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Top 5 Effective Tools for Cross Platform Mobile Development It’s a time to adopt Multi platform mobile development that amalgamates your smart device with your personal computers. As we all know that high technology devices introduce in the market that brings the great demand for mobile application development. Now, developers and programmers feel huge pressure to deliver unique concept in every new application as many numbers of operating systems are emerging in the market. To tackle with such situation, the cross-platform mobile development comes into existence. Moreover, I want to make this thing little easier, here I brings five excellent Cross platform mobile development for developers like you.

PhoneGap: PhoneGap is an excellent cross platform development tools for creating apps for many operating systems like Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices. Standard web development languages such as JavaScript, HTML, etc. are used by this platform for development. Through the entire procedure of PhoneGap development, developers are free to work on hardware features like camera, sound, accelerometer, GPS/location, etc.

WidgetPad: WidgetPad is another hottest tool for creating Smartdevice applications with JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. Available in private beta, this tool come with source code editing, debugging, collaboration, project management, versioning and distribution. Using WidgetPad, developers can create application for different operating systems like WebOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Appcelerator Titanium: Appcelerator Titanium is the most acceptable tools for developing native tablet, mobile and desktop apps, using different

programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby and Python. The best thing for users is they can able to access more than 300 location information and APIs along with customizable metrics for events and actions. Applications made with Titanium Mobile Development are totally hardware-based can be stored in the cloud or on the device.

RhoMobile: RhoMobile is well-known among developers for developing native apps for smartphones. Based on Ruby, this open-source framework offers Rhodes that helps to build application for different platforms like Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM and Android. Additionally, RhoMobile consists of RhoHub, which is excellent hosted development environment, keeping all data updated on the user’s smart device.

Sencha Touch: Sencha Touch is a user interface framework, creating robust application for Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows. It is an excellent framework that allows developers to develop HTML5 based mobile apps along with native apps by using web standards like CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. No matter, what Cross platform mobile development tools, you are going to use for developing application of your device, ensure to hire cross platform mobile developer from reliable to enjoy updated service.

Top 5 Effective Tools for Cross Platform Mobile Development