Mr. & Mrs. Ojosipe

Bashorun Ajao

Mrs. Edozie

Mr. Akano, Mr. Yemi John & Chief Osayemi

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Daughter & Daddy

Chief Lanre Razaq

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


page EVENT marker


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

page EVENT marker

Cooks Corner Staffs & Gift Presentation vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



Mrs. Stella with Bola Lajide & Moyo


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Sulfur anti-dandruff & scalp treatment creme


Dubem & Nnenna Saturday 14th February 2009 106

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Couple & Grooms men

Couple, Bridal Train & Grooms Men vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



Groom & Bestman

Beautiful Bride

Couple at the Cake

Cutting of Cake by the Couple



vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Couple toasting to their happiness

Signing of the Marriage Registry

Couple taking vows

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



His Excellency Bamidele Olumilua (former Governor of old Oyo State)

Chief Peter Odili (Former Executive Governor River State & wife Justice Mary

Sponsor & wife


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Chief Simon Okeke ( former Chairman Police Affair Commission) with Wife Vivian & Chief Jim Nwobodo, former Executive Governor old Anambra State

Couple & Brides Grandmum

Anyim Pius Anyim & Hajia Titi Abubaka

Couple, Dubem & Pius Anyim Pius

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



Titi Abubakar, Titi Ajanaku & special friend

The Compere

Senator Joy Emordi making a remark about the Cake

Friend from Abroad

Couple & friends

Couple & friends


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Couple & Aso-ebi women

Aso-ebi group & Couple

vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Ferdinand Agu



Mr. Liva (nwafenna) father’s burial at Okija


n the

Livas, wife and son

Livas 114

Mrs. Livas (Odiukonamba)

Papa’s Coffin vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


At the grave side

Cross section of priests celebrating mass vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Madam Nwenyi(Deceased wife) 115


Livas & Odukonamba

Ngozi, Livas & Barr.Ani

Nkiru ( Zenith Bank Manager & Coleague)

Stanbic Bank staff

Livas friend with their cow rope

Somtee (Livas son)


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Apams & wife with Livas (Nwafeenna)

Chief Chido, G-Best (Nwakaibeya) Nonso & Chief & Mrs. Arinze Anyaoha (IDE)

G-30 Group vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Blessed -25

Chy Livas & Aso-ebi Ladies

Livas, Amaka & her husband 117


Aisha The Grand State Wedding of Ali Gidado Idris {Babis} and Aisha Jummai Zakari finally out only on Vogue Afrique Magazine. By Ekene Atusiubah


n the 3rd of January 2009 the city of Abuja came to a standstill as the Families of Dr.Gidado Idris, GCON and Brig Gen Danladi.M.Zakari {rtd} witnessed how Ali {Babis} tied the knot with his beautiful Aisha. It was the classical Fairy tale wedding and grand reception starting from end of December 2008 beginning with the engagement dinner held at the International conference Centre Abuja, 118


after which was a grand dinner at the Transcorp Hilton, this was followed up with other dinners at Wuse 2 and Asokoro culminating in the Grand State wedding reception that took place at the Ladi Kwali Hall Sheraton Hotel .The Crème of Nigeria were present or were represented. It was a carnival of sorts, as decorated horsemen with long ceremonial trumpets ushered the very long convoy of cars that escorted the couple into Sheraton. For Babis and His bride and everybody who was present it will remain ingrained in our personal and collective minds as we witnessed in vivid details the amazingly graceful story of how children of great Africans, who define and shape dynamics, lifestyles and events amidst people’s of conflicting socialization processes and ethnographic backgrounds, relive the experiences classically conditioned on them by their paternal and maternal linkages. Words will never capture the beauty and essence of this event as we bring it all to you in colours. Vogue Afrique Magazine and its Executives congratulate Babis and Aisha as they journey into the unknown beauty of the marriage institution. vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Couple at the reception hall

Bride & Groom vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

The Groom 119


The Reception Hall

Couple & their friends 120

Couple & their relations vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Couple & grooms men

Giving & receiving of Dowry vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Beautiful Ladies 121



Ali & his guests

Ali & his friends

Amb. Yahaya Kwande & guests

Aso- ebi women

Aso-ebi women & grooms mum

Beautiful women vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Bride & Groom with grooms relations

Brides Train

Couple & their relations vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Brides father & some guest

Col. Musa Shehu, former Gov. Plateau State

Couple & Ali 123



Couple & Grooms mum.

Couple wih their young relations

Cross section of women

Couple & their young friends

Couple dishing their food

Couple at the dance floor vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Guest at the high table

Hajia Amina, couple & guests

Hon. Datti Baba Ahmad & Senator Muhammad Makafi vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Hajia Titi Abubaka & Justice Fati Abdulsalam witness cutting of cake by Couple

Hussaini, Amina, Couple & Hajia Kulhazi 125


Turakin Zazzau

Dr Shata, Amb.Waziri & Alhaji Sani Zangon Daura

Emir of Jamaa, Isa Muhammed Isa, Emir of Maroa, Malla Tagwai Sambo & Emir of Nasarawa, Alh. Hassan Ahmed

Gambo Jimeta (Dan Lawal) former IG of police

Governor of Niger State Babaginda Aliyu, Dep. Gov., Kaduna State & Gen Abdusalami Abubaka GCFR



Groom & Brides Train

Groom & his friends

Gandoki, Couple &Lawal

Groom & his men

Groom & his relations vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

Groom & some elders 127



Groom & Uniform men

Groom feeding the Bride

Groom friends

Grooms guest

Grooms men

Grooms mum & their guests vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


Mohamo Lere,Couple & Yakowa Deputy Gov Kaduna State

Senator Muhammad Ahmad Markaf & Guest

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Mrs. Gani (principal ACIC)

Couple, Brides mum & her friends

Young ladies


Lawal Idris & Couple

L-R Bayo, Waziri,Nasiru Bako, Bala, Musa Mant,Rich,Baba (groom) Hayatu, Ahmed, Feraz A & Umar Ali

L-R Waal Almubaad, Ali & Feraz

Musa Mantu,Ahmad Guadabe, Waziri, Richard Okonkwo, Emeka C, Bala (the groom),Bala, Hayatu Ahmed & Baba Idris 130

Mohamed Lolo Couple & Saidu Idris vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



(Artemether 20mg + Lumefantrine 120mg)

NAFDA CR No.: 04-9 eg. 927

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

2, Bank Lane, Off Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos. Tel: 01-5556918, 5550480., Website:





vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009




vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009


2, Bank Lane, Off Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos. Tel: 01-5556918, 5550480. Website:


Fresh Carrot, Apple & Ginger 2 medium carrots (washed, toped and tailed) 1 crisped apple (washed and stems removed) 1 inch of fresh root ginger (washed)

If you like spicy juice add more sugar!


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business etiquette

Thinking Hats

L ooking at a D ecision from A ll Points of V iew


ix Thinking Hats is a powerful technique that helps you look at important decisions from a number of different perspectives. It helps you make better decisions by pushing you to move outside your habitual ways of thinking. As such, it helps you understand the full complexity of a decision, and spot issues and opportunities which you might otherwise not notice. Many successful people think from a very rational, positive viewpoint, and this is part of the reason that they are successful. Often, though, they may fail to look at problems from emotional, intuitive, creative or negative viewpoints. This can mean that they underestimate resistance to change, don't make creative leaps, and fail to make essential contingency plans. Similarly, pessimists may be excessively defensive, and peo140

ple used to a very logical approach to problem solving may fail to engage their creativity or listen to their intuition. If you look at a problem using the Six Thinking Hats technique, then you'll use all of these approaches to develop your best solution. Your decisions and plans will mix ambition, skill in execution, sensitivity, creativity and good contingency planning. This tool was created by Edward de Bono in his book "6 Thinking Hats". How to Use the Tool: To use Six Thinking Hats to improve the quality of your decision-making, look at the decision "wearing" each of the thinking hats in turn. Each "Thinking Hat" is a different style of thinking. These are explained below: vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

business etiquette White Hat: With this thinking hat, you focus on the data available. Look at the information you have, and see what you can learn from it. Look for gaps in your knowledge, and either try to fill them or take account of them. This is where you analyze past trends, and try to extrapolate from historical data. Red Hat: Wearing the red hat, you look at the decision using intuition, gut reaction, and emotion. Also try to think how other people will react emotionally, and try to understand the intuitive responses of people who do not fully know your reasoning. Black Hat: When using black hat thinking, look at things pessimistically, cautiously and defensively. Try to see why ideas and approaches might not work. This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan or course of action. It allows you to eliminate them, alter your approach, or prepare contingency plans to counter problems that arise. Black Hat thinking helps to make your plans tougher and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action. Black Hat thinking is one of the real benefits of this technique, as many successful people get so used to thinking positively that often they cannot see problems in advance, leaving them under-prepared for difficulties. Yellow Hat: The yellow hat helps you to think positively. It is the optimistic viewpoint that helps you to see all the benefits of the decision and the value in it, and spot the opportunities that arise from it. Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. Green Hat: The Green Hat stands for creativity. This is where you can develop creative solutions to a problem. It is a freewheeling way of thinking, in which there is little criticism of ideas. A whole range of creativity tools can help you here. Blue Hat: The Blue Hat stands for process control. This is the hat worn by people chairing meetings. When running into difficulties because ideas are running dry, they may direct activity into Green Hat thinking. When contingency plans are needed, they will ask for Black Hat thinking, and so on. You can use Six Thinking Hats in meetings or on your own. In meetings it has the benefit of defusing the disagreements that can happen when people with different thinking styles discuss vogue afrique Âť Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009

the same problem. A similar approach is to look at problems from the point of view of different professionals (e.g. doctors, architects, sales directors) or different customers. Example: The directors of a property company are looking at whether they should construct a new office building. The economy is doing well, and the amount of vacant office space is reducing sharply. As part of their decision they decide to use the 6 Thinking Hats technique during a planning meeting. Looking at the problem with the White Hat, they analyze the data they have. They examine the trend in vacant office space, which shows a sharp reduction. They anticipate that by the time the office block would be completed, that there will be a severe shortage of office space. Current government projections show steady economic growth for at least the construction period. With Red Hat thinking, some of the directors think the proposed building looks quite ugly. While it would be highly cost-effective, they worry that people would not like to work in it. When they think with the Black Hat, they worry that government projections may be wrong. The economy may be about to enter a 'cyclical downturn', in which case the office building may be empty for a long time. If the building is not attractive, then companies will choose to work in another better-looking building at the same rent. With the Yellow Hat, however, if the economy holds up and their projections are correct, the company stands to make a great deal of money. If they are lucky, maybe they could sell the building before the next downturn, or rent to tenants on long-term leases that will last through any recession. With Green Hat thinking they consider whether they should change the design to make the building more pleasant. Perhaps they could build prestige offices that people would want to rent in any economic climate. Alternatively, maybe they should invest the money in the short term to buy up property at a low cost when a recession comes. The Blue Hat has been used by the meeting's Chair to move between the different thinking styles. He or she may have needed to keep other members of the team from switching styles, or from criticizing other peoples' points. Key points: Six Thinking Hats is a good technique for looking at the effects of a decision from a number of different points of view. It allows necessary emotion and skepticism to be brought into what would otherwise be purely rational decisions. It opens up the opportunity for creativity within Decision Making. It also helps, for example, persistently pessimistic people to be positive and creative. Plans developed using the '6 Thinking Hats' technique are sounder and more resilient than would otherwise be the case. This technique may also help you to avoid public relations mistakes, and spot good reasons not to follow a course of action, before you have committed to it. 141

my life in books by Rosemary Ngozi Okoye Reviewing the book on the day of it’s launch, the reviewer, Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu, S.A.N. said “It is a must read for every Nigeria adult!”


he work is an honest approach to the way forward on Poverty Reduction in the world in general, and Nigeria in particular. It is very informative on the way our leaders see leadership, and showcases the devastating consequences of mis-use of public funds by people who hold position of trust. It went to great lengths to show why the masses in these countries wallow in object poverty while their leaders live in affluence. The book is indeed a study on leadership-inflicted poverty. One of the reviewers canvassed for the book to be a pocket book to all those who wield political power in Nigeria and their battery of Advisers. Aspirants to political offices should also read this book before embarking on any political appointment. No matter what praise singers may say, he is a bad leader who at the end of his tenure in office leaves his people poorer than he met them. It is hoped that this book will make such leaders to turn over a new leaf. It is true that nothing condemns a leader more than insensitivity to the plight of his people. Writing about the book, His Lordship, Most Rev. Hilary Paul Odili Okeke, Bishop of Nnewi, remarked, “Poverty challenges the world in many ways. The grinding poverty of a part of humanity shows up the poverty of humanity in so far as the rich do not show active commitment to the reduction of poverty. The wealth of a part of humanity equally betrays the poverty of the human spirit as long as the rich are locked up in individualism, selfishness and greed. The negative attributes can also exist among communities and communities of nations. But poverty has a way of rocking the luxury yacht of the affluent. In spite of the studied efforts by the rich not to notice the misery of the poor, the desperation of the poor has a way of invading the comfort of the wealthy and comfortable. The French Revolution is a historical antecedent that can always re-occur.


Dr. Mrs. Rosemary Ngozi Okoye presents the case for the reduction of tensions in the world through the elimination of poverty. Tensions abound. Social, economic, political and ethnic tensions are clearly the experience of humanity, both the haves and the have-nots. While poverty is not the only cause of tensions, it contributes significantly to these tensions and fuelling of conflicts. The interface between poverty and violence is a reality. Basically, poverty provides the human fuel for the various conflagrations in the world. The poor having not much to lose except their misery are prepared to be the carriers of bombs and the AK-47 to deal death and misery to others. The rich do not always succeed in escaping the disastrous effects of war and violence, armed guards, armored cars and bulletproof vests, notwithstanding. The path to peace must be paved with justice and solidarity. The continued exploitation of the so-called developing countries by rich countries of the first World continues to fan the embers of resentment and violence. The causes of poverty outlined by Dr. Mrs. Okoye show us that the basic and underlying cause of poverty is injustice. Injustice at any level undermines the foundations of peace and social harmony. Dr. Mrs. Rosemary Ngozi Okoye presents the case for the reduction of tensions in the world through the elimination of poverty. Tensions abound. She is quite in synonym with the great Masters of peace in her presentation: MISGOVERNANCE POVERTY AND SOCIETAL TENSION: (The Nigerian experience.) The work, I hope, will stir the conscience of the wealthy nations who hold the poor countries to ransom by their sheer power to manipulate the world economy to their advantage and to the unending disadvantage of poor countries, which are rich in derivative industries. I do hope that it will challenge the rulers of the poor rich countries to reduce their greed and corruption so that the abundant natural resources bestowed on these countries by God will benefit the people of the various countries. May this work empower the poor to rise above selfpity and take their destiny into their hands to resist with all peaceful and legitimate means their exploitation by the rich.



his compilation, as I like to call this work because it is in three parts even though all intertwined, is mainly devoted to my fellow African women particularly those who take pride in being women and carry out their God given duties with love and dignity. It is also dedicated to the abused women and girls for the outrageous indignities inflicted on them by depraved individuals. It is dedicated to the African youth in their search and eventual discovery of their identity and hope for a better tomorrow. It is devoted to children who are deprived of the love and care of their mothers, and are given out to be used as beasts of burden by fellow beings; to those children, who are being abused and exposed to all kinds of assaults and dangers, I salute your courage, I feel and share your pains and sorrow. The supremacy of money, violence, luxury, prostitution and the exploitation of people is the bane of civilization. In the midst of a perverted society, the just feel trapped and threatened. All I ask is that they Cast their care upon the Lord. Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okoye The Author


vogue afrique » Issue 09 Vol 5. 2009



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TBAAZ CREATION LTD, Designer Shop 1&2, Block II Odua International Market Ojota Lagos – 01-8976163

DAZZL BRIDALS Wedding Gowns and Accessories Opebi Rd Ogba Ikeja Lagos 08033151848, 01-8549162

COLLECTIBLES, Trendy clothes 36 Adeniran Ogunsanya St., Surulere, Lagos. 01-5830800

TIANNAH’S, Beauty spa, hair salon Plot 1673, Oyin Jolayemi, Off Karimu Kotun VI Lagos 01-8978160, 7657138

BRIDAL HOUSE Wedding Gowns and Accessories 54 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. 01-7730064

HOUSE OF MAUFECHI, Designer 2, Agbaoku St Opebi Ikeja Lagos 08033080727, 01-4932706

TIES N’ MORE, Ties and accessories Ikota Shopping Suite E119/158, Bank Rd, Lekki Ex/way Lagos 01-2706771

HAVILLAH BRIDALS, Wedding gowns 42 Toyin St Ikeja Lagos 08023112091, 01-8130917

IMOL DESIGNS LTD, Dress maker Suite C, 10 Ikota Shopping Complex, VGC Lekki, Lagos. 01-7766834, 7617292

TIFFANY AMBER (Clothing & Accessories), Dressmaker The Palms Lekki Epe Express Rd., Lagos. 08033046314, 0803255335

COLLECTIBLES BRIDALS Wedding Gowns and Accessories 94 Adeniran Ogunsanya St. Surulere, Lagos. 08033201788, 08023238466

TOP FIT, Dressmaker Suites S2, Triangle Plaza, 40/42, Ago Palace Way Okota 01-2901896, 08033911778

ANGELIC BRIDALS Wedding gowns, cakes and accessories 82 Bode Thomas St Surulere Lagos 01-8044336

TRIMSKAY, Hats and beads materials 2 Oseni Close off Modupe Johnson, Surulere Lagos 01-8176755, 0803348232


IMPERIAL CAKES, Cakes and training 71, Yaya Abatan Road Ijaiye Ogba Lagos. 01-8127987, 08033234534 KIDDIES SHOES, Children’s shoes Shop 5, Adebola Shopping Mall, 53 Isaac John St, GRA Ikeja Lagos. 01-7903564 KIDS’ CLOSET Children’s clothes Shop 319, Opic Plaza Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Ikeja Lagos. 08034724609 CREACIONS, Kaftans, shoes and bags, Suite 5, Elpina Plaza, 5420, Akin Adesola St VI Lagos 01-2625847 DAMSCARE VENTURES, Undies for ladies and men 87 Alade Market Ikeja Lagos 01-8133402 DAV-RICA’S Ladies’ shoes and bags 2 Adeniran Ogunsanya St Surulere Lagos 018921817, 08033549993 FLOURISH SUITS, Trousers, shirts and suits Shop 10 Alade Market, Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos 08023120753 FURUS, Dressmaker 34 Adeniran Ogunsanya St., Surulere, Lagos. 01-7213188, 08023122716

TWICE AS NICE, Men’s shirts 5 Sanusi Fafunwa St, VI Lagos DE JAVU (Shoe Place) Ladies shoes and bags 66, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, 01-4934961, 08033038127 DE NICHE Perfumes 4, Agbaoku Street, Goodnews Plaza, Behind TFC, Opebi, Ikeja Lagos, 01-8145466 DI-CONSTANTINO (Men’s wear) Men’s shoes and clothes Murphy’s Plaza, 27, Sanusi Fafunwa St, VI Lagos – 01-8904007 DNA Ladies’ tops and trousers 26 Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere Lagos 08023312374, 01-4816583

ESSENCEE Weavons dealer Essencee House, 4, Ikeja Lagos 01-4721771, 08023199752

GRANDI MARGAZINNI, Simply beads 62 Adeniran Ogunsanya St Surulere Lagos – 01-7921899, 08033006120

EVEECHI BEADS Dress maker Shop 13 LSDPC Shop

HALLERO, Dressmaker 32, Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja +234-1-7204432, 08033081028

EFSAN’S Ladies’ shoes and bags 26, Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos

HAT LOUNGE by Tiwa Benson, Hats and Accessories 18 King George V Rd Onikan, Lagos. 08053212223 KONTESSA, Shoes, bags and accessories Elphina Plaza, Plot 642C, Akin Adesola St VI. +234-1-4820848, 4616738 DRESS MAKER 13 Adenyiyi Jones Avenue, By Wahum B/Stop. Ikeja, Lagos. 01-8926005, 08023389374 MAKEUP ARTIST AND JEWELRY 52 Awolowo Rd S/W Ikoyi, Lagos. 01-4772780, 08026401985 L’UOMO, Sunglasses and accessories Plot 1321 Karinu Kotun St VI Lagos 01-2656787, 08034098981


CAMARA Advertising, portrait, lifestyle, event A, Sule Abula Street, Off Opebi Lagos- 08053950455, 01-8593164 TOBOL, Rental services and venue decoration Unit 21, 2nd Floor, Canaan Mal, Lekki Exp/way

BOOKSHELF, GIFT & ACCESSORIES TREASURE BOOKS, Books 1, Olu Aboderin Str, Onipetesi, Ikeja, Lagos. 01-4727081, 08024589205 KOGGI, Corporate gifts and monogramming 30, Ayonuga St., Fadeyi Ikorodu Rd. 01-08033042858

DRESS CODE Ladies suits and leather 25A, Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos 01-7918704

GINANI, Clothes designer B6 & B11, Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Complex Surulere Lagos – 018973124, 08033084223, 08034053574

HANGERS & KICKS, Ladies’s suits and leather goods Pentagon Plaza 23, Opebi Rd Ikeja Lagos 08037275305

BALLOON ACADEMY, Decorations 56 Opebi Road, (Salvation B/Stop) Opebi Ikeja, Lagos. 080330070437, 0805478083

ELIZABETH BADEJO ACCESSORIES Triaras and hair accessories Shop 301, Opic Plaza Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Ikeja 08023502872 EVECHI BEADS Beads & Accessories 21, Ladipo Kuku St Off Allen Avenue, 017944383, 08023016532 FAUSTINO Shoes and bags 34 Opebi Road Ikeja Lagos 01-4968718, 4726038 FEET FIRST Children shoes & sandals 21, Joel Ogunnaike St, GRA Ikeja Lagos 08033153091 FLOURISH SUITS Trousers, shirts and suits Shop 10, Alade Market, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 08023120753 FORMULA Men’s apparels and shoes 230, Muri Okunola, Victoria Island, Lagos. +234-2706968

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