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December 2015 New MatchBox 2 laser series from Integrated Optics

MatchBox 2: Smaller, smarter, and rugged.

Up to 20 wavelengths available, from 405 to 1342 nm.

Many significant features, such as hermetically sealed, shock proof, active thermal management and more. Contact us for more details of the new product specifications and availability.

New SWIR range of laser collimators broadens offering from Micro Laser Systems With the introduction of a 2 µm optical coating, Micro Laser Systems (µLS) have significantly broadened the available wavelengths their FC laser collimators can operate in. µLS can now offer standard collimators in four wavebands that cover the 350 to 2300 nm spectral range. Designed specifically for single mode fibre, polarisation maintaining fibre, and fibre laser applications requiring a pure Gaussian beam, the µLS FC collimators deliver a very clean output with no diffraction patterns or beam distortions from apertures up to 45 mm in diameter. Micro Laser Systems' FC Series collimators can be used with any commercially available fibre-coupled laser, including Ar, YAG, TiS, HeNe, or DPSS systems. Features

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For single mode and PM fibres Gaussian beam at any distance Wavefront error < λ/10 Up to 45 mm aperture Adjustable focus/collimation 350 to 2300 nm in 4 wavebands Optimised for high power and fibre lasers

For more information, please contact us.

OZ Optics delivers high quality fibre optic solutions to research and industry OZ Optics is one of the leading fibre optic suppliers in the world, with an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of high quality components for use in telecommunications, laboratory, industrial, military and medical fields. Elliot Scientific is the official distributor for the very broad range of products produced by OZ. From connectors and patchcords, to beam splitters and combiners, Elliot Scientific supplies numerous academic, research and OEM customers throughout the UK with standard and bespoke components. OZ Optics also manufacture hand-held test equipment, such as power meters and fault locators, as well as light sources and fibre pigtailed laser modules. Our OZ Optics-trained engineers can help you refine the solution to your fibre optic connection problem, or enable a stalled design to go from concept to reality with a custom component. Contact us now for more information.

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Elliot Scientific Optics: Superior quality laser mirrors and waveplates from stock Elliot Scientific Optics are a select range of superior quality laser optics in standard sizes that we offer from stock for next working-day delivery in the UK, along with low-cost highquality dyed glass, ND and dichroic filters available on a short lead time to customers around the globe. The Elliot Scientific range of high power Nd:YAG mirrors have high reflectance coatings intended for laser beam steering applications. Damage threshold is high, typically 20 J/cm2 for 20 nS pulses or 10 MW/cm2 CW at 1064 nm. Fabricated on BK7 substrates using hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, they have excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and laboratory solvents. Our range of high power zero order waveplates have the damage threshold of an optically contacted interface, the mechanical strength of a solid component, and the price tag of a multiple-order waveplate thanks to the adhesive-free Molecular Fusion™ process used in their manufacture. Elliot Scientific's filter catalogue is available in half-inch or one-inch diameters, or as twoinch squares of genuine Schott® glass. Our neutral density filter range is also offered in the same formats, but do enquire about custom sizes of our:

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Dichroic & band pass filters Long & short-pass filters Neutral density filters - both reflective & absorptive

Please contact us about these and other specialist optics Elliot Scientific can supply.

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